How much Vicodin is too much?

It is easy to overdose on Vicodin. But how much Vicodin is too much depends on your tolerance to opioids. This is why Vicodin needs to be taken only as directed by a doctor. More on Vicodin overdose, acetaminophen poisoning, and safe doses here.

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Vicodin is a serious narcotic medication that requires careful use.

Further, Vicodin addictive substance  and people have died from Vicodin.  Why? Vicodin is a medication which combines two separate drugs – hydrocodone and acetaminophen. Although it takes a significant amount of hydrocodone to be fatal (about 90 times the normal dose) acetaminophen must be taken exactly as directed to avoid serious health problems. In this article, we’ll look at the safe amounts of Vicodin doctors usually prescribe, and invite your questions about how much Vicodin is safe at the end.

Vicodin strengths

Vicodin is available as Vicodin, Vicodin HP, or Vicodin ES. Although there are other generic formulations of this drug combination which may have as much as 10 mg of hydrocodone per dose, Vicodin is the brand name version contains less than 10 mg of hydrocodone per tablet. But Vicodin also contains acetaminophen, which can cause liver damage. Strengths and doses of the most common Vicodin combinations follow.

Vicodin – This formulation contains 5 mg of hydrocodone and 500 mg of acetaminophen.

Vicodin HP – Each Vicodin HP tablet contains 10 mg of hydrocodone and 660 mg acetaminophen.

Vicodin ES – Vicodin ES (extra strength) contains 7.5 mg of hydrocodone and 750 mg acetaminophen per tablet.

How much Vicodin is safe?

Acetaminophen can cause liver problems at fairly low doses. You’ll almost certainly overdose on acetaminophen before you experience problems from the hydrocodone contained in Vicodin. In fact, the FDA is currently advising drug manufacturers to limit acetaminophen in these products to no more than 325 mg per dose to avoid overdose (by comparison, Extra Strength Tylenol contains 500 mg acetaminophen). Taking more than 4 grams of acetaminophen in one day can poison you and cause permanent liver damage, even liver failure.

Since Vicodin contains 500 mg acetaminophen, it’s safe to take 2 tablets every six hours, or 1 tablet every four hours. More than that, and you risk an overdose from the acetaminophen contained in the medication. It would take about eighteen tablets for the hydrocodone to kill you – at which point the acetaminophen overdose would have already landed you in the hospital.

How much Vicodin can you take at once?

Only 2 Vicodin tablets should be taken at one time. Higher amounts than 10 mg of hydrocodone can raise the likelihood of adverse side effects or can potentially cause an overdose in an opioid naive person. Never take more than 1000 mg (1 gram) of acetaminophen at one time – higher amounts can cause liver damage which may not be immediately obvious.

How much Vicodin to overdose?

Again, it takes between 1-4 grams of acetaminophen to overdose. This is more than two Vicodin tablets more frequently than every six hours. This is why it’s very important only to take Vicodin medications as directed.

Toxic levels of Vicodin in the system

You can overdose on Vicodin by taking it orally, but taking it in ways other than prescribed can also raise that risk of Vicodin overdose. Snorting Vicodin effects include euphoria, but crushing the Vicodin and either snorting it, or dissolving it in water and injecting it, increases your risk of overdose. Furthermore, using pain medications, such as Vicodin, to get high can result in acetaminophen overdose, especially if more than two pills are taken at a time.

How much Vicodin is fatal?

Lower doses of Vicodin may cause permanent liver damage, but won’t kill you. Accidentally taking a dose at a 3 hour interval instead of 4 hours will probably be fine if it’s a one-time event. Habitually taking higher doses than recommended will gradually cause liver damage, and should be avoided.More than 4 g of acetaminophen in combined Vicodin medications can be fatal as well.

How much Vicodin should I take?

You should take the amount of Vicodin prescribed to you by your doctor. Never take more than recommended by a medical professional, and only take this oral medication as directed.

How much Vicodin questions

Do you still have questions about safe levels of Vicodin? Please leave your questions here. We will be happy to try to answer your Vicodin questions ASAP, and if we are not able to, we will direct you to someone who can.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have a prescription from my Dr. to 3 Vicodin’s a day for back pain. Sometimes I need just one instead. That can’t hurt right? 5/325

  2. I take. 8. 7.5s a day …i hurt so bad i worry i dont like taking this many but i have been on them for 3 years … I take 2 at a time sometimes 3 of im hurting bad but no more …arthritis fibermyalga and bulging discs car wreck years ago and my back is shot …i hope i can stay on 8 a day i do not want to take more …does anyone else take 8 a day ….and do you all do good on 8 ..thanks alot

  3. Rose i am so sorry ..i understand how you feel i would too rather take more pills and live less years ….just wanna enjoy being alive need oxycodone 30 ….

  4. Hi, i have been taking vicodins for 20 years now 8 a day. Can i od for taking it that long? I am prescribed no more then 8 a day, but i have been taking for so many years. Can i over dose? Thanks

  5. I take 3 7.5 / 325 mg of Vicodin a day for chronic pain. I was injured when I was 17 and have upper and lower back injuries. I am 67. I work every day. The pain wears me out and I get confused if I don’t have some type of relief. I have been an Artist all my life and don’t plan to stop. I’ve had my own gallery and studio for the last 20 years. I don’t drink and unfortunately I’ve also had small intestine problems since I was 20 due to an operation when I was 14 leaving scar tissue wrapped around my small bowl. I don’t need to get high, just less pain so I can work.

  6. I take anywhere from 5 – 15 mg of vicodin a day and my Dr. is saying that is too high of a dose since the big out break of addiction problems. I take it for shooting pains from neuropathy. There are days I don’t need it. Is this too high of a dose?

  7. Why do they put acetaminophen in Vicodin in the first place. It is like pulling teeth to get pain meds from the pain clinic I go to already, and when you throw in the acetaminophen issue on top of that it is really hard to get them to give enough meds to take care of pain. I have a situation going on right now where I can’t get epidurals because I am temporarily taking blood thinners, so that means that I have to handle the pain by just the pills.

  8. I took 1 and a half of the 7.5 i got instantly hot vomited and experienced shortness of breath. Is this a normal side effect or could i be allergic to the medication? Ill be sure to consult my doctor but i work offshore im not able to at the moment. Thanks

  9. Hello I’m suffering from major tooth pain and I’ve been desolving a half of hydrocodone apap5Mg so 2.5mg on my teeth I’ve taken 2 and a half pills in 11 hour period plus 5 naproxen in same amount of time. Should I be worried about over dose on acetaminophen?

    1. Hi Becca. If you don’t feel well, call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk.

  10. Hi there, I have been taking norco 10-325 up to 4 a day for 3 years. I started at just one a day. Now I am up to 4. I also take gabapetnin pprn and ambien -10 mg. Each night. My questions are: I don’t really get high from anything -the gababpebtin makes me a little loopy sometimes. And I try to only take the Vicodin when I cant handle the pain. Lately -last month or so- I find that in the morning I wake up feeling like death. Hot cold sweats, freezing cold. Exhausted. No energy T all. And I will take a Vicodin and within 30 min I have stopped shivering and feel so much better. Am I getting addicted?

  11. I take 2 10/300 vicodin tablets every 4 hours needed for Osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease and had 2 back surgeries. Have had severe burning in my back since my first surgery in 2003. This dose just takes the edge off so I can just function. I do not take more than my doctor prescribes. Going to Johns Hopkins to see what else can be done.

  12. Hello there I have a general Vicodin question I’ve been on Vicodin for years for chronic plane 5–3 25 but here of late it doesn’t seem to be controlling my pain I don’t abuse it but could I get a prescription for Vicodin with a higher amount of the narcotic in it or is it possible to get just a prescription with just the narcotic in it I don’t understand why they mix the two together Tylenol has never given me any relief pain relief that is just wondering i always use add Ville or ibuprofen that always been provided me relief just wondering thank you for your time

  13. I take 7 ten mg a day. Have for about 2 years now. Trying to get off the meds. Nothing else helps for the nerve pain. Any suggestions

  14. Hi. I’ll be honest I just take one 7.5 325 when I drink beer, sometimes even just a half, never more than that. Usually on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday when I got out socially. On Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday I do not touch a drink or pill when I’m home. I just don’t get a buzz off beer and I can’t function the next day when I drink hard liquor. Is this harmful?

  15. Isnt vicodin consider as addictive drug that requires treatment?
    I am looking for christian counseling information
    Can I get advise?

  16. Hi. I take little pieces of Narco. Not even 1/4 of the pill about twice a day because im a small person with low tolerance. 5/325 mg. I take them for D.D.Disease. my neck and extreme lower back. Im afraid to take a whole pill because im a panicky person. But im wondering if i do this long term, it will eventually kick my butt. Even if its small doses. Not like im going to take the whole pill at once, but i still worry.
    Ive been doing this for about 4 months now. I could easily stop but it helps ease pain for a while. What scares me is the crisis going on right now. Dont buy them off the street. They could have a opioid named fenteyal in them. Wow
    Lisa the worry wart.
    I am currently on meds for high aniexy

  17. After Reading all these comments, I can’t believe no one mentioned the leaf kratom. This tree grows in Indonesia and has worked for many. Whether it is pain or drug addiction please do yourself a favor and research this. I have Spinastinosis and RA . I was given an open end script for 10/35. I have titanium in my back already and a new hip. Tolerance to hydrocodone was through the roof. I came across one of many videos on YouTube. The major drug company’s have managed to get Kratom banned in some states. Please research this leaf which is in the coffee family. It has many uses and is very versatile. Good luck and Godspeed to you.

  18. Hi,

    I am 46 and I am taking only one Hydrocodon-Acetaminoph 7.5-300 on Thursdays, Fridays and sometimes on Saturdays to help me with my chronic back and shoulder pain ( the other days I am at work and can not take these meds). Although the prescription says I can take 1 pill every 8 hours, I am not doing this since I really don’t care for the drowsiness. I am concern however about the long term health affects which includes liver and breathing problems. I am in perfect health, but again I am concerned specially when I read other articles about addiction and overdosing on this stuff. And finally, I still can’t believe Prince died of an Opiods Overdose which make my concerns even greater.

    To recap my question is: Will taking one Hydrocodon-Acetaminoph 7.5-300 on Thursdays, Fridays and sometimes on Saturdays be lethal enough to cause long term effects? My doctor who has prescribed me this meds and who is is a very good doctor understands my concerns and believes I have nothing to worry about since the prescription is being tightly controlled.. Thank your for your time…

  19. Al, I don’t think any right minded person would deny there is a serious drug abuse problem with opioids, as doctors prescribe them almost willy-nilly to folks who in no way should be taking them (or at least taking them in such large amounts). It’s the same thing with antibiotics, which doctors overprescribe because it’s the easy thing to do. If you read some of the posts here from folks who have serious addictions you might be more sympathetic to that aspect of it.

    The problem is that folks like yourself, who need these medications, face more difficulties because of the abuse of others. This happens in all aspects of life, where honest folks have to deal with more crap (ever fly on a plane anymore?) because of a few folks who are either bad hearted or weak willed. But just like we now have to put up with the TSA and luggage searches to ensure our protection, so do you need to understand the increased difficulties you will have to put up with so that others may be protected.

  20. I currently find most of the banter on this website to be useless. I take 5/325 vicodin five times /day for help with neuropathy in my legs along with Lyrica,150 mg. 2x/day. I have been on this regimen for several years now and I detect no bad side effects. The worst thing that I now experience is the constant yacking between the FDA and a bunch of Chicken Littles who are constantly trying to scare people like me into moving away from Vicodin even though I long ago with the help of my doctor determined this was the best pain relief for me. First they cut the Tylenol content to try and lower liver damage. This was fine with me. I don’t understand why they don’ llower it much more drastically. I suppose if these whackos who have to control other people’s lives are worried they might be out of a phony job. Then the cut the ability of doctors to prescribe without seeing patients every 30 days. This was terribly inconvenient for elderly patients so was with drawn. Then they allowed 30 day prescriptions over the phone. These idiots imagined they were doing some sort of good, even though they caused the problem initially. They also did succeed in taking 90 day prescriptions away from doctors and their needy patients. These actions are justified by imagining fewer deaths will happen to irresponsible morons. There is no proof for this ever offered. What’s worse is the head of all this stupidity is a guy who works for Obama who is a drug addict, an alcoholic , a mental case and a sexual deviate. This is who is telling people like me that we cannot control ourselves. The facts are we can and do. I despair for all the good people like me who suffer at the hands of a nut cake like Obama’s Drug Czar.

  21. upon waking I take 2/ 10 mgs of vicoden 10/325 times 2 then wait 24 hrs n do it again? is this healthy? my friends have noticed I have labored breathing, but I don’t notice it or seem to have breathing problems im overweight take metformin er a statin lisnopril n baby aspirin nitely along with b12 and krill oil my dr has examined me says hes hears nothing, says heart n lungs look ok on xray he says its from being 50 lbs overweight, also I might mention ive been taking vicoden since 1999, I do not drink, and not always taken as prescribed TY KG

  22. I’m a 24 year old addict to the yellow AND white 10mg/325 I started at 20 and I started with 1 every 4 hours then 2 every 4 hours over the years it got worse and worse. Now I can take up to 15 at a time but only once a day. I’m not on here to be judged I’m here to ask for help please I don’t want to be like this anymore please can someone help me find a good website to find help in Texas or suggestions on how I can beat this addiction. I’m tired of being a slave to this drug and to be a let down to my family. Especially now I have a son to live for and a wonderful woman in my life willing to stand by me thru this addiction and loves me regardless of tlmy addiction. I want to be better for them and to be able to provide better for my family they’re my world and I don’t want to lose them or they lose. So if you know of a good website for a doctor or a rehab that I could go to please respond and words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. Thankn

  23. Hi, I have disc degenerative disease for, oh, 10 years or more. I started taking two 5/325mg per day. I have stayed at this level unless I am having severe pain for a flare… when the pain is horrible and I cannot function without the medication. I am now having trouble with my doctors “nurse” as she badgers me and makes me feel horrible when I ask for a prescription. I have had many flares lately and have needed more than the 2 tablets a day. I just had facet injections which I hope will bring the pain back into line. This woman continues to insist I am a “drug addict,” which I am NOT. I would like to move to 2.5 or 3 tablets a day which is hardly a huge increase for a 10 years of use. What should I do at this point? 2-3 tablets a day allow me to manage my pain and life a successful life. Suggestions/thoughts? Many thanks!

  24. Doctor gave me 325 mg of Hydrocodone but it doesn’t do anything at all. Says to take 1 every 6 hours unless pain is no loner present, is it alright to take maybe a pill and a half?

    1. Hi Camron. Have you talked with your doctor about this? Before changing the dosage, I suggest you speak with your doctor first.

  25. I took a larger dose of Norco than usual for a few days due to pain but have returned to a lower amount of my regular dose. I have a UA in 6 days and wondered if I’m going to get in trouble for having taken more and then less than usual.

  26. This is a well written explanation on how to avoid an overdose of hydrocodone and its accompanying acetaminophen . I take it for painful neuropathy. I am 83 and take one Vicodin 5/325 at about six hour intervals. I have been on this regimen for many years and am doing OK with this very useful drug.

  27. maybe wrong taking a lot of aspirin wiil not land you hosp. 20 a day for over 10 years. no family, no frit would take meends, living in car. wish i

  28. I took a hydrocodone at 11:30pm and I forgot I took it and then I took another one at 2:30am. I asked my boyfriend if I had taken my hydrocodone at 11:30 and he told me I did. Will I be fine? I’m suppose to take a 5mg-325mg dose every 6 hours with a 600 mg dose of ibprofine two hours after the dose of hydrocodone. I haven’t taken the ibprofine since 7:30pm tho.

    1. Hi, Lena. I suggest you talk with a doctor or a pharmacist for any change you want to make with your medications.

  29. Hi, so I am 33 years old and now on 10/325 tablets of vicodin. I am allowed to take 8 a day. I have taken more, depending on how many hours I am awake. More hours awake….more pain..I see doctors every month. They have all agreed that this treatment is the best course for my pain. I was thrown out of my car 10 years ago on the freeway and broke a lot of bones and have nerve damage. I cant sit for more than 1hour without a lot of pain (that is with the meds). All the schooling I have done and can’t enjoy a regular job. The problem is the pain meds aren’t working like before….obviously…its been awahile….but I don’t know what I should do. I always get the fish eye when I get my prescription and I am in so much pain with the pills even. What us next? I am going to overdose on sleeping meds before any pain meds. I take 12 unisom a day because I hurt so much. I’m 5 9 and weigh 95. I’m screwed. If they could give me something to help my pain that would kill me in 5 years…I would do it. I rather be happy in the short run then miserable for the long. My doctors test my blood and liver…all is good there, is there anything else that will help? Can pot replace the pills? Currently I do physical therapy 3 hours a day and I am very dedicated to finding a solution.any ideas?

  30. If I take 4 5-325 hydrocodone – acetamin then 4-5 hours later take 3 off those same pills it should be ok? I’m not at either limits of Hydro or acetamin. Am I thinking correct here?

  31. I am 18 years old. I got prescribed Vicodin for abdominal pain. I have 5/325, I weigh about 115. I took one and it’s been about an hour, if I were to take another one would this affect me in a negative way?

    1. Hi Luciano. If this is the recommended dose from a doctor, then you most probably will be fine. Any unusual or unwanted symptoms should be reported to the doctors in case they occur.

  32. My dr. Has had me on hydrocodon 325-5 twice a day for about two years. If I don’t take them like prescribe I feel like I’m having a panic attack. Are these withdraw symtoms or am I just losing it?

  33. How close is Vicodin compared to Dilaudid?? Have run out of my meds and want to take Vicodin for a week. Is this safe?!! Thanks

  34. Good evening, My question does not concearn overdose, I am currently prescribed 10-500 four per day. In the last mo. surgeon said I could try cutting down. I have been taking half every three hours for a week, then four hours down to seven hours over several weeks. I have been dealing with pain fine till today when I did too much.
    My question is, is there enough acumulative vicadin in my system to give me relief or should I try every five hours or so?

    1. Hi Brie. No, you won’t die. But, I suggest you have someone drive you to the hospital and get checked by a doctor.

  35. my question is my pain management doctor has me on Vicodin 7.5/300 for two years I take them as directed every six hours my question is will this damage my liver or kidneys

  36. I have been taking 1 Norco 10/325 mg in the morning and 1 at night everyday for about 8 years now. It helps me a lot for the pain I get in my right leg. It also makes me feel very happy, motivated to do anything and with a lot of energy, I just love the way I feel when I take it. And of course pain free because I have a knee and femur replacement and when it hurts it hurts a lot! Is it dangerous that I have been taking them for so long?

  37. Hello ,

    I took two pills believed their the generic version of Vicodin .
    They’re white with red specs on one side it has a V and the other it has #. 3604. I’m also Brady cardia normal. I took the pills because of severe back pain should I be ok . Or was two pills too much please advise thanks .

  38. I accidentally took two 10/325 MG. Of vicodin pills I thought they were my 5/325 MG. And noticed to grab the wrong pill bottle will I be okay? I also took two 500 MG neproxin and a muscle relaxer for pain they were all percribe to me.

  39. I have neck and arm pain and lymphodema I take 1 vicodin a day (5mg) it helps very well with the pain and sometimes I take it for how “good” I feel if I am down. I take 1 pill a day about 3-4 times a week is this a small amount and I am very careful to not take more. Will this be okay for me til I can get over the pain in my neck and upper arm?

  40. You can take a TON of Vicodin at once and it will be okay, these people who say they are taking 6 5mg/day and say they are “addicted” are a joke. All these specious warnings about liver damage, blah, blah, blah, who do you know in your lifetime that developed liver damage from Vicodin that wasn’t a drinker? The same number of kids who got hurt when you were a kid when NOBODY wore a frigging bicycle helmet. Put on your sunscreen, wear a hat/gloves/ear protection when you mow the lawn. I lose respect for EVERYTHING these crying uninformed morons say as they scream about the dangers of climate change, burning your hamburgers, limit you to 1 drink per day, tell you to call an ambulance if you take double your vicodin accidently. Try it. See what happens.

  41. I’m curious about the dependence angle of Vicodin (hydrocodone is what I take). As an old guy who still is fairly fit and plays a lot of tennis I had my doctor prescribe 5/325 for me to take on those occasions when I have done a bit too much. This doesn’t happen often but fairly regularly — I would estimate about once every other week or sometimes a bit sooner (certainly not more than three a month). On those occasions my back will go out, my knees will be shot, and a pill helps me sleep and recover so I’m okay the next day.

    What I have found is that when I have taken it regularly (like when I dislocated my elbow — yipes, that was HUGELY painful and I took pills for two or three days in a row) it loses effectiveness after a while (so I stop taking it and live with the pain). In fact, that’s what I advise folks who tell me it has stopped working for them — I say their bodies are “used” to it and they need to stop it and let it regain it’s usefulness. Is that dependency? If so (and I do understand it will vary greatly by individual) can you give me an idea on whether three pills a month is likely to develop it?

    I’d hate to lose the value of the drug for those times (like the aforementioned elbow injury) that I *really* need it. I can live with the pain and not take it at all until then. But if it’s okay it would be really useful if I could continue as I am, taking a pill every ten days or so.

    TIA for any help.

  42. So I have 22 norco and 18 days until my refill. I’m supposed to take 1 every 4 hours for pain but my pain has been unbearable so I abviously have taken more the prescribed. I’m really wanting to just taper down with what I have and than try a none narcotic to use for my chronic pain. My question is how do I whean down with only 22 norco and how bad will the withdrawal be?

  43. Hello Jamie. It can cause dependence-meaning in a while your brain and body will get used to the presence of the drug. Addiction is similar but different. A person is addicted if they cannot live or cope with everyday life without the drug, so their life revolves around obtaining and using, even if it means being involved in illegal activities (stealing someone else’s pills, doctor shopping, etc.) So, remember to only take it in the doses and time ranges that were prescribed.

  44. I see a pain specialist for migraine and chronic neck pain. My dr has prescribed 1 norco every 6 hours, so 4 norco in a 24 hour period. I am worried this dose with cause addition. Can you tell me if it will? Thank you!

  45. Just found out my husband has been lying to me and people fro.m work give him at least 5 pills of Vicodin once a week: he admitted to snorting 5 at work same day he picked my son up from daycare. He has phone sic ally been off shaking irritable and two days later starts withdraw. How much is this can it happen after a day?

  46. I take 1 and 1/2 10/325 a day for back pain. Sometimes it makes the pain go away, other times, like now it makes me feel weird, sick and a lil lethargic. Is that normal? I never take more than 1 and half tablets a day.

  47. Hello Linda. If you are planning on chewing and ingesting Vicodin for pain management, maybe the Vicodin will hit you harder and have a faster onset of effects, but the pain relief will be short-lived.

  48. Is it okay to chew Vicodin and swallow it with water? A friend told me that doing that will make it work faster, but is it safe? Thank you!

  49. Hi Tammy. That’s one big dose! Vicodin is usually taken 1-2 pills spaced apart throughout the day. Although, it shouldn’t have any dangerous effects on the person who took it, they should see a medical specalist. I hope there was no alcohol mixed with the Vicodin.

  50. Hi Mike. Once the acute effects of both alcohol and hydrocodone wear off, the risk of complications decreases. But check in with a physician for a full physical or an exam if you notice symptoms you may think are related to overdose.

  51. Got stupid last night and drink half a 750 of 103 bourbon, so being brill I took 1/2 of a 5/325 hydro condone before retiring,awoke at 2:00 am feeling crapy, what now?

  52. Hello Linda. Is the double dose OK’d by your prescribing doctor? Acetaminophen is recommended at 4 grams or less per day. Taking two tablets of Vicodin at the same time is within the safe range of 1 g acetaminophen per 6 hours, but you’ll need medical clearance for the double dosing unless this is the way that it is prescribed.

  53. I take hydrocodone 10/500 usually 1 in the morning and 1 at night, but if the pain is extra bad I sometimes take 2 of them. This might occur two or three times a week. Am I still within the safe zone? Also, I sometimes will take a couple of Advil with it. Is that okay? Thank you.

  54. Hello Becky. Call 1-800-222-1222 to evaluate risk of overdose anytime another mistake happens…this is the national telephone number for the Poison Control Center.

  55. I took 3 of the 5/500 Vicodin as I was eating my supper and forgot that I had taken them…after I finished eating I took 3 more 5/500 Vicodin. Upon realizing my mistake I immediately went to the bathroom and forced myself to vomit (bunch of pizza but I didn’t notice any pills) it’s been an hour and I don’t feel any different… I will seek help if I do, but has anyone else had this happen before and what was the outcome? I am not a junkie, just made a honest mistake


  57. Hi Mildred. Are you taking your Vicodin as prescribed? If so, you probably have little to worry about, unless you start to notice signs such as difficulty breathing or slowed heart rate. As long as your use is medically supervised, and you feel OK on Vicodin, the extra strength dose seems to be working well for you.

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