How Long Does Buprenorphine Stay In Your System?

Buprenorphine can stay in your system and be detectable up to 4 days after ingestion. With a long half life (24-60 hours) and slow onset, buprenorphine is becoming the preferred medication for opiate addiction treatment. More on buprenorphine bio-availability and tracking here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D. Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.

ARTICLE OVERVIEW: Buprenorphine is detectable in urine up to 4 days after ingestion. With a long half life (24-60 hours) and slow onset, buprenorphine is becoming the preferred medication for opiate addiction treatment. But it is unlikely that you will be drug tested for buprenorphine. Why? More on buprenorphine bio-availability, treatment protocols and tracking of opiate use here.

What Is Buprenorphine Used For?

Buprenorphine is used in the treatment of opioid addiction. Doctors can prescribe a number of meds for opiate detox and long term control of cravings.  Buprenorphine is used for both.

As an opioid partial agonist, buprenorphine activates mu-opioid receptors in the brain enough to prevent withdrawal symptoms but not enough to induce a high. So the risk of addiction to buprenorphine is rather low when compared to other opioids.  And longer term use of buprenorphine to manage cravings also helps keep people in treatment.

These effects occur because buprenorphine has been designed to have a “ceiling effect”. So doses higher than 16-32 mg are unlikely to produce greater effect. As a result, buprenorphine helps keep patients in treatment, reduces illicit opioid use and reduces mortality caused by harder drug use (heroin, OxyContin, morphine, etc.).

How Do You Take Buprenorphine?

Buprenorphine is taken as a sublingual tablet.

Currently, only two forms of buprenorphine are approved for treatment of opioid addiction. Other forms of buprenorphine (ex. Buprenex) have not been approved by the FDA to treat opioid addiction. Medications containing buprenorphine that have been designed to decrease the potential for abuse by injection and have FDA approval include:

1. Subutex
2. Suboxone

Help finding Suboxone doctors.

Peak Levels And Half Life Of Buprenorphine

Buprenorphine has poor oral bio-availability and moderate sublingual bio-availability. Why? Partly because buprenorphine is highly bound to plasma proteins.  Because of an extensive first pass in metabolism, buprenorphine has both slow onset and long duration (24-48 hours). Furthermore, the rate of absorption of buprenorphine is slower by the sublingual route, giving an average peak level at approximately 200 minutes after ingestion.

Likewise, buprenorphine has slow offset, and the half life of buprenorphine is greater than 24 hours (24-60 hours). This formula allows for once a day or every other day dosing when treating opiate addiction.

Buprenorphine Drug Testing

Currently, no precise test measures buprenorphine, although it can be detected in urine, blood, or hair by gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS) and by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay in urine. Until new, commercially available tests are developed, drug tests for people receiving buprenorphine aim to detect OTHER substances of abuse.

In fact, opiate drug tests aren’t personal; they are just a way to track your recovery progress. Testing for buprenorphine or other opiates helps prescribing doctors detect substance use, adjust dosage, and monitor treatment compliance. Therefore, drug tests initiated by clinics or doctors who prescribe buprenorphine can provide both an objective measure of treatment efficacy and be used as a tool to monitor your progress.

How Long Does Buprenorphine Stay In The Body?

Opioids like buprenorphine are synthetically manufactured drugs, which means that they are not directly refined from the poppy plant. While the chemical structures are the same as opiates, detecting synthetic opioids requires a lower sensitivity detection level than their natural counterparts. The average detection time for opioids like buprenorphine is around 3 days (2-4 day detection window in urine samples) but may be longer for chronic users.

Buprenorphine And Addiction

People most at risk of becoming addiction to buprenorphine are those who HAVE NOT been previously physically addicted to opioids, or those who take buprenorphine other than prescribed (swallowed, chewed, snorted, injected). These users are more at risk of addiction because they tend to feel stronger euphoric effect of buprenorphine than those who take buprenorphine for medical reasons.

Problems With Buprenorphine?

If you think that you have a problem and are misusing buprenorphine…you need to ask yourself if you are ready to stop, or not. Drug addiction treatment requires the full participation of addicts in order to be successful. Please leave us your questions and comments below. We welcome all experiences, will keep your comments anonymous and will respond to legitimate questions or concerns personally.

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  1. I have been a compliant chronic pain patient for 3 1/2 years. Today, I tested positive for buprenorphine though I have never taken it in my life AND false positives are all over the Internet and NIH research website. I wouldn’t even know how to obtain Suboxone without a script from a doctor. This is beyond ridiculous as pain patients are punished for drug addicts copping illegal drugs laced with fentanyl. America is cracking down on doctors trying to help their patients, yet I haven’t seen a single arrest in NYS for fentanyl-laced heroin. Nope. If someone poisoned our drinking water with cyanide or arsenic, they’d be charged with domestic terrorism. Not in NYS or America…drug dealers and cartels have free reign murdering addicts. It’s ok. BUT God forbid a pain patient needs treatment. We are the devil and our pain doctors warned by NYS DOH to stop treating us! In a letter dated in February! Stop treating us! DEA and state and local police are terrified of charging drug dealing poisoners. It’s easiest to go after pain docs and pain patients who COMPLY with their prescriptions. There has to to be a better way. Zero opioid prescriptions does not work. Suicides of pain patients, especially our VETERANS, is at an all-time high. I live in fear every day my meds will be stripped because of drug dealers lacing street drugs with fentanyl. I will be suicidal with this pain left untreated. It is worse pain than cancer pain (well-documented in research literature) or labor pain (I’ve delivered 3 children). Suicides are up for pain patients and NO ONE cares. Prior to pain meds, pain docs experimented on me with non-evidence-based treatments. NONE WORKED! Can’t believe I live in a country where pain patients are stigmatized and told our pain isn’t that bad. Walk a mile in my shoes. PLEASE live in my pain for a week, better yet a month. You wouldn’t last…pancreatitis pain is not worth living with. Trust me, research papers describe pancreatitis pain as a “miserable pain and existence,” yet people who know nothing about my condition are making decisions based on fear mongering and stigma. Yes, opioids when abused are awful drugs, but monitored and compliant patients are living quality lives. Only other treatment for me is removing my pancreas. You want YOUR pancreas removed to become a brittle diabetic just to comply with opiophobic pain patient discriminating society? Join me. Those who judge pancreatitis pain patients’ pain who do not have pancreatitis cannot form decisions and judgments against us. If you want to electively remove your pancreas, I will respect you. For those of you who cannot agree to have your pancreas removed, you have no clue what this is like. And now I have to fight a false positive urine screen after 3 1/2 years compliant?????? Ridiculous!

  2. I’ve been going to pain management doctor for about 3 years, prior to seeing the PM I was seeing my family doctor and I have been taking pain medication since I was 28 years old, I am now 52. Well my doctor decided that he doesn’t want to give anyone opioids due to the health crisis, which I totally understand, mind you I had never failed a drug test in my life. Well the doctor prescribed me untranslated 50mg three times a day but nothing is working and I am not feeling well. I’m sure I am going through withdrawals and my PM doctor seems to not care. I am at a complete loss. Is there anything you can recommend ?

  3. Taking this will you basically be reducing the opiate use (taking or stop the use of) giving a synthetic only to be doing the same one is stronger the belbuca is less not giving the full pain relief most chronic people need taken a lots of different meds I’m elderly need to stop this pain not experiment if etc..need to try to aleast get relief before I’m gone my doctor said it may be a lesser pain being I have sleep apnea breathing bad I’m really scared it has too many fatal notices or warning like no other I think I need to stay with what I’m taking I’m thinking so give me better info on this thanks

  4. If anyone thinks that Suboxone is not addictive think again it’s very addictive and very very difficult to get off of it’s worse than a lot of medications to treat patients for pain like percocet Vicodin and so on Suboxone is harder to get off of then above-mentioned medications

  5. Hello. If I inadvertently swallowed the suboxone tablet instead of letting it dissolve under my tongue. Will it show up on a urine test being taken tomorrow? Also will it help me at all or will it do nothing bc swallowed vs dissolve? Thank you so much for your help.

  6. Please help me. I am 65 and probably too old for anyone to care. I have been on Oxycodone at least 10 years. My Dr.’s np gave me buprenorphine patches Friday. She really did not explain anything except to give me that and half my usual oxy which was 60 pills. I have been so sick, dizzy, and headaches. My blood pressure has run from 145-158 over 99-110 at intervals. The NP doesn’t care. I took the patch off tonight. Why am I sick? I have history of suicide attempts and right now I would go with suicide. I am old anyway. Too go off these at this rate I can’t do it. Help me please. I am mad and sick plus in agonizing pain from my back. I have married children who would be so disappointed in me.

  7. Hey guys Im on suboxone 8 mg. Most days I take the both faithfully. Yesterday I only took 1–8mg at 8:30 am orally. I have not taken any since. I take it for Arthritis pain but am out til tomorrow. I’m in a lot of pain and have a 7.5 piece of oxy. Will it make me sick if I take it? Will it help my pain?

  8. I,m stuck on Buprenorphine patch 10 mg. I tried to remove but never again the doctor says I should cut down slowly
    I know you can’t cut them but can you sellotape say 10% of the active area each week to cut down slowly ?

  9. I am cold trucky it I been on subtex s for a few years now I got take a test for my p.o. How long it take to get it out of my seamed I haven’t done for a few days I am not hurtting to bad I am hoping I am clean I should be right I haven’t tooken anything I been doing good my thing is how long dose it take for this to get out of me I been take to a day 8mg

  10. I’ve been using the pain patch but didn’t use it for about 2or 3 weeks and put one on last Tuesday and I’ve been having headaches and believe that is the reason. How can I flush it out of my system so this headache will go away?

  11. Hello, my partner has been an addict for 20 years and for the last 11 year was injecting crack and subetex every day. He went to prison in June this year and hasn’t used since but I’ve tested him twice in the last week and he has failed a urine test for beupomorphine. He hasn’t left the house and hasn’t used it and for a change I believe him, I just can’t understand why he has failed the tests. He took 4 co codamol last week but other than that just paracetamol and ibuprofen for pain relief. Is there a chance it may still be in his system as he was a heavy intravenous user from June or is he lying to Me? I’m so confused I want to believe he’s telling the truth but with everything from the past it’s hard?
    Any advice would be greatfully received.

  12. She was a kind caring person feel she told me take one if needed or a bit more the office lady said same doubt she would repeat it tho oh well both said do what you need to and if u need more take a price and took ten years so would not be clean in two weeks could take seven to nine days but listened to coucdlor and officsnagsd and got kicked out Ron m1413 sorry felt was told to do something to get kicked out oh well sorry.Ron happy new year all of you have to get son at school ty

  13. Yes my husband is locked up we have taken 4mg suboxone a day for 2 1/2 years and they are trying to tell him that he still has a faint line on his drug screen for it! Is that possiable?

  14. It been 6 day since I’ve done Suboxone I was tested positive today but I’m not an everyday user how can that be positive a urine sample

  15. Hello,
    Fantastic article. Great information. Thank you. My question is…. I took 3 subtext as prescribed and I did relapse on dilata. I do IV, I did not feel the rush of so when will I?

  16. I’m getting ready to go to the Suboxone program and I had a piece of subtext Monday morning and I go on Wednesday. So wouldn’t it be a problem if I had subtext in my system?

  17. I am currently detoxing cold turkey from 20mg of the patch & I have been wearing the butrans patch for 8 yrs. I’m not sleeping for days I go to my dr on the 17th to either get more meds but I’m tired of being on hydrocodone & the patch… How can I get off safely without making myself go stir crazy?? I who’re my last patch for almost a month now nothing.. But my skin feels like it’s on fire..

  18. iam a daily user of buprenorphin i took 20 ml to 30 ml from more than 2 years now iam planing to migrate to other country for that i have to clear a medical test of urine and blood cam afraid if they find any thing related to drugs or buprenorphin i’ll loose this opportunity to do good in life just want to know how i can clear the urine and blood test and what should i do to remove buperenorphin or any drugs from my system please help me to clear my medical test

  19. I’m 62, have taken small amounts of Suboxone at times.
    I have a job offer at a health hone, will I pass the drug test?

  20. I have been on Buprenorphine for years . I was on Methadone from the time I have been 18 yrs. old and switched over cause my Dr. encouraged me to about 10 yrs ago . I recently moved cross country from N .Y. To Az. And rather then go thru the hassle of finding a new Dr. Thought it was time to try to get off completely . My Dr. Of many , many years was very supportive of my decision and help me come up with a detox plan . After over 40 years on methadone , Suboxin and Buprenorphine I finished my last very small dose 4 days ago . If I told you it s been pain free I wouldn’t be honest . The 1st . 4 days the withdrawal is pretty heavy consisting of bad chills and bad sweats . It seems to be similar to a VERY BAD flu but with the added problem of a lot of severe restlessness . To try to fall asleep I have found impossible so the fitigue is at the highest level I’ve ever felt . One of the post on line advised a few Advil or Aleive . They weren’t any help . On the bright side today is day 5 and I’m starting to feel better . Above all I’m happy with my decision and I’m hoping I don’t eat these words . I do have to also say I am 60 years old and have been long removed from using recreational drugs of any kind so that’s not one of my worries . My only drug of choice is Diet Coke . I strongly encourage anyone wanting off to make up a detox plan of a month or 2 and reduce your amount ever so slightly everyday . I was down to about 1mg. A day and I stayed that way for At least 10 days before I went the 1st. Day with nothing . Good Luck and if you really want off the payoff is wort it .

    hi patti the excact same thing happened to me today when I took my FIRST 8mg suboxone , I’m currently taking 80mg oxy daily 8x and someone told me to stop taking your meds for one day and switch over to suboxone 8mg WELL WHAT A MISTAKE that was today , within minutes I’ve gotten all shakey , jittery , nervous , couldn’t focus , etc even brought myself to emergency dept , they said the suboxone put me right in withdrawals symptoms , never again for me , it’s been 12hrs now finally coming around , I’ve taken my regular dose of oxys again but NEVER will I attempt that transitioning again WHY this occur I wonder?

  22. My Dr wants to give me a button patch burprenorphine for my chronic pain I’m on oxycodone now is this medicine for opoide addiction

  23. my finacee was put on BELBUCA 600MCG FILM every 12 hours when he did it putting it on his cheek inside of his mouth , he got shaky,nausea,crocuing ,can’t sleep.jaw numbness sores in his mouth.and not feeling right he took it again that night and the same thing happen the last time he took it was on sunday he did oxycodone for breakthrough pain, the belbuca didn’t help with pain at all JUST SCREWED HIS BODY UP. THE DOCTORS WHO GIVE THERE PATIENTS THIS MEDICINE SHOULD FOLLOW THERE HISTORY ON THEM.THIS DRUG IS A LAWSUIT WAITING TO HAPPEN,AND HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET OUT OF YOUR BODY SO HE WILL START TO FEEL BETTER AND BACK TO HIMSELF??????????????

  24. I have been on Suboxone for about 3 years . I have tapered to 2 mgs daily . I ran out yesterday and the withdrawal symptoms appeared really quickly . my Question is why did the withdrawal symptoms appear so quickly when I stopped ?

  25. I previously had drug screenings come back showing that I have raw Suboxone in my urine. My doctor assumed that I was putting pieces of Suboxone in my urine in order to sell the rest of them. I was going to be kicked out of the program and I had to go back to rehab. Does anyone know why this could have happened and why it came up showing there was raw Suboxone in my urine? It was clearly a mistake but I’m afraid that it might come back positive for suboxone. Can anyone please help me?

  26. i take suboxone 2mg per day with injection for about 1 year how long would it take for me to not be detected in urine/blood toxicology test? sometime i take more than 2mg per day some others i take 0.5 and it goes on

  27. I am prescribed 1 and 1/2 8mg tablets sublingual once daily if I take 2mgs on Monday night around 8pm will it still be detectable in my urine on Friday around 4pm using a dip and being sent to a lab?

  28. My doctor has me on xanax, abuteral, percocet, lomotil, crestor, hydroxizln I had a subutex givin to me to try for my cronic back pain.about a week latter the docters office did a urine speciment the nurse called and said I had morphine and dillota in my urine.was test contaminated or is there some other possibility?

  29. I used Buprenorphine prescribed by my doctor for about 7 years for the treatment of severe back pain. I stopped in January and am feeling like my arms have a second degree sunburn on them. I also feel very warm at night and can only sleep with a sheet over me even if its cold in the room. My doctor has now retired and I am unable to ask him about this. Is this a normal withdrawal feeling? Any thoughts on how long it might last? I used to have severe chills and cramping in my legs along with bad sneezing, but those symptoms have resolved themselves. Any thoughts you have would be greatly appreciated! Oh, 1 other thing, it was so bad one night that I used some leftover Vicodin to stop the feeling temporarily in my arms. Only did that once though as I don’t want to get hooked on Vicodin.

  30. I took one 600 mg neurontin today. My papaw is trying to get my cousin back. He keeps telling me that they’re coming..
    They’re supposed to be here in the morning & I’m scared too death about a drug test.

    1. Hi Mirtha. Subotex can be detected in a blood test, and its detection time-frame is up to 4 days.

  31. Hi, I am writing because I have been taking 8 mg hydromorphone 4 x’s a day as well as 30mg’s of oxycodine hcl 4x’s a day for the past 8 years if not longer. I have just recently moved back to Pennsylvania from Colorado/Texas. I have been on these very very strong pain meds due to legit health problems however, I for 2 months now can not find a Dr willing tonwrite me for anything stronger than either 5-10mg oxycodone hcl tabs 4 times a day. This medication is barely holding the withdraws away let alone doing anything for my pain. I’m writing in hope that maybe somehow this can be some thing I can at least try, maybe it will help my pain and also keep me from having to feel like I’m in withdraw constantly. I would much appreciate a response as soon as you can send me one. I currently am located near Shamokin Pa.
    Please please help,
    Much appreciation,

  32. I have been taking suboxone for about 3 month now! I took a dose on Friday and found out I had a drug test on Monday if I dont take any from Friday till Monday will it still be in my system? And if so how can I get it gone quicker?

  33. I am using a Buphrenorphine patch 20mcg/hr times 1 weekly for burning pain from.RA, post cervical fusion, joint pain, and FMS. I also take 3-6 15 mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain.
    On a drug test in January, I had a urine drug screen that registered positive for the oxycodone, but no buphrenorphine was detected.
    I can’t get my dr to talk to me, just his med asst. I have taken my pain medication as prescribed. I also taken tizanidine for spasm. And I have fatty liver syndrome with elevated enzymes and elevated creatinine and BUN.
    I’m a former medical technologist with 30 years experience in hematology, immunology, microbiology, chemistry, and have done drug screening on several automated systems and with CLIA waived dip screening. I am educated about toxicology.
    Is there anyone who would be willing to address my issue with clinical facts and help me prove that I am using my Butrans patch? My hair is 22 inches long-will it help to prove I’ve been using my medication as prescribed? Or a liver biopsy?

  34. I took maybe 1 1/2 mg of subutex on wed. How long will it take to be clean? Before that i was completely clean for a month. I have a drug test that i have to pass. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  35. If you have took a half of suboxone in a matter of a week, will it still take 15 days to come out of your system? I have been told from other web sites that no matter how much you take it will take 15 days regardless of the dosage. Is that true? I have took a pinch before and had a drug screen 2 days later, and it didn’t show up. Was it because it was to early to detect or was it because I didn’t take that much of it? I honestly only take it when I am hurting, I was born with back issues, I have very large spaces in between the nerves and discs in my lower back, and I have issues with sitting to long and standing to long cause of my tail bone, and nerve damage in my back and legs, I walk with a limp and I would of never known the problems with my back if it wasnt for a bad accident I was in, Doctors never took me seriously as a young girl, I guess they thought I was an addict at 10 yrs old, IDK what the worlds coming to, all I know is that I will not pass judgment on to anyone because ive never had to walk in there shoes. I leave that up to our Father In Heaven, but I was told to call an Pharmacist for all my questions, but can you honestly ask a pharmacist how long any drug will stay in your urine, I know it stays longer in your blood than your urine, well I guess it does anyways, I’ve been a nurse for over 21 yrs. And i’ve took care of alot of sick people, and the way I look at life is just when you think your life is at its worst, just remember someone else is out there worse off than you are just be greatful for your many blessings, even though it seems really hard to at times, it does get better. Thank You…

  36. I’ve been on suboxon for about a week, don’t like the way feeling headache’s cramps in stomach!! If I just stop taking it am I going into withdrawal? Don’t want withdrawal again!!! Not strong enough! Help!!!!

  37. Ive been taking Suboxone for a little while but now my doc wanted me to try Bunavail ..I was told there the same and my dosage is the same ..8mg/2mg 4.2mg/0.7..but I can just tell that somethings not the same…I dont get the same relieve and I wake up in the middle of the night with lite withdrawals. Whats the big difference between these two ?

  38. I use to abuse pills now for the last two years I’ve been on suboxone first year was perceived insurance stopped paying for suboxone but tell pay for the iPod pills. I need help to get off suboxone since I don’t want to be pill dependant nor rely on suboxone to feel normal I want to wake up normal please help me. I have severe withdrawal s when I don’t have or can’t get suboxone. I have a kidney disease would this make it harder for me to get clean.

    1. Hi Gary. You are probably decreasing too much of doses or stopping all use suddenly and abruptly, which is why you are experiencing adverse withdrawal reactions. The key is to taper off the medication slowly and gradually, which will give your organism time to adapt as you go. You can call your doctor or pharmacist to help you create a tapering schedule fit for you, and to also suggest some prescription or over-the-counter remedies to manage or treat the withdrawal symptoms that do occur.

  39. I been taking 8 mg buprenorphine since Thursday feel very ill and is not helping with withdrawals of heroin , went to my prescribers they said they can not do any thing I have to wait for my appointment on Friday, cos I have to use heroin on top to help with illness feelings, what shall I do stop taking buprenorphine?

  40. Hi I’m prescribed two 8mg suboxone strips a day for a heroin addiction that my P.O. does not know about. I haven’t taken any since yesterday afternoon, however I injected it instead of taking it orally (I know I shouldn’t have!). I see my P.O. on Tues and will have a mouth swap drug test done that gets sent to a lab to be tested on. I dont want her to know I’m prescribed them. If I don’t do any till then from yesterday afternoon (Friday Nov. 27), will it be out of my system enough to atleast not show up in my lab tested saliva drug test on Tues Dec.1?! Please respond asap!!

    1. Hello Gary. Well, everything depends on the dosage, duration of intake, metabolism, etc. Usually, Suboxone can be detected up to 3 days, but possibly days later, if you have used it in higher doses.

  41. Hi if you snort say 2 3 ml of subbys a day then cut dwn to 1 ml a day for 3 days then just a tiny quarter of 1 ml then nothing for 1 and a half days will it show up in a blood test for a job opportunities plz

  42. Please help me. I snorted a quarter of subutex every day for 11 days. Please tell me how many days it will be on my urine. I see my P.O. again on Tuesday. Last quarter snorted today which is Thursday. Please help. I’m freaking out!!

  43. I’ve been on Butrans about 3yrs give or take. Do to insurance I’m off of it bc of expense. Any way at 15mcg how long before it is out of your system. Been a week for me all feel is TIRED

  44. I use suboxone and now if I don’t take it I go through withdrawals I’m in the same hole as with the pain pills drill addicted what can I do????

  45. I have been taking 24mg of subtex for1 year but need to go off for surgery. How long do I need to be off of them to have the pain meds work after surgery ??

  46. Will buprenorphine be out of my urine 7 days after taking it? I took it twice, one Sunday and then Tuesday. I plan to drink more water than usual (I don’t really drink water). I have a ua next Wednesday and need to know if I’ll be able to pass. Any info will be helpful. Again, the test will be 8 days after taking it last. Thanks in advance.

  47. I took an 8mg pill of Suboxone Friday morning around 7 am… It is now Saturday afternoon. I will have a random drug test likely this week and I would like to know if the buprenophrine will show up. If this is my first and only time taking one pill, how long will it be in my system/detectable?

  48. OK… So, I just got kicked out of a 14 day treatment facility for testing positive for buphrenorphine yesterday. The last time I ingested it was 8 days prior. Wtf??? I don’t understand this at all. I have not done anything to deserve this. I requested a new test but was denied. I know what I’ve done and I admit to my mistakes when I make them… But this is not MY mistake. Now my life is in complete chaos, and I am in a worse position than I was in before I sought treatment. Looks like the only mistake on my part was choosing that so called “treatment facility”. Anybody know of a way to seek justice for this wrong doing? Is there any proof of this happening to others? And if so… Where can I obtain it?

  49. I use subutex frequently. The last half I had done wason Tuesday. Then Friday I did a quarter of one. Then on Saturday I did a half. When will my system be clean from subutex

    1. Hi Toni. Buprenorphine has slow offset and elimination time. The half life of buprenorphine is greater than 24 hours, and in fact it ranges between 24-60 hours. So, it would take a couple of days for the drug to completely leave your system.

  50. I take suboxone every day for the last 2yrs, yet my last 3 urine test came up 2 of them being negative and one came up as contains only raw buprenorphine. I dont understand why? the only thing I can think is the lab they send the test to is some how messing up. The test that came up with the raw buperrnorphine they did a Tricyclic screen LC/MS/MS. Can you give me any explination to how this could happen?

    1. Hello Bonnie. Labs are not always 100% accurate and human mistakes do happen. But, three times in a row is not common. Are you taking any other medications? If you are, you should give the lab a full list of medicines, so the lab can see if there may be some sort of interaction. Also, you can request a hair follicle test, which can detect buprenorphine more accurately.

  51. I was on Suboxone for 2 years. 3 a day for 1 1/2 years and 2 a day for the other half year. I tried to quit cold turkey a few weeks ago and Im not doing well. Since I was on such high doses is it possible that it will take longer than 30 days for the subs to not show up in my urine when they lab it? I could really use an answer to this question. Thank you for your time.

  52. No on really knows the answer to the suboxone Questions.The effect the nausea the extememity of it all.Soboxone works great when used properaly! I belive thatSuboxone last 24 days in your system. everyone for gets the half live as well. In which Is 36 hours.So good luck figuring it out! if anyone comes up with the salution please leave a message

  53. Hello Annette. The effect or side effects of the patch can last for up to 30 hours after removing it. But, you removed it earlier, so I’d say it would take about 24 horus before you stop feeling the effects.

  54. First time i used butran patch on back….i took off because it made me itch, nausea, & threw up several times. How long till i feel better after removing patch…ive used only this one time. How long till out of my system & feeling better? please reply back asap. thx. Annette

  55. Hi againg Jimi. Yes, your doctor can know for sure. In many cases, the doctor uses a certain mathematical formula based on the prescribing frequency, the dosage, the person’s age, weight, health and etc. to figure out an estimate range that the patient’s levels should fall in. Anything that goes much higher or lower than that range alerts them to a possible problem.

  56. Hello, Ivana.
    I understand what you’re saying.
    But, when I went to see my suboxone doctor the last time, he was, I believe… able to detect the level of buprenorphine in my system. As he went on to explain that I was only using about 1 strip a day. He prescribes me 60 a month. 2 strips daily. How could he tell what my levels are in my blood from a urine test? All I know is that he sends my urine samples out to a company called, Lab corp. I also don’t know if the test that involves using gases to detect buprenorphine levels in the system are derived from a urine sample? If it is, thats what he must be ordering to be done by lab Corp. Again, I’m just speculating. If not, is my doctor lying to me, when He’s sitting there looking at the computer screen… and telling me that I’m not taking enough of my suboxone? Please help. Thanks.

  57. Hello Jimi. A simple urine test will only point out the presence of a parent drug or its metabolites. The level of drug or its metabolites is not predictive of when the drug was taken or how much the patient used.

  58. I would like to know if, and when my doctor urine tests me to confirm that my suboxone levels are where they should be, if I’m not on any other medications… does this test detect any other non-opioid medicines? Such as: effexor, and doxepin? Or, is this test specifically designated to only measure bupenorephine level? Please respond. Thanks.

  59. If I took 8 mgs twice a day for two days, aug 13 and aug 14 will I test positive for suboxone on Tue Aug 19th if that’s all I took I’m over a yrar

  60. I had been on Lorazepam 1mg. twice a day. This dose was a reduction from a higher dose before that .My doctor reduced my dose to .5 mg once a day. This was about two weeks ago. I also stopped taking gabapentin about a week ago. I am experiencing some withdrawal symptoms now from the reduction of these medicines. I don’t see my psychiatrist until next week and I see my primary Dr. tomorrow. What can I do to make these feelings of anxiety, nausea, early morning waking, etc. to be lessened. Thank you.

  61. i was using 20mg of Nalbuphin injection 3 time in a singal day daily from last 6 months. then i use buprenorphine 0.2mg injection daily from last 60 days to leave Nalbuphin ADDICTION. my question is that now how can i gett off from buprenorphine . i want to clean. if i do not take this i feel bad whole day.

  62. I’ve been on suboxone for about a yr with no script. My ex gave them to me for a minor opiate addiction I incurred because of spinal issues. He was controlling, I let him be this way, said he’d rather have me on sub than using the pain pills I had legitimately prescribed. I didn’t know a thing about this drug other than what he told me. For about 8mo I was splitting a 8mg strip daily (4mg a day) but then started taking 8 mg (4mg x2) daily the past few months. I don’t know what I was thinking. I didn’t get high from it. Just became kind of habitual to do a half (twice a day) and have a smoke while dissolving. I’ve since broken up with him, and have 1 1/2 strips left. I’ve been taking 1/4 a day since Monday. Is there any possible way that I can ween off with what I have? I have kids, and need to be functional. I want nothing else than to get back to where I was in life before I met him and that includes no suboxone! Or pills! Started working out, building my core muscles, and it has relieved my back pain enough that OTC meds help my pain now. I hope to hear back. Thank you.

  63. I took 4mg of suboxone a on a wednesday then that saturday i took an 8mg. I do not do suboxone on a normal basis it had been around 4 months since i had taken any. well i have a drug test thursday what is my chances of passing. i am 5ft 3in 130lbs fairly active.

  64. If they have no testing for it, how do you know how long it stays in you’re system, and it’s been a year since this post so do they no in 2012 test for it in a hospital enviroment urine test. The doctor ordered a urine test from the lab not a dip stick?

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