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Does Ultram show up on drug tests?

Tricky question.

Answer: Yes and no. It depends on the type of drug test.

Ultram (main ingredient tramadol) does not show up on most standard drug screens, which usually include a panel of five (5) major drug classes. These urine-based tests are most frequently used when government agencies and private employers drug test employees for the presence of the following substances:

1. Amphetamines
2. Cannabinoids
3. Cocaine
4. Opiates
5. Phencyclidine (PCP)

However, Ultram (tramadol) WILL show up on toxicology screenings for specific opioid prescription medications. This is called an “extended” drug panel test.

Read more on the specifics of drug testing for Ultram, here. Additionally, if you have any questions, you are welcome to post them in the section below. We always try to respond personally and promptly to all legitimate inquiries.

Why order a drug test for Ultram?

Drug testing is a procedure which aims to determine the recent use of alcohol, illicit drugs, prescription medications, and their metabolites. There are a few reasons to order a drug test for Ultram:

1. Medical – Your prescribing doctor may schedule a random drug test for Ultram every once in a while to monitor your adherence to therapy. Doctors can also drug test you if you are admitted to a hospital under the suspicion of drug overdose.

2. WorkUltram abuse affects employees’ health and safety. The misuse of Ultram might also be responsible for decreased productivity in the work place. Drug testing allows companies to early identify and refer employees with drug or alcohol problems to rehab.

If you are taking Ultram, it is important to know that drug testing laws are not the same for every State and profession. If you live in a State which gives employers the freedom to decide what they want to include in their drug test and they decide to test for Ultram, then it will be detected.

However, for employees in healthcare professions, the standard drug test includes numerous substances. This is because employees such as doctors and nurses have greater access to controlled drugs. Drug tests for people who work in healthcare include check for several additional drugs, such as:

3. School – High school administrators that suspect recent drug use may request (depending on the school district) random or “reasonable suspicion” drug tests to ensure that the school is drug-free. School counselors are also looking for signs of opioid addiction. Consequences of testing positive for an opioid like tramadol can lead to missed school or expulsion.

4. Legal reasons– If you’ve been in a situation before where you’ve abused Ultram by taking it other than prescribed, you may be required to do Ultram drug test due to legal implication.

5. Other Reasonable Suspicion (cause testing) – If you show signs and symptoms of Ultram abuse, or display patterns of abnormal behavior which raise suspicion, you may be subjected to “reasonable suspicion drug testing”.

Ultram detection

Q: Can Ultram show up on a pre-employment drug tests?
A: Not usually.

Ultram is usually not tested for on standard pre-employment drug tests. However, there are toxicology screenings that are specifically designed to test for the presence of prescription medications such as Ultram.

How long can Ultram be detected in drug tests?

Medical literature indicates that Ultram’s elimination half-life is around 6.3 hours. This means that it will be eliminated from your system in about 48 hours. However, its primary metabolite O-desmethyltramadol (M1) has a bit longer half-life of 7.4 hours and can be detected for almost 2 days. Toxicology screenings can detect Ultram and its metabolites for 2-4 days max after the last administration.

Ultram cutoff levels:

  • IN HAIR – Hair tests can detect Ultram even when it’s taken in very low levels. These levels are in the range of 0.07-0.80 ng/mg of hair, and usually appear when the drug is taken as prescribed by a doctor. For comparison, in cases of Ultram abuse, concentrations are significantly high and within the range of 0.22-1.18 ng/mg of hair.
  • IN URINE – Medical experts say that urine tests are not as effective because Ultram is metabolized very quickly. The drug and its metabolites are usually out of your urine within 2 days since the last dosing.
  • IN SALIVA – Research shows that when you take Ultram, around 87% can be detected in your oral fluid. The medication should start to show in saliva drug tests within an hour of ingestion. Then it may remain detectable for over 24 hours.
  • IN BLOOD – Blood testing only offers a short Ultram detection window. The drug is usually detectable within an hour of ingestion, but does not show up on blood drug tests 24 hours after the last dosing.

Positive drug testing for Ultram

If you are prescribed Ultram and your test comes back positive – it shouldn’t be a problem. This way, your Ultram use is justified due to medical reasons. However, know that Ultram is a controlled substance in all 50 U.S. states since July 7, 2014. Taking it without a legitimate prescription and getting caught can bring on many legal problems and possibly job loss.

With this fact in mind, it’s very important to tell the administrators of the test in case you are taking Ultram as part of a treatment program. But, it is a Medical Review Officer’s (MRO’s) job to determine whether there is a legitimate explanation for the positive Ultram test results. The repercussions of obtaining and using Ultram very depending on the court system of the State where you live.

Ultram testing discussion

Do you still have questions about Ultram detectability on drug tests. Please send us your questions by posting them in the comments section at the end of the page. We try to respond to all legitimate inquiries with a personal and prompt answer.

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Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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21 Responses to “Does Ultram show up on drug tests?
7:45 pm November 23rd, 2016

Can tramadol or ultram come up as propoxyphene in a urine drug test?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:24 pm December 9th, 2016

Hi Rachael. Ultram does not show up on most standard drug screens, which usually include a panel of five (5) major drug classes. Propoxyphene is also an opiod pain reviler. So, it may come to confusion. I suggest that you speak with a toxicologist about your concern. Also, you may find useful information on drug testing in our latest free e-book:

9:32 pm January 18th, 2017

Does tramadol show up on a sweat drug patch

7:06 am March 13th, 2017

Hello, i have been tested for multi drug test & Tramal result shows positive! I have never tried or taken tramal or any kf this kind if medicine, the only think that i took before the test was advil cold & sinus & telefast (for allergy), how come the result showed positive & i have never taken tramal? From where the result cam be positive? Im sure that no one gave me any medicne that i dont know. Could you help please?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:29 pm March 31st, 2017

Hi Maen. I suggest that you retake the test. Also, some of the food that you have eaten may cause false positive. Download our free e-book on drug testing to learn more about the causes of false positive, here:

6:58 pm April 1st, 2017

If I took tramadol (600 mg a day) for a week and then stopped 4 days before a UA would I be ok? I am not a regular user and exercise frequently and am healthy . Thanks

1:50 pm June 27th, 2017

Will tramadol show up on a 9 panel drug screen

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
10:55 am June 29th, 2017

Hi Shannon. Tramadol isn’t going to show up on standard drug tests. But, it will show up on a toxicology screening specifically designed for prescription drug detection. Usually, Tramadol shows up on drug screens and is detected in tramadol-specific blood and urine screens only 2-4 days after use. If you want to learn more about time detection of certain substances, download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Drug Testing’:

4:57 am August 10th, 2017

We suspect that my mother was given an overdose of tramadol in her care facility. She was definitely doped with some kind of medication, probably on accident – they claim she was just tired… we visit her all the time and we absolutely don’t believe it!! Normally she takes 50 mg twice a day. We asked for a toxicology report and it came back negative for opioids. Should we suspect a problem here ?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
12:20 pm August 10th, 2017

Hi Donna. Tramadol isn’t going to show up on standard drug tests, Tramadol will show up on a toxicology screening specifically designed for prescription drug detection. Since your mother was using only Tramadol, and not other opioids, the report came back negative.

2:30 am September 23rd, 2017

I was given a urine test that tested these: amphetamine, benzo, bup , cocaine, illicit, methadone, opiate agonist, psychotropic, soma, thc, pcp, opiate, barb. I take tramadol.Dr asked if I took hydrocodone or oxycodone, I do NOT. He said I tested positive for opiate. (0.6 ng/mg was the cutt-off range) Could tramadol be why opiate was positive?

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:05 pm September 27th, 2017

Hi Stacey. It depends on the type of drug test. I suggest that you consult with your doctor about this.

2:09 pm November 5th, 2017

Not regular user of tramadol .. combination of 37.5 mg tramadol and 365 paracetamol .. 1-3 times a week max two dosages a day .. taken Thursday .. Will it show on Monday .. medical test for visa .

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
2:11 pm November 8th, 2017

Hi Ravinder. Depends from the drug test. Tramadol does not show up on most standard drug screens, which usually include a panel of five (5) major drug classes. However, it will show up on toxicology screenings for specific opioid prescription medications, called an “extended” drug panel test. If you like to learn more on drug testing, download our free e-book here:

11:44 pm December 14th, 2017

My tramodol did not show up in urine tested at Dr so they dropped me as paintientdoes any drug or food cause this. I do take 8 ultramarine 24 hrs period

6:16 pm January 26th, 2018

I showed false negative for tramodol at the dr I have been taking 5years or more so I lost my dr then and there just can’t see how that could be

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
4:00 pm January 30th, 2018

Hi Barbara. Some of the cause for false negative drug tests are drinking too many fluids before the test, acidity level of the urine sample, cross reaction with other medications, etc. Did you retake the test after showing negative? Did your doctor test you for metabolites? If not, ask for it. Also, download our free guide to learn more about false negative here:

9:48 pm February 11th, 2018

What medicine will hide tramodol I had negative resorts so I failed
Drug tho I take 8 a day at 50 mg

Lydia @ Addiction Blog
1:37 pm February 13th, 2018

Hi Barbara. There are many factors that can cause false negative drug result. Sometimes drinking too many fluids before taking a urine drug test can reduce the final concentration of a prescription medication or its metabolites per milliliter. Another factor that can influence the excretion of the drug is the acidity level in the urine. Download our free guide ‘The Definitive Guide To Drug Testing’ to learn more false negative drug results here:

2:00 am October 25th, 2018

I have a question…I do not take hydrocodon…. if I took a 10 Panel urine test and it showed positive for hydrocodon could that be because I am taking Tramadol? Is it possible or no?

3:26 pm October 26th, 2018

Hi Thomas. Yes, sometimes other medications can lead to false positive. I suggest that you consult with a laboratory technician and a doctor who can help you find the reasons about false positive. Also, download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Drug Testing’ for more information:

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