Adderall withdrawal symptoms

Adderall withdrawal is characterized by drug cravings, sleep problems, slower reflexes and mood disorders. Learn to distinguish normal Adderall withdrawal symptoms from those that require immediate medical attention here.

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You may be worried or frightened of the symptoms that occur after you stop taking Adderall. This is normal. In fact, most people experience problems when they stop using stimulants. We’ll review the most common symptoms of Adderall withdrawal here, and address Adderall withdrawal duration as well as the severity of symptoms you may experience. Please leave your questions below, or share your experience about Adderall withdrawal with others. We welcome all comments!

Withdrawal symptoms of Adderall

Although withdrawal from Adderall may be uncomfortable, it is not usually life threatening or associated with medical complications. The most effective means of treating Adderall withdrawal involves establishing a period of abstinence from the drug. In other words, time resolves most symptoms. Although intermediate withdrawal from Adderall is generally completed within a few weeks, symptoms may return months after last Adderall dose (see delayed Adderall withdrawal below) The main symptoms that accompany withdrawal from Adderall include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • drug craving
  • fatigue
  • hypersomnia (extreme fatigue or over sleeping)
  • insomnia (trouble getting or staying asleep)
  • paranoia
  • slow reflexes

If you stop taking Adderall abruptly after prolonged high doses, you can expect further extreme fatigue and mental depression. Doctors have also noted changes in sleep EEG in people who were taking high doses of Adderall over time. But in more severe cases, people who have abused stimulants may also experience skin defects or lesions on the skin, irritability, hyperactivity, and personality changes. The most severe manifestation of chronic intoxication from stimulants is psychosis, often clinically indistinguishable from schizophrenia.

Delayed Adderall withdrawal

Stimulant withdrawal occurs over the period of weeks or months, and many symptoms of withdrawal return a few months after the last use of stimulants. These symptoms are a type of delayed stimulant withdrawal and are a normal part of recovery. In fact, a delayed withdrawal response to Adderall is a part of the brain’s healing process. Rest assured that symptoms that occur weeks or months after you stop taking Adderall are temporary and can be endured.

  • alcohol cravings
  • alcohol use
  • canceled treatment appointments
  • cravings and urges for Adderall
  • feeling anxious
  • feeling hopeless
  • feeling lonely
  • feeling sad
  • feeling uneasy
  • feelings are magnified
  • fuzzy thinking
  • increased irritability
  • lack of energy
  • lack of interest in 12 step meetings
  • lack of interest in exercise
  • lack of interest in treatment
  • mood swings
  • negative thoughts/feelings/actions
  • problems with memory and remembering
  • relationship problems
  • spending a lot of time alone

If you’re coming off Adderall and are starting to crave it again, talk to your doctors, a trusted friend or couselor. Adderall cravings are a normal part of recovery, especially because Adderall is a stimulant.

Withdrawal symptoms that require immediate medical attention

As with any detoxification process, there is the possibility that you develop complications as you withdraw from a drug. This is why experts recommend that you go through detox under medical supervision. Although the chances of problems during withdrawal are relatively low, a supervised dexox ensures your safety. Some signs that signal problems during withdrawal include:

  • abdominal pain
  • change in mental status
  • changes in responsiveness of pupils
  • hallucinations
  • heightened deep tendon reflexes and ankle clonus (a sign of a potential seizure)
  • increasing anxiety
  • increasing panic
  • insomnia
  • seizures
  • significant increases and/or decreases in blood pressure and heart rate
  • temperature greater than 100.4°F (sign of a potential infection)
  • upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding

Managing Adderall withdrawal

No medication has been developed YET for treating stimulant withdrawal from medications like Adderall. However, doctors may prescribe antidepressants, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, to help manage depression that often accompanies amphetamine withdrawal. Also, because cravings are part of stimulant withdrawal, consider these weekend relapse prevention activities to get you through the tough times trying to stay away from Adderall.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I’ve only been taking it for like 2 weeks, but I was prescribed 10mg, twice a day, but have used more than that, as I am almost out of my first minth’s supply within 2 weeks and never before that, did I really ever take it. So, my question is, will I feel a lot of withdrawal symptoms? It seems like from what I read, prob not, as it has only been a few weeks on it, not even a month? Also, will the xanax that I am prescribed help when I stop taking xanax? Thanks

  2. I have been an addict all my life u name it I have been addicted to it. About a year ago I was diagnosed with add ocd and bi polar. I was told vyvanse that’s the ticket so I went with it. I am on lithum abilify lamotragene modafinal and trazadone vyvanse which when everything was said and done was set @ 90mg’s 3/30mg’s capsules a day which put me 20mg’s over the top of the recommended 70mgs. My first couple of months were fine probably because I had a vacation in another country for 4 weeks. When I came back however maybe a week? I figured out the weight loss of this drug. I had quit drinking and smoking cold turkey almost a year before amphetamines. I went from to 230 to 249lbs not good even if I am 6 ft. My goal at this time was simple get below 200 pounds. I started to mildly abuse the drug and as my tolerance built so did my usage. I found someone online to supply between $1600 to $2200 (roughly 20 bucks a capsule) Canadian for a month plus what I was taking. The weirdest part was 212 to 200 took 7 weeks and that is 7 weeks of no eating and maybe 10k a day in walking go figure. Anyway on May 22nd say 6 months after hitting the amphetamines hard core I did it! First was 199.8 then 199.6 my goal accomplished I quit, That was five days ago and if I told you I was dying that would have been an understatement. Just before I quit I would cry and cry and cry and cry wave after wave after wave (I have not cried that I can recall since my mothers death in 1995) over something I cannot control should not be involved with and would make a normal person run and I do mean run. My abuse coincides with meeting a woman of the night for whom I fell for and spoiled. I look @ her past her present her future and the age difference of ummmmmm 27 years her own serious addiction her living situation her goals and wow….for the record I am 49. I have never felt like I cannot let go of something before and I pray to god this is just the amphetamines. I started up a non for profit organization “Buttz” and got bored of it I would hand out ziplock bags of 4 smokes and matches to the homeless. In any event I ramble……I was taking vyvanse 240mg’s and adderral 180mg’s each and every day. At the end it would be nothing to top 500 mg’s that’s when the crying started………………back to day 5. Please god let me be somewhat normal soon this is absolutely killing me as I have minimal control over my mental faculties.

  3. Seems that too many inexperienced doctors are prescribing this medication. Why are general practice doctors prescribing this without input from a psychiatrist or psychologist? A general practice doctor should not do the initial diagnosis and may not be able to manage all physical/psychological side effects until the patient is settled. After diagnosis from a psychiatrist/psychologist, the general doctor can monitor your general health (every 90 days) such as blood pressure, heart condition, blood work, monitor side effects medication, and write your prescription. They should not just write scripts and never check or see the patient.

    Addiction Blog Editors, please advise people to communicate concerns and physical/psychological issues to their doctors and stop self diagnosing. See that many of these people should have never been on Adderall or anything like it.

  4. Oh so sorry…in a hurry bc i got to get to work… ive had very significant weigt loss. I want to taste food but i dont eat more than 3-4 bites and im done. Im being closely monitored… but im just worried. I thought maybe someone else might take the adderall and buperenorphrine and might could help me…

  5. Im on adderall 30mg ir x a day..also bupernorphrine 8/2 mg 2x daily abd zantac 150 2x daily. My dry mouth is driving me up the wall. Mints help but at my job thats no good. The doc said to drink more but dont flood my system out and also the adderrall abd bupernorphine both cause dry mouth so im getting double hit. Mt vitals are good racing heart..a bit of anxiety at times… but that dry mouth!! Awful. No appetite either. They keep saying it passes and they did just increase my dose so when can i expect it to settle bk down?? Its really bugging me. Thank you in advance.

  6. I’m actually a highschool student who is 16, I’ve been taking adderall as a stimulant/recreational drug for around half a year. I use to really love taking adderall because of the euphoric feelings and because it makes me 20x more social. Now I still have a lessened “fun” period of the high, but also I’ve noticed that after the high has gone by I start feeling really bad. It puts me in a state that I can’t control and its just a really bad feeling. I use to think of adderall as the best drug out there, but now to me it’s one of the worst

  7. @ Katie , so are your lips and mouth irritated again, since you started to take Adderall again? Seems like a strange side effect, and one you really don’t need or want.

  8. I started taking Adderall about 7 months ago and my doctor prescribed me with XR 30 MG and when I started taking it my lips and mouth were cherry red, chapped, and peeling so I began putting aquaphor on my lips and around my mouth which helped a little but my symptoms never really went away, so I stopped taking it after a little of over two months. After a couple weeks of me not taking Adderall my symptoms went away but then it started to come back every couple months and I just started taking Adderall again today and I’m scared that my symptoms might come back. I started taking it again because ever since I stopped my grades have been getting bad, I have been less active, and I have had problems waking up in the morning. I’m looking for a solution to my problem but will still let me continue taking it.

  9. I took this medication 2nd- 5th grade and if I remember right I had 30mg. I just quit taking it all together and ever since the 5th grade I started to have stomach issues. I am 18 and I am now lactose intolerant, I have IBS and I’m hypoglycemic I also belive I’m allergic to gluten but I never went to the doctors about that. My doctor had me do a ADD/ADHD test and my results came back negative and she still prescribed it to me and increased it over time. To this day I will blame this drug for all of my stomach issues that started occurring after I stopped taking it.

  10. Hi, ive been on Adderall for for about 5 months I started on the xr for a couple months it helped really good for about a month and then it stopped working it was the 20mg 1 a day. Then my doctor put me on the 30mg 2 times a day it kept me awake but no energy. Then I started having severe stomach problems found out it was from the Adderall. I had to stop the Adderall its been 5 days now and all I do is sleep about 15 to 20 hours a day. H as any one else had this problem after you stopped taking Adderall? I am on other medications to for depression, but this has only started since I stopped taking the Adderall.

  11. I took 4 40mg adderall in three days: one Friday, two Saturday & one more on Sunday. It’s been almost a week sense then and I’ve had racing thoughts, waking up really early and not being able to go back to sleep, disoriented, stomach aches almost all the time, feeling like I’m going to puke, not hungry, socially awkward, it’s hard for me to focus and I don’t feel as sharp mentally. I’ve taken adderall before and felt completely fine but I’ve never taken that much before. Kinda worried and not sure what steps to take. Would be grateful for any advice, thank you.


    Hi everyone – I have been taking adderall IR 20mg/2x a day for about three years, along with wellbutrin 300 mg, xanax .3mg 3xday, and doxepin 25-50 mg at night for sleep.

    Last week I found out that I am pregnant. So my first thought was oh my god i cant take these anymore it will hurt my baby. So, I FLUSHED all my medicine so i wouldnt be tempted to take it. BAD IDEA. Now I am realizing that I needed to be weaned off it slowly. My body is freaking out. Im having axiety attacks, cant get my schoolwork done, cant sleep, and just in general excuse my language feel like shit.

    So heres my problem. I need a new (lowered) dose of my meds. BUT adderall and xanx are both scheduld medications, and I just got my refill two weeks ago. What should I do? If i explain to my psychiatrist could she write me another scrip, with a lowered dose? I know they never fill schedule 2s early, but i dont feel its safe for my baby to compeletly stop abruptly.

  13. have been taking Adderall it dose nothing for me, I am not so lucky to loose weight or anything but what it dose is control my out of control temper and I am able to finish better one task at a time but it saved my life with anger issues that only side effect I get is waiting for my script I have to wait a day or 2 I don’t abuse it because it don’t stimulate me to like speed I know people that use it for weight loss and running nope don’t do any of that for me I wish but my side effect really hurts I cant get out of bed told my doctor he said I was crazy when I am on it I am very pleasant person no longer out control but when I am off it who knows what well happen to me I don’t crave it I just cant even shower or motivate my self to get cup coffee by the way that helps a lot I used to drink to sleep, so do I need I higher dose?

  14. I have been taking Adderall it dose nothing for me, I am not so lucky to loose weight or anything but what it dose is control my out of control temper and I am able to finish better one task at a time but it saved my life with anger issues that only side effect I get is waiting for my script I have to wait a day or 2 I don’t abuse it because it don’t stimulate me to like speed I know people that use it for weight loss and running nope don’t do any of that for me I wish but my side effect really hurts I cant get out of bed told my doctor he said I was crazy when I am on it I am very pleasant person no longer out control but when I am off it who knows what well happen to me I don’t crave it I just cant even shower or motivate my self to get cup coffee by the way that helps a lot I used to drink to sleep, so do I need I higher dose?

  15. I quit adderall after taking 100-120 mg a day off and on for years. Maybe it’s because I was never prescribed it, so my brain had been through withdrawal over and over and knew how to adjust, but it really wasn’t that big of a deal. In fact, after a week and a half I was wondering why I ever even took it. One thing you HAVE to do is exercise and stay busy. By exercise, I don’t mean walk the dog around the block, but bust your *** running and pushing yourself to new limits, every single day without fail. It’s really not that hard. Quitting solved many problems for me. My libido went through the roof, and I could actually talk to people without seeming weird and intense. Along with my regular supply of Wellbutrin, I eased the strain of the depression and racing thoughts through meditation podcasts until these things stopped bothering me. That is the hardest part, stilling the mind after it has been overly active for so long. I think people tend to blow withdrawal from this drug out of proportion because they aren’t willing to adjust their lives to meet the needs of the healing process. It’s been eight months since I took adderall, I don’t crave it, and I feel great. My advice is to take responsibility for your life and remember that adderall withdrawal will only control you if you allow it to (it’s not heroin, ffs). Don’t be a ******!

  16. An update, I think that my persistence has paid off. She has made a complete turn around. Luckily for me I think that her use of it was recreational and she was not taking it daily. I am thinking that her withdrawal symptoms have passed. In any case she is talking to me on a daily basis now and normally. I am hoping that she read the documentation that I gave her and realized how dangerous Adderall is and she is off it for good. I am keeping my fingers crossed. Tough love and persistence…………………..

  17. Hello Juanita. Have you be totally honest with your treatment team about the use of Adderall? Adderall withdrawal should be medically supervised, and you do not need to go through withdrawal alone.

  18. I’m in recovery for an eating disorder and started to take adderall to curb binge cravings. I’ve just stopped engaging in eating disorder behaviors and am trying to quit the adderall. My problem is I’m experiencing EXTREME fatigue. I sleep 12 hours a day if not more and can barely get through the day.

  19. Hi again, Chad. IF she’s an adult, you have the right to withhold housing or financial help. Seek counsel from an addictions specialist and look into planning an intervention.

  20. Thanks, The hardest part is that she will not even try to talk to me about it. She just freaks out and tells me it’s all BS that I am even concerned about it. It doesn’t make sense to me. If she truly wasn’t taking it anymore why would she be so against even discussing it with me???? She is an adult so how to I force her to do anything? I don’t want to see this escalate into something seriously dangerous.

    Thanks Again for the advice.

  21. Hi Chad. That’s a tough position to be in! I think that your instincts may be on track. Check out the website drugfree [dot] org and look into resources for parents. They also have a tollfree hotline Monday to Friday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm ET
    1-855-DRUGFREE (1-855-378-4373) . You may need professional help from a family addictions specialist to flush out what is really go on here.

  22. I suspect that my 19 year old daughter has been using Adderall recreationally. She has actually admitted to taking it a few times. But over the last couple months she has been really cranky at times. I mean REALLY cranky. Foul mouthed and everything. She has lost weight, like maybe 10 pounds or so. Sleeps a ton when she is at home now. She is also having paranoid feelings about sleeping in her room in our finished basement and actually told us about feelings of there being a ghost or some other being down there with her. She will not sleep down there alone. I cannot seems to get her to talk to me about it. She goes off on me, which is not her normal self, when I try to text her or call her and talk about this. I sent her a link to a website that describes a lot of the addiction or withdrawal symptoms but I don’t know if she has read it. What are my options and how much danger is she in??? I have no idea where she is getting it from…..

  23. Ok so I started taking adderall about a year ago. I didn’t take it too long. I may have gotten my scripts filled 6 times is that. Ended up at the 30 mg xr. I abused my medication…I would binge like a lot of people I know(not a excuse). I’m pretty sure I never took more than four at a time with them all in my system. I drank on it a couple times.but I haven’t taken it in three months at this point. I have stomach pains just about everyday, that’s been going on for about six months. Its like a sharp pain..I’ve become very anti social. I tend to be a shut in over the last threr months. My sight was also off. The overwhelming thoughts I have just about everyday make my life rather miserable. I feel like everyone is ploting against me. I find myself confused and having a hard time with my memory. I feel like I’m getting better up top in my head week in and out. Finding myself smiling whem I couldn’t. Maybe it sent me into a heavy depression? But I normally scared of my stomach pain and I feel like my heart thumps at time. I’ve had ekgs and bloodwork done at an emergency room and they said all was well. Have had my stomach x rayed and they said that it was fine. Will these physical symptoms go away or is my cause for concern a legit issue? If so what steps should I take to help myself. I’m trying to keep a postive mindset…but its hard when I feel like my heart might blow up or being stabbed in the side. Its beem three months and I’m just scared. Any advice would be awesome please help

  24. hello, and thank you for hosting comments here. please, i do not mean in any way to infer any disparagement on the information above, and support it’s presentation in this forum.

    My case is quite unusual, and so I thought I would post this question in the forum from which it was drawn, with the utmost respect [truly];

    what could or might one make of it if, when discontinuing adderall there is/are no

    changes in responsiveness of pupils
    heightened deep tendon reflexes and ankle clonus (a sign of a potential seizure)
    increasing anxiety
    increasing panic
    significant increases and/or decreases in blood pressure and heart rate
    temperature greater than 100.4°F (sign of a potential infection)
    upper and lower gastrointestinal bleeding
    alcohol cravings
    alcohol use
    canceled treatment appointments
    cravings and urges for Adderall
    lack of interest in treatment
    mood swings
    fuzzy thinking
    lack of interest in exercise
    feeling lonely
    feeling sad
    feelings are magnified
    feeling hopeless
    problems with memory and remembering
    drug craving
    insomnia (trouble getting or staying asleep)
    slow reflexes

    and no increased –

    negative thoughts/feelings/actions
    relationship problems
    spending a lot of time alone

    and just –

    mild depression
    hypersomnia (extreme fatigue or over sleeping)
    increased irritability
    lack of energy
    feeling anxious
    feeling uneasy

    over the first day, then –

    increased irritability
    lack of energy
    feeling anxious
    feeling uneasy

    and after two days, just –

    increased irritability
    feeling anxious
    feeling uneasy

    which continue to increase to the 4th day –

    can not not calm or sedate the nerves under attack, attack from so deep inside you, you cannot locate the source of the pain … The muscles of your jawbone go berserk, so that you bite the inside of your mouth and your jaw locks and the pain throbs. For hours every day this will occur. Your spinal column stiffens so that you can hardly move your head or your neck and sometimes your back bends like a bow and you cannot stand up. The pain grinds into your fiber … You ache with restlessness, so you feel you have to walk, to pace. And then as soon as you start pacing, the opposite occurs to you; you must sit and rest. Back and forth, up and down you go in pain you cannot locate, in such wretched anxiety you are overwhelmed, because you cannot get relief even in breathing. And continues, without relent, and even gets worse …

  25. Thanks for sharing this experience and testimonial, Jake. We do recommend that EVERYONE detox or withdraw from Adderall under supervision and NEVER cold turkey. Gradual tapering on a physician guided calendar and then cessation is the best way to prevent severe withdrawal symptoms. But thanks for the tips and the real-life experience!

  26. If you stop taking it, try to stop on a Wednesday. The half life of the drug ensures it will still be in your system on Thursday. Take off Friday Saturday and Sunday. You are going to sleep 12-15 hours per day through Sunday. Be sure to drink water, lots of orange juice (vitamin C helps get it out of your system) and let-yourself-rest. Honestly, my side effects are: happiness, mental clarity, energy, renewed vigor, and well being. I abused this drug, but mainly when I took it. I became a Zombie insomniac that would go to bed regularly at 3am and wake at 7 for a full day of work. I probably absorbed more mental knowledge than the library of congress during those 3 years, but found little to no energy to go to the gym. It’s my goal to get myself back in shape and I already feel the motivation I lacked for so long. Also, it made me anti-social after prolonged use. I was happy sitting around every night talking on the phone and playing on the internet. This drug is awful, it will make life pass you by and rot your body from the inside out from lack of sleep and empathy for anything that matters. You become obsessed with reading nonsensical bullshit that doesn’t even matter in the grand scheme of life, and it also makes you irrational and emotional when it comes to things like politics, etc. Get off this drug, get your life back, and good luck to you.

  27. I took adderall for 8 years and stopped a month before graduating highschool. My biggest problem is the fact that every side effect I had from withdrawl seems normal to me. I just assume that everything is just how I am. If I feel depressed and etc, or anything else listed above, I make no effort to deal with it because I view it as just the norm for me. Now in my second semester of college I just started adderall again, and today is my first day back on it. It is currently 3:20 in the morning. The insomnia is clearly back to normal. I am going to cut my dose in half to avoid this. Im not really trying to make any specific points or ask for any advice, I am just using this as a way to pass the time at this moment.

  28. Hello Crystal. IT sounds like you may be a candidate for psychotherapy or counseling to address the psychological issues around using Adderall. While the body can adapt to the lack of amphetamines relatively quickly, how will you mind react? Sessions are usually 60 minutes in length, and you meet with a counselor 1-2 times per week. Please let me know if you need help finding a therapist. Mental health is just as important as physical health!

  29. I have been on Adderall (20mg which I take twice daily) since 8th grade..I am now 30 and want to start trying to have a baby but I am terrified of not taking adderall. I honestly can’t imagine my life without it I’ve been taking it so long. I have abused it at times and also have bad anxiety which I’m on medication for(very low dose of Paxil..lowest 10mg). My doctor knows I’m ready for a baby and wants me off adderall just as much as I and 4 days ago she decided to start weening me off of it so the withdrawls hopefully wont hit me as hard if i do get pregnant..I now take 15mg twice daily instead of 20..which whatever..the only thing I notice is the way my body feels from taking the adderall after not having taken it for a few days. I’m really hoping I can do this but just the thought of not being able to take adderall gives me anxiety. I just can’t imagine functioning without it. Advice?

  30. Hi Amanda. Yes, it sounds like you are going through the beginning stages of Adderall withdrawal. What did you do over the weekend to manage the symptoms? Did you call your prescribing doctor to explain the situation?

  31. Walgreens has a prescription card that here in va, is $20 a year and it knocks their price down a lot. I am on adderall 2x a day 30mg, I just found out last week tht someone I used to call a friend took some out of my bottle and left me short until Monday when I get my next one filled. I’m fatigued and cannot really focus. My anxiety medicine would help, but its xanex as I have other issues, and that would cause extreme fatigue I assume so I haven’t taken it except for in the evenings until I make it through the day because my lack of motivation is really getting to me…. and this is the second day without my adderall.

  32. Hi Beth. Yes. Definitely. There is hope. And treatment. I’d suggest that you speak with a licensed psychologist about the feelings and attitudes that are present in your life when Adderall is not. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you quite a lot, as well as other therapeutic interventions. The work in front of you is to identify triggers for these states, understand the cycle of the state, and then begin to replace former thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs with new ones. You can find a therapist near you by searching the American Psychological Association’s treatment directory here:

    And if anyone else wants to weigh in, I’m sure that there may be other suggestions, as well.

  33. I took Adderall XR 30mg for about 11 years. Then in March 2011 I tried to get off of it, and I was a zombie. Literally (and embarrassingly) I would get up from my desk to use the restroom, and fall asleep on the toilet. That fatigue would kick in the day I stopped taking it. I tried for a month but gave up. So I got back on it, and only took between 5 and 15 mg XR per day until July 1, 2012. That’s when I decided to try again. Surprisingly I was fine for the first month or so. There was some mild fatigue, but it wasn’t bad, nor was the fuzzy thinking I experienced last time. But then as August rolled around I began having really severe mood swings and extreme difficulty concentrating. I would have thought it was long out of my system by now and withdrawals should be over. But I literally cannot speak to my husband without a serious attitude problem. And I get extremely frustrated over the littlest things. I feel this rage constantly and the only thing that resolves it is if I take a few mg of Adderall. So that’s what I’ve done a few times these past few weeks, just to function and not want to bite off everyone’s heads. That’s a problem though, because we’d like to start a family and my Dr said I cannot be on it for the few months leading up to getting pregnant or while I’m pregnant or breast feeding. How am I ever going to survive? This anger is so extreme and the lack of focus is so severe that I get to the point where I hate myself for hating everyone, can function at my job and I just want to cry and punch the walls. Is there any hope?

  34. Hi Kaleigh. Well, anxiety might present as a totally independent symptom, as well. People coming off Adderall are more prone to be irritable, depressed, and fatigued than anxious. I’d suggest that you try looking into some form of mindfulness practice which can help you slow down your thoughts and then take distance from them. Anxiety is caused by an overactive mind, and calming the mind and mastering the WAY that we think is possible.

  35. I took adderall 20mg xr for my fall 2011 & spring 2012 semesters at school. I didn’t take any for my 5 week winter break and I stopped taking it all together for my last final on may 23, 2012. Since then I have had increasing anxiety and paranoia. It has seem to have gotten much worse too. But I am not sure it is the adderall. I started taking birth control (sprintec 28 day tablet) in December. In the spring semester I seemed to have some anxiety and would sometimes feel unmotivated/unable to concentrate even when I took the adderall. I would have problems sleeping at night because the anxiety would get so bad I couldn’t lay down. That only happened for the 2nd & 3rd pack of birth control that I took. I didn’t take the adderall every day during the semesters typically 5 days/week at most if I had to. Right now I’m not sure what to do. I think that my increased anxiety is really from my birth control, not the adderall, because it seems to get worse on my fourth week of pills when I’m not getting hormones & I get my period. It is unbearable on that week. On the other 3 weeks it is still existent but not as all. I’m not sure if finding a new birth control pill will help, or if I need to switch to a new method. None of the other methods I really want to do, other than condoms, which would mean I would need to stop taking the pill completely.But if it is possibly from not taking the adderall then I don’t want to stop taking it. I have tried talking to my doctors but none of them have helped and I don’t know what to do..

  36. Hi Ken. You don’t need to detox alone! I’d suggest that you call your prescribing doctor and ask for a referral to an inpatient detox center in your area. Do you have time and insurance to cover this medical cost? Adderall withdrawal is a medical condition that requires attention. Also, do you think that you’ve developed a psychological dependence on amphetamine salts over the years?

  37. Trying to get off Adderall after 15 years of 20mg 3x daily.
    I ran out of my script 3 days ago and I feel terrible. I have so much work to do yet I can’t get out of bed.
    I’ve tried slowly reducing my use of Adderall but I can’t. If I have it, I’ll take the full dose. Don’t know what to do. I’m so scared.

  38. Hello Gina. Chapped and peeling lips are not listed as a common side effect of taking Adderall on the FDA approved Adderall label. However, you can side effects of Adderall to FDA at 1800-FDA-1088. And call your doctor immediately to report symptoms and to request treatment suggestions!

  39. Hey I have a question about adderall. I was diagnosed with PTSD about two years ago. They try everything with anti anxiety and depression medication. Later I found out I was postive for adhd, mostly in attentional and conceration. They have me on 15mgxr 2x a day. I have to say its been doing a great job overall. I know the effects and dependence of adderall so I don’t take it everyday or just take one a day. My problem I’m having is my “lips and mouth.”. My first week was a dry mouth which was treated with chewing gum and fluids. Im now into about my third week and my lips are cherry red, chapped, and peeling…does anyone else have this problem????

  40. Hi Jules.

    Oh dear. It sounds like your husband got a taste for amphetamines during his military training and now needs them to operate in life. Are there any veteran’s benefits that include drug addiction treatment? I’d look into it, especially if he was in active duty in a conflict zone. Check out the VA website, and let me know what you find out.

  41. My husband began taking adderal about 2 years ago to get through his intense military training, he could handle the crazy physical training as well as his demanding class courses for his mos. now he is home and he cant function without it. He is prescribed less than what the military doctors gave him, so when he runs out he cant function for days. It is hurting his job ( he just was let go) and our family life. We cant afford a treatment center and he feels he needs it anyways but he essentially always runs out. I am at a loss here any suggestions?

  42. Hi Steph. I’m sorry that it has taken so long to get back with you. How are you feeling now?

    Sometimes, there is a protracted withdrawal phase (PAWS) when you stop taking drugs. This can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months.

    Hope that you are getting over feeling badly and moving on with a life without Adderall! Let us know how you are doing, please.

  43. I was taking adderall for about a year and a half. It has only been 15mg a day since May or so. A few months ago, I stopped taking it everyday because it would make me chain smoke cigarettes, not eat, and not sleep. About a week ago, I stopped taking it all together mostly because it has made me incredibly emotional, paranoid, suicidal, ect. It’s ruining my relationships with people and even cost me my job because I was anti-social and depressed.

    What I am wondering, is how long will the after effects last? I don’t want to be depressed anymore. I went on a vacation to California for a week immediately after I stopped taking it, but since I’ve been back I’ve been irritable and sick.

    Please help me.

  44. Dear Briana. Thanks for your message. It sounds like you are in a really tough spot right now. I can hear the inner struggle that you have and it seems to come down to two questions:

    1. Should I stop now when I know I need to, despite all the study demands?
    2. Do I continue to take Adderall until I finish what needs to get done?

    It worries me that you’ve been hospitalized in the past, and it seems possible that this may be repeated. Whether or not you stop right now will depend on how willing you are to make a BIG change in your life (life without Adderall). If getting off Adderall is more important to you than anything else, you can seek and get help immediately. This may require that you go to a drug addiction treatment center (28-30 days or more) and that you admit your habit to your doctor and your family. Your grades may suffer, or work may go undone. But you will get help and you will learn how to live life without Adderall. The first step would be to talk to your prescribing doctor, or a school doctor, and BE honest about what is happening. Daily doses, past history, etc. It’s a scary step, but one that many have made before.

    The other option is to delay Adderall withdrawal and possible addiction treatment until your current workload eases up. But it seems that you may risk getting really sick if you do this.

    What do you think?

  45. I’ve been having a lot of problems with this. I got perscribed adderall almost two and half years ago and even after the first few months I felt like I didn’t want to do anything productive when I didnt take it. I figured this wasn’t that big of a deal since my insurance was running out and i liked that i was losing weight (im 5’6 and normally weighed 115-120, eventually i got down to 96) but when i got my new insurance (i figured it wouldnt cover narcotics like this one ) i still just had to pay five bucks for it and my new Dr. never asked questions (but then again neither did the Dr. that perscribed it to me after just telling him it takes me a long time to study, he was my dr for at least ten years and this was the first time i mentioned this…). anyways I kept taking it and now I probably take about 50mg a day. now I’ll sleep for two days straight if I don’t take it, I have no motivation to do anything because I just wanna sleep and when i do get up I just eat A LOT. The adderall has helped me study and I do better on tests but half the time I don’t even want to get up and get the pills so I don’t go to class and end up with worse final grades. This leads to the problem of staying up many nights because I don’t want to sleep through something important the next day.I’ve stayed awake for 96 hours straight eating about 300 calories a day and ended up in the hospital. I still wasn’t taken off the medicine…the point is im still taking the medicine and i feel like i need to stop but i dont want to just stop completely and miss everything i have to do for the next week and a half so if anyone has any advice on making a plan please let me know

  46. Hi Amanda,

    Thanks for your message. I wonder if you can speak with your prescribing doctor or pharmacist about generic replacements for Adderall. If you have a medical need for amphetamine salts, it is possible that you can afford them, just off-brand.

    Please let me know if we can help.


  47. I’ve been taking adderall for the past 11 years. I changed careers in May and no longer have health insurance. I just cannot afford to pay full price for this medication and it’s been really hard to find a pharmacy with any in stock.
    Anyway, I stopped taking adderall 6 days ago – I had been taking 30mg twice a day. I had the expected fatigue for the first day or two, but surprisingly I’ve been up early and fairly alert every day since.
    I’ve also noticed that my hands and feet (which are usually like ice) have been warm.
    The trouble is, I have bouts of fatigue throughout the day and I can’t seem to focus on anything for longer than a few minutes. I’m afraid I’ll lose my job if I can’t get a grip soon.

  48. i’m just now coming off adderall after 3 years straight of taking it (extended release, 20 mg).
    my symptoms are mostly being tired. its hard to understand how much energy adderall gives you until you don’t take it. headaches, throwing up, eating A LOT, fatigue, all common. also mood swings.

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