Adderall withdrawal side effects

Thinking of withdrawing from Adderall and want to know the side effects? Read here to understand what can happen when you stop taking Adderall.

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Are you ready to withdraw from Adderall (amphetamine salts) and want to know possible side effects? Here, we review what can happen when you stop taking Adderall to treat Adderall addiction or physical dependency.. At the end we invite you to ask any questions you may have about Adderall. We try to respond to all legitimate questions personally and promptly.

Withdrawal effects of Adderall

Withdrawal from Adderall can occur at any time.  So whether you need Adderall addiction help, or have been taking amphetamines as prescribed, Adderall withdrawal side effects happen when you stop taking it. In fact, you can experience amphetamine withdrawal if you miss a single dose of Adderall.  The effects of withdrawal will be different depending on the way you choose to withdrawal from Adderall. But why does it happen?

Adderall is a powerful amphetamine derivative. Adderall works by heightening concentration and focus for people with ADHD. For people without ADHD, the amphetamine salts can create a hyper focus and a high. For people who abuse Adderall, chemical dependence can develop quickly. Why?

Physical dependence on Adderall develops because your body assimilates Adderall into the functioning and working processes of the central nervous system. Instead of being a foreign presence, Adderall becomes like any other naturally occurring chemical in the body after regular daily dosing. This means when you stop taking Adderall a period of withdrawal occurs. What is Adderall withdrawal?

Withdrawal is a natural process of the body during which it “rewrites” the chemical messages in the brain to adapt to the absence of Adderall in the body. This is why, when you stop taking Adderall, you feel opposite effects fatigue and fogginess. For example, the clarity that you once exerperience can become lethargy and high energy becomes fatigue.

Effects of Adderall withdrawal

Adderall withdrawal side effects will impact you both physically and mentally. When you withdrawal from Adderall, your body is working hard to restore homeostasis. At the same time, the receptors in your brain that regulate mood and induce euphoria are out of whack.

Psychological effects of Adderall withdrawal can include:

  • anxiety depression
  • lack of pleasure
  • mood swings
  • paranoia panic

Physical effects of Adderall withdrawal can include:

  • abdominal pain
  • drug craving
  • fatigue
  • increased heart rate insomnia
  • seizures

Adderall withdrawal side effects can interfere with the normal running of your life. Symptoms can affect your relationships with friends and family, finances, and have an impact on your school environment. If you are addicted and abuse Adderall, it can have an even bigger impact on your life as you will need to take the time and energy to address and recover from lingering effects of Adderall withdrawal.

Side effects of Adderall withdrawal

When you stop taking Adderall you run several risks to your health. If you have been using Adderall properly and are talking to a doctor then you are more likely to be in a better position to help take care of withdrawal side effects. Usually you will be on a taper with your doctor. This allows your body to regulate itself slowly over time. If you are abusing Adderall or suffer an addiction, you run higher risks and complications as you go through withdrawal. Side effects of Adderall withdrawal which cause complications include:

  • coma
  • depressed heart rate
  • extreme fatigue
  • loss of consciousness
  • psychosis
  • seizures

If any of these Adderall withdrawal side effects arise, seek medical help. Doctors can prescribe carbamazepine to help with seizures or can treat serious side effects immediately. It is important not to be alone when you are suffering these complications. They can literally mean the difference between life and death.

Adderall withdrawal side effects

How can you treat Adderall withdrawal side effects? Supporting symptoms by easing their severity through tapering down doses helps to insure you can continue to stop using or abusing Adderall. If you are worried about Adderall withdrawal and Adderall withdrawal side effects you can also seek out a detox or treatment facility to directly and medically treat Adderall withdrawal side effects. Support can influence you in a positive way and help your recovery from withdrawal.

Withdrawal side effects to Adderall questions

If you still have questions regarding the side effects of Adderall withdrawal ,please leave them in the comments below. We will get back to your questions as quickly as we can.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have a close relative that moved from New York, to Pewnnsylvania and they have had trouble getting adderal since in PA. They were talking 30 mg daily for the last 20 years. They have been under a doctors care but they are having trouble getting PA to send tthe perscription since they are on mdeidaid. They have been off this medicine for a month. Medicaid tell her she is top priority but noting has come through yet. Maybe tomorrow. I don’t like the symptoms I see. extreme tiredness, can’t think clearly, can’t seem to do the smalles household chores

  2. I’ve been on 10mg.forabout 4months now. It’s supposed to be a starting dose, but scared of withdrawal effects, could you please tell me if I will experience any effects. It’s one pill a day. I’m terrified that I will end up in the hospital. Please explain to me what could happen to me.

    1. Hi Kimberly. If you use Adderall as prescribed, there’s no reason for vomiting. Have you eaten something bad before? I suggest that you call your doctor for a consultation.

  3. Hey, I have been prescribed a 10mg SR adderall twice daily. I’ve been taking it since January, and I missed a dose yesterday. All of a sudden, I took one this morning and i gradually felt extremely focused, but my heart was beating rapidly and I started feeling shaky and hot. I tried eating, then I panicked, took a short nap, woke up and puked. Now I feel better but I have no idea what caused this. Someone please explain 🙁

  4. I have been on adderall for over a year now and some days I’ll forget to take it for a couple days. And even though it’s only been a couple of days I’ll get severely nauseous and become real foggy headed. Could these be side effects of missing a few doses?

  5. I have been on adreall for 4 days first day took a twenty second day took a 20 than crashed so took a ten the third day I took a 5 than 10 than a 5 sever anxiety tingle in mouth n face irratable blurred vision so I didn’t take any today today vision still blurred I am feeling very weird not right

  6. I have been taking Adderall maybe for about a year. until june 25 I was on 15 mg twice a day. since june 25 the dose was raised to 20 mg twice a day. I have extreme anxiety and am terribly fearful. how do I taper off? I read that Adderall withdrawal can be the worst experience you could ever have. I never got any relief for anxiety, depression.

    1. Hi Dan. Talk to your doctor about following a tapering schedule to help you wean off the medication. Of course, you may also require prescription medications or OTCs to help you manage some of the symptoms. Having medical professionals monitor your during Adderall detox and acute withdrawal can significantly help you and increase your chances of staying drug-free.

  7. Hello Brandy. Since you are out of Addreall, it’s the same as if you quit cold turkey. Here is what you can expect:
    Although it’s not the most recommended option, you are already doing it, so it will be over faster, but much more uncomfortable at the same time. If you don’t want to talk to your doc about it, try with a pharmacist at your local pharmacy. They can suggest other meds you can take to help you with he withdrawal symptoms. But, if things get worse, you might have to see your doctor after all.

  8. I am presently experiencing Adderall withdrawal in a bad way. It’s all I can do to stay awake during the day. While I know that I am addicted to Adderall I am afraid to approach my prescribing doctor for fear of not having it anymore. I have been snorting up to 200 mgs. a day and am presently without any at all. My body hurts and I sleep all the time… What do I do next? I want to stop this rollercoaster because it’s getting worse the longer I take it. Please help me.

  9. Hello Michelle. To get off Adderall, you’ll need to consult with your prescribing doctor and/or a pharmacist. You need a personalized tapering schedule to slowly reduce doses over the course of several weeks. Cold turkey Adderall withdrawal can be uncomfortable and can trigger rebound symptoms such as extreme fatigue and depression. Withdrawal can be managed, so seek medical supervision as your body adjusts to no longer using amphetamines. Psychotherapy can also help during this time.

  10. I have been on adder all for over 4 years . This past 6 months I am forgetting things easy and I am always tired… No energy…. I want to quit but I didn’t take it for two days and I got really sick.. It seems like the medication is making it harder to think ….. I can’t explain it …. How do I get off this?

  11. Hello Shelley. I’d suggest that you seek an immediate second opinion. Adderall withdrawal is best managed when the amphetamines are tapered…unless there is a medical necessity that you are not aware of.

  12. Both my psychiatrist and neurologist agreed upon prescribing me amphetamine salts; have been regularly taking the meds for more thanj 5 months. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 21, now near 63, my son (age 19) who would heve been 25 this Feb 1, was murdered diagnosed as being clinically depressed, underwent 4 barbaric brain surgeries the last two craniectomies not barbaric and have worked..Finally had blood work done this Thursday..never chked my voice messages but today heard message from psyciatrist “statibg to immediate;y stop the adderall? My concern appears everyone was aware of adverse effets that being withdrawal,,never saying why to immediately stop?? Is there medication available to avoid the withrawal which apparenrly I am subject to getting.Are there effective alterative medications which can be used with the same affects of adderal? I cannot just be advised to immed stop no reason offered re what to expect? I would imagine the medical doctors would know I would become addicted”? I have more than enough incurrable diseases!! -PLEASE WILL YOU HELP ME? SHOULDNT I HAVE BEEN PUT ON SOME OTHER TYPE OF MEDICATION?: THIS IS TERRIBLE. TO BE LEFT IN THIS SITUATION. Is this what the drs we trust are supposed to do?:
    PLEASE Ihelp me!

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