How is Vicodin abused?

When you chew, crush or dissolve Vicodin to get high, you abuse Vicodin. What are some other ways people abuse Vicodin and why? We review here.

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Vicodin is a commonly abused drug because the main ingredient – hydrocodone – can produce euphoric effect. In fact, people abuse the drug in many ways and choose to because of the altered effects if has on the central nervous system and body. However, the more you abuse Vicodin the faster you are increasing risk of dependency and/or addiction.  And while getting help for Vicodin addiction is possible, it can also be expensive and avoided.

Continue reading here form more about Vicodin abuse and signs of Vicodin addiction and abuse. Then, we invite your questions about Vicodin in the comments section at the end.

Can Vicodin be abused?

Yes. Vicodin can be abused.

Not only can Vicodin be abused, but it is one of the most common prescription drugs of choice to abuse. Why? Because Vicodin is a very popular drug which is used to induce euphoric high. In addition to getting high on Vicodin, some people may abuse Vicodin unknowingly. Some Vicodin users start out needing the medication for legitimate reasons and will then continue to use the medication past the point of its intended use.

How Vicodin is abused

The main indicator of Vicodin abuse is intention. If you take Vicodin to get high, you are abusing it. How do users abuse Vicodin?

You can abuse Vicodin by simply changing the way you take Vicodin. When you; cut, break, chew, crush or dissolve Vicodin you are changing the chemistry of the drug. Additionally, changing the way you take Vicodin will have different effects on your body. So if you take Vicodin in any other way than prescribed or in higher amounts or frequency of dosing than presceribed, you are abuse Vicodin.

One common form of Vicodin abuse is to crush and snort the drug.  Is snorting Vicodin bad for you?  Yes. This mode of administration gives you a high quickly but it also gives you a concentrated amount of Vicodin in the system which can be dangerous. Another way that Vicodin is commonly abused is to mix it with other substances. Alcohol is one of the most common substance that Vicodin is mixed with. However, both alcohol and Vicodin work together as depressants to intensify CNS effects. Mixing alcohol and Vicodin may increase the absorption rate of hydrocodone into the body but can also cause an unforeseeable overdose.

Vicodin abuse side effects

When you abuse Vicodin, you increase the potential adverse side effects of taking hydrocodone. You can cause damage to your body and its functions. By abusing Vicodin you’re affecting your body’s ability to absorb and process the drug which can lead to increased tolerance. With continued abuse of Vicodin, you can also affect internal organs and body systems. Side effects of Vicodin abuse include:

  • accidents
  • confusion
  • death
  • fainting
  • fatigue
  • liver damage and failure
  • loosing consciousness
  • overdose
  • seizures
  • shallow breathing/heartbeat

Vicodin abuse can also impact and affect more than just your physical health. It will also have a direct impact on social community and life. Effects of Vicodin abuse may also include:

  • addiction
  • change in mood regulation
  • criminal consequences
  • hospitalization
  • losing your job
  • seeking out Vicodin through illegal means
  • strained family and friend relationship(s)

Signs of Vicodin abuse

It may be hard to notice when someone is abusing Vicodin. Many people will hide their use of the drug and will go to great lengths to make their life appear normal. One reason it can be hard to notice signs of Vicodin abuse is because many times the use of Vicodin starts out legitimately. Other times, the use of Vicodin may occur with other substances making it difficult to identify. Potential signs of Vicodin abuse may include:

  • buying Vicodin online or illegally
  • changes in social life
  • continual refill of Vicodin prescriptions
  • doctor shopping
  • drug craving
  • erratic changes in mood and behavior
  • inability to successfully withdrawal from Vicodin
  • lethargic or fatigued all the time

Vicodin abuse questions

Do you still have questions about the different between Vicodin use and abuse? Please leave us your questions below. We do our best to respond to all legitimate concerns personally and promptly.

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