Detox from tramadol

Detox from tramadol can be medically managed or supervised by a doctor at home. Which is best for you? Explore more here.

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Tramadol detox treatment

Has your body developed tramadol dependency so that you can’t seem to quit taking it? Do you think you may be addicted to tramadol?  If the answer is, “YES!” to either of these questions, then you may want to consider detoxing from tramadol. At this point, tramadol may no longer be helping you.

During detox, the body begins to withdraw from tramadol and gets rid of poisonous and harmful substances.  Generally, how long tramadol withdrawal lasts depends on frequency and amount of use.  But what is the safest way to detox from tramadol? What can you expect to happen during tramadol detox and can you detox from tramadol at home? We review here.

Detox from tramadol symptoms

If you are taking tramadol every day, you will become dependent on tramadol within a few weeks. Over time, the central nervous system needs tramadol to function normally (even if your body is slowly being damaged in the process). Detox is a means to help your body regain normalcy and return to chemical balance. And detox from tramadol symptoms are the body’s way of communicating that your brain and nervous system are seeking homeostasis.

Detox from tramadol symptoms can be tricky. There are several recorded symptoms associated with tramadol detox, some which are typical of opioid withdrawal and other symptoms which are atypical. For example, seizures are possible during tramadol detox. This variation in symptoms can make treating tramadol detox more difficult. In fact, you can expect the appearance of any of the following symptoms during detox from tramadol.

  • agitation
  • chills
  • convulsions
  • dizziness
  • muscle pain
  • nervousness
  • panic attach
  • seizures
  • sleep disturbances
  • sweats

Most of these symptoms will be addressed with the help of a detox clinician or medical professional as you withdraw from tramadol. As they arise, these symptoms will be treated with medications and supported medically. This is why doctors recommend that anyone detoxing from tramadol seek MEDICAL SUPERVISION during the withdrawal period.

Detoxing from tramadol time

The time it takes to detox from tramadol depends on which type of detox process you choose.

1. Rapid detox/medically managed tramadol detox is an intense detox where medications flush opiate receptors. This is done under anesthesia for a few hours. A 24 hours process allows you to be monitored and taken care of and will help with a less severe dependency or addition.

2. Tramadol detox clinics usually recommend an inpatient stay of at least 48 hours to make sure that tramadol is no longer in the body. While this is a longer process, a tramadol clinic can benefit people who still have certain levels of tramadol in the body and need to address withdrawal symptoms that arise in a clinical setting.

3. Detox from tramadol at home can last several weeks, especially if you taper down doses of tramadol over time. However, acute tramadol detox usually peaks and evens out about a week after your last tramadol dose.

Detox from tramadol at home

Can you detox safely from tramadol at home?  Candidates for tramadol home detox include people who are physically (and not psychologically) dependent on tramadol, who are highly motivated, and who have an excellent bill of health. While tramadol detox can present atypical and uncomfortable symptoms, it is possible to detox from tramadol at home…as long as you are prepared and are under medical supervision.

Talk to your doctor or another medical professional before you go through tramadol detox at home. And keep in mind that the safest way to detox from tramadol is in a detox clinic under 24-hour medical supervision. You may need the help of other medications to treat problematic symptoms, especially if you are at risk of seizures.

Also, keep in mind that detox from tramadol at home may take a longer time than in a clinical setting and can be more uncomfortable and painful if you choose not to use any prescribed medications. Many times, however, a prescribing doctor can provide you with short term SSRI’s (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) to help treat anxiety and depression after you have flushed tramadol out your body. Make sure that you are supporting your body and getting the proper nutrients and fluids to help flush out tramadol. Detoxing at home is not for everyone and may be best for those who are highly motivated and have a strong social support network. If at any time detox at home becomes too difficult, you can seek help from a medical facility.

Tramadol detox clinics

Tramadol detox clinics are ideal settings for people physically and psychologically dependent on tramadol. In addition to medical support, staff at detox clinics offer emotional support and encouragement. This accountability helps prevent drug relapse, especially when addiction treatment follows. There are two main ways that tramadol detox clinics work to help people dependent on tramadol. Clinicians treat tramadol detox in one of the following ways:

1. Medically managed tramadol detox – This is an inpatient procedure where you are treated for acute symptoms related to tramadol withdrawal. This type of detox can include rapid opiate detox where medications like Naloxone are administered and your body flushed of tramadol.

2. Medically supervised inpatient withdrawal – Here, you are still in a facility and clinic but instead of the detox being fully managed, detox is monitored. A nurse will check in on you every few hours to administer fluids and give you the proper medications. This can be done over either a 24 hour or 48 hour observation time.

It is important that after discharge from a detox clinic that you have a plan for how to avoid drug relapse. Now that you have rid the body of poison, it is important to replace a drug habit with something else and maintain abstinence from tramadol. Detox only takes care of the physical aspects of possible addiction. Psychotherapists, psychiatrists and addiction counselors can help you address the psychological side of tramadol abuse.

Detox tramadol questions

Do you still have questions about tramadol detox? What to know more about tramadol detox and what to expect? Have experience with detoxing from tramadol? If so please ask any questions or share any experience you may have with detox. We would love to hear from you. And we will answer questions you may have personally and promptly.

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