Can Suboxone be injected?

Yes, Suboxone can be injected. However, effects depend on a person’s opioid tolerance. Additionally, the pharmacology of buprenorphine removes incentive to inject Suboxone. More here on Suboxone injection.

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Yes. But the effects of injecting depend on the opioid tolerance of the person injecting buprenorphine. We review injecting Suboxone here, and invite your questions, comments, or feedback about treatments for Suboxone addiction at the end. In fact, we try to respond to all questions about signs or symptoms of Suboxone addiction with a personal and prompt response.

Why inject Suboxone?

One common reason for injecting buprenorphine relates to the low oral bioavailability of the drug. Only 25-30% of sublingual buprenorphine reaches the blood circulation, compared to 100% of injected buprenorphine.

Some people who inject buprenorphine claim that they are trying to stretch the action of illicit buprenorphine 4-fold, so that 8 mg prevents cravings and withdrawal for 4 days rather than one. Because of the shortage of buprenorphine-certified physicians in many areas, many addicts ‘treat’ themselves with buprenorphine purchased on the street at inflated prices.

Suboxone injection and buprenorphine tolerance

The brain does not distinguish between buprenorphine that has been injected and buprenorphine taken sublingually. The brain is subject to a more rapid rise in blood level of buprenorphine when the drug is injected. But the effects of injected buprenorphine vary with tolerance.

Buprenorphine has a long half-life (i.e. stays in the body longer than most medications). If a person injects usual clinical doses of buprenorphine daily, tolerance will develop to the medication after a week or two. At that point, injecting buprenorphine will not result in any significant subjective effects, just as sublingual doses do not have significant effects in patients tolerant to buprenorphine.

However, a person who is used to taking large amounts of illicit opioids (greater than 80 mg of oxycodone, for example) will usually experience sudden and severe withdrawal symptoms after injecting buprenorphine. The effects are similar, but more rapid, than the effects of sublingual buprenorphine in the same person.

Little incentive to inject Suboxone

The pharmacology of buprenorphine removes much of the incentive to inject the medication. For regular opioid users, injection of buprenorphine precipitates withdrawal. People who inject buprenorphine regularly are essentially ‘on buprenorphine’, and have little subjective effect from the medication. People who get ‘high’ from injecting buprenorphine are those who have a low opioid tolerance, who use buprenorphine infrequently (i.e. every few days or less often).

About the author
Dr. Jeffrey Junig, MD, PhD is a psychiatrist practicing in northeast Wisconsin, in recovery from opioid dependence. He is Board Certified in both Psychiatry and Anesthesiology and holds a PhD in Neuroscience. He writes about buprenorphine at Suboxone Talk Zone, and manages a forum for patients taking buprenorphine called SuboxForum.


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  1. My question is when SWI subutex, can you do better with not filtering the pill. Because this week my pharmacy gave me the little tiny subutex, arrow on one side and 8 on the other. Reason for asking is my area I prepare my medicine has little to none waste or garbage left behind. I want to think you can “cold shake” the tiny pill?.? Help!!..

  2. After shooting my subutex I sometimes leave the cottons that Im sure I didnt get all the meds out of. How much subutex do you think remains in these cottons before i rise them. Will i feel better if I rince the cotton?

    1. I always save my pervious filter. Not older ones, only use them once during my first shot then when I draw up another shot later I squirt water on my latest filter draw it up then trash it. I then use that draw up of “2nds” to squirt on my new shot. Hope this helps.

  3. Hoping this passes, but IV’d Zubsolv almost a day ago and have been sick and pretty scared about it. I haven’t used opiates, or a needle in well over 4 years. Having injected subs back in the day and after much debate I made the wrong decision to go for it. At first, I felt a rush and relaxed like any other time and went to sleep. However within a few hours I found myself incredibly sweaty, light headed, blurred vision. The rest of the day has been spent feverish and sleeping, waking up every few hours to try and hydrate. Tried to eat twice in the last 12 hours But cannot keep anything down . I’ve contemplated going to the ER as I’m panicking but am still waiting it out…but 20 hours in and my visions still blurry, and generally ill. And itchy! Crazy itchy all over! Anybody wanna tell me I’ll live ??

  4. I’m seeing some conversation regarding people getting sick after injecting. Here’s the lowdown:
    Unless you’ve done opiates that are still in your system, you won’t normally get sick after injecting Suboxone. Ruling out the Opiate-Suboxone reaction, what is happening when you do get full blown sick after injecting is called “Cotton fever”. Or it could be some other form of sepsis (a blood infection).

    It’s a commonly held misconception to believe that you have to inject actual cotton into your body to contract cotton fever. It’s the bacteria inside the cotton that is getting you so insanely sick.

    Common symptoms include: migraines, chills, excessive sweating, muscle aches, pretty much mimics all opiate withdrawals. It can last anywhere from several hours, to a couple days.
    Though not necessarily deadly, more often than not you’re just going to have to ride it out.

    Sepsis is basically the broader term for blood infection (whereas cotton fever is a specific bacteria causing sepsis). Tons of different bacteria can cause sepsis, all they need is access to your blood, which is why the doctor sterilizes himself and the injection site before sticking you with a needle. Who knew?

    Sepsis can kill you. Major signs to look for: Red streaks under the skin that seem to follow your veins, and a fever. If you are having these symptoms go to the ER now.

    That really sucks Sam. I don’t believe addiction to be a disease, but the very definition of an addiction is the uncontrollable urge to use despite the consequences. Hopefully he finds whatever it is he was looking for.

  5. I shot suboxone for a few months after getting off h. My stupid self didn’t even use a cotton I’d crush it up let us dissolve and then draw it up it was a cloudy substance and then I shoot it up. Terrible choice never shoot these subs it’s terrible for your veins and can cause many problems. My crook veins are now hard and whenever I have to get blood work done it’s terrible pain just to get a needle in there. Please be cautious if you do and filter till clear. Don’t make the mistake like I did and not use a filter. I did it so I could get complete 100% but it was a terrible choice

  6. Honestly. I don’t think it’s suboxone that’s getting everyone sick. I was reading one the comments below and it said that there is a reason why your skin is swabbed with alcohol before injection. What’s getting people sick when shooting, is not keeping your IV use clean and sterilized! Just the smallest microscopic size of bacteria, can give you an infection in the blood. My cousin got very sick, from not keeping her IV use clean. And almost lost her life! And I myself can tell a major difference from when I first started blasting, when I was using a new needle for every shot I did. After time I started getting careless about my IV use. Once you get started using syringes, It’s really hard too stop. So please I advice everyone out there thats an IV user please keep it clean! There is clinics that give away free needles, alcohol wipes, ties, etc. Whatever you need for the process of injection there are clinics that will be glad too give you sterile utinsals for IV users! Please I advise everyone too keep it sterile. But just wanted too let everyone know my opinion and experience about shooting up. Yes I use suboxone everyday about 4mg-6mg a day. And have been built up my tolerance within days… I was a really heavy heroin user, and sometimes I feel like just doing heroin again because my tolerance for suboxone sucks! I used too get high on them, now I’m just at the point where I’m feeling like it’s a big waist of time. Like I said once you get started using syringes, It’s really hard too stop. But reading all these comments from Everyone and reading what they experienced really helped me put together the answers I was looking for because I’m not rookie when it comes too getting high whether it’s smoking, snorting, shooting… i just starting feel hot and headaches that would last all day even the next morning. It’s from me not keeping my IV use sterile, and within the two weeks I started getting careless because the subs weren’t getting me high like I want. So if anyone out there feels like going too the free clinic for anything is embarrassing, cause that’s how I felt. Don’t trip, they’ll treat you well! I wish and hope the best for all addicts around the world that they find peace with thier addiction.

  7. My boyfriend is an addict and has been for 15 years. I met him a year ago and he told me his history but insisted he was clean. 4 months later he became extremely ill and I rushed him to the hospital. We were shocked to find out that he had a severe infection in his blood stream, the direct result of iv drug use. He was diagnosed with Endocarditis which caused multiple blood clots in his lungs and a completely destroyed pulmonary valve. There was a 1.5 cm vegetation of infection attatched to what was left of the valve. He was in the hospital for 38 days on iv antibiotics followed by open heart surgery for a valve replacement. He nearly died. I stood by him and never left his side in the hospital. He is from Europe and literally has no one but me and my family here in the States. Fast forward 3 months..I find a sppon and syringe. Find out he had lied to me over and over while using heroine, meth, Suboxon and morphine..all done intravenously. He begged and pleaded for me to stay. Swore he could get it under control if I would agree to let him take Suboxon so I did. All was well and good until he ends up with another infection in his blood stream 2 weeks ago. This time they sent him home with a central line where I have to administer antibiotics for the next 6 weeks. Today I caught him injecting Suboxon into his Central Line..with his daughter and my two children just in the other room. I give up..I am done. If he wants to kill himself so be it but I’m not going to sit by and watch it happen. I packed up and left and I won’t be back. ANY kind of IV drug use is so dangerous. I don’t look down on any of you, I just want you to be aware of the severity of what could happen.

  8. Hey R, I’ve experienced a few abscesses, which is what it sounds like you’re dealing with. Here’s been my experience:

    I first got an abscess on my right hand, smack dab in the center of it. It wasn’t bad until a few weeks later, it had swelled up or something and was actually reducing the function of my hand, along with some pain. I took a stick, and stuck it dead center in the abscess and pulled on the plunger, to which a green goo was pulled out. The abscess deflated and I regained full function of my hand, a few days later, it was gone.

    The second abscess was on almost the same spot, but for some odd reason, actually grew and shrunk with time. One morning it was a deflated lump, the next morning, it was like a golfball was stuck under there. I tried the same procedure again, but didn’t extract anything. After a week, it dissipated on its own.

    Be very careful when doing this, as an abscess is basically a walled off pocket of infection in your body. Be extra vigilant when checking your body, look for noticable red streaks on your limbs that look like they are following the vein, that’s bad.

  9. Alright peeps, let’s answers some Qs.

    [I]Why did I get sick after injecting Suboxone?[/i]
    Two reasons why, either you still had opiates in your system, or you contracted cotton fever. Usually, a spiking fever along with severe withdrawals is a big indicator of the latter.

    What is cotton fever?
    There is a popular myth that contracting cotton fever means you’ve injected physical cotton into your bloodstream. This is false. What you’ve actually injected is the bacteria that is native to the cotton plant, and hung around well after being picked. Or you injected in dirty conditions and bacteria on your skin has contaminated and entered your bloodstream. Either way, you’re experiencing a form of sepsis. Massive sweats, blinding headaches, muscle aches, can last from several hours to a couple days, but all in all, you’ll recover.

    How can I prevent sepsis and C.F.?
    Hard the prevent the latter, as it’s a result of bacteria already inside your filter, but I highly recommend not using the same stick for months. They do retain some gross shit after a while, so switch them out frequently. Also, there’s a reason your arm is swabbed with alcohol before an injection. Your skin is home to countless forms of life, so sterilize the damn injection site.

    Is there a difference between Subutex and Suboxone?
    Yep, a price difference. Suboxone = $7 – $11, Subutex = $1.20 – $2. Turns out that nalaxone, which serves no purpose as far as I can tell, just raises the price.
    Oh, it’s supposed to make you sick when you mix with opiates? Wrong, that’s the buprenorphine. It’s supposed to prevent shooting up? Wrong, ask the thousands of junkies here (myself included) who’ve conclusively proven otherwise.
    So if it’s not serving the purpose these docs say, then what exactly, is it doing, other than driving the price up 5 fold?

  10. I have been injecting sub strips on and off for the past 8 years, I did stop for 2 years and the withdrawal was horrible so I used vodka at night to sleep which turned me into a horrible alcohol but the past 9 months I’ve been off of everything because I got in a sub program. I did start shooting them again.
    I do have a question, I have missed shots b4 and have had a lump around the injection site for a few days. Last week I injected 8mg and I thought I was in a vein I kept pulling back blood to check & I wasn’t in any pain like a miss causes, however ever since I have had and egg sized lump in my arm. It dosent hurt it’s just pretty hard and theirs a swollen/tightness feeling. There is not a bruise or anything but I’ve been reading horror stories online about people loosing limbs so I am very worried. Has this happened to anyone else??? I need some advice on what to do.
    I really don’t wana go to the hospital I have finally got my life back on track and don’t wana loose my job or my sub doc & I have thrown out all my rigs and will never inject again. Does anyone have any advice????

  11. Listen I’ve been an heroin addict 20 years …I am 37 started at 14 in 95! U can absolutely shoot suboxen ..all u guys talking about a headache later on and fealt like u were gonna die was only from 2 things . 1 cotton fever .I dont use cotton I use a steroid needle I have huge veins…I dont rhink u should use cotton …we used to cook everything ..or 2 u did not wait long enough u should wait atleast 3 days from last opiate use and methadone 10 days before u try shooting subs ..a couple of u were. Correct however ..bup has a way higher efininity qnd binding rate …the naloxone will never put u into withdrawal if u are only taking subs because bup will bind much stronger to the receptors…but all u talking that stupid headache shot and were gonna die its cause of cotton fever or u didmt wait …period end of discussion ..and another thing if the only way u can get clean is this way is what it is ..not everyone can do it

  12. Banging subs and reading these comments..i feel for the people reading it. Ive had my ups and downs with this shit. I bang subs. If you run fever,throwing up and shaking with the goosebumps..sorry love,thats cotton fever. You think you dying but you will hurt for awhile,take a pain reliever and let it make you go night night and when you wake,your head feels like its gonna explode but you will feel better if you take advil or whateva. I ALWAYS use a new point. I don’t share..dont be stupid. Ive had side effects from legs swoll up like balloons. My hand will swell. sometimes, I get these, massive headaches. I hate how it has changed my urine to this deep brown. Being a clean woman,(even though im doing this stupid shit) I pay attention to small things to. If i dont use, for 4 days,my urine goes back to normal. Im not banging 2-3 times a day. I do a half,and thats it. If i was to do a whole..I get headaches(worst),i get real sleepy (drowsy) and i dont really,feel myself. i am trying to get off subs bc i dont want to bang anymore. The scars are not appealing. If you was to see me,you would think i was out of my damn mind for doing this. Im not really addicted to the pill..( i know it plays a factor ) but im addicted to the needle. Crazy, too..i know. I think, I shouldve stopped when my hand swell up..I never had problems until recently. Without it, I vomit,bubble guts, #2, and fever..the withdraws are the worst. But, may i suggest, take it from me..dont bang em. I know they taste like shit but banging has caused many things, to happen with my body. Even my blood has changed..the flow..everything. reading on the medication, i need to stop and ill keep everyone posted on my progress. Thanks for your time

  13. Wow some people just dont know what they are doing i was prescribed 2 8mg films a day the suboxone with 2mg naloxone and you can shoot them or the pills. People talking about cooking them up like if you are shooting them you dont do that i used to shoot 2 a day every day and i started getting them again. If you get the films i put lik 60 ccs of water but now i only bang 4 mgs and just break the film into tiny piecies and put your water in spoon wait a min or two and me i use 2 staples together and bend one end and stir it around for a few mins until there isnt just orange an all watery u have to stir it until it pure water dont want it too be thick. And also people getting sick and withdrawl off coming off subs i never noticed much at all coming off subs. Now shooting subs you should do a little at first i had massive tolerance doin 3 oxy 80s and 2 to 4 8mg diluadids a day then went to 100 mcg fent patches an would bang those which is by far the strongest pain killer there is. And banging subs u feel it the most when u have a cigarette after doing it every1 i know who has gotten sick had a cig before they got sick. But every1 is different i never withdrawled if i didnt do my subs but for me i had wait minimum 4 to 5 days to do painkillers maybe cuz i shot 16 mgs a day. But dont do near that much starting out. No your tolerance 1st but u have to take your time and make sure its not all thick u have to use something to stir up not just rush an bang like most ppl do with all drugs. But again i had a very high tolerance most people i know will only shoot a 4th to a half of a 8 mg film. Me i only do a half a strip now since i got off the subs but now ive been back on them for couple weeks. And i can keep my job and am always so much more happy on subs im talkative and have lots of energy not much of a rush but im very content and dont drink or use drugs as often anymore. From time to time ill do a little shit and use subs to come down off that. And maybe do some Ds once a month but other than that i stick to the subs. And ive never had problem with banging the subs but like i said you have to do it the right way and know what you are doing the 1st time i tried banging it i did a 6th of one then i went up from there but i like being able to do jus a half and getting a buzz

  14. Well I been on subs for about 6 months now, been subscribed 8 mlg tabs the whole time until this last script I got, I decided to get the strips this time to c if they r any different then the tabs, that’s what I told my doc anyways. Truth b told, I’ve heard that the strip r better cuz their easier/better to inject then the tabs r… Now me being an addict and curious at the same time, i want to try it. I’ve injected stuff before like oxys, H, ffetnal, u know the usual for an opiate addict. But even when I was heavy in my addiction back in the day my first choice was snorting, but just like with H and oxys, I’m curious, but I want to know exactly what I’m about to do… I’ve heard of people messing up arteries and stuff but why? Is it cuz they missed or was it cuz it was tabs/subtex and not the strips…? And I’ve also heard of people who have done it for years and don’t do it any other way and still got all fingers and toes… I notice a lot of these posts start back in 2014 so has anyone figured out y its effected people in a bad way? Like I said, I’m curious, and I know “curiosity killed the cat” and everything but the cat didn’t have access to the internet and able to do a little research…

  15. I inject suboxone for years now one strip a day and my Dr told me that my urine screens are showing no naloxone in my system only buprenorphine is showing up…? What is cause that’s???

  16. After spending mintues reading this thread, its really sad how misinformed people are but yet they still talk like they know it all. First of all, Suboxone is an opiate- Albeit a partial one- but an opiate nonetheless. People wondering why your getting sick after shooting suboxone- —-The one guy says cotton fever lmao —-The real answer answer is almost guaranteed to be that you still had opiates atached to your brain receptors and did not wait long enough to inject the suboxone. Suboxone ( well buprenorphine actually) is stronger than anything your getting off the street IE: ROXY,MORPHINE.HEROIN. ALL OF THAT SHIT. Its just doesnt get fully activated and that goes back to it only being a partial opiate while being an agonist at the same time. The suboxone will strip whatevers left on your receptors to fight its way in and that is where the precepitated withdrawal comes in. THE SUB STRIPS YOUR RECEPTORS OF THE REMAINING OPIATES SO THAT IT CAN TAKE ITS PLACE . Thats why you are sick. Not because of freaking cotton. And vice versa- If you have suboxone already on you receptors and try to take opiates—-THEY WILL NOT WORK. You will not get sick by taking opiates but you will get no effect and have wasted your money. To simplify—-if you have opiates in your system wait a full 24-36 hours before even attempting to shoot suboxone if that is your ROI. It works the same sublingually but the onset from injecting is rapid—As in you will feel like shit instantly. If you have suboxone in your system– My personal reccomendation is to wait 48-72 hrs after taking last dose of sub to attempt to take opiates . Otherwise your drugs are useless because the sub is still blocking it. I never understand why people jump into things without understanding and then come to the internet to get advice from a bunch of people who have no clue what they are talking about. IM on subutex for 2 years now but before i started i researched everything i possibly could to understand what i was getting myself into. And ive only met a few people who are truly using the sub for the right reason. Its almost always used for somebody to make it through until they can get drugs again and to me that is just completely stupid and you deserve to be sick. So many people are in these programs to get there subs to sell them for drugs when there are people that truly want to change but cant get spots in said programs because of all the junkies who want to keep doing drugs. Now im not downing anybody becuase ive been there myself but once i got on the subs i have not used ever again. Suboxone has completely saved my life because i used it exactly the way it was intended to be used. if people would do that then this thread wouldn’t even need to exist and i wouldn’t have just wasted 3 minutes of my life typing this. But i am positive that the given information is correct. DO NOT LOSTEN TO ANYTHING ON THIS THREAD THAT TELLS YOU OTHERWISE!!!! Theres a lot of people that should stick to there day jobs!!

  17. There is something different to injecting suboxone instead of oral. I have tried switching to putting it under ny tounge for days and all i get is a headache and still feel sick just not as sick as before, i dont know if you get less narcan or the narcan is weeker due to the water or what, but i would love to stop injecting it and have tried multiple times, abd i have a really high tolerance to suboxone film i can inject up to 3 a day or even 4 or more but usually most of the time i do 2 a day, i really wish the doctors could find out why this is happening and i could take it under the tounge and get the same feeling because i feel great after i dose pretty much all day, no other feeling than feeling normal and ready to take on the day, i know all doctors and just about every site says that the vrain distinguishes them the same from oral to injecting and i really wish someone could figure this out because im here to tell you theres something different or it wouldnt make sense that i could take 2 ir more a day abd feel great but when i put one under my tounge i get a really bad headache and feel crappy its almost worse than being sick atleast i dont have a headache sick please someone doctor or not please find out the difference of why this happens ive veen shooting suboxone for about 3 years and really want to get away from it all my veins have turned hard and or gone and it takes me a hour or more just to hit and get well anymore and have had friends that have died from shooting suboxone from a buildup in the heart from shooting in arteries or anything that pulls up, hopefully someone can find this out and i can make it to oral under the tounge with some kind of trick or a new kind of suboxone before im gone to, and for everyone that us curious to shoot suboxone, DONT DO IT ,its not worth it and you may be stuck counting your days like me.

  18. Guess I am the only one who has ever tried to SMOKE their Subbies? I wrapped one around my cigarette end and light up both, then hold in the combined smoke. Am afraid I will end up with meth mouth or some crazy scorched lung tar–cuz of all the chemicals in the burning suboxone. Plus when smoked, is melts like hot tar and if the ash hits ya–yowza. Every time I do it I feel like a f–ing idiot. Why is it we all still want that little bump even when we are spending all this time and $$ at the Sub doctor trying to get off all the Oxy, roxi and dope…sigh…

  19. So I have spent alot of time reading all of everyone’s responses… Let me begin by saying thank you to everyone that had a dedicated meaning to posting their experiences. I began my fifth program today. I am a veteran at this lifelong curse called addiction. I have begun to believe the only true cure is death and then again who knows.. So to answer everyone’s question of course you can I. V suboxone. The real question is what will happen. I began this night without that answer. I have a very high tolerance to the horn. Haven’t seen anything that could put me down yet. NOT BRAGGING! Only saying cause my exsperiance will be different. I got a little shaky my bead is hurting a little and I feel slightly medicated other than that I have no negative nor positive input. I feel no different than if I would have. Again today was day one. I was craving that point. It didn’t even curve the Jones. So its truthfully a waist of time. If you are gonna poke yourself then you’ll get a better reaction poking yourself in the eye.. This exsperiance was brought to you by just another junky with a new exsperiance.. Night folks.

  20. Behy,

    I sincerely hope this is an attempt at trolling but- if it’s not, I’m not sure suboxone would be used to treat something like a crack addiction. It’s used to treat opiate addiction, and crack is certainly no opiate. I would not recommend shooting it after having smoked crack- that would produce a speedball effect and could be potentially very dangerous, a lot of people have died mixing amphetamines and opiates- and while sub. is not an opiate, it produces an opiate like effect- especially in people who do not have a high tolerance- better known as “addiction”. That said, I’m no doctor, perhaps it could be used to treat your crack addiction- but I do know this, if you’re not serious about getting off crack for good then it will not work, and if you are serious about it then you shouldn’t be using suboxone in conjunction with it. It would be something you would take after all the crack is out of your system.

  21. I’m on crack shoot up crack feel like having a shot of subby but don’t want anything worse to come from it I’m glad to give up crack but sometimes I’m bored and I’m tired of crack I want to feel stoned but smoke to much weed will shooting subutex tab after a few hours of a p of crack kill me or will it completely stop all crack use and sub use or will it addict me to sub and make me spew fuk snorting I hate snorting any drug only done it once or twice before sub and I hate the shit but I have a tab from months ago and I’m tempted to shoot it I might feel mad but other hand every time I think its on gear or drunk hanging for smokes and bongs but fuk smokes and bongs too much burdon on my life crack ain’t to bad but I’m over doing the prick and can’t smoke ice no more without having a shot first I can’t enjoy the pipe its yuk but fuk it all will shooting subutex once complete wipe my crack needle or will it just be like a spin out for a bit but when I’m soba I’ll say fuk the subby only way to stop is drink and work but a shot and sex makes me feel so good but then after unless I’m drinking I need a g to smoke for days then I can sleep and forget but unless I got more then a couple PS I’m hanging fuk will shooting sub help snorting just turned me away from sub but I still got some left should I try

  22. First Time Poster- Welcome aboard, nice to have another person sharing their experiences with us, very much appreciated. Yes, you can indeed inject suboxone and yes, if you do not have a tolerance (better known as addiction) it will make you “high”. That said, for people like myself who have receptors that have their sensitivity dialed way, way back- also known as “opiate addicts” – we don’t get high from it. It just makes our receptors fire at a normal rate, like yours do without the drug. Because your receptors are already firing at the proper rate and have not had their sensitivity dialed down- when you take the same dose your receptors fire like mad and you feel high. People here are not interested in finding a way to get high, we’re experts at that, trust me- we’re trying to find a way to feel normal without the drug. Thanks again for your post and happy new year!

  23. i have shot the suboxone strips and gotten good highs. recently i did the same with a subutex pill (on vivitrol and curious about whether or not it wld actually result in a high w it being able to overpower the vivitrol. so many people had posted questioning so i figured what the hell. turns out it was a success. just thought id share. but yes subs can be and yes, you will get high.

  24. Just to clear the air. I just prepared a half of a 8/2 mg suboxone film in a spoon… the last shot of H I did was exactly 21 hours ago… I took the suboxone tore it in half out half in the spoon added 60cc of water let it dissolve… added a little heat to speed up the process got a cotton got my rig pulled that bitch back and went for it and it turned out to be pretty good no rush like h but similar effects like h and then this floaty like feeling feels like I’m really light. But just wanted to clear the air on that cause I’ve read this whole thread before I did this cause it’s my first time but it worked you can do it

  25. Ive beem on “dope” for more than 15 years. Intravenous dope. I am 33. By “on intravenous dope” i mean that for th last 15+years anything thats water soluable ive put it in my arm. My go to has always been heroin, cocain and meth, roxycontin, OC…..etc. etc….got on subz several years nack thru a friend who was factually in a program of recovery. Id buy them for $20 a pop for 8mg SUBUTEX no blocker straight bupe. Id shoot them and get high as a bitch. Then went back to dope amd prison then met my now wife and eventually she bacame pregnant and we got her into a sub dr who actually wrote her SUBITEX with no blocker so that lasted about 9mnths. Thwn birth and meds ripped away cuz she wasnt pregmant anymore and dr would NOT continie th no blocker bupe. Thwn she got preggers again so SUBUTEX for another 9 mnth or so…..THEN ripped away agai….now FINALLY we r BOTH actually staying “clean” now i am tb one going to a legitimate dr i get prescribed th 8/2 sub/naloxone but i get th orange TABLETS and we still shooting them….we SPLIT a quatter at a time, 4-5 or so times a day i put 200units of eater on a quarter piece and pull up 2shots, do them then do a “rinse” shot….Been doing this for a year roughly now witj barely a slip….weve fucked up and done some that old meth a few times but wished we hademt afterwards….lol. Makes ya feel loke neat death on th comedown. …anyway ive NEVER had ANY adverse affects from shooti g SUBUTEX, suboxone or subzolve . im aboht ready to do away with th shit tbo cuz its so godamn expensive. O oay cash for my dr visits AND my scripts cuz my insurance (anthem blue cros/blie shield) wont pay for either. Plus im just fickin over th shit. My wife hates it cuz she has shitty veins and its hard to hit her so i end ip missing sometimes and boy she gets PISSED. Lol dont blame her tho, shit HURTS LIKE FIRE. Anyway idk wtf i was even commenting for. Bored i guess. Hooefully somebody takes smthn away from my rambling

    1. Hi Brian. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you.

  26. I shot up Suboxone for 8 months straight and destroyed every single vein in both arms. I had injected other drugs for 14 years before this and never had a problem. Shooting suboxone is like putting glue up your fucking arms.

  27. Ok boys and girls, this is the deal. Injecting buprenorphine is not what’s screwing you up. Buprenorphine by itself (or Subtex) can be injected and it won’t give you any issues. Injecting Suboxone is what’s making you sick because Suboxone contains Naltrexone (basically narcan, which I’m sure everyone knows how narcan works right? it clogs your opioid receptors so you can’t get high), which is an opioid antagonist. If you take Suboxone the way you’re supposed to, under the tongue, buprenorphine is absorbed, but Naltrexone doesn’t go anywhere because your saliva makes it inactive. But if you crush Suboxone and snort it, or try and inject it, that Naltrexone goes to work like narcan, blocks your opioid receptors so no buprenorphine can get in there, and makes you sick within 5-10 minutes. The only reason they put that Naltrexone in Suboxone is so you CAN’T snort it or shoot it without getting sick. Besides, why would you even inject Suboxone in the first place? If you’re trying to get clean, just do it the right way. If you’re not, it’s a waste of money. You can’t get nearly as much of a high on buprenorphine by itself as you would on heroin cause it has a ceiling effect, and you pay a lot more for it. Buprenorphine is a pretty crappy opioid if you’re looking to get high.

  28. By brother in law is in the hospital right now for injecting suboxone. He was previously on H but he was in outpatient therapy. Now he has a heart infection and needs to have a replaced heart valve.. he’s only 25. People don’t do it.. it’s not worth your life. I can’t even imagine how hard it is but if you do it anyway – use clean everything. He got the infection from bacteria getting into his blood. All of you have a life worth living. Please seek help!!!

  29. I’ve been taking suboxone strips sublingually for a couple months. Was on roughly a 10 perc 30’s/day regiment for 6 months or so. It works well but I have flip flopped from going back to percs and then back on suboxone. I have been buying them off the street so I’m getting my head busted price wise. My guy says he can only get the suboxone pills now. Do the pills last as long as the strip? 1/3 of a strip will curb WD symptoms for upwards of 32 hours. I’m worried I’ll blow thru the pills and waste it. I’m 27 and have only started snorting percs this year. Can’t imagine having a heavy opioid habit starting at 15-17 years old like some of these stories I’m reading. Very sad. Hope y’all get past it and regain your lives you’ve been absent for so much of. God bless.

  30. Ok i havnt been on suboxone long and want to know the proper dose i should take the first time I inject, mind you that i only ate 4mg of suboxone over 2 days ago….and i also read something about micro films and it kinda makea me shaky bc i dont have one but can filter it 3 times like i read another person did so all opinions a very much needed!

  31. I have been on subs for 4 years. I have injected without a filter for 3 yrs. I use half a 8/2 a day I do not get high just normal and functional. But I am tired of it. I am ready to be off subs completely but no center near me will take me because they do not believe that I inject Suboxone without going into withdrawal. I am single mom with 2 kids what do I do? I work and cannot. Just be home sick for weeks…god I just want to be done with all of this.. As a side note-INJECTING SUBS NO FILTER WILL NOT CAUSE ANY WITHDRAWAL. VIE DONE FOR 3 yrs and aside from the occasional cotton fever from a dust particle or whatever I HAVE NEVER HAD THE NOXOLONE SEND ME INTO WITHDRAWAL!! I just wanna be done with it all! I cannot afford a private rehab center and I have no family to help with my kids if I withdrawal at home. I feel like this is going to be my life forever and I just can’t take it! Any ideas!?

  32. I was on methadone for 13 years and at a private clinic for profit that took me down from 130mgs to 9 in less try ban a month over a bill. At the time I was so angry I always paid my bills with no insurance 340.oo a mth just fell on a hard week. Anyways now I’m on suboxone after a horrid detox. Today is day 2 should I have this much CrazyEnergy? I feel like on methadone I missed so much as a mom and wife sleeping my life away

  33. Ok everyone. YES YOU CAN INJECT SUBUTEX AND SUBXONE PILLS!!! NOT THE STRIPS THEY SIMPLY WILL. NOT BREAK PROPERLY. ANYONE​ WHO SAYS YOU CANT INJECT SUBXONE DONT KNOW WHAT THERE TALKING ABOUT. I myself just shot half of a 8mg SUBUTEX and feel great. And trust me people I have a very high tolerance to opiates. I usally do 3-4 8mg Dilaudid in one shot. Trust me you can shoot them. I’m preparing my other half for injection right now and it feels great. People who mess them self’s up doin it are fuking retarded and shouldn’t be shooting up on the first place.

  34. Ive been shootin bupe for, oh, about 8years now probably longer along with many other things. The last 3-4years have been shootin ONLY bupe. My wife was on SUBUTEX thru 2 pregnancies over 3 years and we rarely slipped up and did opiates or anything. Now shes not goin to a dr and i am only i get the blocker in mine. BUT we still shoot those and other than when i miss a little when injecting her we nevwr really feel any adverse affects. never have. well, when w e first stated shooting subutex wed get sick as FUCK but now its a regular things where we r sick if we go a few days without. But no rush to it idk that we even get “high” seems like not but any time i sit down for longwr than a few minutes my ass is sleepin. Lol. Her too. But we both work pretty haed jobs also. Idk. Sure its prolly really bad for us.

  35. The first time I shot up subs was one of the best feelings I ever felt. It was almost like shooting an 80 (or whatever is right for you). The sickness came fast, though. By the next morning, I felt so shitty. Second strongest withdrawal I’ve ever went through. First was after a 2-week binge on hydies. Hehe

    But the second and third time injecting subs weren’t as good. A little high(ish). Then sick again in hours.

    If I were y’all, I wouldn’t even try. You can lose it all anyway. If you’re not good at cooking, it’ll turn into gel. Like with morphine power rangers. Hehe. And sometimes, turning the gel into injectable shit is tough. Even impossible.

  36. Been on the shit for 6 years and my life is good and I may or may not be on it the rest of my life. I’m down to just 1mg a day so I’m getting there but I do inject this medication even though I highly recommend you do not. I have been injecting for 3 years and I have found a filtration system that’s works and saves my veins. That said..I didn’t always filter and had some bouts of cotton fever and precipitated withdrawal. I have felt it all. Do not inject or take suboxone in the same day as any other opiate or you will wish you died I had for hours of 30 min waves of withdrawals and it sucks. Also I have had 2 giant abscesses that look nasty for infections under my skin (missed shots trust me you feel it)that got me scared up good. The thing is the strip ink does not dissolve or som other non solvents in the drug you would usually swallow. Therefor under the skin if not properly done will infect and creat abscesses…not good at all. I use wheel filters saline solution that I have and a brand new needle each time now and it doesn’t make me any smarter just cleaner. My life is not like a normal addict I do normal things I don’t drink or do other drugs I have a good job and sub doesn’t really control my life. It is still a really stupid way to do it and quite dangerous and please don’t think I condone this anyway but maybe it will help someone. Also the nalaxone is bullshit it is only enough to sorta make a difference at 2 mg but not enough at .5. Bupenophrine has a higher binding affinity then nalaxone or Narcane, but it will push every other drug off your receptors to bind even kicking off nalaxone which is why the two are paired together in the first place because it’s more of a scare tactic then a real deterrent , but it will work if your on opiates and haven’t waited to withdrawal. So please everyone don’t shoot up because it’s a whole other addiction in itself and shooting anything not made to be injected comes with serious risks and could kill you. But if you must please practice clean injecting.

  37. If u put 99% alcohol and with the sub so you don’t get the Naloxon it takes it out do it the right way and it works it’s like a Subutex then

  38. Yes you can I have shot suboxon for 9years straight I never got sicker felt like I was dying I felt more higher than then taking it by mouth or snorting it

  39. Ugh. I’m listening to all of these people talk about how horrible it was when they shot suboxone. I’ve been shooting small amounts of my 8mg films for 3 yeArs without any problems. I use 3 times a day and my whole life is better. No issues what so ever. Of course, I would not recommend this if you are still using H, which I have not for 3 years. Thank god for shooting suboxone!

  40. As far as I know this is not possible- I have ran out and not had suboxone for like ten days and when they piss tested me at the doctor- I had none in my system. It almost got me kicked out of the program because they knew I had either been abusing my meds and ran out early, or I was selling them. It was the former of course- you couldn’t beg me into selling one of my strips. That was years ago- I’m still on the program and now have no problem staking it correctly- after a while there is little point in taking extra because you don’t feel anything from it. I’m sorry- I hope it works out well for her and you. Good luck. And hey, maybe I’m wrong and this was just me- but I kind of doubt that.

  41. My daughter is pregnant. She is now incarcerated. BUT, she and a few of her cell mates ended up in the hole for coming up “hot” for suboxone after someone smuggled it into the jail. My question is, she had been injecting suboxone strips daily for about three months. She has been incarcerated for about a month. The test was issued when she had been incarcerated for about 3 weeks. Is it possible for her to still test for this drug since not having it, or did she actually do the suboxone while in jail. Can anyone help me with this question. She swears that she has not touched anything since she has been in jail. This raises my eyebrows since she is technically an addict. I’m not sure how this works, but she had a blood test before she went to jail, her level was 40 when they tested her suboxone level. I guess the safe level is 12? She was never prescribed the suboxone, she had been buying it off the streets.

  42. First off, to answer some of your questions about getting extremely sick after shooting suboxone. It’s not because of you actually shooting it up, it’s because you either got Cotton Fever, or you are going through precipitated withdrawal. This happens when Opiates are still inside your system and the Suboxone basically rips the Opiates off your receptors causing you to have a reverse effect. Also shooting suboxone is not as bad as it seems. I have been doing it for 5 years now. The trick is to use lots of water when you do it, so it doesn’t “Clog”, and only do a little bit at a time. The only way Suboxone works for me is if I shoot it.

  43. My husband has been a heroine addict for 6 years last april he decided to detox and see a suboxone doctor he gets prescribe 8mg strips twice a day…but ever since april till today he shoots it up i can’t understand why he don’t take it by mouth…he says it tastes nasty but i feel like he does it to feel high but idk bc i dont know how it feels to be on it.

  44. I’m wd, but not from suboxone, I’m wd from fentanyl. Now in Edmonton, Alberta Canada we have little green pills with the letter 80 cdn on it, I dont know how much fentanyl is actually in them but the high is no other. I love it I’m addicted to it but I’m only 20 years old. Right now there’s a drought in the city and did I
    Mention ive been addicted to fentanyl for two years, even if you do oxy 80 if you sniff some of this pill you’ll be so high to the point you
    Nod out.. But I do at least 15 pills a day. I’m not proud of it but being addicted sucks. I want to get on suboxone but wanted to see if people really do get addicted.. I really hope suboxone can help me get clean off fentanyl

  45. I ve been an addict of everything for 20 years, I have been clean for 2 now and was thinking about injecting my sub. Just my needle fettish again rrrr. But thanks to all of you and all your stories ill pass!!! You all may have just saved a life tonight. God bless all of you!

  46. My experience shooting subs: (this is what has worked for my body and doesnt always work for everyone.) First I want to tell the marine who commented earlier, that your a f*ggot and I can see through your bullshit. I myself am a combat veteran as well, service connected at 80%, 2 deployments (both afghan), shot during second deployment. You are so full of shit its not even funny. People who boast about their service like that on a public forum to gain bullshit appeal from people who dont even know you, are the biggest bullshitters on the planet. Stop blaming your addiction on your service. Doesnt make you any different from any other drug addict, period. Now to the subboxone….i have been a heavy opiate abuser for some years now. Have done great dope, cheap dope and fake dope, have shot all pills that you can shoot. From 80 mg oxycontin(before they turned it.into plastic) to 10 mg opana I.r’s. What I can tell you for a fact, if you are a heavy user and have been using for consecutive days…you need to wait at the very least 18-24 hours befpre trying to shoot a sub. I have tricks that can help you identify if your body is ready to shooy a sub. However, if you have been doing shitty dope or your tolerance is low or if you have not been a habitual user, 12 hours can suffice. Mainly when im not sure, I wait until I physically or mentally cant wait any longet and set up a shot(personally prefer strips for shooting instead of sub pills) in which even if you have a high tolerance less then a quarter of a strip will definitely do the trick. Now once you are all setup and this is your first attempt after your last use of opiod, only shoot about 10ccs of your shot and wait to see how ypu feel. If there are still opiods in your system you will feel an immediate rush and go into full blown withdrawl and it will very intense. But if you listen and only do a little of the shot at first to test the grounds then it wont last as long or be as vivid. If you have waited long enough, there will not be a rush when you shoot, but in about 5 mins you should feel pretty great and euphoric. Your wd symptoms will all disappear within that 5 mins and you will turn into chatty kathy. So if you shoot that.first 10ccs and wait about 30-45 seconds and you didnt get a rush and are not insanely hoy or cold or not sweating you should be golden to shoot yhe rest of the quarter you have setup. Also there are cotton filters wgere I live, so I use either qtips or cig cotton. Both work fine and I suggest you save your subboxen cotton and wgen your out of sub a few days later, you can reuse the cottons and get jusy as high. I found myself that for some reason the cottons retain alot of the subboxen. I just put water in and mush them up and let them sit about 5 mins. Same thing you should do wiyh your subboxen when.preparing to shoot. I usally put a little piece of the strip under about 30 ccs of water anf let it sit until it looked completely dissovled in the water. If you dont let it dissolve first itll get stuck to your rig and youll lose alot of the effect in your shot. Your welcome

  47. PLEASE READ!! Suboxone will do damage to your body that cannot be reversed. This is what happen to me. It gave me a blood infection, it harden, thinned and clogs my veins including my HEART. I was in the ICU in the hospital for over 2 months. I left on hospice.PLEASE DON’T INJECT SUBOXONE. I don’t know how much longer I have on this beautiful earth. PLEASE SAVE YOURSELF!

  48. I have shot heroin and other opiates however I’m not an opiate addict I have a buddy on his way to my crib right now with a Suboxone pill and I have rugs in my room I want to get high is shooting at the best rap

  49. I have been on sibling for 2 years in the afternoon I’m so tired I am in bed at 5pm I don’t go out at night cause I’m tired is this normal

  50. Has anyone injected the white suboxones with N8 on one side and an arrow on the other? They smell kind of fruity was just wondering if it’s the same as any other suboxes or not. Please let me know something asap

  51. I find it vary interesting that you can go on this blog and read about people shooting suboxone. And how everyone seem to have the same result . About 90% of us say the same thing we felt like we’re going to die and we withdraw get sick and so on. So if your thinking of trying it and your reading blog after blog about what happens. Don’t . Unfortunately I have always been one to lern the hard way and have to try it. And I was seconds from calling my nieghbor for help but I pulled it barly. Wen it come to injecting any substance you should alway be with some one who know what there doing . So with that’s said don’t shoot suboxone ever pill form or the strips the chances of death are pritty up there people have die doing it but everyones body chemestry is different . Now if you have the regular buprenorphine tablet 2 mg or 8 mg also know as subutex then yes these are water solubal. Meaning wen you crush them up and add water a cotton filter and draw it up just like if you were to do a shot heroin. I have been exspermenting with this for about 2 years. I use to. Be able to do a sub ish about 10-12 hours after
    My last heroin shot depending on how good the heroin is. Good H I wait as long as I can pushing 20 hours or so befor doing the sub shot . There has been a.few times were I thought it was long enough and I shoot about 4mg. And I sent my self into way they call PAWS Post acute withdraw symptoms. That’s wen you induce withdraw to your self. And I end up flipping around and cringing for about 4-5 hours befor dosing off to sleep. Wen you awake you will feel much better then you did befor you fell asleep. But hay remember this my excperence with this drug just because i miniplate this drug to work for me doesn’t mean you will have the same results be careful and to every one out there whos going through the same struggles with addiction play safe.

  52. A family member has been addicted to pain pills for the last 9 years and meth at times within and before that. Two and a half years ago he claimed he was done living that life and decided to to suboxone treatment. At first he seemed sincere and even did a couple months of NA. But it didn’t last. He said NA was full of court ordered addicts that didn’t really want to stop their drug. So he quit going. I tried to find him therapy elsewhere but he always had excusses why he couldn’t go. Shortly after that, I started finding needles, caps, water bottle caps with cotton and bent spoons. I’m pretty sure by that point he was injecting the sub. I’ve also seen days of vomitting for no apparent reason and days he just can’t seem to get out of bed. When confronted, he always lies. He tells his other addict friends that he takes the sub for the blocker. From reading comments I see that the blocker doesn’t work when injecting. I need to know if you can tell from the discription if he is injecting to use less sub or if he’s doing it because he is taking something else and needs to inject for either withdrawls or to get the other drug out of his system to test right at the doctor.

  53. My ex daughter in law is in the hospital right now from injecting suboxen strips, I have no clue how she did that, but, she almost died, she has massive blood clots in her lungs and vascular system, her arm swelled to almost bursting from cellulitis, and she contracted mrsa, an almost always deadly disease. She swelled like a balloon and was life flighted, she almost died. She’s been in the hospital for six weeks has two to go, suboxen strips gel when injected in the veins! It’s not sterile, hence the Mrsa. Why would one do that? She was a heroin addict.

  54. Okay if you are serious about getting straight you should try this drug and give it a chance
    I walked off a Methadone clinic detoxing from 180 mg to 30 mg and did the switch i was very sick but not as sick if i was in jail kicking methadone cold turkey.
    The thing is you have to get a script for this and maybe get some from a friend the more you put into your system it boots the narcotic ie heroin oxycontin oxycodone methadone after it knocks this out you will feel like a new person I wish they had this 30 years ago but i live a very nice new life

  55. Suboxone ruined my life. I would rather quit heroin five times than subs once. Recovery from subs is a lie. I am back on em annd am accepting the fact that i will die addicted to them or from trying to get off them. Stick to the opiates until tou are strong enough to fo through the little ass three day withdrawl. Subs are ao much worse

  56. I Have been using suboxone on and off for three years. I started with a pill habit (from 45 to 70 mg per day. Due to unavailablity i was unable too obtain any oxy)codone. I spoke to a friend at work about not feeling well due to my lack of pain medication. He told me that he was perscribed suboxone and offered me just 2mg to try. Ithelped immensely. All withdrawl effects diminished and i felt great. I had a high with lack of pain. Itching (which i enjoy and attribute to being high when in all reality is a side effect of stress on your kidneys and liver). And a high energy level. I started buying suboxone on the street because it was much cheaper than when buying pills opposed to getting them prescribed. I continued this for eighteen months until i was unable to obtain them as well. I tried to go back to pills and found them to be ineffective. I was able to do 200 mg plus without the desired results.i was ran out of money and was still sick. As a result i tried heroin. Part of me still wasnt right but i git far closer to normalcy. I ended up doing all sorts of drugs intravenously tha i wouldnt have tried otherwise.after doing heroin lobg enough i became an addict to it solely. The withdrawl was horrible but only lasted 3-5 days. I got back on suboxone to kick the heroin and when i tried to quit. Withdrawaled for over a month… A MONTH I SAY before effects diminished. Suboxone is a highly engineered drug that possibly could be beneficial under the right circumstance. I currently am back on them legally. I have a perscription for sixteen mg a day which is eight times more than when i was using them illegally. I have been clean from other things whilr i have been prescribed them but i know deep down suboxone has been my absolute worst problem ever and am absolutely terrified to get off of them. I realize that i will either live on them or die without them. I will never consider myself clean on them. They arent like any normal recreational drug in the fact that you withdrawl forever.i am going to try to quit them again so any prayers will be greatly appreciated. God i wish i was on dope instead of this… I likely wont survive

  57. I’ve been on the suboxone program for over eight years now- been injecting for the last two or three years. I do it to make the meds go further because I can’t seem to stop abusing them- so when I run low I start injecting to try and stave off withdrawal until I can get my next script. So why not inject all the time so maybe I wouldn’t run out at all- because I hate shooting up, i want to stop. I have no idea why i started abusing the medication- i think because my tolerance built until it no longer gave me that optimistic, motivated feeling- not high but close enough. So i started chasing it, then someone showed me how to inject and that made the medication go so much further at first- it fixed everything. But now my tolerance has built to that as well- it helps a little when I run low but not much. This is driving me crazy though- this getting sick every month and having to freak out and try to find something- it drives you to desperate behaviors. i’m taking care of my dying parents- one 83 the other 72- this is the last thing I need now, i don’t have time for this. They need me every day, I can not be sick. Something has to give.

  58. Im shooting suboxone for two weeks I want to stop but I’m scared if I’m going to have withdrawals. Can someone tell me if I’m going to be OK if I stop now?! Plz

  59. Smashed some suboxone out of curiosity and for the fact I had indulged in some stupid dope, it had no effect whatsoever not bad nor good and I have been taking it for probably close to a year , I did some opiates within 24-36 hours before too

  60. So I’ve been reading most of these posts about injecting sub films cause I’m craving that feeling or action of prepping and shooting. I’m gonna go ahead and do it and let u his kno. I’ve been an addict for a while now, lets see u was 19 web I started w coke, then tried h nd got hook for a few months but stoped cause I got preg. After my first baby, went back to work nd started again, I think worse. Then moved to get away but started again. Moved back home nd got cream for a coupe years but getting subs. Anyway, long story short, I’ve injected a lot of times just for the rush, I even shot whiskey one find cause the craving was so bad. I’ve alway been careful to do everything right nd clean, never got an abscess or n nothing but cotton fever. I’ve been taking subs films and pills for a few months so I don’t have any opiates in my system. I’ll post after I do it…

  61. If you want to build up your veins again then start working out with weights. After about a month you will notice those small veins getting larger. As far as shooting Subs, it doesn’t turn your veins into cartilage. Just like shooting H or coke or whatever, eventually the veins will collapse and/or get smaller (the body is protecting itself).

    Shooting Subs is just substituting the experience of shooting H. Its the ritual… getting the spoon, the water, heating it up, mixing it, dropping the cotton in the spoon and drawing it up in the needle. It is replacing one addiction for another. But Subs do let you live a fairly normal life. You can hold down a job and function without worrying about how to hustle up $$ to get the next fix.

    How I wish I never went down this road in life…

  62. Naloxone does not cause severe wd symptoms when injected, on a regular occasion when a person has NOTHInG else in their system. The only reason it causes someone to go into wd is if they still have a different opiate attached to the receptors in their brain. The Bupe actually is the one who knocks the remaining opiates off of the receptors and thus causes severe wd. Precipitated withdrawal. The only way you’ll have this happen to you is if you inject your sub too soon after using a different opiate. Subs should only be used when one is in pretty severe wd. That’s all. There’s so much ignorance surrounding this subject. Injecting subs is NEVER a good idea but if you do you should use a micron filter or filter your sub at least three times before you shoot it. Until the liquid suboxone in the syringe looks like water. That way you’re shooting way less particles and such into your veins. Shooting subs will no doubt collapse your veins in like, a month flat if you shoot consistently. It’s really not worth it.

  63. I was a hard core drug addict since the age of 14. in fact i started doing opiates before i started smoking ciggs. etherway i have been shooting up suboxone everyday more than once a day for 6 yrs now i have shot the strips the orange pills and the white pills all of them 8 mg never tryed lower dose pills or strips. ether way i have been opiate clean for 5 and a half yrs now. the main thing i want people to know is i have not had any short term or long term bad side effects so yea its a life saver and life changer. i thank god every day that R@B invented this drug because now i live a normal life. just wish i could meet the people who invented this and thank them.

  64. Can i takevthe 8/2 strip orally after takeing 150 mgs ofvseroquell to slleep it if .will i go into instant withdrawls if i mix these.together to sleep ut off?

  65. To much help out their not to b helped and in grateful but us addicts r complicated people I just hope one day I get it

  66. Personally…. most comments on here are wrong. I shoot everything from crack to hank to suboxen. Not proud of it just have maybe a addiction to the process of injecting drugs. Anyways, I been low on cash for two weeks now, my sister is kind enough to give me about a quarter to a half strip of suboxen everyday. I shoot it, one more than one occasion I didn’t wait to be in withdrawal. Well I did instantly feel sick as a dog and kinda panicked. But literally it’s just the sub kicking the present opiates off the receptors. I have to say longest this should take is 30 minutes. So if you don’t wanna wait for full blow misery, man/woman up and bang it or eat it, whatever you prefer. Lay down and enjoy the sickness for max 30 minutes then as I like to say you get your legs back and feel fine, maybe even high if you do enough.

    Now my experience with doing a quarter piece of suboxen then doing a opiate. I have been getting 50 mcg/he fentanyl patches and I try to do the whole 24 hour thing but I just smoked and banged a nice amount of crack with a friend and I do not like the come down. I feel the opiates help me level out and not go full blown crack head and carpet crawl… Lol some ppl will know what I mean. Anyways doing a quarter to a half strip of suboxen by injecting it I have only waited 6 hours and chewed the he’ll outta my patch and have had full blown effects from it. So this 24-72 hour bullshit is false. At least for me. Now let’s say you are doing a whole suboxen and have I been for some time then I could see it being 24 hours. Luckily I don’t have to use suboxen that much or long before I can score some good hank, fentanyl patch, oxy, or new personal favorite, a little light yellow pill called daylatah. “that spelling is beyond Fucked up” but they hit you harder than most hank and after you crush it and I mix it with about 30cc of water and a little heat, there is no left over anything. Just a nice yellowish liquid that draws up well through a cigarette filter.” I always use cigarette filters, even if it’s a butt. The nicotine in the filter gives ya a nice rush for a sec too to be honest”. Anyways that’s what I have experienced in my personal low spot in life. And no I’m not a thief or piece of Shit. I did 8 years in the Marines, I am a 0331 with 3 deployments and 2 combat action ribbons. One for Iraqi campaign and the other Afghan campaign. I was exposed to things most ppl and even more so most military personnel don’t see. Other 03’s in the Marines can back this statement up. Due to this I have found comfort in substance abuse. I am currently rated at 70% disability through the VA for PTSD and TBI due to three concussions I received from IED blasts and one was received from being to close and a little in front of a main tank gun firing. End of story. Let’s get high!

  67. There is no point in shooting subs. If ur taking them to get or stay off dope then why inject. This says ur just looking for a high that taking normal doesn’t give u.

  68. I’ve been sober for 5 months now, completely cold turkey. I’ve been an IV Heroin addict for 13 years. Reading these comments is a good reminder of how absolutely insane addicts are in full blown active addiction…. Dear lord.

    Anyways I was injecting Suboxone 8/2mg strips on and off for months at a time during my active drug abuse. Naloxone does absolutely nothing, Buprenorphine itself is what causes all those nasty PWDs. I found if your trying to switch from full agonist Opiate/opioids to bupe, the best way to play it safe is too take a 2mg dose under the tongue. Wait an hour or two for that to saturate your receptors, then start IV doses of 1-2mgs/hour until you find a good threshold. Remember it’s not Heroin, your not going to be rushed with euphoria, then nodding off while standing up. If you’re trying to eliminate heroin dependence, then quit cold turkey. Go to a police officer and have them arrest you and taken to jail. I PROMISE YOU WILL GET CLEAN! I’ve been to DOZENS of detoxes, rehabs, tapers, etc… It’s all bullshit… Going to jail for several months was the blessing that saved me. It was the easiest cold turkey I’ve ever done, because you know you can’t get it. I swear your mind plays tricks on you when you still have that option of picking up, in jail I only WD for 4 days and was good too go. I was coming off 1-2 gram a day habit. Once you detox, also remember your not in the clear either. Usually things are at the worst, because you still have all the same problems, but now you can’t get high to fix them. Be proactive about your recovery, DO SOMETHING SERIOUS TO STAY CLEAN!!! None of that “I’m going to the gym, and going to workout to stay clean!” garbage… At the very least I recommend going to AA of some sort and getting a sponsor.

    Until the day it finally gets bad enough for all of you to quit, I pray for God to have mercy on your souls.

    (P.S. When deciding to use any substance intravenously, please be as safe and logical as possible… Use brand new sterile syringes every time, they are only $0.13 each for the love of God… If you can’t afford to buy them, you shouldn’t be injecting anything, and you have a serious problem. GO GET HELP!)

  69. Hey so ive been injecting subs for about two years. I have reccentlt had a blood clot now i have this wrist that feels broken it hurts so bad…an its swollen but where is hurting an swollen its also squishey so wat do u think this is. Its not where i missed buf u kno how when u miss theres a knot there an its not squishey so its odvisoly not a miss. Its so weird…its fluid of some kind. I noticed it today. Input please……

  70. I read just about all the comments I just shot alittle less then a half of the film subs and I’m not sick I just got really really hot for about 15 min an I’m good not but I feel like I’m on a cloud I’m not saying do it but if you do run it threw 4 or 5 new cottons before doin it just to be safe it won’t look like much at the end but trust me it really is more then enough be safe everyone hope we all get off this stuff it sure is a rough life style be safe again your family loves you

  71. I have been shooting suboxone for 5 years now and I have got my self down to shooting eighths and sixteenths only using about a quarter or a little more a day so my question is if I stop now can I avoid ending up in the ER?

    I’m honestly ready to start doing Heroin again. It’s a hell of a lot cheaper then going to a crooked doctor who charges you $250 for the first visit then its $100 a week after that for 8 weeks. It’s absolutely bullshit. And it doesn’t even take half the time it does to come off of suboxone so take it from me if your on dope and your thinking about taking suboxone to get off of heroin, DONT FUCKIN DO IT JUST WEEN YOURSELF OFF THE DOPE ITS A LOT EASIER!

  72. Hi I recently injected suboxone in my leg behind my knee and missed it know I have a large hard lump do u have any advice on what mite be plz

  73. I have a low tolerance to opiates and IV use suboxone. It takes a lot less to fill it but it is nerve wrecking because if you miss I’m sure the pain will be intolerable. I used to use heroin on a daily basis I have been off of it for a few weeks now and whenever I shoot suboxone it takes about 20 minutes to feel anything but you get 100% instead of the average 25 to 30% of taking it orally my only advice if you are going to IV use is to make sure you use a filter and triple to quadruple check while you’re pushing in that you’re still in the van and you do not miss

  74. I shot some suboxine last nite and i thought i was gonna die i was freezing to death and my temo was up there .its not cotton feaver i didnt use a cotton so something in there does some weird like to know whats up.but not cotton feaver.

  75. I have been on subs off and on for a long while, damn what a waste of time now that I think of it lol. Anyway I’m once again on subs (8/2 twice daily) and I have taken as prescribed and banged them, I prefer under the tongue but I never felt a real difference in strength like most are saying here. If anything it seemed like it didn’t last as long and I didn’t get the “warm blanket” feeling I get when I take them as they’re meant to be taken. Either way to each their own, do as you will but me personally I advise not to inject anything unless done by a professional. It’s just a lot of badd juju stuff can and does happen regardless of how careful you are. Hep C and AIDS isn’t exactly something I would want to catch, it’ll be my luck that’s exactly what would happen even with sterile “utensils” if you will. Lay em on the table and (BAM!) hep c, lol, yeah I have that kinda luck.

  76. I have been taking buprenorphine tabs for the past couple years, shooting 8mg a day. I recently went 3 weeks without anything as I was jailed for a crime committed by someone else. When I got out, I injected 4 mg and went into FULL BLOWN WITHDRAWAL and felt like total crap for 2 days.. which is strange because I used to catch a sweet buzz injecting 4 mg 2x/day. Does anyone know why this is? I’m confused.

  77. Ok, so I inject suboxone on a regular basis. I got some coke today, which I did IV. I’m going to be coming down soon and I absolutely HATE that part of it and have always had H to come down with before. I’ve used sub to come down before, but not while I was using it regularly and I KNOW that makes a huge difference. QUESTION: Will injecting sub when I start coming down still help me even though I’ve been using it everyday for quite a while now? Also my buddy got some coke too. He’s also an everyday sub user. Will it help him? He doesn’t inject it though. I told him he should mix it with water and snort it that way he will get more of the chemical. Does that make sense? Will it make a difference on the “comedown help”? Time is of the essence here. Coming down is really hard for me. This is the first time I’ve done it without having H, or sub (while it is still as effective as H) or a girlfriend. I’ve always had one of those 3 because that’s the only way I can handle it. Having sex works extremely well. I also find I’m a lot more sensitive down there when I’m coming down and it takes it from a horrible life threatening experience to a sensual, sexual, expedition to paradise. I don’t know what my problem is with coming down, but I change. Completely. I’m a totally different person. The first time I came down without anything was the first time I did it, and I ended up in the hospital for attempted suicide. Problem is I REALLY like coke. As you can see, I rant quite a lot (and enjoy writing). It literally makes me write music. I’m a musician and its actually part of my process.. As strange as it might sound.. I’ll have several unfinished pieces of work that I’ll gather together, set up my instruments, and have everything ready for when the BIG moment comes after I do that shot. In that, 20-45min, period of time when I’m on top of the world everything gets finished. AHHH HELPP ITS COMMING SOOON

  78. I have been addicted to pain meds for about 13 years I’m 25 I was completely clean for 5 months went cold turkey from taking over 150mgs of methadone a day plus all the oxycodone I did not dry out in a controlled place I went crazy LITERALLY! they said it was drug withdrawal psychosis an i was also catitonic but my point being I’ll never be the same I trip out daily sometimes bad its scary.I’ve been on suboxen for about a year 2mgs oral works ok but then i stated injecting it again witch sucks it brings bavk scary memeories of a few bad overdoses is there a way to help stop myself from injecting my veins are bad ii always use a filter an I am very careful idk I need help I still crave getting high I jus don’t feel human without something 🙁

  79. What is the difference of trying to get off suboxone when you shoot it instead of let it melt under your tongue. I have been shooting suboxone for about a year and a half and am trying to wean myself off. I know shooting is not good anyways but will it make it harder to get off of Suboxone?

  80. Okay so I haven’t been shooting suboxen for that long but I’ve gotten it ready plenty of times to no what he looks n taste like after being crushed in water. Well recently we’ve been going threw a rough time and we can only afford one person to go to clinic and we just split what he gets. Which is only 7a week. We run out alot and he started getting shady. I’ve seen him numerous times crush up baby Tylenol to his dad n his dad would snort it and not even no. Well i shoot tgem and im pretty aure he has started doin ne tge same way. How can i no for sure its suboxen and he isnt mixin it witg somethinf else

  81. I totally agree with the article above. I shot 2 suboxone’s everyday and I don’t never catch a buzz. It just makes it to where I can function in public and just really be a normal human being by getting up to go to work, clean, eat really just to do about anything. So I’m thankful for subs. They also keep me from wanting other drugs which is a really good thing cause of my probation.

  82. Nick!
    I was so grateful to read your post! It is so hard to stay encouraged when I hear people saying that shooting suboxone defeats the purpose of quitting if you really are trying to quit. But I understand that might be the case for some people. I’m 28 and have been using since I was 17, I didn’t start shooting until 3-4 years ago. Just in this year I have already been to 3 rehabs, did the ibogaine treatment and the NAD drip to help my addiction but I am still falling.. I haven’t been able to make it barely more than a week being sober and have already overdosed and hospitalized 3 times this year and it crushed me to see my family hurting. My fiancé wants to quit his job so he can just watch me bc he is terrified of what he will come home to. I don’t want to do that to them and I am trying so extremely hard! But its a constant battle that for the past 11 years, I have been losing. I waited until I was in severe withdrawals before shooting the suboxone and I have been on the subs for 9 days now.. NO HEROIN! 🙂 And so far no bad side effects at all and I only have to shoot 2-3 times a day! I thought it was a miracle that i was free from that chain ALL day long! I was rlly happy. But reading these posts last night really made me rethink everything and I was feeling like… defeated. I wanted to use more than anything bc if Im not improving then what is left??? It makes me cry even writing this bc I feel hopeless… All I have to hope for is improvement… But your story is keeping me going! I have never written in one of these email posts so I don’t know if you will get this but I just wanted to let you know how positively you have effected my life! Just to know that someone out there understands the depth of being severely addicted and to hear that you have been living a good life gives me so much hope for myself! Just for today right?! Well for today.. I am choosing to stay clean and even if that means that I am injecting suboxone, I would rather do that than OD on H. You have given me so much courage and motivation! And bc I’m so fragile and early in my recovery if it wasn’t for your post, I would’ve felt like my last option was gone. So anyone else that is stuck in a deadly cycle please keep going! You can do it! If you have to take subs a different ROA then okay! That is a decision only you can make! But just remember, don’t give up hope! Nick is a living example that there is a good life out there for us! 4 years & counting! And he gets up every day, goes to work and lives a normal and healthy life! That is my dream! Thank you for sharing Nick! And congrats on the 4 years!!!

  83. Suboxone Big Shit, never use iv, if you want to live…8/2 sub and naloxon means dead.Subutex aint naloxone, there is like clear morphine.but naloxone seek on your brain opiate and teke you shjortly cold turkey what seems to be dead….i am metadone addict , must be 72 hours clear , nothing other opiate, suboxoxone work only by mouth under tungue covered

  84. Just wanted to say, do not shoot up suboxone. It really defeats the purpose of quitting if you really are trying to quit. I was an IV heroin addict for 1 year I mean I’ve been an addict for over 4 years with the roxys and percocets but eventually graduated to shooting. I tried suboxone but didn’t really help. I mean it help but it’s really a substitute and just bringing in another addiction. I tried Clonidine and xanax for atleast a month and have been clean for, it will be 2 years in January. So if you want to you can do it!!! Life is so beautiful without dont get me wrong it’s very hard to stay clean!!! But everyone can do it . Good luck to whoever is trying to help! .

  85. If you are on suboxone it is because you are trying to get OFF a drug. Injecting is defeating the purpose. To those whom have even considered…GOOD LUCK!

  86. My son passed away on the 1st October aged 39 left 2babies because after 5 yrs started injecting Subutex . He turned his life around so I thought…. Please think on he died a painful death because of this drug… If only one person learns from this his life would not be in vain. Our family has been destroyed . Please DO NOT take changes with your lives you leave behind so much sadness you are all so much better. My Daniel had a hard upbringing and he turned his life around because he went to prison to fund his drug use but over came this, I was so proud but that drug got him again even though he had what he dreamed of two beautiful children and a loving partner and a happy family unlike his own upbringing because of a violent nasty father!!! Please please seek HELP !!!! It’s all so sad … You can do it… My Daniel also suffered from bipolar he didn’t stand a chance but you do ….

    1. I’m sorry for your loss Sheila. Thank you for sharing your story about Daniel! I hope many read it and seek help to stop injecting Suboxone as soon as possible.

    I have been in and out of sub programs for over 5 years and I’m only 22. I’ve Ivd my suboxone films for three years. I have done irreversible severe damage to my fingers hands arms feet and neck, basically my whole vascular system (blood system) is dying out. Doctors can never get a normal IV in me. I always get a pic line or central line, which also occurs when I have to get blood drawn it turns into a all day event. That is not good for a 22yr old. PLEASE DO NOT INJECT SUBOXONE OR SUBS OF ANY KIND AT THAT. IF YOU KNOW THE PAIN WHEN YOU MISS THE VEIN IMANAGE THE PAIN INSIDE YOUR BLOOD SYSTEM! IM A SURVIVOR. DO NOT INJECT!

  88. JD- thank you for that warning- we SHOULD be helping each other out! ALSO- I LIKE WHAT YOU SAID ABOUT NO STARTING ANOTHER HABIT- that is SO True- good luck in your recovery!! (IT IS WORTH ALL THE PAIN- I AM LIVING PROOF!!)

  89. I find it SO odd (and annoying) that there is little or no physician/hospital/treatment information for those who inject suboxone- this is a great article!!
    My son just began shooting IV suboxone, I am in recovery 15 years clean (on methadone) and I am embarrassed to say I didn’t KNOW a person COULD inject suboxone on the street! I thought the pharm of the sub made it impossible! (one would think the company WOULD make it impossible!)
    My QUESTION: Does suboxone (by mouth) make a person nauseous vs. IV? He says he can’t take it by mouth – he does have inflammatory bowel disease- so he says that is why the uses it IV.
    Is this a rationalization- or could it be possible?
    ALSO- WILL he find after a few weeks that it no longer “balances him out” (he is saying it doesn’t get him high- just provides some kind of balance of some sort)
    ALL FEEDBACK WELCOME! (positive please- no war stories!)
    So I am

  90. people please do not shoot suboxone the strips or the orange pills i almost died i couldn’t breath my head started pounding my heart felt like it was going to stop or something and my skin turned bright red and i started sweating all over my body and it was the worst feeling ever i thought i was going to die. it was not worth it just put it under you tung like the directions say…. now if you have the regular buprenorphine pills (also know as sebutex) little wight 2mg or the larger 8mg. you also are suppose to put under the tung and let it dissolve. but sebutex is water solubal and can be injected just like heroin crush it up add water mix it up and add your cotton filter….then do your thing make sure your in withdraw from the come down of what ever opioid your on… for me it worked grate was super sick and with in less then 10 sec. i felt way better…. but the point of subs are to kick the habit not start a new one

  91. I have been on suboxone 4 years, I have injected twice a day, half in the morning, half at night after work All 4 years. I have never ever had a problem. I hear lots of myths but I tell you, I’m a test subject, I have done this all 4 years every single day. I have never had clogged veins, hard veins, nothing I’ve had mri’s for the brain and nothing abnormal was found anywhere in my cardiovascular system. It is the needle addiction that has kept me doing this. Not recommended but I am living proof that you can inject sub safely, please use a sterile needle every single time, sterile cotton every time, do not draw the sub without a cotton, do not miss your vein it hurts like a mother, be cautious, don’t tighten your fists while injecting, use alcohol swabs before injections, use a 30-31 gauge needle. Strips are fine but use at least half cc water or 50 units. Generic pills are safe too, I’ve done them all IV daily for prolonged time periods and I am 100% FINE besides severe constipation but that can be helped with miralax, use miralax for 3 days, then eat high fiber diet and take psyllium for 5 days, switch back to miralax for 3 days and repeat, never take the same stool softener or laxative too long in a row or they stop working. If your going to inject suboxone go nuts but be safe I thought it was all fun and games until I caught hep c, I’ve been through the wringer and as long as you use new needles, don’t share spoons, and alcohol your arm you will be fine!! To this day I get a little bit high when I inject it, especially in the morning. Thanks. And don’t feel bad for me, yes its true I’ve done this twice a day for four years, but I live a normal, healthy life still I work everyday and am doing great without heroine or morphine or oxy, considering that, I feel great. If u have opiates in your system do not inject the sub! Only when they are completely out of your system can you inject sub. As long as u wait three days since your last opiate you will be good! That’s the only time u will precipitate withdrawal, when u already have opiates in your system. Otherwise you will be A OKAY!

  92. Guys, don’t inject suboxone. My brother is addicted to heroin and out of desperation he shot up suboxone lastnight. Well, from 4am to 6am he had uncontrollable vomiting and diarrhea while having convulsions. All three of those symptoms at the same time, not a pretty sight. He thought he was gonna die.
    Drug use has ruined my family.

  93. I’ve been shooting suboxone for 3yrs. Now. And, got to stop!!! My whole entire body is extremely swollen. And,having a lot of problem’s with my breathing and chest pains.It also has destroyed my veins. I started in my hands,fingers,breasts,feet and now I have to hit y stomach and sides. I hope it’s not to late for me. That’s how powerful the addiction to needles is. So, to anybody thinking about trying or is doing pleaz Stop now.

  94. My family and I are trying to figure out which drug my brother is abusing. He is a recovering H addict who has been subscribed sub in the past, but not currently. A while back he told us that the reason he was acting jittery was because he shot up the suboxone. Is it true that shooting suboxone can make someone twitchy, jittery, talkative, jumpy, talk in strange voices, clap, and yell?

    1. Hi Shandra. The only way to know for sure is to drug test him. If it’s not another drug, then abnormal levels of buprenorphine will be detected which may indicate he’s been abusing his medication. Buprenorphine is also an opioid medication, and abusing it can cause the same effects as other opioid drugs.

  95. I was one of the people that was the Pig for the va I learning about Suboxone and I know every aspect of it. Naloxone a cousin too naltrexone is mixed with Buprenex as a limiter too how much your system gets. it is like a governor on a vehicle where you cant go any faster IE die from overdosing however you can crush 2 suboxones and filter the shit out of them and inject. the best way is too crush them up and dissolve in as little water as possible OR a little regular drinking alcohol and get an oral syringe and stick it up in your rectum and there you go …lay on your side and relax you will se A much better result than injecting this shit. I also informed my doctor of this who stated …and he is the best in MASS. it is not advised but since I was in the process of getting dentures …and IM young. Lol and I was losing much of my dose because of the teeth issue This is not recommended but it is so good or Better not just saying that or peppering it up but it works BETTER!!!!!

    1. Hi Kate. A half-life is the amount of time required for the Suboxone concentration in blood plasma to reach one-half of its steady-state value. Injected Suboxone may have a faster onset and stronger effect, but the body will still eliminate the metabolites at a similar rate.

  96. So, Iv been reading all these posts claiming that if you infact inject suboxone (Bup & Nalaxone) that you will go into severe withdrawal.. Im not condoning or advising ANYBODY to inject anything. However, Iv been on the strips for 8 yrs now. I started out using them sublinguly at first (1-1/2 strips per day). I also have a friend that has been on Bup for several years & told me that I was wasting about 3/4 per strip by putting under my tongue. I figured Id try his advise & injected 2mg. Of course Im very cautious, safe, & responsible when injecting. If any one does inject them, FILTER THEM WITH COTTON) !! I know a couple ppl that just drop like 2 mg into the barrel, pull back some water, shake, & shoot. This WILL ruin ur veins, turning them into straight cartlige. (Iv heard its from the white writing on them Idk), but havent had ANY issues with that or any type of withdrawals, fevers or anything. I do notice now that putting just 2mg under my tongue does hardly nothing. For me (& this is just speaking for myself) 2mg intravenous = 8mg under my tongue. Just putting my experience out there, I realize every person is different. I wish GREAT Luck to each and every one of you. (y)

  97. suboxone/naloxone same , strong colt turkey a hell, never again, almost die, if your body not strong or your heart small force you can die there.i am metadone addict, i used 30 mg after kick out 24 hours, after i am get to my mouth , not injected , but naloxone comes same IV use…Fucking hell, shit matter never used of this…if you not addict or not use metadone , subo work, but you opiate addict naloxone connect to receptor and stopping other anyone, only pain
    iam fine now…eating 40 mg metadone and benzodiazepine and now easy , can work…suboxone only min72 hours clear from metadone, or 15 mg doses

  98. The Bupe has a higher affinity than the Naloxone. Meaning that, no matter what the ROA, The Bupe is going to attach itself to your receptors faster than the Naloxone. Which basically means that the Naloxone is useless! The pharmaceutical company just put it in there so they could market it’s “low risk of abuse”. Now you CAN still get precipitated withdrawal from it, but it’s the Bupe causing it, not the Naloxone. If you still have any other opiates on your receptors when you take a sub, the Bupe will effectively knock all of the receptors clean, and replace them. So this renders the Naloxone USELESS!

  99. Not advising that anyone should ever inject suboxone but just to clear things up, the fact that Naloxone is paired with the Buprenorphine is simply a marketing strategy to make the drug appear to be abuse proof when in truth it can be injected without causing precipitated withdrawal.

    The reason for this is due to the extremely strong binding affinity of buprenorphine compared to that of naloxone, thus when injected the naloxone has no effect remaining inert because the buprenorphine binds to the receptors too strongly for the naloxone to have any effect whatsoever.

    The reason anyone will experience precipitated withdrawal is from the buprenorphine itself however only if the person taking it already has other opioids on their receptors still as the buprenorphine will rip them from your receptors ultimately the terrible lengthy ordeal that is known as precipitated withdrawal syndrome… Again not implying that it is okay to inject, just wanting to let people know the truth.

  100. H_Hansen What you’re talking about is the Vivitrol shot. I haven’t tried it, what are your thoughts on the effectiveness?

  101. I’ve been an addict for eleven years I’m almost 29 I’ve been back and forth with sub’s ,H ,Roxi unfortunately I am a needle fed I hate it I hate who I am when I’m getting high I just recently stopped everything I went through terrible withdrawals from H and its been a week and I’m laying in bed now for twelve hours with chills rls cramps is this all the sub leaving my system I shot it for about two months everyday anywhere from a quarter of an 8/2 to a half plz help me understand I’m done getting high I want a normal life ………AND FYI TO THE NEEDLE USERS DO NOT SHOOT SUB PERIOD I had very large veins in my arms now there hard BC I kept shooting sub your veins harden up and clog over time thanks and i hope everyone finds there way to sobriety

  102. I was a moderate to heavy opiate user for about 6 months. I started using sublingual suboxone to try and get clean. Eventually I tried shooting the suboxone.I have found that as long as it is properly filtered and you don’t miss the effects are quite nice.DO NOT inject suboxone unless you are already in full-blown withdrawal.I usually wait around 30 hours between the use of H and subs. if you do not wait then you will go into heavy withdrawal. heavy sweats, diarrhea, body ache, cold sweats, and nausea the whole bit and worse then normal DT because it happens immediately. if you do wait and filter it properly though it can really take the edge off of your detox. I recommend about 4 milligrams or half of a sublingual filmin 60 cc’s of water. Use a cotton to draw draw it through and don’t miss because it huts like hell. after doing this for about a month, using suboxone in between heroin binges, I was able to kick and have been clean of everything for one month.good luck to anyone trying to kick either of these addictions.

  103. I’ve been on suboxone for 4 months. Opiate addict for 20 years. I’ve stopped for few years at a time but could never get to feeling right. (No motivation, energy). I used to shoot up the suboxone daily. I don’t recommend it. Does not hit you harder. I just had a needle feddish. Probably done it 50 times. But I would only do a halve at a time of the 8mg pill. Used the whole filter as a wick. Don’t shoot unless it’s see through or clearish. DONT SHOOT AT ALL. Is what I’m saying. but people do what they want, so just adding my 2 cents.

    1. Thank you, Cruis. Sharing personal experience as someone who’s done it can help many other readers refrain from injecting suboxone. Thank you, again, for the valuable first-hand information.

  104. I am hungarian.take suboxone to my was 8/2 with naloxone….it was terribly, near to dead..naloxone same cold turkey shortly..never use this shit….never use 8mg suboxone/2mg naloxone..i am very sick there was methadone , never use intraveina only to mouth

    1. Hi Gabriel. That’s why they put the naloxone in Suboxone – to prevent people from abusing buprenorphine. Naloxone causes severe withdrawal when injected. Are you ok now?

  105. Everyone is talking about injecting Suboxene….. I took Suboxene for 2 years then I went to Methadone for 4 years, recently stop taking Methadone and needed to get back on something to help with the my dependency. Today I was accepted to a research program for an injectable suboxene. The program is basically being a guinea pig for this medication, I am a addict but I never shoot up. The research is free…they actually pay you. I’m not going to lie I’m extremely happy that I don’t have to pay out of pocket for my Suboxene cause without insurance it is expensive but I am curious if anyone has tried this legal way of taking Suboxene? They start out by giving you the strips for about two weeks and then the injections are given. It is dispensed once every 28 days, its a gel like substance that is injected under the skin. Has anyone done this?

    1. Hi Larry. You shouldn’t inject Suboxone. It’s a medication that contains buprenorphine and naloxone. While buprenorphine may provide the wanted feelings, naloxone when injected will immediately put you through adverse withdrawal symptoms.

  106. If you are planning on injecting suboxone make sure you are in full withdraw. I am the worst at waiting just like many ppl I don’t like feeling sick or even slightly uncomfortable for even a minute. You will get very sick and be sent into horrible withdrawal but in my experience in about 30 minutes you are Ok and withdraw is completely gone and u feel normal. Depending on how much you inject you might feel slightly as if your body is floating.

  107. I am on subs and with my experiance if you take H or any kind of opiate and subs the same daay or while the effects are still there (the high) of H and then you take subs you will get extremly sick DO NOT MIX THESE DRUGS IN THE SAME DAY wait untill you are you are really sick and WD from H or other drugs before you take suboxone

  108. To those PEOPLE out there injecting suboxone be warned l LOST A FINGER AND ALMOST LOST MY LOWER ARM& HAND IT CLOGES ARTERIES. WARNING DONT TRY IT…::::

  109. Gigi and michelle,
    Did you shoot the suboxone or the cotton left over. Bc that sounds like cotton fever. You shouldnt get cotton fever from suboxone with out cotton. So my advice would be dont do your cotton after so long. Also if a small piece of suboxone didnt dissolve then it went into it and you injected it and it caused the same effects as cotton fever. Be careful with both. Cotton fever is normally because of re-used cotton that you used to filter yoursuboxone in the first place, if you let the cotton sit more than a few days you will experience that sick feeling along with the shits too. Your hot and then again cold to were your freezing to death. Its bc that cotton is old. Use the cotton within that 3 day spain..if you neglect to do so, you can still use it but be sure to add crumbs or pieces of the suboxone pill/strip and it reduces that common effect of beening sick…hope this helps, and I pray that we all overcome this disease of addiction

  110. I shot suboxone one time and Later that day ended up with a fever of 103.6 I was throwing up and extremely hot why was that? ?

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