How long does tramadol withdrawal last?

Tramadol withdrawal can take up to several days before acute withdrawal symptoms dissipate.
But symptoms of tramadol withdrawal can last up to several months after you last take tramadol. More on how long tramadol withdrawal lasts and what you can expect here.

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A few days to several months.

Thinking about stopping tramadol?

Tramadol is analgesic (pain killer) that is part of the opiate family prescribed for moderate/moderately severe pain or to help heroin addicts with withdrawal. However, pain killing medications like tramadol can trigger physical dependence on tramadol.  In fact, tramadol tolerance symptoms may occur within a few weeks of regular dose.

Withdrawal from tramadol is likely to occur in anyone who gradually comes off tramadol as well as those who suddenly decide to stop taking tramadol. So when you’ve decided to stop taking tramadol  – what can you expect?  For example, tramadol symptoms how long?

In general, tramadol withdrawal occurs within a few hours after tramadol effects wear off. And the length of time until withdrawal stops can vary from weeks to months later. More here on how long tramadol withdrawal lasts, with a section for your questions about tramadol at the end.

How long until tramadol withdrawal starts?

Once you have decided to stop taking tramadol, withdrawal symptoms can start as early as a few hours after the effect of tramadol has worn off. In fact, people who forget to take their tramadol have reported feeling nervous, anxious, feeling of pins and needles, sweating, and palpitations only a few hours after their next dose. The most common symptoms of withdrawal from tramadol include:

  • craving tramadol
  • flu-like symptoms
  • insomnia
  • muscle cramps
  • seating
  • serotonin syndrome
  • restlessness

How long do tramadol withdrawal symptoms last?

Symptoms of tramadol withdrawal can last anywhere between a few days to several months after you last take the medication. The harsher, acute effects of withdrawal should resolve within after about a month. However, emotions of irritability, cravings, and depression are still something that you may have to deal with for a while after the tramadol is out of your system. Drug craving for tramadol is another difficult long lasting symptom to deal with.

Tramadol withdrawal timeline

Tramadol affects people differently. However, people with opiate addiction or higher dependency will have a harsher time coming off of tramadol. Symptoms of withdrawing from tramadol happen in two categories:

1. Nervousness, anxiety, nausea, and diarrhea

2. Hallucinations, paranoia, extreme anxiety, panic attacks, confusion and numbness

Serotonin syndrome is another potential withdrawal symptom and can be quite dangerous so it is important that you have someone monitor your withdrawal. Serotonin syndrome can occur in some who are withdrawing from tramadol, If you are using other substances or medications, serotonin syndrome is a serious issue which can increase your blood pressure, induce hallucinations, paranoia, and confusion. If it has gotten to this point, hospitalization is recommended so that you can be monitored over a 24hr period and given the appropriate remedies.

Following is a general tramadol withdrawal timeline outlining common symptoms for the days to weeks after you stop taking tramadol.

24-72 hours tramadol withdrawal – General onset of symptoms can manifest shortly after the drug has worn off and linger for up to a few months after the medication is totally out of the system. Nervousness, anxiety, feeling of pins and needles, sweating, palpitations and the unease are the first signs of withdrawal. Drug craving is another symptom of withdrawal.

Week 1 tramadol withdrawal – In the first week after stopping Tramadol, symptoms of withdrawal tend to even out with an apparent return to “normalcy”, although drug craving occurs and insomnia is common. During this phase of withdrawal, symptoms can include disorientation, blurred vision, and dilated pupils.

Week 2 tramadol withdrawal – After the first couple of weeks of stopping Tramadol, characteristic symptoms of opiate withdrawal may still be present including Serotonin syndrome, depression, irrational feelings, anxiety.

Weeks 3-4 tramadol withdrawal – During this phase of withdrawal, apathy, irritability, and depression may still be present. Additionally, long periods or disturbances in sleep are still reported.

Tramadol withdrawal: how long?

Tramadol affects each person differently depending on the dosage and how long you have been taking tramadol. In other words, each withdrawal period is unique to the person taking tramadol. Various health concerns need to be taken into consideration. In general, however, if you’re taking tramadol you need to be careful of its physical dependency.

How long Tramadol withdrawal questions

If you have any more questions regarding withdrawal from tramadol please ask. We do our best to respond to your questions personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I was taking about 200 mg per day for over one year I lower the mg 100 -then 50 then quit cramps in lower legs for 3 day but the stomach bolting started how long dose that last

  2. Been off of tramadol for almost 2-1/2 months and im still having muscle cramps,lighthead,constipation,and just feel like garbage on and off.I still crave the stuff also.Is this normal or am I having a stroke or something? I want to feel good again,im afraid I messed sonething else up from taking these devil pills.

  3. About four and a half weeks ago I had a cholecystectomy and was prescribed tramadol 37.5/325 mg (1-2 every 6 hours). I took it as prescribed (about 1 every 6 hours equaling three times a day), but started getting very bad headaches after about two weeks, so I stopped taking them with several left over and switched to tylonal at my next dose time. Within an hour the headache went away, and after another hour extreme anxiety, dizziness, sweating and chills, nausea, appetite loss, feeling internally shaky, irratability and some hallucinations set in lasting around three days. Since then (for about two and a half weeks) I have had intermittent nausea, appetite loss, feeling shaky internally, jitters, fatigue, chills, and dizziness. These symptoms come and go and not necessarily all together or in any particular order. Is this withdrawal? Is it possible to be going through withdrawal after that dose / amount of time? How long can I expect this to last, or is there no exact timeline?

  4. I been on tramadol for two years started making me have stomach pain so I quit taking it 5 days ago when will I start feeling better and do you think I should take and taper down I was only taking 50 mg once a day

  5. I used tramdol consecutively for about two weeks, and I seem to be seeing the withdrawal symptoms that are Flu -like two days ago, please I want to know long the withdrawal symptoms will last and the treatments required.

  6. I quit tramadol over a year ago after taking it for 16 years. My health, witch used to be great, is very bad since stopping. I used to run about 2 miles, almost every day while on the medication. I quit taking tramadol in Jan. 2017 it is now April 2018 and I can not even run a quarter of a mile and then I come home and sleep for hours. I had to quit my job it is so bad! I can barely walk of do anything. My doctors are all trying to find out what is wrong with me. I have searched the web for ‘long term withdrawal’ and they only talk about the early symptoms. Please, someone help me! I cannot do anything anymore…even typing wheres me out. No one believes me, they all blame me for my problems. “Quit complaining!” and “Your making this up, just deal with it!” is what I hear the most often. I have changed my diet and done everything I can think of. Please, somebody help me…I can’t live like this and it’s not getting any better with time. Please, someone give me a suggestion. Have I ruined myself for good? Please, someone help me!

    1. No youre are not crazy, 7 years full time on tramadol and even I am passed the chils; flu and crying ..I feel that all my nerves and senses have been altered I believe it is going to take a long time to heal….remembered they have done study on people like us 🙂

  7. I am 71 and been on Tramadol 100SR twice daily for over 10 years! Working up to coming off! When I went down to 100 x 2 from 200 x 2 I found Sifrol excellent to stop restless leg syndrome and temazeipan at night helped with sleeplessness. I will also do what another person suggested and take two Imodium for diarrhoea and to settle the tummy and lots of warm baths and showers. All with a doctors supervision. Only the Sifrol needs a script so far. Hope this is useful?

  8. I was on Tramadol for 4days and stopped. I am sweating at night and feel anxious. How long will I feel the symptoms of withdrawal. I was on Percocet prior to this

  9. Hi, very hesitant to even write this, but I’m at a loss.. so I had been prescribed tramadol for my migraines, and had been taking just one 50mg tablet every other day/ every few days, to everyday for about 6 months. After I realized how dangerous the drug was and did research on how to stop, I cut the tablet in half and took that every few days for about 2 weeks. . I recently just completely stopped, as I figured that it was a low enough dose to not have any withdrawals or anything serious. Yet I have been having some withdrawals this week , such as anxiety, cramps, brain zaps. I’m so worried that the more serious things I’ve read, example like “seriton symptoms” or “seizures” will happen. Just wanting some feedback before I make a dreaded trip to the doctor, trying to explain I was not abusing the drug at all, but somehow have withdrawals after stopping. Thank you so much in advance.

  10. I would just like to know, why Serotonin Syndrome keeps being reported as a withdrawal effect?? Serotonin Syndrome is a rare side effect from medications that increase it, most commonly when more than 1 of these types of medications are used. Stopping a medication that increases it, surely wouldn’t cause it, and there is no evidence for this whatsoever, yet it keeps being reported as a withdrawal effect.

  11. Just an update guys. Just completed my first week in many years without tramadol. I weaned down from 8 a day to 1. Then found by opening the capsule shook out approximately a 1/3 leaving about 35mg to take which went on for about a year. This got me through the working day. Obviously sleep disturbance, anxiety, loud tinnitus in my ears, lethargy, and low spirits all are evident. After speaking to my GP he gave me codeine based pain relief . (a less powerful opiate). I’m now continuing the weaning off process by taking 1 of these alternatives a day.
    I feel there is progress and If anyone is interested I’ll keep you posted.

  12. My heart goes out to each of you facing this challenge. I was on hydrocodone for years and that withdrawal was no fun, but I know from friends and close family (he has given up) Tramadol is worse.

  13. I have been taking tramadol for almost a year I just decided it no longer want to take it anymore. Just wondering what I will be going thru in terms of withdrawal.

  14. Can you explain how the absence of taking a SRA like Tramadol would cause Serotonin Syndrome? Serotonin Syndrome is caused by too much intracellular serotonin, notva lack of it. If one stops taking a SRA like Tramadol or a SSRI, that will decrease the serotonin levels, never increase it yet you consistently claim that withdrawing from Tramodol will cause Serotonin Syndrome. This seems to go against medical logic.

  15. I have been taking tramadol 50mg twice a day for 5 years. My doctor all the sudden decided he didn’t want to prescribe it anymore and told me i need to get into a pain management clinic. I dont mind doing that. But he cut me off cold turkey with no warning. I tried to go a few days with out. And symptoms were horrible, not only did my knee pain come back, but i started sweating, feeling restless, trouble sleeping, feeling achy and feverish. My main question, other than if my doctor was neglectful in my care, is how long would withdrawal feelings last for the amount ive been on and length of time I’ve been taking it? Thankyou for your time.

  16. I’m currently on day 2 of my detox from Lyrica and trammadol and as you all have said it’s hell. I can’t sleep, my joints ache and my emotions are all over the place. Like many of you I wish my GP had been upfront with the side effects. This has all resulted from microdicectomy which had gone well but was really unlucky to get an infection which resulted in every drug under the sun being pumped into me 4 weeks after the op to stop the spasm’s I was getting. I was hospitalized for 3 weeks, during which I had a second microdicectomy to scrap most of the infection out from the hole left from disk removal. From taking 20 tablet s a day ( 2 trammadol, 2 Lyrica, 6 panadeen, the rest I don’t even remember) I’m thankful I’m off trammadol and Lyrica. My question – does anyone know if a natural herb/tablet that can help with sleep

    Thanks, Chris

  17. I find it difficult to stop taking my one a day 50mg. I spoke to my doctor whom prescribed co-codemol , and said to slowly go over to these, and on bad days pop a tramadol. I’m not sure that would be best I’m confused as this sounds like replacing one opiate with another. My dependence seems to relate to work pressure issues. This is possibly a false sense of security but I feel I can cope better on my part time work days. (I’m nearly 66) . The reason I got on opiates was when I unwiitingly had Non Hodgkins but before they found out was prescribed tramadol for th back pain I had at the time. I managed to stay off them once my treatment was started, then a year later had a double knee replacement where 8 a day were prescribed for pain. That was in 2015. I’m now down to 1 but really want to make that none.

  18. Lisa, look up side effects and how many times Kratom has sent people to the ER. There is a lot of information out there. It is dangerous. Marijuana is safe and not addictive. Kratom is dangerous. A message to everybody: Anybody that is pumping up Kratom on here and saying that is great are from companies that sell it. Don’t listen to them. That being said if you live in a state where marijuana is legal I would suggest giving CBDs a try. They won’t get you high and they work great for a variety of ailments.

  19. I have been on tramadol for 3years now on 150mg I just found out that its not good to be on its for long so I decided to stop taking it, but I couldn’t sleep and being in pain that its undescribed, pls how can help me to get out of it

  20. Had hip replacement surgery used Tramadol for about 10 days. Quit taking because didn’t need it for the pain anymore. Now have insomnia bad will it last long being I was on it for 10 days

  21. I took Tramadol for 3 months for the severe pain in my neck due to Arthritis, then it gave me hives so I stop taking it, then the problem started, I could not slip all night up, I could not set to long on my lazy boy chair broke up in sweats and other times chills, pain in the lower back of my legs, that is the worse, nothing I do takes that away, desire to cry with deep sadness , I don’t want to see any one, it has being one week since I stop taking these pills, I am 69 years old, thank God I don’t have to go to work. I don’t know how much longer I have to endure this suffering, at night it is much worse. Anyway I pray it will quit soon, please tell me that this won’t last for a long time, greetings Sandra.

  22. I was taking tramadol 50mg for 3 weeks i took 120 tabs during that time due to shoulder pain. I have stopped and now feeling very weak, chills and sweating. Not much appetite. I’m just wondering since I did not take them for very long how long should these withdrawals last. Please help
    Thank you

  23. Tim, I found found Kratom too, I agree it really does help Tramadol withdrawal a lot and I had no side effects from the Kratom what so ever 🙂 I am thinking of trying to grow my own plant to continue use of Kratom when needed for pains or a little mood lift. I was not aware of the Kratom being dangerous, do you know why ? Any studies done ? I dont want to take if this if it will harm me . I suspect the Drug companies dont want natural remedies out there as they cant make money on it. Somewhat similar to marijuana being outlawed for no real solid health reasons. Alcohol is far more dangerous & addictive than Pot and I would think the same is related for Tramadol and Kratom

  24. KRATOM is not a solution. The below post has to be fake.

    “Hi! I’d been on Tramadol for 5 years at 100-150 grams/day until I discovered a substance called “Kratom.” It is sold in headshops and such. Before I discovered this during my last withdrawal, I never had the courage to quit. Right now I’m on day 5 of my last Tramadol withdrawals ever, and the week has been MUCH easier thanks to Kratom. Anyone who’s gone through Tram withdrawals won’t believe this, but It has relieved 90% of my symptoms. Unfortunately, it is in danger of being banned by the DEA, so you may need to buy it quick. I can’t put into words how effective this substance is at relieving dope sickness.”

    This stuff is going to be banned because it is dangerous. Good luck to you all.

  25. I have been in withdrawals from dilaudid for 2 weeks now and had to go to the hospital last night because I was very dehydrated and couldn’t eat or drink anything so they have me fluids, fenergan and tramadol, my question is am I going to go back into withdrawals after taking 4 50mg tramadals? Please help, don’t want to go through withdrawel s again.

  26. My Rheumatologist says I should take this drug. I usually take anywhere between a half or one in a half pills per day. I have degenerative disk disease and ended up having a rhizotomy to relieve migraine and headaches that were constant. I also have bad inflammation and supposedly fibromyalgia. I also get headaches from my TMD -also known as TMJ. The doctors say I have quite a bit of arthritis in my neck and have many spurs that trigger my uncomfort. I would like to know if I’m a candidate to take this drug or is this another over the top FDA medication that is pushed on me. My family tells me to be careful but I know when I don’t take it I feel worse and it is much harder to function. I also take maloxicam daily and cyclobenzaprene occasionally.

  27. I have been taking tramadol for about 4 weeks for back pain I felt as though I had overdosed on Thursday and it scares me some stopped taking tramadol and now feel withdrawal symptoms I have diarrhoea headaches feeling anxious will this pass?;should I be doing anything else ?;

  28. Hi, took my last dose 30 days ago, feeling better each day. Anyone quitting, be strong through the first few days and things will improve each day. Read through all the comments here to try and pick up tips to help your own method of dealing with it. In particular look at comments by The Messenger ( pbuh), its worth reading to see how what seems like silly tips can actually help you and that any method you have of dealing with it, is fine!! Each time you feel any symptoms, take time to think about them and accept that they are happening because of withdrawal and that it will ease with time…find the strength within yourself.

  29. My Tramadol withdrawal symptoms lasted about 18 days. I was able to sleep without sleeping aid after 14 days. I’m on day 25 now and am still lethargic and irritable. I took 4 X 50mg for 11 days, then 2 X 50mg for 1 month then one 50mg tab daily for another month. I am a 175lb 50 year old male.

  30. I’ve been taking 50mg of tramadol for fibromyalgia as needed.
    Sometimes I take 2-3 a day. Some days none. This has been for about 3 months. I decided to stop taking it cause it’s really not helping with my fibro symptoms. I’m noticing two things. Insomnia & a bit of burning feeling in stomach. How long for
    My side effects to stop? Thanks!

  31. Hi! I’d been on Tramadol for 5 years at 100-150 grams/day until I discovered a substance called “Kratom.” It is sold in headshops and such. Before I discovered this during my last withdrawal, I never had the courage to quit. Right now I’m on day 5 of my last Tramadol withdrawals ever, and the week has been MUCH easier thanks to Kratom. Anyone who’s gone through Tram withdrawals won’t believe this, but It has relieved 90% of my symptoms. Unfortunately, it is in danger of being banned by the DEA, so you may need to buy it quick. I can’t put into words how effective this substance is at relieving dope sickness.

  32. I have been taking Tramadol for almost a year now , but anytime I tried to stop I always feel great pain , I have go to different hospital here in Nigeria but it’s still the same thing , I had convulsion yesterday and I almost died , I don’t know if you there is any withdrawal method that I can take that won’t be more than 2days for the withdrawal I will be very happy and I don’t care how much it will cost me please … hope to hear from you soon

  33. I was taking tramadol for nuerapathy pain in my leg for about 8 months about 800 mg a day, i stopped about 3 weeks ago and im still experiencing pain throughout my body and no sleep with a host of other symptoms, how long will this nightmare last, ?

  34. Don’t even know where to start, all I can say is tramadol is evil and production shud b stopped, I think it does more harm than good, I’ve been on and off tramadol for the past 6years now, I don’t know why I always relapse, right now am at 1400mg a day and wana stop this for good, tapering is not an option for me cos the pains then are almost the same as stoping cold turkey, I rily wanna put this thing behind me for good what drugs do I take to ease the pains and discomfort its withdrawal produces.

  35. Mann,
    I remember being in the same spot ur in. I took it for 4 years and it took me a month of staying up watching movies, not sleeping, getting in the shower in the middle of night. Its the most awful feeling. I know…. but I promise it gets better. Talk to me if u need too.

  36. Hi
    I have been taking tramadol for 2 years (daily 15 tablets 100mg each) and now i have stopped taking that. It has been 1 week and I’m taking help of my family doctor. He prescribed vitamin bComplex injections daily. Know everything is good but still my legs are in pain and I can’t get proper sleep. Plz tell me how much time it will take to become normal. My age 33 yrs 60kg weight and 6.1 ft height.
    Please help me

  37. I really want to stop taking tramadol. I find it to be so incredibly hard to get out of bed even when I don’t have it. I have a full time job, a part time job and kids. When I do take it, I have so much more energy and can painlessly ease through the day. When I try and stop, I feel restless, anxious, exhausted, nauseous and have pain all over. It has really helped to read through this page.

  38. Thanks so much Chris for your comments and sharing your experience. It took me a while to get over that one tablet as insane as that sounds. That tablet followed something else they gave me as an inpatient, for pain. Its helpful to know that my anxiety was the drug. I really had lots of self doubt, unsure whether l was developing an anxiety disorder, or whether it was tramadol.
    Now l know it was Tramadol. This stuff is poison. One tablet took several weeks to completely leave my system. Now the only anxiety l experience is what is normal for me. No more creeping sense of foreboding rising in me for no apparent reason.
    I wish you all the very best. It is so wrong to have to deal with this.

  39. My knees and legs started hurting, feeling heavy and I’ve had constipation bad. So I stopped it Today. How long until my legs and knees stop killing me??

  40. Up until about 2 weeks ago I was talking upto 12 tramadol a day. After realising it was starting to affect my kidneys I decided enough”s enough. I started to reduce the dose each day. When I got down to 2 a day I started feeling restless and quite agitated, especially at night, but not as severe as when I’d tried to go cold turkey after the previous attempt where I stopped at 2 a day. That time it felt like my skin was crawling.
    To take the edge off I took 2 over counter co-codamol the next day and 1 the next day after that.
    That was yesterday and so far today I feel OK. Slightly restless. Sure I’m in for a couple of restless nights ahead but I can handle that. Small sacrifice for getting off the stuff.

  41. I found the same thing – my pain level was no different after going off the tramadol. This is my 11th day and most of the withdrawal symptoms are gone with the exception of ringing in my ears and insomnia (although it is bearable now). Hang in there. It does get better.

  42. Hi I have been taking 300mg a day for 8days after having ankle surgery. I have just decided to stop taking as broke out in a rash on my arms. I have never taken tramadol before so thought it may be causing the rash. 1 day off & experiencing immense withdrawals. I am super healthy & have never experienced anything like this before. I am deeply concerned that i have even taken this. how long typically will the withdrawals last after a week? Have Is this going to effect me for weeks or months being that I’ve only taken it for 1 week?

  43. i was taking 400mg per day for over a year for lower back pain. This is my first experience with these kinds of drugs, legal or otherwise. I gradually noticed that it was not doing much for the pain. I also started to notice that I was having more and more mood swings. I didn’t feel like myself.
    So about 36 hours ago I stopped taking them. I had read your web site and was prepared for withdrawal. Thank goodness I did or I would wonder what the hell was going on. Also I am an alcoholic that has been dry for about 30 years and remember what that was like.
    Anyway, I am in full on withdrawal, sweats, chills, bit dizzy, ringing in my ears, irrational feelings, anxiety. As you say, like the flu without the temperature and achy joints. So far I have no cravings for the drug. It is not fun but I will persevere.
    My doctor was useless in describing these symptoms. He is an OK doctor, he just doesn’t know about these ‘modern’ things. I asked him once about cannabis. He had no idea.
    The strange part is my back pain is no worse. I have taken a couple of Advil that help, but it is the same old back pain I’ve had for years, no better, no worse. It’s like the only thing the Tramadol did was keep me from withdrawal … it was no longer doing anything for the pain.
    Bummer. (BTW I’m having difficulty typing, keep hitting the wrong keys.)
    So once I get through this I’m going to fork over my $250 to the local cannabis clinic (I live in Ontario) and see what they have to say.
    So, question, I’ve gone cold turkey. I’m surviving. Should I go back and taper off ? any other comments ?
    Thanks for this web site. It keeps things real. Oh and one other thing, I don’t have sleep problems because I use Sublinox to sleep. Works like a charm. BTW I am a 77 year old male otherwise in good health.

  44. I have been taking tramadol for about 3 years. I considered it a low dosage (50 mg twice a day). This is my second day since I stopped taking it. I have been having withdrawal symptoms (depression, chills, sweating, insomnia, cramps) since yesterday. I decided to go cold turkey since I felt my dosage was low. How long will this last?

  45. I’d like to believe that, elle, but I’ve suffered so much damage by withdrawal. Did I mention the high blood pressure that gave me a stroke? I had no problems with blood pressure before tramadol. Once I stopped, my blood pressure shot up. Then the relentless insomnia, lasting months and months caused derealization-depersonalization disorder. The terror of that condition made my blood pressure even worse and I then had a stroke. That’s where I’m at now. I’m brain damaged. And it all happened over the course of a miserable 6 months. I was a healthy man, good looking and intelligent. I’m destroyed now. Tramadol is serious, more serious I think than any other opioid. And I’m ruined because of it.

  46. Please believe that everything (good or bad) evens itself out. That is “the way”. May not happen in the time frame you seek…but it will happen. Positive energy sent your way.

  47. Tramadol ruined my life. The insomnia from withdrawal lastest months. I wound up developing derealization-depersonalization disorder as a result of all the stress and anxiety produced by withdrawal.

    I’m now a mentally ill bum, soon to be homeless. My life is ruined.

  48. I have been prescribed tramadol for a good 7 years. It is the devil. I am finally clean but deal with severe anxiety and apathy on a daily basis from this drug. All of you who are getting off the drug are doing the right thing. I tapered off with the help of my doc with no additional medication except something to help me sleep, so it can be done. It’s very unpleasant but it can be done. You are all doing the right thing for yourself and your families. Every time you feel week or want to go back to that demon drug just feel good about the fact that you are doing the right thing. Try not to turn to benzos or any other addictive drug that doctors may want to prescribe to help you out of the hole… it just becomes a vicious circle and can cause real depression (just my experience). GOD BLESS YOU ALL… You all will be in my prayers and you WILL make it. Don’t give up!

  49. First I was to comment on Janette’s post. Yes it is possible to have those symptoms after one pill. For me Norco did that. The whole next day I had depression and anxiety. So I was switched to tramadol by my dr who assured me it was safe if I took as directed. Well I was so scared to try it that I waited months. Then I gave in. For me I didn’t have a problem until I started taking more than 3 or 4 days a week. Then I noticed that on days I didn’t take it I felt horrible. No energy, to depressed to get out of bed, anxiety. Finally after 5 months of taking only 50 mg a day 4 to 5 days a week, I started to research it. What I read made me angry. Why do drs prescribe this sfuff? It seems that most people have this hell happen to them. It should be off the market. It messes with the brain. It’s been 4 weeks today since my last pill. I will have a few days of being ok, not great but ok, followed by a day of depression and just crazy thinking. My memory is shot. I quit my job because I was in a deep depression that first week and also in pain since I refuse to take anything else. So I quit. I know that if I had not ever taken that crap that I would not have quit. This is the worst thing I’ve ever been through.

  50. Dear sir madam
    After Lymphoma back ache then double knee replacement been on 50mg for about 3 years on/off. Started to lose effect so decided to come off last week. Been up and down, today really feeling depressed and many other symptoms, but will hang on in there. Been prescribed anti-depressant when I approached doctor, who didn’t seem that concerned. But will not be taking them just yet.
    I really want to manage this drug free but would appreciate advise?

  51. I have been taking 150mg of tramadol daily for 6 years. Im now taking 1 tablet daily. Will i still have bad withdrawls?

  52. Here is my experience with quitting Tramadol cold turkey:

    Background: I was take 400mg-500mg daily for one year – not the heaviest of users but still went through full blown hell.

    Day 1: one day after last dose was just a runny nose for the most part and I found myself eating a lot.

    Day 2: hell started. Felt empty, literally, even drinking water felt like it was going through a big hole in my stomach. I had ZERO energy to do anything. Stuffy nose, sneezing, I slept a lot that day. That would be the last day I get any sleep.

    Day 3: zero energy and empty feeling + cold sweats, chills, brain zaps, and more importantly: Cannot fall asleep at all. I tried watching TV, I watched 11 episodes of stuff, was still up. Went all over town looking for sleepy time tea and it did not help. I tried Valarian, it did nothing. Sun came up and I Was still up.

    Day 4: a little energy but not much, still sneezing a lot and runny nose. Brain zaps. NO SLEEP.

    Day 5: extremely tired from not sleeping but most of flu like symptoms gone. Brain zaps still. NO SLEEP.

    Day 6: feeling different, eating ok. Nose cleared up but throat feeling funny and I keep coughing. NO SLEEP.

    Day 7: better than past days. Slept for 1 hour and I thought I was asleep all night. This is terrible.

    Day 8-10: started sleeping 1-2 hours per night total, getting up in between a lot.

    Day 10-14: started sleeping 2-4 hours per night.

    Day 14-20: started sleeping 6-8 hours per night. Felt very energetic, almost normal.

    My advice:

    – Commit. Don’t allow yourself to relapse because you will go through hell twice.
    – Take care of your body: drink lots of water, take a multivitamin once per day.
    – Eat whatever you can hold down. You need protein for energy to fight.
    – When feeling pretty low remember that it will pass. I had serious doubts when I couldnt sleep and I almost checked myself in to a hospital but I couldnt afford it.
    – After first 3 days, taking a short walk around the block and a hot shower will do wonders to make you feel relaxed and normal.
    – Be strong. You can – and will – get through this.

    I hope this helps.

  53. Hi, Is it possible to experience withdrawal after having taken only one tablet? Dose is 50mg. I am under 60kg. I started having anxiety less than 24 hours after the one dose.

  54. Hi I’ve been taking tramadol for over a year now and only experienced a few side effects such as dry mouth,trouble sleeping and slight headaches from time to time but recently I have been experiencing major leg pains/cramps that are felt in the thighs inner and exterior also ,groin/pelvic area,calves sometimes feet and to a shorter extent arm joints and shoulders are these common side effects as well and would you have any knowledge on the length and continuous length of time after I stop taking tramadol I am still taking them but will stop today hoping that they are indeed causing my muscle/nerve pain and they will go away, thanks!

  55. Been on TRAMADOL for 8 weeks (2 x 50mg slow release per day). Came off, cold turkey and the aches and pains in the muscles of both arms were absolutely terrible, saw the DOC and told to carry on taking TRAMADOL, now weaned off for 2 weeks, can’t sleep, aches and pains in arm muscles also in some finger joints, feeling very weak and tired.

  56. Having mild withdrawal symptoms as we speak, and it is day 3. Restless legs and Insomnia are my main problems. This is not the first time I have had to withdrawal from a drug. I came off of 10/325 Hydro 2 or 3 years ago and the same thing that helped then is helping right this second. KRATOM. I swear to you all, that if you are having symptoms and want them gone, get some. It is legal in most states right now, is cheap, fast acting, non addictive, and will get rid of most symptoms within minutes. 1 tablespoon of this leaf and I enjoyed 7 hours of real sleep without rolling around and kicking ever 30 seconds. I’m back to normal already and I just had my dose minutes before writing this post. It is nasty to taste, and smells a bit, but it is worth every nasty mouthful lol. I suggest mixing it with chocolate milk to at least make it bearable, and recommend a red vein variety for pain relief and relaxation, or a green or white vein for energy.

  57. It’s been 10 months now since I quit taking Tramadol. I posted on here in November of last year when I quit and I’m here to say I’m still clean and have no regrets. I do suffer from occasional bouts of depression and I know the Tramadol made the depression symptoms much more tolerable but with 10 months of sobriety I can say a depressed day or two here and there is much better than being addicted. Approaching my one year anniversary of quitting is a great feeling.

    If you are suffering with addiction to this substance please quit now. You can do it. If you are suffering with withdrawal symptoms please don’t give up. Keep fighting the fight. I am living proof it is worth it. It doesn’t seem like this is a very vocal forum where people really respond to your posts but that’s okay. I just hope I can help one person quit using this narcotic by reading my post. It will eventually take over your life completely if you continue to take it. You can be free. Taper down. Take as long as you need but just keep tapering and know you can succeed.

  58. I took tramadol 50 mg for four yrs. Stopped cold turkey 4 weeks ago. I’m still so depressed, no energy and just want to be alone. I’m 77 yrs old have always been in good health,active.
    I had a second hip replacement this past June 3rd 2016 .

  59. It’s will be 3 weeks on Sunday from when I stopped using tramadol! How much longer will it be roughly for me to get my energy and motivation back?

  60. I took 2 50mg tramadol tablets in 2 days is it okay if I stop taking it cold turkey and will I feel any withdrawal symptoms

  61. I’ve taken 240 Tramadol 50 mgs./month. I also take around 20 Roxycodone 30 mgs/ month, 100 Lortab 5 mgs/ month, 250 mgs,/day (night) of OTC sleep medication, 3 Gabapentin 300 mgs,/ a day and as needed. Of these, Tramadol and Gabapentin are prescribed. The others, not. I had a gastric bypass about 13 years ago so medication, according to my doctor, last about half the time (half life) in my system. I do have physical issues which need to be treated with some sort of medication. My doctor wants to send me to pain management (she doesn’t know about the “un-prescribed meds”. I cannot do pain management because of my job. Thus. going to a pain doctor will cause me to lose my job and my insurance. Suggestions? And, almost forgot, am 36 hours into no medication other than Gabapentin and sleep meds. I did a stint in rehab 9 years ago. The addiction started after the gastric bypass surgery. Not sure if this matters or helps.

  62. I am only less than 24 hours free of tramadol and it’s in the middle of the night I quit cold turkey and I have a cold that came out of no where I feel like crap my legs and arms hurt I can’t sleep I was taking 200 mg a day for the last 2 years how long will the pain and insomnia last

  63. I have been on 50mg once or twice each day for about one month. Since I was on a low dose and for a relatively short period of time, is it okay to stop cold turkey? If so, about how long will withdrawal symptoms last? Thank you.

  64. This is not medicine its poison i took tramadol for 6 days about 150 mg to help with some severe pain I’m now 3 weeks since I’ve stopped and still having panic attacks and just not feeling like myself it comes in waves but I’ve also noticed internal organ pain as well as ringing ears

    i should have stuck to my usual routine smoking some marijuana and letting the pain work itself out rather than messing with my mental state to a point where i envision death on a daily basis.

    reading these comments makes me at least somewhat less worried I’m not the only one but for those of you having a hard time i send my best wishes this a habit that needs to be kicked sooner than later

  65. Hi , i took tramacet for more then 2 years and after so long i stopped take it .
    I want to try to get pregnant, how long do i need to wait until this pills going out from my body?
    Thanks 🙂

  66. have been on Tramadol for 6 months, 200 mm a day due to foot injury, I’ve had 3 surgeries in 6 months, ran out of my script on Friday and thought no big deal, I can manage what pain I have with Tylenol…I was totally unprepared for what I’m dealing with, this is worse than the pain. I can’t sleep, I can’t keep my legs still, my muscles are jumping all over the place and I feel like I’m going crazy. I know I can get more tomorrow but I don’t want to , I just want this to stop,

  67. Marlie,it’s quiet a common symptom.My Doc put me on 2mg Valium 3 time’s a day,then tapered it off after 2 week’s because that can become addictive as well.Hoped this helps

  68. I forgot to take my tramadol this morning and just feel extremely tired. I usually feel a lot worse. I’m on 100mg slow release twice a day. How would you recommend I come off it. I took my last dose last night.

  69. I’ve just been informed by my doctor that due to new regulations, he will no longer be treating chronic pain with opiate/opiod medications. I’ve been taking tramadol for almost 10 years for fibromyalgia. I didn’t take the highest dose, however; my usual dosage was 50mg three times a day. I’ve cut myself down to twice a day for a few days, then to once a day as well. But when I try to stop taking that last dose, I notice when I go to sleep I have a restless legs type syndrome, except it appears to involve my arms and torso as well as my legs. It’s not so much a pins and needles as it’s an uncontrollable urge to move, a jittery feeling. Is this a common effect of tramadol withdrawal, and if so, how long can I expect to experience this? And is there something my doctor can do to help ease me through this transition? Thanks.

  70. WoW,so glad I found you all….I started taking tramadol about 6 weeks ago .Pain from 2 back surgerys at 14 and 20 yrs old…now 40 and still actice ,wieghts and playing hardball in Mexico.Before I would just take non narcotic meds,napr,Ibufr,and on game days injections of TRI-bedoce with Diclofenaco…..well so yea I just did tramadol for about 6 weeks…but at times id take 15 50mg a day…in the six weeks i stopped for 1-2 days 3 times….tolerance went down dramatically…i was eventually taking to get high and to feel amazing and performed better playing ball….iv stopped for the fifth day…not horrible just cant sleep a full nights rest….body aches ,taking ibuprofena for that and drinking alcohol to get me to sleep….feel kinda gloomy at time..when i turn my head or eyes fast i get kinda a qiuk diizzy buzzed feeling…Im tempted to get seroquel 25mg to guarentee a whole hard nights sleep…dont know tho yet……MAKES ME FEEL GOOD IM NOT ALONE …GOD BLESS YOU ALL

  71. Have just stopped taking tramodil 5 days ago. The insomnia is unbearable have a constant headache and am very irritable.

    Have been advised by pharmacist to try Passion flower tea or tablets as this should reduce withdrawal symptoms… Not blue Passion flower though

    The only real bit of advice I can offer is do not take this drug (tramodil) is a bitch to get off I’d rather take the pain then suffer these symptoms

  72. This blog has totally convinced me that I will not detox at home. I am signing into treatment on Monday! Yes, my doctor told me this wasn’t addictive also when I was so sick from the Norco after my spine surgery. There are totally enough of us to file a class action law suit against the manufacturer. They aren’t the ones who have to decide to either withdrawal in front of our toddlers or go away for 3 weeks of rehab/detox and be away from our children or stay on it as addicts in front of them. I am in tears reading these stories. Here I thought I was losing my mind, or it was peri-menopause, depression, or my marriage. However, we will never get to the root of our physical pain or solve our problems as long as we remain slaves to this poison.

  73. I been addictive to pain killers for 6 years ever since my Doc prescribe them to me for gallbladder pain, (I was pregnant and all they could do is manage my pain) it was the worse taking up to 8 pills a day and not even that would take away my pain. I had to be hospitalized many times and they would give me morphine, only that would help. I’m trying really hard to cut down and be clean, I use tramadol to help with the withdrawals of vicodin, 25mg tramadol at night for my RLS and I use tylenol 500mg every 8 hours. I also take Imodium for the cramping and benadryl for the runny nose and itchy throat. It’s a process and I hope to be opioid free in the next 2 weeks.

  74. Am 16 yrs of age.have been on tramadol for 4months now I took tramadol the other night and I exprienced palpitation tiredness poor blood circulation breathing difficulty chest pain irregular beating I was hospitalised and was instructed not to take it anylonger,its been 4wks now no improvement of normal health I still feel this symptoms pls what should I do am confussed

  75. I am a 58 he old female who has been taking tramadol approx 300my q day x8 yrs for chronic chondromalacia and severe RLS. I stopped suddenly 12 days ago while being monitored and given small doses of tapering opiate doses for the first 8 days. After that I was sent home on nothing except requip 2 mg qhs for the RLS. I do have some of the sxs you mentioned primarily the RLS, and anxiety. My question is do you think the worst is over and I ‘ll be able to sleep soon and the RLS will get better? I see my my MD in 9 days.

  76. My boyfriend has been taking tramadol for 7+ years. He was taking 500 mg or more in a day. Today he is currently 48+ hours into getting clean. The last time he took them was the 17th of March. How long can it take for him to get through the withdrawal period and what could I expect as symptoms in him?

  77. How long does the flu like symptoms last after stopping tramadol 50 mg. I’ve been taking 350 mg daily for over a year.

  78. I am having a hard time understanding why I should not take this drug all the time? I am going off of it now I do not want to be an illegal drug addict but I am so miserable depressed crying everytime I turn around just went through a divorce after being married for 35 years the tramedol take away all the pain mentally and physically now my doctor says I have to get off of it I don’t understand why she’s put me on gabapentin which is done very little a little leg syndrome relief maybe but that’s it has our government just submitted themselves to the pharmaceutical companies instead of nature I don’t understand opium is a natural substance marijuana is a natural substance I don’t understand does our government not want us to be comfortable there could be restrictions on these drugs but in the meantime I am 65 years old I have been feeling the best I have ever felt for the past year under a doctor’s care receiving tramedol now I’m told oops time to get off of it let’s try some other drugs it is been the most disgusting experience pushed up on me by the medical field and by the way the beginning of all of this was because of my breast cancer. I think the medical society and the pharmaceutical companies and the people of this country need to rethink a few things with the medical industry.

  79. I have only been on Tramadol for a week do to sciatica pain, but am on clonazapam for sleeping and on anxiety meds. My husband bought a brand new mattress and bedding and I am still feeling bugs around my feet I am 78 yrs old. and spend the night looking for any signs of them and nothing of course.
    We even had the professional Bug company in and he found nothing. I think my husband & daughter are beginning to think I am crazy.

  80. I was prescribed tramadol over a week ago. I took it for a few days a little more than I should have maybe until I started feeling dependent on it. I stopped taking it on Monday of last week and I have been depressed, I’ve had anxiety towards my wife thinking she was seeing somebody else, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I have stomach pain. How long will this last? I want my normal life back. I can’t go to work without working myself up and losing it. My wife said to try and taper off but I don’t want to take anything anymore. Is this a good idea? What exactly should I do. I can’t live like this.

  81. I was recently switched from tramadol 100mg three times a day to now taking Tylenol 3 every 6 hours. I switched on the 5th of this month. I’ve had insomnia for a bout a week every night, even if I took Xanax or other medication to help me sleep. I feel like my body is shaking but it’s not visable on the outside.
    I have been getting goose bumps for about 3 days now and 2 nights ago my depression got so bad I attempted suicide. My mother said she thought it was a medication change which has brought me to this site. I have a call in with my pain management dr now. Waiting on return call. The T3 isn’t helping pain and I’m certain I am suffering withdrawl for this medication. Any advice ?

  82. I’ve been talking these pills for a 10 yrs or longer I don’t want to take them no more cuz the past 2yrs I up my on intake cuz I’ve been hurting more cuz I work 14 hr shifts can’t I just stop or cut them down cuz I’m up to 19 a day

  83. Hi CathyI feel your pain. Here is how I succeeded. Take 1 extra strength Tylenol with the Tramadol and reduce the Tramadol by 25% each week until you get to 25 mg and then only take it when you absolutely need it. I went from 600 mg a day to 0 mg in 7 weeks.

  84. 4 days off tramadol. Not feeling so good been on since Oct 2015 maybe 200 mg a day have some left but I want to be done with them. Does any over counter med help with the withdrawals. Thanks

  85. I was taking up to 300miligrams of tramadol a day or every other day for about 6 weeks for costocondritis. It started giving me stomach pain so I stopped cold turkey. No taper. Ever since now( for about 5 weeks or so) ive had cramps on my sides, not in just one place. I’m also getting some sleep disturbances, like waking up 4hrs after i went to sleep. I’m also having muscle spasms somewhat. Please whomever reply to my comment and let me know if this is part of it, and will I Ever feel good again. Its kinda destroying my life

  86. Right about now I am very angry at the doctor who prescribed Tramadol for my Lyme disease arthritis. I was taking 180 50 mg. per month and have been weaning down since last Oct 2016. I took my last small piece nine days ago and almost died. I could not breathe. Thankfully I had Atarax for allergies that I almost never take unless my eyes are itching. That saved my breathing. Then I had some blood pressure meds I hardly ever need to take that saved my racing heart. My heart was jumping out of my chest. THIS WAS AFTER I HAD WEANED DOWN. Then I had some Valium that sorta kept me from going totally crazy that I hadn’t needed to take in a long time. So I just used small pill pieces. I was told this Tramadol was safe. I am still in the throes of withdrawal since last Oct. 2015 HOW MUCH LONGER? Still can’t get a wink of sleep. I revolve from depression and pain to getting really high with numbness and tingling. DON”T TAKE THIS PILL. It is suicide.

  87. I started taking them in 1998 for Lyme Disease arthritis caused by deer tick bite with the Bull’s Eye Rash. At few a first just a few. Later about (2006) I was prescribed 180 50 mg per month. I began weaning down last Oct 2015, taking thee per day I’ve had severe symptoms all during the tapering process. At the end I was breaking off little pieces. I am on day eight clean and am still not hungry. I’ve lost about ten pounds. Am not hungry and have t force myself to eat, The blood pressure has subsided and the restless legs, but still can’t sleep ore than a few hours with the help of Valium. Thank God I have them. I am able to take or leave Valium and have been on and off it many times in life with no problem, BUT IF IT WAS NOT FOR Atarax I had on hard for my allergies I would be dead. I stopped breathing and that drug saved me from emergency room visit. (It sucks the cold symptoms out of your lungs.) I guess Benadryl would do the same . I took a few Surmontil anti-depressant for a couple of night to get three hours sleep, but I do not want to start these again, too many heart palpitations and hair loss. I decided to get off of Ultram because it was tearing up my bowels. I later heard that many children had died from not breathing because off Tramadol Also, many had unnecessary bowel surgeries, not realizing Tramadol was the cause.

  88. Tramadol 200mg ER for 4 and 1/2 years. Stopped cold turkey 3 weeks ago. Actually got through the acute phase with the help of over the counter aides (Elimidrol and Kratom), without too much trouble. However, the post acute phase has been horrible. My digestive system is messed up, my sleep is messed up, my mood is messed up, life in general is just no fun. I just keep wondering, will I feel good again? Tramadol is a menace! I can’t believe it is still on the market. Stay far, far away from this devil in disguise. You have been warned.

  89. Hi Emma
    My gp tried to change me from 400mg of Tramadol sr capsules to 25mg of morphine. The first day was the best day i’d had in years however the next day was awful and withinin 2 days i was back on Tramadol.
    Sorry. This may be just me.
    Good luck

  90. Will I experience withdrawal from tramodol 400 mg daily which I have taken for 11 years when switching to morphine 10 – 20 mg. I do experience symptoms if I forget to take tramodol. I would appreciate your advice

  91. Hi there, I have just started being off tramadol for about 84 hrs, I had no idea I was going though withdrawls. I thought I had the flu but I realized today it was withdrawl systems. Can’t sleep, feet are cold, anxious and so on. Are you able to provide any remedies to help lessen the burden of withdrawls. I am drinking lots of water and tea exercising. Not eating a lot but holding down toast and soup with no problems. So much information on tramadol that I thought maybe some direction would be provided to help. There is a posting from Sammy saying herbal remedies any thoughts on this. Thank you again

  92. Hello I was perceived tramadol along with various other painkiller, for over 7 years, I had an addition to all, eventually I got off them …….. Question is after 4 months having not taken any painkillers I am starting to have some sort of withdrawal symptoms again

  93. I’m 35 and have been on tramodol for 5 years. I found out I was pregnant so had to stop taking it immediately. I was very scared because of the withdrawal. The reason I’m posting this is because everything I’ve read about stopping is doom and gloom. Reading these posts made me even more scared. I did stop, I stopped by only taking one at night before bed, no matter how awful I felt during the day, for 3 days, then cut them in half and did the same thing three nights then cut the half in half for three nights. I did that at night because even thow its bad during the day, the pain at night was relentless. And now I’m fine. I have occasional palpitations I can deal with. It Will be uncomfortable to say the least but it is possible. I started the presses on Jan 1 it’s now Jan 17 I’m off it completely and I’m fine. There is hope, you CAN do it. (I was taking 4 50mg tabs a day when I went to 1 at night.

  94. I was given tramadol 50 mg tabs every 6 hours, when I had my knee replaced 10 Nov. 2015. I. Have been off for almost two days this time. I had no idea it was so hard to stop. I have tried 3 or so times but have never made it this far.I have almost all of the withdrawal symptoms and feel weak. Please tell me how log this might last.
    Thank you,

  95. Hi, I have only been taking Tramadol for 9 days…some dosages not even the full amount of 2- 50mg tablets every 6 hours…was only taking 1 tablet and longer periods in between the 6 hours as well. If I didn’t want to take any more Tramadol now that my back pain is more manageable, and switch to an OTC pain killer, would I be subject to withdrawals?

  96. I have been on 200mg tram for 8 days for tooth abcess. After reading some of the blogs I am scared of what will happen now that the pain is gone. I don’t want to continue these since I am no longer in pain, but these blogs are pretty scary. Do you think I might be hit with serious withdrawal after only 8 days?

  97. Trying to come of tramadol been told to take codine phosfate 4x for 1 week reducing one each week can not sleep worried cos had aortic root surgery and have under active thyroid. Help

  98. The depression, dysphoria, and uneasy feelings are the hardest part to get over when withdrawing from Tramadol for me. How long can these symptoms last at the very most. I need a goal of time to keep me going.

  99. Is there anything I can take to help myself from being tired during the day? I babysit and I don’t want to be so tired while watching them! Thanks

    1. Hi, Tina. I suggest you try some home remedies, or talk with a pharmacist. There are many plant-based drugs and medicines which are good for gaining energy.

  100. Hi… I am 36 weeks pregnant and have been on tramadol 2 months on and off. 3 to 5 a day not for the full 2 months either. I had mild withdrawals. Haven’t taken any in almost 7 days. How long will this last. I feel much better just insomnia and a little bit of cravings at night. And also is that enough to make the baby withdrawal when the baby is here. If I continue nothing at all?

  101. Hi I have been on tramadol for about 14yrs my doctor as dissident it is time I came off them and be put on something else as they are not working any more for me but she says she is going to taper me off them by first takeing one tab away a week and trying it that way but as I get my meds from my chemist in a box all ready for me there’s not a lot I can bo what if I can’t take the withdrawal and need to go back on one tab until I get use to not having them do you think that would be all right many thanks Marion

  102. I have a taken 200 50mg tramadol tablets since October 2015. I am now having high anxiety, sweats,heart palpitations,restlessness,insomnia,feel sick,shaking terribly every day. I have reduced it from 8 tablets a day down and down until now I am taking 1 at night just so I can get some sleep. Do I need to go to the doctor and what medication can I be prescribed to help with thsee horrible symptoms? Please can someone give me some advice or help ASAP.

    1. Hi Cheryl. One major complication of tramadol withdrawal is the potential for serotonin syndrome. Treating this naturally or with antidepressant/SSRI medications can help to regulate the normal levels of serotonin in the body. Try food or mineral supplements and vitamins that help to stabilize moods.

      Help for tramadol withdrawal symptoms can also include typical ibuprofen, acetaminophen or paracetamol to help with pain along with other NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). You can also use temporary sleep aids and muscle relaxers that can help take care of the cramping caused by tramadol withdrawal. Flu and cold medication can also help treat general tramadol withdrawal symptoms.

  103. Hi, Thank you for this very informative and helpful site. I have been taking tramadol for 4 weeks at about 200mg. I stopped taking it 2 days ago because the pain from shoulder surgery became tolerable. I began feeling the withdrawal symptoms shortly after. How long should I expect them to continue? Thank you.

    1. Hello Frank. Thanks for the lovely words. We’re trying our best to keep you informed. Depending on the dosage and how long you have been taking tramadol, its withdrawal symptoms usually last from few days to several months.

  104. Thank you for your reply that helped me understand. The next question I would like to get an answer to is dies Tramadol couse weight gain while off of tramadol?

  105. Hi Adam, I feel your pain. Here is how I succeeded. Take 1 extra strength Tylenol with the Tramadol and reduce the Tramadol by 25% each week until you get to 25 mg and then only take it when you absolutely need it. I went from 600 mg a day to 0 mg in 7 weeks.

  106. Week 6.
    Still some mild nausea, sweating and restless legs but easing every day. I’ll never go near TRAMADOL again. If I can do it anyone can, regain control.

    Cigs next ?
    Good luck all

  107. Ive been on tramdol for a long time. I decided to throw it al
    Way and go cold turkey. It was a very bad mistake. I even called 911 after a seizure, i was taking to the medical room and they said tramidol is not a hard one and was sent home. I just got some vision and muscle to type this. I am begging for afvuce because no nobody has seem to have heard of tramadol

    1. Hello Adam. I suggest you seek medical help to taper the medication. Also, you should contact our trusted treatment provider to find adequate treatment program.

  108. Just checking in. A little over three weeks clean now and each day is better than the last although I know I’m not out of the woods yet. Just wanted to say I’m still with it and don’t regret my decision one bit. My sleep is getting better. Still feel somewhat restless before I actually fall asleep but sleep does come. I still feel the pangs of wanting them I will not lie but I dismiss them with the knowledge of how much better off I am without them and that carries me through. I seek constant support with different online communities and that is a big help too. For all of you out there fighting the battle carry on. It is worth it.

  109. I was taking tramadol for over 3 years.I beat the worst withdrawal and now I am on my fourth week.experiencing alot of joint pain and nerve pain.I believe it was covering up my bowel disease.I am really scared.Everyday is so painful but I refuse to take any pain killers.was hospitalized once because it felt like my muscles and joint were being crushed,I here that cbd dominant cannibis can help but the government has made it impossible to avoid pain meds.can I get help!

  110. I forgot to mention in my previous post a few other helpful recommendations. Use a pill splitter that you can purchase online or at a pharmacy and start cutting your pills to reduce your dosage. When I mentioned that I got down to 6.5 mg each dose I was splitting 100 mg tablets in to small 1/16 pieces of each tablet. They don’t always break clean, especially when trying to cut them down that small but use your best judgement on how much you think you’re taking. Often it would simply crush the piece I was trying to split in to powder so I would simply wet my finger and pick up what I considered to be close to 6.5 mg and swallow it quickly with a glass of cold water. Other advice I can offer is stay hydrated as much as possible, if you’re feeling achy take a hot shower or bath, use Tyrosine supplements(750 mg) to help your overall mood during the day and Valerian Root (500 mg) to help you sleep at night. It does help, I promise. Both of those supplements can be purchased online or at any vitamin/health store in your area. Talking about my experience here is very helpful in my own recovery, it keeps me focused on staying quit and I hope that by sharing what I have been through it may help someone else. That it did would bring me satisfaction to know that the hell I have put myself through in my personal saga with this horrible substance may very well help someone else who is struggling.

  111. Marion (and all others with the same question),

    The only way I know of to stop taking tramadol is by tapering. Once, many years ago, I quit cold turkey and I was accustomed to taking 400-500 mg a day at that point. It’s a miracle it didn’t kill me. I would have immediately taken more the moment I started withdrawaling from that high of a dosage except for the fact that my supply had completely run out and I couldn’t get more no matter how badly I may have wanted them. I believe that was the worst time of my life. It was also the first time I had ever quit. I was younger then, in my twenties. I think being young and strong was the only way I survived that experience. I spent a week without sleep and the RLS was so violent I couldn’t even lay in bed with my wife for fear of injuring her. I had to lay out on the couch, writhing in agony all night, sweating, convulsing, biting a towel to keep from screaming out in pain. You would think someone would be smart enough to never take them again after that, right? Unfortunately for me, that was just the beginning. I’ve started again and quit again several more times over the last twenty years, but those subsequent times I always used the tapering method. It’s still unpleasant but makes a huge difference in how you feel. Do an internet search for Tramadol Tapering Schedule and you will find a lot of useful information on how best to do it. I would post the links here but I don’t know if I’m allowed to. Do it as gradually as you need to provided you have enough to really stretch it out. Tapering over two or three months Marion would be ideal considering the dosages you are accustomed to. I’m still feeling occasional withdrawal symptoms and I’ve been off of them a little over a week and I tapered for almost two months before quitting. I got down to the point where I was taking 6.5 mg three times a day before I stopped completely and even tapering that low you will still feel withdrawal symptoms but I am living proof that they are manageable. I feel so much empathy for all of you fighting the withdrawals from this awful substance and also you who are still taking them and only considering quitting. I think the hardest part has always been making the decision to really quit and begin the taper. Even though what follows is unpleasant physically and mentally it’s reassuring to yourself to know that you made the decision to quit and that is more than half the battle. Don’t give up, follow a realistic tapering schedule and don’t let yourself lose hope. It can and will get better. It may take months to feel like yourself again but it’s worth it. It is November now and my hope is that by spring time I will feel back to my old self. Spring is a new beginning for all things. Make the choice now to quit and by next spring you too will feel like you have your life back. It’s worth it. Just with over a week clean I am already experiencing moments of clarity that remind me of what it feels like to be sober and it is those moments that keep me going on the right track. Look forward to a night of restful sleep, a regular appetite, a regular digestive system, and so many more wonderful things that you don’t realize that you’re missing out on right now. I wish you all the best in your recovery. You can do it!

  112. I have been on tramadol since 1996 and I’m only just coming off it as. I have had a new hip I was on two tablets 4 times a day my doctor is taken me off them one tablet each day starting with my night one and working up is she right to be doing that and how will I fell

  113. Nearly 20 years of tramadol use off and and on. Mostly on, unfortunately. I’ve quit several times over those years but always ended up back on them. Each relapse astonished me that I would make the decision to allow them back in to my life and what I knew would be the eventual return to quitting again and the pain and depression it induces. I’m clean again, 43 years old and am just plain tired from the whole experience spanning nearly two decades of my life. Oh the up’s and down’s I have known. I’m never going back (yes I’ve said that before) and I mean it this time. No room for the substance in my life. The constant depletion of my finances, the worry of what will happen if my supplier runs out, which they do consistently, the horrible nuisance of needing to manage their presence in my life and making sure I don’t run low. It’s been an exhausting experience to say the least. Withdrawals are awful but you will get through them no matter how bad they seem. I know all too well. You could call me a guru of those horrible pills if you like. I hope to live the remainder of my life opiate free. Don’t give up. There are a lot of us out here fighting silently with you. I am one who chooses not to expose the awful truth of my addiction. You could argue that is why I’ve had such a long and horrible experience with them. I’m not going to argue that with anyone or even have the discussion because for me, that’s how it is. But this time I’m really done. I don’t feel like I have the luxury of relapsing again. I fear if I do I may never stop taking them the next time I decide to do the unthinkable and take them again. After having so much experience with them I feel that I really know this is it for me. I’m about a week clean and my through the woods yet but I am improving. Every time you quit taking them it’s a new and exciting experience…not to the latter. I feel as though I’ve dodged a bullet in quitting this time as I had developed a constant fear that if I didn’t quit for good this time that irreparable damage would likely ensue. Stop now and fight the monster that is tramadol withdrawal and just know you’ll get better and life is very good without them. A bad day of being clean is better than the best day of being addicted.

  114. I have been on tramadol since August of 2015 . I started taking it after back surgery. I am trying to get off of it but I am having a real bad time. I am having restless legs so bad I can not sleep or sit for any period of time. I was put on one 50 Mg and hour before I went to bed and 50 Mg when I went to bed because of the pain from the surgery. I need to get off of it but I don,t know what to do about the restless legs. Can you please help me. Thanks

  115. I was on tramadol for about 7 weeks for knee pain.I quit cold turkey. Now my shoulders and legs hurt bad .I have been off it about a week..odd this normal ?

  116. I ve been taking tramadol 200mg once a week for over 3years now. Now that I understand that tramadol is the cause of this severe pain am having for like almost every 2days , I want to stop using it finally. Pls I like to know how safe it is and what else can heal me from the withdrawal. Thx

  117. I’ve only taken tramadol for 9 weeks. And mostly just at night in the last 4 weeks. What level of withdrawal will I experience ?

  118. Finally came of Tramadol 2 weeks ago. Having been taking 400mg (modified release) for 8 years. I dropped from 400mg to 300mg to 200mg over a 2month period. However when i dropped from 200mg to 100mg i had a rough couple of weeks, massive mood swings, flu like symptoms, muscle cramps and insomnia (3-4 hours a night max). Then i visited my GP (local doctor) he prescribed Tramacet (37.5mg tramadol/325mg paracetemol) so 2 a day (75mg) and as i adjusted to the lower dose every 4/5 days i dropped 1/2 a tablet. This worked for me and i’m feeling better every day. Hope this helps anyone else trying to come off.

  119. I’ve been on Tramadol for 6 months… 50mg 2 to 4 times every 6 hours… I have a bad knee injury… I believe I’m experiencing withdrawls… depression & anxiety. How long does this last?

  120. Hi, i live in Spain . I start taking tremadol to help heroin withdraw , my GP prescribe me 3×2 of 100 mg. per day . I took them for 5 days , on day 4 i didn’t take them in the morning and the afternoon but i felt a bit of discomfort at night time so i took 2 next morning i felt like i m having flue but i ignore it so went to work came back and i start to feel same as heroin abstinence so i start to read about tremadol and i get proper scared . So my question is can i have tremadol addiction for only 5 days of using tremadol . By the way just half an hour ago i took just one pill of tremadol 100mg i felt immediate relief but not on 100% .
    I will apreciate yr advice Thanks in advance

  121. Hi I’m Nicole..I have just been on tramadol for a week now exactly and I read some of the comments on coming off of it and how dangerous it is to begin first for the first day I took it as directed..witch was only take it at 50mgs twice a day for the foot pain..I had toe surgery that had them put pins in each of my toes and a screw in the big was the bunion surgery plus the hammerhead toe surgery.
    I have always had a problem taking medications and due to the fact that I have so many medical issues the doctors have no problem prescribing me basically anything..and so I have takin just about everything right now..and I know I need help at this I was saying the first day maby two days I took it like it was supposed to be..but then realized that it seemed better if I took just 100mg in the morning and leave it at that..then I realized the pain would all the way be gone if I took at least 650 mg and leave it at that..I felt good in the beginning but had crazy hot sweats toward the end..then use felt really depressed n just crazy and itchy all over..and decided it was time to look this tramadol thing up..I read you can have seizures if you try to quit or even ween yourself off of it..and I never thought it would get this bad again or even that I had been on it long enough for it to really be bad at all..i haven’t found any info on people who have just been on it for a week or less that talks about this issue..or even if it is a issue??..I have tried to cut down to the 50 mgs again..but that only lasted over night because I was having some terrible cramps and body aches and hot sweats under my was crazy still..n I can’t sleep besides maby 2 or 3 hours a night and I stopped eating that much..sometimes all I have is just a small piece of sausage and call it a stuff is crazy right now..but yesterday I couldn’t take just taking the 50 mgs again in the morning and took 600 mgs and that was it..I have lots of emotional issues going on and that doesn’t help any either on top of that..but yeah I guess I’ll stop at that..I know I need help right now..but I don’t really know what to’m not crazy for doing what I did..I just need help..please help me..
    Sincerely ..nicile

  122. I have been on tramadol for over 14 years just stopped 4 months ago., still want to die, it’s horrible, I told pain Dr’s years ago ITS THE WORST DRUG OUT THERE, no one believed me, they said it was like aspirin , Now in FL it’s a stage 2 or 3 ,, whatever, please don’t anyone take it EVER

  123. Hi i have been off tramadol now for three weeks after to being on 100mg three times a day for the last five years its been the hardest thing i have ever done i have had bad chills depression not sleeping sweats i am still not sleeping well and have a strange fuzzy sensation in the bottom of my back i too have gained a lot of weight i just want to feel myself again how long will this take ???

  124. I have been taking tramadol over 5 years.I been taking 5 per day .Now for the past 5 weeks I been trying so hard to get off of it. I am down to 1 pill per day wich is at 5:00 p.m. I have bad chills and sweats , my entire body is hurting. I fell in this depression that I don’t have a reason to be depressed but that I have gained 17 pounds in 5 weeks time that I been trying to get off. I want to stop taking the one a day but I’m so scared.i hurt so bad and the weight gain is causing need to be even more depressed. 17 pounds is a lot for me to gain especially in 5 weeks.I. I eat very very healthy I work out 30 minutes a day and a hour walk every single day. I drink lots of water and I’m still gaining weight. please help me would any advice that good get me off of this last tramadol.

  125. I have been on tramadol for 2 months following knee surgery first 8 50g a day then 6 now 4 perday. I need to fly out to middle east so tried to ween myself off them as there’s a problem travelling there with them in my suitcases. I have just experienced the worst 24 hrs of my life, going cold turkey, can any one advice me how to get off this poison please?

  126. I was on 50 mg of tramadol 3x daily. I took them for 2 months. I have been off of them for 3 months and I am experiencing terrible anxiety and depression that seems to hit every other week. I have never had this problem before taking tramadol and I have never had anxiety and depression like this. Could this be withdralwals still? It just seems too long ago to still be that for the short duration I was on it.

  127. I was using tramadol for about 2 weeks taking 50mg 5x a day I stop 2 days ago yesterday starting feeling very sick, I cant sleep I only used for 2 weeks does anybody think my withdrawal will last more then a couple days?

  128. I was taking this drug for a wk after my surgery and I stopped taking it 3 days a go and I haven’t been able to sleep at night and I have problems with my lft arm when I lsy down all I do is toss and turn can I be having withdrawal symptoms only a week of taking this medication?

  129. Thank you so much for all the comment and information on this site. I had back surgery 3 weeks ago and was prescribed Tramadol for pain, I have ave been experiencing chill, sweats, hallucinations and mood swings. I have been searching for answers to these things and this site helped me abundantly.

  130. I have been on Tramadol for 6 years. I got really super bad with taking way more than I was prescribed. I tried to quit several times and I could not. I just could not stand the w/d. Now I am in a happier state of mind and attempted to taper down the med. I went from 30 pills to 16 to 6. I then just stopped taking them. I live in colorado, so I smoked pot through the worst w/d. I used an indica. That is very important, because a sativa will make it worse. I realized aside from the diarrhea the issues were in my head. The more positive I was the better. If I tried to lay around all day my symptoms of w\d were worse. Isn’t it funny how Doctors tell you that you will not go through w/d on this med? Anyway, the more positive things you surrounding yourself with the better. You should eat healthy when you quit too. It helps. This last time I quit was cake to be honest. I just told myself that I feel like crap when I am on them too. The more you take the more exhausted they make you. They make you constipated, forgetful, irrational and numb. I was ready to have my life back. End of story is this, you have to want to quit and be willing not to dwell on your symptoms. Find other things to do aside from focusing on the withdraw and soon enough you will see you r okay. You will have more energy once you get off this med and you will feel so much better. I’m not trying to say no one is going through w/d. I’m just saying I found the key is not dwelling on the symptoms or fearing if they will end. They will. Get back to your life. I took them because I had cancer and then because my back was broke. My back is still broken, but laying around being on Tramadol sure was not helping. It just made me numb. I also do not intend to say pot is any better but it did help a lot the first few days and anytime I felt my thoughts starting to linger around how crappy I felt. Change your state of mind and get back to living again by stopping. It took me one week this time. I looked at myself in the mirror everyday and said you can do this. You will do this and today you will feel good. It did not take long, because I realized my mind is a powerful thing. ONLY YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS. DON’T LET THIS STUPID MED RUN YOUR LIFE.

  131. Hi, I took tramadol for just 3 weeks and decided to quit cold-turkey. Withdrawal seemed quite severe to me given duration taking the pills (lots of crying, hot flashes, anxiety etc). Doctor told me symptoms can vary widely depending on the individual(?). 1 week through with very bad first 3 days the majority of the anxiety and depression was gone. However after 3 weeks I still get minor hot flashes and constantly feel lethargic and “thick-headed” with dull ache headaches and what seems to be more pain in my elbw (original issue for which I was prescribed Tramadol) than the current physical condition (largely healed) should warrant. Is this kind of longer term withdrawal symptom expected?
    Many thanks!

  132. I have been on and off pain medication for about 10 for various medical reasons but I first started after my knee surgery, I was given 10mg vicodan by a doctor who have you whatever you wanted back then the restrictions were not as strong as they are now. Why didn’t he tell me about this? I was on them for over a year then he stopped giving them to me…that’s when I realized how much trouble I was in, needless to say I started buying then from people I knew had them, so thousands of dollars later I’m where I am now thinking tramadol would not be as bad, boy was I wrong. I had actually went through withdrawal once and were off off pain meds for like 3yrs. Then I started again I am determined to beat this again and I have done a lot of research so I’m excited about this new life I’m starting. No one knows about this but my daughter I’m too ashamed to tell my hubby bc he is so judgmental, there have been times I wanted to tell him but decided against it and my daughter thunk I have been off them for a while I can’t bear to have my baby worried about me again so I’m going through this alone (when I say baby my daughter is 26). So if anyone can help me some with being my support I would appreciate it very much. I have not had tramadol in 5days but I have been taking 5mg vicodan at night to get me through work I’m in 3rd shift and during the day I ttake vitamins and sleeping pills so far it’s working I’ve had some body pings and brain shocks but nothing to be I have also been taking withdrawlease night and day formula I don’t know if its a mind thing but that seems to be helping and prayer. Ill be praying for everyone here.

  133. Doctor taking me of tramadol been having for spinal problems been taking for 9 months. 1 x 50mg 3 times day. I think he means for me to take as normal until Sunday then only take for 6 days then 5 days then 4 days then carry on taking 3 days until he phones me Middle June have I understood him correctly.

  134. I was prescribed Tramadol on April the 13th 2015. I have had two back surgeries and currently suffer from spinal and lumbar stenosis. I had been taking naproxen but changed to Tramadol due to increased pain. I was prescribed up to 8, 50 milligram a day as needed. This took me on an amazing roller coaster ride experiencing some if not all symptoms mentioned. I only had two yesterday and had one of the worst nights of my life. I could not figure out what was wrong with me. After reading all day I have banned them from my life. I feel like death warmed over. I only took 107 pills in about 20 days. Do you think I will have any type of withdraw symptoms and if so how long should I expect them to last. It has been 24 hours since my last pill and I think I feel better than this morning. Hopefully I read your column in time to keep from being effected too bad. Thank you for sharing because this drug is something else. I am just lucky to have found you before taking them to feel better. I know I can quit but they should warn people when they prescribe these.

  135. I’ve been on both lotab 10/325 and tremaol 50mg fir 7 years! I had a Dr that have me 240 each a month!
    Then he stopped giving to me! Now I get 60 of each but run out so buy on street to help my massive pain
    I’ve gone though withdraws few time
    But today I decide I need to stop completely I rather deal with my pain of I still need them I deal when it
    Question last lotab was over 3 days and last tremol was yesterday but in last 4 days only took 10 of th
    Will my withdraws be easier ask u pray the I can stay off
    I prayed to God to ask to help deal with withdrws but more so staying off
    I gave a bad back, spine injury and AR alone with PTSD
    I’m Bly 48

  136. I had taken tramsdol 10 50mg a day for 6 years. I weaned myself down to 4 pills a day. And have been cold turkey for 9 days now and staring to feel normal again. I’m hoping that it will continue. Still having trouble sleeping and mild aches once in awhile that maybe last for an hour. But starting to feel like I’m over the hill with the worst of it. And best of all I don’t feel tied down to this drug anymore. Wont ever go back..

  137. What are sum supplements good for tramadol paws..and help restore serotonin / Dopamine levels to normal..

  138. Hello. Actually, after finally admitting to my fiance that I thought Tramadol had indeed become a problem, we came up with a plan to stop taking it. We counted what I still had in my prescription and started at 6 a day for five days, then 5 a day for five days, etc. He gave me the correct number everyday and we celebrated everytime I went down one. I have been off it completely for a week now, and I have not ecperienced any severe withdrawals. I’ve had a little weakness and general “tiredness” but nothing unmanageable. I’ve been taking Advil PM to sleep well and sat in a jacuzzi or hot bath when I can. I’m a mom, I work, take care of my family, and with a little help and commitment it can be done. I was a little more emo during this time but I just tried to do good things for myself like reading positive quotes, talking about how I felt, etc. I took 8 a day for three years…and I am so glad to be free. This feels like it’s going to be super hard and scary in the beginning but it’s not.

  139. Hello again and thank you, Ivana.

    I wanted to report that so far, so good. I had a little bit of a sudden drop in mood late day, yesterday. It was unpleasant but other than that I feel okay. When I was on it I had weird hearing issues – some blocking of the right ear. Felt a bit unreal while on it. Kind of like I was in a bubble of some sort. Definitely could not sleep when I took it. Restless leg was far worse taking it than when I stopped. No sleep – bizarre dreams while on it. Just not worth what it did for pain.

    1. Thank you, Danica. I’m so glad things are going good so far. Remember, it will only be getting better and better as your organism heals and returns to normal. Kind regards, Ivana.

  140. Hello

    I only took tramadol for less than a week 2 tablets twice a day, 50mg in each tablet. I have quite a few of the withdrawal symptoms. I have destroyed the rest of the tablets (Thank God). I had a kidney infection and it was to relieve the pain which it did. How long will these symptoms last?

    1. Hi Denise. The worst part should be over in about a week after you stopped using Tramadol. I’d say that about two weeks after cessation of use, the withdrawal symptoms should have subsided significantly. To make the withdrawal period easier for you you can purchase some OTC medications from the local pharmacy that can help you treat particular symptoms. Make sure that you are supporting your body and getting the proper nutrients and fluids to help flush out tramadol.

  141. My Doctor reduced my dose from 300mg a day to 150mg with no tappering…After the reduction in my daily dose I started withdrawals I’m day 16 ..I’m still on the lower dose ..Will the withdrawals level out…or will they continue ..and bout how long will it take to level..

  142. Hi. I went in for a knee operation and post op was prescribed tramecet which contains 37.5mg of tramadol per tablet. I was on the meds for a week taking 2 tablets every 6 hours thats 300mg of tramadol and had to go cold turkey because the meds finished. So Thursday started them and Thursday they finished. That Friday night was not fun as the withdrawll symtoms started, couldn’t eat or sleep, was restless, was nauseous, had aches and pains, numb finger tips, chills, fever, feel fluish & anxious. This drug is revolting if you are reading this you probably feel like me and wished you had never taken it. My question is how long could I potentially suffer from these withdrawll symptoms because I have been on it for a short period? Today is day 3 and Sunday. I have been taking still pain to help with my pain relief for my knee and helps a little with the withdrawll as it let’s me sleep a little. This drug should be taken off the market or at least educate the doctors on what a patient will go through if they take it.

    Thanks Guys

  143. Ivana
    Thanks for such a quick response. I have gotten some fatigue and brain zaps not unlike SSRI WD – Being that Tramadol acts on serotonin, it does not seem unusual to experience this. I have understood the usual intensity & severity of possible withdrawals are linked to amount & length of time on the RX. It sounds like this may be the same. I appreciate the quick response. Thank you for helping so many people.

    1. Hello again Danica. Thank you for the kind words. I’m happy we could provide you with the needed information, and please don’t hesitate to write back if you have any other questions.

  144. I took tramadol/apap 37.5/325 1-2 per day (only took two in one day on two occasions) for about 10-11 days and actually skipped one day after two days being on it . Is it likely for a person to experience withdrawals under this regimen? I feel pins and needles in legs this AM and low blood pressure yesterday to the point of almost passing out after only taking one tram. I took this med yrs ago for lupus and hated the way it made me feel. The rheum. wanted me to take it yrs ago but I said it made me feel awful. I don’t feel awful taking it on this round but did have some emerging issues with clear thinking and memory. I am 50. I do not drink nor smoke – I am also coming off effexor (hate that stuff) on a slower than molasses ramp down. I worry the tram may have caused a significant elevation in serotonin with the antidepressant and possibly cause some serious wd or discontinuation issues. I have gone through hell with wd from benzos yrs ago. That was unreal. I do not anticipate that kind of hell in this situation, but have no real exp with tramadol.

    1. Hi Danica. While you may experience withdrawal symptoms even after 10 days of tramadol therapy, they won’t be serious and severe. You should seek help and guidance from a doctor or a pharmacist if withdrawal symptoms get more intense. Most of these symptoms can be successfully treated with general OTC (over-the-counter) medications and natural remedies.

  145. Thanks for your response! She went cold turkey after about 5 years and 300mg daily. We made it until day 3 until going to the ER because of the insomnia, RLS and anxiety. They gave her toradol for pain and Ativan. She was hallucinating for a day or two. BP went up It is now day 10. With no health insurance the dr won’t see her. The ER doc gave Ativan and has been using it just at night to sleep. During the day suffering with anxiety, restlessness, fatigue and still some pain. Will continue to fight this!! No going back. When does normalcy come back? One great thing is she has been eating non stop. Up to 86 lbs. would love to get this drug off the market! God Bless you all who are going through this and those who are helping us!!! Love to all

  146. Hi, can anyone please tell me what home remedies can I use to help ,my wife get through the trail withdraw. She is on day two and I have been looking through site for this and no one seems to know. If anyone has ideas PLEASE HELP ME!! Thank you

    1. Hi Matthew? Did she slowly reduce her doses before stopping or she quit cold turkey? It is advised that a patient is under medical supervision during tramadol withdrawal to address and treat pain and symptoms as they occurs. You can take her to the doctor where she’ll be examined and the best medical treatment options will be applied. The doctor may prescribe medications that include antidepressant/SSRI medications for depression and anxiety, and food or mineral supplements and vitamins that help to stabilize moods. Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen, acetaminophen or paracetamol can help her with pain. Other NSAIDs (non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) can also be used. Try temporary sleep aids and muscle relaxers that can help take care of the cramping caused by tramadol withdrawal. Flu and cold medication can also help treat general tramadol withdrawal symptoms. Best of luck!

  147. I stopped Tramadol yesterday after over one year at a low dose (75-150 mg. per day). It has been 24 hrs. since my last dose of 25 mg. I feel lousy and wonder when the worst will come. On ibuprofen 800 mg. tid. Had foot surgery on Friday. Tramadol has never helped me even at 300 plus mgs. When will the peak withdrawal come? I need hope. Back pain 4-5. Could it subside?

  148. Hello Paula. The dose of tramadol prescribed for elderly patients is about 300mg daily, taken in divided doses (this is the maximum dose of regular oral tablets). You can continue to take the with doctor’s clearance and as long as they don’t threaten your physical health state. Regarding the greater frequency of decreased hepatic, renal, or cardiac function and of concomitant disease Tramadol should be used with caution and frequent tests should be run to monitor the function of these vital organs.

  149. Take 1 extra strength Tylenol with the Tramadol and reduce the Tramadol by 25% each week until you get to 25 mg and then only take it when you need it. I went from 600 mg to 0 mg in 7 weeks.

  150. hi recently my for foot is under investigation for possible break or fracture I was suffering extream pain and ask local gp for strong pain killers as it was unbarable to walk on so he prescribe me 20 x 100mg tablet of tramadol any how I felt like realy bad after taking it any how it is 8 days later and I hav not toched it since and out of no were I am getting un normal paranoier sweting a lot lost a lot of weight dialated puples a affect like amphetameens speed crack like feelings crying angry hard to eat smoking a lot of cigarets I was also taking naproxen 250mg and Panadol osteo I don’t use drugs as I am a ex marijuana smoker but have been of for over 3 years I don’t drink alchole, I have had a head injury 3 years ago thoe

  151. Hi Jane. Yes, those symptoms are just a couple in the list of many other possible symptoms of tramadol withdrawal. To help this, try and eat well, and cut back on carbs while eatting more veggies and fruits. Also, taking vitamins can help. A good multivitamin as well as extra B 12 and a B complex that will include the other B vitamins, plus vitamin D, fish oil. Try adding in exercise; at least a walk each day for a block or two. Just be sure to get out and make sure to do it each day even when you do not feel like it.

  152. Just read a note from a lady whose dog had surgery…put on Tramadol… cried after giving…doc cut the dose in half….she found out Teamadol should not be cut….releases into the system too fast…bottom line…dog died…showed the article to the vet……she had no idea that would happen….youhave to look out for yourself and your furbabies….

  153. I have been addicted to hydrocodone for 2 years now. I have decided to get off, since it has destroyed me, my life. I also suffer from major depression which is and has been controlled by meds my psyc prescribes. Today I took only a half because that is all I can take. I went through them very quickly. Is it normal to feel severe depression and bad thoughts from getting off this way?

  154. I am a 70 old women and have been on 400 Tramadol SR or 4-5 years and I need to come off it.
    My doctor has said come down 50 and as long as it takes to come right off, I am so worried is there any thing I can take to help me Kind regards Paula

  155. Thank you for your input, Gaylah. I’m sure other can find your suggestions helpful. We appreciate you taking the time to write helpful and honest advise.

  156. I have Lupus and Fibromyalgia and been on Tramadol (100mg 4xday) + 2 Narco (7.5/325mg) for many years. My doctor suddenly died and the new doctor who took over decided that I didn’t “Need” the tramadol anymore. I’ve gone through the withdrawls before, have had plenty of times that it’s thrown my Lupus into a flare that sent me to the ER….and this time was no different.

    It’s been almost 2 months, and I am still have some little problems like insomnia and depression but I think a lot of that is due to the immense pain I am in. The two narco’s aren’t enough and my doctor’s don’t/won’t help me, the laws are too tight….So I don’t know what I will do.

    I came here to see if it was a physical withdrawl reason why my pain is so bad and found The Messenger (Pbuh)’s post and I wanted to affirm the fact that their post is really good and helpful.
    I have done many of these things myself – and I wanted to add that if you’re able to tolerate scents…try using the soaps and stuff called “Sleep: Lavender & Chamomille” from Bath and Body Works ** – It’ really helps with the panicky feelings and helps relax you. I am sometimes in the shower every 2 hours and it’s the only stuff I’ve found that helps me next to any drug out there. It’s temporary but in that state, anything that helps is good.

    Anyhow – good luck to everyone here…Peace!

    ** I am not a employee or anything of Bath & Body Works, I just have used a lot of products and found this one to be the most effective. 🙂

  157. I forgot to write:
    Keep taking several baths per day. THAT IS OKAY to take up to 7-8 baths or warm showers per day!
    As long as you get warm. It is something calming according to psychologists about warm baths, it reminds us to be in warm bath laying…when we were infants in our mothers wombs.

    Then, when you get thirsty from the warm bath and shower, the physical need for water gains higher priority for your body than the need for tramadol, because water/fluid has to do with survival instincts.
    So when you “reward” yourself with drinking cold water after a warm bath, it also takes of the physical “need” of tramadol substance.

    I know it may sound as gibberish what i wrote above, but it actually works.
    Trust someone who has been on and off it for 9 years!

  158. Hi,
    I have been on and off tramadol for 9 years.
    And my withdrawal techniques and the withdrawal symptoms and timeline is always the same.
    So rule nr 1 before all these process is that you buy diarrhea pills called Immodium (other brands is also okay), partly because it stops you from diarea attacks, but MOST IMPORTANTLY a couple of these pills actually stops the worst part of the cold turkey effects. Because it has a substance that feeds your brain receptors with something similar to tramadol, but it is not addictive and won’t extend your withdrawal. Instead, it takes of the “deep depression and sadness” feeling you have.
    So, start with taking those pills…and eat, when you can, a sandwich or something.

    So here is the process, and i am sure it helps! because i had at least 24-30 withdrawals throughout these 9 years.

    Reason 1. The reason I stop because i am out of pills. Simple as that.

    2. I prepare 2-3 days for my rehabilitation/withdrawal process.
    (This means, that usually i arrange so that my pills end up close to a weekend, so that i have the weekend to stay home. Otherwise, i will call in sick for 2-3 days.

    3. I rent or borrow tons of movies or series. Usually complete TV series i haven’t seen before.

    4. I watch these series, just laying on the sofa. Because, when you occupy your mind with a movie or series, you end up in a state of hypnosis. So, when your mind is occupied with following another reality (the movie or the series), your mind won’t occupy itself with depressing thoughts.
    Make sure its not emotional TV series, such as drama. Sci-fi or Horror series such as Supernatural has worked out for me, or X-files.

    5. Take warm baths or warm shower for long time.
    When you exhaust your body in the warmth, you feel actually GREAT for 1-2 hours during and after bath. You will notice that.
    So, take baths, WHENEVER you feel the cold turkey is getting worse.

    So here is the process summary.
    – Take immodium pills
    – Prepare ton of tv series or movies (netflix or HBO)
    – Take warm baths
    – Try to eat something.

    Repeat this for 2-3 days, and your withdrawal effect will be gone!!! guaranteed.

    Afterwards you may have mood swings for a week or so, but that feeling isn’t hopeless.
    My process is only to take of the nightmare first 2-3 days of withdrawal.

  159. Thank you for the info., sadly my pain clinic only helps by appointment, same with pcp. ,takes 4 weeks to get app. w/pain clinic. They simply cut my dose by 30% and shoved me out the door. They gave me 300 mg a day for 2 years, even though I told them Tram. WAS NOT helping my pain, which was more nerve pain than musculo-skeletal. Now they have me on 225mg Lyrica ,daily, helps a bit more than tram. My quitting Tram was MY decision. They don’t seem to care that I suffer by taking Tram. and my pcp would NEVER prescribe it. He helped convince me to quit….A BAD his words. I appreciate your help but telling patients to consult your med. Prof. is a bit like telling me to ask congress to pass a bill, in my behalf, any bill! During this tough time I have NO access to my docs.Insomnia is no good for a hypothyroid person like me. Anxiety, agitation, aggressiveness are other major issues. What home or over-cvounter stuff helps?, thanks, Bruce

  160. Just thought i would update. been off tramadol over a year now thank goodness but the road wasnt easy. Still on lycria and lorazepam and mirtazapine as i couldnt cope without them. i have seen a counciller also and moved house, once i am truly settled i will be attempting with doctors help to come off the rest of these awful drugs as my doctor here seems like someone i can trust. i just cant belive that doxtors would cold turkey you off these drugs and then deny it being a opiate withdrawl. just found out it has now been a controlled drug as its as powerful as heroin. why not look at the facts about this drug before prescribing it.

  161. start giving up tramadol and don’t be afraid, the worst is the first 3 days. your life will be back to normal, and better than normal in 1 month.. it’s worth.. plz give up tramadol.. it’s your life..

  162. Hi,i have been off tramodol for a week now,i was on 100mg a day for around 6 months,within a day of stopping i developed diarreha,flu like symptoms,fever,bad cough and very bad anxiety.after a week i still have all these symptoms,how long will this persist for?i am taking diazepam 4mg a night so i can sleep but have been on them just as long and am now only getting 3-4hts sleep a night.i presume i should stop that to and buckle in for a month or so of punishment?? I had an issue with sleeping pills years ago and it took 4-6weeks to come normal.I am an idiot and should know better.any advice on how to ease the symptoms appreciated

  163. I am going on day8 off of tremadole for 2 years for bone spurs in spine,bulging and slipped disc in back. I was taking 200mg for almost 2 years but my Dr. tapered me to 100mg a day. I took over counter arthritis medicine since I also have mild case rematory arthritis,vitamin called 5-htp100mg which helps increase body’s level of serotonin,vitamin c to help with immune system, and my Dr. Prescribed me 10mg of lioresal as needed. Also mainly relying on Jesus. He is our savior but he is also are healer. Everything has a name and Jesus is above all them. Declare your healing and victory. I know He delivered me from oxycodones and methadone but I was put on tremadole 2 years ago and it was not addictive like other pain meds and not a narcotic but it just past and it is now. Have faith and also eating healthy will help.

  164. I am 76 days off 150mg tramadol per day for 2 years. When can I expect to feel better? Depressed and some panic attacks. Thank you!

  165. Hi,

    Have not had a tramadol in over 4 weeks, last norco left over from dentist was 22 days ago. I am sill having lots of aching in skin and muscles, (like lactic-acid, after too hard of a work-out.) Sleep is just starting to get better, thank God for Netflix!! Still itching several times a day but then it goes away. Irritable but times of real happiness now mixed through-out the day. My wonderful husband and 4 children have helped so so so much!! I am a full time mom, homeschool all four children and take care of my 87 year old dad, (lots of work now too). If my family had not picked up the work load, cooked, cleaned and soooo much more, or if I had, had to try to get to a 9-5 job I never could have done this. How can I help others, especially not so lucky in situation as myself?
    I am a quit cold turkey type, (also quit smoking and drinking when my children and husband came along), but I would love to train to help others in different methods of quitting. anybody have any good resources out there. I will also have to remember all the time, I have not gotten over this problem yet and will probably always have to keep quitting as a daily thing, like my smoking and drinking. Would love to encourage others like so many people on this and other sites have helped me in the dark hours of the night lately.


  166. To everyone struggling with a dependency on something and trying to come off, call out to Jesus. He is your hope. He is your creator. He will help you. He loves you and wants you to know that even if you never did stop taking or using your something, He loves you anyway. I have been there too.

  167. Tramadol is a horrible medicine to get off of. I have been on it for 11 months after having had a bad motorcycle accident followed by a heart attack and open heart surgery. I have been using 400-600 mg per day. My doctor’s taper plans never seemed to work for me due to the pain. What has worked for me is to take 1 extra strength Tylenol each time I take the tramadol. I have gone from 600 mg a day down to 100 in 3 weeks. This medicine worked well for my pain but it is hell to get off of. My withdrawal symptoms are severe stomach pain, flu like aches, runny nose and nervousness. Good luck.

  168. After nine years of around eleven 50 ml a day habit, I decided to quit cold turkey. I just finished my second week off tramadol and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. The first two days were hell. I was prescribed clonidine but I didn’t feel or notice any benefit. I expected to have a rough time, especially since I abused this drug for so long. I didn’t sleep the first week. But eventually I began to get more and more sleep. The sleep is definitely still not comfortable, though I am beginning to sustain sleep for longer periods. The worse symptom is the RLS. I am also just not yet feeling myself. I am not too depressed or anxious, just exhausted and a little gloomy. I know this is part of the withdrawal process. I recommend keeping a journal to keep progress of your recovery. Everyday is better than the next even if it doesn’t seem like. The journal really helps you see this.

  169. I have been taking this drug for 2years, 2 pills 3x a day. Doc just refills them as needed, no questions asked. They said: “Marri if this is helping you, then let’s just keep doing it”. Now that the tramadol is an addictive drug, they question my taking and trying to perscribe anti-depression pills. Now, they are telling me that I’m taking to many and would not refill my prescription with out a word. Needless to say I have had one heck of a weekend detoxing from this drug feeling very betrayed. They made me feel like a druggie trying to get my medicine refill from the on call doc. I was sooo mistreated as a human being! If anyone knows if I could take action please let me know! I am sooo mad and frustrated! I have had cancer twice, and they say that this mental action can cause things to stir up again. I am staying as positive as I can. I had called their office this morning and have not heard from them yet…thanks for listening…

  170. It has been two weeks tomorrow since I quit Trams and sleep aids cold turkey. I have been taking ibuprofen for my muscle aches and that has helped tremendously but I still can’t sleep! I feel like I’m losing my mind but am staying strong. I am determined and I will not allow myself to fail. It’s not an option for me anymore.

  171. One thing I have not experienced is any craving for more Tramadol. I still have half a month’s supply and two refills I could get, but have not been tempted in the least. No thanks.

  172. This info has depressed me even more than I already was. A month of what I’m feeling is hard to fathom, and even longer possibility for the depression and anxiety is too much. I took 100 mg twice a day for about 7 years. I began taking it because I was told by my Dr. that the drug was non-addictive. I have had three back surgeries and took strong post -op opioids to deal with the pain, but had no trouble quitting them. It has been a couple weeks since I took the last tramadol after having cut the daily dosage by one 50 mg pill every two weeks. I am still plagued by RLS and bad anxiety and some depression, as well as relatively mild pain and flu-like symptoms. I had flu-like symptoms, RLS and considerable pain starting a few days after every dosage drop and lasting about a week. The worst was after complete cessation when I experienced the worst pain I have ever felt by far, bent over hard to breath pain in my lower back. Fortunately, that level of pain only lasted 3 evenings for about 3 hrs each time. I am relatively much better now, but still am miserable with anxiety. I just want to have my life back. This medication should never be given long term. Percocet and Loratab are more effective for pain and by my experience much easier to quit. My doctors and their nurses evidently had no idea about the withdrawal symptoms as I was not warned at all about them.

  173. Not afraid about my name or e mail address, but what does bother me is the medical proof as one of my relative is a MD how u let people suffer it makes them sick/ You knew what this drug would do as for as withdrawal is concerened . But u gave it freely yes the papers said this is a pain killer it will only giveu a small amount of problems if u have to stop. Bull sh*t u knew all along that tis pill was just as strong as VICODIN many others I can say all those had a big sign TAKE THIS AND THIS IS JUST AS BAD BUT NO U GUYS SAID IT AIN’T SO BAD IT AIN’T SO BAD. Wishing u all the luck in the world and of course good health but u and u will have your day I hope u sleep good I hope u don’t have a seizures and bam go through these things.. Thank u for reading this I am sorry I don’t spell very good as I am a hairstylist never typed in that type of work thank u again

  174. I’m on hour 48 of no tramadol an flame another person said its shockingly tolerable I’m just feeling mostly depression and can’t sleep at all!!! But no puking and no diareaha. I don’t have any desire to be social. I’m just wondering are these awful things gonna creep up on me my last tramadol was Saturday at 9pm its Monday at 4pm. I was on eight 50mg tabs a day.

  175. My mother (54) was taking Ultram for the past 20 years and decided to stop cold turkey as her primary physician suggested that it could be linked to her “forgetfulness”. She has now been off the drug for the past 6 weeks but is having hallucinations. Can the withdrawal from this drug be causing this? She was not having any symptoms of this type until she stopped taking Ultram. She is under the care of a physician and they have run test but we do not have any answers yet.

  176. Hi Kim. The insomnia after tramadol can last quite long. But, it’s not usual to last as long as a year after stoping treatment. However, you were very young when you started taking it, and you were taking it for a long time, so that may be the cause.

    You can try taking potassium tablets and other vitamin suplements, such as B, C etc. It may help with the restlessness at night.

  177. Is it possible to still have really bad insomnia 1 year after stopping tramadol? I was only 17 when I was prescribed it, ended up on 400mg daily for 4 years. Finally got off it and 1 year on I still can’t sleep. It’s destroying me.

  178. Hi Amy. The amount of tramadol excreted into breastmilk is much less than the dose given to newborn infants for analgesia. And, since you took such a small dose it shouldn’t have any potential risks for you newborn. It’s not usual for withdrawal to occur after only 4 pills, so you can talk to your doctor to examine you properly and see what’s causing the effects you described.

    Ibuprofen also appears in your breast milk in small amounts. Even though is unlikely to cause any harm to your baby you can speak to your GP or pharmacist, especially if your baby was born prematurely, had a low birth weight or has a medical condition.

  179. I took 4 tramadol tablets (50mg) for sevier stomach pain from an infection I got having my son. Only took 4 because after that my antibiotics kicked in and the pain became manigable with ibuprofen. I’m not use to taking anything other than an occasional ibuprofen for headaches so I don’t know if that may be why I feel like I’m going threw withdrawal? I’m wondering if this will affect my baby since I’m breastfeeding. Even not taking it I feel like I’m on it. At times I feel loopy, extremely tired, weak, like I have the flu, nausious, hot then clammy. How can I be having withdrawal after such a short time? How long will it last? I have a hard time handling my other two children and my baby.

  180. I’ve almost got to week 2 of Tramadol Freedom. Tapered down. 3 mths up to 100mgs twice daily. It’s still difficult. Tingly, insomnia, irritability. I understand this may take awhile. …….Transition to tram.from 9 mths of percocet dependence 5/325, 2-3 daily

  181. Serotonin syndrome is not from tramadol wd. It can happen when you are on tramadol and take other serotonergics drugs.

  182. How long does the pins and needles last after stopping tramadol? I’ve had them up my right foot and leg since Saturday

  183. I took 1 tramadol pill 50 mg last night. I felt horrible and I still feel somewhat bad. When will I feel better? Yuck!

  184. I wrote on May 25. It is now May 31. I spent last weekend going through the chills again! With those chills that occurred at night was a vivid hallucination of being in the water drowning. My mood the following day went from upbeat while visiting with my family to suddenly becoming suicidally depressed and sullen. I have not had problems with depression in twenty years prior. The psychosocial and psychological effects of the drug while I was taking it are becoming clear to me now. The mood swings are powerful and fast during withdrawal. So now, after weeks on this roller coaster, I feel, for the first time in years …calm. The electricity under my skin, anxiousness, anxiety and moodiness has simply disappeared. It’s been five weeks from the time I stopped the drug completely. It’s been hell to say the least. I was much better off with the opioid medication which I took for years prior to Tramadol. I will not return to either. There has to be a better way. My body is now in full pain mode and I feel the mask the drug provided to be completely removed. Cherished my stability to sleep and this drug let me sleep, the pain does not allow for sleep but the waking hours while on this drug became filled with emotion and led to me wanting to isolate myself from everyone. The other side effect of withdrawal is weight gain. The drug stole my desire to eat and now another adjustment to see my appetite return. I am happy to be free of it. If you have pain, find another way as Tramodol cannot be the answer unless you want to go insane.

  185. I was prescribed Tramadol 5 years ago to help me deal with nerve pain related to a broken neck and to help me give up opioids which I previously used for several years for this pain. I completely stopped taking the six-50 mg pills per day of Tramadol 4 weeks ago tapering off about one week prior. So what have been my withdrawal symptoms? Immediate Upper respiratory distress…I have asthma so I had to use my inhaler constantly (something I’ve not had to do for many years). I had to stay out of work during the first 3 days because I simply was too physically ill to be there having flu like-cold like symptoms. I also got chills that started in my head and worked their way slowly down my chest, arms, legs causing me to get goose bumps. These chills happened every very few hours at first and after four weeks has tapered down now to once every few days. I had diarrhea and still do. I have hallucinations at night. Ive felt anxious and like I have no place to belong… No real attachment… Even to those who love me. The worst part of this is that I go from happy to almost suicidally depressed in minute even after four weeks. I will be seeking other ways to survive the pain. But obviously these issues are going to be with me for awhile so I’m hoping this damage is not permanent.

  186. I was prescribed 300 mg a day for 6 mo. For 6 days I tried tappering myself, i became deathly ill. I finally and thankfully checked intoa detox facility where I Spent 5 days and was medically detoxed. Best decision I made! It has been 5 days since I left detox and I still feel like I go in and out of full detox. Day 5, today, has been the worst. I’m sweating, cold, tingly and in pain. Seriously, I am not kidding. In 2006 I got off of heroine and I experienced nothing like this. I’m clean and sober and asked the doctor for a safe NON-NARCOTIC. I got the opposite. So upset. 🙁

  187. My experience with tramadol has been horrible, I took it for just 3days and it was a total of 800mg but now it’s hell coming of a drug I took for just 3days,I have been off tramadol for 5days now but am still experiencing palpitations, diarrhoea, and I hv nt been able to sleep for days, my question is, how long will it take for the withdrawal symptoms to be over since I toook it for just 3days plsss

  188. In January my 13 year old daughter was given Tramadol for her almost daily headaches. After taking it and Zoloft for about 2 weeks she woke up in the middle of the night one night screaming “make them stop, make them stop”. She was having auditory hallucinations of people screaming her name and screaming other things that she couldn’t quite make out the words; as if many people in a crowd. At the same time she was having visual hallucinations of cobwebs in the corners of the room and bugs everywhere and the movement of air that she describes as spirits moving, for lack of a better description.

  189. The withdrawals from this drug are worse than any pain you are currently going through. I was given this drug for a pain I had in my arm 4 years ago and am trying to clean this evil devil drug out of my system. Reading what others have gone through has really helped. I realize that I’m not going to die from this and anything I am feeling will pass. You do though have to be so sick of this devil that you are strong enough to let it go. It’s call, it’s need is so great that you have to be ready to shut the voice out and take your life back. I have tried so many times to stop but the depression and the pain in your whole body and soul is so bad that the voice tells you to just take one. When you are ready, I promise, the depression is not that bad. When your ready the pain is bearable. You are stronger than this voice. Your freedom from this devil for your life is worth it. Your soul, the soul that God has given you can only experience this world through a strong healthy body.
    i have had 3 children and these withdrawals are a lot like being pregnant in the last few days before you deliver without the beautiful payoff (at least for me). Your whole body aches, you can’t sleep, there is no position that is comfortable. You are so frustrated and miserable and you just want it to stop. You have to remember that 100’s of people go through this every day and the pain passes. This will too. Don’t give up, stay strong. You will make it out the other side. I promise!

  190. I’ve been taking only 50 mgs a day for about a month and. Now I have completely stopped. My last one was yesterday morning around 7am. I’m ok right now what is there to expect!

  191. I took tramadol (50m) for 4 nights (for knee pain that was inferring with my sleep). My last dose was 10 nights ago. I stopped taking it because I had an awful reaction to it – I felt like a drug was coursing through my body and left my veins feeling icy-hot creeping on my legs, shoulders, back, and chest. Currently, my shins and feet tingle badly (worse at rest and at night), and yesterday my arms started tingling too. Is this normal for being off of it for 9 days and only have takin in for four nights? How long can I anticipate it lasting? Thank you so much for your comments!

  192. I give anyone tremendous credit for deciding to break free of the Tramadol dependency. I have been off them now for 13 days! The first 3 to 4 days are the absolute worst of the withdrawl. The worst seemed to be the almost constant dizziness, tingling sensations and extreme lethargy but inability to sleep much. All I can say is after the first 4 days you should be passed the toughest part. At nearly 2 weeks though I thought I’d be completely back to normal after being on 150-250mg for about 2yrs, but I’m still having insomnia and low energy and emotional apathy that comes and goes. The dizziness keeps coming back but now only lingers for a couple minutes instead of hours. Physical exercise does seem to help even though it is about the last thing I “feel” like doing. The best info I’ve obtained on this med seem to indicate that it is normal to expect there annoying more long term aspects to last for up to a few months after getting off of this med. it definitely behaves very similar to anti-depressant medication cessation from what I read also. Funny that by comparison I stopped Percocet (oxycodone) cold turkey and that was physically and mentally much worse w/d symptoms that actually got exponentially more unbearable each passing day but after 5 days I was completely back to normal and by contrast the Tramadol w/d as awful as it was did get a little easier each passing day but definitely hangs around much longer. God’s blessing upon all of you & DONT give up!!!

  193. Hi all,
    I’ve been also trying to find a rough answer on how long it takes before this awful drug will be out of my system. I was taking it for a little over a year for moderate to severe back, neck & shoulder pain which I had suffered with for approximately 15 years but never really using pain meds to control it (I’m 42 now), also this had a knock on effect of fatigue plus bouts of depression at the worst times as functioning in everyday life was just done on pure will power most times.
    A friend of mine was prescribed them after a pretty bad abcess which he had to have surgery for.. Seeing the state I was in he gave me a couple and I couldn’t believe the relief they gave me. So I asked my GP for them, he put me on repeat prescription, 100 a month as and when I needed. Sometimes 4, 6 or 8 a day 50mg. At first I was in heaven, almost no pain and increased energy. I expressed the usual concerns of long term painkillers, what they would be doing to my insides, dependency and so on. He dismissed it all and said they were ‘fine to be on for long periods and lots of people are’. I was dubious to say the least but not being in pain daily was all that mattered at that time.
    Fast forward a year and it’s been 4 weeks since I stopped, I gradually started taking less as they were making me feel much worse than the pain I was originally in. Fatigue was worse than ever, headaches pretty much 24/7, chronic sweating, insomnia, loss of appetite and sex drive, rage, mood swings, feelings of worthlessness, depression, restless leg, lack of interest in doing anything except what I needed to do – mainly work, go home, watch tv, bed, and sleep if I was lucky.
    The night sweats are now coming to an end thankfully (plus the ever so embarrassing armpit daily sweats, which I’ve never suffered with in my life before now). I still have dull headaches a lot of the time and the anxiety & mood swings, mini bouts of depression are still occurring but thankfully seem to be lessening, although today was pretty bad.
    As I was on pretty large doses for a year I fear it may take a while longer before I’m rid of them.
    I recently had injections into my spine to test whether the specialist I saw was correct in thinking the main cause of my pain was arthritis of the facet joints. Unfortunately I don’t think it worked too well and the next step is more injections which burn away the nerve endings. I won’t be going ahead with it I’m pretty sure as the tests weren’t positive enough.
    On a final note, 2 weeks ago I was googling around and by chance stumbled onto a few natural anti inflammattories, one called Boswellia and the other being an enzyme callee Serrapeptase. I am by no way affiliated with these products nor am I claiming they will work but in 2 wks of taking the Serrapeptase (I haven’t tried Boswellia yet so I could tell which, if any, might be working) my pain has reduced by at least 50% and my energy levels are so much better. Without babbling on too much more they have been used for around 40 years now and are reported to calm inflammation, eat away dead tissue and also scar tissue, plus a whole other range of health benefits.
    Anybody suffering long term pain please go and read up on them for yourself, it could work for you as it has for me. Don’t expect to take 2 and feel ok, it may take a week or it may take several. Best taken 90 minutes before or after food as they need to get through the stomach and into the small intestine and into the bloodstream where they can start to do their thing.
    From now on I’ll be treating any ailments naturally, do the research, it’s all there to be found online. Prescription drugs ruined over a year of my life and I hope I am never in a position where I need them ever again.
    I hope my pain continues to lessen, if after 2 weeks the improvement I feel keeps on going I’ll be one happy guy and if any of you guys on here give them a try & get any benefit from them I’d love to hear about it. I wish you all the best.

  194. Hi thanks for the reply, my doctor has now restarted lycria 50mg three times a day to see if it helps, nervousness is still there, will this help with an opioid withdrawal or will I need something more, also how much longer is this likey to last as stated before I want my life back.

  195. Hello c. harrelson. Yes, tapering doses of tramadol should address the severity of withdrawal symptoms. But you’ll need a tapering calendar set up by a prescribing doctor so that you can together monitor the symptoms and do what’s best for you.

  196. Hello Tina. I’m so sorry to hear about your experiences. Have you consulted to get a second opinion. The symptoms that you report are very much like withdrawal related to opioids. Can you see another doctor?

  197. Hi I am a 36 year old mom of two children, who was perfectly happy, bubbly, outgoing before I started using prescription medication. I had to go onto tramadol 400mg a day and pregablin 75mg 3x a day for severe back problems, I had an operation in may this year and on the 31st may my doctors took me off both these medications “cold turkey”. Since then my life has been hell I suffered loads of withdrawal symptoms, sickness, dioareah, fear, severe depression, anxiety, nervousness, aliens in head, skin crawling, sweating etc doctor denied it was withdrawal. It’s now August and i still suffer depression, anxiety and nervousness, is this normal as I’m fed up of feeling like this and want to be back to the person I was. My doctor now has me sertraline 100mg for depression and 2mg diazipam 3x a day to keep me calm, this is not working and any advice would be great.

  198. I have been off of tramadol now for a couple of weeks. I still deal,with aches and insomnia. I know I have anxiety about it, but now I am seeing a spike in my blood pressure. Is this a normal,symptom? It really has me worried.

  199. I was starting to think I was alone in all this. I was taking Tramadol for 7 years starting at 100mg 3-4 times per day after I was in a car accident that caused disc injury in my neck. Sometime last year after moving and getting a new doc who wanted me to try a smaller dosage I stepped back to 100 mg 3 times a day. I have always known that it was more addictive then Dr.s say as I would be bed ridden if God forbid I forgot to fill my prescription and missed a day. I took it upon myself to get off it. In other words, I was an idiot and did not consult with my Dr…. About 3 months ago I started slowly tapering off until 3 weeks ago I took my last 1/2 50mg pill. It was awful, pain, depression, anxiety, pain, restlessness, did I mention pain? What seems to have not lessened is my digestive issues. With tramadol I accepted the challenges it causes in digestion and always took Probiotics to help. Now since stopping I am so bloated and hate to travel too far from a bathroom its getting crazy. I have always been thin, so looking like I am 4 months pregnat is not fun either. What concerns me most is how long this will last, and was there damage done by being on it for so long. No matter what I REFUSE to take it again. Yes I have neck pain, but I can’t go backwards at this point.

  200. Hi to all . I have been taking tramdol for 3 years. I had 3 knee sugeys . Did not want to take the lortab or norco cuz growing up my dad was addicted to those meds. But I decided to stop taking tramdol last year and the WD started so I went online and got them overnited. The WD where bad. But now I said to myself I am going to stop. And I am on day 5And it is getting better. But not out of the woods yet.

    Day one threw three was the worse . Had every system you see on here. But on day 4 I had to go to the ER . I thought I was going to have a seziure. I was shaking my hands and legs like crazy. The doc kept on asking me if I was taking something else , I guess he thought that tramdol couldn’t do this to someone. After a urine test and 5 hours later. He gave me a script for clonidine.
    It took about 3 pills for it to work . But I am guessing it did. Or I am on the down hill slide now.
    But this is a blood pressure med. so u need to watch out how I take it. Tonite I am not going to take it . And see how it goes . I hope fore the best.
    There is a lot more I can add , but it is about the same thing everyone else has said. If any one has any questions plz ask. And tell ppl about this drug. I have been.
    Take care and plz be strong. And for some reason u fall back don’t give up. Just get back up and try agine.

  201. I was on hydrocodone for 5 yrs and than suboxone for 3 than I got off of it and 4 days later I broke 2 ribs in a car accident so ya they have me hydrocodone I took that for bout 2 weeks than decided to quit completely …. I started to take tramadol to get off hydrocodone and I took tramadol for 3 weeks just 50mg 3 times a day…. So I quit taking it yesterday morning I’m on day 2 and I’m feeling the withdrawls really bad… I feel like my body is being electrocuted …. My legs won’t stop moving at night… Since I haven’t been taking tramdol for very long does anyone have an idea about how long the wds will last for me???? Someone please help!!!! Ty

  202. wow, i thought the worst of this would be over im 25 days ct, i was taking sometimes 25 tabs daily, and ordering 180 online weekly under assumed names,the 1st 2 weeks were pure hell, no sleep whatsoever, and the cold symptoms that no over the counter med helps….

  203. i still insomnia 75 days after stopping tramadol for nerve damage ill only sleep 3 to five hours aday without any naps any idea how long this my go on before this perscription i feel asleep within ten to fifteen minuts most of the time now it takes 1 to three hours all the time

  204. After 3 long yrs of being physically & mentally depedant on tramadol (& all the ups & downs of running out, being so sick w/ wd’s that i couldn’t function & going right back on it time after time after only a few days) ……I was lucky enough to find a dr. who helped me do an effective taper w/clonidine. I am glad to say the madness of this whole ordeal is behnd me. I did a month long taper from taking @ least 800 mg daily & am now 12 days clean and doing ok. I am on a new (expensive!) RX non-addictive sleep med to use as needed so i am getting some sleep – but i still wake up every morning @ 3:30am. i have had horrible cold symptoms for 3 wks that no amount of OTC allergy meds will touch. My energy is not so good and i am always tired and sleepy…..this week is better than last week – and i have no thoughts of returning to tram bc it is not an option period. i don’t want it – don’t have any and won’t go to the effort to get in bc i have spent 3 yrs and 6 mo’s of hell i will not repeat for anything. i have a VERY supportive husband who has been w/me every step of the way & i am so grateful for this. My question is: WHEN will i not have to take a 3 hr nap every day? When will my motivation & endurance/vibrance return? I have occasional bouts still w/gastritis – but treat as needed w/imodium conservatively. While i am grateful i feel better this week – i thought this wk (12 days out) i would be gettting back to my old self – and i just don’t seem to be bouncing back. I didn’t GET here over night and i won’t get back overnight – but i feel like i have been in a tailspin of doing nothing but laying around since i began tapering 6 wks ago! Am i expecting too much too soon??? Discouraged – but not giving up by any means…. thanks!

  205. Hi Ruth. Thanks for sharing about what’s going on with you. Insomnia is absolutely exhausting. Problems getting and staying asleep may be related to physical problems or to psychological stress. Have you tried working with a sleep specialist to learn more about the condition and how you can treat it? Sleep is a gift, and one that we need!

  206. I was prescribed 100mg 4 times daily for advanced degenerative discs and a bulging disc,however i usually only took them twice per day.They were extremely effective immediately and i had much more energy than before.However i was unable to get to sleep at night but hoped that this very unpleasant side effect would ease as i got used to them…It did not so i decided after around five months to quit cold turkey.That was almost three months ago and i have still barely slept since stopping them.I have felt overwhelmed with exhaustion/depression as i work full time and more.All that has kept me going is my faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and prayer from fellow believers.

  207. Hi keekee. Thanks for sharing more about your experiences with tramadol. I wish you the best of success during withdrawal. And be sure to monitor potential signs of seizure. This atypical symptom presents in people with no prior history of seizures as they come off tramadol.

  208. Thank you for posting this information… Honestly, I have searched and searched for a site that would give accurate information to how long it will take to get through this.
    I’ve been on tramadol for almost 5 years for a slipped disc and I’ve been trying to get off it for a few months now. I stopped cold turkey almost 4 days ago and luckily after the first time I tried to stop, the doctor prescribed clonidine so I had that on hand. Also, I recently started to take neurotin for nerve pain. I’ve only had very minimal withdrawal symptoms this time around. The 1st time I thought I would die… It was the most awful 2 days of my life. This time I’ve had only moderate symptoms, such as a mild stomach pain and a little restless at night. I stumbled on this site because I want to know what I can plan for… I’ve read that some people have had withdrawal symptoms for months, but I couldn’t find a timeline to correspond with what they had gone through. I’ve noticed that, especially this evening, that I am very moody and wondering if I should find a doctor who might specialize in addiction problems to prescribe an anti-depressant to help with the moodiness. I don’t know if the neurotin has helped, but I know the last time I stopped cold turkey it was awful and this time I’m able to function, go to work, and do the basic necessities at home. I’m not 100%, but I’m hoping to just get through the next couple days and turn the corner.

  209. Hello Tammy. Clonidine may be a safe and effective option for managing symptoms of tramadol withdrawal.

    And keep in mind that the best way to quit tramadol is to work with a doctor and have him or her gradually taper you off the medication. Tramadol can cause symptoms atypical of other opioids, which can include seizures and Serotonin Syndrome. Tapering tramadol doses helps your body regulate and can decrease the intensity of tramadol withdrawal symptoms. The timeline for tapering tramadol doses can be several weeks long.

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