Adderall detox timeline: How long to detox from Adderall?

The general onset of Adderall detox symptoms occurs within a few hours after Adderall effects wear off. And the length of time until detox resolvescan vary from weeks to months later, due to post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS). A general Adderall detox timeline here.

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When does Adderall detox stop?

Adderall (a combination of amphetamine salts) affects people differently depending on whether you’re using it to treat ADD/ADHD vs. taking it to get high. However, the general onset of withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking Adderall occurs within a few hours after Adderall effects wear off. And the length of time until withdrawal stops can vary from weeks to months later, especially when post acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) are present.

So, how long does it take for Adderall detox to resolve? Is there a general schedule for detoxing from Adderall which includes common symptoms? Find out more in the article that follows. Then, we invite your questions and comments in the section at the end.

Adderall detox duration and length

Adderall detox is defined by major periods of acute, intermediate and long term. The overall Adderall detox duration will depend upon the dosage, frequency and total time that you’ve been taking the drug, as well as individual medical and health factors. However, in general, most symptoms of Adderall detox resolve several days to weeks after you take your last Adderall pill (acute phase).

Another characteristic of stimulant detox is delayed detox, where symptoms reappear again weeks or months after acute detox. So, full recovery from a protracted term of Adderall detox may take a few weeks to a few months to complete. Note here that getting off Adderall cold turkey is usually not necessary or recommended. The risk of dangerous side effects, including seizures, extreme depression and paranoia, is simply too great.

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Adderall detox timeline and schedule

Symptoms of detoxing from Adderall will vary from person to person. It can take days to weeks to completely remove amphetamine salts from the system when you’ve developed physical dependence on Adderall. It is important to note that because Adderall is a stimulant, detox symptoms can be delayed. Therefore, it may take several weeks to months to no longer feel the effects of detox symptoms. Following is a general detox timeline.

24-72 hours of Adderall detox – General onset of symptoms can manifest shortly after the drug has worn off. Many people report that the most common reaction to acute Adderall detox is fatigue and oversleeping. However, intense fatigue, uncontrollable sleepiness and catnapping, continuing stimulation, and drug craving are typical symptoms that occur during the first days after coming off Adderall. The worst onset of symptoms (fatigue, depression and disorientation) often occur during this period, as well.

Week 1 of Adderall detox – In the first week after stopping Adderall, symptoms of detox tend to even out with an apparent return to “normalcy”, although drug craving may occur and disturbed sleeping patterns are common. During this phase of detox, symptoms can include the inability to feel pleasure (anhedonia), waves of intense craving, depression, exhaustion, extreme fatigue and excessive sleepiness.

Week 2 of Adderall detox – After the first couple of weeks of detoxing from Adderall, characteristic symptoms of stimulant detox may still be present including fatigue or exhaustion, depression, unpleasant and vivid dreams, insomnia or hypersomnia, increased appetite, slowed or quickened psychomotor response, and/or irritability.

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Weeks 3-4 of Adderall detox – During this phase of detox, apathy, irritability, and depression may still be present. Additionally, long periods or disturbances in sleep are still reported.

How long to detox from Adderall?

Adderall affects each person differently depending on the dosage and how long you have been taking Adderall. In other words, each detox period is unique to the person taking Adderall. In general, however, if you taking Adderall for medical reasons in doses as prescribed, symptoms of detox tend to be less intense than someone abusing the medication or taking higher doses than prescribed.

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Post-acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) is a set of symptoms that can last several months after you stop taking Adderall. Increased fatigue and having less energy are typical of Adderall use and these symptoms can linger for weeks to months after your last dose of Adderall. Additionally, people who detox from Adderall might experience sleeping issues for several months after they stop taking the medication as well as mental depression or emotions that they are not as used to. People suffering from depression are encouraged to seek help.

Adderall detox scheduling questions

Do you still have any questions about Adderall detoxification duration? If we can help, please feel free to contact us by sending us your questions directly in comments form below. We are eager to hear your about experience during Adderall detox and will try to respond to you personally and promptly.

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  1. It seems to obvious that another drug could be used to correct the imbalance caused to the Brian by years of adderals use and abuse like sleigline its not that its hard to find a treatment but they don’t want to identify a need for a treatment for a drug who’s main customer is kids could this be more obvious

  2. My daughter is trying to detox herself from Adderall while staying here with me. She is sleeping pretty much non stop but getting up to eat which she is very hungry for food – unusual for her as she is a skinny tall blonde who generally does not eat much. I am worried as she has been on Adderall for over 10 years and was only supposed to take it ( according to the doctor whom we both saw) to get her through her college exams. That was 10 years ago at least.I saw recently a week ago that she had 2 pale orange pills by her bedside I asked her and she said they were Adderall – when I looked it tup on line it seems they were each 30 mg. meaning 60 msg were ready by her bedside for her use. This seems like a crazy large amount. My questions are : what can I do to help? What should I expect? is there any danger that I should know of? Thank you so much. She was taking klonopin also as a anti anxiety ( she says she hasn’t had a klonopin in more than a week – but I am not sure)

  3. I have been taking Adderal 40 mg for over 10’years, but have decided to stop since I retired and due to elevated Bp. Last dose over 2 months ago. I am still tired all the time and in the past few weeks feel depressed. How long is this going to last ?

  4. I have been on Adderall for approximately 8 months. I was prescribed 20 mg time release a day. But through that 30 day prescription I would take to a day and then try to get back to one day and sometimes take three a day. I drink alcohol. A lot of times I don’t like the effect of the Adderall after using it so therefore I would drink a few glasses of wine and take anxiety medicine. My anxiety medicine is Ativan 2 mg twice a day. The last thing I want to do is get back addicted to the alcohol and not to become totally addicted to my anxiety medicine which I’ve been on for 10 years. I want to and have to cold turkey because I will run out in a few days and won’t have any thing until my next prescription which I will not be able to get for another two weeks. I definitely will have to stop cold turkey. I’ve done it before and the side effects are horrible for the first week. Extreme exhaustion anxiety panic attacks not even been able to do no more tour such as make a bed., Or even have any conversation on the phone or to the people around me. And then I end up going right back to excessively drinking alcohol because the Anxiety medicine doesn’t work. And, that’s because I cannot take any more than what is prescribed or I will run out of anxiety medicine again in two weeks or more.

    For the last two years I have gone through menopause I’m over 50 and I am definitely ADHD. This roller coaster with the alcohol , anxiety medicine and the Adderall I just don’t want to do anymore. Especially the Adderall and the alcohol. I am so frightened because I’ve done this in other months where I run myself out. And then I lose my life and till I get more. I am very depressed, panic attacks, anxiety, dysphoria. I’ve been out of work for two years because I cannot feel normal. In the last five years I have probably had maybe five days of just feeling normal and I can’t believe it that I don’t take anything. Prior to all this I was healthy I didn’t take anxiety medicine I didn’t take anything I tried Adderall once before and I hate it . I remember having two or three bottles and end up never taken them and throwing them away. I had the mentality that people who took anxietyi medicine excessive alcohol and Adderall or signs of weakness. who took any depressants anxiety medicine ADHD medicine. I know flaxseed oil is very good and helping some of the symptoms of ADD HD. I smoke. Quit for 18 years now it’s been about four years of smoking as well as all the other. I no this is going to be very tough. Especially going back to the alcohol to handle the stress the nerves and to sleep. Also I am on 300 mg time release Serequiel, one at bedtime. Waking up with that got feeling of sickness and illness is horrifying. So once I get through this and I am praying, I don’t want to go back on the Adderall again. I’m the type to totally psyched myself out and get sick even before I have to call turkey. What do I do? Life is nothing to me on it and then off it.

  5. My girlfriend is pregnant. She was rather vague on the prescription meds prior to this but I recently found out she was taking adderall and quit cold-turkey after finding out she was pregnant. I’m not sure of the dosage yet because she’s apprehensive of everything and I’m assuming it’s been an ongoing treatment because it’s been 2 months and she is still showing acute symptoms withdrawal. She is constantly tired and spends all day in bed. Every effort to get her engaged in life is declined irritably on her part. I know the first trimester of pregnancy has similar symptoms but the hypersonic/insomnia is affecting her job. I don’t want to enable her by just letting her escape the world by sleeping all day. Should I start looking into detox centers or is there any advice to help her through this?

    1. Hi Concerned-Father2be. You may call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you resolve your issues.

  6. The past few times that I have tried to detox on my own I have had extreme muscle contractions in my entire body? Is this normal? I am dreading this but doing it for the new year for my kids…any help would be appreciated …

  7. Have problems with side affects from adderall ?seeing vascular doctor tomorrow . Have been taken get adderall for Eleven years. I live alone and afraid of withdrawal and depression .

    1. Hi Betty. I suggest that you call the number displayed on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

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