How much hydrocodone is too much?

How much hydrocodone is too much for your body depends on your personal opioid tolerance and what other medications you are taking. While it takes a significant amount of hydrocodone to overdose, hydrocodone is usually combined with other, more dangerous medications. More on hydrocodone overdose, acetaminophen poisoning, and safe doses here.

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How much is too much hydrocodone? The safe amount of any narcotic depends on a person’s individual tolerance to opioid medications, as well as mode of ingestion.

However, it takes a significant amount of hydrocodone itself for the medication to be fatal – about 9 times the normal therapeutic dose. Still, hydrocodone is almost always packaged in a combination product with acetaminophen, which must be taken exactly as directed to avoid serious health problems (snorting hydrocodone acetaminophen is particularly dangerous). In this article, we’ll look at safe amounts of hydrocodone and acetaminophen doctors prescribe. And we invite your questions about how much hydrocodone is safe at the end.

Hydrocodone strengths

Hydrocodone is not generally available as a stand-alone drug. Instead, the strength of a hydrocodone dose depends on the formulation and other medications included in a combination, and for what purpose. Hydrocodone is available as a painkiller, mixed with acetaminophen or other non-narcotic pain medications, as well as in prescription cough syrups. Typical hydrocodone formulas and strengths follow. In general, hydrocodone detection time in urine is more likely when you are drug tested within 24 hour of use.

1. Generic pain formulas

Hydrocodone is generally taken combined with acetaminophen, to lower its potential for abuse. In combination with acetaminophen, hydrocodone available in the following strengths:

Tablets: 5mg hydrocodone, 500 mg acetaminophen, to be taken every 6 hours as needed

Oral elixir: 5 mg hydrocodone/333 mg acetaminophen, or 10 mg hydrocodone/500 mg acetaminophen, taken every 4-6 hours as needed

Oral solution: 10 mg hydrocodone/325 mg acetaminophen, or 10 mg hydrocodone/300 mg acetaminophen, every 4-6 hours as needed

2. Generic anti-tussive cough medication

For children: 20mg/day divided into 3-4 doses each day

Ages 12-adult: no more than 10 mg/dose

3. Brand name hydrocodone formulas

Probably the most well-known brand-name hydrocodone product is Vicodin, which contains 5 mg hydrocodone and 500 mg acetaminophen. There have been a variety of brand-name products over the years, many of which are now only available in the generic formulation. Other brand-name hydrocodone/acetaminophen drugs, like Lortab, have the same amount of active ingredients.

How much hydrocodone is safe?

To be honest, hydrocodone is safer than the acetaminophen it’s usually combined with – which can cause liver problems at fairly low doses. You’ll almost certainly overdose on acetaminophen before you experience problems from hydrocodone. In fact, the FDA is currently advising drug manufacturers to limit acetaminophen in hydrocodone combination products to no more than 325 mg per dose to avoid overdose. Taking more than 4 grams of acetaminophen in one day can poison you and cause permanent liver damage, even liver failure.

As for the hydrocodone itself, the safe amount of any narcotic depends on a person’s individual tolerance to opiod medications. Hydrocodone is usually started at smaller initial doses. This is a determination that needs to be made by the prescribing doctor, and may change over time as a tolerance to the effects of the hydrocodone develops.

Hydrocodone for pain

Hydrocodone is generally available in 5-10 mg, immediate release doses. If you’re taking 5 mg tablets with no more than 500 mg acetaminophen, it’s safe to take 2 tablets every six hours. More than that, and you risk an overdose from the acetaminophen contained in the medication.

Hydrocodone for cough

The dose of hydrocodone cough syrup depends on the person, and factors such as size, body mass, severity of cough, etc. No more than 10 mg (usually 15mL of cough syrup) should be taken at one time, and should not be taken more frequently than every 6 hours. Taking more hydrocodone increases risk of becoming addicted to the pain medication at higher doses.

How much hydrocodone can you take at once?

Only 10 mg of hydrocodone should be taken at one time. Higher amounts can raise the likelihood of adverse side effects or can potentially cause an overdose in an opioid naive person. Furthermore, never take more than 1000mg (1 gram) of acetaminophen at one time – higher amounts can cause liver damage which may not be immediately obvious.

How much hydrocodone to overdose?

Again, it takes 1-4 grams of acetaminophen to overdose. Hydrocodone can be fatal at 90mg, but it may be possible to overdose at lower amounts if you have not developed a tolerance for the medication. This is why it’s very important only to take hydrocodone medications as directed.

Toxic levels of hydrocodone in the system

You can overdose on hydrocodone taking any form of the medication, but it’s much more likely when combined with acetaminophen or another non-narcotic painkiller. Crushing the hydrocodone and either snorting it, or dissolving it in water and injecting it, increases your risk of overdose. Abusing hydrocodone pain medications, such as Vicodin, can result in acetaminophen overdose, especially if more than two pills are taken at a time.  Plus, if you take hydrocodone regularly over time, you can expect symptoms of withdrawal from hydrocodone when you lower or stop dosing.

How much hydrocodone is fatal?

If you’re taking a hydrocodone medication without acetaminophen, 90 mg at once is the reported lethal dose of the medication. (This will, of course, depend on the hydrocodone user – habitual abusers can have a higher tolerance for opioid medications.) However, more than 4 g of acetaminophen in combined hydrocodone medications can be fatal as well.

How much hydrocodone should I take?

You should take the amount of hydrocodone prescribed to you by your doctor. Never take more than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed.

How much hydrocodone questions

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If you still have questions about hydrocodone safety? Please leave us your questions here. We are happy to respond to you with a personal, quick reply. If we are not able to answer your questions about hydrocodone, we will refer you to someone who can.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Have been taking hydrocodone 5-325 for close to 20 years, now I can’t sleep, my brain when I try to sleep is in super, super overdrive, it feels like it’s trying to reorganize itself, (if that makes sense). It’s been 8 nights now that I haven’t slept, and when I do, it’s only for 2-3 hours. This is a pretty scary feeling I have when I try to go to bed. The other night I couldn’t get my legs to calm down, I was thrashing in bed. This happened after I had been in bed for a few hours.

  2. I am a 65 yr old woman an was given norco back in 2001. I went threw one surgery after another . I now want to get off these pills. I take 10/325 Norco (3) in the AM & (3) in the PM. I started taking (3) instead of (2) it helped with my pain better. I didnt want to add more then 6 pills a day. It’s been many years an I want off these pills but withdrawls is more then I can handle. Can I qualify for Suboxone with helping get off this medication ? I cant aford rehab with medicare.

  3. Having physical therapy for a total knee replacement. I take a 10mg (325) Hydrocodone immediately before I start. I do about 60-75 minutes of weights and exercises before the therapist will work on bending knee and straightening my leg. I still feel a lot of pain when the therapist is working on me. Could it be possible that the pain relieving effects Hydrocodone has started to wear off by the time the therapist starts to work on me? I had my knee replacement 9 weeks ago and only take Hydrocodone when I go to physical therapy.

  4. My mom has been taking hydrocodone 10/325 for over a year now for arthritic pain in hips and back. Doctor said it’s ok. But I thought hydrocodone is used for short term after surgery or injury?

  5. I have CIDP a neurological disease and have been taking Norco 10mg a day for the last 2 months. I’m pretty sure my body is dependent on it now. What will happen when I stop? What symptoms of withdrawal will I experience?

  6. My husband as a toothache and went to the and give him some HYDROcodone/APAP 5-325MG TAB GENERIC FOR :NORCO 1 TABLET EVER SIX HOURS AND HE WANTS TO TACK 2 AT A TIME IS THAT BAD HE SAY THE pain don’t go away

  7. Suffered a 2nd degree burn from ankle to knee, one leg. Pain is rather severe. Am taking hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 7.5-325 T. 1 tab every 6 hours as needed. Am having to take 1 tab every 4 to 5 hours to keep severe pain at bay. Been two weeks now and do not know how much longer it will take for burn to heal enough so as not have severe pain.
    I’m tempted to ask for 10 level hydrocodone, so as maybe only have to take every 6 hours?
    My main question is, for what length of time i a person takes the above persciption without risking some addiction level? I’m optimistic that 2 more weeks will be enough, but just guessing.
    So, while the pain can get severe, to the point where the hydrocodone is wanted, I would endure the pain if taking the presciption too much, either due to possible addiction or liver damage due to Acetaminophen.
    Thank you.

  8. Hello
    I have been taking hydrocodone 7.5 mgs /325
    For 5 years .2 pills at once at night
    My problem is have have skin lesions that I feel are caused by this .my Dr says there not but from what I seeonline there the same as what I have .they started about4 years ago and the sores will not stop appearing on my legs at first now my arms
    Can I just deal with the back pain and quit the hydro ? Without my Dr

  9. I have diabetic peripheral neuropathy in both of my feet at the toes. I take Gabapentin 300mg 3xdaily. I am currently trying to get the strength increased. The Gab seems to be working very well but the pain level blows through the medication a couple/three times a week. That is when I need to take Hydrocodone 7.5/325 acetaminophen per doctors orders every 4-6 hours as needed. But I find that one pill is not enough to cut the pain significantly after 2 hours. I am a large man (350lbs) and seeing how Hydrocodone is systemic in nature, I have taken it on myself to take 2 tablets for pain as needed. That seems to take the pain away very well after an hours time. Never have had to take over 2 tabs at a time in a 24 hour period. Didn’t think of cutting one pill in half to get closer to a 10mg dose of codine until now. I am still working with my doctor to get the Gab medicine increased rather than taking the codine. I am no doctor and am going by what I read on the ‘net. I just don’t want to have an addiction problem. Have run out of Hydrocodine for a week now. Have been supplanting the medicine with 1g of acetaminophen when necessary until the doc and I can figure dosages out.

  10. I have a spinal compressed fracture. I have been taking hydrocodone/acetamin 5-325 mg. I quit taking them and started using acetaminophen 500 mg. That does not seem to help. How long do i need to wait before going back to prescribed meds?

  11. I am 78, with LOTS of pain, CHF and Stage 3 CKD. Everything controlled well., except the pain which can be debilitating. I am a vegan and exercise when I can. If I took Hydrocodone 7.5/.325 once or twice a week to get relief, would that be OK? I want to have relief occasionally, but don’t want increased tolerance or addiction. I never take more of anything than prescribed.

  12. I’m on WAY TOO MANY MEDS! One being Norco 10/325. I definetely try to keep things in “check.” Meaning, i have to be smart and “play” with dosages. Taking it like its rxed, only builds a tollerance for me, probably everyone! Then you take more, right? So, for me, there is an easy solution. My pain meds, norco, dicoflenec, and soma. I take whole norco, soma and 1/2 the dico. I also take klonopine. 1mg 3 times a day, i mess with that too, even though the docs say take as rxed. I was a med assist for years. Docs don’t know much about the meds, only what the drug reps tell them. Then they give us free samples…crazy biz. Anyway, i take klonopine (whole) 1 in morning…afternoon, i always eat SOMETHING as little as a small glass of almond milk when i take meds or supplements. Thats a must!. Afternoon, usually the knawing pain tells me its time, listen to your body, i find this VERY important. If i hurt, i take 1/2 norco…2 hours later if i still feel horrid, 1/2 soma, maybe 1/2 dico ( rx is norco 10/325 every 4 to 6 hours, soma, 350 bid, klonopin 1mg tid) afternoon i may take 1/2 klonopin. Dinner for me is never later than 6 and always smallest meal. If i hurt i take 1/2 norco…sometimes nothing. Before bed, 2 hours b4…because i have problems staying asleep for multiple reasons, i take 2 benedryll, my bp pill (attenolol) mucinex1 (guanifesen is good for pain and otc) singulair, meclizine 50 mg. Thats it. But i keep my klonopin, and norco on my bedside table, just in case. I would LOVE to get off all this junk! And i exercise, walk or swimming (aquatics is the best) yoga, i do something everyday, even if i just stretch in bed. Something is better than nothing. Im going to attempt to continue to take less. Because when i need it on a very physical day, i know its going to work well for me and get me thru doing what i have to. Its the best way i know without building up a tolerance (I’ve been there, not cool) i have to take my bp pill tid…but after i “wean” off or down (PRAYING) off the other meds, no way can i wean off bp meds. I always have at LEAST 20 Norcos left every month when i refill. So its been working so far for over 6 months. Id rather take none, but less is more. Hoping i can help someone else out there.

  13. I am very concerned. I take hydrocodone 10mg 3 times a day. Today i was out trying to find a puppy ,because i lost my dog,I always keep record of when and how much i take, but, today i took it and dint have my tablet with me, and when i got home i found out i had already taken my dose of 10mgs. I have been taking it since december of 2016, Please, will it hurt me? I am not taking another dose til tomorrow. I have chronic pain, scholiosis,schullermans disease, and several other issues caused by an auto accident in 1987. I am very cautious and fearful of medicine. I do not have a phone at the present and i am 63 years of age.I am in remission from breast cancer.

  14. I am asking this question out of concern for my spouse. He weighs 270 lbs. He has a lot of back foot and leg damage and I know he needs the pain meds but how many Norco 10/325 are too many in a 24 hour period and what damage can taking 20-24 in one 24 hour period cause to his body after being on them for more than 10 years?

  15. My grandsons autopsy report showed 0.223 mg. Of hydrocodone is that a large amount n could it have contributed to his death?

    1. Hi Denise. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional about your concern. We are not able to provide with an answer.

  16. I have been taking hydrocodone 10/325 2 pills a day pain is gone. But i feel bad all over especially in my right side by my liver. 9 months I’ve been taking this. Please help me to stop taking it

  17. Consumed about 200 ml of the 7.5/325 hydroco-apap liquid in a 3 hour span. The pain from this surgery is unbearable. Am 5’11” 145 pounds. Feeling woozy. Will this wear off if I just go to sleep or should I seek medical attention?

    1. Hi BettyAnn. Yes, you will. It may not seem like much when you think of it, but the body does see it as a significant chemical change.

  18. Im taking medium strength hydrocodone for my pain an vesicare 5 mg. For my bladder its a urination controler is it safe to take them together its my medication for my kidney stone procedure

  19. My son has many physical issues . He has chronic illness . He has a prescription for Hydrocodone 15 mg up to 4 a day. He has had this for over 2 years. I feel that he is addicted and is in denial.
    He goes to a pain management center here in florida but I believe that his physical issues may be related to his pill usage at this point.I don’t think he can go with out them…..he refueses to let anyone speak to his MD”s he has frequent visits to the hospital where he receives all types of tests and yet never seems to get anywhere. HELP

  20. Dose hydro 10 with no actfmm help with a pinched nerve in my foot it causes a sharp knife pain when i step or have pressure on the bottom of my foot and if so how long would one tablet work to stop that from happening or make it less watch would let me stand

  21. I have fibro, the doctor put me on pain meds I only take one a day, cut it half, half in the morning and half in afternoon, been doing this for 4yrs.Does it cause some memory loss, I’m 64 I just had a brain fog for the first time couldn’t remember my older 2 daughter’s bday, then about 10 min. Later I did. I will have to say I had some neck pain 2 days ago and had injections in my neck and I went walking in which I didn’t rest the next dsy.

  22. I take 10-325 hydrocodone- acetaminoph .75 years old I took one then, forgot I had, hour later took another now I don`t feel so good would that be the problem ?

  23. I’m age 66 & have been taking one 7.5 mg. of hydrocodone day for arthritis. It used to give me energy and that good feeling as well as help with pain. The energy was a bonus but that’s not the reason I take it, only for pain. I’ve noticed I feel more tired as the day wears on. My Dr. prescribed two each day but I never want to get addicted so I just take one in the late morning. Have I just developed a tolerance and does developing a tolerance mean it’s no longer doing much for the pain? Since I haven’t stopped taking one a day, I don’t know if I’d have more pain without them. I still have pain but it’s not as bad as it was before I started taking it two years ago.

  24. My uncle took 5mg hydrocodone pills at once due to a ankle injury. Did he take to much that it risked his health. Or should I rush him to the e.r.

  25. I takr 1half of hydrocodone_acetaminophen 5_325 tb. Once a day. Will it cause damage to my liver or any. Other part of my body? 69 years old

  26. After serious back surgery two years ago I still take maybe five times a week one of my 5.32 pills when my back gets tired and hurting. Am I doing wrong? It makes me feel quilty and yet I’m thankful to have the relief.

  27. My husband who is suffering pain from a venous stasis ulcer on his ankle, just mistakenly took 2 Hydrocodone with acetaminophen – 7.5. He thought he was taking his Tramadol. He’s a 77 year old man. I’m worried about an overdose? Please let us know if this is OK. Thank you!

  28. Is it legal for some to be prescribed Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen 10-375 T two every 4 hours? Because we suspect someone we know is abusing these and she stated she is prescribed two of them every four hours. She has Crohns and says she is always in pain, but all the research we find say steroids are the best treatment and these can cause the sysmptoms more so. Thank you!

  29. I take one and a half tablet a day of 7,5 Hydrocodone a day and one .5 alpraylane a day is this enough to get addicted ? when I don’t take it I get very nervous . I would like to get off the Hydrocodone . What do I need to get off the drug , I been on the drug for about six years.

  30. Howdy. Do you have an opinion on the potential for addiction and/or other negative side effects from ingesting a single 7.5-325mg tab of hydrocodone/acetaminophen daily for severe migraine.

  31. hello I am a 57yr old male and have been taking norco’s for approx 10 yrs now. I take approx 30 milligrams daily 2 yrs ago I went into emr for a kidney stone that was 7mm. had to have surgery to knock it down. last week thanksgiving eve I had to go to the emr again. this time it was 8mm or bigger. since quitting drinking 15 yres ago I have developed a huge appetite for chocolate. I hate to confess this but I eat it criminally. my question is this: are the occlates causing the stone problem or could the 10 gram 325 norco’s doing the damage. thank you so much

  32. Hi. I’ve been taking a 5mg tablet of hydrocodone with acetaminophen once a day for about 2 weeks. Old tablets I had laying around. Dont need them pressure but love the calmness at the end of the day. I have about 20 pills left. Should I be worried about dependency? Don’t need them but love the warm feeling before bed.

  33. I was given hydrcodone apap 10-325. 1/2 pill to 1 pill daily. I took one pill at 4pm, but I forgot and took a pill at 10:15pm. I should be ok. ??

  34. @anne no, hydrocodone and acetaminophen are not NSAIDs, and should not affect bleeding — the hydrocodone was probably prescribed because generally safe for use by patients with hematomas and other bleeding issues (e.g. patients on blood thinners).

    There *IS* a formulation of hydrocodone/ibuprofen, and ibuprofen *IS* an NSAID, but this formulation is much less frequently used, and generally wouldn’t be prescribed in your case.

  35. For reference, the “APAP” refers to “acetyl-para-aminophenol”, which is acetaminophen, a.k.a. brand name Tylenol… so a 5mg/500mg Hydrocodone/APAP is the standard 5/500 acetaminophen dose.

  36. I have been taking a 3.25 mg tablet of hydrocodone three times a day for 45 days. Will I go through withdraw if I stop cold turkey in the next 5 days

  37. I have a hemotoma in my leg from a recent accident. I started taking one tablet (5-325 mg) of hydrocodone before bed for the past week ( so that I could sleep). It seems that the hemotomas are getting larger, not better. Should I stop taking the hydrocodone entirely? ( assuming it is classified as as a non-steroidal anti-inflamintory – which is supposed to increase bleeding…?)

  38. I haven’t taken my hydrocodone in about two weeks their 7.5’s 3 times. My question is I was tested to see if it was in my system by a (urine test) so I took 1 tab at 11:30am and then another at 1:30pm and was tested at 4:15pm that same day. Will I test positive? I need to test positive.

  39. My father has had a back injury and has taken norco 10/325 for 20 years around the.clock he is 75 yrs old ! He is extremely exhausted all the time! I wondering if th norco has the effect on him! I personally feel he is addicted and feel he walks around stone all the time. Can you claify if this is possible? Thanks! A worried daughter in law!

  40. How do you reverse this I have taken 2 tonight about 1 hr ago then just taken just taken 2 more about 1 half an hour..what do I do? Not sleepy..just shaking…A paper 10 325 tab

  41. My mom who is 88 years old has been taking hydrocodone for 7 years. Is now being taken off of it and it has affected her in a bad way. She is in a senior home for 30 days. Is 7 years too long?

  42. I have had several miserable days of severe lower abdominal pain caused by a large mass ( fibroid) pressing against my bladder and bowls. I went to the ER today because I could no longer tolerate the pain and after all day and a cat scan and a suggestion of a hysterectomy ASAP I was released with a prescription of hydrocodon-acetaminophen 5-325 every six to eight hours. I took one at 8 pm and another just now at 12:30 because I need to sleep through the night. Now I am worried about my liver….am I okay?

  43. Hi i take hydrocodone acetaminophen 5-325 i dont take it during day only at night for sever pain is it ok if i take two?is it safe?i suffer from several body pains

  44. My doctor just gave me 5mg hydro for back pain and its not doing anything to help. Is there something else over the counter I can take with the hydro that will help for pain, like tylenol, bayer, etc.?

  45. I have been taking 1/2 of a 325 mg / 10 mg Hydrocodone tablet everyday for 3 years.
    Do not crave more. All blood work looks good. What are the dangers of continuing this for another 6 months?

  46. My doctor has changed my dosage from Norco 7. 5 twice a day to Norco 10 three times a day. I wasn’t able to get my subscription filled yet so I took one 7.5 plus half of a 7.5. Will that be okay

  47. I am 76 years old and have been on Paroxetine for about 20 years now and it has certainly eliminated my OCD. The first 10 or 15 years has also eliminated my depression. Recently I have been fighting with the little demons in my sub-conscious that is making me very uncomfortable. My problems include Loneliness, crying, loss of desire to do anything (my hobbies) arthritis pain and morbid thoughts of friends who have passed. Recently my Doctor prescribed Hydrocodone/Tylenol for my pain in the right elbow. within a half an hour I started to get this feeling of euphoria and no pain or depression. As days went by the euphoria subsided but it still prevented the little demons I call them from entering my brain. I would love to continue this prescription but very much but I am afraid of addiction and withdrawal effects. My Rx now is 7.5-325 every 6 hours as needed. Would it be safe to increase it to 10-325?

    1. Hi Rene. I suggest you consult a doctor or a pharmacist before making changes in your daily dosage.

  48. I am afraid to take Hydrocodone because it is highly addictive, I have quit taken most of my doses. Today I took 2 Tylenol 500mg instead of pain medicine. That was about 3 hrs ago. My arns are feeling strange .What should I do?

  49. I was taking 10 miligram oxycodone without the other stuff in it. I guess it was straight oxycodone. I was on that for a couple years and i was prescribed 5 a day. My doctor retired so i had to see another doctor who took me off that and prescribed me 10 miligram norco at 4 a day. I told him this wasnt working but he refuses to up me or put me back on oxycodone. I have to take more than prescribed to even help with my pain issues and always run out and i get very sick and it last for a long time. At times it feels as if i may die. How can i explain to my doctor what happens when i dont have enough of the drug in my system without him taking me off all together? Lost and cant get back.

  50. Because Norco have acetaminophen, I have my doctor prescribe the 10/325 and I cut them in half to get less acetaminophen. I take a half every 4 to 6 hours for pain. When it starts to wear off, the pain hits me with vengeance. I’m wondering if the pain is also withdrawal. I have severe leg pain, like a gnawing, achingin my thighs and very tight calf pain. I also have low back & neck pain, as well as muscle tenderness from fibromyalgia. I have been on this protocol for many many years. My doctor says I’m drug dependent, but I wonder if I’m an addict.

  51. I have been on 10 mg. of hydrocodone/325 mg. 5 tablets a day for many years. In the last year, I have not had release of my pain with only 1 tablet per time, so have been taking 2 at a time. Toward the end of my 30 day prescription, I start to run real low, so end up taking only 2 or 3 a day, til I renew my prescription, which makes my days before renewal very difficult. I wonder if hydrocodone comes in a stronger dose than 10 mg? 25 mg? My tolerance is high, do not get any high off hydrocodone. I’ve asked for 6 tablets a day, but my PA won’t budge, because of the higher levels of acetaminophen. But if I could take 25 mg hydrocodone x 5 a day, I’d sure like to try. Does this come in this strength? Thank you for your knowledge and time, Linda

  52. My doc has me on one tablet five (5) times a day as needed. The dosage is 10-325 tablets HYDROcodone-ACETAMINOPHEN. My question is this too much for a 69 year old female weighing 150-160 lbs. I usually take 3-4 pills a day. I have a very painful back. I had back surgery that did nerve damage in my legs instead of fixing the problem. I have ask two different docs about this my cardiologist and my regular MD doc. Their answers were the same. Pain will probably do more damage than the pills will. I will tell you this that the pills do not kill the pain completely. It dulls the pain enough to get me thru the day and accomplish what I need to do. Thank you for any help that you can give me. If I have to give them up I will have to just sit on the couch. I rather live and be in pain than to die.

  53. Hello, I got a elbow surgery yesterday and was prescribed hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10/325 T … I was directed to take only 1 every six hours but my pain is unbearable and it’s been an hour, so I took another half a pill. Is that okay that I did that ? Or am I better of taking one pill and smoke a small bowl of marijuana ?
    When I first dislocated my elbow another hospital supposedly put it back in place and prescribed me oxycodone 800 ( I think that was the dosage , if I’m not mistaken) and I would only take half because it was too strong but worked like a miracle n fast too. Can I get a little advice please?

  54. Hey, i have degenerative disc disease in my neck and im perscribed hydrocodon 10/325. It doesn’t help at all, i have a high tolerance to pain meds and i was wondering of it would be ok to take two of the 10/325s at once or even a couple of hours apart from each other.

  55. Hi guys, allI would like to say is that I am a daily Hydrocodone user. I get about 30 some times even 40 or more a week from an anonymous source. I get the 10mg/325mg pills and I usually start off by taking 5. then I wait until I start to feel the effects of the hydrocode and then I take 3 more, which makes 8. After that, I will stay up days at a time popping my pills untill I don’t have anymore. Most of the time it will take me 2 to 3 days to finish off all 30 of the pills I get. Honestly, with Hydrocodone, you shoudn’t worry to much about overdosing. Hydrocodone is probably the safest, cleanest narcotic in the market today. The worst you should worry about with Hydrocodone is getting sick and throwing uo or causing damage to your liver.

  56. I have inflammatory bowel disease and it is extremely painful while in an active flare up. I was finally given pain relief in the form of Hydrocodone 5/325. I have been taking this 3 times daily since January 18, 2016. Today was a really bad pain day so I’ve taken 17.5mg total since early this morning. The last 5mg of that I took about 45 min ago. Now I’m feeling like my head is all numb and am having some anxiety. Did I overdue it?

  57. I take one hydrocodone-acetaminophen 5-325 late in the day when my peripheral neuropathy (burning tingling of my lower legs) kicks up and ice packs don’t work….will this regimen hurt me….I have tried many other kinds of medicine for this and they don not work…such as gaba etc….js

  58. One must assume if they have been taking lortab and or Norco for 7 years that their tolerance has built up immensely from its starting date. How would one determine their lethal dose after
    so much time has passed:? Liver tests seem to be good, so so far that is no problem. I weigh somewhere around 180 lbs. I also take other meds, but the only opiate is Zanax, from 1 to 4 daily,
    depending on anxiety levels. Can you answer this relatively closely? I know its difficult to be exact.
    Thank you very much.

  59. Can hydrocodone 7.5. 325 and
    5mg. Morphine be combined with 800 mg. Ibuprofen.
    I take the hydro and morphine already for back
    problems. But had to go to dentist for work on
    teeth, and they gave me prescription for 800 mg.
    Ibuprofen for swelling and pain. Is the 3 together safe?

  60. I’ve been with pain management Dr. for 8 years before moving to different city, previous Dr had me on 7/325 2 tablets x 6 hours for Osteoarthritis, then pain would start up again after about 41/2 hours, so she put me on 5/325 hydrocordone, that seemed to help more with keeping pain away. When I moved, newP.M. Dr.literally cut my prescription in 1/2, I explained it wasn’t helping, he added Tramado ER, still no improvement, how do I get it thru to him, its not helping? Thx

  61. Would it be a problem to ask your physician to prescribe only the hydrocodone without the acetaminophen? I don’t want the dangers of the acetaminophen at all no matter what the strenth! I have almost no cartilage left in my wrists and knees, so bone on bone pain is constant during my 8 hr work day. I have at least 4 years before I can retire and need this med to keep me working. Disability retirement is almost impossible to get unless you have both arms and legs amputated!

  62. Thanks for the info, I take between 30 and 45 mg a day so I think I’m all right band it doesn’t bother me to not take it for a few days.

  63. i took 6 hydrocodone apap 5-500 pills last night and got high for a while then felt like i was gonna throw up for like 2 hours but now im all good

  64. Hello,
    I have a 100mg fentanyl patch and then 10/325 norco for breakthrough pain taking allowed dose of 6 per day. I had a spinal stroke and have fibomalgya and had a three disc cervical infusion that started everything because that surgery went wrong. My pain patch last the 72 hours. If I’m a hour late changing my patch the next four hours I have withdrawals. I don’t understand why or how because I leave the old patch on while putting the new one on. Then I wind up having to take two buspirone 15 mg each to try to at least have it where someone can touch me. I also have RSD on my right side. My pharmacy gave me a different brand of patches this month and because the patches are so strong and they need to be close by my neck there is only five spots I can put them well three spots are burned from the patch they are pretty much eating my skin. The normal brand sometimes will irritate my skin but never burn it like these have and I’ve had to use my norco for the added burn pain. The pharmacy can’t do anything they won’t change out the unopened box so I have to go through all month. Plus I have about 15 other meds I have to take daily and they are all at the FDA limit two are over. How bad is it going to be if I go to switch from my patch to OxyContin

  65. I’m 5’5. and weigh 120 I took 4 norco 10’s Friday night at 8 and 4 more Saturday at 2 pm its now Sunday how long would it take pass a urine test

  66. I have been taking hydrocodone for some time (8 months) I feel
    So ashamed. As well as shamed when I even present the prescription to a pharmacist. I usually use the same one but time to time I have to fill my script else where. The pharmacists make me feel so uncomfortable. My reasons for being on it are valid. My dose has increased from 1-5 a day to 4-10’s ni6-7’s. When I feel my self coming down I sometimes get chest pains they subside after I take another dose. My questions is if I am having heart problems can the medication quiet the symptoms like that! Taking the drug helps me to function. I have to have back surgery and neck surgery, I have osteo arthritis, car pull tunnel bilateral and have to have the surgery in the right hand a second time becaus the nerve did not release. I take phendometryzine, thyroid medication, hormones, Ambien on top of the hydro. I feel so much pain….I have not e peri ended a pain free day in years but I am positive and just stay active. I am 129 lbs and hardly ever sit. Do you think the hydrocodone when coming down can call se chest pains and a racing heart?
    Can hydro cause chest pains when coming down ready for next dose?

  67. My daughter was in a car accident a year and a half ago and is experiencing worse pain now then when it happened. For 6 months on vicodin 10 mg 4 to 5 times daily. Relief never lasts more than a half hour and still the pain persists. She has 2 herniated discs no leg pain. Horrible lower back pain spreading to hips. One side is worse. Dr no we tells me he wants her in rehab. Thinks the pain is due to over use. I’m so confused. I see the pain she is in. Sometimes crawls to bathroom. Drs day Her MRI shows herniations but should not give her the kind of pain she describes. They want to put her on suboxone. Is it really possible to have more pain from medicine use. She is overweight by about 50lbs now and lays in bed most days. In the past when she has run out of her meds I have never seen any withdrawal symptoms ever. She has gone up to 10 days with no meds till prescription is due and just complains of the same pain but never gets sick or sweats or any signs of withdrawal. I’m worried what the suboxone will do. Again she has never had normal withdrawal symptoms yet Drs day Her pain is from opiate addiction. Please help. They want her to start the suboxone in a few days. Those side effects sound horrific. But truly her pain is 10 times worse than a year ago. She never seems to get any true relief she started oxycodone 10 mg 3times a day for about 1 week helps for short time but she won’t take it until the pain is at its worst. She wants to prove she can do without them but I see her pain. Psychiatrist wants to put her on suboxone what should I do. Can suboxone get rid of her pain? Then what that is a short term drug for detox. Taking only 3 10 mg oxcodone a day is there really something for her to detox from. Now she is really trying to hold out from taking the oxycodone. After last oxy then 24 hrs later off all oxy and on to suboxone. Help. Don’t know what to do. Last but not least why did the pain meds barely take the edge off to begin with. Now they say she is addicted
    Sorry also wanted to add I have never seen her get high from her meds she barely gets any pain relief much less a feeling of uphoria. At most she’s her old normal pre accident self for a rare short time. Very short time 20 minutes

    1. Hi, Susan. We are here to help you, not to provide you with fatal dosage. Please, reconsider what are you planning to do…remember that you are not alone!

  68. I have been prescribed hydrocodone 7.5/325 for shingles pain. I am 34 years old. I have been taking it for a week and a half usually only 1 pill, 3 times a day. It doesn’t seem to be lasting even 4 hours anymore. Is it safe to take another pill after 3 hours if I am experiencing pain again?

  69. hi! i have been taking hydrocodone 2-10mg every night for the last 6 years and i have bad panic attacks. so recently i have been experencing pain at the top upper right rib. and my lower right side like where my kidneys are i drind water and i have no blood in my urine and the whites of my eyes are not yellow. so i was wondering if this could be liver damage or just me freaking out do to my panic disorder.

  70. So I’m 23 and I filled my script thismorning for 90 5-325 hydrocodone/acetaminophen. I took about 17 of them within 12hours. Is this considered a overdose or lethal amount?

  71. I’ve been taking hydrocodone 10-325 four times daily s needed for pain. I’have had three surgeries which have left me with chronic pain and the medication reAlly helps me. I’M MALE 62 YRS OLD AND WEIGH 230 LBS. I recently decided to see a new doctor closer to my home and he’s telling me to stop taking hydrocodone and take naperson? instead.

    What should I do?

  72. I am taking hydrocodone with acetaminophen, 10-325. I am prescribed this from my pain management Dr. I no longer get pain relief from taking 1 every 4-6 hrs, so I have to take 2. Is that too much acetaminophen to be taking in a day? I have tried the extended release hydrocodone for 1 week, causing nightmares, extreme withdrawals upon waking in the morning, now I’m back to just the quick release. I don’t want to harm my body, but the pain I experience is horrible!

  73. Hello,
    I went to the er 2 nights ago with severe pain in my back and found out I’m in the process if passing a 7mm kidney stone. My doctor said that it should only take a few days to pass and prescribed me hydrocodone 5/ acetaminophen 325. Today, I foolishly let the medicine completely run out of my system because I was having a hard time telling if I still needed them or not. My question is I took the 2 pills that were allowed on my prescription but I am still in quite a bit of pain and was wondering if it would be safe to take a third just to knock it out? It’s been well controlled on the two pills as long as I take them on schedule until now.

  74. Recently I had to have teeth removed and was prescribed hydrocodone acet 3-325 pills. I have 19 left. if I crushed the remaining 19, mixed it with water, and drank it, would it be a guarantee that it would kill me? if so how long would it take? would it be painful? I’m 5’7″ tall, weigh 230 pounds and have no prior experience with this.

    sorry, I meant 5-325*

  75. Aloha, had two major lower back surgery a yr.and a half ago, have been on hydrocodone 10-325, now due to pain, I take no more then 3 a dy. There has been times when I have taken four in a dy. It’s been along time to be taking this drug, with the amount I take, should I worry about my health? And if pain ever gets better would I have issues not taking this drug? Thank You Very Much

  76. I am taking hydro condone bitartrate and acetaminophen oral solution 10mg/325mg per15ml for awhile now 2 to3times. A day for ins. Not helping much anymore. My doctors are great what do you think I should do? Have a pain patch 10 mg also. I am 84 yrs old sure would like to feel better. Any thoughts besides , . Mdr.again? Looked back. I mean ibs

  77. My mother is 72 and weighs 135. Her doctor has prescribed her 10 mg of hydrocodone for pain that she says she takes once a day for arthritis. She also consumes two to three alcoholic drinks a day and drives. Is this safe? Been going on for at least a year

  78. Okay I was experimenting. 5 mg hydrocodone. I took one pill, and fell asleep. Then, I took a half the next night. Another half. Then, last night I took 2. Then, tonight I took 7. I’m 5’4, and about 130 lbs. will I be okay???

    1. Hi, Lelouch. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or call 911 ASAP.

  79. My Dr prescribed 10mg x325 of vicoden every 4hrs. And when that wasn’t helping that much she shortened the time between doses to 3hrs,is this a dangerous dose

    1. Hi, Nyasha. Have you asked your doctor about this? If not, I suggest you to consult with him/her for any dosage change you plan to do. Or call your pharmacist and ask.

  80. I was prescribed Hydrocodone Elixir (Loritab). I think I took an extra dose or 2 without realizing it. Because I feel very unsteady on my feet.

    1. Hi, Susan. If you don’t fell well, call the Poison Control at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  81. I just ingested one 5 mg lortab about 3 hours ago and I need to know since the pain caused by my abscess in my mouth has reacurred, is it safe to take another one

    1. Hello Matt. What did the doctor say about the frequency of administration? The second dose intake varies from the condition of the patient.

  82. I take 7.5/325 Vicodin, 4 mg of Tizanidine and 600 mg.
    4 x a day. What is the safest way to space them, like how many hours apart for the dosage I’m taking?
    Thank you.

  83. I have been taking pain pills for atot of years. I am now having alot of hip pain At
    night I take 1 pill of hydrocodone Acetaminoph 7.5- 325 mg. And this is not enough for my
    pain. Can I take more than 1.

  84. I take hydrocodone 5/325 3x day. Well last nite around 2am I thought I grabbed my other pills but grabbed 3 of my hydrocodone and took them accidentally. I haven’t been feeling right all day. Should I go be checked out.

    1. Hello Jody. If you don’t feel well, I suggest you call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 FREE to speak to a poison expert who will advise you on what you should do next, or someone should take you to hospital. I hope you feel better soon!

  85. I took 17 hydro-acetamin (7.5-325mg) last night. Which if I did my maths right then that’s 127.5mg of the hydrocodone and 5.5g of acetaminophen. I couldn’t even take one of these when I was prescribed them after my wisdom teeth removal without getting super sick. I mean, I’m grateful and everything, but why am I not dead? I read your other responses to comments and with lethal amounts at 90mg and 4g, is that not as much of an OD as I thought it was when I wasn’t thinking straight last night?

  86. I had a bunionectomy done 10 days ago and still feel a lot of pain. At present I am taking Aleve 220, acetaminophen 500mg, and at night 2 diphenhydraime 325mg. I take the aleve and acetaminophen 3 times a day. Still not much relief.

    My question is I was given Lortab 7/325 to take every 6 hours, after the surgery, however it made me throw up constantly. I did try it again a few days ago and it did help the pain but I was very nauseous. I am at wit end with the throbbing pain and sudden surges of sharp pain . My doctor said this was normal and related to healing and blood flow. So my question is Can I take the Lortab tablet after taking the aleve and acetaminophen which I took at 6:00pm and 5:30 . It is now 8:30pm, my next dose is at 10:00pm, Please help me. Take care.

  87. What I am about to tell you is 100% true. I become addicted to lortab 10/500 and it started out with only taking one at a time 3-4 times a day. Over the course of a year, it grew to 20 tablets, 5-6 times a day. I never experienced any medical problems, besides constipation and night sweats, until around the last couple of months of that year. My skin started turning yellow, my brown/black hair started turning blond and I could barely hold down food except in really small quantities. The breaking point came when all the sudden, one day both of my feet become extremely sensitive. By the following day, I could not bare the pain of the stinging and burning sensation of both feet. All I could do was sit and cry because the pain was so severe. It literally felt as though me feet were in buckets of acid and there was nothing, absolutely nothing, that would stop the pain. On the third day I was admitted in hospital. I kept my addition a secret from everyone. Including the doctors. I was so embarrassed and ashamed of what I had done to my very healthy and athletically great shape body. I almost died at 28 years of age. I was in the hospital for three weeks and had to learn to walk again. After a month of in patient therapy, i still couldn’t move my toes in either foot. The doctors diagnosed me with partial stages of Gillian Berea syndrome. Severe neuropathy. Over the next 6-7 months I gradually started getting my balance and strength back. The 100% nerve damage did get better. They are around 50_60% recovered. It’s been 10 years since that time. I continue to suffer from all the damage my abuse of this drug caused. From my hearing, to shortness of breath. From the sensitive feet to tingling and burning pain also. I write this in hopes that hopefully someone will read my story and realize the deadly and painful risk of addiction to this and any drug. I lost everything in One year that I had worked so very very hard to build and have in my life. Please, don’t make the mistake I made. Get help and take control of your life, instead of allowing this drug or any other control it for you to the point of death.

  88. I take 10/ 325 every 5-6 hrs for pain to nite i took 1 pill around 9:30 pm then 2 more at 12:00 midnite but pain was still there not as bad so i took 1 more at 1:oo am i have been on this med for 3 mo am i at risk for od ?

  89. My husband just had hand surgery. He has been taking 1 10mg/325mg hydrocodone every 4-6hrs. The pain is really getting to him. So he took one and a half pills. Is it safe?

  90. I became very naucious very weak dizzy cold sweat after taking hydroco/acetamin 10-325mg tab. I took two mistakenly thinking was the regular strength tylenol…

  91. I have been taking hydrocodone cough med for 5 years now. I am prescribed 1 tsp 2 x a day. It is extended release so 10 mg for 12 hours. I usually can get away with 1/2 tsp. I have never noticed a tolerance effect for cough. I need the full tsp on bad cough days but go back to 1/2 tsp on regular days. Is tolorence a problem when it us used for chronic cough?

  92. i’m taking 7.5-300 mg tab boca Isays to take1 tablet every 6 hrs and no more than4 aday. is it ok to take 2 at a time but no more than 4 a day, as 1 does not seem to help my pain

  93. Hello, This probably sounds naive, but I’ve been taking 2 5/325 pills twice a day, (after 6 hours as prescribed), so 20mg of hydrocodone a day for the last 9 days, for severe pain associated with bilateral foraminal stenosis and Spondylolisthesis. Will I go through withdrawals if I stop now?

  94. My dr. Will only prescribe 3 1000 mg hydrodone per day. After 5-6 hours I have severe twitching in my legs and seem to become short of breath. I feel I need 4 every 24 hours therefore I will run out of them before my refill is available. What can I expect on the day or two which I won’t have any to take.

  95. Mornin…nice blog. Question is: after long term, 9 years, 4X daily 10/325, and a previous history of alcohol (sober 10 years) age very active 61 with arthritis/lower back disc hernias, I’m just worried that my liver might be silently suffering the acetametophen. Lately, hair is more in hair brush and doesn’t really grow. Is this a liver thing? I thank you so much for taking your time to answer my question…

  96. I would like to know the complications that could come from taking a 10/325 Lortab every 8-12 hours for the past 6 months for Pain Management. I have been told by everyone that its under all the limits of concern for overdosing but that doesnt answer the underline question.. I am 38 years old and have alot of issue.. Back Surgery, Ankle Surgery, Suppose to have shoulder surgery but concerned of the outcome and being worse than I already am.

  97. I started PM this month, I am 2 and half weeks in, I am prescribed 3xday 7.5 hydrocodone’s. I have vomited everytime I have taken them until the past two days. I will have a standard monthly drug test for my levels in 2 weeks. Now that I can hold my meds in will I be able to get my levels back where they need to be in time for my test. I hate to be booted on my 2nd visit. Or will the vomiting have no affect on the levels? I have MS….I truly need these pain meds!! Thank you for any info or peace of mind.

  98. I just hsd s triple bypass heart surgery. I left the hospital with a prescriptions for 2 10/325 every 4 hrs as needed for pain. I was taking 1-1 1/2 every 5 hours. I did to much activity 15 days after surgery. I took 2 at 8:00pm, 2 at 1:00 am, 2 at 5 am 2 at 9 am ntill i bad tsken 19 – 10/325 in 20 hours. I became very iritable about 8;30 am. By that afternoon i was full nlown crazy.. i yelled, cussed, and even broke the window out of our truck as she was trying to leave. Can this massive amount cause that kind of anger and aggression? Is a doctor prescribe that anount legally? I take 2-3 a day for shoulder and knee pain but this eas 4 times that anount

  99. My sister is taking hydrocodone with Tylenol prescribed by the dr every 4 hrs as needed but her hospice nurse says every 4 hrs for her pain which she has cancer is it too much.

  100. An hour ago I accidentally took about #5 Norco 325/5 instead of my handful of vitamins. For one month, I have been on 1 every 6 hours for bone on bone knee but onlyh take 1/2 about every 8 hours or as needed. I feel ok so far but am wondering if I should induce vomiting, stay awake all night or what?

    1. Hello Kathy. Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to get professional poison expert’s advise on what you should do and assess the risk of overdose.

  101. Due to moving to different area, had to change drs, previous Dr prescribed 7/325 x 6 daily, she was my Dr for 8 yes. New Dr will only prescribe 10/325 1 tablet 4 times daily, it will not cut the pain. I have Osteoarthritis, in my back and body.

  102. I am allowed two Hydrocodone a day. Eight hours in between doses. However by morning when they have long ago worn off I can barely walk. What is the strongest over the counter I can take at night so I can get out of bed in the morning. Back pain from a collapsed disc and stenosis and arthritis. This morning was so bad my wife had to help me get to the bathroom. Please help. My Dr. will not let me take three a day.

    1. Hi Joel. Ask your pharmacist to help you find an OTC medication that will provide the needed relief.

  103. Listen up everyone, here are the facts. these facts come from personal experience, taking 3 hydrocodones that are 5-325 at once will not hurt you, you will not overdose. it is impossible to overdose with that low level of dosage and also, it will not increase your chances of getting addicted if you do that every once in a blue moon. it takes atleast 2 weeks to get addicted, that is with taking hydro’s every day many times a day for those two weeks. AND BY THE WAY LIVER DAMAGE ONLY OCCURS WHEN SOMEONE TAKES HYDRO’S THAT IS MIXED WITH TYLENOL FOR SEVERAL YEARS, AND THAT IS IF THEY TAKE IT IN MASSIVE AMOUNTS FOR THOSE SEVERAL YEARS. ITS NOT SOMTHING THAT HAPPENS OVER NIGHT OK.

  104. Is hydrocodone available without acetaminophen? I’ve been through half a dozen narcotics and this is the only pain reliever that works….but I know how bad the “Tylenol” is for the liver. The only OTC remedy that’s helped at all is “Aleve”. Is it safe to take that with Norco now that law prevents getting the amount I was used to? (Severe back, cervical, foot nerve damage problems). Thanks!

  105. I ingested 232.5 mg of hydrocodone Saturday night and didn’t even lose consciousness. How is this possible if 90mg is supposed to be lethal dose??

  106. I had a total shoulder replacement, exactly 2 months ago. I was given Oxycodone in hospital – 2 tabs every 3 hours, for 3 days. I have been taking HYDROcodone-acetaminophen 7.5-325 at 3 times daily, since being released on February 25, 2015. Last weekend, I decided to stop taking them, and had withdrawal symptoms – jittery, achy, pain all over, diarrhea, dizziness, and lack of sleep. After a full day and a half, I took another tablet, and leveled off after an hour.
    I am still in the “appropriate” time frame to take these, according to my surgeon. So, as I am now doing physical therapy – twice a week, I have decided to continue with the Hydro’ for another month. On this 3-a-day schedule, I have good appetite, normal bm’s, little to no pain in my arm, good energy, and good sleep every night.
    My concern is that when I finish this next month – and my arm should be stronger and with much less pain, how can I discontinue these without any serious withdrawals? My PCP has recommended Advil or Aleve – @ 2 every 12 hours, in lieu of the Norco. But, I would like a more specific answer – like, will that only reduce pain, or will it also alleviate the withdrawals? A little pain I can tolerate, but those withdrawals were like nothing I’ve ever experienced.
    Thanks, for any input.

    1. Hi Jamie. Norco contains hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen, which is the same as Vicodin (another brand name similar to these medicines is Lortab). And while they all contain hydrocodone bitartrate, Hydrocodone itself does not contain acetaminophen, paracetamol or APAP. Hydrocodone is synthesized form codeine and is a semi-synthetic opioid.

  107. the doctors prescribed me 5 mg of norco for my tooth pain. sadly its not working. if i weigh 185 pounds then should i be taking more? do people with a higher body weight need higher mg’s?

  108. im a 57 yr old “girl” who has chronic neck, thoracic & lumbar/sacral pain. Headaches with ear pain. Was in a 4-wheeler accident a yr ago, with many injuries. Skull fracture with large hematoma, bleeding from right ear that broke the bones in the middle ear. Have had 2 ear surgeries in Dallas TX, broken rt clavicle, 7 broken ribs on my rt side,collapsed lung, and broken pelvis in 3 places. Lots of road rash. I have been on Hydrocodone 10/325 mg PRN, Neuronton 300 mg TID but don’t take but maybe one or two & that’s when I remember, and Xanax 1 mg prn, and Wellbutrin 150 XL QD (depression) well my PCP has taken me off of the Hydrocodone 10/325 mg and prescribed Tramadol 50 mg 1 q4h for pain. Almost never take the Xanax, because I had an overdose in 2007 when I lost some family members suddenly/unexpected. With that being said, I am aware of the danger so I truly only take one or a half of one with my Trazadone 150 mg for insomnia. The deal is … I enjoy my COORS Light beer in the evenings, I’m RN, BUT CANT WORK BECAUSE OF MY PAIN. I have also started biofeedback with the bands on the ankles, wrist and the headband. I had my second visit today and she said my pain level was at highest level and my thyroid and parathyroid were low. Kidneys, liver, heart ok, gallbladder was off, and she focused on my ears too…I could actually feel that tinnitus calm down. Recent labs showed FT4 -0.59 and I am so soo fatigued and lethargic. I am really trying to recover and try alternative txs and I also see my Chiropractor often as well. What do you think about me, my medications and outcome?!

  109. I have been taking prescription hydrocodone 5 mg for a couple of years for back and hip pain. During the past 40 days, I have taken about 85 tablets, and have not taken any for the past few days. Last night I began experiencing more widespread pain, throwing up, mild diarrhea. Could these symptoms be due to hydrocodone withdrawal?

  110. My question is My friend is prescribed 7.5mg hydrocodone for back pain, and alprazolam 2mg tablets for anxiety disorder. She took 5 of her hydrocodone within a 2 hour period about 2 hours ago. Is it safe to take 1 of her 2mg xanex to go to sleep now?

  111. Just had knee replacement. Was given hydroconone 5-325 in hospital. Next day, before I even got installed at home, I had a violent reaction–really vivid and horrible dreams. Lasted nearly 12 hours. I admit to having alcohol daily, but have never had any violent reaction such as this. In 74 years, I have never had anything like this. Did the alcohol consumption cause the reaction? We got new drugs and are getting along fine controlling the pain. Please, answer by email.

  112. Hi Marion. It’s not recommended and it’s definitely not the safest thing to do. That would be a pill every 2 and a half hours if you take 12 pills spaced out during a 30 hour period. The recommended dose time is 4-6 hours at least.

  113. Have stent in my ureter which I will have to remove myself. Is it safe to take two 10-325 Norco pills at once to try and numb the pain about half an hour before I do this?

  114. I am on several meds and this morning when getting them ready I also got my daily hydrocodone meds out to take with me to work. Long story short, when I got out of the shower I realized I had taken my daily hydrocodone meds (3- 10/325) and not my morning meds ( lisinopril, vitamin D , metropole, baby aspirin) . I won’t be taking any hydrocodone the rest of the day, but am worried about possible liver damage. Any danger from the three I took at once if I do not take more the rest of the day?

  115. Hi Gisela. It doesn’t sound like too much. It’s in the recommended and safe doses. You can talk to your doctor about any further concerns.

  116. I am taking Hydrocodon 7.5mg/325 for pain 3 times a day.I am 87 years old. My pain is related to arthritis in my lower back and both shoulders. Is this to much?

  117. I like to experiment with using large quantities of drugs.
    Yesterday I took 23 hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10/500.
    Do I possibly have liver damage now? Did I o/d?
    I’m 25 years old and I don’t drink so is my liver just string enough to handle it? I’m usually on methadone but I ran out and resorted to these until I can get back on the clinic. Any answers would be appreciated

  118. Hi, i’ve been having this pain on my lower abdomen for over a month. It’s a cyst in my left ovary. My left tube was removed in june. I would take an advil and it would go away but the past 2 weeks the pain has been worse. I started taking hydrocodone (7.5/325) and it didn’t help at all. A week ago i started taking a stronger dose (10/325) and it worked for inly a week. Then the pain was more often and hydrocodone wouldnt last. I’m having surgery the 31st but i can’t stand the pain anymore. The pills i’m taking dont work anymore. Dr’s nurse told me to take 1 and a half every 4-6 hours and it’s not working either. I have lupus and my liver enzymes are a little elevated and i’m worried taking more pills will damage my liver. I’ve tried heating pads, teas, etc and nothing helps. I’m thinking taking 2 pills every 4-6 hours now and see if it helps. Is that too much?

  119. I can vouch from experience that you CAN become addicted to hydrocodone easily without trying to abuse it. I have had chronic back pain for 15+ years, and in 2011-2012 tried 4 procedures to help the pain. None worked, nor did countless months of physical therapy, TENS units, over the counter meds, etc. So the doctor put me on hydrocodone, eventually up to 60mg per day. After a year on it, I began blacking out throughout the day, sometimes for hours at a time. I would keep working, talking, etc. sometimes but have no recollection later, and not make any sense. Other times I would just do weird things like stand up and tear the pages out of a magazine one at a time for 30 minutes. I also was losing my short term memory. To this day, I barely have any memories of the first year of my daughter’s life and that crushes me. It took another 6 months to finally figure out it was the hydrocodone making me do this. I tried to cut back and was able to get to 20 mg/day, but any lower and my body would get very sick if I missed a day. I finally checked into a Detox facility to help me, which was horribly difficult, but I got off it.

    However, now my dilemma is that, ever since getting off of it, I have been extremely fatigued. By evening, I can barely walk or move my legs. Throughout the day, my muscles tremble – even lifting a can of Coke makes me shake. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to overcome this? I have been to my MD, psychiatrist, nutritionist, neurologist, cardiologist and had every kind of labwork done and nothing shows up as wrong. But it is killing my quality of life.

  120. My 10 yr old daughter who is adult weight was prescribed lortab elixir 7.5-325mg/15ml for cough twice daily. She is fine for about six hours then the cough returns. Do you think it would be fine to increase it to three times daily. I tried contacting our primary and its after hours and wont open back up til Monday.

  121. Can u overdose by taking 13 hydrocodone which are 10mg/325 acataminophen in a 12 hour day? One or two at a time within 12 hours???

  122. I wear a Duragesic 50 mcg pain patch and take Gabapentin 100 mg morning and evening. I also take
    10/325 Hydrocodone tablets PRN. One most days I get by with only three of the hydrocodone.
    I don’t do well at all with Ultram or Aspirin or Advil. However, on active days, nothing will stop the pain in the evening. Warm showers, soft music, 2 Hydrocodone, 2 Gabapentin–nothing helps the fibromyalgia and neuralgia. I’m frantic to find relief! Could I possibly take a THIRD Hydrocodone?
    I never experiment with my meds & dosages. Keeping it real—D.Swedlund

  123. my mother is 101 yrs old and in a nursing home…in March 2014 her doctor prescribed hydrocodon-acetaminophen 5-325 for the slight pain she had after she fractured her wrist…she is fine,her wrist is fine…no pain…I just found out today 8-25-14 that she has been taking this medicine 4 times a day since March 2014….the doctor has apparently not reviewed her medicine at the nursing home of which he is on the medical staff…who is responsible for this error?

  124. I’m 74 female. I suffer from severe IBS. I use alternative meds. such as heat, or cold compresses or aloe vera, or diluted food peroxide (done all the research on it), or Par De Arco tea. Naturally I don’t use these all at once. My use will vary. Dr. put me on 5-325 Norco. An Rx can last 3-6 months for 30 pills. Lately as I become more active (pain made me a shut in) and for the last 3 weeks use it almost every day. I am able to move around and get out for about an hour. I feel better, and am also eating better as before my diet was horrid, hardly able to eat because of following pain. Can I get in trouble with addiction?

  125. I received three fractures hip and pelvis. I have taken hydrocodone 10/acetaminophen 325 tab two times a day one in the a.m. one in the p.m. for 8 mos. I have more pain with leg than pelvis, is It time to put the breaks on the meds. ?

  126. Hello Jean. You’ll need to consult with your prescribing physician or pharmacist to set up an individualized tapering plan specific to your medical history. But generally, short term use of hydrocodone manifests less severe/intense withdrawal symptoms and can be detoxed from the system without complication.

  127. I have been taking 1/2 a hydrocodone ‘5-325’ pill once a day for 4 months. Is it safe to just stop taking this….,( I cut it in half taking the half a pill at bedtime each day.)

  128. I just found this site while searching up a new medication via Google. Then I saw this thread in the “Latest Comments” section. I saw that it said something about Vicodin and a small part of me had to click on it. So I started reading a few comments and now, am writing this. I am so glad I quit using Norcs. (Norco). I was taking them for about 5 years. Been clean since December 1st 2012. The last year and a half of me taking them, I was up to about 450mg/day, (45 – 10/325 tablets). Opioid painkillers are really addicting, even if you only take 1-2 pills a day, whether they’re 5/325 – 5/500 or 10/325 hydrocodone/acetaminophen. If you have been taking them for any extended period of time, for pain management, injury, surgery, etc… chances are, you may not be addicted, but you will likely develop a physical and/or mental dependency. It is not fun. I would take the lowest dose NEEDED (for pain relief) and as few per day as tolerable. Because when/if the day comes that you will no longer be taking them, due to losing medical insurance, not being able to afford them, your injury has gotten better, or your doctor decides you don’t need them anymore? Whatever the circumstances, you will be glad you were smart about your dosing. Opioid withdrawal is the worst thing (physically) that has ever happened to me. Worse than the 11-ish broken bones, getting hit and totaling my car and getting jumped/mugged. It is a nightmare and can last from a few days to a few months. Obviously will vary, depending on the person, amount taken daily and the length of time taken. Hope something in here can help someone, at some point…

    Oh and the Adult MAX safe recommended dose of Acetaminophen (Tylenol/A-Pap) per day is: 4g or 4000mg. So basically no more than (8) 5-500 Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen tablets… Anything more can be harmful to your liver.

  129. I have what’s called a dry socket by my dentist and it’s extremely painful, he prescribed me 7,5mg of hydrocordone I took it at 12pm but the pain continues so I took 2 Tylenol forgetting that I already took 1 hydrocordone. Is this safe or should I induce vomiting or visit the E. R.?

  130. I have severe sinus/allergy problems. Can not eat high acidity foods, elements i.e., dust, moles, and cannot tolerate strong perfumes (inhalants). Went to a family function 10 days ago and nursed a very very strong pina colada made with vodka!!! I thought if I put a lot of ice in it… wouldn’t bother me. Nope, didn’t work. Then Sunday used a Walgreens Purell that knocked me over with the fragrance. Couldn’t wait to get home and wash my hands off….I did but I couldn’t get rid of the smell. Even my mouth went sour!!! I have arthritis with neck and lower back problems so I have Vicodin for pain from my Pain Management doctor. He increased it from 5-325 to 5-500 because my head is killing me, my jaws, my teeth, the back of my head. I am in agony. I know it took awhile to come on probably 4-5 days but it hit me like a ton of bricks!!! He told me that I can take one pill then wait at least 3 hrs. before I take another one. But… many mgs. of acetamenophine can you take per day? I don’t want to overdose. Thank you.

  131. my doctor put me on hydrocodone 10/500 4xa day as needed. I was on those for about 5 years
    I told her to drop them down to 10/325 because my liver was getting sore I didn’t tell her that.but
    I wanted to cut down the Tylenol that’s in it. now I have been on the 10/325s for about 5 years
    I been on them for osteoarthritis all together 10 years now. I am physically dependent on Norco
    10/325 I cant take nsaids makes me bleed. .I told doc. I was hooked on them he told me I was managing them good keep doing what I was doing I had two docs tell me that .I take some days 2
    at the most 3 but I don’t want them any more but I cant stop because the pain is worse.the doctors get you on drugs . and now try to make it hard to get them after they made you a junkie.

  132. From reading above it does not seam like I have a problem. I have Stenosis of the spine and I am now on 7 to 8 a day of 5 /325 In addition I am on 6 Gabapentin pills, two prescription NSAID’s and a muscle relaxer. All of this together does not affect me in any way as far as feeling high or euphoric. At these levels I still develop enough pain where I have to go lay down on a wedge for an hour or two in order for the pain to get back under control. I also deal with pain in my legs almost all the time. If they can get the pain under control will I have to worry about being addicted?
    Right now if I do not use an alarm clock I forget to take my pills for as much as an hour or two past the time I am supposed to take it. The only reason I remember then to take them is the pain has increased to the point where I say, Oh yea I forgot to take my meds.
    So should I be concerned?
    Thanks DW

  133. I have been taking 5-325 MLG hydrocodone for over a year and my tolerance is built up. I took 12 of them in. 10 hour period today. I am scared and feel sick. Not sure what to do

  134. Hello! I just found this blog and happy to know I’m not alone. I have taken Vicodin/hydroodone 7.5/325 for the past year and half every day. I guess the positive side is that I’ve only taken one a day however; the pills I have now says 3 times a day but I take 2. Sometimes I take them at least 2 to 3 hours apart. My question is, is this safe and what am I doing to my kidneys and liver? Oh I forgot to mention I was diagnose as being Pre-diabetic. Help!!!!

  135. I personally can easily take 3 10s at once, along with an 800mg ibuprofen and sgill not be pain free.. and thats every 4 hours. My liver function is great but my renal function is impaired. I have renal colic due to numerous kidney stones. Its ironic how the medications we take to help one problem always seem to cause another problem. Sigh…

  136. I’m in my mid 50s and work daily in a sedentary office environment, but on Saturdays I do work in the garden and around the house. At the end of the day, I used to take NSAIDs, but they really don’t help much. Now, I generally take 2 hydrocodone (5-325 each for a total of 10 mg hydrocodone) and that seems to help with the back and joint pain I have by Saturday afternoon. If I do this every Saturday, what concerns should I have about any health or addiction risks?

  137. I just had surgery and my doctor prescribe me hydrocodone/acetaminophen 7.5 325 T and I feel that it hasn’t work should I ask for more mg because the one I have 325 and I’ve token 2 but still nothing . My weight is 151 and height is 5’5

  138. Hi again, Chuck. I’d suggest that you take your concerns to either a pharmacist or an internist (the doctors that specialize in internal medicine and organs). You’ll get some helpful advice as well as experience in learning about the toxic effects in the long term of mixing hydrocodone with alcohol. I wish you all the best.

  139. I have been through several treatments of epidural and trigger point injections and only getting about 10 days relief at best. Have also tried acupuncture with limited results, so I’m left with only the hydrocodone for treatment. My main concern in all this is what the 1-2 drinks a day coupled with 1-2 5-500mg hydrocodone will do to my liver. I’m not alcoholic but do enjoy a drink at the end of the day, which, as I mentioned earlier, keeps me from taking more of the hydrocodone.

  140. Hi Chuck. Mixing alcohol with CNS depressants that are narcotic in nature is not safe. If you want to stop, is there is way that you can address the back pain without opioid hydrocodone?

  141. I have been taking 1-2 tablets of 5-500mg hydrocodone a day for several months for back pain, but, additionally, I consume 1-2 drinks a day. Sometimes I notice if I take one hydrocodone and a few hours later when back pain starts kicking in I have a beer or a sampler-size rum I can keep the pain at bay without having to take another hydrocodone. My worry is liver damage, though recent blood work shows normal liver function. Can I continue this way?

  142. Hi Dmyers. Doing the math, that should be between 90-120 pills per month, depending upon whether or not you’re allotted 3 or 4 pills daily by your doctor.

  143. Be careful of overdosing, its a sneaky monster that grabs when you don’t expect it. I’ve OD’d a couple of times, both times not intentionally. It goes like this:

    You’re taking something, but after an hour you think, ‘hmmmm, I don’t the feel the effects like I usually do — let me try another’. You do that, but after another hour goes by you think, ‘still not there yet, I don’t know what’s wrong with me today’….pop another one…… thing you know you’re waking up in the emerergency room with tube-thing crammed down your esophagus.

    Note: the bezodiazpines are easier (and sneakier) to overdose on than are the opiate pain killers. You have to watch out for the benzodiazepines, such as Xanax and Klonopin. By contrast, the opiate pain killers, well you can ‘detect’ when you’ve had too much — before ODíng — because of nausea & passing out briefly, waking up, passing out again, that type of thing.

    I don’t think anyone would OD off of 15 mg. hydrocodone. I highly, HIGHLY doubt it. In fact I’d be surprised to find out that anyone ever has before. My best guess, based on experience, is that > 20 mg. at one time will be flirting with danger. Although many drug addicts can take 70 mg. hydrocodone at one time (!) without ODíng.

  144. Hi Shelly. Daily dosing of hydrocodone will cause physical dependence which is characterized by withdrawal symptoms upon dose cessation. Tolerance is highly individual and may occur as a result of daily dosing. You can always work with your doctor to reduce doses every now and then to account for tolerance (also a predicted phenomenon). The monthly refills may be inconvenient, but as long as the medicine helps you…are you do not crave it, your risk of addiction is fairly low. Continue taking as prescribed, but also look into alternative pain management techniques and therapies.

  145. My question too is about need for relief vs. addiction/health concerns, as well as where the concern for abuse is headed. I have fairly severe nerve damage in my back now (confirmed through MRI- causes “burning sensation” regularly), as well as degenerative disk issues in numerous spots along my spine. I am an active 42 -yr old woman (regular yoga/pilates, etc.) but seem to get NO real relief from anything OTC any longer. My doctor prescribes me up to 50, 10-325 mg. prescription refills on a regular basis (every month or so), as a result of two MRIs to identify the issue. Two questions really. First- is this safe and how much (daily) could cause me a problematic addiction problem? There are days that I seem to need 1 1/2 pills for any relief at all and others I take nothing. Secondly- although I feel no actual “addiction” to the medication, I am wondering if I am building up too much tolerance. I am also a bit worried as my doctor’s policy on refills have changed so much now (used to refill for up to six months and now request is required monthly), that I am frustrated. I feel like I have had the testing completed, am a person that HATES feeling like I need this help at all and irritated that others are abusing the drug now that I feel I need that is causing me a lot more loopholes to jump through. Just want to understand more about my own needs/levels perhaps, and make sure I am not a part of the “problem” as a patient in need. Thank you for any insight!


  146. Hello, I have had constant back pain for 15+ years. I went to a back doctor (yet again) last June because it is getting worse with age and I needed something. I tried 4 unsuccessful back procedures, then they reverted to medicine. Started light, like 5/325’s 2x day, but eventually last year ended up taking as many as (6) 10/325’s per day. I also had a traumatic event happen to me in August of last year, triggering severe depression, anxiety, etc. Now, I’ve found that ALL the psych meds they started last October don’t seem to help me unless I take at least (2) 10/325’s in the morning. Until that time, I am very shaky, jittery, shaking my legs violently, etc. So it seems obvious I am dependent on the drug, and want to get off. I even did a 30 day outpatient program for the psych issues and told them I also wanted to get off the hydrocodone, but we only got it to those 2 pills a day with 2-3 more on some afternoons.
    Basically, I can live on 2 pills in the morning, but can’t drop below that. Is it really such a big deal on 2 pills that I need to go in-patient, or use subloxone to get off? It seems like it would be overkill going to a 30-day clinic for 2 pills? I just don’t know what the best course is, and my psychs just kind of ignore it, like it’s not their problem.

  147. Hello George. What does your doctor say about this symptom? Also, ask a pharmacist about long term use of opioids and memory related issues. Finally, search for these keyword terms on Google for more: opioid long term memory

  148. I have been taking Hydrocodon-Acetaminophn 10-325 for 8 + years. I am having memory issues. I can’t remember some things long term and I am having problems with short term also. Is this to be expected?

    I am 66 years old. I have had several major surgeries in my lifetime.

  149. Hello Franzue. You’ll need to consult with your prescribing physician on a dosing calendar for coming off hydrocodone.

  150. I’m 70yrs old. Two months ego I had a Whipple Surgery procedure. After 15 day a was sent home to take Hydrocodone Acetominophen 5-325 1 tabl. twice a day. In the beginning I just took 1 tabl. every 24hrs for the pain, but after one month I stop taking for 48hrs. My simptoms were very strong anxiety and muscle weakness but no pain it all and it was imposible to sleep. So, I decide to take 1/2 tabl. and I felt normal again for only 12 hrs. to the present. The pain from the surgery is gone, but I noted that I have physical dependence to the Norco. Do you thing that I should take 1/3 of tabl to reduce time/concentration and get free of depency? Thank you..

  151. Hello Susan. If you are taking hydrocodone as prescribed, you may develop physical dependence on it. This means that you’ll go through withdrawal if you take it daily for more than a few weeks at a time. Did your doctor or pharmacist review this risk with you?

  152. for arthritis—taking 5 mg ( but 2 pills) at once of hydrocodone…for my pain —once a day. Is this safe. the only thing that helps.

  153. Hello Bryan. Check in with your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist with questions about Norco doses. Generally, once you are opioid tolerant, gradual increases in doses can be tolerated by the body much better than if you were not used to the medication. But you need medical clearance before you alter your medication.

  154. Hi, I am usually taking 2 norcos, a night to sleep. But 2 just doesn’t do it would I OD if I would take 3 at once? The dosage is 10/325.

  155. Hello Tinker. The symptoms you describe are characteristic of withdrawal. You may need medical supervision during detox, and you’ll also need to address possible underlying anxiety, depression, or other mood disorders. However, help is out there. Call the National Drug Abuse Hotline at 1-800-662-HELP for more information and to find a treatment center near you.

  156. Hi, I am 30 years old and weigh 125lbs. I have been taking Lortab 10/500 on a daily basis for around 3 years. At first it started out with me only taking “1” 10/500 three times a day. I have gradually moved up to taking a total of “20” 10/500 a day. When I get up in the morning i take 5 pills at once, then 5 more mid day, 5 more around 7pm, and then 5 more pills before i go to bed. I feel like i have to have this medication to function. I have tried to stop but when i do i get very sick I have nausea, severe diarrhea, i sweat profusely. I really want to stop. The only reason i started taking these pills is because i have severe anxiety and panic disorder and they made me feel normal and not afraid of everthing… PLEASE HELP I DID NOT MEAN TO GET IN THIS SITUATION AND I DO NOT WANT TO DIE. I JUST WANT TO HAVE CONTROL OF MY LIFE AND FEEL BETTER. WHAT CAN I DO? I TRIED REHAB AND IT DID NOT WORK FOR ME.

  157. Hello Joanne. This is a question for your grandfather’s prescribing doctor or pharmacist. You’ll need medical clearance before increasing frequency of dosing of hydrocodone before moving forward.

  158. mi grandfather is 81 yrs of age has 1 stage of Alzheimer’s and he was prescribe 10/660 of vicodin and he has to take it every 6 hrs would it be ok to give it to him 4-6 hrs

  159. Hi Michael. Please consult a pharmacist or your prescribing doctor with this question. We are not medically certified to answer this question.

  160. Hi Rene. Well, if you notice that the euphoria turns you on, that’s something to be careful of. It could really be a combination of the two that makes taking hydrocodone so pleasant! Speak with your prescribing doctor about these thoughts, and see if there is another option for osteoarthritis that might address diet, lifestyle, or anti-inflammatory medications. Getting hooked on hydrocodone is a pain, and one that can cause much inner turmoil. To pre-empt this, also consider talking with a psychologist about the REASONS you like it so much, and work on developing alternatives.

  161. Thanks a bunch,Ablog! Didn’t even know such great advice was available on line! I’ve been worrying myself sick over taking two
    10/325s at a time, once or twice a day. My Dr of ten years prescribed it for me a year ago,and my current PCP tells me,”go ahead,take it”.
    I’m big and strong,and 68,and getting too old to fear that many things,but addiction is a bugaboo to me.I’ve developed a case of
    osteoarthitis that gets quite painful at times,so I take the hydro sort of preemptively,at times. My problem is that I’m wondering if it’s the temporary relief or the mild euphoria that inclines me to take it.
    Can you take it from here? Wide open to advice. Thanks again.

  162. Hi,
    I will be taking hydrocodone/acetaminophen 10/325 to aliviate the pain of local injections during surgery.
    I’m scheduled to have skin cancer removed from my face in the AM and thyen Plastic surgery in the PM. This surgery will be completed with local injection
    The general rule for taking this pill for pain is, one every 4 hours. I don’t think that will kill the pain of those deep injections. Can I take two tablets every 4 hours, as I think that’s what it will take to kill the pain? What is your recomendation?
    Thank You,

  163. I was prescribed 5ml elixir every 4 to 6 hrs of Hydrocodone. Does anyone ever have hallucinations? And can this dose become addictive?

  164. Hi Twinkie. Drowsiness is one side effect of hydrocodone. But check in with your pharmacist and prescribing doctor to report the side effect and ask more about dosing. Perhaps there is an adjustment to be made.

  165. I took 7.5 mg at 9 am then 7.5 at 10:45 am then 7.5 at 1pm then 5mg at 2
    I’m 21 weigh 133 pounds
    I feel great on it but after I feel so tire like I’m going to fall asleep
    Is this just a side effect?
    Is this too much? Been taking lortabs for 3 months now usually 10-15 mg a day but today I didn’t have to work so I went for it
    Any educated answers would be appreciated!

  166. Hi jman. The best expert to ask about combining hydrocodone with supplements is a pharmacist. I’d suggest that you go or call your local pharmacy and schedule a brief 10 minute consultation to clear up these questions. Prepare a list of all the supplements you plan to take and for how long, and you should be able to get the answers to your questions fairly easily.

  167. I have mild scoliosis in the lower lumbar spine. I have frequent pain in my lower back and upper shoulder blade. I have been taking Hydrocodone/APAP 10mg/500mg tabs. I usually take a total of 3 every week. I recently got into working out and bought a lot of supplements. I wanted to make sure mixing Hydrocodone with these supplements will be okay. I am currently going to take a multivitamin, omega-3, liver support containing milk thistle, cissus quadrangularis(joint repair), boron(apartate), L-arginine(AKG), Beta alanine, L-histidine, L- norvaline, Alpha- Glycerylphosphoryl choline, Bioperine, and a Pro hormone with ingredient 2a, 17a-dimethyl-5a-androst-3-one-17b-ol. Sorry if this is to much i just want to be safe. thanks for any help i can get on this.

  168. Hi Jake. You can call the National Poison Control Centers for an unbiased, medical opinion. You may need to report symptoms and describe what you see happening in front of you. Then, they can help assist you in next steps.

  169. hey everybody my best friend just took 8 7.5mg hydrocodone pills and smoked 2 bowls of weed will he be ok im just scared is he gonna b alright?

  170. Hello Joanie. Your mother-in-law has probably developed a higher tolerance for hydrocodone, especially if she has been taking it for longer than three weeks at daily dosing. Tolerance accounts for the more frequent dosing. In other words, the every six hour dosing was probably increased because her body has grown tolerant to the effects of the opioid drug and she may not be able to get pain relief for the full 6 hours. This is why it was cut down to every four hours.

    If you are concerned about overdose, please consult the prescribing doctor and/or your local pharmacist. You should have your fears and worries understood and the facts explained in a way that you can understand. Keep asking until you are satisfied with the response.

  171. My 91 year old mother in law is dealing with severe nerve pain from shingles. She is on hydrocodone apap 10/325. Currently 2 pills every six hours. Just changed to 2 pills every four hours. She is 85 pounds and is in bed 21 hours a day. Can she overdose on pills every four hours? Also on lexepro.

  172. Hi Anna. Once the hydrocodone and alcohol has passed through her system, and acute intoxication has been metabolized, your friend should have minimal risk of long term effects of mixing hydrocodone and alcohol ONE TIME. However, should it happen again, call 1-800-222-1222 for the National Poison Control information center to learn more about symptoms of overdose and what you can do to make sure that she is safe.

    Check out this article review for more information on fetal alcohol and drug effects:

  173. hi
    i have a friend who took 3 hydrocodone/acetaminophen with some alcohol
    yes it is very dumb stuff. however is the first time she ever do it . my question is for doing that only one time what are her chances of being ok
    and also for 3 week 4 week pregnant woman how bad is this on the fetus
    as you know there are many people who abuse alcohol and many other thing and babys end up fine this is why i ask if for someone that has done this only one time what is the possible outcome

  174. Hi Tasman. You can always call the pharmacy where you picked up the prescription and ask for clarification.

    If it’s a white, oblong shaped tablet, it’s like that the 500 mg is acetaminophen, an extra strength version of this NSAID pain reliever. Be aware that the daily limit for acetaminophen is 4000 mg of acetaminophen a day. Taking more, especially 7000 mg or more, can lead to a severe overdose if not treated.

  175. How do I know if the Rx I have for hydrocodone has acetominiphen in it? The bottle says HYDROCO/APAP 7.5 MG/ 500MG.

    I take 2 tablets every 4-6 hours during day and nightime hours. My wife is bugging me that this is too much but it’s the only thing that lightens my severe headaches.

  176. Crushing an extended or controlled release version of hydrocodone results in ALL the hydrocodone being released at the same time and can lead to overdose, especially in an opioid-naive individual.

  177. Hi AB. Great question! Thanks for asking about the addiction potential of hydrocodone.

    Basically, hydrocodone addiction is different and distinct from physical dependence on hydrocodone or tolerance to hydrocodone. Addiction is accompanied with psychological need for a drug, drug cravings, and/or needing a drug to cope with emotional and psychological stresses in life. On the other hand, you can be physically dependent on hydrocodone, develop tolerance to it (needing higher doses to achieve initial therapeutic effect), and experience withdrawal symptoms if you lower or stop hydrocodone doses….without being an addict.

    You are most likely physically dependent on hydrocodone at this point. Do you notice signs of psychological dependence? It sounds like you’re following dosing and prescription guidelines. Also, have you spoken about your concerns with your prescribing doctor?

  178. I am not concerned about taking large amounts of Hydrocodone, but I am interested in how long you can take a low daily dose without problems. I have been taking one 5 mg pill per night for RLS for about 6 years. It has worked great and better than anything else I have tried. I may need to increase that to two pills per day soon but would like to know at what level It begins to becomes a potential addiction problem. I don’t feel like the one pill per day has become any problem, but what about one and a half or two per day. Where is the threshold for a problem? Thanks

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