Can you overdose (OD) on Xanax?

It’s very difficult to overdose just by taking Xanax, but there are risks associated with taking large amounts of the drug. More on how much Xanax is safe for you and Xanax overdose here.

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Yes, you can overdose on Xanax (alprazolam).  But it is difficult.

In fact, Xanax, which is mainly used to help control anxiety, is known to be a relatively safe drug. But how much Xanax does it take to overdose and what can you do to protect yourself from an accidental Xanax overdose? In this article, we’ll explore the risk factors for Xanax overdose. And we invite your questions about Xanax and overdose at the end.

Can you overdose on Xanax?

Yes, you can overdose on Xanax, but the amount needed is typically very high. The amount needed to overdose on Xanax will vary from person to person, based on your body weight, previous exposure to Xanax, metabolism and other factors. However, if you take Xanax with other medications or alcohol, your risk of overdose or complications increases. Additionally, Xanax abuse (intentionally taking Xanax for non-medical reasons) such as snorting Xanax high increases your risk of potential overdose. This medication should only be taken swallowed as a whole pill, and only in the doses recommended by your doctor.

What happens when you overdose on Xanax?

Taking large amounts of Xanax causes drowsiness and impairment of judgment, and this can put you in danger. The dizziness and excessive tiredness that are common side effects of Xanax may cause accidents. And when taken at high doses or mixed with other drugs, Xanax can cause a slowed heartbeat or breathing problems.

But the most dangerous complication of Xanax overdose is slowed or shallow breathing. Xanax overdose can cause your breathing to stop completely. Other medications combined with the Xanax may also cause overdose, or make these effects more pronounced.

How many Xanax is too much?

Doctors never recommend more than 2 mg of Xanax be taken at one time, that’s only in someone with a tolerance for the medication. Starting doses of Xanax can be as low as 0.75 mg per day.

Some people have reported taking up to 2000 mg of Xanax, with only minor toxicity. This is more than 1000 times the maximum daily recommended dose, making Xanax a very safe medication when it’s taken alone. However, it is much easier to overdose on Xanax when it’s combined with other central nervous system depressants, such as opiates or alcohol.

Xanax overdose help

It takes a very high amount of Xanax to overdose, and even more to experience long-term health effects or death, at least when Xanax is taken alone.  This is one reason why alprazolam is not classified as narcotic Xanax (addiction liability for Xanax is low, as well).  It can be unpleasant and dangerous to take high amounts of Xanax, but medically it’s unlikely to seriously harm you if taken alone. Taking high doses of Xanax habitually can cause withdrawal symptoms, which can be serious, including seizures.

If you’ve taken Xanax in high doses along with alcohol or other drugs and you suspect you may be experiencing an overdose, your prognosis may not be as good. Medical attention is necessary if you start experiencing troubling breathing or an irregular heartbeat.

Overdose on Xanax questions

If you are abusing alprazolam (Xanax) recreationally and to feel sedation…you may be facing the risk of addiction. The good news is that help is available. In fact, there are many rehab options and treatment programs for alprazolam addiction available to help you get sober.

If you have any questions about safe amounts of Xanax in your system, please leave them here. We are happy to try to help answer your questions about Xanax, and will try to respond with a personal and prompt reply for all legitimate queries.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. The biggest problem, I see here is, Some of these people, don’t even know what mg they are consuming. These are the people that are giving xanex a bad name! I take the least amount I can, which is .5 mg, at night to sleep.I have been on more but chose to stay down around .5 to 1 mg for sleep. My Dr has moved away, and I know I’m going to go through hell, to find someone, who will give me just enough to sleep, and that isn’t a lot. But with all of these people, giving it a bad name, I won’t ever get it back so, I guess I’m either going to get it off the street or die trying, wherein is where the trouble lies. I don’t want to live bad enough, to fight anymore. This is what works for me, very well, and I would be glad to take something else, but nothing else works! Whatever is wrong with me, I didn’t ask for, but I sure have suffered for it, for over thirty years, that’s long enough for anyone.

  2. My son is 20 and he took a bar of xanax.
    Can barely walk, slurs his words, doesn’t remember a lot of things he has done today. He is sleeping right now.
    I have been checking on him every 20 mins. My worst fear is if he stops breathing.
    Seeing on the news and hearing about people in my community that have died or have been hospitalized from an overdose.
    I can’t even sleep should I be worried? I don’t know what to do. Any advise would be so helpful.

  3. Hi i usually take. 5 mg alprazolam 3 times aday for a year but today i thought i took it but wasent sure because i was half asleep and it dident feel like i did a hr later so i took another. .5mg is this danger if i did double dose a hour later

  4. I’ve been addicted to Xanax for over a year. Taking anywhere from 2.5 mgs to 15mgs a day. I also drink lots of alcohol while on Xanax and I’m still here. I suffer from severe depression and anxiety. Don’t really have a question just have no wish to be here. The only reason I’m still here is because of my family and friends. I do not recommend doing it because it will take over your life like it did mine.

  5. Hello my friend 4 years old son accidentally too a 1/2 of a zanax! She made him throw up twice and drink plenty of water! Will he be fine?

  6. Hello my name’s Misty and my husband I believe took 20 mabe a few less then that but he’s been in the bed for 2 days he’s been up moving going to bath room hasn’t eaten much he used to take them and didn’t for over 2 years and knowing men he thanks he’s invensable and I had told him just because you took them before u don’t know how they will effect you and he’s really week Can’t really understand him when he talks and super tierd do you know about how long this will last .. this happened Saturday afternoon and it Monday now ?

  7. Mistakenly i took 5 xanax tablets at a time yesterday and dont know how to treat. any suggestion about this problem.

  8. I have over 400 prescription xanax 10mg bars. I have been going through alot of depression and the thought of losing my wife has pushed me over the edge. I’m strongly thinking about taken every single pill and downing it all with a bottle of Jack Daniels. I have had suicide on my mind for many years and im tired of the bullshit life brings you.

  9. I have been taking Xanax like heavy doses. I understand we are all different. I have been lucky sooo many times I am 135 pounds 6′. No prescription ever just got them off the streets. I can’t even tell you how many 2mg white bars I have taken today but I know also I took 15 mg of Valium. I also do Suboxone about 4mg a day. I hope God takes me soon I am over this hell.

  10. My husband recently passed away suddenly. He was fine one day got up the next morning and died in his recliner. He had a history of crushing and snorting pills. The doctors told me he had the Xanax and Lortabs in his system. With those two mixed together even though they weren’t large amounts kill him suddenly like that?

    1. Hi Kim. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner about your issues.

  11. Please help me , my son’s dad Lost a 2mlg Xanax bar and I have a one year old son, I’m scared he will find it thinking it’s candy ? can it kill my baby boy??? Please help!!!!! I’ve looked everywhere

    1. Hi Jazmine. Clean the house, and vacuum the carpets carefully. Don’t let your son in the room until you find the pill.

  12. Hi my little 10 yrs old niece was prescribed Alprazolam 10mg week ago and now she is in a coma. Do u think the medication caused the coma? Will she wake up & what will be the side effects if she wakes up?

  13. My presription is for 2 zanaz per day They are ,25 they do not seem to help. I also take 2 hydrocodone per day for pain they are 10-325. will it be bad for me to take 4 zanaz per day. My depression from worry in my business has caused me to have a minor stroke 2 months ago. I still worry all the time zanax helps me relax. can this be deadly?

  14. Taking xanax for a heart condition can be changed to a beta blocker which my Dr. has done. I would get 120 for the month (4 times aa day) and they always are gone in a wek. I just want to sleep and not face job hunting and psychiatrist. I have only been off them for a week but taking them with ambien I lose 2 days and do strange things. I lost my fiance and 6 year old son in 1999 and on Thursday I was driving on the wrong side of the road. I realized I lost my family to a drunk driver I could have done it to someone else. That was the rude awakening which got me to call my Dr. Ask him never to prescribe these things to me again and what happened. I realize I have a serious problem I can not get through by myself and NA is the higher power I need to learn to follow. Maybe then I will be employble and learn to socialize with people again..

  15. I have used alpra. since about 93′, taking 1mg. 3 times day for sleep and since I’m now 77 w/ bad arteries and high blood pressure, I use it to also calm a nervousness when bl. pr. is high.y problem w/ it is my is very low in the morning and I have another artery in neck to be repaired soon. Until I get the low pressure up head on the left side constantly aches and I can’t sit Dow or continue to lay and read because of my head aching. Do you think possibly the xanax is causing my low pressure and also if I get emotional it aches really bad behind my left ear down toward the base of my scull in I think the cerebellum. I don’t want to ask my Dr as he might just stop my presc. I don’t abuse them. I physically need them. Thank you in advance for any information. Jean

  16. Dr prescribed .5 pill but at first I’d get drowsy I only drink when I feel I need it for anxiety but for a week now I drink 1 everyday I feel anxiety getting worse drank 2 today is this bad

  17. I happen to have epilepsy and this evening without thinking I took another Alprazolam by mistake and would like to know if I will be ok

  18. my wife marge is 73 years old. She is on dialysis 3 times a week. she is also being treated for sczophrenia and just had a tracheostomy done 4 months ago. She takes in the a m 30 mcg for armour thyroid, and vitamins in the a m and a pill for her blood and folic acid. in the p m she takes 20 mg of lexa pro, 5 mg of respirdone, 12.5 mgs of ambien. 10 mgs of zetia, she takes Xanax .5 at least 4 times a day. today she had 8 mgs of Xanax. She is having moving parts of her body which I believe its from the resperdone. She has been on dialysis for 7 and half years and 8 and half years ago she had a abdominal aortic aneryrsym. Successful but everything has been stressful on me her caretaker butler and evertything that goes with it. Please can you help. I Just sent you a message about my wife Marge. She took approximately 8 pills of .5 which is 4 to 5 and half mgs. After reading all the other messages I guess she’s not too much, but I had a big fight with her because I feel she is getting addicted. Please respond

  19. Hi my best friend Just took 9 mg of xanax. He is only used to taking 2-3 mg tops and 1-2 on a regular basis. Should I get help or should he be okay if he’s been taking it and the max says 2000 mg without problems ? Please help

  20. I have been taking o.5mg of Zanex since 2014 each night started with just a half now a whole of only 0.5mg How can I stop?

    1. Hi Cindy. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Also, you may look into the Ashton Manual:
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

  21. Oh and I tried to quit rapidly and I was hallucinating while in work and could not function , and my biggest fear is seizures. Well along with withdraw , & im sure your going to mention talk to my primary care physician about it , but that isn’t a good idea as I know how the office is ran , I would probably get discharged from their office

  22. First off I just want to thank whomever ; is behind this page giving out helpful tips solutions and advice tremendously!! I’ve read a.ton of comments and your responses so I understand a taper method needs to be in place , however here’s my story . I’m 28 yrs old and always have been told for someone my age I’ve had to endure so much pain . I’ve had panic attacks since I was 12 but never understood what they were I would just tell my parents my belly hurt . Still st 16 they would come occasionally but I would deal with it . Well at 21 my mom died of cancer in front of my eyes while I held her hand . Then my father who was my best friend got some stents put in for cardiac reasons of course and a blockage , they said he was good to go. ,fine in fact . Occasionally he would say his Chest hurt but disregard it cause doctors told him he was okay !! Not 2 months later he was getting dental surgery in which he should have never been cleared for and a few hours later he died too right in front of my eyes so suddd lg and reached his hand out and asked me to help. ,I remember that day day so vividly and have flashbacks often. Anyways I believe I have the gene in me , my mom was manic depressant n my father was treated for depression and anxiety . Sorry it’s long but needed to share this because I need HELP !!!! So the doctors knew how close my dad and I were (we went to the same one) they seen my anxiety and depression from losing him was debilitating and that I had been to the er 7 times within that year thinking I was having a heart attack . So they prescribed me 3 peach .5 mg alprazalam daily , well that worked for about a year , I asked to up me but they are very strict so was told no ! Now let me add , I was willing to take any anti depressant they wanted to give me , so I’m also on 300xl Wellbutrin & 50mg Zoloft . Which I feel I’ve also became immune to , so my point is , since they wouldn’t increase my dosage I did myself , I’ve been on the Xanax for 3 years now , the last year I started taking a little more and more , I’m up to 8-10mg daily . I now take them to prevent a panic attack . I want to get back to my recomended dose , but I feel the same as some others on this forum have said I need something in its place some type of security blanket ppl that don’t have panic or anxiety or depression don’t understand you just can’t shake it off . Please help !!! Any information will be useful ..

  23. Hello,
    I just had one question I was hoping you could answer…
    Over the years I’ve mixed Xanax, cocaine, and alcohol, all in one night. I am aware it is dangerous and unhealthy, but was hoping you could give me a dosage amount of each as to where I’m in serious risk of overdosing.
    I don’t really have a tolerance for any of it besides the alcohol, but I’ve done roughly a gram of cocaine and 3-4 mg of Xanax, along with around 15 drinks, all within like a 10 hour period. Is that incredibly unsafe, or does an average dose require more intoxication?

  24. What would be the possible outcome of taking Temazepam, Xanax & Benzapril at the same time ?
    Your help regarding this question, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you, Jann

    1. Hi Jann. I suggest that you speak with a doctor about mixing these medications and their interaction with each other.

  25. So I’ve had a lot of anxiety issues in the past 2 months than I’ve ever had before…my mom has extra Xanax because she doesn’t take them, she lets me use them for my anxiety and I’ve been steadily taking .25 mg twice a day to get me through my school day without anxiety, I’ve been doing this since end of August it’s now October and .25mg isn’t working now all of a sudden how it used to. Should I take .50mg instead? Also I’m seeing a therapist right now and going to a psychiatrist October 20th.

  26. I’m worried about a friend at the moment anyway this is my first time commenting on this thread, if you are skinny and a first time user, and u have 26 mg of xanax and 2 beers on your first night. What will happen ?

  27. I have a very high tolerance for Xanax. Been on it for years. I ended up taking 12mg and 4 unison and two mixed drinks with alcohol in them. Last year I mused 22mg of Xanax and narcotics and ended up In the Hospital. Am I going to die because of the amount I took and what I mixed it with? I usually black out and don’t remember anything before I fall asleep to watch for symptoms of overdosing

  28. i normally take .5mg per night for sleep. my parents passed away within last two months. i have taken two with barely any effects in the last two hours. i have drank a bottle of wine and weigh 110 pounds. i want to sleep. can i take one more?

  29. hi i been drinking last night and in morning i took 3mg of xanax
    can you please advise me if its dangerius now and do i need to go and see doctor
    thanks a lot

  30. Have a high tolerance of Xanax. Need to take 15 1mg to stop anxiety, phobias, etc. am I danger? I do not mix with other meds or alcohol as I do not drink. My 15 year iold daughter was horribly killed in boating accident. Only child. She was literally cut in half. Xanax helped me get thru my grief.

  31. I’m a Pharmacy Technician, and take Xanax for Panic Attacks. The most dosage usually prescribed is 2mg QID.( four times a day)=120 per month.So if it takes 2000mg and no OD that’s taking 1,000 pills. For me no one can get their hands on 1,000 2mg Xanax. Not even on the street. So to all you snorting, smoking or doing it any other way than PO ( by mouth) you have altered the pharmacokinetics of the med was designed to work. Put it simple for you morons. Until the day the Pharmacist hands you a pill bottle with a straw attached, and the directions read Snort as needed for pain. Don’t do it.

  32. I’ve been prescribed Xanax (alprazalam) for over a decade. I can easily take 8-10mg and feel pretty normal. And no, I don’t mean .8mg. I literally mean I take 4-5 two milligram tablets daily. I also take triazolam and fluoxemine. I’m at a loss. My anxiety is still out of control. My therapist and doctor don’t know what to do. They don’t want me on all these meds (neither do I) but don’t know how to control my anxiety.

  33. My boyfriend got depressed and took two Xanax and he’s been getting side effects . He weighs 200 pounds . Do I call 911? There 1 mg .

  34. I am a nurse and also once had to take Xanax to help control my anxiety, however those who said it takes a very large amount to overdose!? This is untrue. Every person is different, and reacts to Meds different. When you take benzos in high amounts you could stop breathing in your sleep or go into seizures which can be deadly if you go into withdrawal as physician dependence is a necessary evil with this medication. It has a VERY high potential addiction, and withdrawals can be excruciating and can even take your life by going into a 15 minute or longer seizure known as status epilepticus. So please, be careful!
    Again, as a nurse with experience with these medications, you are all completely inacurrate that it takes a very large amount to overdose. No it doesn’t. Bento naive taking a couple 2 mg pills could put him into respiratory depression. I’ve seen it.

  35. My brother just passed of overdose xanax
    . This is so sad theres alot of people dieing for OD theyrr abusing this drug and we are the ones that suffer… we are suffering not having our brother and we did everything we can to bring him back.. i suggest for doctors to even stop prescribing those pills out..

  36. check this out ill give it to you straight the DEA came to my apartment looking for a meth lab in 2010 and i should of went to federal prision for a very long time but instead i had time to consume 43 1 mg of xanax with no water so i let them breakdown to liquid in my mouth then swallod them long story short i was on life support for 3 days and if i would have been alone i would of died so this is for you people posting all of your bullshit info about something you have no idea about you can forsure die on xanax alone so quit misinforming people before you get someone killed just so you can sound like you know something.

  37. My friend had his third seizure because of high doses of Xanax he’s still hospitalized and he tried to escape recently what do you think is going to happen next is he going to a mental institution getting rehab or going home

  38. URGENT
    my friend took Xanax with neurotin. I don’t know how much she took, she says a small ziplock bag. I’m really worried, how dangerous is this. I need an answer ASAP please. Thank you<3

  39. I take zanax for anxeity I stared off taking .5 mg x2
    Per day but since I have been put on insulin for diabetes I need to take more it only last for about 5 hours I am seeing my doctor tomorrow I know he will say stick to twice a day what can I do?

  40. I just got home from work and my fiance was completely out cold naked and non responsive but breathing now I dressed her put her in bed but her breathing sounds really weird like snoring but in spurts like trying to catch her breath but it’s been steady like that since I laid her in the bed IDK weather I should call ambulance or not or just sit here and keep a eye on her

  41. I normally take anywhere from 5 to 7 of the 2 mg bars everyday and it just calms my anxiety. For everyone worried of the amounts they take, you should be fine if you dont mix with alcohol or other drugs.

  42. Can the combination of Neurontin and Xanax kill you? Im asking because my best friend died yesturday and the evening before my other friend gave her between about 12 Xanax tabs, 4 of which she took while she was with me at different times, and a 1/2 bottle of 300mg Neurontin, which she had been taking a few of here and there as well. She had never taken either medication before that evening. Im unsure of how many of either medication she took after I dropped her off at her house that night. Im just wondering if its possible that the two could have killed her? because im not convinced that this is all a coincidence and nobody will give me any information. Ive called poison control and ive searched the internet and i cant find anything. Please help???

    1. Hi Ashley. I’m really sorry for your loss. I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns.

    1. Hi Helene. I’m really sorry for your loss. I wish you peace in this hard time. I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns.

  43. My doctor prescribed me Xanax at a dosage of .25 mg. When taking this, my anxiety seems to be helped for only a few hours, not the 8 hours stated on the bottle and by my doctor. Is it unsafe for me to take 2 pills at once during the times when my anxiety become harder to manage than normal, therefore making my dose only .5 mg?

  44. I took an unknown amount of Xanax powder. it was anywhere from 20mg-1000mg. I don’t remember taking it, all I have for proof is an empty bag (although I know some of it was spilled) all I remember was my parents they found me passed out and I slept for 3 days straight. it has been 6 days and I still feel slight effects. Is there anyway to know if I damaged my brain permanently?

  45. I have taken 42 mg of Xanax 21 2mg each. I am a bit relaxed but normal 4 mg does it for me. This is Almee -2 from Indian which claim same dosage. Did I get here? I know it was wrong to take that many but very hard two days of losing job. Not from drug use. From cutback. Any feedback appreciated.

  46. I’m 90 lbs drank three beers and am on five mg of Xanax just took the third and fourth pill should I stay up to make sure I don’t od?

  47. My next door neighbor’s identical twin brother took his life with the use of high quantities of Xanax bars. He had left a note taped to the outside door to his bathroom stating “Don’t come in call 911” His brother called me before he called the paramedics. I went over there along with my mom who lives with me. Together she and the surviving brother called 911 and I went alone into the bathroom. I found him naked in a tub and dead at least 12 hours. He was the same temp as the room. No alive person should ever feel that cold. My surviving friend wants to know if his brother suffered. I take Xanax and I would think his breathing just slowed until he went to sleep. I don;t think he suffered but I was wondering if anyone here could tell me if they think he did suffer.

  48. Hey I’ve been pre-prescribing My self for years getting it off the street . But I have to any where from two Xanax to feel at peace some day I don’t need them because my anxiety Is low .

  49. My husband overdosed on Xanax, thankfully we were able to get him help and off of them, but now we feel like it may have permanently damaged his brain. He doesn’t remember some things and says he feels off balanced in the head? And his appetite has decreased dramatically. Please help us in figuring out what is going on. Thank you.

  50. I took 90mg of xanax over 2 days…ended in ER…that was 7 months ago…l have a shakiness when l get tired or anxious…will this go away…l don’t take benzos anymore

  51. A few years ago I took like 10 white Xanax with booze and weed (forcibly) I had never taken ANY drugs before that. I am wondering if there are long term effects.

  52. Xanax @ 2.0 mg wasn’t the best ideal for me at the time I wasn’t thinking. Ended up and waking up with faitness, dizziness to my reacurrent usage. At that point on it was too late since the Xannax took over my body then I ended up with brain fog. Not fun at all giving up my real estate job. Few times I found myself taking my clients to some where else property not the current listing location.

    As for myself I have major anexity in my life and always took Xannax for over 4 years as needed by prescription usage. After the last pill it was overwhelming to know I contracted the danger side of the effects. I live day to day and fight myself to gain my stenghth back. Now I know better to control my substance of Xannax.

  53. My doctor put me on xanax 1mg for anxiety 3x a day and it doesn’t wrk so I take 2 xanax at once in the afternoon and at night before bed I take 1. Am I over doing it?

  54. A while back some buddies and went to the bar to play some pool, before heading to the bar I took 4 mg of Xanax, so we played pool and ordered a pitcher of beer, I drank less then half so maybe a pint and a half and then the next thing I remember I woke up in my bed the next morning, after the bar I took another 8mg of Xanax which I do not remember doing, I don’t even remember finishing the pitcher of beer, according to my buddies that night we went star gazing and I could barely walk and talk and when I made it home my parents said I couldn’t remember my own name, which I think is a figure of speech but I don’t remember, I blacked out after the bar so be careful out there kids

  55. 2 days ago I took 8 mg of Xanax, don’t really remember that day, I think I crashed my car, well drove over a median into oncoming traffic don’t really remember that well, no damage to the car so that’s good, I also vaguely remember doing the same thing again but it’s to vague to tell if it happened or not but the lesson we all learned here today is that Xanax is wonderful if you take more then 2mg and don’t drive on it, it’s just chills you right out. Good luck to all you people out there with anxiety and panic attack disorder, I just did it receationally, so you guys don’t really have to worry about overdosing

  56. BTW, I was successful once in weaning myself off Xanax but after a year, my natural anxiety levels became so agitated it wasn’t worth the constant battling . I gave in and went back on it. If I’m really to get off it, I need something to take its place…and cognitive therapy ain’t it. When Anxiety attacks, it’s like a touch of insanity, and all my intellectual faculties are useless. There is fight, flight — and surrender.

  57. I’m so accustomed the Xanax, it never occurred to me not to enjoy a few drinks occasionally but I’d notice once going to bed that my heart rate felt funny and I was very uncomfortable in my body. Could that a result of mixing the two?

    1. Hi Steve. It’s not recommended to take more than 2 mg of Xanax at a time if you are someone who doesn’t have tolerance for the medication. If taken alone, it takes a very high amount of Xanax to overdose or to experience long-term health effects.

  58. My best friend almost overdosed on xanax and is still acting weird and crazy. Shes lashing out at everybody and talking to herself. Its been almost 24 hours, she has been in and out of the hospital. I am scared she will never be the same.

  59. Just lost a child, finance left me, found out I have leukemia all in one week. Trying to feel nothing because all I feel is pain. I don’t want to overdose. I’m on 2 mg would it be okay to double it?

  60. I took my one Xanax 1mg forgot I had taken it and about 1 hour later I took 2 more because I was upset and I have panic attacks what could happen to me

  61. So what exactly will happen if you take more than the required dose of Xanax with an abundance of alcohol? My friend keeps talking about trying it and I’m a little worried.

  62. I just took >05 xanax {one} after I had 2 glasses of wine 2 hours ago…should I go to the er ??am I in serious trouble ??

    1. Hi Terri. I suggest you call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 and speak to a poison expert that can assess your risk of overdose and provide guidance on what steps you should take next to avoid risk.

  63. Two nigh s ago(Saturday after drinking several beers and nips I took 16 mg Xanax and coloapin combined the 16 mg were combined fro both drugs. 2 days later I feel very dizzy fall down when I get up occasionally. Is ther anything I can take to help or just wait out the time period, or could I have bleeding in my head? causing this symptons 2 days later Tank You.

  64. Hi there,
    I have a script for .5 milligrams of Xanax 2x a day. I try not to take them if I dont have to as I dont like chemicals in my body. Recently I have been under an enormous amount of stress so I started taking the 2 a day.. then that didn’t cut it so I upped it to 3 and then 4. ( Even though I dont take them, I refill them and stock pile them just in case )
    Anyway, years ago I took a couple extra pills in a day and had a bad reaction. I also washed them down with a bottle of wine so judging by my research…thats what did it.
    My question is, ever since then I am afraid to take them over what the doctor prescribed but my anxiety isnt manageable at this time. I want to know if 2 to 3 milligrams a day could cause someone to overdose if they are NOT taking in conjunction with wine or anything else?

  65. I have been on xanax for 15 yrs now and yes I am a addict. I have tried to quit but its soooo hard, the wwithdrawals are horrible & last for days! I don’t do an other drugs, I don’t even drink alcohol, any tips on how to quit for good? I have panic attacks in my sleep which is y I was prescribed them. I’m scared of what life will be like without them, any thoughts to help?

    1. Hello Betty. First of all, I believe that this article will be of great help to you: Then, you can do it with a slow tapering schedule, by cutting doses down slowly and gradually – as suggested by your doctor (generally cutting 10%-20% off the current dose every weeks or every other week). At the time of detox and withdrawal, you can use some over-the-counter medicines or herbal remedies. The other thing that you will need is patience. The recovery process won’t be an easy or a fast on. It will take months before your body and brain can start functioning normally without the Xanax. I also suggest you join a support or counseling group to help keep you motivated and ease the psychological implications of benzodiazepine withdrawal.

  66. I suggest people to stay off this medicine ive been on them since i was 14 now im 38 it has turned into full blown addiction last September i was in a coma for 4days woke up and was paralyzed when i woke up yes i took 90 and have done this before im now off since then but i was in the hospital for months just trying to walk again it was the turning point in my life but i wondering why was i paralyzed when i woke up

  67. It’s my first time taken any medication in 10years.. I was prescribed .5mg xanax and I was wondering if I had a strawberry daiquiri would I be fine?

  68. Ihave had severe nerve pain down left leg making it difficult to walk. I was on 2mg a day. I just took 4 mg in a one dose and the pain subsided and could strt h leg higher and walk better. Is this okay

    1. Hi Sylvia. I understand what chronic pain means, so I personally wouldn’t blame you for needing pain relief and wanting to be able to walk and function normally. But, doctors usually prescribe a certain amount of Xanax that is supposed to last you through the month. So, you face the risk of running out before it’s time for the next prescription. Maybe you can talk to you doctor about upping your doses; that way you won’t have to fear running out and going through withdrawal on top of having no way to treat the pain.

  69. I took too much Xanax over the course of Sunday and Monday, and it is now tuesday and I still feel very dizzy and exhausted and am having a hard time concentrating. How long do these symptoms typically last?

  70. Hi, I am a 16 year old boy with a major issue. One of my friends (15 girl) has been taking Xanax for roughly a month now. She also consumes other drugs such as kush, and weed. She even smokes cigarettes. I am well aware of the grave symptoms of overdosing on Xanax and I was seeking advice. I don’t know where to start or stand anymore. I really want to help but when ever I try to talk to her she brushes it off or changes the subject really quick. i would like to know if it’s easy for her to stop or if it’s once of the drugs that once you start it’s almost impossible to end. Also, how long until… 🙁

    1. Hi Shawn. Thank you for being such a kind and concerned friend. Don’t worry, she can stop, but she’ll need the proper help and support to change her self-harming ways. Can you tell her parents or talk to a school counselor? I know that this doesn’t seem right and you may feel like you are betraying her, but in the bigger picture if you don’t tell anyone and if she gets in much more trouble – you know all along and didn’t try to stop it.

  71. Someone close to me tried to commit suicide by taking 60 2mg pills she wasnt found until 4 hrs had passed she also took 27 ambien and about 20 oz 80 proof whiskey she has been sleeping in the hospital for 3 days since the episode what will be the damage done and long term affect when she wakes up

    1. Hi Kevin. Consequences vary from person to person. She will need time to physically recover after waking up, but I suggest you make strong efforts to provide her with good psychological support and professional help.


  73. Hello. So I’m taking 1 to 2mg xanax daily and want to stop taking it except in the case of severe panic attacks. I’m wondering if that dose could pose a threat with withdrawal symptoms such as seizures? I’ve been taking it 2x daily for three months, I’m make, 25, 5’8″, 180 pounds, Caucasian. My daily dose never exceeds 2mg or goes below .5 mg

  74. My boyfriend just took 400 mg of Xanax and is passed out asleep snoring. He seemed very high before. What should I do? Will he be ok?

  75. I am terrified of flying, it’s a claustrophobia issue. I have to fly next week and I feel anxiety already – I feel like I can’t get on that plane! I’m afraid the xanax won’t work – I only take it when I fly…my doctor has prescribed me .5 mg and I might take it once or twice a year – should I be concerned? Is there any reason it wouldn’t work? Can I take more than one if I feel I need it? Can I have a glass of wine to help…?

  76. If you have a tolerance to xanax, but for example take more than you normally take with alcohol, would you overdose or not because you already have a tolerance built up? Say you normally take 1mg three times a day, then after drinking take alot more than that due to impaired judgement from the alcohol…will the already established tolerance decrease the chances of a fatal overdose?

    1. Hello Tory. Call the Poison Control Center on 1800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert who can do an assessment of the overdose risk and give you instruction on what to do next.

  77. Just throwing this out there… I take a very low dose of Xanax when I fly, it is the only time I ever take it. My wife has never flown before but we have to take a trans-atlantic flight next month, and she is already feeling anxiety just thinking about flying. She wants to take a low dosage of Xanax just for the flights, which in general I would think is okay. My concern is that she is very sensitive to everything that can cause a physical side effect… she feels drunk after 1 glass of wine and will get ill if she drinks 2. How do you think she will be if she even just takes .25 mg?

  78. I overdosed on these; my girlfriend found me, my breathing was faint and I couldn’t wake up or talk. She rang an ambulance and I was fine however I didn’t realize what had happened. For 3 days it was all like a dream…should I say nightmare, now I’m getting the help I need.

  79. Hello Geralt. I’d suggest that you call the Poison Control Center to assess her level of intoxication and the risk of injury: 1800-222-1222. It’s a free over-the-phone helpline and the poison experts there will instruct what you should do next.

  80. My girlfriend took 10 aprazolam tablets 1mg during a crisis. I have to mention also that she’d been drinking quite a lot of wine before (couples of wine) and also she barely slept past 3nights… Is this an emergency situation?, my sincerest thank, gerald

  81. I have been on cymbalt 60mga and Xanax 1 mg3 times a day and Ambien CR12,5 for awhile now and sometimes ,, I really notice a diffrance1 I am really scared as most days I am auable to leave my house. no one undersatnds.

  82. Hello Emily. I apologize it took some time to reply. If you’ve been prescribed Xanax for years, you have developed tolerance by now. This means your body is now accustomed to the presence of Xanax. Now, although you wont be facing any major risks, you should always take your doses as prescribed.

  83. I take .5-1mg xanax a day. And have done so for years. This week has given me severe panic attacks and I took 2 mg just now. Should I be concerned?

  84. Hello Kendra. Call the Poison Control Center on 1800-222-1222 for an assessment of the overdose risk and instruction on what to do next. If you feel the situation is getting worse Call 911 or get someone to drive you to the ER.

  85. I just 7 mg of doggy xanaxx.. I feel weird and I’m scar3d. I don’t know what to do I don’t want to die I guess I did but now I’m scared

  86. in response to Dhaliz Delfante. your statement “I tale XANAX from year 1995 and I talen 2mg; two tablets three times a day” is not accurate. you’re saying you take 6 mgs total daily. a dr cannot prescript anyone to more than 4mgs a day. also it does cause memory loss. the reason you do not experience it, is because if you take that high of a dose everyday, the effects are not nearly as strong.

    this article is also not accurate. starting doses are not as low as .75mg a day. starting doses are as low as .25mg a day. sometimes even just half of that.

    it is true though, overdosing on xanax alone is not easily achieved. most of the time you will just fall asleep for a long time. never combine with other drugs tho unless your dr says it’s ok.

  87. Hello Jae. You can tell your doctor that you want to quit Xanax by gradually lowering doses. Then, ask him to help create a tapering schedule. He will still keep prescribing them until you are tapering, so you’ll feel minimal withdrawal and won’t have to go cold turkey, eventually.

  88. I have been treated on xanax for 8 months 2 mg a day for severe anxiety as needed. Until skipping days and not taking it on a regular basis has given me sever neaseua. So my dr recommended 2 mg daily. But the neaseua is still present. 8 months ago I told my dr I do smoke cannabis for back pain at night informed my dr about me smoking to help with appetite and back pain. Now I have a physical due blood and urine tests included she said with thc in my system that will show up I have a month to get my MMJ card which she thinks I’ll be able to get or stop smoking. (Which I can’t for pain and appetite.) and I am an organic vegetarian who doesn’t even take tylenol bc I am against harmful chemicals in pharmaceutical drugs. That’s why I refused medication for pain. But my job is getting in bearable I am on a medical leave to take days off as needed. But how can a dr cut me xanax at 8 months of use where I have built up a yolerence and dependencie to this drug. I am so afraid of having that taken away cold turkey with no process to wean off. I know I can’t do that and fear for my health and side effects.


  90. My boyfriend recently started taking Xanax, as prescribed by his doctor, and has been having suicidal thoughts. I’m worried he might overdose, is that possible with his prescription? (He referred to it as a .5 pill and only has about 100 of them)

  91. Hello Mimi. When you see that doses of Xanax, that used to work earlier, no longer produce the same effect, it’s the body building up tolerance to the medication. Instead of starting a larger dose, try to taper off of Xanax. You can see your doctor and ask about help. Doctors can help you create a tapering schedule that fits your individual needs, plus give you alternatives that help treat insomnia and Xanax withdrawal.

  92. I use to take Xanax before flying, for anxiety. But later on I used it for sleeping in .25 mg for a long time I took it occasionally, when I couldn’t sleep. I started with 1/2 of .25 then whole. Last 4 months I’m using it every night as my sleep got worse. Now I’m realizing that .25 mg is not working. I often have too many sleepless nights. It takes 3 hrs to work then I wake up during the night after 1 or 3 hours. I feel exhausted and very stressed out. What is the solution? Very worried and don’t know how to treat my insomnia. Any suggestion about this problem?

  93. Hi Keith. I’d suggest that you call the Poison Control Center on 1800-222-1222 to assess your friends level of intoxication and the risk of injury. If your friend has no tolerance to Xanax, it may be fatal. Calling 911 can save her life.


  95. Hello JC. Every day is a miracle!

    Call the Poison Control Center for an over the phone assessment about the toxic effect of Xanax in your system. And seek help with a psychologist to uncover why you feel compelled to experiment with Xanax. Life is worth it!

    More info here:

  96. Last nigh I believe I took 30 or more 8mg tab of Xanax and drag quite a bit. Would I have already died? Or is it a blessing I woke up?

  97. Hello Kim. I’d suggest that you call the Poison Control Center to assess his level of intoxication and the risk of injury: 1800-222-1222.

  98. Hi thanx for having this type of communication platform. what happen my husband took 2 .5 ativan. we went fishing he had 2 captain and coke and 3 coors. we we came home he took from what we belive he too a mix of ativan and xanax before bed. he missed his 6 o’clock alarm. my daughter and i went to wake him up and by know its 10:00. we he did speak it was incoherent and talking about statues and quads., lol. i know its not that funny. anyway he got up to go to work but was extremely wobbly running into walls and slurd speeeh. my 2 questions ar when he gets home from work should he to the hospital or will the combination has worn of by know? sorry so long just trying to give you the hole story. one last question him taking a mix of ativan and xanax. he took 12 of the combination. what should i look for. THANKYOU

  99. I tale XANAX from year 1995 and I talen 2mg; two tablets three times a day For pánico attack if I know I DONT have with me I must to returned home and taken and WOKING very good For me and I DONT lose memory

  100. Hello Mike. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You must miss your father tremendously and can understand why you’d like to learn more about the circumstances of his passing.

    I’d suggest that you take your question directly to your father’s supervising physician, to a pharmacist, or to a toxicologist. You’ll need a handful of medical experts to help you piece together the cause of death.

  101. My dad was a decades long Xanax user who was suffering from shortness of breath associated with emphysema. He had recently stopped using a Nebulizer, saying he felt fine and no longer needed to use it. Five days later he was found dead, apparently dying after falling asleep watching television. No autopsy was done, but is it plausible death was caused by impaired breathing from toxic levels (too much) of Xanax and facing certain death from emphysema?

    Please reply and advise soon…

    With my sincerest thanks,


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