How much Ambien is too much?

Too much Ambien can cause overdose, but it’s relatively difficult to reach fatal levels of Ambien in the system. More on Ambien overdose and safe dosing here.

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Zolpidem, the main ingredient in Ambien is not meant for Ambien long term use.  But how much Ambien can you take daily? And how much Ambien is too much Ambien? In this article, we’ll look more into how much Ambien is too much. And we invite your questions about Ambien at the end.

Guidelines for taking Ambien

The recommended daily dose of Ambien is 10 mg, once a day before bed. You should not take more than this, as an addition Ambien or two can cause adverse side effects. And taking as little as 70 mg at once has caused significant health problems. But it takes almost 40 times prescription doses of Ambien to cause overdose.

Ambien strengths

Ambien is a sleeping medication used to treat insomnia and other related disorders. Ambien is available as both an immediate release and extended release tablet. Ambien comes in 5mg and 10 mg strength tablets.

How much Ambien is safe?

It’s hard to overdose on Ambien, but it is possible. The recommended daily dose is 10 mg, once a day before bed. As little at 70 mg of Ambien at once can cause health problems. One or even two extra Ambien is probably safe in a healthy adult, but because of the adverse side effects of this medication, it’s not advisable. At 40 times that recommended dose, 400 mg, cases of non-fatal overdose have been reported.  Death from Ambien has occurred at 2000 mg doses.

Note here that you can develop a tolerance to Ambien and eventual dependence or addiction, but doctors usually don’t prescribe Ambien for more than a few weeks due to its habit-forming properties.  Taking Ambien other than prescribed increases risk of addiction as well as dangerous side effects.  For example,  snorting Ambien side effects can include blurred vision, vomiting or even a coma.

How much Ambien can you take at once?

Only 10 mg of Ambien should be taken in the evenings. If the dose of Ambien is a controlled release version, you shouldn’t crush or chew the pills, because this action releases the medication too quickly. And you should also take Ambien only as needed for medical reasons. Taking Ambien to “get high” can have unpleasant side effects like memory loss and acting out behaviors in your sleep (including driving) which can put you at risk for physical harm.

When you use Ambien (zolpidem) in higher doses or frequency than suggested, you put yourself at risk of addiction and overdose. You can learn more about Zolpidem Addiction and Treatment Program considerations, what you can do to address it, and your long-term rehab and recovery options. Help is available TODAY!

How much Ambien to overdose?

You’ll probably experience an overdose on Ambien if you take between 400-600 mg of Ambien. The exact amount varies from person to person. Again, even little as 7 times the normal dose can make you sick, although an Ambien overdose probably won’t do any permanent damage.

Toxic levels of Ambien in the system

You can overdose on Ambien by taking with immediate release or controlled release Ambien orally. But it’s much easier to overdose on Ambien by taking it in ways other than prescribed. Taking more Ambien than prescribed, more frequently that prescribed can cause problems with Ambien. Furthermore, crushing the Ambien and snorting it, or dissolving it in water and injecting it, increases your risk of overdose.

How much Ambien is fatal?

The reported fatal dose of Ambien is a whopping 2000 mg, 200 times higher than the normal dose. Since doctors normally only prescribe this medication for 7-10 days, it would be very difficult to obtain enough Ambien for a fatal dose. Instead, you’re more likely to make yourself seriously ill by abusing the medication.

How much Ambien should I take?

You should take the amount of Ambien prescribed to you by your doctor. Never take more than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed.

Too much Ambien questions

Do you still have questions about taking too much Ambien? Please leave your questions here. We are happy to try to help you answer any question about Ambien, or refer you to someone who can. Your experiences with Ambien are also welcomed.

Reference sources: ToxNet: Zolpidem
FDA: Medication Guide Ambien Tablets C-IV

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I am taking Ambien, because I am claustrophobic, and usually do not travel by air, but would be travelling in a few weeks on two flights, one 9 hours, the other 7 hours. The two flights have a 4 hour wait-period in between them, which means I’ll be taking the second one about 10 hours after I take the first one. Is this safe?

    1. Yes, I take Ambien when I travel with at times only 8 hrs apart. The only problem I have had doing this is short term memory loss. It’s not like a complete black out, it’s what is referred to as a ‘gray out’. I will forget a story or event until I’m reminded of it. Perhaps, what I ordered for dinner upon arrival, or checking in at the hotel.

  2. I have been taking Ambien on and and off for a few years. I’m taking it pretty regularly now or I won’t fall asleep. Sometimes I take 20mg and it does not phase me, like now. I hate keep adding but I also need sleep. My dr says that my brain won’t cut off and I have been shutting down all electronics within 45 minutes of lying down and still nothing. Does it just not work for me??

  3. This is my first ttime taking Ambien and I took a 5 mg which only gave me 4 hours of sleep- May I take another one upon waking up (at 2 am) to get another 4 hours?
    (My doctor told me that if need be the second night I could double up but Im assuming that means take 10 mg at once)

  4. I have taken 2 Ambien for years. Had to change doctors because of him changing practices and I could not follow. New doctor doesn’t want to give me 2 Ambien, he said that was to much and no one ever gets that dosage. I told him I have taken it for many years, and also went about 6 -8 months without it when I had an accident and they wanted to make sure everything was ok and wanted me to stop taking Ambien. I had no withdraw, just was tired from not getting sleep. Then finally was cleared to go back to Ambien and was on it ever since. I wish the new doctor would give me the 20MG Ambien. He only wants to give me the Extended Release. Which does not help me get to sleep or keep me sleep long. I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep.

    1. Hi Angela. The recommended daily dose of Ambien is 10 mg. As little at 70 mg of Ambien at once can cause illness, including feelings of nausea, headache, and muscle pain. Still, it takes 2000 mg of Ambien to be fatal, which is 200 times higher than the normal dose. You’ll probably be fine. But, if you don’t feel well, call a doctor ASAP.

  5. I had esophagus surgery a few days ago…dr gave me prescription for Codien.I mistake have been taking ambien every 4 hours by mistake yesterday.. I feel a little wound up & there anything I can do to calm down?

  6. I have been taking Ambien for a year
    every night. Started with 1/2 5mg pill.
    Increased after a few months to 1 5mg pill.
    Then to 7 1/2 mg 3 months ago.
    I want to stop taking it.
    Do I need to taper off or can I just stop without
    withdrawal symptoms.
    I have trouble sleeping now even
    When I take it.

  7. Hello my friend,
    I have this patient that is no sleeping in the night but sleep in the day and I gave the ambient 10mg it is not putting him to until day break then he want to sleep and says he is tired

  8. . I am suffering really bad from insomnia. I weigh over 300 lbs. I take 10 mmlgrams and it doesn’t even make me a little sleepy. Could I be safe taking 3-10milagram pills and should that make me sleep

  9. I take ambien 5mil was prescribed @bed time I have been cutting them n half which does me good Been doing this for yrs 3 times weekly Is this harmful or addictive

  10. My doctor prescribed 5 mg of Ambien about 2 months ago for my severe insomnia which helped in the beginning but then it stopped working. He then increased the dose to 10mg which now also does noting so I increased the dose to 15 mg by cutting one pill in half taking along w/1 whole pill..concerned is that a fatal doss before I bring it to my doctors attention which I see him next month??

  11. I work for a psychiatrist for about 13 years. I have been on Ambien for 16 years. Although I did go through a tolerance and moved up to 2 IN THE EVENING. I am now back down to one, if you are having to take more then one at night then you need to talk to your doctor about another sleep aid medication. Ambien should never be taken during the day and if you know someone’s that does then you need to call the police to make sure they are not driving cars.

  12. Hi Nancy. You should be able to access the court files via the county/state jurisdiction where you were tried. The files should contain this information. You can always call the District Attorney’s office for more help. Best of luck!

  13. I had a >0.200 level of Ambiem in my system after a crash at 10 am.
    no one knew how much it was, can you tell me
    this is from 10 years ago

  14. I was in the hospital after I crashed my truck at 10am, the night before I took Ambiem,
    so they did a blood work up, no alcohol but I had >0.200 of Ambiem in my system
    this was 8 years ago, but I was never told how much that was!!!!!
    I got a Careless and DUI out of it and my lawyer or Prosicuter never told me what the amount was
    I even called the Pros, and he wouldn’t tell me he said to ask my lawyer??????? He didn’t know
    I would love to know!!!!

  15. Is 15mg of Zolpidem too much every night? If so, what else when you have the next guidelines.. Chronic Insomnia, Chronic Urticaria and already ALLERGIC to the next sedatives/sleep medications/pain/allergy meds- Trazodone, Temazepam, Quetiapine, Seroquel, Naproxen, Cetirizine, Doxepine, Ibuprofen, Timolol, and the list goes on. Only up to 15 med allergies that all happened at night. Add a brain injury to it and Yea, always a fun time to sleep for me and so I turn to Benadryl. Allergies are better but a si ole 4 every night won’t hurt I guess.
    Anyone know of a good sedative other than Trazodone, Temazepam, Zolpidem, Ambian, Seroquel, or Quetiapine? That way my doctor won’t have me go over a month without sleep again. Hell, maybe I’ll hit 60 days before I pass out this time. Records are b.s., my tops was 57 days and I past out up stairs and gave myself a nice black and blue eye.
    I know having a brain injury is different but I still can’t go without sleep and listen to so called sleep specialist that tend to work around the problem.
    Another bright question- If someone has a brain injury and will deal with her memory issues for the rest of her life, why would her doctor increase it another half to 15mg? I get to go for my 10 year test in a day after my accident and they won’t understand the heck I’m going through. Sure I died a few times and memory was probably worse back then but I’m not where I should be. It sucks .
    Does anyone know of a good sedative that is like Zolpidem and trazidome? I’ll take info with so I don’t have to use am Eli pen from a bright idea they get. Almost killed me 4 times already, the more information the better!
    Thanks for reading this and I’m sorry for the length.

  16. I have been prescribed Ambien (10mg/night) and have been taking it now for three years. My psychiatrist, who diagnosed me with Bipolar Type II, suggests that lack of sleep could elevate my mood, and, therefore, the benefits of taking Ambien offset the costs associated with long-term use. I am now (last month) up to 15mg with 25mg Benadryl. Do you or others have any opinion on this. I have a feeling I’m heading the wrong direction.

  17. My girlfriend is in trouble with this Zolpidem, she takes 30 to 60 pills per day. She has been to rehab twice (short 4 week stints) but she has not quit, and it has been going on for 4 years now. I moved out because I cant take it anymore. She needs a longer rehab stint then just 4 weeks, but she thinks she can quit on her own, I think this Zolpidem is going to kill her.

    1. Hi Tomuch. I suggest that you call the helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find a rehab program that fits your girlfriend’s needs.

  18. I am overjoyed that finally after 12 months of tapering this terrible drug I am free from it. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone !!!!!

  19. I have taken 2 20mg of abiem quit afee 20 gm of abiem alot and nothing has happened to me yet. Its just what I I to help me sleep

  20. I have taken Ambien 10 mg for approx 7 years. I spoken to my physician and let him know I didn’t have trouble falling asleep but trouble staying asleep. He said if I woke up after 3 hours to take another 10 mg ambien. It does work. DO NOT DO THIS WITHOUT THE ADVICE OF YOUR PHYSICIAN. Also, when I first started to take Ambien I didn’t lay down right away. In the morning I would wake up to a feast of foods I had prepared and don’t remember doing. I have hidden things and can’t find them and have propped against furniture and slept standing up for up to 2 hours. THE KEY IS TO LAY DOWN IMMEDIATELY AFTER TAKING AMBIEN. I hope this helps someone that has experienced some crazy things I have experienced.

  21. I use Zopidem . Now I need 40 to 80 mg to be able to fall asleep. It does not always work and at most 4 to 6 hours of sleep. What can I do to increase the effectiveness ofZopidem.

    Do you have or know specialists whom I can consult. I have been in 3 different rehabs in last 6 years but relapsed. No other medicine work at all. I am 68. Being a highlevel professional without sleep I caanot work.

  22. I’ve been taking 2 5 mil ambien ever night for a few month.
    Occasionally adding 5or 6 seroquel. I feel like a get a solid nights sleep, but a few hours later I’m exhausted.
    I’ve tried th sleep with nothing but I can’t slow my mind down.
    I’m sluggish and slow throughout the day

  23. I was prescribed 6.5mg of ambien. It isn’t doing anything for me. Not even a yawn. Would it hurt if I took another one? That would bev13mg. Doesn’t seem like a lot. Help…and suggestions

  24. I have been on 10mg Zolpedeim for about 10 years and started tapering in October 2016 reducing once a month it’s been a challenge but I am holding on as it gets better now. I also had to clean my diet no preservatives no spices but I make use of organic food. From May 2017 I felt a bit more stable and have started reducing fortnightly..What can I expect when I finally complete the tapering around August 2017. Is rebound insomnia a possibility even though my tapering is slow ? How long on the average will it take to fully recover thereafter

  25. I took a 10mg Ambien tartab at 11:00p.m. Would it hurt me to take another ofvthe same at 12:30 because I’m wide awake and am normal. One night I took two 10mg Ambien tartan and I finally went to sleep. Would it be ok for me to go ahead and take the one more now

  26. Had not slept in 6 nites,tried Ambien 7.5,slept 2 hrs,Had script for Amien 10mg,after no sleep,on 6th nite, took 2 Ambien,took 2 Ambien 10 mg,first read if that was safe,couldn’t reach my MD,holiday.slept 8hrs,feel much better.Have been on Ambien approx 10 years!I will inform my MD,is this a safe amount?Have had chronic lnsomina,since age 7 yrs old,I’m now 64 yrs

  27. I am prescribed and take 10 mg ambien at bedtime for 6 years. I get a monthly urinalysis at a opiate addiction clinic. They gave it to me because I had insomnia after I got off opiates. Last month, after 6 years, they said my ambien levels were too high. I didn’t even know they tested for ambien, but what could have caused it to be high? I did change job shift and now take it 6 hours later (4am instead of 10pm) the night before urine test and I stopped taking lasix. Could either have made my levels high that day?

  28. I take ambien 12.5 ER. I was diagnosed with insomnia. Sometimes it works and sometimes I will still be awake all night. I have been to three sleep doctors and 2 just gave up and said some sleep is better than none. The third one says it not insomnia but ptsd. Can ambien make you tired all day? I’m tired but my body won’t sleep during the day. Have tried every sleep hygiene/drugs/accupunture/mindfulness/massage. Ambien is the only thing that gives me some relief. I’m afraid it’s really not good but I have to sleep some. I’m so confused!

  29. I take 15mgs a day and works some what I want to know if 20mg is fine? I’m an over thinker and bring work to home so I need a complete shutdown do you guys have any tips on how I can go about taking in a undegaerous way

    1. Hi Sam. There are 5 mg (milligrams) and 10 mg Ambien pills. 5 mg are 0.005 grams, and 10 mg are 0.01 grams.

  30. Is Rozerem is a new sleeping pill that can be taken for long time and works differently than Ambien. Ambien does not work for me anymore.

  31. I have taken about 45 ambien since November to now. I have developed a bitter taste. I researched and found ambien can be the cause. I was prescribed 10mg at bedtime, which i did. I did not take one last night. I have a headache, flushing of skin, anxiety. I am drinking water to flush my system.

  32. Can I stop taking amitriptyline 150 milligrams and Ambien 10 milligrams both at the same time and what are the effects if you try to do this

  33. Hello, please can someone help me? I use ambien for sleep maybe 5 years. But now I take 30 mg( 3×10) and even this dosage don’t help me falling sleep. I’m not tired but I know the body needs the rest. Can someone help me please? Thank you Stephanie

  34. My wife just admitted to me she has been taking ambien 5 x’s a day for a year and she is addicted. What does 5x’s a day look like as far as routine, behavior, etc.??? I have a feeling she may be addicted to something else and is using ambien as the scale goat. She has been “laid off” of 3 jobs this year, and sleeps all the time. I haven’t noticed any extreme behavior…sometimes I have noticed her talking weird or nodding off here and there. I’m pretty sure she is not doing heroin. However she could be in pain pills. Can anyone help me identify what it would look like to take 5 ambien per day, not all at once,, but throughout the day???

  35. I’m not recommending you ask your doctor for this for sleeping problems but if you’re taking Ambien to get high, well, I just don’t get that from it. Of course, I’ve only taken it for what it’s intended but I have on the rare occasion taken an extra pill when one hasn’t done the trick for at least an hour.

    OTOH, being one who is bipolar, and hoping it stops there (according to the different things this drug is prescribed for) my doctor has recently prescribed Seroquel. It’s not meant for sleep, but boy, does it do the trick for someone who suffers insomnia.

  36. I’m looking for a basic scale showing…”this much ambien makes you feel like this” and if you double that dose, “it will feel like this” and so on…and a site note…once you’ve taken your ambien and are feeling great, what foods, if any, could be eaten?

  37. I use Ambien to help induce sleep. I am a light sleeper and without the Ambien I can be up as many as 8 or 9 times at night. In order to avoid addiction or negative side effects I am only taking 5mg before bedtime 3 nights a week. I go cold turkey as far as Ambien is concerned the other 4 nights a week. Will my reduced dosage allow me to rely on the drug over a longer period of time without harmful side effects? Thanks. Jesse

  38. My prescribed amount it 5 to 10 mg at night. I have 30 and this is the first time I had issues sleeping. Do I take 1 10mg and lay down for near an hour. No luck do I take a half – 5 mg, lay down no luck. About an hour later I get up and take another 10 with no luck. I have to get some sleep because I have work tomorrow. Will it work with 2 10s or just 1 more 10??

  39. Taking 250 mg at one time. Does it effect liver or stomach or any other organs permanently. If you have RA does it effect organs more. And if taking with melatonin two to three tablets or other over counter sleepsids. Does it cause more issues

  40. I am having a lot of issues falling asleep. For a while, Ambien was working. Now I am back to restless nights and waking up in the middle of the night. I never feel any side effects and follow the instructions on the label and by doctor. I am on the 10mg and have been on it for around 3 months or so. I have even tried taking 2 pills to get sleep but cant. I think it is tome to switch to Lunesta or Rozerem. I have had chronic insomnia all my life along with anxiety and stress. I am a semester away from graduating college and all I.want is a good night’s sleep. This article was very helpful, thank you.

  41. my mother and I take ambien but she was told to take two which is has but when she does she goes to bed and she sleeps but only for several hours wakes up and she takes more and more until she weak and she can no longer stand or she talks goofy and she says it has nothing to do with the ambien which Is a lie also what can I do I take 1 and and within an hour it kicks in and I asleep for the rest of night my stepdad already said he was going to talk to the doctor about her not giving my mom any more and my mom gets mad

  42. Hi,

    I have found that I will take a 10mg dose of ambien but then I will take another. After I’m already sedated, I can’t remember that I took my ambien and I will wake up the next day with 7-10 pills missing because I take them without remembering. I feel horrible the next day. I don’t know if I’m doing this because of dependency or because I just don’t remember. I have asked my pharmacist to discontinue the medication for me but he said he needs the doctor to. I have called my doctor but he doesn’t want to discontinue it because he said I should have it at the pharmacy when I need it. What should I do? I don’t want to have the option to pick up the pills because I’m scared it’s going to kill me

  43. I at one time I was purchasing Ambien online and it was taking up to about 40 pills a night. I know that seems incredibly a lot of pills but you build up a tolerance and after years of taking them that’s what happened to me it was the only way to get me to sleep.
    On one occasion my prescription didn’t arrive for about 5 days and during that time after the second day because I was going to such bad withdrawals I had a seizure.
    Luckily my boyfriend was there because all the sudden you said I just passed out and from there the ambulance came and took me to the hospital I blacked out. They put me on an IV.
    My damn boyfriend decided it was time for me to go to a rehab but the one that was chosen for me was just the place where people had long like from jail. I just had a problem and I couldn’t deal with listening to who had to go to court and who had to do this so I asked him to pick me back up and I actually stopped taking it
    The withdrawal from taking so many pills per night for years is what gave me the seizure it’s just not worth it take it from somebody that has experience.
    I’ve learned to exercise at night and swim a lot and B physically tired before I go to bed I’m not perfect I think I’ll always have insomnia I just thought I’d share

  44. Can you comment on mixing Ambien and Coke. Sometimes I go out all night and do coke. When we come home we take an Ambien and go to bed. Sometimes we don’t sleep fast enough and the coke cravings come back. Do we do a few of those drink and then back to Ambien and bed. Is this ok?

  45. Suicide and addiction clinics are every where get help now. Suicide is the pussy way out. Go down fighting for the people you care about for the ones that care and love you.

  46. Please… From a very professional experience…. Please tell people to use with caution.

    Wow? I’ll be honest, please don’t take more than 5mg…. I woke up in a nightmare! My dad is a pharmacist and said if I couldn’t sleep than repeat 4-6hrs later, having an RN in Nursing I should have thought “long and hard@, but dad knew best. After reading that 10 mg is ok, you would think…??? However, I know he meant well, but I flatlined twice. All I could think about was Hayden, Justin, Avery…please God let me live and I did. I used to be a very religious person by force because I grew up born and raised in Catholic schools, but I am poditive know I am very afraid of God because of what I experienced

  47. I am scheduled to have an in office procedure soon and I am going to be given Ambien, Valium and a pain medication. Is this safe? I am also very sensitive to any medications I take. What should the doses be for this combination of drugs?
    Thank you.

  48. Mine say take one at night but it does not make me sleep so I take 2 and then I get restless. Am I in any danger by doing this. I don’t snort shoot or any or in any other illegal way use it am I ok

    1. Hi Tommy. Please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk.

  49. I have been taking ambien at bedtime, sometime around 3 am when that first wears off and midday for a nap for over a year. The total mg I take a day is around 80. How should I taper? I spoke to my doctor but she hasn’t had to deal with this before.

  50. I take up to 150 mainly as a stress reliever. It got so bad that I would do anything to take away panic episodes. I almost lost my family and I know that this time there will be no forgiveness. My greatest fear is losing my daughter. I’m willing to put the work. Do I decrease daily, weekly without it being too obvious!

    1. Hi, Julie. I suggest you consult with a pharmacist or a doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  51. I’ve taken Ambien for a while now. Why anyone would want to take more than 10 mg at night for sleep is beyond me. It’s not a “fun” drug. If it isn’t helping you fall asleep, then talk to your doctor. If you want to get high, well I’m sorry to tell you but this ain’t the drug you’re looking for.

  52. I take 100 to 120 mg per day but I don’t go crazy because I’ve made a tolerance (for Benzodiazepines as well)
    tnx a lot for the great article . I certainly will not try to take more than 100 – 120 mg/24 hr.

    p.s :btw : sorry for poor English and grammar errors and etc …
    and tnx again

  53. Thank you for your insight! I’m a combat disabled veteran and was pit on 10mg instant release. After a while it stopped working the way it use to work! My Dr upped me to one10mg pill to a 10mg and one 5mg. But he said if we have to go up Again we will have to find something else!

    Thanks again,

  54. My husband seems to have taken 3 12.5 mg of the ambien generic because he has been unable to sleep. For the last 2 1/2 hours he has been talking to and about people that are not even here. He seems to think that he is at work as he has held a couple conference calls in our bed….as funny as some of the shit that he has said has been he is now trying to leave for work and I have hidden the keys to the car but now he is getting irate. What do I di

  55. I was more wondering if I took 10mg at 10 pm and then took another 10mg at 2 am and then another at 6 am and another at 10 am and 2 pm. 6 pm and midnight for a total of seven in 24 hours ….

  56. I’ve been using ambien day and night 3 days 7-800 mg at a time. Will just b nights after today. do I need tomtitrate? Seem to have a strong tolerance. Will take at night only after today until reg med I ready. Horrible to find myself doing this again. I’m cooped up, busted leg ,2 story walk up and active alcoholic husband. Both need help….. Can I just switch to nighttime (large dose)then titratenwhilemreg med is available? I’m no help to husband if I’m not straight,

  57. I know this blog is a couple years old… Many years ago, I was addicted to pain meds and sober. Take a serious narcotic for sleep and while I’ve had it hit me HArD and done things like drive or fall, I feel I’ve made peace/respect it. If I go right to bed, I’m ok and sleep. Without it,mot large amounts of a couple other things, madam for 10 days. Have a lot of ambien and over last 3 days, immediately took enough to sleep afternoon. Next day, did it twice. No reason,methinks I just don’t want to deal w day.minside, top duplex, one leg in cast and upper walk up.
    If I do this… For 3 days, take 8 10mg twice a day, than again at night time, can I just… Stop and take regular med?? Titration a bit?? I know it’s depression. Husband is drinking for months and resistant to help. Traveling this week, had the med and just…. Went for it. Lots to fix, I know. First, get rid of this ambien when reg med arrives in 5 day s,

  58. I accidentily took tw0- 12,5 mg of Ambien with in 14 hours, What can I do? I am scared
    Now affraid to go to sleep Please help

  59. I have a very high tolerance to Benzo. I can take 10mg a day and be chill all day. Does that mean I need to increase my ambein doses up to around 70 or 80 to get the hillusionatons
    Effect. Like mushrooms.

  60. for mike and any one suffering from depression and anxiety.i suffered seriously from both for some time a few years ago then ordered a program from the mid west’s a 15 week program which i took and by the end of the 15 weeks i was over it all.i had been on ambian-alprazolam and effexo.i weened my self off it all…..

  61. first,i have sleep apnia and use a cpap machine….but i can’t for a weeks because i just had nasal septum surgery ….which is the problem…..i can’t breathe through my nose which means i can’t even fall asleep.i’ve been taking zolpidem 10 mg for some time but i don’t think that dosage will be enough to put me to sleep and keep the past i’ve been prescibed -alprazolam 1mg ….so my question is…how much more of a dosage of zolpidem can i take safely and will taking some alprazolam help as well .this will be just for a few weeks until i can breathe well through my nose…..thank you.God

  62. My insomnia is severe. I take 20mg ambien at bedtime. Then repeat at 3am, and 7am. I have been doing this a few years. Of course I feel fuzzy headed the next day but nothing more. Am I doing myself physical damage?
    Do you have any suggestions as to how I can return to just 10mg a night?
    Thanks, Sue.

    1. Hi, Alex. Has your doctor increased your dosage? If not, please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk.

  63. My question to anyone is this …..i took 2 10s layed down and was on verge of sleep. Then after im out for 10 mins
    My dogs storm in my room and wake my slumber so rudely. Problem and question i have is now im wide awake with work in 6hrs. So can i take 2 more ambiens to knock myself out once again. Works everytime but ya’ll have me concerned. Opinions

  64. I have been taking Ambien for at least 5 years, but not every night. How long is too much and what are the medical detriments for taking it this long?

  65. I am having problems falling to sleep. I don’t want to take Ambien every night. I only want to take it every three days – so I can try to sleep by doing mediation and deep breathing. Will I
    become dependent on it if I use it for 2-3 months. Thank you for any help you can give me!

  66. My doctor prescribed Ambien 5mg for me for the very 1st time to help me with insomnia.
    Took one at 8:00 pm tonight and still awake and it is almost midnight now.
    Please advise

  67. i am taking 15mg of ambian my pharmarcy switched manufactures and that is not working so im taking 2 15mg tablets can ur doctor subscribe 30mg

  68. One Zolpidem at night is what I’m suppose to take, but it only lasts two hours, I toss and turn trying to sleep so I take another one it does the same thing. All I want is at least six hours of sleep before my day get started I’m a grandmother so it gets very busy and I need that rest so what am I suppose to do?

    1. Hi, Valerie. Have you talked with your doctor about this? I suggest you to seek medical advice or talk with a pharmacist. Also, you may consider some home remedies and teas in combination with your medication.

  69. I have Ambien 10ng. But it does not put me to sleep. I have to to talke 1-1/2 for it to work. My doctor told me a while ago to try this and it works. I have a very difficult time getting and staying asleep.unless I take the extra half doze together . Is this ok?

  70. I have been on ambien for a while now and have never taken over 10mg per night! I don’t take them to get high or for the “fun of it” I actually take them to sleep. I have major anxiety, ocd, panic disorder and ptsd so the ambien helps me to fall asleep instead of laying there with 10 million things running through my mind. I recently just got 5 mg instead of 10 mg. I was just wondering if it’s okay to take 2 of the 5 mg’s since I have always taken 10 mg? I would never ever consider taking more than 10 mg! Just figured 2 of the 5 mg would be the same as 1 10 mg! I am just considering the other ingredients in the medication as well! Thanks for your help! 🙂

    1. Hi Sherrie. Not if you weren’t prescribed by your doctor. Using zolpidem (Ambien) together with escitalopram (Lexapro) may increase side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. Some people may also experience some impairment in thinking and judgment. So, no driving or doing hazardous tasks is advised. Also, adding alcohol to the combination should be completely out of the picture, so no drinking while on these meds.

  71. I have to take 2 ambien for it to work..I am having memory loss and several of the other side effects..What should I do? I have been taking it for almost 2 yrs.

    1. Hello Ann. Memory loss is one of the worst side effects of Ambien. I suggest you consult your doctor immediately to change your medication.

  72. Ambien is a sleep aid taken at the .5 dosage. Any more than that produces euphoria followed by intense sleepiness. 200mg or ove you will develop extreme addiction to this powerful government test drug which was developed to put troops to rest for 4 solid hours. The melting of lage amounts and administering it though a beverage( not mentioning any name. Like fat Albert. 300’mg will render you to the pointe of unconscious and ale you will be subject to not remembering anything for aboutb3 hours after investing medicine

  73. Hi, I’m on ambien 5 m.g. and amitriptyline 25m.g. and only at night’s I’m looking for another medications to get off. the ambien 5m.g….and amitriptyline instead get on what? I been ambien for over three years and need something safer to take, I did not wean off depakote 1000 m.g. a while ago like six years ago. Now been suffering with insomnia related disorder from the depakote, what can I do? Suffering fir over five years., with a baby whose five years old now, the child has no insomnia, but I do, from getting / pregnant while on depakote, just didn’t weaning off the medications that when I got pregnant, the first time every having insomnia…please reply with some information I can use

  74. My wife is on 5mg which is prescribed by her doctor. She has been on zolpidem consistantly for over 3 years. She taking double tablets most nights, as well as her normal dosages of painkillers, diabettes medication, epilepsy tablet, high blood pressure tablets. She walks around like zombie, speech slurry as if she is drunk. Is this doing a lot more harm to her health

  75. I have recently been diagnosed with insomnia and received a prescription for ambian. Now the first night i went home I took as follows and it to me 3 instead of 4 hour to actually get some sleep. Then it was the weekend I tend to get home pretty late on the weekends so I felt no need to take them. Now sunf at night 9 pm rolls around I decide to take two this time to go to bed . And honestly fell a sleep in 20 minutes. My question is is this the right thing to do and if. So what do I do when it’s 15 days before refill time and I’m done with my ambian? I’m sure they won’t refill early. .q hat can I do to get the pharmacy on my routine

  76. I’ve been trying Ambien 10mg tartrate (don’t know what that means) anyway, it relaxes me but doesn’t really help to fall asleep. I thought about trying 2 together but someone said something about adverse side effects. Anyone know what those are?

  77. I have been taking zopidiem 10 tom 20 mg for 4 years and was able to sleep. Then I went to rehalb and stopped completelely. I cannot sleep lots of dreams for 8 months. So after 8 months I started taking 20 mg zopidiem twice a week. But sadly it does not work anymore. Tody I swallowed 40mg but could not sloeep. Is it better to chew. What do I do. How many zolpediem I need to sleep. It is very painful. Do you know a doctor who can help. It is pretty strange. Is Zopiclone wont give me problems. Very diffivcult. Need your help asap

  78. I have been taking zopidiem 10 tom 20 mg for 4 years and was able to sleep. Then I went to rehalb and stopped completelely. I cannot sleep lots of dreams for 8 months. So after 8 months I started taking 20 mg zopidiem twice a week. But sadly it does not work anymore. Tody I swallowed 40mg but could not sloeep. Is it better to chew. What do I do. How many zolpediem I need to sleep. It is very painful. Do you know a doctor who can help. It is pretty strange. Is Zopiclone wont give me problems. Very diffivcult. Need your help asap

    1. Hi Dhiraj. You need to stop this vicious cycle. The more you take zolpidem to help you sleep – the more your tolerance to the medication grows and it works less. Another problem you have is dependence; your body has learned that the chemicals the brain needs to induce sleep are coming from an external source, so the brain stops producing its own sleep chemicals. The way to get back to normal is to stop using zolpidem by slowly reducing doses, and then completely stopping and letting your organism heal. Consult your doctor about the course of treatment for zolpidem dependence.

  79. I have taken ambien for many years and some day I take up to 6 or 7 .Not all at the same time. It makes me feel fine. I hope I’m not hurting my self.

  80. Hey in the past 48 hours my mother has taken 370mg of Ambien (37 10mg pills) she does this everytime her doctor prescribes them which is monthly what should I do

  81. My daughter loves this drug. I have a prescription and she ask me for some… Then more and more and more… So far she has taken 8 10 mg. Ambien and still begging for more!!! What can I do???

  82. would like to get off my ambien, been on it for years, only thing that gets me to sleep comfortably (10 mg. generic zolpidem)…not as quickly or for as long though sadly…I am just taking klonopin along with it now, an experiment without my anti-depressants or mood stabilizer…a doctor had stressed my huge anxiety and prescribed klonopin (2 mg. x 3, or whatever I felt comfortable with or could tolerate at lower doses)….I want to see what a full attack of my anxiety by klonopin can do, without other meds confusing me….again, with the ambien at bedtime…klonopin a little earlier in the evening now…idk if I ever tried this before, my anxiety has got much worse over the years..was hoping to have the klonopin work so well that I could sleep on it but it hasn’t happened yet at .25 mg….I think I’ll go to .5mg….I’m a little scared of it, unlike my ambien, which I know very well and don’t fear, even like the slight high at times….is there anyway to know or suggest how much klonopin would be needed at night to make me sleep as well or better than the ambien?..obviously I know they’re different categories of meds….the klonopin is working, I feel better, less anxiety, chest is loosening…mood even improving because of that…at higher doses of klonopin would I get that ambien high?…not desiring it, just wondering how different it would be and how much better it might be for sleep…thanks, sorry for the length

  83. I have been diagnosed with major clinical depression for the fifth time. I take 30 mg of Lexpro nightly which doesn’t seem to be working yet, but I have only been on this dose for three weeks. Anyway, I have also been taking 12.5 mg of Ambien nighty. Lately, the 12.5 mg isn’t enough, so I have been taking 25 mg for about 2 weeks. It makes me fall instantly and soundly asleep. I do not need to drive anywhere upon rising and I get a full 7 to 8 hours of sleep. Shoud I be worried about any side effects other than unknowingly eating and/or driving? Is this a safe amount? Is it somehow causing the insomnia? Is it addictive?

  84. Does a 10 mg dose have the same affect on a 400 lb person as it does on a normal sized person? I feel that my Ambien dose is not working very well and was wondering if it was because of my weight. Do I need a higher dosage?

  85. I takes 8 to 10 ambiem a might and I am overweight. I’m going to a psychiatrist to get off them , I’m scared, my sister says in not myself. The medicine is kicking in. I’ll be Bach tomorrow,

  86. i take 12,5 mg of ambian cr. i am 220 lbs and nothing happens , just stareat thr cieilig. oi i where to double could i hurt my self? i am very jeary or drugs but i cant function with out sleep…
    can you help?

  87. my mom takes two ambien at night and it makes her sleep but when she wakes up she takes two more what can I do to make her stop she says she does not remember taking it but I only take one at night and I sleep and wake up remembering

  88. Unrelated, but how did some of you upload your pictures? I can’t find a “my account” to click on or anything that says “upload a picture.”

  89. I take 4×7.5mg Vicodin daily for scoliosis, I take 300mg Effexxor daily (the first anti-depressant that actually worked, I highly recommend anyone under a psychiatrist’s care along with psychologist to ask him/her about Effexxor. I take 250mg Lamictal for mood stability, I take 4 different HIV meds, I take 10mg and on the rare occasion 20mg of Ambien for about a year now. I’m probably missing something but suffice it to say I think I made my point. Ambien is not a sleeping pill like Seconal. It’s purpose is to help you ease into a sleep, not keep you asleep. Your body should take over for that purpose. I also have Hep C and recently underwent 12 weeks of treatment. Oh, and 2.5 mg of Xanax daily. Nothing caused any liver damage as my liver was monitored monthly. I had slight cirrhosis but this was already there when I first diagnosed, and probably because I didn’t diagnose for what I believe were at least 20 years of a lot of drinking and illicit drug use (IV), actually how I contracted Hep C. My point, don’t take more than the doctor orders and if you need to get high, and I understand that feeling although I’ve conquered it but for one thing, smoke pot. It’s been referred to erroneously as the Gateway drug. I refer to it as the go to drug. It was not, by far, the first mind altering drug I took but it’s the one I always feel back on during my Narcotic, Cocaine and Meth addictions. It’s the only thing I know, and enjoy, that does not build up a tolerance and has a definite pleasant mind altering experience. Peyote or magic mushrooms also. Trust me, and I’m not being flippant, the Native American’s were on to something. It’s only in my opinion, but a lot of these comments, some even admit, sound like the goal is to get high, not just a good night’s rest.

    Let me add, are your respective doctors informing you that Ambien is to be taken approximate 30-60 minutes before you are ready to retire for the evening in a dark, quiet room…NO TV. If you do otherwise, you are keeping you brain activity too stimulated for Ambien to have it’s intended effect. I sleep for 5-6 hours that way (good sleep for an almost 60 year old who also is a firm believer in naps.) If I take one and am watching TV, I just wasted an Ambien.

    1. Hi Matthew. It’s not recommended. If the medication has stopped working for you, you should see your doctor again. Taking more meds than prescribed (more frequently or larger doses) is considered abuse and can lead to many risky and dangerous results.

  90. I have been taking halcion – 2 pills nightly of .25 mg. Due to insurance reasons, they will only pay for 15 pills a month….so the doctor gave me ambien – 5 mg. I have not been sleeping at all since I’ve been taking them…..what do I do now?

  91. Hi Carole. The bast way to eventually stop Ambien is to gradually lower the dose you are currently taking. This way you can minimize the discomfort from the withdrawal and experience less severe symptoms. Your doctor can help you create a tapering schedule that fits your needs best, and also give you other medicines to assist the withdrawal process.

  92. I had taken 100 mg ambien because I had gone to the ER because of panic attacks. Was sent home nothing was given to treat the panic attacks so still panicky I began to self medicate with ambien. Blacked out. Took eight more ambien, 1200 mg topamax, 300 mg meclizine, and a half quart Amoretto. I was found wandering around town unsteady on my feet. Someone saw me stumbling around and called 911. I was discharged the second time that day and regained consciousness in a town four hours away. I blacked out again and woke up in another ER that apparently discharged me to a mental health facility. I woke up in a stripped room (no curtains no bed linens) and under constant observation. I had no memory of how I had ended up there. However was treated like I was functionally incapable. I still can’t remember how I got there or what made the person who did my intake think I had low mental capacity. I suffer from panic attacks. I do not suffer from depression, manic depression, schizophrenia or autism.

  93. Iv been taking ambient for a while following near death experience im in constant pain and ambien is my only release without it I’m nervous scared and can’t live a normal life any suggestions would help me I’m really struggling thank

  94. If anyone is taking, ergo prescribed, enough Ambien to be taking 3-30 pills a day, shouldn’t the doctor be the one to be looked at by the AMA. If you’re buying them off the street, then you’re a fool. They’re great for helping (causing) you to fall asleep. Call me crazy, 10mg at bedtime has worked for me for months, and trust me I am well versed in narcotic addiction from my past. I just don’t think it offers that much of a high, especially after a couple of weeks, but it stills helps me fall asleep.

    I have never dreamed of taking any during the day. Granted, I take 2.5mg Xanax daily. One in the morning, 1/2 in the middle of the day, and one at night, not bedtime. Almost as a prep to go to bed in a couple of hours when I take the Ambien. Why am I reading about people taking so many and why haven’t I read one comment that sounded alarmed by the claims of those who are taking 20-40 a day.

  95. I have been on ambien for about a year, starting out on the 5mg dose and quiickly was changed to the 10. I have been trying to get my sleep habits in line with that of a normal 40 year old. It just feels more comfortable to sleep for short periods of time during daylight hours. Laundry, cooking , cleaning all happen at night. For a while, dating the Ambien at 10 PM worked quite well. Now to even feel grogy I ned to take two.

  96. hi, got perscribed these after wisdom teeth extration. my parents gave me 4 at time so naturally i took around that muh then noticed lable…i halluicinated, thot people wer in my room accidentally took more and more for this bad altered state. i woke hours later with terrible cold sweat and muscle pains. i dont know how much i took. couldn’t remember, now almost a week later i still get muscle pains sometimes. i cant tell if the pains are from that or jhe surgery. do i have anything to be worried about? i do have a check up wit dr tommorrow so ill ask. sorry for grammar typed on my playstation. thanks

  97. I have been taking 10mg zilpidem (generic for ambient) for at least 10 years. I toss n turn hrs b4 falling asleep. One I do fall asleep will sleep 4-5 hrs. Thinking about doubling dose. Is this safe

  98. I have been taking ambien for years ( 4 to 5). I have stopped taking it 2 -3 times before. Then start again cause I can’t sleep. I stop taking it 3 days ago. I had 1 bad hallucination, have stomach cramps and naseau. I don’t want to go back on it anymore. What can u do to help me sleep and stop medication when I’ve taken it this long? Can my memory damage be cured?

  99. neha,
    zolpidem or ambien as it is more commonly known as , is said to have side effects which include memory problems. The amount of dosage taken by your friend is too much and must have required medical attention. Did the doctors who treated him/her tell you about the condition ??? Complete memory loss is not possible according to me. You can check online regarding your issue and i am sure you will find a satisfactory answer.

  100. I take one Ambien at 11:00 pm. and then another at 3:00 am..
    Is this too much?
    I can’t sleep the whole night on taking only one.
    Ambien strength is 10 mg.

  101. My friend took 250mg zolpidem for suicide but failed now she has lost her memory. Is it possible that only 250mg zolpidem causes memory loss or she is acting? I m confused..

  102. i have been taking every night for the last 5 or 6 years. i would like to quit but it seems to hard and too scary to stop. i have really bad dreans at night and this drug doesnt make me dream. any ideas on how to stop. thanks cheryl

  103. hello again ,
    tanx for your advices , i found a doc and start lowering the doses , and he asked me the same question as yours , i do not remember being through a trauma, but i always had some difficulty with sleeping ,

  104. Hello Massoud. You’ve probably developed a very high tolerance to zolpidem. Yes, I’d suggest that you seek professional medical advice. It may be possible or you to taper down the dose at home under medical supervision. But in addition to lowering your doses, you’ll need some help in coming up with alternatives for sleep. Have you been through a trauma which makes it very difficult for you to fall or stay asleep? Psychotherapy, meditation, or daily exercise can also help you manage insomnia.

  105. first of all tanx for your blog ,
    i m 28 years old , 178 cm , 80 kg boy,
    i start using zolpidem by 10mg per night , from 10 years ago , non stop,
    but thease days (for about 6-7 mounths) i’m takin it 800 – 900 mg in 24 hours ( a day)
    i take 20 before dinner and after 4-5 hours i woke up and eat 20 more , and during the day every 3 hours i eat 3 of them , if i dont do that i cant sleep well and during the days i’m so disturbed.
    i wanna know if i need to go to the hospital for treatment or i can decrease it by myself in home?
    or is it dangerous to leave it completely?
    if i shoud go to hospital how much time i should be there ? and is it safe?
    at the end , thank you , and i’m really look forward to hearing from you.

  106. Hello cbright. You can call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. Sorry that this response is a few days after the event.

  107. My friend literally right in front of me took 2 10mg ambiens and then about thirty minutes later she took 4 more..all orally.. She keeps convincing me that this is okay. She starting acting really crazy when she took the first two i actually recorded it.. She calm now laying down but who is to say that she will wake up in the morning. She has been perscribed this medication for about a year now. She don’t want to go to the hospital.. Im pretty scarf and

  108. I’ve only been taking ambien for a few weeks and my vision is getting blurry, so I have stopped taking it. Has anyone have this same problem and if so does it clear up and if so how long does it take?

  109. Hello Gilbert. Are you taking Ambien as prescribed? I’d suggest that you consult with a pharmacist via phone or walk in consultation to learn more.

  110. Hi, I have a question about ambien usage. I started taking 10 mg of ambien once a day. Then 2 a day. Now I am up to 4 a day (10mg). My concern is that if taking 40 mg a day can cause liver or kidney damage? I have been taking 40 mg for about a year, 2 in the morning and 2 at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon. I do alright with 40mg. My main concern is liver or kidney damage?

    Gilbert Munoz

  111. If I take sublingual Ambien 10 mg every night for 10 days and stop, how many days must I remain off it before it is safe to use it again?

    Thank you,

    Bert Bell

  112. I have been using and getting my 10mg ambien for yrs. off the same doc. so doctors will RX it more offen if needed, trust me. 300mg or 30 10mg pills a month along w/3mgs lunesta which is even better and if u take 6-9mgs or 2-3pills and fight the tiredness like u do ambien the relaxation of the meds are wonderful and provide a great nights sleep when ur ready to crash out! I get 30 3mg Lunesta as well as my Ambien so I can pretty much use what I want in moderation but if the doc. thinks u need it longer, theres a good chance that ur doctor will hook u up w/ more or maybe go from the 5mg to the 10mgs and the Lunesta comes in 1mg,2mg and 3mgs and at first they were so stong I had to cut them in half w/my pill cutter and only take 1.5mg Lunesta and maybe 5-10mg’s of Ambien. Great sleep but does build tolerance quickly so be carfull of what ur taking and research all meds ur about to use b4 taking even 1tab/pill! This is just for ur own safty. As far as the maxed out effect, after 80mgs of ambien, I couldn’t feel the other 2 at all so under 100mgs is ok IMO only once u have established some sort of tolerance. Out of the 100mg’s I used one night, I injected 6, ate 2 and snorted 2. Great sleepy, out of it buzz but worth it once a mo. or so as to now get hooked on these things! I’ve had 3 friends go to rehab due to the fact that they were taking up to 6-10 10mg pills everyday and during the day! No good, max during the day for me is 10mgs mixed w/ some Klonopin and 1-2mg’s lunesta which is a newer bomb ass sleepin med fosho but no generic so very expensive. Get free 7day sample at and ask ur doc. to RX it to ur RX and ur set for the week! Enjoy and hope this helps a bit. Also remember that this is for info purposes only and in no way am I a doc. but I’m a CMA and know a lot about these diff. medications and many more! Peace out guys and be carfull out there! CAB-

  113. Hi Tom. I think that a pharmacist can answer your question. It’s rather technical and would be best suited for this type of medical professional.

  114. After a certain amount of ambien, the subreceptors are full. When you take on extra ambien, they can’t bind-nowhere to bind. Can anyone tell the the actual number of ambien it takes to max out the effect?

  115. Hello R. Moore. Thanks for your question, but I think that this would be best answered by a pharmacist. You can call or walk in to a local pharmacy for a qualified medical answer.

  116. Hi Eman. If you want to check the function of your liver, common tests that are used to evaluate how well the liver is working (liver function) include:

    Alpha-1 antitrypsin
    Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT)
    Prothrombin time
    Serum bilirubin
    Urine bilirubin

    Check in with your family doctor to request testing, and seek a referral to a specialist, if necessary. Good luck!

  117. Hello everyone. I have been taking ambien for about 2 years now just for the fun of it and have always used my doctor’s prescriptions. I’m worried that perhaps I have caused damage to my liver; as I know how damaging acetaminophen can be to the liver. I have never taken ambien for longer than a month at a time and never exceeded more than 30 mg in one day. And then I would taper off a bit, maybe take 10 or 5 mg the next day. I’ll go months without using it all, so I’m wondering: Do I have any reason to worry?

  118. Hi Mike. Yes, it must be difficult to deal with the co-occurring disorders of depression and possible addiction. I’d suggest that you seek help with an addiction treatment center that specializes in treating both. At its root, depression is a lack of energy, but you will need to look into both behavioral as well as cognitive ways to re-energize yourself. And you cannot start this process until the Ambien is under control. Does your doctor know that you take Ambien throughout the day?

  119. Thank you so much for this blog. I find your information very helpful and deeply appreciate it.

    I have serious depression which makes me want to sleep all the time which, in turn, causes me to take massive amounts of Ambien throughout the day to try and sleep all the time. I’ve also developed greater tolerance which also makes me take more.

    My psychiatrist has given me Paxil for depression, but I’m still taking all the Ambien.

    If you can help me with advice on how to break this cycle, I would be extremely grateful.

    Thank you and God Bless

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