How is Percocet prescribed?

Percocet is prescribed in varying doses only by medical doctors MDs as an opiate pain medication. More on Percocet dosage, cost, and prescriptions here.

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In order to get Percocet, you must see a doctor for medical reasons related to pain or injury. Why? Percocet used for pain relief is a narcotic medication and prescriptions can prevent people from getting high on Percocet without medical reason.In fact, the Percocet high feeling can get you into lots of problems.  The main active ingredient in Percocet is oxycodone, which you cannot buy over-the-counter in the U.S. due to its addiction liability.

More here on how Percocet is prescribed, how does Percocet work in the body, as well as basic dosing guidelines and costs for Percocet prescriptions. Your questions about Percocet prescriptions are welcomed at the end.

What do doctors prescribe Percocet for?

Percocet is a prescription drug used to help control moderate to severe pain. Its main ingredient, oxycodone, modifies the way the body and brain perceive pain. But because Percocet can also cause feelings of euphoria due to its effects on the brain, the only legal way to use Percocet is for medical reasons with a prescription.

Percocet prescription dosage

Your Percocet dosage will vary based on your previous exposure to narcotics such as opiates or opioid medications. Percocet may be prescribed in doses of 2.5 mg oxycodone and 325 mg acetaminophen, 5 mg oxycodone and 325 mg acetaminophen, 7.5 mg oxycodone and 325 mg acetaminophen, 7.5 mg oxycodone and 500 mg acetaminophen, 10 mg oxycodone and 325 mg acetaminophen, and 10 mg oxycodone and 650 mg acetaminophen. The dosage will be one or two tablets every 6 hours. It’s important not to exceed the recommended daily dosage, because it’s easy to overdose on Percocet.

Percocet prescription cost

As with any prescription drug, the cost of Percocet will depend on your insurance. Percocet can cost as much as $6 per pill – which can quickly add up if you need to take Percocet for chronic pain management. The generic forms of the medication are usually much less expensive, often between $10-20 to fill a bottle, even without a prescription.

Can you get Percocet over the counter?

No. Percocet is available by prescription only. The oxycodone found in Percocet is addictive, and only prescribed to people experiencing pain which can’t be helped by over-the-counter medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Signs of Percocet prescription drug abuse

If you use Percocet to help manage pain, you might develop a tolerance and dependence on the medication, and be unable to stop taking it abruptly. This is normal, and does not necessarily indicate an addition.

However, people who take Percocet to get high can easily become addicted to Percocet. A Percocet addiction involves loss of control when taking Percocet and a psychological compulsion to seek out Percocet, even when using Percocet has negative effects on your personal or professional life. So, signs of Percocet prescription drug abuse include:

1. Taking more mg of Percocet than prescribed.

2. Taking Percocet more often than prescribed.

3. Taking Percocet in ways other than prescribed (chew, crush, snort, inject).

Physical and behavioral warning signs may also accompany Percocet abuse. So, be on the lookout for isolated, withdrawn behavior accompanied by mood fluctuations or personality changes.

Percocet prescription questions

Do you still have questions about Percocet prescriptions? Please leave them here. We are happy to help answer your questions personally and promptly. If we do not know the answer to your particular question, we will refer you to someone who does.

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