How Long Does Ativan Stay In Your System?

Ativan can stay in your system for weeks. If you’re a heavy Ativan user, lorazepam can take over a month to clear your system. More information on the half life of Ativan, as well as blood and urine detection times for Ativan here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D. Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Ativan doesn’t clear the body as quickly as some other types of drugs. In fact, Ativan can be detected in urine up to 6 weeks after it was last taken in a heavy user. But even small doses might be detectable in standard drug screens up to a week later. More here on Ativan detection and use, plus a section at the bottom for your questions about Ativan in your system.

Main Ativan Uses

Ativan is the brand name of lorazepam, used to treat anxiety, panic attacks, and insomnia. Sometimes Ativan is used for other conditions, such as epilepsy, irritable bowel syndrome, or even alcohol withdrawal. Ativan works by decreasing abnormal excitement in the brain. Because of its addictive potential, doctors are warned to prescribe Ativan only for 2-4 weeks of continuous use.  Some people also take Ativan recreationally and are getting high on lorazepam.  But if you get high on Ativan, you risk addiction and related withdrawal symptoms, which can be very severe.

How Do You Take Ativan?

Ativan is available in two forms: it comes in an oral table and a liquid solution, which are both ingested. Sometimes, the pill is crushed and snorted. But this method of administration is dangerous and discouraged by medical professionals. In fact, snorting Ativan can lead to addiction, overdose, or serious adverse side effects.

Peak Levels And Half Life Of Ativan

Ativan reaches peak blood concentrations in two hours. For a 2 mg tablet, the peak levels of lorazepam in the blood would be about 20 ng/mL. (Ativan doses can range up to about 10 mg, depending on the tolerance of the person taking the medication.) The half-life of Ativan is about 12 hours. The age of the person taking Ativan doesn’t affect the rate of absorption – it is the same in young adults and the elderly.

Ativan Drug Testing: How Long Does Ativan Stay In The Body?

Ativan stays in the body for a long time. This is especially true when you take Ativan in large doses. It usually takes several weeks to clear from the body completely. Sometimes it can take over a month for Ativan to leave the system.

How Long Does Ativan Stay In Blood?

Ativan stays in the blood for several days because of the drug’s extended half life. Exactly how long Ativan is detectable depends on the dose taken – therapeutic dosage ranges from 1-10 mg per day, and someone abusing the medication might take even more than that.

How Long Does Ativan Stay In Hair?

Ativan can be detected in hair up to 90 days after the drug was first taken. The length of the person’s hair at the time of testing, chemical dyes on hair, the amount of Ativan taken, and other factors can affect the accuracy of drug screen results. But as hair testing for Ativan is costly, probation or workplace authorities only occasionally use hair testing for Ativan.

How Long Does Ativan Stay In Urine?

Traces of Ativan can be found in urine for at least a week, even at small doses. Sometimes Ativan can be detected for up to a month and a half after use. Of course, Ativan detection depends on the dose of Ativan taken, and if it’s been taken frequently in the past. Ativan addicts and abusers will have a harder time clearing this drug from their system, even after they completely quit taking Ativan.

Ativan And Addiction

Ativan is a habit-forming drug and Ativan is addictive. Even users who take Ativan as prescribed can develop a tolerance after just a short time, which means they must take higher amounts of Ativan to achieve the same results. Trying to quit Ativan once you have a physical dependence is tough. The drug causes withdrawal effects and cravings when not taken. For this reason, it’s never prescribed for long-term use.

Problems With Ativan?

Ativan does have unpleasant, potentially dangerous withdrawal effects. The good news is that it’s possible to get off the medication by tapering the dosage. If you want to stop taking Ativan, talk to your doctor. He or she can help you plan to gradually decrease your dose to make the transition as easy as possible.

Ativan In Your System Questions

Leave us your questions about Ativan use or detection below. We try to answer all legitimate questions about Ativan with a personal and prompt reply.

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  1. I have taken one half of 1 mg ativan for about a year to sleep. My doctor said to get off of it so I havn’t taken it for 12 days. I feel fine but want to know how long before it completly
    leaves my body.

  2. I was given 1 mg dose 3 X’s a day for the past 3 weeks. Due to surgery on my ankle Stopped it once home and have been sick and disoriented. Took a pill today and sickness went away. Took another To night. Hopefully I will sleep..what should the weaning off process I said I was taking 1 mg 3 times a day. Thank you

  3. how long would 1 mg of lorazrpam be detected in urine? i took 1 mg on sat morning and have a drug sceen today Wednesday will i be ok or will i be positive? im 5foot 10 in 320 pounds in ok shape. thanks

  4. I have had asthma for 20 years, and while it is well managed with Advair 100/50 (no symptoms whatever over the past several years, I found myself having triggered an attack lasting some two months for which I have been put on nebulized albuterol 4 time an day and an increase in the Advair to 500/50 twice a day. Let me say up front that I am in no way an anxious person and there is no anxiety component to the asthma whatsoever. I also note that I have two P.D’s (one in neuroscience) so I am perfectly familiar with science and the scientific method. Here is the odd finding. For reasons that I do not understand, and for which there does not appear any precedent in the literature, 1mg of Lorazepam not only appears to bring me out of the attack, but returns my breathing to normal. While I do not have any long range study on this in my case, I can say for certain that this first happened during an asthmatic period 4 years ago (since the time of which my breathing has been perfectly normal until now) and is again the case now as shown by a mini experiment that I did a few days ago. I have no explanation for this and hope that you have something to offer. I stress that this has nothing to do with anxiety. What is happening so far as I can tell is the actual cessation of the asthmatic symptom. Quite the opposite of what one would expect. Any thoughts?

  5. I gradually tapered off of Lorezepam after taking it for 21 years for insomnia. I know I can fall asleep on my own at 6am but not at bedtime. How long will it take before I’m able to sleep at night? There’s nothing to cause insomnia or anxiety any more.

  6. I take lorazepam because it was prescribed by a doctor I am aware now that if I stop taking this medicine I will have withdrawals that’s not addiction I hope this is not being called addiction . I would like to know if I stop taking the medicine how long would it take to be rid of the withdrawals. I have another medicine that helps with the withdrawals can I take this medicine till the withdrawals pass ?

  7. I took 20mg of Ativan today and I have to take a urinalysis that goes to a lab, the test is not until 8/14/17 so nothat for 26 days, will I be clean?

  8. I was prescribed 0.5 mg of Ativan. I took one this morning at 6:00 am and I do NOT like the way i feel. I feel sad and really down and awful. I went to my yoga class and am drinking tons of water but when will it leave my system. I will not take it again but how long is it going to be to get rid of it. My prescriber is not at work today. Please help me.

  9. My Dr. prescribed .5mg Ativan twice daily for anxiety which started in Sept. 2016 due to a bicycle Acc. and a 29 day say in the hospital. I started taking the Ativan in April, 2017 and I usually take one in the morning. The Dr. also has me taking one Trazodone 50mg. pill at bed time which I do not take every night, just when I feel the need. Problem falling asleep. Off and on during the day and sometimes when I am trying to go to sleep I have a problem trying to catch my breath. At times it got bad enough I was ready to go the hospital. Would the Ativan and Trazodone be contributing to this shortness of breath. Also as a result of this bicycle Acc. they discovered Pulmonary Embolism two blood clots on my lung which they gave me Eliquest. I have been off Eliqust since March 30,2017 per the Doctor. Again, would the Ativan and Trazodone cause my shortness of breath.and can I ease myself off these pills. I am 78 years old, I was riding my bicycle 15 – 20 miles a day before this Acc. and never had this anxiety or breathing problem.

  10. I weight 120 5’4… If I took 1-2mg. of ativan once I’m a month how long will it take to get out of my system for a urine test??

    1. Hi Heather. Ativan stays longer in the body. Generally, it may be detectable in standard drug screens up to a week after the last dose. This refers if you’re using Ativan in small doses. But, Ativan can be detected in urine up to 6 weeks after it was last taken in a heavy user. Feel free to download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Drug Testing’ to find more info on detection periods, types of drug tests, legal consequences, etc, here:


    1. Hi Martin. Do you use other medications? For instance, water pills contain substances that pressure your kidneys into flushing out excess water and salt through your pee. This process doesn’t allow other medications accumulate in the body. Another factor that can influence the excretion of the drug is the acidity level in the urine. Also, certain food or drinking too much water may lead to false negative. I suggest that you speak with your doctor or a lab technician to explain these things. Finally, if you want to learn more about the factor that cause false negative, download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Drug Testing’, here:

  12. my mom is a chf patient and was given Ativan in the hospital because she had an anxiety attack. They gave her a small pediatric dose the first time and she did well. This was given to her last week. She had another anxiety attack last Sunday and was given a dose of .25mg. She is now getting all of the side effects of the drug. I forgot to mention my mom is 70. She is experiencing low body temp, nausea, loss of appetite, stomach cramps, drowsiness, everything. The doctors keep saying it should be out her system. And that its her heart doing mom was fine before she took this dose no had no problems at all. I told them I watched after she took it how she started to decline and told them it is written that Ativan can do this to a person over 65 and has certain conditions like chf, and there is no guarantee that it will leave a persons system in 2.75 days.and I told them it also depends on the persons overall make up. My mom is 100 pounds so how can that come out of her that fast at 100 pounds and she has chf and also diabetes. From that drug everything has taken a hit the kidneys, liver, everything so it looks like it’s taking longer to get processed out her system. A nurse told me last night they should have never given her Ativan.

    1. Hi Rhett. I am very sorry to read what happened to your mom. I hope your mom starts feeling better once all traces of the drug get eliminated form her body. If you have a chance, you can let us know how she’s feeling.

  13. I take one an a halt tablet of 1mg every other day can i quit duddenly and will this cause.severe withdrawal symptoms. And what symptoms will b I have been taking lorszapan for aprox 90 daysp

  14. My son was just in the hospital and had two doses of ativan given to him at night to help him sleep. He now is having bouts of hiccups and it’s driving him nuts. Any idea how long this side effect may last?

  15. I have been on ativan for years & years. I am a 71 year old female. My new Dr. has been decreasing it from 2mg 3x a day. I am currently on .5mg a day & have been having debilitating withdrawal for 6 months. I really need help.

    1. Hi Lynda. Talk to your doctor about Ativan withdrawal symptoms. Also, speak with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter aid, home remedies and teas to ease withdrawal.

  16. My dr. took me off my ativan gradually. How long does it take for me to get it out of my system? I have been off of them since January 28,2017. I know I am going thru withdrawal and it is really bad. Is it suppose to be this bad?

  17. I went to the hospital January 6 for anxiety so they gave me ativan to calm me down and also prescribed me ativan(lorazepam) which I’ve been taking on and off every other week but my sleep hasn’t been the same I’ve had insomnia, the ativan helped me sleep when I took if 6 days straight last week but when I tapered off from it i notice possibly could it be the drug causing an effect on my sleep

  18. I would like to know how long ativan stays in the system i have taken more than ordered a i need to take a urine test so i need it to come back as positive but a normal amount thank you

  19. I am to take 6 mg of Ativan per day. I take 2mg before bed -sleep great,10pm to 6-7am wake happy and am good until about 9am. How should I take the remainder? I have anxiety attacks at 5pm or so.

  20. Since thursday i took 40 ativan 1mg and today is monday june 27 .i stoped to bcause i have a uruine test on july 7.should i be good by then, should i just keep drinking water answers please

  21. I have been takjng Ativan 1 mg daily for anxiety for 4 weeks. How do I taper off safely. How much shouls I cut down, etc etc. My dr is at the VA and not much help. Anxious and want off!!

  22. I took 1/4 of a 1 mg. of ativan this morning around 9 a.m. How long will it take to get this out of my system. Thanks

  23. I have been taking ativan for about 12 weeks first i was taking it 3 times a day but i gradually decrease to 1 a day the now i just stop it its been 9 days will i experience withdrawal sympoms?

  24. I have been taking lorazepam for two weeks now i been taking 0.5 mg some days i would take 1mg not often. I have been feeling numbnes or overly tired to the point i wet the bed last night embarrassing to say could this be a side effect of the drug. I have been having symptoms of Ms haven’t got any diagnosis yet but i am going tobaak them to check.. Can anybody help Could it be my Brain?

  25. I have a prescription for lorazepam .50 twice a day prn. I had a urine drug test on Friday 4/29/16. My last dose of .50 was on Tuesday 4/26/16. If my urine tests positive for opioids and I have a valid script how do I defend a dirty urine test?

  26. If a two year old was lorazepam at 11 am how much Ativan would the child had to have ingested if blood was dean 15 hours later at two am and the blood level was 10064 nanograms?

  27. I started taking Lorazepam one week ago was 0.5 still had two and a half left stop taking them two days ago . Should I have withdrawal symptoms ?

  28. i go to my suboxone dr on april 14 an march 29 to april 1 i took will my system be clean for my suboxone pee test i don’t take klopine this is my first time please help me thanks

  29. I am prescribed 1mg Ativan each night. I take only a small 1/4 of it each night for the last 2yrs. I want to stop taking them and get on regular anxiety med, but I don’t like the weird side affects they give me. I have tried almost everything. I don’t abuse the Ativan and I do fine during the day without more ,but it helps me to sleep and calms my anxiety so I can breathe for a moment. I have suffered for years with severe anxiety and don’t know what I should do. How long could the withdrawal last, if any? My doctor says I don’t take an amount that I would notice the difference. He does not know how I feel any effect with her amount I take.
    Can you help a girl understand!
    Thank you

  30. I took one 1mg lorazepam on Friday ( 2 1/2 days ago) and had a urine test today at 7am. Will my test come back clean? I hardly ever took lorazepam or benzos and my last time taking one was a year ago.

  31. Is the lowest possible dose of Ativan (0.05 mg) considered addictive if taken on a nightly basis to help with sleep? Can Ativan help with arthritis pain? If so, what would be the appropriate dose?

  32. I was prescribed 14 days worth at one milligram 2 times a day. this is the first time I’ve ever taken it and I’m now done but my question is am I now addicted to it and how long will it show up on a pre-employment drug screening for a urine or blood test?

    1. Hi, Kelly. Ativan doesn’t leave the body quickly. Usually, it can be detected in the blood up to several days.

  33. Given 1mg of ativan in error before transferred to another hospital for 3 days flunked drug test 8 days later is it possible for this to happen

  34. My son was prescribed 1mg twice a day for just over a month ! 25 days he took the 2 as prescribed .then 4days 1tablet . Then 6 days half , then 2days on one quarter ! He has now stopped taking them ! It’s the second day and he has been very agitated ! Please could you advise or tell me how long this will last !! Was told it was short term use!! So distressed at seeing him like this!!!

  35. I had withdrawals for 2 days. Been taking 2 1/2 1 mg. Every day. Missed 2 days due to being out so major withdrawals. My dr, immediately put me on 4 1mg. to get my system back in sync to catch my body up. Any.idea when I will feel better.

  36. I am prescribed xanax 3 times daily had to have heart surgery given 1 mg of ativan at hospital thru IV drip 8 days later was given drug test at pain clinic which I told them about the ativan it showed up in my urine test 8 days after taking it is this possible I had never taken ativan before.How can this be?

  37. My boyfriend takes 0.5mg and he took 1 on Saturday and has a urine test on Tuesday. He doesnt take regularly so how long would it stay in his system?

    1. Hello Amanda. Well, everything depends on drug dosage, duration, person’s metabolism, etc. But, Ativan stays longer in the body, even it can be detected in the urine up to 6 weeks in a heavy user. And, small intakes may be found up to a week. I hope everything will be fine with the test.

  38. I am a. Nurse and suffer from what a neurologist says to be one of the worst cases of restless leg and has prescribed 4800 neuroton and 4 mg ativan. When they did a drug screen on me it came back negative for bentos by blood and urine. How can that been I am also a diabetic on invokania not sure why it can up negative. Could it be possible that I am not absorbing it..

    1. Hello Tammy. Yes, it is possible that your system hasn’t started to absorb the drug. Usually, your body needs time to start absorbing the drug, and that time varies from person to person.

  39. If I took two a divans one yesterday and one this morning will it be out of my urine in 2weeks? I do not take them this was the first time ion months. I also took a 1mg klonopin will that be I. My urine in two weeks it’s actually November 23. Thank you for your help.

    Respectfully Kim

    1. Hello Kim. Ativan doesn’t get eliminated from the system as quickly as other drugs. In fact, traces of Ativan can be found in urine for at least one week after the last dosing, and even if it was taken in small doses.

  40. Recently a family member was suspected of taking Ativan from an elder member being treated after a stroke. The bottle just disappeared but I found evidence at least an older prescription had been in this persons possession. I found chocolate bloddied tee shirts and signs anold pill bottle had been used to crush the pills. Drowsy and dark bags under his eyes made me think he was using. Diazapam also was taken from my suitcase while visting. Could you comment on blood color and my other observations?
    Thanks, Jim

  41. Hi guys, it’s been about a year since I’ve posted on here I kind of forgot I even did. I wanted to post again because I see that more people are suffering from this drug. I regret to inform you that I haven’t been able to kick the ativan, the withdrawals are just too strong. I want to thank Summer for reading my post and I hope shes doing well! I also hope that Triplet Mom is doing well I know raising a bunch of kids is hard enough, I can’t imagine the hardship your going through with this on your back as well. It”s hard enough being single without responsibilitys and dealing with this. I’ve still been going through the ringer, hardly working, unable to continue on with my life. It feels as if everyone is moving but I’m just standing still, and there’s nothing I can do about it. Sorry if theres any typos I seem to have a habit of typing these responses in the middle of the night as I’m sure we all do. I’m considering going to an inpatient facility because it’s just too hard on my own. I’ve tried multiple times lately but I always seem to get to about four days in and then I have to take some ativan or I’ll have a panic attack. No one seems to understand and I’m beginning to have a lot of resentment from family members because I’m not working. This drug is the devil, and I beg anyone whos thinking about taking it to think twice or just say no and don’t give a second thought. This drug is ruining my life and I don’t know how to stop it. Please don’t take this drug it’s as addicting as heroin and even deadlier because no one thinks this will happen to them before it’s too late. Good luck to you all in your life, and again know that you aren’t alone. I really want you to know that I understand, I wish I could hug all of you and tell you it will be alright. My advice is to do what I’m about to do, find an inpatient facility, suffer through the pain, and never take this drug or any benzodiazepine ever again. Good luck I love you all! Good luck!

  42. It all began with my triplet pregnancy. During the pregnancy I started having bad panic attacks which I’ve never had before. I have Crohns Disease and have been under the care of a pain management doc tore for about 9 years. I told my doctor what was happening and it felt like a panic attack. E wanted to of course try the easy way first by prescribing an antidepressant that would help anxiety too. Since I was pregnant with triplets, it not like I could jump out of my chair and run around the house when had that feeling. The only way I was able to control th anxiety was through hot showers and heating pads. The heating pad I really don’t recommend since I’m sporting a large burn on my back that probably never go away.

    Eventually my doctor prescribed Ativan when nothing else was working. I was on Ativan for a couple of years and I couldn’t really tell any improvement with the anxiety. I really was so preoccupied with the new stresses of motherhood with triplets that I let myself go. I just took what the doctor said and I worked through each attack when it occurred.

    Recently I was in to see psychiatrist since it seemed like nothing was helping. He suggested I talk with my pain management doctor about coming off Ativan since it wasn’t helping. After talking with my pain doctor he was ok with me coming off. I was on such a low dose of 1mg 1 time a day that he was on the fence with cold turkeying it or slowly coming off of it by taking a half for two weeks then stopping. Well that night (last Friday) I decided not to keep taking it and cold turkey it. I really fought I could handle the withdrawals since I was on such a low dosage. Well this being 8 days without the drug, I’m experiencing twitching in my muscles. It didn’t start bad but I have almost ended up throwing my kids out of my lap with the hard twitching it’s doing now. Immediately after stopping the drug I got bad vertigo. I couldn’t get my head off my pillow without wanting to throw up. Now I can barely make it down a few steps into my garage. My legs and whole body acted like it couldnt support me. I shook all the way down the stairs. It’s not near as bad back up the stairs.

    Finally with the sleeping. Since the triplets I haven’t slept good. I’ve tried so many things. The last was trazadone, but gave me constant hiccups and made me sick to my stomach. So working on no sleep, I feel like I’m having out of body experiences when I talk with people. I’m talking in my sleep when I do dose off, which immediately wakes me up again. Oh and one more thing, not sure if this is all combined, but my urine smells like a string chemical. It reminds me of the smell that hits you when you walk into a place o get your nails done. I’m not sure if I would call that ammonia or not.

    But I’m beginning to really freak out since my psychiatrist says that I should not be going through any withdrawals anymore. He said that I have been off of it long enough. So now I’m getting paranoid. So any advice would be welcomed.

  43. friend applying for a new job scheduled for drug test tomorrow @3pm is concerned about a 1 mg Ativan she took @ 8pm last night . Will it still appear?

  44. I was on temazepam, then trazedone, then lorazepam, and the lorazepam(2mg) and 100mg of trazedone together. I quit 3 weeks ago cold turkey and am, I believe, is still withdrawals. I stay awake the entire night about 3 nights a week. The other nights are a little catch up(4-5 hours). In the beginning, I would stay awake for 2 nights straight. Is it still in my system? I was taking all of this for insomnia. I also get really cold in the beginning of the night and then as I stay awake I start to get hot ( mind and body is racing). I am a recovering alcoholic ( 3.5 yrs). Any input or advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Danny

  45. I took 2 mg ativan on a Thursday night. The following Thursday morning I took a urine drug test. Should the ativan be detected? That IS one of the drugs it is looking for.

  46. I been on Ativan on and off for a year,but I’ve been taken 1mg a day for the past three months. I want to get off now. How long would it stay in my system? Would I have any side effects?

  47. hey, the other day i took 14mg of ativan first time in over a year.. i went to go for a urine test for methadone but was denied because benzo was in my system. if i only took 14mgs just one day and i weight about 260lbs. how long would it take for it to come out of my system so i can be granted methadone without haveing the ativan show in my system. do u know what i mean??
    -never touched it in over a year
    -took 14mgs one day only.
    how long til it comes out of ur system

  48. I took a urine drug screen test yesterday for my ativan and it didn’t show up in my urine. I take 3 1 mg ativan per day and had taken my last dose approximately 12 hours before the test. Can anyone explain why the ativan would not show in my urine? Thanks!

  49. I am so confused. What I have learned by reading blogs on Ativan and lorazepam is that essentially, lorazepam is just the generic brand for Ativan. That being said, why does it take so much longer to get Ativan out of your system than the generic lorazepam? Am I missing something?

  50. I took 2.5mg of lorazepam about a week ago im not a heavy user but i do have liver problems,could you please tell me if it will be in my system on April 16,2015

  51. I consumed 15 tablets of ativan 2mg… What are the side effects? How long will it take for me to have a normal life?

    1. Hello Divya. Ativan is helpful when taken as prescribed, but 30mg of it is not a safe dosage. Common side effects may include: nausea, drowsiness, irritability and headache. It should be out of your system in a few days time. If you are not feeling well Divya, you should seek doctor’s help.

  52. I have been on Ativan for over 20 yrs. I have a dr that likes vacation so I went 4 days without my Ativan! I take the Ativan for severe anxiety & panic attacks also MS & major depression! the 4th day went to my dr to get my script they had me to do a saliva test with a cotton thing in my mouth! I took it willingly I have nothing to hide well it took over 15 minutes I take so many meds my mouth was extremely dry! when my test came back it was negative please explain? I was a person when I would here this from people I would think they were lying now I’m in the same predicament what can I do I need my meds desperately! PLEASE HELP!

  53. I took about 4 maybe 5 mgs of Atiavan about5 days ago and i do not take it normally. How long will it be gone from my system? If i took a UA test this afternoon would it show up? I weight 100lbs and im 5.1″ and im also very heathly and active with a fast metabalizam. Please help me with this question! Thank you

  54. Hi just like to no I was put on Ativan for anxiety been on it now for about four weeks 1 mg nearly ever day. I stop taking it three days ago I have a funny feeling in my head ever think soon not reall this is the side effects coming off it why am worrying that I am addicted to it addicted.

  55. I have been on Ativan 4 about week at one a day do u think I could be Addiction to it I have taking myself off it and my head feels funny doze that mine I am having withdrawal from them

    1. Hello Tina. It’s not addiction, don’t worry. It’s physical dependence, and as scary as it may sound, it really isn’t anything abnormal. Our organism tends to become accustomed to many changes that occur in the environment and inside our bodies as well. After taking Ativan for a month, your body and brain became used to its chemicals. Now that you’ve stopped use, the body feels that something is missing-which is why you say you are getting some funny feelings. The good news is: this will all be gone in a short while and your organism will return to functioning as it used to. You can talk to a doctor if the withdrawal symptoms get more uncomfortable or if they persist for more than a week or two.

  56. Can I drink alcohol the day after I took Ativan . I don’t take it everyday but say I took it Thursday morning can I drink Friday night without complications …thank you

  57. I am 81 years old and was having a severe bladder problem ONLY at night. One night I was awaken 7 times. The loss of sleep caused horrible fatigue. My doctor prescribed .5 mg once during the day and one at bedtime. I do not like prescription medicine. So for 10 days I only t, ook ONE .5mg pill at bedtime. Last Thursday upon awakening I fell with an end table breaking my fall. I stopped the pills, how long will it stay in my system?

  58. Hello, I was a victim of the Ativan gang in Manila. I was drugged and robed and then sent to a kidnapper. I am wondering if I continued to be given doses of Ativan while I was held captive. The day after the drugging, I felt hung over and very sleepy but my memory was fine. Day two and three were really bad for me. I lost bladder control, I felt sick and jittery, I had short term memory problems and periodic complete amnesia. I also, felt a little unsteady. I was still out of sorts on day four but things gradually became less foggy there after. In your professional opinion, are these side effects likely to be from the initial large does of Ativan that I was given the night that I was drugged, or is it more likely that I was given additional doses of Ativan while I was being held captive?

  59. Hello, I was wondering about the specific detailed scenario below, how long would it take Ativan to clear her blood & urine? Scenario: A female age 47 prescribed to take 3- 1/2mg tablets twice a day, for 2 days, and a total of 12 pills. She is 5 11 and weighs 216lbs. She has not taken Ativan in years, but she has taken clonazepam within the last 3 months. How long should she anticipate after taking what was prescribed to clear system? Hair (rear end length), blood and urine?

  60. I have taken about 35 tablets of lorazepam 0.5 mg. twice a day for the last 12 days ending June 16,2014 and before that took about 11 tablets of orazepam 0.5 mg. irregularly. beginning from May 23,2014 How long the medicine will stay in my blood. I am plus 75 years old

  61. Took 1mg. Of ativan for about ten days took at bed time one tablet. How long will it stay in my urine for? I have read anywhere from 3 days to six weeks? But mostly at 3 to 7 days at my dose and time I was on the med for. Thanks for your help

  62. Hi Jordan from February 10, 2014. I noticed that no one seemed to answer your message. It really broke my heart to read it. Because I know exactly how you are feeling. It is April now and I’m wondering if you are doing better. Wondering if you have broken the cycle of addiction of the Ativan. I’m taking Ativan as well. What I thought was a very low dose. 0.5 milligrams twice per day as needed. I don’t even take that. I take them every other day. So that’s one milligram every other day for the past 2 years for anxiety and Fibromyalgia. If I don’t take them I have terrible anxiety and pain in my arms so bad I can’t stand it. I don’t want to take the Ativan anymore like you don’t, but every time I try to stop,like you I get up to a day and a half and I can’t take the pain and anxiety anymore and I’ll take two Ativan so I can feel better again. It’s a vicious cycle. I’ve never been addicted to anything in my entire life. I Never considered myself to be a drug addict, yet here I am! Needing a drug to get me through the rough patches. It’s all do ridiculous! It makes me want to slap my doctor for not telling me that this stuff is addictive and for letting me stay on it for this long knowing that it is so addictive. What are we, their guinea pigs or lab rats? Are they conducting experiments on us to see how long we can remain on this crap before we crack? Not a very nice way to treat your patients, I don’t think…How about you Jordon, how do you feel about it? I’m very sorry you’ve had to endure such suffering. I hope things are better for you by now, even if they aren’t better for me. Best of luck to you Jordan.

  63. I’ve been taking lorazepam or Ativan for 3 years now, and I have to say I know the feeling’s being described here all too well. I even know the shakes inside you body felling someone else was talking about. for me it feels like my chest can be tense and there’s a feeling almost like butterfly’s in my chest but not quite the same. I recently have been trying to get off Ativan but every time I get to about a day and a half in and the anxiety is almost unbearable coming in waves of intense anxiety. I feel like I have come to know this disease so well. I have a lot of compassion for people who tell me they are suffering from anxiety almost to the point where I have an immediate connection with someone suffering from the illness. I think its because it controls many of the same aspects of so many people’s life’s that we cant help but share common traits and demeanor. I’m going to try and stop tonight and sleep through some of the withdrawal I feel like if I wrap my head around stopping the use of this drug I know I have the will to stop the use of this horrible drug. In the beginning it helped me so much. Now it has become the bane of my existence its only use now is to lengthen my suffering. Sometimes I wish I would have been strong enough in the beginning to never have even started taking Ativan but I don’t know I could have made it without it. But now I can’t live without it. If anyone has managed to read this far into my rambling thank you for reading. We all have suffered from anxiety but I know we all have it in us to overcome this addiction. We have to be strong even when it seems impossible. It’s really hard in my experience to be in such discomfort to the point where you could almost call it pain and have something 10 feet away from you that can stop your discomfort. The long term affects of this drug I’ve found there really isn’t a definitive answer for but it cant be could. anyways to some things up I feel for all of you and know you aren’t the only person dealing with this were all together in this even if it doesn’t feel like it. good luck with your lives and good luck breaking the habbit. P.S there’s an insanely annoying discomfort in my chest right now and all I want to do is take an Ativan I let it go away but I wont do it because I know I can stop this I hate it more than anything. Sometimes I wonder where I would be in life if I wasn’t on this drug like if this drug is affecting things in my brain. Things like memory, focus, my ability to react physically and mentally. I need to get off this drug and find out what my true potential is and I truly believe this drug is holding me back from living the life I want to live. I want an Ativan so bad right now I don’t want to feel this pain and discomfort anymore but I have to if I ever want to brake out of this cycle, this prison Ativan and anxiety have had me locked away in. I’m going to stop now because honestly I could go on forever about the subject. Just know you can do it, we can do it let tomorrow be a new day free from the chains of anxiety and free from the drug, the life of Ativan.

  64. Hi Kelly. I’m not familiar with this set of symptoms, but I’d suggest that you make a record of them and consult with your prescribing physician. Record when the occur, for how long, and at what intensity. And then, seek a diagnosis. I wish you the best of luck!

  65. I have been taking .05 mg of Ativan for 8 years for sleep. I have been trying to chnage my lifestyle by exercising so I can sleep better and I find the exercise helpful and I am getting better sleep w/o the Ativan. So I have been trying to wean off the .05 by cutting to .25. However, at night, the same time every night around 8 pm, I get the shakes, as if I am shivering. It is undetectable on the outside, there’s no physical tremors to observe, but inside I’m shivering. It resolves when I fall asleep. Is this type of effect familiar as part of withdrawal?

  66. I am a diagnosed insomniac and have been taking 1.5 mg of ativan at bedtime for 1 1/2 years. I am a truck driver and have no problems with it. It is the only thing that my doctors have tried that gives me a good nights rest with no groggy side effects the next morning. I have to take a D.O.T. medical physical and UA tomorrow. Is the Ativan going to be a problem With the Dept Of Transportation?

  67. Hi Tammy, It’s possible that the sleep problems are related to general anxiety issues. It can help to make a few changes to get a good night’s sleep:

    1. Go to sleep at the same time every night
    2. Avoid stimulation 2-3 hours before bedtime
    3. Learn breathing and relaxation techniques to put yourself to sleep

    Perhaps seek help from someone who can teach you these lifestyle changes. Ativan may be effective in terms of helping control emotional or mood states, but it is not meant to be taken for life.

  68. I took 1mg Ativan once a day for 12 days and then stopped going on 9 days ago. My doctor did not tell me that I would become dependent on it or that I would have withdrawal from it. I haven’t been able to sleep much at night and I was wondering how long it would be before I would get a good nights sleep again? I read that it stays in your system for 7-10 days, does that mean I’m almost over this?

  69. Hi Lisa. Yes, one common side effect of stopping Ativan is the experience of rebound anxiety or the re-appearance of anxiety issues. These symptoms can be lessened by tapering doses of Ativan before completely stopping Ativan dosage.

    I’d suggest that you schedule an in-person consultation with your prescribing doctor to outline your desire to stop taking Ativan, and to seek counsel about the withdrawal period and side effects. It may take several days to weeks for the anxiety to clear.


  70. I have been taking .5 Mg for about 7 months for anxiety….i have recently stopped taking them all together and my anxiety seems to be getting worse not feeling myself at all is this withdrawl is so how long is this supposed to last?

  71. Hi Case. It does seem that these symptoms can be caused by chronic use of Ativan over the years and withdrawal from the medication (but nothing to really do with the half life when you are actively taking the drug). I’d suggest that you record a daily log of all symptoms and report them to your prescribing doctor. Can you get in for an appointment this week?

  72. I had been taking lorazepam 1mg nightly for 7 years, for anxiety and sleep. I originally cut the dose from 1 to .05 nightly for 2 weeks and then from .05 to nothing. I have been on no lorazepam for the 16th day now and am experiences what I think are still side effects from the drug. The anxiety gets more intense as well as muscle twitches in the legs among other effects. All these symptoms seem to get worse about 1 1/2 to 2 hours after getting up in the morning. I usually took the pill at 9:30 in the evening and then went to bed. I get up at around 5:30 in the morning. I got up this morning, felt not too bad but all the weird symptoms seem to get worse at around 7:30 to 8:00 in the morning and continue till about noon and then the body sometimes levels off again. Since the 1/2 life is 12 hours would this explain the symtoms I am experiencing every morning after being up for about 2 hours. Is my brain still on drug mode even though Im not taking them anymore, or is the brain trying to re-set itself. I have a chronic illness also, rheumatoid arthritis and am pretty sure these symptoms are not caused by it.

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