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Snorting Ritalin

Snorting Ritalin

If want to snort Ritalin, you should know what happens.

In this article, we review what happens in the body when you snort Ritalin, as well as the dangers and safety concerns of getting high on Ritalin by snorting. Your questions about snorting Ritalin are welcomed at the end of this article. We try to answer all legitimate questions about Ritalin use with a personal reply.

Ritalin: What are you really snorting?

Ritalin is used to treat ADHD. Ritalin comes as both a regular tablet and extended-release formula. Ritalin’s active ingredient is methylphenidate. However, Ritalin also includes the inactive ingredients lactose, magnesium stearate, polyethylene glycol, starch, sucrose, talc,  tragacanth, and various dyes. Ritalin SR contains the inactive ingredients of cellulose compounds, cetostearyl alcohol, lactose, magnesium stearate, mineral oil, povidone, titanium dioxide, and zein. Ritalin stays in your system and can be detected in urine 1-2 days after use.

How does snorting Ritalin affect the body?

The active ingredient in Ritalin,methylphenidate,is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system. Because of these stimulant effects, Ritalin can cause serious health problems, even with normal use. Additionally, Ritalin is also a very addictive medication when it’s not used for the treatment of ADHD. The stimulant effects of Ritalin are heightened or intensified when snorting Ritalin and can cause:

  • dizziness
  • muscle tightness
  • nervousness
  • restlessness
  • uncontrollable movements

Snorting Ritalin to get high

This drug only causes a high in people who are not taking it for a legitimate medical reasons. Snorting Ritalin results in large doses of methylphenidate entering the bloodstream almost immediately. This is especially dangerous with the extended-release formula. There is no medical reason to snort this medication – in fact, snorting Ritalin can be dangerous. An overdose on Ritalin can cause heart problems, psychotic symptoms, and even death.

Snorting Ritalin vs oral

Ritalin should never be snorted nasally. Ritalin is much more effective when it’s taken orally, according to doctor’s instructions. It should never be used without medical supervision because of the seriousness of potential side effects. Oral preparations are safer and cause fewer instances of adverse effects than snorting Ritalin.  Can Ritalin show up on a drug test if you snort or take Ritalin orally?  Yes, mode of administration does not alter drug detection, but most standard drug panels do not screen for amphetamines.  Ritalin detection requires a special amphetamine panel.

Snorting Ritalin side effects

Even at normal doses, Ritalin can be dangerous. Severe side effects occur more often when the medication is not taken as prescribed, such as when snorted. These serious adverse side effects include:

  • agitation
  • chest pain
  • fast/pounding/irregular heartbeat
  • hallucinations
  • mood changes, both depression and abnormal excitement
  • paranoia and delusions
  • seizures
  • shortness of breath

Snorting Ritalin dangers

The side effects of snorting Ritalin can be serious. When you snort Ritalin, it can cause fainting, seizures, and blurred vision increasing your chance of being in an accident. Snorting Ritalin can also harm your nasal passages, and spread disease if you share snorting instruments with other abusers. If you’re considering snorting Ritalin, you need to be aware of the risk for serious, potentially life-threatening complications like difficulty breathing and irregular heartbeat. There are also the dangers of addiction and overdose.

Snorting Ritalin safely

Snorting Ritalin is always dangerous, but snorting the extended-release tablet runs a greater risk of overdose. The normal daily dose of prescribed Ritalin ranges from 5-60 mg a day (with the upper ranges only being safe for those who have already developed a tolerance to the medication). The normal lethal dose is 20-25 mg/kg.

Snorting Ritalin questions

Do you still have questions about snorting Ritalin? If so, please let us know. We respond to all Ritalin questions with a personal and prompt reply.

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64 Responses to “Snorting Ritalin
9:19 pm June 10th, 2012

Hi, i admit, ive snorted methamphetamine. not proud of it but If i snorted about four on friday and one at 11 o clock at night on saturday would it show up on a drug test monday 9am?

8:55 pm June 15th, 2012

Hi Mike. Ritalin can stay in the body and be detected in urinalysis 24-48 hours after use. So you’re really cutting it short. However, amphetamines are generally not included in a standard 5 panel drug screen. Best to you.

1:47 am October 4th, 2012

Hello I have a friend that snorts ritalin and I wanted to know is there a Ritalin out there that you can not snort i have been told there is but no one can tell me the name of it I have been told that it jells up so you can’t snort it can anyone please get back to me thanks

1:27 pm October 7th, 2012

Hello Eddie. IT sounds like you are hoping to prevent your friend’s use. It is true that the euphoric effects of stimulants usually occur when they are crushed and then inhaled or injected. I’m not sure whether or not Ritalin has a new formulation which prevents crushing (like the new reformulation of the opioid Oxycontin…maybe you’re thinking of this?). The idea is that the tablet turns gelatinous when broken, making snorting or injection very difficult.

I do know that, in particular, Ritalin-SR (slow release) tablets must be swallowed whole and never crushed or chewed…because crushing them breaks the time release of the pill.

I’d suggest that you speak with a pharmacist and seek an answer in a pharmacy. And let us know your results! Good luck!

5:07 am November 13th, 2012

Hey, I snorted about 100 mgs of Ritalin through out the day, when I got home I poured the rest of my little (away bottle) out onto a dvd case, I crushed up some Ritalin and decided to mix some Clonidine in with it too (So it was 100 mcgs of Clonidine and 30 mgs of Ritalin) and stored it into my little away bottle, then I saw there was some of my little mixture left in the bowl I crushed it up in, so I thought I’d mix that with my lines now, so I did, I snorted all of it, had a nice calm conversation with my girlfriend, almost fell asleep while I was talking, and when she hung up, I opened my eyes and was going to take another hit and a smoke, and i saw a transparent tentacle thing coming through my door towards me…..
I have never been more scared in my entire life, and for about 2 hours I was sitting there in terror because the tentacles had been accompanied by things crawling under my bed, growlings and hissings in the corners of my room, and feeling little flies on my legs.

Today I have woken up, there are no more hallucinations and I’m feeling a lot better, but I cant breathe properly it takes more effort to fully breathe in, and I don’t think I’m even filling my lungs up completely before it hurts…..
Will this go away? Because I am not going to doctors or the hospital?

I have never had that kind of experience on Ritalin, but things I think that contributed are:
No sleep.
I didn’t eat anything that day.
Its the most I have snorted I only took like 20 mgs orally.
And I was smoking on top of it.
I have also never taken Clonidine with it.

Thank you…

12:32 pm November 13th, 2012

Hi Josh. The only way to know the extent of possible cardiovascular events while snorting methylphenidate is to consult a doctor. You might also consider asking for help from a psychiatrist, because they can specialize in the physical aspects of drug use and know more about causes of hallucinations than family doctors.

5:58 pm November 13th, 2012

Thank you for your answer, but I think I’m okay for now, throughout the day my lungs were in terrible pain but I seem a lot better now, although I’m naturally a skittish and paranoid guy, but today it seems a bit worse, a fly (a big fly to be fair) flew in my face and I ran to my room and hid for like 5 mins before I went back out to take a dump, I’m also having a great feeling to do it again, I really want to pick up my pen and snort a line, I have only been snorting for like 3-4 days though, do you reckon its an addiction? Or is it just me wanting to get high? I’m quite sceptical that its an addiction I didn’t think people could get addicted that fast, but even as I’m typing this I’m looking at my little away bottle still filled with my little mixture like “ohh how bad could it be just once more bomb that shit then be done”
And I saw just a tiny bit left in the bowl and I picked up my pen to do it but my bloody mum called me out for dinner, but its a very odd feeling, I’m sitting here and I know its evil and its bad but the back of my mind is like “Come on man I promise you will be fine it cant do that again and you can stay up listen to music go to school, all the good stuff, just take that one more hit and then never pick it up again”
Also while I was thinking today on the way to school early in the morning on Monday (the day of my hallucinations) I was heading towards school and I heard something talk to me like through a mega phone from the middle of the highway, reckon that’s another little “high/trip” moment?

2:04 pm November 15th, 2012

Hi Josh. Well, it seems like your thinking is characteristic of both obsession and compulsion for using drugs. Keep track of your thoughts, and maybe start a journal? And see where you are in another couple of weeks.

Yes, it is possible that the hallucination of the megaphone can be attributed to acute intoxication from stimulants, as high dose stimulants are known to provoke psychotic episodes. I’d suggest that you keep a record of all such occurrences so that you can use the data later.

But, most of all, be real and honest about your use. What thoughts or emotions are you trying to avoid in your life?

3:02 am November 23rd, 2012

Hello my name is Miranda. I just would like to talk to you JOSH because I know exactly what your going through. I was prescribed Ritalin as a child and also currently. When I was a child (of course) I took it by mouth but stopped bc it made me zombiefied. But about 8-9 mnths ago I met my current best and closest friend. I lived with her for couple mnths. She had a pretty shitty history = addictions to hard core things like the fairly new street drugs (Opana) this drug is supposivly like a oxy/morphine mix and people pay like 60-80 $ for just 1 of the things. But she had gotten off of them and was doing really good, given she took Ritalin (SNORTED) for energy and concentration. She DID NOT take alot just about 5 a day and she would only do them for half of the month and toward the end before she ran out she would slowly ween herself off of them taking a smaller amount each time till they were gone. One NIGHT she asked me hey do you want to try a lil line bc we have so much to do and it might give you the energy to do it. I figured I would try a lil bc I thought what could it do to me besides make me zombiefied as it did when I was younger, So I did a small line. It DID NOT make me zombiefied, IN FACT it DID help. So it became a regular thing for me to join her in her activities. Then I moved out and I didn’t do it anymore bc I didn’t have it. In Aug. of this year (2012) I was prescribed it again. I’ve been taking it since (SNORTING) and everything WAS fine. UNTIL I started EXCEEDING the amount directed by my doctor PER DAY. I started taking a little more a day sometime (OCCASIONALLY) on days that I had more to get done. STILL I thought I was doing OK and I was kindof just on those days I had a little more trouble sleeping. WELL NOW THE POINT IS THE EXACT SAME THING THAT HAPPENED TO YOU HAPPENED TO ME ON TUES. NIGHT THE 20TH OF NOV. WHEN I TOOK A LITTLE MORE THAN I WAS USED TO WHEN I EXCEED THE DIRECTED AMOUNT. I SEEN BLACK CRAWLING AND FLYING CREATURES HEARD HISSINGS AND CAT GROANING FELT LIKE SPIDERS WERE CRAWLING ALL OVER ME (THE SPIDERS HAS BEEN HAPPENING ON THE DAYS THAT I WAS DOING JUST A LIL MORE) THEN WHEN I TRIED TO SLEEP I KEPT HEAR THINGS THAT SOUNDED LIKE PEOPLE TRYING TO BREAK IN MY APT AND WHEN I GOT UP AND WALKED TO MY DOOR IT SOUNDED LIKE PEOPLE TALKING OUTSIDE MY DOOR WHEN I GOT TO IT THO IT SEEMED LIKE IT FADED THEN BEFORE I LAYED BACK DOWN I HAD BEEN WEEZING FROM BEING A TOBACCO SMOKER AND SO I TRIED TO IN-HAIL DEEPLY TO MAKE IT GO AWAY AND I JUST BARELY BREATHED IN AND A SOUND CAME OUT OF ME THAT SCARED THE LIVING CRAP OUTTA ME IT WAS A LOUD IN-HAILING SCREECH KINDOF LIKE YOU HEAR IN MOVIES WHEN A GIRL IS HAVING AN EXORCISM OR SOMETHING LATER WHEN I WAS ALMOST ASLEEP AROUND 330am OR 4am MY WHOLE BODY JUST WENT COMPLETELY NUMB AND I STOPPED BREATHING COULDNT CATCH MY BREATH FOR A FEW SECONDS IT SCARED ME SO BAD I DIDNT EVEN TRY TO GO TO SLEEP THAT NIGHT BC I WAS AFRAID I WAS GOING TO DIE… SO I GOT UP AND STOPPED TAKING IT EXCEPT WHEN I STARTED TO GET SUPER SLEEPY FROM NO SLEEP JUST SO I COULD STAY AWAKE I WAS AWAKE FOR LIKE MAYBE 6 HOURS FROM BEING A WHOLE 2 DAYS UP ON LIKE 2 HRS OF SLEEP. The point is I am stopping this and please consider not letting this become who you are. I sure cant live the rest of my life like that and I know noone else can so PLEASE STOP WITH ME THANKS GOD LOVES YOU AND SO DO I HE LOVES US BOTH SO LETS NOT TAKE AWAY FROM HIS PLANS FOR OUR LIVES BECAUSE HIS PLAN IS SET AND HE ALREADY HAS A TIME THAT HE HAS PUT IN OUR LIVES FOR US TO PASS AWAY, LETS NOT MAKE IT SOONER. HEY FIND ME ON FACEBOOK MY NAME IS MIRANDA HOLDER. THANKS MAN

3:53 am December 7th, 2012

Thanks Miranda I’ll try find you, after that night I was off it for like 3 days, I started again but I have not had that bad a experience since then, the worst I have been since then is really hyped up and shaky but I make sure I don’t do too much, but from what you have said it seems like that was mixed with something else, was it? I didn’t think anyone would believe me because I looked it up and only found people who said they saw snakes and stuff, but I would love to talk to you, thank you so much :)

girl america
9:27 pm December 26th, 2012

Thanks for the ritalin info. Im enjoying your suggestions on writing about feelings, starting a journal, and your overall kindness. addiction is so complicated, and as someone who has struggled on and off w/ drug abuse for years, I have contemplated it at length. i no longer abuse illegal drugs but snorting ritalin is clearly an issue My problem is that I feel that I cant concentrate, think,am really really lethargic, almost feel aphasic at times w/o it. I dont want to abuse it, but esp if i am drinking, I lose that inhibition. It does improve my job performace, and being in a high stress healthcare job, I need all the help I can get. As I write this, I have slept for about 12 hrs, and I am still completely exhausted since I took no ritalin today. Im not quite sure what the answer is. You will probably write ‘consult a physician,’ which i totally understand, but as someone who works w/ them all day and esp as related to brain drugs, psychotropics and the like, no one really knows. i mean, they know how it has affected people, and brain chemisty, brain imaging (above), but no one knows how my specific brain chemistry combined w/ depression, anxiety, ocd (which i wholeheartedly believe can cause addition but it can also be confused w/ addiction), lamictol, lexapro, and lifestyle factors. it’s so multifaceted. id love your input. thanks.

12:20 pm December 31st, 2012

Hi girl america. Have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist? If there are underlying mental health issues, you should have them diagnosed and cared for. And depression, anxiety, and OCD definitely qualify as mental health issues. You might also consider seeking help from a meditation teacher, who can teach you to accept and live in the moment. Cognitive behavioral changes like these can drastically improve your outlook on life.

1:59 am January 4th, 2013

Been using Ritalin and Concerta for many years, ingesting in various ways, But lately I have had terrible problems with my gums. There is nothing wrong with my teeth yet my gums bleed. Dentists can’t figure it out. Is it possible snorting could affect one’s mouth?

2:42 pm January 4th, 2013

Hi destrumer. I have not read of bleeding gums as a common side effect to snorting a drug…but perhaps they are related. I’d suggest that you disclose fully how you take Ritalin for a straight forward answer from a medical professional. Privacy laws prohibit your doctor from sharing mode of administration of medications unnecessarily with others.

6:20 am February 14th, 2013

i snorted 4 lines can i get high?

8:19 am February 14th, 2013

Hi Meaghan. Different people experience different reactions to methylphenidate. Some people experience euphoria, others don’t. But it’s not safe to snort Ritalin, no matter the dose or amount of previous exposure you’ve to it.

10:50 am April 5th, 2013

Hello, I was wondering about snorting Ritalin, I have been snorting both Ritalin and Ritalin SR for years, of course I have gradually increased my doses, I am prescribed this because I have Narcolepsy. My question is this, what exactly can it do to your sinsuses? Right now they are in terrible shape, I have to use the over the counter nose spray “Afrin” I go through a bottle of this in a week. I do want to quit but it seems almost impossible, I admit I am an addict to the core. Any info or comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

2:04 pm April 8th, 2013

Hello Mary. Hmmm. Well, the chronic use of this medium can irritate and eventually damage the nasal passages. If you want a more clear picture of what’s going on for you, I’d suggest that you consult with an ear, nose, and throat specialist. An ENT doctor can help you paint an accurate picture of your current health, and what can happen further down the road.

3:36 am April 19th, 2013

I have been snorting Ritalin 20mg, up to 8 X day for years and I currently have a swollen tongue, ecspecially in the very back by my throat. I get food stuck in the back of my mouth it’s so swollen. I went to an ENT because at first I didn’t realize the swelling was from the snorting. But now I really think that this is the cause. The ENT scheduled me for a scope of my throat, etc. I’m scared to get the scope because I think the ENT will know that I’ve been snorting something, and he knows I’m on Ritalin for narcolepsy. I really want to tell him the truth but I’m scared he’ll notify my other doctors and they’ll take the Ritalin away. I can’t live without it, I just sleep all day and won’t be able to function. Can the ENT inform my other doctors if I tell him the truth? I’m really concerned that I might have cancer or something else that’s serious but I’m scared to tell the truth because they might take it away. I’ve stopped snorting it, and I’ll never do it again. What should I do?

7:51 am April 19th, 2013

Hi Jenny. Hmmm. It really depends on the clinical perspective of all doctors concerned. Full disclosure about misuse can help you, medically and psychologically. I’d suggest that you consider telling your ENT about snorting Ritalin, and deal with the consequences honestly and fearlessly. With a positive attitude and willingness to change, I find that the best outcome presents itself. Please let us know how it goes!

11:10 pm April 25th, 2013

Hi there,

I am a law student and I do not enjoy using Ritalin, but unfortunately I cannot function academically without it due to my ADHD. I have recently found that I need to take much less medication and that it is generally more effective when snorted (never more than 10mg of short acting). I do not enjoy it the drug at all generally, but often I have to take 2 or 3 times orally more to get the same effect. 10mg snorted, vs 20 to 30 mg with the standard short acting dose. I am 6’1″ and 210lbs. I would rather not have to use it at all, but I do not have a choice at the moment.

Are there any safer and better delivery methods? I do not intend to make this a regular habit, but have found it particularly useful during my exam period.
Thank you.

8:35 am May 9th, 2013

Hello Sphinxx. Great question. I would bring this forward to a pharmacist. Perhaps Concerta or Adderall would work better for you. But if you get good results from methylphenidate, you may not want to change medications completely. I think that you need an expert consult on this to make a decision that is best for you. But snorting Ritalin, while effective, can also be habit forming.

12:39 am May 16th, 2013

My question is this can snorting Ritalin affect my gums and teeth? besides the teeth grinding and all

2:54 am June 29th, 2013

Hi, I’m 16 turning 17 in a month I be snorted roughly 300 ritelin 10mg blues and really want to quit before I do further damage do u have any advice like ASAP my life depended on it some times I get so deppressed I just do it to make my self feel better I’d love advice on how to stop like right away. Also I’ve been snorting them off and on for about 8 months

6:45 pm July 1st, 2013

Hi Brook. I’d suggest that you call a national hotline the next time you’re feeling really down: 1-800-273-8255. They can help you move through the feelings and identify the next best steps to take. You can also benefit from talking with a mentor, psychologist, or counselor about how you feel and the causes of your feelings. Going through adolescence is the path to adulthood, and the skills that you develop now you can use later in life. Coping by taking drugs is a long, hard road. If you can possibly avoid it, and have the strength to look at the real issues, you can save yourself a lot of time, energy, and pain.

8:09 pm July 2nd, 2013

Hi all, I had and still have problem snorting ritalin..This has been my only real addiction till recently.. now to offset the jitters from overuse of it..anywhere from 30mgs to 120mgs ina day. now,many times over the last 1 1/2 yrs. ive been able to slowly ween down2snorting 5-10mgs upon waking and the rest of a 20 by MOUTH. it takes time and when worn down from stress or work or all of the above I relapse. but,I wrote down with honesty..ugh,what I felt like when I’d been using it2much .. depression,lazy,ashamed,negative outlook,I couldnt always pull away long enough2walk my dog on time.. what a selfish&stupid ass I”d become. Versus..more positve outlook,more sociable,happier,more confidence..You get the idea.. Yes,u will be tired@1st,but your body&brain need it..Go slow,it will help2ween dwn slow&if U relapse don’t just throw your efforts so far away!! I’m a grown woman with this problem! embarrassing.. Writing a journel of my real feelings and progress&struggles helps me in many ways,I get memory loss from ritalin even,then I have2recount my pills over& over..Doh and bargaining with myself about doing less the next day gets old. There’s a world and a life waiting for all of us out there.. Hugs and progress to us all.

6:03 am November 6th, 2013

Can snorting Ritalin cause continuous burning in the mouth, similar to “Burning Mouth Syndrome”? If so, will this heal on it’s own once the snorting stops? The burning sensation includes the inner cheeks, tongue, roof of the mouth and the gums and is constantly present. There are no visible sores or swelling present and has been checked by a Dr., dentist and oral surgeon. Could there be cranial nerve damage causing this pain?

2:24 pm November 6th, 2013

Hello Jacque. Do the doctors know that the snorting is going on? Self-report to the clinicians who are treating you to get an expert opinion.

3:45 am November 7th, 2013

I was just curious if the snorting could be related to the burning mouth symptoms, I don’t know if there has been, or will ever be self disclosure of the snorting to her treatment team. I just wanted to assist her with any information that could be related to her symptoms. This burning sensation has been going on for over 2 months and it’s really affecting her life in all realms. She just came out to me she’s snorting and scared it’s related to her mouth pain and if it’s permanent. I really want to help her and the best way I can think to do that is gather as much info as I can and relate that to her. So, have you ever heard of the snorting and burning mouth sensation being related? Or, have you ever heard of the snorting resulting in some sort of nerve damage?

6:14 am November 7th, 2013

Hi Jacque. We’re not qualified to respond with a clinical or medical answer, but it seems to me that the symptoms could be related to use; I’d suggest a period of oral ingestion for 2-3 weeks to observe marked results. In terms of nerve damage, you’ll need to consult with a physician or neurologist.

Luke Jones
10:02 pm November 7th, 2013

Hello. Can somebody tell me for how long will numbing side effects will last on Ritalin please? My whole body went numb for a whole day and a half. It happened when I exceeded the dose. I hope it doesn’t happen again. My question is, will it always happen, or does it stop when or if your body gets used to it? Thank you.

11:48 pm December 17th, 2013

Hi i have come to terms with the fact that i am addicted to ritalin. I want to stop but I want to try do it by myself. Do you think it is possible and how would i go about it

4:08 am December 23rd, 2013

Hi Gabi. First, you can get a tapering schedule from your prescribing doctor. Then, you’ll need to get prepared for the physical withdrawal and psychological cravings. You can try support groups like SMART Recovery, SOS Sobriety, or 12 step group. Have you seen a psychologist yet for an opinion about how to go about a self detox and recovery? This can also help.

12:16 pm May 6th, 2014

Hi there, I went through about a 3-year period of Ritalin snorting. 10 mg immediate release pills, occasionally 3 or so in one day, but for the most part like 1/4 of a pill in the morning and then another 1/4 in the afternoon. But still, that adds up over 3 years. Quitting wasn’t a huge problem, though I haven’t been clean for long, so who knows. My question is, does this have any long-term health effects I should be worried about? Are any of the non-active ingredients you listed particularly dangerous? If so, does snorting increase the chance of their having a nasty effect. I’m so glad that I finally committed to quitting, but now I’m worried that it might come back and bite me. I’m in basically good health, normal blood pressure, healthy diet, and I get a lot of exercise. As long as I stay clean, do you think I’ll be okay?

9:33 pm May 11th, 2014

Hi , i have snorted medikinet for about a month more/less
can blurred vision be permanent or will i go away after a while and i noticed my eye vision i realy bad is this just temporary ?

6:41 am May 18th, 2014

I am prescribed 20mg of ritalin twice a day. How can 25 – 30mg of ritalin be a lethal dose? I have started sorting allot, usually about 40mg 2 or 3 times a day.what I want to know is, are there any permanent effects?

11:44 pm May 20th, 2014

I have a prescription for 60 mg per day. My doctor has told me that I can take it all at once or space it out during the day. I normally take two pills in the morning orally and a third pill in the afternoon. My question is, if I snorted the third pill instead of taking orally, is this safe?

3:06 pm May 21st, 2014

I snort Ritalin all day every day .. i have been prescribed 60 mg a day but if i snort it i use less … the feeling i get from it is just as if i chugged a monster energy.. i only ever snort 10 mg or less at a time and repeat to find my comfort zone once i reach my high/awake/comfort zone i maintain it with 5 mg lines every half hour or hour and it works out grate .. because of the way i do this i end up with a surplus of Ritalin on hand for those nights i feel like a binge is due .. i don’t feel that it is addictive i can stop for as long as i want and feel no cravings but i can see how it can be called addictive for the same reason as people like coffee it just wakes you up and and gives you that kick in the ass to get things done

ali salman
7:13 am May 22nd, 2014

I have been using Ritalin 10 mg tablets twice a day for about 15 days…now its starting to loose its effect so I have started to snort about 30 mg per day is this dose okay for snorting or I should use more pills but should always swallow..

11:10 pm June 6th, 2014

My brother snorted Ritalin last night. Early this morning he started coughing up lots of blood. He is currently in ICU and wr don’t know where the blood is coming from. Bleeding from the lung can be life threatening as it is extremely difficult to stop. To all of you out there sorting Ritalin…STOP!!!! It is too dangerous! It is still drug abuse even if it is prescribed medication. Drugs kill!

1:56 pm June 24th, 2014

Hi i have a question I’m a 33 years old, single mom of 5; I’m 5’3 and only 100 lbs. I work full time 50 hrs per week, attend school full time and participate in all 5 of my children’s activities. I’m prescribed perks 10 mg and Ritalin 20 mg. I’ve taken them like directed for years, then i started to feel like i was slacking in life, not enough energy to make it thru the day. Someone told me if i snort my rids and perks ill get a super upper high. I started snorting them both and felt like super mom. I’m now snorting anywhere from 15-20 rids a day! Nope, not a typo that’s correct 15-20 a day and about 10 perks a day! I mixed them together and my-oh-my bring it on! I can concur all the activities and responsibilities I have! I’ve never had any side effects form either of these drugs! But what are my real true dangers of snorting this many a day physically and mentally? And please don’t judge, my kids have no clue and I’m a great mom! Thank you….

3:32 pm July 5th, 2014

Hi, I’m hoping you can ease my consciousness. Today, i took four pills, thinking that they were 5mg not realizing i picked pick up a 27mg bottle, here come the twist and turns) It’s been about 6+ now and i feel fine; I’m sweating and dehydrated so, i know for a fact i probably overdosed. I don’t feel sick, i don’t feel like anything’s wrong. I weight 140 pounds and I’m about 5″1 tall. At this point i think I’m gonna be fine…while i was zoned out i wrote the equivalent of 11 pages in font size 12. It was about a review on game a I loved and I swear i couldn’t remember anything more clearly in life. Another curve ball to throw in the mix, I used to take prescription ritalin and the other one um….concerta daily. I think 20-30 mg in the morning and half a pill later if i feel my self coming down. But, i stopped taking it for a loooong time, this is my first time in years. Again i don’t feel as though I’m in danger and i actually feel like I’m coming down but i just want to know if i should still be concerned.

9:03 am July 7th, 2014

Hi Jordan. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for a free, on the phone assessment of overdose risk or for help on what to do next.

J. S.
12:59 pm July 19th, 2014

Here’s another surprise ‘kiddies’, there are (two) types of amphetamines, # 200 m.g. Modfianle, usually given in 400 m.g. doses, ((((PLUS)))) a double dose of (20) m.g.of Ritalin, which equals, (40) extra total Milligrams, or 400 and 40 total milligrams of both respectably. Now here’s a big one (((((STEROIDS))))) (and) (((((HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE))))), are 100% (IMPOSABLE), to detect on any State (or) federal drug screening. This is because Roids and Human Growth hormone are considered 100% natural body excretions! Lol, lol, lol, lol This is (all) true, trust me, I’ve been there before. :):) Besides, Growth Hormone primarily hides in the snovyial- spinal fluid, you could sue them for wanting to draw intramural fluid.

9:36 am October 5th, 2014

A few questions. 1. Can you still get high from snorting Ritalin if you have a legitimate prescription for it? 2. How much more dangerously essentially is it to snort the extended-release Ritalin powder taken out of the capsule? Is it easier to get high from extended-release Ritalin? 3. Are you less likely to become Ritalin-dependant if you’re prescribed for ADD? Thank you

2:39 am October 7th, 2014

What kind of damage to the brain happens with long term of sorting ritallin.

9:10 am October 7th, 2014

Hi Aracely. Ritalin is a amphetamine-like substance and causes the same types of effects on the body as other forms of speed. The abuse of this drug in larger doses, especially through snorting, can damage the brain. But, from the amount of stress it causes to the heart, it usually ends fatally before the brain gets significantly damaged.

To be more specific, it can cause permanent damage to blood vessels of the brain, stroke, psychosis, possibly epilepsy, and hallucinations.

11:36 pm October 8th, 2014

How long does it take for the effect of snorting Ritalin are visible in the nasal passages? Say 20-40mg for a few months? How much damage would there be?

11:17 am October 13th, 2014

Hi Ryan. To answer your questions:
1. Yes, you can get high even from prescribed Ritalin. The high is anticipated in the beginning when your organism isn’t yet acustomed to the effects of the med. As time passes, if ou continue increasing doses or using more frequently, you can still get high.
2. Snorting Ritalin can lead to addiction. Other side-effects are aggitation, confusion, hallucinations, paranoia, chronic anxiety, disruptive sleep patterns, malnutrition, cardiovascular problems etc. Yes, snorting Ritalin allows the drug to reach the brain immediately. But, it also increases potency of the drug.
3. Your organism can get as easily dependent on Ritalin, regardless of being diagnosed with ADD or not. If after a while, you start getting withdrawal symptoms whenever Ritalin doses are lowered or abruptly stopped-then it’s dependence.

11:30 pm October 28th, 2014

Can snorting ritalin irritate your tonsils? Or give you an infection in your mouth and jaw?

10:50 am October 29th, 2014

Hi Brandon. With snorting Ritalin it’s usually the lungs that get damaged and inflamed. You might get some nose bleeds, sore throat maybe. But, there are many bacteria living in our oral cavity, and if there was any damage to the tissues, the bacteria could have easily inflammated the area. So, see a doctor for the best tretment of your condition.

4:29 pm October 29th, 2014

Hi, I take ritalin to help with my exams although I do not have ADHD. I have always found it helps me think and concentrate incredibly well. However recently it has caused me to feel more nervous and anxious (side affects i know). What would be the probable cause of this change? I have not changed my behaviour at all nor begun to take any other medication. Also, i have sometimes taken ritalin recreationally with alcohol, is this especially dangerous?

1:10 pm November 3rd, 2014

Hi! I’ve been taking Ritalin ( 10mg in the morning, 10mg in the afternoon) since my second year in the first grade.. And recently after 11 years I was changed over to Concerta.. I have not had severe side effects from my long term usage except the occasional mood swing and anxiety.. I’ve been taking 53mg Concerta for approximately 3 months now and I never thought myself to be addicted to Ritalin.. I would go without it during holidays and some weekends… I don’t always feel the full effect of the Concerta and I’ve just started to snort 10mg of Ritalin in the mornings to give me a kick start.. I know I can go without it and I know I’m taking a risk but it really helps. Do you think it’s absolutely necessary to discontinue the 10mg in the morning?

7:37 pm November 27th, 2014

I storted somewhere in between 15-20 20mg Ritalin. Ive been getting extreme nausea for the last 24 hours. I’m worried I may have damaged my body.

11:57 am November 28th, 2014

Hi Hannah. The only way to know if there is any damage done, is to get examined by a doctor and have some tests done. Do you have any tolerance to Ritalin?

12:10 am December 1st, 2014

I have snorted 100 Mg of my ritalin since 1pm I am 5:11 153 is this dangerous??

12:30 pm December 4th, 2014

Hello Jared. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an over the phone assessment of risks and danger.

11:03 am December 18th, 2014

I’ve been snorting ritalin for about 3 months now daily (Long acting – Although not an entire pill each time), I recently took a vacation where I was fine without rit (just in case y’all thought I was a junkie). Considering stopping my usage, work is going to be boring without it though. I wanted to know how long it takes to wear out the nasal passage with rit. I think I am going to take it orally from now on, although I love the increased speed and strength from snorting.

6:00 pm January 7th, 2015

I know this question was posted 10/4/2012, by Eddie and is probably not going to help him now but in case another member who read it was interested in an answer, my suggestion for getting a form of Ritalin that can not be snorted would be to ask the pharmacist to order liquid for for you or whoever. Just a thought. Best to everyone. =)

I also have a question. I have been taking 20 MG of generic Ritalin twice daily (orally) for 8 months. Prescribed by my doctor to treat my adult ADD. Right now it’s after the holidays and my doctor has come down with the flu. His nurse called in my refills since he is out (I also take Zoloft) but forgot this needs a paper script so I haven’t had my med for two days now. I don’t know if I am having any withdrawls. I feel okay but my mind keeps trying to analyze the situation rather than just forget about not having my script. After 8 months would there even be physical signs of abruptly ceasing Ritalin? Or am I worried about it for nothing? If it was going to make me feel ill, it would have happened already? Thanks for any help and thoughts. =)

3:10 pm January 31st, 2015

Good article, thanks for sharing this information and helping to prevent people snorting it. I admit, I’ve done that and it’s dangerous. You can’t know for sure how your body (especially your heart) will react. :)

7:06 pm February 14th, 2015

if i snort methylphenidate on monday morning will it still be in my system thursday morning

10:35 pm March 1st, 2015

Hi, I have snorted alot of ritalin and usually I do this to escape my true ADHD character. I am hoping that I will stop doing this soon.

12:26 pm March 6th, 2015

How would a twelve year old girl feel aftet snorting Ritlian for the first time? What would be the general experience ofwhat she would go through?

9:00 am March 21st, 2015

ritalin is poison.. just get the kind you can’t snort. it’s attached to an enzyme. i’ve almost fixed any need for it. i hate-tyrosine & apha-GPC at breakfast and tryptophan at night! helps the brain. snorting ritalin has messed up my ability to walk straight after a binge. my body can’t communicate correctly never short circuit. don’t do it. i can’t wait to run out. especially teens etc.. although snorting only 1 would not really hurt you… 10-20 is a nightmare of abuse. so don’t even waste your time! exercise in the sun every day and sleep and eat well is the whole game.. and then if you have some extra viagra just take it with no worries of a dangerous interaction…. if you’re gonna get banged.

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