Can you get addicted to Adderall?

Yes. You can get addicted to Adderall. Are you? Learn more about how Adderall affects the brain and who’s most likely to get addicted to amphetamines here.

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Yes. You can get addicted to Adderall.

In fact, Adderall is classified as a federally controlled substance (CII) because it can be abused or lead to dependence. Even more, Adderall has one of the highest potential for dependence or abuse of all prescription medications.  Is Adderall the same as speed?

Here, we examine just what’s in Adderall that can get you addicted, what Adderall does to the brain, and who’s at risk of Adderall addiction. If you think that you may be addicted to Adderall, we invite you to leave your anonymous questions at the end. We answer all legitimate questions about Adderall use with a personal and prompt response.

Adderall chemistry and use

Adderall is a prescription used to treat attention deficit disorder and attention deficit/ hyperactivity disorder (ADD, AD/HD), narcolepsy, weight loss, and rarely, depression. But Adderall contains psychoactive ingredients that affect the brain.  The effect of these psychoactive ingredients can lead to misuse, abuse, dependence and eventually addiction. What are these psychoactive ingredients in Adderall? Adderall contains a mix of amphetamine salts including Amphetamine and Dextroamphetamine.

What does Adderall do in the body? Adderall and the brain

Adderall and the amphetamines contained in it work by increasing dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin levels in the brain. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure, movement, and attention. Epinephrine controls functions such as appetite, mood ,and fight/flight responses. And serotonin controls sleep and appetite.

Once in the nerve terminals, amphetamines promotes the release of these neurotransmitters. Normally these chemicals are recycled or reabsorbed into the nerve terminal to be used again when stimulated. However, amphetamine inhibits normal reuptake, causing neurotransmitters like dopamine to stay in the synapse longer, triggering a chemically induced euphoric effect, or “high”. This is why Adderall can make you feel so good, or contribute to extended anxiety, sleeplessness and paranoia.

Most doctors prescribe Adderall and increase doses of the drug over time. So as Adderall slowly and steadily increases dopamine in the brain over a period of weeks, the therapeutic effects can treat symptoms of hyperactivity disorders, sleep problems and even depression. But when Adderall is taken in doses and routes other than those prescribed, neurotransmitters enters the brain in a rapid and highly amplified manner. So, when taken non-medically, Adderall interrupts the normal communication between brain cells, and can produce euphoria, a deep sense of well-being. Recreationally, amphetamine can also be abused to increase alertness, relieve fatigue, control weight (Adderall for weight loss is not recommended), or treat mild depression.

How do you get addicted to Adderall?

There are a few ways that you can get addicted to Adderall. Generally, if you are getting high on Adderall and take it just to get high, you are at highest risk of being addicted to the amphetamines contained in Adderall. But for anyone, using Adderall recreationally, without a prescription, or outside of your doctor’s orders can lead to addiction. Technically, this kind of use is called “Adderall abuse”.

Although addiction liability is most high when you take a drug for effect or to get high, you can still get addicted to Adderall if you are taking it outside the recommendations of a doctor. Doctors need to monitor Adderall use to recommend dosage changes. And if you’re not getting the right doses, you may mistakenly become physically dependent on the drug, and perhaps even develop a psychological dependence, too.

What does it mean to be addicted to Adderall?

Addiction is a set of psychological symptoms characterized by three main signs:

1. loss of control of Adderall use

2. obsessive-compulsive seeking or thinking about Adderall

3. continued use of Adderall despite clearly negative consequences

Symptoms of Adderall addiction may also include specific physical signs of dependence such as increasing tolerance (the need for more Adderall to produce the same effect) or withdrawal signs and symptoms when you stop taking Adderall. However, the main characteristics of addiction are mental.

Are you addicted to Adderall?

Not sure if you are addicted to Adderall or not? Tell us about it. We can give you an honest and impartial opinion. If you are taking Adderall that is not prescribed for you, or taking it for reasons or in dosages other than prescribed, you may want to seek help for possible Adderall addiction. Please leave your questions about Adderall addiction treatment below. We will answer them as quickly as possible to get you the help that you need.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. What if you have been prescribed Adderall XR 20mg but you aren’t ADHD does that affect you? my little sister is ADHD but I am not. my parents and the doctor assumed I was since we are family. could I get in trouble if I am taking it but have no reason to? for some reason, when I run out of the prescription, I can’t stop thinking about when I can get it refilled…my parents see better quality out of me…but I am just getting more depressed. I get tired easily, and I have a loss of appetite..but sometimes I get really hungry at the wrong time. and I feel sick to my stomach. I constantly find myself getting angry, sarcastic, and rude. I don’t usually have this problem. at times I will act superior towards adults and higher figures when I do not mean to. am I addicted to this?

    1. Hi Andi. All symptoms that you mentioned are symptoms of Adderall withdrawal. If you are not ADHD, I suggest that you talk with your parents and your doctor ASAP.

  2. I think i need add because im losing focus on most things so where i can find add and what is the right dose to take.
    Thank you

  3. If one uses adderall in order to get school work and house work done just one weekend each month because of major procrastination issues, then would that be often enough to build a tolerance? If they stick to just once a month and don’t increase their frequency of usage, then are they still considered to be addicted or no?

  4. Hello, I have taken the highest amount of mg for adderal (30) and I am not addicted I mean I take it once in a while to get high but I never found myself dependent of it. I can stop taking it however long I want to. But after a while a do seem to get antsy for it I’m talking like 4 or 5 month ago does this mean I am addicted?

  5. I took Adderall (without a prescription) for the first time a few hours ago and I ended up reading this and I have 1 question, can you be addicted and experience withdraws from Adderall if you only do it once

  6. So my PCP recently prescribed Adderoll to me. While I was still a student (high school and college) I was a decent student, but I just had to work very hard and twice as long to make my grades. Looking back I realize I was miserable.

    Now that I’m in my career field, health industry ironically, my life is actually much less structured than it was in school. A common problem that Paramedics find to be true.

    After 28 years of just coping with the assumption that I probably do have ADD, my PCP prescribed Adderoll to me, and it’s been absolutely life-changing for me in all the positive ways: I am focused, productive, this helps with my sense of purpose and self-esteem…all that. M

    However, being in the field they I am in, I do see quite a bit of drug addiction and effects of drug abuse. So obviously I have been doing my own research on Adderoll (and it’s great cause I can actually focus on what I’m researching!) it’s really a fascinating drug, how it actually benefits those ADD people like myself who apparently need it.

    So I am always afraid of becoming g addicted, how ever I do t really have a very addictive personality, and my fear of addiction helps me stay alert to make sure I don’t even accidentally abuse this substance.

    Here are my concerns, however. I have noticed a tremendous increase in facial and even back acne (backne? Ha). I had fairly bad acne as a teen, but I am 28 years old now, therefore this is NOT normal and the acne is way worse than it ever was as a teen. Gross. I have now been researching Adderoll Acne, and found some helpful info about controlling it, but then I had nightmares last night about meth faces. I googled “Meth Face” today and eventually somehow fiund myself at this website.

    I just went on a really long rant, and I’m blaming it on the Adderoll. But if you have any suggestions for me on controlling my facial acne and backne that would be most helpful.

    Thank you!

    – A very focused person who does not want to look like the meth patients she takes to the hospital.

  7. I started taking adderall the end of April to help with spring cleaning. My first day I took 30mg xr capsule. I got a lot done and felt amazing. So my second day I took 3, 30 MG. I did a total of 90 mg everyday for 2 weeks. Then took a 2 day break because I could not find any. I found more and started with 110mg. I did 110mg for about a week. Then I dropped down to 50mg a day. 3 days ago I could not find any and had to go without. I felt sick, had shakes, headache, fatigue, and all I could think about is “I need adderall”. Today I confided in a family member he gave me 4 15 mg pills. I have been through detox before and do not want to do that again. So I made a plan to gradually take less and less for as long as I can until I run out of these for pills. I took a whole 15 today, I tried Halfor but I still had shakes. I am addicted. And I need to know if there are ways to help the withdraw process.. like water, eating healthy ect. Please help. I can’t let people around me know I have a problem, they think to highly of me:(

    1. Hi Jack. The best way to withdraw from Adderall and to minimize the effects of withdrawal on the body is by tapering and reducing your doses slowly over time. It is also considered the safest way to withdraw from Adderall. In general, your medication should be decreased by 10% at a time usually every week depending on the level of dosing you have been prescribed.

      You can take potassium and zinc to help with the restlessness and agitation you may experience. For symptoms of fatigue, some people recommend caffeine in monitored quantities. Further, getting yourself on a regular sleeping schedule, exercising to help relegate endorphins in the body, using cold packs to help with the increase in your body temperature, and talk therapy can also help. Magnesium supplements have also been suggested to help make new cells in the body and activate B vitamins.

      Anti-anxiety or antidepressant medications can address the depression that Adderall causes and may be recommended by your doctor (you can get a prescription if you are willing to see your doctor).

  8. I started on adderall xr 10mg 2 months ago for treatment resistant depression. It has helped so much and I don’t feel drugged, just balanced. How do I keep from being addicted? If I need to increase dose, does it mean I am becoming addicted? Thanks

  9. Hi, I was recently prescribed 20 mg/daily (10mg 2X/day) of Dextroamp Amphetamin. I was concerned about all the addiction talk going on online so I would like to know if you think if I end up staying on this medication (and dosage) for awhile, if you think I could possibly become physically addicted. Thank you in advance for your reply

  10. I take adderall for my add and adhd. And it helps a lot. Sometimes I forget my script at home and it seems like the when effect of my 30mgs in the morning wear off, I crash. Hard! It helps with my focus and mental mood but I don’t only want to feel like I’m awake because of the adderall.. is this normal? Am I crashing because I didn’t take my afternoon dose 20mgs?

  11. I have taken adderall a couple of times but I increased my usage during finals week of college. This is my first finals week and I have taken more than ever. I find it helps me get motivated to do my homework and pull all nighters to study. I took one to many one day and had a bad stomach ache the next day but I recognize that and refuse to take more than one 10mg in a 4 hour window. I don’t want to become dependent on it but I also need it in order to stay up all night. At what point do I start abusing it or am I already abusing the drug?

  12. I am prescribed to take two 20mg tablets a day for fatigue and mental fog to go along with my depression medication that I am taking. I have been taking this for 4-5 months and it feels like I need to take it sooner than recommended, if I don’t the fatigue and mental fog symptoms return. After I take it, about 45 – 60 min later, I feel normal again. Adderall has never given me a “high” feeling. Just removed all tiredness and mental fog, sometimes headache type of symptoms. Thanks,

  13. I started to take adderall for important test, exams, ACT, etc. it helps me focus and stay focused on my work. I’ve been taking college classes since I was a freshman in high school and I can’t fall behind that’s my reasoning on taking the drug. but I have started to find myself wanting more and more of it to focus. I take high dosage adderall twice a week, I’m not prescribed this medicine I get it from someone. Should I talk to my doctor about not being able to focus or am I addicted?

  14. Hi. I was prescribed adderal 1.5 years ago to help me lose weight. While being treated by a doctor the most I ever took was 30 mg every other day. I took it as prescribed. Once I stopped being prescribed he med I stopped taking it. A few weeks later after having surgery I started taking the leftover meds rhat I had. I have bee taking 20mg a day most days since March and buy it off the street. When I don’t take it I am extremely tired and hungry and irritable. Could I be addicted to adderal? I am taking such a low dose. Please advise. If I am addict do please tell me how to stop taking it.

  15. Hi! I am prescribed 10mg XR adderall for the morning and 5mg IR by 2pm because I have severe ADHD as well as CFS which inflicts my energy greatly.. I take it every day and it does not get me “high” but provides the energy and focus I need to get work done. However, if I miss a day or two, I start getting very shaky and almost dissociative. I’m not sure if it’s directly linked to the adderall but it worries me because I don’t want to take a medication that makes me feel this way if I don’t take it. I also take a mood stabilizer for my bipolar and have Lyme disease among a number of other health problems. I just really would like an opinion on whether it’s because I take my adderall, because some days I really don’t want to take it just so I can lay down and take a pure rest day without any focus needed. I don’t want to bring it up to my doctor just yet because it really does help me with work and school as well as with my mood. I never have felt a “high” from it so would this be classified as addiction?

  16. I’m addicted to it and just came to a conclusion that I am. Tomorrow I’m seeing my medication doctor and want off it.. I’m a recovering addict myself for other hardcore drugs and not adderal. I’ve even relapsed a few times. Adderal is making my life more complicated and now I have pretty much all my addict behaviors which means I am not someone you want to be around. I am trying to get help tomorrow or this could eventually cause me to loose my job as I just got one a few months ago to start to rebuild my life.

    I’m reading a lot of information online before I go to the doctors because this my one chance to make the doctor understand who she is dealing with. I need help for my mental problems but I don’t want to become an addict to where I’m guying pills from someone because I ate all mine before end of the month.

  17. Hello!
    I started taking 10-25 mg IR (max I don’t want to take more) adderall a few days ago for finals week. I plan on taking it for another week and a half until I’m done. I will not lie, I enjoy the feeling but I am only starting to use it because of studying and have never and never will use it if I don’t need to study (just to get high). I’m just curious if I’m going to suffer severe withdrawals or develop an addiction to it by accident. Any tips, thoughts, reassurances? Thank you guys! P.S. I’m in Optometry school 2nd year (almost an eye doctor ^_^ )

  18. I am not certain if I am addicted to or have an increased tolerance of amphetamine salts or not. I have been diagnosed with ADHD, and the medicine does improve my symptoms vastly, but I have noticed something that disturbs me. I used to take one tablet (30 mg), and I would be able to focus (I say that the “brain fog” has been lifted) for approximately 6 hours or so. Then, over weeks or so, it would take 45 mg to work for 6 hours, then 60 mg (which is my daily dose, so I would essentially run out of medication). Is this merely what ‘tolerance’ does, or is it some other factor I am missing? Should I continue to take 30 mg even though the effects are not appreciable? Or should I discontinue the medicine for a period of time? Will I experience withdrawal symptoms? If so, what are they (so I can be ready), and what can I do to mitigate them? Any and all answers welcome. Thank you in advance.

  19. Hello, I was once about 5 years ago addicted to opiates. I have been for the past 3 years on suboxune/zubsolv (insurance reasons) for switching to zubsolv. I have been having multiple signs of ADHD the past couple years so i spoke to another doctor (not the same as prescribing the zubsolv) and he started me on adderall. I forgot to mention i have also been on citalopram 20mg for about a year or so for panik attacks (havent had any in a year). I have recently (day 9 right now) decided to quit cold turker the zubsolv and citalopram. I have had some serious head spinning and restless legs, and fatigue. I have continued to take the adderall every day as prescribed by my new doctor. Is this really bad to do? Is this helping the opiate withdrawl? Is it ok to take adderall while quitting the 2 other drugs abruptly?

  20. I am taking adderall to help me study and get my work done. I have only taken it twice and I don’t need it but it helps when I’m really crammed with work. Is it same to use it from time to time or should I get a prescription?

  21. I recently had my exams last week, and about 30 minutes before each one I took two 20mg pills, to which it kicked in about 5 minutes in each exam. I’ve never felt more clear and consice in my entire schooling existence, to which i wrote at least 13-15 pages of answers for each exam. After the first exam, I was extremely hyper of course as my body was not used to having it. But after the second one, I was calm and collected but my thoughts were still crisp and clear unlike every before. Any other time during exams or tests, or simply even homework I find my mind on 17 different tracks, taking me twice as long to complete them. But when I took the adderall, I’ve never felt more focused and happy. My question is may I have had ADD or ADHD and not have known? Should I consult in my doctor about perhaps getting a prescription?

    1. Hi, H. If you suspect that you may have ADD or ADHD, maybe it’s best to consult a doctor, and run some medical tests.

  22. I do not have a prescription to aderall but have taken its bout 5 or 6 times now within the last 3 months…I recently took it 3 days again and I have not slept for the past 2 nights. I can’t stop thinking about aderall and was wondering if I am addicted and if so, how to return to a normal sleeping pattern. Thanks

  23. I’ve been having a lot of trouble lately with school. Things like paying attention, motivation, and sleeping in most classes are starting to become worse and worse. Even though I understand that being this way is greatly negatively effecting me and the consequences are pretty bad too. I still keep doing it and I realized that I need to seriously figure out a way or find something or someone who could help me with this problem. So, I have a friend who has a prescription for adderall and he offered me some. I thought about it only worrying and caring about the high, and ended up taking them in the morning that day at school. I have never taken it before and I took 3 XR 30mgs (90mg XR) and initially loved the high. But then I realized I was actually extremely motivated and excited to do all of my work that day…this got to me and I started think about how this could help me with school and my sleeping problems I am beginning to develope. Later that day i started craving the high again, really bad. I couldn’t eat dinner that night, and was up till about 4:30-5:00 o clock in the morning. The next day I got some more (this time only 60) and basically went through the same thing as the day before and was still severely craving it. I’m worried about becoming addicted or dependent on adderall. Aware that I am at risk of becoming addicted to adderall I really do want it to help me with school and sleep. Is there any advice you can give me about this, thanks a lot.

  24. I have been using Adderall that was no prescribed. I get 30 mg pills but spit them since I know that dosage is way to high. I’m a graphic design student at an art school, and honestly I work so much better on it. I do not use it to cram for tests or last minute projects. I use it because I am way more productive and focused than usual. I can sit and finish a project rather then stopping and starting something new. Part of me feels that I may actually need it. What are your thoughts?

  25. Ive been taking adderall for about 5 to 6 months now it has helped me lose 30pds and also it keeps me awake because i work nights. If i stop taking it will i have withdrawals

    1. Hello, Debra. Withdrawal symptoms may occur even if you use Adderall only for several weeks. But, withdrawal varies from person to person. I’d suggest you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you. In this way, you wean off the drug, and may be able to ease withdrawal symptoms. Also, consider using over-the-counter medications and home remedies.

  26. Ivana, thanks for the reassurance.
    I need it to stay focused and organized at work. Of I don’t take it I’m super on edge because I feel overwhelmed and I can’t remember stuff and can’t stay on task. it’s helped more than any of the anti-anxiety meds but doesn’t make me sleepy like they do and I don’t feel high or anything from the adderall

  27. If i take 10mg of adderall each day in the morning that my doctor prescribed for me because I have adhd. Will I get addicted to it.

    1. Hello, Jeffrey. If you take Adderall only as prescribed by a doctor, then you will reduce chances of loosing control over your use or getting addicted to it. Also, your doctor can help with tapering, detox and withdrawal symptoms once you decide to stop use.

  28. I was prescribed adderall and when I take it I only take the prescribed dose but I feel like I NEED it during the week, which I guess I do. but I don’t take it on the weekends. is that feeling that I have to have it during the week an addiction?

    1. Hi DeedDee. I seriously doubt it. And, I also don’t believe you need it during the week just for the sake of using it. So, try to see what it is, such as work tasks, stress, chores.. that makes you need the Adderall to be able to function or perform. I’m guessing these would be things you don’t do on the weekend.

  29. I take 30 MG xr Adderall. I don’t get “high”. I do feel much less anxiety, depression and lethargy. I sleep a couple of hours less than I did before I took the drug. I also take Wellbutrine, and Lamictal for depressive disorder. Or chronic depression. I’m afraid I’ll need Adderall forever! Am I addicted? I only ever take the prescribed amount. 1 tab in Am.
    Also, I have ADD. Diagnosed by my doctor. Adderall has had a positive effect on my life. I had a day where I felt angry and sad for no reason. It’s happened twice. It only.lasts an hour or so. I’m not sure what that is. Of course I want take it …it’s helping me. Why wouldn’t I want to take it.

  30. I have a hard time getting motivated and am distracted fairly easily. I recently tried one of my friend’s adderall prescription a few months ago. Right now I am doing one a week usually on mondays and almost pull an all nighter. I get a ton of work ton and giving me great grades for college. I don’t really feel addicted like i need it. But it helps so much to take it once a week. It feels like my brain is running at 200% efficiency. Am i addicted?

  31. I’ve been taking Adderall prescribed for the last 5 years, when I was really having problems concentrating due to a lot of stress in life. Anti depressants weren’t helping. Always thought I may have had been ADD-innatentive since child hoold. At 47 started low at just 5-10 mg. IR a day .Now on 20 Ir (10 ir 2x a day) It has helped me focus at tasks at hand. I had tried Antidepressants that caused increase in anxiety. The thing is now I feel very anxious when it wares off between doses. Is that normal? i never felt anxiety unmediated years ago. Frustration over being absent minded, but not anxiety. Is that an addiction sign or normal?

  32. I’ve been taking somebody else’s prescribed 5mg pills, I’m new to college and tried them to get me through studying, but I took them before a gym workout and then go home and study, but only about twice a week. I feel like since I don’t take then regularly or daily, I’m not addicted. I never take them more than twice a week, only to get through homework, and a workout. Although I know it’s bad to take them if I’m not prescribed them, but it does help me study. Should I see a Dr? Or and I addicted? I’m not dependent on it on other days. I take coffee or herbal tea instead for energy when I know I’m not doing homework.

  33. I got a pill of adderall 30mg xr from a friend 2 months ago to help study for a test. I didn’t think about it for awhile until I got slammed with a lot of work two months after and used another 30mg xr from him…I don’t plan on using it again and two days after the use of my last pill I felt totally fine no symptoms…but will I be fine if I just don’t use it anymore?

  34. Hey, I don’t do Adderall. Friday was my first time and my friend kind of pressured me into it. We didn’t take them though we snorted them. I’m not used to stuff like this because I only smoke marijuana. But when I did the Adderall I got an adrenaline rush and it made me want more and I did about 50mg of it and 30 was XR. Saturday, I felt horrible, I stayed up for 24 hours straight and hadn’t eaten anything. But when I tried I threw up and everything I tried eating I threw up, so that night I had some weed and smoked it and I ate and drank alot of water. But then today I feel sick again but I haven’t thrown up. I don’t know if this is a sign of addiction or if it’s just the aftermath of the adderall and it will go away soon.

  35. Hi, I took a 30mg pill because I got slammed with a ton of assignments from my summer college courses. This is my first time using adderall and I don’t plan on using it anymore. I am very nervous around drugs and don’t partake for fear of ending up an addict, what would my chances of ending up dependent after this 1 time incident?

  36. Is it possible to become addicted even if it is prescribed? I don’t have “addiction” to it, but I do have withdraw when I do take it.

  37. Hey I’m a teenager and I’ve only gave took adderall one time and it was about two days ago I’ve been feeling a little down/different and I really don’t know what to do…do I,need to just not touch it again or will it hurt me if I do stop im just wondering cause I’m not really use to pills or anything chemical wise

    1. Hi KC. Adderall makes your organism, particularly your brain work faster and harder. After the drugs effects have worn off, you end up being much more tired and as you put it “a little down/different”. This is a side effect of Addreall when it’s taken by someone who is not prescribed in the treatment of a medical condition. In fact, feeling down after the “up” Adderall takes you on, is one of the reasons people feel the need to take it again and again, leading to many unwanted side effects, including addiction. Don’t worry, your body and brain will return to normal as we were built to recover and heal.

  38. Adderall addiction is a myth, I tried it once and I never took it again after that. You all are weak if you cant quit that sh*t. Adderall sucks anyway… just smoke some bud if your trying to get high.

  39. Hi Caroline. You are dependent on the medication by now, which means you will experience withdrawal symptoms if you abruptly stop or significantly lower your usual doses. But addiction is a different thing, it’s more of a thinking problem and includes feeling that you cannot live or function without the pills, compulsion to use and obtain the pills, and in further stages it can also involve illegal activities. But, I don’t think you qualify.

  40. I’ve been on 20mg Sustain release every morning and then 20mg of regular Adderall in the afternoon. It’s been a long time since I was prescribed it. I’ve been on it about 3 years everyday.
    Sometimes I take an extra dose just to get more energy. Can I get addicted at that level of dosage if I follow the prescribed amount and no more?

  41. I have a prescription to adderall. I started on 10 mg a year ago. But then it increased to 20 XR. then it stopped working. For months I was on so many different prescriptions for ADD. My emotional state was so interrupted. After those months being angry at nothing, crying when nothing was wrong and not being able to pay attention, my doctor put me back on adderall. 20 mg IR. after a month or so that 20 didn’t help. Then I was on 30mg. That didn’t last til even noon. Then I was switched to 15 mg in the morning and 15 at lunch. That was okay. Then it started wearing off. Now I’m on 20 mg twice a day.
    Today I didn’t take medicine in the morning. My butt was planted on the couch. I had no motivation whatsoever. My mom was asking me to do my chores, clean my room, do my AP homework. It all sounded dreadful. I was depressed as well and I ate so much. Finally after my 5 hour nap,
    I realized I needed to do the homework and take medicine. Now I’m happy, not hungry and on a roll on my homework. Seriously, I don’t feel addicted but I do feel like I can’t be happy/concentrated/motivated when I’m not on it. I’ve abused it once, but it didn’t even get me “high”. I don’t know what that tells me. I just need insight. If I seek help from my mother she’ll take me off of it in a heart beat and I don’t want to think about that. I’ve been on every other ADD medication. Not even kidding. None works Better that adderall. I need help.

  42. I grew up on these meds and am prescribed 90-120 mg day of this when I take this med and I can start or stop it with little to no issues. I have more energy and am more talkative without it and eat more but I don’t have any physical or mental issues.

  43. So I took adderral for my test because I was stressing so much, and I only got 6 hours of sleep the night before. I ended up taking it in the morning and now I have finals this week and I don’t believe I’ll do as good as I would if I used adderal. I believe I do have ADHD but it isn’t severe. I never have don’t drugs before and have drank only a minimial amount in the past. Am I at a risk of getting addicted? Im sure there is always a chance of it but if you could help me out and be realistic on the chances of it happening that would really help me out.

  44. Hi BB445. Wait to be diagnosed before taking psychoactive medications! Physical dependence to Adderall can occur after regular dosing over a period of a few weeks, or so. While this is NOT addiction, dependence can affect your body systems and cause a period of withdrawal when you stop taking or run out of Adderall doses.

  45. Hi, I’m 14 years old and I am currently being tested for ADD. I got some from my friend and I have to take 30-mg for me to be concentrated. I am really neurotic about things (ex. I think about adderall and I worry of being addicted after only a day of using 40mg). Two questions, 1) if I’m taking such a high dose and not feeling anything does that mean I have ADHD? And 2) should I be worried that I’ll get addicted in two weeks?

    Thanks I really appreciate it,

  46. My husband has been taking adderall for 10 years and the last 8 years he has been taking 30mg twice a day. During those 10 years I have seen all the classic symptoms, huge weight loss, mood changes, irritability, insomnia (takes prescription sleeping pills to help that), but mostly anger and rage issues. He went off of it and started on vyvance a few years back from the request of me and our therapist but secretly got back on adderall after two months. I feel he is addicted or has a strong dependence and feel like it has changed the man he once was. Can you please tell me if my husband is addicted? Thanks!

  47. Hi, I’m a sophomore in college and am considering attempting to get a prescription for Adderall. While I don’t think I hit all of the guidelines for ADHD, I do have difficulty focusing on long assigned readings and writing papers. I also have a family history of ADHD. If prescribed I doubt I would even use Adderall in an academic setting, as I genuinely want to do independent research, but feel I am mentally incapable of the sustained mental effort necessary to complete this research. I am very worried about becoming addicted and am unsure to whether or not using Adderall, while I am able to function fairly normally without, would constitute as abuse. I would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have, thanks!

  48. Hello Anon3. Using someone else’s medication, that you’re not prescribed, is first of all illegal. Then, it’s also considered abuse. Medications are there to help treat a medical condition, and when you have nothing to treat, you are at risk of becoming dependent or addicted to the drug. Plus, there are numerous health side-effects.

  49. I’ve just started taking adderall, I get em from a friend whose prescribed. I started with a 20 gram pill 2 days ago and stayed up all night. I crashed the next day. And today I took a 20 gram pill to start the day. Am I at risk?

  50. I have been taking 30mg of Adderall every day for at least a year for my ADD. I have never abused or taken the medicine when I wasn’t supposed to. However, sometimes there are days that I don’t have my medicine, and those days are the worst. I can’t function without it. I’ll find myself sleeping most of the day, lacking drive to do anything, and constantly hungry. I’m afraid to go off of the medicine because it helps me focus, get stuff done, and control my appetite. At the same time, adderall contributes to my migraines and I’m afraid it may do me more harm than good. I’m about to start college though, and I’m scared I won’t do well without the Adderall. So, what should I do?

  51. Hi Mike. You can always ask the nurses or doctors in the rehab center. If she somehow got a hold of the medicine and isn’t prescribed to be taking it, the medical staff should be notified. It’s for her own good. Plus, she’s lucky to have such a caring son!

  52. My mom has been in rehab last 85 days for prescription drug abuse (not Adderall). I went to see her and walked in on her taking Adderall. She said it was prescribed. Do they prescribe Adderall to drug addicts? Thank you in advance.

  53. Hello Courtney. There is hope. I’d suggest that you speak with your prescribing doctor first and to be honest about dosing amounts and cravings. It is so much better to stop compulsive Adderall use at the beginning of abuse than to wait it out until it gets worse. You’re on the right track!

  54. At first about two months ago I started using adderall just for studying and school. Then it went from just for educational purposes to doing it before work and even just hanging out at home. The feeling I get from it is unexplainable! A week or two ago I noticed that 20mg just makes me mad and really moody and does not produce any positive effects so I went up to 40mg. All I do is think about adderall and want it all the time. I cleared my bank account in order to purchase more. Whenever I’m not on it I have a really bad headache and don’t feel like myself. I’m such a great smart person when I’m on it though. I

  55. At first about two months ago I started using adderall just for studying and school. Then it went from just for educational purposes to doing it before work and even just hanging out at home. The feeling I get from it is unexplainable! A week or two ago I noticed that 20mg just makes me mad and really moody and does not produce any positive effects so I went up to 40mg. All I do is think about adderall and want it all the time. I cleared my bank account in order to purchase more. Whenever I’m not on it I have a really bad headache and don’t feel like myself. I’m such a great smart person when I’m on it though. I can be the most out going motivated person and I like myself for the most part when I’m on it. I don’t know if I have a problem or not and I don’t know what to do. I’m not this person that pops pills just to feel good or to be happy.

  56. Hello Robert. What you’re describing is technically called “Adderall abuse”. Abuse can lead to addiction…but these conditions are defined differently.

  57. So would you recognize me as an addict if I use adderall to help me study for college? I take the max of 2 every two weeks, but am never consistent. I only use it if I have a test the next day, and take one for the night and take one more before my exam the next day

  58. Hello KJ. Yes, Adderall is effective for helping concentrate. However, it is prescribed not for its stimulant effects on the brain. Rather, for the opposite. Amphetamines help people diagnosed with ADHD calm down. Technically, using Adderall to enhance performance is drug abuse.

  59. I take 20mg adderall to study for ONLY big tests that can make or break my grade. I find myself focussing way better and clearly achieve better results with it. I probably will take 15 pills in a school year and honestly see no problem in this. Is there something I’m missing? I have experienced no negative side affects.

  60. I have taken adderall periodically since I was 13 years old. When I do not take the medication for an extended period of time things slowly seem to “fall apart”. I can’t finish anything. Forget about school-I can’t get me passing grade even if the desire is there to learn. Cleaning and organization are non existent. As I have gotten older I have learned ways to cope with some of the consequences of having AdHD. When I met my husband I was 18 years old and off my medication because I did not have health insurance. I was partying a lot once I stopped using my medication and I quit my job because I didn’t see why it was as important as my social life. I participated in very impulsive behaviors. When my husband and I started dating I decided to start taking my meds again and I was able to get back on track. I became pregnant with my son and stopped taking my meds and was able to control my impulses more. After my son was born I started taking the meds again and when I became pregnant with my daughter I stopped. I had health issues after I had my daughter and didn’t start taking my meds again until recently (three months ago). When I became pregnant with my daughter my husband and I started having marital issues that have carried on until now and have lately gotten so bad to where we fight constantly and are not spending extended periods of time together until we go to a counselor. My husband told me he thought we were having marital issues because of my pills. While I don’t believe that’s why we are having issues considering I have been on this medication prescribed by a doctor off and on through out our relationship and have never had issues before- I take addiction extremely seriously and had to consider this. I do not take more than my prescribed dose of 30mg. I do not get “high” when I take them. I legitimately have ADHD. He asked me to stop taking it last week and since I have and he has been counting my pills and treats me like I am a pill junkie which is very hurtful considering he knows I am insecure about needing them to function “normally” ( pay bills, clean, finish-anything). I guess I want to know if this is a possibility. He says I have been having “out bursts”. I am usually a very level headed person- and considering the last year I have been telling him I am unhappy with things (even before I was in my meds) I am very tired of being quiet about the things I am upset about. I don’t initiate the conversations that lead to these so called “out bursts”- I honestly feel that I am just very emotional about our marriage falling apart but he is blaming my meds. Could this be possible? Given I am taking my prescribed dose only and have taken it in the past during our relationship and never had issues before. Also I am not having issues with anything else than involving my marriage, even my mother and I are getting along and I see her daily working with her and usually we don’t get a long at all.

  61. Hi Jim. It’s difficult to say. Taking Adderall to enhance performance is definitely “drug abuse”. The addictive-ness will depend on whether or not you take Adderall compulsively or for effect over the long term. Loss of control characterises addiction. And while short term drug abuse may not necessarily develop into addiction, you are certainly more at risk of it than someone who uses Adderall for ADHD. Does that make sense?

  62. I just tried it for the first time yesterday. I got 5 20mg XR, not name brand. But my plan is to take one at 3 everyday because this is finals week and i have 3 essays and 2 HUGE TESTS. all on Monday. And last night i didnt really do much work, i actually worked out because i felt pretty pumped. However i did enjoy it, even though 20mg is not a lot so i was not really high although i had a very “background” high, and a faster heartbeat. Anyway i am going to use them for the next 5 days each night in preperation for next week. Is this enough to become addicted? I really hope not because i was up till 4 in the morning with crazy blood shot eyes. But i wasnt really that tired. Anyway thanks. Jim

  63. I have become dependent on adderall/vyvanse in my everyday life. I am working on giving it up now. If I am able to give it up will I be able to take it as prescribed again? It helps me a lot with everything I do but for a while I felt like I couldn’t function without it. Thanks!

  64. Hi Kyle. Feeling euphoric on Adderall is a possible side effect of amphetamines. Take your concerns to your prescribing doctor and talk openly about both your family history and the cravings. It’s possible that there is another ADD medication which can work better for you, as the desired therapeutic effect is a calmed feeling rather than a stimulant feeling.

  65. I have been prescribed Adderall by a doctor for my ADD, I have only been taking it for a week now but I am starting to notice some Cravings, I feel great when I am on them and have started to take them even when I do not have work to do. Will these cravings go away as long as I don’t up my dosage or will they wear away with tolerance? I’ve noticed that addiction comes easy in my family as two of my close family members have suffered from addiction of other substances, I may just be over concerned but if I think I may be growing an addiction I want to stop it as soon as possible, thanks for your time.

  66. Hi Sabrina. Cravings and not being able to live without a drug are characteristics of the psychological symptoms of addiction. Not being able to stop taking Adderall indicates just how important amphetamines have become in your life.

    I’d suggest that you get in touch with an addictions counselor and take an assessment for drug addiction to get honest and then address Adderall use in either an outpatient or inpatient setting.

  67. I have been taking Adderall XR (unprescribed) on and off for about a year. I have only ever taken 10mg though. I don’t get a “high” from it I just find myself able to concentrate better, accomplish tasks, and focus much more. When I don’t have it which is usually monthly for at the least a week at a time, I am unmotivated, forgetful, irritable, and anxious. I have noticed a difference in my moods when I don’t have it too and find it hard sometimes to not think about taking it since it is around me daily and I have easy access to it. There have been negative consequences because of me taking Adderall, but at the same time I know I shouldn’t do it. I don’t feel I am addicted because I have been able to stop for long periods of time, but once in a while I slip up and it takes about a month before I realize that I need to stop again. What kind of damage am I doing to my body and how long will I experience any withdrawal symptoms or have Adderall show up in my system. For the past two months I have been taking it weekly, not daily,10mg of Adderall XR, and I weigh 112 lbs.

  68. Hello Steve. Hmmm. Tough case, for sure. Check with your state’s attorney general office to learn about laws where you live that govern required substance abuse treatment for minors. Also, seek help with a family therapist. While I understand your concern, it’s unhealthy to snoop and take your daughter’s belongings, and there seems to be a breakdown in communication between you. Adderall can be habit forming, and if your daughter binges, she can exhibit crashes after use (the mood swings, fatigue, etc.) Teens usually use Adderall for either weight loss or performance enhancement, so she’ll probably be defensive about either of these two issues. Again, seek outside help and get everyone int he family talking. There are probably unresolved family issues right under the surface that need to be aired out.

  69. I have a daughter that takes these without a prescription and she has mood swings beyond control. We have been snooping and take them from her and do not give them back and now she is threatening to take items of ours that are equal value.
    We assume and believe she is addicted to these and wonder is there a way to force her to get help? I doubt she would get help on her own and what are the side effects or potential dangers of taking these?

  70. Hello please answer my question! I’m 16 and last year I had an eating Disorder, however I am almost positive that I have ADD, my teachers, friends, parents, and counselor have even alluded that I do. I constantly go and get things and forget why I did and repeatedly lose my train of thought. It’s hard to focus in school but however I do very well but I have to try and make myself pay attention much more than any other of my peers. My psychiatrist refuses to prescribe me any ADHD medications because of my previous eating disorder. However, I do not have weightloss as my motivation to take adderall I just want to be normal. My parents are on my psychiatrists side. So, I took matters into my own hands and took 5mg of Adderall today. I feel a ton better and was able to easily get through school. But I’m still concerned about developing a dependence on it. That is the absolute last thing I want, 5mg will be the absolute highest I would ever go in dosage. Infact, I was thinking of cutting the pills in half so they’d just be 2.5. But, I’m worried that taking a 5mg everyday would lead to a dependence? Or if taking it every other day would mess up my brain. What should I do? Please help!

  71. Before taking Adderall, I found it hard to stay focused or keep motivated. When taking a 30mg dose in the morning I find that I am able to get much accomplished. When I don’t take a pill I have an extremely hard making it through the day without a nap. I am addicted to Adderall. Before taking it though, it was more difficult to get things done and see them through to the end…

  72. Hi James. Thanks for taking the time to share more about your experience with Adderall. It sounds like you are managing your use pretty precisely at the moment. Addiction occurs when you start experiencing negative consequences of drug use, but still cannot stop using the drug of your choice.

    In order to check the possibility of having undiagnosed ADD or ADHD, check out this symptom checker for adult ADHD from Harvard Medical School:

    We hope that this helps! And please let us know if we can provide you with support or more information.

  73. If I have taken adderall without a prescription for the use of studying what are the immediate danger signs. It definitely helps me concentrate on my work. Also the side effect I felt was loss of appetite. Also maybe I have been a little uptight after taking it, but I might be just over thinking it. Is it possible that I have ADD and never knew? Also I have tried taking two 10mg pills in the morning regular release. And a different day I took a 20mg pill extended release. I know I am abusing it, but I also know I’m not addicted. I am asking these questions because I don’t know much about adderall’s side effects/ long term consequences. I would never take it to get high by the way.

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