How Long Does Concerta Stay In Your System?

Concerta is a stimulant that stays in your body a little longer than one day. Learn more about the bioavailability of Concerta, its addiction potential and drug screening information here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D. Dr. Juan Goecke, M.D.

Generally, Concerta is eliminated by the body within 2 days of taking the medication.   For comparison,  Adderall last in your system even longer.  Here you’ll find more information on how long Concerta affects the body, including peak levels, half life and elimination time.  And please ask your questions about Concerta use at the end.  We respond to all legitimate inquiries with a personal and prompt response.

How Do You Take Concerta?

Concerta is a tablet taken orally once daily in the morning with or without food. Therapeutically, Concerta is swallowed whole but can be abuse when chewed, divided, or crushed.

What Is Concerta Used For?

Concerta is central nervous system stimulant prescribed to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in children and adults up to the age of 65.

Peak Levels And Half Life Of Concerta

Concerta is a formula which contains methylphenidate hydrochloride and has been designed as an extended release (ER) medication. Originally, ADHD medications containing methylphenidate were immediate release (IR) formulations, and had rapid onsets and short durations of action. However, IR formulas needed to be given least twice daily for optimal ADHD treatment throughout the day. Today, ER formulas are now considered more practical alternatives for treating symptoms of ADHD as once daily doses minimize the fluctuations between peak and minimum concentrations associated with IR methylphenidate.

Onset of effects occurs within 30-60 minutes after taking Concerta. After that, duration of action lasts from 8-12 hours. And the average times to reach peak plasma concentrations across all doses of Concerta occur between 6-10 hours. The average half-life for Concerta in adults is about 3.5 hours.

Concerta Drug Testing

Urinary excretion accounts for nearly all of the elimination of the stimulants and their metabolites. So urine screens are the most effective means for testing for Concerta use. The federal drug detection limit for methylphenidate HCl is 300 ng/mL. So how long does Concerta stay in the body? Concerta is generally eliminated from the body within 32 hours of last dose.

Concerta And Addiction

Although addiction liability (such as Adderall addictive properties)  is most high when you take a drug for effect or to get high, you can still get addicted to Concerta if you are taking it in doses or methods other than recommended by a doctor. In fact, chronic use of Concerta for effect can lead to tolerance (the need for higher doses for similar effect) and psychological dependence with varying degrees of abnormal behavior. This is why Concerta should be given cautiously to patients with a history of drug dependence or alcoholism.

Doctors need to monitor Concerta use to recommend dosage changes. If you’re not getting the right doses, you may mistakenly become physically dependent on the drug, and perhaps even develop a psychological dependence, too. And if you believe that you may be addicted to Concerta, you need medical supervision during withdrawal because severe depression may occur or reveal the symptoms of other underlying mental health disorders that may require follow-up. Learn more about Concerta Addiction and Treatment Program considerations, what you can do to address it, and your long-term rehab and recovery options. Help is available TODAY!

Problems With Concerta?

If you think that you have a problem with Concerta, you just well may. If you are misusing the stimulant to get high or have become physically and mentally dependent on Concerta to get through work or school…you can get help. If you are ready to stop using Concerta, or have questions about its use and abuse, please leave them in the comments section below. We respond to all legitimate concerns personally and will try to help you as best we can.

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  1. I started taking concerta in August and have been on 36mg. Two weeks ago I started getting really bad migraines and then last week I started having petit mal seizures. I just stare vacantly, there is a feeling of pressure in my head, I find it difficult to speak and I shake. At first my doctor thought it was the concerts but I have been off it since last week and I still feel that way. I also take Serdep for depression.

  2. Boy turning 9 next week has been on concerta geric for about 5 months. Lived with father for first 2 years.grade 1.ok. grade 2 failed each term

  3. My son has been taking concerta for yrs it works awesome his school lets me know how ever he hasn’t taken it since December of this yr and now just proscribed him it as of yesterday 54 I think it’s to high to start in his system I need advise plz he is 17 yrs old high school student

  4. I have a 11 year old son on Contcerta and he is finishing up the school year taking it. This summer I will not be using Contcerta, so when he return back to school in September he will be completely off the medication. My son have an appointment in June I will be working with his Doctor, is there any suggestions that you have for me?

  5. Hi,
    My 17 yo daughter just told me that her boyfriend has been giving her his dose (18mg) of concerta daily for over 2 years. She has become addicted to marijuana during the same time period. My daughter has never been prescribed any ADHD meds, nor has she been diagnosed as ADHD. Until this year, she has been a high functioning student, carrying near or above a 4.0. She has had problems with mood fluctuations since she was a child, and has recently been under the care of a psychiatrist trying to find the right medication for depression.
    I am very concerned about her.
    Thank you,

  6. My son takes the medication he’s on 36 my I only give it to him term time and only on special occasions can this make him additive or do damage to him
    Thank you

  7. My grandson 8 years old was switched from adderal 25 mg to concerta 18mg then 2 wks later 27mg and his anger is better but he is so hyper and wont listen to anything i say. Took back to dr they added prozac 10mg. And a 10mg ritalin at noon because teacher said he was ok till later on in day then he went back to same old behavior. Teacher texted me today and said he was so hyper and would not or could not focus this was second day on prozac could the prozac be causing a reaction

  8. I took concerta without a prescription and it helped with concentrating during my paper but now, I’m feeling a bit off. I’ve been feeling like my body is too heavy for me to carry, I have a massive headache, I’ve been sitting in the same position for about an hour now and I’m crying non stop and I can’t move anything in my body except for my hands. I can’t even wipe my tears, it’s almost like I’m mentally caged. I feel like my head is the biggest part of my body, like it’s extremely heavy and it’s weighing me down. I’m so confused and just not myself. And when does this whole hing finish?

  9. I usually do not prescribe this medication as it has a lot of side effects. Actually, it’s not so effective as it may seem.

  10. My son got it 50% hearing loss in his left ear to do surgery what are some of the side effects of it taking Concerta need help

  11. My son is 12yrs old. He has been on Concerta ER 36mg n am & 27mg n afternoon. Last yr toward the end of that school yr, he had 2 go on 56mg n the am & 27mg n the afternoon. His focus was becoming an issue n school.
    Well my son has developed a “tick!” 1st it was just his eyes! When u looked @ him his eyes would constantly keep looking 2 the lt& upward. Then it got worse! Now his HEAD & eyes both move 2 the lt when u r looking @ him! HE notices it & it bothers him! HE wants it 2 stop!
    Any thoughts on this? Have u heard of this b4? His eyes move back & 4th but they don’t come all the way back 2 “normal” position b4 returning 2 the lt corner if u no what I am saying! I hope this makes sense!

  12. Ok so, I was feed addrall and concerta from a very young age, I in turn ended up becoming a methamphetamine addict at 17 as the pills became verry addictting for me i became rebellious, moved out of my parents house at 16 , and started using needles at 18 . Now i am 31 and I have ended a 17 year battle of I.v. amphetamine use. I suffer psychosis,insomnia ,and hallucinations without using now. I am currently on meds to keep me from experiencing these naturally occurring symptoms of long time drug abuse .Now I have my own children ,one of witch has been diagnosed with ADHD ,and the dr wants to put put my child on adderall ,my worst fear is my son becoming an addict like me what should u do?

  13. Hi,on sept7,2017 my med were stolen out of my purse i take concerta 54 mgand10 mg of ritlin at 3:00 pm i had a doctor’s appt to get pap smear i usally set my alarm for9:00am, but i set it for 10:00,woke up alittle later, i use medic trans,they called to tell me they would pick me up shortly,so i got dressed quickly, driver usually calls,i heard a. horn blow grabbed my meds ,watter blt,took my cocerta alittle late, threw it in my purse with my ritlin that i take at 3:00. Went outside,set my purs

  14. My son has twitches when using 72mg concerta, he keeps clearing his throat which causes him to have a sore throat and he doesn’t eat or sleep, he has even suggested that he has sleeping tablets which I have not done as he is 12 and was wondering if there is anything I can give him to help the poor boy, I do not give his medication at weekends to get him to eat and catch up, but sleep is still a problem. Many thanks

  15. I take 85 milligrams of Concerta in the AM and 10 mg of Adderall at 1:00 PM. This all prescribed by my psychologist who I have learned to trust. He’s the second doctor I’ve ever had for treating ADHD. I’m 55 years old and started treatment at the age of 40. I do so much better than I had before treatment but, I worry about the long term health effects. What else can I do?

  16. My son he’s 7 and he has ADHD ,last two weeks he’s startered to take concerta and now he’s losing appited n he has headache always sleeping .must I worry or it has to be tat way pls help me

  17. how long kids from 8 years old should be on Concerta. up to which age they should be taking the concerta.

  18. Every morning I take a multi vitamin after breakfast. The same time I give my daughter her 36mg Concerta before leaving for daycare and me to work. Well I was rushing this morning and switched them (big oops!) I realized when she came back from the bathroom and she asked why her pill looked different! I obviously have her the correct med having caught it, but I have to do a weekly urin test at work, tomorrow! Will it be out of my system by then?

  19. My son is on concerta27mg it’s sort of working for school wen he comes down he’s like a different child smashing windows trashing the bathroom swearing Angry iv never seen him like this I’m at my wits end I don’t no is this side affects please I need ur advice thank you

  20. Hello, so I’ve been taking Concerta for about 1 year now, and am now at alza 54. How long would it stay in my system? It is a prescription for my ADD, and mainly for school, but now since my family’s moving, I need to start focusing on the things I need to do more. How long would be long enough for me to take it again? Also, we have tested it, and I have shown no signs of addiction to Concerta, the side effects have never shown up, and I am 13. Thanks!

  21. Though it may be over prescribed I must stress it is a great benefit will little or no negative benefit for those of us who have had brain scans showing little activity in the front of the brain. I go from little executive function and hyper active like, random thinking to a functional adult.

    Sadly I was assigned to a doctor who has no belief in ADHD, he believes it is anxiety disorder, period. Dismissal of brain scan. And my life will not come together. Simple tasks like unpacking seem unsurmountable.

    I worked full time and kept two boarders as well as two art shows per year. Now I’m back to square one, living in disorder. No job. No boarders. No art shows. But heck this East Indian male psychiatrist is gonna dismiss what my previous East Indian female psychiatrist and three specialists have recommended and an insurance companypays for me to sit at home and rot for a year.

    Completely between a rock and a hard place and not able to sort myself. Living in a rats nest is what is contributing to my anxiety level. Living in a city where the rents are through the roof but I couldn’t​ expect anyone to come to this disorganized mess and I am ashamed.

    I want to take one tablet on the long weekend and work through as much as possible and hope to not be urine tested by the insurance company. Great big, stupid, sad joke this year has been.

  22. My son is not doing his Class work daily n being little more disobedient. He avoids writing work bt reading is very well. He taking 18mg pills sience 4 month, still v getting complaints from school that his behaviour is not satisfying.
    So how long should i use Concetra
    N please tell me how long it’s work n if I avoid 1 or 2 days in mid then how it vl affective.

  23. What should I do if I have taken these pills when I wasn’t meant to ? I am not prescripted to take these.

  24. I am an RN are used to take Concerta on the days that I worked which was only three days a week but since my husband and I have started trying to get pregnant I have stopped taking them majority of the time and have only taken them When I have my period if I work. I just found out I was pregnant but forgot that I had taken my concerta a little over a week ago because I had a training and completely forgot about the fact that we were trying. I’m not even a month along. Will this have an effect on the fetus this early?

  25. I am battling to concentrate and have been prescribed concerta during my exam time as my concentration level is at its lowest at night when I need to study. When is the best time during the day to take concerta?

  26. 75 years old taking Concerta for 6 years aiza 38. Recent blood test shows no sign in blood. Doctor asked if I was taking my medication and I told him everyday. Whats up

  27. hello, my 14yr old daughter has been taking Concerta for approx 3 years and it has made a huge positive difference in her ability to focus and manage at school. she is now in the midst of puberty and her personality which has always been a bit intense seems to be getting worse and while she was very irritable and anxious before starting on the Concerta she seems to be extremely irritable all the time and is getting worse. She is always very stressed. We assumed this was all due to puberty but is it possible it could be a result of the medication? also she has intense sexual thoughts and I’m wondering if this could also be as a result of the Concerta? thank you

  28. I have been taking concerta for since I was 11 for narcolepsy. I do suffer from side effects the main one being loss of apatite, But I am not underweight or anything. Recently I have been feeling a bit depressed, having mood swings where I get really angry and even violent a few times and I have thoughts of hurting myself and I don’t know why?! This is very out of character and I was wondering if it could be because of the medication. It is just strange because I have been on it for so many years and never had this problem.

  29. So I started taking 54 mg Concerta the other day and I have been having the worse side effects ever. I turn purple everywhere, I feel like my heart is skipping beats, I turn purple on my left foot and I get really dizzy along with a really super bad migrane. Yesterday I took it about noon and I finally fell asleep at 4am this morning. I am now up with an even worse head ache and teary and really red eyes. My mom says it’s just my head playing tricks on me but I only have these symptoms when I take this med and i’m scared that this may have caused cardiac problems.

  30. I am on 36mg of concerta daily & have been for many years. Yesterday I was called in for a drug screen to make sure I am taking it. I took my dose about an hour before the urine test. Today the office called & said my screen was negative. I don’t know how this is possible. & now I’m extremely worried that my Dr will not fill my prescription. How is it possible for the test to be negative?

  31. My son who is 25 was on Concerta for a few years. His diet was full of sugar and junk food at that time. In the last few months he has been exercising and eating very healthy and has gone off Concerta and is going really well. A few weeks ago he renewed his licence and told the authorities he was off this drug, he now has to have an occupational therapy assessment costing lots of money even though he is the healthiest he has been in many years. Why would this be so.

  32. I take concerta 54mg and METHYLPHENID HCL ER 54Mg. Whenever I take it, I have uncontrollable shaking, slight vision loss in my right eye, nausea, headaches and I feel as if I have no energy. Should I be taking this medication? I have OCD, ADHD, Tourettes Syndrome, and depression. I take 2 of the 54mg concerta and 1 of the METHYLPHENID HCL ER. please help

  33. Hi my Dr prescribed the concerta for me since I told her about my problem with memory loss, I have 6 days using them but what I notice is that my urine is yellow so I don’t know whether I should continue using them, please help

  34. Hi, my stepson recently was diagnosed with ADHD and places on concerta 18mg. His mother is worried about addiction and doesn’t want to give him his meds over the weekend. I am a special education teacher that has not worked with students with that particular medication but when working with students on other meds it is quite clear when the parents don’t give the meds over the weekend and I have struggled with getting them to stay focused and on task. Can you tell me if concerta is okay to give weekend breaks from or if it is best to continue the meds over the weekends? Thank you for your help.

  35. What is the best medicine for adhd in adults, for focus? What can you take if wellbutrin XL 150 mg is causing too many sides affects. I noticed it took care of the depression I was dealing with, because i stopped eating sweets, ice cream for comfort. But I had one of the rare side affects develop which was a muscle in my neck felt like it was being twisted. Horrible pain. What else helps with deppression?

  36. I was prescribed concerts 36mg since I was 15 and I am now 20. I have recently started taking it at later time (3pm-6pm) because if I take it in the morning (10am) i’ll crash out 12 hours later and unfortunately need to study passed midnight often times. I have noticed that until I take the medication I cannot study effectively. In the past this wasn’t the case. I was wondering if I am abusing it or misusing it in a sense or if I have built an addiction (PS I do have ADHD). Lastly, would taking one at 7am and one at 5pm be an alternative to this?

  37. Was on Concerta 3 years ago, stopped because one day after taking 54mg and one cup of coffee while tired, my blood pressure skyrocketed and my heart rate was over 140. Almost called 911. Had palpitations all day.

    3 years later today I tried 18mg and felt jittery and hated the increased heart rate. Heart rate was consistently over 100 despite trying to relax sitting. Never going to touch psychotropic drugs again.

    Watching Buddhist teachings on mindfulness, restlessness and thoughts along with practicing 10 minute daily meditations has helped tremendously. Also made sure to give up things I desire such as prolonged internet usage, video games, excess music… people don’t realize these things hardwire your brain for instant stimulation and as a result your focus and concentration are weakened. Sometimes drugs aren’t necessarily to fix your problem.

  38. I want to come off concerts but I’m also in the process of stopping Paxil and zypreca should I give 90 days to eliminate all side effects from Paxil and zypreca before stopping concerts. Are there side affects coming off converta.Im on 54 mgs

  39. I am a mother of a 8 year old boy who we can not seem to get on the right meds! He is a extremely clever child, but battles to concentrate at school! He has been on it all you can say! Ritalin, concerta, risperdal ect! He gets in trouble at scool because he battles to concentrate! He has been with so many drs, professors, neurologists, developmental pediatricians and the list goes on! He only seems to be hyperactive when the tablets is leaving the system, which is no problem, but tge thing is it is like the meds do not do the job it is supposed to do! He has been ons so many different tablets the last 3 years i fear that it dos not work! Ritalin makes him very aggressive, risperdal makes him very active (apperantly this happens to 1 out of 100), and the concerta at a 27mg is like there is nothing in his system! I have changed him to a 36 mg he has been on it for 3 days now, but i do not see a difference! I do not mind the hyperactive but i do mind him getting in trouble for not being able to focus in class! I give the concerta with the ADDVance vitamin! Please i need advice i hate to see my child suffer like this! And our schools in south africa have big classes, and i know he battles with that! But the remedial schools that i took him to for tests all say the same! He should be able to cope in normal school as he is not a typical candidate for their schools! Sorry for the life story, i am a mother in pain to see my child suffer!

  40. Hi,
    As of today I have stopped using Concerta. I have been taking 6 pills a day (108 mgs), I know this is an unhealthy amount. I was wondering what tests I should ask my doctor to take; liver, heart and kidneys? Would there be any other test I should take?

  41. Hi. I’m 19 years old and weigh about 115 lbs. I’m bipolar and have ADHD I was put on concerta 36 than switch to adderall I am suppose to take two 20 mg of adderall twice a day. Once in the morning and once a noon. I have been really depressed lately because I’m going through a lot of family problem and ex boyfriend problems. I usually take my
    Medicine as needed never more. But last night at approximately 8:30pm I took a concerta because I had some left Over. Than my mom and I got into a fight so I decided to take another 2. And my the 8:45 I had taken 7 36mg Concertas and. My ex boyfriend knew that I took them and than told me to go throw them up.So I went immediately to go throw them up. I throw up everything in my system and and it was not even 9 pm yet. But I still haven’t slept and it is 9:35 am the next day. And I feel so hungry but not at the same time I can’t eat. It just don’t taste good or feel good. It doesn’t make me sick to eat I just don’t feel like I need to. I know I need to eat. And I have been trying. I can’t stop moving my body is moving back in forwoth and I can stop doing it but I feel my body tingle when I do stop moving. I have been drinking Powerade to get my electrolytes. But I don’t think it is working. I don’t know what do to?I don’t wanna harm myself in anyway .what should I do about it? Help ? I’m scared and confused do. I just wanna be safe and healthy. I do not want to go throw the pain or die anytime soon. I didn’t think it was a problem because I have been taken prescribe vyvanse than got switch to conectra and than adderall and everyone tells me I take a lot so I didn’t think it would do much. But I’m scared now and need help.

  42. I have just realized after waking up at six am (something I don’t normally do) I mean I Put two and two together I basically took a six hour nap (usually how long my naps are during the day while on concerta) I have realized I have accidentally took the wrong medication last night I took concerta instead of my sleep set. After a six hour sleep will it still be okay to take my two tablets of concerta for the morning??

  43. I want to stop giving my son concerta and need help managing his withdrawal symptoms.
    My 10 yr old son has been on concerta for 4 years now (since 2012) 36 mg er twice a day every day. I have given him only 36 mg er ONCE a day for a month. 4th of July 2016 I gave him the “last” pill.
    I’m sure he will get one, and I’m scared.
    What are remedies that will help with a 10 year old withdrawal from concerta?
    This medication has really helped my son and my family, but i strongly believe that he is at a better age now to properly manage his ADHD symptoms with out medication. Thus far it’s been 24hrs since his last medication, and he is of course extremely hyper and has a big appetite.
    Gradually stoping the medication is not going to happen, I don’t want to stop one medication to give him other medications.
    We only have the remainder of July before he goes back to school, and I his mother goes back to work.
    Non controlled substance remedies for pediatric concerta withdrawal will be greatly appreciated.

  44. I took concerta for my first time and I took 2 36’s at about 10 am and don’t know if I am still feeling them at 2 am but I am very paranoid and don’t know if it’s the pill or just my head

  45. Hi, I’ve spent the whole night awake since I took about 30+ 56mg conzerta.. How long will it take for the effects to burn out? I know it’s way more than 12 hours, I’m just not sure how long it’ll take..

  46. Natalie I would say go only a lower dose and wean yourself
    On. All
    Question let me know . Cannot sleep on this drug at all. Buzzing?

  47. I need this meditation I believe .
    Iv been in recovery for 3 years and no
    12 steps are helping my ADHD or behavior (mainly adult ADHD) I need help getting guidence around this drug as my
    Drug of choice give me the same effect . Please help
    Me I’m desporite . Note my ADHD has worsened since of
    Been on the Ritalin

  48. I had my drug screen today uri e o e I take Concerta 27mg my doc just upped the dosage today
    I took two Concerta tablets today and the drug screen came up negative why is this so

  49. I have been on methylphenidate 54 mg in the morning and 18 mg in the afternoon daily for a long time. I just took a 9 panal drug test and it came up positive for amphetamines. I work in healthcare field. I have never taken illegal drugs. Is this positive test accurate

  50. I have been told that concerts can be used to jump start weight loss if taken for two weeks. Is this true? How much weight do people typically lose in 2 weeks? What are the concerns of doing this?

  51. im prescribed concerta, took more than prescription although (doesnt usually occur) to help with heavy work load, i have intense dry mouth, and am using the bathroom more frequent than usual, I also have been having caffeine based drinks, keeping myself awake for all nighter work load. Im aware that this is unhealthy etc. been prescribed a while, this doesnt happen normally etc. would you suggest that I simply just try to rehydrate myself with water etc. or any other suggestions of what to do?

  52. I took one concerta back in The beginning of December, now I have hair drug test I have to take. Will taking it once affect that at all?

  53. If my daughter took one Concerta every 2-3 months would it show up in a 10 panel hair follicle test? She has confessed to taking it irregularly but is now going to have to undergo a hair follicle test for court. Thanks,

  54. I drank one concerta 54 mg just to test it out!

    Last night i almost couldnt sleep. Yes i slept but i knew of everything around me. I want toe take n lower dose because it helped me quite much in school. Please help?

  55. I just wanted to know how long it takes your body to get used to concerta, I have ADHD/OCD and have always been on ssri and recently tried concerta, I’m very knew to this type of medication and only on my third day but it really seems to help me more than anything I have ever tried but I seem to have a bad headache and painful eyes! Ssri’s take time to work so is this still the case with concerta! Does my body have to get used to it? I’m really hoping these side effects go and this medication can help me, thanks lee

  56. I took concerta for the first time its a 54 mg . and I was wondering if can I overdose with one pill? (Its not doctor prescription)

  57. hi first tried this one other time but i been up for 21 hours straight can ya help me i not suicidal abut wonder to take another dose to ease my “crash” i do have an addictive filled life so tgis didnt come on from anyone but me just have some important verry i,portany wuestions about the next 10 hours of this ride not good but kinda just in my head wondering if i can take anymore to ease my crash and see if e,r because i at my witts end with my addiction to everything

  58. I’m 20 and have just been prescribed 18mg of Concerta to be taken once a day for not only focus for school, but for reasons outside of school as well. I have taken Adderall before, a few years ago and not prescribed, so I know how the feeling should “feel” or effect me. I am on my 3rd day taking it, except on my 2nd day (yesterday) I took 2. Yesterday I took one in the morning before class around 11:30a, like I am supposed to, and I felt it fine. By around 4:00p I felt nothing and still had schoolwork to complete so I took another at 6:00p and still felt nothing but a “drained” feeling. I slept a good nights sleep and woke up, exercised, and after my noon class (this is the 3rd day; today) I took my first dose of the day and I still didn’t feel anything like I did the 1st or 2nd time I took it. Did I screw something up by taking two in one day? Should I give myself a day-long break from it? or Should I talk to my doctor about a different prescription or dosage? I’m honestly not trying to abuse it, but I have already noticed a significant difference in my performance on my school work and thought-clarity just based off of the first two times I took it.

  59. Hi
    I’m a 15 year old teenage girl that takes 18 mgs of concerta a day, as well as sertraline 50mgs and some sort of acne medication. I have struggled with prescription medication abuse for a while, mainly methylphenidate. In the last week I have consumed more or less 500 mgs and I went to bed one night thinking I was going to die, after taking around 259 mgs. Today I took 2 x 36 mgs and 1x 18 mgs concerta. I broke the capsule before I took it, hoping to reach the common euphoric feeling associated with abusing the meds. Instead, I was extremely paranoid, had a minor episode relating to Torrets syndrome and felt clammy and extremely alert. In the past I was diagnosed with BPD, directly liked to my concerta/Ritalin abuse. I’m extremely worried about the effect this could have on my brain, liver and especially my heart. If I were to have a drug test at this present moment, would I come out positive for amphetamines? Does the length the drug stays in your system depend on how much you took? Could this also affect my front temporal lobe, as I know it is still developing. I was also told I had traits relating to Borderline personality disorder. I’m extremely worried about my bad decisions, as I have effectively relapsed after attending a rehabilitation program for 6 months. Any advice?

    Concerned and confused

  60. I take concerta a couple times a month a few hours before the gym. I find I really helps me dial in and have unreal workouts. I also take pre workout before the gym. Is this healthy to mix the two? I only do this every so often when I lift really heavy or am going for a max lift.

  61. My daughter has been on concerta 36 xr the doctor has tested her three times and each time the meds are not showing up in her urine and I won’t to know why she’s been on this meds for a while know please I won’t to know why

    1. Hi, Barbara. I suggest your son consult his doctor or a pharmacist to help him create an individualized tapering schedule.

  62. Have taking concerta 27.8 for about 7 days how long before its out of my urine? I know that it has been said 2-4 days but is that the same for extended release? 7days of taking it

  63. Hello. My son has been prescribed 40 mg ridilin LA, for over a year. He has a med check coming up, but he hasn’t been taking his medication. If the med check is 3 days after he was due for a refill, should I worry about them giving him a urine test?

  64. Someone PLEASE HELP!! I started off with 18mg as my doctor prescribed i dont feel ANY difference at all. The side effects i feel r harder to breathe and faster heart rate. I took 36mg to see if it would help me.. still didnt but same side effects. I have an sat coming up in 25 days. I REALLY need to find the right drug and dosage by that time. How long will it take for my body to react to this drug?? Shouls i feel more focused in a week or so? If it does not work after a week, should I switch to an amphetamine?? I need to be able to read and understand what im reading… not able to do that effectively. When will concerta help??? Is it better to take everyday or just days i need it? I mainly need it for the sat so should i take it days leading to that or only the day of?? PLEASE HELP… THANKYOU!!

  65. I have Concerta prescribed for ADHD, but on normal days I can handle my self really well not in real need for medication. But on long work study days I would take one or two Concerta 18mg, one in the morning one afternoon, because the effect doesn’t last more than 6 hours. I wanted to know which of the ADHD drugs are best for occasional use like mine.

  66. i didnt take my 18+18 mg pill yesterday because the last time i drank alcohol later that night i had a way worse hangover than i should have for the amount i drank, my heart was beating out of my chest when i woke up & my hands were shaking (but im not sure how seriously to take it because i dont know how much i was eating, its not a problem but i think that might have been it i dont know EITHER WAY that isnt even my question hahaha) – im wondering, is it normal when you dont take it a day you cant sleep? ive been waking up at least 10 times since i fell asleep at like 2am and now its 9.26am i cant sleep. and i really should be able to sleep. i mean comparing to whenever else, off and on meds, i might have trouble FALLING asleep but i dont wake up!!! i barelt eveb wake up when i should wake up. this is v new and badly timed

    also yes im on it for ADD and have for a few weeks. this (or yesterday) was my first day off it, today will be the second day since its new years :)):: thank you

  67. I’ve been on 72mg once daily for almost three years now. I took my dose this morning but now the rest of the bottle is missing I’m not sure yet if I just misplaced it or if I left it on the counter and somebody snagged it their was only 4 left anyway my main concerns is it still gonna show on saliva screen Monday afternoon when I go to doctor for refill?

  68. So I took 216 mg of concerta yesterday all in the time period of 1 to 6. So in five hours I took 216mg. So I didn’t sleep last night at all, and I’ve done this before but have never takin that much in that short of time before. And I’m feeling really weird today. Meaning like I’m really out of it, I kinda feel like nothing that’s been goin on today is actually happening. So I’m just a little worried about what’s going on. So please email me back as soon as possible

  69. My son takes one 27mg. Of methylphenidate and one.1 mg. Of clonidine every morning before school. He accidentally took that dose before bed tonight. Would you recommend him taking his meds in the morning before school? He was weaned from 45mg. About two months ago.

  70. Any tips/suggestions/help on how to stop myself from taking Concerta? It seems like I’m starting to become dependent on it. I started using it to get my works done, to become more focused, and to not fall asleep. My brother’s the one with ADHD so I get the pills from him. As much as possible I don’t want to involve My parents here, so how can I help myself? Any advice? Really want to break it and wouldnt want to reach to the point of addiction. Thanks.

    1. Hey Brock. I’d suggest you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next. If you are getting worse, immediately call 911.

  71. My son mistakenly took 2 tablets of 27mg concerta at the same this morning. What will happen to him since the doctor only prescribed him to take 1 tablet once a day.

  72. Hi there. My son is 8, a few days from 9. He started using Concerta 18mg 4 mnths ago. He now has severe dry eye side effect and I want to take him off. How do I taper from 18mg?

  73. I take concerts and I feel that it puts me on edge like jittery and easier to anger. I don’t like it. Has this happened to anyone else

  74. I’ve been on concerta 27mg for a couple months now and I’ve never had any major issues with it, however lately I’ve been noticing that when it wears off around the end of the day, I get super zoned out and just all around confused as if I just took a fat bong toke. Almost as if my ADD is amplified past how it usually is. Although today it’s really freaking me out. I was driving home from the store and just completely zoned out. I was along on a straight road but even so it was not safe. I don’t know if this has to do with the concerta or even if I’ll get answered.

  75. I’ve been taking concerta to help concentrate on my studies but it seems to be doing the opposite, my doctor prescriped 36mg, after taking concerta I completely go crazy, hyperactive, vision problems I can’t even concentrate, my whole body swells and I’m wide awake for 24 hours as a result I’ve decided to stop taking it because it’s counter productive. Maybe the dosage is too high. I really don’t know what to think.

  76. I have been taking concerta everyday 36mg. For 2 months. I have been crushing it and so I am concerned and want to stop. Will I experience withdrawal from that amount?

  77. Hello person/people responding to all these questions and queries. It really does make a difference, so… thank you. Now to my question… Concerta XL unfortunately didn’t really work well for my ADHD issues. To cut a long story short I’ve decided to throw the towel in for now (it’s been 11 months) my current does is 36 mg. Can I cold turkey it, my doctor recommended a 2 week withdrawl but (due to personal circumstances) I simply don’t really have this sort of time… So if I cold turkey it what would be the worst that might happen symptom wise?

    Thanks in advance.

  78. I just started my 9yr old son on concerta 18mg. I give it to at 7am and he goes to school at 8:30. Socially, all his teachers (special ed, AEA, and room) have seen a difference but as for his focusing for his academics, it has been hell (sorry). Should I start giving it to him earlier (up at 6:00am). This has been his worst week ever since school started and I’m worried

  79. my son is on 54 mg of concerta and has two pills left and prescription for some reason can’t be filled till the 20th therefore he will be without for 5 days? what should i do? he is also on ritalin 5mg at 4pm everyday, should i give him the ritalin in the morning? Please help.

  80. I have just started taking this medication, it helps much better than vyvanse did and I can take and and still go to school. I feel different or weird our maybe even high while on it and my staying dose is 36mg. Will I be able to be normal on it and also is there a possibility of addiction even taking it normally and not abusing it.

  81. I I’m 21 years old, and I have ADHD, I’m on concerta 36mg and. Taking doseage of 2 pills a day esp when I’m up all nyt studying. Is this harmful and what is the sight effects

  82. Hi , my son was diagnosed ADHD. Its the 2nd month now that he is taking concerta.he hardly eats and sleeps . He is 9 years old , without the the concerta it is so hard to control his behaviour.

  83. How can I stop myself from taking Concerta? I started using it to get my works done… never really intended to become dependent on it., but it seems like I’m going in that direction. It’s my brother who has ADHD and that’s how I gained access. My parents couldn’t know about it, so how can I help myself? I’m afraid I’ve become dependent.

  84. got prescribed 18 mg concerta as off label for severe major depression. also had ect treatments. in what way that stimulant could help me? or what can get worse?

  85. hello I accidentally took a 54 mg concerta pill. Is there anyway or anything i can take , eat , drink, whatever to stop the effect of it?

  86. My husband stopped taking Concerta 36 four days ago. The reason he stopped was becasue he was acting aggressively and moody/ irritable… kind of scary. What do I expect to see due to withdrawel?

  87. My 7 years old child takes Concerta. The doctor says he needs to take it for two years. I have some frustrations regarding its side effects after the two recommended years. And will my child reach the result needed?

  88. I have a six year old that is taking concerts for adhd. He is taking the lowest dose available. His behavior and acting out episodes have changed. I am curiouse to know if there is a therapeutic blood level that needs to be checked befitting changing the dose of the concerta. Thank you!!

  89. I want to take my son off concerta 54mg. He had been on this stuff for 3 years off and on mostly on. They tell us he can quit off it at any time but I no longer believe them. I want him off because he does not eat properly all day long and then at night after his night pills he gets up in middle of bight to eat but eats nothing but sugar products. This has to change. I need to find something to help him that is not doing this to him.

  90. i take 72mg of concert daily but today i have a lot of homework that is due tomorrow morning so i want to stay up all night and do it but since im ADHD my meds will be wore off by then (trust me, i know i have tried staying up to do homework and i can focus) but this homework HAS to be done. can i take my dose of concerta tonight to keep me focused all night or is that dangerous?

    1. Hello Katy. Depends on how long he has been on the medication. He may experience withdrawal symptoms if he’s been taking it regularly for several months or longer. Although not all symptoms may occur, Concerta withdrawal usually includes feelings of anxiety, appetite changes, fatigue, headaches, irritability, mood swings, nausea, sleep changes, etc. Symptoms usually subside within one week, but I suggest you seek help from a doctor or pharmacist about managing symptoms and lowering their intensity – if they occur.

  91. My son, who is 10, had been on concerta since he was 5. He started off with 18mg now up to 72mg/daily. He’s had minor side effects; mood swings when the meds are at their least, insomnia from time to time, and yes, a decrease in appetite. However, when he first started this medication we would only give him his meds during the week. On weekends he would eat more and gain/maintain his weight. I’ve found this medication to work really well. The pros outweigh the cons. As advised by his psychiatrist, this medication does take time for the body to adapt to the side effects and eventually (could take as long 6 months or more) he did and we’ve been able to manage them. Since this particular medication metabolizes out of the system within 24 hours, he has never experienced any withdrawal effects when we have to stop giving him he’s meds on weekends for weight gain.

  92. I take 54mg of Concerta daily as prescribed. Every 6 months, they are supposed to test to make sure I’ve been taking it. The last two urine tests they have done for it have somehow come up negative, despite the fact that I take it every day at more or less the same time. I have never had a problem with the test showing it before now, and I haven’t started any new medications, or changed my eating habits. Any insight?

  93. I have been taking 36 mg ER concerta for several years now. I have started to have problems with depression, but not sure why. Sometimes I feel sad about everything but nothing that a normal person would react to in the same way, I think. I once stopped taking it after back surgery since I was on lots of pain killers. I became very depressed and anxious and at first didn’t think it was caused by withdrawal. I tried taking my concerta and within a couple of hours I felt completely normal and was unsure of why I had felt that way, other than maybe withdrawal. Now I am afraid that if I stop again, I will be left with depression which is almost intolerable. How does one withdraw from this med (I will ask my doc and follow their advice but would like to know what I may be in for).

  94. I take 54mg of Concerta in the Am and at about 5 pm in the evening I am having flutters and sometimes almost like panic attacks ..WHat is the problem with that. My evenings are not good ..I feel like I am very anxious

  95. I took my last dose of concerts Sat morning. I had a urine test on Tues morning. The Dr claims it’s still in my system. Why?

  96. I took 1 concerta pill, not sure of milligram but was told it was lowest-it was pink and oblong shape -on a Monday morning around 7 am. I took a urine test today, the following Thursday at 10 am. That’s the 1st time I’ve taken anything like that in at least 6 months. I’m concerned about this UA. A positive result will be bad. I’ve read conflicting articles on the web. Some say 1 day others say 3 or more. I’m 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh around 250 lbs, if that matters. ANY response will be greatly appreciated; good or bad. At worst I can try to prepare. Thanks

  97. Hello, I used concerta for the first time today. I’m perscribed to the pill alza 54. When I took one I didn’t feel like it had any affect on me, so I took another one after an hour. I felt fine until about 6 hours later when I started showing symptoms of a panic attack. I also began to get cotton mouth and became very jittery. I now realized that I took too much for the first time but even after around 8 hours I’m still showing bad symptoms and it’s really concerning me.

  98. My son was on concerts since March of 2014 and we took him off of the concerts April 30, 2015. It is now June and was wondering if it would still show in a drug screening as concerta isn’t allowed in the sport he’ll be playing. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  99. My son is now 16.dignosed as ADHD at 6 years old and started concerta since 9 years old till 13 years old.however since this year I noticed his concentration is lacking n studying daily and especially for exams is badly affected.can I re start concerta maybe 1 month be bore exams till after the exams finish?

  100. My son just started on concerta 36mg er. If he didn’t take it on weekends would it prevent him from becoming physically dependent? Would it be less effective that way? I’d just like to find a way to prevent him from becoming dependent & keep his tolerance as low as possible. He has some genetic predisposition for addiction. He’s only 9 but I want to take every precaution possible.

  101. I have been on Concerta for over 12 years. I have come off of the medication for weeks at a time to ensure that I don’t become chemically or psychologically dependent on it. My husband and I would like to start a family in the coming year. How long should I be off of concerta before we become pregnant?

    1. Hi Clare. For more specific information you should consult your doctor or gynaecologist. While Concerta is eliminated from the body within 2 days of the last dose taken, it may take more time depending on your general health state, level of hydration and the time and dose you were using Concerta. What you need is to have a full physical exam that will determine that your body has healed from the long-term Concerta use, and from the stress withdrawal symptoms cause. Then, you and your husband will have the green light on bringing a new life on this Earth and becoming wonderful parents. I wish you guys good luck and some good news very soon.

  102. My daughter just started taking Methylphenidate 18MG. Her focus in school has already improved and I only notice slight mood swings in the late afternoon. My daughter has a very “unique” personality and I love it. She is in the 3rd grade so I’m not sure how long she will be on this medication but when she eventually goes off of it will things go back the way they were before ever starting Methylphenidate?

  103. Hi, I have ADHD and have been off my prescribed medicine since falling pregnant, my son is now 3 months old. I’m breastfeeding but struggling with ADHD behaviour and really want to go back on my medicine though I don’t want to give up breastfeeding. Would the amount of concerta in my system affect my child if I breastfeed once a day right before taking the pill? That would give me 24hours from first taking it to when I feed? Just looking for options

    1. HI Ashlea. It’s better to consult your doctor and the baby’s physician. You can use ADHD meds while breastfeeding, but it should be done according to doctor’s advice and by carefully following instructions.

  104. I’m a 16 year old female who is 5’4, approx 112 pounds. I took 2 alza 54 at 1 pm yesterday. I still haven’t slept and now its almost 8 am and my vision is blurry when I look at my phone (really hard to type right now because everything is extremely blurry and I cant stop shaking which makes it hard to walk as well. Is this normal or should I go to the hospital?

    1. Hi Shayla. Do you have anyone to drive you to the hospital? If not call a cab or if things get worse Call 911, but do not drive is such state.

  105. Personally I don’t really feel like I need concerta anymore. I was confused with how bad my grades were in college so I figured I had an attention problem. My doctor prescribed me with 27 mg concerta to be taken once daily. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I switched my major to something I now enjoy much more. I am able to complete my work withoht the drug and I find when I do take the drug I cannot sleep at night and I have no appetite. I think the drug is dangerous for children if they are misdiagnosed. It causes anxiety and narcolepsy, loss of appetite, therefore loss of nutrition. Overall , I would much rather drink a cup of coffee than take any type of drug to stimulate my “attentiveness”.

  106. My son has been on Daytrana since he was five and is on Concerta now at eleven, I notice he gets more angry and it does not last through his full school day can it be given twice a day, because at home it very hard as well, because he is off the pill for sure by then? When he was on Daytrana it was still working then I would give him Rittalin as soon as he got home before the other medication wore off and it worked great, but now if I give him the Rittalin after he is just angrier and does not have an effect focus or help in his behavior. I had to switch, Because the Daytrana was way too expensive for me now.

  107. Hello, I’m currently in college, and I’ve been taking concerta for a little less than 2 months. It helps me concentrate, pursue ambition and projects, and keeps me in a good mood, which in turn, keeps me positive, and socially focussed when I need to me. But oddly enough, the ‘good mood’ and ‘positive’ feeling scares me the most. I don’t want to say that I’m addicted or abusing it, because I’m not really sure if I am, or i actually need it. I go to culinary school, and creating food, and plating artwork are my favorite things to do, and with concerta, it flows evenly, and makes me think hard about solutions to problems, and energizes my ambition to grow as a chef by having the energy to take the time to write more ideas down, create dishes, and think clearly and more in depth.
    It all sounds like its working well for me, and it is, but heres what I’m worried about; relying on concerta to keep me positive, focussed, and determined.
    This pill definitely helps me, BUT I don’t know if thats just because I love feeling determined, creative, and in a good mood.
    Im worried if I keep on taking it, certain chemicals in my brain aren’t going function properly without the drug. I don’t want to take something man made, to make me positive, focused, and determined.
    —-Any thoughts? Facts about long-term brain chemistry effects of the drug? Advice?
    –Thank you for your attention

  108. I am 16 yo, i am in good shape and my weight is 65kilos, I tried concerta today because i was curious, and I do not have ADHD or ADD. I took two 54mg and 12 hours has passed. I am very thirsty and my heart beated 17 times in 10 seconds (dont know if that is a normal pulse). How long will i have a dry mouth?
    i did not really notice anything after i took the pills, but i focused better and had a bit moore energy. Can concerta be a good help to focuse at school and exercise better?

    Im mostly concerned about the dry mouth, i drank a lot of water and it does not work. How long will it last??
    Hope you can reply fast, im verry nervous and im too afraid to tell my parents or doctor

  109. Hi. Is it ok to take concerta 36mg and Isotane 10mg at the same time/day?? I badly need concerta, I need to finish my workload. Would it be safe? And is it ok if I take another 36mg concerta after 12 hrs?? Desperate need of help

  110. Ok first, sorry this post is so long. Its a question for advice so if that’s what you’re looking for too, don’t waste your time reading 🙂 So. I’ve been taking Concerta 27mg daily, as prescribed by my general doctor to treat ADD/ADHD symptoms. There was a period of about a month, a few months back, that I had to stop suddenly because of insurance/financial reasons. Anyway, before getting back on track with it I went through an initial period of withdrawal symptoms from stopping suddenly…tired, blah feeling, depressive (I’m a normally upbeat person who’s sometimes too cheerful to handle so that part was the hardest. So fortunately after that happened, I was able to begin taking regular doses again, keep my prescription & such. Until I forgot my med check appointment today and missed it. Now I can’t be seen for a few weeks, or get my prescription filled. I know I’ll have to deal with it but I’m trying to figure out a plan or way to prepare to avoid a bad withdrawal. I work two jobs, one being a newly starting tattoo artist, so I really want to keep a handle on things and not have my work affected. I have four doses remaining after today…I’m considering taking them every other day so the stop isn’t so sudden but I really don’t know what I’m doing and my doctor’s office couldn’t offer me any advice. I’m open for any suggestions…anything would help at this point. Thank you.

  111. Does Concerta or adder all benefit a diabetic when the moments of zoning out and lack of concentration happens from time to time?

  112. hell i am 58 yo and between dec 25 and jan 2 chewed 2 concerta 54 then stopped onlt time i have ever taken it,on jan 7 i was urine tested by my pain mgt dr ,will this be detected

  113. Hello, I am a 15 year old male and I have ADHD. I began taking concerta when it was prescribed to me about a year and a half ago, at 32 mgs. I felt that 32 mgs has never really done much for me in terms of helping me stay focused so this school year I have taken concerta on and off. Earlier this evening, to help me finish homework, I took two pills instead of one (72 mgs) for the first time to maybe help me get my work done quicker by helping me stay focused. It worked, and I ended up getting my work done in record time. However, I took it at 8pm and I am unsure if it would be safe for me to take it at 6:30am the next morning for the school day. Please help. Thank you!

  114. My 10 year old took concerta for 2 years only on school days. Before being put on this medication he did have mild OCD and washed his hands constantly. He has now developed severe anxiety and hears voices in his head. To our knowledge we don’t have any family history of mental health issues. I have stopped giving him the Meds. I have read that long term use can cause psychosis and scitsophrenia. Is this true? Can this medication cause permanent damage?? I have so much guilt for giving him this just to help him at school. He is ADD but a very mellow kid, kind and sweet. Now he is afraid of everything. I hate what this medication did to him.

  115. I have been on concerts for about 15yrs. I want to join the army but the army doesn’t allow you to join if you take regular prescription drugs especially ones for mental conditions. I was wondering how long would it take to get out of your system for after all that time.

  116. I’m 19 going on 20 this year and I have been adhd sin either was 4 butneverput on medication until I was 7 and when I was13-15 my doctor told me I could never have kids because of how long I have been on it for I have been on different medications my whole life and use to be heaps shameful about it as I always got picked on but I realize after school and hiding it from teachers friends and that I should not be ashamed of it ..
    I was a guy for almost 2 years told him I could not have kids because that’s what I got told and he chested on me for two months straight if not longer and it makes me think is there anyone out there that will ever understand me and now I have met this sweetheart haND some guy I have been waiting for but he said becbecause how premmy he was he most likely can’t have kids and I’m scared to tell him because of what happened last night and I don’t want to lose this guy he is so amazing. .
    I know it will be for forever to get a answer if oNE at all but I needed to say this…

  117. Hello Daniela. To be absolutely sure, Call the Infant Risk Center ( and also checked LactMed (…), both great references for drugs and breastfeeding.

  118. I’m in the process of weaning my second baby from breastmilk so I’m only nursing morning and night. I took concerta 18mg before getting pregnant the first time and am anxious to start again as I only had three weeks between nursing my first and getting pregnant with my second and I’m really starting to feel the affects of my ADD at work. Do you know if it is safe to take a dose right after nursing in the morning if I wait 12 hrs to nurse again? Thank you!

  119. Hello Carrie. Concerta is generally eliminated from the body within 32 hours of last dose. Urine screens are the most effective means for testing for Concerta use.

  120. My daughter takes 72mg of concerta because the previous dose was not working as well. She actually benefits greatly from this dose and is doing extremely well. I just wanted to find out how long it is in the system if I wanted to test her to make sure she is taking her medication. Sometimes I am not 100% she is and want to be sure. Just a concerned parent I guess. Is it better to get a urine test or a blood test. How long does it stay in a urine test and how long in a blood test. Thank you for your time

  121. Thank you for the useful information that you provide. I’m an adult with ADD and was diagnosed as a child. I have been using Concerta 54mg for many years. I take my Concerta each morning Monday to Friday. I do not use on Saturdays or Sundays. I participate in sport at a provincial and national level. My job in law requires me to focus and concentrate for many hours. I suffer with insomnia, but find that I can sleep if I can distract myself and limit the things that are on my mind, generally by writing it down. My first question is – should I be taking Concerta on weekends, considering that I use the drug to assist with focus and concentration? And, my second question is – if I stop using Concerta 48 hours prior to competition, will I still test positive for banned substance (test generally is urine) as Concerta is on the list of banned drugs per WADA?

  122. I took one around 9-10am and I’m getting checked at the doctors tomorrow for bronchitis. When they cotton swab the back of my tounge and test it can Concerta show up? I’m honestly just curious.

  123. Hello. I’m 34 and got diagnosed with ADHD last year. I accepted to try meds after some months of alternative therapies not really helping. I started last week on Concerta 18mg Prolonged Release and although i feel it works somehow (i’m finishing a degree and it really makes me focus on my dissertation writing like a machine, yet it causes me a lot of anxiety, making me feel stressed during the day… awful combination! )- i feel that this med is really disrupting my biorhythms. When it wears off i’m simply unable to carry on with any task as it turns me into a zombie, and it occurs as early as 4/5pm given that i take my dose first thing in the morning (i just can’t interrupt my work and routines in the afternoon and go to bed!). However (and perhaps contradictorily) it makes me sleep a lot more than i regularly do, keeping me in bed almost unwillingly for up to 12 hrs (before Concerta i was more than fine with 6.5/7 hrs of sleep). Then this week on Monday i realised that having a cup of black coffee in the morning after the tablet eliminates the awful effect of the med wearing off and i’m able to work longer, however i have difficulties to slow down at the end of the day and takes me ages to fall asleep. I feel like this (apparently) “adaptation” to Concerta is being rather an aggression to my body, therefore i dared not to take it today. I have an appointment with the prescriber again on the 1st of Dec and i couldn’t keep taking it until then. Perhaps this is not the right medication for me? I’ve been feeling ok today (no depression or unusual thoughts or anything), only extremely tired.

  124. Hi Damian. I believe it’s good you discontinued him from the medication. I’d suggest waiting until the doctor sees you and your son, tell him about all the effects and ask for further guidance. There are several possibilities that should be looked into. Maybe your son is reacting to a chemical in the meds, maybe the dosage is off…

  125. My 8yr old son’s doctor put him on 27mg and he has only taken one dose and he is complaining of bad stomach aches and he couldn’t stop moving his hands and said he fealt like he couldn’t relax should this be happening during his first dose his counselor says he shouldn’t feel symptoms for three weeks I spoke to his doctor but she hasn’t gotten back to me yet what would be the best thing to do I have stopped him from taking it since that first dose.

  126. My Doctor just put me on Concerta and i just took it for the first time im supposed to see him with in a weeks time,1 tablet a day 36mg. Ok my question is can this get u high i didnt ask my doctor this question because he knows how against i am with these pills but i can no longer avoid my ADHD it is something that became a major problem just in life generally hoding a conversation rembering where i was at in the moment of talking yea that 420 smoking weed Most definitely did not help,but it did calm me down enough to just relax so yea ? Can You Get High From Concerta? Is It The Same thing as Adderal?How Long Will it take for me to feel a difference if any? I was surprised to see a red label on it that is what is making asks these questions once again my Doctor is not pill doc he actually rejects people that just are ”pill seeking” anyways that is why i just trusted him so much with no questions silly on y part i guess being my Families Dr for 17 years that was too easy ok well thank you if u can help if not ill call the pharmacy 😉

  127. Hi, I have a prescription for Ritalin but do not have to money to get it filled and Amon no insurance, a friend of mine gave me some Concerta and said its the same thing. I took one yesterday (Thursday) and I want to take another tomorrow (Saturday) but I have drug screens coming up for jobs both Monday and Tuesday? Will I be ok?

  128. Hi Nicole. It’s not a good idea to go off Concerta cold turkey. The best way to quit this medication is by slowly, gradualy decreasing doses to ensure that withdrawal is minimized and that you’ll feel little to no side effects.

  129. I am drinking conserta for the past 4 years before that I was on Ritalin. I am ADHD and that helped me to concentrate. I finished my diploma in Hairdressing. I am 21 and feel that I don’t need the conserta any more. It feels like I am getting moody and negative after I had my tablet in the morning. I also lost a lot of weight. Can I just stop drinking my medication?

  130. I took two 54 mg pills within an hour, and 5 hours later my vision was all blurry, and my feet kept moving I couldn’t stop them

  131. oh, another side effect: I kinda get ill-tempered. Like I become sensitive to other people. I’m not usually short-tempered but that’s what I’ve observed… is this normal?

  132. hi, I started taking Concerta about a month ago. I only took 1 pill for a school work (’cause I had to pull an all nighter and had to finish a work so I took it) and it was really effective! This week, I, again, had to finish stuff and must regulate my sleep to like maybe just an hour or two… So, I took it 3 days ago and I took another one last night.And again, it worked!! My question now is, what would be the downside of me taking it in a very irregular manner? And another concern… I wouldn’t get addicted to it, would I? I mean, I just use it when I really really need it as in in this case, I badly need to pass my work that’s why I cant afford to take the risk of falling asleep and losing my concentration. btw, I took the 36mg Concerta and the only side effect I have observed is that my fingers and toes kinda get numb and well the good side: I do not feel sleepy

  133. I have been on concerta all of my life. I finally got off of it and took a moodstablizer and started eating which made my weight jump from 87 pounds at 5ft age 21 to 120 pounds in a few months. I tried dieting and excersize and losot my medical but cant get down to a healthy weight. I still have some concerta left but do i take it? I need to lose weight

  134. Hi Vicki. I think it’s best to talk to a doctor about this. Maybe he can, maybe he shouldn’t take one higher dose instead of two lower doses.

  135. My son is 20 and takes concerta 27 mg 2x’s per day. But ins. stopoed paying for 60 pills. Can he take 54mg once a day and get the same results?

  136. Hi Tammie. Good thing you called the Poicon Control Center. The signs of an overdose on Concerta vary depending on a number of factors, such as the dose taken, other medicines taken in combination and other factors. Symptoms of overdose on concerta include: vomiting, muscle twithcing, sweats, increased heart rate, blurred vision, dry mouth, euphoria, headaches, hypertension, hyeractivity, halluciantions, confusion. If your son starts experiencing these symptoms, call for professional help immediately.

  137. My 9yr old son(92lbs) is on Concerta 36mg. He was at a sleepover and came home and I gave him his pill and went to feed the baby. My husband came down and gave him his pill and our son took it out of habit and then freaked because he had just taken it. I called Poison Control and they “think” he will be ok..said to look for him to be overly tired and if he cant stay awake or doesnt engage in normal activity to take him to ER. So im a nervous wreck and want to ask if there are any other side effects I should be looking for and if they occur do I need to get him to ER?

  138. To ujjwalla. My twins have been on concerts since kindergarten, they are 12 now. Decrease in appetite is normal as this is a stimulant, so is trouble sleeping. Does your child take it very early in the morning? If not, the sleeping issue will be worse. I sometimes give the girls benedryl at night to help them sleep. Her Dr. can also prescribe something. As for mood swings, my kids had the same problem w but after their bodies adjusted to the medicine it was better. If your child is feeling speedy from the medication then she may not have adhd. The medicine should calm her down and help her focus.

  139. My 15 years old daughter is taking concerta for last 6months for add and having decrease of appetite mood swing and sleeping problem .If I want to stop taking this medicine there will be any withdrawal effect or not?

  140. hi I take 54 mg of concerta er and im 17. I have adhd and I use it to focus. How evr when I take it I get all depressed looking and I lose my appetite. So I usually don’t take it unless its the day I have a test and I need to focus. My friends notice the day to day change in me but my parents refuse to believe me that it does have to constantly be in your system to work. am I right?

  141. I’ve 20 years old and have been taking Concerta for 13 years and believe that my body has become dependent on it. Whenever I don’t take it, I become extremely fatigued and all I want to do is sleep. I’ve noticed that without the medication, the fatigue is intensified when I eat. It doesn’t matter what I eat either: I still crash. Just to reinstate, I still experience chronic fatigue when not taking it even if I don’t eat.

    I physically cannot function without it. I don’t know what to do. I often wonder if it’s withdrawal or something else going on. Help!!!

  142. I have been prescribed concerta from the doctor because I have ADHD/ADD. He told me to take one pill every morning starting with a dosage of 18mg for 4 days and then the next 4 days would be a dosage of 36mg and after that ill keep on taking a dosage of 52mg. Its been 2 weeks and I had exams, during my exams concerta has been working perfectly keeping me focused but on the last day, the day i slept for only 3 hours because I was studying, I suffered some real pain after finishing my exam, I guess side effects but it was really bad; My stomach hurt so bad, I was feeling extreme nausea and had a massive headache to a point my fever went up at night. I ignored it so the next day I decided to take a dosage of 18 mg, and the effects were there but better than the day before that ive taken 52mg. I stopped it today and I feel much better physically but Im getting back to my old habits of ADHD, my mom told me to stop it because she asked the doctor and he would prescribe me a new medicine but that would be in a week or so, so till then will anything serious happen if i keep on taking concerta on a low dosage even if I have been suffering through all the side effects?

  143. I took concerta for about a week, 45 days ago. I have shaved my head twice since i used it. My hair drug test is in a week for my job. Will it still show up on the hair test even though i have shaved my head after i used. Its the only time iv ever used this drug. My hair is now 1 1/2 in long since cut. Please help

  144. I have been taking concerta for a month now and i dont sleep dont eat dont do anything just stay on my phone i have HDAD that’s why the doctor told me to take concerta so that i’ll Concentrate on my studies but now i just feel depressed can i just stop it suddenly i dont want to take it anymore i feel like it’s bad for me not good so…my question is can i stop taking it i took a pill in the morning but i dnt want to tom. Or ever can i stop now?(btw:i was 70kilo’s i’m taking 56mg now i’m 59kilo’s)

  145. Hi my grandson has been on concerta for 2 yrs now yes it helped with school (he just couldnt concentrate ) however we have decided to take him of concerta for the summer ..he takes 27mg ..only problem is ..its been 4 days and he seems to get irritated easily ..some impulseive behavior … will that get better what are withdrawl symptoms? I did not know you could have withdrawl from concerta ..he to only weights 52 lbs he also takes meds to sleeo when he is on concerta.. takes meds to sleep ..just want him to be himself and have fun this summer hopeing to oneday take him completely off concerta

  146. My daughter takes concerta for ADD. She doesn’t have the hyper activity. I’ve thought about taking her off the concerta to give her a break during the summer. I’m scared of what kind of cemical reaction this may have on her brain. I don’t want her to become emotional or depressed.

  147. I am concerned about my grandson, he is only 8, will be 9 in July. He has lost 14 pounds since starting concerta. While I do see some positive changes, his loss of weight is troubling. He only weighs 54 pounds and looks sickly. I believe he has been on it since Oct. I would like to see him have a break from it but will have to convince his parents.

  148. Just a question, can Concerta be monitored and adjusted weekly? Can it be monitored and Adjusted weekly by a parent that is nurse if a doctor gave them permission? Child is 8.

  149. Hello, I am in pain management. The night before my last visit, I got up at about 4:00am to use the restroom, and take my pain medicine. About 30-40 minutes later I woke up with my heart pounding and sweating terribly, I thought I was having a heart attack. I went into the restroom and happened to look down and see my daughters bottle of ritilin, after counting the pills, I realized I had accidently taken her medication, they are the same size and shape as mine and I hadn’t turned the light on. I went to my Dr.appt and was given a random ua., it came back showing I had an antidepressant in my system. I told them I take prozac, which I get from them but they decided to send it to a lab anyway. I know I should have just told them the truth, but I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me even know I have been a perfect patient for 7 yrs. Now I’m wondering what test they ordered, and will it show up. And if it shows up, what will it show up as. It has been almost a month and they haven’t called me, my next appointment is in 3 days. I’m afraid of being dishcharged from the practice. I take very strong pain medicine, and if they cut me off of it, I could die from the withdrawals. Any advice would help. Also because I had the reaction from it that I did, does that mean I’m not ADHD. Just wondering.

  150. My daughter and son-in-law have put my darling grandson on concerta (18 mg) , he was originally on aderol but he lost too much weight and they switched him. He has very little appetite, stomach pains and some trouble sleeping. Yesterday he went to the dr and had not gained in weight He is 8 will be 9 in July and weighs 59.5 lbs. When he started on this medications about 4 mos ago he weighed 65 lbs. I hate this it is harming my grandson, but they listen to no one. I might add they switched pediatricians and the new one prescribed the drugs on the first visit. I believe she is a quack. Am I going to lose my grandson or is this safe for him?

  151. I take 18 mg of methylphenidate er every morning.I also take 1 mg every now and then I’ll take 2 mg of clonazepam daily. I’m prescribed it from my doctor and have been using it accordingly. I took a drug test last week in the evening after work and apparently my test came up negative for both I weigh 135 pounds I have a high metabolism and drink a lot of water at work could that be something to do with it I’m unsure and she does not believe that I take the medicine now. And does not want to refill my prescription I do not think this is fair at all what gives?

  152. My son has bern on conserta for about 3months now 18mg it worked at first for him.he is 7 he is now going back to not focusing in school again I went to 27mg but seemed like to much he couldn’t sleep and act more I went back to the 18mg its not doing nothing I’m wondering if a natural herbal med would work they have ones that have dmae, phosphatidylserine, Nac, Taurine, l-theanine could u tell me what u think .it was very hard for me to even start him on meds.I don’t want him to fail school

  153. I took concerta once and am still a little jittery and keep grinding my teeth some two days later. when will these effects go away?

  154. Hi Beth. This is a question for a pharmacist or the prescribing doctor. Alternatively, you can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for round-the-clock drug dosing advice.

  155. Got a call from a mom. baby sitter gave her 6 year old son his 36 mg concerta XR instead of his clonidine at bed time. it was nearly 12 hours after his morning (correct) dosing. What is the risk of overdose or negative side effects? I did advise not to give any other medication, and to skip tomorrow’s dose of Concerta.

  156. Iv been on concerta since I was 7 and now I’m 16, I just recently started reading about the long term effects of it. I feel like I’m in my own world an spacy and I feel really giggly and hyper when I don’t take it? Should I continue to take concerts or should I stop? Will the feeling I get when I don’t take it eventually stop and will I become normal?

  157. My son is on Concerta 36mg for ADD especially for school time.He is now doing competitive swimming.According to Fina it is a banned substance.What is the time it takes to be eliminated from the body so he can compete but that he needs to know how long before an event he must stop taking it so he would not test positive.Do you have any suggestions in this regard?Thank you.Regards.Jeni

  158. My co-worker three year was over at the babysitters house and accidentally got a Concerta 36mg pill. Her initial side effects were a racing heartbeat along with seeing things or as if things were crawling on her. It’s been 5 days since the incident and she still acts as if she sees things from time to time. Could this possibly be a side affect for the rest of her life or what’s going on?

  159. Hi.
    I took a 36 mg dose of the generic form of concerta based on a doctors prescription. Thats the only pill I plan on taking because it made me nervous sweaty not hungry and my head hurt and I’m sleepless.
    My question is could that single dose affect a hair drug test? I am currently looking for work. Secondly if it will how long do you think before I wouldn’t have a problem with the hair drug test.


  160. Can I take Concerta and drive a commercial vehicle.I would like to be able to practice full disclosure at the time of the hiring drug test.

  161. My daughter takes Concerta for ADHD. She does not like to take it during the summer when school is out. Within 24 hours of her last dose I notice returning symptoms and full symptoms within about three days without her medication.

  162. Hi i was wondering why does it feel like im coming down from a drug bender the night before when my concerta starts to wear off? im 23 yrs old and have had this dosage of 54mg before back in high school which was about 4 and a half yrs ago and it never hit me like a tonne of bricks back then but now after not having for the last few yrs it wears off and i literally become a zombie for 6 – 7 hours i cant game i cant keep conversation going i cant concentrate all i feel like doing is doing brainless things like look stupid stuff up on the net and random facts and my emotional and concentration levels are at a rock bottokm level when this happens

  163. My husband was prescribed concerta 54mg at 7am daily 6 months ago. He had to leave town urgently for a week and has left his meds behind. His psychiatrist and GP are both out of town so he is unable to get hold of any. Are there any sudden withdrawal side effects from stopping any dose of concerta suddenly.

  164. Hello Sci. I’d suggest that you speak with your pharmacist about the issue with nausea. Ask if dietary supplements like peppermint, ginger, or priobiotics might help address nausea. Or what other alternatives you have to help make Concerta work. Nausea is not fun, but you need medical expertise before making a decision about changing medications.

  165. Hi.

    I am on concerta for a bit more then a month, it just started working and I feel stable and more focused.
    I have been feeling nauseous most of the day and by lunch time the feeling is gone. This has decreased my appetite (not that I had a great one before).
    What I would like to know is if there is any way to make the nausea go away?
    I am allergic to valoid, my doctor did suggest an alternative but it will take 4 weeks before it starts to work. My job is working with people everyday and ever time I change medication I have emotional breakdowns that have a big influence on my work and I have lost money already so don’t want to go through that again.
    Know I am taking a chance here but would like to see if I can fix this before I make a big change like that again.

    Thanks for listening to me complain.

  166. the other day my friend took 130 mg of concerta. that was 29 hours ago. and shes been drinking lots of cranberry juice. can she pass a urine drug test?

  167. My friend has a prescription for 36 mg concerta, I have been having troubles focusing for even short periods of time now so he let me try a few to see if it would help. I have a drug test in 3 days for my job, I didn’t abuse it and decided to stop taking it. Will it get flagged on a drug test?

  168. Hello Rissa. Check with a pharmacist or your prescribing doctor on this. Only a medical professional can offer you advice on tapering.

  169. My 16 year old is on 36mg of Concerta per day and has been for about for years now. His doctor has retired and we have had trouble finding a new prescribing doctor, we have just found one and he has 30 days of tablets left but his appointment is 45 days away, if we give him a tablet every second day in your belief will this be better or worse then cold turkey for 15 days?

    He is planning on coming of the Concerta completely because he is unable to to get into the defence force while taking them. Would it be better for a doctor to have evidence of a child functioning before asking or waiting and see what happens? Also is it better to go from taking 36mg to taking 18mg for a certain amount of time?

    Thank you.

  170. Hi Lisa. Yes, absolutely. This fatigue can be related to withdrawal from Concerta. A gradual dose reduction is preferred to cold turkey removal of stimulants from the system. I’d suggest that you either weather it through and allow him to remain at home for a few days to rest, or start dosing again on Concerta with a doctor’s supervision. Then, taper the dose slowly with a calendar schedule before totally eliminating Concerta from the system, over a long weekend.

    Does that help?

  171. My son is turning 13 in couple weeks. He has been on Concerta for 5 years. I took him off of it 3 days ago because I want to try Synaptol, an all natural treatment. He has always taken Clonidine at bedtime and the doc said to continue giving it to him at .3 mg. with all this said,he has been EXTREMELY sleepy the past two days. Falling asleep in almost every class. Is his system reacting to not having the stimulant like it is use to? Or is it because of something else happening?

  172. Hi Ann. Have you spoken with your prescribing doctor about these reported symptoms? Maybe you can also consult with a pharmacist to see how often similar symptoms have been reported.

  173. Hi,

    I never took Concerta until after finishing my master’s degree. My grades suffered a bit, but I’m smart enough that I made it through. If I took Concerta while in college, I probably would have had a 4.0.

    Now, I was fired from my first job the first week of being there because of attention problems. So I started taking 18 mg of Concerta. I have also tried 27 and 36, but prefer the lowest dose possible. Now, my focus has allowed me to be steadily employed for a year, but my personality has changed. I’m not as fun, sweet, and free-spirited. I feel like all the qualities friends and family loved me for are now gone. Sometimes I feel emotionless…and have less desire to socialize because I don’t feel like myself. Is there any way around this?

  174. My son has been on strattera 40 mg for 2yrs now. will be starting generic concerta 18mg soon. i want to start this while on spring break. would be about 9 days before he would start back to school. would that be time for his system to adjust and me monitor him at home. he has add only. He is 9 yrs old. what should i look for that signs maybe diffrent from strattera

  175. Hi Joe. It’s possible that a false negative has occurred. This can happen due to administrative error or taking methylphenidate in conjunction with other medications. Ask for a second re-test from the initial urine sample you provided, or ask for another urine sample to be taken.

  176. I take concerta for my ADD. At my last visit to my Dr they had me take a urine test. I am now being told that the test result was inconsistent with me taking it. I take my medicine every morning and I do not know what may have caused this. The Dr is now refusing to treat me any more. Any ideas what could have happened?

  177. I’ve been on concerta for almost two years now. I’m 22 years old. I haven’t done anything different with my dosage (1 27mg/day) and the past 3 weeks to a month I have been having withdrawl effects! I’ve felt very tired, hazy, out of it, random anxious moments, irratiable while I’m on it. Why am I having these withdrawl effects when I haven’t been doing anything differently? I’m thinking about just stopping it until I see my doctor in 2 weeks but I’ve read thats not a good idea.

  178. hi i took a concerta around 9 in the morning for school. it is now 2 am and i still cannot fall asleep. How long until you can fall asleep on a concerta if you do not have adhd or add

  179. Hello Liz. No. It’s not a good idea to go off Concerta cold turkey. Return to your granddaughter’s doctor and request a tapering schedule. Slow, gradual decreases in dosing ensure that withdrawal is minimized and that she feels little to no side effects.

  180. i have a granddaughter that is on concerta. my granddaughter is 13 yrs old and has attention deficiet disorder. it is giving her too much insomnia and no appettite at all. She can go the whole day without eating anything. she is very tall and very skinny to begin with. Her mother wants to get her off the concerta 18mg. cause it is not doing anything for her but given her only bad side effects. can she just quit cold turkey if she has taken it for only two weeks
    im very concerned, thanks for your reply.

  181. My daughter takes Zoloft 50 mg daily and is on 36 mg concerta during school days she says it has helped but i hate to see her struggle when doing her homework and tests. She knows the material (is an A / B student) but it takes her 3 times longer than others to complete her work which makes her feel stupid (the struggle). Her doctor thinks the concerta should do the job and has raised her in the last year from 18 to 36mg. Do you have a suggestion of any other medications. Looking for another opinion.

  182. Hi Clorinda. Thanks for your question. Klonopin and Concerta work differently and in different locations in the central nervous system (CNS). The withdrawal symptoms are different because of the way they each interact with the brain and CNS. Thankfully Concerta withdrawal was not too difficult for you. I hope that others’ experiences are similar.

  183. i have been abusing adderall xr and concerta for almost a year…taking 20 mg of adderall at least 2 times a day with multiple 5 mg concerta (around 25-35 mg) throughout the day…my therapist suggests that i try not taking any for a day or two because it might be exaggerating my bipolar symptoms and that i dont sleep for days on end…what should i expect with suddenly stopping these drugs?

  184. There seem to be vast differences when coming off of Concerta and drugs such as Prozac and Klonopin. It seems the main problem when stopping Concerta is a psychological-like addiction, but not life-threatening, physical symptoms when withdrawing. I took klonopin for many years and I quit cold turkey, which i know was dumb. I vomited, sweat, ached, and a whole lot of other symptoms for about three days. I will never take that class of drug again. But I’ve stopped Concerta for 10 days at a time and felt no withdrawl side effects that I’m aware of. Why are meds such as these so different when it comes to withdrawal?

  185. Hi Jay. From what I’ve read, Concerta has a 12-hour duration of effect, regardless of regularity of dosing. So, you’ll have similar effect when taking as needed vs. daily. But check with your prescribing doctor or pharmacist for verification.

    Additionally, Concerta is best used by healthy men and women, which I’m assuming would include exercising. But again, check with the professionals in charge of monitoring your prescription for more information. Hope this helps!

  186. Hi,

    I was prescribed concerta, (36mg) as I was having difficulties concentrating in school. I don’t want to become heavily reliant on the drug, hence I only consume the dosage when I really need to study. In doing so, will I be attaining the full effects? Or would I be required to take the dosage on a daily basis to obtain the full effects? Also, I live a very healthy lifestyle, where I exercise on a daily basis. Would I be able to continue to exercise whilst on concerta?

  187. Hi Andeep. It’s really difficult to find answers about the therapeutic range of methylphenidate in nanograms. I’d suggest that you complete a search to include these keywords and read up to learn more.

  188. Hello Joao,

    Yes, there are some natural ways to treat ADD and ADHD that involve avoiding amphetamine like drugs. I’ve read that including fish oils in your diet as well as avoiding processed foods (especially that include food coloring) helps. Further, an elimination diet can lead to a statistically significant decrease in symptoms.

    Read more about diet and ADHD. And talk with your prescribing doctor for more information and seek out alternatives.

  189. well i take concerta since last year. i just hate it, i fell bad all the time, depressed, no emocions and a night i fell my brain burning, and a lot of headaches…i dont know if its normal or not. but is there something different, maybe natural that could help me like concerta but without these horrible effects?
    thanks, from portugal 16 years

  190. Hi Sylvia,

    Great question. I think it is one for your local pharmacist or your prescribing doctor. My (non-medical) thinking is that continued use would be preferred, given that ADD or ADHD requires management regardless of environment. But I’d suggest that you seek a medical opinion to be certain.

  191. Hi Mel. Average time to taper from Concerta is about 2-3 weeks. Some more conservative doctors may taper for longer. While acute detox from Concerta takes about a week or so to recover from withdrawal symptoms, other symptoms can persist and be present for weeks to months afterwards. Especially fatigue. I’d suggest that you speak with an OB/GYN to talk more about a timeline for becoming pregnant, as the first trimester can also bring on extreme fatigue.

    Hi Nancy. Buspar is a a serotonergic agonist consisting of buspirone which is prescribed for anxiety. Celexa is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRIs). And Concerta is a stimulant based on methylphenidate. You can check out specific medication guides for these medications on the FDA website here:

    But you are right…it might be best to seek the advice of a psychiatrist or even a pharmacist to try to figure out where the behavioral side effects are coming from.

  192. My husband is on 72 mg of concerta along with taking buspar and celxa. What are the interactions to all of these together? Since being on all of these he has major anger issues and the counselor is telling me that it is not his medicine that is causing this when I think it is. He has moved out and has taken up drinking something he did not do before going on concerta. He is pre-diabete also. He will not listen to me when I feel that he needs to get a second opinion from another psychiatric regarding all these drugs.

  193. I am 20 years old and have been taking concerta since I was in 5th grade. I have taken Concerta almost every day since then and am now up to 72mg. I plan to become pregnant and work with my doctor to tapper off my medications. After I am done tappering off how long should I wait till it is all out of my system and so it will not have any side effects on the baby?

    Also, about how long does tappering happen for the average person?

  194. Hi Terri. As a mother, you have to follow your instincts. Psychotic symptoms (such as hearing voices, believing things that are not true, suspicions, etc.) or new manic symptoms are the things to look out for in children and adolescents. Also, Concerta reacts with the following medications…be sure your son is not taking any of these at the same time he’s taking Concerta:

    • anti-depression medicines including MAOIs
    • seizure medicines
    • blood thinner medicines
    • blood pressure medicines
    • cold or allergy (even over the counter) medicines

    Dry mouth is a common side effect of Concerta and might contribute to the lip licking. Be sure that your son is hydrated and perhaps apply a topical skin moisturizer or lip balm. And definitely check in with his prescribing doctor. Let us know how it goes!

    More information on drug safety for Concerta here:

  195. I kust started my chil 7 yrs old back on Concerta Wednesday and he doent act like the same child. Wednesday, morning he took it did great in school but by 7pm he was so whiny, ill, cried for nothing and keep twiching his lips and licking them very bad, Day 2 no meds could not stand seeing him like that. But he is still not being himself cant sleep, lips look BAD, twiching lips is BAD, When will all this Stop? Im calling the doctor first thing in the am i feel bad for stopping it without asking a doctor did i make things worst by stopping it or is it okay?

  196. Hi Diane. Dependence on stimulants like Concerta usually takes a few weeks of daily, chronic dosing to develop. However, after a binge, it may be possible that you feel acute effects of withdrawal. Seek medical advice in order to safely “come down” and to seek counsel on how to best manage this time after a Concerta binge.

  197. Hi Brenda. You are right to think that you cannot help an addict in full-blown addiction until the person “bottoms out”. I’d suggest that you seek counsel for yourself and your son from a family psychologist who specializes in drug addiction. Why? Because drug addiction affects the entire family unit and you will need to learn new behaviors for how to set limits so that you do not ENABLE your husband’s drug seeking and drug use. Does this make sense?

    You can look for reading about signs of drug abuse by searching for the keyword terms “ drug abuse signs” or “ drug abuse symptoms”. This will restrict your search to government-only websites with relevant and topical information.

  198. Hi, I have just discovered that my husband my be taking my son’s concerta meds. I discovered where he had gotten his script fills, but my son says he hasn’t had any all summer. My husband is severely depressed and abusing many things including my pain med and alcohol. This, frankly shocks me because I had no ideal that he would take my son’s meds. What are the signs I should look for abuse, withdrawal, ect. He has completely falling off the planet. He has quit his job, spent all of our savings, and retirement funds. we have lost our home, our cars, our futures. I am scared that I will never be able to help him. I can’t make him seek treatment. this must be his choice. I could use any help on this subject.-

  199. Hi Maddy. Most urinalysis tests look for CURRENT drug use rather than drug use in the long term. So if your son hasn’t been taking Concerta for the past week, it probably WON’T show up in a drug screen based on a urine or blood sample. However, you can request a hair sample analysis be taken (perhaps at your own expense) to show your son’s use of Concerta OVER TIME. This is the best way to prove longitudinal use of a prescription medication, as the test is highly accurate even to the dosage for a period of 30 days per inch of hair.

  200. So my son has been taking concerta for a little over a year.My ex made a report to a doctor that he hasnt been taking it regularly…Now they will not give him his scripts and want him to take a blood test to make sure he has been taking it.My question is,if he took it on the 24th and has been out till now will it show on the blood tests?

  201. Hi Bailey. Drug screens are notorious for administrative errors. Did the doctor’s office confuse your sample for someone else’s? Was there an error in processing? All these things are possible. I’d suggest that you request another drug screen and, if possible, request a hair sample analysis to show proof of taking Concerta as prescribed OVER TIME. Check with your doctor’s office, but definitely appeal the results!

  202. Hi, I’ve been taking concerta for over a year now and have previously been subscriped other ADHD medicine.
    I took a concerta right before my doctors appointment this morning (pediatrician). They had me take a check-box test to make sure I was ADHD, and took a urine sample. I am also a medical patient.
    When the urine came back, I came back negative for everything except THC.
    I’m worried because I may not be able to get my medication anymore! And to doctors, it looks like I’m drug dealing.
    Is there something that may have counteracted my ADHD medicine? or do you think they conducted an incorrect urine sample?? Please comment or email me. Thank you!

  203. Hi Smith. I can understand your reasoning. And while not “legal”, it certainly seems to make sense to me (a mother). Concerta usually passes through the system and cannot be detected 1 1/2 days after last dose. Let’s hope so, if you have a random drug test soon!

  204. I took the pill yesterday Monday morning 7:00am screening is scheduled for Wednesday at 11:45pm 52.5 hrs after taking it.

  205. My 12 year old son will begin taking 36mg Concerta next week with the start of the school year. Through the process and over the last 3 years of trying to find which medicine/dosage works best for him I always guinea pig the first pill with the change of dosage/brand (I refuse to give my son something I am unwilling to try first, if it’s too strong for me at 240lbs then there is no way I’m putting it into him 85lbs). My reasoning may not make sense to you but done is done and I took one. How long will it be in my system? I do not use drugs of any kind, but have a random screening for work on Wednesday 8/15/12. Please advise…

  206. Hi Frances. Yes, cases of dysphoria are typical when you are coming off stimulants. Have you spoken with your prescribing doctor about how to treat this protracted withdrawal symptom? Exercise and diet can be lifestyle changes you can make which can help. But I’m interested in the alternatives that medical doctors have once patients stop taking Concerta….or if they have considered the downside of the medication and the symptoms of coming off?

  207. I stopped taking Concerta about 3 weeks ago. I was taking 36 mg, 3 per day,
    Initially, I felt ok. Now I find that depression is worsening daily.
    Not sure what to do.
    Any help appreciated.

  208. Hi Emily. Good question. Sweating is a signs or symptoms of acute methylphenidate overdosage, the main ingredient in Concerta. This results mainly from overstimulation of the central nervous system and from excessive sympathomimetic effect. It’s possible that you need to decrease dosage before increasing it again to the dose that was working for you during the school year. Call you doctor IMMEDIATELY and ask for advice.

  209. Hello,

    I took concerta for adhd during the school year and was off for the summer. I just took one today because I wanted to get myself on it before school starts, so I will not feel.any weird side effects the first day of school. However, I had bad sweating when I took it today and I felt like I was in a dream or on vicodin ( i have previously taken vicodin because of surgery). Anyway, I was wondering if this was normal and how long I should wait to ask my doctor about it. Also, how long do the side effects last when I take it in the morning? by the way, I am 16.

  210. Hi rella. I think that she means that you can slowly stop taking Concerta over time. This is called “tapering”. Ask her for a tapering schedule so that you know how to take less and less Concerta over the period of a few weeks….and how you will treat the symptoms of withdrawal. You can do it! And ask about the possible side effects as well. Please let us know if we can help further.

  211. im 14 and im want to get off of concerta im taking 54mg and i’ve been taking it for a long time .. my doctor said i can grow out it but i dont know what she means by that

  212. Hi Colton. You can first talk to your prescribing doctor and see how to taper your dose of Concerta slowly down. Mention symptoms of increasing tolerance and cravings…and ask for a referral to an addiction specialist. You can get medical help during both detox and addiction treatment. In fact, doctors recommend supervised withdrawal for all prescription drugs. Do you know of some local treatment centers? If not, check out the SAMHSA treatment locator database and search by your area code.

  213. Hi Jim. The only way to get the answer to your question is to ask. If you are prescribed Concerta for a medical condition, this is not considered abuse. However, I’m not sure of the policies the military has for prescription drug use. You’ll need to ask your direct supervisor for help…and be ready to take whatever action is necessary.

  214. im sorry i should have specified. i was told i had add when i was about 8, i was using ritalin until i was 13. im now 22. served so far for 4 years in the reserve. i have not used any add/adhd med until now. i didnt not tell my recruiter prior to joining because it was to what i thought a non existing issue so i didnt need to tell him. im a marine, i dont know if it matters what branch of service.

  215. Hello, i am in the military, i am a reservist so i have the possibility of getting urine tested when i go to drill. i just today got prescribed concerta 36mg for school. my question is, are military members allowed to take add/adhd medication while currently serving. My ADD is not affecting me during drill so i simply wont take it then. I have looked at many websites that go back and forth saying waivers are allowed prior to enlisting. i didnt need one because i wasnt taking any add/adhd meds. help?

  216. Hi Colton. Tolerance to Concerta is an expected outcome after long term use. So it’s pretty normal. Are you asking what you can do to lower your tolerance or to stop abusing Concerta?

  217. Hi Lain. Thanks for your question. I do not know the answer, however. I might suggest that you be cautious, and test your reaction times OVER TIME, as Concerta levels even out in your system. And if needed, seek a second opinion.

  218. I’ve just been diagnosed ADD at the age of 42 and prescribed Concerta. I’ve felt the benfits but I am worried about my reaction times as I compete extensively on Motorsport. I did speak to my practitioner about it and he said I will be ok. Should I be cautious?

  219. Hi Shaffan. Thank you for your question, but I do not have the answer for you. I think that this is a good question for a pharmacist or your prescribing doctor. Maybe you can schedule a phone call with your local pharmacist, or stop by to find an answer…and then let us know!

  220. My doctor started me on 18MG Concerta several weeks ago. The first 6-7 days were great with little to no side effects and was helping me to stay on target, etc.

    On the 8th day I started to get bad headaches and am now going on my 10th day of bad headaches and nausea. Can concerta cause these side effects EVEN if I didn’t have these side effects till well into the treatment?

  221. Hi Cody. Yes, chronic use over time does require more time for Concerta to leave your system than someone who is using Concerta occasionally. But be sure to withdraw from Concerta under a doctor’s supervision so that you can monitor symptoms and report adverse side effects.

  222. Hey, so I’ve been on concerta for a few monthes due to attention issues, and I have very little appetite while on concerta as well as fast heart beat, me and my mom came to the conclusion I should stop taking it to see if these symptoms go away, so I was just wondering if for a person that takes it everyday does it take longer for it to leave your system?

  223. Hi Will. We can’t advise you on how to prepare for a drug test for Concerta if you have taken it outside of prescription use and are trying to pass a drug screen. We recommend a policy of total transparency and taking responsibility and do not advocate getting around detection.

  224. hey guys and ladies i took concerta at 1:30 pm yesterday so i could focus for work, the concerta is 36 mgs and i havent taken another one since. i read the article and i see that it gets out your system in 32 hours, which is cool and all but i have a DOT drug screen on thursday, i talked to my friend and he said to drink lots of water and take some niacin any help would be great because i really need this job. plz respond its urgent

  225. Hi Shelby. Yes, a 5 panel drug screen can detect amphetamines in your system. The detection period depends on frequency and amount of use, but it is possible that Concerta use shows up on the urine screen positive for amphetamines.

  226. hi, i was wondering i accidently took one 36 mg of concerta the day before a urine test…the next day i excercised for an hour running. do you think i my test will come up positive for concerta? i take a 5 panel drug test

  227. Hi Laurie. One single dose of Concerta can be detected for a couple of days after you take it. So the amphetamines can be detected in a standard DOT 5 panel test….but you would probably know if you took the Concerta from the associated effects such as restlessness, anxiety or stimulation. Have you felt symptomatic in the past hours or not?

  228. I think I accidently took one of my son’s concerta’s today. I had it on the counter with an aleve for myself and turned around to give it to him and it was gone. I am not even sure if I even ever took the concerta out of the bottle. Here is the problem…I am on probation and have random drug screens, how long would this show up in my system for?

  229. Hi Ryan. Thanks for your question.

    Concerta is the long-acting extended-release tablet version of methylphenidate. In studies on school children, the effects of long acting Concerta lasted for 12 hours or more and effects on sleep and appetite were about the same for this controlled release version compared with immediate release methylphenidate. (

    If you’re having problems sleeping, you can ask about immediate release methylphenidate, which has a shorter duration of action and is taken multiple times per day, if needed. Does this help?

  230. I was just prescribed concerta after not liking the feeling of adderal (felt too euphoric and then very edgy when it would wear off) and vyvanse (i liked the low-key onset, but it lasted too long in my body and i wasn’t able to sleep).

    How long should I expect the stimulating effects of concerta to last? If I take it in the am will I be able to sleep?

  231. Hi Kathy. Thanks for sharing about your granddaughter’s withdrawal from Concerta. Do you have a particular question about the process or the medication?

  232. My grand-daughter is on Concerta and we just took her off, really bad mood swings, loss of appetite, lack of sleep, and has has lost 5 lbs., she went from size 6X to a size 6, she is 7 yrs. old, has been on Concerta since end of January 2012.she also has has nightmares, a follow up with the doctor is in 14 more days.

  233. Thanks for sharing more about your experience with Concerta, Maggy. I hope that it can help others who are looking for alternatives.

  234. my moodswings started going away and i was getting more tired easier…. id go to bed earlier and started loosing concentration at work and i still didnt start eatting just loosing weight i couldnt even look at food without getting sick even if it was something i really liked

  235. i have talked to my pcp and was taken off it and am taking seroquel xr 50mg for the uncontrolable moodswings that concerta caused and i am still having difficulty with my appitite due to that medication…. i am about to start taking something diffrent for my adhd within a month since my doctor wants to make sure that im still doing good on the seroquel xr

  236. Dear Maria. Concert a can decrease appetite. But it is not a healthy weight loss tool. As a teen, if you are using Concerta for weight loss you could be starting lifelong problems that affect your self-esteem. You could even become an amphetamine addict!

    I know that this might not mean a lot to you right now, but the only healthy way to lose weight is by eating a balanced diet and exercising.

    Is there a school counselor who you can trust to talk with? I think that there is probably a lot more going on under the surface, and taking Concerta is just covering up some emotional issues. If you don’t have someone you can trust, I’ll send you some hotline numbers you can call. I think that you need to talk to someone and figure out what makes you feel so alone and how you can connect with other people to make friends.

  237. the thing is tho … the side effect that makes you not hungry i feel like i need it for that. i feel like it doesn’t help me at school but makes me alert in the morning like first period and then i start to get depressed and tired and distracted and dizzy and when lunch comes i don’t eat anything and i sit at lunch alone also even when I’m off the pill i still have all the side effects !!and i have never been happy with or with out this pill and i need to lose weight i want to feel beautiful for once but if i let go of this pill i could lose that because when I’m off of it i don’t stop eating could i die from all of this ………….. ~ sincerely scared, confused, tired, alone, 15 year old maria

  238. Hello Maria. I’d suggest that you call the doctor who prescribed you Concerta IMMEDIATELY and report these side effects. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been taking Concerta for a while or if you’ve just started. I am especially concerned about the suicidal thoughts. Write ALL the symptoms down on a piece of paper and call your doctor’s office and ask for a phone consultation. If necessary, plan an office visit.

    Does this help?

  239. im a 15 year old femele and lately i have been geting really bad head acks and feel like im going to throw up if i dont take my concerta and i feel it helps somedays but sometime not and i tend to shake in my seat at school or my i cant hold anything still and i feel very depressed and have suisidal thoughts and i feel drained tired weak and am up all night and sleep all day what do i do ?

  240. Hi kiki. Thanks for your question. From our research, Concerta should be out of the system and undetected by drug screens within 1-2 days of last use. But you might want to consult with both your doctor and a pharmacist about this issue if the school is drug testing for Concerta. Also, most testing centers will accept a doctor’s note or prescription and waive a positive test if Concerta is used for medical reasons. Have you called WADA and asked more about this issue? It might be a good idea, especially if your daughter is in medical need of Concerta.

  241. Hi Maggy. Thanks for sharing more about side effects of Concerta. Are you taking Concerta for attention issues? Have you talked with your doctor about adjusting doseage or trying other medications?

  242. My daughter is 16 and a rower for her school. she is not allowed to use concerta if participating in competitions (on prohibited list of the world anti-doping agency/WADA) How long will it take to work out of her system? She takes 36mg daily. Only given during week (Mon-Fri).

  243. hi i was taking concerta when i was 15 till i was 17 and nothing bad happened and i was just represcribed it and its been doing bad for me…. i dont eat, mood swings, deppression, i start thinking things that i shouldnt and no not suicide stuff just things bout life and pattern stuff which was driving me crazy and would get me dizzy and antisocial…. im a very fun happy girl and i hate fights and arguements and have always been able to control my mood swings well i used to be all of that untill i went back on the meds and ever since then i have been a completly diffrent girl and i hate it but honestly to everyone whos gonna take this medication please do becareful!!!!

  244. Hi Vanessa. Talk to your doctor about the risks of taking this medication, but taking one dose of methylphenidate as a long-acting extended-release tablet (Concerta) should have no real long term side effects associated. Starting medications with a low dose of methylphenidate and gradually increase dosage helps doctors evaluate how the medication is working and make adjustments as needed. And let us know what your doctor says!

  245. My son 11, was prescribed concerta 18 mg. I gave it to him once and the side effects were too much. I have not given it to him since. By him only taking one dose and no more, can he have prolonged issues?

  246. Hi Catty. Are you using Concerta with a prescription, or not? Concerta will probably not be detected if you take it infrequently and you are taking a drug screen 3 days after use… as it is normally out the system within a day and half after taking it. Does this help?

  247. Hello, i only use Concerta when i need to focus on work. I haven’t used it in 3 days.. Is it out of my system for drugs testing for my PO??

  248. It’s worth noting that Concerta (methylphenidate) is a central nervous system stimulant that affects chemicals in the brain and nerves that also contribute to hyperactivity and impulse control.

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