Ambien rehabilitation: How long?

You can expect to stay in rehab for Ambien from 28 days up to 3 months inpatient. Outpatient programs average about 10 weeks in length, with multiple sessions per week. More details on length of rehab stays here.

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Longer Treatment Stay Contributes To Increased Abstinence Rates

Many of those who struggle with addiction problems are eager to find out how long does it take to fully recover from their drug compulsion. If you are one of them you should know that there is no exact time that fits in the equation of treatment success. The road of recovery is individual and unique for each person in addiction treatment.

However, medical records have shown that the majority of those who did stay longer in rehab (60-90days) managed to achieve and maintain sobriety. Why is this so? The correlation between time spent in treatment and success rates goes by the following logic: the more you time and energy you invest in treatment, the closer you are to sobriety. During your treatment stay, you have to figure out how to remain abstinent, by discovering alternative ways to deal with stress and other triggers that keep pushing you to reach for Ambien over and over again.


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Ambien Rehabilitation: How Long Does It Take?

Ambien is the brand name for zolpidem, a hypnotic sedative that is commonly prescribed to treat insomnia. Individuals who take Ambien for an extended period of time, however, run the risk of becoming addicted to the drug. If this happens, Ambien rehabilitation is usually necessary in order to overcome the addiction.

One main question that most people have when they need Ambien rehabilitation is “How long does it take?” This isn’t always an easy question to answer, since the length of time people spend in Ambien rehabilitation will vary, depending on their individual situations and needs. Some individuals, for instance, will have a need for a longer period of time spent in an Ambien rehabilitation program.

Here, we’ll review the common durations of stay for inpatient and outpatient rehabs. Then, we invite your questions in the comments section at the end. In fact, we try to respond to all legitimate inquiries personally and promptly.

Ambien Rehabilitation Duration

One main determining factor in Ambien rehabilitation duration is the type of program a person participates in. There are several different types of Ambien rehabilitation programs to choose from, the most common of which are listed below.

  • Outpatient Ambien rehabilitation: 10 weeks to 1 year

Outpatient Ambien rehabilitation generally requires from you to travel to a rehabilitation facility for treatment. This is usually done a few days each week for at least an hour each day. The overall outpatient Ambien rehabilitation duration is usually around a few months, average time 10 weeks duration.

  • Intensive outpatient Ambien rehabilitation: 12-16 weeks

An intensive Ambien outpatient program generally requires a greater time commitment. These types of programs generally last between 12 and 16 weeks and require from people to attend several treatment sessions, each lasting usually at least 3 hours per day, a minimum of 9 hours per week.

  • Inpatient Ambien rehabilitation: 1-12 months

Inpatient, or residential, Ambien rehabilitation requires from people to reside in a treatment facility for the duration of treatment. Inpatient rehabilitation programs generally last a minimum of 28 days, but some may last up to 12 months or more.

Ambien Rehabilitation: Short Term vs. Long Term

When deciding to participate Ambien rehabilitation, short-term vs long-term is one of the most important and difficult decisions that a person can make. The decision to participate in short-term vs long-term Ambien rehabilitation is made based on a person’s individual needs.

Individuals diagnosed with more severe cases of addiction or diagnosed with co-occurring disorders should strongly consider choosing a long-term programs. This gives them more time to focus on recovery and a longer time to benefit from the treatment methods used. Short-term Ambien rehabilitation, on the other hand, may be effective enough for individuals with lots of home or environmental support, and who can continue treatment informally after rehab.

Ambien Rehabilitation Average Time

Traditionally, inpatient Ambien rehabilitation average time is 28 days, or roughly a month. During this time, you will live together in a residential rehab facility and attend daily treatment sessions, such as therapy and education sessions. However, some people may be in inpatient rehab for as long as a year or more, depending on their needs.

In general, though, long-term Ambien rehabilitation is often recommended, particularly for those with severe addictions. These long-term programs help people adjust to sleeping problems, or underlying anxiety or other mental health issues. Kind of like a “time out” for adults, long-term rehab helps you get out of environments where they are tempted to continue using Ambien. They are also more effective for cases involving extreme addiction and co-occurring mental health problems.

Ambien Rehabilitation Timeline

Many Ambien rehabilitation programs follow a very similar timeline. The list below outlines a basic Ambien rehab stay and the order of events as they occur.

  1. Addiction screening and assessment

The first step required when entering any rehabilitation program is the initial screening and assessment, which is conducted when you begin a treatment program. The purpose of this first step is to determine the extent of a person’s addiction as well as the best course of treatment based on a person’s individual situation.

  1. Medical detox

When an addicted person suddenly stops taking Ambien, they will often experience Ambien withdrawal symptoms such as depression, agitation, nausea, trembling, and insomnia. To help prevent these symptoms, doctors typically recommend tapering off of this medication. If this is not possible, however, a medical detox facility may be recommended.

  1. Psychological treatments

Once a person completes their initial evaluation and medical detox for Ambien, they will be able to start psychological treatment. Ambien rehabilitation programs typically involves several psychological treatment sessions, sometimes daily sessions, including individual therapy, and group therapy.

  1. Aftercare

Once you complete an Ambien rehabilitation program, you will be referred to an outpatient facility for addiction aftercare. This requires weekly trips to an outpatient facility to continue individual and group therapy, and can last for several weeks, months, or years. Aftercare can also include support group attendance, sober living housing, and return to the rehab for follow up sessions.

  1. Supportive services

After you complete an Ambien rehabilitation program, you will have access to several supportive services through rehabilitation facilities. These supportive services can help you remain drug-free.

Ambien Rehabilitation Time

Overcoming an Ambien addiction won’t happen overnight. In fact, Ambien rehabilitation time can take as long as a year or more. Fortunately, learning more about recovery time is as easy as leaving your questions and concerns in the comment section below. Our goal is to help people with addiction problems and their loved ones learn more about addiction rehabilitation and find the help that they need.

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