How long does Xanax withdrawal last?

Xanax withdrawal can last a few weeks or longer until acute symptoms subside. Get your Xanax withdrawal timeline and more here.

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How long will Xanax withdrawal last?

Xanax (alprazolam) is a benzodiazepine medication prescribed to treat anxiety, panic disorders, and sometimes depression. Keep in mind that withdrawing from Xanax can be dangerous process, so it’s recommended that you work with a physician to first taper and then stop taking Xanax for good.

Q: Can I just stop taking Xanax?

A: Usually, NO.

In fact, various health concerns need to be taken into consideration when considering Xanax withdrawal so ALWAYS WITHDRAW FROM XANAX UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION.

Here, we review how long it takes to withdraw from Xanax and what to expect for the first several weeks off Xanax.  We will also discuss the symptoms of Xanax withdrawal that you can expect and what does Xanax withdrawal feel like. We invite your questions about withdrawing from Xanax at the end.

How long until Xanax withdrawal starts?

Once you have decided to stop taking Xanax, withdrawal symptoms can start as early as a few hours after the effect of Xanax has worn off. These first few hours are critical, as several people have been said to experience seizures during this time. For this reason, it is recommended you work with a physician to taper your medication and then monitor withdrawal symptoms. Other common onset symptoms include: insomnia, anxiety, exacerbated anxiety, racing thoughts, and panic attacks. Violent symptoms of Xanax withdrawal include: tremors, paranoid psychosis, dizziness, and speech problems.

Xanax withdrawal time-line

Xanax withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person, as each individual is unique. Plus, other health factors contribute to the withdrawal symptoms. For the most part, however, withdrawal symptoms typically appear several hours after your last dose of Xanax. Then, Xanax withdrawal can last for months after you have stopped taking Xanax. Though we outline a 4 week withdrawal process below, it can take a good deal longer, especially if you are tapering your medication in order to ease the potential severity of the withdrawal symptoms.

24 – 72 hours Xanax withdrawal – During the first hours of Xanax withdrawal, you are at highest risk of seizures. Being monitored might be a good option if you have experience withdrawal seizures in the past or have a history of neurological disorders. In the first days of Xanax withdrawal, you may also experience an increase heart rate, mood swings, and an inability to sleep. You may also suffer nausea and vomiting during this initial phase.

Week 1 Xanax withdrawal – In the first week of Xanax withdrawal, you may notice that increased heart rate continues. Insomnia, racing thoughts, and irritability are also likely to be present. Use of Xanax over time can also exacerbate the anxiety you were being treated for, resulting in “rebound anxiety” issues. Depression and cravings for Xanax can also manifest during this time.

Week 2 Xanax withdrawal – Most of the same symptoms present during Week 1 will cross over into Week 2. Sleep may continue to be a problem. Your moods might still be erratic, but the risk of tremors, seizures and any other difficult situations will have passed.

Weeks 3-4 Xanax withdrawal – Your sleep patterns should be returning to normal in this time. And physical symptoms should begin to lesson. Minor symptoms of withdrawal can still be present, such as sensory sensitivity and agitation. However, psychological symptoms will continue to be a issue, more so for those who have developed an addiction to Xanax.

How long do Xanax withdrawal symptoms last?

Symptoms of Xanax withdrawal can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. But the major withdrawal symptoms present during Xanax detox should resolve within about a month. However, people have reported cases of insomnia, heightened anxiety, and cravings long after the initial 30 days of Xanax withdrawal. And some people have said it can take up to a year before they feel a level of overall normalcy. And keep in mind that previous conditions treated by Xanax are exacerbated by detoxification. This can make withdrawal even longer, adding to your frustration.

Xanax withdrawal treatment programs can help you detox safely and offer therapies and strategies to make it easier for you to stay quit once the medication is out of your system.

Xanax withdrawal: how long?

In general, Xanax withdrawal can last a couple of months. But Xanax affects each person differently, depending on the dosage amount and frequency you’ve been prescribed AS WELL AS how long you’ve been taking Xanax. Each withdrawal period is unique to the person taking Xanax. In general, however, if you taking Xanax as prescribed for appropriate reasons, symptoms of withdrawal tend to be less intense than someone abusing the medication or taking higher doses than prescribed.

Furthermore, many people taking Xanax daily can experience Post-Acute withdrawal syndrome (PAWS), a set of symptoms unique to benzodiazepine class medications. These persistent symptoms occur after discontinued use of Xanax and can last several weeks and months after you last dose of Xanax. Insomnia, depression, anxiety and other mental instabilities are typical of benzodiazepine PAWS symptoms. Psychological effects of addiction and dependence may also still be present long after you are no longer taking Xanax. If this is the case, we encourage you to seek help from mental health specialists.

Questions about Xanax withdrawal

Do you still have questions about Xanax Withdrawal? Please share your questions and experiences with Xanax in the comments section below. And we’ll try to respond to your Xanax questions personally ASAP.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I stopped xanax cold turkey after being on it prescribed for 30 years. I ended up in a rehab for 1 month . That’s been 4 months ago since I stopped. I’m having memory issues and depression. Is this normal? Will I get better after more time? Thank You! Oh , I was put on buspar, depokote, risperdone,,and gabapentin… I hate being on so many medications. I also quit drinking.

  2. I have severe eye problems, hurting and dry eye. Can this be from Xanax withdrawal? Had them while taking, been off going on 3 weeks. Should they be better. Was on 0.5 mg for a long time for sleeping. I am older.

  3. Wow, 1 month clean of Xanax. I feel so much better. No racing thoughts, no anxiety. The tense feeling in my chest has gone away, the constant overthinking has stopped. The cravings have stopped too. All around just feel so much better. To think I felt nearly suicidal just a month ago. It gets better guys. Stay strong.

  4. I am done taking this god awful drug.. I am 1 week clean of Xanax and don’t ever want to go back.. I’ve been taking it fairly consistently for at least 1.5 yrs now and have wanted to quit several times but just never had the guts for it. I have had a severe panic attack once while withdrawing where my girlfriend was actually scared and about to call an ambulance.. felt like a demon was trying to come out of me. I go through people (not a doc ) to get them and some of those people are my friends, it’s so hard to resist the temptation. Withdrawal s are awful. Insomnia has mostly cleared up that usually only lasts a few days for me.. it’s the ANXIETY and RACING THOUGHTs that are killing me. I am constantly overthinking everything.. I get really depressed for absolutely no reason . I’m never like that. I’ve never felt like a sad sack of shit like this before in my life. It’s like Xanax has changed me. Hopefully things starts to get better soon like so many posts I read have said. I have noticed that today I have a serious headache.. I’ve never had that symptom before until today. I just want my feeling of overall happiness back.. I feel everyone’s pain who is withdrawing.. WE CAN DO THIS.

  5. In March I was prescribed 10 .25 mg of Xanax and it took me 4 months to complete the bottle. Recently I was prescribed.5 and I’ve taken 7 in 8 days. Can I just stop altogether? Am I addicted?

    Please advise.

    Thank you

  6. Dr wants to replace with klonopin and it’s addictive concerned but she says longer lasting tremors in left hand I didn’t take as prescribed had about 49 pills left over Do tremors happen after not reducing Xanax properly in one hand and left face taking as prescribed now shaking stops after later in the day I’m scared of klonopin

  7. I have Rheu arth, Sjogrens syndrome,fibromyalgia. narrowing. Having Knee replaced in 3 wks.
    Found out 25 yrs ago I do not go into ReM sleep and was put on Elivil and many mos later on alprazolam. I also am undr the care of pain doc and take 15 mg oxycodone 4 x @ da. Arth Doc already had me on 3x@ day. Still in a lot of pain but bearable.Now Im being treated like a drug addict I WENT TO 2 HIGHLY TRAINED NEURO DOS AND SPINE CENTER IN Nashville. tHEY SAID NO HOPE.. I am almost 72 I am pretty much house bound and use a walker. # spinal SURGERIES AND FUSION.. Why oh why are they going to put me through with drawel when it is going to make me worse. All of my doc are well known and highly accredited. It is now the fam Pract. that that says DEA says I can’t take Xanax and pain meds at the same time. Zanax is only at night NEVER in the day. I don’t know what to do. Help. Is this the way I am going to die or be crazy .?????

  8. I’ve been on .50 Xanax for almost 9 yrs I’m seeing a dr to get off it I’m having tremors mostly in left hand and left side of face now she wants to put me on klonopin it’s addictive too scared to take it

  9. I’ve been off Zanax since 19 March., 2018. I started taking Zanax (generics) in ’08. I never took more than 1mg. When 1 mg wasn’t giving me sleep, I forced myself to take one half mg. Recentlyone half mg was not enough, so I cut back to one quarter mg. At that point I took a single benadryl table and suffered through 1 more day of sleeplessness. Then I stopped — cold turkey. I think the low dose and finally tapering down got me convinced I can do without this. I’m 74, so I’ve decided to sleep when I can at night, and if I get sleepy in the days, I’ll just take a nap. Really no side effects like I’m reading here. Good luck, all.

  10. Quit 3mg/day for 8 years cold turkey 24 days ago. While I do have to say that the first 2 weeks were absolute hell, it has gotten unbelievably better over the past 10 days! All of the symptoms listed on here are as advertised, no doubt about that. I probably wouldn’t have done what I did, had I known how bad those first two weeks were going to be. However, with that being said, i believe that the medical community is only out to gain customers and money by saying that they do not recommend going down this road on your own, or by doing it cold-turkey. My personal story proves that to be completely wrong. Like I already stated, the first 2 weeks WERE ABSOLUTE HELL..nothing I could have ever imagined could’ve prepared me for any of that. And I’m sure that part of the withdrawals/detox is shorter/longer for everyone depending on their personal circumstances. Make no mistake about it-you will suffer, you will think to yourself “it can’t possibly get any worse than this”…and then for a period it WILL continue to get worse every day…until it gets to the point where you want to just give up. But IT DOES GET BETTER. Please don’t forget that! I’m feeling a million times better today than I was 2 weeks into the cold turkey detox. Sure, I still have some symptoms, but they’re practically nothing compared to where I was for the first 2 weeks. I can drive normally again, go to work and function again, take care of my children, exercise and basically just have a smile on my face again! There were plenty of times in the first couple weeks that I really contemplated going to the emergency room and/or checking into some sort of rehab…but if I can make it through that god forsaken hell all alone and only with the support of my immediate family at my home(wife and children), then I don’t see any point in wasting money or time lining some doctors pockets, just to have them want to put me on a “taper” or something like that. Why in the world would I want to continue to take any type of benzo after I’ve made it almost a month without anything now, and especially how much better I am just in the last 10 days?? That just sounds like complete bullshit and crazy talk to me. What I want for others to hear is this-don’t feel helpless if for whatever reason you can’t do the rehab thing or afford any type of “professional help”, because it CAN BE DONE ON YOUR OWN! Personally, because of my family and my job, “professional help” was not an option for me. But here I am almost a month after taking my final 1mg Xanax, and I’m probably 80% back to being my normal self. It’s very doable, even though during the first couple weeks you probably won’t believe it-i know I sure didn’t. But I made it. Good luck and god bless anyone and everyone who is already going through this journey or anyone who is about to go through this.

  11. I HAVE TAPERED SLOWLY AFTER TAKING ZANAX FOR ABOUT A YEAR. i I took my last half of a .25 ten weeks ago and am still having lightheadness and ocassional shakes. H ow long is this going to last? Should I go back to my DR?

  12. I took zanax for about a year. I tapered slowly and took my last half of .25 ten weeks ago and am still having lightheadness and pcassional shakeyness, How long will this last?hould I see amy DR,

  13. I was on Xanax for 15 years due to PTSD, The first 10 or so years I was on 2 mg a day, the last 5 years the dr. raised it to 4 mg a day, but I usually took about 3 or less. A couple months ago I decided to wean off, 2 different doctors told me to take a half mg til my pills ran out, I have been off it for 6 days and can’t sleep or eat. I suffer from tremors, sweating, dry mouth and eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and dizziness, don’t know how i’m suppose to live like this, I could be in with drawl for up to a month, maybe more.

  14. So, I don’t take this stuff on a daily basis, only when I feel panic attack coming on. I’ve been givin .25 xanax depending on how serve it a panic attack can be I’ve taken up two of them in a day. I have also been on .5 lorzapam I’ve only taken one of those when they have been givin to me. I want to get better. But I’m scared and in rut. I no longer have them anymore… what could be some of my side effects just thinking that I don’t have them on hand gives me a panic. I’m trying to keep my mind occupied. But I didn’t know what the withdrawel stage may be because I never had to take them everyday.

  15. Finally quit all Benzos for about 70 days now. I have experience couple of very dangerous seizures with an interval less than ten min. These medications are really bad and quitting cold turkey , you expose yourself of seizure risk. Still at seizures medications till now.

  16. I was taking .25 mg of alprazolam for about 4 and a half to 5 months. 1 tablet a day to 2 if the day was severe enough but not that often. So we will just say 1 tablet a day. My question is should I see any adverse affects from stopping the medication. This following Tuesday will be 4 weeks without one at all. I don’t think I was addicted just didn’t like the way I was feeling from the meds so I jus stopped

  17. I was on xanax 1mg 3xdaily for approx 20 yrs. I dropped to two daily. Then 3 hslves daily then two halves daily. I am now on half O.5 twice daily. When is it safe for me to stop please

  18. I have been on xanax about a month. Just today i noticed my get were swollen is this normal and will it go away or do i need too stop taking it?

  19. I have been taking Trankimazin 0.25mgs for 6 months. Prescribed to help me sleep. They helped initially for me to get a few hours, but have not been at all effective for 2 months.
    I spoke to the pharmacist re stopping taking them, She told me they are not a sedative and it would not be a problem to just stop taking them.
    I am afraid to just stop taking them as have had an experience of cold turkey before which was very unpleasant. Can you advise please.

  20. Did anyone stopping Xanax after four year have months of heart pulpulations as a withdrawal side effect and do they go away?

  21. I only took two xanaxs three different times, in a time frame of 3-4 weeks. Only three different days. But I’ve now stopped taking them. Will the withdrawals affect me as bad and as long as you guys were saying?

  22. I was prescribed Xanax 2 mg a day 2o years ago. My psychiatrist is new and was upset because I missed my appointment. Lost my job, insurance, and all my doctors. CVS correctly refused to refill. I felt like a criminal after the urgent care refused a refill decided to go cold turkey. This is week three. What should I expect. I am 51.

  23. For 5 years I took onky .25 and then .5
    I would do 4 days on 3 days off on avg but sometimes a week off.. In high anxious moments I would take higher, no more than 1mg

    So with that – if I stop would that create withdrawal?

    I did stop now for 6 days. I was under some serious stress but I didn’t want to Be on Xanax anymore. Day 1 through 3 I was craving it hysterically but stood strong. My head isn’t serious tension, dizziness, numbness around the skull, pins and needles. Now I can’t sleep, massive ringing noise in the middle of my brain. Other symptoms I can’t even explain but there are neurological.

    It’s now almost 3 a.m. and I want to sleep, but the shift and symptoms are scaring me. Very tempted to take a pill.

  24. What if you’ve been on a low dosage .50 to .25? Is there anything else you can take to help you sleep like tylenol pm?

  25. Ive been on xanex about 18 yrs for insomnia. Started out with .25 mg (in the evening only) and now up to 1 mg (still evening only). Also about 6 years ago I had a terrible hemorrhoidectomy that left me with chronic colon spasms. I was given low dose valium 4 to 6 mg Daily to help me with the spasms. Nothing else helped…. I have decided to quit both. I am tapering. I know both are considered low but Im in day 4 Cutting both in half. I feel dizzy and cant focus with low energy. How long do u think it might be before I can function normally again. THANKS

  26. Relapsed and now on 30 mg Bromazepam and 10 mg of xanax. i cant do cold turkey this time or a professional detox. need your help. Can tegretol and catapress help with a C/T?

    Thank you

  27. hey I was taking xanax for 5 months straitght. I work out of town and couldn’t bring them to camp so I quit cold turkey. It was horrible I was fainting and having sever heart palpitations
    and insomnia. I started taking clonazepam for the first week to help with the panic attacks and fainting but quit after the first 7 days. it’s bien 17 days and I’m still getting heart palpitations and I am lucky to get 3 hours of sleep. even with takinga double dose of my ziplicone prescription and two diphenhydramine 100mg and 2 10mg pills of melitonin. I was taking at least 6mg of xanax a day for the last month and a half because my tolerance was so high. I went to a doctor and he told me to go to a detox clinic which wasn’t an option and my family doctor said I was going to be fine. I’m less dizzy now now but I still get heart palpitations that are painful and I can’t sleep. what should I do or could I do to safely treat this problem??

  28. After my family doctor had to leave, I can’t find another that would fill my xanax. Though I had been taking them for 30 years, and all the doctors I spoke with agreed I needed them, said I couldn’t go off them, but they wouldn’t prescribe them to me!!! So I had no choice by to go cold turkey. It has been a living hell! I am now 3 moths clean, but still I can not sleep. My whole body is tight like a rock. How long will this last? I can’t take much more!!

  29. I’ve been on xanax for 8 years and I recently was forced to stop and every since then I’ve been on a manic episode.. twitching, hallucinating, sweating, itching and muscle tightening. I’m scared to see a doctor because I have a child and I don’t know what they will do if they found out the withdrawal symptoms I’ve been going through. PLEASE HELP ??‍♀️

  30. Can I just say this this timeline is completely out of whack..

    I was taking Xanax for more than two years so yes that is long-term, though when stopping this medication, I never tapered. I stopped cold turkey, and there were still traces of benzodiazepines in my urine for 3-4 weeks before I had any symptom of withdrawals.

    I had 3-4 seizures and each and every side affect you can name. And the long lasting effects of anxiety & recovery in general can take, and has taken years for me.

    NOT hours! I’m sorry but I can’t help but point this out ..

    I am blessed to be able to tell that story, thanks for raising awareness ?

  31. I have been on Xanax for at least 26 years or more. I have severe heart disease and am not supposed to be under any stress at all I am a severe manic depressant and I also have severe neurological problems. This last year has been a living nightmare my son in law and his mother were murdered by her stepson which was my nephew he died 1 month later after that my dearest boy friend committed suicide, my favorite Aunt died,3 wks her son committed suicide, my uncle dies, another uncle dies,2 wks later his wife dies,just a month ago my boyfriend’s son committed suicide as well I could go on and on I am a living miracle. My husband died at forty years old of a massive heart attack. 4 years later my brother dies and we were so very close. I had a massive heartattack at his funeral. It truly is a miracle I lived. I have seizures I have every thing from my brain to my feet health wise wrong with me I could write a book. Then last month my pain doctor tells me that I have to quit taking my Xanax completely that day or she would absolutely not give me my pain medicine and reduced it that day to almost nothing and gave me a 2 week supply when i go back I know she is going to cut me off. I feel this doctor is actually going to hurt me much worse than she has ever helped me. I feel she is not my phycyatrist and has no right to make that decision. I would no doubt die or go completely crazy and could very well die having seizures. Do you think I am right? Please help! I need someone else’s medical opinion. Thank you

  32. Thank you for your reply. Now i am a month of a Xanax cold turkey and still having panic attacks. My doctor is happy for me having 0.5 mg of Xanax when required with a maximum of 1 mg a day and a maximum of 6 days a week. I am afraid of employer random saliva testing. Will it be fine if i tested positive and presenting a legal prescription? Thank you

    1. Hi Justin. If you can’t handle it, go to the hospital. Also, you may call the helpline displayed on the site to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  33. Hi my name is jennifer i was put into a phyc hospital 3 months ago and they pretty much cold turked me off xanex that i have been taking for 8 yrs.i was perscribed 2mls.3 times a day ..i have had a couple of seizures in the past from not taking a xanex for a day or 2 the hospital gave me 3 seizure meds.and aderax i was hallucinating,involuntary flailing movements in my whole body it was so i been off them for 3 months i been doing so great besides i still get withdrawl symtoms like cold sweats and some panic attacks ..the doctor in the hospital said at around the 3rd month its gonna give me a real low?? I thought not me im doing so great but now i am feeling not so good at all..WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??PLEASE HELP!!!?

  34. It’s day 5 for me but I don’t feel the urge to take another Canada my only issue is I won’t fall asleep should I be smoking weed a little or shall I do a full detox. It’s day 5 but I can’t go about my day because I won’t fall asleep at all I literally toss and turn in my sleep for hours. I don’t feel any other withdrawal symptoms except for that. I only took it for about 2-3 weeks. I haven’t seemed professional help I just use melatonin to try be fall asleep it doesn’t work. I haven’t been able to fall asleep I went cold turkey on drinking, ciggerettes, xanaxsnd have really limited the weed I try and do it before bedtime but I can’t fall asleep.

  35. How long Xanax withdrawal last ? i was at 5 mg per day for about two weeks and having withdrawals. Now it is two weeks now cold turkey and having horrible panic attacks.

    1. Hi cold turkey. Xanax withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. Some people need even a year before they feel a level of overall normalcy. Panic attacks are a common symptom during Xanax withdrawal. Since Xanax withdrawal can be severely dangerous you should consult your doctor about any difficulties you are experiencing.

    2. Hi cold turkey. Xanax withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from several weeks to several months. Some people need even a year before they feel a level of overall normalcy. Panic attacks are a common symptom during Xanax withdrawal. As Xanax withdrawal can be severely dangerous you should consult your doctor about any difficulties you are experiencing.

  36. If someone had been taking a maximum of 1.5 mg of Xanax (avg 1mg) over the past nine months, does the withdrawal still last that long?

  37. My wife has been on Xanax 19 years taking .25 mg per day and asking wean process in terms of how much to reduce dosage in stages. How many stages with amount of dosage reduction per stage.
    Also wean process for Fexirol / exact same years taking 10 Mg per day/ stages/ dosage reduction per stage.
    Quit Trazodone cold turkey 7 months ago. Also taking for 19 years.
    How screwed up is she? Please advise me me and precautions.
    (5ft 1″ and 99 lb)

    1. Hi William. Working with a medical professional is imperative as your wife withdraws from Xanax. In fact, the best way to withdraw from Xanax is under medical supervision. A doctor will taper her medication slowly over the course of many weeks. Other tapering guidelines suggest that a Xanax tapering period should take about eight weeks or more. Doses of Xanax should be no more the 0.5 mg every three to four days.

      Now, it will not be pleasant or pretty…but it can be done.

  38. I was on xanax, 2 to 3 mg for 10 to 12 years. I decided I no longer wanted to take it so I started tapering the dose. 2 to 1 than 1/2 tob1/4 over a 10 day period. I am 70. 1st few weeks were horrid but it has now been a month. I have a headache everyday but the real probmel is nausea . How long can this last?

  39. i took 6mg for about 5 days straght last dose friday night and just today monday im starting to feel sick i cant believe it gets you so fast

  40. I have been on both xanax and oxycodone 5/325 since 1998 after an accident that pretty much left me mangled have had five back surgeries ,and now need a sixth,but unable to have it because of osteoporosis , I was given a treatment plan, thought I will never make it.
    I come home and decited to discontinue xanax and oxycodone, my thought process was I have lived with surgery after surgery , so many years of PT, and all this mind altering drugs, and when I take pain meds I push myself ,so I adbruptly dropped both. I have been one sick lady for three weeks now, I am still having nightmares,panic attecks,and very weak, no sleep, I just felt it was time to face the deamons of withdrawal it has been hell, but I am going to hang in there,each day I wonder how much more I can take, but I have taken many years of rebounding from major surgeries,I know this is worse,I honestly wish from the begaining I would have tapered off , but just my gonhoh attitue ,my question is how much time until I feel somewhat normal or will I. Sincerely Jeorgia

  41. I took 2 of 0.5 for 8 days then I took only 1 for 2 days and half for 4 days to make the 20 tabs box of xanax xr..soon as i reduced to 1 tab a day i began having insomnia..yesterday was my last half tab so I have insomnia for 6 you think I’m having withdrawl symptoms for the time I took it? and if so how much time is the normal withdrawl for my dosage? thank you

  42. Hi, great article. I was abusing xanax on and off for years 2 to 6mg a day. over the last year I tapered down to where I was cutting a 2mg bar into 8 peices and taking a peice at night. ive had no xanax for 2 months now but the last 3 days I’ve had terrible panic attacks out of the blue. one was so bad I had to call my mom even though I know she couldn’t do anything. I don’t mind putting up with this for a few months but is it going to be like this forever?

  43. My mother was on xanax for 20 years and now off them
    And she has completely changed very paranoid has tremors
    Won’t leave the house won’t talk can you help me

  44. I’ve been taking Xanax since January. I recently read about the side effects and deciding to stop taking my 0.5 mg dose each day. I’ve had trouble sleeping since then and like I’m having electrical shocks in my head. It’s been 3 days since I stopped taking the medication. Prayer helps me through these attacks. How long will I have these symptoms?

  45. Hello guys, my question is if was taxing xanax 5 to 6 mg but now I came down to .25 mg and this is worst days for me this is my 3 day . How long does it take me to feel normal and feel free from seizure pls tell me everything that will help me. Thank you.

  46. Can somebody help me out about xanax. I’m on tapering plan and I came down .25 mg from last three days I’m still feeling tired and noted tingling left side of head. I hope you understand what I try to explain. So how long it takes to feel normal and when I can go for EEG test cause I had withdrawal seizures before and my EEG was abnormal. Pls help me and explain me everyour thing that will be really appreciate. Thank you.

  47. Is it really possible to have become dependent on Xanax after taking just 1-3mg/day for 5 weeks? I’ve been taking .5-1 mg about 3-4x/day, adding up to, for example, yesterday 3 mg, for about 5 1/2 weeks. My psychiatrist told me I can’t just stop cold turkey but have to taper off with the last few pills I have on a strict schedule for the next 3 days. I just can’t believe that I could have become dependent on such a low dose for such a short period of time that it would really cause physical withdrawals. Really?

  48. I am on the lowest mg. 0.5 at bedtime not every nite tho. I been taking a year rx so far. I have half them w no problem for a period of 26 days unless a crisis at home occurs. Then i need the full pill. Anxiety is the reason i. Began. Pharmacist advised keep half dosage for a month then i am fine since dosage was so low? Does that seem like a safe plan? Thank you.

  49. I am a 75 year old female and have been on Xanax for 26 years. I’m on Clozapine 0.05 mgs twice a day. I have suffered throughout my life with panic attacks and it runs in my family. I find that I feel good and panic free, have energy, volunteer, socialize well and often and now my new doctor who is a clinic doctor and I’m lucky to get 5 minutes with him wants to wean me off slowly, but from what I’ve read about withdrawals even withdrawing slowly I feel it’s dangerous for me at my age and I’m terrified! I am feeling just fine and would rather have a quality of life than going back to months to possibly a year or more with possible panic attacks coming back. I also live alone and have no support. At my age I don’t feel I should have to worry about weaning off of Xanax.
    Thank you for any suggestions you have.

  50. I have been off Xanax for close to a year now but my anxiety is absolutely horrible. I’m thinking about getting back on it. not sure what to do. cant sleep, constantly fighting with my boyfriend because he just doesn’t understand anxiety and why I get the way I do. I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me more and more. I just wish I was normal.

  51. Been prescribed by Dr after fifteen yrs on paxil I never had a rx for doses over.05 halfing them for a month.sleeping ok now. Can i stop now with out danger,? Thank u

  52. I’ve been taking .5 Xanax since the middle of September and I tryed to go off of it a couple of days ago and ended up with withdrawals could I have become addicted to it in such a short time and I only took 1 a day I want off them help me

    1. Hello Dawn. Withdrawal symptoms occur as soon as 2 weeks after taking a benzodiazepine like Xanax every day. It’s due to a built dependence on the medication. You can start lowering doses gradually and slowly to make the process more manageable. I’d advise you to seek medical help before you start and later as needed. Xanax withdrawal can be very difficult, so get over-the-counter medications to be your first line of defence. And don’t attempt to stop suddenly or abruptly, you wouldn’t want to do that to yourself.

      If you are feeling extremely ill because of the withdrawal symptoms, seek detox services at a medical detox center.

  53. I need help.. I was taken xanaxes for 18 years.
    Im in a nursing home..i had them reinstater and got my memory back. I am really dizzy.i have speach problems and walking from being dizzy.

  54. I’m taking 0.025 mg alprazolam per day and have to quit. Today was the first day without. Was taking one per day. How long for detox?

  55. I am a recovering alcoholic,been sober for 30 years,I had lung cancer which is in complete remission,but have Copd my lung doctor has me on Xanax .5 so I could sleep and not have bad feelings during the day,I have been on .5 for over a year,will it be hard to taper off. I am 80 years young.

  56. I was on 5mg/day and after months of suffering, I’m finally nearing the end of the hellride… The first time I tried to kick was much tougher, before I discovered some remedies.. Gaba supplements work great for the mental aspect.. Kava (when you’ve got your dose low, or gone) is great to help with the physcial/mental symptoms.. I swear upon magnesium and omega… Tobacco smoke/alcohol/caffeine will increase the symptoms drastically… Patience is key.. It seems it’ll never end, but it does eventually.. I recommend to bath as much as possible, with apple cidar vinegar, and epsom salts… This will help excrete the drug quicker… Meditation and hypnosis are great to help calm the mind.. This soul sucking drug needs shouldn’t be given out so freely.. It has ruined many lives, and I hope everyone in this forum will kick this devil of a drug…

  57. My brother has took these xanax for over 8 years and he take 6 3mg a day prescribed by his doctor. But I think it’s insane knowing what these pills do to u over time. He got into drugs and doctors took him off his meds know is having to face hell.. is there anything that anyone knows that can help with the withdrawal and or taking a different medicine to help with withdrawing

  58. I’m taking one 0.5mg of Alprazolam at night to go to sleep.I want to stop taking Alprazolam,can’t I stop taking by taking half of pill for two weeks and then quick .Or take melatonin night with half of alprazolam for two weeks and quick taking it It’s that safe for me?

  59. I have been taking Xanax well the generic drug Alprazolam since July of this year. I don’t take one evryday, only as needed for anxiety. It is a .25mg. dosage. I ran out right before Thanksgiving and didn’t take any for about a week while pending my refill over the holiday and began feeling quite depressed and irritable and almost paranoid. Starting arguments with my boyfriend for no reason which is unlike me. Could I be suffering from rebound anxiety? I have been getting headaches and I’m not sleeping well. I have been reading up on the internet about it but I’m uncertain if this could be what I am experiencing. ? Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

  60. i have been off xanax for 6 days things started going crazy in my life about 2 years ago i was only taking 1mg 3 times a day. but now i keep getting dizzy an light headed i get no sleep an the issues i was working on so hard to get over are have come rushing back. i can get over the no sleep an try to be positive about the issue that hurt me so bad to begin with. but the dizzy spells an light headednes are driving me crazy an i cant seem to focus how long does this last? please help one of the things i was tring to get over was my husband of 22 years had an affair with a young married women an weve been working on it for a year. now all the hurt feelings seem to be starting all over again an it seems unfair to him. after he has done so muchto change now i feel like im going crazy part of me feel like running away it would be easier on everybody.

  61. Hi I’ve been taking Xanax for a little over three weeks .125 mg a day a few days the full .25 mg. my question is I’m feeling anxiety and down times. I quit taking them yesterday. Can I be experiencing withdrawals? And how long will they last?

  62. Hi.ive been abusing xanax for just under 2 months. For the last ONE month, high doses 10-12 mg. I want off. Its been my experience that the LENGTH OF TIME on any drug makes it way harder than a shorter time even at a high dose. Yesterday i cut from 12 -10. Today I took 8(mgs) ill be taking 7mgs for maybe 5 days then cut more. The WD symptom im most sensitive to is seizures. Thats what scares me the most. Please would u help me?

  63. I have been taking xanax 0.5 for a long time, i decided to get off them. I do not have any it , i have been taking zoloft will this help with the withdrawls?

  64. Im on day 26 increase in anxiety, nausea, dizziness.. the anxiety is the killer when will it ease up.. I can’t live like this forever.. I was on 1.5mgs of klonopin for a year.. weaned of in detox center 4 days librium taper.. I have løst 18lbs in this time frame.. please help when will this ease up?
    Thank u for ur help

  65. Dr sab I am using aplrazolam 0.25 mg just once in night for depression and anxiety for 10 days .Would I am able to leave the Aplrazolam after 10 days plz Sir help me I am very dissapointed .I am waiting for your reply as soon possible reply me Thanks

  66. I was taking xanuax xr .5 MG for 12 years. I stopped it 3,weeks ago and have severe dry mouth. I’m so worried. Can this be from stopping it is this a permanent side effect how long till it goes away?

    Thank you

  67. I’ve began day 3 of withdrawals from 2 mgs twice a day. I am trembling indide. I have a usual migraine and more intense. This is horrible

  68. hi my question for you is y husband is incarcerated and withdrawing.he is not speaking greatly and when he does he makes no sense. is it just a phase of withdrawls or is this permanent damage. he was taking the yellow bars at least 3 to 4 times a day and quit cold turckey. me as a wife I’m terrified that he can possibly die from these withdrawls.its been about a week since his last dosage. is the hard part over?

  69. Hello my fiance had been takeing xanax and suboxon togesther he now acts diff like he had a mini stroke is that posible or what are other sign or symptoms or could he just be withdrawing from not takeing the xanax for 2 wks he still takes the suboxon but he now has speech problems and cant hardly see out his left eye and not sleeping or even eating he has raceing thougjts and mood swings what is happennig and what should we do .

  70. Can I start to lessons my dose from what the doctor prescribed me myself to try and wing myself off I tried to do this but I can’t sleep I’m but I feel my heart racing I was on the bars now I’m trying an lower dose please help me

  71. Hi, I have used 0.5mg twice a day for 13 days for severe anxiety caused by Cymbalta withdrawal and switching to Brintellix. Am I going to have a problem stopping the alprazolam cold turkey? ? ?

  72. Have been on mess since 13.I just turned 43. I wanted to spend the sunny day with my kid swimming, instead, in the hospital, with what the doc called ” the throes of Xanax withdrawal”.I love my kids,no family or friend support, Jesus alone and The Father, I have an alcoholic husband , very sad, trapped, fear my kids are not happy as they could be if I was not on these bentos for 5 years.Went through Kindling, and now, am so scared. sleepless two nights.Even after doc gave me Valium to ease! Mrs. Stefanie

  73. I have had insomnia for two months now. That includes days of up to 7 consecutive days without sleep. Then2-4 till another group of days hits me. I was on the highest dose for many years. I never misused and don’t see any pleasure in use except I could actually sleep and be functional. I can’t work becaus2 of the sleep and the constant spasm and everything I took it for has been back worse than ever. I couldn’t leave my house for a week because I was so paranoid and afraid. Almost got me kicked out the apartment

  74. I was on .5 to 1 mg Xanax for sleep for over a year and went off cold turkey. Had some side effects that were some what difficult but didn’t think I’d have any at all because my doctor never mention I might. Recently I got cfs an d I’m on 1 1/2 mgs a day for 4 months I want get off n realize that tapering is best. My fear is that I may need them for my cfs but don’t know for sure. Do u think because I got off them cold turkey by tapering it will b much easier for me?

  75. I’ve been taking a half of .5mg daily for 1 year. I want to stop taking. How should I stop such a low dose without withdrawl

  76. Was on .5 mg a night xanax for sleep for about 10 months. Did a cold turkey quit 6 days ago. Only mild symptoms but am worried that more is on the way. Current withdrawal symptoms include: hypersensitivity, insomnia and hard to focus. When does it get better.

  77. I have been on a low dose ,05 mg once a day, every day for almost 3 years for GAD since losing my husband to cancer 4 years ago and many, many other losses and changes since. 12 days ago I stopped taking it cold turkey because I had become dependent on it and it really wasn’t helping me all that much any more. I was afraid I would start needing or wanting more so knowing how addicting it is I decided to just go off of it completely. I have doing OK until today. My anxiety was through the roof and it wreaked havoc on my day and how I functioned, but I didn’t cave in and take it. If I had taken one today would that have set my detox back? I was not aware of the time it takes to detox from this stuff! I have an appointment with my PCP tomorrow and will see what she recommends. I’m afraid of too many more days like today! Any suggestions on what I should do?

  78. I took Xanax for over nine years, 4-6mg daily. I tapered off over 5 1/2 months. It’s been 8 months of completely off all Xanax. I am grateful to be this far. If you are going through acute withdrawal, just hang in there and keep going. It does get better. I still have multiple lingering PAWS to deal with, but nothing compared to being on those death pills still. I couldn’t have done it without Jesus.
    My main irritations are weight gain and abdominal Gaseous distension, along with severe constipation. Lovely right? I also have intrusive thoughts that can be pretty bad some days. I have gained 30 pounds in the past year since I started the taper. I was normal or under weight prior to this, now I look like I’m pregnant. After much research, trial and error, Organic Apple Cidar has helped the most. I drink 3 tablespoons in a glass of water a few times a day. It helps tremendously with the huge pregnant looking stomach and seems to help me go to the bathroom.
    I still have days of extreme fatigue and loss of interest. I know this too will pass.
    Never again, Benzos are the worst!!!!!

  79. ive been on o.5 alprazolam,for 15 or moore yrs,after 3 by pass, I have a hearing of 50 percent I have a separated nerve and back problem, I hade 2 pieces of colon removed gald bladder removed nee replaced,the vet cut my alprazolam once they had to put me back on them because my head feel like it would the vet dr, trying to cut them again,im 86 yrs old I have nervious system from the koreian war I need some one to give me some good advice,i also have other medical problem thanks,help

  80. 18 years ago I had been on Xanax for a year and I ran out. Called my dr for a refill on friday , but he was out of town. I knew u weren’t supposed to quit this cold turkey and explained this to the rececptionist. His partner didn’t call it in. So I thought it was no big deal. Next day I had 3 grand mal seizures. 1at a 2 year Olds b day party, 1 in the ambulance, and 1 in the er. I dislocated my shoulder, was in the hospital for 3 days, and subsequently had 8 more dislocations and 2 shoulder surgeries. SEIZURES are a real threat! And could be deadly. 1 hour earlier I had been driving over the 26 mile causeway into new orleans. What would have happened if this had occurred driving on this bridge with my 2 young children in the car! Take this seriously!

  81. I am tapering off xanax and I can take all the withdraw symptoms except for 1. I can’t sleep!
    I need suggestions. I really don’t want to take the OTC because that’s more drugs. I heard valerian
    and gabba pills and Melatonin for natural way. I don’t know.

  82. On 0.5mg Alprazolam approx 10 yrs – one morning, one evening. Is it even working anymore? If not, how difficult to withdraw? Please suggest weening process with least withdrawal effects. Thank you

  83. I had been taking Xanax about 2Mg a day for a year or 2 and when I had stopped about 10 days after I had a siezure!! Plus all the above withdrawal symptoms and it’s about 5 months later and I have anxiety sometimes panic attacks and a anxiety attack once In a while! I don’t recommend these to anyone I had fear of having another siezure a bunch of times and that’s no fun!

  84. The last time I took Xanax and Narcos was in October and I just stop taking them because I didn’t want to do that no more. I didn’t tell my doctor or parents or anyone I was taking them or stopped taking them. But I been experiencing seizures ever since I stopped. Only in the mornings though. And till this day (April 13) I still experience them.

    1. Hi David. Seizures may cause serious damage to your health, so I suggest you consult your doctor about your concerns.

  85. I took myself off xnax abrutly and I don’t know what to expect. Its been 2 days. I was taking .5mg three times a day. Help.

  86. It’s been 10 days since quit cold turkey taking 2mg of Xanax every night night, I have had several of the w/d syntoms and I think they are fading away …. I’m very concern because I’ve read this I could have seizures….. I’m not sure what to do …. Should I take some Xanax again ? I don’t want to have a seizures episode…. Help

  87. I quit Xanax about week n half ago but I’m starting to feel great the whole day and then when night comes when I try to fall asleep my body twitches all leg will jolt to wake me up or my head will move or something like long does this last? I was on xanax for 3 months .5 I took at night

  88. I’ve been taking xanax since I was 19 years old and I am 42 now. I’ve went 4 days without my medicine and didn’t eat the whole time. It seems my xanax is always number 1 to get stolen from me quite often. I felt numb while not having any this past time and since I did without, when I finally got them filled all I can do when I take one now is sleep. I’m having to break my 1 mgs in half and they still are strong. I wreckin its a good thing in a way cause it had got to the point where I was having to take more than what I was supposed to just to be able to get my medicine to work. Any comments from anybody are very appreciative. Thank you!

  89. After taking xazax on and off for ruffly 2mgdaily can I stop taking them without these withdrawal symptoms I’m day 3 with dizziness slur speech and dry mouth…..How can I expect this to last. And can it get Any worst

  90. I am four months from detoxing from Xanax. 10/2025. I was on it for four years. My highest dose was 1.5 daily. My question is, can I still be having withdrawals and can withdrawals cause breathing problems, shortness of breath, sinking feeling when walking, exercising etc.? This started when I was a couple weeks into withdrawal.11/2015. Or is it something else? I have also been withdrawing from Prozac, 1/2016. Amitriptyline 2/2016. and Neurontin 12/2015 during this time. I was put on Neurontin when I started withdrawal from Xanax to prevent seizures.

  91. I was on a high dose tganks to my doctor, 2mg in a.m. 1mg during lunch and 2mg during p.m., I followed what my doctor said but it was clouding my mind, I had 2 grand mal seizures due to coming off too quickly. So I went back on them, I didn’t/don’t want to be on them so I started taking .5 during the night for severe insomnia, I’ve been experiencing all the w/d symptoms even though I take .5, it actually makes me worse, so I was wondering should i just stop taking the .5 or not, i tried to talk to my doctor but he is of no help.

  92. If I have been taking half of a .25 (so 1/8 of a mg) daily for 5 weeks….skipping a few days here and there, can you still have withdrawal if you stop? I have been told it’s too low a dose

  93. I’ve been taking 1mg of xanax for 24 days. I would take half one day. A full one on a bad day or I would skip a day. Dr gave me 20 pills. Today was last of half my pill. I’m worried about withdraw. How long should it last?

  94. Hi everyone I’ve been abusing Xanax for 3-4 weeks now at first I was taking .25 to.5 on the weekends (Thursday thru Saturday), then I started taking .5 to.75 from Wednesday to Sunday for two weeks. The last week I started taking them on Tuesday but I was taking 1-2 mg. most of times were accompianied by alcohol. I stopped cold turkey and was getting really bad withdrawal symptoms, I took .25 two days after I stopped and then another .25 the day after. It’s now Sunday ( a week since the withdrawal started) and I feel a lot better but I’m still experiencing elevated anxiety heart rate and blood pressure. I’m 6-4 21 yr old male who weighs around 215. My question is how long will these symptoms last and should I continue to go cold turkey. I never want to touch this drug again even to taper off so I would prefer to continue cold turkey but I realize safety comes first

  95. Started out with thyroid problem but instead of dealing with the systems from the thyroid I took to taking diazapam .2 mil then thyroid under control stardedcln Xanax. Bad mistake had to deal with the devils partner. Getting off that pill which I only had twenty .25 pills caused holy havac. I b3en to hell and back. As of today this afternoon I actually feel like a person again. I have one of those pressure headaches that come and go. That I can deal with cause I know it too will pass. I promised God let me get through this and I promise NEVER will I even the word Xanax.

  96. This was the worse experience I have ever had. I only had tweny .25 pills stopped 11 days ago and hells doors opened. I have headaches on one side of my face, and terrible insomnia. I will tell everyone don’t take Xanax, diazapam etc.,.. Stick it out those are devil pills. You feel like you are dying. I can’t imagine people who have taken it longer than two weeks. I pray for their sanity. The y need to take them off market.

  97. I have been on .05 Xanax for over 1 year due to a cancer to help me sleep,lately I find that I really do not get much sleep,but it helps me to fall asleep,why?

  98. Ok, all this talk of quitting Xanax is fine and good. It can be done. It can be difficult and challenging — but it can be done. However, I was prescribed Xanax for a reason, and just quitting it doesn’t make the reason go away. What are you offering as a substitute for someone with PTSD, heightened anxiety, and tendencies toward panic attack? THESE symptoms remain, and from my experience, are indistinguishable from withdrawal symptoms. I, for one, am much more comfortable ON the drug than I am OFF of it. Tell me again why getting off the drug is so important.

  99. It’s been day 15 without xanax I been on 1mg 3 times daily for 21 yrs all of a sudden my doctor takes them from me I never experienced such a horrible feeling it never seems to stop mu stomach is pulling and my head is more feeling than light headed pls I just want to feel normal again

  100. So I already take a small dosage of Xanax (a small piece of a white bar) I would take 1/4 every night before bed for about 5 months and I’m wondering how I can taper off of this already small amount. I am terrified of withdrawal symptoms after reading/witnessing seizures etc. I took half of a half of 1/4 for the past two days feel slightly weird but I am not sure if I’m just bugging mysef out or not..

    I personally do not think that I am mentally addicted to this drug and would really like some advice getting off.

  101. I’m 20 years old I have been off of xanax since the end of October 2015 & I have had muscle twitching and pain since I went cold turkey. My doctor prescribed them to me to take .5 twice a day for my panic attacks that popped up outta nowhere. My body is super sensitive to everything! Everything from my butt to my tongue twitches. My left arm & neck gave me the worse pain. My thighs, legs, arms, hands, butt, face, tongue, breast, eye, anything u can think of has twitched. It usually last a few seconds. I’ve recently gotten joint pain & my knees crack when ever I twist them. The pain isn’t as bad as it used to be and the twitching has calmed down A LITTLE but still occurs everyday. I used to have heart flutters and shortness of breath that would make me have a panic attack & it would land me in the hospital. It’s gotten so bad I’ve been tested for MS & ALS and it came back negative. My mind is always racing, I always think I have some CNS disease despite me being in the hospital numerous times & been told nothing is wrong with me. I’ve been considering getting back on them because the twitching and joint pain worries me too much. It’s hard going thru this alone & nobody around me understanding how much this has impacted my mental more than anything. I’ve tried exercising for two days but my legs hurted so bad I gave up. IDK what else to do…I’m desperate for helpful advice

  102. I was taken off after 18 years bit now I am dizzy or unbalanced. I am back on it but now memory back but unbalanced all the time. Need help in a nursing home and only 55.

  103. I have been on Xanax 2mg as needed for panic attacks for many years, however, over the past year or so, my doctor increased the dose from 2mg three times per day or as needed but sad ans stressful times have befallen me. I have been on 8 mg four times per day for approximately 3 months. She never asked me The amount I was taking. She only meets with me for less than two minutes! I assumed she knew! The Xanax is creating more anxiety! The doctor will not call me back and I must taper down on my own. I have weaned myself off medications (ssris) as I was in the medical field, but I reduced the amount by merely .25 and I feel the withdrawl and it is a horrible experience. The dose is too high and simply took her advise. Stressful times lead her to this decision but I am afraid. Because the dosing was so high and the increased anxiety, I also could not eat, sleep, and the palpitations and felt as if my heart would jump from my chest! I started tapering 3 days ago following the Ashton manual. Also, with the high dose which was a very bad call on the doctor’s part, rebound anxiety is very common at this high dose. I am so afraid I am going to die.

    1. Hi, Judi. I’d suggest you contact your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you. Good luck!

  104. I say I started doing xanax is about 6 months ago I buy them off the streets I would do probably starting off I was doing them on weekends probably a couple of bars for a couple weeks then I started doing them everyday I say a couple footballs or bars like a month in the second month I started doing them more probably couple bars a day then I quit one week and about killed me then I started doing them again and now I been doing a lot I probably do a bar are two a day and probably four bars on the weekends I’ve been doing that now probably for like over the six months you do you have good advice if I go cold turkey how I long my with draws would be are some good advice how to get off of them because if I go a couple days I’m in a nervous wreck I can’t sleep and I get the shakes real bad

  105. Day 14 – that my husband is out from xanax and he went out for a smoke after eating at a dinner and I was waiting in the car. A lady came up to me and told me that my husband fell. The lady told me he had a seizure. It was for few seconds according to my husband and his muscles just locked up and froze and fell. Is anybody here who had experienced this cold turkey withdrawal? How long will this last? I know it is the worst thing to do and I am hoping those who plan try to stop taking this please do it the right way. Please help. Thank you.

  106. I tried again to discontinue Xanax but before 24 hours had passed, I was obsessing over the state of my health, my future, and developed a severe stomach ailment. The impulse was to run — the madness was — there was no place to run to.

  107. My husband has been taking .25mg of xanax for almost a month and he decided to do cold turkey. It is his eight day now. He is so resilient on getting through this but me being the wife and seeing him get through this worries me. Everytime he tries to sleep he experiences tremors a lot to a point it wakes him up. For eight days I don’t know if gets a good sleep. Otherwise during the day he just have shaky hands. How long will this last? What to do from here?

  108. I wish each and everyone off you a swift and easy recovery from trankmazin I have been xanax free over a year it was hell the detox part nearly killed me in last year I’ve had one panic attack these pills have left me cold but still back to cool calm and collect all the best to everyone …

  109. I have taken .25 xanax for a couple of years, only 1 or 2 a month and only taking a half a pill at those times. Well about 10 days ago I had some problems with my thyroid meds and was having panic attacks all day. So my endocrinologist told me to start taking 2 of the .25 one at night and 1 in the morning, I saw my primary care doc yesterday and he said this is bad. THat now I will have to taper off. My question is should I taper since being on this for 10 days now? Will it be bad? He said to go to 1/2 a pill at night for a week and 1 during the day then the enxt week non at night and 1/2 during the day then off of it the 3rd week. Is it possible to go thru terrible withdrawl after 10 days? Please can someone help me with this. Now i’m scared to death.

    1. Hi Patty. Yes, I’d agree with your doctor. So, I also suggest that you cut back doses gradually during the course of a few weeks. Xanax tolerance grows quickly, and you body can get adjusted to its presence even though you only take it for a short period of time. Good luck to you!

  110. was on xanax for 41 days .25 twice a day then went to .25 for a week now cold turkey for four days how long will it take to be back to normal?

  111. After being on the drug Alprazolam 2mg ER for almost 2yrs, I have taperd to 1 MG ER for 7 days. Just the taper has put me in major detox, most the symptoms. Should I go back up to 1.5 MG? I am 64 yo? If no because perhaps that would just prolong things, when should I go down to .5MG ER? Then nothing? Because my detox is pretty bad now, as I slowly detox, whe I stop entirely will it be as bad or have I paid some dues?

  112. Hello all! Don’t allow these articles scare or discourage you! Tell all the med pushing shrinks to f off and save your money and take yourself shopping. I have been on benzos for a year, opiates for 2 years prior to that, so three year pill haze waste of my life scared to death begging doctors to please help me, spending ALL my money, lost my sanity for sometime due to Benzo use and i finally said ENOUGH! I am tired of my life revolving around these stupid little pills and Im sure you are as well. So I stopped taking them, quit buying into all these scary manipulative articles and went through the withdrawls myself on my own terms. I was taking 2mg average a day then dropped to .05mg for two days and then quit. Day two I was already feeling my old self come back. Day 2! I was so scared to quit prior to this due to being scared of the “what if’s” but am SO glad I did it. If you are ready to regain your life, the power and choice is already within you to do so. Just believe, keep pushing through when you feel rough and be ready for a new and amazing life ahead, free from the hunt! It IS possible, all you have to do is believe in yourself and you will be free.

    Love and Compassion to all,

  113. I took 1 mg. Xanax for 2 years, then down to half for 6 months. I just quit cold turkey because of memory problems and decided to look up Xanax withdrawal. I am on my 2nd day and have really just noticed that I seem a little more jumpy and didn’t sleep well last night. Will try an over the counter sleep aid tonight. I don’t really feel much of a withdrawal from this drug after being on it for years. However, I am on day two but feel most of the symptoms should have happened already. Wondering why I haven’t had a problem getting off of it? I am 62 years old.

  114. Hi Jeanie. My name is Coy. I have posted here my recovery 3 times. From when I got out of rehab Jan 31 to now. All of your symptoms are normal withdrawals. I had the same ones as you but adding I couldn’t speak for days after. Ringing ears, dazed feeling,dizzy,racing thoughts. And I could go on. Each person is different in how the withdrawals affect you. Each month for me got easier. It was literal hell on earth for several months. I’m on month 9 and finally have no withdrael symptoms. You can do this. It’s going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but so worth it. Ask your doctor for samples of Brintellix. It’s very new but works great for severe anxiety which I have also without this med. it also has increased my appetite which I really don’t need but I love to eat. I’m pretty much normal weight. Good luck with your recovery but don’t give in to getting back on them. It does get better

  115. Hi Jeanie. My name is Coy. I have posted here my recovery 3 times. From when I got out of rehab Jan 31 to now. All of your symptoms are normal withdrawals. I had the same ones as you but adding I couldn’t speak for days after. Ringing ears, dazed feeling,dizzy,racing thoughts. And I could go on. Each person is different in how the withdrawals affect you. Each month for me got easier. It was literal hell on earth for several months. I’m on month 9 and finally have no withdrael symptoms. You can do this. It’s going to be the hardest thing you’ve ever done but so worth it. Ask your doctor for samples of Brintellix. It’s very new but works great for severe anxiety which I have also without this med. it also has increased my appetite which I really don’t need but I love to eat. I’m pretty much normal weight. Good luck with your recovery but don’t give in to getting back on them, you can do this!!!

  116. Hi! My name is Jeanie and I have been on 4 miligrams of xanax daily. I have severe panic attacks, terrible anxiety, and everything else that comes along with those things. Ive been taking xanax for over 15 years now. I wanted to stop taking ALL benzo’s because for some strange reasons I CAN’T gain weight on them and if you knew me, you would ptobably looked better with the weight on than off. Im basically in my 2nd week of withdraw, and though I am out of the woods for seizures, my physical symptoms are still really severe. My lower jaw snaps shut (sometimes on my tongue), and my twitching and jerking are indescribable! I loose weight at an MORE THAN ALARMING RATE, (and continue to loose), I’m running into walls, hitting my extremities on everything I come in contact with. Food…forget about it. No desire to eat or drink anything. I feel electrical impulses in my brain, yes I know its strange, but I do. I’ve been up for almost 10 nights in a row and needless to say my mania is uncontrollable! I’m 94 pounds, and my original weight is 125. Can’t make sentences, my short term memory is non-existent I could go on and on! Just wondering how long it will last, it’s unbearable…

  117. Hi guys. I haven’t posted my recovery from Xanax since March. I took 6mg for about 9 years the a fifth of tequila a day with them the last few years. I went into rehab Jan 31. Since then it’s been a tough roller coaster. But I can say after 9 months I’m completely over all withdraws. I do take a non narcotic med for my anxiety which controls it very well. I now am bank to my old self, doing things I love doing. I even went skydiving on my birthday last month. The best advise I can give is to never start using Xanax no matter what. I know it’s a great quick fix but not worth the hell it presents years later. Never quit cold turkey. Get help as I did and resist the temptation to start back when the withdrawals are hell on earth. I feel great and with will power and people helping you that are a part of your life, you can do this. I read that it takes 7 days!! Haha what a joke. If you get past 7 days you won’t die is what they should have said. After that it’s a struggle. Every day for months. But to be off for 9 months is the best feeling I could ask for. It was well worth the months of withdrawals. I hope this helps and trust what I say. I would have died doing what I was doing. Now I get to live, not dependent on these two horrible drugs that almost killed me. Hang in there guys. You can beat this!!

    1. Thank you for keeping us posted, Coy. I’m glad you’ve made a great progress these past 9 months. Continue the good recovery process and good luck!

  118. My doctor switched me from Xanax to Valium 5 mg and Restoril 15. This happened about 4 months ago. Could I be going through PAWS? I feel all the symptoms.
    Thank you

  119. I take 1mg of xanax at night only and have been doing so for around 20 yrs for RLS. I have recently as of Aug 27th 2015 removed all hydrocodone and tramadol out of my body successfully which I took for 18 yrs for Fibromyalgia and CFS. Since that “layer” of substance is off I am noticing boughts of pain, fatigue, heart palpitations, and as the day goes on I continue to get sicker and sicker By bedtime I am feeling crippled with the symptoms of FM and CFS and take my dose of Xanax to go to sleep.
    Is the 1 dose of 1 mg of xanaz creating symptoms as the day goes that would mimic flu-like symptoms? And if so would the tapering work if I break that 1 mg into 4- .25 mg or only as needed thru the day and night – not to exceed the 1 mg – and taper from that? Would that help me not to lose functionality as the day unfolds each day?

    Thank you for any and all help!

  120. I take 1.25 Xanax a day. Have started tapering with dr. Does inter dose withdrawal symptoms cause bad hot /cold sweats during night then nausea weakness in am. Also shaking. Dr put me on low dose Budpar to help with am skakes. I am also drug sensitive so can’t take high doses. I go from 6pm at .5 until 7am .5 with out nightime dose.

  121. I have been off xanax 5 days. I was taking up to 2 mg a day for 12 plus years. I am experiencing every withdrawl symptom imaginable. I am fortunate to have medication for the physical side effects. I suggest anyone going through this withdrawl contact doctor you medicaiton to help with nausea, headaches, diarrhea, all those miserable side effects. I have not idea when I will feel better but I do know I will never go back on this hideous drug again. I agree with others, this medication should be off the market..

  122. After coming off Paxil I’ve been taking 0.5mg xanax once a day or as needed when I feel anxious. Because I am having trouble staying asleep since I stopped the Paxil, I was prescribed trazadone 50mg at night. Do I have to taper off the xanax or is there something I can take to help me with my anxiety that is not a drug? Rosemary

  123. ONCE, I tried to stop, after 15 years of taking just 1/2 of a .25 pill 1x day before bed… I can’t begin to tell you the horror I went through. I didn’t sleep for months. My brain was racing with thousands of thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking & WORRYING about anything, everything. It was like being on speed, and the headaches would not stop. I had lost my way and all of my confidence. I became severely depressed. I had really scary panic attacks. I felt like I was going to DIE. Death would have actually been a relief! Needless to say, I decided that HELL ON EARTH was not worth it. Today I continue to take my .125mg at night. Now I can sleep again & not have to worry too much. I am not proud to have to admit that I am addicted to this dangerously addictive drug. But I have a life back that I wish to enjoy the remainder of, and getting on in years, I don’t feel that it is such a terrible a thing for a person to have to take a little bit of Xanax to gain a little peace and feel happy in life. I don’t wish to discourage ANYONE but THIS is how my Xanax withdrawal affected ME. Everyone experiences different symptoms. These were mine. I commend ANYONE who can get off the stuff and feel like the person they used to be, when they didn’t use it. I also read that being many years on the drug as I have been has a MUCH GREATER profound effect on the brain I looked into the face of hell, and that is not where I wish to EVER return again.

  124. Taking xanax .5 twice a day as directed for a ywar. Never abused. How in the hell can I get off this without such terrible withdrawls?

  125. I took 4 mg xanax a day for like 5 months never really felt any w/d even if I go a day without one. But I am detoxing from subtext so i.guess the shitty feeling may all be in the w/d from the opiates

  126. I recently stopped taking xanax cold turkey. I was taking 2mg twice a day at the end. I started out taking .5mg at a time. Over 6 months built up to this. I had my last dose Tuesday and I have suffered increased heart rate, panic attacks, muscle spasms where my hands locked up, and am sooo nauseous I can barely eat. It is day 5 and I still feel no better. I urge you if you can to never start this medication.

  127. I have only been taking Xanax for a week and decided to quit . How long should/will it take for withdrawal symptoms to go away?

  128. My mom is 64 years old & took xanax for about 7 years. She became addicted & very dependent on it, to the point where her body would withdraw if she didn’t take one after her last one wore off. She was taking maybe 5 a day. 1 MG each. She finally wanted a change & decided to go to a rehab where she detoxed from it in 7 days. Unfortunately she never stayed & attended the group therapy & classes. It’s going on a month now since she detoxed & she’s still withdrawing. Is this normal? How long should it last? Could she be withdrawing from something else, or took some more after detox? Is xanax withdrawal even after being detoxed really that long lasting? Anyone who can offer some advice please do, thanks in advance! ( :

  129. I was prescribed .05 mg of xanax 3 years ago to help me through some rough times in my life and sleep did some research because I was wondering why at exactly the same time every day I would go straight into the worst panic but noticed it was getting worse! I take one in the morning after reading how horrible this drug is 2 days ago stopped taking it I have felt like death!!! Nervous heart racing foggy headache know it is withdraw told my my doctor I wanted off this stuff he told just stop taking it don’t want to taper just want it over! And out of my system and feel normal again I have never been one for drugs prefer alternative natural measures but broke down and started this now it controls me! Scared and need to know I will be Ok and when this will go away!

  130. Was prescribed xanax for anxiety a month ago. 250 mg daily. For d last week I have been taking half this dose daily ad I wish to withdraw. Have lost appetite, am anxious, jittery just not feeling myself, mood down also. Is this withdrawal due to reducing dose. How long should I expect this to last. It is extremely uncomfortable.

  131. Hello,
    I have a concern – I’ve been on 1mg of Xanax for 7 months. Unfortunately I’m in the process of transitioning jobs. With that said I currently do not have health insurance. I ran out of Xanax 3 days ago, and ever since then I’ve been feeling sick. I’m not sure how to go about this. I’m not sleeping not able to fully fuction during the day. My physician will no longer see me because they do not take patients with out insurance! Is it possible for me to contact a new physician? Do you know if they will prescribe me this medication?

  132. I sat here read some of the painful comments as I was in search of something for my daughter who’s in rehab but taken to the hospital for with draws. I’ve been on xanex myself since age of 19 I’m 40 somthig now..anyways for some of you who’s having problems coming off the xanex I have a little info for you that may help SOME of you…when I got pregnant for my daughter Dr told me I HAVE to stop taking it as its very very assixting to the baby,I’ve not got high from the drug an take it for the purpose its given for….the OBGYN whom was an old mid wife fjay believes in old fashion things such as Valium, Pearogoreik and so on that newer drs no longer believe in..I’ll get to the point..I started crying worried bout my panic attacks was gonna come back….she bent over took my chin whispered you don’t have to be scared but you can’t stop cold Turkey… An you can’t lowr your dose. You ha e to STOP now…she said buy you a over the counter medication called (BENADRYL) ….it helps with so many things that Xanex is used for. I wish you all the best an god bless….remember DONT STOP COLD TURKEY!!!!! Angela

  133. I have been off Xanax now for over a year , but still have sensitivity to light and noise as well as anxiety. I’ve started a blog to maybe help me cope. I am angry at my ‘doctors.’ It is called High Anxiety at, I’d appreciate your support. Thanks

  134. I was getting .5 mg from a friend here and there. Then I bought 30 from someone I know. I took 15 and when I realized what was happening, and then I flushed the other 15. That was Tuesday! It is now Sunday and I have only slept 2 hours in the last 5 days! Insomnia from this is so terrible, and I took it less than 2 weeks! This drug has no place in society and should be banned. These psychoactive drugs are playing with people’s brain chemistry! I bet if a real study was done, dependency with Xanax stars the very first time you use it. I’m going to go ahead and ride this out “cold turkey”, if you are thinking about using this drug, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into! I now believe anxiety was meant to be dealt with naturally.

  135. My girlfriend use to do lots of xanax for about a year & quit about 8 months ago & is still getting seizures, she had one about 2 weeks after quitting, another about 2 months later & had another just yesterday. She gets little twitches in her arms only & gets a last big one or two before she has a seizure she is having the twitches again & the doctors just tell us its just withdrawal & it will pass by could this really be just withdrawal ? Will it be better to just have them as a daily medication for the seizures or does that just make things worse ? Please get back to me can’t find any real help.

  136. I have been on xanax for 7 months 3 mg a day I called for my prescription and my dr deinid it. I suffer from epilepsy . I want to know if he can legally do that knowing suffer from seizures.

  137. Steve and Mary V, thank you so much for your words. You made a good point in finding a new Dr. Being prescribed 10mg Xanax for 10 years has affected my memory and concentration terribly. although terribly afraid, I want and need to begin a slow taper ASAP. I just began working a part time job last week and I work with the public. Does anyone know if I’ll be able to taper while working? I think my dose is so high for so long, does anyone think inpatient treatment would be better?? I’m so afraid but I need to get off of this Xanax (and Ritalin). My husband understands that I may not be able to work during at least some of the taper. I would appreciate feedback from others in my shoes. Thank you everyone and good luck to all. Ronnie

  138. I have been on alprazolam for 1.5 yrs. started with half dose 0.25mg and last 6 months on 0.12 mg. i have gone off for 4 days no problem, then back on. I went off for two days recently and noticed some head tremors and eye tremors, went back on it then off for two days and the tremors got worse. Went to ER thinking I have some neurological disorder. Cat scan, etc. was done. Diagnosed as migraine. Was just at a clinic doctor and he said withdrawl symptoms from being off even two days can occur. I have Been off for 7 days, two ER visits ( told me to go off) and clinic doctor told me to go back on to see if symptoms get better then I would know for sure it is withdrawl . Symptoms are blurred vision, stomach cramps, tremors in head, gradual increase of spasms in head, sensation of vomiting, (esp at night) Thought at a low does this would not happen. How long before these symptoms go away, will any be permanent? I read taking omaga3 could help or a type of tea? Enjoyed reading your posts, although have not read about taking low doses at 0.12 day causing serious withdrawl. Thanks

    1. Hi William. Yes, there are but be sure that the first days of Xanax withdrawal are medically supervised. In particular, the first few hours during withdrawal are critical, as seizures can occur during this time. At home, make sure that you are drinking liquids and replenishing the electrolytes in your body to keep you from dehydration. You can use over-the-counter-medications from your local pharmacy to treat flu-like symptoms and address body discomfort. Teas such as chamomille or resmary having a claming effect on the nervous system.

  139. I tapered of xanax and jumped in March 2015. I am having some trouble with words I say a similar one or have trouble thinking about what I am going to say. Anyone else with this issue? Also.a.great is they all helped me so much to get through this safley. Good luck to all

  140. I started taking Alpraxolam for anxiety attacks, I fought taking it for fear of addiction but the doctor basically asked if I wanted help, well I couldn’t drive when having an anxiety attack so I finally gave in. From reading the above comments I see a lot of those that stop taking it do so after Drs move, retire or they were taking it illegally which makes it harder to get the help you need. Scares the heck out of me I trusted the doctor that gave me this poison with my life and he gave me this, do doctors not know what they are doing to you? How can something that messes a person up so bad be on the market? Does everyone have these awful withdrawals?

  141. Hi Ronnie,a slow tapper is the way to go.Its frustrating,but your body has to get used to every dose you lower to & that will minimise withdraw symptoms.I am also alone at home.I have been doing this for over 3 months now & i am mow down to .5mg & been on that low dose for a month today & Doctor wants me on the .5mg for 50 days.Its frustrating,but the brain has to adjust to every low dose so it can heal itself.I get nervous & get some anxiety most at night & foggy head.But Goodluck with tappering.just go slow is the way to go.

  142. Hi & Thankyou so much Steve.Its good to have support & encouragement while going through the process of slowy coming off xanax,which is so frustrating in doing so,just me relise that i am not alone.I hate the withdraw,the effects & the foggy head is so annoying.Fear is what i feel.I have came so far in lowering the doses without any set backs & even though i feel like giving uo at times,but i just want to feel normal again.Steve i thankyou so much for your feed back & wish you the best coming off your xanax & you will be symptom free.Goodluck & God Bless.

  143. Hi Ronnie. First off, I don’t know you or your circumstances. I am not a doctor, I have no medical training whatsoever. BUT … I think you need to see a different doctor and get a 2nd opinion on all the meds you are taking. And with what I am going through with just being on ONE mg, you are in for a long haul if you want to get off Xanax. But it CAN be done. The secret I believe, is tapering off VERY SLOWLY. But please, go see a different doctor and get another opinion from a medical professional. Good luck.

  144. I have been taking 2 mg Xanax 5 times a day for 10 years after my daughter passed away. That’s 10 mg a day and I know it’s time for me to stop. My memory is off, I still feel anxious, so I know I now have a big tolerance for Xanax. I told my Dr I want to begin a taper but I’m so afraid!! I’ll be alone at home most of the time because my husband travels and I’m afraid of seizures, etc. I need to stop this awful drug but I’m so afraid. It seems after reading all of your stories, my Dr has me on an unusually high dose. I’m so afraid to do this alone,. Do you think I need to be inpatient for part of this? I’m really afraid of a fast taper, but will a slower taper be easier for me if I am home alone??? I’m so afraid…. I would appreciate feedback from you. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    I think it is also important to note that my Dr has me on other medications as well. Besides the beastly Xanax, which I pray I can conquer first, I am also prescribed Valium 20mg for sleep (I rarely take it), Ritalin, 20mg tabs 4xday, and my antidepressant, Desipramine, which does work well. The Ritalin was prescribed about 4 years ago, for memory loss, and inability to concentrate, but I am beginning to believe that my long term use of high dose Xanax could be responsible for those problems. Please please, any feedback I could get would be deeply appreciated.

  145. Mary Vella:
    I began my tapering from 1 mg about 2 and a half weeks ago. All my doctor told me was that in 18 months when I turn 65, Medicare won’t cover my Xanax. I have been taking 1 mg for 10 years as a sleep aid, not for anxiety. The anxiety didn’t start until I began tapering off. I was doing it myself with no clue how to do it or how dangerous it is if you do it wrong. I cut it down from 1 mg to .5 and that was WAY to much TOO fast. It took 3 days of no sleep and feeling like hell before I realized something was wrong. I spent a day doing research and I upped the dose on the 4th night to .75 … I slept for a few hours and each night thereafter I slept a little more. By the 4th day of .75 I began having the anxiety attacks. They seemed to peak after about 8 days of the .75 dose and they were pure hell. I think partly it was because I didn’t know if they were going to ever go away. 3 days ago was my first kind of okay day. 2 days ago it was a little better and yesterday was even better and today my only complaint is a little foggy feeling in my head and a stomach problem. I am going to stay on .75 for at least another week ( 3/4 of a tab ) and then I will go to 5/8 of a tab. Than means cutting 1/4 of a tab in half, and taking that along with 1/2 a tab. I will level off on that, and then go down to 1/2 a tab, or .5mg. I will continue my tapering off by 1/8 of a tab until I am off them completely. I don’t care how long it takes, I am trying to keep things as comfortable as I can. I know there will be more sleepless nights, and more anxiety, but at least now I know that it WILL all go away and I will be normal again and have my life back. I hope this helps you. If your doctor is tapering you too fast, talk to him and tell him you want to go slower. From what I have read, every person is different and it takes time and you need to go SLOW. Good luck.

  146. Hi,I am on .5mg of xanax now after tappering down from 2mg,which i was taking once a night for 16years.Been tappering down since March.My Doctor wants me on .5mg for 50days so my body gets used to that low dose .My head gets so foggy & hard to concentrate,i get depressed.Is this apart of the withdraw process?Can i please get an answer & does anyone that tappering feel the same systoms.Its scary feeling like this.Im scared & im tired. At times i just want to give up with the Tappering,its so frustrating & all these symptoms don’t help make it better. I want to feel normal.I wish i knew back then how addictive & hard to get of xanax was,but no one told me.Doctor just gave it to me & yes,it worked,but its torture & fear.Will i be normal? & When?

  147. I have been taking a 1 mg Xanax for 10 years as a sleep aid. Saw my doctor 3 weeks ago and he informed me that when I turn 65 in 18 months and go on Medicare I won’t be able to Xanax any more because Medicare won’t cover it. So I decided to go off it. I cut back to .5 for 3 nights and didn’t sleep at all, so I upped the dosage to .75 and I was able to get 3 to 4 hours sleep and thought everything was going to work ok. NOPE. Three days or so into that I began having anxiety attacks. At first they only lasted a few hours, now they are constant. Some days are a little less intense than others, but some days are really bad. It’s been 2 weeks now and I am tired and scared. I had planned to taper down to .66 in about another week, but I was planning to do that after the anxiety and sleeplessness was gone. Now I don’t know if it’s ever going to get better so I can taper down some more. Will this get better over time so I can continue to taper, or am I doomed to go through it like this? Someone please help me!

  148. Hi, I was suffering from gastritis and had small bowel infection whereby I was admitted in the hospital for 2 days. I started having problem to sleep ever since then. So I started taking Xanax 0.25mg at night just to get myself few hours of sleep…little did i realise that I was already dependent on it as I was taking for almost 3 weeks. Then I stopped abruptly. Problem started after that, i was having nausea, insomnia for 5 days continuously. Yesterday was the first time I could get about 4 hours of sleep…but intermittent. I would like some opinion, I had abused this drug but low dose 0.25mg at night onle for 3 weeks. How long this withdrawal effect can last?

  149. Hi there, my doctor prescribed me xanax after 2 panic attacks. After reading about it I wanted to stop. Spoke to md about stopping. I just want to make sure I’m doing the right thing since she didn’t give me any information except just to start it. I was taking 0.25 once or twice a day for 3 weeks. That’s when I contacted md to taper down. I was told to take 1 pill a day for a week then half pill for a week then stop. I’m on my second day xanax free. first night fine. second night no sleep and a little short of breath. Md also gave to Busparine and Trazadone to help during weaning process. I refused to take it and didn’t feel the need so haven’t. Am I doing the right thing? I feel a little sick (mucousy) and that could be why I feel a little short of breath. Having some headaches and neck and shoulder/back pain which i can’t tell if it’s due to sinus drainage or withdrawal. Just want some encouragement and want to know if I tapered properly

  150. I have been on 2mg of xanax for 16years at night & with my Doctors help have tappered down to .25mg within 3months today.Doctor wants me to stay on the .25mg of a few months so my body is used to that low dose.Is that normal? & what do i expect when i stop taking that low dose?How long until the anxious feeling goes away?Its so tiring & frustrating.

  151. Greetings! I am post Xanax use from 3 to 4mg daily for 15 years. I did it cold turkey. I am still having anxiety, especially to the touch. My trunk is very sensitive and seems to affect my ability to wear clothes and eat comfortably. I have had terrible withdrawal symptoms after unintentional dependence the past 4 months. When will the sensitivity symptoms disappear? Thank you!

  152. I give up. I’ve been sick to my stomach from morning to night for seven weeks since stopping Xanax. It isn’t worth it. I can’t take being sick all the time and after seven weeks there is still no end in sight. I’m going back on it. I feel like I’m letting everybody, including myself down, but maybe I’m just one of those people whose anxiety demands it. My various Doctors have been absolutely useless, and would just as soon I resume rather than listen to me complain.

    1. Hi David. Did you quit cold turkey or tapered down? If you stopped taking regular doses abruptly, this may have caused the harsh withdrawal symptoms. It is difficult to quit Xanax, just like most benzodiazepine drugs. Please seek medical help and be ready to endure it until the effects subside. Going back on the med won’t solve anything, but staying strong for a little more time can save your from the numerous side effects benzo drugs bring.

  153. I’ve taken Xanax for many years, not because I wanted to ,But had to , I’ve suffered. From depression and anxiety, since I was 12, which I could change that. Recently. Dr diagnosed me with oher things. But never abused drugs or did drugs. Would it be easy to stop take xanax.

  154. I’ve been going back and forth from Xanax to Klonopin for the past 5 years. For the past 3 months I’ve been prescribed 2 mg bars for use primarily at night. I didn’t really need it during the day since it was still in my system? Anyway, my doctors took me off xanax within a 2 week time frame, and it’s been one of the worse times of my life. They prescribed Phenobarbital, low dose to help taper and to help sleep, the 1st week the pheno made no difference, my body was not going to sleep until it had benzos!! It’s week 2 and my anxiety is through the roof, can’t stop shaking, ears ringing, feeling like I’m dreaming, hot/cold sweats, no appetite, clinching jaw and throat so hard that it’s hard to swallow water!! My doctor has now prescribed propranolol for the physical shaking, and heart palps (PAC) but my heart isn’t racing and I don’t need yet another drug in my body, especially one that messes with my heart rhythm, so I’m not taking it. How long will these symptoms persist, I can’t function what so ever….I can’t drive, talk to people, etc….my face feels numb, I feel like I’m floating…it’s horrible. ..PLEASE HELP!!!! My doctors want me to go to a DDIOP. Dual diagnosis intense outpatient treatment program. I’m a little offended by this because they’re calling me an addict when they are the ones’ that have been prescribing this poison to me over the last 5 years!! I just need some light at the end of this tunnel, or will this suffering last forever????

  155. I take half of a mg. at bedtime and as needed for migraines. I was wondering if cold turkey or tapering is better? I’m on day three of cold turkey but having a hard time. Thanks.

  156. Hello,
    I have been on Xanax for 2 years after I was dyagonized with Panic disorder. I have been tappering off my .05 xanax at night, for about two weeks now, and just started experiencing worse withdrawal symptoms. Im now having full blown panic attacks right when I awake in the morning. My panic has worsened. And my pure o has started getting worse as well. What is happening to me? Why would my withdrawel symptoms worsen now? After two weeks? I was on three .05 at night, then it was decreased to .05 back in oct. I’m 22 years old and scared to death…..

    1. Hi Catherine. The irony about Xanax is that as it leaves the system it produces the same symptoms it’s used to treat. I believe that that’s why your anxiety is worsened. My advise is to seek doctor’s help or talk to a pharmacist about some natural ways you can lower your anxiety until this period of detoxing from Xanax is over. Also, you may need to create a slower tapering schedule.

  157. I’ve taken Xanax for several years, though I kept it to only 1mg per day, and tapered a good three months before I quit taking it altogether. A month has now passed and I notice I am sick to my stomach much of the time. It feels like anxiety, or intense hunger (though eating does not help). I get fearful, paranoid – think I’m dying, neather my doctor nor my therapist seem to have answers. I wonder – could it be Xanax withdrawal?

  158. I have been taking Xanax for about a year. I usually just used it for sleeping. But I’d use it at work if needed. I abused it sometimes so I could have a good sleep. Then 3 days ago I decided to go cold turkey. Within 24 hours I started having bad frontal lobe headaches and felt like my eyes were being pulled in my head. Then the next night I woke myself up because I was twitching. I ignored it. Then the second night I woke up again with my body shaking. I looked it up and found out I’ve had two 30second seizures. After these seizures I couldn’t leave the house I was so fatigued and agitated. My thoughts kept going on and on and I felt like I was high with nausea and again terrible headaches where I could barley open my eyes. I missed 3 days of work because I could not leave the house. I felt like I could control myself being in a safe place. But going to doctor tomorrow morning. I’m afraid of getting another seizure and paying the price. So I’d say ” talk to a doctor before coming off Xanax”.

  159. I’ve been on 3mgs of Xanax a day and want to get off them. Problem is I self medicated starting a year ago after bad panic attacks. I frequently get blurred Vision and increased heart rate. Any advice on how to get off these things. I’m miserable.

  160. My stomach is pretty messed up been off the xanax for two weeks cold turkey.It gets bloated and hurts.I was on it for five years since the loss of my dad.son.and.husband.could it be caused from that?

  161. Wow I just read posts I. Firstly wanna say as a stranger but human that I love u guys I’m on xanax and I fear getting off especially after reading I get so panicked were I feel it’s hard to breathe and that I’m gonna die jus missing a dose my time to stop will come for those already off know that u are loved by people whom u never meant hardships should bring us as people closer not further those of u reading this will succeed and I hope I will when my time comes to I’m a sinner but I believe in God those of u that don’t that’s ok but u can believe in faith that will help and the two don’t have to coincide with each other to make it work God bless

  162. I forgot to take my dose hours ago was laying in bed watching movie started feeling hot and heart pounding and scared I’m gonna pass out or die I swallowed it as quick as I could how long to feel normal and should I take a half extra cause i’m panicky I take 1 mg in morning and one around 6 at nite egularly

  163. Hello! I’m trying to quit xanax due to being pregnant. I’m 9 weeks pregnant now and still haven’t came off it completely. I was never on a high dose but I took it everyday for 6-7 months straight. I’ve tapered down what I can and now I’m only taking a quarter of a 0.5 mg once daily..for 3 days now. Before then I was taking a half of a 0.5 mg in the morning and the other half at night too before bed(for a couple of weeks). My pharmacist says I should just quit because I’m on such a low dose, I’m just scared. I guess mainly because I’ve been taking it everyday for 6-7 months. What should my withdrawal symptoms be? And how long should they last? I’m scared of the whole seizure thing.

  164. Greetings! I have been on Xanax for fifteen years. My doctor prescribed .25 mg twice a day that has slowly been increased to 3 to 4 mg the last year. I did not know they were addictive, and when I found out I was in tolerance, suffering with depression, anxiety, fear, stomach pain, gas, nausea, bad headache, poked eye filling, jaw pain, ear ache and tinnitus, internal shaking and a host of other symptoms, I stopped C/T. I found out that was not a good way to discontinue. Oh well! It has been almost 9 weeks since I stopped. I still have withdrawal symptoms, anxiety, depression, fear, internal shaking, tinnitus, but the intensity is not as strong. This has been the worst seven months in my life! So, I need encouragement! How long do you think it will take to be symptom free? Thank you!

    1. Hi Stan. Did you report to your doctor about the side-effects you were experiencing while taking Xanax? You should also get your doctor’s advise now, when detoxing from the medication. Generally, withdrawal symptoms should subside after 2-4 weeks time. But, you can treat the intensity of the withdrawals by using general over-the-counter medications.

  165. I have been taking Xanax o.5 once a day at bedtime for the past 12 years. I have tapered to 1/2 of that dosage and then four days ago, completely stopped. I am feeling a little anxiety but not too severe. How long will this last? am I past the seizure risk now? To tell you the truth I am scared of a seizure. I can handle the rest….thank you for your response.

  166. Hi Coy, thanks for your comment… I’ve been off Zanax and alcohol since March 19, 2015 when I admitted myself to a detox facility because I was too afraid to do it alone. I’m still having major problems, and I can’t wait to get back to normal. I have been attending AA meeting for support and that has helped but lately I’m getting I noticed I have no patience for even the people in the meetings!! Maybe I should just stay home!!

  167. I have been addicted to xanax for 4-5 years now everyday. Keep in mind i was never on prescription so I never had guidance from a doctor. It started off as a casual social thing, I would take 1mg and go out have a great night. I would only take them when i would be going out to have a good time. Then, very shortly after without even realizing it I was addicted and found myself hunting for more everyday. After a good 1.5 years of casual-getting addicted I started a new job. That was the turning point. I HAD to take 2mg before work, another 2mg after lunch and another 2mg after the gym which was right after work. So I was up to 5-6mg a days and this lasted for over years everyday without fail. At that point i was addicted for almost a good 4 years and my dose was only going up. I KNEW it was time to change. I started reading all your guys post and it really motivated me. I tried quitting cold turkey and made it 45 days…not even for 1 second of 1 day did it get any better at all. I finall gave up and started taking them again after those 45 days. This time however I was only taking 1mg in the morning and 1mg in the afternoon so I had cut my dose down to 1/3rd of what I was taking. I did that for a full year and then went down to .5mg in the morning and .5mg in the afternoon. I did the 1mg split into .5mg 2 times a day for 6 months and just 2 days ago im finally down to .5mg a day MAX. even with this low of a dose i still feel all the classic symptoms (dizzyness, confusion, headache, feel akward, anxiety, stress, depression, hard to think, and even talk) even though i still take .5mg a day. I have maybe 2 weeks left of my supply if i keep taking .5mg a day and after then im done for good. its been a long 5 years and almost about 2 full years of cutting down. Its been a long road and I know i still have a long road ahead of me especially since im almost out and this time I am foreal quitting since i cut down the right way this time. you can do it too!

  168. I quit cold turkey 16 days ago. was on xanex for a year and a half. It was a BIG mistake not to taper down. Everything tastes like metal. No appetite. Brain fog. Insomnia. Anxiety. Tinnitus and I feel like every nerve ending in my body is frying. I would never take this crap again. Please step down gradually if you want to quit. This is awful. I hope in the next two weeks I will start to feel normal again.

  169. Hi,i have been on 2mg of xanax for about 16 years now & my Doctor as brought me down to 1mg.So it has been 3weeks now.Before i was only taking 2ng before bed time.i never abused it in way.How long will this feeling last?

  170. I have been taking about a half of a 0.5mg. xanax for years …guessing about 12…I would take a half when needed to help my brain shut down so I could sleep. This would be as needed. Recently I had a cardiac drug that I presumed made me nervous. I started taking about the amt. of a whole all day. This has been since Oct. Now the doc said to come off the cardiac drug…Is it possible I am addicted. I don’t want to take anything. Howver..I am feeling very depressed but I don’t know which drug is the culprit. The heart med was Rhythumol and Pradaxa. If you feel I am addicted tell me how to get off. I have taken none since yesterday…a bit nervous but I have been through a lot.

  171. Hi Ivana. I took Xanax 30 days ago starting from 0.5mg and gradually reduced to 0.125 in the final week and stopped all together. The first day I stopped it, I felt shortness of breath but this subside in two days. My migraine is coming back (Was prescribed Xanax and Remeron due to high anxiety) but it is tolerable. No major physical symptoms but in the past four days, I’m having hard time to think like my memory is failing me and my thought has stopped. Can you please advise how can I cope with these thought issue? Or maybe this is due to remeron effect 30 mg as I’m entering into my 5 weeks now. Thanks.

  172. Hi guys. Thought I would check in on a day off from work to update my recovery from getting off Xanax and alcohol on January 30th,2015. It’s March 5th and I must say the withdraws are getting easier to deal with but still not 100%. Sleeping much better but that is pretty much the only 100% improvement. Still having these symptoms: jerks,dazed feeling,tingling in hands and feet,metallic taste when I eat,sensitivity to bright lights and loud noises,restless legs,etc. all of this is much better and getting less evasive each day that goes by. When I work it seems to take my mind off of my withdrawl symptoms though. Each day gets easier and so worth my efforts to beat that addiction I had for so many years. If you are getting off these 2 horrible drugs, hang in there,I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hoping I will feel my normal self soon and so will you!!! Just hang in there my fellow sufferers, you can beat this as I am!! Good day to you all.

  173. In half an hour, I will be 48 hours since my last dose of xanax. I was taking anywhere from .05mg to 1mg a day for about 3 months. I think I am scaring myself, but I am waiting for the withdrawals to be bad (as I have read online) and it hasn’t even touched my norco withdrawal which was hell for me. In everyone’s experience, benzo withdrawal is way worse than hydrocodone withdrawal. Am I maube scaring myself into thinking I will withdraw? Or will I be fine if I can go without for 48 hours? Also, my hands were really shaky today and I was a teeny bit confused, and 10 minutes ago I started sweating real bad but it only lasted 2 minutes tops.
    Should I be ok, or should I expect this to get worse?
    Thank you!

    1. Hello Autumn. Early withdrawal symptoms of Xanax may include feelings of apprehension and fearfulness, difficulty going to sleep or staying asleep, increased feelings of excitement and restlessness, and increased levels of anxiety. Generally, withdrawal effects are experienced about 6-8 hours after cessation, but symptoms tend to feel like a yo-yo. Xanax withdrawal symptoms usually peak over the first 72 hours and even out after about a week.

  174. Hello out there. I took alprazalam for about 11 years. Started with 4mg per day and ended with about 6mg a day of the XR type for the last 3 years. It stopped controlling my anxiety and I found alcohol replaced the effectiveness of the Xanax. Then I became dependent on the 2 to be able to function. One morning on a day off I called my daughter at 9am stinking drunk. She called my wife and was admitted into a chemical dependency hospital for 4 days. That was the last time I took a Xanax or drank alcohol. The weaning process was about 15 days of Librium. Tapering slowly from 4 25mg. To 1 25 mg. per day. Then was prescribed remeron 30mg per day. After day 25 I am still having withdrawals. Increased heart rate, dizziness, out of body feeling like a rocking sensation, speaking clearly is a major problem, racing mind, sleeplessness,shakiness, I could go on. Went back to work after 3 weeks off and have difficulty functioning. I’ve read this could go on for up to a year. I am just happy to be alive. I know when this is all over that I’ll be normal again. Just takes time. Your brain has to learn processes all over again. Reading other people’s experiences from withdrawing from these 2 horrible drugs have eased my mind a lot. Know you’re not alone out there and life will return to normal. Each to there own is what I’ve came up with as to how long this will last. Drink lots of water!! It helps. Also found that benedryl helps with sleepless nights. Good luck everyone!!

  175. I have been having anxiety attack s since my daughter was murdered at 6 n my son dying of s.I.D’s all in 6 mnth period. I have been on xanax 2mg for anxiety attacks for about 2-3 years. But in Feb,they became a s8 tablet n soon I was to stop taking them! Wow,cut my story short! I’m now in my 3rd week with Out them! The night mares have just about stopped, I have lost my appetite, the sweats are going! I get anxiety a fair bit, ‘n my head spins are subsiding. Thank you to many of ppl that write their own views. On their own journey to be free of this cruel medication n i hope to recover 100% ! But next time our health department should think what they are. Letting our doctors prescribe this sort of medication, Before this happens yet again!! Good luck to all of us going thru the same thing..

  176. I was given Xanax 0.25mg mid Dec14 for anxiety as I was concerned about my health – which made my blood pressure rise to 170/110. Doc gave me a total of 20 pills and I used 19 of them in 45 days.

    Post ny health screening late Dec14, no issues were found other than Hypertension (currently 130/90) and I thought it was all good. However when I stopped taking Xanax I would get anxiety attacks and will not sleep all night. I asked my GP about dependence and the response is that the dosage is quite low. I’m convinced that I developed dependence and I stopped cold turkey last Jan 21.

    Its been close to 3 weeks and I’m doing what I can to cope with sleepless nights. From Meditation, Hypnotherapy and Acupuncture/Traditional Chinese Meds. I sleep close to 9 hrs one night and sleepless the next. The most that I’ve gotten was 3 days of sleep and then I revert.

    Anxiety was high the first week and made my blood pressure climb to 150/100 but I tried to focus and relax. I can say that I am now much calmer but would have some bad moments – which I now can try to manage via meditation/relaxation.

    My issue is also insomnia – totally not sleeping every other day. Not sleeping is bothersome but I am able to cope as I am not that lethargic as I do keep a healthy lifestyle – don’t drink alcohol or smoke.

    I’ve stopped coffee and have taken Valerian and Melatonin in the interim – along with prescribed Chinese Med herbs.

    I just need to know, how much longer do you guys figure I will be at this? I know its hard to tell but broad estimates will help.

    By the way. I’ve been given Zopiclone 7.5mg by the same GP to help with nights where I really need to sleep and I’ve taken only 1/2 tabs 3x the past 3 weeks as I had impt meetings the following day. From what I read above, I guess I should totally stop this to not delay my recovery.

    Appreciate your thoughts.

  177. Hello – I have only taken a low dose of xanax (0.25mgs) for about 10 days. to sleep. I only had 11 of them & took them as follows: (1) 0.25mgs for Sat – Fri {7 days} at night to sleep. I skipped 2 days {Sat & Sun} then took 1 each nite for the next 4 days {Mon-Thurs} . I had major anxiety Starting Fri Nite and it got worse that sat.& took GABA CALM to help me sleep. This left me tired & hung over all the next day {Sun} , however today {Monday – Day 4 no Xanax that I actually feel a little of the anxiety beginning to subside – but its still there and I feel like ot comes in little waves. My question is – Being I took such a low dose {or did I?} how long will the withdrawals last? This is an evil evil drug and do not recommend it to anyone! Any assistance anyone can give me would be greatly appreciated

  178. YI am a 59 yr old male who took zanax for aabout12 yrs they were not prescribed a doc gave me yohimbine for ed and he didn’t do homework r he would have known that since I was on methadone I could not have yohimbine it sent me into panic attacks hallucinations I thought I was going to die emergency room sent me back home asked around and someone suggested ativan r something in that family and that’s the way I ended up on zanax now 12yrs later after being off zanax for a yr and 2 myths I sleep for 1 hr at a time, I dream every time I go to sleep for that 1 hr and it seems like something in dream wakes me up not sure though.I’ve been sleeping that way for the whole yr.pas tell me if there’s someone out there like that r tell me how much longer can this be. Help

    attacks and after taking it for a couple weeks I didn’t know what to do I thought I was going to die.But anyway somebody suggested to try ativan r something in that family,so it ended up being 12 yrs

  179. Hello Rich. Thank you for sharing your story and giving others support and motivation. Your organism will eventually return to normal, it will take a while, though. Xanax is a tough med to get off of, so congratulations to you for your persistence. Now, you know every individual’s organism is different and heals at it’s own pace, so nobody can tell for sure how long it will take until you fully recover. Keep moving forward one step at a time and good things will meet you halfway 🙂

  180. I’ve been taking 3 or more 1mg of Xanax for years since I was a juvenile on and off some years I wouldn’t take none at all. The past year is what I’m worried about. I’ve been taking 3mg everyday I tried to quit about 5 times everytime lasting for about 2 weeks then I would convince myself I was fine to take some more. Each time I stopped my withdrawals would become worst . I’m off of it for about a week now and my symptoms are; dry mouth, light headed, anxiety, panic attacks, lack of concentration, shortness of breath, bad nerves, depression, loss of ambition, tingly hands and feet, my coordination is not right, I was really physically active now I don’t even feel like putting in the work as you can see it’s very sad. I never needed much help getting off but this time it’s different, after reading this post it has helped me out a lot for that I thank you. I know after two weeks you start feeling a lot better but I would like to know how long would it take to feel normal again or will I ever feel fully “normal” again? For everyone on this post keep fighting! There’s better days to come as rocky said “it’s not how many times you get knocked down it’s how many times you get down down and you still get up.” Never give up!

  181. I have taken .5 at bedtime for 5 years and .25 for 5 years before that for a total of 10 yrs. Dr. gave me Restoril for 30 days to get off xanax, per my request. It has only been 2 nights, and I feel dizzy in the morning when driving and nauseated with upset stomach, along with itritability. I feel like I have not slept, but the rx helped me sleep. How much longer will physical symptoms continue? No psychological symptoms present,,, thank you.

  182. Hi ! Ive been on xanax for about 7 years now. .50mg twice a day. Ive decided to stop and went ahead and tapered my dose to .25mg for about a week. About 2 days without the drug, I feel my teeth are grinding, can’t sleep that good but I do sleep at least 5 hours. Im in the music industry and now music bothers me. It hurts my ears nd I feel really weird. Also I get hungry but after two or three bites I can’t eat anymore. Has anyone had similar issues ? Did I taper correctly ? Today is jan 1st and last time I took was .25mg on the 30th. How long will I feel like my teeth are like this and my vision is somewhat blurry. I don’t crave the drug at all, but my body feels really weird…. any help or comment will be appreciated

  183. Hi. I have been clean from a benzodiazepine for ten months after a long taper. I have found that there is a long list of symptoms. Everyone SAYS to see a doctor, but there are few affordable doctors who know much, if anything about this. I am lucky to be alive. I wonder how many suicides are due to withdrawal from these drugs which are passed out like candy. I am angry when I see irresponsible comments that try to help. Only time can heal the damage done, and I am going on faith alone that I will ever be the same, or even comfortable again. I urge you all to complain to the food and drug administration. I was helped by a few supplements. Most of them don’t work. Omega 3fatty acids help. Lithium orotate can help for mood swings. Look up vitamin B 3, the non flushing form. Gaba is helpful at night. It cured my restless leg in five minutes. Exercise like brisk walking for 30 min. Is very helpful.

  184. Hi DJ. Insomnia and difficulty sleeping are commonly reported during Xanax withdrawal. During this time dreams may become much more intense, leading to nightmares or sleep disturbances. Patients in withdrawal also have trouble with concentration and short-term memory. Your husband should completely stay away from caffeine. I’d suggest seeing a doctor if you haven’t done so already.

  185. My husband has been on .25 mg of Xanax 3x per day for 6-7 years. We moved and switched doctors and he is weakening off them. Taking Prozac to help with anxiety and down to .25 mg per day. He is not sleeping – last night 0 hours, night before 2 hours and night before 4 hours. He is so dizzy that he can’t go to work. What should we do?

  186. Hey I have been taking about 2 mg’s of xanax or 3 a day now for about 2 months, but have had some in my system for about 3 months now. I smoke marijuana during the night time and throughout the day during my withdrawal and it seems to keep my mind straight. I’ve never had such bad insomnia at night time but assume it’s just me “detoxing” the pill. I’m glad I didn’t let this get into a serious habit because I don’t know if it is possible to stop once you’re too far in. How long should my withdrawals last? I’m a 19 year old male about 155 pounds. The only this is I’ve lost my appetite and literally cannot sleep during the first part of the withdrawal. You live and you learn, don’t mess around too much with this drug people! Only on occasions is it appropriate.

  187. Hi Andy. Xanax withdrawal varies from person to person depending on a lot of factors. But, if you took that dose for a month and a couple of weeks, I’d say it will last about week (of course, this can vary). My tip is to stay away from caffeine and try to eat some dark chocolate and some vitamin supplements.

  188. I took xanax almost daily for a month and a half. Some days .125mg and others .25mg. I just tapered to .125mg and will quit. So far I have a constant migraine and insomnia. Based on my low dosage, how long will this last? Xanax is out of my life.

  189. I was taking 1 mg three times a day for over five years and stopped cold turkey about four months ago.I get headaches and I’m so foggy and light headed all day feels like when I went through it possible to still be having symptoms and if so how do I get rid of this weird foggy and light headed ness.thank you

  190. I have been taking Xanex for not quite a year now. 11 months I think. started at 0.5 for 2 mnths, then 1mg for about 3 months, then 2 mg for about past 3-4 months. quit by accident. was proud of myself that I hadn’t taken it one day on Wed.11/5/14. by thurs. night i had severe stomsche cramps and back aches. seen new dr. on fri where sev. test were done. all came back normal. Sat darn near ALL possible w/d syptoms were present. back to er where the gave me 2 nausea meds. Helped for a little while. The ran cat scan and came back normal. Everything came back normal. Then e. r. again on Sun. at 2am with, as I have alreadly stated, darn near all w/d sypmtoms. A friend who I talked with said maybe I was detoxing from not taking my meds at church on Sunday(before I went to e.r.) so I came home and looked it up on computer and to my horror, I had NO DOUBT I had w/d symptoms. E. r dr. confirmed this, and said that I could go back on and taper down(He said take 1 then and then take 1 again at smaller dose in t
    3 days & do that every 3 days) I told him absolutely not! Didn’t want it in my system since I knew what horrible things it was doing to my body! He said he understood that I had made it to day 5 and that I no longer wanted it in my body and that I would experience the syptoms for either a few more days up until 1 to 2 weeks more if not more than that! Mind you, I took him in darn near 3 full perscription bottles to show him that I was not and abuser and that I didn’t even take it as prescribed which was 3x day! only took 1.75 mg in morning because of shakes and 1.75 at night to sleep. I have well over 300 pills still if i wanted, but thats just it , i dont want to!!!! My question is so are you saying that I will have these horrible w/d symptom , I don’t know which is the worse, the stomach cramps, all over body ache, tremmors I believe, chills, INSOMNIA from HELL, eyes bulging out of their socket from lack of sleep ,loss of appetite (although my body desp. wants food and to be able to taste it) list goes on and on. anyways are you saying that if I make it (now on day 9 of c/t) to end of 3 weeks I will experience a major relief from this HELL ???? plz note, My reg. dr left practice 4 months ago and phsyc. nurse, well I’m not reall happy with her for upping my dose and not explaining all that I would go thru with quitting, She did say I needed to be weened if I wanted to stop, but didn’t explain none of this. She went to next subject w/o skipping a beat & not fully explaining that I would go thru this, so I’m not trying to deal with her until i get thru this, if i can, and be able to tell her that I will never, EVER, TAKE A BENZOID OR ANY PHSYCIATRIC DRUG EVER AGAIN!!!! And how much I didn’t appreciate her upping my dose without going into specific details!!!!!!!

  191. henry I was taking one Xanax .5 about every other day…when the dr advised me it would be okay to quit cold turkey due to the “low dose” he was wrong….i had been taking it over a year and the withdrawal symptoms were so bad it was hell…he said it couldnt be….can you please tell me how your doing thanks…

  192. Darlene…yes I was also on a lower dose than yours and had a hard time geeting off…I did a cold turkey due to the dr. saying I would have no withdrawal symptoms and boy was he wrong..make sure you taper….these withdrawals symptoms aint no joke..

  193. Hi Henry. You have no reson to fear withdrawal. If you have any symptoms they will be mild to non-existant and will pass within few days. Get lots of rest and sleep, stay hydrated, take a multivitamin and eat good meals. If you have time, you can also do some light exercises.

  194. First off, I think it is sad and a crime that we entrust our health to doctors that don’t give us, the patient, information that can be life saving. We mistakenly go to the doctor thinking that he will cure us of our health issues. Instead, we are just one more customer that can be billed and more than likely a return customer because what they give you makes you sicker. Five months ago I was experiencing vertigo. My doctor at first treated it as an inner ear issue. It didn’t clear up and got worse. I had a panic attack, racing heart rate and sweating. I went to a convenient care close to where I live. That doctor prescribed 16 tabs (.25 mg.) of Xanax. I called my doctor’s office immediately after to make sure if this is something I should take. I’m not a fan of taking drugs! His nurse said that it will “take the edge off of the anxiety” until we can find out what is causing it. After going to an ENT and having several tests done, it was found out that I was having anxiety issues. By this time I had been on Xanax for a month. After about 3 months of HELL and missing work off and on I have finally tapered off of this poison. I’ve been off for 10 days now. I’m still experiencing withdrawal symptoms but they are slowly getting milder. I’m hopeful that in a couple of weeks I will be 100% normal. I have read many horror stories on this and other blogs. Doctors are to “do no harm” to their patients. I see a lot of harm being done! Question everything and do research before you put anything in your body! You could regret it if you don’t.

  195. I have been on xanax 0.5 mg for two and a half months one pill twice a day, after which i started a taper one pill a day for one week, followed by half pill once in the morning and once in the evening for another week and finished it up by taking half pill a day until the dose was completed. would the withdrawal symptoms of this be severe?and also how long should i expect the withdrawal symptoms to last?.

  196. I’ve read all the comments here and those having problems with this drug have my sympathy.

    I have a sleep disorder going back to at least 1969. I was in the AF and we had to work rotating shifts: Two Swings (1500-2300): Two Midnight Shifts (2300-0700); then two days (0700-1500) then off for 3 days. If we were short of controllers (as we often were) it was 12 hour shifts (0700-1900), then )1900-0700). On the night shifts we ran on nicotine and caffeine. After the first night shift, my body begged for sleep but could only get maybe 5-6 hours, then it was time to go back – exhausted, to say the least. After the second mid shift I could sleep all day, but with a day shift looming the next day, I knew better than to sleep more than 4 hours.

    The AF gave me a ‘script for valium, and I would take a table after the first mid shift, and before the first day shift. What a blessed feeling getting 8 hours of great sleep. After about 8-10 weeks (of a 30 pill) ‘script ran out I asked for a refill. Seems this was about the time the world condemned valium as many people were abusing it.

    I suffered for years with poor quality sleep, even after the rotating shifts ended.

    Eventually my late sister asked me if I’d taken Xanax, and I told her no, but every sleeping aid out there, I’d tried and had good results for a short term. Eg.; I’d get a 30 day ‘script for brand x and after a week or so, it was no longer effective.

    I got a ‘script for Xanax about 6 years ago. The first was for 10 each, 1mg tablets. I’d take one-half, or .5mg, and would sleep for up to NINE hours. Lord, talk about BLISS. Well, eventually, with a daughters stressful divorce from an abusive husband, my script was increased to one a day (1 mg) and then it after a good spell it started to lose it’s effectiveness. (My daughters divorce stressed me about as much as her and drug out for 3.5 years!)

    When this would happen, I’d cut back to a quarter or half a tablet for 3 or 4 days, and then one tablet would do the trick again for about 3 months, then back to reducing.

    Just 3 days ago, I thought I’d see what laying off completely would do. Of course I had insomnia — nothing new there. Had some pretty bad headaches but nothing generic Tylenol wouldn’t handle. But I noticed a slight tic or tremor at about the 60 hour mark of complete withdrawal.

    Then I found this site to read of your experiences. I appreciate each and every one of your posts, but I’m going to say that for me this is a wonder drug!

    You see, I went too many years with poor sleep, On this drug, with good sleep, I went for 4 years without even a cold — I attribute that to good sleep. I’m 71, physically active and my weight is under control. I’ve never taken an illegal drug, and I rarely ever have a swig of the 16 year old Scotch I have in my closet. Right now I’m on .5mg and will stay that way until I gradually go back to one full tablet (1mg)

    For the poster that was experiencing light-headiness, I, too, had that. My problem was low sodium! Yep, I was on diauretic (sp) BP med, and being told to avoid salt. I was also engaging in vigorous workouts. A cube or 2 of beef bouillon (or chicken) rectified that problem. And I never pass up a salt shaker now.

    God Bless each and every one of you and good luck in achieving your goals. And thanks for sharing your experiences.

  197. Withdrawal can last for years. If you are under a year off and still having crazy sensations and thoughts there is a good chance it is withdrawal still. It is not “delayed” withdrawal” it is just benzo withdrawal. Which Diane described perfectly; it is “hell”. Im off now for 6 months and 2 weeks approx and yesterday I had to stay in bed for part of the day from brain zaps and dizziness.

  198. This drug addiction is a beast at least. Xanax goes deep into the cortex of the brain, making them almost impossible to escape from. Jesus Christ is your only help. Dont’ think I don’t know. I do.

  199. Diane here checking in …I wrote in June that I was tapering down my dose of Xanax..2.5 mg from 6 mg a day. I only take it at night down to 2 mg at night .now…..I need to get through October then I am shooting for 1.5mg a night. Talked to my doctor and she said she supports my way. I have lost 40 lbs and I am awake during the day and can stand most of the withdraw. I do wish I had never started these pills ,but as they say -Could of ,Would of .,Should of looked it up on the internet to see the side affects. PLEASE everyone that may be thinking of taking Xanax DO NOT…HELL is where you will end up. When I stop all together that is when I know that I will be there (HELL)…keep writing on this blog as it helps get you through the day.. God bless everyone

  200. I have had an anxiety disorder for most of my life but it got really bad last year when I turned 42 and I have been going through the agony of trialling lots of different meds with my doctor trying to find the right one, agh. We have settled on Fluvoxamine. In the past I only took .5mg alprazolam for a day maybe 4 -6 times a year. Then a month ago I took it for 7 days straight as I was extremely stressed. For the first 3 weeks I was dizzy all the time and forgetful. Now I am forgetful and my fingers and toes get really cold and tingly. Is this normal? I keep freaking out that I am getting MS. I am also taking 25mg of quetiapine at night to sleep. Please is this making it worse? I am now cutting the pills in half so will only be taking 12.5mg. Should I get off Quetiapine slowly or not necessary?

  201. After taking xanax for about 5 years, I stopped abruptly four months ago. I had 10 days of intense withdrawal when I could not leave the house. I was put on lithium and felt somewhat better-off and on- for the next few months. Now I am having gastric problems, high anxiety and sensitivity to noise. I am afraid to eat and I have lost weight. Some days are almost normal and other days are awful. Doctors can find nothing wrong physically. Could this still be some weird time delayed withdrawal?

  202. I have taken 5 different antidepressants. The last one being pristiq. Over a four year span I’ve taken the xanax prescribed. I did not do well with paxil, lexapro, zoloft, viibryd and the lady one like I said pristiq. It has been almost a year without any antidepressant. I am seeing a psychotherapist about my anxiety and given in t hat I am depressed. My mom just died snd I am afraid to take the new antidepressant brintellix. I am sad that I am even writing this. I don’t know what to do. I am taking .5 in the am .5 in the afternoon and 1.5 mg. At bed. I feel like my mind is falling apart and I can’t stop these intrusive thoughts.

  203. I was on alazopram for 4 years .5mg x 4 a day. I started having problems with light and balance so I stopped taking them figuring this was the problem. Then my world turned upside down. All of a sudden I could not even lift my head off my pillow; I thought I was dying and I actually was. I ended up in the ER where I went through a phenobarbitol detox. (rapid detox) talk about pain. Holy $&#* that was the most intense pain I have ever endured. I thought I was done then too. I spent 3.5 months not being able to walk without help, ears ringing, hot flashes, cold flashes, heart racing, ect. ect. I felt so many different sensations I cant write them all. I was so depressed I had all my weapons removed from my house I did not trust myself with them. I am going on 6 months now and I am finally starting to feel better. I am writing this because I want people to know it does get better. Im not finished hurting yet but things are getting bearable. If you are in pain now please be patient and let the pain come in and experience it knowing that one day it will be gone. It will go away. I still cant drive by myself and when the barametric pressure changes it makes things hard but it is getting way better. I hope this helps someone. Be tough people!! Trust in GOD!! These things we endure in life are life lessons. Take this pain and experience it because when it is gone I dont believe you will ever feel it again this bad!! lol Benzo withdrawal is SO HARD people who have never gone through it have no idea. Please stay strong. PLEASE STAY STRONG. YOU ARE STRONG. even though things seem like they will never get better; they will.. I am proof. I just went through the hardest thing I have ever done and I am still not finished. I am getting better and you will too.

  204. I have been on Xanax for 11 years. Then I was prescribed clonapin (sp). I’m still having tremors and lack of sleep. I’m on day 18 of withdrawal. How much longer am I going to feel like this? I’m on gabapentin and Buspar. It’s not helping.

  205. My boyfriend recently had a seizure from being off the Xanax for just two days. By doctors orders he is taking a lower dosage just at night and in the morning. He still involuntary twitches and his palms are so clammy. Is that okay? Will it get worse? In very concerned.

  206. Mental torture, cold turkey xanax withdrawal week 3, no sleep, overeating, severe irritability, impulse problems, racing thoughts, just a few of the minor problems.

  207. This site helped me during withdrawal. I’m on day 16 of no Xanax after a 7 year physical addiction. I got up to over 40mg a day at my worst…then tapered for a few years until I was on .5mg a day and finally felt like I was in a mindset to quit. I feel amazing! The first week was HELL, the 2nd week the hell comes in waves..I’m on week 3 and feel normal now! I can even drink caffeine lol! The only thing going on weird with me is some of body is numb, but each day it gets better and better! There is hope! You can do it! I’m 27 years old and I’m finally free of this addiction that stole most of my 20s!

  208. HELLO
    my name is BILL i stopped taking zanas.. its been 7 weeks and i think i’m gonna die
    i cannot eat. sleep or any thing like that. remind you my mouth feels so swollen my
    my food has no taste at all.i’m going to the Doctor today. but remember NO MORE ZANAX..may GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  209. Hello Tameka. How long Xanax will stay in your system, as well as the duration of the withdrawal symptoms depend on various circumstances. Individual factors such as metabolism, bodily mass, your age, your current health state, how long, how frequently and what doses you were taking, influence the duration and severity of the withdrawal. Xanax shouldn’t be stopped abruptly, and doing so can be dangerous. Tapering is the way to go off Xanax. I’d suggest you seek help from a doctor to help you detox safely and treat the symptoms properly.

  210. I was prescribed Xanax .25 mg. I was breaking it in half and only taking it at night. I stopped 5 days ago and I am having terrible withdrawals. I was taking such a small dose..will my symptoms last longer than a week?

  211. I have been taking Xanax for about 2 yrs 4 months and was given .5 mg but have been taking only .125 mg for about a year once a day, is it safe to stop taking or should I taper, any info would be helpful, I want to stop taking these pills

  212. Is there anything that will help with the insomnia while coming off of Xanax?
    And the sensitivity motion irritability?

  213. Hey everyone. I’m about to hit 4 months out of the hospital from a rapid benzo detox. I just want to tell everyone to hold on tight, keep fighting like hell. Its starting to get better for me. I can even drive my truck once in a while now. I have bad days and good days. More bad than good but the good ones are coming more and more. Eat tons of veggies, fruits and drink tons of water. Get out of bed whenever you can. Do not give up. It seems like this is never going to end but it will. Im still in pain most of the day but I HAVE had some good days where I just soaked in the relief.GOD Bless us all

  214. Is there any support group for spouse who deal with withdrawal husband? I really need to talk to some one, to give me useful information how to help my husband get through his withdrawal.

  215. Hi James. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, Xanax can be addictive if taken in large quantities or used for a prolonged period. However, even people who take it exactly as prescribed can become addicted to it. And your body very quickly will develop a tolerance to it, so doses will have to be increased in order to produce the same effects as in the beginning.

  216. I’m a disabled veteran who has anxiety problems due to severe tinnitus in both ears after an explosion in the service. PTSD Like symptoms. Got very spotty care at the V/A over the past 4 years and have tried 15 or 20 different antidepressants and other stuff to try to help with the anxiety. Every single med I have tried has screwed me up bad one way or another. Mostly over-sedated with them. One doc mentioned that my sensitivity to drugs may have to do with a liver enzyme deficiency, and that I could only take seriously low doses if any at all. I don’t sleep much due to the tinnitus thus the anxiety. I recently left the V/A to see a local civilian doc who was recommended to me. She prescribed .25mg Xanax 3 times a day plus a 4th as needed. I did this for a month, and reported back that I was very drowsy a lot of time on this stuff, but my mood was better almost manic though. She said to cut in half and do that 3x per day like before at this half dose. No change over a month except the mood improvement stopped. I decided to just stop taking these cold turkey since nobody told me not to. Stopped about 10days ago, and have felt like pure hell. Migraines, jittery, and last night the craziest damn dreams during the 30 min I was able to get of sleep…super manic right now and not liking it. This stuff is insanely dangerous…On this little dose, what should my weaning process have been, keeping in mind how sensitive I seem to be to all meds. Since I went cold turkey last week, how long should I expect the withdrawals to last. The migraines are the worst…I did take a half .25 last night hoping it would mellow me and help. How much hell am I in for?

  217. I had a brother that committed suicide… My father left us and I never saw him again in my life, I looked and when I did find him he had died 2 weeks before. My doctor put me on 2mg of Xanax with taking 1/2 to 3 a day, of course as time went on I was up to 6mg a day, to sleep in the afternoon and at night. Worse thing I could have taken advice from a MD. She never told me how addictive it was. I have been taking them for 8 years. I made the decision to taper off by my self, with the support of my husband (best friend that I have). Went from 6mg to 3mg in a 2 week period. I am now on 2.5 mg and will stay there for at least 2 weeks or 3. then I will cut if by .5 very 2 weeks. My problems have been feeling Hot then Cold (sweats) can not seem to regulate this ..I have tingling in my shoulder and I feel shakie. My mind seems to become clear. I have anxiety, but I can handle that. My loss of appetite has been non-existent, wonderful in a way. Lost 30 lbs…which I needed. I say if you have the desire to taper off-DO IT. It takes A LOT of WILL Power, though. I will keep you all posted on my result. By the way, I only take my new dosage at night.
    Feel anxiety in the mornings but it goes away after an hour. I recommend that you drink A LOT OF WATER, flush your system and work out…walking, gardening, sweeping outside, just get moving!I’ll send an update in two weeks. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! God can help you and the support of family.

  218. Good afternoon,
    I started taking Xanax about 3 months ago , taking 1mg for my menopause anxiety right before bed. Now I started taking 2mg because 1mg does not help me anymore. How do I stop taking it completely ? My friend told me about melatonin a natural substance for sleep. I guess what asking is how do I stop Xanax completely without getting any withdrawal symptoms

  219. Trankimazin alprazolam xanax biggest mistake I ever did was start using and then abusing them I been on 2mg 3 4 times a day for couple years now that I won’t out its killing me so if u reading this try avoid using tranks if u can I’m suffering and u will too not a good feeling I carry a couple 1mg with me in case I need it but trying my best to kick the dirty habit for those the weak we in for a rough ride …. don’t recommend using

  220. I’ve been on .5mg for a lil over a year. Just took myself off them slowly and its been 4 days since I’ve had any and i feel really weird. Am i in the clear of the severe withdrawal symptoms???

  221. I stop xanax cold turkey, it has been a week I has a suizure already, but during this week I been doing cocain, what may happen?

  222. I was on xanax for 8 months after passing out. Dr thought I had a bad panic attack. I was stressed out for 4 years that took a toll on me. My daughter was the reason wonderful teens. Anyways I was put on .5mg twice a day I took that for 6 months then started to wean myself off and cut my pills because I didn’t like the way I was feeling when I was coming down from xanax feeling spacey woozy trouble walking and my memory was bad. So the first two weeks I cut the med down I felt really slow even talking my speech was a bit slow like sluring i was scared thought maybe it was a stroke then it went away then it came back a few days later. I talked to my doctor I told him what I was doing he said ok lets work on taking u off slowly but he wanted to give me clonazepam . I didn’t want to put another benzo into my body I was so tired of feeling like crap. My anxiety was worse then ever it’s true what they say anxiety meds make your anxiety worse then what it was before. I kept going foward for 2 months cutting down until I was done. My dr said I don’t see why you would be going threw these withdrawls it’s such a low dose . I wanted to curse him out but I kept my composure. 7 days later I ended up in the hospital I couldn’t walk I tried getting out of bed and my head felt so heavy I felt like falling over it was horrible then I would feel anxiety attacks off and on. In the hopital they tried giving me ativan I said nope I’m not taking crap just nasea pills docs want to shut u up with more and more pills. I was admitted for two days then did talked to me and said I think your out of danger from siezures so all u can do is rest and eat well. I did that it was horrible sweating not eating headaches for 3 weeks but after I just had trouble walking dizziness lightheaded I had to hold on to my son to walk. So that was back in November 2013 now were in may the 27th I’m better then I was able to walk alone but I get these waves of lightheadeness and my head feels heavy I have good days were I feel normal again and other days were it comes back and I feel woozy. My sleep has gotten a bit better then how it was but it was horrible not sleeping and I love sleeping lol. I hope this helps someone out. Never get on those meds if u don’t have to for a month.

  223. my daughter died of the flu 31/2 months ago and my doctor gave me a prescription twice for a total of 90 xanax .5 mg bid but I took .25 to 1 mg a day every day since she died . for the last 2 days I have been taking 0.12.5 to taper ,should I be worried about physical withdrawl symptoms at such a low dose ?

  224. Hi Everyone it has been 5 1/2 weeks since i have been completely off the Xanax .
    Ever since my tamper of the medication , I noticed my lips / tongue even my face became swollen .
    I went to an allergist , thinking I perhaps developed some sort of allergy . He did numerous and extensive testing . All the results came back negative .
    I was wondering if anyone else was experincing these symptoms.

    The headaches have gotten a bit better but the feeling of confusion sometimes pops up .

  225. I’m 37 y/o male. Took alazopram for a little over a year as prescribed. Ended up detoxing in a hospital for 7 days. It 2 months now and it still feels like I’m walking on a boat at sea. Ears ring, eye pressure, and tightness in forehead. I just want to know that theses symptoms will go away. It would be nice to know when too. I was on .5mg 4x a day.

  226. I have used and abused Xanax for 8 yrs. and quit after a 3 mos. taper. It has now been 7 mos. and still feel lousy with a horrible feeling that cannot be described plus ringing ears,insomnia,anxiety,sweating,and restless legs. The first 2 mos were total hell and thought I was going to die with fast pounding heart, high BP, muscle spasam which made it hard to breath plus many many other symptons. It was total hell and spent many days laying on the floor crying like a baby. It is not to be used as a daily medication as was prescribed to me. I expect it to take at least a year to feel back to myself if I am lucky.

  227. I quit Xanax cold turkey 3 weeks ago today ,after taking 2x .25 bars daily one in morning and one at bedtime , For the past 5 years I had also been drinking heavily for 20 years at about 20 units per day I quit both cold turkey at same time – To say I went thru Hell would have been the understatement of the century – But I had no choice , I am self employed and had to go to work each day during my withdrawl , I suffered mega depression everything seemed impossible , I had suicidal thoughts , pains all over including headaches , stomach problems , confusion nausea , it all peaked in week 2 , but I carried on without any medical intervention , Today exactly 3 weeks later , I feel good , all withdrawl symptoms are gone , I didn’t know that one should not go cold turkey but for me It has been a dreadful experience , so for anyone going thru this Hell , stick with it ! You will come out other side just as I have done

  228. I have been taking Xanax for over 5 years . The medication was prescribed by my PCP , I suffer from PTSD . It took me 3/12 months to ween off of this mediation .

    My total does was .5mgs 3x’s a day . I never took that much in a day , my total consumption was about 2.25mgs highest at anytime .

    With the guidance of my PCP- i dropped my dosage in increments. My doctor still kept me on less the .125 for a week to make sure i weened off properly .

    I have been off Xanax for the past 10 days .

    The withdrawal symptoms have been pretty tough . I feel spacey , my coordination feels off and the headaches are HORRIBLE .

    Thankfully , I am still able to work and function . I just pray that the headaches go away and this loopy feeling dissolves as well .

    I feel as though my body is getting reacquainted with itself .

    How long will these symptoms last ?

  229. Have been taking Xanax fo 5 years…prescribed during and following husbands liver transplant. Only way to keep it together.
    I am trying to wean off. Dosage was 2mg per day. Not having issues with drug per say but felt I should see if I could stop….
    Reduced dosage dramatically , felt fine for a week, feeling quite cocky and then the nausea , loss of appetite and panic attacks returned,
    What should I do? Husband did survive but is not doing well, icannot be sick…he is very supportive.

  230. Xanac is a bad drug. Why is it still on the market? I was on it 7 years, taking 3mgs a day. I have only been off of it 6 weeks. Although I am improving, I still ha strong side effects: numbness in head and neck, everything taste funny, restless leg syndrome, I cannot concentrate, and insomnia. I glad I didn’t know all this before hand. I don’t think I would have had the courage to continue. I WAS

  231. I stopped taking xanex 3 days ago and now I’m having bad anxiety and my mouth and parts of my body are numb. I know that the anxiety is normal coming off of them, but should I be worried about the numbness?

  232. Hello Tracy. Good for you! Congratulations on being clean. Follow your gut; while we cannot offer direct medical advice, it seems wise to seek medical help for anything that is causing you discomfort. In general, mood disorders can last for months after getting off Xanax. As in, 6 months or longer. They are called PAWS, post-acute/protracted withdrawal symptoms. However, there may not be a need to wait in suffering, especially if the symptoms are caused by something that is treatable.

  233. I was abusing my xanax prescription for almost 3.years. I manipulated a doctor into prescribing me 8mgs per day and most days I would take more than 8mgs and some days I’d take less. I know I’m a drug addict and lucky to be alive, but I’ve been clean for 2 1/2 months but am still having withdrawal symptoms such as sweating and very moody. I’m wondering if I should see a doctor for these symptoms or if I should continue to wait it out? And if so how long?

  234. Hello Darlene. There is a difference between addiction and physical dependence. It is likely that you are dependent on Xanax….and after a period of withdrawal, you will know whether or not you are addicted to it. Check in with your prescribing doctor and ask for an individualized tapering schedule for this benzodiazepine. And record your symptoms of withdrawal, including timing, severity, and type…as well as dosing details in order to track your progress. Little steps are required during withdrawal from Xanax.

  235. I went to this doctor for a referral to my cardiologist and she gave me a RX for Zanax 0.5 for 3 times per day. She said that it would help with my blood pressure. I did not have anxiety or panic disorders This was last July. I only took 1 pill per day. In January I cut it back to 1/2 pill per day 0.25. An internist told me that the dosage was not addicting. This month (8 mos later) I started getting headaches, chills, sweats, short term memory loss and nausea. I just had an EEG and MRI of my head and no problems.. I went to him today and said that I want to get off of this drug. He said that I was not addicted as it only lasted 4 hours per day and if I was only taking the small dosage and was addicted that I would be climbing the walls the other 20 hours. I did not take the pill all day. I started having the same problems so I called my pharmacist and she said to cut the half into half and take for a week and then every other day for another week and then quit. Is she right and am I addicted to this drug? I don’t trust mydoctor.

  236. I went to the doctor last July for a different reason and was given a prescription for Xanax 0.5 3 times per day. I only took one pill per day. I ask my Internist if I could get addicted and he said too small dose and I could take it every day and it would be ok. In January of this year (6 mos. later) I got concerned and cut it in half 0.25 1x per day. This month (8 mos) I started getting headaches, sweats, nausea and chills. I went back to the Internist today and he said that I was not addicted as the dose was too small. If I was then I would have been climbing the walls for the other 20 hours per day as the pill only lasts 4 hours per day. He said to just stop taking it. Ihave had the chills, headaches, sweats and nervousness all day. So I called the pharmacy and she said to cut the halfs down into halfs and take it for one week and then every other day for the next week and then stop. The Internist said that I probably had sleep apnea and not addicted. Do you think that I am having withdraws and is the pharmacist right? I have had sleep apnea for years and did not have this type of problem.

  237. I had a doctor prescribe Zanax 0.5 to me last July for no known reason. She said that it would help me relax. It was for 3 times a day. She did not explain anything about it and I trusted her. I only took one pill a day until January of this year (6 mos). I ask another doctor (internist) if this medication was safe to take and if I could get addicted and he told me no that it was too small dosage. In January I got concerned and cut the pill down to 1/2 which was 0.25 and took it 1 time per day. I went to the doctor (Internist) today (March) and said that I want off of this and needed his help. I had been taking it for 8 mos. I told him that I had been getting headaches and chills/sweats lately. He said that there was no way that I was addicted. To just stop taking it. He said that the pill only lasted 4 hours a day and that I would have been climbing the walls if I was addicted for the other 20 hours per day. It said that it was probably sleep apnea. I did not take a pill all day but started to have chills, sweat and headaches. I called the pharmacy and she said to cut the 0.25 half in half and take it for a week and then take it every other day for the 2nd week then I should be ok. Then to quit. Am I having with withdrawals from this medication. Is this the right way to get off of it. I cannot get any help from my doctor.

  238. I took 1 one mg xanax a day for about 3 years. Then, over the last year, I have taken two 1 mg xanaxs just before bed time. Im wondering what my withdrawals will be like, and for how long? I have been cold turkey for 4 days and am experiencing insomnia, severe anxiety, and high heart rate..

  239. I have been off xanax now for almost three weeks, still wake up at night. Have burning legs and feet. How long is this going to go on? (I need to get back to work but no way with the way I feel. It even burns in my chest. Been taking Bupropion sr 150 mg twice daily, Gabapentin 300mg three times a day and clonidine 0.2mg at bed time once daily. It all helps like 50% better but restless leg is really bad when I wake up. Gets better with meds but not enough. This really sucks let me tell you. Why did the doctor get me hooked on that crap?

  240. Ok, I’m just going to be honest because now I’m scared. I had a prescription of Xanax to take as needed…this past weekend, I “needed” it, and wound up taking about 15 0.5mg pills over the course of Friday-Sunday. I had one beer on Saturday night, as well as a couple Melatonin pills during the weekend. I haven’t taken anything since Sunday (it’s Thursday now), and I feel “off”…somewhat dizzy, insomnia, if I do fall asleep, WEIRD dreams…am I ok? Is the “dangerous” part over, and am I even “detoxing” from just a weekend??

  241. Been on 0.25mg Xaxax for 2 weeks. Just quit cold turkey 2 days ago and now can’t sleep at night (can’t stay asleep for long) and still get hot/cold flashes in arm and upper body. When will these symptoms subside?

  242. I have been on Xanax for years, low dose.50 at bedtime for sleep and anxiety, off for 4 weeks, terrible stomach cramping and gas, mostly nighttime, what to do???

  243. My fiance was taking upwards of 4mg of Xanax per day for about 3 weeks. She has decided to stop cold turkey. Today is day two, she is in really bad shape, has the shakes, can’t sleep, hot cold flashes, vomiting. She was not prescribed the meds so tapering was not an option. I have been trying to get her to sleep it off with Unisom, but they don’t seem to be working. Anyone have any suggestions?

  244. i have been on Xanax .5 four times a day for 5 years and three days ago i was told my doctor had left the practice. The new doctor said she wasn’t going to give me anything anymore and told me to just deal with the withdrawls so what fresh hell am i in for? It’s been twenty four hours since i took my last .25mg this is cold turkey no chance for weaning this all happened in one day after five years of being treated.

  245. Hello. I have notice a difference in bowel movement after quitting xanax almost immediately. Any one else having the same issue.

  246. Hello everyone,
    I’m a Disabled Veteran. I was on Xanax for over 4 years. 3mg a day to 6mg a day then to 1.5 mg a day.
    When I weened off with the advice of my Doc. It almost killed me.
    I started in Feb 2013, and was done In March 2013.
    I’m six months Xanax free and I still have bad withdrawals.. Also, I started to get abdominal pain on the right side and I still have it. It feels like theres a belt tighting around me.. Very aggravating. Been checked they can’t find anything wrong. any one else have this symptom?

  247. Hi Cindy. I’m not sure…but you can ask a pharmacist about the likelihood of dependence after 10 days on Xanax. Pharmacists would have more stats or information about chemical dependence.

  248. will i have withdraw symptoms after taking .05mg xanax for 10 days total of 30 tabs 3 times a day for anxiety. I do not want them no more This is the first time i have been on them?

  249. Hello Susan. Symptoms of anxiety can appear during withdrawal from Xanax. This is probably why your doctor still has you on some kind of Xanax. Have you seen a psychologist to work on the breathlessness. CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) can be beneficial in cases of anxiety.

  250. My doctor put me on Xanex after my breast cancer diagnosis in December of 2011…0.5 mg….at one point, I was taking three tabs a day….then two times a day….then half a tablet during day and one tablet at night…then half a tablet during day and half a tablet at night…I am now at only half a tablet at night… doctor is telling me to stay on it (.25 mg in the AM and a whole tablet at night) …I’ve been experiencing a sensation of breathlessness that has affected the way I eat, which I have been dealing with for a long time….I’ve asked my doctor about this, and he thinks it’s anxiety….could this breathless feeling be attributed to tapering down on the Xanex? Am I tapering down in a safe manner?

  251. Hello Roger. Coming off any medication or drug that has been our “friend” can trigger fear. I wonder if you can talk with a licensed psychologist to talk out this fear, and develop a plan that can work for you. Where there is a will, there is a way. I wish you all the best!

  252. I’ve been prescribed Xanax since 1996….it 1mg then 90 a month….now I’m on Xanax bars….still 90….I admit I am addicted to them….without them, I cannot sleep….and have immediate withdrawls….i.e. a metallic taste in my mouth and muscle twitching….I crave them when I run out prematurely….I’m a 41-year-old male….I’m afraid what would happen if I taper off, even under a doctor’s supervision….

  253. Oh , I forgot inner tremor. I was taking what the doctor told me .50 in the morning .50 evening. I actually hardly ever took the one in the evening because I heard it was addicting. That was my way of thinking I wouldn’t get addicted. I can’t believe after researching this drug that we are not supposed to be on this for more than 2 weeks. I was never told this . I was never told to take on a an as need basis, also. After discovering all this I might be suffering for years because of this. I thought doctor are supposed to help not hurt. Anyways you let me know if you need to talk . I do !

  254. Rhonda, your not alone I’ve been going crazy with twitching, loss of balence, headaches, stomach, tinnitus, tingling, fasciculations and more.

  255. Hello Kevin. Given the severity of other possible symptoms of Xanax withdrawal, these symptoms don’t seem too difficult to cope with. I’d suggest that you speak with a pharmacist or your prescribing doctor for more information on how to treat loss of appetite.

  256. I was told to stop taking xanax cold turkey when I had elevated liver enzymes following a gallbladderattack 2 weeks ago. My liver ezymes were normal last week. I woke up this morning with no appetite and a funny taste in my mouth. Can xanax withdrawal cause these physical symptoms 2 weeks after discontinuing?

  257. Please advise if Zoloft can recover the Xanax withdrawal symptoms ??
    i take Zoloft but i wanted to quit Xanax since i got addicted to it hence i don’t sleep without it ??
    And how to sleep without Xenax ????

  258. Hello Ron. You might be best off consulting with a pharmacist on the withdrawal effects of Xanax. One month is long enough to develop dependency and experience withdrawal symptoms on discontinuation, but at such low doses of alprazolam, the effects may not be too bothersome. As every case if individual, seek advice and try to minimize the effects as much as possible. Good luck!

  259. I have taken xanax on and off for short periods of time (never in particularly high doses) mostly for sleep. Recently I was taking two .05 mg tabs at night for about a month straight. I decided to stop and suffer from insomnia and bad panic attacks at night. My common sense tells me that since I wasn’t on it very long and not taking high dosage (compared to some), that withdrawal shouldn’t be that long. It hasn’t been a whole week yet. Am I right? Could the withdrawal continue beyond say the first week given the dosage and relatively short period of time I took it?

  260. Hello Rhonda. Have you consulted with your prescribing doctor about these side effects? I’d suggest that you record day-by-day effects (with times and descriptions) and take them to a physician who can help you further.

  261. I am having nuerological problems ever since I took xanax and zoloft. My speech is affected, my tongue feels swollen, numb and wants to project forward. There is consistent twitching or a feeling of a mild electrical impulse in my palette and tongue. My tongue also moves all the time, rolling or pushing forward. Again it wasn’t there before the meds, but has continued now since Dec. 18. I was on low dose and for less than 2 months due to the tremors, body vibrations, constant full body twitching, tongue trusting forward and spontaneous snapping of my jaw on my tongue. Ouch. My hands still twitch occasionally, but it’s my mouth that is my concerrn. Again none of this occurred prior to the meds but continues post meds. Thanks

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