How long does Percocet withdrawal last?

How long Percocet withdrawal lasts depends on frequency and amount of use. But an average case of Percocet withdrawal lasts from 5-10 days. More here on what to expect during Percocet withdrawal here.

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Are you preparing for Percocet withdrawal?

Percocet dependence time takes a few weeks to develop.  And typically, withdrawal from opioids like Percocet usually resolves within five (5) to ten (10) days after cessation. However, the number of symptoms you experience, how long you experience them, and how severe the symptoms of Percocet withdrawal all depend on your body’s individual response to withdrawal, how long you’ve been taking the medications and the dose of oxycodone you’ve been taking.

More here about how to quit taking Percocet, the withdrawal process from Percocet, and what you can expect over the course of a few weeks. We also invite you to ask any questions about Percocet withdrawal you may have at the end.

How long until Percocet withdrawal starts?

Once you have decided to stop taking Percocet, Percocet stays in your system for a couple of days.  However, you will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms about four (4) to six (6) hours after the effects of Percocet have worn off in the body. In other words, withdrawal starts when you body expects the next dose of Percocet…and you do not oblige. As the withdrawal process begins, you may notice that it hits you like you are experiencing a cold/flu and the stomach flu at the same time. There are, of course, other symptoms which encompass the spectrum of Percocet withdrawal symptoms. These can include:

  • anxiety
  • cold flashes
  • depression
  • flushed skin
  • heart palpitations
  • increased heart rate
  • insomnia
  • irritation
  • nausea/vomiting
  • restlessness
  • tingling and numbness of the limbs

How long do Percocet withdrawal symptoms last?

Withdrawal symptoms from Percocet detox will start about 6 hours after the last does has worn off. But the time it takes for withdrawal to resolve fluctuates from person to person. Acute, intense and uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal usually resolve within the first week of withdrawal. And most symptoms should even out in and be gone within about 4-5 weeks. But, there are chances you can develop protracted withdrawal symptoms which can last months after you have stopped taking Percocet.

Percocet withdrawal timeline

For chronic users of Percocet, the first days of withdrawal are usually the most intense and uncomfortable. During this time it is advisable that you be monitored and under medical supervision so that you can benefit from the addition of prescription medications to help ease symptoms, and to be monitored and supported during this time.

24 – 72 hours Percocet withdrawal: Percocet withdrawal is not life threatening, but it is not pleasant, to say the least. At about 72 hours after last Percocet dose, symptoms tend to peak in severity and intensity. The physical sickness can make this process of withdrawal daunting and frustrating but it will subside and pass.

Week 1 Percocet withdrawal: Acute withdrawal symptoms from oxycodone will last into this week. Cramp, chills, insomnia are symptoms can be present in this time frame. You may also experience drug seeking behavior and drug craving, thinking you need Percocet in order to return to normal.

Week 2 Percocet withdrawal: Your body should begin to feel a little more normal after a couple of weeks into withdrawal, though you may still have aches and pains. You will still feel drained and tired, possibly needing more sleep. Emotions of anxiousness and depression may be particularly hard at this time.

Week 3-4 Percocet withdrawal: Protracted withdrawal symptoms may be present and continue to linger long past the first month of withdrawal. This is more likely to happen to chronic users or Percocet abusers then those who were taking Percocet properly. Insomnia may also still be an issue.

Percocet withdrawal: how long?

In general, the longer you have been taking Percocet, or the more you have abused oxycodone, the greater the intensity of withdrawal will be. But most symptoms should dissipate after the first week of withdrawal. The human body is an amazing thing as its ability to adjust and adapt is quite remarkable. If you are not experiencing a “typical Percocet withdrawal” like other people you know or have read about, don’t worry. Everybody’s system is different and will experience withdrawal in its own way. And keep in mind that other health concerns do play a role in recovery.

It is also important to mention another possible condition present during Percocet withdrawal called “PAWS”, or post-acute withdrawal symptoms. The condition of PAWS is a set of persistent symptoms that can last for several weeks or months after you have stopped taking Percocet. Theses symptoms usually show up because of prolonged drug abuse. During a case of PAWS for Percocet, the body just takes longer to adjust to life without oxycodone. These symptoms are usually more psychological in nature and can include: short term memory loss, anxiety, and depression.

How long Percocet withdrawal questions

If you have any more questions regarding withdrawal from Percocet, please ask. We do our best to respond to your questions accurately and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I started taking percocet 10m halfs just to get the buzz around 8 months ago I soon began drinking alcohol and taking them and enjoyed the buzz even more (yea I know dumb) slowly but surely halfs turned into 1 10mg then 2 10mgs and I found myself not being able to handle basic life such as family time work even just hanging around – these pills defined me and I somehow sold it to myself as it helps me deal with depression and anxiety and makes me a happier person…well the reality is I was living in a fog not aware that these pills put me in a buzzed dazed euphoric high constantly— I realized when I lost my job and almost my family I had to give up the booze and pills as it was destroying me- so anyhow I’m on day 5 sober of booze and pills….the booze I’m ok with the pills have been the hardest- the first 3 days were agonizing- I vomited out of both ends (gross I know) about a dozen times I had fever cramps it felt like I had food poisoning times 10….I drank peppermint tea with honey and took about 30 airbornes along with some nyquil at night to help me sleep…good news is going into day 4 and 5 I feel 50% better- I can function and think clearly…I know there is a chemical component to the craving and withdrawals however mind over matter in my opinion and strong will power always wins…figure out the reasons to kick it visualize the goal and get it done…I hope ive kicked these devil pills for good…good luck

  2. so im a heavy pain med user from a broken knee 10yrs ago. the amount my dr prescribes are a snack. 5mg percocet 4 times a day, i can go through 120 in 5 days ! on top of that i have to buy off the street. i would say i take around 100mg or more a day , Ive come to the point ive had enough of these stupid things. ive tried taking suboxones myself but got scared when i heard that the withdrawals are more dangerous than the perc themselves. I heard ibogin works but is expensive. ive tired krantom , but it destroys my stomach with unbearable pain in my stomach. im the sole provider for my family and cant afford to be out of work. I dont know what to do and im tired of these things controlling my life. every attempt fails because of the chronic pain i want to stop but cant on my own. Is in house treatment my only option because of the severity and the years i have been taking them?

  3. My head is separated from my neck on the right side (partial internal decapitation). The rubbing of my skull on my atlas disrupts the normal flow of neurons through my brain stem, thus causing a long list of neurological dysfunction, as well as neck pain. After 5 years of heading to the couch by 10-11:00 am due to nausea, anxiety, memory problems, and loss of ability to speak and function normally in day to day tasks, I went in for knee replacement, and they gave me Percocet, and it cleared up my neurological symptoms, but gave me so much energy I had to add diazepam to calm me down (I believe this is due to the fact that I have ADD, so the Percocet has somewhat of an opposite effect.. I take Naproxen and Tylenol 3 when I go to bed. So as not to take more drugs in the evening, I have a drink or two to get me through the dinner hours. This has worked for 7 years and the frequency of dosage has increased and I’m not sure if it’s the drug, or the increasing wear on the bones in my neck, as happens with any bone on bone situation I’ve experienced which led to surgery (i.e.New knees, bone removed from hand, rotator cuff, spinal stenosis…). I will be on these meds the rest of my life and only take 20mg percoct, and 10mg diazepam daily, with monthly breaks of a day or two to do a minor detox. My question is (finally) “Would it hurt to throw Dilaudid into the mix from time to tome just to get my body to less used to percocet, and can one be taken after the other has worn off? (normally 2 hours down from 4 hours 7yrs ago.)

  4. Hello, well I haven’t read anything on here that is recent , but it is now 9 AM on Jan 2018;
    I have also been on these horriable pills for pain, I had an accident in 2013; it is now 2018, I ran out of pills and have to suffer till next refill because I can’t get in sooner for appt. how they can tell you to wait after prescription is to be filled is beyond me. I have been cold turkey for about 5 days now and have no choice. It’s opened my eyes more and also gives mixed feelings about withdraw symptoms. Flu like ,tired all day, diarrhea has gone I think. And I’ve been on this crap for going on 5 yrs. I’m tired of it controlling me, and even thou I have pain from injury, no one believes you anyway, and if you run low everyone thinks your selling it, I’m sick of being treated like a criminal, and a liar, I want off this merry go round.

  5. I’m almost a month clean now off of Percocet/oxycodone/Norco 3 years. I would take 10 30mg a day and more if it was less mgs. I’m so the beginning I used Subutex for a week. My question is when will I feel like getting out of bed and when will I get energy back? At this point I feel like Its never going to happen. I’m not going to go back no matter what..I just want to feel normal again.

  6. Matt!!!! Your the bomb… I’ve been taking 15 to 20 perks a day for close to 3 years the tens not the fives..also my wife acquired the habit of course and is now up to 12 tens a day.. my prescription of 120 a month only last 3 days and then we’re on the hunt we spend up to 1800 a month on a these evil things… Lately tho the well seems to have run dry it’s harder and harder to find them.. we can’t get thru 1 day of withdrawal before feeling like we’re gonna die everything you said is me and my wife… we have four kids and the youngest is 18 months can you imagine what we go thru to take care of kids and work on none!!!!!IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!the last three days I’ve took a total of 3 and my wife a total of 6 she works I DNT!!! Sometimes I think I’m gonna die and my wife gets so cold on day 1 I’m convinced her system is shutting down… I don’t think anyone takes more than us from what I read..your the closest to us we’re scared we’ll never stop and we’re also scared it will eventually kill us.. I CLOSE THIS WITH REPEATING WHAT U SAID.. NOBODY I MEAN NOBODY TAKE A PILL NEVER,AND IF U DO YOU JUST GAVE YOUR LIFE AWAY.. So Matt if u wanna reply we would really appreciate it…

  7. need some advice people. I am a now retired fire-fighter and unfortunately broke 23 bones trying to save a family back in 2010. for the last 2 years, due to pain, I have been taking 5mg or oxycodone in the morning and 5mg at night everyday, no more, no less and I want to stop – every time I try to stop, the only withdrawal I seem to get is when I wake up an immediate headache in my temples and it bothers me enough to grab at least 2.5mg for it to subside to get through the day. by the end of the day, it starts again and 20 minutes after I take the pill, my body feels better, what do I do, Advil, etc.. does not help

  8. My wife had her gall bladder removed and was on Percocet for about a week then just stopped taking them, she is suffering from some of the withdrawal symptoms, is it possible she is suffering from withdrawal ?

  9. What if it was prescribed and you are also a full time breastfeeding mother. Do I need to worry about my 11 month old suffering like me?

  10. Hello I wanted to know how long or many visit you’ll have to wean off of Percocet 10/325? My Dr started to wean me off my ? Is do u go to visits to wean until your down to 0 or they can wean u off in just one visit?

  11. This is day 26 for me to be off Percocet and Tramadol. I’m still sick to my stomach and wondering if this length of time is normal?

  12. Someone close to me takes more then 5 to 7 perks 15 mg along with 15 advil pms in a night. I have beg them to let it go. He is dealing with tingling and numbness in his arm, pressure being up, and mood swings out of this world. I am tired of being the enemy. I am afraid what it will do to him. He also falls alseep with a cigarette in his hand which makes me scared to gobto sleep. Whatvcan I do he doesnt listen i am wrong about everything i say

  13. What is going on in the brain at the 7-8 day oxy withdrawal mark that would cause the beginning of absence seizures and amnesia spells? The person was only off 10 days the first time and thought maybe it was a fluke that it started at day 7. Then about 7 months later they did another 10 “fast” to make their body more receptive to the pain relieving benefits when they re started treatment, and was disturbed to find that at day 8 of the second attempt the neurological symptoms listed above were just too bad again and reinstated on day 9. With in 24 hours of reinstatement all of the petit mal seizures stopped and no more amnesia. What is going on neurologically at the 7-8 day mark causing these episodes? Person doesn’t think they can ever stop it because of it. They don’t mind the physical symptoms ( although they are annoying and rough) but the absence seizures and amnesia scares the hell out of them, as you can imagine. Daily dose ranges from 4 to 6 ten mg perc a day, 40 -60 mg total over 24 hours, depending on physical activity and pain response. Thanks so much!

  14. hi i m Lal,,,i m been taking percocet 5 daily 6 to 7 per day n i m been taking for 5 months n i stopped used for 5 days,if i do the drug test do company still gonna found out how much i used or they wil not find me…plz help me asap…

  15. I have a history of percocet addiction. I took suboxone twice in the past and about 15 years later a friend offered me a percocet and I was immediately hooked. The good news is I do not take very much. I take 20mg/325. So that is like a 2 – 10 mg pills. This is seems a small amount to me, but as read the other posts many are much smaller doses and are still dealing with addiction and withdrawals. I have been taking this for over one year. I wish you could hear my brain as I try to negotiate when and how much to take. It is exhausting. I need to quit for my health – it is tylenol for god’s sake. I am 55. I cannot go thru a serious withdrawal. Can anyone offer a way to leave these behind gracefully? Please let me know. thanks.

  16. I’ve been taking it for 9 months plus coming off now and feeling horrible .. I had it for hemmroid pain !! After being totally off then for about 3 days now I feel pain in the prolly worse then the surgry is that just that cause of it acting like it needs it ? Or is my butt spazzing Maybe ?? Shawn

  17. If someone told me that withdrawal would peak in a week I would jump for joy. I’ve been on Methadone for 13 years. You literally withdrawal for 6 months that is just acute. Then you have another year of p.a.w.s. I have done 400mg of perc to try and ease the withdrawal nothing works …… Except Imodium a.d taken at the right amounts it will 100% stop all withdrawal .trust me if it stops methadone withdrawal it will stop oxycodone withdrawal. It is addictive. It is an opiate. Be careful.

  18. Have been on 5mg perks for about 2 years now after having my 2nd back surgery.I only take 2 or 3 per day.i have over the past few months purchased around 4 Oc 20 at beginning of month and took those as a replacement as 1 will last me about 20 hours.Anyway i now want to come off.i need to see is my pain so much my back or is related to the percocets? Suggestions?

  19. I am a 5 years perkocet prescription abuser I am on 48hrs completely clean and feel terrible the rls is horrendous and the restlessness I would like to know when this pain will subside?

  20. I was taking Percocet 10 milligrams, and tramadol 50 mg for lower back pain for two years. Took th just as the doctor prescribed never talk anymore or any less. I discovered I had a chemical dependency and on February 20, 2017 checked myself into a clinic to detox under medical supervision. I detox for five days, I have had a chronic headache ever sense and my heart has been beating very hard not fast just very hard, and I have tightness in my chest. It has been three months when will all these issues clear up?

  21. Hello, I am writing to you in hope that I can become more aware and try to be of some help to my very dear friend. She he been taking Percocet 30 mg for about 2 years now. Within in the past 7 months her habit is becoming not only expensive but draining to the entire family. She is now taking 10 Percocet 30s a day and if she does not have any within the first 4-6 hours after taking one she immediately starts to feel symptoms of withdrawal. I would just like some advice on how I can help her deal with this and she has been talking about wanting to detox but do it at home. Do yo think this is good idea? And if it is ok.what could I do to make this horrible process she will be going through just a little easier. Thanks a bunch…..Katie

  22. Hi I been on perk 5s and oxytocin 20 milagrams for about 6 years sometimes I take more meds then I need I want to stop taking them how long will my withdraw be please,help I was taking up to 80 milagrams combined

  23. I was a percocet addict for 13 years. Not continuously, but avid nonetheless.
    In 2004 I had my first experience with percs after my first child was born. Having a c section, I came home with my own script and thought it was the most amazing little pill. When my prescription ran out , I began purchasing them from a relative for 2 or 3 dollars a pill.
    This was recreational at first. I had not yet developed a dependency, but it was coming.
    After “playing ” with percocet on and off from 2004- 07, I had my second child via c section and again, another 60 pills came home with me and I pretty much turned everyone close to me onto these “wonderful ” pills that made me happy. Made me feel sexy. “Mother’s little helper” is what I’d call them.
    By 2010 I had a full blown addiction. Spending alot of money on them buying them on the streets.
    I got off them around 2011. I still did them every now and then , not daily though.
    In 2013 my addiction came to light again and remained until recently. For the last four years I have been a percocet junkie…needing them to function daily. Spending tens of thousands of dollars to get the feeling of well-being. Needing more and more to get high.
    Ive quit for a week or two in between, but never was fully committed to getting clean.
    Im just over two weeks clean. I weaned a little then went cold turkey. I woke up today feeling amazing.
    Yes I crave them. Yes I still have aches and pains and get lil withdrawal symptoms. But I’m focused to being me again and not some numbed up junkie!
    All the money and wasted time spent on these stupid pills. My children deserve a sober me and I deserve to experience life sober!
    Im excited to get my life back!
    Be strong and you too can take control of life and your addiction again.
    If I can do it anyone of you can.

  24. have been off percocet for two weeks.Still getting stomach upset.Is this normal?Iam 75 years old and was on percocet for two months due to back pain.

  25. My DO told me to wean my Percocet. I had 3 surgeries in November and was giving Percocet. I took every 4 hours they day and once in a while at night. So usually 4 pills a day. I no longer need. He had me do 3 for 2 days. Then 2 for 2 days. And now 1/2 in morning and 1/2 at night for 4 days. I on day 2 of halfs. Should I just stop or continue I already have nausea heart racing and insomnia is starting. How long can I expect this

  26. I was a heroin addict for almost ten years. The enevitable happened and I OD’d. My heart stopped for almost 6 minutes. When I passed out I leaned in a fishing pole in my room. That pole was against my throats and it cut off oxygen to my brain. My mom found me and the medics revived me with the opiate blocker. Though when I woke up a day later I had severe memory problems. I couldn’t remember the last 6mpnths of my life, and I had severe short term memory loss. I couldnt tell you what I had done it said 5 minutes before. I went through years of memory therapy and slowly got better. Though I still have trouble with remember small things or with directions. I eventually went back to school for hvac and welding. This all happened almost ten years ago. I now have a job at a university doing maintenance work. I love it, it’s me y dream job. But a fellow employee ( who killed himself 4 months ago) got me back into pain killers. Not heroin again. It Percocet 30’s. I know I should have known better because opiates literally killed me and destroyed my brain and life. But addiction is a hell of a disease. So here I am again strung out on opiates after being clean for 10 years. I only do 1 sometimes 2 Percocet 30’s a day. Which is nothing compared to my old habit of a half gram to a gram of heroin a day a decade ago. I’ve really messed up though and I feel so guiltily that I was given a second chance at life and now I’m on drugs again. I’m too ashamed to tell my brother who has never been addicted to anything. I’m afraid I’m gna lose my awesome job, I’m now 6,000 dollars in debt. I could easily destroy that debt in a few months if I could just get off these pills. I make good money where I work and I have no kids or a car payment. I feel like I’m spiraling out of control. I know I can beat this abit of 30milligrams a day of Percocet if I once got off of heroin… I’m frightened, I’m really digging myself another hole again. Though I know ive aught it before it’s gotten too bad so I’m just gonna have to bare down and quit this shit…

  27. I’ve been taking Percocets for a little over two years everyday about 4 to 6 a day I stopped for a week substitute it with methadone at first than I just been smoking weed and drinking.. I was fine but then all of a sudden I started thinking that I needed one and they’re all around me so I end up taking one.. did this just mess everything up with me withdrawing

  28. I have 2 ruptured discs a blushed disc and a pinch nerve. I was saying a pain management clinic in Memphis and moved to Texas and I’m going to get her appointment with the Lonestar pain management in Weatherford but I can’t get it right away it’s November 30 and I thought I had the flu at first but now I’m just in so much pain I don’t know what to do it was Percocet tens only took one in the morning and maybe one evening that’s it I’ve had two heart attacks and this seems to be more painful what do I do

  29. When ready to go to sleep I can’t because my legs get figgity ant it is real uncomfortable . is there’d anything I can do to make it stop

  30. I didn’t realize people we’re still active on here!

    This is just a shout out to anyone out there who feels alone, I am here for you! I do not or have never experienced addiction with myself, but rather with my partner. He endured 2 withdrawal periods (he is clean now since April with the help of suboxone that he still uses every day) If anyone wants or needs any support be that it may the support as a fellow partner with someone dealing with this or just a person going through the stages themselves.

    I know it is not the same but I want to stay united to those affected. Keep going and don’t give up. You can do this. This is your journey but if anyone is along for the ride, know you are loved. And if you are alone send me a message.

    It gets better guys.

  31. I was wondering if I should stop taking Percocet because I’ve always associated those that take opioids are not the best of characters. However, I am a very active person in society, run a busy and stressful business alone, and I’m a wife and mother of four young children. I have fibromyalgia, lupus, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and I’m always in physical pain. I started taking Percocet a few years ago and it has made me almost “Normal”, allowing me to be the productive person that I am. I know that I will always need some form of pain relief but I’m not sure if taking 10/325 Percocets every six hours is safe for my body and my lifespan. I have a had with drawl symptoms and when I forgot to cal Percocets every six hours is safe for my body and my lifespan. I have a had withdrawals and when I forgot to ask for refills and had to wait a week or two before seeing the doctor to get my prescriptions, in the last three years this is happened probably at least five times because like I said my life is so busy and in one day I can be in four different cities so I keep my pills and different containers and misplace them sometimes, and that leaves me without relief for a little while before my refills. Do you recommend that I stop taking Percocet? I forgot to mention that I also have severe cervical spinal stenosis and the pain radiates from my neck down to my legs and ankles and sciatica is present for about 70% of my days

  32. In 2006 I was treated w/heavy chemo & radiation treatments for breast cancer. In 2008 my body began suffering from severe joint pain. My Oncologist diagnosed me w/an “early” onset of Osteo-Arthritis from the chemo & radiation medicine. So I was prescribed Oxy 7.5 to be taken as needed for pain. I was still working at the time so I took 2 pills a day for 4 years. About year 3.5 of that 4 years, I began to feel anxious and couldn’t sleep. So I began taking 1mg-Ativan, one pill at night. Love it, works great for me until my Nurse Practitioner told me that I can’t take Ativan & Oxy. I’m trying other anxiety drugs that only make me crazy. I have bazarre dreams, I feel so lathargic the next morning, for hours. I’m on a roller coaster of up’s and down’s w/ the different anxiety pills; I hate it!

    A year or so ago, I began taking 3-4 Oxy pills a day and I felt great; pills gave me a boost to get up and get things done. And at night I take Velerian Root for Insomia – disguisting smell/taste but it works.

    So this is the deal…as I speak I haven’t taken Oxy for 5 days; my choice. This is what I do every now and then. I’ve gone up to 10 days w/out it and the only feeling I get is this anxious feeling in the evening while I’m trying to watch T.V. and some moodyness. BUT, after 8 days of no Oxy I noticed that I begin to feel tired all day, un-interested in anything, I don’t even want to take care of precious grand-children. Wow, that’s bad!

    I’m I going trough w/drawal form the Oxy & Ativan – one or both?

  33. I have been addicted to Percocet for about 15 years. Most of the time taking about 120mgs daily. I have just recently found that taking about 20 to 30 mgs of immodium daily for 1st week of withdraw works amazing to ease all symptoms and make bearable. There is a opiod in immodium that is different then oxycodone. The difference being it does not cross over the receptors in brain causing the high you get from Percocet. While it does still give your body the opiod to wean yourself off. I know it may sound like to much immodium but you will be fine. It also wont make you completely constipated either cause your body is already used to it from taking oxycodone. If you research online you will see people suggest way higher doses for the immodium. I do not suggest it and don’t think its a good idea. I think these people are trying to get a high off immodium which is impossible anyway. I am not a doctor but someone that has experienced horrible withdraw and tried many different things to make it more comfortable. I have found this to be the most helpful making me almost completely free of all physical withdraw symptoms. Also allowing me not to have dependent on yet another medication like suboxone that is also addictive.

  34. I’m 2days off Percocet and I feel like I’m gonna die I can’t sleep i feel like i have a really bad virus i don’t know what to do i cant afford a detox center i don’t want to be put on other drugs detox is there anything over the counter i can take to help alittle im scared i cant do this.

    1. Hi Lisa. Did you taper your doses first? If you are doing this cold turkey, it really isn’t recommended. If you have more Percocet pills to last you as you slowly and gradually reduce doses over the period of several months, then you should do that. You can read more details about quitting Percs and treating withdrawal symptoms here:

      Also, I suggest you see a doctor for advise on proper quitting methods.

  35. Been 15 days since my last dose. I was taking approximately 60 – 100mg a day for over 8 years. Been prescribed them since my first of 2 reconstructive shoulder surgeries. I weaned myself off over the course of 6 days. I just woke up one morning and said to myself “It’s time to get off of these things!” I am the only source of income in my family due to my wife being legitimately disabled (3 spinal surgeries in 5 years and only 32 years of age). Therefore, taking off of work was not an option. My shift is typically 2:45am – 11am. Luckily, being management, I mostly just walk around with a clipboard and tell others what to do. 😉 This was my weaning schedule:
    Day 1: 10mg @3am, 10mg @2:45pm
    Day 2: 7.5mg @3am, 5mg @4pm
    Day 3: 5mg @3:30am, 3.75mg @2:30pm
    Day 4: 3.75mg @3am, 5mg @3pm
    Day 5: 3.75mg @3am
    Day 6: 3.75mg @7am

    Still kind of physically “blah” at times, but I can’t remember my head/ mind being clearer! My mood has improved 10 fold, and my mouth is no longer so f’n dry! 😀 All symptoms seem to have drastically diminished with the exception of the diarrhea. It’s like Old Faithful! Almost every hour, on the hour I NEED to find the nearest restroom! Not too be to graphic, but my rear literally bleeds & burns from it. I’ve taken the maximum recommended dosages of Immodium, Pepto, Gas X, etc. Nothing seems to work. It hasn’t even seemed to let up at all. Any advice?

  36. I had 3 spine fusions and I am on and off pain meds I was last 2 years on hydrocodone and recently on 10mg/325 Percocet taking 180 monthly for some reason my doc make mistake at my last app. she intentionally left me without meds for about 11 days so yes I am in withdrawal till 10 of July so honestly some doctors are monsters in white robe yes I feel like crap but I have to survive and to be more worse my last MRI shows bulging disc l2-l3 I don’t feel my left leg big pain n the lower back where is my titanium implants my 4 spine surgery coming soon so its crazy crazy.

  37. I recently had a back bone fusion which is extremely painful. I was given dillodid in the hospital for 3 days at a very steady pace. I was then given a prescription for 90 Percocet 5/325 and 60 15 mg morphine pill. I was told to take 2 Percocet every 4 hours and a morphine pill in the morning and night. I’ve already had 3 prescriptions of 90 5/325 percocets. I stopped taking the morphine pills. I’m worried about stopping the Percocet and having severe withdraw. I am trying to taper off them now. Will I go thru severe withdraw from being on them for this amount of time. I cold turkey Vicodin pills years ago and it was horrible. Should I expect the same thing from these for this amount of time. I do not abuse them and take them as prescribed due to horror stories and what I went thru with the Vicodin. If someone could give me an insight or suggestion I would greatly appreciate it. Take care everybody and the best of luck.

  38. I have been taking Percocet 10/325 for over 6 years. Used to take “as needed” then it went to 1-2 a day. The last year I have been on OxyContin 30’s 2x a day plus 2-3 percs. The pain is now secondary. I just feel I need the meds to survive my day. But I am always dragging, depressed and cranky. I can’t just drop it cold turkey (both) but have already begun tapering. Just want to kind of know what to expect for symptoms and a time frame. Don’t have a real positive support system here at home. More accusatory instead, like this is what I wanted. Any advice welcome. Thanx

  39. Prescribed Percocet 10’s by the VA three years ago. Started abusing them not as prescribed two months ago. Went off cold turkey on June 6. Had shits today, past two nights figity , depression as well. How much longer can I expect this to last?

  40. I’ve been on Percocet since I had cervical spine surgery in January 2016. I was on 10/ 325 taking it when needed for extreme pain. I was then put on 5/325 as needed. I don’t often take it but there are days I’ll take 2 pills due to pain. I’m experiencing awful itching but it’s not allergy related. Not even Benadryl helps. I even feel a slight burning sensation all over my body together with the extreme itch. It feels like I have things crawling on me from head to toe. I’ve only been taking one Percocet pill and not every day because I want to stop using them. Could my symptoms be related to withdrawals? Help! I’m going crazy ?

  41. What can I take to help ease the symptoms of percocets? I’ve Ben on percocets for over a year and slowly downed the dosage and now I’m not on any at all but the withdrawals are very intense.

  42. I have taken oxycodone for years but only got addicted since October 2015. I was prescribed 10 mgs but boosted it myself to 20 mgs. I took them aboutabout 4 to 5 times daily. Today I’m on my 6thday of withdrawals. My legs are so weak that I can barely walk. I just got home from a 4 day stay in the hospital. How long will this last as I wasn’t addicted for very long? It does make me feel like having the pills would just be easier. I know that’s the wrong attitude but I’m miserable! Thank you for your time.

  43. Hi, ive been taking percocet for 3 yrs, i suffer from cch, better know as suicide headaches, i get 120 a month but run out in 15 or so days, i took my last one two days ago im having aches and pains, i feel uneasy and cant sleep. Is there anything that will help, over the counter? Id do anything to relieve the symptoms. Thanks

  44. I have moved in with my parents to help take care of my 92 year old mother. She had hip replacement surgery that ended up swelling her left leg with all the blood from her body to were she had no pulse. This crushed all the nerves, blood vessels, lymph system etc…. in that leg. The doctors could find no way to control the pain and she has been on Gabapentin and Percocet 5 / 325 up to 6 -7 times a day for 15 years. She has vascular dementia and has fallen and has brain damage and now has brain damage. This changed her pain receptors. We have been able to cut her back to 1/2 a pill in the morning and 1/2 in the after noon and 1 whole one at bed time. I have two differing opinions as how to try and cut her off the medication. I cut the full night time pill in half one week then cut out the 3:00 pill the next week. Her nurse says to now cut out her morning pill only leaving her 1/2 bed time pill. I think this is too fast that maybe we should cut it in half then the bed time in half next. We have been making these changes weekly, one week at a time. Please give me your opinion.

  45. Still trying to taper down got to 12.5 for a week and thought next day will not take none because I woke up feeling good and went a total of 27 hours without the little devils I was awake all night long so back to tampering down slowly prayers needed still in pain even when I take the hydrocodone thanks for listening

  46. I have been taking perks for abot 10 years it started with 1/2 a pill; then 1 whole pill to then 2 to then 3 to now 4 or 5 – i tried to quick cold turkey . daybone was fine but as the days went buy it jist got worst and worst pain and in withdraw symptoms. This is like my 5th time trying to stop I just cant , after the 3rd dor 4 th day i brake down and take them again is loke my pain – imsobnia and withdraw gets worths after day 5. When i think it would get better ? What is up with that? I triedto take Ambiento pit me to sleep during the withdrawperios but afte ri feel that i was going to Od on them i stoped i took 10 and i still could not sleep ! Its just horrible wish i could give them up but i just cant 5 days clean and the body aches a d unconfortableness get worst at this leriod instead of getting better ?????

  47. Well here again trying to quit my hydrocodone pills tried last yr that last just few weeks I have tried cutting them down by 10% each week prayers to anyone trying to quit I do have pain from shoulder problems any one got any new ideas I would like to hear about them getting off them and not going crazy and my family thanks to all I have been on them over 3 yrs on 15 mgs this week already making me shaky

  48. Sally, the best thing to do is wean yourself off slow if you can. Why suffer if you dont have to. Don”t know how many yur taking a day, but try taking one less a day. Good luck!!

  49. I have been taking percocets for about a year . I quit cold turkey for 2 days and third day took 4 perks between 3-5 pm from bad anxiety and stress . I used to take 10 a day. Should I continue going cold turkey now after I did that or should I wean off of them slowly ?

  50. It’s been a week since quitting cold turkey and I still feel somewhat constipated and I feel full. Not necessarily bloated but full. Is this common.

    Thanks for your time

  51. I’ve realized my addiction. That’s the first step right? Well, it started a long time ago. So long in fact, I can’t even remember. 3 1/2 years if I had to guess. Typical, hurt my back at work, got a prescription and got hooked. Once my prescriptions were up, I turned to friends. They aren’t very hard to find. I get them from kids to aging grandparents looking for a few extra bucks. I started out swallowing one at a time, and then 2. When Swallowing them just wouldn’t cut it, I started snorting them. And here I am. I don’t do a lot. I can’t afford a lot. I have bills I still pay, and have a family to support. Through it all I have never forgotten my priorities. But as of late, it seems to have taken command of my life. I go to work, I come home, snort a pill, and do what I need to do, taking time out every so often to do another pill. I guess the back story isn’t as important as now. I want to quit. I need to quit. I have to quit. I tried going cold turkey, and failed after not even 48 hours. Between the pain and anxiety, I gave up. The pain wasn’t even that bad. It may have been more mental than physical, I have a very high pain tolerance. Anyways. I cannot afford to miss time from work, which is a problem. My family depends on me to go to work every day. I can’t save money to take time off work. I just started a new job 6 months ago, so vacation time won’t start for another 6 months. I’ve tried weaning with no success. I can’t just buy a couple a day, that’s not how “they” sell them. I guess as I type this, I realize I need to stop saying cant, and just do. But that is much easier said than done. I guess I just need to know my options. Can I go to a Dr for help? I’m beginning to realize inpatient treatment is my only realistic option of quitting. I just want to use that as a last resort. Is there any other way? Give me a 100 things to try and I will try them all. Sadly I am afraid I will be forced to get submitted to an in-house treatment facility. Please help, thank you for your time.

  52. I was wondering if detox is advisable for a person with the list of pains that I injure on a daily basis. I have lupus, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, and myofascial lumbar pain which makes me feel like I have torn muscles in my shoulders and neck, this is a daily pain for the last five years. I have been using Percocet 10–3 25 for the last two months. I am in constant pain but I understand that this is a controlled substance and didn’t know if it would be wise to detox or need to detox and at what point…

  53. I have been taking oxycodone-acetaminophen for 4weeks for severe back pain. The pain has gone and now must get off them was taking.1 every 4hours. What formula should I use to detox?

    1. Hi, Madelyn. I suggest you speak with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Also, you may seek advice from a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter aids, home remedies and teas to ease withdrawal symptoms. Good luck!

  54. To Melissa
    I was interested in your comment about your boyfriend having a change in taste. I am in day 8 of percocet withdrawal and things taste metallic and nauseating. I’ve lost 7 pounds and now forcing myself to eat frozen juice bars seems to help. I was prescribed 4 10/325 for the past year for Lupus pain. Four months ago, 4 was just not enough to have a busy, satisfying life, so I started taking more and more on demanding days. This past month, I ran 11 days short and am shocked at how severe the withdrawal has been. I’ve been hiding it from everyone. They think I have the flu. I am so embarrassed and so depressed. I can barely get out of bed to wash my face and I look like hell. I have to get back to my life day after tomorrow and am so scared I will not be able to keep up or ever be happy again. I have had 11 surgeries over the past 5 Years due to organ and internal tissue collapse due to the Lupus and was using evil Fentanyl patches to control the pain. They made me so ill that I got angry and tried to quit those cold turkey and almost died. So, the hospital weaned me off those onto the percocet and I thought they were the answer until they stopped working as well. So, now I am in withdrawal and wondering if I should get a refill next week, or just stop. The pain is terrible, but I realize that staying on percocet is futile. Anyone else in this same dilemma?

  55. Hey,
    If anyone regulates this I would appreciate any feedback on the following question:

    My boyfriend is doing great he’s just about finished day 5 and I couldn’t be more proud! He’s unfortunately dealing with an odd symptom. His tastebuds are completely out of whack and everything tastes really weird to him. He has lost a lot of weight from withdrawal symptoms and I can barely get him to drink juice because he says nothing he eats tastes normal, I’ve tried everything. Does anyone know if this is normal and if there is anything we can try to help? As well how long could this last?


  56. My son has been using Percocet for awhile now. He had his last on Tuesday I think. He has had the flu like symptoms but now is becoming very angry. What can I do if anything to help him? He said no to rehab.

  57. I recently detoxed off methodone cold turkey, I was taking 200 mg daily. Now I am taking the prescription drug percocet 10/325 × 4 daily but have been taking 1 a day at 6am and 6pm. Am I any better off. As I do have a pain level of 8+w/o and a 3 or 4 with the meds

  58. Hi, I’ve been taking Perc 10/325 for about 10 years. I was taking 13-15 per day. If you do the math, my script of 120 was done in a week or so and leaving me to black market for LOTS of money each month. I am now on day 14 without any percs. I had suboxone 8/2 strips. I cut strips in half and took 4 pieces over each of the first 2 days, then one day of 3 pieces. I then went to two days of two pieces. I then cut my last strip into 4 pieces and took a 1/4 each day for 4 days. I am on day 3 of ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. At first I was amazed at how easy things were (some diarrhea and lots of sweating ) but the last 3 days have been much rougher. I am in day 2 of the heebie jeebies (anxious and pacing), and diarrhea. I was really tempted to take ONE 10/325 last night but fought it!!!! I am thinking about it again today but am going to continue to fight!!!!!! This route was still much better than going through the withdrawal cold turkey. If I can do this, anyone can. I am 50 year old male with a damn good job, but blowing ALL my money on percs…..needed to end. IF YOU ARE HERE, YOU WANT TO QUIT, PLEASE DO IT!!!!!!

    1. Hi, Bud333. Sorry for the delay. Have in mind that each drug affects every person differently, so withdrawal may vary from person to person. Everything depends on drug dosage, frequency of use, metabolism, the human body itself, diet, etc.

  59. I went to my father, my doctor that I was abusing (I told them between 3-6a day because I was too ashamed to say it was someone 9-12 a day,however as of the last two weeks it usually has only been 6 up to 9a day because I knew I was going to be getting it in the open and knew I was going to go cold turkey) my doctor was really pushing suboxone, methadone, or weaning -I told him I do not want to substitute, I do not want to leave one drug for another, I do not want to TOUCH them again. My doctor shook my hand over hearing this -but I cod tell he knew I was in for a painful battle…
    Is only been 48hours, my joints are sore, my heart racing, anxiety(which had already been an issue for years) and cannot “go ” (getting something for that today)… I need to know -other than Advil, Tylenol, herbal tea with chamomile)(which has been working wonders) and shoving polysporyn up my nose when it’s driving me crazy) anything else that coukd help with the anxiety?? My father is not letting me have my regular anxiety medication because he feels im only asking because I want to substitute it… But I actually really need it and do not want to fight with him I am so weak.
    He just doesn’t see physical symptoms, he doesn’t know what I’m feeling in my body…

  60. Day 1 – 9&1/2 hrs in tired of wanting they needing them loving them. The love affair is over. Came on here wondering what I can expect. Started 5 years ago after first total knee replacement, year later they had to go back in change the disc and tighten something. Walked crooked leg with a cane for 2 yrs. they went back in found out my knee was infected all along, took everything out stuck in another PIC line oh yeah forgot oboist the first PIC line for 8 weeks the first time so back to PIC line # 2 vancomycin for 4 month after they took everything out put in a blocker, got a brace with 5 steel poles running along each side, started with crutches then moved to 2 canes, they started me with 20 mg oxy they were to strong, all I wanted to do was sleep. 4 months later they put everything back in now I’ve been taking 5/325 percocets 6 to 8 a day. I’m do living my life around these little lovers. We must break up, I know it’s going to be one of the hardest things I’m going to have to face but reading most of your comments you give me hope. I have a wonderful husband with lots of patience that is standing by my side, he was really upset when he found out how bad it was but he is willing to go through it with me. Thanks for all your stories.

  61. Hi my son is 26 and I just found out he was smoking Percocet for 6 years everyday at nite he was missing for two days and after looking for him I got a phone call from the hosptial that he went for help he held down a job and you would never know he was doing this until money starting missing I was wondering now wat does his body go thru being he was a user for so long

  62. I’ve been taking 2.5mg of Percocet for 4 months. How hard will it be to stop. Will the withdrawal last long? And how severe will they be

  63. I have been on Percocet for 2 months for shoulder fracture which ahs still not healed. the dt. said stopmeds I stopped about 10 days ago. have abdominal pain diarea which is now like water everytime I eat drink or move it pours out. is this normal withdrawal syptom or could it be mor serios. cant leave home to see dr as I would never get a few feet down my hall without the stuff poring out of me

    1. Hi Dot. I suggest you find a way to see your doctor. You might be at serious risk of dehydration and your doctor can prescribe medications to help control the stomach upset, and even give you a couple of IV’s to restore your body’s hydration level.

  64. I took 6 pills (5/325) a day for 6 weeks after hip replacement, then took 2 pills plus 2 Tylenol (500) for 3 weeks. Side effects of percocet were horrendous so have not taken percocet for 3 days. Now taking 4 of the Tylenol daily. When should my stomach heal?

  65. Hey, I have a question I started taken perc.10 and they were a 60 day supply. I don’t like the way they make me feel so I took my last 60 of the pill day before. So I’m not taken them anymore. I’m getting with draws and I feel horrible is there anything I can do? Thanks

  66. My son is 26 and has been smoking perocets for four years how long will they keep him in rehab n how long will it take for him to feel normal again

  67. How long will it take if I’ve been taking 12 15mg for about a year&1/2. Sometimes more. Should I talk to my doc? Suffer a lot from back & other pains.

  68. Hi my boyfriend is a Percocet consumer but he actually smokes them. Is it the same withdraws I believe his being doing this for almost one year. can his withdraws only last a week?

  69. I have only been taking oxycodone 10 for a week twice a day and stopped.. but I am feeling withdraw symptoms? How long will this last?? I cant sleep and my stomach is achy

  70. mother has been taking endocets for some time..I notice when she does not have then ..she’s complaining of not feeling well no appetite stomach pain and fatigue are these signs of addictive behaviors.. Then when she gets them she up all night and appears to be fine

  71. I was talking percocet 5/325 two to three times a day for a little over a year. I stopped taking them Monday at 10 was my last dose. How bad and long will my withdrawal be? I had surgery on Tuesday and am currently taking vicoden 5/325.

  72. I was taking about 50 mgs of percocet a day for about 2 months for back injuries. I have managed to taper down to 15 mgs a day (3 5mgs) with little withdrawals. Goose bumps and a little nausea which I take care of with Phenergan nausea med. My question is should I continue the taper down to 10 mg (2 pills a day) for another week and then just one 5 mg for another week and stop?

  73. Ive been on Loritab 10’s then percocets, for TEN+ yrs. I had a bad scare last Sat. When I took WAT TOO MANY! I endedvup in the ER. Now, im QUITING COLD TURKEY. How long willb i experience the anxiety & LEG CRAMPS? Do you have ANY advice to help me thru this? PLZ HELP!

  74. I was taking 10/325 three to five a day for over three years. I am on day 10 clean and i am happy to report, I AM FEELING LIKE MYSELF AGAIN!!! Wishing you guys all the best!

  75. I’ve been taking perks for approximately 10_ 12 years. 10mg 325. I moved to another state and can’t get them anymore.I was taking them for a prolonged knee injury. What can I do to feel better.

  76. I’ve been taking percocet 5/325 for a little over a year now. I’ve taken up to 4 a day but I’m now down to 2 . I’m running out and want no more. I have Adderall and zolpidem I could use to ease the withdrawal but I’m wondering how bad this could get for me. I’ve never taken anything else and before my last surgery I haven’t even heard of percocet. I don’t smoke or drink either. I have 2 kids and want to make this as easy for me if possible.

  77. My dr stoped seeing me because i was 10 minutes late to his office i ask him to please cover my perscription that was due september 14 th he denied me my perocet 10 325 and my zanax 2 mg he knowd i was going thru crisis due to my son dying and finding my neice dead in my home in her bed for a seizure and me losing my home i kept asking him to talk and prescribe my meds but he ignorwd me knowing i was gonna be going thru withdrawel no im in the hospital with multible symptoms what should i do i dont have my medication and havent found a doctor yet i have five herniated disc in neck five herniated disc in back 3bulging and deteriating disc AND MY LEFT HIP SIACTIA AND KNEES GIG OUT ANY GIVIN TIME AND SEVERE HIP PAIN I NEED HELP AND CARPAL TUNNEL IN BOTH HANDS AND THUMBS IM A MESS

  78. I didn’t know what was going on with my body. I thought I was dying. This page helped me mentally. Thank you GOD for pointing me here. I was on Percocet for only a couple days (3). I only was taking one 7.5 with robaxin at bedtime. I been off for 48 hours and my body is not my body. I don’t eat, sleep, or feel like myself. I feel so sick and depressed. I was taking them off and on like this only when needed for the last four months. Each time I went through this withdrawal and had no idea what was going on with my body. Is there a better pill alternative without withdrawal and same good pain relief.

  79. I am 5 days off percoset. I was off for 2 weeks then relapsed for 2 weeks taking about 50 mg daily. Still feeling drained no appetite. What is the best thing to do to help?

  80. I been taking percocets regularly, once a day I take 20mg oxycodone at night time for about 5-6 months and I’m feeling like if I don’t get it at night time my head starts hurting and back ache and its not terrible but I figure if I don’t take it. it will be worst but I want to know how badly because I’m feeling like im addicted but I know if the withdrawals is not that bad I can mentally take it, I’ve heard of people that take 200mg a day and I know people who take way more, so to some it up I want to know how bad will my withdrawal be for a person who’s been taking 20mg oxycodone every night for the last 6 months?.

  81. 3:37am as I sit here writing this crying, sweating and shaking, been staring at this comment form for 20 minutes afraid to write the truth, I’m addicted to percoset! I have been taking percoset since November 2013 which was a few months after my back pain first started but only after I exhausted every option before having to have surgery one of 3 very painful and extensive surgeries the last of which was July 2015. I am finally free from pain but can’t seem to lower or stop taking percoset even though I desperately want to! I have always suffered from anxiety and depression which is now so severe as I’ve tried to lower my dose. I see a pain management specialist for my meds and have told him all about my withdrawal issues and he doesn’t seem to want to take me off yet but I really NEED to get off this stuff. I have never felt so anxious, moody, depressed, sweaty, shaky in my life! Someone out there please help me. I’m afraid to tell my husband or parents how bad I feel for fear of scaring them.

    1. Hello Momof2. Facing such a situation is scary, but you are stronger than you think. After some thinking you took the courage to write this post, and that’s a great beginning. Quitting Percocet takes some motivation and persistence, and I believe that a structured detox, withdrawal and treatment management plan will help you greatly. Your doctor should know that the best thing for you is to slowly and gradually decrease doses over the course of several weeks or months. It would be great if you can enter a treatment facility where your state will be monitored 24 hours a day by professional medical staff. You can either ask your doctor for referral or search for adequate treatment here:

  82. i have been takeing percocet for 3 years and i just took my last pill today at 3 i have been taking 2 percocet 10/325 everyday for the past 3 years my dr perscribed me amitriptyline 10mg to take at night to help for pain and sleep. does or actually can anyone give me some suggestions on about how long my withdrawls will last

  83. I have been on Percocet and Vicodin for 2 weeks exactly, I kept slowly increasing my dose for pain (I had surgery) to about 60mg daily and I stopped yesterday afternoon. I have had horrible symptoms right now. I feel something is crawling under my skin, sweating like crazy, lethargic, depressed, SO achy and sore (especially legs and back), chills, shaky, insomnia, extreme anxiety. How long with this last???

  84. I have been taking this medication for 6 months before that they had me taking hydrocarbon 7.5 3 times a day. I have back issues that is why I take the medication. But I had shots in my back and I’m feeling better. I have taken myself down to 2 pills a day. I just want to stop taking them. I just feel as if I don’t know if my pain level is real or the medication. Will I be ok just to stop taking then?

  85. I was seeking some peace of mind. I have taken anywhere from 10 to 25mg of percocet in the past two weeks with a one day break in the middle of the week all for an elboe surgery i had. I have taken somewhat less the past couple days. My last dose was yesterday around 11 pm. Today at about 3pm I started experiencing a runny nose.. I took 2.5mg of percocet and it seemed to help. I am wondering that was the beginning of withdrawals and I will have more to come after my prescription runs out or if you all think I be ok.. I am healthy and lift weights at least 3 or 4 times a week and have an above par diet, I’m not sure if that makes any difference.. thank you for your help

  86. Hello I had a knee replacement and was persued Percocet 10 mg every 4 hours and 20 mg when I go to therapy 3 times a week. Then I lowered to 5 miligrams every 4 hours. Then I went to 10 mg three times a day and 1 at therapy. This Mon I got off Percocet and went to Advil 400 mg every 6 hours. It’s we’d and I’m feeling very any and I feel like my heart is racing. I take 5 mil of ambien for sleeping sence I already had problem sleeping due to sugery. I don’t take it all the times just when I really need it. I also have xanax for my anxiety I only take it when I’m really bad but have not taken it this week. Should I stay on track of change something. Need advice.

  87. Angela if you have just gotten out of hospital I stared on hydrocodone I year and half ago and if the DR had just told me how hard it was going to be to get off I would never had started taking them and hydrocodone are a lot less strong than what your taking .I have arthritis i dont know why you here in hospital but you need to quit taking them as soon as you can but if your in pain talk with your DR I had to cut my pills
    down to 7.5 a day was taking 40 mgs a day the longer your on them the harder it will be to get off .Good luck and may GOD help you

  88. Hello – I’m on day 8 of taking either one 5-325 or 7.5-325 percocet every 3-4 hours. Once in a while I’ll take two. This is the first time that I’ve ever been prescribed Percocets and, actually, i was prescribed them after i was discharged from the hospital (which included 6 days of receiving oxycodone every 4 hours). I suppose that counts as 15 days of use. I’m noticing that my prescribed percs aren’t really effective anymore (i took 2 two hours ago and the pain in my leg is still there). The comments that I’ve read are usually from longterm users. Should I expect to experience withdrawals at the same intensity as the longterm users?

  89. I’ve taken pain meds for the past 7 years for chronic back pain and arthritis in my knee. I started out talking lowertab and since my dr has changed it to percocet 10/325 6-8 a day. My perception is for 1-2 every 4-6hrs not to exceed 8 a day. I’m at the point where I’m just done I feel as though they’re controlling my life. Within an hour of waking up every morning I’m already experiencing withdrawal symptoms and so I take the medicine because I fear the effects of the withdrawals. So long story short I’m really scared to go through the withdrawal process because I don’t know what I’ll do in place of the pain? I’m thinking of just sleeping it off over this next week and dealing with the withdrawals on my own. Do you have any advice for me so I’m not too I’ll while going through the withdrawals? Thank you kindly, Lexi

  90. I posted 5 days ago. I didn’t think I could make it without the percocet!! All day long I battled the thoughts of percocet. I didn’t realize how dependant I had become.
    I was on a mental “downer”. I have had diarrhea the whole week. I had trouble sleeping. I felt nauseous. Despite feeling all these uncomfortable symptoms, I survived! Yesterday I had appointment with the pain Dr. I battled my mind again! I could have easily asked for a refill. As I sat in the waiting room I almost had a panic attack. I finally decided to do the right thing! I told him I was having a good day, and did not need a refill!!! When I walked out of there I held my head high and knew I did was right for me. I encourage you to also do what is the right thing for you. The withdrawals are painful and miserable but you can get through it. Keep persevering.

    1. Hello Vee. Thank you for following up and writing a positive and motivating comment. People going through the same really need encouragement and to know that it will be over soon. I’m sure many will find your input helpful.

  91. I have been taking prescribed percocet for chronic pain. Five days ago instead of calling for a refill, I decided to withdraw. I have felt run down and unmotivated. Yesterday, which was 4th day, I felt nauseous, headache, and diarrhea. I took advil pm but still woke up frequently. I hope I don’t get too depressed.

  92. I’ve been talking 40-60 mgs of oxycodone for pain per day for management after three surgeries for 3 1/2 years. I’m tired of being on it and my prescription has run out. I’m on day four of no oxy. I’m doing by myself. I feel like shit but still managing to function. How much worse do you think it will get. After that long on the drug, do you think I need professional help. Paul

    1. Hi Cheryl. Are you withdrawing currently from Percocet or the effects you describe are post-acute withdrawals and you have already quit the medication completely?

  93. Sadly, I just recently found out my fiancé is taking 60mg of percocet a day and I have no idea how to deal with this. He is a recovering heroin addict however during that time of his life we weren’t together yet. Im so devastated about this I can’t stop crying. I only found out because his behavior completely changed drastically I started to catch on and I couldn’t hold it together anymore. I finally flipped out and asked whats going on and he broke down. I need to know what kind of ride I’m in for we have six kids I work I’m in school and can’t even begin to fathom how this is going to take a toll in my life. PLEASE HELP!

    1. Hi Emily. You are clearly in need of professional medical help and counseling. I’d suggest you call our trusted treatment provider on the number displayed on the site to review your options and move towards resolving the problem.

  94. I started taking percocet for total knee replacement surgery. I was given percocet in the hospital and left taking two every four hours for the first couple of days, then I took one 10 mg. every three hours. I did this for six weeks. I then stopped taking them at night, becauseI felt the pain was better and I did not need the med. After a couple of days, the withdrawal side effects started. Severe diarrhea,naseau, sweats, shakes, sick to my stomach. I went back to the surgeon yesterday and he said to take one 10 mg. in the morning and one in the evening. I am so sick in between, I don’t think I can make it. He suggested a half dosage of Xanax .5 twice a day to make the withdrawal easier, plus Ibuprophen 600 mgs. My stomach feels like it has been ripped apart and it is hard to do physical therapy for my knee. Can you help me?????


    1. Hi Sherry. You can also ask your doctor to help you create a more slow and gradual tapering schedule. Going off more slowly will create far less intense withdrawal symptoms, and the few that do occur can be managed with the help of over-the-counter medications like the ones you are currently using.

  95. I was put on endocet 3times daily after leaving hospital following total knee replacement. I stopped after 20’days on my own, as the pain was tolerable. I am now hardly able to sleep more than 3-4 hours a night and even then with .25 Zanax, have no appetite and exhausted. Could this be withdrawal after 14days. Any response would be welcome

  96. I’ve been on percocet for about 2 months due to a third degree tear on my AC left shoulder a fractured rotator Cup and pulled ligaments. its a workmans comp so I’m still waiting for the approval for my surgery. my shoulder is still in pain but I’ve been trying to get off the percocet because I have detoxed off norcos oxy vicodin and all three of those were pretty brutal I was told that percocet was easier to get off than those 3. its been 2 days and I can’t sleep I’ve been up for 36 and a half hours. that’s the only side effect that I’m having the reason for is because I had leftover Norco and I also have xanax for anxiety. I can’t seem to sleep even though I’m really tired. do you have any advice

  97. my name is Ashley almost a year ago I had kidney stones and that’s when I started taking percocets… I started taken at least 30 milligram in the beginning and now I take almost 70-80 milligrams every single day.. When I don’t have them I feel terrible I don’t wanna be bother with anyone, I try and sleep all day but I just can’t relax!! End as soon as I pop two or three perks I feel way better… I really want to stop! I have two boys one is about to be 1 yrs old next week and the other one will be 3 in October.. Now if I stop taking them cold turkey could I died from it?? I been reading so much about this, it has me so scared idk Wat to do!!… Please help me

    1. Hi Ashley. No, cold turkey Percocet is not a good idea. Ask your doctor to help you create a tapering schedule that will take you off percs gradually and slowly, thus lower serious body reactions. Also, your doctor can prescribe medications or suggest OTC’s that can treat withdrawal symptoms as they occur and make the process much more comfortable. You can try doing relaxing things, maybe take up yoga classes, enjoy warm baths, drink chamomile tea, listen to relaxing music, engage in enjoyable summer activities and basically do whatever helps you relax without having to take percocet.

  98. This answers all my questions and is extremely complete. If I ever have to take percocet again I will keep this information in mind and handle my stopping more appropriately. Thanks so much.

  99. I been snorting percs for about a year now and I need to stop no as I just dont no how am 25 years old and when I dont have a perc ill start my withdrawal with my nose hurting really bad as if theres a nife stabbing me in my nose my left side of my face like my eye will get swallen and my left eye bloodshot then my whole body will fill like I cant move horrible back pain and anxteity very bad and I tried sub for the first time tnite and its like wow it totally cut my me wanting pills and my nose does not hurt no bk pain but as this wears off thn what do I do will the symtops come bk plz any one can you plz help me???

  100. I’ve been on Percocet for about 7 years I quit 2 days ago cold turkey and feel bad in my stomach and can’t sleep I didn’t know what was wrong then I realized no pain pills! I come to this site to see how long I’m going to feel like heck?

  101. Ive been taking perocet 10/325 maybe like 4 or 5 times a day and I just got off cold turkey 2 days ago! I’m really weak tired and lightheaded ALOT PLEASE CAN SOMEONE HELP ME figure out how long this process will last I’ve only been taking this for about 2 to 3 months everyday! Should I consult with my physician! Thank you

    1. Hi Tiffany. Yes, for any unwanted side-effects you should inform and consult with your doctor. He may be able to adjust the dose, so that it’s just right for you, or he may switch you to another medication to eliminate the fatigue you are experiencing.

  102. Been taking20mls of OxyContin twice a day for over 10 years works good for chronic back pain have to change time I take still get fidgety and eat med marijuna at to sleep had distal bisip surgey they gave me percocet useing only when need I dont take more than I’m sposedt to Alan’s been veery good about that starting to get real fighter only taking half to hole as least as can for pain looking for help I dont likei it been taking the OxyContin so long proudly can’t stop the percote makes worse in pain need help!


  103. Not sure how I got myself into This ..but I did ..Someone gave me a few one night and it went from there. I been eating 3 to 5 a day …perk 10. I been thinking about trying to stop and just couldn’t . Recently I had to take a drug test for life insurance and I figured this one my time to make a move. I’m on my 8 the cold turkey…and all incan say this hasn’t been very easy….day 1.2.3 I will never wish this on any one . I have been pushing myself to stay strong with the support of my wife im going to lick this…and I’m not going back…ever…the question I have is when will These symptoms stop…I don’t feel myself at all …really bad heart I feel like I’m in a fog and and I no the one feeling is where kind I find a pill.

  104. I began taking Tylenol 3 & then Tylenol 4 due rheumatoid arthritis pain from 1990 – 2012. In June 2012 I was in a severe car accident and began percocet 5-325. By July 2013 it was upped to 10-325. I never took more than the prescribed dosage which varied from 3-5 pills a day depending how long the epidural back injections were helping. Now my RA is totally under control and my April 30th epidurals display great so on May 11th I stopped all pain meds. Now I am nauseous, my legs are extremely weak & I have a constant headache. Could this be withdrawal? If so how much longer will it last? (3 days last week I couldn’t get up off the floor I was so weak.) What cam I do to feel better besides going back to the meds I don’t need right now? Thank you so much!

    1. Hi Debra. Physical withdrawal is usually over the period of 1-3 weeks, but their duration differs from person to person. To treat the symptoms you are currently experiencing try massage therapy and acupuncture, which have shown some promise in clinical trials in treating symptoms of Percocet withdrawal. Additionally, you can treat your withdrawal with flu and cold medications you can easily get at the pharmacy. Ginger and peppermint teas can address symptoms of nausea and gastro intestinal upset. Lastly, many people recommend hot baths, hot pads, and hot/cold creams during Percocet withdrawal to address muscle aches.

  105. I have been doing p’s for almost 3 years now. I first got introduced to them by my roomates. We snorted them to get high. I loved the way it made me feel. We didt want 5mg 7.5mg 10mg or even 15mg we wanted the perc 30’s. At first it only took me half of a p30 to be faded all day long. Over time it got worse. I am now driving at least 2 hrs a day to pick up hundreds of Percs. I sell some of them but mostly me and my boyfriend snort them. I do close to 10 p30’s a day just to feel normal. I want to quit but I know my withdrawals will be far worse then half the people on here. I have some suboxone to help me. This is gonna be a long couple weeks for me to say the least. Any tips would be appreciated. I also have fibro so my pain gets pretty bad. I’m only 20 years old. I want this hell to end.

  106. Hi i been taking oercocet about a year i wanna stop taking them asap ,, i have feel a change in my body … I feel like if i dont take one i cant start my day & i get sooooo moody if i dont use… I have a question are they change of heart attack once u start using ?

    1. Hello Dee. Before you attempt anything, you should see your doctor and get examined. Percocet withdrawal symptoms appear as the drug leaves your system, but any health risks can be prevented if the doctor runs some tests and has a good idea of your general health condition. Of course, I always recommend slow taper instead of quitting cold turkey.

  107. Hi. I’m a U.S. Army veteran. I am 80% disabled for mental, back, ankle injuries sustained in the military. I’ve seeked treatment at the VA near me for the past 4 years due to my back and knee/ankle chronic pain. They prescribed me 400 mg ibuprofen. Of course that didn’t work it just upsets my stomach. I’ve told my doctor mulitiple times my body is in chronic pain from the army. He said the va is trying to keep vets off pain meds. So I am ashamed to say I seeked out meds illegally and found Percocet. I’ve been using them for about 1.5yrs now pretty much daily and most days I take up to 80-100mg minimum. I use the micro percs without Tylenol. Usually the 30mg or 15mg. I’m trying to cold turkey them as of yesterday. Last night I woke up around 3AM with stomach cramps and started getting bad diarreah. Today I am in and out of the bathroom and cold sweating so bad it feels like I’m literally on my death bed. I took a 15 mg perc just a bit ago to ease it. I know that I shouldn’t have but I’m alone and scared. I’m so ashamed of myself for getting addicted to Percocet but my body is so beat up and in chronic pain from
    Serving in the infantry with the army and the VA seems to not believe me. I just want to basically hear that I’m going to be ok and some words of wisdom. I hope these symptoms don’t last too long. I’m proud to have served my country with the Airborne Infantry but I’m more ashamed I seeked pain meds illegally to help my pain. Thank you all.

  108. hi.
    My question is that my doctor prescribed something that would ease my withdrawal symptoms. I am tired and a little diarea. Other than that I feel pretty good. I had several surgeries over the last few yrs and became addicted, one of the surgeries was gastric bypass, so my question is because I don’t absorb
    Like other people is that why I don’t have severe symptoms?
    Thank you

  109. Hi, I am very ashamed of the addiction I have had. I’ve been taking 5 1 mg percosets a day for about 10 months now. Started when I had a miscarriage last year. I started using and found myself becoming depended on it to start my day. I want to stop. And I have been doing some research on line. My question is. Is it better to slowly stop taking them. Like reducing the amount I intake a day. Or should I just go cold turkey. I’m s ares and nervous and o have told no one one about this. I’m worried I won’t handle the withdrawals I’ve been reading about. Is cold turkey safe? I have two jobs should I take off a couple of days and start cold turkey. Please any advise will help.

  110. hello i have been on perks for over 5 years 6 to 8 a day and some times i even sniffed a few because it would kill the pain in 15 mins not a hr or 2 now i have just stopped but did go forn 6 to 8 a day to 3 a day for the last week then one a day for a few days, now 9 days later i still feel like crap no energy a few mins on my feet and im run down and i have a nasty taste in my mouth for days how long is this going to last? and info would help full… thanks

  111. I’ve been on 5mg of Percocet a day for about 2 months from an injury sustained. I’m on day 4 w/out them. I’m having small panic attacks, diarrhea, and anxiety with some depression. How much longer will this last? Ready to feel normal again.

  112. I was on Percocet for about a 16 days. I’ve stopped last night and today I have diarrhea . How long will this last?

    1. Hi Bill. It won’t be too long before it’s all over. Don’t forget to drink lots of water, since diarrhea may dehydrate you. Also, go to the nearest pharmacy and buy an over-the-counter medicine that can treat diarrhea and GI tract disturbances. The medication should take care of the unpleasant symptoms.

  113. Ok, i take a mix of oxy and perks like i have 40s and 80s those are the oxy and the 30s are the perks. Daily i probably take roughly around 210mg to 300mg its crazy just seeing that well anyways thats daily for three years now and still going. My biggest fear is the WD and the pain that comes along with it. Already I’m suffering through chills and like hot flashes when i don’t take the unnecessary dose. Its heart wrenching to me because i have children and i remember how i was before this i had my own energy didn’t depend on these to do any stupid thing as in do the dishes or go out to buy something. Can you imagine if i feel like i go through bad WD each few hours i don’t take the dose i take because i take them so much i guess my body depends on it more frequently. My thing is how bad do you think it’ll be for me its too much to try to do this at home i need some proffesional help right? I really would like to try at home since its very crazy expensive. Any like over the counter i can take or maybe any tricks or hacks anybody knows anything will help. Please keep rude comments to yourself all I’m looking for is just some advice thanks.

  114. Thank you for you kind words. Unfortunately I relapsed since I couldn’t find suboxone anymore and I honestly felt the drs and hospitals didn’t do a darn thing because they “didn’t accept my.Insurance” I am not doing as many as before. However, I feel that with this kind of situation all the drs are looking for are cash patients to make money off of.

  115. Hi Haley. On day 10 the worst part should be over. Of course you can consult your doc and maybe get a prescription for a short-term tramadol use, but you can also treat most symptoms with regular over-the-counter medications and herbal remedies. Stay strong, Haley! You can make it!

  116. I’m on day ten of perc 30s wds. I was taking 10 to 14 30s a day. I had some help with withdrawal with buying suboxone on the street. But I still feel awful. I was using for 4 years. Can a Dr prescribe me tramadol? Or am I too far into my withdrawal to get help still?

  117. Hi everyone. Never thought I would be here. Like many I didn’t realize I had a problem until it was too late. I’m a normal 33 year old mom of 2 beautiful teenage girls. I sell insurance…a great and well respectable job. Recently remarried. I guess I have a picture perfect life to some. I am on day 7 of no percs. I didn’t have pain…just decided to try a few to help get me thru the everyday hectic schedule. Gave me the energy to make it thru. Took away the stress. Felt amazing. I noticed I was having to take more and more. Did I mention, no one knew? And still no one knows. It’s really hard going thru the withdrawals alone. I guess that’s why I’m here. Everyone’s story helps so much. It gives me hope. I feel like I’m dying inside and so alone. Definitely feeling better, but the last 7 days have been hell. I still have the urge. I want one so bad. I keep thinking just one….but I know better. I have the addictive personally unfortunately. I feel like a horrible person. Every one would be so disappointed in me….and in shock. Guess I needed to vent. Thanks to all for ur stories. It really does help others. Good luck to all. I look forward to seeing ur updates. Stay strong and thanks again.

  118. I’ve been taking about 90mg of Percocet a day for about a year a half… I wanted off it as soon as I realized I had an issue. But my mindset was ” well Nick, you have to work… Can’t afford a week off work…” Which screwed me in the end… It ruined my life. I was living with someone I thiught I loved who had prescriptions coming out his ass… Anyway I got hooked on Percocet 30mg… Would take 3 to 4 a day to feel “NORMAL” so messed up… I lost my personality, my friends. my job.. I removed myself from him and the city we were in. I’m going through detox. It. Is. Awful. I took a methadone thinking it was helping me when honestly it was just prolonging the inevitable… It’s been about 2 weeks but I’m nervous the methadone put me back to square one. It was a 10mg and I took it two days ago… I don’t have symptoms anymore… I’m too smart to know I’m not out of the woods… This blog has helped me a lot… Hope is what I need. I’m now living in solitary… Scared to do anything until I’m “better” from symptoms. What do you guys think?

  119. Hi Sadie. Most cases peak at 72 hours and resolve within 7-10 days. Hold on!!! And seek medical intervention for symptomatic treatment which can make the process less uncomfortable. I wish you the best.

  120. Michelle , I just wanted to let u know that I was taking 5-6 5mg &10 mg per day it’s 5:22 am & I’m on my 60 hr without the drug , right now I have a slight headache , diarrhea chills , insomnia but all low doses , last night and the night before was crucial , I wasn’t sure if I make it , but I did and I am , I have my family support and if it wasn’t for that I wouldn’t been able , I’m tired I hate the fact that no pain doctor or ext proscribed me pills I was just bored and it was something to do , for 3 months straight I was taking them and stop cold turkey it was hard , I couldn’t understand how you feel but I know this the longer you’ve been taking the longer the withdrawal , but trust me after this pass 60 hrs I still feel much better than when I started , it’s one day at a time it won’t be easy but there is light at the end of the tunnel , may the lord bless u

  121. hi so I’m actually on the 50 hr without percs or oxys , I’m going through withdrawl hot & cold flashes a little diarrhea insomnia can’t stay still , I just wanted to know if my case was considered extreme , to see how long I’m actually ganna go through withdrals i started taking them in June everyday not really into them off and on til Sept which its seems like since then I was taking 5-6 5 mg or 10mg per day off course some accession I took half of the 10mg , about 2 wks ago I dropped to 3 percs a day Saturday at 830 I took my last half of perc or oxy is my situation serious am I going to have to suffer wks at a time or am I at my peak or does it get worst during or after 72 hrs…..please help

  122. I can’t live like this any more but I don’t have the support to quit. My family doesn’t understand. I’ve asked them for help so many times but have been denied. Told to get over it…to suck it up. In January of this year I gathered my family together and begged for help with my child while I detoxed. They said they would. And did on and off for a week. I don’t take as much as most people I know or those I see posting about their addictions. But I have been using for 8 years. I take 5mg percocet 2 to 5 a day. Most days taking 10 to 15mg. Every time I try to detox the withdrawal last so long that I just give up. I can’t be sick for months and not be able to take care of my child, work, prepare meals and do house work. I’m always home alone with my child. Any advice for a single mother who is desperate to get better?

  123. just popped my last 2 10’s…. 2 years of 100mil plus a day. tried stopppin before but restlessness and insomnia was brutal. wish me luck. never touching the crap again.

  124. Hi Marie. Talk to your doctor and your gynaecologist about ways to minimize the risk for you and your baby. I’m sure they’ll taper you down from the oxycodone first and find the best solutions to help you if you experience any withdrawal symptoms.

  125. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I’m ashamed to say I’ve been taking oxycodone for awhile and I need help on what I should do to stop please email me and do u think my bad decision hurt my baby ?? Please help !

  126. First of all thank you. I have been on oxycodone for decade. My doctor will no longer prescribe it or help me wean off. What can I expect? Is there something I can do to ease the WD?


  127. Hi Kim. It’s amazing how our bodies are addaptive. It’s crucial to our survival, but at the same time our bodies get easily acusomed to the presence of substances. Medications such as Nalotxone, Clondine, and Methadone are given to patients to help shorten withdrawal, ease symptoms, and help take care of drug craving and dependence. Buprenorphine is commonly prescribed in recent years and the primary medication for Percocet withdrawal.

  128. I took 40mg of percocet for 10 days in Sept(the 8th -the 18th and just finished my 10th day this month, yesterday. I didn’t think I could become used to something so quickly. but I am having a lot of symptoms today. I feel horrible. is there anything over the counter that helps?

  129. I have been using perks for over a year. I would take a small chunk from a thirty after work. I lost my job in august. Have been taking it more often. It takes me 2 days to go through 1 thirty. Need to stop. What kind of withdrawal can I expect?

  130. Hi Maria. Congradulations on stopping the pills. What you’re experiencing is normal. Withdrawal symptms usually mimic those of a severe flu, but shouldn’t last more than a week or so.

  131. Hey im on my second day of stoppin my pain pill the first day i felt like i was dyein now the second day i feel like i have the flu stuffy nose aches weak is this normal 🙁 when will this stop

  132. My son was in a bad MVA 4 months ago. He has been off percoset for 20 days. He went to the ER 2x for bad abdominal pains. The last few days he had been feeling good, and even worked out at the gym yesterday. Last night he woke up with agonizing pain in his non-injured hip. He was screaming and crying. He went the the ER and they said he was still withdrawing (20 days later) because his pupils were dilated. They only gave him naproxen. Has anyone experienced this type of setback 20 days later? Is this normal? I am not sure if something is really wrong with his hip and he should go to a different hospital for a second opinion. Thank you for your help.

  133. Robert I’ve been taking percent for over 10year I have cancer and the paian just don’t go away right now I’m going through withdrawn I’m in so much pain is there any think that could help please let me know don’t know how much more I can take

  134. I have wrote this here before,but I want to help fellow addicts
    Kratom,which can be bought online, took away all withdrawl symptoms and I stress ALL.
    It is fairly cheap.
    I am clean from 12 5mg Oxys a day for 5 weeks now.
    My prescription. Would last for two weeks and then it was the black market .
    My 5 year addiction is gone and my wife is extremely happy. As all addicts I did not realize what they did to me and those around me. If you can’t get it in the U.S. You can get it in Canada. For now it is completely legal.
    I had tried to quit before but the. Withdrawls were too much ,KRATOM saved me

  135. Hi Everyone I feel I need to write this to try and help out anyone who is going through this terrible withdrawal. I was taking percs for like 5 years off and on, but the last 3 years I have taken them daily. I would take as many as I had and could not function without them. I went back to school and would have to make sure I had enough pills to get me through my classes. I just finished my summer semester and had a week off. I quit taken them 13 days ago and I took 2 tramadols(one in the morning and one before bed) the first 2 days then went to 1 for 2 days and then none. They definitely helped me out with my withdrawals. I had chills, restlessness, and went to the bathroom at least 10 times a day. The worst for me was the stomach aches. It felt like I had a virus. In the first week I even felt depressed. But I have to say IT WILL GET BETTER!!! I am on day 13 and by day 8 I felt great!!!!!!! Everyday will get easier don’t give up! I am so glad I quit them and I am feeling like my old self again. Good Luck and God Bless!!!!

  136. I’ve been taking ton of percs for over ten years. My current dose is at least 10 10/325 jist to be normal. The well is drying up and my biggest problem is i cant work im so sick. Any advice on what to do so that i can work? I have all the symptoms from vomit to chills and sweats to severe body pain to zero energy. Need some help.

  137. Just started day 8 coming off 12 a day percs. My feet ache only at night so I have been before bed soaking them in hot water and then immediately putting them into ice water bath. It works and gets me through the night. Since May 28 I have done 3 major withdrawals. I was on at the start of my first withdrawal 240 to 275 mg a day taking 3 20 mg of immediate release oxys every 6 hours. I was taking this for 1.5 years. My doctor actually gave me 3 days of percs when I told her to stop the heavys to wean off this dose. Luckily I had two full bottles of percs and for two months I continued with 60 mg a day just to stabilize a bit before completely quitting. So it’s day 8 today. I’m feeling depressed and I am still getting some hot and cold flashes. I’m 52 years old and am wondering how long will the depression last and or the remaining symptoms?

  138. I have been on Percocet for the last 5 years or more. I lost my job and with it my insurance. This was a good way to force the time to stop. Friday will make two weeks since my last one. The tingles and numbness is driving me batshit crazy. Not being able to escape the pain for even a little while doesn’t help either. I start a new job in about two weeks and just want this to be over. It is one of those time things that you just have to get through I know. I dont like it but I know it is just a matter of suffering through it. Smoking was just as bad and I dont want to pick up drinking to get relief from the pain. Life is fun eh.

  139. Thank you for your comments. On the eighth day of stopping the 7.325 mg of percoset every four hours round-the-clock for knee pain, my worst symptoms have subsided.
    I feel queasy, tired, and everything aches. Constipation continues to be a problem and the thought of taking more Milk of Magnesia makes me want to check out.
    This is the worst period of my entire life as I have never used any prescription drugs, alcohol, etc.
    I hope people think twice before going beyond two weeks on percoset. What awaits is nothing but hell that you will not want to survive. I was so ill that I didn’t want to stay alive and I am usually and energetic, positive person who walks and reads every day. Until this nightmare medicine is out of my system, I can only sit and wonder if I dare to take in food again.
    I probably won’t post again as I am wanting to close out what I just experienced but thought it might give others some insight. My orthopedic surgeon said yesterday that I am suffering from nerve pain and prescribed nerve pain. Total knee replacement is the most brutal surgery you can opt for and I would never, never do it again. Every step I take, eleven weeks out causes knee pain. Good Luck to everyone.

  140. Depends how long and how much you were taking
    I took up to 60mg a day for almost 5 years it’s been 12 days and I feel tired and get depressed
    My first week I took kratom with no side effects at all

  141. Hi Jules. Withdrawal symp[toms from Percocet usually peak around 2-3 days after you stopped taking the medication, but can last for as long as a week. If these symptoms persist, you may need to get doctor’s help.

  142. I took percoset for 11 weeks, 3 days, every four hours. I had a total knee replacement and was in severe pain. Last Tuesday at 5pm, I took my last percoset dose 7.325 mg at 5pm. The dose before that was 5am the day before. I didn’t exactly taper off.

    Last week, beginning on Wednesday, I experienced some of the most uncomfortable physical symptoms of my life: nausea, sore stomach, extreme vomiting, diarrhea (from Wednesday through Saturday) cold flashes, hot flashes – I couldn’t regulate my body temperature.

    It has been five days. Given the time I took it, do you think the symptoms will subside soon? The emergency room staff (I had to go there because of difficulty breathing) prescribed ondansetron for nausea and vomiting.

    Please give me an idea of how long I will feel this ill. Thank you.

  143. Day 10 off Percy’s and oxy just feeling very tired
    First week I took kratom and had absolutely no withdrawl symptoms and I mean no diarrhea ,no sleeplessness etc

  144. hey, ive been off the percocets for 5 days now. I have been doing them for 1 year now and only been severe for the past 5-6 months. The last 5-6 months i have been doing 10-12 percs a day and didnt notice how bad i had gotten until friday when i couldn’t go out with my friends because i hadn’t taken any percs yet. So i decided then and there that i was done and it was time to quit. My question is what can i do to help myself at night? the past few nights have been the worse ive ever experienced. im good in the day time then night time hits and im a train wreck, i get all depressed and can’t even lay in my bed with out having to get up and walk around or even sometimes burst out crying because its so bad. If anyone can help me please do, i called my doctor but they are busy for another month and don’t think i can wait :/.

  145. Hey everyone. If you are here that means you’re mind is in the right place. I have been through w.d 3 times. The 2nd was the most intense. I was bed ridden for 2 days and then my desire to pretty much just live came back. I relapsed as addicts do and was doing anywhere from 5-10 a day for a few months. I’m a week removed now and I have a little restlessness and my sleeping is weird but I am getting 6-7 hours a night with the help of Advil pm. The hardest part is the anxiety and fighting off the depression. This is the hardest part in my opinion. It’s so easy to let yourself be eaten up with negative thoughts. I lost my apartment my job and a very good relationship with a loved one becaue of my relationship with this terrible drug. Just plow through this and do it for no one but yourself. Stay active. I’ve been in the gym everyday even when I feel I cannot go I make myself. I’m waiting for all symptoms to pass and I’ll be out looking for a job and to rebuild my life. Stay strong everyone. You can do it. Seems like most people on here aren’t addicts so I thought some devilish perspective would help soothe you.

  146. Hey guys, Long story short I broke my L1 vertibre in a accident. I was perscribed viks in the beginning and took them for over 6 months.. Then i Hated taking something for the pain everyday reguarly. Ive always smoked pot, So i put down the viks and smoked when i had any pain. I had no withdrawl form viks.. well I went three years strong no meds. Then a Ex-friend now introduced me to Percocet. BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE NO JOKE… I STRONGLY RECOMMEND NEVER TAKING THEM FOR MORE THEN 2WEEKS. THEY COMPLETLY CONSUME YOU AFTER TIME AND U NEED THEM TO FEEL AND FUNCTION NORMAL EVERYDAY. For the past 6 month I have tried to quit so many times and now im about 84 yrs into Cold turkey withdrawl… If u know percocets u know the symptoms of withdrawl. This time what is the hardest to handle is the cramps and constint runs to the bathroom.. unreal feeling… I strongly Recommend tappering off if u can for less of a withdrawl feeling as I feel as Im going to cave in and get a perc30 to feel better but in my case i have no $ left and the little devils took everything I love and Enjoy away from me.. So im determined to not get 1 just to fell better for 1 day when im thinking the long run.. I dont want suboxone or anything else to help Bc I want to be clean not swap drugs bc i know ppl who cant go a day without suboxone.. For the past yr ive done 1 maybe 2 perc 30’s a day if u dont know what those r u shouldnt even be on here. No offense.. Ive splet maybe 4 hrs in the past 84 hrs.. im so tired and cant eat for crap.. This withdrawl for me Truely stops my life I cant go out what so ever bc of the crampping and runs. Gross i know but everyone will experiance it .. Im here just trying to go day to day and do this for my future not for the moment .. Anyone would like to talk about it please feel free for I am alone in this ordeal

  147. I have been on Percocet 10 mg for about 3 months and I was totally taking more than was prescribed. I took 6-8 pills a day and found myself running out early. My pain Dr. gave me Toradal 50 mg which I also took more than was prescribed. During this I was having injections for Lumbar pain so It was not hard to get another Percocet prescription and I continued to misuse as usual. I am a recovering alcoholic with 6 years of sobriety so I know I have an addictive personality. Now I am stopping everything cold turkey and was wondering how long the withdrawal will last being as I have only been using a few months? Can anyone let me know if they have had a similar experience?

  148. Hello Angela. Opioid substitution therapies like methadone or buprenorphine are one option after detox from Percocet. But the combination of compulsion with pain management is a complicated one. I’d suggest that you seek medical advice from an addictions specialist MD, psychiatrist, or a psychologist who can advise you on best practices in both withdrawal to address high levels of tolerance for opioids as well as dose management…and the psychological aspects of use. More information here:

    Or check out this publication: Managing Pain & Coexisting Disorders: Using the Addiction-Free Pain Management Treatment System

  149. I have been taking Percocet for almost two years. Before that, I was taking Vicodin. A bad car accident almost 7 years ago. I was prescribed by my family doctor and then pain management. I have always abused them… ALWAYS.. for equal reasons, to get high and to keep my pain level low. I was taking 5mg of Percocet and Vicodin, but would always take 3-4 at one time because I do have severe pain… so I depend on them for pain and the high, equally. How long is withdraw? Should I try another medication, like Valium until the withdraw symptoms? There is a Community Drug Board who help addicts and offer Methadone, which is equally as addictive. What all ALL and ANY options do I have…. I feel like I am dying.. all the symptoms, and more severe pain, is making me thinking, since I feel like I am dying… Why not, then. Not that I would… just thoughts. I do know right from wrong. I just need all the information I can get to help me stop feeling like giving up is the only option I have.

  150. Hello Shayna. It’s possible that you’ve become Percocet dependent. Record the symptoms and report them to your prescribing doctor for advise and supervision of withdrawal.

  151. I had a tonsil & adenoidectomy 8 days ago today. I was prescribed to take 1 tsp. of liquid Percocet every 4 hours for pain. Since the medicine was almost gone, I started to spread out the times I took the Percocet, so for example, instead of taking it every 4 hours I tried waiting 6 or 7 hours in-between doses. I started doing this 2 days ago and I’ve started to notice some changes. My first symptom was nausea and a general headache. From there the headache turned into lightheadedness and dizziness and the nausea turned into abdominal pain and diarrhea. I’ve been off the Percocet for a little over 24 hours and it feels like I have the stomach flu and I’m absolutely miserable and don’t understand why. Does this sound like Percocet withdrawal?

  152. I am day 2 of no Percocet and I feel ok just a few withdrawal symptoms. So my question is will it get worse from here or at 72 hours is it gonna be worse. Im scared I quit cold turkey after 3 years.

  153. I suggest you ask your dr for some meds to help ease the pain of withdrawal. My dr. gave me clonadine which helps a lot with chills/hot flashes, anxiety, sleep and cravings. He also gave me Selaxtin, a mild muscle relaxer which helps with stomach cramps and general body aches. He also gave me promathazine for nausea. You can get Immodium over the counter for diarrhea. Vitamins and staying hydrated helsp too. Withdrawal sucks bad, but being prepared for it can make a big difference.

  154. Hi Bob. Have you consulted with your supervising physician on the symptoms? Perhaps a quick phone call would quell your fears.

  155. For nearly 2 weeks prior to knee surgery from torn meniscus I was given Vicadin. After surgery I was given Percocet. Within 2 days of the procedure the pain stopped – so I quite taking the Percocet. It caused lethargy & constipation for 4 days. Subsequently I have unsettled stomach issues from hunger to bloating, headache & fatigue. Today there was a 1 time event of dark blood in my stool. From what I have read, this is rare. I had also stopped all aspects of exercising.
    I would appreciate comments from all.

  156. You have confirmed what I have been wondering since reading about Suboxone – that it may actually just prolong the process and, at least, is going to make it more costly and complicated than if I just tapered off. I see the Suboxone doctor on Tuesday next week (he is a partner of the family MD who suggested Suboxone). He is also a pharmacist. So he will be knowledgeable, but I wanted to suggest to him just tapering off as an alternative. I did notice some mild withdrawal when I tapered down originally (between 1 1/2 tablets to 1), so I wanted to do this under the doctor’s supervision, just not necessarily with Suboxone if I don’t have to.
    Yes, I am definitely worried about pain control, but it might not be as bad as I think it is. As for craving Percocet, I don’t think I crave it so much as it feels like a security blanket. I fear pain.
    One more question I did think of: if someone stops Percocet but later has reason to use it, i.e. after surgery, do you go right back to the level of dependence you had before?
    I really appreciate your response. It is so helpful to someone like me, in this situation.

  157. Hi Sara. Each person deals with withdrawal differently. If you taper down Percocet doses over the course of 3-4 weeks, this will help minimize the severity of withdrawal. Then, withdrawal peaks about Day 3 after total cessation. Suboxone is used more in people who have psychological craving and compulsion to use Percocet addictively, as a way to mitigate cravings. But if you set up a plan with your prescribing doctor, with contingencies for how you’ll manage the symptoms of withdrawal + pain management , it seems like the Suboxone might just prolong the process. What does your doctor say?

  158. I have been taking Percocet daily for about two years after back pain started. At one time, I was taking 2-3/day, but when my back pain settled down, I decreased the dose. For the better part of a year, I have rarely taken more than 1/2 – 1 of a Percocet 5/325 daily. I always thought Percocet withdrawal was dose-related, not time-related, and I figured that I could easily stop it when my back pain became livable. (I have suspected ankylosing spondylitis). What happens is that every day about the same time, the pain gets significant enough that I feel I suddenly really need the Percocet. I will take 1/4 or 1/2 tab. Generally I don’t repeat it later in the day, but sometimes I do, especially if I just want to enjoy watching a movie or something with my husband and not deal with pain. I have NEVER found that I needed to keep increasing the dose to get the same effect.
    My doctor has never pushed me to stop, but I expressed that I want to, and she suggested Suboxone. My reading about Suboxone seems that it’s overkill for the dose of Percocet I am taking. Now that I am more educated about how Percocet may actually just be perpetuating my back pain, is it really necessary for someone at my dosage level to go through the whole Suboxone thing – or could I just stop it on my own with enough conviction to do so? My husband is completely supportive and I have a break from all work/school/social obligations after Christmas for about a month. I am ready to do it either way (Suboxone or on my own), but I just need some input on the difficulty level of withdrawing from my current dose of up to 5 mg per day. I am being entirely truthful about the dose, not minimizing. Thanks for any insight on this.

  159. Hi Chrissy. Yes, anxiety can be attributed to Percocet withdrawal. Check in with your prescribing physician for tips and suggestions on how to address it. Also, make a record or calendar of days, and record the symptoms (type, duration, intensity, etc.) so that you can report accurately to the doctor when you make a visit.

  160. I have been on percocets for 1 year due to chest pain. I had anxiety before that but in the past year felt like I kicked that issue. I weened off slowly and this is day 2 of being off them. My anxiety is bad, is it due to coming off the pils?

  161. Hi Richard. I’d suggest that you work with your prescribing doctor to create an individualized tapering schedule just for you. Considering that you’re taking multiple medications, you need an expert opinion about how to go about weaning off Percocet.

  162. I have been taking Percocet, 10-325, six a day for almost two years for chronic pain. I would like to wean myself off so that I can see where the pain is at. It is difficult to tell as I take several medications for my health problem. I am worried about withdraw as much as I am worried about being in a great deal of pain if my symptoms are most likely still present. Any suggestions? In theory, I could be taking pain medication for the rest of my life and I am only 50 years old. Everyone tells me to use a medical marajuana rx but it’s just not my thing.

  163. Hi Jessica. Symptoms usually peak 72 hours after your last dose. I’m sorry to hear about the insomnia. This, too, will pass.

  164. I had surgery to fix a broken tibia and fibula at the end of July. I was prescribed oxycodone as needed. I was taking about 25mg daily, and then my pain started to decrease so now I would like to be off. Three days ago I lowered my dose down to 10mg and woke up the next day feeling awful. For the next two days I took 5-10mg just to keep WD at bay, but I have had terrible insomnia and RLS as well as flu like symptoms. My last dose was 15 hours ago @ 5mg and I am hoping that that week be my last dose. My question is: how much longer should I anticipate these WD symptoms to last, and am I better off taking 2.5-5 mg at night to help me sleep, or just suffer through the insomnia? Thanks in advance! My heart goes out to everyone who suffers from oxy addiction. I had no idea how addictive it could be and how terrible the WD is even after short term use.

  165. My husband has been taking Percocet for about two years for his back but of course he starting more then normal about 13 pill a day 325 and then he had enough so he started to wean off by taking each week or two he remove a pill then he stopped completely when he got to 2 pills a day he was very uncomfortable but he managed but by the third day he said he started to feel a little better he said its scaring him because he thinks its going to get worse later he doesn’t understand please help

  166. Hello Ember. Be sure that you’re properly hydrated…dehydration salts can help. And I’d suggest that you do check in with a doctor. Have you tried Imodium AD?

  167. I’m concerned particularly regarding the duration of diarrhea. This is my third day. I think it’s letting up but I’ve been fooled before. At what point do I need to seek medical intervention? This is really the only concerning symptom I have. I’m 8 days in to a slow, month by month withdrawal from six 7.5 mg pills/day. Any insight or advice would be great.

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