How long does morphine stay in your system?

Morphine stays in your system for a couple of days after use. More about morphine detection windows for blood, hair, and urine tests here. And how to know if you are taking too much morphine.

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Morphine is absorbed and metabolized quickly by the body.

For most standard drug tests, like the DOT 5 panel drug screen, morphine will only be detectable for a couple of days after taking the medication. However, morphine is detectable in hair for longer periods of time. Learn more about opium (morphine) addiction and treatment considerations, what you can do to address it, and your long-term rehab and recovery options. Help is available TODAY! All your questions about morphine in your system are welcomed at the end.

Main morphine uses

Morphine is used as a pain reliever in cases of moderate to severe pain. Morphine belongs to the opiate class of medications and alters the brain and nervous system’s response to pain, causing numbing effects which are actually based on the way that we PERCEIVE pain. Morphine can also cause euphoria, which is one of the main reasons people abuse morphine and take it for non-medical reasons.

How do you take morphine?

Morphine comes in the form of an immediate-release tablet, an extended-release tablet, and an oral solution (liquid). When swallowed and taken as prescribed, morphine provides effective pain relief. However, morphine abusers will sometimes chew or crush the tablets to release all the medication at once. They may also crush the tablets and either snort them, or dissolve them in water and inject the mixture into the blood. These modes of administration are not recommended as chewing, snorting, or injecting morphine raises the risk of overdose and dependence.

Peak levels and half life of morphine

Morphine starts to take effect quickly. It reaches peak levels within 60 minutes when taken orally – within 30 minutes of injection. The drug has a half-life of about 3 hours in a normal oral formulation. It may take longer to clear the system depending on how it was administered and the health of the person taking the morphine.

Morphine drug testing: How long does morphine stay in the body?

Narcotic pain medications like morphine don’t stay in the body very long. When drug screening for morphine, blood tests are the least used method due to the short detection window, followed by urine and hair tests. Note here that all types of morphine drug tests are reasonably accurate and reliable. And that a positive drug morphine screen indicates use.

How long does morphine stay in blood?

Due to its short half-life, morphine doesn’t stay in the blood long-term. It will typically fall beneath detectable levels after a day.

How long does morphine stay in hair?

This kind of testing may be used to monitor someone’s compliance in a drug treatment program, as morphine is a known drug of abuse. Most drugs can be detected in hair for about 90 days. This does depend on how long someone’s hair is, how frequently they have haircuts, and how much of a drug they’ve taken. Additionally, trace amounts of morphine will be harder to detect. Although hair sample testing for morphine is not standard for employment and most other contexts, hair samples can detect morphine abuse triggered when you take morphine to get high.

How long does morphine stay in urine?

The exact amount of time (the morphine detection window) depends on the amount of morphine a person is taking, what formulation of the drug they’re using, how long they’re used it, and other factors. Typically, morphine can be detected in urine for 1-2 days. In cases of heavy or chronic use, morphine might be detectable for slightly longer, but it usually can’t be detected after about 4-5 days.

Morphine and addiction

Morphine is a highly addictive drug. Even when taken as directed by a doctor, morphine can be habit-forming. The drug can give a euphoric high when taken in large doses, which opens it up to abuse. With morphine addiction come the risks of withdrawal and potential overdose.

Morphine in your system questions

We invite your additional questions about morphine in the system below. We try to respond to all legitimate morphine questions with a personal and prompt reply. And if we don’t know the answer to your question, we will refer you to someone who does.

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  1. I have been taking some amount of Morphine (prescription) for 6-8 years (don’t remember exactly) at peak use it was 15mg 3x day for the last two plus years it has been 7.5mg 2xday and sometimes 1x day or rarely I’d forget.
    I’m trying to not use it at all but the withdrawal affects are miserable, I feel sick to my stomach and my bowels are loose but not quite diarhea, and if I eat or drink anything the discomfort increases- so my real question since I am not being tested is how long do these symptoms persist?

  2. I have a damaged liver and all drugs lately stays in my urine longer then the average person with a liver like mine can morphine stay in my urine 2weeks?

  3. Ivy been taking morphine for about 7weeks 10 mill at first then 5 mill now I take 3mill I’m trying to get off it I take for leg and arm pain do you think ill get bad withdraw symptoms when I come off it completely

  4. I was in the hospital 10 days ago. And they gave me 3-4 morphine doses in my IV for pain. And that was it. I’m going for a pre employment D.O.T. drug test tomorrow. And I’m seeing about getting paperwork from the hospital there working on it. Do I need to worry? I was in the hospital for an infection, Thanks,


  5. I have recently, four days ago to be exact, dropped from 200mgs of morphine daily to 100 mg. I, as yet, have not experienced any withdrawal symptoms and wondering if they are still to come. I am pretty much opioid tolerant as I’ve been on large doses for years for chronic pain. How quickly can one wean from these high doses. Actually went from three hundred to two hundred to one hundred in about two weeks. No withdrawal. Yet!

  6. I had morphine admistered via IV in the emergency room, approximately 15 hours later I had a blood draw for a DOT drug screen, shouldn’t the morphine or a metabolite have shown up on the results?

  7. I have a urine drug screen at my dr tomorrow they test for morphine if i take 15 mg at 8 tonight and another 15 mg around 3:00 am should I be okay for my drug screen in the morning around 8:00-9:00 am tomorrow

  8. My doctor was giving me 180m a day for a number of years, then a changed chemist the pharmacist told the doctor that he shouldn’t be giving me that amount, it was 60m 3 times a day. The doctor cut out the midday capsule straight away and since then he has reduced it to 45m per day then nothing. But I still feel like I’m in withdrawal and can’t sleep at night and my muscles in my arms and legs feel like they are being stretched and make me move my arms and legs involuntary. It’s been 2 weeks since I stopped taking morphine but I feel depressed.

  9. I suffer from idiopathic neuropathy. To treat for pain I take Embeda, a continuous release morphine (60 mg in morning and 60 Mg at night). . I also take as needed for break through pain 1 or 2 MSIR 15 mg. I have been taking these drugs for 5 or 6 years. IF I miss a dose for some reason I do not feel any dread or panic. In fact I really hate taking morphine because it slows my reactions and mind. I do not feel any craving to take morphine. I have no mental dependence to take morphine. If I stopped morphine cold turkey I guess I would have some sort of physical reaction but I have no craving for morphine.

    How can I take morphine for so long and not be addicted???

  10. Hi I am looking to get a new job and have to take a urine test in 7 days, I was prescribed 2 60 mg of morphine for my back,for the past six months and just took my last one I am getting off them for this job, my question is will it show up on my urine test I have to take in a week from now,I need this job bad. If you could reply for some advice that would be awesome. Thank you

  11. I was recently discharged from a nurse practitioner that was prescribing me Roxicodone for chronic pain, long term. I was sick, with a dry, hacking, unproductive cough. A family member gave me a bottle of codeine cough syrup, as the guifennisen helps your cough be more productive. Since it was just signed for at the pharmacy (that is allowed in my state, you can only get it every 8-10 days or so) and not a prescription, we thought nothing of it. A few days later, I was called in to my NP’s office for a random UA screen. We thought nothing of it. As you are aware, a percentage of the codeine is converted back into morphine, so morphine showed in my urine and I was discharged from much needed pain management for legitimate chronic pain. Someone prescribed 90mg of Roxicodone daily for years isn’t going to drink codeine syrup to get high. I always take my prescribed medications as prescribed and I do not get high or abuse them.

    Since I was kicked off without even a taper (which should be illegal), I have been suffering from pretty severe chronic pain that I have had for 20+ years. I have never abused my prescribed meds and haven’t shown any signs of dangerous CNS depression or intoxication on my combination of prescribed medications. Since my pain level is pretty high, a friend gave me some MS Contin (extended release morphine). I was taking doses of 15-60mg per day for a week and today I took the remaining 120mg of MS Contin. I have an appointment with a pain doctor (the only one in my area willing to even see me) in 9 days. How much longer do extended release morphine tablets stay detectable in a lab urine test? I am aware that ER formulations are detectable for loner than IR formulations and that detection windows are highly individualized. I am in my early 40s, slightly overweight due to not being able to be very active, and took the MS Contin for about a week or so. Generally speaking, should 8 days of no morphine be enough for it to clear my urine for a lab drug test? I take my test on the 9th day, in the afternoon, and drink a lot of water everyday as a matter of course (probably close to a gallon). I know I shouldn’t have taken it, but my pain level is pretty high and I was desperate for some bit of relief. Should I be good on day number 9, considering the amount of time I took the morphine and today’s 120mg dose? I am very, very worried, so any educated response would help immensely. Thank you.

  12. I have a question about how morphine shows up in a urinalysis, I am prescribed two morphine doses, one for long acting morphine and then a fast acting morphine, and VA does urine tests for drugs, so what I want to know is are the test results cumulative and shows just the total amount in my system or just hi/low levels? What I mean is can they tell how much is taken at one time or just how much was taken in the last 6 or 12 hours? I ask because my doctor asked if I am taking double doses, but I mostly take exactly as prescribed but sometimes I have to take a second dose within an hour or two if the first dose isn’t helping, I take three 30mg sustained release tablets every 12 hours and 2 30mg fast acting every 4 hours, so if I take the fast acting morphine does it show how long ago I took the doses and the time gap between them? Or if I did take 4 fast acting at one time instead of 2 fast acting 4 hours apart can they tell this or not? Or does it just show how much was taken over the last 6 or 12 hours?

    I’ve been taking the same dosage for over 12 years and sometimes if it doesn’t help after an hour or so I sometimes end up needing to take another dose to help get out of pain so I just want to know if they can tell if I take a double dose? I took a dose of the fast acting and the sustained release at 7:00 am today and then a second dose of the fast acting at 8:15 am because the pain wasn’t going away, I have an appointment at 3:30 pm at the veterans hospital and VA will take a urine drug test before my appointment so I’ll have a drug test at 2:30 or 3:00pm today, I’ll also need to take another dose of the fast acting morphine at 11:00 today and then again at 3:00 today, so what will show in my urine as far as the levels and will they show the cumulative levels I took or what I took when I took?


  13. I am not taking my morphine tablets,2X a day anymore. When can I drink a beer? I usually have a couple of beers a week,but have not since I started this medication.Thank You.

  14. I live in chronic pain,i have had 2 spine surgeries an 2001 i had reconstion spine surgery, i had a BK cage in L5 hooked up to L4. In 2004 i was in a bad car wreck which tore the nerves out from my armpit.i have no use for my left hand.fingers doesnt move.from elbow down my arm has shrunk.i have 5 buldging disks in my neck,pain doctor said i was looking at put me on Opana 10 ir. My family doctor had me on oxycodone 15 ir.i was on the morphine 15 ER.i was taken off the morphine 15 ER back in october last family doctor had blood test an it showed that i had morphine in my system.i dont unferstand that.i havent taken morphine.why had it showed up ? This was this past march 2017, i had drug test with my pain doctor same month, didnt show up.i dont understand this,im very confused. Help,cause im confused.

  15. I went to the emergency room for severe back pain I pulled a muscle in my lower back and I the first shot they gave me didn’t work then the nurse came back and gave me a shot of morphine in my arm and I had a drug test says this is the seventh day I drug tested seven days later I want to know will it show up in my urine test

  16. Hi has anyone got any idea if I can drink tomorrow evening just 2 or 3 drinks the last dose of zomorph was at 11 o’clock in the morning on Friday the 12th of may. I’m not going to have anymore. Will I be safe to have a couple of drinks later on in the evening tomorrow around 7:30 on Saturday the 13th of may? Thanks for your time

  17. Hi I have recently taken two drug tests one for the state and another for a drug and alcohol evaluation, but for some reason i came up as positive for morphine for both when i have never taken morphine nor any sort of pain re leaver. How is this possible?

  18. I am a chronic pain patient that also has panic disorder. I am prescribed 90mg oxycodone and 8mg Xanax daily. My pain increases when it rains, in cold weather, etc… During a recent, week long spell of thunder storms I took a single dose of 60mg of MS Contin (extended release morphine sulfate) early Saturday morning. I was given a random urine screen (which is sent to a lab) Tuesday afternoon. If the morphine shows, I would lose my oxycodone prescription, which I cannot do if I want any quality of life. Should a single dose of 60mg MS Contin, taken early (about 6:00 AM) Saturday morning, show up on a lab UA given on Tuesday afternoon? I am worried to death because, living in a small, rural area, and having no health insurance, my prescriber is the only person in the entire area willing to prescribe me long term opioid therapy (which is the only thing that works for me). An answer would be appreciated. Thank you.

  19. i like to engage in ”golden showers”, where I am the receiver.
    I ingest most, if not all, of the urine.

    I took a drug test, and I tested positive for morphine, and opiates.
    was this a result of my fetish?
    I do NOT engage in any drug activity whatsoever, so I am assuming this is due to my fetish activity, but I am a bit concerned.
    My ”partner” was a lady that I believe engages in drug use, but I found out after the fact.
    Does anyone have experience dealing with this?

    Any/all comments and suggestions are appreciated…

    1. Hi Ralphy. Since you’ve ingest the urine, the opiates absorbed in your body, and this fact leaded to showing false positive. Moreover, there are many other food that can cause false positive. For instance, poppy seeds (added to cakes, bagels, and other pastries) can contain traces of opiates and cause a false positive opiates for as long as two days after consumption. If you like to learn more about drug testing, I suggested that you download our free e-book ‘The Definitive Guide To Drug Testing’, here:

  20. I have had A herniated disc (L5) for eight years now and no medication has worked.
    Four years on Gabapentin and nearly the same on Tramadol of which I take 8 per day.
    I want to ask my doctor for the capsules of Morphine 10 mg slow release but don’t honestly feel confident enough to do so as it is a Class A drug in England.
    At the Persistant Pain Clinic I attend there are others on the capsules and they are happy with the medication.
    I am 62 years old and also have cervical spondylosis and Stage 4 Arthritis in both knees.
    I worked in a road gang using pnuematic drills most of my adult life.

    Many thanks.

  21. Morphine was 5-6 days after it was given in the hosp.. it was given to me for Chest pain, i take about 17 other med dayily..I have 11 stint, an a triple bypass. Urion was and i did not take it after the hospital sent me home..
    1)ascorbic acid (500mg)
    2)cholecalciferol (2000 units total)
    3)ferrous sulfate (325 (65FE) mg tanlet)
    4)albuterol 2.5mg/3mL(0.083 %) nebulizer solution
    5)amLODIPine 10mg
    6)ASPIR-LOW 81mg Ec tablet
    7)atorvastain 80mg
    8)carvedilol 25mg
    9)clopidogrel 75mg
    10)docusate sodium 100 mg (2 time a day)
    11)esomeprazole 40mg (2 time a day)
    12)ezetimibe 10mg
    13)finasteride 5mg
    14)gabapentin 800mg
    15guaiFENesin 600mg(2 time a day)
    16)hydroCHOROthazide 25mg
    17) irbesartan 75mg
    18)isosorbide mononitrate 60mg
    19)L-METHYL-B6-B12 3-25-2mg
    20)oxyCODONE 15mg (every 6 hr)
    21)potassium chloride 25 mEq (2 time a day)
    22)ranolazine 1,000mg SR
    23)tamsulosin 0.4 mg
    24)torsemide 10mg

  22. Hi i was given a morphine Injection at ER due to stomach pain radiating to back on left side.I was against doctor for this jab but they insist.What happen next was totally disastrous and i thought i will be dead?
    I had very bad cramp on my back when the dr trying to inject the dose to my arms.I scream and push her away cos i cannot take it.It was 40mg i heard.Then i cry and when home and i felt agitated for few hours and my palpitation was very bad.But initally doctor said it was nothing all.Now pass 12 hrs im still feeling abit sick and uneasy.Am i okay?

  23. My question is, does taking oxycodone slow down the amount of time that morpene takes to leave the urines detectabidlity or does it have no effect? Im only prescribed oxycodone and ive been off the morphene for 10.5 days now but it’s still showing up on a 12 panel drug test kit and making the opiate panel pop positive, which should only be the morpehene making the opate panel pop not oxy…. is it possible that it’s still detectable after 10 days? Would it stilll be detextable using gcms testing? The oxy doesn’t matter if it shows up, it’s only the morpheme I need to know abou.. thank you -mike

  24. What is the likelihood of person dieing that takes 600 to 1000 mg of morphine ? Or would it be more likely that the person would start vomiting?

  25. I left my norco home while being with my daughter all day. I took one morphine tablet. A week later it shows in urine test and then a week or so after that, in another urine test. I dont understand it and am frustrated. What can be the reason?

  26. I’ve been on 25mcg fentanyl patches plus 30mg morphine 4 times a day. Following surgery I’m trying to get off it all. I’m down to 12mcg fentanyl & only 20mg morphine a day at night. I’m getting withdrawal symptoms which are not good. Any advice on how to taper from here & how to manage / cope with withdrawal? Thank you

  27. I have come down from 940 mg twice a day to 350mg twice a day, im always tired and have no energy, I thought I would feel better and more alert not the other way round, so was wondering how long will it be like this for and how long will it stay in my system after I come off and I can start to feel my old self again, I have been on Morphine since I was 26 and now 56 in April, I have ruined my life and what I have got left would like to have some quality of life, any answers would be most grateful thanks alot

  28. I was given morphine recently in hospital for a ruptured ovarian cyst. Now that I’m home, I’m finding that I’m sweating from my armpits profusely. Is this a side effect from the pain relief? And if so, how long can I expect it to last?

  29. I’ve got to have a urine test Friday I took 3 morphine pills the low dose Tue will they show up in the test I don’t take morphine usually but I was in a lot of pain anyone going to answer me I need help an answer

  30. Hi. I’ve been taking pain killers for 27 years and have been taking 180mg of slow release morphine for about 5 years now. About 2 years ago I got 35 2mg hydromorphone pills and took them over a 4 month period and then 3 pills about a year later. My dr asked me for my very first urine sample during the 4 months I was taking the hydro and it showed up and it’s showed up in all but 2 tests over the last 2 years and again about a month and a half ago even though I haven’t had any now for more then a year. Is it possible that my liver is turning my morphine into the hydromorphone? I have used weed along with my pain meds since the beginning and am trying to get a prescription for it but my dr won’t give it to me until I only have the morphine in my system so I’m very frustrated since I’m not taking it and have only taken those 38 hydromorphone pills in my whole life. How is it possible for it to keep showing up in my urine tests?

  31. Hi hoping you can help my GP prescribed me ora morph for pain relief ii was addicted to it about 2 years ago I have had to throw it out cause I feel like I’m getting to that stage again, have I done the right thing? Also only been using it for a week but been taking it more than usual double doses to get high when I don’t take it I only get small cramps nothing mager so have I done the right thing by throwing it out cause I’m also on mst long term too cause I have PE CLOTS in the lungs

  32. Was in hospital for microdiscectomy 2 weeks ago. Took oramorph morphine sulphate 10mg /5ml for 7 days (4 x a day ) then for a further 3 days as and when maybe 2 x day. It is now 10 days since I took any morphine and was wondering when it would be safe to drink alcohol as I have been told it can stay in my system for 3 months and is dangerous. IM due to attend a wedding next weekend which is reason for asking.

  33. I have been on long acting Morphine for several years along with Metadone 10 mg 2 every 6 hours as needed for “brake through pain”. I was in a car accident and when the officer found out I was taking pain medication on a regular basis, I was charged with DUI. My question is the accident happened around 6:00pm. I had not had any of my pain medication since about 10:00pm the night before. Since I have been an this pain medication for quite awhile and the one is long acting should it show up on the blood test at a high level. I am very worried about this, I never drive when I have taken my pain medication that some day. I cant afford to have a DUI on my record. Thanks for any help you can offer!

  34. I am done taking morphine,180 mg a day ,by Dr, my Dr retired,the new Dr tossed me out on my butt ,no RXs,and would not give the morphine to me. I got a new Dr and she and I have been working together to get off the 180. I have been 7 days no morphine. Which I took for chronic head pain. This pain has retired but were working on that now.if a Dr gives me any opiates I will freak.,I have kept a day to day journal and I did have much of a problem. Clonidine helped me for 167 days, as of today 7 days free of the ball and chain. People morphine’s does nothing for chronic pain,,,or it causes more,,try something eles.

  35. I am on 15mg every twelve hrs. I have cut back to one pill. Will the Dr. be able to detect that I am not taking as much as prescribed? Morphine.

  36. I am 5 weeks pregnant & have been in hospital over the last week for pain. They prescribed be morphine but last night I mucked the dosage up after being discharged & I think I overdosed.

    Instead of taking 5mls of morphine every two hours, I took 10mls of oramorph twice , one two hours after the first which is 40mgs ! I felt quite ill quite quickly but I am concerned I wil have hurt the baby – please help !

  37. I was rushed to the emergency department in May 2016 , I was told I was told I had a blockage in my small intestine , the doctors told me I had a large amount of scar tissue after having several c-section giving birth to my children and having a hysterectomy to where my uterus and overies was removed I year apart . After 3 hours in surgery to remove the scar tissue I was surprised that 5 months after the surgery ! How could the medication from the surgery still be in my body ?

  38. Hi I’m being on Morphine and worried about my doctor leaving me with nothing as if my own doctor is not there it is very unlikely that they are prepared to give me a prescription as they said I am on to much. My doctor actually helped me but then because of my pain he was giving me 14 days supply every 12 days in case I needed more hence to say I was using this in the end and went up even more so not really a good move but at the time I was happy to go along with it as nobody wants to be in pain. However I was in hospital after a days procedure which should not have left me in to much pain but was offered codeine, anyway to cut a long story short the procedure went wrong and I ended up after I went home back in but I could not stop bleeding and was in the ITCU for 17 days and because I was on such a high dose of morphine they could not get me out of pain it was a nightmare. This scared me in case it happened again so I started to cut down very slow 10 mg every four weeks but changed to every six weeks and have nearly halved my intake of these tablets. Yes I am still in pain but thought if I could get down to fifty mil a day I would be in a better position. It does worry me if my doctor left what situation I would be in as the other doctors look down at me I know I can feel it and will reluctantly give me a day or twos worth if my doctor is away. I was wondering if I ever got to the point where I came off Morphine how long would I feel bad for after or get back to feeling just normal like I had never had it in the first place as I have been in this position before and the only way I can describe how I felt was flat, I think other users would know what I mean. I just want to be back to being normal. I have been on some type of narcotic since I was twenty six and now fifty three so along time and feel it has made me lose half of my life. Coming own even slow is not very nice and be it or not I can still feel when I have dropped even after six weeks. Sorry for the long reply and going of what was asked, jut a few questions came to mind. Thank you Jewelz 🙂

  39. yes you can smoke marijuana on mophine i do medical marijuana shatter dabs all day on 1 30mg morphine a day most i take a day is that or about 30 or 45 mgs oxycodone a day i do flooring and have bad knee and back pains and these drugs are horrible for the body but make my days so much better im able to knock out big jobs no problem(: yay good pain meds

  40. Hi, I’m currently on suboxone, but also just relapsed. I’ve taken morphine by injection for two days. My question is, do I need to wait for some kind of withdrawal before I start back on suboxon, or will I even get withdrawals only after taking morphine for two days?? Im not too sure when I can safely go back to my suboxone, after stupidly giving into temptation.

    Kind regard

  41. The doctor gave me a small dose of morphine and gravol due to nausea and pain. How long until it is safe to smoke marijuana or is it safe to smoke with the morphine in my system?

  42. I took my 3rd 30 mg extended release morphine on July 21st. I have a urine test on August 1st. I DO NOT use it regularly. I used it 3 days in a row. 19-21st. Will I pass the urine test on the 1st of Aug.?? I will have my normal pain medicine in my system also

  43. I was wondering what the number would be If I was drug tested. I was in an accident and I was drug tested and was diagnoised by the ER doctor as an Opioid abuser. This hurt me very much and I want it taken out of my records. I take my medications as I am told to or even a little less actually. I take 3 60mg extended Morphine daily and mostly 3 10 325 Hydrocodones daily but I can take more if needed. I also take other Muscle relaxers and medication but these are the only opioid, My Drug test showed I had 1600 in my system. Is this number normal or does it give them the right to DX me as an abuser? How can I fight this? Any suggestions? Thanks

  44. Jewels,I had more pproblems when taking morphine , now I’m down too 5 MG’s a day ,4 of my worse problems .went away..
    The weed people out there. I took 60 mg morphine 3 xs a day,,I talked to the weed doctor and asked him how much weed would I have to smoke to equal a 60 ,,he said about your body weight of weed to help..
    What confuses me is if its a smaller ,lower dose . helps you with pain ,,then why did the doctor give it to everyone. Its like a aspirin. To a morphine..why is it better?

  45. I have severe head pain. Some Dr say migraines. They do all their test,MRI, cat scans ,and many more. Botox is useless for me. The chronic pain is on the inside of my skull,not outside like a tension headache. The many specialized Dr have been disappointed for the last 40 years of not being able to help me. So then send me back to my regular MD ,to try something eles.tried every pill ,needles,,no relief. They also wanted to drill spur holes in my head and inject botox right in to my brain matter. I said no…they never done it before. I’m no gunny pig. So my doctor put me on 60 mg of morphine a day,,I was taking 180 mg a day. After taking this for six years . My Dr retired.the new doctor said he has to get rid of me cause he might get suied if I fall. Dr Land said ,you can’t live this way and said I have to find a new Dr and he has a conference with tons of his friends and the said , get rid of her. So the next appointment he dumped me, he said ,he would not give me a script for my meds,of 7 years, and I am not his patient anymore. I was just afraid.I called many doctors , and they said poor you. But I won’t touch you.
    Six years on 180 mg morphine. And just get dumped, Wow, a Doctor who can’t think on his own ,,another WOW..I called around,same story,every where ..poor you or it will take six weeks to get you in.. WoW. I thought,I’m going to suffer. I called connect s. They gave me a new Dr.with in a 20 day period. Thank god!
    I was brought me in early after they heard my story.thank god again
    A angel, Dr Queenan,was not afraid to take the bull by the horns. A big thanks to her..
    She changed my morphine from 180 mg a day ,to 2- 30s for approximately,20 days.then 2-15s a day ,for 20 days ,then one 15 for approximately 20 days., today I’m on 2 – 10 MG’s right now

    This is my 71 st, day of wheening, I have clonidine 0.01 and 0.02 .WHICH CAUSES ,RLS. AND I GOT IT BAD
    then she gave me, Pramipexole, for my RLS.
    Gabapentin – for bed time.
    Also I have temazepam for sleep also
    Also Antitriptyline to take at bed time also.
    Plus clonidine 0.01, then Clondine 0.02
    All this to with drawl.
    Also I drink ensure, when I don’t eat for days. It work good.
    But I get muscle problems,my BP is up and down like a ball
    Pulse is sometimes over 100.
    This Dr Queenan is a angel, she has to be. I was dropped on her with a seven year use of a high dose,. And she helps me by going to her office. Email. Yes she answers. How much more can I ask from her..
    My questions
    1 Do you think this method is good. ?
    2 how can I stop RLS,
    3 what happens when I’m off in a another 20 days. Will I have to keep taking clonidin,for a long while after..

    I have written down everyday ,of this long process. But out of all ,its the body tremors, I wake up with and the leg tremors ,RLS. Oh my god that has me up the last 3 nights no sleep in the day.
    I’m 59 years old and the pain in my head is back ,so I have to get off the morphine and suffer with chronic pain again in my head,,
    This pain can last days even weeks of vomiting. Pain that you can’t stand, but I can’t makes pain worse. I use to just get a needle when the pain was to bad and sleep threw it. But no doctor will do that for me,,they want to give me perventitives ( spelling sorry)
    My head pain is caused by cluster of very small anurizium s, to small to operate, and trying to tell doctors about it that they can’t cure it ,makes them make up a lot of why they are wrong , answers and say there’s nothing the can do!! It sucks. But for 39 years I been probed ,picked at ,,at least ,more of stuff you can take a sample on your body..and they shrug, and send a guess.

  46. I was taking 30mg of mst for 3 weeks and stopped them 3 days ago as I couldn’t handle side effects. How long will it take for me to feel myself again

  47. I took approximately 160 to 200 mg of morphine sulfate er over a period of 7 days.I snorted it….will my levels be really high……i already lost my little girl temporarily and they said if my levels keep going down I will be good to go…….I scared……please help don’t know when the next drug test will be.

  48. I am having an out patient procedure. I can’t take any pain relievers 5 days before the procedure because they are blood thinners. So no Vicodin or Norco. Also, no ibuprofen or aspirin. no naproxen sodium. Is it safe to take a very small amount of a morphine tablet (ER) within the week of the procedure? If so, how soon will it be out of my system as to not jeopardize my health, since I will be put into a “twilight” state during my procedure? The procedure is an Endoscopy.

  49. I took a morphine 10 mg on Saturday night I started throwing up not long after, how long would it stay in my system?

  50. I’m on 20mg each night and I’ve got it down to between 10-20mg during day quick release severadol I’ve been on it for a long time and I want to know how to come off safely while also reducing withdrawell symptoms because it doesn’t work so well anymore, so that my GP can try something else but I don’t want to go down the methenol road

  51. I went to the hospital where an iv was put in my vein the nurse put morphene through the iv after a weekpast by my vein started hurting i get this weird pain in my vein that during my sleep ive caught my self massaging it cus it hurtsis that normal

  52. Last night I drunk around 9 beers then decides to take 12mg oral morphene and 2mg diazepam. I did lot realise just how strong the mix would be and suffered with a dizzy fainting spell where I fell and hurt my shoulder. For anyone thinking about mixing alcohol and morphene do t do it. The buzz was good to start but when I woke I was sweating and felt unwell.

  53. Hi, I was on 200mg a day on morphine, I am now 3 months & 2 weeks clean. How long does the withdrawals take, like the gross tummy & sweating etc, would love some answers on this??

  54. My pain specialist prescribed Dilaudid 4mg and MS Contin 25mg for a year. Due to insurance issues when I obtained Medicare, I havent seen my pain specialist since Aug 2015. I obtained Norco 750mg from my primary physician, but it is not effective. Since my primary physician refused to prescribed morphine, I am scheduled to see my specialist in 4 weeks at which time I hope to receive more of the morphine. Will the drug test show traces of morphine since I recently took some old Dilaudid and MS Contin with Norco? How long will it take to show only Norco and no traces of morphine Dilaudid and/or MS Contin? Please respond. Thank you.

  55. Hi, my hubby has been on MST continus we has now weaned off them but the pain and spasm in his left leg has started back up at bed time only (stroke he had on left side) could this just be a coincidence as he only took las tablet two days ago? Thank you, Jane

  56. I have now been off MST and oramorph for 6 days and still feel I have flu,and have lack of motivation and surgery for a hip replacement was 5 weeks ago,when can I expect to feel better? The restless legs at night has stopped but I still find going to sleep difficult ,

  57. Hello my name is Erica. I am currently attending an oupatient program in NYC. Feeling good after not using any drugs for about 3 weeks, my counselor sits me down and says morphine has shown up in the last 2 urine tests that they take randomly, but on a weekly basis. I know morphine usually only stays in your system 3-5 days so why after 3 weeks of honestly not using are drugs still showing up in my system. Please help and please possibly explain somehow I’m desperate and very upset by this news because I was doing so well and attending groups and making a lot of progress. Thank you.

  58. I am on a program called 24/7 and they do a 5 panel urine test, I took .50 mg morphine yesterday and am not a chronic user. I have to go do my test tonight around 530-8 pm. Will I pass or am I doomed?

  59. I have 2 15mg morphine pills left my appointment ain’t until the 2nd of September when should I take the last 2 to get in my system and can my pain dr . See that I haven’t take any for a few weeks if they test my urine please give me some good answers

  60. My daughter’s drug test showed that she had morphine in her system more than a month after she had taken the morphine. She is currently being treated for severe thyroid disorder which affects her metabolism. Could that have caused the morphine to stay in her system longer than normal?

  61. Hi,i have been weaning myself off mst for five months and finally took my last one ten days ago.have suffered withdrawal symtoms continually throughout this time but have got much worse since taking last one.please can you tell me when i will start to feel better.thankyou so much.

  62. Hi I’m 36nweeks pregnant and took a 12 MG hydro morphine pill for pain can you tell me how long that will stay in my urine or baby’s urine if I was to go into labour?

    1. Hello Kyla. Morphine has a short half-life of about 3 hours, so it doesn’t stay in the blood very long. Possible variations in complete excretion time depend on many other health factors and you can ask your doctor or gynaecologist for more specific insight.

  63. You seem to dodge a lot of questions. Maybe I came into the middle of the questions and answers, but what are your qualifications to answer any questions about morphine? I am not attacking, but wonder about credibility, expertise and qualifications? If you are merely a facilitator, trying to help, then I certainly understand. I lost a friend that chewed his morphine patches. I have a herniated disk and am looking at surgery in the near future. I am wondering if I should ask my doctor for a morphine prescription prior to surgery. That is how I found this web site, but I do not think answering questions of that nature is the purpose of the web site. I wonder what is?

    1. Hi Joe. I understand where your questions are coming from. Addiction Blog is a peer supported and professionally moderated community. It has been created for users to share experiences, information and support regarding addiction. However, the information provided on Addiction Blog is designed to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his/her own physician.

  64. Where can we find help for someone with this addiction that has tried detox 5 or 6 times but doesn’t want to be this way but can’t stop?

    1. Hi Lynne. It is very likely that that someone didn’t get the adequate treatment, or at least not all aspects of treatment were covered. The process isn’t over after someone detoxes and the acute withdrawal symptoms have subsided. There may be underlying psychological issues that compel people to go back to using. Plus, there are the drug cravings, different triggers, etc. This is why addiction therapy is a long-term process. Please call the helpline number you can find on our site to review addiction treatment processes and approach, and find suitable help.

  65. if a cancer patient died 15 years ago and the body is exhumed can morphine still be detected ? if yes where at in the body? also can an overdose be established ? she had her regular dose but I am wanting to prove a family member uped her dose for her life insurance policy…
    thanks 🙂

  66. how does codeine metabolize to morpheme by body ? how many percent codeine contains morpheme ? please give me full details. i really appreciate your respond.

    1. Hi Shakhawan. Codeine metabolizes to morphine in the liver through the actions of the enzyme CYP2D6. 30mg of Codeine are the equivalent dose of 4.5mg morphine.

  67. I toke a drug test for a job they said i had high levels of Morphine in my urine. I don’t take drugs at all is there a way i can test myself to see if someone is giving me Morphine?

  68. When a urine test is.competed threw csc.I’m on parole and i have just been tested I made a mistake 15 days before the test and i injected a half a gram of cocain can you please tell me if I will be clean also 6 days before I injected 12 mg of hydromorphone will that show up lastly I’m on 200 mg of morphine daily kaddian I inject them but I only inject.a 50 mg at a time and I never do over my prescription will the nanograms line up with what I’m prescribed or do they do it that way or.does it just say positive if.over screening.amounts please now as I’m really worried.thanks.I think I should be OK but I need second.opinion l!!!

  69. Hi just got back as I could not get on to this site. Thank you for your reply. My doctor was not a happy man as you can imagine and would not put me up on the medication itself but has let me pick it up every twelve days instead of the usual fourteen so this has helped. I really want to come down on Morphine as I am scared of having to go in to hospital and not being able to get any pain relief, this has happened before and I really thought I was in hell, having a massive blood clot in my kidney. What they gave me was what they would give any other person not on anything so did nothing for me. I was in the ITCU for seventeen days and the first ten days was really bad and I could not do anything about it. I am finding it really hard to even start coming down and this is getting me down! I am at my wits end to be honest…:-(. I can been offered to see somebody who deals with coming of my tablets but then I get pain so stuck I dont know what to do :-(….

    1. Hello 55106. Morphine is prescribed to treat severe pain and is currently helping your son. Feeling sick is one of the most common side-effects, along with constipation and drowsiness. Morphine effects usually last for 4 to 6 hours after an intramuscular injection. I hope your son feel better very soon!

  70. I do understand that each individual is different and the idea I was on morphine so long I was able to metabolize it out of my system quickly with harsh effects. My new question is if the passing cravings and occasional RLS typically goes away in most individuals. I know it may take up 90 days for some organs to regain ‘normal’ function. But after 17 years on morphine and always hearing from those who go to NA meetings they are still considered an addict, do those cravings and RLS ever go away or do they remain constant reminders to live with ?

  71. Recently I was checked for morphine. I take it twice everyday for chronic pain and never miss a day unless by mistake. I was drug tested for morphine and it tested negative for morphine even though I was sure I was taking it. After a few arguments about this I was told to call the drug lab that was used by the Veterans Administration. They told me they could not talk to be but to have my doctor call. I found out that morphine metabolizes into other chemicals and there were other tests that I should be taking. Since that time, I have not had any false negatives. The drug analysis firm in Virginia advised the use of another type of test. This got me out of a lot of hot water which I didn’t deserve. So if you are testing negative for morphine and taking it, you should check with the drug firm used by the checker!!!!!!

    1. Hi Mark. Thank you for sharing your story and providing such valuable info! This can save many people form trouble, since many are taking morphine regularly and testing negative. Thank you for taking the time to help out!

  72. Ivana @ Addiction Blog Thanks for your reply a couple weeks ago. I went through it with most short term effects. The nausea, with another trip to the doc for advice and meds, lasted about 4-5 days and vision changes have subsided. Still occasional dry cough and RLS and now understand what happens when things start firing again. Never thought I’d get past the sneezing. Already back at work with short passing cravings while we bring pump level medication to the right level. Nice to have natural endorphins again!

  73. Thank you, Alex for all your comments, advice and support for others reading this blog. I hope your story can help other people, in fact, I’m sure it will! Thank you again for sharing and caring!

  74. @MELISSA I feel really bad for those as yourself that suffer the troubles you have. if you are being honest-meaning every addict including myself at that time in my life has pain everywhere. this is common addiction behavior. the feel sorry for me treatment. but with your current health issues. be very careful with the narcotics. because addiction will be another pain you have. so please be so ever careful with that junk your using for your pain. if you think you are a train wreck now. addiction is a train wreck of its own.

  75. I hope my comments can reach someone in trouble with addiction. it is the worst thing I ever had to beat. but it was worth the battle. and maybe now I can help others in deep shit with addiction. a lot of times the addiction is so strong the victim cant even see they are sick with the drugs. hell I have seen people sell themselves for sex to get the drug. crazy but that’s addiction.

    there is a medication called SUBOXONE this drug was very helpful for my recovery as it brings you down off the narcotic pills it also treats heroin addiction a illegal opioid. but you need to follow the doctors orders. because if you don’t the suboxone can become a issue in it self. but if subs are taken correctly it stops cravings it stops withdrawal issues. good drug if you really want your life back. they slowly taper you off the subs at the right time. but therapist is also needed for mental support. and public NA meetings can be helpful. but if you can afford to buy junk drugs then you can afford the help you need. it really is simple think about it.

  76. for the addicts: morphine or other opioids can stay in ones system for 90 days.
    for the non addicts who use opioids only here and there once or twice a week: it leaves your system within 7 days. if only used on a one time bases it leaves your system within 48 hours. I would know because I was at one time in life an addict, but I got help and beat it.

    Opioids cause euphoria, a false feeling of well being, a really good mood and energy. This is what is dangerous because no body normally is ever in that good of a feeling. That’s how you get addicted. Opioids take a person way over the normal bodies mood and energy levels. They also slow thinking and reaction time, so don’t drive a car-this can be dangerous.

    The best answer to how long a drug in this class stays in your system is really easy. Don’t use the drug or if needed don’t abuse these drugs. They will grab a hold of a person and destroy there life quickly. I tell people to be very careful when taking narcotics of any. They are extremely dangerous.

  77. I used about 12 MG of hydro morph Friday afternoon and got a call Monday at noon to go in and do random urinalysis. Do you think I will be negative . Once before the same thing happened and it came out negative after 72 hours any comments. Also I am not a frequent user it’s only been two times in the span of two years.

  78. I Was on 120mgs of Methadone for Pain, Not the Clinic. My Dr decided he doesn’t Want to be an M.D. Anymore, he Went into Cosmoetology and Cut us all Off Cold Turkey. I’ve been On this Med for Over 12 Years, On and Off; On the Last 5 1/2. Nothing Prepares you For the Horror of Withdrawls. It’s Been over a Month. I’m trying to Get on Suboxone, but, I’m Afraid they’re Going to Label me. Btw, It don’t Matter if you Take them as Prescribed, you Will get Addicted!

  79. Hello Gerry. There’s no universal morphine withdrawal time-line because everyone recovers at a different rate. Acute withdrawal symptoms peak after around 3 days, and should subside in about 2 weeks. But PAWS can persist for weeks and months.

    Over the counter medications for flu, ibuprofen and Tylenol and steam inhalation can help bring relief. Heating pads and warm baths can also help reduce physical discomfort. Nausea, vomiting and runny stools can be controlled with the help of medications such as Loperamide (Imodium). It is important to take in plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration because sweating is usually a part of morphine withdrawal which can result in significant water loss.

    The best way to help would be under medical supervision with the help of full treatment and therapy. Not to speak that you should have been tapered before stopping use. But, you are almost through the worst part, so stay strong for just a little while more. And good luck!

  80. I’ve been on morphine for over 17 years until 4 days ago when we turned my Fentanyl filled pump up to levels that counter the pain. I was originally told I would not have withdrawals as we are trading one for the other. But alas, the withdrawals came through very strong regardless. I’m taking a few medications to help fend of the RLS but wondering how long this will go on.

  81. I HAVE A CHRONIC PAIN DISEASE CALLED- Interstitial Cystitis a bladder disease with& There is NO CURE. I HAVE tried All the treatments, procedures, and Medicine That Has Helped Some People fir the Excruciating Pain 24/7! *I ALSO HAVE- Pelvic floor dysfunction & I HAVE had Interstitial Cystitis Since I was Born But didn’t get diagnosed until I was 16yrs old CUZ Interstitial Cystitis was a Fairly New CHRONIC PAIN DISEASE with disease

  82. Re: Ali’s mums passing ~
    Dear sweet lady, I too was in that heart wrenching and difficult position, 23 years ago.
    I’m a retired RN. My mum was at my home with me and my family. I have come to tell you once and for all, you did absolutely NOT hasten her passing, dear lady. It was her time.She went in peace.
    Someday I hope you see this. I will check back every so often. I have never been on a blog, but somehow I got here…maybe you’ve already received the message I gave you…Peace.

  83. I have been using an IV form of morphine, although injecting it intramuscular for the past four months.I averaged around 12 mgs a day. Sometimes with three days in between doses. Also I’ve had surgery recently and ended up with 60 Percocets. While on the pervs I didn’t use the morphine. I am now two days off everything and feel like I’m dying. Flu symptoms, weakness, sweating, horrible body odor, diarrhea. Please how long will this last?? I have to go back to work tomorrow. I have readily access to morphine, fentanyl, Latvian etc. I hate myself. I am a happily married woman with beautiful children and a wonderful life. No one and I mean no one knows about this problem. I called into work today. Not only because I’m feeling like death but because I know I’ll use again to get rid of this feeling. Please please help me. I’m desperate.

  84. I have high creatnine levels. I was given a morphine shot in the ER. I was drug tested 7 days later and it still showed in my urine. Now I have to prove why it was still there! Help please!

  85. Please help me w this I use to take moraphine oxycodone soma also xanax for chronic pai n apox6monts ago I found out w diverticulitis I was having horrible pain in back neck but also bowels I read about the moraphine and saw it was real bad for intestines diverticitis so I weaned myself off moraphine and soma while still taking bld thinner Prozac xanax promethazine oxycodone15 and the pain place I was going to cut me off oxys said there was moraphine in my urine I know better it wasn’t true how can they say this do that I’ve been off moraphine soma6mos or more its straight up wrong I have spinal stenosis fibromyalgia spurs in neck bone on bone lower back nerve damage throughout my neck and spine fusion on neck 2011auto accident 2012 please tell me how this can b so.ething very wrong w this have a blessed new year

  86. Withdrawing from heroin and going onto subutex I keep getting to about 18 hours then injecting 200 mg of mst how long after that should I take my first subutex.

  87. Hi Kelley. Labs do make mistakes, it’s only human. If your friend is sure it’s a mistake, she can ask for another test. There is no way morphine would show up on a test 3 months after being administered.

  88. A friend had an er visit 3 months ago and was given morphine. Her mental health professional administered a drug test today and it was positive. How can this happen? How often does human error come into play at a lab?

  89. I’m taking 60 mg morphine and 3 – 5/325 Oxycodone for break thru pain daily. All prescribed by va. Can I get a job? My drug test will show my prescription medication I take.

  90. I have been on morphine 30mg x2 @ day for many years. I take it along with a lot of other medicines daily. About six months ago, I had severe chills and shaking and went to the emergency room. They said I had a urinary tract infection and treated it with antibiotics. I was encouraged to drink plenty of water. About a month and a half ago, I again had severe chills and was shaking and again went to the emergency room and was iv-ed powerful antibiotics. I was told I had double pneumonia and sepsis (a blood infection). After a short hospitalization, I came home and appeared fine. I monitor my O2 levels daily. After the first hospitalization, I starting drinking lots of water to avoid future infections. After the second hospitalization, I added Gatorade and more juices. I have PTSD and one of my main symptoms is hypervigilance-which means when the doctor says do something I do it obsessively whether drinking more water or taking medicines. I have never missed my morphine medication. I was called in for a drug test and no morphine showed up. Also two other drugs, baclofen and clonozapam (?) did not show up. Could drinking large amounts of water (about 16 glasses a day) cause my urinalysis to be negative for morphine? I have never missed taking my morphine or the other drugs. If so, should a pain management specialist be aware of this?

    Thank you.

  91. Hi,
    I had an operation on my foot 12 days ago, they gave me morphine, for what I have no idea as I was in NO pain what so ever!! I am still getting dizzy spells, I cant sleep but Im tired all the time. My head is sooooo itchy. I dont have nits as I have got my husband to look a dozen times!
    Is this normal??

  92. Should the doctor do cheak up on you every 3month or so
    ike blood test, blood pressure,

    been on morphine for 6years.thank you for your help in this matter.ann.

  93. Hi Tiffany. It’s best to go and see a doctor. Your doc can check your symptoms and determine what’s causing them, before making a diagnosis.

  94. My pain med doc switched me to ms contin 30mg 2x’s a day because of an insurance issue. The first month went great but now I am seeing what could be some crazy side effects. Is it possible that side effects take 30 days to show up for the first time, or should I be going to my regular doc to figure out if something unrelated is happening? Thanks!

  95. I had a drug test for a job n I sed a freinds sons urine he is 8 they dont do drugs maybe a joint once in a while I smoke too thats y I used his way it tested positive for morphine he haant takin ne medicine wat so eva maybe chewable tylenol so y wud he test pos forphine? Does kids bodies naturally make it maybe idk im a gear head thnx in advanced I cant find any info on it

  96. My husband was recently hospitalized with a severe case of diverticulitis. During his 7 days in the hospital he was given 3 to 6 mg of morphine every 3 to 4 hours in his iv. Now that he’s home he is getting chills then sweating and agitation off and on. I think he could be going through withdrawal. Please tell me if you agree. He has only been home for a day and a half. If this is withdrawal, how long could it last? Thank you.

  97. I took 360mg of morphine on Friday night and 120mg on Saturday morning. I have a UA on Wednesday at noon. In your professional opinion, will I pass? I am doing alot of sweating and drinking water, please answer soon!?!

  98. I took 360mg. Of Morphine Friday night and 10g of Morphine 6 am Saturday morning. With the half-life indicated on this page, in your opinion, do you think it will be our of my urine by Wed at noon.?

  99. I’ve been on morphine for years. I was up to 45mg 3 times a day at the peak. I am now down to 1/2 of 15 mg once a day, and have been there for three months. Every time I tr’y not to take that 1/2 pill I go to withdrawals. and can’t stand all my nerves jumping, so I take it. Is there anything to counteract this.
    Also is coming off morphine causing my hair to fall out or is it the occipital nerve block series I just had?

  100. My friend did 20 units of morphine injected but missed his vein how long will I take to get out of his system it was a small amount and wasn’t injected right he also took 2 small hits of crack how long will it stay in the system and how can he flush it out for a drug test they may be sent to a lab

  101. Hello dandyelle. Morphine is not an appropriate treatment for buprenorphine withdrawal; seek help from your prescribing doctor for tips on tapering, setting up a slow withdrawal calendar, and managing symptoms of withdrawal.

  102. HI I am hoping for some advice. Am currently withdrawing from buprenorphine and am wondering if taking morphine sulphate will help with the symptoms?

  103. Hello I desperately need you to help me. If I have taken about 70 15 mg pills of morphine over a period of 10 days how long does it stay in your system and can a blood test tell how much is in your system? Please help. Thank you

  104. I have been taking ms contin 30 / twice a day for a couple years for chronic pain. Also take hydrocodone 10/325 4 x day. I am getting divorced and my husband is accusing me of abusing drugs. I was ordered to take a drug hair test. The results were negative. How can that be right? Is it because the dose is low and my body metabolizes quickly? I am not abusing it – take it as prescribed. Can you give me an answer? My attorney wants me to get my doctor to explain and I want to make sure he has the right information for the letter. I am running out of money for attorney fees and co pays! thanks!

  105. Hi emma. The withdrawal symptoms of morphine-like meds, such a s sevredol often last 1-2 weeks. Since you were taking the medication for so many years, quitting abruptly can be dangerous and there is a possibility for occurrence of the standard opiate withdrawal syndrome. After detoxification, some effects may last even after months pass.

    Buprenorphine withdrawal after long-term use can also be a challenge. And the symptoms are often compare with those from heroin withdrawal. The withdrawal effects from buprenorphine usually peak the first 2-5 days, but you still may experience mild symptoms for several weeks.

    How long will they stay in your system depends upon your metabolism, weight, physical activity, age, level of hydration, general health condition and other factors.

  106. Hi
    I’ve been on 20mg sevredol tablets 4 times a day plus buprenorphine 70mcg/hr for 12 years. Does anyone no how long it will take to come out of my system after I’ve stopped taking them? I have weaned myself off the tablets and now trying to wean myself off the patches.
    Many thanks
    emma x

  107. Jewels, thank you for submitting your comment! You are clearly in a lot of pain. Let us know what your doctor says!

  108. Hello, I was wondering if you could help I am on a high dose of morphine due to kidney trouble I take 350 mg twice a day. I have been on these tablets for years and now I have a bad ulcer which has left me in a lot of pain I am even dreaming in pain and this has made me use more of my morphine, I thought I could cut down and make it up but I was unable to do this. Can my doctor say no to me and leave me with nothing on this high dose. Thank you I look for to your answer I have to see him this afternoon

  109. I have been on Morphine ER 100mg 3x a day with 4mg hydromorphon for break through. I have severe chronic pain due to failed back surgeries, I by no means have ever abused it. I have been taking this over ten years, over the past year with diet and exercise feel that this drug is starting cause more pain, and I just don’t want to take this anymore. So for the past few months I have managed to get myself down 100 mg a day which would be 50mg since they 12hr acting, is this true? but now I have struggled with this last one dose. As of 6 days ago I completely stopped 100mg and 180 hydromorphon, and I need to know will I stop having theses withdraws soon? Also what can I take that is not a drug to help my body through this. Thank you

  110. My boyfriend was in the hospital for kidney stones and they gavw him 4 mg of morphine. That was 5/6 days ago and he hasnt felt very well since then amd has maybe taken a handfull of pain meds in his 32 years bc he doesn’t like to take stiff like that. If he isnt used to opiates could he be experiencing afyer effects still?

  111. Hello Jay. I’m not sure about the legality of such a decision on your state. Check with you state attorney general’s office for details.

  112. Hi there, My question is I’m prescribed morphine as a every day pain reliever from my doctor and have an active prescription. I’m starting a new job where I have to take a drug screen can my employer deny me employment based off a positive opiate test with an active prescription?

  113. On Friday I was in the ER because they though I had a kidney stone. I was given morphine in my IV 4 times. I am still filling off, and sluggish. I was wondering how long it will take for it to be out of my system, for me to feel better. Thank you Katie

  114. I take 15mgs of morphine 3 times a day as needed for my back. Took a drug test it tested negative, everything else I take showed up but the morphine. Mind you awhile back I had a drug test prior to this one, and numerous ones before this latest one now im negative and no longer can be seen at this clinic. P.S . I’ve even had Percocet show up in my urine and i don’t take perc’s!

  115. My step daughter’s mother passed away but wasn’t found till 3 days later ,they said it was a high dose of morphine in the system ,would that had been even higher at the time of death ? I was just wondering because the mother was reaching out to people and calling them on the night she would of passed away to people she had not reached out to in years ,so in the back of our minds we all have wondered if it was a suicide but being it was almost 5 days later after she passing that they did the toxicology ,could if had be missed ???

  116. Hello Virginia,

    This question is really one about personal management and needs in addiction recovery. Some former opiate addicts benefit from long term use of methadone, while for others it can become a crutch and get in the way of recovery. Doctors recommend at least 6 months of opiate substitution before considering weaning off…and most recommend longer terms. But when methadone maintenance becomes a lifestyle and is not accompanied with psychotherapy, support groups, or personal growth…I think that it can encumber recovery rather than enhance it.

  117. I recently had to take a urine drug test for my dr at the pain clinic I go to and he told me I tested positive for morphine. I have not taken morphine whatsoever since probably almost 2 years ago when I was in the hospital. How is this possible that I tested positive for morphine when I have not taken any? I do not want my dr to discontinue my pain medicine for something I didn’t do. I do take Percocet and flexaril for my pain and those are both prescribed to me. Please help! Any info at all would be greatly appreciated!

  118. Hi I have been taking morphine for 14 years now for central pain syndrome after 8 strokes I am trying to get into a pain clinic to refill my script in NM but until I do I will start withdraws and would like to know what to do until I get seen
    Any help would be helpful
    Thanks j pearce

  119. If a patient was on morphine (prescribed by a doctor for three years) for chronic back pain, how long does it take for the morphine to be completely out of their system? Also, does morphine leave you with any permanent side effects. Does it do damage to short term memory? Is there any other side effects that you are left with?

  120. …just wanted to say “THANKS” for your prompt, to the point help. I’ve tagged your site as a “FAVORITE” for the future. Be well.

  121. I see. Try a search on your internet browser using these keywords: morphine metabolism

    There are quite a few published reports on the issue. But as far as opinion goes, ours is unqualified, as we are not medical professionals. Maybe you can call Quest Diagnostics or a similar lab and ask for testimony from the supervising medical doctor who reports drug screens as either positive or negative.

  122. Actually, I did have the matter reviewed by a nurse expert with a background in pharmacology–her opinion was that it would probably take up to two hours to appear in the urine but when I contacted a doctor with a background ni pharmacology she said the Morphine would show up instantaneously. Faced with two conflicting opinions, I thought I’d see if you could provide a “…tie breaker…”, so to speak.

  123. Hello Bob. I’d suggest that you take this question to a professional toxologist or Medical Review Officer who works with a private laboratory that administers drug testing. You’ll need an expert opinion on this matter!

  124. How long would it take a patient’s urine to reflect the presence of morphine ? I’m a lawyer defending a personal injury lawsuit and the injured plaintiff was administered an injection of Morphine at 1:45 and a urinalysis done from urine taken at 1:48 showed the presence of opiates–is it possible that the opiates present in the urinalysis were from some form of opiate taken earlier in the day or does Morphine show up in the urine that quickly (…i.e., 3 minutes…) ?


  125. How long after morphine is injected into a vein will it be detected in a urine sample ? The fact pattern with which I am dealing is Morphine was administered at 1:45 A.M. and a urine sample at 1:48 A.M. showed the presence of unspecified opiates–is is reasonable to think that the urinalysis finding represents the shot of Morphine or is it possible that some opiate drug taken earlier might be the cause ?

  126. Hello Ali. I am sorry to hear of your loss. I am sure that you are looking for answers to your questions about why your mother has passed. If your mother was taking morphine for some time, she would have developed a tolerance to it, meaning that her body could process higher amounts or morphine or more frequent dosing. The morphine probably helped her manage the pain, and is not likely to have caused her death.

  127. My mum recently died of cancer She was in severe pain and i Was Giving her 10ml morphine oral solution Every hour when required . Three times the day she passed away At the back of my mind I think that I might of overdosed and killed her I asked the doctor and he said no. But would like a second opinion Just to put my mind at rest

  128. ive been taking morphine er 60 mgs twice a day for almost two years i found out i was pregnant and the doctor suggested staying on the morphoine but comming off very slowly so there are no withdrawal symptoms to me or the baby so it wouldnt cause premature labor.. we are decreasing five mg each week but my due date is fastly arriving what is the largest dose to desrease by to not have these withdrawals

  129. Hello Jane. Thanks for your question. Addiction is characterised by psychological dependence on a psychoactive substance. If you take morphine or weed and get high, you have the chances of becoming addicted to either. If taken for pain and taken as prescribed, you may become physically dependent on morphine or week….and/or tolerant of their effects…but addiction is much less likely. Where on you on the use for pleasure factor?

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