How long does Percocet stay in your system?

Percocet only stays in your system for a couple of days. Learn more about Percocet detection windows for blood, hair, and urine tests here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

Percocet is absorbed and metabolized quickly by the body. Therefore, Percocet will only be detectable for a couple of days after taking the medication, at least for most standard drug tests. Hair-based tests will be able to detect it for much longer, but these tests are rarely used for employment and other routine drug testing. More on Percocet detection times and drug testing here, plus a section at the end for your questions about Percocet in the system.

Main Percocet uses

Percocet is used to treat moderate to severe pain. Some people get high on Percocet, and euphoria occurs because Percocet contains oxycodone, an opiate class medication, and the non-narcotic pain reliever acetaminophen. Percocet works by altering the brain and nervous system’s response to pain.

How do you take Percocet?

Percocet is available in tablet form and is taken orally. However, Percocet abusers will sometimes chew or crush the tablets to release all the medication at once. They may also crush the tablets and snort the powder, or dissolve the pills in water and inject the mixture into the blood.  However, snorting Percs or injecting Percocet increase risk of Percocet addiction.

Peak levels and half life of Percocet

Percocet takes effect within just 15-20 minutes after oral administration. It reaches peak levels in 30-60 minutes. A normal formulation of Percocet has a half-life of around 3.2 hours.

Percocet drug testing: How long does Percocet stay in the body?

Narcotic pain medications like Percocet don’t stay in the body very long. Although blood tests are the least reliable means for detecting Percocet in the system, urine and hair tests are both reliable and accurate means for detecting Percocet. More on detection windows by drug test type here.

How long does Percocet stay in blood?

Due to its short half-life, Percocet doesn’t stay in the blood long-term. The levels of Percocet in the blood are typically undetectable after about a day.

How long does Percocet stay in hair?

Most drugs can be detected in hair for about 90 days. This does depend on how long someone’s hair is, how recently it’s been cut, the color of the hair, chemical hair treatments, and the amount of the drug taken. And trace amounts of Percocet are more difficult to detect than large amounts or chronic use. Still this kind of testing may be used to monitor compliance in a drug treatment program or to give authorities a long term picture of past drug use.

How long does Percocet stay in urine?

Percocet can usually only be detected in urine for 1-2 days. In cases of heavy or chronic use, it might be detectable for slightly longer periods. The exact amount of time urine screens will detect Percocet depends on the amount of Percocet a person is taking, how long they’ve been using it, and their own personal metabolism.

Percocet and addiction

Percocet is an addictive drug. In fact, Percocet can be habit-forming even in those who use it for legitimate medical purposes. The drug gives a euphoric high when taken in large doses. A Percocet addict runs the risk of withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit, and overdose if they abuse it carelessly. An Percocet addiction may, ultimately, be fatal.

Problems with Percocet?

If you think that you have a problem with Percocet, you probably do. If you struggle with Percocet addiction, a doctor can refer you to therapies which will help. There are medical interventions which may be able to help you first stop taking Percocet and then manage addiction. Being open with friends and family about your Percocet addiction can help you build a support network, which can help prevent relapse.

Percocet in your system questions

Do you still have questions about Percocet in your system? Please leave any question about Percocet use here. We will try our best to answer you with a personal and prompt response, or refer you to someone who can.

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  1. Friend of mine took a oxicodone 15 5 minutes before a urine drug test and also dissolved a oxicodone 15 around 2 hours before the test. Will it show up? He actually wants it to

  2. I am 6ft 1 and 160 lbs and took 5 mg of Percocet but forgot I have a 5 panel urine test in like 36 hours will I fail? I have not touched one before this in over a year

  3. Hey I have been on Percocet on and off for a few months and I haven’t took any in about 5 days just Suboxone will the perocet show up in the drug test they no about my addiction and I have been honest I just don’t want to take it and them not think I have changed my ways I am prescribed the Suboxone though .

  4. I took a 15mg percocet on Saturday and had a UA on Monday morning for my pain management Dr. I’m 5’2″ and weigh 126 Will it still be in my system.

  5. I am in Suboxone program. I took a 15 mg perocet Saturday, I get a urine test Wednesday. Will it be in my system. How can I get it out of my system. Faster

  6. I took by 1 1/2 5 mg percocet, i weigh 140, 5’5. I do not use percocet regularly, or nearly at all. snorted it.. Will it be out of my system for a urine test by wednesday at 9 am? Your time is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your consideration

  7. I took 4 ten mg percocets last month 03/15 due to a back injury, come to find out now I have a hair follicle coming up on 04/13. Work out daily as well. Will it be there?!

  8. Hello,

    I took a drug test today (Friday) at around 11am. I took maybe 1/4th of a perc 30 Thursday morning at 8:30am and the other 3/4th of the percs was taken Wednesday night at around 11:30pm. I’m 5’11 and I’m about 180lbs . I took the urine test about 26 hrs after my last piece but I still am nervous. I don’t usually take them & wasn’t expecting this test.

  9. Hi I took a few perks on a Thursday afternoon but would take some during that time period but I stopped on a Tuesday after noon because of a urine test I had a urine test on Tuesday at 10:am so that’s about 5 days I didn’t use any perks will I come out clean since that was about almost 5 days of perks out of my system . I really hope to get a reply thank you

  10. I’ve taken Oxycodone- Acetaminophen 5-325 once a day for 3-4 days straight *in replace of advil, for my headache and I know that was stupid* I stopped the next day. My question is how long will it take to leave my system, and how can I speed up the process? I’m a 20 yr old women, around 230 lbs, and I’m African American and Hispanic. And also, how long would it take to pass a drug test? Saliva and Urine

  11. Hi I took two 7.5 Percocets on Monday and have a urine test on Wednesday 5 panel I weight 150 pounds will I pass the test

  12. My names joey I’m about 5’5 and 135 pounds
    I snorted two perk 15s but I have a drug test on Tuesday at 10:00am
    Will I be ok to take the test ?
    Thank you for your time

  13. I’m Prescribed 5 10/325 Oxycodone For The Past 3 yrs. My Dr Also Gives Me Flexoral And Gabapentin.They Gave Me Injections 3 weeks ago And It Helped My Pain. So Therefore I Had No Pain And Did Not Take My Oxycodone For 3 or 4 Days. But It’s Been In My System For 30Days. My Test Is On The 26th Of Jan. If I Take 2 In The Morning And My Test Is At 2pm. Will My Urine Show Positive? I’m 5”6 And Only Weigh 100lbs.

  14. I see pain doctor.ibefore Monday I wouldn’t take pain medication.Monday my doctor prescribed 10mg Percocet.for 4 days straight I’ve been taking 2 to 3 a job offered my job back to me.I’m suppose to go Thursday after the Monday I started pills will i have clean urine.hadn’t took none since middle of December .Monday was January 15th went I started taking is January18th drug test on January 24th will I be clean if start 19th to stop

    1. Hi Bianca. Yes. If you stop using Percocet after you have developed a dependence, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. The safest way to stop using Percocet is by slowly reducing the daily dose. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  15. I’m 9 months pregnant and have been taking Percocets on and off my whole pregnancy I recently tried stopping two days ago how long does it take for my system to be clean and my babies system to be clean also I’m so ashamed just need to know please help

  16. My dentist prescribed Percocet because I had oral surgery. How long should I wait after taking Percocet before it’s safe to drive?

  17. If I snorted 10 of the 10mg percocet in like 12 hours doing the last one around 1 am Saturday morning would I test positive on a urine drug screen Monday morning at 9 am?? Please answer ASAP thank you!

  18. I took a perc 10 on wednesday and then one on thrusday drug test on friday of this week will it be out of my system tomorrow if i do not take anymore

  19. If a person used Percocet for a week and then didn’t take it for 2 weeks.. had a urine test and hadn’t takin it in 2 weeks would it show up on a urine test??

  20. I took a 30 mg percocet 1 time 3 days in a row I am 5″ 4 146lbs I have not took one in 9 days will it show in my urine?? Please respond ASAP and thanks in advance for ur help GOD BLESS US ALL

  21. If i took 1 10mg perocet on friday and 1 on saturday by thurday will it be out of my system ? For a urine test ? Please answer. Thank u

  22. I know this may sound like a really odd question but I was wondering if I took a Percocet 10 325 at 10 this morning and 10 minutes later I had to go to the bathroom does that mean it didn’t absorb in my system within that time frame could I accidentally have pooped it out? Again I’m sorry if this is a silly question but I would just like to know thank you

  23. I took perks about 3 weeks ago and took a urine test yesterday and they said it was a slight line of oxy in my system all i take everyday is suboxone could they be seein the subs does subs come up as and oxy

  24. I’ve taken Oxycodone- Acetaminophen 5-325 once a day for 3-4 days straight *in replace of advil, for my headache and I know that was stupid* I stopped the next day. My question is how long will it take to leave my system, and how can I speed up the process? I’m a 20 yr old women, around 230 lbs, and I’m African American and Hispanic. And also, how long would it take to pass a drug test? Saliva and Urine

  25. I took a 7.5 mg Percocet this morning Thursday morning will I be clean by Monday morning I am heavy so my metabolism is not very fast I also have some urinary retention will that make a difference?

  26. Ok it is Wednesday I need a perk to relax but I have a drug test on Monday will I pass I haven’t took any for the last couple weeks! Will I be ok?

  27. i took 3perk 10s in 2days last onewas at 11am this morning when is tha safe amount of time that i can start taking my suboxone? thank you

  28. I took half of a 10 325 yesterday (Sun 6/25) around 6:30pm and am scheduled for a UA (Tues 6/27) do you think I’m gonna be okay?

  29. Hi my name is Beth I suffers with spinal injury an Fibromyalga I take Oxycodone- Acetaminophen 5-325 I received a phone call that during my monthly urine test I tested clean I have taken meds right up till the day of appointment I explained that I was taken my Meds Why would I test clean ? Thanks Beth

  30. Can snorting a percocet be detected in urine test & if so how long does it take for it to be out of the system?

  31. I took percocet for several years due to severe spinal pain. Stopped taking them 3-4 years ago. All blood tests okay until now. Could this be from the Percocet?

  32. I took 2 percocet 10s on Friday and gotta see a new doctor at 930 Monday morning…I’m very worried will u be able to pass a urine test?

  33. I have been 45 days sober on subtext I had an epidoral shot was hurting so I took 40 mg of Percocet I had from before quitting I’m in Iop
    Program took it Friday and having urin test Monday morning I wiegh 180 and 5.9″ 39 of age can I pass

  34. I have surgery tomorrow morning and I took a Percocet last evening around 10:00pm for a kidney stone will this show up if the surgeon does blood, or urine tests before surgery. Will taking this medication make me bleed alot during surgery? I need some input on This as I’m very scared.

  35. Hello I was drug test about a month ago. I had a Percocet the day before. But the doctor said it didn’t show up..I also do take cranberry pills,chlorophyll and B12 pills did that have some to do with it?! Pls email me back thanks

  36. If I never taken any pain medication at all an I decide to take half of a Percocet 10/325 tonight about 7pm an have to take a drug test tomorrow about 9:30am will it still show up in my system??

  37. I take 5/325 percs 4 times a day is it possible to determine from the urine drug test how much of the drug will be in my system in case I only take 3 instead of 4? I’ve been taking 4 a day for about 6 months. I know that they have a short shelf life I’m just wondering if it’s possible to determine how many are taken a day. Please respond quickly thank you.

  38. I have been abusing percocets heavily on and off and quit about 10 days of a lab urine and blood test for a job and took a suboxone a little over 7 days before the same tribe and blood test. Will I pass? I ran 4 miles and worked out during the week before the tests were ran. And the night before drank a detox just to be on the safe side 12 hours before the test. Will I pass? Any info would be helpful and I don’t take suboxone a lot that was first time in a while.

  39. I just took a 5mg percocet, I have been taking two a day for the last two weeks. I have to take a drug test tomorrow. How can I pass?

  40. I am 5’6 and 200 lbs. How long would one percocet 500 mg stay in my system? I dont do any drugs but im in sever pain and i have a few left from an old perscription. I get weekly drug test. And sometimes its a mouth swob or urine test. Just needing to know how long this would be in my system for??

  41. I took a 5mg percocet today around noon. Since then I have drank a gallon of water. Will it be out of my system for a drug test tomorrow around 2pm?

  42. I’ve been taking Percocet for about 4 months. I am trying to stop but the withdrawal is very difficult. How long does it take to go through the withdrawal and should I gradually stop. I’m trying to do it cold turkey but the withdrawal symptoms r too tough to beat and after 2 days I have to take 1 pill. What should I do?

  43. I have a urine test on Saturday, I have 1 10 mg Percocet
    If I take it now, would it be detected? It is 11:30.Pm on Thursday

  44. Hey I’m taking a drug test for my job
    I took 4 30mg oxycodone this past weekend its now Thursday. Should my urine be clean by now?

  45. I’m 5’4, 115, and I do not take any sort of drug or smoke due to random drug testing at my jobs. However I did take a total of 18mg of 5/325mg Percocet that was prescribed to me (back in may of last year- they expire this year) because of an 8 hour tattoo session on my elbow. Little did I know I was going to have to look for another job. I took it 14 days ago. If I am chosen for this job I will need to be tested. My metabolism is fast and I eat healthy.

  46. I took a percocet Friday morning if drink plenty water will this one percocets 10mg show up Monday in my system at Dr office

  47. I am starting suboxen for Percocet addiction. how long will the Percocet stay in my system, before I can start the suboxen.

  48. How long will a single Percocet 5/325 be detectable in my urine, I have not taken any other narcotic pain meds for approximately 2 week prior to this 1 pill

  49. I have been using percocets for months now and I stopped because I want to take a test and have my system clean in 5 days do you think this is possible if I drink massive amounts of water?

  50. If i took 2 perc 15’s yesterday, one at 9 am and the 2nd one around 9 pm, will it show up in a drug test tomorrow around 3 pm? Im in pain management, but my step son had stolen my script and i was in so much pain my mother in law made me take them. Im prescribed hydrocodone, and I’m scared is going to be in my system when i go to my appointment tomorrow

  51. I am a very heavy opiate user. I am prescribed Roxicodone and habe and appointment next week. Wednesday to be exact. Will the opiates still show in my urine test? I have 2 10mg norco left.

  52. If i took percocets Friday to monday and some more wesday will it still show up in a urine test on Wednesday evening. Last time i took it was Wednesday morning.

  53. I took 7.5mg of oxycodone Tuesday night, I have an appointment with my pain management doctor on Monday and have to have them in my system. I am female and 5’4 and weigh 230lbs will I have some in my system. I did take 4 on Monday also I know I should have not ran out of my medicine early. But I gave some to my daughter in law because she begged me for some and I am too softed hearted because she has brain tumors. And she has horrible head aches.

  54. Took a 5mg percocet (not even a 512…a 543 roxi) on Friday morning @ 6a.m. I’m 6foot even and weigh only 145lbs I took a urine test Tuesday around 2-3 p.m. & drunk water right before I peed….so my question is DID I PASS THE URINE SCREEN ? and plus I’m not a heavy user only a “sometimes” user. Also I have high metabolism and can’t gain weight ! I just want to know if I should be worried after 4 days / 96hrs

  55. I took my Percocet 5/325 Tuesday morning at 330am and didn’t take it all day Tuesday. I went to doctor today which is Wednesday 2 , a day and a half after I took my last dose. They couldn’t find it in my system and said they give me half of my meds and sent my urine test to a bigger lab and me too call back in two weeks. My question is should the big lab they send it too find traces of oxycodone(Percocet) in my system or am I screwed? I took it 330 Tuesday morning and did urine test 400pm Wednesday a 37 hour without Percocet. Shouldn’t they bugger lab find the Percocet if my dr office couldn’t find it?

  56. I took a few perk 5′ over a 2 day period last 1 sat afternoon and 1 sat night for pain. Will it be out for urine test Tuesday morning at 8am

  57. My friend did 10mg of percs last night, he gets drug tested either on Tuesday or Thursday. He’s never done them before and it was honestly an accident. Will they be out of his system?

  58. I have been using percocet 10mg daily for 4 years. My provider now tells me he may stop therapy because labs have not detected percocet in my test samples. I suffer chronic pain and I use what I need only. Why would at least a dozen screens over last 4 years be negatuve?

  59. I have a UA test tomorrow and took 2 percocet for pain today and 2 yesterday will it show up in the test, I may not have my job if it does .

  60. Hi ive been a heavy user of perc10/325s for about a year using as much as 10-12 in a day. I have just finished wd day 7 will it still be detectable by urine and if so what are ways to flush it out of your system.

  61. I took about it 0 percocet 5/325 over a 6 day period. Last use was 1 on a tuesday. It’s been a week later. I was wondering if it will still show up in a urine screen. I take suboxen as prescribed but I was out of my medication. Until that Tuesday and thought I would be opiate sick. So I took the percocet. And Tuesday continued w my suboxen as I had refilled my prescription. Will the suboxen slow down the process to. x Crete it through my urine? I have a medium metabolism as I weigh about 150 lbs.

  62. I was wondering. If someone that’s 5’8″ 170 lbs would one 5 mg percocet show up in nail follicle testing in 2 weeks?

  63. How long before blood test do I have to take Percocet, so it shows on my test. I need it to show otherwise I won’t get another script. Can any one help me ASAP. Thank you.

  64. If I am prescribed subutex to take every day and I take 2mg tablet Monday night at 8pm will it still be detectable come Friday at 3pm in a urine screen dip stick and being sent to lab?

  65. Do urine drug tests for percosets show the level/amount if you are prescribed 60 10.325 mg per month for 3 months?

  66. If I took 2.5mg on Friday night around 8pm will it be detectable in a urine sent to a lab or a dip cup Monday at 11am? Not a chronic user been about 5 months sense I took opiates but am prescribed sub

  67. Hi so i took 45 mg of oxycodone on Wednesday and 15 mg on Friday will the oxycodone be out of my system by Tuesday? Please let me know ASAP an thankyou so much.

  68. When the tasc, drug test facility says they only test for 5 Common Street drugs. Does that indicate they test for oxycodone?

  69. Ive been told that if you urinate too soon, after taking a Percocet, you lose some of the high, because you’ve urinated some of the medication out of your system. I know this sounds stupid, I just want to know, is it true or false ?

  70. I’ve been clean 90 days and messed up. If I did a 3omg perc on Saturday night at 8pm do you think I will pass my urine test on Wednesday morning. I drink at least 9 bottles of water a day. Please help I’m really nervous.

  71. When going in for urine test how many Percocet would I need to take t;hat day for it to show up in my urine.

  72. If someone has taken 40mg of percocet 7 time a day for two weeks, can they have withdrawls from stopping it after that period? Thank you

  73. If someone took a piece of a 10 milligram Percocet today Sunday at 6:00 will it be out there system on Tuesday morning for a urine test

  74. I am 4/9about 175 and have been on perk 7.5 for the last four year I need to pass a drug screen how long will it take and what can I do easy the with draws

  75. My levels are at 50 Dr said were to be in the5000s I’ve been using a liver detox cleasner is that why my levels are so low

  76. I’m 16 weeks pregnant I took two 30 mg Percocet for my pain within three days will it harm me or my unborn child?

  77. I’ve been taking oxycodone 10mg everyday for about two weeks straight. How long will it take for it too be undetectable in a home urine drug test?

  78. If you are prescribe lorcet 10 but have took serveral percocet in the last 30 days and have a urine test coming up on June 16 will the perocet show up

  79. I’ve been taking Percocet 10 for many years twice daily. How long would it take to not show up in my urine?

  80. A friend took percocet on Saturday and has to take a 10 panel urine test on Tuesday he young and healthy and works outside all day how likely is it that the percocet will still be in his system.

  81. The answers seem to vary widely. One said 24 hrs., some gave 2-3 days while a more recent said 3-8. I the change due to sensitivity of test or some other factor?

  82. Took 1 percocet 10 at 5 am Thursday took a urine screen at 830-8:45 Friday passed it on site but it was sent to lab. How worried should I be it’s Thursday now a week later?

  83. I took percocets for 3 years due to a major surgery. I have been off them since January of this year. My question is i get cold chills and itchy skin. Can this be caused by being on percocets for so long.

  84. Hi NY husband has been taking Percocet at different milligrams for two years now he just went threw withdraw for a week and started taking them again this past week he take between 8-11 a day (yes to many I know) he has only been taking this many for about six or seven months before iy was 5-6 a day he is about 5’8″ and he only weighs about 160 he has a drug test on Tuesday its a urine test he does move around alot at work and he did maybe a quarter of a 10 mg this morning will he pass

  85. I don’t usually take percocet for pain, I told my Doc I didn’t want to get hooked on anything after watching many friends and family do it. I take subutex for pain, they work really well. I was supposed to go see my Doc that day we were hit, so I had to reschedule for tomorrow. Thank you for your help

  86. I go to a pain doctor for a back injury I received in a wreck. My husband and I were just rear ended by a mac truck on Wednesday. We received percocets from the hospital and I see my pain doctor tomorrow. I took my last percocet on Monday morning, is the perfect going to show up on the urine test? And also will my pain doctor be mad for me taking percs. It was a legit script from the hospital. Also I weigh 110 lbs not sure if that matters.

  87. My husband has talen 495 mg of oxycodone sice Wed. afternoon and it is now Sat. at noon. How long will all the drug be out of his system? Is he currently at risk for respiratory failure?

  88. I took about 2 10mg percs for about a week straight last one I took was Monday it Wednesday and I have a urine test tomorrow. Should I be ok or should I start drinking lots of water and cranberry juice to flush my system?

  89. Hi I took Percocet for 2 weeks straight I was clean for 11 months before that. I am 150 pounds and am very active with work. If I stop doing them on Thursday or Friday and have a piss test on Monday at 3pm will I be okay?

  90. Help me I have been taking percocets for 6 years from a chronic back injury. Well one day my PM came back with a urine test that said I had cocaine but it said it was inconclusive. Told them I DIDNT DO DRUGS they wouldn’t RETEST me they dismissed me. Well now I have to try to go to another state to get a doctor. I’m gonna have to try to detox and get off them for a few days because I can’t bring in my bottles from that doctor. Don’t want to die from withdrawals. What do I do?

  91. i just started back on my percocets at 2 x day, I was on them 4 x day and doctor reduce amount cause of me not having any in my system and I told them the reason why, but now I need more and I don’t want not to have the right amount when I go to doctors tomorrow..because they said to bring my pills in… I’m in pain and need to take more then 2x day, so how do they know how many I have in my system when i do urine test? I need this answer asap …Thank You

  92. I just started to take my percocets again and was wondering if I have a drug test on tuesday does it show a level of what i have in my system, I started on Sunday and I am taking two a day???

  93. I took 1 10mg ip204 March 2 around 12 noon . We then had drug test at work on March 3 around 9 am. Will it still be in my urine sample?

  94. My friend took 23 oxycodone 7.5mg Monday-Wednesday and has a drug test Saturday at 10am will it still be detected or will she be OK? She is 27 and weights approximately 190lbs.

  95. I have a doc appt tomorrow at 930 am to get my subutex and I “accidentally” took a perc 5 yesterday at 530 pm…. I have been rampantly drinking water and took my last buprenorphine this morning at 8 am. Do you think I will show negative for oxycodone and positive for buprenorphine in the morning??

  96. Hi i take hydrocodone 10/325 and on butrans patches 20 mcg/hr, i was in a car accident in 2013 that caused me to have 2 knee surgeries. I am under the care of a pain management doctor. I was having a lot of pain and my girlfriend gave me percocet 10/325 that helped me a lot with my pain. Before i got drugtested i think i took maybe 2 percocets a day before my drug test. Im worried that i will lose my treatment because of my lack of judgement. Can you please let me know what to expect? Thank you so much.

  97. I been on percocet for over two yes because I have diabetes and have nerve damage from just below my knee’s to y feet in both leggs latley I have been tested by swab and blood tests how can that be?

  98. Hi..I consumed a percocet 15mg for my extreme toothache not even thinking two days later I was required to take a drug screen for a new job. I took the perc on Monday, exercised on Tuesday, and did the urine drug screen on Wednesday. Im freaking out because I really need this job!!! I drank about 800mls of water before giving the urine sample. What are Yu my chances of passing the drug screen? Do you think it will still be in my system?

  99. Last night my back was bothering me so I took one Percocet from an old expired script that I had. I forgot that I had to take a drug test this morning for one of my new jobs. Will taking only 1 pill within 12 hrs be enough to fail a drug test?

  100. If i took my 5/325 oxycodones for 8 months is there any possible way a pain doctor could test my urine and it be negative for opiates after only 24 hours of not using it

  101. I have taken a Lil more then half a oxycodone 10mg Thursday it’s now Saturday will it be out my system by monday? I’m on probation an need to know fast I have been taking niacen an drinking Lots of water please help me soon

  102. I havn’t used oxy or percocet for a long time but i was wondering since ijust got prescribed 45mg a day. How long would it last and how quick would it show up on a urine test?

  103. I have been taking Percocet 5 mg for about 5 years! Just had breast cancer surgery and I took more
    Than I was supposed to for the pain. Went to my doctor and told her that I have been out of pills for at least 4 days because I used them for Pain. She told me that the urine test she gave me showed no percocet in my system! So how many days does it stay in your system????

  104. When is it safe & legal to drive after taking Percocet 10mg?
    Script was given after oral surgery for #20 tabs, non refillable.

    1. Hi Donna. There are usually restrictions on driving or operating machinery when prescribed Percocet in the beginning, until you see how your body reacts to the medication and doctors see that you have gotten accustomed to it’s effects.

    1. Hello Ralph. First, your medication should be prescribed from a licensed practitioner.Then, the driver is unqualified, if he/she uses medications such as narcotic, amphetamine, or a habit forming drug. According to this, Percocet may disqualify you from driving. However, the prescribing doctor can write that the driver is safe to drive while taking the medication. So, consult your doctor about this.

  105. Hi. I took 50mg of percocet on Monday and it’s now Thursday in which i have a urine test tonight. Will it be out by tonight if i drank some water. Or is it already out my system. It’s a home urine test for where I’m living at, like do stick test.

  106. My husband had a urine test that went to lab on Monday .. Fri he was told it came back saying he takes Percocet Oxycodone . He has never taken any of that pain meds … Hydrocodone or any of that … He takes his prescribed medicine wish is lisiniprl Crestor atentol metformin a water pill an aspirin and fish oil … And on occasion he takes an aleve if his muscles are sore and achy … How could this be true he swears and said he would like to take it again as which the man (Dr ) said he couldn’t … He has now lost a job that he would of been on for two years … He is 58 years old hasn’t worked but about 3 to 4 months a year in the past 4 years … He has no unemployment or any in me except for my retirement pay … I think the test results are wrong … But now it’s his word against theirs We want new test or what ever it takes … Why would this happen

  107. If I take half a perk Thursday will it be out of my system bye Monday ? Please answer back I need answers. Thank you.

    , Kayla.

  108. I took a percocet today Monday without a prescription and found out that I got the job I interviewed from last week but don’t test until Thursday will I’ll be clean by then? I haven’t took one in a year just took one bc my menstrual cycle is killing me! Nothing else is in my system!

  109. How long does it take for a Percocet (oxycodone) to show up in ones urine, normally? I took 2 Vicodin (hydrocodone) the night before and in the morning and they did not show up in a urine screen taken at 3 the same day at 3 in the afternoon

  110. I’ve been on 10mlg 0xycodone up to 8 a day I ran out 7 days ago and I’m going to the doc and I need to have it inmy system. Can I crush up some and just add it to my urine?

  111. I’ve been on pain management for a year and a half. Last month I was given a blood test, a couple weeks later, I got a call saying that I would be dropped as a patient from the pain clinic. The reason being was the medicine was not detected in my blood. How could that be possible? !

  112. I’ve been taking 2 or 3 Percocet 10/325 a day for the last 8 months, how long will it stay in my system and what is the fastest way to flush it out for a drug test?

  113. hello, i took a percocet 10 mid-day on a tuesday, for the first time in months. wanted to know if it will be out of my system for a urine test on monday (6days later). im 5’11 and i weigh 165lb.

  114. I’ve been taking (Legally Prescribed) 10-325 mg 5 or 6 per day since 2013 primarily due to Severe lower back PAIN. It extremely helps relieve pain. BUUUTTT I’m wondering if a main side effect could cause such failure to urinate. I do NOT want to have to wear a catheter at all. I’ve had to have those Damned things in my Thang twice in the past year. I just cannot live AT ALL if I must wear that damned thing. ever & or again. I will NOT be able to DO most things in Life I enjoy or do.

    Thanks for Hopeful Positive responses,

  115. Hi I took one and a half percocet 5’s on Monday 9-7-15. I did not use them before or after this one occasion. I have a urine screen drug test on 9-15-15, is it safe to assume they will have left my system by then? All info would be appreciated, thanks!

  116. I snorted 2 Percocet 5’s on Saturday around 5 pm, then I snorted 2 more around 4:30 pm on Sunday and took one by mouth around 6 pm. I found out the next day on Monday that I have to go take a drug test Tuesday morning around 8 am. I have drank 60 ounces of water and a total of 68 ounces of Gatorade. I am starting on another 32 ounce of Gatorade. Will my system be clean by Tuesday morning.

  117. I took 3 percests 10millgrams one time on Thursday and I have a urine drug test Sunday will it be out of my system please message me back

  118. I weigh 97 lbs, 5 foot 1 in I take 2-3 10mg over 325 Percocet a day and have for 2 years I have a drug test coming up, does my weight and how long I have been taking it make a difference either way?

  119. Ive been taking 4-5 30 mgs of percocet a day im 5’3 about 160lbs how long should ot be in my system. I have a drug test on tuesday will i pass

  120. PLZZZ HELP!!! SOMEONE WHO REALLY KNOWS .. If I snort half a Percocet on august 22 and did it for the first time will it be out my system by the 28 of august?? Ihave a five screen panel drug test

  121. If I got to take a urine test to make sure I have oxcondone15 in my system on Monday and I take it on Saturday will it still be in my system on monday

  122. hi i did maybe 4 oxycodone 5 mg irs saturday night and have a drug test on tuseday i only use maybe once a week and ive been drinking alot of water will i pass

  123. I had a rotator cuff repair surgery on Friday, July 31, 2015. I was prescribed Percocet for my pain. The past three nights I have had very wicked violent dreams. I am wondering what I can do to get my medication out of my system quickly so I won’t have my wicked dreams anymore I’m thinking that the pain is better than the bad dreams. I stopped taking my medicine today 8-15-15. If I drink a lot of water with that help get it out of my system faster I don’t have a drug test to take because I don’t have a job so it’s not for that.

  124. I take Percocet for lower back pain on a daily basis. I took a urine test and Percocet was not detected. Are there other medications that I could be taking that would cancel out the Percocet in my system?
    Thank you.

  125. I hurt my neck at work and I went to the emergency department and they prescribed me 10 5/325 oxycodone tabs. I’ve taken a few of them. Just today I went to see the company doctor and they administered a 12 panel urine test. I was so sure the oxy would show up in the test as I have taken 1 5/325 oxycodone at 11 am and the test was at 130 pm. Funny thing the urine test came back negative for oxycodone. Why is that? If you can help I would appreciate it thanks.

  126. I took a half of a half of a 5mg percocet on Saturday afternoon, will it still be in my urine if tested this morning which is Tuesday morning 6:30am? I’m freaking out here, I don’t want to lose my job. Please help me out.

  127. I took a 1/2 of a 1/2 of a percocet 5mg on Saturday afternoon will it be out of my system by Monday morning around 8:00am? I don’t ever do them. I haven’t done pills in almost 5yrs. Please help me out. I’m a very big girl, I weigh about 300lbs I heard this does matter.


  129. If I have a prescription for pain medication can a drug test tell them if I’m taking more than I’m supposeto

  130. Okay, so. I am prescribed Percocet 10s at 4 times a day and honestly I take a bit more than my prescribed dosage and have been for a few months now. The thing is I get drug tested once a week by my probation officer and I test clean EVERY TIME and my P.O. is tripping on me and asking why arnt I peeing dirty for opiates and shes wondering if I’m selling them or doing something to cover up the use of street drugs, which I am not doing either. Does anyone have ANY idea why the hell I’m coming up clean? I mean I should have a decent amount of opiates in my system, she told me her lab technician said that I should be well above the cut off.

  131. After taking oxycodone over the past year for severe arthritis, I have successfully tapered off completely this past weekend, 3+ mos after joint surgery. Pre and post op I was taking a total of 40mg (contin and codone/tylenol) in a 24 hr period. Went to 30, 20, 10, 5 mgs w/o too much trouble as long as my pain mgmt doc prescribed the same dose times (6-8 hrs), until 5mg/day (2.5-12 hrs). The past two days since I stopped completely I seem to have RLS – dead tired and ready to sleep but can’t stop moving. Tonic water seems to help because the quinine helps relax muscles. When I finally get a few hrs sleep, I wake up with the runs and spend an hour or so back and forth to the bathroom. How long will this last? This is the first longterm experience I’ve had with opiates, so I’m in the dark. The doc thinks I shouldn’t have a problem and has discharged me. Daytime I’m good, but really need to sleep better at night.

  132. How long does oxycondone stay in ur system if someone miss uses them cuz my friend trying to get a job and she sometimes miss uses her meds

  133. I took 2 percent for 3 days in a row how long before they get out of my system. Say I took 6 pills for 3 days in a row on the 5th day will I pass a urine spin test?

  134. My doctor office took a blood test on me to see if I’m taking my Percoet right well I take it as precribe but they said drug test came back negative I don’t see how I do what I’m suppose to do he threathening take my meds from which I can’t do without because my injury how can this be

  135. I am unusually tired after stopping percocet. I was taking about 23 mg. a day…. None yesterday. Is my tiredness a result of the percocet?

  136. I was useibg perks everyday I stopped friday I have to give a pee test Tuesdays will I be ok I’m scared

  137. I was going to a pain clinic. Took a salvia test but I could not produce any salvia. I was told that I did not have enough percocets in my system. Can this happen. I had a stroke and have bad pain. He said I was selling my pills. I have to much pain to sell anything. Now it’s hard for me to get into another program. What can I do? Please help

  138. I haven’t taken any pain meds in 3 months. I took 1/2 a percocet at 7pm today. I might have a ua on Fri. 12 noon. What are the chances I will test positive?

  139. I have been taking percocet for about a year. Starting out with small doses at first but was up to about 100 mgs or more a day. I got some suboxon and I’m on day 3 and have had little to no withdrawls. It helps greatly if you want to quit ask your Doctor for suboxon don’t be embarrassed they want you to get better

  140. I have 2 percacet 5mgs left and dr appt is in 6 days. If I wait to take the day before appointment will it show up within a 24 hr period ! I need it to

  141. I am so frustrated. Hope someone can answer my question. I take Percocet for spine pain which does seem to help. 5/325mg Percocet 4x’s my problem is I have failed a couple drug tests and I don’t understand why. I take as I am told no more than that. Is there something happening why it is not staying in my system? Any help or ideas would help.

  142. 9:00 pm last night was the last time I took a Percocet 5/325 today I have no pain is that still working in my body.

  143. Been taking (snorting) Percocet rapid release for a few months now, approx 10-20mg (depending on the day) for pry 4 months, not every day but least a few times a week. I have a UA on Monday (today is Thursday) I’m just wondering if it may still be in my system 4 days later… Your post says 2-3 days after last use but chronic users slightly more… Thoughts please? Thank you for your time…

  144. Hello – please believe I’m not an addict but I put my back out last week and a friend offered me a single 5 mg of Percocet this past Friday to help me ease a lil pain. I started a new job yesterday and was asked to take a drug test (DOT) which I took today. Should I be concerned about failing the test? I would greatly appreciate a response as I’m very worried! Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Wilf. It is not easy to quit any medication after long-term use, even if you only took it in the prescribed doses. But, there is a way to do it properly and as comfortable as possible. However, you can expect to feel withdrawal symptoms when you completely quit or as you are gradually lowering doses. I’d suggest you talk to your doctor about creating a tapering schedule that will fit your needs best. Your doctor can also prescribe medications that will help treat the withdrawal discomfort and also provide you with some general guidelines. Most of the withdrawal effects can be successfully treated with OTC’s and natural remedies. The most important thing is to stay motivated and not give up.

  145. If I take a 10mg percocet Saturday night, will I be clean for a urine test tuesday afternoon? Im 5’2 and around 180lbs

  146. I take Perocet, I ran out of them and was going to take a hydro for pain but I am scared it will show up in a urine drug test, will it show up that I took a hydro in my system? Is that true?

  147. I take Percocet not every day, once a week about 5 to 15 mg. Been doing this for 4 to 5 months. Sometimes all take 5 to 15 mg within two days back to back….(how long does it take for that to come out of my system ?)i’m 200 pounds will fit. I don’t Abuse it I take it orally … I am a subcontractor drywaller as well as weightlifter I take when in a lot of pain ..

  148. I havent used percoset in over 4 months n i took like a quarter of a percocet 10 monday night n i have too drug test wednesday. Will it be out of my system by then???

  149. Took half a pill of Percocet 5/325mg bout 8/9pm andI got to work bout 730.. random drug testing takin place..will it show in ny urine I’m bout 250lbs.

  150. I just had a baby on Feb 11and was put on Percocet with acetaminophen 5-325 I had to take it every 4 hours while at the hospital they also gave me Motrin 600 mg In between I think every 8 hours but I didn’t take it that much. When on the percocet it made me feel terrible made Me cry numb panic I thought I was dying so I stopped taking the pills officially Feb 16 around 630am and haven’t been on it since. I want to take just regular strength Tylenol for my pain since I had a c-section but I’m scared and I still feel pretty bad from the percocet I guess I want to know if it’s safe I can take the Tylenol even though I still have Percocet in my system and still feel out of it.

  151. Can a drug test detect how much percocet I’ve taken each day. I am on a PM program and sometimes take 1.5 pills per day and no more than 2.5 pills a day depending on pain.. Can the test determine dosage to that specific level. I ask as I am new to Pain Management process and don’t want to rock the boat and can’t ask Dr until Monday. Thanks.

  152. With any type of drug, you need to be careful about what are called “metabolites” As the drug metabolizes, it changes form. Metabolites can remain detectable long after the drug is gone. I have personally had this happen with Diazepam. Even though I had a prescription for it, take a very low dose, and it had been over 24 hours since I had taken any (I left home without it) I wound up getting arrested for DUI, and they did a blood test. They found a minute trace of a metabolite, not even close to being enough to cause impairment, but was still charged with DUI. I got off pretty easily, but it still cost me $$$ for an attorney. Many unscrupulous cops/employers will charge/terminate you if they find ANYTHING at all.

  153. I took 3 oxycodone thirtys which is ninety mg on sat. I have a urinescreen on tues. 74 hrs between for test. Wondering will i be clean?

  154. I dont want to hear of him over dosing n dying but i cant put him in my pocket either, i just need to find a way to help him n to keep him alive n clean im so scared i dont know what he could b on NOW

  155. I need help here my ex boyfriend took percs the 602 kind …2 at a time i dont know how many by day… he would break one n keep the other one whole…. he said it help him be alert n function n get him out of his lazy moods.. then a few months down the line i found out that he was taking heroin .. i notice he started to lose weight…. alot n fast… n i search for help for him , i try to reach his mom but she only let the voice mail get the calls n called him to c y what i said…. he lied n she just gives him money so he stops having a tantrum fits hes now 29 this started when he was 26… n e way i took him to my doctor that was the only thing i could do , even had to fight him on going…. well he started to see a suboxane doctor n the Dr. Charged him 100.00 every 2wks but by now hes addictid to suboxanes….. we had lost in touch, he had gained some weight i ran into him about a month ago…. now hes started to look thin again…. my question is this how can i help him n be there for him if his mom n family ignore this issue with him n drugs…. hes a good person n was never in touble b for, he was a christian n carried his bible everywhere…. now he is so wild… how do u help some u love n dont want to c him die , if i try to help him the family gets mad… they just give him money n say ok….. im so scared i dont know what he is on nowadays….. please help

  156. If I take a Percocet 10-325mg the night before my urine drug screen will it show up? I’m prescribed them and only have one left and needing it to show up for my pain management doctor so when would be the best time to take the pill for it to be detected in urine drug screen? Thank you!

  157. I have been taking prescribed Percocet for chronic pain for over a year. Tablets are 5/325mg ratio. I generally take 4-6 tablets per day but sometimes up to 8 tablets on days when pain is more severe. Other days 3-4 tablets when pain is not as severe but unfortunately this is not the norm. I would say that I have a normal to fast metabolic rate. Because of duration of pain management using this medication, upon ceasing to use it, do the same general metabolism timelines apply in regards to urine tests (3-5 days)?

  158. hi i am 180 pounds, 5’5..I have not taken a percocet since august of 2013, i took 2 within the past week, and may have to get a hair drug screen… will this show up on the test? like I said since 2013 I have only taken two percocet total. please get back thank you!

  159. I haven’t taken anything for 10 days and today will b the first that I’ve taken. Which is perk tens. Takeing three of them and have a ua on mon so will I pass my test.

  160. I took 10 mg of percocet Sunday and have a mouth swab test on Wednesday. Will it still show? I do regularly drink at lest 8 cups of water a day.

  161. I have been taking 5/325mg percocet for years only 4 a day. I take it as I am told. I failed my drug test. She raised it to 10/325 ER once every 12 hours and she said I failed it again. I don’t understand. I take over the counter vitiamins and I have trouble sleeping so I had been taking sleeping pills to help sleep. Any help would’ve great to understand why this is not showing.I am 5’2 140pds.

  162. I’m prescribed four 5 milligram oxycodone a day and my doctor sends the urine test away for checking metabolites and levels and all I need to know how many days I need to take only four before my next urine test to get an accurate lab result

  163. If I been taking more of my percent than I should 8 to 10 a day and I got a drug test coming up how long will it take my oxygen levels to come back to normal so I can pass the test

  164. If I took 20 percocet 5s over the weekend, last dose of 4 taken at 730 am sunday n I get a lab ua Wednesday at 930 am should I b ok?

  165. I took 4 percocet 5s on friday, 8 pills on sat, n 4 pills on sun morning about 730. I took a lab drug test on Wednesday morning about 930. Should I b ok. I got kicked out of pain management cuz of clean uas even though I took them everyday except the morning of test. So does that mean I have a fast metabolism

  166. I have been on percocet for ten years for chronic pain in my shoulder I’ve never failed my drug test with my Dr but they have introduced a new system where they test for matabolites they are dismissing me for low matabolites for6 months I don’t understand how that’s right Or even how they could be low unlike mist with injuries like mine I still work and can’t afford to not work but can’t work with out idk what to do

  167. If i take half of a half of perk 5 which would b 2.5 mg of oxycodone sunday at ten pm will it b out of my system by tuesday at 430 to pass a urine screen

  168. Hello, I tore my quad preparing for a bodybuilding competition and my mom gave me one of her 30mg oxycodone. This was 24 hours ago. I got a call today back about a job but they want me to submit a drug test Friday morning, I took the oxy Tues night. I really need this job! I don’t take narcotics hardly ever and I’m active and healthy. Do you think I will pass or should I just bag the whole idea? 🙁

  169. I took a Percocet 10mg 5days ago following an accident that landed me in er …only one and none before that for a couple years now I may be drug tested tomorrow for probation and was wondering if that one Percocet would show up? I’ve been taking the flexeril and tordol prescribed to me following that visit as directed ..FYI in case that affects the metabolite of the Percocet. Thank you in advance and a prompt response please

  170. Hi Jeanine. If you’re thinking about stopping meds, you should consult with a doctor first. Before starting anything, have him examine you and the symptoms you’ve been experienceing. Then, your doctor will be able to give an accurate diagnosis and treat you for a condition or taper you off medications.

  171. I have been taking oxycodone, percocet, and tylonal 3 w/codon, not together, but for different physical and internal pains. Pancreatic pains, back pain, from me falling. I feel that my life is being ran by medications. I am really watching what I do with these hearty drugs. The thing that worries me, is the fact I’ve been stumbling around like my scents of balance is way off. I can take a few steps, but then stumble. I’m not thinking clearly…unable to spell words, my handwriting is very shakie along with my hands. Is this a sign that I’ve used too much of the medicine? Can this go away after stopping the meds or have I caused permanent damage? I’m very, very, very scared and worried. Can you please respond to my post soon?!?

  172. I need to take a drug text how long does per covets stay in your bad I’ve been taking at least 1 to 2 a day for about two weeks

  173. I snorted 4 perks for first time in 9 Months Thursday my drug test is monday I weigh 115 and I’m on my period (idk if that matters) my test is urine and they are a lab do you think I’ll be ok?? It was perk 10s.

  174. Hello, I am 5’2 and I weigh about 105. I was on percocet for a wrist injury. I was taking 5-325mb tab once a day for about 2 weeks. How long would it take for me to pass a urine test? Thank you

  175. I have been prescribed five 10/325 mg Percocets a day for the last two years due to complications from prostate cancer surgery. I took a drug test and it was negative. I took another one and it just barely showed up. I take an average of five a day sometimes I take four and sometimes I take six a day depending on the pain. What can be the cause of this?

  176. I take have a percocet 15mg every or everyother day there are times I go four days to a week with it. its been four days since I have done them. I do snort them. I am 166 pounds and drink four to five bottles of water a day.

  177. I take 325/7.5 pills. I took 4 pills Wednesday, 6 on Thursday, 6 on friday, 6 on Saturday, 5 on Sunday and 4 on monday. I have been drinking 1-2 gallons of water a day since monday. Should I be able to pass a 10 panel test on Wednesday morning?

  178. HI. I never take percocette but I took a tiny piece of one last night bc I had a tooth ache. I have a drug test tomorrow around 1 and am scared that it is going to show up. It was not even half of a pill it was much smaller. It knocked me out and I got some sleep bc the pain from my tooth was horrible. Will I fail my test?

  179. Hello Janeth. When will Percocet be completely out of your system depends on many factors. Your age, weight, health state, your metabolic rate, level of hydration, sensitivity of the test, etc. play an important role in how long it will stay detectable. It’s different for everyone, but generally it can stay in urine anywhere from 3 to 8 days.

  180. I have been taken Percocet 10mg 4x a day for about 3 years. How long will it take for it to stop showing up in my urine approximately??

  181. I take 2-3 -5/325 per day I am down from 4 10/325 x 2 years I just can’t seem to get over that hump to stop can you suggest anything to help please I can’t let my family down

  182. If one pill is taken for pain by a Cancer patient and the label says you can take one every four hours if needed but don’t, how long after four hours can there still be some side effects with only one???

  183. I have been using 30mg percocet for a month and a half I think I was getting hooked so I stopped today is day 3 and I feel fine is that odd no withdraw or am I lucky I stopped in time. I’m 175 pound and very active would that help it to leave my system ? Everywhere I read it seem like the talk is about heavy usage

  184. I’ve been taking 10 mg perks for about a year every day. How long will it take to get out of my system completely cutting cold turkey tomorrow? It’s gonna be one hell of a ride but gotta get clean…

  185. I took 4 10/325 Percocet’s on Friday. Monday i have a urine drug test. Will it show up?
    Also, I’m on methadone maintenance and have Hepatitis C.
    Thank you!

  186. I have been abusing percocet for about 6 months. Probably taking about 80 mg a day. I’ve gotten off them and I have an at home urin test in 10 days. Will I pass? I am physically fit, active with a fast matabolism

  187. I was prescribed Tylenol 3 and ran out so i took a 5 milligram perocet last night, will a drug test show up as general oxycodone in my system or the perocet exactly? I think the drug test is urine or mouth swab. Also I took a xanex a couple days ago will i be ok on that as well or should i be worried?

  188. If I am prescribed 4 Percocet 10/325 daily, but I take more at the beginning of the month and then less at the end of the month, can my doctor tell the difference from a urine test? I don’t want him to think I am selling them or anything if I’m only taking a couple of pills per day by the time my next appointment comes and there is less in my system than there should be.

  189. Hi Cindy; it’s not the smoking. Percocet enters and can be detected in the blood stream regardless of mode of administration. However, most drug tests do not include “extended opioids” such as oxycodone.

  190. I need to find a home drug testing kit that can detect percs if they are smoked. I have read that normal tests do not detect the drug if it is smoked.

  191. well I have a urine tst in november 20 today is the 7th of november I have been taking 602endos percocets about 4a day for 7thdays I having take nothing for 2day including today I have pintch nervs betweng L1 n L5 thats why I take them and I just been working in this companie we have union I was told they going to keep me fulltime I really want this job paids well so my question to is if you think I be clean on the 20 of this month I have 13 mire days for the test ?thank you for your time…!!!

  192. I had a toothache 2 days ago and my grandmother handed me a pill i later found out it was a percocet 512 i only took one and i got called for an interview in 3 days will it still be in my urine?

  193. I been taking percocets for 5 months straightm around 4 per day the 602 kind, I have a UA’s in 2 weeks and for this 2 weeks Im planning not to take none AT ALL!! Is 2 weeks good enough time for me to be clean?? I’m 5’3 and 145 lb IM VERY WORRY!! this is very important to me…I appreciate your time and help

  194. I have been on percocet for about five years, two per day. I recently failed my drug screenings, percocet was not in my system. I know it is because I changed my diet to a strict Paleo diet plus protien shakes and I have been power lifting. I have boosted my metabolism. Is there a way to prove this?

  195. i took a percocet 10 on tue at 1:30 pm and had a drug on wed at 12pm wil the percocet show up on a urine test as positive

  196. If my friend took a 30mg percocet on thursday and a 15mg on friday, will he be OK for a urine test on tuesday? He is 6 feet tall and weighs about 180 pounds. Works out 3 times a week and does a lot of cardio as well. Please let me know.

  197. Hi Barb. Hydrocodone and oxycodone both appear in drug screens as “extended opiates/opioids”. While the dose may have been higher, oxycodone should also clear the system within a couple of days and as long as your husband is taking hydrocodone as prescribed, there should be little to worry about. Please let us know how it goes!

  198. I’m worried the other morning my husband woke me up and told me to get him one of his pain meds (hydro) .Well I was sick with the flu and a little out of it. I got in our lock draw felt the size of the bottle and got out a pill. The light wasn’t on so I never looked at it. Now I’m worried the I gave him one of my Percocet 10 . This was on Wednesday (he took at 7 am) he is 5 ’11 and around 180 to 190 lbs. he had to take a drug test on Saturday at 8 am . Well his urine be okay clean ? If not i just cost him his job. We won’t find out til Tuesday .

  199. Hello Kate. Thanks for your questions. In 2011, Researchers found that of all U.S. drivers who died in a crash, about 25% tested positive for drugs. This does not mean that your mother will necessarily be involved in a fatal crash; it’s just a statistic I thought you’d like to pass on.

    Each state has its own DWI laws, so you’ll need to check with your state governance for exact laws about what is considered a “safe” level for driving while drugged. Also, as a general piece of information: Police officers are certified in Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) and can become Drug Recognition Experts (DRE) with specific training.

  200. My mother has been perscribed percoset for her chronic spine pain. She may take one to three daily, but only takes them when she absolutely needs one. Here is my question. I contend that she should not be driving even after taking only one persoset. My thoughts is that it impares a persons judgements and she could cause a wreck or be in one. If a drug test were ordered for her if she were in an accident or ticketed, I contend that she would get a DUI. Am I correct? The other thing I think is that if she were to only take one in the morning, that by afternoon, the effects would wear off of her enough to be able to get her errands done, however the same applies, that if she were pulled over and ordered a drug test, she would fail and DUI result. What are your thoughts?

  201. Hi Birtney. The main active ingredient in Percocet, oxycodone, usually metabolizes at about a similar rate for most people, and should be through your system and go undetected by drug screens within 2-3 days after use.

  202. Hi Terence. If you are to take a hair sample drug screen analysis for extended opioids (which includes oxycodone), the Percocet use will be detected. Underarm hair which is 1/2 inch long can detect drug use 30 days previous.

  203. In reference to mythe last reply I’m black with a short haircut plan on getting haircut before I go. And what about underarm hair

  204. I took a percocet two weeks ago for a back injury and took one the week before that. Prior to that I don’t take any pain meds I have a drug test next Tues Oct.2 (hair test) will the percocet show up

  205. Hi Steven. You’d probably be OK to wait 4-5 days after last Percocet use to take a test and come out clean. But you can always request a home testing kit for “extended opiates” (to test for the oxycodone in Percocet) and test yourself at home to be sure.

  206. I am 5′ 6″ and weigh approx 200 lbs. I have been taking 90 milligrams of percocet (the little blue round pills) for two weeks straight with the occasional one day break. What is the longest possible amount of time that it will take to pass a urine test. Need an answer as soon as possible and thank you for your time and help.

  207. Oxycodone (the main active ingredient in Percocet) can remain and be detected in the blood for about 24 hours, or less.

  208. i need to know long oxycodone stays in your blood stream for the doctors to test your oxycodone levels

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