How long does Valium withdrawal last?

Valium withdrawal starts a few hours after the last dose of Valium has worn off and can last for several weeks. More on how to cope with Valium withdrawal symptoms and what to expect as your withdraw from Valium here.

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Valium (diazepam) withdrawal can last for weeks. Why?

Valium is a benzodiazepine. It used to provide short term relief for anxiety and has been used to help to support alcoholics from recovery. Though Valium is used to help support initial chemical detox processes, Valium itself has a high dependency rate. This makes withdrawing from Valium, or Valium withdrawal syndrome, just as difficult as alcohol and other substances.

If you are planning to stop taking Valium and want to know which side effects stop taking Valium to expect you are in the right place. Here, we explore the withdrawal process from diazepam and what you can expect over the course of the weeks after you stop taking Valium. We also invite you to ask any questions you may have about Valium at the end.

How long until Valium withdrawal starts?

If you become physically dependent on diazepam and have decided to stop taking Valium, youcan expect to go through the process of withdrawal. You will start to experience Valium withdrawal symptoms a few hours after the effects of your last dose of diazepam has worn off. The intensity of withdrawal from Valium symptoms depend on the duration of and amount of Valium dosage and/or if you are using Valium outside the prescribed parameters. Below is a list of symptoms you may encounter at any time during Valium withdrawal.

  • abdominal pains
  • dysphoria
  • extreme anxiety
  • headache
  • insomnia
  • muscle pain
  • restlessness
  • sweating
  • tension
  • tingling of extremities
  • tremors

How long do Valium withdrawal symptoms last?

It generally takes people longer to withdrawal from Valium than from other medications. Most people continue to experience Valium withdrawal at different levels of severity for several weeks after last dose of diazepam. Because of the nature of Valium, symptoms will seem to get easier and then suddenly spike with the strength you felt at the beginning of the withdrawal symptoms. Valium withdrawal symptoms: how long? Acute withdrawal lasts from 3-6 days, while other symptoms can persist for weeks or months later.

Valium withdrawal timeline

The onset of Valium withdrawal symptoms begins a few hours after the last dose of Valium has worn off. Symptoms will continue to intensfiy and last for several hours later. In fact, while acute symptoms of Valium withdrawal usually subside after the first few days of detox, more persistant symptoms of Valium withdrawal can last several weeks afterwards. Furthermore, “rebound symptoms” can occur, which may manifest in high levels of anxiety. However, these symptoms should begin to decline about 6-8 weeks after quitting Valium.

24 – 72 hours Valium withdrawal: Withdrawal from Valium mimics that of alcohol. Your body will experience tremors, sweating, and agitation. Intense resurgence of anxiety or symptoms which where once taken care of by using Valium can also be present.

Week 1 Valium withdrawal: There should be a lessening of withdrawal symptoms from diazepam after the first week of Valium withdrawal. Physical symptoms will be evening out. However, it is likely you will still experience sleep disturbances and mild aches and pain.

Week 2 Valium withdrawal: It is during this time that acute withdrawal symptoms tend to resurface with the same original intensity.

Week 3-4 Valium withdrawal: Symptoms of Valium withdrawal again tend to dip before possibly resurfacing. This week should be even better than week one, as the further away you are from that last does, the more you can feel your body returning to normal. Insomnia and anxiety may still be a problem you will have to deal with.

Valium withdrawal: how long?

As a benzodiazepine, diazepam withdrawal seems to fluctuate between highs and lows. One week you may feel great; the next week your body can manifest severe withdrawal symptoms and can expect some level of fluctuations during withdrawal.

Depending on the amount of Valium you have been taking and the length of time you’ve taken it, you may go also exerpience PAWS,post-acute withdrawal symptoms. These are a set of persistent symptoms that last for several weeks to months after you have stopped taking Valium. What makes this process more difficult is that Valium withdrawal symptoms can mimic the original disorder(s) Valium was used to treat. However, keep in mind that although withdrawal does exacerbate anxiety, depression, and agitation … it passes. Other rebound symptoms such as panic attacks can be addressed by a psychologist or psychiatrist.

How long Valium withdrawal questions

If you have any more questions regarding withdrawal from Valium please ask. We do our best to respond to your question accurately and promptly. Also, we invite you to share your own experience of withdrawal from diazepam. What did you go through? What helped?

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been taking 60ml diazepam for 2 months and have to go to a clinic to detox. It was for alachol dependency. I was wondering if that will take so long as it was only 8 weeks… Thankyou for taking the time to read this

  2. I stopped taking diazepam 11 days ago i was taking about 8 mg per day.. i have been on diazepam for about 30 years i decided to do the dettox cold turkey.. i have felt sick to the point where i have been retching.. had sweats, am still getting sweats and bad panic attacks. My doctor does not seem to know much about the length of time it will take before the symptoms subside.. can you help?. Rite now, i feel like i could take it again to just get rid of these horrendous panic attacks but i really do not want to relapse and go back on them.. please help.

    1. Well this is exactly what I am experiencing , I had been consuming VALIUM 5mg twice initially and at a later stage 2.5mg thrice a day for past 1 and a half year including few other drugs as well..since my last liver/blood tests showed elevated signs of HYPOTHYROIDISM I thought of discontinuing this drug..however the withdrawal effects are devastating and now I’ve disconnected from rest of the world…

  3. Hi thank you for this website. I have tapered down to half a 2 mg pill every other day. I have so much other stuff going on like tapering off concerta and a possible adrenal gland tumor. I know there is no way to tell, but do you have any idea what my withdrawal may be like? Dr is going to have me stop next all together. I know there are worse people on here, but I am terrified. My only hope and my strength is Jesus. Without my relationship to Him, I don’t know what I would do


  5. Hi there, Its been 5 weeks since my last diazepam tablet 15mgs. I get a week at the most of feeling normal, then it starts again. I wakened at 4 am in a blind panic, tingling fingers, want to run , when does it end I constantly ask myself.

    1. Are you better yet? I have gone from 20 mg to 7.5 mg in 3 weeks after 15 years for muscle spasms and pain. The doctor took me down too fast and have had a month of he’ll, no sleep, anxiety, edema in my feet, confusion, problems with my vision. When does it stabilize, I can’t reduce anymore til my body adjusts to this dosage.

  6. valium took 40 years of my life away. hopefully please god this will be my last detox. i was 4 years clean 12 years ago and got into a disasterous relationship. thank god its over, he stalked me for 4 yrs.

    Ii hate this drug , it takes your mind away. 4 days clean tnk god and narcotics annonamous

    thank you for your help.


  7. Please help. My dr. Retired and I can’t find another psychiatrist. I’m on, until I run out, Adderall 30 mg 3 times a day, now cut it to 1-1/2 a day. Valium, 1 – 10 mg. at night to sleep. I started stopping that and I’m getting TERRIBLE MIGRAINES, NAUSEA, INSOMNIA. I’ve been reading that you have to taper the Valium, so tonight I did that. I started 1-10mg. Tonight so I can sleep. I guess I do that for 6 days, then cut down to what? And what about the Adderall, do I need to taper that? I have ADD but these Drs. Won’t give it to me. I’ve. Tried others but they. Didn’t work so my dr. Gave me Adderall. But now that he retired, it’s been hell. I really don’t know what to do. Please help me with some answers. I don’t have anyone that can help me. Thank you.

  8. I have cut down from 3mg diazapam to 1mg and am feeling fairly anxious.Will grit my teeth and pray for the best.Also many aches and pains all over.Be so glad to rid myself of these evil drug.

  9. I have been taking tiny amounts of Valium – 2mg each day or less – for the last three weeks to cope with high stress and difficulty sleeping. What a mistake! Pretty quickly my anxiety levels became unbearable with extreme feelings of panic and terrible restlessness. It became impossible to calm down and sleep without more diazepam. My doctor simply told me I wasn’t to take any more but didn’t offer an alternative, which then sent my anxiety levels through the roof. Luckily I managed to speak to a different GP who prescribed Amitriptyline to help me sleep and to control the anxiety. I was convinced this wouldn’t work and in a terrible state, but I took it and managed to stop the Valium four days ago. Today for the first time I am feeling almost normal. I had forgotten what normal feels like.

  10. I was on Klonopin 4 mg for over 20 years ,but was crossed over to 80 mg of Valium .I have managed to get down to 7 mg pf Valium which has been mentally painful.What I wanted to know is ,have I got to be off of it before healing takes place or should I feel better whilst on a much smaller dose.I had to stop reducing because my consultant who said to me”You will be better in a month”14 months and 6 anti depressants including anti psychotics later there is no improvement and I am feeling suicidal .So any information would be appreciated .

  11. I read the comments, I am now on eight and half mgs a day, I take 4 mgs in morning, half mg at teatime and 4 mgs before bed. I was on about 70mgs a day after my new GP advised me to get of Loazapam. 1mg Loazapam is equal to 10mgs of diazepam, this is had to be done very gradually. This was about 25 years ago I reduced then very slowly till I got to 11mgs . I am nearly 68 and a elderly relative died last year in hospital he was 89, but the doctors changed his medication and I am afraid was not treated very well. I am from the U.K. I am desperate to get of diazepam now but have only reduced very very slowly over the last twelve months, one of the main problems is I can’t sleep, I have never experienced this before. I lead a busy life anyone got any advise.

  12. About 50 ears ago I came down with fibromalgia. TThey Put me on on 10 mg.of valium 4 times a day, U decuded severa years later that I wanted to cut it back. I cut it back gradually until I took 1 at night. I had no side effects but I am 82 years old, have stenosis in spine and also spurs; very bad knees, 2 spurs on two separate bones in right shoulder; I M 82 AND DO NOT FEEL I should chance surgey. My knees and back are terrible and sometimes I just can hardly walk. I had the rigt side of my colon removed cancer in the tumors, basal cell carcinoma on the neck, and another basak cell in the corner of my eye which required a skin graft. I had an emergency appedecomy severak tears ago. Do you think I should try to come off of the one valium per night?

  13. I have been on a cocktail off drugs with changes to different anti depressants .I have been on 4 mgs of Klonopin for over 20 years and because of my short term memory loss I came off as suggested from 4 mgs of Klonopin to 80 mgs of Valium and taper.I stopped reducing because my consultant wanted me to come off Venlafaxine which I managed to do after over 20 years on it. over the last 14 months I have tried 6 new anti depressants with no positive results.I am on my 7th antidepressant and I am down to 8 mgs of Valium and feeling awful. I am over sensitive to light changes and spent a large part of the day with feelings of unreality made worse by electric light. Chistmas is coming and I do not want to spoil it for other people.I have made 2 half hearted suicide attempts but feel that after 25 different anti depressants without any improvement ,I have had enough.Sorry for such a long email.I would appreciate your imput. Thanks Robert

  14. I am down to 2mg per day from 40mg .I am abit achey and have apainfull back. Hope for future relief and being benzo free.7Blackbutt

  15. Hi Stan I am approaching 68 I was put on diazepam 1982 when our baby died. I am retired now and I am very slowly reducing half a mg about every 2-3 months, I admit I make excuses to delay reducing but 2018 I am going to try and reduce every month. I have problems sleeping, I have been on a high dose but I am now on 8mgs a day. I am from UK and diazapam is a controlled drug my husband signs when he collects my prescription. I feel ashamed I still take it but blame the doctors that did this to me after my terrible loss. I am fortunate up to now that my GP is very understanding and seems to understand how difficult it is to withdraw from these horrible pills.

  16. Hi I am an 87year old male whos has been taking 2mg daily since the death of my daughter in 1983 my doctor has told me to come off asap as they are of no benefit at all. he has told me to only take it every other day for 2 weeks then stop, he said on my dose I will not notice any side effects, I will welcome any advise you can offer

  17. I’ve been on Valium for ten years and wasn’t aware of addiction. It’s been prescribed to me for muscle tension caused by stress. I’ve been on a withdrawal for the last two and a half years, having the last dose a month ago. It’s been hell, but I went through. I still have two 3mg tablets of Bromazepam to get off, which I used to switch from Valium. I feel like a normal person again, beginning to see my old self. Sharing this with all you lovely people as this might help someone, as you start the withdrawal, start taking Biotin, Magnesium, Vitamin B and Vitamin D. Especially Biotin is helpful. Healthy eating, exercise, yoga and mindfulness definitely help. Ther’s a book as well called ‘The Road Back Program’ – How to Get off Psychoactive Drugs Safely by James Harper & Jayson Austin. Wish you all well!

  18. I’ve been taking Valium for panic disorder & anxiety attacks – for 2.5 years at 10mgs 3x a day – I decided to stop taking this and had sudden withdrawls – came to the ER and they gave me 10 day tapper – I know for liability reasons you can’t say definitively if this is good or bad but does that sound right? Or would I need a longer tapper program? I am on Zoloft which should curtail some of the withdrawl symptoms but am worried stopping could kill me…

  19. I’m on day 16 off of Valium. The first week was not too bad. Last week was a little bit tougher. Had 3 horrible days. Yesterday was not fun but today, and especially this afternoon I am worse. feeling anxious, shaking, tinnitus, sweating and with cold feet and hands at the same time. I can’t seem to slow down my breathing and it’s burning my throat.

    I was originally on Clonazapam and later on lorazapam. The lorazapam was initially for situational anxiety but slowly my anxiety began to be every day and I found myself taking it every day. By the end of last year I knew I had a physical dependency and the lorazapam was causing my anxiety. This past February I switched to Valium (diazepam) as I read the Aston manual and this is what was recommended. I tried to taper down but when I got to 1.5mg I had to reinstate. So for the last 7 months I’ve been going up and down like a yoyo and never got any relief. 16 days ago I decided to jump. I was on 4mg a day which is not a lot compared to many on this forum.

    As I said I’m having a tough time today but I’m encouraged by many of the posts and I am determined to stay clean.

  20. My friend has been on 1mg of valuim 3 times a day for 20 years. I have never seen a worse case of,anxiety that my friend has. Now because of laws, her pyc doctor because it is control substance has decided to take my friend off it. Over the course of 6 months, for 3 months she had her on .5 mg. Now its been 3 weeks with none. I would like to know all symptoms of withdraw if only .1 chance of occurring. Could my friend experience dizziness?

  21. I am on my 4th week off the Valium. i still get very anxious and sweaty but is passes. i do get palpitations also. but i must carry on as i want to be rid of the drug.

  22. Hi I can only speak from my personal experiences,I few years back I developed depression & anxiety.It was so bad I had trouble boarding a bus or even buying a news paper from rge small shop 2minutes walk away,I would ignore my moblie phone or anybody knocking on my door from Total Fear & Anxiety.Eventually I forced myself to see a Doctor who prescribed Diazapam 5mg at 8 tablets per day &refered me to a clinical phycholight.Afterabout 2yrs on 40mg per day & the help of a phydholight I was able to slowly stap by step regain my comfidence & get on with life.To stop any withdrawls from diazapan I was perscriprised Tramadol & mild sleeping tablets.I have tapered off both of these med’s now & at the age of 53 I began walking long distances,fishing,cooking new dishes & trying new things.I realize I am lucky & xould not bear the suffering others go through,That’s my story & it may help others that have tried other methods & failed or feel the suffering too great with other methods..

  23. I have anxity and depression disorder plus POTS. DIZAPAM helped my spasms, clam my thinking and helped me to go compleley to sleep. Because of misuse by others the law has changed and my Dr. can only give me three months and then stop it’s been about one and half weeks. This week has every system times two. Thats what made me look it up. Can you tell me about this new law but I want to stay off this drug inspite of illness

  24. I am still suffering today, 161/2 years after I stopped Valium. It was prescribed for a panic attack I was having at the time. I ended up taking it for about six years. The daily dose increased from 5mg to 20mg, and then he added a sleeping pill. I finally realized I was addicted and had to stop. No tapering. I had no idea what I was in for. IMPO, I shouldn’t have taken it for more than two weeks. The withdrawals were horrific. What has continued since day one, is the temple pressure and ringing in my ears. I also can’t have a drink of alcohol, take prescription drugs, over the counter drugs or even supplements without having serve side effects. Over the years, doctors always want to do an MRI or CT Scan of the brain when I go in to be seen for these issues . Nothing has ever been found. After that that they seem to give up on me.
    This experience has changed my life for ever. I’m not the same person. Everyday I’m dealing with these issues.
    Have you heard of this and any suggestions for some type of treatment?

  25. I am so glad not just for the article but more importantly for everyone for sharing their experiences. I have been on 20mg of Zactin for about 5 months to help with extreme depression. However I still suffered from massive panic attacks. With a big Xmas workload I insisted to my GP that I needed something that could help short-term till the rush slowed. I was given 2 prescriptions of Diazepam 5mg to be taken 3 times a day. Quieter days I took 2 tabs and towards the end cut down to 5mg per day. I finished last Thursday and by Saturday night I thought I had severe food poisoning. It is now Tuesday and I have only just stopped non-stop vomiting and dry heaving and have had migraine each evening. Days and nights have been filled with shaking, muscle spasms and I still cannot eat anything solid due to intense pain in my gullet chest and stomach. Sleep is fitful and I have been stressing about how this will impact work – who have been very patient but I fear too many more sick days and I may be unemployed. Mea culpa – I wanted a quick fix and ended up in what I consider the worst physical pain and sickness I have experienced. If you are reading this and are being recommended Diazepam for any reason, please consider more carefully than I have done. I’m in for an interesting few weeks/months by the sound of things…

  26. I was on 10 mg Diazepam for severe anxiety. I reduced to 5 mg with little problem. As I alternate daily between 5 mg and 2.5 mg, I seem to be getting more anxiety and leg ache., My intention is to get to 2.5 mg and then to zero. How gradually should i REDUCE. I’ve been on it for 4 months.
    I also take Flouxetine?

  27. Hi been of diazapam 8 days cold turkey withdrawl symptoms not to bad what can I expect from here on in thanks in advance

  28. Been of diagram for 8 days now was on 4mg once a day for 4yrs went cold turkey symptoms not to bad as am on setraline and take feraglobin which has all the vitamins that your body needs will my withdrawal get any worse now after the 8 days hope some one can advise me thanks in advance

  29. Does trazodon help with withdrawal from Valium. I have wined down to 1.5 MG sometimes takings 2.5 if I just can’t stand the withdrawals anymore I was prescribed this after my mother passed away 3 years ago my doctor said trazadone would help me withdrawal from it I don’t want to replace them with something else since I’m on such a low dose I wonder if I create some of the withdrawal symptoms because I’m so used to taking them what do you think

  30. Hi,
    I was on 10 mg of valium for two years and 400 mg of Pristiq. I withdrew from them both with no withdrawal effects. I have Aspergers. How rare is it to have no withdrawal effects?

  31. just wow! I was on a valium for a month. 2 weeks 2x10mg then 2 weeks 1x10mg. I’ve been off for 12 days and I’m living through a nightmare. The worst is the insomnia. Brutal. My psychiatrist wants me to go back on 2.5mg. I feel like that will just prolong the agony because from what I read it doesn’t matter of what dose are you coming off so I’ll have to through the same nightmare again. Am I right? How is this stuff still legal?! There should be warnings all over this medication the size of a skyscraper!

  32. It’s ironic but the reason that I started to go on benzo’s is because I get severe migraines and when I try to get off them the migraines are intolerable!!
    Sad irony is it not ??

  33. i was prescribed 2mg Valium 3 times a day for severe sciatic pain from a herniated/slipped disc.

    I only took them for a week before I started feeling better, so I stopped taking them. That was 12 days ago and in that time I’ve experienced nausea, diarrhoea, massive anxiety, heart palpitations, insomnia, loss of appetite, dizziness… it’s horrific.

    I was only on this drug for a week. And for pain, not anxiety. Now I’m an anxiety-riddled wreck! Thanks a bunch, Doc, truly.

    People, this drug is awful. To have to endure withdrawal symptoms after taking something at a low dose for a week is like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. And there’s no way doctors can class this as ‘rebound’ symptoms – I wasn’t even put on it for anxiety.

    I just want to know when I’ll start to feel better. Hope the next few months brings healing to everyone else suffering out there from this drug.

  34. Hi there, I just felt a need to tell people who are coming off of any benzo my own personal experiences about withdrawal from these, I have personally been through at least 5 major detoxs from these drugs, and nowhere do I ever hear about the massive sleep disturbances I experienced, I had serious hallucinations, and I was so disjointed with no synchronisation to my body the simplest of tasks became a serious struggle. I used to lye down and shut my eyes and my body would feel like I was spinning round and round like I was caught in a whirlpool. Getting faster and faster, also I never knew if I’d fallen asleep as I was very aware of being elsewhere doing other things and being shown or taught by other voices outside of this reality,also I’d be going thru some very weird and wonderful scenarios in my head that I was convinced at the time were in this reality. I began to think I’d completely lost the plot. And this went on for a good 2 to 3 months. After having stopped.
    I now believe that whilst my body was resting, the part of my brain that would normally not recall the sleep state, was very much awake and aware of everything happening during this sleep state, and some of the things I was going through were fascinating to me. And I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience during detox off of benzos!!!
    I would not want to do it again tho as it can be extremely frightening at the time, it’s only on reflection that I find it amazing what goes on in our sleep that we are normally totally unaware of.

  35. I am addicted to diazipan I’ve stopped taking them for 2 days well I’ve stopped taking 5 a day I’ve had one in 2 days I’m shaking I can’t keep still please help I carnt cope

  36. Hello
    I have been on larazapam 1mg for 2 years ,2 weeks ago I took far too many approx 14 in a week I then went back to one 11 days ago my doctor stopped the LZ and put me on 10 mg of diazepam my head really hurts and I have pains in my feet I feel so confused any advice would be great
    Thanks lee uk

  37. 4 weeks on – I was taking a large amount for a year or so this week I’ve hit a wall it’s 3 am and I’m wide awake with a head ache and achy legs , I don’t feel the new to take more now just really want this to pass now . I’ve had good weeks and thought I was over the worst

  38. I was prescribed 2mg of Diazepam ,two tablets to be taken 3 times aday, making atotal of 12mgs aday. I was on them for approximately four to six weeks.Iwas told to reduce them by 2mgs aday and then stop.i have been off diazepam for two days now.I was also prescribed Pregabalin 25 mgs wice aday at thhe same time that I started to taper down my dose of Diazepam.I now feel awful ,with extreme anxiety, for the past two days i have upped the dose of Pregabalin to 25 mgs three times aday.I am also taking 40 mgs of citalopram a day and 100mgs of Phenergan .I also take 40mgs of Simvastatin a day. My anxiety is so bad Ido not know what to do.

  39. I had been on Lorezpam .10mg. for 30 years. My doctor just took me off of the medication and I am now having severe anxiety. My body is ridged, I have the shakes and I am jumping all over everyone. I stopped taking it about 3 months ago, taking three weeks to stop, but when the anxiety got so bad I would take .05 mg. to calm myself down. I have tingling in my fingers and I am having a hard time controlling my anger and my blood pressure is higher while on medication. My son is getting married in October and I do not think I can continue the way I am going. Such a terrible feeling. I am 75 years old.

    1. Hi Georgeanna. Do you think it’s possible to check yourself into a treatment facility? Doctors there can monitor your state and make sure you are safe until your body stabilizes. They can also prescribe medications that will help control your blood pressure, and manage any other symptoms that may occur.

  40. I have just read that someone on the blog has come off diazepam after 45 years, I have been on them for a similar time 11mgs a day. I would love to be free of the drug any hints, I have reduced from 90mgs over a good period time.

  41. I tapered slowly off a low dose of Valium. Been off now for 2 weeks. I’m still getting palpitations during the night quite frequently. During the day fast heartbeat. Sometimes blurry vision. Also my tinnitus became very loud. Very hard dealing with the palpitations. Will this last very long?

  42. I have stopped taking Valium for over two weeks and I am sooooo tired and my head is in a fog. What can I do to stop this or how long will I be like this? I don’t want to take diazepam ever again.

  43. Simple story, I was taking 20 2mg Xanax a day for 6 months. My system finally shut down. The rushed me to ER, admitted me to a floor at local hospital. I was in bad shape. 5 days of 300mg phenobarbital 4 times first 3 then 1 less each day. Please believe when I tell you. No jonsin, no discomfort, no nauseous, I left that hospital 15 months ago and only take gabapentin.
    Just the facts..
    Good luck all

  44. Hello, I was prescribed Temazepam for sleep after a knee surgery which lead to severe sleep problem. (my GP tried everything before prescribing Temazepam). Anyways, was on it for about two months and then read about benzo’s and decided to taper. The taper was Hell and my doctor and I decided to do the Ashton method and switch to Diazepam. I was on 15mg’s at night and then made 1mg cuts every week or week and a half. All was well with a few withdrawal symptoms. I’m now at 7mg’s and feeling so sick! I have every withdrawal symptom…nausea, headache, sensitivity to light and sound, fatigue, everything!!! I can’t imagine doing this for the rest of the taper and then going through withdrawal after. Should I slow down or make smaller cuts??? I’ve been sick pretty much daily since October 2015 (my surgery date). I also have celiacs which makes me even more sensitive. Please anyone help, I’m so afraid of feeling like this forever. I have a 8 year old and 10 year old and cannot keep going like this! I was completely healthy before and actually hurt my knee in soccer and haven’t been the same since! Please any advice will help.

  45. I have a queston. I took diazepam for 45+ years. Last year my doctor took me off of it. I had some withdrawal but nothing terribe. However, I developed ibs-d. I started amitripyline and it calmed my intestine. However, I have been on amitriptyline for about 6 months and have started having ibs again. I am wondering if my body was so used to the diazepam that it causes these symptoms without it. Reply would be appreciated.

  46. I take 4mg in am & 4 mg pm. Dr p erscribed about 8 years ago. I suffer from stroke, Afib, Im. besides acute spasms and anxiey. dr wants to cut dise in half and stop completly in 1 week. worried about having Afib or

  47. Hi. I took more Valium than prescribed, I was prescribed 6mg at night time but I took 10mg instead. Now my medication is being more supervised and it is only being dispensed by my carer so that they can control my intake. I have now noticed that I cannot fall asleep as quick and I am now up for hours, I am feeling restless and anxious. Could you tell me if by me now having 6mg instead of 10mg (4mg less) will my body adapt to this new 6mg intake and will I be able to sleep easier and quicker at some point? Also, How long will this feeling of restlessness, unable to sleep quickly and anxiety last? Thank You so much for your help.

  48. Reply for AK Singh:
    It took nine months for my sense of taste to become normal again. But it did!
    All if the horrible symptoms everyone has experienced happened to me also. In the midst of withdrawal nothing is normal.
    After month ten, the last of my symptoms, panic attacks, went away.
    I would tell everyone that the hell that you are going through now will end, even though I know that sounds impossible right now.
    Your life will be different without Valium. It will be ever SO MUCH BETTER!!

  49. After stopping Valium 5 my taste for food and digestion was affected.Tell me whether my taste for food and digestion will become normal when withdrawal symptoms abate.

  50. I am still having withdrawal symptoms 2 months after finishing altogether l was on it for 6 years but only a small dose is this normal? Thank youxx

  51. I had been taking 5mg chlordiazepoxide for about 7 months and decided with my Go to stop taking it. I was changed to diazapham to detox for 4 weeks. Have now been free from medications for 6 weeks but still having withdrawal symptoms some days worse than others. ssshaking nervous stomach, chest pain feeling weak and tremble . Is thissto be expected even though I was only taking 5mg per day.

  52. I have now been off valium for two years and the extreme tension and inner shaking still comes and goes . Has anyone been off of valium for two years and still have these Symptoms ?

  53. Hello All, I have read every post here. Most were very helpful. I cant say my story would be the best for everyone but it is what I had to go through. I was on 10mg 3xdaily of Valium, 10 mg Norco 4xdaily and wearing a 75mg/72hr Fentanyl patch. My doctor had me on these for at least 2 years maybe 3 years. I had/have several problems which I dont need to bore everyone with. Last Dec. 7th I got fed up with the high cost of these meds, the high cost of manditory exams and UDS test and the side affects of these medication. I stopped all of them at once!!! No doctor help, No detox center, No weaning down. Now I dont need to tell anyone what total Hell I went through because everyone has there own personal experience. What I am hoping to find out is, Is what I am going through now related? I still have extreme dizziness, extreme wobbly brain, very fast heart rate 120-165, bad dreams, insomnia (only sleep 3 hrs/night), blood pressure issues. I suffer these every day/night 5 months out. I am angry and scared. I wonder if I have not been perminanly damaged my brain and body. I suffer chronic headaches and pain being off these meds but I dont have memory from the time on them, like it was a fog, a period of blank time I will never get back. If anyone has any info on 5 plus months out please respond. Good luck all.

  54. have GAD …take antdepressants have for 30 yrs . have taken Valium on and off for most of my life. I am trying new antidepressants but have not taken any Valium for nearly 5 months can I still have withdrawal symptoms ?????

  55. Was originally taking diazepam to get off the Ativan an I was only on Ativan for 61/2 weeks but as time was going by I felt that the Ativan was controlling me on needing my next dose,so he gave me diazepam to wean from Ativan started with 5 mgs of diazepam two times a day for eight days then went to 4mgs eight days two times a day then went to 4 in day an 3 at nite eight days then 3 in day an two mgs at nite eight days then two in day an 1 1/2 at nite then 1 1/2 day time an 1 mg at nite eight aye the 1 day time an 1/2 mg at nite eight then 1/2 two times a day eight days the 1/2 once a day eight days then1/2 every other day then was done, few weeks later I felt tremors a weirdness internally they say anxiety an to take 2 mgs of diazepam when I feel like this, not thinking withdrawals took it an started to notice this feeling every four days then it went to three days now it’s every two days I wake up trembling an internal fluster so now today I told my doctor I want off these pills an I need the tremors to stop so now we are going to take clonadine 0.1 mg at bed time says should help with the tremors an get rest an I’m starting my weaning from diazepam hard to believe that you can get these feelings from such a small dose

  56. My doctor put me on diazepam for over a year , I stopped myself , the headaches was awful , but I am left with a tremor in my hands and legs .. How can I stop these or how kind to they last?

  57. I have been taking 4 10mg a day for 3 years;along with Percocet 3-4 10/325 I need help;I tried it before and couldn’t do it I thought I was going crazy;i’m scared I don’t even feelthe effects of the med ication any more please help me I have no money; I would like to be in a hospital for a few months/maybe someone can probono me, Thanks Don

  58. My life starting a small child has been full of nothing but things that upset you and make you anxious. I went to work in 1974 with seven children at home with an alcoholic dad to babysit. I also grew up with alcoholic parents. My doctor put me on 15 mgs. of Valium a day. Now 42 years later I was on 30 mgs. But am now on 20 mgs. and they want to take me off it. At my age I cannot see the reason for this as I tried going off gradually on my own when only on 15 mgs. and it was a nightmare so doc put me back on them. I think I am having problems from being cut down ten mgs. Have had a couple of mini strokes and just don’t have much interest in life. After all this time I don’t see why I need to go off this drug even tho they say it is bad.

  59. Hi I have been off of Valium for 4 weeks now and my lymph nodes are very swollen I don’t know if I should be put back on this medication and have some one ween me slowly please help thank you Silvia

  60. Hi I feel I’m still having a withdrawal from when I was doing it everyday back in February last year I would usually take around 12 10mgs a day… I wasn’t prescribed I just thrived for the euphoric feeling and also made me feel invincible. I did have bad times and got myself into some injuries and I would often mix vallium with alcohol.. I then met someone and he despised the drug and could what I was doing to myself. He helped encourage me to go to the doctors. They put me on a antidepressant unfortuanly it wasn’t enough and I was doing more vallium but not telling my boyfreind. My emotions were everywhere and I feel abit crazy. I started taking pregarablin shortly after admiring everyone to my boyfriend. It was a downward spiral and it felt like a big loop I couldn’t get myself out of it. I haven’t taken vallium for 5 to 6 months and its hard. I want to do it but I just think of my boydreind and I don’t… But everyday I wake up I do think a lot into the drug and I get myself upset. Now its coming to the summer it’s reminding me of all the great times I had taking this drug and im now getting flashbacks of simply me happy walking in the sun.. I am having counseling and cognitive behavior therapy at the moment. I feel the drug has made my memory awful and I can hardly hold a sentance together now when I’m nervous

  61. Well I have been on Valium 2mgs twice daily for five years now and I am more terrified of getting off of it because of withdrawals some being seizures and all the other withdrawal symptoms. Plus I am terrified of panic attacks. But I don’t like being dependent of drugs. I sleep fine, I didn’t gain weight, I wake up and am productive. But it’s Valium and am scared of withdrawal but am considering getting off of it. What is the common and not common withdrawal effects or affects of five year dependency at 2mg 2x daily prescribed and never taken any more than that?

  62. I’m sure this has been mentioned before, but please consult the work of Dr. Heather Ashton–she is the absolute expert on benzo and opioid withdrawal.

  63. I am on 3rd week of no valium was taking 30 mg to 50 mg a day and went cold turkey no seizures thank god but a lot of pain and shaking brain and unbelievable depression and very short temper hope I can stick it out

  64. If I could go back in time never would have to touched it,Iv been on it for 26 years,& Iv ended up in hospital every time Iv true to stop

  65. I have been taking a 5 mg Valium every night on and off for a couple of years. I’ll stop for a week or two then start again. I never seem to have any withdrawal. I want to stop for good and I haven’t taken any in about a week and feel fine. Is it because I’ve never taken more than 5 mg and I only take it before bed? Or after a few weeks not taking them will I have crazy withdrawals?

  66. Recap from my post of Feb 20.

    215 day off. from 26 year addiction.
    I did follow the diet that I mentioned. And my windows have opened up. I feel toooo normal at times like I am glowing. I think this may be because I felt so bad in withdrawal. During the diet windows appeared. I did feel off and stopped the antihistamines. Felt better not taking them. I did get a craving for something to drink other than water. So I had watermelon smoothy with just water and ice. This little amount of sugar caused a rev in adrenaline. It soon passed. I was eating peanuts cashews and almonds thinking it was ok. Glutamate in those caused rev. I was eating quite a bit of the nuts. Cutting those out and eating beef bites or pork bites chicken fish etc. All this was pretty much symptom free. This passed Saturday I had pizza and 3 beers. Sunday was uncomfortable and today I feel better. My experiment, in my case, has convinced me that our adrenaline system and our immune system are out of wack with withdrawal. Immune system still trying to repair the disorder that benzos has caused. When on benzos I had allergies to food, climate etc. As our system fights to restore its functions it is important not to confuse it too much. I think that the gradual introduction of these problematic foods is important. To take them in small amounts not on a regular basis so our immune system can understand that they are not serious allergens. The few light beers did set me back from the clarity I was feeling. Most likely my brain is as sensitive as a infant. Need to stay off the alcohol since it does slow or retard my clarity.
    When we are in deep withdrawal we most certainly not notice these affects as well as when we are coming out the other side. So to confirm first hand what these good people have stated. Alcohol and supplements or drugs prescription or not only confuse our immune system. Glutamate, white bread sugar even low sugar fruits are rev sources for the adrenaline system. Sleep is job one if sleep is difficult then calm rest if you can. Little is better at this point.
    I have won against benzos. Three weeks ago I was ready to give up. Now that windows opened up and the clarity has returned even though it is still effected by life. I know that I am in control and my tools are diet and confidence. I always said I just needed to get my toe in the door to get through and find what works for me. The best thing that came from this experiment of mine is that these things do make it worse so taking them or reducing them makes it better. Tuning my diet and life is the cure for benzo disease. we use only 5 percent of our brain. Time to reach in and wake up a bit more. regards Mike a winner Thank you Ashtons and my host today. And thank God for these wonderful bodies we have been given they are stronger then we imagined. Don’t give up and take control and you will win. When you think of giving up just tell your self that the relief may be just around the corner and what a waste to have suffered so much and reached the peace. Just keep fighting since time and caring for your body and mind is the cure. MIke.

  67. I currently take half. 5mg diazepam in a morning and half at night but this last week on a night I’m having hot flushes sweating n itching all over its like I’m having withdrawal symptoms should I increase my dose ?
    I’m on them for extreme anxiety and panic attacks been on them for 6 month and always only had half in a morning and half at night

  68. Hello from 206 days off clonazepam I have wanted to give up many times. I wanted to share this with you. I was certain that there would be collateral damage to my brain and nervous system. I did have windows early on, briefly. a day or 2 but not complete. I did drink beer through all of the taper and pretty much all of the time up until 18 days ago. after 11 days I could not handle the constant living in withdrawal and had 10 light beers over 8 hours just to dial out of this disaster. I paid the price with symptoms off the charts. this came the very next day. No more beer for me. Now 6 days later I began wondering why my condition just slightly improved. I was having 3 or more watermelon and cantaloupe smoothies a day with ice water no sugar. Also eating bacon eggs and white toast every morning. Lunch and dinner was a mix of meat and vegetables. I was trying antihistamine like hydrazine, allegra and Benadryl. They all kinda worked but had issues with them. Fatigue anxiety etc. Then plunging deeper into hydrozine I found that Reactine is a second generation of hydrozine. With out the brain blood transfer. A more refined product. It seems to work but at 1 third the dose. Are systems are to sensitive for to much of anything. I am certain I am histamine intolerant and hypoglycemic. I think I may have been a little of both before benzos some 27 years ago. Digging into stories and information online it appears that the adrenaline gland is over reacting and causing/ surges from the intake of sugar, coffee , carbs which turn quickly into sugar and alcohol which is sugar. Yesterday I had a window open up. Last one was over 2 months ago. Today I begin an experiment. It would appear that there is very little or nothing that we can take that may help our recovery!. But there may be things we don’t consume that may!
    Histamine intolerance has a diet to correct this aliment, simple just eliminate histamine trigger foods and drinks. Hypoglycemia has a diet to correct that aliment. I think my healthy smoothy was tooo much sugar and the white bread toast turns to sugar to quick with a crash. I have hear so much about reducating you mind to cope with stress and anxiety. The symptoms of both hypoglycemia and histamine intolerant are very close to the symptom’s of wd. It makes me wonder if wd is the root cause of these 2 aliments. If your foot was cut would you walk on it and expect it to heal. Your immune system may be fighting to correct a situation which is long gone. The ingestion of Benzos. Now reeducating your adrenal glands and your immune system sounds like an exciting experiment and a cause well worth perusing. Take away a good portion of issues in your body and work on reeducating them. I know people say if I give up my coffee or a few beers or sweet and low. And eat 5 small portions of fatty meats a day. I drink beef or chicken broth not from the pack but from scratch. I have said that myself , life isn’t worth it without my little pleasures. Remember that when you are suffering and ask God to help and you will do anything I mean anything. The up side is that as you get better you can gradually reintroduce foods which you crave. Most likey with a better understanding to what they do to you.

    This is my experiment. One week to see results if any.
    I cook 5 portion of meat, turkey, chicken, pork and fish. eating those starting in the morning until late afternoon. Using olive oil and lemon juice. Boil chicken bones and or beef bones for a fluid to drink. No intake of anything else except water for one week. No sweeteners no sugar no coffee no cheating. It is my hope to clear the symptoms so just the wd symptom’s are left. Then work on calming those symptoms which are left. As for medication only the reactine and that being a quarter of the smallest does once a day. This is the antihistamine which seems to be best for me. Only in the morning since it seems to perk me up a little. After a week or during this week I will research the other proteins that I can eat and look forward to trying one at a time for a few days to monitor my condition. Eggs sometimes bother me so this will be trial and error once I get a base line established. Now your benzo logic may tell you that this is crazy. One thing I found from wd is that reality can be altered which drugs. It is not normal to dwell of dooms day thoughts. I find myself second guessing myself when I speak or make a decision since I have been to the point where I knew what I was thinking was not rational but could not explain why it was not rational spooky stuff. If the kind people monitoring this post choose to publish it would make me happy. If this works and makes even one person feel a bit better it is well worth it. We feel so helpless and need something to do to try to help ourselves.

    I do think we will never be the same after Benzos WE WILL BE BETTER !!!!
    Thank you Universe for giving me a chance to grow and enjoy life, all we have is moments and wasting even a fraction of a moment regretting the past only wastes more moments. It all happened for a reason maybe one day the Universe will tell us why.
    God Bless

  69. I tappered off valium was on 5 mg a day for long time then cut down to 1/2 tab for 4 day now off now I feel really down deppressed and it’s been 7 days since I took any how much longer

  70. Good read .street valium I stopped taking them roughly for 3/4 week in this what occ. .i heard voices i felt fine to fine.day2 I still felling really good and hearing say a person askin me something .no one had asked me anything.I got sectioned on day 3 .it continued I can’t remember getting there it was like an acid trip.still trying to cut the things out .end result very worried!

  71. I don’t want to scare people but I really want to warn people,
    DO NOT TAKE DIAZIPAM OR VALUM, THESE are such badly addictive meds; I am just over a year coming of them and I still am not right in myself, my anxiety is worse than ever I am so worried the effects this is having on my heart it has been the worst year of my life, I just keep saying when this withdrawal going to end, I just want to warn people stay clear this Diazipan have ruined my health and I feel I am never going to get better as withdrawal has gone on for a year not as bad but still I am withdrawing of them a year on.

  72. i was put on course of valium for just over a month to taper of zopiclone and 4 weeks after taking iast valium am still suffering bad anxiety how long should this last as iwas only on a taper down but at least i am sleeping a bit now i had grown tolerant to zopiclone which i had been on for over 5 years thanx for any ideas ??

  73. I go 9 weeks without any after a slow typer down to 2.5 milligrams and then after the 9 weeks of nothing I start to have the worst withdrawal feeling in the world I take no other drugs I don’t drink or smoke cigarettes and it stays in my urine up to 90 days has anybody had the same problem?

  74. I was on 10 mgs for 6/10 years.. Was a very hard withdrawal.. It took me about 2 years to get off of it. I just cut my dose down very slowly till l got off. I can’t sleep at night this was the reason l was put on it. My sense of smell is very acute, and my body aches.. Irritable and mood swings.. Wish l could get rid of the sensitivity to smell, and sleep at night…

  75. I read through all your comments, I was on 90mgs of diazapam for at least thirty years. I thought enough was enough! I started reducing very very slowly about six years ago till I got to 15mgs, I thought that will be enough I’m in my mid sixties, I feel healthy so then recently I read that there was a another panic about diazapam I thought better start reducing again. I have been reducing 1/4mg a month, till I was down to 11mgs symptoms feel sick some days, tiredness and slight loss of concentration, for example the worst and most worrying thing I did was put diesel in my pretrol car! I have never abused this tablet even though it was a high dose. I was put on this med. because we lost our baby daughter tragically died in 1982. The last time I went to collect my repeat prescription I got meds that I also take (health reasons) but no diazapam, I Ienquired why. The reply was a controlled drug and has to be signed for at GP s surgery. I have made enquiries at NHS yes I do have to sign at pharmacist but definitely not at GPs. I put a similar comment on blog couple of days ago. I can’t see it on now.

  76. Hi, I am just wondering, if you come off Valium for a number of months can taking it again, even the once, instigate the withdrawal symptoms coming back?

  77. Very helpful.I’ve been on valiam for 17 years after the death of my son.I need to get back to myself.I take 3aday. And I have no energy at all.
    I really want to get off them.

  78. Coming off this drug has been the worst experience of my life. I took approx 10-20mg of Valium per day for 8 weeks to help a stress and anxiety disorder I developed at work. I then flew to another country to start a new job with no meds, and went completely cold turkey 2 days before I was meant to start work. Huge mistake. Never have felt worse symptoms included all the above, shaking, sweating, hallucinations, tremors, chronic insomnia, extreme anxiety, numbness and tingling of hands and legs, panic attacks everyday.. The doctor gave me some Xanax to taper but this only really pushed out the process longer, although helped short term discomfort. Started my new job in week 2, has been very hard indeed, wish I’d known this was possible before hand would not wish it on my worst enemy. Stay clear if you can!

  79. Hi all, I have been on diazepam for 10 weeks now (have had a problem with them in the past that I had to go to rehab to get off them and was off them for 2 years) i am 36 weeks pregnant and been back on them only 10 weeks after week 5 I realized I’d become immune to them again, I finally after months of asking are seeing a psychiatrist tomorrow about my medication I can remember coming off them 2 years ago in rehab and it was like going to hell and back I can’t even describe how bad the withdrawals where even up to 2 months after leaving rehab, anyone who has gone through the withdrawal process of benzos successfully deserves a gold medal. Today is day one I’m cold turkey off them in headachey, as I do not want the baby to be born addicted I feel let down by the health system only seeing me now after a referral was made for me at 10 weeks then got denied in midwife had to reapply thank god I’m seeing psychiatrist tomorrow just stressing about the up shit hill battle coming off them, well done to those of you who have been through it and stayed off them xx

  80. I am extremely claustrophobic and need to have an MRI in 1 day. My GP gave me a rx for Valium. I want to take the maximum possible, but I am concerned that I may have withdrawal symtpoms when it wears off. I believe he said to take 3 before the MRI. I don’t normally take it. Do I have to worry about any withdrawal?

  81. I would like to know how long diazepam will be out of my system as I get drug tested at work and swab tested cause I need to go back to work a quick honest response would be greatly appreciated cheers ty

  82. PS this site wouldn’t let me give you more info on the High Dose Niacin B3 vitamin detox, but do your searching on a good browser and it will tell you all you need to know. Basically it burns toxins out of fats which contain 1000 times more contaminants than the blood and related organs.

  83. Initial Detox Recommendations: Ive used the High Dose Vitamin Niacin B3 detox and its just the best

    Later stage problems
    Please tell me if you have found any supplements or a healthy way to help with the late stages of valium detox??? insomnia, restlesness, internal pains. I can’t work after 2 hours sleep
    I think this is due to some form of organ hormone suppression, in the same way that heroin effects the pancreas.
    Magnesium is a good food supplement that relaxes the muscles, but has anyone had any luck with kickstarting the valium damaged organ???

  84. Hi I was on 80 ml of diazepam a day and in 2 weeks I have been reduced by my doctor 20 ml a day 140 ml a week .I feel ill .have had a few fits .can someone please advise me on what is the leagle amount a person can
    Be reduced. I have been on my perception for 8 years and have just had a death in the family ,I do not feel I am being treated right. I am on 60 ml now but 2 weeks ago I was on 80, please can anyone please tell me what’s the maximum each week I can be reduced, thank you Darren

  85. Hi, I’ve been taking diazepam around 15mg on average for approx 6 weeks due to anxiety caused by codeine based painkillers (I have an injured knee), I was unaware that I can get withdrawal from these but it would explain how I’m feeling right now, I took one 5mg diazepam today but I am going to stop tomorrow- how long would withdrawal be considering the amount I have taken these please ?

  86. PAWS can last for several years, especially if the patient was taking Valium for years. BTW, a lot of spelling errors plague your site.

  87. I am currently doing a diazepam reduction,,I have been on it for 16+ years,,prescribed, . I was on 60mg daily now down to 45mg,,my Dr is taking it down 5 mg a month. I know this will sound slow & easy but I really am not coping with the physical withdrawal symptoms. Is there anything I can do / take to ease these,,insomnia,,sore legs, restless extreme sweating…even in the cold weather. Arrrrhh,just need some help

    1. Hello Victoria. Withdrawal symptoms might be very uncomfortable. Have you tried some home remedies and teas to ease them? Also, you might want to consult a pharmacist for over-the-counter medications. They could be helpful.

  88. I been put on carbamazapine for chronic back pain as it is also used for epilepsy can it also be used for valium withdrawn just in case you get a seizures?

  89. Hang in there Denton. It will get better. I stopped cold three years ago after taking Valium for 25 years. It was tough, but after about six months I could almost feel my brain start to retire and repair itself from the poison I’d been feeding it. You can do this. Try relaxing as much as possible, hot baths, anything that helps you sleep. It took a while for sleep patterns to normalize, but it did.

  90. I was on Valium for over 7 years at high doses and abused it also in very dangerous ways. I am now close to a month with no valium. The withdrawal’s are horrible from the ffeling of having a ballon being pump up in my skull to servere headache’s that just last for days. No sleep, nightmare’s and my memory is at times frozen in time. Just typing this takes all my might. I could be here for days but my tremors make it to difficult. Just hope the days get better.

  91. My Man suffers from major panic attacks, can’t sleep, painful urination which triggers panic, shaking, heart palpitations. He claims the valume is the only thing that helps yet in my research the pain if attacks, painful urination can be triggered by drug. He’s going insane.

  92. Is there any wrr both east that can & wiill physically fstox me. I’m on 140/80 mg daily. I had been taking progablin 7×300 mg daily but have not taken them in 5 days. I have a hhgh success rates. I quit methadone. 5 yrs ago on 30ml I stoppd dead. I was Il foorr 4 moonths. Is there anyone Tha wouuld be willing to take on myy case. I’m so distressed I dnt know what to do. Man thanx MARIA

  93. Hi everyone, I have taken Valium for,less than four weeks, and not every day. I started on 10mg 2x a day the first week (5 days of week one), then only took it at that same dose three times week 2, three times at 10mg once a day at week three and four times week four, most of the time only 10mg once a day, with one day doing fifteen. I was prescribed this by by primary care Dr to cope with anxiety while undergo medical tests/appointments. I have been off for five days now and seem OK, like not worse or anything. Was I on short term enough to skate the major withdrawal issues?

  94. Hi this is Mike again at 88 days clear of Cloazepam my mom at 89 years old is at 127 days clear, i may have posted different before. I did check notes. I read blogs and hear about , not Liner , Windows , waves, 1 step forward 2 back ward. I dont hear much about how it ends. Hear is what happened with my mom. She had it pretty much terrible and she had windows. Then at 118 days she felt a window of calm very calm. She said that for the first time in her life she saw her problems as things that needed solutions. Not afraid just looked for solutions. Yesterday the window began to close after a 8 day gift from God. She wrote me an email to say she saw this as healing and she new it would be ok soon. I am having similar issues like she had. I am 39 days behind her. Everything I have read points to n average of 4.5 months for a serious improvment. From Ashtons to blog reports. This is for people who were hooked on these pills 3 months to 25 years. You do need to check blogs to see how long people have been members. I see people who have posted for 6 years. I have posted for 3 months and once my story ends I will post it and say goodbye. I think that is why you dont hear much detail about the result. People normally want to move on other people see it as a social center and others are here to help. Positive blogs are the best since the sucess rate is on your side. Certainly there are extreme cases but they are not the rule. I am waiting to pass through this wave that has hit about 3 weeks ago. It peaked on day on day 84 was bad but much less than previous. It seems worse because I am getting fed up with the healing. This does not help since you can not Shake it off. You need to buy time with hope and rest. My mom may be faster than me but she has listened to her body and has used natural relaxation remedies. She was in benzos for 26 years. Enjoy the windows if you get them and indure the waves I will let you know my time line.
    God bless

  95. I am suffering very bad gastro problems and severe in pain in Legs and arms is there any thing I can do help to be more comfortable, as the months go on I am suffering more symptom’s and have been tested for a variety of diseases and it keeps coming back to the valium I am at aloss on what to do

  96. Withdrawal symptoms come and go and have gone on for me for years. After doing a major detox, they all came back. It’s lasted over 5 years now. The drug gets packed into the tissues and is very hard to get rid of. I was a recovering benzo addict when I went to the hospital for back trouble over 10 years ago. The doctor there gave me benzos again. I really feel for others going through this suffering. Yes, it an take years to get these drugs out of the system.

  97. ive been on 10x10mg of diazepam now for the last year I need to stop as it is affecting me I’m very dizzy in the morning until I take my first dose any help would be so greatful and is it safe to stop such a high dose go cold turkey thanks for your help as its really affecting my lifestyle now thanks. Dave.

  98. Hello this is Mike 80 days off benzos. Yes there is signs of healing but still live in withdrawal every day!
    My mom is ahead of me. She had a large window and has had rebounds. The rebounds are shorter sweats fear ichining but they dont last very long for her. I have a steady feeling of un well and little to no ambition. Before benzos i was a turbo ambitious person. I am waiting for this to return, at 80 days clear I can say that this is a once in a life time experience. You should have Support. I am in central América alone family is in Canada. My mom is supportive the rest of the family pretty much ignore how terrible this withdrawal is. They are too busy with every day life. I think this is sad but it is part if normal life. Getting ajusted to normal life is my goal. I am anxious to say the least and look forward to a stable level to grow from. All research points to more improvment from here forward. I will share progress. My mom is getting there with windows of calm and quality if life. Something she has not had for years. I cant wait but I must !
    God bless. Mike

  99. I was put on diazepam 5mg 3 x a day and Nitrazpam 1 at night in 1994 after my partner of 13yrs hung himself. Also 40mg of Prozac rising to 60mg then down to 40mg again. I came off the Nitrazapam after 6 months. However the so called NHS left me on the 5mg x 3 a day for 21 YEARS. I was diagnosed with BiPolar in 2005 & given Seroquel 2 x 50mg at night in 2005.I also have COPD (diagnosed in 2012)& chronic Bronchial Asthma. I actually cut down to 10mg a day of diazapam.Doc cut me off 10mg within 12 wks Have shocking withdrawals they don’t give a damn since my real doctor retired .Am suicidal shaking all time, ringing in ears,extreme anxiety,tremors,stomache probs,sweating,paranoid,scared,feet tingling,etc No one cares Even my psychiatrist can’t get through to my doctors RULES .Wish I was dead. As no one wants to know. Even ONE at night would help. I don’t smoke anymore ,or drink ,or go anywhere, & Boyfriend in Care Home after a Stroke in his 40’s. My Dad has Cancer & Dementia &Mum not well either with a pacemaker. If anyone thinks this is made I wouldn’t blame them. There are times when I ask myself What the Hell is going on. It is not right.

  100. i had diazepam 5mg for 1 day!! one during day and one at night. it didnt suit me and so i didnt take anymore. i have been experiencing withdrawal of headaches tension racing heart and worse anxiety than originally. how long will this last?? i only had 1 day of them that was 1 week ago.

  101. Hi Day 55 cold turkey I must say that it had been strange. I am better and am weaving. I did spend too much time on the net. I came accross a site where people have been registered for over 4 years. After reading all of that it is important to say that you should not become addicted to misery loves company ! It is important to focus on sites like this and define a time line to recovery. It is easy to blame all our worries on benzos ! And they are certainly a big factor. There comes a time when you need to break away from this misery and consider the problem as an injury. Then rebuild your mind and spirt without benzos. Time to leave the grass hopper so to speak. Dwelling on the sites that are not helpful are exactly that not helpful. Once you reach the other side move on with your life.
    God bless Mike

  102. Been about a week after I stopped Valium. I already have a small headache, it’s hard to control my heart rate (my heart beats VERY hard after excessive movement), and my insides feel almost like they’re DEMANDING more valium (squirming sensations). Considering my “previous” history with psychatropic medication withdrawal……I’d say I’m doing relatively well.
    (Seriously though, I’ve had withdrawal before, THIS is not nearly “THAT” bad.

  103. I was taking 1 mg of ATivan 3 times a day for 2 months. On 6th week Dr dropped it to 1mg per day for 3 weeks and then .5 mg every other day for a week. For 2 weeks took 10mg of Valium at night to sleep and reduced to 5 mg for a week. Can I stop taking since it was short term

  104. Hello from 7 weeks CT starting 8 weeks. Windows weaving in and out. A feeling of becoming free of the Benzo. The worst thing ever in my life and I have had a few pretty rough patches but do not try this unless you know that it is the withdrawal. Even when you know the benzo devil tries to trick you. For me going back on them was not an option. When I took any size dose before cold Turkey they made me sick. My mom is has been about 5 months she was great but does have a few rebounds. She at 89 works through and stays positive.

    Regards God Bless Michael

  105. I just passed three months of withdrawal from 12 years of Valium use. I have severe muscle tightness and pain throughout my body. Does anyone know approximately how long this lasts?


  106. Cleve as you have read I’ve been on them many years. I’m sure you are not addicted to diazapam.I have reduced over the years from a really high dose, but like I said have never not been able to cope. I would go and see your GP for advise. It’s just at my age I am happy on the dose I’m taking. My fear is I will be forced to reduce

  107. Hello

    I’m very new to Valium. I’ve barely taken any. Went on a trip to south east Asia took 5mg every 3 to 4 days and now that I’m back home I’ve taken some for thr jet lag symptoms. 5mg one day and now two days later i took 5mg at 8pm and then woke in the middle of night due to adrenaline (panic attack) and took another around 1am.

    Will i have severe withdrawals? I’m really against drug use and addictive drugs. I really want to not depend in valium for mental support. Is it safe to stop cold turkey with my short term use?

  108. To everyone I was given diazapam in 1982, I lost a child. I had three other children and had to cope. I was on a high dose about 80mgs. I’m from UK I moved to a different area in UK and of course changed my GP he was very caring and over the years I have reduced to 12mgs a day. During the years I have raised my children and helped with my grandchildren. I nursed my mother who died in 2000. I had three operations during the years, I have worked full time since 1987, have retired now but I have had my up and downs, put the thing I hate is I feel ashamed that I’m on this drug and am happy to stay on it. The shock has come that my caring GP retires in ten months, and I am now very anxious that his replacement may want me of the drug. My doctor says all this will be sorted before he go’s. I would be very grateful for opinion on this.

  109. Hi Ivana
    No more long posts. 79 days ago first 59 days of fast taper now 20th day of CT. for people that need to know! Very hard to keep being positive but the 3rd day after CT I experienced a warm fuzzy feeling inside, just for a few moments. Yesterday I felt the release of my nervous system. I was talking with friends and felt so calm. I never felt this relaxed. I know there will be days that the Benzo devil will try. But he has no chance ! No souls to be had here! My mom is over 4 months clear and is as happy as a clam at 89 years old. She emailed at 7 a.m. to say she was taking out the garbage and it was a nice day. She lives alone and drives her own car ! That is a mom I never had a chance to know until now. It is great to see these windows opening and I know I am rushing it. But positive forward movement is a must and to stop and fight off the bad spots. What ever happens to me it is so much better that how it was before. I know I was in and out of toxic reaction for many years and ran to Doctors for help. Not one ever told me that it might be Benzo!
    I will keep you posted. You may want to consider that I am a very strong and determined person. Got that from mom. so the time spans may very but look for the little moments and know that they will grow. The only unusual thing is realizing the whole world that was there all along and I never saw it. Mike (25 years on Clonazepam) Mom (20 years on 8 mg Ativan then 1.5 mg of clonazepam for 5 years total 25 years)
    Now both Benzo clear. God bless

  110. How Long ?
    Hello Ivana
    Hope all is well. I have noticed that the most frequent question is HOW LONG DO I SUFFER. That is the best sign from any patient. I have asked God to help us. I am at day 16 of CT from 1 mg of Clonazepam ( 25 years addicted ) and about 75 days into the Cross over taper. Not pleasant to say the least! I have asked that question over and over. I have searched the internet and asked people if they knew about this horror. Ashtons and your site have been great. I had on Day 14 of CT the worst case of depression ever! I went online and broke away from the Ashtons and asked God to help me find that Answer How Long. Well I found a blog. And opened the first one and came to a man from Australia. He was blunt and excited. His story was almost like mine. The same quantity, everything very similar, one difference. He was 98 days ahead of me. When I read down to the part where his worst day was exactly 14 days after taper. I reread his blog, copied it and then went back to Ashtons manual. Last Saturday I cut my foot pretty deep and it was in the ball of my foot. Not an easy place to heal. I got peroxide and just poured it on twice a day. I was not concerned about it since was fighting a bigger problem with benzos! Well yesterday only 5 days later I see a major recovery and can walk on the wound 5 days after the cut. My point is that my immune system is in hyper drive and is healing everything it can. You need to believe that since you were on benzos or injured there will be a process. Staying calm and eating correctly is very important but having faith. Don’t dwell, it will be over and life will get better. The cause is black and white and the healing is grey since we can not belive that such a little pill which was given to us by someone we trust has caused this problem. As long as I can remember like 58 years ago when I was 5 years old. Doctors said DO NOT DWELL! Famous people have said things like. 95% of the things you worry about will never happen! I found audio books the best for me since you can close your eyes and your worries are replaced with the story. Most of all get pumped since you are taking control of this problem and it will be over when you heal. Be patient and listen to Ivana’s valuable information. Go to the Ashton manual and believe. The worst cases are one out of 10 that’s good odds. My soul, like my foot, will heal fast since I have seen the light. Don’t let the depression or anxiety soak in, Just say enough and distract yourself in a healthy direction like , what you are going to do WHEN you get well. Everything will be so much easier and fun, Ivana’s guiding support information has been bang on for me. I tell you when you get a good day its like xmas. Your turn will be soon. If you read this you are in a great place. God brought you here now listen and relax. Don’t let this Benzo devil win. You are winning your happiness back nothing else matters because that is the best reward for you and everyone around you.
    You may want to invent your own thoughts one of mine is. Like a trout trying to jump a water fall. The trout knows he needs to get out of the current to rest and when it slows or he gets rested or heals from his journey he can try again to go on upstream, the lake we call happiness is waiting !
    Yours truly a survivor!
    God Bless

  111. Hello, I wondered if you can advise me. I have been taking 5mg of Diazepam at night to help me relax which I purchased on the internet. Unfortunately I have been taking this dose for several months and I want to stop taking them. I visited my GP today who. Has prescribed 2mg at night. Can you advise me what to expect regarding withdrawals. Thank you.

    1. Hello Gilly. Here are two articles that will help you be prepared about withdrawals, but I do recommend you to see a doctor and not do it completely on your own. Medical assistance can be of great help especially for suggesting medications to ease the withdrawal effects. Now, here are the articles you should check out:

  112. Hello Ivana
    I want to share my progress with you and your followers. Now I am 71 days since I began my journey away from a tomb stone soul. I went from 20 mg of diazepam directly off of Clonazepam. Then to 7.5 mg diazepam in six week dropping quickly. Hell X 10. I got to week 7 and in 2 weeks jumped down to zero at 62 days. Now I am at day 10 clean of benzos. I may have posted differently but I was so messed up I could not count on my fingers and got mixed up easy but the last pill was July 29 !
    My Mom is my inspiration she had her 89 birthday Aug 8th and she CT off of .5 Clonazepam daily and times twice a day. 7 weeks ago. Her Doctor would not give her the cross medication saying the Diazepam was much to addictive. Then gave her prescription for 3 of .5s a day of clonazepam ( equal to 30mg of diazepam ) My Mom said her doctor was not to smart but she needed her from time to time to adjust her other meds. Her and the family keep a super watch on what she has been given. A review of her meds last February revealed that she was prescribed with both High and low blood pressure meds. We and she had everything corrected. She has shown very little withdrawal symptoms. And blamed the ups and downs on her age. Then I get emails from her to try to see the Moon because it looks fantastic. She at (89) uses her Ipad to search things like July had 3 full moons and this happens once every 836 years. Since her and I are a lot alike I think I will break free quickly. Yesterday I had a good day. I visited new friends and talked way too much. But I had a lot to say. I did not talk about Benzos because you can empty a room in a hurry. Day 10 got up after a dream that I was wasting away on benzos !!! Had to fight off a mild head ache and a stomach issue. Not a big price to pay when you know what a monster you are fighting. These benzos seem to have an intelligence of their own. The withdrawal (anxiety) seems to hit you where you are most vulnerable. The anxiety makes you think back before you took them and revue your life back then. Off course you look back at the bad times not the good times. Whatever the issues that may surface it will be? Going forward to address the issue and not masking them and losing your soul. That’s my plan from here on. To whom you worship may it be God or other important figures in your life. I prefer asking God & the Universe for help. Any power from where ever, that will help us all !!!!! I always seem to get what I ask for.
    Faith the most important cure.
    People like you and your associates will win because the secret and the process well will be told and the souls will get healed and they will help to make Mother Earth a better place.FAITH !!!!!!!!!! Ivana Faith is our most important weapon. Regards Mike

  113. I took 2.5 mg of valium about 3 to 5 times a week for about 6 months. they began to make me nauseous so I decided to stop them. after about 2 weeks I thought I would go in see my doc and tell him I wanted him to know about my decision. he is a family practice guy. I was taking it as needed for back spasms, but admit I took to many not realizing what these things would/could do to a person. I completed my 7th weeks stopping. the withdrawl was hell. nausea, can’t sleep, anxious, aches and pains, and the worse thing is still going on but comes and goes like I’m on a roller coaster. that thing is nausea and stomach ache. one day I think I’m better and the next day I eat breakfast and am nauseous all day. can anyone tell me how long before this stomach thing will get better? the stomach thing causes me the only anxiety I get. if my stomach would get better my anxiety would improve a great deal. again, how long can this last? taking protonix and zofram but they don’t help much. thanks to anyone out there that may have an answer.

  114. Dear Ivana.
    Sorry about my last post it was a mess like I was and am. I am fighting and will never ever ever give up. Winston Churchill quote, I am going through the peaks and valley’s Not many good times but enough for me to know why I am sick. This has been my quest for years. I have carried on being as active as I can but find myself stopping when it gets rough and say ” its time to rest you are worth it ” I have mentioned to people that I was put on Clonazepam .5 and did go up because they did not treat the problem and made me sick if I did not go up. I tell them that I tapered and stopped suddenly without elaborating. I wait for a response ! The ones who have gone through it say How long have you been off ? I tell them the truth. Example 3 Days or 5 days. They look at me strange and say you are a better person than me. IT WAS PURE HELL WHEN I GOT OFF !. From people in their 60s to people in their 20s there is always a response from someone in the group. How can we forgive the Doctors which we trust, and how many people are out there hiding from the world and no one knows what they are going through. How do we save these souls? What can I do ? I have posted on my face book a picture of a street drug dealer and a picture of a pharmacy The question was Which one is the worst Pusher ? Then a list of Benzos with a plea if anyone know anyone who is on any of these to look at the link to Dr. Ashtons.
    Guess what I have not had a like from my face book since that post. Even though I have posted nice pictures and jokes which always got likes. I hit a nerve and have been followed. Makes you think how wide spread this infestation really is. I have a tour boat Company and am considering Tshirts with Benzo awareness on the sleeve and a link to Ashton. But we need more I have sent this info to younger Doctors hear in Central America and got positive results. My brother in law is a doctor in E.R. and he is the one who said ” just keep taking them its to hard to get off trust me I know ???? I sent him Ashtons and think that he may have hit the samples and is on a rollercoaster ride himself. And he sees people with these problems. He responded to all the questions and things in my email but never responded to the Benzo issue. I asked him as my Brother inlaw and as a Doctor Please help anyone you can to be aware that there is hope. No response. How can I help I always have been generous and get a warm feeling when I try to expose this misery that has been put upon us and our loved ones by the people we trust the most. From my experience it is hard to believe that these little pills have done this much damage and I imagine that the rest of the benzo patients may have fallen in the same cracks. I WANT TO HELP SOMEONE and help put a stop to this society with Tum stones in their eyes.

    I can only imagine what % of the population it has crippled ??? I feeling better after writing this and reading the post here. Keep up the good work we need many more like yourself. I read your post every morning and you and Ashtons are giving me the faith in the Universe to help me through these weeks of need.
    Best Regards Michael

    1. Hi Mike. No need to tell you how much I agree with everything you say. Benzodiazepines should never be used for longer than 2 weeks – 1 month the longest. Yet, the problem is so severe because doctors don’t have a real idea how harmful they can be if taken long term, so they just keep prescribing. Another problem is that most of them don’t know what benzo withdrawals can be like and how long the effects and damages can be present even after quitting. I’m glad you are very well informed on this subject, but many other people (even hard-core current users) are not aware of these facts. During withdrawal, benzodiazepines also tend to produce the same effects they are used to treat – and this makes people believe that when they don’t take their medication their health issue is worsened…convinced they truly need them, they keep the taking their benzo.

      Changes will be achieved when the public and doctors become aware of how benzodiazepines should be used and for how long. One of the worst and saddest truths is that for many people the abrupt cessation of benzos is unbearable, physically and psychologically, and the number of suicides in people withdrawing without professional medical help is not a small one.

      Thank you for doing your good and spreading the word! We will keep doing our best to do the same.

  115. i am currently withdrawing from 20 mg per day of diazepam, 4x5mg a day for 13 years!!!!! Doctor basically let me carry on without any guidance I was very depressed and didn’t know any better.
    The withdrawal has been horrible nothin seems right, my 5 senses have been affected, my weight had plummeted and sleep is impossible! These are just a couple of symptoms the list is endless . The scariest thing is I do not know how long this will last, asked the doctor but no answer as usual. These things are vile and I wish I’d never touched them but because my doctor recommended then I thought I was helpin myself!!

    Lesson learned doctors have no clue!!!! I will not give up but I am struggling

    1. Hi Angie. Thank you for your comment and I hope the text has helped you to know what to expect during Valium withdrawal. You can ask the pharmacist at the local pharmacy for some general over-the-counter medications to help you lower the intensity of some of the withdrawal symptoms. Also, I believe this article will interest you: What your doctors won’t tell you about benzo withdrawal

  116. Mike

    4:15 pm July 30th, 2015 up dated today

    This is my story, THE DEVIL YOU DONT KNOW !!! 1989 April I got a bad cold and throat virus took like 6 weeks to get over it and left me with a strange reminder. I never woke up refreshed again. Before that I would wake up and feel great. From chronic fatigue to lames they all had the answer. The Devil you don’t know. About $ 7,500 dollars and several years later. 2005 Aug. I went to the Hospital with chest pains. It was an inflamed hernia. The doctor was an acquaintance and she keep me for 8 hours. She told me that there was no monitoring equipment so she said lay in bed and rest and this nurse needs to be here protocol. When I was being released she gave me a script for an antacid did the job ! She said I am calling your doctor to get you a sleep Apnea test the nurse who was sitting there said I stopped breathing in my sleep. I jumped the gun and bought an auto a just machine. Not much difference in how I felt. I got the test and it was positive 52 % sleep quality no REM deep sleep, got another machine, I spent the next 10 years felling sick but pushed through my life. Then my mom came to visit and she looked like a zombie. She was taking 8 Ativan’s a day. Too much benzos ! I worked with her and after six months she was saying things like the trees are greener the sky blue sharper. I went on for another 5 years feeling like shit. Stopped drinking, helped a bit. But far from good. I had enough I was prescribed clonazepam
    I was on 1 mg of Clonazepam the equivalent of 20 mg Valium. I crossed over to diazepam very quickly in a few days. Rough ride to say the least. I did it because I was tapering and now live in Central America. I could only get Rivotrill 2mg. I tried half of one and it made me sick then 1/4 still made me sick after 25 days and an average of 1.8 mg a day I said that’s it. Rivotrill is suppose to be clonazepam. The .5 seem to keep me stable. But these things were weird. So I crossed to 22 mg of Diazepam too much came down in a month to 8 mg were I held for 6 days. I had a few beers in the afternoon. Light beers no more than 10 at worst normally 5 of 3.7 alcohol. I am not recommending to cross too alcohol but I will tell you one thing it is 1,000 time easier for me to quit alcohol then The Devil you don’t know. Diazepam! I am in the middle of week nine and have dropped to 4 mg per day I have been taking the in the am about 5.30 or 6 am. It is now 7.35 and I am going to hold off a while. The tapers works ok for the physical withdrawal but I find that my mind takes a beating. I do have a few moments and I mean moments minutes of not too bad. But than the phobia strikes and a gas pain in the chest from eating a tomato for breakfast scares you that you are having a heart attack. You burp and know why but you are still scared ! I was put on the clonazepam for nervous leg disorder. 25 years. The first 2 months were Hell. I am certain if you filmed me I would look like Linda Blare in The Exorcist movie. I know I am going 3 times faster that Aston recommends but I want this out of my body. I hope the worst has passed. I have been a social light beer drinker all my life and have quit and had withdrawal for 3 days and after a week I would say that’s not perfect but much better and swear I would not touch alcohol again. Then I felt like I was having a hang over and I didn’t even drink. I forgot to take the Clonazepam. This was back when I had pinkish orangy .5 not the others. I find that Atkins diet is much better than a high carb or even medium carb diet. I try to eat at home, olive oil lemon on chicken or pork bites. Ground is better. I will win because I have researched Ashton manual and she is a God send. I have been through Hell and have been mean to my Family because I could not hold a conversation with out it making a phobia pop up, I am not done but I will not give up. I am going to hold off today and if I don’t get too sick I will try to skip today and deal with tomorrow when it comes.
    Doctors were of no use they said just keep taking it because the withdrawal horrible. I asked my pharmacist and he could not recommend any solution. Only after I found Astons did I quit. But I tapered my mom off and could not taper from Clonazepam myself. The cross over or determination has put me here. After 25 years of weakened or lost happiness I am anxious too see who I really am. One last thing. Just think what happens too someone who gets wacked out on Diazepam or its cousins like we have. If it gets bad enough they send you too an institution where they give you more drugs. Now institutions make money when the have patients ? After they have them there is no incentive to loose the cash cow ! How many people are in institution’s and are miss diagnose. I think my original problem was sleep apnea. You would not believe how many people suffer from it. I am not certain they will publish this since I am a whistle blower. But have a look at how much money is being made on sales and spent on health care not to mentioned the poor performance of the Devil You don’t Know !! It is believed that 80% of adults on Upper Manhattan is stoned on these toxins. Elvis too Whitney, Michael J and Robin Williams. All victims Doctor feel good working for the Devil. Just remember when you get off make certain to play it forward and try too help someone. The world would be a better place if these had never been developed. I will keep you posted I hope Regards Mike

  117. I have been stop taking valium for 7 months and I am still having severe withdrawals, pains in arms and legs, headaches, nausea and bad anxiety. can anyone help with ideas to cope I am sudical at times as it has destroyed my life

  118. At what week did everyone get the headaches?
    Im on week 9 being absolutely clean off valium and have had a headache now for 2 weeks everyday
    Im starting to freak out now thinking could it be something else?
    I had a brain scan 6 months ago and everything was fine

  119. This is my story, THE DEVIL YOU DONT KNOW !!! 1989 April I got a bad cold and throat virus took like 6 weeks to get over it and left me with a strange reminder. I never woke up refreshed again. Before that I would wake up and feel great. From chronic fatigue to lames they all had the answer. The Devil you don’t know. About $ 7,500 dollars and several years later. 2005 Aug. I went to the Hospital with chest pains. It was an inflamed hernia. The doctor was an acquaintance and she keep me for 8 hours. She told me that there was no monitoring equipment so she said lay in bed and rest and this nurse needs to be here protocol. When I was being released she gave me a script for an antacid did the job ! She said I am calling your doctor to get you a sleep Apnea test the nurse who was sitting there said I stopped breathing in my sleep. I jumped the gun and bought an auto a just machine. Not much difference in how I felt. I got the test and it was positive 52 % sleep quality no REM deep sleep, got another machine, I spent the next 10 years felling sick but pushed through my life. Then my mom came to visit and she looked like a zombie. She was taking 8 Ativan’s a day. Too much benzos ! I worked with her and after six months she was saying things like the trees are greener the sky blue sharper. I went on for another 5 years feeling like shit. Stopped drinking, helped a bit. But far from good. I had enough I was prescribed clonazepam
    I was on 1 mg of Clonazepam the equivalent of 20 mg Valium. I crossed over to diazepam very quickly in a few days. Rough ride to say the least. I did it because I was tapering and now live in Central America. I could only get Rivotrill 2mg. I tried half of one and it made me sick then 1/4 still made me sick after 25 days and an average of 1.8 mg a day I said that’s it. Rivotrill is suppose to be clonazepam. The .5 seem to keep me stable. But these things were weird. So I crossed to 22 mg of Diazepam too much came down in a month to 8 mg were I held for 6 days. I had a few beers in the afternoon. Light beers no more than 10 at worst normally 5 of 3.7 alcohol. I am not recommending to cross too alcohol but I will tell you one thing it is 1,000 time easier for me to quit alcohol then The Devil you don’t know. Diazepam! I am in the middle of week nine and have dropped to 4 mg per day I have been taking the in the am about 5.30 or 6 am. It is now 7.35 and I am going to hold off a while. The tapers works ok for the physical withdrawal but I find that my mind takes a beating. I do have a few moments and I mean moments minutes of not too bad. But than the phobia strikes and a gas pain in the chest from eating a tomato for breakfast scares you that you are having a heart attack. You burp and know why but you are still scared ! I was put on the clonazepam for nervous leg disorder. 25 years. The first 2 months were Hell. I am certain if you filmed me I would look like Linda Blare in The Exorcist movie. I know I am going 3 times faster that Aston recommends but I want this out of my body. I hope the worst has passed. I have been a social light beer drinker all my life and have quit and had withdrawal for 3 days and after a week I would say that’s not perfect but much better and swear I would not touch alcohol again. Then I felt like I was having a hang over and I didn’t even drink. I forgot to take the Clonazepam. This was back when I had pinkish orangy .5 not the others. I find that Atkins diet is much better than a high carb or even medium carb diet. I try to eat at home, olive oil lemon on chicken or pork bites. Ground is better. I will win because I have researched Ashton manual and she is a God send. I have been through Hell and have been mean to my Family because I could not hold a conversation with out it making a phobia pop up, I am not done but I will not give up. I am going to hold off today and if I don’t get too sick I will try to skip today and deal with tomorrow when it comes.
    Doctors were of no use they said just keep taking it because the withdrawal horrible. I asked my pharmacist and he could not recommend any solution. Only after I found Astons did I quit. But I tapered my mom off and could not taper from Clonazepam myself. The cross over or determination has put me here. After 25 years of weakened or lost happiness I am anxious too see who I really am. One last thing. Just think what happens too someone who gets wacked out on Diazepam or its cousins like we have. If it gets bad enough they send you too an institution where they give you more drugs. Now institutions make money when the have patients ? After they have them there is no incentive to loose the cash cow ! How many people are in institution’s and are miss diagnose. I think my original problem was sleep apnea. You would not believe how many people suffer from it. I am not certain they will publish this since I am a whistle blower. But have a look at how much money is being made on sales and spent on health care not to mentioned the poor performance of the Devil You don’t Know !! It is believed that 80% of adults on Upper Manhattan is stoned on these toxins. Elvis too Whitney, Michael J and Robin Williams. All victims Doctor feel good working for the Devil. Just remember when you get off make certain to play it forward and try too help someone. The world would be a better place if these had never been developed. I will keep you posted I hope Regards Mike

  120. Just started taking valium,not all the time just over two weeks,feeling s bit sad and trying not to drink s bottle of wine every night

  121. I’ve taken 30mg a day for 3.5 weeks and will taper to 20mg a day next week for 2 weeks than 10mg a day for 2 weeks than .5 a day for a week. Will I have bad withdrawals ? I been clean off opiates for 4 weeks and my dr prescribed it for aniexty. I feel normal while taking 30mg a day of Valium. No more withdrawals from opiates. I was an active opiate addict for 12 years.

  122. been on 5mg for at least 20 years. Have stopped before for a week and then returned to it. Have a fatty liver for no reason. Have constant pain in lower back, particularly at night and have had two major bowel operations 2 years ago. Bowel is now working and works better when on it although told I needed it out by GP and soecialist. Just took me a long time to heal. My memory is not good. I rarely show great exitement even if I feel happy inside. I find conversations more difficult even with family and over ome by talking too much which I hate as cannot stop myself! The pain from back radiates down legs like sciatica, also like fibromyalgia and under my feet and now even my toes. I need to get off this stuff don’t I

  123. My son has been on a 7 day 50 tablet a day binge and has promised he has stopped taking them. What is the withdrawal period and symptoms he will have

  124. I’m now 21 days since my last dose. Wow what a ride. I had been taking 30mg daily for about three
    years as prescribed. I was conciously aware it was time to get off the Valium. I was reading all about the horror story’s of withdrawal. I opted to do my own detox against my Drs wishes. I did not want to prolong the agony. I did 20mg for 10 days then 10mg for 10 then 5mg for 10 and said enough. I will tell you it was one hell of an experience. I experienced everything imaginable. I just kept telling myself it’s the drug not me. I’m still dealing with some issues but life is definatly better. Everyday brings a new beginning. I ask myself every morning what’s next and now I can laugh it off. The monkeys gone at 55 years of age. I’ll admit my approach is not recommend but I wanted it done and over. Along with added nutritional supplements forced exercise and relaxation time. I do recommend beta blockers if you have BP issues as I do.

    1. That’s great Bill! You’re a motivation for many readers trying to quit Valium. Thanks for providing feedback.

  125. Have you ever heard or is it possible to die from suddenly stopping a prescribed amount after 30 years? My father called me and told me his new doctor wouldn’t prescribe him valium and that if he died I needed to sue the dr.s and hospital where he was going. He died two days later. He knew he was dying and why, what can I do, if anything. Please help.

    1. Hi Jolene. Abruptly stopping a prescription medication can cause some very serious side effects. The danger is real and those doctors should have treated your father more humanly. You can consult a lawyer to see if you have solid grounds to win a case.

  126. After reading through this blog I’ve decided to continue weaning off. 5 2mgs every 2 or 3 weeks. Maybe it won’t be as bad as the larger drops I was doing.

  127. Hi. I’ve been weaning off valium for 7 months now. I’m taking 2.5mgs, down from 20. It’s been awful and as other people have posted, I’m not getting any support. Most people don’t understand how depressed and basically crazy the withdrawal makes me. I’m really afraid to wean more because I don’t think I can handle any more of the withdrawal symptoms. I’ve been on 2.5 for about 6 weeks and now the doctor has given me 2mgs to take 1 time a day. Do you think I’ll have symptoms again after the halfmilligram drop?The pharmacist said no when I asked. Then also I’d like to know if going down to 1 mg. will cause the symptoms to return. I’m trying to decide how big a drop I can handle and still function

  128. Thank god for this site! Day 3 of zero valium after being on benzo’s for 12.5 years. I did taper slowly down from 40mg diazepam/daily to a 1mg/day dose for 2 weeks prior to stopping. At least I know I won’t be feeling like this forever!! Thanks

  129. does your brain repair itself after use of diazepam over many years. Is there anything else you can use instead of for sleep

  130. I been prescribed valium 20years and now they lowering my dose cause I want to give up as I took them prescribed and got addicted to large amounts, I can’t imagine if there is a life without them as they became my confidence,everything can you tell me if I will go to he’ll and back on this programme? Being told straight helps and can I suffer fits? And is there a medication that can help seizure? I appreciate you reading this and await your reply, thanks you, R

  131. Detoxing valium. Horrible, seizure’s, night sweats, and shaking, terrified .Hallucinations, Thank You for all your stories. Their exacltly what I’m going through. I’m suppose to get mentaly stable for my Mastomy in three weeks. I don’t now. I pray I do. God zBles You all.

  132. hi chris I would be having strong words with your doctor. firstly if they started you on 50mg a day that’s concerning. you should not have been allowed near benzos with substance miss use. Alcohol and benzos are a no no. benzos are used strangely for other addction tapering. the issue your having and everyone has is that we build tolerance to benzos quicker than anything. you would have to double your usage weekly for it to remain effective. you do not have to go to a treatment centre but it is encouraged. there are life threatening withdrawl issues for the first 7-10 days you can have fits with cold turkey. the other safer option is to taper withdraw. its long and drawn out and could take years from your dose. cold turkey at home for me meant I had to keep liquid diazepam on me at all times in case of fits and spasms. that takes willpower. its not like a standard withdrawal that improves daily there are good days and bad days its irratic. the insomnia is the worst benzos effect sleep. I recommend melatonin helps withdrawal and sleep. phelegran a sedating antihystemine which has a calming effect that may help other dependency issues bite the bullet and bin the benzos with gp support. your going to aniexiety be straight with employment your legally protected with addiction and employment if your seeking help its a safeguarded disability and they cannot sack you for the addiction or treatment. but do not keep upping your dose if your doctor is prescribing 150mg a day they are not following nice guidance and should not be practicing medicine trading one addiction for two incompatible ones. Alcohol increases the potency !! this is dangerous. Get a new doctor and see the drugs support team who can help goodluck xx

  133. HI there I was going through alcohol withdrawl so went to see my doctor who gave me diazapam – i registered with the relevent substance misuse agencies here in the uk – I have a history of drug and alcohol misuse from being a teeen in 2011 i got clean and sober with the help of NA etc – alot of preasure family passing away father having a stroke changing job breaking my arm loosing money due to being out of work the drink krept back in – I went on the Diazapam on 14th May 5 mg tabs three in the morning three afternoon three tea time four evening ! NOTE I HAVE A HISTORY of susbstnce abuse – I was laste twice for work first an hour but day two I over slept by three hours obviously my bos was not happy – I have since been hospitalized three times since 14th because of overdose mixed with alcohol = all i do is cry – I am currently off sick signed off by the doctor am holding onto my flat and job let alone sanity by the skin of my teeth – is it true i will need to look at a treatment center to get of theses as i fear i may loose my job! I never asked to be on them in the first place im averaging 30 5mg a day as my tolerance is getting higher i feel so lost and need help I only got out of hospital yesterday – please help

  134. Hi am weaning myself off rivotril by taking valium am on 14mg off by 1mg every 2/3wks. Exp jaw and hand tremot plz advice. Thank you.

  135. Keep going all. I am two years free. its a withdrawl like no other. other drugs do not alter your brain receptors. benzos actually stop your ability to reach rem sleep even after use. the sedative action drugs you to sleep. the aniexty felt before use returns. Took 8-12 months to begin quality sleep.2 years to feel like myself and happy. Benzo withdrawls worse than heroin Im told and I believe it. best thing you can and will do get off them. do not take a single mg your back to square one. phelegran the sedating anti hystemine was the only thing that helped me sleep x

  136. Ive been taking diazipan for just 2 weeks. Last Tuesday I had my last 30 mil of methadone and changed to subutex so that can i quit. Anyway I had a GREAT idea to use diazipan for the withdrawals now I feel really rough on them. I take 2 5s and a 10 ml at night. How do I stop this madness. Richie

  137. I have been taking 30mg of Valium a day for 8 years.The D.E.A is cracking down on Pain Mg Doctors in oklahoma they have nothing better to do.No columbia hookers here to buy with are Tax dollars.Now in my 3rd week of hell hands shaking so bad right now as I type this.I can’t breath my side is numb and my heart is numb ringing in my ear’s some one please get the phone.I feel like i’m going nut’s.I do not get it and the D.E.A has no clue 30mg oxycodone is being abused all over Moore OK kids are paying 30 to 40 dollars a pill and smoking them.So I can get that garbage all I want but not the Valium that I need.

  138. I gave up diazepam nearly two years ago. I was not taking it for anxiety but for a help to get to sleep after being woken up by arm pain in the night. I went through the usual withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, night sweats, fatigue, unsteadyness. The first three gradually ceased but the last two have persisted. As I am quite elderly, I’m not sure if I have passed into the symptoms that some people get as they age. I did give up the diazepam rather suddenly instead of tapering it off, so maybe that accounts for this lengthy withdrawal. I had been taking it for twenty years. Do you know if the two symptoms I mention are consistent with diazepam withdrawal or is it more likely to be age related.

  139. almost 5 months off valium/benzos and i feel 90%, 3 months off and i felt 50% at best. used on and off for few years before 6+ months of daily usage then realized it was pointless and needed to stop


  141. I’m been taking rivotril upto 2mg for 7yrs aft I lost my son 10yrs old with cancer/ divorce an am taking care of my dad 92)rs with demencia ! I started 30mg of valium weaning off 2mg every 2wks down to abt 8mg.gettng tremors l’m clenhing my jaws and s/ insomnia blurrvision memory lost please advice need help.thank you. Farukt

  142. im on my second week with no valium .I do have Trazodone 50 mg they seem to be helping me.I
    did,nt realize at frist what was happening to me.I,ve been experiencing some severe panic attacks
    off and on.At fisrt I thought it was from other things going on in my life.I was,nt aware that it was withdrawals .How long should I expect for this to last ? I,ve taken valium before and stopped with
    out experiencing withwrawals or side effects. Im quessing this time I took more over a shorter time.

  143. After around 15 years on Valium and a 6 month taper down to .05mg I had no symptoms the first week after stopping. I had symptoms during the whole taper that stopped with my last dose and started again about 7 days after I stopped completely. The worst ones for me were anxiety, shaking inside and out, insomnia and burning skin. I have been Valium free for 29 days and feeling some better. The lack of sleep is still there and some anxiety. I probably had anxiety all my life but learned to channel it and run a thriving business. I never asked for any Benzo, my Doctor thought I needed it and I was dumb enough to trust him. He kept me on it a long time then moved away and other Doctors don’t want to prescribe it. They didn’t mind prescribing it for the first couple years though, that’s doctors covering each others rear end so nobody gets sued. Most states have a 2 year statute of limitations. I can’t understand why they prescribe such a bad drug, except to keep a customer coming back. There are drugs that do about the same thing that are not as addictive. I have read that Benzo’s are more addictive than heroin and believe it.

  144. I am about days from being diazepam free for 3 weeks..1st 2 weeks were really bad, runny nose, shaking, twitching, muscle spasms, no sleep, foggy brain, muscle pain all over, weakness,scalp pain, rash and burning. This week is better, not shaking all over, got 5 hours of on and off sleep, muscle pain is better, muscle spasms not so bad, still brain fog, weakness, ear clogged, some rash, still have scalp pain. What I found has helped me is to do light exercise like swing hands and stretching, hot baths, getting a message from my husband occasionally, sex once in a while which relieves anxiety. And for the nights I knew I would not sleep I took the unisom with the doxy ingredients. I would get at least 6 hours sleep. I am hoping each week improves and I can once again feel normal enough to feel like I am living and not waiting to live. I have also dove deeper into prayer and talking more to Jesus. I know I am not alone and he is helping me get through this nightmare. Keep going there is light at the end of this tunnel.

  145. I am now 10 months free of valium . I’m feeling more like myself again every month that goes by . I still have a few lingering symtoms but nothing too bad . Please don’t get discouraged if you arn’t totally well overnight , but you will get there . I remember the first day I started my taper and wondered if I would ever be free , the answer is yes and you will be free again too.

  146. I am down to 2.5 valium a day. I have been getting stomach pains at night my doc thinks I should go down to 2 for a week then cut to 1 3/4 exc then to 1 and so on every week! Is this to fast? I don’t want to have the bad withdrawal as I suffer with hypocandria and afraid I would think I was having a heart attack. I am 62. I have switched from xanex 1 ml a day to valium to wean off. I am on 67th day of taper.

  147. I am coming off of diazapam now for 2 weeks I did have to go into detox cuz I quit cold turkey and was having suicidal currently going through no sleep,dizziness ,muscle pain ,fog head ,muscle spasms, tremors had a window of 3 days where I felt decent enough to do some more work but now not able to do much does anyone else have muscle pain or burning pain and how long did it last.have some scalp Pain I’m hoping going to go away.

  148. It has now been 4 months since the last pill, and neurologically I’m coming undone. I now know that I came off the benzos far too fast (basically cold turkey) and that’s probably what messed me up. I have these strange episodes everyday that seem to mimic either a seizure or pre-stroke (?). It’s hard to say because I never fully pass out. I’ve scoured all the resources out there, but no one seems to know where to send someone in my scenario. Should I see a Neurologist at this point? Should I re-instate?

  149. I am entering week 3 of Valium withdrawal. Week 2 was bad. Some anxiety seems to be dissipating but some serious muscle twitching is returning. How long do episodes of muscle twitching during withdrawal usually last?…Is anyone else experiencing muscle twitching or other intermittent symptoms?

  150. My psychiatrist is using Valium to get me off xanex xr. I was taking it for maybe, 10 years . 1mg a day. I am now down to 2.5 mg of valium ( half a five) I go back to Phsch dr in 2 weeks to see what to do next. I am terrified of my intense GAD coming back. and panic attacks. I am now experiencing some anxiety every day as the small does wears off. My dr. says I can have a small glass of wine or ounce of liquor. that I am having side effects. I am going to be 63 in 2 weeks. I am doing CBT Very Scared. Oh, also not sleeping through the night. Up 2 times for over an hour. Is this withdrawel too already. I was always a good sleeper. But am worried a lot now. I am a hypochondriac too I have to admit.

  151. There is hope!
    I was on 10mg diazepam 2 x day for 4 years and reduced my dosage to 1-10mg a day in August followed by a drop to 5mg a day in October, 2.5 in November, 1mg in December, and jumped off Christmas eve. The next 5 weeks I suffered from withdrawals, the first couple of weeks being the worst, and the remaining weeks not very nice either. This whole time I slept very little, maybe 4 hours a night. I am in week 6 and the symptoms have subsided and my sleep has been restored.

  152. I’ve been talking Valium for about 18 months mainly for Restless Leg. My Doctor assured me there was no problem with. Would they be having any beneficial effect at this stage as the Restless Leg has come back anyway. Thanks Dorothy.

  153. Hi Martin. I don’t believe you’ll get severe withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking the Valium. Maybe go to the pharmacy if you start feeling effects, but they shouldn’t be untreatable with regular OTCs. Don’t get me wrong, if you feel the need to go to the doctor’s-you should do that.

  154. Hi I’m danielle, I have been on Valium off and on for about a year for anxiety. After speaking to a doctor and researching it myself I decided to go off of it its so toxic and bad for you, so after tappering down for several weeks I was told I could stop. I’m now 3 weeks off honestly at first I felt great I felt alive again, but I was having some dizziness, stomach pain, nausea and headache. Didn’t really think anything all of a sudden last week it hit me! Headache is so bad nothing stops it. When I sleep at night I twitch ans jump feels like I’m still half awake? Its so hard to describe also I’m so jumpy! A good example of feelig like I’m loosing my mind, I took a nail out of the wall today the paint of course was a bit messwd up I ran my hand over it, as the hole in the wall showed again I jumped! Thinking it was a bug! I had to tell myself you knew it was the hole from the nail I just ran my hand over it! Its not just going crazy, I am aware its happening which is terrifying. I’m not sure if you would call those visual disturbances or not? But I am like a lot of others my perscribing doctor not only does not believe me, he tells me you can not have withdrawl from Valium and I must be sick, how frustrating to go through this alone! Between the sleep disturbances, headaches, twitching, feel like I have a horrible flu, my legs twith when I try to relax, shakes/ dizziness, irritability.. Feeling like I’m going mad is the worst I cry I want to feel like me again! I just want to sleep this insanity away! I was told it was no worse than adivan which I took for a long time with no withdrawal at all, I was told worse side effect was drowsiness. Ha! I wish I could find a doctor to believe me and help me through this all i have is the internet.. And that’s scary! I have a husband 2 small kids and trying to put on a happy face and act normal is impossible! This is the worst thing I have been threw. I can’t wait for it to be over! I didn’t realize until I got on here that this is what has taken over my life.. I know if I take a pill it will go away but I can’t I won’t! It will end eventually right?? I can just suffer through this and it will eventually be normal again?? I desperately want to find someone that has made it ee other side of this maddness.

  155. I have quite stupidly and ignorantly been taking 10mg Valium recreationally at night with a few beers while on holiday for 3 weeks. Don’t feel I need them but should I be going to see my doctor when I get home?

  156. Doctors had me on ten mg vicidine eight a day and ten mg valium four a day for over twenty yrs I went cold turkey the end of oct. I am still having withdrawals how long will they last

  157. Xanax……..
    The worst drug ever!!!!,I’ve been doing bad things for nealy 40 years,but can honestly say my withdrawl from Xanax was as close to a death experience that one could ever have bar none,lost entire days,electrical spasms sinus problems ,forget about sleeping from 7-8-9- days,blurred vision,ocd very bad,tinitus ,palpitating heart,bizarre nightmares…so much more I’ll post more later

  158. Hi,
    I have been taking 2mg of Valium once a week for a few years. Recently over the past three weeks I took it twice a week always with about 3 days inbetween doses. I Take them for meetings at work because i get social anxiety in these situations. Other then that, im healthy and dont have any other issues. It’s been 72 hours since I last had 2 mg and for the past two days I have felt super anxious and my head has felt really cloudy, I’ve also been sensitive to light and everything sounds louder then usual. Could I be going through withdrawals even though I don’t take the medication regularly and at such a low dose? If so, is it going to last a while? I thought I was being careful taking it in this way as I read about withdrawals and the long half life when I was first prescribed. I also haven’t needed to increase the dose over the years and get the same effect. Thanks, I know this question probably seems trivial when others have been on such large doses daily! Thanks for your help

  159. Hi. I am on 4 x 2mg tablets now. Been on valium 13 years. I have VERY slowly tsppered down from 180mg a day to 8mg a day. Now i am starting to get very stange symptoms. Dizzyness, feelings of falling, seeing things move, heart feels like im going to have a heart attack aswell,
    is this the start of my withdrawls???
    Jow long will this last and does it get better the lower the dose gets? My GP has suggested going down to 3 x 2mg daily as of nxt week and the thourt of this is making me very nervous. I realy want to come off them but i also work and these symptoms i am starting to get i am worried will start to interfear with my work. Is there anything i can take to help with the vertigo. Dizzynrss. Mild helusinations and geniroul feeling of death???

  160. I have been on generic valium for 13 years and I know how the feeling is they can really mess with your entire body ,mind and soul. I am on them for seizures. I started having problems lately because the pharmacy switched from one manufacturer to a different one and it has really got me messed up. I have been having withdrawal symptoms because the different companies use different fillers and so therefore they don’t work the same as the brand my body is use to. I have had hell all month and cant wait till time to refill because I am going back and raise hell for the brand that my body is use to. I have had to go to E.R. because of this change in brands. I felt as if I was going to have seizures. I feel like I am going crazy. I am supposed to take 5mg x3 daily but that kept me too sleepy so I lowered my dose on my own to 5mg once a day and now and then twice a day if I was stressed out. I wish I could get off them.Don,t let anyone tell you there is no difference in the manufacturer because there is.

  161. Hi everyone, I have been on diazepam for approximately ten years, recently my gps have decided to stop prescribing this medicine for all their patients. They provided us with a councillor and a coming off the medication action plan. I came off diazepam slowly and by reducing the amount I take gradually under the supervision of the doctor and councillor , I was of for about 4 week before I started feeling any side effects then all hell broke louse. I started with what I can only describe as irritable leg syndrome all over my body muscle spasms feeling as though my throat was going to swell up breathless palpitations hot and cold sweats nightmares anxieties and the list goes on, I have just been talking to a&e earlier this am by ambulance as it was believed that I was experiencing anothalactic shock, got to a&e and had hell of a waite to see a doctor, when I finally got to see the doctor I was told it was a combination of stress and withdrawal symptoms and to go back to my doctor on Monday, as it is now Saturday and I have to wait until Monday to see the gp god knows what i am going to do, the doctor at the hospital wanted me to go back on a low does of diazepam and come off at a slower rate. I wont do this as I came of over a long period of time and did everything the gp and councillor told me to. I don’t know what I am going to do know i feel as if i am dying and the symptoms are only getting worse, I have had the really bad symptoms for 2 weeks now and it is just getting worse everyday, I am writing this and it is approximately 5.12 in the morning I cannot sleep despite trying several times. My family are supporting me butbfind it strange that I was off diazepam for 4 week before I had any withdrawal symptoms, I can’t help how bad I am feeling at the moment I suppose I am just going to have to grin and bere it and hope that it starts to get better soon. I would not advice any one to go on to diazepam or any other medication that is addictive, and I certainly would no advice anyone on it to start to come of it , unless it’s what they really wanted. The gps who prescribe the medication should make you aware of the problems of going on to it and about what to expect when coming off the medication. I was never told that diazepam was addictive and the possibility of getting terrible withdrawal symptoms when I stopped taking it, because if I had of been told I’m afraid I would not have gone on it in the first place. God this is getting harder to write, anyway my great respect and admiration goes out to anyone who is trying to come of prescribed medication it’s not easy and reading some of your messages looks as though it is going to get worse before it gets better, if someone has any ideas of how to make it easier to cope with the symptoms could you please let me know I will give anything a go except going back on the blooming diazepam. Thanks a lot for letting me babble on.

  162. Hi, I had been taking ativan 1mg every night as perscribed by my doc, for two and half months, for one anxiety attack I had, back in june. I toom the ativan every night, till I noticed the inter dose withdrawl. I gabe the pills back to the dr, she tried to give me xanax, but I sid research, and I knew it was worse, so I did a taper, two days cold turkey, then one week of valium 10mg intwo days dwn to 6, 4, 2, 1, 0, in a week, been 9 days and I was feeling great after the first few, but yeaterday and today , day 8-9, I feel like the same as the first few days ,, I work out sweat in the suana, eat a lot, just not sleeping and anxiety, how long will the initial feeling take to disapear in my situation, I’m 5’8 158 lbs, I been goin to the bathroom a lot and Im hoping my body is detoxing,,, just wanted to know if my situation is more common, and what I have to look forward too,, thanks

  163. Hi, I started taking valium when it was prescribed to me by a doctor. However he suddenly stopped prescribing it without explanation. Then a friend of mine, Rose, got me hooked. This lasted 6 months when I realised this had to stop. The doctor gave me no help and asked me to leave his office. Have I damaged myself in this length of time, permanently? I did start a new job and I performed very well at it, despite the withdrawals. I will never forget these withdrawals. I am now a month clean. It is still hell. Does anyone know how likely this is to last?

  164. hi gwenda and all who are suffering im going threw the same hell as all of use im currently in rehab now and been of diazapam for 3 weeks the 1st 2 weeks were total hell and i thought i was over the worst of it as things were getting better until lastnight i woke up too the loudest possible noise like alarms going off in my ears such bad pains over my body and slight hilusinations its scary how it just creeps back even the doctors in the treatment centre dont understand i feel but just stay strong as hard as it is things will get better i was on 15mg diazepam for 5 years so worried whats still to come glad iv went on here and can see im not alone take care guys

  165. Am 33 days post valium taper and am experiencing severe insomnia, anxiety and nausea. Any suggestions for sleep and anxiety.

  166. Hey I was addicted to vellum for about 4 years I’m 26 years old not long ago I got jailed for drink and driving and it killed me I suffered all symptoms and five month later when I got out I was still very anxious so I just started taken 5mg or 10mg when needed now I’ve stopped again and it’s been a week with no symtoms at all why is this will I go threw the withdrawal stuff again I have bn taking for 4month now about about 4 times a week why do I feel no withdrawls when I’ve been off them one week?

  167. you can do it john — the symptoms are just your body /minding fighting to be free of valium’s control. once you kick this out nothing will ever faze you again. i know you can do it. love, agnes

  168. I am currently on day 30 of diazepam withdrawal i thought the worst of my symptoms were over as i am just starting to sleep at night again these last two nights and my physical symtoms ie sweating, nausea, headaches aches and pains and muscle siezures were calming down and almost non existent.However today i have felt a very heavy surge in my symptoms and its getting to the point im feeling these symptoms are never going to subside and i am loosing a battle that feels like it is never going to end.Will my symptoms ever go away 100% or am i stuck fighting a losing battle for the rest of my days?

  169. get off it now — it will not do you any good and the longer you take it the more difficult and agonizing to quit. it’s a terrible drug. exercise more — take homeopathic sleep aids — do anything possible to assist your sleep but stay away from valium. good luck! you can do better than this poison.

  170. I have been taking. 2’50 half of a 5mg tablet daily for 7weeks started 2mg a day the first week was ok but the2nd week I cannot sleep will I be ok to carry on

  171. Hi all. Stumbled upon these posts and finding them very sad, helpful and encouraging. I was on xanax for 13 years. February 2013 began a switch to Valium and the taper. I discovered an online program call The Road Back that helped me very much. The supplements helped me. Don’t know, of course, if they would you. I was in a daze and actually doubted I could do this. I also began meditations. I tapered with the Valium until August 3,when I took my last dosage. It has now been four weeks. To those who don’t understand one would say big deal. But I am telling you when you reach the end and you are on that side you should be so proud of yourself. I refuse to put that poison in my body again. It hadn’t worked for years. This is all so insane. I have insomnia, sweats, brain fog, lack of motivation which I am sure comes from being exhausted. Benzo fatigue is a real issue. I am finding, thankfully, that I seem to be sleeping pretty well every other night. I have read this could go on for months or even years. This truly is hell.

    To all of you, please dig deep inside yourselves and do this. Each day you are not in the steps to recovery is wasted. For many, it is hell. I tell myself each day I am one step closer to being well. It is very difficult. For me, the amazing surprise has been my clarity as to the destructiveness of the drug. I think about that when I am tempted. I do not want the days of recovery to have been wasted. Others say this also…if I can do it anyone can. Exercise as much as you can stand, avoid emotional issues as much as you can, eat nutritiously , ,love yourself enough to do this, know that all these crazy brain and body symptoms are from withdrawal, it is not you, and you will recover. Blessings to everyone.

  172. I was tapered from 10 mg valium every night to 5 mg, to 2.5 and now haven’t taken any in more than two months but am only sleeping 1-2 hours a night–yes, 1-2 HOURS. I’m about to lose both my job and marriage because I’m a walking zombie. I fall asleep at 4 or 4:30 every morning after lying in bed starting at 11 p.m. Then I have to get up at 6 for work. I’m starting to wonder if I should just stay on lose dose valium forever rather than going through this. My doctor prescribed Trazadone to help but it’s worthless…just makes me more agitated.

  173. won’t anyone talk to me?

    i was on ativan for 2 1/2 months and then crossed over to valium( so i am at 10 mg v)which took 4 weeks, and then am holding 3 weeks. i plan to milk titrate 1mg a month, starting at 2ml and stay there for 2 weeks, then if feeling fine go up to 3ml and stay there and not cut more and see how far i go. 1 it 1 mg every 6 weeks at 1mg in 100ml milk or 1mg every 38 days 2mg in 100ml–it is the same, and i take my other doses by mouth. any thoughts? i sure hope i hear from someone!

  174. Hi, I’m giving an update on my progress . I’ll say first I did a really slow taper. I think the faster you taper the slower you heal after you have taken your last dose . When you taper slower your body can heal while your tapering and on your last dose you feel almost normal . Most doctors know very little about benzo dependence , they think your exaggerating if you tell them your symptoms and don’t believe the symptoms last more then a few weeks. That’s why they continue to prescribe these because they don’t really know how horrible they are. Anyway. I am 3 1/2, months off of them and I still feel fatigue and some tremors . I don’t have anxiety attacks any longer .

  175. I am getting a resurfacing of withdrawal four weeks after my last Ativan mainly as stomache pains and as a craving for “something”In general feel nervy and “groggy”I am still taking Citalopram,an anti depressant.Thank you for the encouraging remark that these symptoms do not last for ever.I will persist in my attempt to withdraw after having been on ativan for fourty years

  176. Hey,,i was a chronic user of diazepam,,and was using 1400mg’s a day,,I had withdraws lastin 6 weeks,,including,,not sleepin,,anxiety,,nightmares, sweating,,diaherra,,they say the withdraws are just the same as alcohol withdraws,,but I personally think there worse,,at least coming of alcohol like ne other drug u have a substitute 2 help through withdraws,but with diazepam u don’t hav ne,,they like u 2 go threw a detox but I didn’t have time 4 that as I was for rehab,,i came of them myself after being on them 16yrs,,and by god It was terrible but I would not advise it,,as it’s not safe,,I hope this helped 🙂

  177. Dear sir/madam, Hi my name is Syed, I am 26 year old male and I have been suffering from anxiety and insomnia for 2 years. Recently in the month of April 2014, I went to see a doctor and told him about my problems. He prescribed temtabs temazapam to me and I took those tablets for 2 months but not everyday. I used it if every alternate day. But I noticed that I have lost most of my hair from my head (mostly on scalp and crown) and I am still loosing. Also I notice hair falling down from eye brows, eye lashes, and every part of my body. I have stopped using temazapam 2 months ago, but slowly and steadily I am loosing hair all the time. I just want to know what should I do to stop my hair fall and also whether I will have my full hair back or not? 2 months ago I had full head of very very dense hair. Side effects are not going away. Please reply. Thanking you!

  178. My brother is 5 weeks off after years of abuse . He went into rehab for 10 days . Last night he couldn’t walk properly having bad sweats and was very anxious . He was taken to hospital and released this morning after a scan whitch was clear . He is still having problems walking will this pass ? If so how long will it take ?

  179. Heidi, everyone is different, but I did it both ways. I stopped taking them instantly and ended up at the hospital the 5th day because I couldn’t breathe and blacked out three times. The doctor told me to get back on them and taper slowly. I’m not trying to scare you, but I wish someone had told me not to stop all at once. The good news: I did a slow taper and I had some withdrawal, but it wasn’t too bad. I have now been off of it 2 months and feel pretty good except for fatigue and some occasional symptoms.

  180. I’ve been taking 2mg diazepam x 3 per day for sciatic pain and I now want to stop as the pain is now improving but am feeling sick and head-achy since cutting the dose in half. I was also prescribed tramadol 50mg x 4 per day and I’ve just stopped taking this as well.

  181. All together I’ve been on diazepam 2 years but only 6 months at 2mg twice daily. On the 15th may cut the evening pill down to 1 half mg but the second cut was on the 15th June cut the morning pill down to 1 half mg. Cannot think straight having panic feelings my mind feels like its always on the go. Feel like my brain has been fryed. Never again will I let a doctor put me on these meds. Even a slow taper is hard. But I’m determined I will get off these meds.

  182. Well I thought I would give you an update. I am a year and a half off the dreaded Valium. I did cold turkey withdrawal from 28mg a day for 10 months. Life is fabulous. Tapering did not work for me. I felt worse aniexty tapering. I think it was the phycological effect. The tapering was forced. When I decided to throw it in the bin I made the decision I was in control. I did have to keep an emergency bottle of liquid diazepam with me at all times in case if severe reaction.
    My sleep is improving but that’s partially my PTSD and a problem of 30 years. But its never been as bad as on diazepam. I haven’t had a panic attack this year. They were worse on diazepam than before I took them (the reason the muck was prescribed)
    I no longer have the symptoms of general aniexty disorder. Which was diagnosed during protracted diazepam withdrawal (tapering) which causes the symptoms of GAD.
    Whichever way works for you. Whichever method you get off this drug. It will be the best thing you ever do.
    I have recovered. I never never thought that I would be able to do it. Diazepam started as a crutch. It works at the beginning. If you start on 1mg week 2 you double it to have the same effect 2mg week 3 4mg week 4 8mg week 5 16mg week 6 32mg week 7 64mg week 8 128mg the maximum daily dose is 120mg a day.
    Your 1mg after years is a placebo which has no effect but to stop physical withdrawal.

    No other drug on the planet has such a fast moving tolerance in the human body. We just kid ourselves and pop them hoping for that initial calm that bathed our minds. with aniexty building like never before because it destroys quality sleep. Your cortisol levels only drop when your in a deep sleep. Cortisol is the stress hormone.

    The drug we all took to help makes things worse.

    I came out the other side I was a total mess with no willpower. I was labelled a diazepam addict. On daily dispense.

    If I can get off it anyone can. We owe it to ourselves. Good luck and believe its possible.

  183. it will pass brandon. consider what is happening a challenge — not a curse. anyone at anytime can improve their health and spirit — but do we do it? no. not until we are pushed hard. well consider this the push you need to really begin accomplishing what you came to this world to do and be. yes it is hard. but say, ‘so what!’ — it’s hard but tomorrow will be tomorrow and another opportunity. best thing to do — the one thing which really saved me during withdrawal — was exercise. and not heavy exercise — nope — just put on comfortable shoes and WALK OUT THAT DOOR — walk as far and as fast as you can everytime the anxiety threatens to derail you — walk walk walk. come home hot bath — stretch. drink water and believe you will improve. you will. love, agnes

  184. Hello every one,Iv been on diazepam 10mg for over 20 years, I got down to 5mg, and have sat at that for last few years thinking I couldn’t go any further,but this year I promised I’d try again,I’m started a taper of 1 mg a month,I’m down to 3 mg, I’m totally disoriented,the anxiety is of the scale& I’m finding it hard to get up when I sit down,feeling like my belly has swollen,& I’m not even hardly eating,I just want to know like everyone else I suppose does this pass& how long does it take,I’m looking for someone that’s done it,& would like to no what to expect when I’m down to 1mg,then zero,please can anyone help me& give me some advice,as I really want to do it, and iv no one that understands,

  185. im 23, and still studying. i have been taking diazepam for 1 and the 2 months. I’m having some withdrawal symptoms. i can’t really focus on what I’m doing now, i can’t stand the dizziness. today is day 5 of stop taking diazepam. can anyone tell me that when can i fully recover from this withdrawal?

  186. Please people do not do a fast taper. This is one reason why I know because I did both . It will take a while to heal and you can do a slow taper and heal as you taper and not put your body in such a shock or you can do a fast taper and feel horrible beyond belief . It takes just as long to get thru it whether you taper slow or fast , but the difference is you don’t feel like your dying with the slow taper and by the end of the taper your body has already started healing. But I know some doctors won’t let you taper at your own pace . Thank God mine did . Anyway , just take it one hour, day, at a time and rest assured you will get thru it and will someday feel normal and happy again.

  187. I’ve been on 1st zanex, then Ativan, and for approximately 2 years have been on valium; prescribed as 5mg 4/ in all, I have been on Benzos for over 10 years…post my husband shooting himself just an arms length away from me, and my then 6week old youngest child…I’ve taken 3 a day often, and when I m severely depressed, I have taken up to 6, maybe even 7 a day…..I take the extra amounts when I want to sleep…..I don’t feel it does anything for my anxiety and that all it does is stop me from withdrawing…..there is a huge fear of coming off it because I know it will be hard and don’t know what will happen with my anxiety that is still not always manageable or tolerated well….I worry about what it may have or could do to my body being on it for so long….I’ve been on just about every med one could name and im not a believer at all that meds like Lexapro help anxiety, let alone any meds that help with my depression….I would agree meds help some people……I would guess, the start would be to titrate down..which I don’t know if I have that self discipline at this point in life….I am being sued for medical bills for the 3rd time, and had surgery/invasive which my insurance covered a whopping 60% of… going into the hospital could be more damaging to my physical, mental and emotional health just because finances are already a very heavy burden to carry……do you know if I am damaging myself being on benzos for such a long time??????????????????thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  188. Thanks a lot to all! I have been reading all your posts and I realize what I will have going on for me. I am starting my clinic treatment for the withdrawal at the end of the month. Sadly, I am in Germany and they may be very good at what they do, but sympathetic when you are scared…well their cold-heartedness does not give you the feeling of being cared for, or emotionally understood. The just do their job. There will be no heart-to-hearts or a hug or a touch, even a kind word, so I will feel alone, perhaps I will have good patients dealing with the same thing, it is the very thought of feeling so alone in this, that drives me crazy, but I will do it. But after reading all your posts, I know I am not alone. I suffer already from paranoia that I have to do this in Germany. They have stopped prescribing Valium here, because the company in Switzerland has stopped selling it in Germany. So I cannot taper off and wonder what the hell they will give me to help…I would rather taper off. I pray I will be ok. I have copied lots of your posts to take with me. You are all in my prayers. God Bless!

  189. Hello. I have been taking Diazapam on very low doses but for over a 3 years now. I was prescribed that and Fluaxatin when 3 years ago I hit a major panic attacks and depressed after my husband and two young daughters moved from overseas to America. I am originally from Europe and my elder parents are there , so it has been a hard road. But my goal was to wean off of diazapam . At the start it was 1,25 mg 2 x a day. In the last year I have been on a set dose doing like every other day 1/4 of a 2mg tbl. And last 3 months 1/8 of a 2mg tbl every 5 days. I know it is crazy small amount and so many of you have to battle with so much more. But I do struggle a lot with this. I read and realized that by the time you are on so little you should really be off. But I am scared too. I think this weak I realize it’s the withdrawal symptoms I am feeling. I had heart palpitations and anxieousness and lightheaded. I have been having lots of headaches too. Has anybody have any advice for me. Those low times are very difficult, and it is hard to bear the symptoms. Is it a good idea to quit now or should I taper for a while? Thanks

  190. I just celebrated my one year anniversary being benzo free! Most symptoms are completely gone. I do not miss the Valium that I took for many years. For those of you trying to stop, you can do it!

  191. Dg ! Thanks it is good to put things into perspective I had a rough run with diazipan then zoplicone ,I did not know anything about tablets and resisted them for years this has been a steep learning curve for me I pray to God I never have to take these tablets again ,I won’t say never as none of us know what will happen to us in the future thank you again for your advice it’s good to get a balanced view ,I’m beginning to feel a bit better and I think the mind has a lot to do with it ,I say I can’t sleep to well but if someone is in the house with me I sleep better ,it’s almost like I’m expecting to feel worse than I am stay strong everyone YOU WILL COME THROUGH I’m praying for you all:-)

  192. @michelle-For me, I’ve been off valuim for three months now> I did not do a taper, and while I am still dealing with fluctations, mainly insomnia, restless legs, you will get better. No, I did not experience taste disturbances. Perhaps slight olfactory type hallucinations, but nothing serious. You need to stay strong and just focus on healing> Please don’t over analyze what you’re dealing with> One thing about benzodiazepines and for some going through withdrawal whether cold turkey or tapering, is many are triggered by the mind. Yes, physiological symptoms occur, as the brain and the various neurotransmitter systems are healing. I just want to say while benzodiazepine withdrawal is underated, many take advantage on the internet by trolling, trying to hurt others into believing going through this is hell and the end of the world. Don’t believe everything you read!!

  193. Hi
    Can anyone tell me if your sense of taste and smell has been affected ,I’m four weeks free of diazipan feeling very anxious and can’t sleep some days better than others I pray a lt please Jesus hold on to me:-)

  194. Slow taper everyone. Benzo withdrawal syndrome is serious. Facebook offers many benzo/psych med groups to help you safely get off benzos. Its taken me eleven months to cut 4mg. I have had rough spots but at least I’m not in acute withdrawal constantly. Our gaba receptors have been down regulated which messes up our central nervous system. My doing a slow taper you heal on the way down by tapering.

  195. I know I took an easier way off of Valium, but I did a really slow taper off and am now down to 3/4 mg. it has taken me two years but have not had the side affects you all have described , but have had some . I knew I opulent o a fast taper because I tried it twice and ended up at the hospital twice. This time wasn’t fun but you can at leasti have a life and it wasn’t any worse than the side effects of taking them. If you get to the point you can’t stand the withdrawal anymore , just stop and stay there a few more days and let your body do catch up. I tapered 1/2 mg every month until I got to 6mgs and then 1/4 every 3 weeks. I know that’s slow, but at least you can live as normal as you did while taking them. Actually I felt better at some tapers.

  196. I am a year free of all meds. High dose diazepam to cold turkey last February. I was forced to withdraw in crisis.stepped reduction of 2mg a week. It didn’t work. They planned to do it over a year with no support. I threw them in the bin. My gp ignored the phyciatrist. I am so glad she did. Week one was hell. It doesn’t slowly improve. There isn’t steady progress. Its irratic good days followed by horrendous days. Paramedics had to attend. The process has made me an insulin dependent diabetic. But I would do it the same way again. A few injections compared to the soup diazepam makes your mind. It really is no contest. Going to the chemist once a month not having diazepam dispensed daily like a junkie. What a difference a year can make. It takes two years for the effects to go they say. I still have an odd bad day I can attribute to diazepam withdrawl. But the sleep improves. They never tell you when they put you on it how diazepam effects sleep. Sure it knocks you out but you never achieve rem sleep. Sleep deprivation is used as torture. Keep taking this med and your torturing yourself. The mania from extended poor sleep keeps you popping the pills. The constant exhaustion has you taking sleeping tablets. Z meds keep your tolerance levels high to benzos. I cold turkey withdrew. With the support of a wonderful practice nurse. With the support of the ambulance service. With a bottle of liquid diazepam on the bedside table untouched for 6 months. You won’t get diabetes I had a 50% genetic chance and it’s related to my ptsd. Throw them in the bin. Its the best thing I ever did. The suns shining today. I wouldn’t have noticed a year ago. Bring some joy back to your life. Drink lots of fluids the first month it helps you wash the filth that is diazepam out.Good luck stay strong it does get so much better x

  197. Hi everyone. I am sorry there are so many of you going through the same thing that I am but fear not! There is always an end to an addiction. I was a terrible alcoholic for many years and no treatment would help me until I decided to stop. And I did, cold turkey. The anxiety was terrible and withdrawals painful but I did it and have been dry for seven years now, after that, I was prescribed zopiclone for sleeping. I loved those sleepers. Way too much and ended up on approx 40 a day which I was buying online and we had no money due to this. One day I stopped and had never felt such illness. Without the support of my partner, I would never have made it, until I had a seizure. Waking up with the paramedics taking me to hospital. My GP prescribed 17 5mg tablets a day, dropping one or two every week. I am now on my final 3 days of five mgs a day and although it has been hard, I know I can do this. I can be happy again and so can you. My want for a normal life is far stronger than my want for feeling ok for now. Please be strong and know that the anxiety of leaving the house will pass. Even the cattarpillar has to rest before it becomes a butterfly. So allow your body to rest, fill it with good things and stay positive and one day, this will be a fleeting memory and a reminder to know yourself and your body.
    Good luck and hugs to everyone suffering
    You are not alone
    Shimmy UK

  198. Iv been adicted to diazepam for 10 years i just moved to wales and the doctors dont prescribe them hear in south wales caerphilly so iv been put on rapid reduction i have a 3 yr old autistic doughter and 9yr old boy . My vallium is for anxiaty i cant leave the house without them i was on 6 x 5mg a day now im on 5mg x2 daily thats just been since xmas eve . So im withdrawing and im scared to whats going to happen when im off them what are the drs going to do for me when am off and going out my mind . This would never happen if i was back in edinburgh scotland . The goverment is shit how it works in south wales . Im so worried i dont know what to do ….

  199. I have been taking street valluam for months I have a wee girl.and I want to stay off them but the withdrawels are so hard .

  200. I have been on Valium for 10 years, started to abuse it about a year ago. When I could not get the pills, I abused alcohol. I was totally out of control, with a disaster in waiting. Attempted suicide twice, lost control over my finances, etc. 3 months ago I stopped taking pills and alcohol altogether, cold turkey. I suffered immensely the first month, but am doing great now. Just don’t give up, exercise a lot and tell yourself that every day things get better. I know I am not out of the woods yet as I possibly could fail if someone would put a pill or glass of alcohol into my hand, but I know that eventually I will be strong enough to resist.

  201. I completly stopped taking valium 7 wk ago it is up an down still a bit an was tough at begining i am not realy anxiouse much now but am still very thirsty an bloated now an then will this pass

  202. I have successfully quit taking Diazepam and took it after trying to Quit Lorazepam. I have been through 6 months of Hell and I am still very sick. It has been about 3 weeks and in the last 2 weeks I was only taking a Crumb every other day! The biggest problems I have are Insomnia & A constant High Pitched noise in my ears, worse at night and upon waking in the morning & then I have been having Bowel problems and wondering if this will eventually disappear for good. Can somebody please let me know, thanks

  203. My ex partner has taken approx 75 valiums within approx 5 days, he has admitted this to his doctor and has been sent for blood tests, he is suffering from insomnia and generally feeling unwell, he has never taken them before and bought them from a friend for recreational use, he has been advised to drink alcohol by a “friend” to ease the withdrawal can anyone advise me further and what kind of withdrawal symptoms he is likely to have and for how long . (I left him as he takes cocaine and I couldn’t cope anymore but still want to help as I appreciate he has many problems)

  204. Hi Julie
    Sorry to hear you have been feeling so bad ,well done for coming off them totally after such a long time 🙂 ,I have only been on them a few months and at a low dose,do you have any support from family ,friends or doctors ,my family are lovely but have no idea what this feels like

  205. o dear i feel so ill tonight,i came of valium 6 months ago and the withdrawal is he’ll . i seem to be in more pain tonight than ever the whole of my body hurts and pins and needles all over. i was on valium for 28years and will admit that i did abuse them… please could u tell me how much longer i have to go through this,if u can i feel like im going mad in bed most of the time its impossible to do anything im 52. many thanks to u for reading this and hope u can get back to me.

  206. Well each to their own re: religion, what ever works. for all people needing reassurance remember the human body is amazing and will repair its self. It my take time but it will repair.

    A very important note to consider is slow taper wins the day!

  207. Hi everyone
    What more can I say we all are going through this tunnel right no! I call them devilsIplan as they sure seem like a plan from the devil to destroy our lives .my prayer for myself and for everyone on this site right now is
    Please God help us all to come through this awful time of withdrawal without to much discomfort
    Help us to be positive and realise it will pass
    And to do whatever we can to help our selfs to recover from this awful drug I.e to eat properly ,to drink plenty of water,to get some exercise everyday ,to try and do breathing exercises hourly if need be before the panic and fear come upon us .and to fight it as we would a mortal enemy with all our might by prayer ,by talking to ourselves and saying YOU WILL COME THROUH THIS
    And even if no one in our family understands what we are going through ,you understand and you care and you will help us in Jesus name I pray amen
    May God grant us all a health and devils plan free 2014

  208. I started on Oct. 4th/2013, and I’ve been toughing and roughing it. I have been taking diazepam since 1985, so definitely it’s in my system like an extra appendage. I was doing ok for a while, found out that fish helps me to calm down, which I found surprising, and now with ‘sarah’ saying something about ‘magnesium and calming effect’, well,hmm, fish has a lot of magnesium. I need to share that the last week has been torturous. I live alone, no one is caring for me, and my brain feels like it’s being diced. It’s like being on a roller coaster. I was finally able to sleep last night, woke up, the day went well, and I thought, “I’m getting this done.. yes..”, and about an hour later, all these weird symptoms began on me, with hallucinatory orange and pink in my mind. It was horrible. I felt like I was being possessed. I’m determined to get off this medication. I was doing so good having reduced my regular intake by half: 20mg to 10 mg a day. , that unfortunately while my brain was unraveling and then suddenly have a huge weight on my chest like a heart attack was coming, I succumbed to taking an extra 10 mgs. I’m writing now, and I still have the effects of the extra 10 mg, but I know now that my body IS acclimating to a lower dosage, because that extra 10 mg feels like 40 mgs. I will return to half dosage tomorrow, maybe just 5 mgs. to even out the extra I took today.

    There are a lot of unpredictable symptoms that I’m discovering. OCD is slowly creeping in, as I can’t seem to make a decision on placing objects .. I just hold a glass and place it on the sink, and it’s like my brain can’t assimilate that the action has been done. I pick the glass back up, and repeat. I never use to do this before. My dreams are erratic and I feel I’m on a different planet, and for all I know, I probably am.

    The struggle is not only getting use to my body changing, but also getting use to new perceptions of my environment around me. I’m scared that I will get so weak, that I won’t even be able to get off the bed. I’m diabetic, and I need that food. AND the water is SO important with these withdrawal symptoms.

    Two months now, and I know I still have a long ways to go, but I hope this doesn’t turn into a “One flew over the Cuckoos Nest” sequel.

  209. Hi…..I wrote this before. Read the Ashton Manual. It will answer a lot of your questions and you might want to do a slow taper. The side effects are awful. They can last for months even years. Trust me there are a lot of people out there that are going through this. They can help you!

  210. I was taking valium 10mg 5 months i stop because no longer i can feel it. Now 7th day withdraw and can’t take longer took 1 pill 5mg and feel much better ,like normal person , so wondering if is better stop and not use or just slow down with mg every day , what should i eat or is it any medication i can take to make me feel better until symptoms are gone wellbutrin?

  211. Hi, I wasn’t on valium that long. Only a few months. Up to 10 mg a day. They originally gave it to me for all these dizzy spells I was having daily. With them brought extreme anxiety attacks. I started feeling better changing habits, drink tons of water, increased sodium intake, my bloodpressure would fluctuate so much. They used the term neurocardiogenic vasalvagal episodes. I would almost faint often. Valium helped a lot. Now I’ve been decreasing doses…to either be free of it or start a new medicine. I can’t believe how ill I’ve been feeling from withdrawals. It’s been 3 days since I took my last dose which was all the way down to 1.25 mg. My anxiety is through the roof, I feel shaky, my muscles hurt, I feel sick to my stomach often and my lightheadedness has returned. I hate leaving my house. I find task I’m normally happy doing at work terrifying. I cut hair…I called in sick today and dread going in Tommorow. I’m trying to fight this. My mind was total chaos the 2nd day. I couldnt collect my thoughts they were so all over like someone was changing tv channels in my head. This is ridiculous. When will this subside? I slept all day today. Someone told me magnesium has a calming effect. Help?

  212. P.S. Forgot to mention that potassium and salt help, to restore electrolytes in my body. Almost died of that once. This may sound strange, but I salt my bananas (better that than going bananas). For me, bananas are rich in potassium, and the salt (sodium) combines to restore the electrolytes. This manages more health for my nervous system.

    I also want to mention that as soon as my withdrawal symptoms start, if I eat a banana, within 10 minutes, the symptoms are lessened. Hmm, that’s when I realized that I needed to “up my electrolytes”. Technically, it makes sense because the nervous system is being hammered by all these withdrawal symptoms. Need to take care of those nerves by eating properly.

  213. @Cara, yes, the symptoms I’m getting are dehydration (which could account for the sudden itching on my legs); trouble falling asleep; nerves getting rigid/hard to the point where it hurts like something cutting up my nerves. I think you’ve hit the nail when you mentioned that the ‘brain has to relearn how to function’. That’s what I meant about the “perception”. Naturally, if the brain is affected, the perceptions are affected. My cat seems to be very comprehensive, and is an actual motivator for me “keep moving”. Little kitty always gets food first before I do. I’m keep a regular diet of food (the timing of the food is important for me. Those were my previous symptoms before I was given Diazepam. Definitely wrong diagnosis.) Right now, it’s all a matter of the brain readjusting. Sometimes, the stress culminates to the point where I can hardly breathe (I have bronchitis, as well) .. so, I just lie down, close my eyelids and block my ears (because noise becomes heightened) , but within the half hour, it simmers. I found that drinking a lot of water helps, and to compensate I make certain I take a mineral/vitamin tablet so whatever water I drink won’t flush out my minerals in my body. Thank you for posting your replies.

  214. Update: Since I last wrote, the next day I began weaning myself of Diazepam. I don’t like people taking control over my life, so I’m doing it now before I hit the brick wall later on.

    As already explained, I was taking 20mg/day. I would like to share that I started taking 15 mg/day for about a week. Oh yes, I had withdrawal symptoms, and I kept thinking that this was basically a “mind over matter” situation. I also prayed a lot. I would put a pill near a statue of Our Lady, and say, “You hold onto it”. Somehow, I’d fall asleep. It was important for me to keep a “pattern” in my eating, and the quality of the food was a must. I would like to announce that I’m down to 10 mg/day now. Yes, I’m still roughing it. But the victory is that I don’t need 20mg/day now.

    Sometimes, I wake up and my brain is all scrambled, but I’ve discovered that the worse thing is to fear. Fearing, just makes it worse. If I can get off of this, I think anyone can. I will come back when I’m down to 5 mg/day.

    This is not just a “physical adjustment”. This is making changes with perception. The brain starts to perceive differently. This is the hardest part for me, learning how to perceive my surroundings differently, even though there’s a fog , I know that the ‘fog’ is not always there. It’s like a roller coaster right now, but I believe that it will iron out eventually. So, every night, I just place a pill next to the statue of Our Lady, I say, “You hold onto it, because I have too much on my plate right now.”

    It’s a rough time, but there are ups and downs. Imagine seeing the day, when there will be more stability. I think patience, courage (facing the fears) are the most important ingredients. Who knows, maybe the doctors might finally find what these pills were masking. I think I was mal-diagnosed. I think that’s pretty obvious to say at this point, so yes, I’m experiencing the symptoms I had prior before I was given Diazepam, along with the symptoms of withdrawal now and adjustment. I have to succeed with this before May of next year.

    I will return ….

  215. Hi Linda. I have been off Valium since May 2013. I did take Xanax for a very short time and came off of that in September. I am still feeling horrible. I am very anxious and jumpy. I am also very fearful. Are you fearful too? My head also is very foggy, and I don’t sleep. There is the website that you can subscribe to and get great feedback. I hear from everyone that this can take months even years to feel better. I understand you don’t want to get off the couch, neither do I. You need to be around people that understand, but the problem is most people including doctors don’t understand. If you have any questions please leave a message and I will try to answer it. I hope you feel better.

  216. Hi iv been on 6mg of diazepam for about 3 months to help we withdrawl from chlordiazepoxide after 10 years of use, im trying to wean 2mg every 2 weeks but i get anxious and achey and my head feels strang how long does this last .

  217. Went through 30 day detox after 20 years on valium. 6 months later I’m still a mess. My head is buzzing, mouth burning and throbbing. All I wish to do is stay on the couch. “Get Over It” – some say who can’t possibly understand.

    If anyone does understand and can relate please let me know.

  218. I have read all your replies. I have had lifelong physical problems. At the start, I had specialists scratching their heads because they couldn’t find the root of my physical illness. It involved a need for high protein food, sugar and water at a certain timing. If the timing was not met, then I would start to get sluggish and have seizures. My neurological system would go in chaos. In 1985, Diazepam was given to me by a specialist. It started with 5 mg, then was increased. The seizures stopped, and I began functioning normally, losing weight (for one thing), and find greater balance. However, even if the Diazepam would calm my neurological system so I literally wouldn’t choke on my water or food, the underlying cause to my problem was there. My case landed in the hands of a GP, where he continued prescribing the Diazepam. At one point, I was taking 30 mg/day. Then he had me down to 20mg/day, due to the government listing Diazepam as a “controlled substance”. In 2010, the GP said he had intention of retiring. I tried to reduce my dosage by half. I ended having a seizure so bad, that it almost cost me my life. The GP then returned me to my normal dosage, but it took 3 years of my life to get out of that ‘fog’, because of that brain stroke. And for the last 3 yrs., I have been struggling to regain full balance that I had before that life-threatening seizure.
    This year, the GP has retired. I know very well, that I will not be able to get any Diazepam from any MD due to this being on a controlled substance list.
    I am very scared. I know that when my prescription runs out, I will have a double whammy of seizures (seizure of root cause, compounding with the seizures of the withdrawal). I am trying to taper off, slowly, only because I have no choice. Some may think this is a blessing, but realistically, I only see my death coming. It’s a strange Catch-22 situation. I really don’t know what to do at this point. Any advice would help. Thank you.

  219. Hi Cara. Just seeing how you are doing? I am still having panic feelings, also I am very anxious at times. I am sleeping a little better, but I cannot seem to want to do anything during the day. Let me know what is going on with you. Thank You!

  220. Hi Jodi…still some underlying anxiety, but I find that exercise helps plus telling myself that the anxiety i am feeling is quite normal, especially being completely off valium. I’m happy to say that after 4 months valium free, I slept completely thru the night last night….I was chasing a couple of 3 year old around in the surf all day so I was exhausted…I ate a light dinner, took a hot bath to relax, went to sleep at 9:30 pm and slept until 6:30 am without waking up!!!! I haven’t done that in years! I think my brain is finally relearning how to function without benzos! They say it takes a while for the Gabba receptors in the brain to start working right again after being dulled down by the benzo…hang in there, there is magic bullet but you are getting better with each passing day!

  221. Hi Cara. Thank you for writing me back. I am still anxious at times, do you still have anxiety? I do not want to take the Meds for sleep anymore, it is hard because I am having major sleep problems. I don’t know what to do.

  222. Hi Jodi, yes i am still having sleep problems, but they are getting better — i now sleep well once or twice a week and i can tell things are improving…i am not taking any medication, i just didn’t want to since this is what got me in to this mess to start with…i just take a hot bath, try and relax and sleep in a quiet, dark room….most of the other symptoms are subsiding, although some come back now and then which is quite normal….I think it was Sue who asked about vision problems…this is very common with valium since it is a muscle relaxant and affects the cilliary muscles of your eyes, which is what helps you focus…some people notice that things blur and then clear up…it takes a while for the muscles to kick in normally again…eye dr does not recommend prescription changes for 12 months after being off benzos.

  223. Hi Cara. Are you still having trouble sleeping? I have been off the medications for about three months. I am still having problems. I am having major sleep problems to where I have been put on low dose Seroquel for insomnia. What symptoms are you still having?

  224. Hello Sue, take your time tapering…but yes, vision, concentration, skin crawling, itching, fatigue are all expected symptoms….I’m now at 4 months completely off valium and i now am started to have more good days than bad…best wishes to you.

  225. Hi Sue. How long were you on the Valium? Are you sleeping? I don’t know about the blurred vision, but the skin crawling and fatigue are normal. I have been off of Valium for awhile now and I am still having side effects. Sleeping is still a major problem. If you have any other questions please ask. Hang in there, it will be hard for you but it is worth it.

  226. withdrawing from valuim slowly.20mgs down to 4mgs daily feeling worst now than when i went on them vision blurred can not this normal.

  227. Forgot to add,
    Regarding Melatonin, the smaller the dosage, the better. Unfortunately, finding capsules, that are controlled release under even 1mg(if that even) are difficult. The cream can give you .001–.003% which in actuality is better than taking higher dosages.

  228. @Rose-sorry to hear you still feel you are dealing with withdrawals. Not to say you are not. Howeve,r not only are benzodiazepines for many physiologically difficult to get off(again for some, not all) but psychologically because I feel the fear with more information being thrown out on the internet, that it leaves many that have gotten off with psychological PAWS type symptoms which can be expressed through the feeling of actual physical ones.

  229. If someone would like to know other medications such as clonidine, gabapentin(althought it may interact with melatonin in decreasing melatonin levels though it is NOT listed amongst other calcium blockers as doing so. this could be because gabapentin acts much more than just as a calcium blocker.

  230. Everyone is different. While the internet could be of actual use for some, please DO NOT in my opinion take everything literally and just on a linear level. It sounds crazy, but at times of any withdrawal using creativity can be very helpful. For example, while difficult to find, small mom and pop compounding pharmacies may know through their vendor how to get pure melatonin powder. A doctor(may be extremely difficult with certain doctors to approve this because the stupid FDA doesn’t like approving many naturally helpful things that would compete against nothing but chemical oriented medications). Nevertheless, a compassionate doctor that gives a prescription of 100% pure melatonin cream to be compounded by a pharmacist, than apply to wrist or other pulse areas on body. THis absorbs quickly, helps not just with insomnia, but fast acting and some studies at universities have briefly discussed that melatonin could be useful in benzo withdrawal.

  231. Hi Cara thanks for the post. Do you know how long these symptoms can last for? I am so anxious that sometimes I feel like I am going crazy. This is the hardest thing I have ever gone through. I saw my doctor, but he does not know what to do to help me. Thanks again for your post.

  232. hi jodi…i am in week 10 of being off valium…it has been hell…but i can tell i am getting better…finally having a few good days to offset the awful ones….yes, i still have sweating although that is dropping off..sleep is still an issue….i mostly still have head fog, and dizziness and balance issues….these are all signs that the brain is healing…my anxiety is still there but starting to abate…just keep reminding yourself that the symptoms are normal and signs that your brain is finally getting better.

  233. Hi Rose. Can you tell me what kind of withdrawal symptoms you are having? I am not sleeping and I am having excessive sweeting after 5 weeks being off of Valium and Norco. I am also anxious. It is awful. Are you having any of these withdrawal symptoms? I hope you can answer my blog. Or if you can’t, can anyone else? Thank you!

  234. Hi to heart goes out to 6wks off Valium tm was on low dose for 1yr for muscle spasm in foot.still going through withdrawals not nice in fact awful!!!hope will settle soon.not sleeping great .exerciseing more have more energy some days tired pg will settle soon.have to try to remain positive not easy.hang in there try to be strong.we will get through this lots of luv to all.Rose.

  235. How long does the rebound effects last with benzodiazepine withdrawal? My doctor has no clue, I asked him and he did not know. I need to know is the sweating and being anxious a month after I took them is normal?

  236. Hello Jodi. It’s probably best to seek medical advice from your prescribing doctor or at least consult with a pharmacist. Rebound effects are possible during benzodiazepine withdrawal, although opioid withdrawal should resolve within 7-10 days of cessation.

  237. I have been on Valium for a long time. Also was on Norco. Have not taken any meds in 4 weeks. I am still sweating badly, very anxious and not able to sleep. Is this normal? When will I start to feel better? I feel so bad that I feel like I am going crazy. Please advise!

  238. Hi Trish. I’d suggest that you schedule an appointment with an addictions counselor immediately. Motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and talking it out can really help. Check in a local directory for certified psychologists in your town.

  239. I started to use valium in an addictive way when my partner was diagnosed with cancer already a chronic alcoholic as long as I did not drink I felt it was okay to take the valium now I have taken it for 30 years but not on a daily basis so did not give anythought to the fact I would have withdrawals but I have had dreadful withdrawal was taking up to 40 or 50mg a day with no problem but never gave it a thought I am now in day 7 of withdrawal and I cannot do anything I cannot go out and I cannot stay in I just do not know what to do with myself.

  240. Hi all…Have been reading your posts and praying for everyones recovery! I took Valium for 8 yrs…was initially given it for about a yr after some major back surgery to help with the muscle spasms – did not realize how addictive it was and kept taking it via other sources…as with some it worked for a long time, but then I started taking too much. I ran out, didn’t really think much of it, but about 2 weeks later hit massive withdrawals that were dangerous and uncontrollable. My husband took me to the ER and then from there I went to In Patient De-Tox, then to a day hospital. The withdrawals were very severe and lasted much longer than even the patients coming off of Heroin or Coke. It has been about 2 months now and I am thankful that I not only survived but am on my way back to normal. The anxiety is a little hard to deal with, but that too has lessoned as each days passes. I highly recommend for anyone that is suffering to find a specialist for addictions/detox…an MD will NOT know how to help you and will potentially make it worse for you. A good psych Dr that specializes in chemical dependency will make all the difference as they were able to give me medication that was non narcotic and non-mind altering that really helped me through the worst of it! I also second the opinion that lost of water, exercise, and fresh air also help a ton! Also always recite to yourself…”This too shall pass..”

  241. i am down to 4mg a day and my legs have started shaking can you help in any way at what i should do. thanks

  242. Any Doctor who prescribes valium in a cavalier way, treating maladies that could be easily addressed with non-addictive drugs, is a quack and should be sued immediately for malpractice. I still would like to hear from someone who actually beat the addiction. How long did it really take to be fully recovered, and what residual, negative symptoms, if any, do remain.

  243. Thanks Theodore for sharing this – medications can and do mess you up a lot. I’ve been taking this and that for years. At one point I was abusing sleeping tablets, taking up to 17 day. I finally managed to stop drinking 8 years ago – I was drinking whisky like water and regularly woke up in hospitals or police cells with no recollection of how I got there. I’m still taking some medication but am very wary of what I take. God bless you and best wishes.

  244. Have been doing a gradual taper off of Valium had been on 30 mg. Had been dropping by 2.5 mg until I got to 10mg than by 1.5 up until I reach 5mg than by .5. I got to 2 mg and decided to make the jump. My question is how long will it stay in my system how long will I experience withdraw. How will I know weather it is with draw or a return of the anxiety. I would rather not be put on another medication if I knew that it was all part of the withdraw process thanks.

  245. Just a warning though, you must also let your doctor know when you are going to go of your medication. 🙂 God Bless Theo ….

  246. Hi all, been on valium for nearly 45 years. Also been on anti depression tablets, don’t know which is worse.. I was told that i was suffering from PTSD, having served in South Vietnam as an infantry soldier. I did suffer from anxiety when i came back from the war. Having said that i’m convinced that the suffering i have endured from all this medication is far worse then the effect i had from the War.. I’m 64 years old, and too many of my mates have died early deaths because of the medication they were taking, up to 50mg per day of valium, up to 100 mg of serequel, 300mg of anti depression drugs, sleeping tablets and other medication, i myself was taking nearly 20 tablets a day. Seven years ago i had a religious conversion and threw most of my medication in the bin, i went through hell and back but by the grace of God i kept going, and there was no way in the world i was going to give up. Seven years later i am nearly there, I have found new meaning in life, i thank the the good Lord every day because without Him i would probably be 6 foot under by now. My way back was only possible with God’s help and a lot of prayer. With God all is possible, trust in Him and you’ll be healed. God bless all of you who are suffering, i’ll keep you all in my prayers…Theo

  247. Sam!

    How is it going?? I have been worried about you since i read your posts. I am going through the same thing and have some suggestions for you.

    The first and most important thing is to HANG ON…


    The second is to seek the proper medical care.

    It seems like you are seeing doctors, but if they do not understand what you are going through, they can not treat you properly.

    Find doctors who specifically treat diazepam withdrawal .

    Next, you must exercise!!! You must drink lots of fluids. You must eat healthy foods.

    And very important, GET OUTSIDE!!!!

    The more you stay in, the more you focus on the symptoms, the greater they become. This will not solve the issue by itself, but combined with the other suggestions, it will certainly speed up your recovery.

    Please let us know how you are doing.

    Wishing you well! Michael

  248. Hello Karen. You can seek a tapering schedule from your prescribing doctor or local pharmacist. But whatever you do, please seek certified medical help before continuing a taper from Valium.

  249. I have fibromyalgia,so when I titrate down from my dose of Diazapam I do not know if the symptoms are from withdrawal or Fibro. I was on 20mg in the am and 20mg in the pm last year.My doctor told me to tiltrate slowly and I did,now I am down to 6 mg each dose.After reading some of the other people’s experiences I think that some of the days I was going through hell was not my Fibro but withdrawal! What do you recommend now that I am at 6mg twice/ day.i read that as you are at lower doses it is harder to go even lower because the percentage you are cutting back is greater.What is the best way to cut back from here?


  250. Hi to all hav read your stories and feel for all g through this hell !!!!!!to cut long story short got sick 4yrs ago got cut on hand had reaction to antibotics inflamed my liver developed muscle spasm in rt leg. Was so ill was only up for 3hrs in day in 2010 tg my liver recovered was on valium 5mg at nt 2mgms in am for a yr started taper 1an half yr ago now starting 0.5 am and pm then 0.5 at nt for last month then off can’t wait withdrawel symptoms hell. Feet freezing ringing in ears sensations of things crawling up my back burning in back and under rib cage legs heavy can’t sleep great Only thing keeping me going is knowing I will be off this awful drug soon .i mediate walk hav great friend support otherwise would hav cracked up long ago .am a nurse had t give up work . Best of luck to u all Hang in there ) u can do it !!!!

  251. 6 weeks off diazepam — after 7 weeks on 5-10mg a day — and i am NOT myself. i did a fast sloppy taper of about 2.5 ill measured cuts a day….then got tired of whole thing and said f##k it! and quit. that was 6 weeks ago. no seizures. but am not myself — cannot concentrate — have anxiety — feel ‘absent’ — dull headache — have lost who i once was — no center — less of a sense of humor — i used to laugh and laugh now i just stare at wall. went on it for insomnia/anxiety that overtook me last november. REGRET every second of it. now this is a drug that should be banned — the worst thing ever. God help us all.

  252. Hi There. I was wondering if you could help me out with a few questions i have?

    I have been taking Diazepam for just over 1 year for Anxiety. I started taking the drug in February 2012 and was taking 10mg a day (5mg morning/night) I took this dose until July 2012 , when i felt well enough to come off the drug. I spoke to my doctor and we agreed a slow reduction of a number of months, I was to reduced the dose by 1mg every month. This worked well intially but once i got down to the 5 mg to 4 mg drop i suddenly found it harder. So my doctor and I agreed to drop it by 0.5mg every month. I am now on just 0.5 mg of diazepam every other day .

    Firstly i was wondering what you would advise next . should i drop it to 0.25 mg every other day then stop ? Or stop now ?

    Secondly during every drop in about week 2/3 i feel at my worse as you describe above in your withdrawl timetable. But during this drop from 0.5mg everyday to 0.5 mg every other day i have felt more bad than during other drops .I have felt more anxious than usual and i feel very very depressed , i feel like i am on the point of crying the whole time. its not nice. Once the dose levels out these depressed feelings usually pass but i am now into week 4 since my last drop and i still feel very depressed. Is depression a common withdrawal effect to diazepam? How long does it take for the dose to level out ? Why does the withdrawal seem to get harder as you get lower on the drug ?

    Thirdly i have read your piece about PAWS above and it has worried me a bit. will i get paws ? i was on a relatively low dose and for not that long compared to other people i have read about on the internet. is paws more likely to affect people who have been taking the drug much longer than me and on a higher dose ????

    if you could help with these questions it would be really appreciated !

    all the best

    thomas . UK

  253. My name is Deana and I started with drawling from Vallium in the early part of February 2013. If that was not bad enough I also quit taking the low does of Oxycodone. I have not taken any of these drugs for almost a month now and I am still having the headache from hell….I have been to my Nurlologist and they wrote me a prescription for musle relaxers and Linocaine cream that I could rub on my temples instead of reaching for the bottle of Tylenol. For what it worth, I can’t decide which one of these drugs are harder on your / my body. I began taking Tylenol again to get rid of the rebound headaches from the Vallium and now two days ago I began stopping (cold turkey) no more Tylenol and sinus pills that contain tylenol. These drugs have us switching from one to another because of the withdrawls that we are having. I can only tell you that I am working with my doctors and saying more prayers than I ever have to kick this crap for once and all. I have a safe full of med.s that I could so easily open and begin taking again and I know the headache would subside but I am 52 years old and can’t imagine living my entire life this way and trying to teach my 16 yr old, this is what happens and these were prescribed to me. I can’t imagine anything worse in life than being so dependant on a drug and then to even phathem having to try and buy it on the street. By the grace of God I am blessed at least with that much. I take the hottest showers to try and ease the pain, I am in cousnseling and I am honestly feeling like this nightmare is never going to end. I told my doctor to feel free to give my name out for the next person they prescribe Valluim to so they will not go through this. I am shocked by my stupidity that I did not look up these drugs before taking them but when you have lived with headaches your entire life you just want to pain to go away and know what its like to not carry medication around with you. I hide my pain, or I use to. This past two months there is no hiding it, my husband is working out of State (thank goodnessd) because as wonderful as he is he does not understand why my headache never goes away….? My sleep pattern has been so bad that I am getting maybe 3 hours max in a 24 hour period since quiting the Tylenol as well. And to think…….smoking is harmful “ha” I smoked cigarettes for many years thinking after I quit cold turkey < my headaches would go away 9 years later they are still here. I am open to any advice anyone may have…These drugs should be removed from this world. I ho9nestly believe the people on here who are telling us their stories are in the boat I am in because like I said I could open my safe and I just won't go there. It would have been so much easier to attend a rehab center and been placed in a coma than go the way I am going. I just want so badly to believe there is a good ending soon.
    Sorry I rambled so much I just have not slept in over a week and want so badly to just close my eyes and wake up normal!

  254. Hi Gwenda

    Thank you for your kind response, I am still no better and I will be 13 weeks off on Thursday, no one believes me anymore and all think once the 28 day acute withdrawal is over then your done!

    My anxiety is off the scales, cant go out, spend my days in sheer terror and feel like im going mad, I never had anxiety or terror before and only took these for chronic headached, MRI is clear, result just says signal change and some degenertive wear and tear on the neck, all bloods accep anti bodies is clear, Nuclear Anit Bodies was 380/1 for which they are now referring me to a rhumatoligist.

    Whwn did your go away? did it go away slowly each day or did you just wake up and it was better, what about people that feel better for a month or so think there home dry and then it comes back again? this is what worries me, how will you ever no its defo gone?

    When I was tapering Chamomile Tea used to rev me up so I have not tried it since, I tried Passion Flower, Gaba, L-Theanine, Magnesium, Taurine and Cherry Tart as one off since ive been off and all reved me up so stopped all just as quick!

    Now that im 13 weeks off do you think it would be safe to try Chamomile Tea again???

    I have never ever felt anything as bad in all my life and it kills me that no one any longer believes me and my other half thinks its no longer withdrawal, you got anxiety, this hurts as I no its more……….

    Please, any advice or further assurance you can provide would be greatly appreciated?

    Is there any difference between Camomile and Chamomile? I think one is American herb and the other is German?

    Some say the German herb is better?

    God I hope this nighmare ends soon as I have lost so much because of it and stand to loose everything else if I dont get back to me soon, dont know who or what I am anymore, the feelings and sensations in the body, mind and head are unreal.

    Sorry for the delay in my response, I dont feel up to coming on here much but I will now look out for your response ?

    Best Wishes


  255. Hi my name is Tom, I’m 33 years old and I am five weeks off Valium after being on for 18 months, originally for very acute anxiety. I am going through a horrific withdrawal which includes agitation and irritability on a level I never have felt. I get tired easily, all I want to do is go back to my sport, I’m a mountain biker and cyclist. My sleep is disturbed, I’m definitely depressed. I just wanted to share this to help others that they are not the only ones going through this, and I will update my progress on a weekly basis. Maybe I could share feeling and experiences with others on here and help,each other.

    Tom UK

  256. Hi Sam. My goodness I have every sympathy with you and know exactly what you are going through and having people around you who are not sympathetic is awful I know…if it was not for this site and researching diazepam withdrawal symptons myself I think I would have crawled into a corner and died. I don’t know if you read my blogg above but you will see all your symptons there…..I was put back on diazepam in the end for two weeks to taper the stopped that was about 9weeks ago but even after that relatively small two week dose I still had the awful sympton s though weaker the worst being the cotton wool brain inability to concentrate , function normally, just to hold a conversation.
    The last of the withdrawals was three weeks ago well last of the disturbing ones, I am having big problems sleeping though shattered by the whole dreadful experience, and memory still bad, but no where ear as it was, I fact because I felt so deathly, in comparison I now feel really good… hang on in there Sam…it will go, Drink loads of fluid, chamomile tea to keep stomach relaxed and muscles caused by anxiety or peppermint teas. Put a little sugar in either tastes better…..I honestly thought I would never recover, and just like you the doctor said it could not possibly be withdrawal still and wanted to dose me up with anti depressants because I was crying so much….she could not grasp that I was crying so much because I was so fed up with 6 months of pain and total life changing physical illness….but it’s definitely 95 per cent gone so please stay as positive as you can ….. Just. Like any other illness these days we do seem to have to do most of the diagnosing ourselves….I think doctors should go in a drugs course to learn more about this withdrawal… fact this particular drug should just be banned the withdrawal far out ways the benefits, I am left wondering if the toxin from it has actually damage anything inside! Something so powerful to upset every part of the body and its organs should really not be prescribed in fact I did not realise diazepam was actually Valium, I thought Valium was banned any years ago. … Big hug here if you want to chat, don’t feel alone ….I felt very alone with no one who understood x

  257. Hi Sam. I’ve had a migraine only once in my life, but chronic headaches sound really painful and distressing. You can always seek a third opinion for issues related to headaches. Have you consulted a neurologist yet? Perhaps looked into cognitive behavioral therapy? I did check out the National Headache Foundation and the American Headache Society websites. They may be of help. I’m sorry that we can’t assist you further. Best of luck!

  258. Hi again

    I am now 11 weeks of Diazepam today and am still in bad withdrawals, first month was physical symptons which had me bedbound, now I still have bad physicological symptons with chronic headaches, nausea, and what I can only describe as wobbly brain and dizziness along with very odd and bizzare sensations in my head and body with chronic intense anxiety, I only took Diazepam for 5 months and this included 14 weeks tapering off, I cant believe this has happened as along with my doc I followed the Aston taper protocol, how long more could this last? the taper was long and sometimes hell but these last 11 weeks have been pure hell and filled with intense anxiety, aggitation and stress, I was put on Diazepam for chronic headaches and never had anxiety, aggitation or panic before so having to deal with all these new and bizzare anxiety symptons is more than hard to deal with, how long more could this last as im now off work 11 weeks and they keep asking when will I be back but I cant say for now based on how I feel.

    How can a medication prescribed for chronic headaches cause this nightmare, I feel like I will never get my life back, looking back now the headaches where work & moving town related.

    The doctor said the headached where caused by stress and said take these for 3 weeks to help you move and settle in, I only took them for 2 weeks and stopped, after 3 days I was climbing the walls and did not no what was wrong with me, went and registered with new doc after move and he said you are in chronic withdrawal and you will have to go back on Lorazepam, stabalize and then switch to Diazepam and slowly wean off, I followed his instructions to the letter, had a hell of a taper but its been ten times worse since I came off, I can barely get out of bed most days and am typing this in bed out of pure desperation, doctor keeps saying it cant be withdrawal any longer, my Fiancee has lost patients with me over I not been able to get up and go back to work, she rang doc last night and he again said cant be withdrawal, he has got an anxiety condition, I cried with fustration, I never had any of these problems before benzos!!! Will it ever end or am I going to be left like this, no one understands, im dying inside and feel like my life is over, I would rather live with the headaches I had before the medication than to live like this, please respond on this time on the board as I cant access my e-mails, ive locked my account and cant remember any of the security questions, I think in benzo land they call it cog fog which is loss of memory???

    Please help or advice?

    Thank you


  259. Hi Gina. Valium is known to cause “rebound” withdrawal symptoms which can appear quite literally out of nowhere.

    Did you get a tapering schedule from your prescribing doctor? A medical professional would really know better about lowering doses and monitoring your progress as you do.

  260. I was on 5mg Urbanol1 x a day prescribed by my neurosurgeon after a boating accident which resulted in a 2 prosthetic disc replacement operation. I was on Urbanol for 2 and a half years, it never made me feel good and i suffered from terrible headaches while on it. I saw a neurologist who recommended I come off Urbanol but suggested I get a psychaitrist’s recommendation on how to ween off. The psychiatrist changed me to valium I started on 5mg , reducing by 0.5mg every two weeks. This process started in October 2012.I am currently on 1.5 mg due to reduce to 1mg tonight. This has been the worst nightmare of an experience and I wish it was just all over. I battle just to get through the day. Please tell me how much longer this will go on after I have my last tablet which will be 0.5mg. I keep reading horror stories about withdrawals lasting months or years after completely stoping even after slow weening periods. I am seeing a psychologist every week, but doctors and family dont know what I am experiencing so how can they be truely supportive? I have 2 young children to care for and a job to go to every day!! I also dont understand how I can have one “good day” then feel like im going to die the next? Do you agree with the reduction I am doing? From 1.5 mg today to 1mg for 2 weeks then 0.5mg for 2 weeks then stop?

  261. Suzshines,
    I just went back to my doctor last Thursday. I did the very same you did but my reason for taking them was for my chronic everyday headaches. I ran out and it was the WORST MISTAKE I have every made. I am pleading with you from the bottom of my heart, go back to your doctor.The with drawls are totally unbearable and they also depend one how each one of us reacts to medicine. They put me back on them .5 MG for approx 3 weeks and then I will 1/4 that for 2-3 weeks again. I was in bed for a solid week with a bag of frozen peas, and anything else I could use to subside the pain. I am also a mother of 3 and we have 1 left at home and my husband happens to be out of town working and so it was just my son and I. I don’t know you but I can tell you I cried regarding this, I never thought in a million years this would happen to me. I didn’t get high on them they just cut the pain so I would not take so much Tylenol. They have to put you back on them and you have to taper off of them slowly. Your body will go into the worst shock imaginable. They told me, I am not a drug addict (which I felt like) they were prescribed to me for a reason. I am praying everyday that today I will feel good. My stomach hurt, the headache was beyond horrible. I feel for you I am on week 3 and I never know what today let alone tomorrow will bring. But I truly beg of you to go back to the doctor who prescribed them to you and tell them you want off of them. I can tell you that for my stomach pain I could not afford the nausea meds and so I have been using Alkaselzer cold formula because it also affected my sinuses and this helped a lot. I am not a pro but if I can help you with what they told me I will pass it along. I was told to never just stop taking them cold turkey and why you can have seizures, when he told me that I took my prescription had it filled and thought there is no way I will take these if I don’t have to because of this very fear and becoming dependent pm them and I have a family that I love with my entire life not to mention my children and them thinking their mom is an addict was my biggest fear. So I guess what I am say is please get some professional help. This web-site was a God send because I just happen to look it up on a whim of why my Migraine would not go away. I wish you the very best of luck and the best recovery and the fastest- never ask God for patients only tolerance……Deana

  262. Thanks for sharing more about your experiences getting off Valium, suzshines. You might want to ask your prescribing doctor about switching to a shorter acting benzodiazepine like Xanax if the withdrawal phase is too difficult. And look into getting treatment for underlying anxiety issues, especially revolving around your health. Psychotherapy can be VERY helpful to treat ideas and beliefs that lie below the surface. Best of luck to you!

  263. I have been taking Valium 10mg 2times a day for the last 4 years. I have had to major back surgeries. I ran out about 3 weeks ago, really thought nothing of it and thought I would be fine. Boy was I wrong, ever since I ran out I have been feeling so bad. Dizzy, sick to my stomach, stomach pains, restless legs, depressed, unhappy. It has affected my home life and me being a mom. I can barely drag myself to work daily yet alone go home and cook and clean. I thought I was just sick until I found this blog and realized my body was going through withdrawals. I have a vacation in two weeks and I am so sad thinking I will feel like this on my vacation 🙁 I wish I knew the side effects before taking the medication.

  264. Just as I begin to feel good one day I am down the next feeling sick all over again. I will never understand in a million years how or why people enjoy being drug addicts. My heart breaks for them that they have choice to take this avenue in life because there is no way I would ever touch hard stuff. This by far is the hardest I have done and it is a prescription. I can’t imagine being addicted to anything worse and yes I know there are worse by far than this. My stomach and head hurt all over again. I got to stay out of bed for the first time yesterday since Friday and now I am sick to my stomach again? I have my counseling tomorrow and my follow up Dr.s appointment on Thursday at 11:00AM! Praise God! I wish I could just flush all of it down the toilet…..:(

  265. Hi Deana. Just keep in mind that physical dependency is NOT addiction…it’s a chemical reaction that occurs in the brain. Addiction occurs when you obsess and are mentally dependent on a drug.

    Yes, talk about this and seek help! And I agree that there should be more information provided to patients about the dangers and risks of all prescription drugs.

    Best of luck to you.

  266. Just for the record, I read all of the side effects and possible with drawls you could experience and I had them all. I want off of all of this medication, I wish I would have known what I know now. I think they should pass a law that requires you to take classes before you begin taking these so one is aware of the true risks because I would have NEVER believed anyone!
    Deana Wolfe

  267. I would first of all like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for responding to me. I honestly had no idea I was so amuned to these prescription medications. I thought because I didn’t take them everyday or 3 times a day like prescribed I was going to be okay. This by far is the worse thing I have ever experienced in my life. I had to go into the DR. office this past Friday to get a shot for the Migraine, I felt like my head was going to explode. I then read where your body goes back and forth over a period of time that scares me because I am thinking okay I am on 0.5 instead of .10mg and if you can’t stop taking them at once how many weeks am I going to be a ping pong ball. Today is my first day I have not laid in bed after writing you my first letter. I honestly am afraid that I am not going to be able to handle the headaches that I have gotten from coming off of them. My headaches are far worse than when I first went on them. I can tell you that never in a million years would I have ever told people about my addiction but I can’t be ashamed of this or I will never be able to over come this. I want other people to know so they will not expirement and be caught trying to figure out how they are going to make it. By the grace of God these were prescribed to me and I can’t imagine taking someone else’s medicine. This is by far the worst pain and the worst thing I could have ever done to myself.

  268. Hi Deana. It can take several weeks to taper down doses of diazepam. Going off Valium cold turkey can provoke seizures so I’d suggest that you move up your Dr.’s appointment ASAP. Substituting Xanax for Valium as an instinct may be a good idea…doctors sometimes switch from a long-acting benzodiazepines like Valium to short half-life benzodiazepine(s) like Xanax during diazepam withdrawal. But you need medical supervision and you’ll also need to get treatment for the headaches. I wish you the best!

  269. How long does it take to taper down off this drug (Valium) I have taking them 4 years for headaches. I did not know that I was addicted to them until I ran out of my prescription. I am a high stressed person and they don’t want me taking Tylenol because of what it does to your liver. I had know idea I would have this crashing headache which I have been taking Migraine meds for the last 4 days. Nothing seems to be helping so I know that Zanax is in the same family which was also prescribed to me for Flight angziety which I seldom fly so I do not get my prescription for 5 more days and I am now subsituting the Zanex because I can not handle the horrible with drawls. I am just curious how long this last, I did stop taking it all together and I was unaware I would have these horrible side affects. I have an appointment with my MD in two weeks am I going to have worse side effects than I am having. How do I get rid of the headache without overdosing! Any answers? Please and Thank you!
    Deana Wolfe

  270. Hi Nicole. Thanks for your question. You’ll need professional medical advice in order to resolve the shaking issue. I suggest that you first consult with a pharmacist, and then seek help with a prescribing doctor. It’s often helpful to get two different opinions, and I find that pharmacists have more time and are able to do a little digging to help you find medication that can work for you. Then, you can take the suggestion to a prescribing doctor and seek help. Hope this helps!

  271. I am on week three of stopping valium. I was down to half a mg. after tapering down very slowly. I never felt the valium when I took it but my body is definately addicted. I work with the public and my hands and the symptoms do make it extremely difficult. My question was is there anything you can take that is not anything addictive if used in short time to help with the shaking?

  272. Hi I was given diazepam in the beginning of October for a. Back disc problem which was extremely painful, 5 mg four times a day, along with, gaberpentine, morphine capsules and liquid and codeine phosphate.
    After 6 weeks the pain suddenly went si I decided to get off such toxic drugs ASAP….big mistake…I was so ill, hallucinating, talking to myself, night terrors, sweating hot Nd cold, very upset stomach, dizzy, pains like the worst flu, stomach cramps around liver and kidneys, excess acid, could barely walk and was bed ridden for two weeks only getting up for the loo…depression nd anxiety was extreme and still is as with 50 percent of those symptons.
    The doctor insisted I went back on diazepam as to wean me off again as my rapid heart beat was terrifying me…..I could not believe I had to start taking them again having spent 5 weeks in ths state but did as I was told, I was sobbing to thevoctor that I had never flt so ill, therefore I trusted this would be the bower anything to feel better.
    So for one week had to take 2 x 5mg Then the next week 1 x 5 mg half in morning half at night…then stop………ok the following day then that night I could feel it oming back the floating dizzy nausea, feeling like flu, scared waking early with rapid heart beat then having to rush to the loo two or three times……it started again….went back to doctor after two weeks of this, everything hurting and dizzy nd sickly, she gave me stomach acid pills, and insisted I go in anti depressants as I could not stop crying, I hate taking any form of drugs, and even more so after this situation, again I was reluctant but or them….I have not taken them as I know it must be withdrawal I never felt like this before I hurt my back and had to take these filthy drugs….my mind and m. Body feel shot to bits now, I feel as if I am never going to get better, e erythema hurts as I am writing this, I was kept awake last night with tinnitus ringing in my ears another symptons I forgot sorry, rapid heart and burning pain at the base of my skull top of neck, pain in my toes, and sick of it all in utter despair, and now see no point in returning to gp as she will only say you should have taken anti depressants, as she does not believe it could still be withdrawal……she obviously has not read the horror stories of people who have been in this situation, I can’t believe how taking this tablet for just 6 weeks to ruin a persons life, my family are sick of hearing me talk about it also……does anyone else feel like this after taking for such a short time x

    1. Hi Gwenda i just read your post.
      I am also having severe withdrawal from diazepam aswell as mirtazapine. was on the mittazapine for 3 weeks and the diazepam for about 6 weeks. Not a high dose at all. Most days i would take 2mg others 4mg.
      Id like to know how your doing whether your feeling any better? I am only 3 weeks into this withdrawal and really dont know how much more ican take. I feel so ill but at the same time mentally not with it. I cant sleep which really isnt helping any at all but when i do i am woken within an hr feeling very confused and panicky and then feel like im going to end up going mad! The weird sensations im getting in my head and headaches are awful. Ive lost almost a stone in weight but then i had put on a st whilst only being on mirtazapine for 3 weeks. I ended up in accident and emergency last week i felt so ill. Bloods came bck normal so they decided it must be withdrawal. Then others say its your original condition because you not taking anything. I do suffer with anxiety and panic disorder but it feels 10 times worse. Derealisation making my anxiety worse and constantly feeling sick. All drs have different ideas some want me to reinstate others say not too as im 3 weeks off them. I have no clue what to do for the best anymore. I juat know ibe had enough and really woukd like to know theres light at the end of the tunnel.

  273. Hi

    I am 6 weeks of Diazepam today and am still in bad withdrawals, first month was physical symptons now I have bad physicological symptons with chronic headaches, nausea, and what I can only describe as wobbly brain and dizziness along with very odd and bizzare sensations in my head and body, I only took Diazepam for 5 months and this included 14 weeks tapering off, I cant believe this has happened as along with my doc I followed the Aston taper protocol, how long more could this last? the taper was long and sometimes hell but these last 6 weeks have been pure hell and filled with intense anxiety, aggitation and stress, I was put on Diazepam for chronic headaches so having to deal with all these new and bizzare anxiety symptons is more than hard to deal with, how long more could this last as im off work 6 weeks and they keep asking when will I be back but I cant say for now based on how I feel.

    Im based in the UK

    Please help or advice?

    Thank you


  274. Hello Victoria. You are not alone! I would suggest that you contact 1-800-662-HELP to learn about local resources that you can connect with. Perhaps there are support groups in your area for withdrawal or addiction that can help you get through withdrawal from Valium. If you call this hotline, you can also ask for references to local social workers or psychologists who you can talk to. You don’t need to go through withdrawal alone!

  275. I am on day 7 of no valium which I was taking according to prescription. I’m taking valerian root to take the edge off but I still feel like I’m living in a bad nightmare and the worst thing is, I was not warned of these awful withdrawal symptoms, I’m experiencing all the symptoms. Nobody in my family, dr or psychiatrist understand the intensity of the awful hell I am going through and mainly my family tells me to pull myself together. Do you have anything to say that will make me feel more positive as right now I feel completely hopeless.

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