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Suboxone rehab treatment: What to expect

What to expect during Suboxone rehab treatment

Suboxone is the brand name of a drug containing buprenorphine and naloxone which is used to treat severe opiate addictions. While the habit forming nature of this drug is usually low. Some people who use this medication can also become addicted to it as well.

Suboxone rehab treatment is different for everyone, since everyone has different needs. Most treatment programs offer very similar services, though, and most recovering addicts will go through similar stages during treatment. The main services and stages of rehab follow.

Drug screening and evaluation

If you think that you have a problem with Suboxone, you will typically undergo a thorough drug screening and overall evaluation before entering a rehab program. It is during this stage that an addiction specialist determines the severity of an addiction and decides how to treat Suboxone addiction. Something to keep in mind? Honesty is so much better and can get you further than keeping secrets…so be open during this process for best results.

  • Medical detox

Doctors typically recommend tapering off of Suboxone. If this is not possible or wanted, however, a recovering addict may be able to enter a medical detox program when they stop taking the drug. This can help make for a more comfortable and safer withdrawal.

  • Psychological treatments

The fundamental services offered by any rehab treatment programs are psychological treatments. These treatments, including behavior therapy and group therapy, can help addicts learn how to cope with their addictions and overcome them.

  • Pharmacological treatments

Rarely will medications be used to treat a Suboxone addiction. In some cases, however, a treatment facility will prescribe other medications, such as anti-depressants or other drugs which aim to address underlying co-occurring disorders, to treat mental health issues simultaneously.

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  • Education sessions

Recovering addicts in Suboxone rehab treatment programs will typically attend several education sessions throughout their treatment. Attendance to these sessions may be required every day or every week, and they can help recovering addicts learn about addiction in general and new ways to overcome it.

  • Supportive services

Nearly all rehab programs offer recovering addicts some supportive services, such as case management. Other services that can help facilitate recovery may also be available, such as child care, vocational services, transportation, and even housing.

What to expect after Suboxone rehab treatment

For anyone in treatment themselves or with a loved one in treatment, the question of what to expect after Suboxone rehab treatment will come up often.

First, before leaving a treatment program, a recovering addict will sit down with a counselor or addiction specialist and create a list of goals they want to reach after treatment. This is known as an exit plan, and it gives recovering addicts something to focus on and work toward after treatment.

An aftercare program will also usually be created before completing a program. A typical addiction aftercare program will require you to continue attending daily or weekly therapy sessions on an outpatient basis. Also, those that need a little extra support after rehab will be referred to programs or organizations that offer supportive services.

What to expect when visiting someone in Suboxone rehab treatment

If your loved one is getting help for their addiction, there’s a good chance you’re wondering about what to expect when visiting someone in rehab. Most visits occur on weekends, and residents will usually be allowed to have loved ones visit after a few weeks of being in a particular rehab program.

During your visits, which will typically a few hours, you will have the chance to chat with your loved one. Communicating with your loved one is not only a good way to find out more about their treatment and progress, but it’s also a great way to show your support during this difficult time. If family or group therapy sessions are offered during your visits, you should take advantage of these as well.

Most facilities have certain rules regarding visitation. For instance, some will make exceptions to visitation times for relatives from out of town, while others may not. Many facilities also have a dress code and require their visitors to leave certain items, such as medications and cell phones, at home or on their vehicles. Depending on the facility, you may also be searched when you arrived. To find out more about what to expect when visiting someone in Suboxone rehab treatment, it’s best to contact the facility your loved one is in before you plan your visit.

Can you leave Suboxone rehab treatment before completion?

The short, simple answer to this is yes. You can usually leave a rehab before completion at any time. Of course, we strongly encourage you to stay until you have completed your course of treatment.

Although you may think that you’re ready to leave, there’s a good chance that you aren’t. Many people who leave treatment programs before completion run the risk of relapsing within months, weeks, or even days. By completing a program, you will obtain all of the necessary knowledge and resources to remain drug-free. Facilities also offer a number of supportive services to recovering addicts who have completed treatment and need a little help during this difficult time.

Suboxone rehab treatment expectations

Are you or a loved one suffering from a Suboxone addiction? Still have questions about Suboxone rehab treatment expectations? Leave them below, and we’ll do our best to give you a personal thorough answer. If you need additional guidance, we can also refer you to someone who can help.

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2 Responses to “Suboxone rehab treatment: What to expect
1:27 am March 16th, 2017

In your article, you stated that Suboxone rehab treatment is different for everyone, since everyone has different needs and most treatment programs offer very similar services, though, and most recovering addicts will go through similar stages during treatment. My cousin called me last night because he started having some negative reactions to the treatment he was given for his drug addiction. I wonder if there are any rules and regulations regarding how Suboxone is used.

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
7:20 pm March 23rd, 2017

Hi Derek. Your question is strictly towards the rehab program. I suggest that you call the helpline on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant. Maybe s/he may know the answer to your question.