How long does Adderall withdrawal last?

Acute Adderall withdrawal occurs within the first few days after your last dose. However, protracted Adderall withdrawal can take weeks to months to resolve. More on how long Adderall withdrawal lasts here.

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Adderall, which is made of amphetamine salts, affects people differently depending on whether you use Adderall to treat ADD or ADHD vs. taking Adderall to get high. However, the general onset of withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking Adderall occurs within a few hours after Adderall effects wear off. And the length of time until withdrawal stops can vary from weeks to months later. More here, with a section for your questions about Adderall withdrawal at the end.

How long until Adderall withdrawal starts?

Once you have decided to stop taking Adderall, withdrawal symptoms can start as early as a few hours after the effect of Adderall has worn off. Overall effects of immediate release Adderall lasts typically 4-8 hours, while residual effects can last up to 12 hours. Overall effects of extended release Adderall typically last for 12 hours, while residual effect can last up to 24 hours. The most common symptoms of withdrawal from Adderall include:

  • disorientation
  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • mental depression

Adderall withdrawal timeline

As mentioned earlier, Adderall affects people differently. Symptoms of withdrawing from Adderall will change from person to person. However, it can take days to weeks to completely remove Adderall from the system when you’ve developed physical dependence on Adderall. It is important to note that because Adderall is a stimulant, withdrawal symptoms can be delayed. Therefore, it may take several weeks to months to no longer feel the effects of withdrawal symptoms.

24-72 hours Adderall withdrawal – General onset of symptoms can manifest shortly after the drug has worn off and linger for up to a few months after the medication is totally out of the system. Intense fatigue, uncontrollable sleepiness and catnapping, continuing stimulation, and drug craving are typical symptoms that occur during the first days after coming off Adderall. The worst onset of symptoms (fatigue, depression and disorientation) often occurs directly after withdrawal or coming off of Adderall. Many people report that the most common reaction to acute Adderall withdrawal is that of fatigue and oversleeping.

Week 1 Adderall withdrawal – In the first week after stopping Adderall, symptoms of withdrawal tend to even out with an apparent return to “normalcy”, although drug craving may occur and disturbed sleeping patterns are common. During this phase of withdrawal symptoms can include the inability to feel pleasure (anhedonia), waves of intense craving, depression, exhaustion, extreme fatigue and excessive sleepiness.

Week 2 Adderall withdrawal – After the first couple of weeks of stopping Adderall, characteristic symptoms of stimulant withdrawal may still be present including fatigue or exhaustion, depression, unpleasant and vivid dreams, insomnia or hypersomnia, increased appetite, slowed or quickened psychomotor response, and/or irritability.

Weeks 3-4 Adderall withdrawal – During this phase of withdrawal, apathy, irritability, and depression may still be present. Additionally, long periods or disturbances in sleep are still reported.

How long do Adderall withdrawal symptoms last?

Symptoms of Adderall withdrawal can last anywhere between a few days to several months after you last take the medication. The harsher, acute effects of withdrawal should resolve within after about a month. However, people have reported still feeling fatigue and increased appetite long after the initial 30 days.

Adderall withdrawal: how long?

Adderall affects each person differently depending on the dosage and how long you have been taking Adderall. In other words, each withdrawal period is unique to the person taking Adderall. Various health concerns need to be taken into consideration. In general, however, if you taking Adderall for medical reasons in doses as prescribed, symptoms of withdrawal tend to be less intense than someone abusing the medication or taking higher doses than prescribed.

Post-Acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS) is a set of symptoms that occur right after you stop taking Adderall and can last several months afterwards. Increased fatigue and having less energy are typical of Adderall use and these symptoms can linger for weeks to months after your last dose of Adderall. Additionally, people who withdraw from Adderall might experience sleeping issues for several months after they stop taking the medication as well as mental depression or emotions that they are not as used to. People suffering from depression are encouraged to seek help.

How long Adderall withdrawal questions

If you have any more questions regarding withdrawal from Adderall please ask. We do our best to respond to your questions personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Well benadryl help with the detox of Adderall .I have been taken it for a year now n when ever I detox from it I can’t sleep at night .then I’m back on it in 2 weeks .what over the counter meds CAn I take to help me cold turkey from Adderall .I don’t want to talk to a dr I want to do it on my own . Thanks you

  2. Thank you for your article..ive been takeing adderal for 10 yrs and I’ve quit for days low doses ect..thia time I feel like I’m dieing so looking for insight I feel tired and not capable of what’s expected of me so i can see why people become suicidal..simple tasks seem like a big deal and work beyond that seems impossible so who wants to feel like long can I tolerate it I’m seriously going to every thing feeling like thus..feath would feel like relief but I don’t wanto die and I love my child sooo much..idk if I ‘ll ever feel better thats why I allways take it some point

  3. Connie and Ana what you are going thru is normal. I am almost a year off this stuff and still suffering from lack of drive, motivation and really have not much of a remaining reward system. However I do feel healthier and like my brain is starting to function more normally in other ways. People on have really kept me going and are very supportive. Ana the skin and health issues you describe are not super common Adderall withdrawal symptoms from my research however I do not discount that they are related. After stopping Adderall my eye sight has suffered and do feel a little bit like my eyes have sunken also. My skin is much dryer now as well, I would suggest a primary physician to at least run some blood work on you to make sure nothing else is going on. Neurologist may help also however from my experience other than ruling out other illnesses there is not much any doctor can do for us. Many do switch to Welbutrin as an antidepressant As well, just a thought.

  4. Hi, I was prescribed Adderal after my head injury. I started taking it in 2003 and finally realized it caused more problems then help and qut cold turkey in 2018. I was recently taking 30 mg XR twice a day. In the past 15 years I have lost tons of hair, bruises all over, weakened nails, I started skin picking while on the adderal and basically look like a meth addict. What I am asking is when will my beauty return? I am only in my 20’s but look like I am in my 50’s! My eyes are sunken in, dark circles, dark marks all over face and body and makeup only does so much.
    I eat healthy though my appetite has still not returned I do not eat meat, I do not drink alcohol or soda and I am primarily vegetarian while earing minimal carbs.
    . Facial fillers is something I cannot afford. Is there something I can do to ever have my beauty return? I wish I never took this nightmare medication…please recommend a professional who can help me.

  5. I have taken Adderall for medical reasons and not abuse. I have been taking the 30 mg extended release for two years. Before that the immediate 15 mg 2x day for maybe 1-2 years. I had surgery and stopped the adderall. I’m almost 2 weeks post op. I also have Fibromyalgia, which also causes fatigue. I’m experiencing extreme fatigue. Is there anything I can do to speed up the detox? Thank you.

  6. Dan I was on the same dose. I stopped and my doc convinced me a couple weeks later when I was feeling horrible to resume again… So I tried a couple days, half pill on second day… I just wasn’t feeling the bennifit like when I started and felt guilty as I had it already in my head to quit. For me I started counting the days of withdrawal from the date of my last pill.

    6mo later I am feeling better but not perfect. Still have some sleeping troubles and low modivation at least 2/3’s of the week. My reading eye sight is completely in just these few months however that might not be related…

    I really reccomend for support in the forums and more info. It has really helped me.

  7. Thanks so much for the post. I took a fairly low dose of adderall (5mg 2x daily) for over 3 years and recently stopped (about 3 weeks ago). My question is: If I “relapsed” once (i.e. took one 5mg pill 2 days ago), would I expect that to “reset” my withdrawal timeline completely? Somewhat? Or should it be relatively insignificant?

  8. I was on adderall 30mg 3/times a day since 2004. I was taking for attention deficit but just couldn’t afford any more. I also struggled with depression but stopped my Zoloft at the same time. It’s going on 4/weeks and gaining weight like crazy, sleep issues, depression and cry easily. How long can I expect this to continue?

  9. I took 120 adderall a month. 60 10 mg 60 15 mg with in a two week period and crashed the other two weeks of the month for at least a year are so. I quit cold turkey in May. And still struggle with no motivation. And do not enjoy what I did before I used adderall. I think sometimes I was better on it than off. But I have to keep telling myself that’s not true. When will O feel like me again. I 60 and would love to enjoy my grand children and family life again. I take all the supplements suggested, an antidepressant, excercise or try everyday, but my weight gain is ridiculous, I drink bone broth, rest and pray my heart out, And can not get any consistency in my recovery. It’s a roller coaster of dread,emotions, lack of interest, constantly mentally talking and pushing my self to have a little bit of that enthusiasm I once had for my simple life. in an effort to just reach my normal. How much longer. I am spiritual and pray daily at times all day long. I had no idea 5 months later I s still be struggling. It’s better, but not at all what I hoped for. Just to have me again.

  10. I used to take adderall every day for five years. At first it was under control, but after a few years I began heavily abusing it. I would stay up for 2-3 days straight taking 100-200 mg and then crash for a day or two. I did this constantly for two years, drinking 4 cans or more of red bull. I was prescribed 75 20 mg tablets a month and would run out within one to two weeks, having to spend hundreds of dollars buying it on the street. I got admitted into a hospital voluntarily and quit taking adderall for six months. I experienced extreme depression and lack of energy. I would still constantly crave adderall every day. I’ve gained fifty pounds. Recently, I caved in and I don’t like how it feels. Yea, it has helped me numb myself during a very difficult time, but I realize that instead of being emotional, I feel empty. Rather than feeling sad, I feel alone. I feel like I am having more trouble concentrating on it vs without it.

  11. I was taking Adderall (non xr) 5mg twice a day one in AM and one in afternoon for the past couple years now. I also took it for a couple years about years ago however do not recall the withdrawal being so bad. I got back on Adderall due to ADHD concentration issues and now I just want to be done with it for good.

    I recently quit by only taking my morning dose intermittently for a while and noticed my afternoon tiredness. Then stopped completely in early June when I caught a cold.
    So now it’s been 2.5 Months and I still cannot sleep a full night, I do sleep at first having a few vivid dreams then awake at about 2am laying like a zombie just there with my eyes closed and check the clock intermittently as each hour goes by. At least I am resting I suppose. I have tried Melatonin and many herbal remedies and all the obvious advise; no TV etc. Melatonin gets me to sleep faster it just doesn’t keep me asleep. I am just working thru this praying it will remedy itself without having to ass another drug to be dependent on to sleep.
    On top of sleep I have many very cloudy and tiresome days with little motivation to start a single new task. My mind knows what I wish I were getting done however I just cannot get focused and motivated to do it. I have some intermittent good days that I cannot figure out why I feel better; like it’s something to do with dopamine storage and my body having difficulty finding it’s new way of regulating it and some days it gets the mixture right.

    I also have high frequency hand tremors that really show up when I am anxious. Sometimes when I get them my forearm muscles get really tight contracting a bit. My doctor says it’s anxiety however I am seeing a neurologist just to rule out the scary stuff like Parkinson’s. Many of the withdrawal symptoms do have similarities to Parkinson in my experience however my doctors say no it’s the change in meds and anxiety. I pray this is true.

    Being off for 2.5 months now I just expected this would be much more over by now. If I could sleep better maybe I would feel a bit better. If I could stop having tremors maybe my anxiety would lesson as I wouldn’t be focused on it… Anyone else have similar symptoms or have advise for me?

  12. I moved and new dr. Completely cut me off of 60 mg daily of adderrall.. I have been exhausted, yet very uncomfortable, more anxious and depressed than usual, have been taking more benzos and gabapentin than usual in result..all I need is to run out of that on top of all of this smh…staying with family as of very recently and don’t want them to know the extent..I have mentioned it but just not very understood and don’t want to burden anyone more than I already have..what is wrong with me..had a sleepless..worried about everything..kind of night..trying to take things one day at a time but feel my life is ruined..also on effexor for depression…idk just felt sharing some of my situation may help. Anyway, thankyou all, truly

  13. I’m a male 19 in good shap I’ve been taking adderall since shortly after I started school for ADHD, and I know from 8th grade until I graduated I was taking 80mg a day. senior year I started taking even more to help study for finals and I was self medicating at that point to about 120mg a day until I got caught and my parents took me off right away with no tapper when I graduated at 16 ( now that I’ve researched adderall, my doctor should loose his license for even supplying me with that much adderall) l went thru a terrible withdrawal for forever it seems but even now two years later the physical effects have left but not the mental effects such as: extremely poor memory, stuttering, blurry thoughts, and brutal cravings, non of wich I had before I was taken off “cold turkey”. Will these mental problems remain as permanent damage due to taking such a high dose for such a long period of time¿ and is there any way to relive the cravings, I’m constantly thinking of it 24/7 anything to get me the rush; cocaine, meth, nicotine caffeine…etc I have not had a relapse at all but they keep getting stronger it may not be long

  14. Husband is bi-polar and relatively stable for 15 years on combo of seroquel, lamictal and clonopin. Doc put him on adderall two years ago to help with his “focus” citing findings that bi-polar mania was related to ADHD. First month was great. Then nightmare began. Within six months, he had the first breakdown he’s had in 17 years, became aggressive, angry, rude and manic. Begged doc to take him off adderall and he not only upped dosage, but also upped dosage of clonopin. Husband didn’t want to believe adderall was bad, because it made him feel euphoric and empowered – he thought he was in control, when he actually was a manic jerk. Second breakdown (last month) resulted in a trip to ER when he was picked up by police for loitering, because he didn’t know how to get home, which was a block away. After full neurological clearance, he was sent to in-patient facility for psych treatment. (Which alone was traumatizing.) He has been offer adderall for almost a month and back on the regime that he was stable on for years. But he is still manic, rude, oblivious to how he treats others and I am always the bad guy that puts down adderall – he doesn’t want to blame the drug or accept that this has caused two psychotic breaks within a year. I realize that he is still experiencing the long-term effects – how long will this last and how can I naturally supplement his diet/routine to speed up the return to normal dopamine production?

  15. I’ve been on ADHD meds for 12 years. 70mg vyvanse and 20mg adderall IR. 2 years ago I started taking klonopin and about 3 months ago my doctor took me off of it. Since then I’ve abused adderall, taking 100-200 mg/day to “replace” klonopin. I’ve decided to come off of the medication and “detox” myself. My tolerance is so dangerously high and my depression has gotten out of control. How long will it take until I feel normal again? I started on amphetamines at the age of 12.. I don’t remember what it’s like to not be on this medication 🙁

  16. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

    Not joking about this. After taking adderall extended release 30mg, 3X a day (more than I was prescribed) the withdrawal was unimaginable. I am a working professional that is very successful at my job, and I couldn’t afford to be bed ridden and depressed from withdrawal symptoms.

    I noticed a colleague of mine drinking Apple Cider Vinegar everyday. She works the morning shift (2 AM through 1 PM) and has to be “ON”. We both work in television. I asked her why she takes ACV, and she said she read a whole book about its health benefits. I purchased the Bragg i-book “Apple Cider Vinegar, Miracle Health System”.

    It’s a miracle. Nothing short of it. I feel the best I ever have… The withdrawal symptoms stopped IMMEDIATELY. I wouldn’t joke about this. I take two heaping tablespoons, put it in a huge glass of water. A little squirt of organic honey then a splash of organic cranberry juice. The result? A smooth energy that lasts the entire day. I encourage you to read about it. ACV has HUNDREDS of health benefits. You can find the book at Walmart or buy it in the i-tunes book store. If you buy ACV, it needs to have “the mother” (bacteria from fermentation). The clean, pretty stuff at the store in the jugs won’t do the job. I personally prefer the Bragg brand.

    This will change your life. Especially since the other benefits include lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, natural energy, whiter teeth, healthier skin. It’s a miracle substance. Again– read about it. When I couldn’t move in the morning, this was the ONLY thing that helped me get back to work and out of the adderall hole. I hope this changes your life like it changed mine. Just be consistent about it. 3X a day, two tablespoons, add a little organic honey. Give yourself a few days on it. I noticed effects immediately, but since we’re all made differently, it may take you a little longer… but try it.

  17. I just recently stopped taking adderal 30mg because my refill ran out too early, I still have a week before I can refill. I know that I am not ADD but love the way I feel with them I work 4-5 12 hour shifts a week with no problem, (called off sick today, I couldn’t wake up) I have to work. I take valium 10mg to sleep when Im on adderal and take perc’s throughout the day and cymbalta 60mg everyday. This is my “normal” life and I function well. Awake when I need to be asleep when I need to be, no pains and Cymbalta keeps me moodless. Im just worried about these next few days and symptoms before I can get my RX refill. What can I do or take so I can have energy to work?

    1. Hi Dolly. I suggest that you consult with a pharmacist or a doctor to recommend some teas or plant-based aids.

  18. What if you’ve taken it on and off for months at a time for like four years, then you stop but for good…can symptoms just come up way later because your body is used to “usually” having it again?

  19. I have been taking 30 mg adderal for maybe a week to a week and a half and I’m just wondering if it would be better to go cold turkey or to slowly go off. I just don’t like the feeling of having to get through the day using a pill

  20. I quit adderall about 9-10 months ago. when i quit had problems with anxiety attacks. the problems have decreased over time but i notice i still have occasional panic attacks which i never had before adderall. how long does it take for this to fully go away?

  21. Been on Adderal for over 2 years now 40 mil a day. Just stopped taking them for 2 days taking lots of naps hoping I can feel normal again.Dont have anxiety never had took them made me feel confident just hope this fatigue feeling will go away any suggestions

  22. Buprenorphin in low dosages might alleviate intense cravings dysphoria helplessness during acute anphet wds. While obviously a controversial method speak with a doctor one preferably who know you well

    1. Hi Jay. Depends on how many times a day and how big of a dose you were taking. But, after 8 days symptoms shouldn’t really be felt.

    1. Hi Casey. Yes, our mood is affected by chemical changes in the organism. Starting to take a medication or lowering/stopping use can also cause sudden shifts in feelings and behavior.

  23. I have a question about the adderall withdraw now im having withdraws i think i havent took any adderall in about a week and just the last two days seem like its been as stated in all the symtoms sleepiness than not fiqtiiged hungry vivid dreams now i was taking adderall pretty heavy for about 2-3 weeks would it help if i were to take just 1 a day for awhile to not have these feelings?

    1. Hi, Jim.I suggest you consult a doctor or a pharmacist to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Also, consider over-the-counter medications, hot baths, and natural-plant remedies to help you ease withdrawal.

  24. I have been on Adderall about 15 months for treatment resistant depression. I also have generalized anxiety disorder which I take Valium for. The first few month of adderall use was tough to manage and I did not take it as prescribed resulting in running out before my next RX could be filled (20mg IR 2X/day). It helped a lot with getting to work and motivation but always caused anxiety as it wore off. I built tolerance quickly. Taking too little causes anxiety and taking too much= run out.I determined pretty quickly that I was playing with fire but it’s the only thing that helped me function last year. I began to take one week tolerance breaks and would have tremendous brain fog and sleep a lot- could not work… I always cleared up in 5-7 days. After several of these debilitating breaks, I decided to stop for good. This time, however is different. I am experiencing tremendous rebound anxiety. No depression, fatigue. Just debilitating anxiety, flushing or hot face, tingling, irritability, and brain fog (from anxiety). This time I haven’t cleared up after a week. Its been several and anxiety is up 10 fold. I don’t see much about anxiety several weeks after last dose. Have you heard of anything similar?

  25. My doctor just fired me after months of jerking me around by prescribing my adderal intermittently to me. My doctor was allowing me to lapse my treatment for sometimes a week up to a month. Needless to say this has,made me very ill from withdrawal symptoms. I have been on adderal for 8 years for ADHD. I have been having serious insomnia and depression for months. I got another doctor my internist to prescribe me adderal he knew that I was getting it from my other doctor who is a nurse practitioner. The next thing I know I get discharged by my nurse practitioner for violating the clinics undisclosed policy called doctor shopping. This happened after she kept refusing to refill my prescription until my next appointnent. 30 days later I had become really sick depressed and told her I felt schizophrenic from not being able to sleep she refused to refill my prescription and discharged me with me being horribly ill. There was no discussion about anything and I was abandoned. My internist did the same thing to me. I did nothing wrong here my internist had his nurse tell me over the phone . I believe this happened because my internist prescribed me adderal but it was only because my other provider had been so lax in prescribing it and allowing me to go into withdrawl every other month. I don’t feel well at all and just feel like giving up. If I had a gun I would shoot myself right now I feel just that bad. Neither doctor will return my calls I really feel that I coukd just drop dead I am so confused and depressed . I couldn’t even attend thanksgiving with my family. I can’t even think straight. Please help with any advice or recommendations. I am aching all over and having stomach cramps. I had not been abusing adderal just taking the prescribed dose. Thank you.

  26. I was taking Adderall xr 25mg for about 2 weeks, and have stopped taking it. How bad do you think the withdrawal will be and now long will it potentially last? Thanks.

  27. I am 27 and I have been prescribed 20 mg extended release in the AM and an additional 10 mg fast acting in the afternoon as needed to get through work. This is been my normal for the last few years & 2-1/2 weeks ago I decided to quit cold turkey so I am posting this to hopefully help others and also gain some information on how others are coping.
    I am experiencing both good and bad symptoms… The Good: better appetite, overall better mental state (less moody) and I am able to hold conversations with people better than when I was taking Adderall. Now, The Bad: Sleeping problems – I wake up a minimum of 2-3 times throughout the night dripping with sweat and am also have vivid dreams, massive issues focusing at work (I work in an office so that is difficult and is currently affecting my performance).

    What I have found that helps: Exercise is key – I workout before work in the AM for 1 hour and notice that I am most productive at work in the few hours that follow my workout. However, the afternoon comes around and I lose the drive to want to work all together and end up staring at my computer pointlessly most of the day.
    Additionally, I stopped drinking any and all alcohol as it is a depressant. After coming off of years of daily stimulant use I figure my brain would do well without something else dragging it down and that could be the reason I am experiencing a smaller number of negative side effects. Along with healthy eating I say give it a try. If anyone has ideas on the sleep problems and some tricks to help focus at work I would be glad to here them.

  28. I Was on 45 mg a day of adderall for 6 years. I chose to quit my perscription for personal reasons I do not wish to disclose. I tapered to half my dose and am on day 15 cold turkey. If anyone needs help or advice im here to help. Adderall withdrawl is no joke. Good luck and stay strong friends.

  29. My daughter, age 22, recently stopped taking adderall and was taking a fat burner that has been banned from sale, as she works out on a daily basis for extended periods. Over the past 3-4 days She is experiencing extreme anxiety and persistent intrusive thoughts. Can this be withdrawl from these products and if so do you know a timeline of when they will subside? Thanks so much

  30. I hope someone has enough experience/education to he help. I stopped taking adderal several months back. My post effects have gone from bad to worse. During the last 60-75 days I’ve been more depressed then ever.which is saying a lot.I’ve delta with depression my whole lF2fife and have had extensive down times.HOWEVER this is something much much more intense,to the point of debilitating. I feel like I’m in a fog, I’ve spent almost all my time in bed reading.(escapism) I’m 6-7 months in and my issue are profoundly different from anything I’ve ever experienced.

    I start adderal(+others) for over10yrs. ADHA and 3 very serious head injuries. The head injuries have many complications all to the selves cognitive impairment, memory complications that effect every day things and poor copping abilities, ect.I could go on.But my point is that I stopped the see if I could get by without them. My Doctor of 17 years retired and I decided then to give it a go. No adderal no Klonapin.
    3 months into it I got an appointment with anew doctor who had much different ideas and philosophies. “You”ve gone this long, I don’t think you need it” bla.bla.
    So rather than start “doctor shopping” as yt? Hey say. I put it off. And life as I’ve know it has changed so drastically that I almost had to go into the hospital. I started to believe that I was sinking into a point of no return. I know this sounds dramatic but it’s beyond just being a little down -sluggish.
    Yesterday I woke up 8am and took 20mg. R.release adderal and 1mg of klon. A must lower dose than my last 6months ago.
    I had the most productive almost enjoyable day like the fog had lifted the thought processes were clearer,not perfect,but I’m used to that-the head injuries play a large part in my life.
    I’m lucky I can walk talk not be in diapers or a nursing home. the last tramma was falling 18 ft.On a cement floor.

    ANY Can someone give me some feedback? I’m very concerned that the problems beyond the ADHD Are not going to go away/get better. I’m really concerned that the effects of all the traumas are much more severe and if I continue to not take my meds I’m going to become another person all together.someone who almost can’t live alone,and may need constant supervision.
    The symptom I experience and the person I am is totally different from the man I was last year and the 40 ,some before that.

    I could use input. Please say it like you need. I’m looking for as much information and ideas as I I can get.Thanks

  31. I was put on adderall to be Abel to wake up after sleeping 2 years from a spinal cord injury up high in my C spine. I just could not wake up or get up. The adderall made me wake up and resume life as a mother and wife. The dr said that my sleep center was damaged and I did develop narcolepsy. Oh by the way Hep C is another reason for tiredness and fatigue. Maybe if the fatigue continues you might want to be tested for it. It may not be all adderall withdrawal. Well good luck to all will keep all in my prayers.

  32. I have been on 10 mg twice a day for 4 months. Just stopped 4 days ago. How long will the withdrawal symptoms last and what will they be? What can I do to ease these symptoms? I work a 8 hour shift out in the heat and Sun. Is this dangerous? Sorry it is Adderal 10 mg twice daily. I also have anxiety and depression issues as well. I cant see a Psychatrist for a month and a half at least.

  33. I was on adderall for several months, and had to quit cold turkey. Within the first month, I was having heart palpitations and anxiety attacks. I still crave it, and have been off of it for months now. I’ve researched withdrawal symptoms and was wondering if any of this is normal?

  34. ive been prescribed adderall 5mg for ADHD and been on them 14 days I had no sleep and racing heart I stopped them today July 4 will I go through with drawls I feel so much better today not taking them and so far so good

  35. HELP…

    I took Adderall for approx 10 months. Towards the end, I was taking about 30-40 MG 5-6 times a week on average. On off days where I wouldn’t take the medication, mostly on weekends, I started to get weird tingly feelings in my face. I eventually started to experience harsher fuzzy tingly feelings in my head after taking the Adderall. A few weeks later, I had a massive panic attack that caused me to go to the ER. I had never experienced a panic attack in my life…I didn’t even know what one was before that day. I stopped cold turkey shortly thereafter and because I was never addicted to the drug, it wasn’t really difficult for me to the stop as the sheer terror of having another panic attack greatly outweighed the euphoria and “focus” I felt on Adderall. Just like the author of this post, about 2 weeks after quitting cold turkey, I started to feel phases on extreme anxiety that would come and go at random times. I just figured it had something to do with the medication and kind of stuck through it till anxiety phases went away…only to come back later. After about 3 weeks into quitting cold turkey, I had another panic attack and ended up in the ER again. I was extremely confused because I had not taken the medication in a few weeks and just figured I would go back to my normal “happy go-lucky” self.

    About a month after my last panic attack and almost 2 months after quitting, with the anxiety phases still coming and going, I went back to the psychiatrist who prescribed me the medication and informed him of my issues. After listening to my story, he informed me that Adderall didn’t cause any of my issues and that I was suffering from General Anxiety Disorder. I informed the doctor that I had NEVER, EVER, ever, ever, ever…experienced any symptoms like this in my life and started to re-explain my story again, thinking he might not have understood me or wasn’t connecting the dots as I wasn’t trying to blame him, I just wanted answers on what was happening, and when it would be over so I could get back to normal. The doctor again informed me that I had General Anxiety Disorder that seemed to just so happen to start showing symptoms at the same time that I was getting off of the medication. He also informed me that quitting cold turkey was not a problem because stimulants only stay in your system for a few hours. He even told me there is absolutely no such thing as Adderall withdrawal. He eventually took it a step further and informed me there was no such thing as amphetamine withdrawal period. He then gave me a prescription for an anti-depressant. I was of course EXTREMELY CONFUSED as I wasn’t looking to get more drugs and just wanted to go back to being my normal self. I left his office, but never picked up the prescription. I later did online reviews on that doctor and saw that other people had also ended up in the ER after using other medication that he prescribed. He has since retired and I can no longer contact him (not that I would want to) for advice.


    It’s been about 5 months since I quit cold turkey and I still am experiencing days when I have bouts and phases of extreme anxiety…to the point where my head has felt tingly, my neck has gotten hot and sensitive, cold sweats, eye soreness, general uneasiness, etc. At some points, the symptoms have gotten so bad that they only thing I could do is lay on my couch and wait for it to stop. I have not had a panic attack since the last one I mentioned about 3 months ago and I feel that my symptoms have lessened very, very slowly…however they seem to keep coming back at random times and are extremely strong during some of those “rebound” phases. I would like to know if anyone has experienced these issues also after quitting. I would also like to know if anyone who has experienced these issues have eventually reached at point where they were back to normal, no longer feeling the phases of random anxiety.

    Thanks for listening…I really appreciate any input anyone has. : )

  36. I took a 20mg tablet 4 days ago for recreational use, intending to help myself out with my school work. After the Adderall wore off, I had major withdrawal side effects for the next two days. It is now 4 days later and I’m still feeling depression, loneliness, and emotional mood swings. On top of that, my vision seems to be impaired in a way but I cannot exactly describe how. I only took the one Adderall pill. Can anyone tell me if this is normal and if so, how long should I expect to wait for it to wear off. Losing hope, please help. Thanks

  37. yes it can be a nuisance if you have a functioning school. kids.etc.. Depends on your dose duration and your body chemistry.. It does not compare to opiate,booze,benzo, withdrawal what so ever… The key is to eat healthy take suppliments and drink plenty of water… After all you are clearing a toxic substance from your body..

  38. My husband runs out of his prescription of Adderall too soon. He ends up going about a week without anything, and has the worst anger and rage fits ever. He has been taking this medication for about a year. I just stay away from him when he runs out, because it’s the same thing month after month. I feel like a puppet on a string! He refuses to get any kind of help! He knows it’s the Adderall causing these rages, but does’t want to admit it! So frustrating!

  39. My son went cold turkey, it was very severe and harsh. I sincerely suggest that you get good help – especially from a natural source such as magnesium oil. Spray it on you all day! It was suggested by a doctor that had dealt with this type of withdrawal…because your body is depleted. You can soak in it. Everything you described he had also. It took a while to recover. I have forgotten much of what i researched while going through that hard period (we had to move his whole family in with us). Don’t give up! You can do this! Yes, it will be hard, but you can do it! Research what it has depleted your body of. Best regards for you!

  40. adderall really sucks and you can get caught up into an alternative reality on the stuff. there’s no doubt there. I’m without a doubt the most impulsive person I’ve ever met. Meaning that I may say to myself i’m not going to use something or do something and if i get the thought and the rational in my mind to do it then I justify and do it. That doesn’t work well with addiction. Hitting a rock bottom always has helped me. talking to people really doesn’t. I find intrinsic motivations like money or goals like finding a job in line with my degree.

    Adderall is a good servant but a bad master.

  41. I’ve cut back on my addy use. I posted on december 14 2013. I’m prescribed 50mgs and take about 15. If i’m drinking i take another 7.5 to 10. I recently felt that I wasn’t eating enough fruit and began looking into how to diet appropriately. I follow a balanced diet which includes fruit, vegetables, grains, and of course meats. I excercise more regularly too. Just a lil bit every day. I noticed I have more energy and that I think clearer. I don’t even take my adderall right when I wake up anymore. I take it mid day. I think at the end of the day it’s important to remember that addiction is all in your head, and that diet and exercise really are everything because you get out what you put in to anything that you do. Your body is designed to have numerous different nutrients and exercise to keep everything firing on all cylinders, and if you’re not putting that in, then you may think that you’re missing something that only adderall can do for you but in actuality you should take a good look at your lifestyle. My drinking urges have significantly subsided as well.

  42. Hi, I’ve searched for answers on this topic quite a bit tonight but still nothing fits my situation. For months now I’ve abused adderall, taking very high dosages in a 24-48 hour span.(200mg give or take) I’m looking for anything I might be able to do to help me deal with this I’ve reached my limit. This would technically be my first day of withdrawl. It’s worse than usual this time and I’m very scared I’ve done some seriously permanent damage. I’ve forced myself to eat a normal amount and still feel like I’m gonna puke, slept 4 hours in 4 days and lay here in silence and dark and can’t sleep, head gonna explode, angry for no reason, and paranoid thoughts.

    1. Hi Chris. I’m guessing you didn’t lower the amount or Addreall slowly and gradually. Going cold turkey off Addreall crates withdrawal symptoms that are really harsh and severe. I’d advise you to seek professional medical help during this period. Your first point of contact can be your general physician that can provide you with valuable guidelines and may also refer you to a detox clinic where doctors who specialize in Addreall dependence and detox will assist you and make withdrawal as comfortable as possible. One more thing, I don’t think you have done any serious damage to your organism and you will eventually feel normal again.

  43. i am extremely fatigued and have been off adder all for about 6 days now. is there anything i can do/eat/etc. to help get my energy back up?

    1. Hello Kathryn. Good job staying away from Adderall for more than a week now. Don’t worry, the fatigue won’t last forever, but you have to be patient and focus on nurturing your physical and psychological health in the weeks to come. Fatigue from Adderall withdrawal usually subsides within a few weeks. Even if the fatigue lasts a few months, I just want you to know that you’ll eventually restore your natural energy levels.

      My advice is to make sure you’re eating well, and to consider increasing your intake of B-complex (especially Vitamins B6 and B12) and Vitamin C. Potassium can also give you a boost of energy when you need it. It’s important to stay away from caffeine, since it’ll only makes you feel worse. Exercise is also great, but I know this is hard when you feel like you have no energy. But, try to do a short walk or some low impact exercises.

  44. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Though Adderall gave me a new lease on life when my antidepressant stopped working, within 2 years I knew I never wanted to experience its long-term-use effects again. I’d lived okay with my ADD before Adderall; so what if I was considered a bit peculiar? I could at least get out of bed each morning. There are few things more frightening than waking in the morning, knowing your prescription has run out but thinking it’ll be okay only to realize your body—musculature, nerves— has been relying on Adderall as much as your brain has! I’m so sorry anyone has to experience this—it took 7 times before I got the message; ADDers are like that—but I hope you are convinced to get off and stay off. Whenever you can stand and walk, perhaps to go to the bathroom—the lifeless-like fatigue doesn’t seem to hinder basic bodily functions—try to walk around as long as possible (low-impact exercise is vital to convincing yourself that you CAN still control your body) and PROP yourself up when in bed. Drink PLENTY (2 qts) of fluids—mostly water and fruit juices; you’ll HAVE to get up more plus it helps with the detoxification—and eat a well-balanced diet (no refined sugar and low carbs), taking a vitamin/mineral supplement daily and at least 100% RDA of Vit C (the enemy of amphet salts). If you take antidepressants, CONTINUE taking them as prescribed, and PLEASE obtain doctor approval before embarking on this regimen; he/she will give you a de-titration schedule and will be aware of your quest. DON’T GIVE UP; the freedom feels BEYOND GREAT! May God bless your efforts, and please help others like ourselves!

  45. I have taken 45 20 mg Adderall in a week. I need to stop. How bad after taking 8-9 20mg a day for a week will my withdrawls be?

  46. I have been taking adderall xr for about 4 years, 60 mg.daily for about 1 1/2 years. I recently ( within last month) had to stop taking it. ( Dr. ordered). I didn’t really notice withdrawal symptoms at first, but now, about 3 weeks later, I feel like an addict. I am sad, crying for no reason, and want to take adderall. It is very disturbing to me. Is this normal???

  47. what can I do to help my body and mind get through the withdrawals? Are there any vitamins or anything that I can take that will help ease the symptoms?

  48. I am in full blown withdrawal right now and don’t feel like I can tell anyone, not even my husband. I am sweating like crazy, sleeping nonstop and have the shakes bad! I know I need some serious help. How can I get through these withdrawals without losing my mind?!!

  49. @Norco-After only a weeks worth of using adderall you will not get any withdrawals at all. Like every psychoactive substance, taking only a weeks worth, whether high or low dosage for the first time ever will not cause problems.

  50. I used adderall for one week as a try for ADHD. I averaged about 40mg per day and don’t plan on taking it again. When should withdrawals start and how long will it last?

  51. I’m back again… I read what I wrote back in April of this year and I say to myself… “Wow… Did I waste some valuable time…!”

    I took that girlfriend back and found she was cheating on me. I started taking adderall again like crazy to manage a full time job, full time work schedule, and high maintenance girlfriend… I ended up basically failing at all of them. I found out she was done with me back in September, and accepting it was impossible given the amount of adderall I was taking. At the end of the day… I can see that my adderall use in the past 8 months hasn’t contributed to any positive outcomes in my life… I’m still small… I have another DUI… I’m hung up on an ex… and I failed the CFA exam cause i couldn’t shift priorities for studying. but i did buy a corvette! lol. I’m not blaming adderall for anything, but I’m emphasizing that it didn’t help anything either.

    feel free to reply. 🙂

  52. Hello Mary. No. Going cold turkey off Adderall is not necessary nor humane. Instead, seek a tapering regimen from your prescribing doctor so that you can slowly step down the doses and manage resulting side effects as the appear. Medical supervision during withdrawal is ALWAYS a good idea!

  53. Would you suggest quitting cold-turkey or tapering? I’ve cut my original 60mg/day regular adderall intake down to 30mg for 2.5 weeks now and have taken a few miserable days off (including today) but, would it be easier/healthier to simply stop or take longer with the latter option? I live in CA and I feel like the doctors here prescribe this stuff like candy… It’s really sad and incredibly frustrating. I had no idea I would have this kind of withdrawal that I’m experiencing… Thanks for your advice.

  54. Adderall’s a great medication, withdrawing from it is not a big deal at all. The only aggravating part about withdrawal is the same as not being on Adderall at all. Can’t concentrate, can’t focus; can’t figure out what to do w/myself, i’ll always take Adderall and thank god for it

  55. Hi metoo. The heavy doses can provoke extreme withdrawal symptoms such as those that you are experiencing right now. Give it a few more weeks, and if you’re still overly fatigued, I’d suggest that you seek medical advice.

  56. I been taking large doses of Adderall for 2 years, and its been 3 weeks, and damn I been sleeping for 3 weeks, feel very poorly, will it ever stop ??

  57. Now I am on week 4 after stopping taking adderall. Male, age 49, I have reporting in here before (see below). Having some really good days and more often days were I have a very difficult time focusing/concentrating on work. Often have anxiety and tiredness. Doctor proscribed Deplin (methyfolate) and I am taking citicoline to upgrade my dopamine receptors. I run a couple of miles 3 to 4 times a week and am being very careful about eating healthy choices with limited simple sugar. I even started meditating every day. Everything I read about getting back to normal after adderall points to plenty of sleep, eating really healthy and clean, and excercise.

    When might homeostatis of the dopamine receptors take place. Will I get less tired and more interested in what I am doing soon? How soon?

  58. I took adderall for over 5 years straight without ccompletely stopping. I took up to 90mgs a day, and sometimes as low as 20 (depemding on how I wanted to abuse them) but never stopped in fear of the sleep and whatnot. I always drank at least a couple red bull every day too.

    Being tired is common. As tired as you? Not sure, everyoneis different, but I felt I was abusing them and decided to quit cold turkey to see if I could. I stopped taking red bulls too all together.

    You need something to motivate you to live day to day! Yes you’re going to sleep way more at first, but u depended on adderall for your drive, your motivation, just like me (even sometimes to get out of bed, on those 90mg days). I would take an adderall, go back to sleep, and get out of bed once it started kicking!

    Back to my point: my job forced me to stay awake for ten hours! Good motivator! I went to the gym every day! I took a pre workout energy ddrink designed specifically for lifting before I’d go. And I only did half a scoop. I have been liftingon and off for years so using that is ccommonplace for me and I recommend it.

    You need things to motivate you. The gym is great for ur body, your heart rate. It will force u to eat more. A job forces u to stay awake when ur there. (I slept through all my breaks).

    I quit for two weeks, got my energy back really well after only the first week ! You can do it! It’s all in your head ! Now I take 10mgs occasionally, and llan to use em a bit for school.

    Everything in moderation! We became addicted and abused adderall, that’s why were trying to quit!

  59. Hello Joe. Extreme fatigue is a telltale sign of Adderall withdrawal, and is expected if you reduce doses dramatically, or stop taking Adderall altogether. IF Adderall helps the ADHD therapeutically, why do you want to quit? Also, have you consulted with a detox clinic about getting help to get off Adderall?

  60. I have been prescribed Adderall (60mg a day) since I was about 14. I am 25 now and a basically a full blown addict. I know I need to stop taking it but I still have a pretty severe case of ADHD that without a stimulant is really difficult to manage. I have tried all kinds of alternatives to adderall but nothing really helps my ADHD that isn’t a stimulant. The big problem I face now is the exhaustion I experience without adderall. If I do not take it, I am so tired I will sleep for 4 or 5 days straight. I am beginning to think I may suffer from sleep apnea or something that is affecting me physically. Is it normal to feel so tired without taking adderall?

  61. Any physician who takes you off Adderall completely without lowering your intake dose by dose shouldn’t be able to practice medicine. Especially in behavioral therapy! Adderall is an excellent drug in the XR along with anti-depression meds for a pt. with severe depression. When lowering your stimulant dose its recommended to take along with a bupropion/ Wellbutrin.

  62. The other thing is that I’m usually drinking about 3-4 redbulls or frappucinnos. So I’m gonna take some posting suggestions and get the same amount of gatorades instead. I’m sure I’m recognizing more of a crash from the energy drinks.

  63. Have ADHD. Perscribed 20mg instant & 20mgXR daily (down from 30xr). It’s to the point that I take them just for the feeling (used to use them for school & work to maintain productivity). Had to mix alcohol to bring me down from the obsessive organizational & lack of expressiveness (especially to be able to interact with people happily). Stopped lifting weights (used to be big and muscular), got skinny, have tried quitting, I notice immediate weight gain and increase in appetite (up to 10lbs in a week with weight lifting and proper diet).

    Trying to quit starting on my days off work to begin that momentum. I told myself getting 8 hrs of sleep a day will help me function right through the day when i’m awake. Only problem is that I become tired when my body isn’t required to be in motion (not at work), and I end up taking a cat nap that can last 6-7 hours (just woke up from one of those).

    I want to quit addys because I know I’m dependent. I’m newly single, it’s spring, and i want to be my old self (active, athletic, fit, & find a new girlfriend), but i know that starts with being true to myself, and to be honest I’m consuming this influx of adderall and not really getting anything major accomplished. I’m just utilizing the feeling of it at the cost of being skinny and i’m sure it’s having other long term effects on my body.

    Everywhere I go it’s like I’m a poindexter and people don’t like me because i’m almost a jerk to them (like: “isn’t the solution obvious”). My ex told me I lack emotions on the stuff too.

    Bottom line is I’m trying to quit…. 8 hrs of sleep allows me to remain productive at work, but when I’m having R&R time, like at home… I just want to sleep. I will be dieting well and not taking any sleep aides and taking vitamins, but I look forward to the day I’m not tired…

  64. I am on week 2 after stopping adderall. I have periods of energy and periods of lethargy. Taking L-Tyrosine before sleep and on a fairly empty stomach seems to help. Excercise is exhausting, but I am going for run-walks to hopefully build up stamina. Dreams are surprisingly vivid and there are some mood swings. All in all, I am getting in the saddle and am less sleepy all the time. My humor and personality is coming back too.

  65. Hello Sharkie. Rest and time are indicated as the best ways to move through Adderall withdrawal. Stimulants unnaturally “speed up” the brain, and as you withdraw, the effects of the rebound “slowing down” mechanisms of the brain make you feel really tired. I’d suggest that you seek advice from a pharmacist about over-the-counter and nutritional aids that can help you during this time. But sleep and rest are natural ways to recover from amphetamine withdrawal.

  66. I am 49 and normal weight. I was on 20 mg of adderall daily for about 6 months. I tapered down to 5 mg per day over about 3 weeks. Depression, anxiety, stomach upset and sleepiness were prevailant while I was tapering down. I stopped taking the adderall completely 4 days ago. I am now functional, but sleepy. Cofee is helping, but not to the degree I would like it to help. How long might it take to not be sleepy all day? Does additional excercise, certain vitamins, fish oil or amino acids like L-Tyrosine help? I want to get back to being awake and fully functional during the work day.

    What are some of the best ways to get the body back to homeostatis without adderall?

  67. I was on a low dose of 10 mg daily for 1 month and decided to quit cold turkey. I’m doing fine, just sometimes I feel a little dizzy, especially after drinking too much coffee. I’ll miss the artifiicial zone it put me in and allowed me to get ridiculously and insanely organized, the type of organization that drives normal people crazy lol. I’ll just need to develop stronger mental strategies to target my disorganization and tendency to let my mind wander. It would be nice to rely on a pill to fix all my problems but I think in the long run, it would be better to attack my adhd symptoms with cognitive strategies instead.

  68. Our son, 34 had been on Adderall for about 2 yrs. We did not know the extent of it until getting a ‘wake up’ call from his wife. I think he was headed for a major stroke…greatly increased blood pressure, and it took a while to get it under control. It has been three months and I can still see effects here and there. It helps me to read blogs like this so that I can be more knowledgeable and understanding of him, his reactions, (or lack of) his emotions (or lack of). Dr. John Breeding (you can order his Ebook for $8.00) has been a great help.
    Btw, the General Practitioner BAD doctor that gave our son the precription…got scared when we took our son in…and referred him to a psychiatrist. Of course, we know that was to cover his rear end. We chose Naturepath and supplements, time and prayer over a Psychiatrist that would have only given him more drugs! BEWARE is all I can say!

  69. My husband was given adderall in Oct. His dose was 30 mg. He did not react to it at all. His Doctor did not feel that he was depressed and that we needed marriage conseling. He has suffered from depression for over 10 years. He had him stop the adderall with no weening and put hime on Zoloft 50 mg. He is sprialing down. What and how long will this last…… I know it is withdrawals. Your thoughts please!

  70. Thank you so much for posting this. I’m in week three of withdrawl and it helps to know that how I am feeling is normal and expected.

  71. Adderall withdrawal is the brain’s way of re-adjusting and finding homeostasis without amphetamine salts. The adjustment period between Adderall use and Adderall abstinence can be uncomfortable, but is a necessary period if you want to stop taking Adderall and stay off it.

  72. Hi Bube. You are welcome. Do you need any help during Adderall withdrawal? Have you been through withdrawal and have some tips to share for others?

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