How Long Does Subutex Stay in Your System?

Subutex (buprenorphine) can be detected in the system for about 72 hours. More on the detection window and metabolism of Subutex here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Manish Mishra, MBBS Dr. Dili Gonzalez, M.D.

ARTICLE SUMMARY: Buprenorphine is the main active ingredient found in Subutex. The average detection time for buprenorphine in urine samples is about 72 hours. Although buprenorphine may be cleared from your system a few days, it doesn’t mean your system is 100% clean from the drug; some ingredients metabolize in the liver and can be detected. Find out more about Subutex detection times here.


Subutex Detection

Subutex contains buprenorphine, a very unique opioid drug. While most drug tests do not include a panel for buprenorphine detection, there is a specific buprenorphine urine drug test that exists on the market. While buprenorphine is not usually included on standard drug screen panels and most employees don’t test for it, more and more employers are starting to test for it.

If a buprenorphine-specific drug test is ordered it will most likely be urine-based. The average detection time for buprenorphine in urine samples is about 72 hours. In urine drug tests, the detection window is 2-4 days, but may be 7-10 days for chronic users, even at typical doses.

NOTE HERE: Typical urine drug tests that detect heroin, codeine, morphine and other derivatives are not used to detect Subutex. This is because these opiate drug tests are actually testing for a different metabolite than the metabolites created by buprenorphine. In this way, Subutex will not come up positive on most opiate drug tests.

Factors that Influence Detection Times

The actual time Subutex remains detectable in a sample will depend on some or all of the following:

  • The amount of the drug taken.
  • The frequency of your use.
  • Your individual metabolism and general health.
  • The amount of fluids taken after using Subutex.
  • The amount of exercise you engage in after dosing.
  • Genetic variations that affect your drug response.

Peak Levels and Half Life

The peak level of a drug indicates is the highest concentration of a drug in a person’s bloodstream. Subutex is available as 2mg and 8mg tablets for sublingual administration. During clinical trials, its main ingredient – buprenorphine – shows signs of effects in the body rapidly after administration. The highest concentration that buprenorphine reaches in the blood, after which it declines, is achieved after about 90-100 minutes after ingestion.

The half-life of a drug is defined as the period of time it takes for 1/2 of the drug to be eliminated from the body or disintegrated by the body’s natural metabolic processes. According to this 2005 Psychiatry medical journal review of the use of clinical buprenorphine for addiction, the terminal half-life of buprenorphine ranges from three hours after intravenous administration to 28 to 37 hours after sublingual administration. The long half-life of burpenorphine from Subutex makes this medication very useful in treating withdrawal symptoms and helping people stay off stronger opiates like heroin, morphine, or oxycodone.

Prescription Guidelines

Subutex should be taken as directed by your doctor-by placing the pill under the tongue and waiting for it to dissolve; once a day at the same time of the day, so you won’t forget your dose. Subutex should be administered sublingually only and taking this medication in any manner or dose other than prescribed is considered abuse and may lead to numerous unwanted consequences.

Further, treatment with buprenorphine can be divided into the following three phases: 1) induction, 2) stabilization, and 3) maintenance. As SAMHSA’s Medication and Counseling Treatment guidelines describe, each phase comes with a different dosing schedule.

Before Subutex therapy can be initiated, a doctor usually:

  • Determines the degree or level of drug dependence.
  • Determines the last time you used a drug or a prescription medication.
  • Examines your general physical and psychological state.
  • Identifies what type of a narcotics you used.
  1. Induction. According to the Subutex FDA Drug Label, induction dosing should begin at least 4 hours after use of opioid drugs, preferably when moderate objective signs of opioid withdrawal appear. It is recommended that an adequate treatment dose is given, somewhere between 8-16 mg buprenorphine per day.

2. Stabilization. During stabilization, a person totally quits or greatly reduces use of the problem drug, no longer has cravings, and experiences few, if any, side effects. The buprenorphine dose may need to be adjusted during this phase. Because of the long-acting nature of buprenorphine, once stabilization occurs, people can sometimes switch to alternate-day dosing instead of dosing every day.

3. Maintenance. When Subutex is used in the maintenance phase pf treatment, doses are progressively adjusted in increments or decrements of 2 mg or 4 mg buprenorphine to a level that helps people suppress opioid withdrawal signs and symptoms. The maintenance dose is generally in the range of 4 mg to 24 mg buprenorphine per day depending on the individual patient. Doses higher than thishave not been demonstrated to provide any clinical advantage.

Main Subutex uses

Subutex is used in the treatment of addiction. It works as an opiate substitution therapy in order to eliminate cravings and to prevent withdrawal. It contains the medicine buprenorphine and has been used as a medication assisted treatment for drug addiction to stronger opiates/opioids like heroin, oxycodone, or hydrocodone.

Subutex is DEA approved for use in opiate/opioid addiction treatment, it is listed as a Schedule III controlled substance and is usually used under a doctor’s direct supervision. Subutex is also indicated for the treatment of drug dependence and works best when used as a part of a structured treatment program which includes counseling, psychotherapy, behavioral and educational sessions and a good support system.

How Does it Work?

Basically, the main ingredient in Subutex (buprenorphine) is an opioid partial agonist-antagonist and works by binding to receptors in the brain and the nervous system. In this way, it helps prevent withdrawal effects from harder drugs like heroin or morphine. Additionally, Subutex helps cuts cravings for stronger drugs. Another way to think of it is that buprenorphine works as a “substitute drug” for opioids, but the withdrawal from Subutex is far less intense than the symptoms opioid drugs produce when discontinued.

Effects on the brain

Do you get high on Subutex?

No, Subutex does not cause euphoria. Instead, Subutex works as both a partial opioid receptor agonist and antagonist. It competes with other opioids like morphine and heroin for the µ receptors of the central nervous system. In this way, it can interfere with the effects of these stronger drugs. Still, Subutex is only a partial agonist and has a ceiling effect. The ceiling effects makes Subutex less likely to be abused, since after a person takes about 30 mg of the drug, taking more doesn’t have any euphoria-enhancing or pleasurable effects.

Why do doctors drug test for prescription use?

In most cases doctors usually drug test for Subutex use for these 3 simple reasons:

  1. They want to analyze therapeutic adherence, or the degree to which a person correctly follows medical advice.
  2. Doctors are making sure you are not experiencing drug cravings.
  3. Doctors are making sure you are taking the right dose and not trying to get high.

Got Any Questions?

If you think that you are misusing Subutex, that it has become a problem, or if you are experiencing any side effects from Subutex therapy, your first point of contact can be your doctor. If you’re worried, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Please feel free to contact us.

To get yourself prepared, learn more about Subutex addiction, available treatment options, and what the rehab process looks like, CHECK OUT this comprehensive outline of Subutex Addiction Treatment Programs and Help.

Finally, if you have any questions at the end of this article, please ask us through the comments section at the end of the page. We try to respond personally and promptly to all legitimate inquiries.

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  1. Iv relapse on heroin for a very good reason,the sad thing is I don’t crave it and haunt for a long time ,I got myself of 90mls if methadone and smoking up to 5 bags daily ,only reason I can’t stop since relapse is the sickness not craving , I want to take subtext this time but I’m really terrified of withdrawal from wen I want to come of that ,I’m just so bad at giving up wen I’m going true sickness that I worry if I do go on subtext will I ever get of it

  2. I have been talking suboxone for almost 6 months and i recently had a month swab drug test and my suboxone didn’t show up. I was discharged. Why didn’t my suboxone show?

    1. Hi Tiffany. Do you use other medications or drink too much water? Sometimes drinking too many fluids before taking a urine drug test can reduce the final concentration of a prescription medication or its metabolites per milliliter. Before you undergo drug testing, it is very important that you create an accurate list of all prescription medications, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, and herbal remedies that you have been taking recently. Some foods, OTC or prescription medications can result in a false positive or negative.

  3. If I take a general urine test to test for morphine in my system but only have taken the subutex, will the opioid presence be
    the same?

  4. Hello, I have to take a 12 panel drug test and take about 8mg subutex for a few years now daily. I have been trying to ween myself off and sometimes only take 4mg a day. Does subutex come up on a 12 panel test? If so, how long before the test should I stop taking it? I am very nervous as if I don’t pass this test I will not be able to begin my journey to my dream job and the college requires you to pass the 12 panel drug test or else I can not begin the program for my dream job and will have to wait another year to apply again if I even get accepted next year.

  5. Hey josh, same here. I took 4-8mg subs 5 days in a row. I took the kast half on Jan 1, 2018. Today is the 17th and im still testing positive for it. Before that i only took an 8mg a couple times a month. I am a female about 130lbs. I am an active person also. I have tried drinking detox drinks and everything, i dont know what to do at this point. I have to pass a urine test by tues! Anybody know of anything that helps with speeding the process up getting it out if your body??

  6. I am prescribed subutex 8mg. I have to have a urine test every visit to make sure I’m taking my medication. I’m seeing a new doctor and he tells me that buprenorphine is showing up but something else can’t remember the name isn’t. That he says should be in my urine screens. Is this correct and what is it. I ask cause my doctor before always said my test came back right.

  7. 21 days after taking 8mgs of subutex, I tested positive for it with my parole officer. Was this a false positive or is my metabolism screwed up?

  8. I took 8mg of subutex 21 days ago and was tested by my parole officer three weeks later. I was positive. What is wrong with me or was it a false positive?

  9. If I was off my subutex and adderral for 4 days then took my adderral and subutex a day before my U.A. I took the test and was NEGATIVE for both? Is that possible?….. Thank you!…

  10. Hi my name is Jeff I’ve been on Subutex for four and a half years I am trying to get off of them I’ve been weaning myself done slowly I used to take two a day in 6 weeks into it I am done to a quarter a day how long will it be in my system and what sick symptoms will I have and I took my last quarter yesterday

  11. My husband was dependent on opiods for years after surgery. He now has been on subutexfor 1&1/2 yrs it only seems to be becoming another adiction problem,why isn’t it started as a program in witch your slowly reduced in dosage,cause now he’s requiring more do to it not working and has withdrawls at times. It seems to be just another drug addiction or dependence. What now??? Thankyou. Leslie

    1. Hi Leslie. I suggest that you call the helpline on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  12. I want to know how many days does it take for subutext to leave my body ive been on it 4yrs. And i started off injecting it and still did up to 6 days ago. I use to be on methadone and it took 30 days to leave body bc i was told it stays in ur muscles

  13. Please help me without judgement on currently pregnant before I got pregnant I was abusing painkillers quote a bit when I found out I was pregnant it’s been a non stop fight trying to over come getting off pain killers being pregnant and working only makes it even harder to stop im non stop working on top of that when I try to break it the withdrawl. Become even more in tolerable now I am 15 weeks yes I been trying this long im so scared for my baby and in so scared to tell a doctor in afraid they may take my baby I want to get off I would do anything to get the help I really do need but I can’t lose my baby it’s not like I am not trying I’ve been and it’s to hard of a risk to do it alone I can’t lose my baby taking them and im afraid of what the doctor may do i took a subtext pill 54 411 and I dropped it as I reviewed it doesn’t loom like a good idea but again trying to fight the withdrawls the pain in my back my legs on top of that not knowing if it’s safe for the baby to withdrawl that sever is scaru I need help but i can’t lose my baby I would do anything to get off I want to stop trust me that’s all I want i hate these pills I will never ever take another pull in my life once i break free from this evil medication it all started with scoliosis in my back I got on tramadol I begin to withdrawl and I quit going to the doctor well I didn’t think they were addictive and when I went a day without taking them it all begin the crazy withdrawl and the crucial pain was something I couldn’t tolerate so I take them because im forced my body won’t let me stop and even before I was trying and I did not succeed I need to get off of all of this completely I started taking Percocet my friend has been giving me when I got pregnant because research says tramadol is higher risk in pregnancy please I don’t like taking year I have to stop for my baby any one that knows what to do please let me know asap

    1. Hi Pregnant. I suggest that you consult with your gynecologist, and enroll into a treatment program. Call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  14. What is considered chronic use of Subutex? Would taking 4 8mgs over 2 days be considered chronic use or should I be fine for a urine test after 4 days? They test for EVERYTHING

  15. I was on heroine for 12 months and have gone onto subutex just half of an 8mg that I buy of a friend now I take 3 0.4mg subutex every morning my friend smokes heroine so after my subutex I have a few lines of heroine which I s pointless because it doesn’t do nothing it’s just because it’s there so am just worried wot to do next Ive been taking subutex 6 days I don’t want to get addicted and I don’t want to ask my doctor or places that help as my friend did and social services got involved what shud I do now then I feel great just shivering a lot but I can handle shivering I go to n/a meetings once a week I just need to plan my week a head and need guidance to help me on what to do now

    1. Hi Jordan. You may want to call a toll-free Heroin Helpline on 1-888-988-7934 to get in touch with trusted and confidential helpline professionals available 24/7.

  16. I’ve only taken about 2mg of Subutex about 5pmyesterday but do not want to take anymore at all,can I take my Ambien cr tonight for bedtime without any problems? It was the first time I taken it and the the last time im gonna..

  17. Please help! I am a 10 year Methadone user for chronic pain. I am in a wheelchair with Cerebral Palsy. My doctor cut me off my Methadone & sent me to chemical dependency. There I was admitted to the hospital for 7 days rapid detox using Subutex. I have heard that Methadone withdrawal can take weeks to months depending on your mg & length of time on Methadone. The doctor in the hospital said I should be on a 5 week taper but when I got back to my chemical Dependency doctor he was angry that I was not completely off. He extended the taper for one more week because I was still having withdrawal psychosis & breathing difficulties when I tried to stop on my own at home, which I’ve never experienced in my life. Now I’m 20 days off Methadone & comfortable with 1mg Subutex every 24 hrs. My question is if I stop Subutex now, will I go back into ACUTE Methadone withdrawal? In this article it said that Subutex DELAYS withdrawal, or does it allow the acute withdrawal from Methadone to pass without feeling it??? I am petrified that when I stop the Subutex I’ll be sick in horrific withdrawal. Is that true? Was this a waste of time? I have a young son who’s coming home next week from a 3 week trip. I must be able to care for my child or I’ll lose him to foster care for sure. There’s no one to care for him if I’m sick in withrawal. I also worry, could I be dependent on Subutex now after 14 days & go through those withdrawals as well? Btw I’m dependent on 3mg Xanax a day which is why my doctor wants me offf all opiates. Please I need answers. I need the truth..Please, I’m so scared I’ll lose my child. I’m all he has. He’s only 11 with behavioral problems. I can’t lose him to foster care. It’ll wreck his life & kill me. Thank you & I hope to hear from you promptly please. Thank you again.

    1. Hi Robin. Call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best treatment for you.

  18. I took not even a half of subutex on Friday July 5 th and I was wondering how long before its all out of my system and today is July 11.2017

  19. I have to take a urine test but put some tap water into it to put it up to the level desired. Also mixed another urine sample which will be sent to the lab perhaps or maybe even a five strip dip test. Please tell what I should expect if it is sent to the lab. Will the chlorine make it inconclusive also hopeing it won’t get me fired before I get hired

  20. I have been given subutex by a doctor for 4 years and now I am down to 8mg and usually 4mg. I have a job interview in 8 days and they do rest for it.. How long?

  21. I have been given by a doctor subutex for 4 years but I have had myself down to 8mg once a day and most days only 4 mg once a day. I have eight days and I have a good job offer does anyone know how long it will take to be out of my system, as they do rest for this drug? Hopeful someone can help me..

  22. I have been giving by a doc for four years subutex 3 8 mg 3 times a day but I’ve gotten myself down to 8mg and for the past week 4 mg.. How long will it stay in my system? I have a job interview in 8 days that test for it? Please help!!

  23. i need to find me a doctor who prescribes subutex. i just moved to florida and i have been using heroin and morphine for 30 yrs. my doctor back home tried me on subozone but it made me high and i still had cravings. but then he had put me on subutex anf it made a big diffetence. now since i moved to florida, i got to find me a doctor who will put me on subutex. a doctor in fort walton fl, destin fl, panama city fl or marianna fl or a doctor near them. please reply so i can start getting back on subutrx and live life day by day. my email is posted so please help

  24. I went to the hospital for 3 days for detox, during the 3 days, they gave me Subutex. The first day I got 4mg & 8 hours later, I got 4mg more. Then they put me on a taper dose of 2mg every 12 hours for the next 2 days. It’s been 74 hour’s since my last dose. I’ve been drinking plenty of water and have a Dr appointment with my pm Dr. now. I’ve been going to pm for 16 year’s due to Crohn’s disease and other conditions. The only reason I went to detox is because I got my meds stolen and my pm appointment was still 8 day’s away. I’ve been taking 120mg of morphine xr. and 32mg of Dilaudid a day. Now at my appointment, if I get a UA, will I show up with the Subutex in my system? And if so, what should I tell my Dr? There very strict and will drop me in a heart beat. I’ve never failed a drug test, and worried about this. What should I do? Thanks…

  25. I was wondering how long would it take for a quarter of a subutex to stay in your system Ive only done it once in 9months

  26. The time frame for detection in the urine listed on this site is completely inaccurate. I had never done subutex before and didn’t know I was even doing it when I did which was a little line last Friday and had a urine drug screen this Wednesday and failed for buprenorphine. That’s 5days later and like I said it was the 1st time Id ever done it and I have a high metabolism I only weigh 110 pounds and I am 5’8″. Could you please tell me the accurate time frame for detection in the urine so I Dont look all stupid and go fail again? I did some today and would like to know when I shld be clear to test clean. And I don’t plan on using it ever again either. I just want it out of my system as fast as possible and be clean and done with it. I should never have taken it but a friend gave it to me and said itd help my withdrawal’s bc I have been prescribed oxycodone for 14yrs and was rlly sick comming off of them cold turkey. Please, please tell me when I will test clean please and thank you I would really appreciate it.

  27. I have a probation urine test on Tuesday, I only take about a little less than a quarter of an 8mg subutex pill, I have been on it for about a year, if I stop taking them on Saturday ( meaning Friday being my last dose) will I be able to pass a urine test on Tuesday? That’s 3 and a half days without taking it. Please get back to me as soon as possible!! Thank you, it’s very much appreciated.

  28. I have a question my friend is addicted to opioids An adderall and she needs to go on theses how would she be able to get help . She tried once but got kicked out failing a test, but now she is working hard An needs help. She’s buying them off the street . What should she do to get back in to the program to get back on suboxone? Please help me help her I don’t want her to go back to jail doing crazy things getting the drugs,

  29. Took about 2mg of subutex noticed my nose is stuffy and swallowing my saliva is kind of hard to do is this a side effect of subutex ?

  30. I took half of an 8mg of Subutex (54-411) I took 4mg which is half the pill, how long will it stay in my system. Honest and knowledgeable answers only please this is VERY important. Thanks u I took it at about 3:00pm today it’s now 12:00 AM how much longer bc it made me sick I think I took too much doc said take the entire thing and glad I didn’t. Please help!!

  31. I use almost everyday but only 1mg. I haven’t used since yesterday morning should I be okay for my drug test tomorrow at 2 please reply asap thanks.

  32. I’m weaning off cuz pregnant and bn doing half mg or less. , how long will it take to completely get out and will water help with flushing blood out too? I bn on it for few years. I am 15 weeks. today

  33. Hi I relapsed on dope for 2 weeks and now for the past 5 days I been taking suboxone I did 8mg 6mg 4mg 4mg and 2mg I want to know if it will be in my system this thrusday coming up cuz I have to get vivitrol shot on thrusday

  34. I’ve only taken subutex 2 mg yesterday and 2 mg today until I got my oxycontin which I now got can I take it is it going to help my pain?? Please help I’m not on long term subutex that’s all I’ve ever taken was 2 mg yesterday and 2 mg today

  35. I have been told that you don’t need to wait as long to take subutex as you should with suboxine. I’m trying to prevent having those nasty withdrawals. I waited 20hrs and took a 8mg suboxine and didn’t have much relief.

  36. Hello. I’ve been taking ~ 12mg of subutex, every day, for the last 6 years. I finally decided to taper off. In the last month I tapered down to ~ 1mg per day (it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be). However, my last dose was 3 days ago and I feel SHITTY. Can any one tell me approx how long I’ll have to deal with cold seats, muscle aches, extreme restlessness, insomnia, and physical and mental fatigue? I’m 35, 5-11, 160 pounds, have a pretty fast metabolism, and in pretty good shape…according to my doctor. Any help would be appreciated :).

    PS: In response to Patti. I was told to: watch what I eat, drink a protien shake every day, take an amino acid supplement (after your off the subs), take a really good methylated B vitamin complex, go for walks and or exercise if you can, get sun, listen to music, take hot baths for the muscle aches, meditate, and get acupuncture.

  37. I took 8mg of Subutex Tuesday night and I have a urine test Monday at 10 am butt I’ve never took it before it was just once will it still be in my urine

  38. If i have tried this subutex to get over hydrocodine addiction 4 pills of it at 10mg per day an started the subutex for a year without using pain pills anymore but want off the subutex also, i take 3 pills a week. how long will it take to be out of my system? Also will i withdrawal and what helps with that?

  39. Just wondering what happened with Jennifer because I’m in the same position? I’m pregnant taking 4mg of Subutex a day. I was taking perks but have stopped them completely. The Subutex isn’t prescribed. I’m worried about withdrawing because I’ve done it a 100 times and going into labor to soon! I’m also worried about having Social Services involved from testing dirty. This is a blood test not a urine test. I don’t want to get clean (I’ve been dirty with way worse for the past 12 years) but I know I have no choice. I’m only 31 weeks pregnant. I don’t want to go into labor now because, I stopped to soon! I’m due in Nov. I’m going to try slowly weaning!

  40. Hi, im recently 9 days into a britloflex detox took my last dose of subutex 2ml Sunday 4 September, can i just say that its been great feel amazing! (highly recommend britloflex)
    My question is how long will the subutex still be in my urine i had been on subutex since 5th January 2015 16mg reduced over this time.
    I read that it can be detected upto 10 days by chronic users was i a chronic? Feels great to finally be free of opiates as i have been in services way longer than i ever used Street drugs for (was on methadone for 5 years with no real progress)
    So giving a clear urine will be the icing on the cake

  41. I am a heavy set guy with an obviously slow metabolism. About 1 year ago I had my 3rd surgery, my surgeon had been perscribing me 10/325 oxycodone since my first surgery 2 years prior but he stopped because of new dea regulations for surgeons perscribing long term pain medications (narcotics) but he did not perscribe me enough to get me through to my pain management appointment, i was hurting and going through wd’s so my sisters boyfriend gave me a half of an 8 mg subutex (so 4mgs) and told me it would just show up as an opioid in a urin test (I didnt know) I began pain management 10 days later. They gave me my script but the following month informed me that I had tested positive for suboxon and refused me narcotics from then on I stopped treatment with them and moved out of state where I just had my 4th surgery, well I’ve had 3 months with a new pain management and everything has been going great untill 4 days ago I believe a so called friend stole my oxycodone 10/325s, out of desperation I took 4mgs of subutex yesterday and 4mgs today the 29th my next pm appointment is on the 12th so 14 days away. Ive found help with getting more oxycodone to hold me over until my appointment but the Last time I was positive from 4mgs 10 days after. Do you think its possible to be possitive from 8mgs 14 days later? If so what can I do to help flush out of my system faster? I already drink a ton of water. I heard taking fluid pills will help flush you out faster but do they by chance test for those as well? Please help. Im just trying to make it through.

  42. Hi, I will be taking 8mg of subutex over the next 2 days, 4mgs today and the other 4mgs tomorrow. No more after that. I have a urine test on the 13th. Will it show up? They do a 12panel ttest that does include it. I found that out last month bc the night before my test I took the whole 8mg that night and had the test the next day and it surprised me to find out they test for that.

  43. Approx. 5 years ago I started going to a clinic that prescribed xanax and subutex. I never took the xanax up until about 6 months ago when my 16 year old tried to commit suicide. I couldnt function and had to take them I took 2 to 3 a day and no more than a half of a subutex a day (the sub I was on for 5 years going on 6). I weened myself down, its just happened. I am very sick, but I am doing this to go after a job I really want. Plus I dont want tied down. I want a free life I am tired of living this way. But back to the point at hand how long will it show on a urine screen? I want to pass, and do not know when to submit an application, which they are waiting on, or what to do. I do not want that image of me to be their first. Any ideas?

  44. I am having surgery in 2 weeks and will be given general anesthesia. I have been on Suboxone for over 8 years. My question is how long should I stop taking Suboxone before surgery so the anesthesiologist won’t have a problem putting me under? In the past they have had to give me higher than normal dose of Profonol
    Thank you

  45. Hello, My step Daughter has been on Subutex for 4 years now. She couldn’t get it and went in to a total break down. Hearing voices, seeing things, talking to people that were not there. She has been in a hospital for 8 days in a caged bed. They didn’t tell her they were detoxing Her from the drug and has not been given any drugs for Her Bi-polar. She keeps telling me she needs her Subutex and can’t function without it. She says she needs Subutex and zanax. I here most Doctors won’t presqribe that togather. She will be getting out in a few days and I just don,t know what to do. I thought mabe zanax and cholozpin. I don’t know. I am in Texas and She is in IND. What do you think.

    1. Hi David. I suggest you consult with a professional about the condition of your step daughter. Also, you may speak with our trusted treatment consultant. The number is displayed on the website.

  46. Hi. I was on subutex for nearly 8 years for chronic pain control from a pain management Doctor. I only took 2mg a day on rare occasions of extreme pain I would increase up to 3mg. I decided to stop the subs and see if I can go a more holistic or at least tylenol approach. I just tapered down over a month to .12mg. I’m now on day 6 completely off the subutex. Withdrawal hasn’t been THAT bad. Hasn’t been great but not like you read about online. The dr has me taking clonidine and the occasional Valium at night to sleep (which I avoid unless absolutely necessary-don’t want to detox off of that one!) im going to try to switch to gabapentin (neurontin) to replace the clonidine and Valium. Do you think, after 6 days that the subutex is finally out of my system? I don’t have a drug test or anything. I’m just curious. Thank you!!!!

  47. I have been clean for 16 months.i took a 8mg subutex for a severe backache how long until my urine is clean?

  48. Hi, I use (snort) Subutex pretty much every day. But I only do very small lines when i do it. Just little baby bits at a time. A lot smaller than most. I can make a 8mg pill last me a month or longer. But anyways, i am very concerned because im worried my job is about to give out random drug tests. I only weigh about 120lbs maybe less and have a pretty fast metabolism. I really need to figure out how long it will take for it to leave my system. Im slowing down on it as well because id really like to quit buy at this moment, i am still doing it. So id like to know how long and if there is a faster way to get it flushed out of my system?

  49. I had probation on March 2 and had a half deuce of subutex ten days before. Had a half deuce nine days before. I am not a chronic user just a small time recreational user. I submitted a urine screening on the second. Did I pass my drug screen?

  50. It says up to 7-10 days to pass a UA test. If a saliva swab is taken and sent to a lab will the lab pick it up? And if so wouldit be about the same duration?

  51. I only used one two weeks ago I have a urine test then they also do blood work is this gonna be in my system

    Would you please let me know I have a des appointment and need to know

    1. Hi. Typical urine drug tests are not used to detect Subutex. Instead, there is a specific buprenorphine urine drug test, but it’s not usually included on standard drug screen panels. However, the average detection time is about 72 hours. In urine drug tests, the detection window is 2-4 days, but may be 7-10 days for chronic users, even at typical doses.

  52. I have been on subutex for a few years , I do one 8mg subutec a day, if I got up this morning and decided I didn’t want to take subutex anymore and get clean, how long will it stay in my system before I would have a clean urine sample?

    1. Hi, Eden. Typical urine drug tests are not used to detect Subutex. Instead, there is a specific buprenorphine urine drug test, which detection window is 2-4 days, but may be 7-10 days for chronic users, even at typical doses.

  53. I am 8 mths pregnant and have stopped using subutext about 4 days ago. I’ve started having contractions and I’m worried it will show up if I go into labor. How long does it stay in blood. Does hospitals test for this automatically? I Dont want to have DHS involved if I go into labor. Also what are the effects on unborn child

  54. Hello, I have a question and im really embarrassed that I have to ask this. I have been taking subutex for about maybe a month or two. I got clean on june 25th then one day i did subutex. I have a urine test on the 8th how long would I need to stop taking it to be clean I’m trying to wean myself off it and I will never go back to doing this is the worst and i told myself i wouldn’t do it again and of course some one offered me it I’m fine i just need to know if I’ll be okay to my test on the 8th if i stop by the 2nd thank you for your time take care’

    1. Hi, Goldie. What kind of test do you have on the 8th? Standard urine drug tests are not used to detect Subutex. Instead, there is a specific buprenorphine urine drug test, and the average detection time is about 72 hours. In urine drug tests, the detection window is 2-4 days, but may be 7-10 days for chronic users.

  55. Hi, I injured my back playing baseball 15 years ago and have had two going on three back surgeries; I’ve obviously dealt with the addiction that can tag along with off and on Opioid dependence. I recently reinjured my back and had to get on pain meds again, I found that taking Tramadol 300 mg ER is the ticket, and had to get off my Norcos, well in the past I had been on Suboxone, Subutex also off and on for approx. 3 – 4 years. yeah crazy right. My doc had me taking Suboxone for 2 years, then Subutex for a year or so. This last phase, I told him I just wanted to get off the Norcos and take the Tramadol, so he gave me a one month cycle of subutex to work with and taper off the norcos. At first I tapered off too fast, felt bad, began to take the subutex again and tapered off a lot slower, I stopped taking the subutex last Thursday morning and felt okay at first, but for the past three days have had major headaches, feeling besides myself, so my question FINALLY is, when will the Subutex approx. be gone, obliterated, never seen again, by by, out of my system so I can go on and live a normal life? Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.

  56. I took a subutex on Wednesday morning around 9,and I have a urine test on Tuesday around 130. The milligram was about 2 or 3. I broke a little piece of an 8mg. Should I be clean if they do a send out to a lab

    1. Hi Tom. It depends on the test, as well as on your metabolic system, level of hydration, and general health state.

  57. I was on 30mls of methadone i took my last tuesday 10th i got out on 16ml of subutex i went threw some w/d and had my first 8ml late thursday night i felt fine now im taking the full dose 16ml i would advise anyone to go on subutex ive been wanting to come of the methadone for a couple of years some people darnt take there first dose due to being worried about how ill do they have to get before taking it well let me tell you its not has bad has you think a lot is in your head keep posotive xx

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