Does OxyContin show up on drug tests?

Yes. OxyContin is a narcotic and will show up on standard 5 panel drug tests. Common type of drug tests used to detect OxyContin here.

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Yes. OxyContin shows up on drug tests. In fact, a simple 5 panel drug screen can easily detect oxycodone.

OxyContin is a narcotic painkilling medication which contains oxycodone, an opiate routinely screened for in drug tests. Because of the high rate of abuse associated with OxyContin (oxycodone gets you high), standard drug screens will be able to detect OxyContin in urine. More on OxyContin detection here and a section for your questions about OxyContin drug tests at the end.

Why order a drug test for OxyContin?

Employers and law enforcement officials are increasingly cracking down on any drugs which are abused. Because of its high addictive potential, OxyContin is one such drug. So, authorities routinely test for OxyContin as a matter of course.

In other cases, OxyContin drug tests are a medical necessity. For example, if you’re admitted to a hospital with a suspected drug overdose and can die from OxyContin, toxicology screening may be done. Doctors need to know exactly what drugs you’ve been taking before they can appropriately diagnose and treat you. Furthermore, drug testing may be ordered during psychiatric treatment as a part of diagnosis or during opiate treatment to make sure that you are dosing as prescribed. Finally, because oxycodone can react strongly with other central nervous system depressants, OxyContin drug tests may be routinely ordered when you are diagnosed with other medical conditions.

Types of OxyContin testing

The most common method that doctors who prescribe OxyContin use is drug testing patients via urine screen. However, OxyContin may also be detected using blood or hair samples, but these tests are less frequently used. A blood sample is only helpful immediately after taking a drug. Hair samples might be used to detect past OxyContin use several weeks after taking the drug – this is mostly used to make sure someone with prior OxyContin abuse is sticking to their drug treatment program.

OxyContin detection windows

A typical testing and confirmation cutoff concentration for most opiates and opiate derivatives is 300 ng/ml (nanograms per milliliter). The typical detection time of OxyContin in urine samples is 1-3 days. This is because oxycodone hits peak levels in urine within eight hours. Levels start to drop after 1-2 days. Because of such a short detection window, low levels of OxyContin may not be picked up by urine tests, in which case hair testing may be used instead.

OxyContin use and abuse

OxyContin abuse is dangerous. The pain killer is highly addictive and can cause painful withdrawal effects, as well as drug-seeking behavior even in people who originally take OxyContin as prescribed. Taking OxyContin in high amounts of over extended periods will lead to a tolerance for the drug, which causes abusers to take larger amounts for the same effect. This greatly increases the risk of an overdose, which can cause breathing problems and high blood pressure, or even coma and death. Risk of serious adverse side effects increase when you chew, snort, inhale or inject OxyContin or take it other than prescribed.

OxyContin show up on drug test questions

OxyContin is currently one of three most addictive prescription drugs subject to serious abuse. If you or someone you know are taking this without legitimate reason, OxyContin will be detected in most job, law enforcement and treatment center urine screens. If you have additional questions about OxyContin testing, please let us know. We try to respond to all legitimate queries with a personal and prompt response.

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  1. i am taking 30mg extended release oxycontin 2x daily for years as well as 10mg oxycodone as needed up to 3x daily. my Dr just drugged tested me and said he will no longer prescribe bc my test came up NEGATIVE for opiates therefore I am not taking them BUT I AM!!!!! thoughts????

  2. I take oxyneo 60mg 2 times a day 10 5 mg Percocet a day also 2 teylenol sinus and cold I take 6 life brand muscle and back a day and lorazepam 1 mg a day if needed also 3 cylobenzaprine I have had 3 urine test at my doctors and she says I am positive for codeine and sudafed I get the sudo but why codeine I never take codeine ??????? Help me she thinks I’m an addict

  3. I took about 80 of OxyContin the other day. I only did it once. But I may have a hair test done in a month or two. Will it be detected since I only did it once?

  4. I took 10/OxyContin on a Saturday night. I did not drink a ton of fluid on Sunday Exocet for caffeine and 20 oz of water. Will it pop a positive on Monday at 8:30?

  5. I am prescribed oxycontin 40 mg twice daily and oxycodone 10 mg 4 times a day. I want these drugs specifically tested for in my blood and urine to verify that the pills I have taken are authentic. I live with two addicts and I’m paranoid thinking they switch them out (stealing from me and switching them out with something different that looks the same) if I get blood work done and urine testing , will the test verify that my drugs are authentic??

  6. To clarify for everyone oxycontin, percocet, and roxicodone will all show up as oxycodone on hair, blood, saliva, and urine tests. From experience if you take 30mg or more of any of those you will test positive for at least 4 days in urine and forever in hair unless you cut it off. They tell you on hair tests that it only goes back up to 90 days, but they actually take whatever length you have and run the test on all of it. Every inch goes back approximately a month with head hair so do not let them take from your arm or leg, every inch of that goes back approximately a year.

    P.S. an oxy 80 is going to show up like 8 10mg percs, ect. when sent to a lab. Ain’t no fooling it either that i know of, except for hair the macujo method does work if done right.

  7. I am prescribed percocet but have been taking oxycotin also, I need to know if it shows up the same on a drug test for probation that is sent to a lab….I have always been told they are both oxycodone and will show up oxycodone but need to be sure…thanks….

  8. I tested positive for oxycontin on a ua twice at my pm drs office . But have never taken that drug. They dropped me like a hot potato and dismissed me. How could this test do this and do you have any suggestions to help me prove them wrong? Thank you

  9. Does oxycontin show up as oxycodone on a ua for probation that is sent to the lab or does it show up as oxycontin? I am prescribed oxycodone for my back but ran out soo my mom gave me a couple of her oxycontins to get me through until I can see my doctor and I do have a ua coming up. Soo I’m just wondering if they show up differently on the test? Thanks for your help!

  10. I don’t know where these people are getting there information, I can tell you from 15 years of addiction to percocet, I am prescribed 200 10/325 Percocet a month and I am on probation where I am tested at least once a week they do not show up on the 5 panel dip test I know this personally, I would be in prison, think about it if they showed up as a opiate why would they have a specific test for Oxycodone? I have even went as far as I ordered my own 5 panel dip tests took them and nothing showed up.So if you don’t know what you are talking about don’t post!!,,,

  11. I had just taken a test that showed morphine ms.I take 40-60 mg oxycotin ms 3 times a day how is it possible to read morphine ms 100ng\ml ?

  12. hello I would like to know due to OxyContin coming up in drug test is there a way we can get this not to show morphine cause every time I do a drug test on my ex the test will show up as a opiate and when we further test we get morphine and she does have a script for this( we don’t know) as I have been told she has been abusing this drug or getting it given to her. and my daughter is with her

  13. If a person takes 90 mg a day of oxycotin for approx 3 months, and the person stops taking the medicine, how long will it take for the drug to be out of their system and not detected in urine tests? Thank you.

  14. Hi Demarcus. Thanks for your question about the metabolite readings for oxycodone on a drug screen. This is a highly specific question that would be best answered by a Medical Review Officer at a drug testing laboratory. I’d suggest that you call one of these doctors (perhaps at the facility where you were tested) to get some feedback and answer your questions directly.

  15. I have a question. I am taking 30mg roxycodone 4 times a day and recently took a hair drug test. The test stated that I was positive for oxycodone at 17000 pg/mg. I have been taking it as prescribed. What does this mean and what should my prescribed dose register on this kind of test? Thank you

  16. Hi Carla. Thanks for your question.

    Just take the prescription with you when you drug test. As long as you take OxyContin as prescribed, and test within the normal max limits for Rx use, the Medical Review Officer will return the test as NEGATIVE (for abuse). In other words, even though the drug is in your system, if you are taking it as prescribed, you are not using OxyContin as an illicit drug.

    Does that help?

  17. Hello,
    I will be taking a urine test tomorrow for pre-employment screening. I take 30mg of Oxycontin 2 times daily. I do not abuse, but am concerned that it may affect my employment. I am not sure what to do. Do I tell them prior to the UA that I have the prescription or wait to see if it shows up and then show them my prescriptions?
    Thank you,

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