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Does Wellbutrin show up on drug tests?

Does Wellbutrin show up on drug tests?

No. Wellbutrin won’t show up on a standard urine screen, such as a DOT 5 panel screen, that are used by many employers.

Why?  Because most medical professionals agree that you cannot get high on or  addicted to antidepressants, so the abuse potential for Wellbutrin is low.  However, Wellbutrin will show up on special blood tests which look specifically for prescription drugs. More here on drug testing for Wellbutrin. We invite your questions about Wellbutrin use and testing at the end.

Why order a drug test for Wellbutrin?

Can I get high on Wellbutrin?  No. For most of the population, Wellbutrin is not a drug that can get you high, but it does cause a physical dependence with long-term use.  Therefore, Wellbutrin drug testing may be ordered for medical reasons on occasion. While Wellbutrin abuse isn’t a huge problem, isolated cases exist of people attempting to get high on Wellbutrin by crushing and snorting pills. This can be dangerous, as snorting Wellbutrin or smoking Wellbutrin leads to emergency room visits for seizures.

Types of Wellbutrin tests

Wellbutrin will show up on a blood toxicology screen specifically ordered for Wellbutrin. Blood testing for Wellbutrin shows the amount of Wellbutrin in your system, so doctors will be able to tell if it’s consistent with normal prescription use or not.

Wellbutrin detection

Blood toxicology screens for Wellbutrin measure the amount of prescription drugs in blood serum. The testing isn’t meant to screen for intermittent use of illicit drugs, since those often fall beneath the threshold required for a positive result. Instead, the test that doctors order for Wellbutrin is looking for medications which could be the cause of someone’s symptoms. Additionally, blood tests for Wellbutrin are used to monitor Wellbutrin use in people with prescription drug dependence.

Wellbutrin cutoff levels

Typical therapeutic use of Wellbutrin results in blood plasma concentrations of 10-100 ng/mL. Higher concentrations due to Wellbutrin abuse or overdose can cause health complications, or increased adverse effects from the medication.

Positive drug testing for Wellbutrin

If you have a prescription for Wellbutrin, there likely won’t be any questions if you test in the normal range. In fact, a positive blood test for Wellbutrin is unlikely to impact your employment or cause legal trouble due to the low abuse potential of this drug. However, Wellbutrin drug testing may be ordered to determine if your dosage needs to be changed, or to determine how to proceed if your doctor is slowly tapering your use of the drug.

Wellbutrin drug test questions

Do you still have questions about drug testing for Wellbutrin? Please leave your questions or comment here and we will do our best to answer you with a personal and prompt response. If we don’t know the answer, we will try to refer you to medical authorities who do.

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21 Responses to “Does Wellbutrin show up on drug tests?
just a mom
11:49 am June 24th, 2012

Hi Just wanted to add this to the findings in urinalysis of Wellbutrin. This drug can and does cause false positives in urine testing.It is therefore extremely important that you have your prescription current and available for your employer or other powers that be.

DO NOT assume that Wellbutrin is a “safe” drug! It is a drug and it can be abused and if the user has an addictive nature it can be addicting. Careful monitoring and adhereing to the dosage is imparrative.

I have been watching and dealing with my son’s addiction to prescription drugs for several years now. We are finally seeing the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

12:47 am June 26th, 2012

Hi just a mom. I’m so sorry to hear of your son’s addiction. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of Wellbutrin during drug testing. I hope that this additional piece of information is helpful to others. I wish you and your family all of the best.

8:02 am December 1st, 2012

So Im on probation an im trying to quit smoking cigs an my buddy gave me one wellbutrin to help me stop smoking cigs also because of my trouble of the law iv been depperessed about quitting hang out with my old friends an being fired, i just want to know if it comes up in a P.O drug test from providence hospital. Thanks

9:15 pm December 8th, 2012

Hi Dude. No, Wellbutrin should not show up on the P.O drug test. I would suggest that you ask your probation officer for help dealing with depression. I think that ‘s a great sign of taking responsibility and owning your own mental health issues. And your probation officer may be supportive and helpful.

5:36 am January 14th, 2013

Wellbutrin can show up as an amphetamine though on a urine drug screening, which is more commonly on screenings now due to the meth epidemic.


7:59 am January 14th, 2013

Hi JDD. Thanks for sharing the link and the information. Much appreciated!

3:34 pm February 6th, 2013

If a blood test came back with a positive level of 200ng/ml, how long would it take before it is completely out of the system and a test could be taken that would come back with a negative result?

3:00 pm June 21st, 2013

So I have a pre-employment drug screen Monday. today is Friday and I took one wellbutrin yesterday. I haven’t had to take them in over a year and recently I’ve felt depressed.. so I took my very last one yesterday. I’ve called the pharmacy and it’s been so long since I’ve taken them it’s off record on my profile. via Walgreens. I completely forgot about my drug test on Monday. There will be absolutely nothing else in my system.. and I’m kind of starting to panic because I don’t have my prescription anymore. Will this one tablet really show up as an amphetamine? Do I need to worry so much? I’m legit freaking out

6:49 pm January 22nd, 2014

It should up as meth in my urine test for painmanagement. i dnt do meth so how is this possible

curt griffith
12:28 am April 6th, 2014

how long does the high last on wellbis if
you smoke it.and how dangerious is it

7:42 am July 13th, 2014

I need to do drug screening for school and I am under Pupropion HCL or Webutrin.
It may affect the result in order to report to my school ?

4:59 pm August 28th, 2014

This is really irresponsible to put this incorrect conclusion by your INCOMPETENT “medical personnel” on the web- REALLY IRRESPONSIBLE – you do DAMAGE to innocent people with this crap.
WHO on Earth (I mean, HOW DUMB can a person get?) would think that the drug testing-UA company/their technology, would actually be looking for the EXACT CHEMICAL OF BUPROPION HYDROCHLORIDE IN URINE?????!!!!!!!!!!!
IT IS WELL-DOCUMENTED THAT BUPROPION CAUSES FALSE POSITIVES FOR AMPHETAMINE USE!!!! Don’t know why? Why don’t you do some research and try to FIGURE IT OUT, if you are at all competent enough to comprehend it.

4:46 am October 25th, 2014

I had to take a pee test for work because I hurt my shoulder. I take Bupropion and my test came back positive for amphetamines. Could someone tell me if that’s normal

5:07 pm October 30th, 2014

I took a wellbutrin over a week ago, and had to take a urine screen for my pain clinic. Will it show up n my urine screen today?

Armani cole
4:02 pm November 14th, 2014

I have to take a drug test for probation & my friend is giving me her urine because I smoked weed last week. She takes welbutrin and topamax on a normal basis. Will the welbutrin show up in a lab test for probation?

7:37 pm November 24th, 2014

I have a question about Blood toxicology screens for Wellbutrin. I take Wellbutrin SR 150 mg twice a day. After what length of time will a doctor order drug testing specifically for Wellbutrin to determine if my dosage needs to be changed? Is it standard procedure for the doctor to order a Blood toxicology screens for Wellbutrin even if I do not have any drug dependency or am not taking any medications which could be the cause of symptoms etc.?

12:48 pm November 26th, 2014

Hi Carmen. Doctors can order a test, with or without any obvious reasons behind it. Maybe he just wants to check the levels of metabolites in your system, or it is just a routine check-up he needs to do. If you are taking it as prescribed, you have nothing to be worried about.

3:53 pm January 20th, 2015

does wellbutrin give you a positive or dirty urine when taking a drug test for a job?

9:31 pm February 15th, 2015

i heard wellbutrin can give you a false positive for anphetamines.

12:43 pm February 16th, 2015

Hello Rob. That’s true. Several case reports have described false positive amphetamine urine drug screens (UDS) associated with bupropion (Wellbutrin is the brand name) and this can occur most commonly in people who are using bupropion therapeutically. Here’s more detailed info:

7:41 pm March 15th, 2015

If your perscribed welbutrin and I do a little more than prescribed like.. 75-.100mg extra am I gonna pop hot on levels in a ua. I did a u.a last night…and they know I pop hot for amphetamines because I’m on it but will they test levels? Even tho I’m on it?

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