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What happens when you snort tramadol?

What happens when you snort tramadol?

Snorting tramadol can actually be one of the signs of tramadol addiction. Here, we review the dangers and risks of snorting tramadol and the effects it has on both your body and brain. Then, we invite your questions about snorting tramadol and how you can treat tramadol addiction at the end.

What does snorting tramadol do?

There are reasons that prescription drug labels warn against snorting tramadol. You are ingesting a high dose of tramadol in the system in concentrations that can be toxic to the body.  So how does the body process snorted tramadol in the first place?

When you snort tramadol, tramadol dissolves into the mucus membrane of the nasal passage which then quickly passes the blood-brain barrier. However, .

Tramadol is a central nervous system drug and attaches to the opiate receptors in the brain to dull the feelings of pain you are experiencing. While snorting tramadol may work faster on your system there is a high amount of tramadol in the system. This concentrated exposure to tramadol increase your risk of adverse effects and overdose. You also increases the changes and likelihood of you experiencing adverse side effects.

Is snorting tramadol bad for you?

Yes, snorting tramadol can be bad for you. Concentrated levels of tramadol in your system increase your chances of side effects. There is no control left to release the medicine slowly to the brain. In effect, when you snort tramadol you take away the drug’s ability to filter through metabolic processes and you are getting all of the drug at once. Not to mention the damage you can do to your nose and sinuses. Tramadol is also unique in that there are many side effects reported to the use of tramadol. Like smoking tramadol side effects, negative and adverse side effects of snorting tramadol can include:

  • agitation
  • chills
  • difficulty breathing
  • dizziness
  • fatigue
  • heartburn
  • itching
  • nervousness
  • vomiting

Is snorting tramadol dangerous?

Yes, snorting tramadol is dangerous. Not only can you experience negative side effects … there are complications that may arise from a direct result of snorting tramadol. When you snort tramadol you increase likelihood of drug dependency and tolerance to the drug faster than if you were to take it as prescribed. Snorting tramadol also increases your liability for addiction and an inability to stop taking tramadol without help. This addiction can lead to upsets in your life and damage relationship. More serious complications of snorting tramadol can include:

  • accidents
  • heart attack
  • overdose
  • seizures

If an overdose is occurring or happening to someone you know then you need to seek medical help immediately. Signs of tramadol overdose include:

  • coma
  • difficulty breathing
  • dilated pupils
  • loss of consciousness

Is snorting tramadol effective?

Yes, snorting tramadol is effective. This mode of administration delivers the drug faster to the brain ,making onset of analgesic effects faster as well. While snorting tramadol is effective it is never recommended. There are too many risks involved and that is why labels warn against snorting. To reiterate, snorting is not recommended because it increase dependency, can lead to addiction, overdose, and infectious diseases.

Can you snort tramadol?

While it may be tempting to snort tramadol there is no added medical benefit to snorting tramadol. While it may enter the blood stream and act faster on your body, the only difference snorting tramadol provides is a high or maybe quicker onset of analgesic effects. Snorting tramadol is a radical route to achieve euphoria and quick onset.

In sum, there are just too many risks and dangers which will affect your wellbeing. If you are going to snort tramadol know that you run risks some of which can be deadly. In our opinion, it is better not to even risk the harm snorting tramadol may cause.

When you snort tramadol questions

Do you know someone who is snorting tramadol to feel the euphoric effects of the medication? Then they may be addicted to tramadol and may need to seek out treatment. Look for the signs of addiction and whether or not they need to withdrawal or seek out a treatment facility.

Do you still have questions concerning snorting tramadol? Ask us any questions you have and we will try to get back to you personally and promptly.

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3 Responses to “What happens when you snort tramadol?
Greek Dilhman
11:21 am December 3rd, 2013

My understanding was that since Tramadol HCL because it requires first-pass metabolism through the liver to have any opiate-like effect, snorting or inhaling it leads to a reduced effect.

7:43 pm December 3rd, 2013

Hi Greek. Snorting bypasses normal metabolic processes and delivers doses of opioids like tramadol nearly instantaneously to the brain; opioids then affect brain receptors, causing effects like euphoria or pain relief.

Doesn't Take a Genius
4:37 am June 1st, 2014

No, Greek is correct.

What you’ve said is true – snorting bypasses the standard metabolic process undergone when ingesting something, thus leading to instant onset for many substances. But tramadol is a prodrug. A prodrug is a drug that on its own does nothing and is converted into an active drug in the liver. It NEEDS to go through those metabolic processes to be turned into an opioid that will affect brain receptors. The chemical as it is, in the undigested capsule, doesn’t actually do anything.

Not only that, tramadol is one of the most painful things you can snort — beating out meth and MDMA as well-known burners — so you’ll have a hell of a time with nasal pain for half an hour only to find you’ve wasted your drugs.