How long does Xanax stay in your system?

Xanax can stay in your system for weeks, sometimes over a month. More information on the half life of Xanax, as well as blood and urine detection times, here.

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Xanax doesn’t clear the body as quickly as many other drugs. In fact, Xanax can be detectable in urine for up to 6 weeks in heavy users. Plus, the main ingredient in Xanax (alprazolam) takes a fairly long time to absorb once it’s in the body, so even small doses can be detectable for over a week.

Here, we review Xanax detection methods and detection windows, not only for those who get high on Xanax but for prescription users as well. And we invite your questions about Xanax in the system at the end. If you leave us your questions or comments, we try to respond to all legitimate queries with a personal and prompt reply.

Main Xanax uses

Xanax narcotic drug is used in the treatment of mood disorders. Xanax decreases abnormal excitement in the brain to control panic attacks and anxiety. In situations where someone suffers panic attacks, Xanax is prescribed on an as needed basis.

How do you take Xanax?

Xanax is available in a few different forms, all taken orally. There is a tablet which is ingested, a tablet which dissolves in the mouth, and a liquid form which is swallowed. There’s also an extended-release tablet.

Peak levels and half life of Xanax

Xanax is absorbed quickly in the body and reaches its peak levels in the blood within one or two hours. These plasma blood levels vary depending on the dose taken, but range from 8-37 ng/mL. The half life of Xanax in healthy adults averages 11 hours. In elderly subjects the half life of Xanax is higher, about 16 hours. People with liver disease and who suffer from obesity will both take longer to metabolize the drug.

Xanax drug testing: How long does Xanax stay in the body?

Although Xanax is a short acting benzodiazepine, Xanax stays in the body for a relatively long time, especially when taken in large doses. It usually takes several weeks to clear Xanax from the body completely. Sometimes it can take over a month. The main testing methods for detecting Xanax in the system are via blood, hair and/or urine drug screens.

How long does Xanax stay in blood?

Xanax stays in the blood for several days, given the long half life of the drug. Exactly how long it stays in the blood depends on the dose taken – it may take longer to clear from the blood in someone who’s abusing the drug and taking higher than normal therapeutic doses.

How long does Xanax stay in hair?

Xanax can be detected in hair up to 90 days after the drug was first taken. The accuracy of this test does depend on a few factors, such as the length of the person’s hair at the time of testing, the color of hair, and whether or not hair has been chemically treated.

How long does Xanax stay in urine?

How long Xanax stays in urine depends on the dose of Xanax taken, and if it’s been taken frequently in the past. For example, traces of Xanax can be found in urine for at least a week – sometimes up to six weeks after the medication was last taken. This is why Xanax addicts and abusers will have a harder time clearing this drug from their system, even after stopping.

Xanax and addiction

Xanax is a habit-forming drug that can become addictive. Addicted Xanax bars users will develop a tolerance fairly quickly if they are taking the drug on a daily basis, meaning it will take higher amounts of Xanax to achieve the same results. Even without addiction, someone taking Xanax can also experience withdrawal symptoms when cutting down on doses or stopping Xanax. The main difference between Xanax dependence and Xanax addiction occurs once the drug is out of your body. If you’re addicted to Xanax, you will experience cravings for Xanax even after it is out of your system.

If you feel that you or a loved one need help quitting use, seeking professional help from Xanax addiction treatment programs can make all the difference from continuing to spiral down with addiction or building a new, positive life in recovery.

Problems with Xanax?

Xanax does have unpleasant and sometimes dangerous withdrawal effects if you’ve used it long-term. However, there is good news: it’s possible to get off the medication by tapering the dosage. If you want to stop taking Xanax, talk to your doctor about a gradually decreasing your dose to make the transition as easy as possible. And if you think that you have a problem with Xanax, also talk with your doctor. Help is available.

Xanax in your system questions

Do you still have questions about the length of time Xanax stays in your body? Please leave us your questions here. We do our best to respond to all questions quickly and with a personal reply.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. OK I haven’t taken Xanax on and off for about 2 1/2 to 3 months sometimes I go without and sometimes I don’t have that much the most I pry take in one day is maybe a bar and I have so which is like 3mg. So how long do you think it would take to get out of my system I’m 28 years old I weigh about 149 I don’t have much fat on me I haven’t taken cranberry pills and vitamin B three pills as well I’m also been drinking water and I want to start drinking cranberry juice as well along with water and pickle juice to flush my system out will this help and be out of my system within like a week or so

  2. I’ve been using Xanax often on for about 2 1/2 three months there’s days that I have been going without them and I’m also on methadone I’m going to try to pick what you said and lots of water and everything to get it out of my system along with cranberry juice and cranberry pills without help and how long will it be till it’s on my system it’s greatly appreciate all the answers I can get

  3. I took them on and off but I took about 32 pills the 1mlg so I would take to of them in less then a week thay are gone how long will it be in my system people tell me like 2 weeks I will have it all out I don’t eat much I don’t have any body fat as much I’m 28 years old I go tanning to I was told that helps out by sweeting is this true

  4. I took 8 1mg tablets of xanax in one dose. I just wanted to sleep well. I didn’t think about my court day Janyuary 15th. I will be required to take a urine drug test due to a DUI. Will the xanax show up positive on the test. There are just so many different answers, I have no idea what to believe. I don’t take it every day. Fairly health and weigh 140 lbs.

  5. I never take Xanax but I had a death in my family and was extremely upset. My aunt gave me one to calm down. It has been five days since I took it. Will it show up in a urinalysis?

  6. I took 4mg xanax Sunday afternoon n have a court orders urine test Tuesday night at 6 pm, if I drink a gallon of more if water everyday until then will I pass?

  7. I am pregnant and do in 2.weeks I’m worried it won’t be flushed out of mine or baby’s system before I have him can the drs take him away if shoes up after only two weeks

  8. I took 1mg of xanax yesterday and have to take a drug test Tuesday afternoon, should I be worried about failing my test? I only weigh 100lbs and don’t take them regularly.

  9. I have been taking about 7-8mg of Xanax a day for the past week. How long until it is out of my system? I have been drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice to help flush my system.

  10. I took 1 mg of xanex on Wednesday before finding out my 11 panel drug test was on Monday. I’m an Infrequent user and have pretty low body fat what do you guys think positive or negative?

  11. I weigh 150, five foot two very healthy 61 year old took forty milligrams of 0.5xanax how long does it take to get out of my system?

  12. Hi, I 2 quarters (.5mg each) of zanax last night, not knowing I needed to do a urine test by the end of today, would I pass?

  13. I need to know if there is anyway to flush out your system faster I have an urine screen in 1 day and I took 12 mg of xanx 2days ago.

  14. My griend is a 5’10” 300 lb male, he has hepatitis c and has been clean for almost 9 months. He took 14 mg of xanax 1 day, and 8 mg of fluorinated xanax/flualprazolam the next 2 days. In your honest opinion will this drug be cleared from urine within 20 days
    He is on probation and has a test in 20 days for a doctor and probation 26 days
    Im just looking to relief him in anyway, thank you

  15. If been taking Xanax for two weeks straight can how can I clean my system the Xanax are from Mexico 2 mg can u give me an answer?

  16. Is it still dangerous if you mix alcohol and xanax even if the xanax isn’t getting you high but still in your bloodstream?

  17. Hi I have recently been pulled over for a suspected dui for Xanax witch I am legally prescribed and I took a blood test. I am prescribed 3mg a day. My question is can they accurately detect the dosages I’ve took with a blood test?

  18. My dr. Took me off my xanax today bcuz it was not detected in my system the last three times. However i take the xanax!! 1mg 2 times a day! I just do not understand. Has this happened to anyone else?

  19. I took a xanax on Tuesday n i have a urine test on tuesday will i test positive on my urine screen n i dont take it regularly i haven’t taken a xanax in over 3 months

  20. I have been taking 1mg of Xanax from my Dr for 15yrs or longer n he just did a 10 panel urine test that came back showing none was in my system, how can that be? I take them 3 times a day as prescribed n do not share nor abuse my medicine. I’m very confused n concerned

  21. If I took Xanax 2 mgs the first day and 1 mg the 2 days after how long will it stay in my system? I have a drug test in 5 days and I really need to pass!!!!

  22. I took 1 Xanax about 3-4 weeks ago and I have to submit a hair follicle in the morning for work. Will one Xanax still show up?

  23. Hi, I have been taking Xanax daily for several years now. My dosage is now 2 mg bars up to 4 times a day as needed. I usually take 1-2 daily just depends on what is going on if I’m anxious or not. Anyway I have tried tapering back then tried to only take as needed but I start breaking out into sweats. Could that be a withdrawal from Xanax?

  24. I took half of a .25 mg of aprazolam on december 29th.
    I have a hair follicle on jan 13th will it come out positive?
    Im not a frequent user.

  25. 1/1 /18
    I have taken approximately 20-30 Xanax in the past week or 2 but I have stopped. Will the Xanax be out of my system for a drug test on the 26th of this month? I have a urine test that day. I was also ready you can take certain vitamins to help get it out. Is that true and if so what are they?
    Thank you!!

  26. Hello, I never take Xanax but I tried it and I think it was a lot for me since I never take them and so I was curious if 2 week later I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive but I’ve read online that Xanax can cause false positives is that true? If so can it be the reason why my period is late?

  27. How long does a 1mg peach xanax stay in your system if you have klonopin 2mg in your system and took 3 for two days and 2 On the third?

  28. I weigh 200 lb have not taken Xanax in over 2 years if I take four to six Xanax how long will that be able to be detected in my urine

  29. I took aproximitly 10-15 2mg xanax bars for about 2 weeks, 2 weeks ago. Need a clean u/a in 2 weeks, will I make it? I do take prescription for diazapam 4mgs daily, could this save me, or do they read as 2 different drugs? Also, I have a high fat content.

  30. I took one Xanax.25mg and I have never took it before it felt like nothing but the next day I had a urine drug test but I was wicked sick all night long throwing up couldn’t hold anything down will it still be in my urine even if I only took it just that ince

  31. I had taken 16 xanax in a peirod of 5 days. After being weened down eairler.i take valume now doing good. Will the xanax i took show up 24 days after?

  32. I’m been on alprazolam 0.5 for about 7 yrs and I take one pill a day . And I also take pain medication too . So the last two times I took a urine drug test , my alprazolam is not showing up . And I don’t know why . I take at least one pill a day . Someone please help

  33. My friend is prescribed klonopin and was given a 2mg Xanax and have about 40-43 hours before a urine screening so would they be able to tell the difference between the two and since He weighs around 155lbs and workout on the regular, have a fast metabolism, and drink tons of fluids including coconut water and regular water would it be out of his system by then?

  34. I have a friend who took 1 1mg xanax she weighs 130 5’7 and wants to know if she drinks a ton of water can she be clean in a day or 2…..this is the first time she took it in months

  35. If you took zanexs for five days straight number 1s .n don’t take them hardly how long will it take to get out of ur system

  36. I am having a situation I have been on xanax 0.50 4times a day but my urine and blood work is negative have been taking it for 20+years anyone know why the doctor won’t give me none help PLEASE

  37. My brother had a really bad back injury that required extensive spinal surgery about 10 years ago. Over that time he has been on an insane amount of opioids. He recently moved to a new state and his insurance with his pain management Dr he had from his original place of residence has expired. With that being said it’s obvious that his medication has run out, i believe he somehow has gotten a hold of some xanax. I went to visit him a couple of days ago and he was passed out with his phone on his lap and when I couldn’t wake him up I unlocked his phone and there was a text message from one of his friends saying he was outside with the xanax and upon scrolling up I saw that my brother had asked for 20. He only had 9 left! When he finally woke up I could barely understand him, it was like talking to a 4 year old! To make a long story short I left him with 2 so that we wouldn’t come to fists and I left. Since then I haven’t given him anything. It’s been just about 72 hours. How long do you think it would take someone like my brother to start to come off and be himself again? Do you have any other advise? Anything helps

  38. I have been off of xanax for over two weeks. I took them for years. I feel ok but sometimes I get a little lightheaded, is this common? I still have insomnia some, how long can I expect this to go on? On a whole I feel better. How long will I have to deal with withdrawals symptoms

  39. I have a railway drug test next week…I took xanax(alprazolam) 3years ago will it show up in my urine drug test…plz help

  40. Hvenot used in 10 years two week ago I did .5 mg xanax. An little heroine Black tar. And cocaine. Just one time. 1 night. I’m. On a Methdone. Program. They gave me a
    U A
    Thirteen. Days later I’m. Waiting on results should I be worried. I’m. 62 yrs

  41. I’m prescribed clonazepam and I take Alprazolam as needed which isn’t prescribed yet I’m very active and I’ll drink about 4 liters of water a day, I’ll take my last alprazolam on a Sunday and I piss my urine test on Thursday morning as long as you stay active and drink at least a gallon of water a day and stay active and sweat it out it’s not detected in the urine even through the labs and I’ve been doing this for over 3 years now but I’m allowed to be prescribed benzodiazepines being on Suboxone yet I take my medication exactly how I’m supposed to I don’t abused anything and I’ve always saved my medication and take them as needed due to the fact that I am a combat veteran and they helped me more than anything or any prescription that my psychiatrist has given me yet in state of Kentucky it’s really hard to get prescribed Xanax, no matter what I tell my psychiatrist I went from for 2 milligram Xanax down to 1 mg clonazepam 3 times a day honestly it’s all in your head unless you’re an abuser is everybody’s addicted to something but benzodiazepine is one of the only medications out there that controls all my diagnosis I just can’t find a doctor / psychiatrist to prescribe a pearl exam to me because clonazepam don’t work is good it’s the addicts out there who ruin it for the people who need the medications yet I am not in the VA hospital yet just fresh out of the Army but for those who honestly it depends on your body weight high body fat and everything just drink 4 liters of water a day and urinate I urinate at least 6 – 7 times a day 4 days prior to my urine test

  42. I took two. 2mgXanax.i feel as though I was making to have a HEART ATTACK. I LITERALLY FELT AS THOUGH MY HEART WAS ABOUT TO POP out of my chest. I normally take Clonazepam 2mg, once in the A.m. (2 mg) noon and another 2mg.before bed a Total of 5mg.per day, every day.
    I am extremely nervous of coming out dirty. Please someone hello

  43. I took a 1/4 bar of xanax Friday night and have a urine test Monday morning. Will I be able to pass this test? I have a pretty good metabolism, around 6tt tall and weigh 190. In planning on drinking tons of water and going to the sauna.

  44. If one were to take 2 milligram bar of xanax, would it be out of their system by the time they take a urine test ten days later?

  45. How long will just a quarter of purple zanex stay in your system I have a urine test in couple days but I never take them it was a tiny piece so how long it stay in system

  46. Hello , I am a sixty two year old women who has been going to therapy for ADHD OCD bipolar and anxiety for twenty years now . About three four weeks I stopped going to therapy and seeing the DR. for my medicine . I was on 60 mg of Prozac 60 mg of Ritalin 10 mg of ambian at new got and two mg of Xanax a day . As I said I have stopped everything except one mg of Xanax at night . I don’t want to be on all these drugs for the rest of my life . I feel fine except my back and I feel weak . Can I just ride this out ? How long until I feel better . Thank you .

  47. I took 5 1mg Xanax 12 days ago. I took a uds today and it will be sent to lab will it show up in my test

  48. For the first time, I took .5mg of Xanex at 11pm on A Saturday. (I have never taken a Xanex in my life before this) exactly 24 hrs later (11pm on Sunday) I was pulled over, and taken to get a Blood Test for possible DUI. What are the chances Xanex is still in my system. I am 26 yr old Male, 175lbs 5’10. Any response is appreciated.

  49. Hello I am.a breastfeeding mom of 5 months old girl…I get panic attacks once ina. While like once in a month since I lost both my parents…can I take alprazolam 0.25 mg and breastfeed my baby..I don’t want regular use of medicine but once in a while when suffering from panic attack and it safe for my baby as I am breastfeeding

  50. I was wondering BC in the past I have always passed test after about 72 hours BC I take low doses and not frequently. People have told me drinking a gallon of water the night before and they the Morning of that it would at least lower the levels in my urine. Is there any truth to this myth or is it a waste of time and a big ol bloat? Lol

  51. Hi, I have been taking 1mg of Xanax every night for sleep for about 2 years, prescribed by my Dr, as I get insomnia from my antidepressant medication (Lamictal 50mg and Endep 25mg), I now need to have a urine drug test for a job. Can you tell me how long it will take to be undetected in my urine? Also will the Lamictal and Endep show up in the urine test?
    Thank you

  52. I have taken. 25 mgs in the past stopped taking it for 48 hrs s (counting the hours after I took it and past a drug test at the Methadone clinic). Even after heavy usage I have never filled a drug test waiting at least 3 days of not taking it, I weighed 135 pounds, male, 5’9″)
    When u did the.25 test I weighed 180 like I do now. I’m wondering if the test doesn’t detect it because it’s such a low dose? It’s a UA by the way. I just did this drug test again. I was wondering is 50 hours after taking my last .25 going to show up? Keep in mind I take Xanax at this low dose for maybe a week then stop get clean and then do it again so I wouldn’t say I’m a heavy user I’m not addicted to it either.

  53. Hi i took xanax only for a few days, i stopped taking it as soon as i felt better but sometimes this heavy feeling comes in my head and my teeth feels crampy. Is this ok?

  54. I am currently on 90 mg methadone daily. I took a 2mg xanax bar 2 1/2weeks ago and had a drug test today (urine). Will the methadone help keep it in my system because I’m worried I’ll fail the drug test.

  55. I took 3 blue xanax Monday and was drug tested by my urine at the pain doctor on Thursday.Will this be detected in this test?Thank you!

  56. I took about four xanax bars from Friday to Saturday I have a drug test this Friday should I pass and what could I do to help pass???

  57. Hi everyone who took xanax recently as an isolated incident and then had a drug test in the next couple days/ week: how did it go?! I have one tomorrow. It will have been approximately 60 hours since last use. Freakin out a bit. I’ve passed in this time before, but I feel like I’m cutting it super close. It’s also a lab test, not a dipstick. I tested on at home kit earlier today and benzos came up. That was before the 48 hour mark. Hoping this last day will help.

  58. I was taking Xanax for 15 years for a sleeping disorder. I was up to 2 mil. when I finally started to wean myself off it. When I got down to less than .5 milligrams I quit completely. It has bee 2 1/2 weeks and I cannot sleep. I will literally sleep for about 2 hours most nights. When can I expect my sleep patterns to be normal again? I did relapse twice as I was so exhausted and just needed to sleep! Both times I took .5 mil.

  59. how long will two mg of xanax take to clear out of urine for a lab test for probation . This is the one and only time I’ve ever taken it

  60. I took 1mg (green pill) of xanax on Friday morning, I do not use frequently and this was a solitary incident. I get random drug tests and could have one as soon as Monday morning. I with about200 pounds, I am drinking a lot of fluid in the mean time. I am very worried, thank you for your help.

  61. I took 5 .5mg of xanax on Friday from the hours of 11am to 6pm and I have a drug test tomorrow at 1:20pm. So I guess my question is will the xanax be present when I do my UA?

  62. I used to take xanax im october of 2016. Havent taken one since recently. I took one about a week ago on wednesday. & it completely slipped my mind that i had a drug test tomorrow for a really good medical job. Do you think i will be able to pass the test ? I took a 1mg & a half so 1.5 mgs of xanax & have been taking b12 pills & drinking water.

  63. I am a 52 year old man. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 260 pounds. I took a half .5mg xanax that is my wife’s prescription once last week when I could not fall asleep. How long before I will clear a urine drug screen?
    At the time I took it, it was 12am and all I just needed to SLEEP. I have accepted a new job within same company but will be drug screened and was not aware of that.
    Thank you in advance.

  64. I am not a Xanax user very rarely I will take one here or there when my Anxiety is at a all time high. I have been prescribed them for this reason but ran out a while ago and never went back to the doctor. Recently there was a tragedy and for about 16 days I took one 1mg bar Per day. I have to pass a drug test in 11 days from my last to use is it possible that the Xanax will be out of my system

  65. I have been on 2 mg xanax bars 4 a day for 15 years. I am trying to taper off but the withdrawals are horrible!! How long will this last?

  66. How long would it take for 4 mg of zanex to get out of my urine for a lab test if I am 145pounds basically all muscle except for my stomach 5.5 feet tall and drink only water

  67. I was stopped by the police for driving high on prescription medications my blood tests came back negative for everything except Xanax which was 13ng/ml is that high I am prescribed that by my psychiatrist and have been on it for 1 year before that klonopine for 22 years I was not high

  68. I recently took a .25 Xanax @ 6:00 am this morning. I was just prescribed valium for a cancer diagnosis anxiety.Pharmacist told me NOT to combine the 2 (which I won’t). How soon can I start taking the valium (safely)?

  69. I was 1 mg of Xanax 3 times a day for 4-5 months, then increased to 2 mg 3 times a day for 2 weeks due to horrible sick effects had to come off, go to a detox clinic and go on Paxil 20 mg once daily and have been on it for 10 days but am still extremely nervous. How long will this last?

  70. I have been taking 2mg Xanax bars daily, and sometimes twice daily for a week . If I take a panel urine screen, how long should I wait to take the test. I am 5’9″ 155 pounds. I have a physical job so get “exercise” on a daily basis. If I was supposed to take the test in the morning 6 days from now , am I likely to fail? Is there anything I can do to reduce the likelihood of failing the test?

  71. I recently showed negative for xanax in a drug screen. My last dose of one 0.5mg pill was approximately 20 hrs previous. How is this possible? Now my Dr thinks I’m selling them. My script is for one 0.5 pill a day as needed.

  72. I was in an accident over 5 years ago and was pescribed tramadol on as needed. And sometimes the pain is overwhelming after surgeries. I have asked my dr for something that can calm me down and help me sleep. I wanted zanax and she gave me valium which doesn’t help. So I have been talking half a zanax a night for the last two weeks. Is there anything I can do to rid my body of the zanax

  73. I took xanax 1 1/2 months ago and just had a urine drug test and it still showed a low dose of it in my drug test could it still have been in my system.

  74. Is there any way of flushing xanax out of my system I’ve took 6 in 2wks I’m 5″7 and fuller figured I’m tore all to pieces about this they’ve called me in the morning at 6:15am idk forsure if there gonna do a urine test on me but I’m it’s very possible this is the first time for me ordinarily you can’t get me to take anything I’m not suppose to I appreciate the comments please HELP!!!!

  75. I am weaning off methadone under doctor care since April. Last dose two days ago. Trouble sleeping entire time from April to now. I took two 2 my on sat and Sunday. Will it still be in urine on 29 th 8 days later?

  76. I’m in my mid 60s, weigh 128 # and take hydrocodone7.5/APAP 325 on a regular basis. Two day ago I accidentally (long story but true) took 1 X 2 mg bar of xanax…At the time, I did not realize it or understand what was happening to me but it was not good, pleasant or fun…eventually, I realized what had happened…hence my question??? My Dr. tests via Quest (GC) and I cannot afford to fail. How long should I wait to reschedule my appointment.

  77. I was taking Xanax to help sleep. I have been off it for about a week but still have trouble sleeping and wanted to try to get back where I could sleep naturally and jut wondered if it was out of my system

  78. I am not a regular user but I ate like 1 to 2 xani bars per day for about 5-7 days. Now I go to a methadone clinic and in about 5 days and they will be urine testing me for my monthly UA. Will the xani show up or what should I do? Oh and Im already on a contract that if I do something wrong I will get kicked out. Im scared….What should I do?

  79. I do take the orange colored ones. Having some trouble with it orange urine. Do drink a lot of fluids. Put the orange coating and color of the pill be causing the orange here

  80. If a friend of mine take a xanax on Wednesday and she does nothing else ever and is a healthy adult would she pass a test by Monday?

  81. I have taken 2-3 xannie bars…I havemt taken any xanax in months. How long will it take to get this out of my system? Also I have been drinking plenty of water , is there anything else I can do? T.I.A

  82. Sept 27-28 i consumed about 20 1mg alprazolam. I may have a DT coming up with cps for being falsley reported, although it doesnt sound like it. Im 5’7. About 300lbs. Im a big girl. What can i do???

  83. I have been taking 2 1 mg xanax a day for about 15 years. Iam 5 ft tall and 210 pounds. I quit taking them roughly 4-5 days before i went to dr because i had the flu. They drug tested me to make sure they r still in my system? Should they be still in my system?

  84. I took two blue xannax 6 days ago I have a urin test tomorrow will they be out of my system?? I am about 135 lbs 5’5 and haven’t taken any for months.. thank you

  85. I have taken 2 mg xanax bars daily,for past ten days. I’m not prescribed. just going through tough times. 1mg in am and 1 mg. in pm. I took my last 1mg yesterday 9/21. I found out I may have urine test tuesday morning. 9/27. will it be out o my urine by then? ? please I need to know.

  86. I want to wean myself off. I don’t know the amount I take. Only the colors. I have both the blue and white. The white ones, I know are low dose and I much prefer the blue. Currently, I take 2 blues a day, on a particularly stressful day, I may take 2 blues and a white together. How much is that? Also, I am a runner, and currently training for a marathon. Sleep is important. How many days can I expect to feel agitated before feeling myself without xanax? I am prescribed the white ones to be taken once 3 X daily. I feel like I can do it, as I have before and it is extremely uncomfortable. Do I really need to worry about seizures?

  87. I took 6mg of Xanax at one time it’s the only time I’ve ever took Xanax how long do you think it will stay in my urine. I have a prescription for kolonapin but I’m afraid if I fail they will send it off to the lab to make sure I’m only taking kolonapin…I have exactly 2 weeks til my test

  88. Hi so ive taken xanax bout a week ago and having to take today but will need a clean urine test come around the 15th should it be out if i only take one bar? Or a bar and a half?

  89. I take klonopin prescribed and ran out and took a few of a friend’s Xanax will they show up the same on my doctor’s urine test

  90. I have taken a large amount dose of Xanax like 60 is there a possibility I could stay in my system for up to 60 days I also have a bladder infection so I only go to the bathroom once or twice a day to pee does that make a difference and how long would it stay in my system

  91. If I had only taken 1 mg of xanax once on last Wednesday would I be clear by Monday im 5’6.5 155 lab female average weight athletic pretty healthy

  92. Just figured out I took a Xanax this a.m. Instead of my blood pressure. Have had a couple drinks. Should I worry? My kidneys were bad due to an allergic reation but back to 100 percent along with liver.

  93. I took about 4or 5 .25 mg Xanax Thursday and Friday I was wondering will it be out of my system my Monday for a urine test ?

  94. Hi I took a half of a 2 mg yellow Xanax (R039) it was my first one in months, I was wondering how long it would take to get out of my system. I am 5’11” I weigh 140 lbs and I am a active person. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

  95. I took a bar xanax and two klonpins saturday.I had a test on tuesday.I do not take them do you know if it will be picked up in the test!

  96. I took a fourth of a xanax bar two days ago. I have a urine test today. I’m so nervous that i won’t pass.
    What do you think, Please

  97. I took a .25 xanax the lowest mg on a Saturday about 2 pm. But right after I drank a gallon of water. I have a urine test on Monday about 9 am. I haven’t taken xanax for months before this. I only way 160. Am I good?

  98. i took a half a xantax a month ago,i havent had one n 2years,or taken any other drugs except smoke synthetic weed,but now i have a hair follicle test for child custody coming up,will these substances show? i am 5;2 and weigh 220 pounds. thanx

  99. I took a xanax bar on Wednesday night. this is the first time in months I have taken one. Then on Friday morning I received a surprise oral swab. What are the odds it will show . One other time I had taken one with opiates and was tested the next day also a swab. The opiates came up but not the xanax. I have read so many different things said. I would like to ask for myself I had a good 30 hrs and sweat alot at work but I am very stressed out about this test most of what I read says a max of 48hours I m a one time user and tried to hardly swab my cheek what am I looking forward to. Thanks for any and all help anyone can give me on this matter. Sincerely Mark

  100. Hi , iv taken 4 xanax the pink ones , last week (28may) and I have a drug test on the 14 of June … Should I pass?? And is there anything I can do to make sure of it

  101. I took a quarter of a Zambia two days ago and my work urine tested me. Will they see it in my urine? I do have prescribed other meds that they know about, but I am just hoping they don’t see that little Quattro took 2 days ago. Please help!

  102. If someone put liquid Xanax into a vape without that person knowing and will have a drug test 3 days later. Will that show up in a drug test.

    P.S. That person is in the Air Force I don’t know if that makes a difference.
    Please let me know.

  103. I take 1 mg of Zanex Dailey. My dr. Gave me a drug test and it was neg. so now he says he won’t see me. I’ve been taking it for 19 yrs. I am so very scared. Why did it not show up?

  104. Help please i took my xanax 1mg 4 times a day for 2 days i go for a urine screening in 7 day will it not show up in my urine thank you

  105. If you take Xanax 3 times a day for a month and do not take it for 3 days will it still show up on a urine test

  106. Never take it but took 1/2 of a 2mg. Bar took a u.a.54 hrs. Latter don’t know yet haven’t heard weather it is dirty yet

  107. I took a half of a blue Xanax last night and have to have a urine drug test tomorrow @2 will it be out of my system I am not a regular user and it has been 24hrs

  108. Hi I took five 1 Xanax Tuesday May 3rd I took the same amount yesterday Wednesday May 4th and then again today Thursday May 5th I haven’t been taking them in at least 6 months someone gave them to me and I could not resist and just my luck I got a call from my probation officer I’ve got to go in Monday and she usually gives me a urine drug test I am so scared can you please help and let me know will they still be in my system

  109. I’ve taken 1 mg Xanax for about 3 years recently stopped a month ago to try to conceive, I’ve taken 3 tests and all negative, would Xanax interfere with the tests??

  110. If I haven’t taken dam for a couple of month and I took 2. one mg each how long will it take to pass a urine drug screen? Thank you so much.

  111. I have a ct scan at 2:30 today.. I’m very claustrophobic and have great anxeity and panic attacks during ct scans. so my dr prescribed .5 mg of xanax to “take the day of scan” it doesn’t say what time to take it!!! I usually have iv ativan and this is the first time I have taken xanax. Now I’m stressing over it!!! Help!! 🙂

  112. I took a half of a half 1mg Xanax on the second of April n a half of 1mg Xanax on the 9 I go for urine test tomorrow afternoon I’ve been completely clean for 2 years otger then them my metablisim is normal not to fast n not to slow I weigh about 150 about 5″5″ should I be okay

  113. I took 1mg of zannax of friday at 3:30 pm and 1mg on saturday at. 8:00 how long does it stay in my system and what can I do to fush if out?

  114. If I take 2 2mg will it take 6 days to get out my system . I swear a lot & I drink a lot of water I got a drug test on Tuesday

  115. I have to take a drug test next Friday, April 1st. I have been taking benzos (Klonopin and Xanex) 2-4 times a day. If I drink plenty of water will that possibly get it out of my system??? Thank you so much!

  116. I took .25 MG of prescribed xanex Monday night at 10:00 pm. It is Thursday and I have a drug test today or possibly tomorrow. Will it show up in my urine? Also, should I just tell them i take it occasionally for sleep disorders due to menopause?? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you..

  117. I’m in pretty average or above-average shape health-wise just have PTSD and combat fatigue syndrome from several tours in Afghanistan and the Marine Corps and sometimes I have trouble sleeping so I take diazepam that was prescribed to me by a doctor every few nights along with the Adderall for ADHD and I’m also prescribed Norco for very serious injuries sustained in combat. Last night my 3 little girls several friends over all young kids and after I fed them and put movies on for them my wife took over so I was fixing to take the diazepam to go to sleep and she asked me if I wanted to try the alprazolam/Xanax. I think I took 5 milligrams but I didn’t like it because I woke up feeling groggy. I am subjected to UA test as well as a possible hair follicle test because of my employment as a dignitary protection agent and I didn’t even realize until this morning that I might have really messed up because if they find anything that you don’t have a prescription for, then…. Uh oh! No history of drug abuse or misuse ever at all in any way and I don’t drink….ANYTHING EVER! I’m not a goody-goody but I’m a Daddy of three little girls so my job is really important for me so it’s just better not to take chances because if I’m not working I’m taking care of my kids and you can’t do that while you’re high or drunk. Plus I’m Native American and I’m sure everybody knows the stereotype of predispositions to substance abuse. Any help and advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated!

  118. If I only took Xanax for one night but kind of a high dose how long will it stay in my system and show up in UA test? I have a prescription for diazepam but my wife takes Xanax and I wanted to try it so last night I did and I was just curious because I do get tested if I’m going to get in trouble even though I only took it once

  119. How long will xanax bar stay in my system if i weigh 155lbs. I weigh 155lbs took one bar on march 16 2016 how long will it remain in my system??

  120. I was a frequenct klonoplin user as prescribedbut have been off for two months.i took 5 1mlg xannax will i pass a urine drug screen panel in 36 hours? Anything i can do to help speed up the proccess please help me!

  121. My suboxone doctor wants canal out of my system in 7 days is it possible if I’ve been taking at least 2mgs for the past 2 years thank you for your help

  122. Xanax is out of system in 3-7 days – takes me 10 at most. – they short acting benzo. Valium takes a lot long like 6 weeks. if you have questions, I can help a lot!!!

  123. I took a .5 mg of Xanax 3 days ago, then another .5 of it today, before the 3 days ago a .5 a week before that, and a .5 over a month ago before that. How long would it take for this benzo to leave my urine, approximately? I’m a 5’3, 120 pound female.

  124. I have bad anxiety that I learned to live with. But lately my seizures and insomnia has come back mainly the insomnia though. The longer I go with sleeping only a few hrs a night if I’m lucky the more irritable I get, I can’t hold my eyes open all day so I’m drinking 5hr energy shots to stay awake. I have a 3 3yr old son so I have to be able to stay awake during the day. I’ve been stressing out cuz I need to sleep at night so now I’m shakey and sweaty bordering on a panic attack. I’ve taken everything from melatonin, valerian root, benadryl, aterax, methocarbobal, chamomile, so like EVERYTHING. My friend gave me a couple 0.5mgs of xanax but here lies my problem. I’m a recovering addict I’ve been clean for almost 8yrs, but I never had a problem with benzos, just opiates. But I’m on suboxone and I will have a urine test next Tuesday. When I was pregnant I was on kolonapin with my subutex so I know I am one of the ppl that can mix them without any problems. I’m just worried about my urine test cuz I can not lose my suboxone. But at the same time I really really need sleep and to calm my anxiety. What do u think abt this? Any ideas I’ve tried everything else!!!!!! Please I’m completely desperate for some help or insight!!!!!!!!!

  125. I took .75 mg, not even 1 mg of alprazolam about 2 pm this afternoon, friday. I had the worst anxiety. I have a urine test around 11am on monday. And i dont want to get into trouble. So how long do you think it will stay in my system. I drink alot of water and coke and my matabolism is fast but not super fast. I am trying to get an idea of how long it will stay in my system. I havnt taken any in over 2 months and i tested clean last week. Need some advice.thanks

  126. So I took a 1mg xanex one day and I took another one the very next I have 8to9 days to get it out of my system I’ve been drinking lots of cranberry juice 100 percent juice also Im not a full-time user of xanax and 5_6 tall I’m 35 and my weight is 130

  127. I took i blue and halflife òf peach xannax for 7days skipped 3days tôok a blue skipped two dáy and tôoka blue all i have ten days clean bút i get tếsted next friś day it adds ups to be 15 dáy w not takeing anything..i walk alot mile a day n drink lots íof water too will i pass my ủine test PLEASE help me ease my mind

  128. I took one .25 alprazolam on Tuesday night and I have to take a urine test on Friday. I haven’t taken this medication in more than a year. I only take it when I’m very nervous or anxious. Will it have left my system by friday


  130. My hair is long and has been chemically treated. I only took one Xanax that I had an old script of from a couple years back. It came up in the hair drug test, but the guy who cut my hair took the whole length of it. Is that why it should up? Would other drugs such as lidocaine patches, or Valium etc make a false positive? Also, my boyfriend and I share the same hairbrush and he sleeps on my pillow while I’m at work (work the night shift) and I did not wash my hair prior to the test. It was a surprise test. Could his hair mixed with mine and caused a positive result (he takes Xanax).

  131. I haven’t took xanax in 6 months but I took one today which is Friday don’t think I will be able to pass by this next Thursday

  132. If I took 4 water desplving .5 xanex on a sat night (without having any in my system) would it be out of my system the following Thursday 5 days later? Take note that I am very healthy I drink copious amounts of water and workout and sweat everyday I also have a fast metabolism.

  133. I have to take a hair folical test on Tuesday 2/16/16 for a custody battle I was prescribed xanax over1mg a year ago and had been randomly taken them thru out the years as needed basis I usual take them by halves the last time I have taken them was the middle of october2015 I have at least 15/16 inches of head hair and is large built I was wondering will this affect me passing my hair follicle test

  134. really need to know how long a Xanax 2mg bar will stay in system on a mouth swab test.fairly active weigh 200 lbs,5’10” tall,male 60 yrs.old,drink plenty of fluids.

  135. Is it possible to use alprazolam and your other psychiatric meds to help with a bipolar disorder & G AD? 1mg. Doesn’t “relax” me, I’m told it keeps me from acting weird. I thought I was being outgoing. I did’ t realize it makes me anxious acting. I know social situations are triggers for me. I guess my question is, will I ever be able to be normal when in any trigger situation?

  136. Why does no one leave updated comment to what happen to them, if they have upcoming test to pass, would be helpful to others!

  137. Help took Xanax I day 4-10mgs = 40 mgs total, hear from all testing sites it’s a fast acting benzodiazepines so will be out in 3-7 days no problem, since I was I time user, is this true. I am skinny 110 lbs, it was dumb mistake and want it out now, will anything help???

  138. I have a drug test on Feb the 11 for my probation officer I took three footballs on the 1st what can I do to avoid failing is it even possible to pass

  139. I havent taken a xanax in three weeks i have a drug test two weeks from now,if i take a xanax bar today will it be out of my urine before the next drug test in two weeks

  140. Just a question .I hv an old rx for xanax hvnt had to take them in about a year but the last 2 weeks I’ve had hortible anxiety attacks been taking like 1/2 a bar up to a bar upto 2x a day I hv a urine test on Jan 2 will it show up on there I’m not an excessive us user not overweight .it wasn’t prescribed by my pain management dr it was from before I started seeing him since he wasn’t the prescribing dr I don’t want him to drop me..

  141. Hi
    I’ve been prescribed zanax for the last 10 years . Started taking on a daily basis I think since 2007 . They prescribed me 1 MG extended release some time ago . I went to them asking to be taken off of the medication . I was able to get down to the 59 MG extended release.

    I stopped completely 4 days ago. I’m not sleeping even on trazadone. I am taking propranolol 10 MG 3X a day.
    How long do you think I’m going to be miserable .

    I’m 55 , have a bad liver and am 35 pounds over weight .

    Thank you

  142. My girlfriend took half of a Xanax bar on a Monday and half of one on Saturday, and that was her first time ever doing it. Her drug test is this Friday, so almost 6 days after the second dose.Let’s say the bar was 3mgs just to be safe, that means she’s taken 3mg in the past week. How long will it take for that to get out of her system?

  143. If I have been using xanax for the past 5 days and have a urine test on Friday (that will be lab tested) and today is saturday.. will the xanax still show up in my system by Friday? I have been using two 1mgs for three of the days and four half mgs for two days.
    Also, any suggestions how to detoxify my system so it’s out by then? Thanks in advance.

  144. im been taking 2 one mg green xanax pills everyday for 6 days straight how long do you think that would take to get out of my system and do you know of anything I could drink or eat that would help it get out quicker??? thank you!! PS I am tall with very little body’s January 18th right now and I need them to be out of my system by January 28th.

  145. I was in a wreck the machine I was on gave me wasn’t helping. So my mother n law gave me 2 Xanax bar. (don’t know the milligram of the bars) I took them to days in a row. Not realizing the do to doctor in 2 days… I’m asking will they be in my system and how long. As I don’t take xanex before.. Thank u

  146. If I told 2 mg Xanax on Thursday, will I be able to pass a drug screen on Monday? I weigh 135 & drink tons of coffee & pop which makes me pee a lot. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I do pee a lot. I have a fairly fast metabolism but after having 2 kids it has slowed down some.

  147. I rarely take ny xanax there 0.5 my question is I took two in the past 72 hours this week and just learned my work is doing tests and that’s fine I just don’t want them to know my business so will I be ok in 15 days that’s when my test is or so I’m told

  148. My problem was that i am prescribed and take it regularly and for 2 drug screens it didn’t show up i spoke with my psych Dr and she even said she had a couple of other patients with the same issue and we are trying to figure out what caused this this was thru a 12 panel urine screen

  149. How long would it take for one bar to get outa my system if I have a drug test on Monday and I took it in the morning on Friday like at 6am

  150. I havent took xanax or valium in over 60days i took a 1mg xanax and a 10mg valium hoe long will it stay in my system i drop again next wednesday then tuesday the 5th of january will i be good by then

  151. I have a drug test on Jan. 1st I jst took a 2mg xanax tonight but I have taken one since last month . Jst wondering if it will be out of my system by then .?

  152. Are there things you can do to reduce the amount of Xanax is your system?

    I use it every 3rd day or so for anxiety, but have a concern about toxicity build up. Is there a way – eating certain foods, drinking more, drinking more of a certain thing, that will flush it faster?

    Will exercise and other things that speed up ones metabolism have any noticeable effect?

  153. Took a quarter bar .5 mg have a urine test in 2 days should I be worried or will it not show?? Please help I’m seeing so many different answers and I’m stressing

  154. I took two xanax for the first time the mg was 1 mg each which made a brick I drink a lot of.liquid and walk daily I took them.Cause I just got out of jail from staying thirty days and I was treated like shut from my family and cos got involve I am.not.taking no more.after.tonite if the cps a drug screen Monday or Tuesday will I be ok I have severe depression and high anxiety but my Prozac as not working so I had two canal left Will I be ok of she does.a surprise drug test by saliva on Monday or Tuesday thank u

  155. I sm 145 pounds and take 1mg-2mg of xanax prescribed like every other day for about 2-3 months how long will it take for the Xanax to be out of my system to pass a drug test

  156. I took some xanax and klonopins on 11-30-15. In total i consumed 15mgs in two days and take a few mgs every week or every other week. I have a urine test in 2 weeks and stopped on the 30th and been drinking tons of water with lemon juice and taking niacin every day since. Do u think i will be ok if i keep up with the lemon water and niacin by 2weeks??? Thank you for your time

  157. I took one peach xanax on accident. I do not have anything else in my system. I am 140 lbs. Active and healthy. I drink pleny water. How long until its out of my system?

  158. I have been taking my 2mg xanax about 2 times a week for about a month and I have a very fast metabolism , I drink a lot of water , & exercise a lot … how long will it take me to pass a urine test ? oh I’m also 5 6” & 127lbs …. ^

  159. I took a .5 mg on Sat. And a 1mg on Sunday haven’t taken anything else I have a drug test on Fri. Will I pass I’ve been drinking lots of water

  160. Can you plz tell me how long xanax will show in a urine screen if i only took one or two xanax bars in the past 30 days. Im in my 30s and weigh 180 pounds and in 5’4″ if that helps. I go to my doctor December 2, 2015 and he will test me ans im worried i will b in trouble with him if it shows up… Please help

  161. I have been taking Xanax 1 mg at bedtime for six yrs how long will it take to get out of my system so I can test clean for a urine test

  162. I took a xanax bar one of them and had a swab two days later I hadent done it in a year and a half but have hep c wats the chances I came up dirty

  163. If your not usuary of the medication and took 3.5mm and have for drug test in 3 day it will come up positive even drinking a lot of water

  164. I stopped taking Xanax in July it is now November I got a drug test coming up at the end of this the 26 to be exact will it be in my system if I take 1 and a half today?

  165. I had been taking the white footballs which is a very low dose for a long period of time I stopped taking them October 9th I’m trying to get a job and do better for myself I took a peach football .5 Saturday 10/31/15 do you think they would be out of my system by now for good?

  166. I used to have a severe problem with xanex and opiates. I kicked it all as soon as I found out I was pregnant with my now two year old daughter but about a year after she was born I started using xanex again very heavily. I have an extremely high tolerance for someone so tiny. Long story short I ended up getting pulled over and had a couple xanex and some weed on me and I quit using because I knew probation was coming. I did not use anything except my prescription suboxone for two months then I caved because of all the stress and took 4 bars in a two day time period about two weeks ago. I have my first drug test for probation tomorrow so my question is should that amount of xanex still be in my system sense I had not taken anything two months prior to taking them? Also I am very petite with high metabolism and I have passed a UA before in the past after two weeks of being clean from chronic use. Thanks in advance for any feedback

  167. I took half of 1/4 of .5 of generic Xanax (Alprazolone) for anxiety attacks about 4 weeks ago for 4-5 straight nights. then a week later for two nights. I was able to control my attacks with oils and herbs so I have not had to take it anymore. Is it likely to show up in testing for hospital employees (medical records or administrative job) drug testing?

  168. I took a Little piece of a yellow Xanax Tuesday night and another little piece of it Wednesday and had my urine drug test Friday at 1:45 will I be okay I my not a frequent user its been months and I drink a lot of water as well.

  169. I took 1mg xanax & .5 mg.klonipin Oct,24 I have a urine test today Oct,26 will it show up on test. I’m not a frequent user.

  170. I took 2 .5 mg Xanax in two days when will i be able to pass a drug test. I don’t usually take them I’ve just had a rough few days and zoloft is not helping me.

  171. I doubled my xanex prescription taking 2mg at 7p, I’m wondering if my blood tested 25 hours later how many mg would test in my blood? This is an urgent question.. pls help!

  172. My 17 year old son took Xanax two weeks ago for the second time (as far as I know). I tested him today and he is still positive for benzo but denies recent use. Would a blood test be more accurate? And isn’t two weeks too long if a period to be positive in a young not chronic user?

  173. I took 2 blue Xanax yesterday and I haven’t taken it for 6 months. Even then it was only 2. And I have a urine drug screen in 18 days on November 2 early in the morning. Will I pass my drug screen.

  174. I took half a xanax, this is the first time I’ve taken one. Today is wensday how long before it won’t show in a urine test

  175. I was given a DUI for xanex in my system. I wanted to know what is the level in your blood supposed to be if you take 3 every day.

  176. I haven’t taken a whole bar in over 3-4 months. I take a drug test every week and I want to take 1/4 of a bar how long will it take to get out of my system

  177. I took a 2mg xanax on Thursday will it be out of my system by Monday? I need to know I have a drug test on Monday and want to know if I should tell them?

  178. I took a yellow 2MG xanax bar on Feb 13 and failed a drug test Around March 20th. I did not drink hardly any water, nor did I exercise during this time. (Im 5’4 122lbs) Also my urine was very dark because I was most likely dehydrated. I didn’t think it would stay in my system that long, she said it was a “faint” result but still counts as a positive. Needless to say I didn’t get the job.

  179. I have prescribed codein to me , but on probation , if I took a un-prescribed Xanax would it show up under the same category as codein ? Like in a 8 panel pee drug test

  180. I took two .25 Xanax last night. I have a drug test in a week. I weigh 200 pounds. I drink 2 liters of water a day, and am pretty active. Will the Xanax be out of my system by then?

  181. I took one blue xanax late Saturday an May have a ruin test for my job on Monday an I’m pretty sure they test for benzos, will I fale the rest Monday if taken ?

  182. Hi, I am very worried here. I assure you I am not a drug addict and have never taken Xanax before this point. My cousin passed away a few years ago and while I was having one of the worst nights I’d had yet coping with his loss my friend suggested I take a half a bar. So I’m assuming that’s .5? I have never taken it before and will never taken it again. I am however a student athlete and I’m afraid we will get tested soon. The organization is called drug free sport, and although I have reaearched and researched I have no idea if they test for xanax in their urine test. If by chance they do, how long do you think before it will be out of my system and ok to take a urine test?

  183. Take zanex 2 mg only at night for sleep. Maybe 3 nights and done for 4 or5 days then for sleep for couple days then done sometimes 10 days go by then again. Same routine. How long to get out of system. Or a good guess

  184. I have been on 0.5mg of xanax, twice a day, for many years. I have a drug screen in 4 days, testing is done by mouth swab. I quit taking it yesterday… I am 25 pounds overweight. Will it be out of my system in 4 days?

  185. I took half of a 1mg xanax due to a panic attack from a dear relative passing and I am 35 wks pregnant. I have blood work and a urine screening on wednesday of next week. I just did this today. Will I pass this being 189 in weight? Im very nervous and have never done so before. Please help. Very urgent. If any way possible how can I get this gone before the testing. I dont want to be labeled a mother.

  186. I took about 5 milligrams of Xanax in like two days I have a drug test in two weeks. I am 6foot and weigh 175. I take them like one time a month. Will it be cleared out in the matter of two weeks

  187. I took 4 xanax bars nd then was drinking crashed an took draw blood.what are my consequences.that i will face

  188. My mother is 65 and takes .5mg of aloprozam a day. Sometimes she breaks it in half so she can take half in the morning and half in the afternoon. Her most recent urine test showed negative for aloprozam and ambien. I handle her medications and keep them under lock and key. I know she takes both meds everyday. Her doctor wont prescribe her ambient, aloprozam, or percacet(she tested positive for percacet) because of the test results. I understand why they test and there are guidelines. What would cause her to test negative? Is a blood serum test is more accurate? She doesn’t want this in her medical file. Any assistance or information would be greatly appreciated.

  189. Hi Ivana. You have been so kind with your replies. You sound pretty confident in your 7-10 day theory (everyone can be different). And I am trying to find comfort in that. I knew that I had a really awesome job lined up but I thought since I had done contract work that I had no UA fears. Well the day after I took a few xannex I was called to come in next week. I plan to buy an at home test Monday, to see where I stand then. This coming Wednesday will be 7 days, so at most I can push it to 9 I guess. This sux. Story of my life for some reason. If I have a UA, I always have to freak out about it. Thanks for your blog. and patience.

  190. Took 3 xanax and have a PO appointment 6 days from now…I never take them regularly I work out a lot and drink k tons of water.

  191. I had been under care of same Dr. For 24yrs. I was prescribed 4 mg. Per day. I went in & he said they were drug testing that day & did a mouth swab, he called me at home to tell me he was discharging me as a patient because there was’nt enough Xanax in my system. Is this possible?

  192. I take a quarter of a 1mg xanax at night for anxiety from menopause. Sometimes it’s not even a full quarter. I have a drug test for the post office coming up. Will it be in my urine if I do not take it for the next four days?

  193. I took one xanax once a day for 3 days in a row, I will be doing a lab drug test 3 weeks or so after. Will I pass? I have 19% body fat and have been exercising and drinking plenty of water and I have passed a at home drug test I just don’t know if I will pass the lab test. PLEASE HELP.

    1. Hi Matty. That’s different for every individual based on the level of hydration, body weight, physical activity, how long have you been taking Xanax, your general health state, etc. If you are a long term user, a few weeks will be needed to clear your system from the medication.

  194. I took 1 gineric form of xanax Sat.July1 will this med show up in my hair next week I’ve never taken this before I don’t smoke weed or take any other drugs.

  195. You were asked in 2014 by Gary on April 16th and that was an actual patient not these ppl that are so freaked out that they aren’t prescribed Xanax and going to get busted, well Gary and I are having the same problem I’m prescribed Xanax for many reasons I have agoraphobia, is my muscle relaxer, for my severe panic attacks that sometimes causes panic induced asthma attacks plus I have fibro and had my children after being diagnosed I also take 2, 2mg bars a day but break then down into 4 doses and it’s not showing up on my drug screens I can’t afford to loose my script I don’t abuse I don’t er hop and I don’t dr shop I’ve been on this same dosage since way in the early 2000’s and started talking them once I was diagnosed with fibro in 1997 by a world renowned physitrist I get really angry if I happen to miss a dose and I can tell almost immediately and believe me I’ve been on all the benzo’s and only Valium seems to barely compare I’m at my wits end over this and have NEVER had this problem pop up and have never flunked a drug test please help I don’t know what to do…Best Regards, Lisa Lay

  196. I haven’t taken any benzos in 3 months. I am 5 3 and a 1/2 weight is about 170. I took a half of a Xanax bar because of a major anxiety attack. I don’t have a prescription, although I used to. I take UAs every week because I am in treatment. Can I pass my test? This up coming week?

  197. If I’ve taken 20 bars in a matter of only a few days, hour long will they be detected in an UA? AND DOES FLUSHING WITH H2O help? Thank you for your assistance 🙂

  198. I am testing pisitive for benzo 14 days later. Am i still at risk for seuzures…should i have a medical detox now??

  199. P.S. More info. I’m a 55yo male, 6′ tall, weigh 162 (thin), & don’t drink enough fluids in my own opinion. Thanks for a timely response since I could put this off for a week or so or submit urine sample as scheduled tomorrow afternoon 7-27-2015. I also have a good, legal prescription for clonazepam they’re expecting to see in the urine sample. Would clonazepam & xanax show up the same as being simply positive for benzos or can they differentiate between different benzodiazepines. Thanks very much!

  200. I took one 1 mg xanax two days in a row and half of one yesterday. How long will they be detected. I have a prescription but it’s outdated, I’m not an addict just having horrible anxiety due to an impending surgery this coming week.

  201. If a person weighing 200 lbs and workouts regular and has a bodyfat percentage of 7% takes a one mg xanax and hasn’t taken any in a couple of weeks how many hours will it take for the xanax to not be detectable in one’s urine?

  202. Hi my names Michell I took 2 2mg xanax last Thursday or Friday i have to take a drug test this Friday u think it will be out by then

  203. I have to take a urine test for work unexpectedly. I took a half of a Xanax.25 last night and wonder when it will be cleared from my system. I don’t use the drug very often…at the most once a month and only half tablet. When will I be safe to take urine test? Thanks

  204. I have not took xanax in over at7 months how long will it take to get out of my urine? I take drug test one week. I took 2. I’m 135 pounds plz get back asap… Ty

  205. How long will approximately 10 pills of .5 mg of xanex show positive in a UA?
    The 10 pills were taken over 2 week period.

  206. my friend says he took one Xanax approximately 12 days ago. He has been urine tested each week and is still coming up dirty for benzos. He is 20 years of age and in good shape. If he has only taken it the one time is this possible, or should we have a little more patience?

  207. Hi can someone please answer this question for me? I took xanax last week everyday up until Friday night (maybe Saturday) and took about 1 (2mg) bar each night. I have stopped taking it and switched back to my RX of Clonazepam as of Saturday or Sunday and haven’t touched more xan since then. I have a doc appt and urine test on Friday afternoon and they do test for benzos. I have a fairly high metabolism but my liver is probably sluggish due to all the meds I’m on. Do you think I will pass the urine test or do you think the xan will still show up by then? Thanks in advance! 🙂

  208. Hey I took about 2 mg over the course of about 2 days and I might be getting drug tested in about 12 days. I’m a very healthy individual, definitely more so than the average person. Would I be able to pass the test if they did so?

  209. From personal experience, it takes 2-4 weeks to test clean after taking therapeutic doses of diazepam (20-25 mg/day). In contrast, the dosage for drugs such as alprazolam is about 10x lower (0.25-2 mg/day). In addition, their half-lives are much shorter. Again speaking from personal experience, a single usage of alprazolam or lorazepam won’t be detected after a few days. This is due to the combination of short half-life and low dosage levels. If you are in doubt, use a 12-panel home test kit before going for your job interview or probation UA. You can also improve your chances by drinking a good amount of liquid (50-60 oz) 1-2 hours prior to the test, and peeing several times before giving your urine.

  210. Ok wat about this.. im onsuboxone ok if i take a square from a yellow zanny bar. Just one square not the whole bar. Can i overdose. . And this goes back to my last question i asked yesterday. . How long will one square from a 1mlg zanny bar take to get out of my system. . Or does it even matter if u take alot or not . Will it take the same amount of time.. to get out..

  211. I wanted to know if i take a1milligram yellow xanax bar tomarrow may 15, 2015 how long will it take foe one single dose to get out of my system. . I weight 260 and im 5’11” but im active. N drink alot of water and i sweat alot. By wen should it be out of my system the16,17,18,29,20,21,22,,23,23,24,25 wat day. Please

    1. Hello Ange. It depends on many factors, some of which you’ve numbered. Such a low, one-time dose of Xanax can also take 3-7 days to clear from your system. I cannot, however, predict the exact day it will get completely eliminated.

  212. I normaly dont fool with any drugs but a friend offered said it make my back stop hurt mind you it helped more then pain pills i get from dr but im worryed took four on 18 two that morning two that night have to see my dr on 4th for drug screen im. 198lb 5 foot wil it be out god i hope

  213. I was over using my Xanax prescription due to severe anxiety and depression. I found out probation drug tests show levels. I quit sixteen days before test and went back to prescribed amounts. Will my test still show levels of abuse. Please help. I will probably go to jail if levels are to high. Thank you

  214. I have a friend on probation, that just found out that with urine screening, they test for levels of prescription drugs. If he has been taking more than prescribed for a couple months and found out about the levels being checked and cut back to regular prescribed amount, would two weeks be an adequate amount of time for the levels to return to normal therapeutic amounts or not? Thank you in advance. He is very distraught over this new information.

  215. I went to my doctor and they said my levels were slightly elevated I had been to court wea I was wrongful arrested for DWI and I was taking a half of 2mg pill daily stressing how do I get my levels back. The DWI have been dropped I’m no longer in that stressful environment I never was drunk and it was my 1st time going to court for anything I also lost a child during this arrest so it is now done

  216. injust read a toxicology report that my sister had 190 ng/mL units in her blood. Could you please tell me what dose she would have had to have taken to have a count like that? I am assuming that must be a high dose.
    Thank you

  217. I took 3 peach Xanax lastnight I have a drug test on April 6 . I took them on March 19 . They are half a mg 0.5 do you think I will pass it ??

  218. Hi, is there anyway if I took 1 mg of Xanax at 2pm it would be undectable in blood work by 2 am ? I don’t take it every day so there should be none built up in my system . There trying to charge me with DWAI I wasn’t impared! I want to get the blood sample and have it independently tested. What are my chance it’s gonna register? Thank you in advance!

  219. I took one xanax on thursday, first time ever takeing xanax; I have a drug test on tuesday, will it still be in my system?

  220. I took two blue xanax pills … One on Sunday with wine and one on Tuesday also how long will it stay in my system??? How long before I can pass a drug test??? Please help I’m scared and won’t take them anymore…

    1. Hello Mike. After taking even a small dose of Xanax for two months you cannot go and quit without any withdrawal effects. Physical withdrawal symptoms from Xanax mimic and feel like the flu symptoms. Other physical symptoms can consist of vomiting, chills and sweat. You can use over-the-counter-medications from your local pharmacy to treat the flu-like symptoms and address body discomfort. You can expect it all to be over in about a week or two.

  221. I tool 3, 10mg Friday, 3, 10mg Saturday and 2, 10mg Sunday. I don’t ever take this medication and wondered how long it will be in my urine?

  222. I see a Dr every week and the previous 2 weeks have used xanax. Small amout of about 1 mg or less. Once per week. Anyway my question is previously I have done this and passed my urine test after 2 to 3 days. But I recently done a 1 mg xanax last night, and have a urine test Thursday. If I drink alot of water, will I pass it! Or will it still have traces in my urine. I did piss dirty last week for it, if I did happen to fail, is it possible even tho I used yesterday that it would be a small enough amout to where my Dr can see my levels are getting lower?

  223. How long will 10 M’s of xans stay in your system. Even though this the first time I used. What should I do?!? To pass a teat on Monday!!?

  224. if I took 3mg of Xanax and 2mg of clonopin over a five day period ending three weeks ago will it still be in my system? I take a vitamin pack called animal pack that has pretty much every vitamin and nutrient in it and I take two a day.

  225. And for future reference DO NOT take xanax and drink. That’s about one of the most…unwise, things you can do. Unless you want to wake up in the E.R. with your lungs full of your own vomit 100% unable to breath. It happened to me with prescribed painkillers and benzo’s. I was extremely lucky not to have brain damage and was clinically dead for a very short period. Wanna talk about a panic attack..? Or you won’t wake up at all.

  226. OMG, you guys, stop asking about drug tests! Ivana’s answered it numerous times and is too polite to say anything. About 75% of these comments have nothing to do with addiction and just ask the same questions about drug tests that have been answered numerous times. Read the comments, or google it. Stop being lazy, jeez!

  227. Hi Danielle. The reson why you are finding so many different answers is because everyone tests come out different. Whether or not Xanax will be detectable in urine and for how long depends on your health state, level of hydration, for how long have you be taking 50 pills a month, are you taking any other medications…etc. It can take at least a couple of weeks, for sure.

  228. Hi, I had a prescription to Xanax when I was 19 i lost my insurance and therefore lost the script. I am now 25. I currently buy 50 1mg a month off of a friend and use all 50 every month. I need to be drug tested as soon as possible, there are so many different answers on the web about how long it will stay in urine. at 5′ 4” 130 lbs and a regular user of at least 50 a month how long is this going to take to get out of my urine? please please help don’t know what to believe.

  229. Hello Dave. Xanax has a very quick half-life and it’s usually out of the body after one week time, after single use. When it’s used regularly, on daily basis, it shows up in your system for up to 30 day’s if drug tested.

  230. I am using xanax from 5 years, but I use it rarely, I use in a week 2 doses of 0.5mg each, but i felt my memory has lost and when i dont use it I cant walk freely so now i want to withdraw/leave xanax. Can I do it?

  231. Hi, I took two 2mg Xanax “alprazolam” one on oct 9 the other Oct 10 I am prescribed them, this is the first time I have taken them in years. I weigh 135 pounds am a male with a really high matablism. However I am concerned, I may have a urin test coming up on oct 23 so that’s 13 days. Will it be out of my urin for the test by then?? And when would it be? Please let me know. Thanks

  232. Can a generic xanax show if you were intoxicated by a blood test? For pill G3720 how many would meed to be taken if you weigh 210 lbs

  233. I was addicted to xanax for 6 yrs took my last xanax may 27 2014 yessss…how long will it take for it to be completely out of my system

  234. I am trying to start a suboxone program, ive been on them through my family soc for years, but over the last two months, i havent had her fill any, as i was trying to taper off and quit, and i need more help and time. My question: i took 2.5 xanax over the course of the last 3 days cause of paniac attacks, i could NOT control, unoercribed, obviously,….. How long do you think i need to wait to join my outpatient rehab to be able to still get my low dose suboxone? Its like this suboxone did this to me, and now i know i need to keep tapering just another couple of months. Plus, the therapy, can always help!
    Please help! Im worried! I dont wanna backslide after this long clean!!!!

  235. Hi Devorah. It all depends on various factors, such as metabolism, bodily mass, how long, how frequently and what doses you were taking, your age, your current health state, etc. Xanax as you know, works very quickly and it leaves the body very quickly, 7-10 days is a rough estimate, but should be enough.

    You should be aware that suddenly discontinuing the Xanax can result in withdrawal symptoms, so it’s a good idea to discuss with your doctor about your decision to stop taking the medicine and taper it down under your doctor’s supervision. Your Gynecologist is probably the best person to advise you on this matter.

  236. I want to try to get pregnant but I am worried b/c I will be taking xanax through August 14th. How long does it take to leave my system completely? Will the prolonged use affect the health of my eggs?

  237. I took ,25 mg xanax and my urine was tested 12 hrs later for a job. If it is detected in the urine, would it be an acceptable amount?

  238. I have been taking one 0.5mg Xanax for about 2 months. How long will it take to completely leave my system? My last one was 5/6/14 @5pm.

  239. I took 2-1 mg tabs about two weeks ago (today is June 8). I had not used again since last night when I took about 2.5 mg of. Can you please tell me if you think it will be out of my system in 2-2 and a half weeks from now? Your input would greatly be appreciated. Thank you.


  240. I took one xanax today and haven’t had one in years it was .5. How long should it be before it leaves my system for a urine test

  241. I took 2 xanax almost 2 months ago & I just wanted to know dat I took a hair test & urine test today. Do yall think I will pass both tests?

  242. I take 1 mg of zanax a day. But when I have my drug test it doesn’t show up. I am in pain management clinic and get tested every month but the zanax never shows up. The doctor says I am not taking it. But I really am. Can someone tell me why it doesn’t show up?

  243. If i took half of a xanax bar on Tuesday and Wednesday of the past three weeks , March 4 & 5, Feb 25 & 26, and Feb 18 & 19 Will I pass a urine test that I had to take for work on March 11th? I do have a prescription, I just don’t really feel like it’s anyone’s concern as things seem to get around at my workplace. Thanks!

  244. hey i took half of a xanax on the 19 of this month and im having a drug hair test on the 4 of this month coming up…is it possible that it wont show on my drug test

  245. I had a prescription in the past (years ago ) for Xanex 0.25 there were 50 left in the bottel I remembered from when I used to take it that they didn’t really work all that well to relevie any of my panic attacks so in 2 days I took all 50 of the white 0.25 which worked well with getting rid of the panic attacks however I threw the bottel away and was wondering how long will it take to get out of my system I don’t plan on raising any more becouse they never seemed to work anyway this was just the first time in years that I had took any thing like that so when will it be out of my system since I no longer have proof that it was percsried to me so I need to know when it will be out just incase I have to take a urine test sometime after the 1 st and now no longer have the old bottel that was perscribed to me

  246. If ive taken xanax about a week or two before dr visit and toik a high dose day of app will my urine test be positive i need it to be positive

  247. Is there a difference in how fast the body metabolizes xanax vs xanx xr? I take 1mg xanax xr 3 times dails (twice in the morning, and once as needed), but i feel that it does not even last me 4 hours before my anxiety completely takes it over. Would you reccommend I switch to a higher dosage of the xr or swith to instant release?

  248. Misty, Do you take Zoloft? I use to take it but not anymore, found out it was giving me Panic Attacks! I have several friends that also suffered from Panic Attacks, when I found out they took Zoloft, I told them to go to their dr. and get off Zoloft. They did and believe it or not, 6 of the 7 have not had any more Panic Attacks. Be Blessed. Hope this helps

  249. I take Xanax, prescribed by my pain management physician. I take my meds as prescribed, sometimes I forget, Ive never run out of meds at the end of the month, usually have several left over. I don’t take Xanax (.25 mg) all the time but at least every other day. However, the last 2 months, it is not showing up in my urine or bloodwork. I don’t understand why it isn’t showing. Any thoughts

  250. I took a 1mg Xanax. I haven’t used any benzos for months. How long will it show up in a urine test? I have a test on Monday. I’m working on my anxiety issues and have been doing very well but I had a panic attack that was extreme today

  251. I took 2- 5mg xanax at 7 pm on saturday. i have not taken any type of benzo/s for 4 months. what is your professional opinion as to dropping clean on monday at9:30 am? do you have any suggestions on what i could take to ensure a negative result

  252. I want to let everyone, concerned about passing their drug tests, know that the detection times for Alprazolam in your urine is not nearly as long as they claim on here. I was going to write a long explanation but don’t feel like it anymore. So, to make a long story short I have a drug test every Monday, and from Tuesday until Sunday I regularly take Xanax. I stop every Saturday night, give myself a day off, and I pass every Monday test. I know everyone is different in regards to body type, age, and metabolism ect., but I just want my experience to provide a small measure of relief and sense of hope to those who feel defeated.

  253. What does a 190 level of aprazolam in someone’s blood mean? Is this high? How does the level in the blood corrolate to the actual affects on a person? In other words, when someone is really feeling the effects of aprazolam, will that equate to high levels in the blood at that moment? Thanks.

  254. If I only took 1 mg of xanax how long will it take to leave my system? Will it take a full six weeks for me to pass a drug test?

  255. I was prescribed 0.25mg of Xanax today. I took one and did not like it. I would rather just have a glass of wine but it says strictly NO ALCOHOL. How long do I have to wait for one .25mg pill to metabolize out of my body so I can have a glass of wine? Im not going to have any tonight since I just took the pill at 1:30 in the afternoon but the info says this can last several weeks in my system.

  256. I found this answer on Erowid. It answered my questions, maybe it will be the answer for yours.

    “Most employers do 5 panel drug tests; the few who pay more for additional panels rarely choose Benzodiazepine as one of their additional drugs they want employees to be tested for. Even if they are testing for Benzodiazepines, unless you were taking them frequently, it will not likely register on any drug test.

    If you have taken more than a few over a course of days; Detectable in urine: up to 7 days but usually undetectable in less than 3 days

    Hair drug test: up to 90 days

    Saliva or blood test: up to 6 to 24 hours

    If you have been taking xanax every day regularly; possible length of detection times:

    Urine: up to 6 weeks

    Hair: up to 90 days

    Saliva or blood : up to a week

  257. i took 2mg of xanex on sunday for the first time in 8 months i need it out of my system in 48 hours do you think i have a chance of it being out by then? and what can i do to get it out? by the way its a urine test

  258. I took 2 0.5mg Xanax today for the first time in a month and a half. I have a drug test for my suboxone program in 18 days. Will my urine be clean?

  259. I used zanax first and last time .25 alprazolam i was having a panic attack and a friend gave it to me . Not knowing I had to submit a urine test 4 days after the fact….. do you think I will come back positive I never did it before? I guess I learned my lesson?!!!

  260. I took about 1.5 mg of Xanax roughly 22 hours ago. I had previously been prescribed this medicine for most of my teen and early 20’s for social anxiety but its been many years since I’ve needed to take it.

    I did need to take it this weekend due to several sudden, random panic attacks. I no longer have a prescription for it but my mother does, so she told me to just take hers at my old dose. Then suddenly today I was offered a job. I scheduled the urine test for about 58 hours from now. So around 80 hours between the last dosage and the urine test.

    I’m terrified I won’t get this truly great job because my urine will come up dirty over something so stupid. Is this enough time for the medicine to be out of my body? I’m diabetic so I don’t know if I’ll metabolize it faster or slower.

  261. I know that Xanax is to be strictly avoided during pregnancy. My question is: I took just one tablet of 0.5mg Xanax about 10 days before I underwent an IUI (Intrauterine insemination), mainly to calm myself when I received some very distressing, bad news. Now I am worried if that will harm the fetus if I do become pregnant. I am not able to find an answer to this anywhere on the web. Can you please help?

  262. I take a 1 mg xanax twice daily. I am on a pain med contract. My physician says the Xanax is not showing up in my urine drug screen. What could be going on? Would a blood test be better?

  263. Hello lio. Please consult with an OB-GYN on your question. This is a question for a medical professional.

  264. i stop xanax 2.5mg after taking it for 3 month when i wanted to be pregnant stop one day before i get pregnant i see xanax in category d is it dangerous for the embrio

  265. Hello Neil. Memory loss has been commonly associated WITH THERAPEUTIC USE of Xanax. Benzodiazepines can cause amnesic effects, principally anterograde amnesia, and the magnitude and duration of these effects may vary depending on the patient (eg, age), drug, dosage, and route of administration. Immediate recall usually does not appear to be affected substantially. In other words, while these effects may occur during use of Xanax, memory is usually not affected the next day. More here:

  266. Hi
    I was prescribed Xanax initially for panic attacks in a dosage of 0.25 mg. Over the years I take them whenever things are particularly stressful. I take up to four at night to help me sleep. I’m terrified of sleeping pills as I became addicted to them. I am also taking Stilpayne up to six a day for headaches.
    I do have an addiction problem and in a state of panic threw them all away. That was yesterday and I’m battling. Is there a more sensible way of tapering down the dose and weaning myself off?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated..

  267. One of the side effects of xanex if forgetfulness/memory loss. How long after taking a 1mg. xanex nightly for several years will it take to recoup memory? If taken at night, does xanex affect memory/forgetfulless the following day?

  268. I took Xanex almost every night in the second half of may, all of June and most of July for sleep. We now have to have a drug test for work, I havent taken anything since the end of july….Will I pass??

  269. Hi krystal. It will be a close call. With a 10 day detection window, short term but intense Xanax use may still be detectable in your system, or it could have already been processed. Please let us know how it goes.

  270. I took 19 bars from sept 28-oct 2. I have to take a urine test on october 12th. Do you think I will be able to pass it?

  271. Hi Brooke. No, Xanax is not an opiate. Xanax (alprazolam) is a benzodiazepine.

    Various drug screen panels are used to detect common substances, but 8 panel screens can vary by manufacturer. Many 8 panel screens include benzos, but If you can get the series name and number for the specific drug screen, we might be able to tell you for sure. Otherwise, you can call the testing center yourself and ask directly.

  272. I appreciate this article. It seems like this class of drugs is troublesome to some employees. I take this for prescribed reasons but don’t necessarily want it showing up!

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