How much tramadol is too much?

It depends – while it’s difficult to overdose on tramadol, too much tramadol can cause serious health problems at relatively low doses. More information on the tramadol prescription strengths, maximum daily dosage, and fatal dose amounts here.

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How much is too much tramadol?  It depends.

While it’s difficult to overdose on tramadol, you can experience serious health problems at relatively low doses of the medication. This is especially true if you’re not taking tramadol as directed (crushing, injecting, or snorting tramadol hcl), or haven’t taken tramadol before. In this article we explore the various prescription strengths of tramadol, the maximum recommended daily dosage, and fatal dose of tramadol. And we invite your questions about tramadol use at the end. We try to answer all tramadol questions personally and promptly…and if we can’t, we will refer you to someone who can.

Tramadol strengths

The available strength of tramadol depends on the specific formulation you are taking and if it’s mixed with other medications, or not. Tramadol is available in an immediate-release tablet which lasts from 4-6 hours. The extended-release version of the medication is only taken once daily.There’s also a version of tramadol combined with acetaminophen, a non-narcotic painkiller.

1. Generic immediate release tramadol – Generic tramadol tablets are available in 50 mg doses.

2. Generic controlled release tramadol– The controlled-release version of tramadol comes in 100mg, 200mg, and 300mg strengths. Strengths over 100mg are only for those with a tolerance to the medication.

3. Brand name tramadol formulas – Tramadol is available in an immediate-release, 50 mg form under the name Ultram. Other brand names include Ryzolt and Ultram ER come in the 100-300 mg doses. Tramadol is also found in Ultracet, combined with acetaminophen, at a dosage of 37.5 mg.

How much tramadol is safe?

The safe amount of any narcotic depends on a person’s individual tolerance to opioid medications. Tramadol is always started at a smaller initial dose of 100 mg per day. In patients who’ve experienced more exposure to the drug, safe doses may be as high as 450 mg a day. However, this is a determination that needs to be made by the prescribing doctor, and may change over time as a tolerance to the effects of the tramadol develops.  Similarly, how long tramadol stays in your system is affected by opioid tolerance, individual metabolism and dosing regimen.

Immediate release tramadol

People who haven’t taken tramadol before will start out with a low, immediate-release dose. They’ll be prescribed 50 mg tablets to be taken every 4-6 hours for pain – but they may be instructed to only take half the dose, starting at 25 mg for the first few days, so that they don’t take more than 100 mg in one day.

After using tramadol for some time, doctors will adjust the dosing regimen for each person individually. These tramadol dosing changes take personal medical history into account, especially as it pertains to analgesic pain medications. The current daily dose, degree of opioid tolerance of the individual, and their general health will all be considered when a doctor starts thinking about increasing tramadol dosage.

Controlled release tramadol

The starting dose for controlled release tramadol is usually 100 mg a day. This provides continuous, around-the-clock pain relief for people with chronic pain. This may be increased to 200 or 300 mg a day as time goes on.

If someone has taken a different narcotic for pain before trying tramadol, a higher initial dose may be needed. A tolerance to one opiate medication can result in a heightened tolerance for other, similar medications. The doctor will have to determine the equivalent dose of tramadol for the current dose of any other narcotic that a patient has been taking.

How much tramadol can you take at once?

In its immediate release form, no more than 100 mg of tramadol should be taken every 6 hours. Those who have never used the medication before should start on a much lower dose of tramadol, however, because 100 mg may be too much. Furthermore, only one extended release tramadol tablet should be taken at any given time. The maximum dose of extended release tramadol it’s safe to take is 300 mg, because that’s the largest dosage the drug comes in. Taking two of these pills at once could cause very serious side effects, most notably seizures.

How much tramadol to overdose?

The amount of tramadol that causes an overdose depends on personal tramadol or opioid/opiate dependence. In individuals without a tolerance, of course, it will take less tramadol to overdose, but the amount is still fairly high. In general, doses greater than 450 mg in one day can cause serious health problems, including seizures and serotonin syndrome. It’s very important to follow your doctor’s advice when taking tramadol, because taking any more than prescribed has the potential to cause serious adverse effects.

Toxic levels of tramadol in the system

Levels far below the toxic dose – starting around 500 mg – can easily cause seizures and other serious health issues. But you can overdose on tramadol taking any type of formulation of the medication. And methods of abusing tramadol make overdose more likely. Specifically, crushing extended release tramadol and either snorting it, or dissolving it in water and injecting it, greatly increases your risk of overdose. When taken orally, tramadol is slowly released into the bloodstream over the course of a full day. But high doses of tramadol or snorting or injecting immediate release tramadol can result in near immediate effect of tramadol on the brain and can cause overdose, especially if more than two pills are taken at a time.

How much tramadol is fatal?

While taking more than the recommended dosage of tramadol probably won’t kill you, as mentioned previously, this practice has some serious health risks. Overdosing on tramadol is more difficult than many stronger opioid medications – fatalities have been reported at doses between 2.65 and 8.2 g, 5-18 times the recommended maximum daily dosage. So although it would be difficult for an adult to take enough tramadol to be fatal, it’s very easy to exceed the maximum safe dose of 450 mg a day.

How much tramadol should I take?

You should take the amount of tramadol prescribed to you by your doctor. Never take more than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed.  Keep in mind that tramadol show in drug tests that are specific to synthetic opiates, and that tramadol use can be tracked and recorded by your prescribing doctor.

How much tramadol questions

Do you still have questions about tramadol use? Please leave us your tramadol questions below. We will be happy to answer you with a personal and prompt response, or refer you to someone else who can.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I had back surgery done early last year and my doctor was prescribing me hydrocodone10-325 but he took them away cause he said it was time, but I’m still in pain. How many tramadols can I take to have the same effect as the other medicine I was taking?
    Would I get sleepy if I take 2 pills?

    1. If my doctor recommends that I take 1 1/2 Tramadol immediate release tablets; i.e., 50 + 25 mg, can a 50 mg tablet be safely split if not scored?

  2. how many 50 mg immediate release can i take to stop the hip and leg pain at bedtime–cause i stay awake all night—–i’ve tried 2—not working–can i safely try 3?

  3. Can Tramadol have an adverse reaction when taken as a sleep aid? Ex: my ex was taking 200mg at night to help him sleep due to insomnia brought on by his PTSD. He started not being able to sleep at night and his provider said to start taking it during the day and see if it keeps you awake during the daytime and hopes he can sleep at night. Just curious.


  4. I have been taking 2 tramadol in 24 hours so every 12 hours one of 50 mg as in capsule. For 13 years for pain in my back and severe arthritis.
    I’am 85 y old now and tolerate them well controling the pain to a way i can live a reasonable life
    I just wanted to know as in my mind feel that i shorten my old age taking them
    Thank you

  5. Dear Dr, I took 80 50 mg tramadol capsules over the course of 5 days mostly taking them oraly although snorting some. This was over a week ago now and i feel fine apart from these uncomfortable stomach cramps whenever I feel hungry I am unsure whether to seek medical advice and wondered can that amount cause things such as liver failure or damage to my internal organs? Many thanks

  6. Hello I have a family member taking no less than 12 to 15 tramadol 50 mg a day .They have a prescription for 160 pills a month but also have a friend’s perscription they take and half of 2 other family members tramadol and still run out before the end of the month . Also buys them from another country online from time to time . My question is how much is to much and should I talk to her doctor I am very concerned they get irate if they run out and thier entire life revolves around making sure they have enough everyday

  7. Hi,
    i suffered a mTBI 5 months ago and take tramadol 100mg extended release every 48 hours. It clears my “autonomous” symptoms (flushing, tiredness, flu-like feeling) but takes 3 hours to “set” in. After the 3 hours i feel great for 24 hours. Can you explain how it works and why it takes 3 hours ? Me and my physician are wondering 🙂 // after the initial accident I was on morfine-sulphate 30mg 4-5days daily for 5 weeks…. head symptoms (concussion) started after ceasing that. Thanks !

  8. I take 8 at one time in the morning. I have been taking g Tramadol for 6 years. Am I at risk for seasure or over dose.

  9. I take tramadol i started on 50mg and give back hangover so i ask mi docteur and their told to take paracetamol with it and it work i was taking 4 time a day now i m on 100gm 3 time a days it i would says it hepl but doesn t take all mi pain away and i wouldn t take it long term it is addictive and their alot of side affect and take it with 5 other medicine . All it does is realase the side off the brain that feel pain but in long term could slow the brain function and also everyone is different i think is worth a trye .

  10. I am in severe pain that is not being treated. I finally got the Dr to prescribe tramadol. 50 my 1 time daily. This is after 2 falls down the stairs. I have severe neuropathy and fibro, arthritis and a lot of other stuff. I know I tramadol will do nothing. So I figure I’ll take all 19 at oonce. He prescribed 20. I’m so sick of being in
    Pain. Thank you.

  11. My Dr has ordered 50mg of Tramadol once daily. This is crazy. I’ve had 2 falls down the stairs in 3 days and have much chronic pain. This includes neuropathy and fibromyalgia.. Arthritis , an allusion fracture of my knee, severe migraines etc.. I could go on and on. Normally I take high doses of ibuprofen. This is effective for short periods. When I saw the 1 a day, 1st a laughed, then I sobbed. No Dr gives a rat’s ass about a pts pain. They don’t care if they die. They just want patients with pain out of the I way. So I’m just going to take more. How much is pushing the envelope concerning tramadol. How much can I take and still survived and get my pain relieved.

  12. I have been taking 100mg of tramadol for over 2 years now and I take 2 pills of 100mg 5x daily. And I feel ok with it. Hope I’m not endangering myself because I can’t stop using this. I feel like I won’t function if I don’t use it a day!

  13. If I took flanax and doesn’t seem to be doing any help for my back /waist pain which has been radiating down my leg like Pinched nerve can I take 2 tramadols 100mg each instead?

  14. I suffer with alot of back pain,and have whiplash from shoulder to shoulder from being on a bumper car, because I was addicted to drugs in the past the doctors won’t prescribe me what I know will help me,,as in dehidracodene so instead of having relief from the pain in taking these horrible tablets that barely get rid of the pain.its so unfair because of the past that I won’t be prescribed what I know will help but instead I’m taking tramodol but I am thinking about asking if they can swap trams for dehyracodien,because they do help to take the pain away for a couple of hours but the trams don’t I
    to take lots of trams to feel same relief but what’s the point of going back to the doctors for them to say about my past is not fair,,people start taking street drugs because of this is that fair!!!!!

  15. I take 2-50mg 3 times a day (300mg.) I take it for 3 kinds of arthritis and I have fibromyalgia and I have been a type 2 diabetic for 38 years. I have been on Tramadol for almost 4 years. I want to stop taking Tramadol but am afraid it will make my fibromyalgia & arthritis pain get worse. What do you suggest I do? I also am leaving for up north for 3 months and I won’t have any Dr. up there. What should I do? Please help. Thank you. Sandy

  16. I take over 900 mg. some days with only partial relief, I have been in severe pain for ten years and if my kidneys fail and I die, that’s OK. I am nor afraid to die,I am however very allergic to severe pain and would much rather live the day’s I have left with some sort of quality,rather than curled up in a ball in agony.


  18. I have been taking 50mg tramado and 2 panadol osti am 2 panadol osti pm a day for 14 years fir chronic back pain is that two much thanks

  19. when i take Tramadol, I feel like there is a ‘blockage’ in my lower ‘Stomach area’ (bottom of wind pipe..between lower ribs)..I feel food ‘lays there’ I often then bring it back up, 5-10mins later..exactly as its gone down..+ can eat nothing this a side effect??..

  20. I take a 50 in the morning and another 50 late afternoon, I have been doing this for 5 years for chronic pain from aka and whipple, what are potential long term effects?

  21. I am taking 2x 37.5 tramacet per day for pain. I am very slight and think that I may be intolerant to this med. however, pain becomes intolerable and I have to take a tablet. I feel permensntly exhausted and flu like. Also squeamish. Help please.

  22. I was in ER about 6 weeks ago. I was in severe abdominal and back pain. 4 days later i was admitted with meningitis. The Dr ordered dilaudid for my pain. I thanked her for not giving me tramadol. She chuckled and said, “Tramadol is the best placebo on the market”. Exactly! ! The stuff is worthless!

  23. My nephew died a few weeks ag o. The autopsy said he had 3% carbon monoxide, .3 alcohol and 72000 ng/ml Tramadol is the Tramadol that killed him

    1. Hi Wanda. I’m really sorry for your loss. I suggest that you speak with a coroner or another professional about your issue.

  24. I am terrified ! I took x at 11 last night ! Still haven’t gotten to sleep so I took 2 pills of tramadole desperately trying to sleep . My dumbass decided to read about it after the damage is done . I am an exotic dancer so my family doesn’t know about any of the things I do to get through my night . Should I confess and go check in to a hospital immediately or should I relax and never ever do that again ! I am so scared . I am not ready to die ? I tried throwing up the tramadole immediately but I’m not sure that worked . Please someone anyone help me fast .

  25. I take 15mg tramadol at night 3-4x a week for chronic pain for a slipped disk and compressed nerves w bone spurs. Is this safe to continue?
    Thank You

  26. I am taking 2 ultram immediate with motrin 800 and 1 flexeril every 6 hrs and cannot get me back pain under control. Any suggestions on how to get pain relief? I have been taking tramadol for about a yr now..

  27. Sir I am man of 65 years old and suffer from acute insomnia for the last several years. To cure it i started taking 100 mgs of Tramadol SR daily for the last four years. I remain constipated but i take laxative at night alongwithbTrama.Due to taking of trama I geel my muscles are relaxed which prompt me to sleep. All other medication has proved to of little effect. Pl asvise should I continue and not to have any serious health problem later ?

  28. Tram all is listed as being connected with human plasma in its manufacture. Can you expand on this as due to religious considerations I want to avoid any medication connected with blood or blood products. Thank you

  29. Hi….I have been prescribed 1 100 capsule extended release ultram, plus 1 50 mg regular tramadol 3 times a day… soon after the extended release capsule can I take my first regular tramadol?? Thanks!!

  30. I been taking tramadol for years and back and legs still killing me it getting worst please tell me what to do please

  31. I just got out of the hospital Saturday last week I went in for liver and kidney failure,I also have a broken arm. I was wondering if I could maybe take some tremadol, for the pain,or would it affect my liver and kidneys? Also I was wondering about Gavapenton? Thank you,a concerned patient.

  32. I overdosed last night i took 9 100mg tramadoles pills slow release an ambulance came and took me away they kept me in there did nothing and sent me back home 5 hours qeustion is how long am i going to be freling these effects im so sick

  33. I am presently taking tramadol (from Mexico) 100mg/6 hours, in combination with 150mg pregabalina/6 hours, plus a Mexican naproxeno/carisoprodol 1/12 hours, and in a 5 days on 5 days off cycle I also take ketorolaco 10 mg/6 hours. I also take a 10mg cyclobenzaprine at bedtime combined occasionally with a 10mg valium. I also take 3-600mg milk thistle three times a day, 300 when not on the ketorolaco, 600 when taking it. The problem is it does not control the pain (back pain caused by a crushed disc. Can you recommend a different combination that will control the pain? My long range plan is to get off the drugs all together but that will probably take another surgery and that will take months if not years to get approval through VA Thanks, j

    1. Hi Sam. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  34. Is it dangerous to take 100mg immediate dose tramadol once a day long term? Have been doing so for a year. Never any less or any more. I take it around 3pm when the mid day slump of extreme fatigue and drowsiness hits. Previously this was my caffeine break but I ended up with bad stomach ulcers just from weak homemade coffee. 100mg of tramadol gives me a pleasant amount of energy that lasts the rest of the day until just before bedtime. It also provides relief from sports related minor aches, as I can no longer tolerate NSAIDS either. The only obvious down side is a slight case of cotton mouth. But am wondering as long as I stick to 100mg/day is this causing any negative consequences?

  35. My husband takes 4 -10 milligrams of percocet a day along with one 300 milligrams tramadol that is time released. He is 63 years old and been taking something for pain for the last 25 years. He struggles with miss use from time to time. He had a heart attack in december. He says that it does not hurt him to increase his tramadol to 2 tables a day 12 hours apart from time to time.. I am worried that it will cause serious problems for death. Please give me your thoughts…

  36. Are these dosage numbers newer? I’ve been on tramadol for 23 years, starting out at 100mg every four hours! I normally only need 100mg twice a day, sometimes three times daily and, rarely, four. I’ve never had a problem with too much, except if I take it later in the day I have trouble sleeping, so I try to avoid that. I do know I am addicted, and withdrawal hurts (I ran out once and couldn’t get hold of my doctor for days), so I don’t want to stop them. Aside from that, I take them for pain, and the withdrawal plus my normal pain would be almost too much. I worry myself sick if I take a dose even half an hour early. Should I worry about taking my next dose 1/2 hour early (3.5 instead of 4 hours apart)?

  37. I have been taking tramadol since 2012 and it is quite good at easing your pain. I am on 200mg sr twice a day, but I find it doesn’t always keep the pain at bay! I feel I am addicted to it, I would need weaning off, but not sure what other pain killer would take it’s place. Any suggestions?

  38. I take 4 50 mg tablets in morning then later that day I take 2 more I have a high tolerance and I take them orally am I killing my self

  39. Hello, so I found this pills on my brother ,some with 150 mg and some with 50 mg… I don’t know how long his been taking this pills…he had some other issues in the past with drugs and I’m not sure if he’s already addicted. So I wanted to ask exactly if chronic use or after how long will this medication start affect his healthy? and is there some specific test we can do to find out the damage that he already caused or how much he usually use? Because he is doesn’t admit it at all. Thank you!

  40. Hi can you tell me if the law has changed about how many Tramadol tabs given on each repeat prescription , the Dr used to give me 2 boxes of 100 tabs each repeat now the Dr has told me I can only get 1 box of Tramadol at a time I take 2 tabs 4 times a day so 1 box only lasts 12 and a half days I asked him if he could give me 2 boxes that way I wouldn’t need to phone every 10 days for another script but he told me no he cant give out 2 boxes any more is this correct ?

  41. hello folks, i been onto some diazapam lately from some guy since i was already so much in need of it. he sells it to me via mailing and i control my intake without the docs telling me to do. he good but im trying to get tramdol from same guy but dont know if i will have any unbalance in system since i been takin this for months now….any ideas so i can make a choice please

  42. I was prescribed 50 mg but told to take every 6 hours without stopping so it will stay in my system. Right now for the last 3 days my phain I. My hips, spine and especially legs is sooo painful that the Tramadol isn’t helping at all . Iam even under s heating pad on legs. Would it be ok to take 4 of the 50 mg if 2 are not helping me???? This hurts soo bad I want to cry

  43. I have been taking no more than 2 to 3 50 mg. per day of Tramadol per week. It helps with my arthritic pain a lot. Do I need to worry about addiction if i start taking more per week. This amount is working well.

  44. I have been prescribed 1 50mg Tramadol HCL tablet before bedtime when needed.
    I also take 2 650 mg tylenol pills.
    I have some sciatica issues. I am 80 years old.

    Thank You

    1. Hello Jake. General onset of symptoms can manifest shortly after the drug has worn off (within the first 24-72 hours) and linger for up to a few months after the medication is totally out of the system.

      Week 1 tramadol withdrawal – In the first week after stopping Tramadol, symptoms of withdrawal tend to even out with an apparent return to “normalcy”, although drug craving occurs and insomnia is common. During this phase of withdrawal, symptoms can include disorientation, blurred vision, and dilated pupils.

      Week 2 tramadol withdrawal – After the first couple of weeks of stopping Tramadol, characteristic symptoms of opiate withdrawal may still be present including Serotonin syndrome, depression, irrational feelings, anxiety.

      Weeks 3-4 tramadol withdrawal – During this phase of withdrawal, apathy, irritability, and depression may still be present. Additionally, long periods or disturbances in sleep are still reported.

  45. Hi i have been taking 100mg tramazac a day for about 8 years,but recently increased the dose to 250mg a day is that too much im just worried about it damaging my kidneys and liver.i have become dependant on it but also need it as i suffer with pain after a fermur fracture, hip fracture and have pain in my lower back after alot of epidurals what signs can i look for if i have liver or kidney damage…thank u

  46. So I took 1000mg in the time of 2 hours, from 12 – 4 I was awake for it, I think I might have had seizures while sleeping. Currently the next day and I’m vomiting and can’t take a piss what do I do

  47. I cannot remember if I took a Tramadol so I took another one about an hour after I may have taken one. What will that do to me? I am on 50mg.

  48. I am on 30 mg of elavil at night for nerve pain. I also take synthroid as i have no thyroid.

    I take tramadol as needed. If i take it in the morning, it helpswith my ffibromyalgia pain and seems to give ne energy and a good mood. If i take it early evening tho, i feel very weird in bed and cant sleep right. It feels like i may stopbreathing or something so i cant fall into a deep sleep.
    The dose is 50 mg.
    can u advise?

  49. My 17 year-old son pulled muscles in his back last Monday and has been off school and has just told me he took 3 tramadol/Xprim last night within 2 hours of each other. The dose prescribed is one to two tablets 4 hourly. I had a nightmare getting him up today and could not get him out of his pit until half past 11 and only then by making a right fuss.He is dozy and quiet and says he feels exhausted because he did not get to sleep until so late. It is just one tablet over the max dose but should I take him to the doctors? We live in Ireland. Thanks

  50. Hello,
    I take 15mg of tramadol 3-4x a week at night about an hour before bed for back pain from work and/or severe anxiety. Should i be worried about addiction- psychological or physical.
    Thank You

  51. I’m on 900 mg right now. What should I do to feel better and clean the system.. ?
    I take also Xanax revotril and antidepressants daily

  52. I use 675 mg tabs everyday, Sometimes I don’t feel so good if I havent take the tramadol in a day, Most especially it makes me not to eat well or good food. Please can u help me, what can I do for me not to take the tramadol anymore??? Thanks

  53. I have currently been taking 100 mg tabs of tramadol every day twice a day i want to know if i can take 2 of the 100mg tabs or if i have to find a extended release form in 200 mg dose. Also may i increase the dose later on if i still dont have enough relief? Thank u for your answer.
    I should also add that although a doctor did tell me that i should buy tramadol i do not have a regular doc and i am in mexico where it is an over the counter drug. I just need advice because we dont have much money and my husband is a cancer patient here.

  54. I have been taking brand name tramdol,ultram for over 15 years. Not sure how much it helps anymore but if I go more than 9 hours without taking it I get very edgy but tired my nose stuffs up like I’m getting a bad cold and I start sneezing horribly non stop until I take the ultram and within a few minutes all of these symptoms clear up. I have experimented several times with seeing how long I could go without taking it and this happens every time. My body is adicted. It does nothing to my mental thinking such as euphoria or any recreational drug symptoms. I take it for fibromialgia.

  55. I am having a lot of psin in my back, wrist and shoulder. I also am getting severe migraines and I have fibromyalgia and neuropathy. I am prescribed 100mg 3 times a day as needed. I often take 4 or 5 at a time and it doest help at all. Can this cause harm to my liver or kidneys? Last night I took an ES Vicodin and 4 tramadol together. I never got pain relief or fell asleep. This is getting old. I take a lot of ibuprofen also but am not supposed to as I have a gastric ulcer, gastritis and duodenitis. Help! What can I take for pain? Thanks

  56. Tramadol has been a blessing for me. I have a history of addictions, got clean and cleared the hep c virus , which wasn’t a walk in the park. Now I take tramadol for diabetic neuropathy and arthritis and it works well. About 450 to 600mg a day and I maintain a mellow euphoric mood all day and I am sure the serotonin helps me with major depressive disorder. If anyone is taking it just for fun, you shouldn’t be because it could be fatal.

  57. My 58 year old brother quadriplegic from a spinal injury fusion procedure C-3 area two years ago and the long term care nursing home has him on 20 MG Baclofen tab thru peg tube 3 times a day and Tramadol 50 MG every 8 hours, 150<MG daily ?
    He appears to me to visually glare and not comprehend some of the time and answers if asked I'm ok ? The reasons are numerous for my concerns but one reason being a few days ago while trying to be fitted for a mechanical wheel chair with an under chin knobie for control he appeared confused or incapable of the simple instructions being given by the wheel chair companies reps, who commented he doesn't appear ready?

  58. I know the ins and outs of this drug more than most people currently take a thousand milligrams + 40 if anybody has any questions about overdose weaning off if you’re going to die so on and so forth feel free to call or text me rather than asking random people questions and I can tell you the exact answers to everything Jake

  59. A lot of Tramadol users on these pain medication blogs say they are taking two 200 mg ER per day apparently approximately 12 hours apart. Although it appears that this dosage is never “prescribed”, it is somewhat common. My question is: Is there a 12 hour period where there is a significantly stronger effect? In other words, the first 12 hours after the first dose would result in the “normal” Tramadol effects. Then when taking the second “duplicate” dose it would seem that there would be a 12 hour overlap and then the first ER would leave the system?

  60. I have had thoughts of suicide alot lately and have been taking tramadol I broke my back and ankle recently is this a side effect like I almost went threw with it I am trying to get in to therapy

  61. I’ve taken 90 50mg in two days. I have a high tolerance but I do realize how dumb that is. I take gabapentin as well. I’m feeling really weird, stuttering, not eating, not moving from the couch (residing there now). Am I going to have permanent problems or even die? 4500mg

  62. can tramadol show up in a drug test if you only handle it but don’t ingest it? I have a dog who takes tramadol twice a day and it showed up in my drug test.

  63. I injured my back 5 months ago and was given tramal 200mg SR by my doctor but have been having 6-8 per day just to get rid of the pain but end up on the nod most of the day and then some days i take nothing because i am sick of taking pills but then I’m in agonizing pain so much that sometimes i want to swallow 300 200mg

  64. Two days ago I was visiting a friend who was recovering from a painful procedure. I mentioned I had a bad headache and she gave me a tramadol an hour later I took another and then began to feel unwell. I take 100mg of sertraline daily and still feel unwell – how long will this last.

  65. So how much is overdose? I accidentally took 8 or 9 50s in two hours and I’m a little scared it’s been 4 hours past the last one I took and I feel okay. And I am perscribed it just need an answer!

  66. I just learned of a friend who takes 6, 50mg tablets of tramadol all at once for headaches. This is not all the time but at least a couple times a month. After finding this out i decided to read up on tramadol. According to your other posts i am left feeling confused ; how many, how often, over how long of a period, etc….

  67. Am addict to Tramadol (the red pill (225mg)) iam taking it for almost 2 years now , how can i stop taking it with out losing too much of mind focus i start to really depend on it to alter the focus state of my mind , somebody please help !!

  68. My dad took Tramodol for many years. He had such a high tolerance that he was prescribed 4 of the 50 mg twice a day. (Although he had been prescribed Fytenol patches and norcos previously) So he always took more tramodol than prescribed, my calculations say he had taken up to 20 to 30 a day and would run out after a week or two. He recently went into cardiac arrest which was odd cause he was fairly healthy. Can prolonged use of tramodol in high doses affect someone’s circulation to their heart?

  69. My dad took Tramodol for many years. He had such a high tolerance that he was prescribed 4 of the 50 mg twice a day. (Although he had been prescribed Fytenol patches and norcos previously) So he always took more tramodol than prescribed, he

  70. Good day.

    I have been wondering, what if someone keeps taking tramadol all his life not exceeding 200mg a day and stopping at intervals (for some weeks) to eradicate some of the tolerance so as to get its desired effect and also not exceed that 200mg benchmark a day. Does this have any effect on one’s lifespan in any sort?

    Thank you.

  71. Can you tell me if 50 mg tramadol/ 3 times daily will make a person tired. I feel absolutely wore out. I take high blood pressure medication. One thyroid a day. Vitamins and vitamin b12.
    I take care of 4 grandchildren, sure wish i knew why i was so.tired. i have fibromyilgia. Does this actually deplete your energy. Im 68. Thank you.

  72. I have very severe osteoarthritis and m y doctor has been prescribing for the last 6 years 50mg 2 tablets four times daily.
    I am very concerned that this medication is not appropriate for my condition since I am in so much pain.

    Can you please let me know if a maintenance dose of steroids would help me so that I can walk short distances and not be house bound, thus avoiding the possibility of memory loss.

  73. Hi there last night my friend accidently took 4 100 100mg of tramadol an hour apart. Double her dose. She forgot she had already taken them and her pain was bad. Today she has been a bit sick and itchy skin a bit sleepy. Is she going to be ok and how long until she will start feeling back to her self ?

  74. My pain has gotten worse, I’ve been prescribed Tramadol 50mg is it safe for me to take 1 1/2 tablets

  75. I took 2 extended release tramadol pills today. Not at the same time. 100mg each. I take ambien and Xanax before going to sleep. Should I take the a
    Born and Xanax tonight?

  76. Can you take 2400mg of ibruprofen at one time for arthritis pain in both hips and lower back (lumbar spine area) and then take 150mg of tramadol hcl 4 hours later? I was told that ibruprofen reduces inflammation, and that tramadol “fools” the brain by blocking the pain receptors!

  77. I am taking 1 tramadol 50mg and 2 30mg 3 times a day are thay safe to take together I use to take just the tramadol 2 50mg 3 times aday

  78. I have been prescribed Tramadol for 7 years because of Chronic Fatigue syndrome….I gradually took more and more until this Saturday I had a seizure….thank god I wasn’t driving ..the strange thing is it was bringing on the symptoms I was trying to get rid of which is achey legs which they told me was M.E…. I ended up in A & E on Saturday had a CT scan now waiting for an MRI…..I wanted to come straight off it but have to do it gradually I have 70 left so going to wean myself off with them….

  79. My bottle of tramadol says take 2 a day as needed for pain, I get 60 pills and take 2 a day so every month I get a new script. My new script is due on 17th but I’m 3 days short because the past 3 days I took 3 a day….if I called them in today is that considered “early” considering what it says on bottle_@nd also I keep in contact with my dr and he knows what I’m dealing with.

  80. Dizzy, refer to my previous post. 700-1000 mg of Tramadol per day is too much. You need to seek professional medical help and get weaned off of it. For a hard stool, try increasing your fiber intake and I would also recommend a stool softener such as MiraLAX. However, check with your doctor first regarding your drug regiment and what I have recommended. He/she might go through the roof about your Tramadol use, but at least you will get the help you need instead of continuing down your current path.

  81. Isamar, mathematics can be your best friend and just might possibly save your life. And I hope some of the others here that pass through read this as well and are able to lock on to it.
    In college algebra, we were taught something called geometric series formulas. With this wonderful formula being used in conjunction with a graphing calculator, we could find out how much a drug can cumulatively build up in the body. Anyway, I’m not going to bother you with a bunch of algebra & calculus jargon, but rather break it down into a simple example. Imagine a loaf of bread used to represent the dose you take. Your body will absorb a certain “x” amount of that loaf while the rest will be passed through the system(urine, feces, etc.). Now, depending on the half-life, which we will call “y”, one-half(50%) of “x” bread will be cleared from your system after “y” amount of time. In general, this could be analogous to cutting the loaf of bread in half after y amount of time over and over again until the substance has completely cleared the body. Taking multiple doses spread throughout the day introduces more of the drug into the body, so present drug concentrations have to be calculated and then added to the dose “x” at the time they are taken.
    Do not quote me on this, but I think Tramadol HCL has a half-life of around 6 hours. At your dose of 900 mg/day I can tell you you’re overdosing and have toxic levels of it in your system. This is 3 times the maximum daily clinical dose(non-controlled release). The only reason it hasn’t already put you in the hospital or killed you is most likely due to you having built up a tolerance to it. I can almost guarantee this drug regiment is having a negative affect on your body, regardless of whether or not you are having “side effects”, and will cause complications if you continue to pursue your present dosing scheme without seeking professional medical help. Waiting around for side effects in cases like this would be like waiting for an explosive to go off next to you before doing anything. As I pointed out before, you could be doing irreparable damage to your body and by the time you start noticing side effects, the damage could be terminal.
    You need to be gradually weaned off of the Tramadol so you can get it completely cleared out of your system and spend some time off of it and find out exactly how much pain you still have. If there is still a lot of pain, a good pain management specialist will get you on a drug plan that involves you cycling pain medication while seeking other alternatives to address the pain(i.e. surgical, nerve blocks, etc., if feasible).

    It should also be noted that when you take it upon yourself to up the dose on a painkiller and continue doing so, its like going down a set of stairs into a pit. Depending on how far you go, the trip back up can be a lot more difficult than the trip down.

  82. I have been taking tramadal for about 4 to 5 yrs now and I take the 100mg anywhere for 7 to 10 times a day and I never have experienced any adverse effects, at least nothing noticeable. I hope I never do but like to know how it affects the liver and kidneys? The only real side affects I have experienced it the itching but not bad and the constipation & the slight difficult peeing sometime but never too bad.

  83. I take about 900mg a day of tramadol and been taking it for years with no side effects yet. Can i overdose one day if i keep taking the same dosage that i do now??

  84. Pain on the sole of foot. Was prescribed tramadol 50 mg per tablet. First time taking it. Took one tablet by mistake instead of half as prescribed. Feeling nauseous. Am I going be alright? Worried. Thank you.

  85. I took long release tramadol 14 hours ago , I took 300mg as that’s what my partner advised was the regular dose( I’ve never taken it before) I feel very lightheaded and shaky.. How long before this wears off? I took it for a strep throat but wud much rather the pain than this uneasy feeling

  86. I have accidentally taken 2 tramadol l tablets at 150mg, am I going to be ok? I thought they were Panafon and didn’t notice till j started feeling sick and itchy ?

  87. Hi I was in the er today cause I slammed my pinky in the double doors and did some damage to it and they gave me trimadol 50 grams every 5 hrs but it’s not helping and it’s throbbing. Can I take another before the 8 hrs?

  88. I have been taking Tramadol for 7 weeks after back surgery. I take 2 tablets of 50 mg every 6 hours total 6 tablets a day total 300 mg. I notice the other day that my stomach was bothering me and I was feeling nauseous. I stopped taking the pills over this weekend and the stomach pain went away, but of course I am still in pain!
    If I stop taking for 4 days do you think I can start again? My doctor does not have an alternate non narcotic drug for me to take while I go to work?


  89. i have been on tramadol 37.5 and acetamimim for 8 years…is my liver and stuff pretty well just waiting to go to crap? i have tremendous neck and back pain and was given if for pain relief.
    sometimes it helps and sometimes is doesn’t. i also sometimes take double doses because my neck is always “raw”
    thanks for any info you can give offer me….

  90. My mother is an addict and I caught her taking 16 in a 48 hour period. Are there laws in the state of California that may cause her insurance company to flag these prescriptions and not pay for them. I want to stop her in any way possible. The prescription was for 50 milligram tramadol

  91. Can 100 mg sr tramadol cause early Alzheimer’s or dementia?and also is it high risk after taking this medication over a 6 month course?many thanks

  92. Have having so much pain due to un Ou opratadle discl. L4 l5 I have been on oxy hydro morphine now down to cortosterodes injections 4 time years and muscle shoots 1 month they now have me on 300 mg slow release tramadol still no relief anything out there to help oh medical dope to anyone help please last ropes

  93. My doctor gave me tramadol 4 times 2 x 50mg a day for my ear infection plus antibiotics …that’s 400mg…I never took tramadol before… I took 2 so far and the pain is not gone …do u think 400mg is the eight dosage?

  94. I went to my brothers inquest yesterday he died of toxic effects of tramadol. He had Blood 29 mg/l eye fluid 599mg/l
    Urine 6mg/l blood O-desmethYltramadol 40mg/l
    They say it was over a period of time taking them not in one go.i don’t get what this means & why it was fatal can anyone give me some answers please

  95. I take 100 mg of Tramadol on a as needed basis but sometimes because of degenerating discs and stenosis i get into a cycle where my lower back is in real pain for about 4-5 days straight. I may go for a week or two but usually my lower back pain comes back.
    I take 100mg in morning then things pretty much iron out the rest of the day. My job of sitting and being in a car too long is what sets things off.
    One; do you see any serious issues based on the above
    Two; if i had a pattern as above for say a couple of months; i’m in a period of pain freedom, and don’t take the tramadol for say, a month or so, is there problems with withdrawal?
    I do take adderall for adhd and lamictal for bi-polar 2.
    95% of the time my chemistry and physical well being is fantastic. It’s just the hard back pain and worry of withdrawal.
    Thanks for willing to share. Won’t take as “gospel” but would appreciate your take.

  96. my dad has been taking tramadol for a few years now and has been abusing it he wont let any one else hold the med and distribute it to him. he is 78 and has real pain but will not stick to the perscription. he ended up in the er today after getting dissy and falling i guess they did many tests and didnt come up with any reason for him to be having this dissiness . he has fallen 2 times in the past week. i questioned my mom about his symptoms this evening and one of the things that really concerns me is he is saying he has been having spasoms during the night were he wakes up in sudden jerks. i asked how much tramadol he has left and he has just run out today. he is to take up to 5 a day and he got his persciption filled on dec 22 i have no idea how many in the last day or so he has been taking. his doc told him 2 months ago if he didnt start taking them as prescribed she would stop prescribing them. any advice

  97. My father was prescribed tramadol for back pain (he had a small fall on Christmas day) but only took it for a day and half as he became confused and paranoid. He has been off it for 3 days now and seems almost normal during the day but come to the night he is up every 30 mins and doesn’t know why most of the time or does things that are really strange. He is 81. Is this still the drug leaving his system or could there be some permanent damage? He was fine and active before taking this.

  98. I took a 50 MG dose about an hour and half ago and it hasn’t helped with pain am I able to take another 50 MG? My doc said I can take two at a time if the pain is bad but I’m not sure if it’s OK to take them an hour apart from each other.

  99. I take 1..24 hour extended release 75 mg … And coming to supplement that with one or two – – six-hour tramadol(tramacet)is this something that is done frequently … Am I safe doing this

  100. Hi, I take 1000 50mg every day sometimes more for a sever back problem they make me stutter, they never used to why? Been on them for 6 years. But I can’t move in morning until I take them.. I feel trapped in only 47.

    1. Hi, Ralph. If you accidentally took a double dose of your medications, then I suggest you call Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or call 991 ASAP.

  101. I am a long time user of tramadol and take 400mg every day. Due to tolerance this is often not quite enough but I never exceed it- however I have a shocking memory and realized I too the daily dose again some 2 hours after the first. Should I induce vomiting? I am not keen to do so.

    1. Hi, Ralph. Vomiting sometimes doesn’t work, and it can make the situation even worse. I suggest you call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or check into the ER.

  102. I was in a car crash on 10/27 this year and I sustained 4 fractures in my spine, a cracked rib and a concussion and was prescribed Tramadol 50mg x 2 a day along with a muscle relaxant and a tablet for my stomach not to be upset. However I am also on escitalopram and ambien and clonazepam. I upped my own dosage to immediate release Tramadol 50mg x 4 a day. Recently, as I mixed all those drugs together along with my allergy medicine. I started to have severe nausea inducing vertigo. I don’t know if this could be a side effect of the drugs or could be from the concussion or I may have an inner ear infection. I’m scared to ask the doctors in case there’s something really wrong with me…

  103. I fractured my tail bone by falling down some steps. Ive been taking tramadol MG every four hours for about 4 days. Today when I took my dose I didn’t feel anything and I still hurt badly so 5 hours later I tokk a 100mg. Is this bad? Should I ask my doctor for something stronger? I don’t get addicted to things usually

  104. Please advise as to the maximum dose of Tramadol … 400 mg. Is what I have seen … which is what my Doctor has prescribed for me along with Gabapentin 400 mg. SEVERE BACK PAIN … !!!

    This does not help much, however!.



  105. Can my mum take 50mg of tramadol every 2 hrs rather that 2x50g every 4 hrs… as my mum is still in pain and if she takes 2 at the same time she feels sick

    1. Hi Mrs Williams. Check with that pharmacist at the pharmacy or call her doctor to see if that rate of dosing is OK for her.

    1. Hey. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk, or if you’re not feeling well call 911 immediately.

  106. I’ve been taking 100mg slow release in the morning and one at night . One or two 50mg at bed time. For 20 years may be more. If I.stopped taking them I would not be able to to work . I also have two patches a week. I have fatty liver gall stones .I do not drink or smoke . Do you think I should start to drink & smoke only joking . Do you think I will live for ever.

  107. I have been taking Tramadol for at least 2 yrs now. The dosage that is recommended on the bottle is, “Take 1 to 2 tablets every 6 hrs. when needed”. Also, it is noted 325 mg. At one time I would take 2 tablets and waited 6 to 7 hrs. Now, most of the time, I take 1 during the night. It takes a long time to kick in at that time. When in extreme pain during the day, I will take 1 or 2 and usually relax for a while. Will this have an affect on me down the road or should I try to get off of it? Other meds do not seem to help me.

  108. Im addicted to tramadol for 3 years. I take 5 twice daily/50mg .i m always scared to death, cause my doctor says it’s dangerous to the liver. How dangerous can be?

  109. How can i quit without getting whitdrawal ?? I’ve been taking tramadol between 1 and 1.5 grams per day for about 3 months . I just use it for fun but lately im having strong seizures and basically is my fear of pain and whitdrawal that does not let me quit
    Can somebody tell me or help me with this ? I know there are people taking it from much longer time and lager doses than me and they are clean today i want that feeling .

  110. This blog is filled with self-serving comments from a medical establishment that is prescribing the population into a state of perpetual addiction. This is at the behest of powerful drug companies that care more about profits than alleviating human suffering. If you can suffer withdrawal upon immediate cessation of a drug, you are addicted. A doctor defining addiction as not taking prescriptions as prescribed is just him/her trying to relieve themselves of responsibility of addicting their patient. The patient is just as addicted as if the bought heroin on the street. I am not saying you may not need an addictive dose of medication, just that doctors are lying to you if they tell you that you are not addicted because they prescribed the medication.

    1. Hi T. You suffer withdrawal symptoms upon cessation of a medication if your body has become dependent on that substance. That means that your body has become accustomed to the presence of the medication and withdrawal symptoms appear as the drug leaves the system, and the body needs to re-establish balance without it. Addiction is different that dependence. However, doctor’s do tend to over-prescribe medications for much longer than the suggested duration of treatment. But, we have NO “self-serving comments” that are leading people into addiction…no drug companies are running this blog!

  111. I had TKR surgery oct 5, I’m on tramadol & acetaminophen . I “m trying to ease off, by only taking it at night , around 8pm. I started taking extra strength Tylenol 2 tablets in the early morning 5 am. Is this OK?

  112. doctor, have been abusing the usage of tramadol by taking for sexual purposes and it has been working very well for me but after some time, when i take it (100mg) i found out that my penis cant be able to attain erection again. please doctor advice me on this.

  113. vet prescribed tramadol hci for my dog she weighs 10lb 4oz. I gave her 1 at 8Am and 1 at 6pm after reading this article I will not give her any more, she is 14 yrs old have I put her in danger?

  114. I took 100mg of Zoloft last night along with a 50mg tramadol. I got nauseous, dizzy and a bit out of it. Is it safe to take another 50mg of tramadol today if I took the Zoloft last night?

  115. I have a bad ear infection. Today my Dr gave me tramadol 50 mg to be taken every 4 hours as in a lot of pain. Face is swollen and can’t eat or sleep. So I took one pill at 3 pm. Took another at 5 pm took another at 7 then just took another at 9:30 pm. Still isn’t helping with pain. My concern is could I od? Thanxx

  116. I am addictted to tramadol ,i realy want to stop growing tiny and unhealthy…i take 600mg a day..pls how can i stop taking it,

  117. I took 6 50mg tramadol tablets, and I have been super nauseous all day. I eventually threw up, but even after that I still felt nauseous. Im also very tired, and dizzy, I even fainted. Earlier my heart beat felt really slow but it was probably my imagination. Its been about 9-10 hours since I took them and I still feel bad.
    I weigh 135 pounds 17 year old girl, and I have taken tramadol before but four pills was the most I got up to, and I havnt taken any in about 3 months
    What should I do?

    1. Hi Amy. I suggest you Call the Posion Control Center on the number 1-800-222-1222 to speak with a poison expert who will assess the risk of overdose and provide you with guidance about what you should do next.

  118. I had a drink last night and was stressed and ended up taking 10 50mg on the head. Let me say for sure i will not be doing that again all ive done is be sick cant even keep water down not good

  119. I am 69y/o, average weight, with chronic pain. I was taking 1 x 100mg SR BD, plus 1 x 50mg IR as needed, (usually in evening, 3/4 per week max).
    Recently I have undergone sleep clinic tests and have been diagnosed with ‘complex sleep apnea’, (not obstructive). I now sleep with an ASV unit, (and feel greatly improved).
    As I am traveling to Machu Picchu – 2,430 m – in Jan I am mindful of altitude sickness & I am trying to reduce and now down to 1 x 50mg SR in the evening, my day isn’t so good though.

  120. I take 200mg every 12 hours. I have arthritis on my Coccyx and spondylitis – I’ve been using straight Tramadol for about 2 years but my arthritis has gotten worse recently.. have had to add Dicloflonac because I can’t take any NSAID by mouth.. works okay for the first while. I’m finally going to cave and see if Gabapentin will help, narcotics just mask the pain, I’ve tried two and both useful for only 2-4 hours at a time. Narcotics aren’t the end all be all.. I’m just bummed this has stopped working as well… you will feel like crap if you take more then 400mgs a day.. took 500 once on a really bad day..had the trots.

  121. I take 37.5-325 Tramadol-acetaminophen. 1-2 3 x a day. I am having horrible pain from a torn meniscus and lower back pain. I have been having horrible foot and leg cramps and pain at night. I wore up at least 10 times last and did not sleep much. My normal pharmacist is not on duty tonight so the one on duty would not answer my question. Can I take more than 3 pills tonight to keep the pain away?

  122. i took one tramadol/acetaminophen at 37.5/325. I had intensive pressure in my head. For 12 hours this would come and go. When it can back it was immediate and intensive. I still have mild sensation and it is 48 hours. I feel weak and have sweats off and on. What is happening and how long will this last??

  123. I am taking 50mg of Tramadol every 6 hours for my pain and it is not helping. What can I do? Is there a different medicine that I can take?

  124. I’ve taken 1 slow release tramadol hydrochloride tablet (1/2 prescribed dose) for pain reflief following surgery but it has reduced my heart rate from my normal 57 to 43BPMs. I’m worried about going to bed as it’s still 45BPMs (3hrs after taking it) and after 1am i.e. I’m exhausted…what is a safe BPM to reach for me to go to bed?! Thanks…

  125. I have been taking 2 50mg tramarol it and one 100mg tramadol re a day. I wake up with a very nervousness/shaky feeling in my stomach and then begin to have slight diarrhea which takes several hours to complete. This is causing severe sleep problems. What can I do?

  126. for four days bin taking tramadol contantly stated with 5 tablet 200mg at a time…the next day 8 tablets of same 200mg..the next day is four…but for now am taking two tables everyday….ifew days ago I noticed luquid was droping out from my nose am there any health effect on me an advice plsss..

  127. I am taking 50 mg. tramadol a day in the morning. I am aged 84. Should I discontinue it. If I dont take it I feel sluggish. Pl help.

    1. Hello Tayo. While pharmacologic use of tramadol has not been associated with cases of drug-induced liver disease, acute liver failure can come as a result of (intentional or accidental) tramadol overdose. Also, if someone has predispositions for liver and kidney disease tramadol may not be recommended for use, and you should inform your doctor before treatment is initiated.

  128. My new neurologist started me off with 150mg tramadol twice daily on top of Naproxen, Lunesta, Flexeril, and Prilosec I took everything as directed (I got hurt 2yrs ago 4 Bulged disc’s and carpal tunnel syndrome) I felt very out of it vomiting unable to stay in reality I told my doctor and he wants me to keep taking tramadol as prescribed I just don’t think it’s safe… Is this a regular does to start at.. and he is looking to use for long term use.. I am 27 and too young for neck surgery…

  129. I have been taking tramadol daily for the last 7 years , around 100mg per day, around 2 pills. Will this harm my liver or kidneys with continued usage? Thanks

  130. I have prescribed tramadol 200mg a day-I took one more each day than I should and ran out.
    Two days later I have bad cough and sneezing and pain in certain areas is worse-back and legs

  131. I’ve been taking tramadol for 1 year I had back surgery to reconstruction of l4 l5 disks I take 2 a day is it gona be hard tt get of them

  132. First time I took it I took 100 mg. Went a week without them then took 100 mg 2 days in a row. The fourth day I took 150 mg but about 16 hours before I took 100. Not overdose here. But I hate the side effects. Addiction, tiredness, and sexual side effects. Not sure if it’s worth the pain killer or not.

  133. I have been taking apo-tramadol 325 mg. for over two years. I was told that I could take 1 or 2 tablets every 6 hrs by both my doctor and pharmacist and find that it takes away some of the pain but not all of it. How many of these tablets can I take within 24 hrs? I try not to take more than 4 or 6 but, do not know if that is too much?? I am in constant pain with arthritis in my legs but, also have a condition called chondrocalcinosis. Also, I am going for physiotherapy and exercise only when I am not in pain.

  134. Hi I have been taking tramadol for close to six months previously I took 1000mg at once and felt like collapsing but drank allot of water….. since then I reduced d dosage to 200 but still scared about what I did that day.

  135. i have been taking 100mg daily 1 morning 50mg , I bedtime 50mg of Tramadol for the the last 2-3 years. I have fibromyalgia & RLS. I have tried cutting it back to 50mg a day because I have to have a tooth extraction. Was wondering if this dosage is still too high and I should wean off completely before tooth extraction & if I must how long do I have to wait after I’ve quit taking it? The tooth has gone to the nerve & the pain is awful. My dr also had me on 37.5 mg of Effexor for the last month & I stopped taking them 3 days ago. Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you!

  136. Can tramadol 100mg given to children below 16 years 6 hourly with morphine sulphate 10 mg as post operative therapy?

  137. What happens if someone snaps a 200mg slow release pill in half and takes it? I’ve heard that taking the slow release tramadol in crushed form can cause an over dose? But technically you’re just getting the 100mg in one go and the pills come in 100mg for the instant release so what is the difference? Is taking half of a 200mg slow release pill actually dangerous?

  138. I have been taking a 150mg early am but it has little or no effect on my pain.
    Can I take a 50mg fast release at the same time,

  139. I have just had a dental procedure and was give 50 mg tramadol hcl tabs. I am wanting to 1/2
    the dosage to 25m by just cutting the tab in 1/2. Will this increase side effects

  140. I took one ultram 100mg extended release this AM and another about 5 hrs later bc I hadn’t felt any results from the first yet. Now (about 10 hrs after the first pill), I am feeling side effects. I have some opiate tolerance (have been taking percocets for back pain; usually 2-4 per day), but the Ultram is new. The script said to just take one pill per day…will I be ok?

  141. I took a 300 mg tram and frgt I took it and took another one stupid I know I’m pretty sure I had a seizure three hours ago am I going to be OK I’m scared

  142. Dear doc,
    I have been taking tramadol off and on for a few years now, I get it prescribed for a back injury, although I can’t really say that is the reason I take it. It has more become a sort of bed time ablution, and it really does help me sleep, or if not, at least calm me down, and having been a restless insomniac my whole life, it really helps with pain that way. I never take it during the day, as I don’t like being groggy when I’m on my feet, but also – and I see how this sort of contradicts my first reason – I’m a drinker, and have been for almost ten years. I suppose I’m what some would call ‘a functional alcoholic’, that is if they knew how much I drink, and most don’t. I don’t bingedrink, I don’t start fights, and I’m sort of the voice of reason to my friends who do. Not many of them know about the seizures, the dt’s, the psychosis and the sectioning a couple of years ago. The fear of seizures, since one was very near fatal, is sometimes what makes me have a drink when I really don’t want one. Someone suggested to me that tramadol has an effect that pacifies the withdrawal of alcohol. I can’t seem to find whether or not there’s any truth to that, since, of course, no one would dare not having told me that anything but supervised detox would be too dangerous – if not for me then for their rep. I am well aware of this, but since I won’t be handing myself in anywhere, and I’m really just trying to avoid the seizures, not the inevitable discomfort, that I can handle, I would very much appreciate any old household remedies. I think this is the sort of place where even the placebo effect would work wonders. Thank you.

  143. I have been taking 25mg of Tramadol, once a day at bedtime, for approximately two years. It isn’t for pain but to relieve neuropathy symptoms so I can sleep. I NEVER take it during the day as I don’t like the way it makes me feel. I skip one to two nights a week. I called in my refill and just heard from my doctor’s office. He is NOT going to refill it. The nurse referenced the fact that it’s a narcotic. Are they implying I’m addicted to it? I absolutely do not think I am! I just want to sleep. Lying awake all night with neuropathy symptoms is pure hell and I’ve been grateful to have something that helped. Now what??!!

  144. Hello….i mistakenly took an overdose of tramadol… 400mg in total last nite…felt very bad….vomited…very weak….what can i take to get it out of my body system…thank you.

    1. Hi Akin. You shouldn’t have waited all night to get help. If you reacted fast enough, your stomach could have been pumped, but now the drug has been absorbed completely into your system. I’d advise you to seek doctor’s help.

  145. so i have taken about 36 tabs of 50mg tramadol. is this too much? ive taken up to 15-20 before and got a high im now wondering have i taken too much… ive had the overdose effects last time but interpreted them as a high.too much this time? i just want to know am i going to wake up or not. i live alone in the countryside so medical attention is 30-45 mins away

  146. Hello, I am using tramadol 50mg 15caps a day so that’s 750mg a day. When i wake up i take 5 and so on till i go to sleep and take another 5. I am taking this dose for almost 3years can someone tell me what the consequences are? also my wife is now pregnant for 4months and i want to know can my tramadol abuse have side effects on my baby and if so which side effect could it have.

  147. Can taking 600 mg cause kidney damage even if it was for 4 to 5 days and then 100 mg for the next 4 or 5 days then back to 600 for 4 to 5 days? I was doing this due to pain levels. I have stopped taken so much once I learned it can damage kidneys. I think it has been 2 years like this. did not know 400 mg was limit per day

  148. Hi John. I’d suggest informing your doctor about this one and any other possible side effects you may be experiencing.

  149. I am 70+ years old my doctor went from one 50 mg twice a day to one tab every 6 hours. Since the I have had a paralyzed diaphragm. Is a normal side effect?

  150. Lisa, Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to have your daughter’s risk of overdose professionally assessed by a poison exert. Or drive her to the ER.

  151. Hi Sayid. Pharmacologic use of tramadol has not been associated with cases of clinically apparent drug-induced liver disease. But since you are using above reasonable doses, it may cause liver damage. People have reported having kidney pains when using tramadol, but unless you had damaged kidneys before you started taking it, it shouldn’t cause severe harm.

  152. Please iWould Like To Know The Damages Involved In Tramadol Abuse..To The Liver/Kidney. iUse Everyday Beyond The Reasonable Dose Because I’m Addicted & I’ve Been Using “Everyday”, For 2yrs Now. So iWant To Know The Possibilities Of Exposing My Liver & Kidney To Severe Damage & How Long Till iBegin To Have Symptoms Of A Damaged Organ Due To Tramadol Abuse

  153. I had accidentally taken a double dose of 100mg tramodol a few months ago. I ended up having a seizer, am I allergic? I wasn’t sure if my body would reject it now completely and cause another.

  154. I have severe fibromyalgia my mother in law gave me some 50mg tramadols as my pain has been awful, yesterday I took 3 as an attempt to get rid of the pain so I could get on with things, I ended up being sick all day falling asleep constantly shaking uncontrollably with cold sweats and weak all over, eventually I slept it off feeling very fragile today but okay, I have eaten and generally back to my normal self, but am just wondering if this was an overdose and if there’s anything I should do?

  155. Hello.
    I had my wisdom tooth extracted and im taking tramadol (100mg 4 times a day) but i does not really help with the pain. If i take acetaminophen will it increase the effect?

  156. i’m addicted to tramadol and i take 20 every day .. i find it so amazing feeling …. and now i’m addicted i want to stop it but it’s so hard .. any opinion ?

  157. I am taking 150mg SR Tramedo twice a day (Morning & Night). I take instant Tramedo Capsules 100mg, for severe head pain, as I suffer from disintegration at top of spine, which causes severe head pain. I also wear a stiff foam collar while sleeping to keep my head from moving side to side. Without the collar the pain is horrendous when I wake. Overall the pain is constant, it never leaves me it just intensifies at different times of the day. Sometimes I wish I had something stronger, but still be able to carry on my normal activities like driving, gardening etc. had this problem for four years now.

  158. Hello Margaret. How long have you been taking the medication? If it’s been a while, your system has probably built tolerance to it, so you should be fine. The maximum dose allowed within 24 hours is 300mg. Just to be safe, you can call your doctor.

  159. Have a presc. for tram. 1-2 tabl, 50 mg every 4-6hrs, for connective tissue, auto imm disease. I take 2 tablet a wk, next wk 2 days @ 2 tablets each day, relieves pain for 12 hrs & helps me sleep soundly ! No side effects at all, have been using it for 2 yrs, no problems, want to take it though every wk @ 2 days 2 tab so can work 1 day, I am 64 yrs old retired, but would like to work as a sub teacher pre school, & be more active. Is this safe, all professionals have told me it is safe, but am very very cautious. This would really make my life so much fuller, if could take 2 days a wk, but can manage if 1 day is better. Thank you soo much. Jennifer

  160. I take one tablet of Tridural 100mg once daily. However today I made an error and took two. One at 11:00 AM and another at 1:15 PM. Should I do anything?

  161. Hi Karen. For children aged 4 to 16 years, it’s safe to administer 1 to 2 mg/kg/dose every 4 to 6 hours (Tramadol IR). The maximum single dose a child can take is 100mg, which is what they sugested you sould give your daughter. While the maximum daily dose is 8 mg/kg/day or 400 mg/day of Tramadol.

  162. My 4 year old daughter who weighs 49 lbs fractured/chipped her ankle Saturday night and the emergency room foot and ankle that was on call accidentally prescribed her tramadol 50mg. I had no idea and thankfully we did not give her any of the 2 pills they gave her in the er. I even questioned her about them being pills saying she can’t take pills and I was told to crush them up and put them in Apple sauce. Anyways my question is what would that dose have done to my daughter? We have made a complaint and they said the doctor would be reviewed, however I am furious and feel If she could have been severely hurt she should be let go. This is my daughters life.. I would appreciate your response, thank you

  163. I take up to 300-350mg daily and recently tried 100mg injectable because pharmacy was out of everything but that so I tried it and it worked better with the 100 than if I took 200 the first half hour and pain free (chronic pain) now I was wondering if a capsule (50mg) can be opened and mixed with water to inject and if so will the effect be the same as using the 100mg? Reason being is the pharmacy I go to rarely is able to prescribe the tramadol for lack of stock and wondering if I can extend the supply for those times they are unable to fill the prescription.

  164. I just want to start taking tramadol now I bought a satchet of 100mg tabs over the counter. Is it save to take a whole tablet at once?

  165. Josie . I had bunion and toe sergery,I. Asked my sergeant to prescribe me tridural for my pain my nephew went to Jamaica was hurt badly they prescribed him these pills he made me try them that’s why I asked my sergent about them .i told him I was told there is no narcotis in he said ya gave me the prescription didn’t right the milagrams or how much to take .I went to the pharmacy he didn’t have the milagrams phoned the doctor the secretary in a hurry to get off the phone said 200milagrams and the pharmacist mistakenly wrote every 4 hours in .4 hours I took 3 for two days I was vomiting and kept going in and out of sleep for those two days I had no pain but I was so so sick be carful with them thy are very strong lasts all day

  166. I have been prescribed Tramadol for back pain for the past 4 years and was taking 100mg 5 times a day with little effect. Dr has now prescribed Gabapentin 900mg daily with view to increasing for pain relief and has advised to continue with Tramadol but changed it to 100mg slow release twice a day. I have been showing signs of withdrawal by sweating loads and anxiety, Dr did say I could ‘top up’ if necessary with tablets I have left of the 50mg immediate release but am unsure how many and is this safe?

  167. Would it be ok, for my Dr., to prescribe me ER, plus IR tablets?

    I currently am prescribed 6 x 50mg per day.
    Also take: ER Cymbalta (for depression/anxiety/back pain), Meloxicam (inflammation), Gabapentin (for leg nerve pain), Occasional Baclofen – muscle relaxer (mostly for insomnia.
    My biggest complain about taking these meds, other than the fact that I still hurt all the time, is the CONSTIPATION! (any suggestions about how to combat this, will be greatly appreciated!)
    I am listed as in “remission” from opiate addiction, from 5 yrs of over 160mg of oxycodone. I have chronic back pain, and can not get the relief I need from my current prescription, but prefer to never return to the oxycodone world!>>>> It was pure Hell, escaping it!
    Anyway, back to my question. I am wanting to see if an ER tab, of say, 200mg plus 50mg x 6 would = 500mg (or x5 = 450mg), would be too much to approach my Dr. with?
    Do you think this is something she will go for? I really think it will help to cover my pain, and keep me from returning to OxyWorld.
    Thank you so much for your service!

  168. I think tramadol 50mg is the weakest pain medication the doctor has prescribed me. i have chronic pain in my lower back from spondylolisis (pars defect) i usually take 4 of the small white tablets 200mg at one time. Im not an addict and im not intentionally overdosing. it just makes you wonder. i have two fractured vertebrae and a slipped disk. Is taking 200mg at one time fatal. im only 18 years old.

  169. Hi i was just wondering if anyone knows if i could be hurting my kidneys or liver?i take between 40/50 50 mg tramadol about five.times a.week.i have been taking this.for about four years. at year.two i had four seziurs in a few momth period but am now on an aniti sezuire med so i havent had any of those anymore.but i wpuld truly like to stop and im just so worried i already might have damaged or hurt my body.

  170. I try to be sensible when taking Tramadol and have been using this medication on and off for about 2 years now at 50mg 3 times a day for back pain, but I make sure I have long breaks so as not to become addicted. If its for a special occasion when I need to really dull the pain is it safe to take 100mg twice a day? ie 2 50mg at once twice daily.

  171. I met with an accident 8 months ago,due to this my left leg was fractured at tibial head regio along with compartment syndrome and operated as per the procedure.After this i was advised to take Tremadol 50- mg capsules for 10 days two times a day.,
    After one month of operation i was getting serious burning sensation in my feet and it is still continuing ,so again i started Tremadol capsule 50 mg once a day after taking this my feet burning will far i have take for 5 months daily one capsule to relieve my feet burning.
    My question is if i will take continuously for another 2-3 months is it safe or not.
    Iam not noticing any side effects so far only i will get drowsiness after taking capsule.
    kindly suggest me whether i can continue at this dose or any other alternative please.

  172. I am dental surgeon and a long term sufferer of maigrain . I have been taking tramadol IV 1000mg at once, then it increased to 1000mg four times a day for four years, I had at least five seizures but it did not stop me. I just wanted to know what can be the damage of my kidney and other organs. I just got out of a rehab centre and I have quit taking it, but I just wanted to know what kind of permanent damage I have caused to my body

  173. Hi Joseph. Yes, Tramadol can cause liver damage if used for an extended length of time. It can actually become very addicting as well. Plus, if you drink alcohol, you may damage your liver even more.

  174. can tramadol cause liver damage I take 50mg 5 or 6 times aday for facial pain a nerve doctor wants me to try clonazepam looked it up and don’t feel saft with that drug

  175. Hi Linda. Your body might be developing tolerance to Tramadol if lower doses that helped you achieve the wanted effect previously, are no longer effective. You can talk to your prescribing doctor or a pharmacist for advise and dosage assessment.

  176. My Dr.gave me tramadol 500 mg n said take 1 every 12/hrs for my abdominal pain !!! But I don’t thnk that’s enough cause I still b n pain what should I Do

  177. How far apart should a person who has MS, that takes vyvanse for fatigue, wait before taking their tramadol?

  178. I’ve been on tramadol for about 2-3 years. At first it wasn’t much at all but now I take 300mg to 450mg a day. I know I’m addicted to them, I’ve tried to stop but I can’t. I get really anxious and cold sweats etc., and also because I have really bad knee injury, I am due to have a knee reconstruction within the next year. What should I do? ‘Cuz I’m a bit worried about my health being on them for so long.

  179. Is 100 mg of Tramadol a safe dose for an 84 year old that weighs 140 pounds and the person does not take any pain meds. After this dosage she had nausea and vomiting. Could that be a result of the Tramadol?

  180. Hi I was prescribed tramadol in 2009 as I broke my hand in 8 places,i started of on 100mg an over the space of 3 years It was risen to 400mg a day,in 2013 I had a new doctor and the doctor decided to just stop this medication saying I had no use for it any more,after about 36 hours I felt so ill/sick I ended up going out an buying some off my friend I have done this for over a year an I am also buying them off the internet an because I can get them so easily I am at the point of taking 900/1000mg per day,is this dangerous?an what is the best way to stop as I have been the doctors an they are not willing to help.

  181. I am prescribed tramadol MR for relief from chronic pain. I started off with 50mg immediate release qid about 10 years ago, but switched to the MR formulation a few years ago. My current dose is 200mg tramadol MR bid.
    This morning, I forgot to take my dose. By about 6PM I was feeling so rubbish I looked at my pill minder to take my second dose and discovered that I had not taken my first, hence the level of pain I was in.
    So, I took my first dose about 6:30PM. My question is, how long to I have to wait before I can take another dose? Can I take the other 200mg MR before bed (about 5- 6 hours between doses) or do I have to wait until the morning? I usually take 200mg MR at about 7AM and the second dose at about 7PM.
    Hope someone can answer me soon. Thanks.

  182. i’ve been taking tramadol for about 10 years .for chronic pain in my calve’s.i have taken as much as 400 milligram’s a day i now take 300 milligram’s.i have had regular blood work every 6 month’s with no side effect’s. my problem now is i can’t get a doctor to prescribe 300 per day.instaed they want me to take 100 milligram’s per day and 15 mg of meloxicam per day which give’s me low back pain and any suggestion’s?

  183. Just caring bout my friend really shes in her early 30s with 2 kids, got family their just incase tonight. she says been taking tramadol and its been spacing her out and not touching the pain although her back went into spasm?
    She pulled her back out by bending down and this sciatica kicked in? she can barely walk and still in pain.

    She said she can have 1 life tramadol in the 24 hour period what does this mean to me?

    She had 6 or 7 since 9 am this morning and is on about taking 1 more whats the risk? And if she took it what could happen as she hasn’t been knock out by the drug yet tonight?

    She has taken 8 before and been absolutely fine? She wont take 10 in a day as shes got 2 kids to think bout.

    Please help as this is all new to me thanks

  184. I have been taking Tramadol for about nine months for chronic back pain. On bad days I am to take one to two tablets( 50 mg ) every 4 to 6 hours. 2 tablets cause stomach upset, so I have been taking 1 1/2 (75 mg) daily with excellent results.However I have found that If I skip a day or two I tend to get diarrhea,and feel a bit edgy.I am concerned that these may be withdrawel symptoms.My maim question; is 75 mg daly,over a long period of time,a risky dose,and if so should I wean myself from them or simply stop?

  185. I have rls which makes it very difficult for me to fall asleep at night. I have been taking 10 drops of tramadex the last few night which helps me very much . Is it ok to take tramadex . every night or when needed at night. I don’t need it during the day.


  186. I have permanently torn rotator cuff tendons in both arms, plus tendon tears in my biceps and elbows, again in both arms. As a result I have chronic pain and have been taking Tramadol for 10 years now and have asked my surgeon and Dr. what are the long term consequences of constant use. Presently I take 150mg twice a day along with Temazepam to help me sleep some nights. Can you advise what the long-term effects of Tramadol use are, apart from the usually ones?

  187. My mum has been put on tramadol she is 79 and weighs six stone and is seeing things also unsteady on her legs is this to much, and is in hospital for consterpation ?

  188. I have taken tramadol 50mgs tablets for over eight years , the dosage is 1 tablet every 6 hours as needed, Nothing has ever changed in that eight years even though I ask, still I am guilty of self medicating to 4, 50mg tablets, (200 mg) the only way I have ever felt a physical change in pain.
    The doctors have never had a problem to giving additional medications loratab 5/500 and now norco 7.5/325. I guess my question is, after reading all of this, has my medication treat for pain might have been mismanaged. I guess I feel like, too little for too long

  189. Hello Kimberly. You’ve probably developed opioid tolerance after regular dosing for a year, or more and the extra dose may not affect you greatly. However, if you notice symptoms such as slowed breathing or heart rate, call the Poison Control Center (1-800-222-1222) or the emergency services ASAP.

  190. I forgot that I had take my tramadol at 10.30 pm and took a dose at 12.45pm. will it hurt me. I only take 50 mgs every four hours, been taken it for over a year and I have never messed up like this before. Pretty scared.

  191. Hello David. It sounds like you’re going through cold turkey withdrawal. Do some reading up on tapering down off tramadol; basically you cut by 25% once a week. It takes longer to get off, but tapering does make symptoms less severe. Do you have support where you are for psychological cravings or physical dependence symptoms?

  192. I’ve been addicted to painkillers since I was at school I started off with a couple of Solpadol.Then I began taking a couple more,and more and after about a year or so I would take a strip of 10 at a time.But after around a couple of years I found I was still getting a buzz but I was having to take about 15 solpadol’s at a time and even then it would only last for a couple of hours.So I started taking Tramadol the first time I took 4 30mg capsules and I got a subtle buzz that lasted for a few hours,After a couple of months though I was having to take more to get the same feeling until just like with the Solpadol’s I was taking a strip of 10 30mg capsules at a time.That was about 4 years ago though and up until 5 days ago I was getting through around 60 30mg capsules of Tramadol a day.I’ve stopped completely now though but I can’t stop sweating,I feel utterly awful and the last 3 nights I’ve practically cried myself to sleep,So I was actually coming online to order some more but I saw this site and I know it’ll be terrible but I’ll try to hold out for a bit longer.I don’t expect or want any sympathy I’m a 25 year old guy who hasn’t worked a day in his life were well off so I’ve never needed the money everything should be good but since I’ve stopped taking the painkillers I’m thinking what have I been doing ? I’ve been left behind all my friends have moved on and I’m still at home and not really caring because I was so heavily medicated but with no painkillers I’m having to face reality and it’s extremely depressing.(Sorry this is too long it was longer but I deleted some stuff I had written about my little sisters being spoiled brats and quite a lot of other stuff (Including a couple of funny dreams) to make it shorter sorry anyway I talk way too much. x

  193. Hi. I’ve been taking Tramadol for a couple of weeks but I can’t swallow tablets and they taste very bitter. To get round this I’ve been snorting 200mg instant release tablets and also inserting 600mg up my anus 3 times a day. Although it’s really helped with my depression I’ve found I’ve been extremely constipated. Do you think this has anything to do with anally inserting the tablets?

  194. Thanks for the advice, I got the second opinion you suggested after I ended up calling an ambulance, because I started not being able to breath the panic and shaking was so intense, and discovered that giving Tramadol, in any strength or release method, to somebody with an acute anxiety disorder was possibly the single *STUPIDEST* thing my (now EX) GP has EVER DONE.

    If you suffer from a nervous or anxiety issue, tell your Dr. to shove it if he tries to give this stuff to you, every nurse and doctor I have mentioned it to here in hospital (for an unrelated issue) has told me it is BAD NEWS.

  195. Hello Dana. This is a question for your prescribing doctor and/or pharmacist. We are not qualified to provide medical advice but, instead, refer you to the appropriate medical professional.

  196. I have been taking tramadol for a few years now.I have to take 150mg at a time in order to get relief but it can last 8+ hours before I have to take another dose.In a 24 hour period I might take 150mg 3 times a day.Is that too much??

  197. Hi Monica – Call the Poison Control Center for an analysis – 1-800-222-1222.

    Hi Raynor – You should be be OK with an earlier than normal dose, but monitor yourself for symptoms of slower breathing, or heart rate and call the Poison Control Center should you become nervous or want clarification.

  198. I’m taking Tramadol 100mg SR twice a day,I took 100mg last night at 9pm,then another 100mg this morning at 7:30 am.. Then realized I had taken the dose an hour and half early..hope I haven’t done any harm to myself

  199. Hello Keiran. Codeine and tramadol are structurally and chemically different types of opioids. I’d suggest that you consult with a pharmacist for advice and suggestions on dosing, especially given the extreme anxiety tramadol seems to have provoked.

  200. Finally straight answers.
    Yesterday I got 100mg tramadol tablets. First time ever. Once I got home. unthinking, I took two, not the one I was supposed to. After the anxiety attack, ten hours, and 5mg Diazapam, I’m back in pain but dare not take another, would it be safe to take 500mg paracetamol or ibruprofen with codine in it? I just dont want to make myself feel even worse

  201. I have a question. I just started tramadol a few days ago and 2 50mg made me so sick and I felt awful. I cut the dose in half and take 25mg and I really get no relief for my rupture disk. Can someone help me? I had taken Ultracets and they worked great but, the tylenol level made some changes in my liver levels and I do not drink. Help!

  202. I have been taking 25 a day for several years.i have had about 5 u think someones body gets used to the doses x

  203. i’ve been on tramadol 200mg for 8 year i take 2 a day for Chronic Pain Syndrome,i want to stop taking them. i haven’t talked to my Dr yet.. what i want to know is i’m 52 what will happen if i stop taking them,i’m sick of taking tablets my back neck kills me every day but i just want to stop them..

  204. I have been taking 37.5 tremadal apap for a year about 4 pills a day my doctor says its safe but I read that it’s really short term medication but it does help,take edge off my body is completely filled with arthritis already had total shoulder replaced and back decompression surgery, so do I keep taking or stop and suffer

  205. I take Tramadol 25mg one tab three to four times a week for about 4 years now. I take it for neck and back pain when motrin does not relieve it. I just find that is works quickly and effectively when motrin does not. My question is, have I been using it for too long? And if I stop should I taper? Sometimes I have not had to take it for a week at a time here and there and I have been fine. Am I at risk for withdrawal symptoms if I never take it again?

  206. I have CKD which seems to be improving. I had to give up allopurinol, hctz motrin, and lisinopril. Is it alright to take 1 or 2 tramadol a day? I have very severe arthiritis.

  207. Hi Cathy. Other opioids include hydrocodone or oxycodone…but these can be very habit forming and even addictive. Check into all possible side effects before moving to a stronger pain killer.

  208. I want to thank you so much for your time and efforts in answering my questions about Tramadol 300mg ER. I appreciate it!!! BTW, what is a medication similar to Tramadol ER that would be an option for me to take?? Thanks

  209. be careful when taking this it is dangerous when mixed with other medications,my fiance recently almost overdosed on this If I did not get home when I did it probably would have been the end. I can’t beleived they prescribed this for her shoulder when she is already on an antidepressant and muscle relaxer I’m told it is fatal when your taking this much doses altogether,isn’t it illegal to prescribe tremadol to someone on an antidepressant.?

  210. I have been taking Tramadol ER 300mg prn chronic pain and Fibromyalgia for some time. The strength seems to have lost it’s effectiveness (I still hurt alot). Should I call my Pain Management doctor and let him know? Also, how long after you take the ER does it really start working?
    Thank you

  211. What about Tramadol for bipolar. I bought this OTC in Bangkok for neck pain following a midface and necklift that left me with awful pulling strangling feeling that I still have 3 years later. While it did very little to aleviate my pain I did notice that it helped significantly with my mood. Suffering for years with severe depression that did not respond to anti depressants for my bipolar. I cannot get a Dr. to prescribe it here in Canada, as they deem it addictive and a narcotic. Yet I can get all the Ativan I want which seems ridiculous. What do you know about Tramadol for bipolar and it use? I take 100 mg. but if taken daily the effe ct does not stay the same. Need to miss a day here and there.

  212. I have FM and i am in so much pain the figtues bad I cant sleep and the flare up are crazy my doctor perscibe this i been on them 8 months i strat out one three a day this dont work so now i take two three a day and even tho it doesnt help they lately perscribe voltern to take also i am scared i weigh 105 lbs but my body are in so much pain and even worst whe my menstrual cycle what is too much am i seizure? level or even overdose? i just want to feel normal agin and thats pain free

  213. Hello mamad. Talk with your prescribing doctor about these symptoms. It’s possible that tramadol is not a good match for you to treat headaches.

  214. Hi
    Is rapid heart rate after taking tramadol sign of an allergy? Is it dangerous?
    It takes about 1 hour and then i will be ok.I use tramadol for my migraine sometimes and it is very good for the headache.But i scare from the increasing heart rate after taking until the pill is going to work.
    Thank you

  215. Hello, thanks for the great info but I need to make an important correction to one thing the moderator said. While it is true that tramadol works differently than other opioids, its other qualities are in fact similar to an SSRI medication, not a benzodiazipine. Benzos treat anxiety and convulsions and raise the seizure threshold protecting you against them, while tramadol in fact does the opposite, it lowers the seizure threshold and can cause convulsions and seizures.

  216. I’ve been taking 50mg at night for 3 weeks due to a right knee reduction Internal fixation. For how long can I keep taking it?

  217. Hello CMARTIN. It sounds like you are describing the effects of tolerance – the need for higher doses of a pain med in order to experience initial therapeutic effects. While it may work in the short term to reduce dosage in order to experience effect, you can trigger withdrawal symptoms. I’d suggest that you take the issue to your prescribing doctor and seek medical counsel.

  218. Hi, i have been prescibed tramadol for major back pain, i have been taking this for around a month and have found it to be great help, but now this all of a sudden it has completely stopped working, do i have to stop taking this for a certain time before these will work again?


  219. Hello Diane. Once your body is dependent on tramadol, you necessarily pass through the period of withdrawal when you stop taking it. However, you can minimize the severity of symptoms by slowly tapering down doses of tramadol over time before finally eliminating it from the body.

  220. I’ve been taking 2 50mg tablets of tramadol per day for about 4 months. I take 2 tablets mid day, once per day. I’m finding that about the time I’m to take them I am beginning to feel very tired. Then after I take them, after 30 minutes or so I guess, I start to feel fine again. More alert again. I’m wondering if I am becoming physically dependent upon them. I read some comments on line about withdrawl effects that sound really awful, expecially the severe anxiety that these people talk about. I talked to my Dr and she says tramadol is not addicting expect in rare occasions. How do I stop without having withdrawl sysmptom?

  221. Hi Mary. Ultracet contains tramadol and acetaminophen. The safest option for you would depend on whether you’d like to take the additional acetaminpohen for added analgesic effect, or do well with just generic tramadol. Consult your pharmacist for more information.

  222. Hi Brittany. You’ll need to consult with your prescribing physician before increasing doses of tramadol. It’s possible that your tolerance for tramadol has increased. But never take more tramadol before seeking medical advice.

  223. Hi i have been taking tramadol hcl 50mg. the first time I ever took it I had taken one and then about 30 mins later was still in extreme pain so I took another and I felt like i was dieing. I currently take 1 3-4x a day and now since its been a couple of years it doesn’t seem to be working as much now. My question is could I take 2 of the 50mg at once, but not have that happen again or should i switch to a 100mg

  224. Hi, I have severe pain in my arm and take paracetamol and diclofenac (today or yesterday) … tonight I decided to take tramadol 50mg (1 capsule every 2 hours … it takes total 2 pm), think you can eat about 4 capsules of 50mg per day … it should be emphasized that a year ago or so my doctor prescribed tramadol 100mg … I can take 100mg? or stay with 50mg? and if so what would be the dose.

  225. Hello Sharda. Great questions! I’d suggest that you report these symptoms to your prescribing doctor and pharmacist. Tramadol works differently than other opioids, and has some qualities of benzodiazepines. Perhaps a straight opioid like hydrocodone or oxycodone may work better for you. What worries me are the hallucinations, a possible side effect of tramadol. Ask your doctors and pharmacists for their opinion. You might be able to transfer from tramadol to another opioid medication.

  226. i been takn tramdol for like six mons now for my lower back pain i have experience shortness of breath cant sleep at night and also dry mouth n some times i think im seeing things that not there but this the only pill that works for me what should i do …i have a problem because i have to take this pill a night sum time i take three pills at once is that ok i need answer please

  227. Hi
    I take tramadol 100 once a month for fun.But each time I have a low breathing problem and things like waves coming to my head( it is just 2 hours after taking and each 20 minutes for seconds occured) and also when i take it I’ll be under stress!!!!!
    Is this normal symptom of tramadol or not? Because i scare from the seizure!!!!
    thanks a lot

  228. Hello Tracy. You’ll have to consult with a physician to learn more about the procedural protocols for injecting drugs, and whether or not this mixture is recommended. In general, IV administration of drugs is called for when a patient may throw up and nurse give you the medicine or other fluid as either:

    1. A fast bolus, which means you will get it quickly all at once.
    2. A slow infusion, which means the medicine is given very slowly over a long period of time.

    Check with the supervising doctor and request medical records to show evidence of this procedure to learn more.

  229. I received a kidney transplant in May of 2011. 6 days after I received my new kidney I had a nurse who wanted to give me tylenol and maalox to help with pain and heart burn. This nurse wasn’t sure if I could swallow the meds so she took the Acetaminophen tablets (650 mg) and crushed it, mixed it with water and put it in a 10 ml syringe, then took liquid maalox and also put that in a 10 ml syringe. For some reason she injected the 2 syringes into a central line I had in my next. wondering if you had ever heard of this happening before? needless to say I lost the kidney however not without a fight of course

  230. Hi Danielle. Maybe he’s in withdrawal? For how long was he taking tramadol consecutively? Physical dependence can develop within a few weeks of regular the vomiting may be related to withdrawal symptoms. Hope he’s feeling better soon!

  231. Hi,
    My boyfriend was prescribed the 50mg Ultram. He recently was put on opana instead because he was taking up to 8 Ultram a day. He didn’t feel as if the opana was working so he ended up taking some Ultram he had left because he was in so much pain. He took 18 ultrams within 2 days. The next day he didn’t take anything, but now today he has a throbbing headache and has been puking all day and had to call off work. He thinks it was just a migrane, but I’m wondering if it could have something to do with all the ultram he took within the 2 day period?

  232. Hello Jon. It may be a combination of the head trauma and the medications which make you feel groggy and unfit for work. But work may be possible. Is there any vocation which appeals to you in which decision-making is not a major consideration? Any tasks that are attractive to you?

  233. i need some advice please

    Prescribed 200 mg SR tramadol per day 2 x 100mg
    epilim 100mg
    6-8 co-codamol per day 8/500
    2 x 35 mg of lamotrigine.

    And they say I am fit for work, I feel crap on these meds after a serious head injury a few years ago.

  234. Hi Daniel. Thanks for sharing more about your experiences with tramadol. Withdrawal must have been difficult! If you suspect that you may have damaged your kidneys or liver, by all means, request some blood tests. Diagnostics can really provide you with peace of mind…and all you have to do is provide a blood sample!

  235. I am clean now, but for about one whole year or perhaps a year and a half I was taking 12-22 50mg tramadol instant release tablets and other than a wicked withdrawal period upon cessation. However I havent been to a doc to see if it has caused any liver/kidney damage but I dont feel bad.

  236. I ran out of vicodin. I do have some tramadol. I took the vicodin in the morning. Is it safe to take tramodol in the afternoon?

  237. Hi Melissa. So, in other words, you took a potential double-dose of tramadol at the end of the day? Did you experience any symptoms of overdose? Any slowed breathing or heart rate? Did you try to call a 24 hour pharmacist or your prescribing doctor? Before heading to the ER, check in with a medical professional by phone and see if you need urgent care, or not.

  238. hello. I took two 50mg earlier like around 1pm and then one after 4 hours and then i took another one. I wasn’t sure if I did took the last one but I ended taking another one. I wanted to know if I’ll be okay….

  239. HI Sharon. It’s possible that you may have developed a physical dependence on tramadol, but this is different than addiction. Addiction is characterised by drug cravings after you stop taking tramadol. If you have no psychological symptoms of addiction, your body may have adapted to tramadol and you will go through withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking tramadol (or significantly reduce dosage) … but this is not addiction. What does your prescribing doctor say about daily use?

  240. Taking one 50mg of Tramadol generic a day at bed time is it adctive …Ive been taking it for almost a yr. should I stop..helps the leg and back and knee pain. Should I stop? or is it ok to keep taking it.

  241. Hi Adriannah.

    There is a risk of hepatic and renal damage due to long term use of opioids, especially morphine. And chronic use of some drugs, such as heroin can lead to significant damage to the liver. Why? Because many of the additives in street heroin may include substances that do not readily dissolve and result in clogging the blood vessels that lead to the liver. This can cause infection or even death of small patches of liver cells. Plus, current or former injection drug users who inject drugs are at risk of developing Hepatitis C (HCV).

    If you are worried about liver or kidney damage as the result of taking too much tramadol, you can request an HCV screen, as well as liver and kidney screens from your doctor. You’ll have to report the high dosage, however. Does this help?

  242. 100 mg doesn’t work anymore and I had been taking almost 200 mg 3 times a day. I’ve recently got it back down to 100mg 3 times a day but I’m wondering if I’ve somehow hurt my liver & kidneys from taking more than the maximum for about 6 months.

  243. Hi Diane.

    SR = slow release

    MR = modified release

    It’s possible that the formulas vary in terms of HOW tramadol is released. If you are not feeling well, I’d suggest that you contact your prescribing doctor or pharmacist ASAP and request that you are prescribed the former formula which was working well for you.

  244. Hi, I have been on tramadol for pain relief since having cancer more than 7 years ago. 2 x 50mg 3 tds and 1 x 200mg SR nocte. I have been ok on this prescription until I picked up the 200mg from my chemist this week and they are a completely different shape and the box says 200mg M/R but on the strip of tablets inside the box it says prolonged release. My problem is that having taken one of them last night, I feel poorly today, dizzy and lightheaded. I’m not certain if these are the tablets I have always taken. Can you help please?

  245. Tramadol strengths over 100mg are for people with a tolerance to the medication, which you have developed over the course of a year. While your prescribing doctor will know best about safe doses, if you gradually increased therapeutic doses over time, the 200 mg of tramadol may be the best choice for you.

  246. Hello Nawaf. Tramadol is usually prescribed for the short-term (five days or less) management of acute pain. If you are looking for a medication which can help manage chronic pain, you might consider seeking the counsel of an MD who specializes in pain management.

  247. Dear Dr,

    I have Chronic Pain Syndrome, and almost everyday I took pain killers, I just want to know if Tramadol can be one of the medicine that it can be taken for a long time?

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