How to Stop Taking Xanax

Doctors recommend that you stop taking Xanax by tapering Xanax doses by 10% every 3-5 days, or 25% per week. But can you stop taking Xanax cold turkey? Learn how to stop taking Xanax here.

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ARTICLE SUMMARY: The safest way to stop using Xanax is by scheduling a planned taper under medical supervision. This article reviews what you can expect during the withdrawal process and the best way to end physical dependence on benzodiazepines. 


Predictable Effect

Xanax is the brand name for  the prescription medication, alprazolam. It is widely prescribed for treating panic attack and anxiety disorders. It is a type of benzodizaepine drug. Further, Xanax is called a “psychoactive” drug because directly affects the central nervous system by decreasing abnormal excitement in the brain (psychoactive literally means “active in the mind”).

Because it produces calming effects, Xanax can easily become a drug of choice that can lead to dependence or even addiction. Because of this, Xanax is assigned as a Schedule IV drug under the Controlled Substance Act, enforced by the Drug Enforcement Administration. Moreover, a study published in the medical journal, Addictive Behaviors showed that up to 44% of chronic benzodiazepine users become dependent on their medication.

So, unless you’ve JUST started taking it, you won’t be able to just quit Xanax cold turkey. Xanax dependence can develop within 1-2 weeks after regular use and long-term Xanax use can cause:

  • Extreme physical dependence.
  • Tolerance to the medication.
  • Addiction.

In fact, it’s hard to quit Xanax without experiencing debilitating side effects. What is withdrawal from Xanax like?  Learn what to expect and how to stop taking Xanax below. Then, ask your questions about Xanax at the end.

The Definition of Withdrawal

According to this Wiki definition, drug withdrawal is a set of predictable symptoms that occur when you significantly lower or stop doses of a psychoactive drug. But why does withdrawal happen?

Over extended periods of time, your body becomes accustomed to the levels of alprazolam in the system. It has to adapt in order to function, So, the brain, body and central nervous system adapt to the depressant effects of Xanax by increasing excitement in the brain. But once you stop taking Xanax, your body needs time to adjust to functioning without it. This period of time is called, “withdrawal”.

Withdrawal Side Effects

Withdrawal-related effects generally manifest 18 hours to 3 days after your last dose of Xanax. Even if you don’t have an addiction to Xanax, you can experience these symptoms when you stop taking Xanax.

You can develop a physical dependence on Xanax after only taking the drug for a few weeks. Withdrawal effects may be worse if you’ve taken Xanax long-term. The common side effects that occur when you stop taking can include a number of adverse side effects, such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Convulsions
  • Diarrhea
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Increased pulse
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea
  • Panic attacks
  • Restlessness
  • Sweating
  • Tremors

Can I Just Quit?

You can quit taking Xanax (alprazolam) at any time, but there are many reasons why you shouldn’t abruptly stop Xanax, especially if you’ve been taking it for more than a few weeks. Xanax is in the benzodiazepine class of drugs and alprazolam can cause strong withdrawal symptoms such as seizures, twitching, aggressive behavior or blurred vision.

Instead, it’s best to stop taking Xanax and withdraw under medical supervision and to gradually reduce or taper your dose of alprazolam over the course of a few weeks. In other words, while some people can quit Xanax cold turkey, it is difficult and may not be possible for everyone.

Do I Have a Drug Problem?

If you are worried that you may have a substance use problem, then you need to check out your state. First, take a look into the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, also known as DSM-V. This manual combines cognitive, behavioral, and psychological symptoms to diagnose addiction.

There are 11 criteria listed in this manual:

  1.  Using Xanax in huge amounts, and/or for a longer period than instructed.
  2.  Unsuccessful efforts to reduce Xanax dosage.
  3.  Spending more time in using, obtaining, and/or recovering from Xanax effects.
  4.  Experience craving when you stop taking Xanax.
  5.  The constant use of Xanax affects your work, school, or your home responsibilities.
  6.  Continue to use Xanax no matter the consequences.
  7.  Experience withdraw symptoms when the dose is lowered or abruptly stopped.
  8.  Diminished effects with continued use of the same amount of Xanax (tolerance).
  9.  Taking Xanax in physically hazardous situations.
  10.  Drastic reduction of important social, occupational or recreational activities due to Xanax use.
  11.  Continued use despite persistent or recurrent physical or psychological problems caused by Xanax.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you may also check out this NIDA screening tool.

How Do I Stop?

The safest way to stop taking Xanax is to consult a doctor and follow his or her instructions. There are currently no known effective and safe medical treatments to help ease the symptoms of Xanax withdrawal, although clonazepam can be substituted for other benzodiazepines.

Gradually reducing your dose over weeks or months is the best way to stop taking Xanax. A doctor can give you an appropriate dosing schedule so that you can safely taper yourself off of Xanax. If you go to a clinical detox center, you should continue to be evaluated for withdrawal symptoms every as you taper down. Outpatients should be evaluated daily for at least the first week, or as your condition indicates. General tapering guidelines for Xanax include the following recommendations:

  1. The tapering schedule will depend on the presence of co-morbid medical or psychiatric conditions.
  2. If hospitalized, Xanax can be tapered by 10% per day.
  3. Outpatients should not be tapered any more rapidly than by 10% every three to five days, or 25% per week.

Medical Detox

Xanax can be hard to quit, but medical care can make the detox process more easer to cope with. Below is a list of the medical detox steps:

1. Assessment

This step requires completions of paper work as well as assessment. Expect to be asked to take a drug test, and to go though an interview process which include insurance submission or payment information. This procedure helps medical clinicians plan your threatment program.

2. Evaluation

The medical trained staff will examine your psychical and psychological condition. During this step, nurses will get medication prescriptions that will help you manage symptoms of withdrawal.

3. Tapering Schedules

Tapering schedules are uniquely made in accordance with doctor’s orders for each individual. Generally, the doses are not reduced by more than 25% in a one week period. During this step, you may experience withdrawal. So, learn all Xanax withdrawal symptoms by time of their apperance, and be prepared.

4. Transition to Treatment

Medical detox is only one step of dealing with substance use problem. You need to learn how to live without drug, and treatment program is the answer for that. It will help you stay and maintain sober. Walking this step is up to you. This is your choice, and no one can force you enroll into a rehab program.

Tapering Guidelines

The general rule of quitting any benzodiazepin is slowly reducing the daily dose over a period of weeks or months. According to the FDA approved label for Xanax, patients who were using Xanax from 3-4 months were able to taper to zero dose, while patients with higher doses than 4 mg had more difficulties to zero their dose.

However, every tapering protocol should be supervised by a medical clinician. Dr. Heather Ashton wrote the Ashton Manual that provides very useful tapering schedule for Xanax. Some of the instructions include:

  1. Divide the appropriate Xanax dose in 3 daily periods.
  2. Calculate the appropriate diazepam substitute (6 mg alprazolam = 120 mg diazepam)
  3. First, you lower the night dose by 0.5 mg and add 10 mg diazepam.
  4. Then, you lower the night dose by another 0.5 mg and add 20 mg diazepam.
  5. Then, you lower the morning dose by 0.5 and add 10 mg diazepam.
  6. Then, you lower the morning dose by another 0.5 mg and add 20 mg diazepam.
  7. Then, you lower the afternoon dose by 0.5 and add 10 mg diazepam.
  8. Then, you lower the afternoon dose by another 0.5 mg and add 20 mg diazepam.
  9. You follow this protocol until Xanax is completely replaced by diazepam.
  10. Then, you start a tapering protocole for reducing diazepam.
  11. Each interval should last 1-2 week.

You may think that this tapering protocol is complicated, and hard to manage, but remember that there are many successful stories that now live a benzo-free life.


As we already mentioned, slowly lowering the daily dose of Xanax is the safest way to quit this medication. The guidance from any doctor is replacing short-acting benzodiazepin with a long-acting one. According to the World Health Organization , the established protocol for benzo withdrawal stabilization is to put the patient on an appropriate dose of diazepam.

Besides tapering schedule, these are the most common medications used to manage withdrawal:

  1. A short half-life benzodiazepine(s).
  2. Phenytoin or barbiturates to control seizures.
  3. Propranolol to control tremors and heart rhythm, and to prevent migraines.
  4. Medications to manage psychosis (chlorpromazine hydrochloride, pentobarbital, phenobarbital, or haloperidol).

Detox at Home

Detox at home is possible, but dangerous. You may experience hard and severe withdrawal where 24/7 medical assistance is needed. Keep in mind that medical staff can offer emotional as well as psychological support that will help you avoid triggers and prevent relapse.

Moreover, any home detox requires doctor’s permission and a tapering schedule. This is important because detox at home is not for everybody. For instance, people who deal with hard addiction, people with poor health, and/or people with specific medical condition may not be eligible for home detox.

Cold Turkey

Stopping Xanax suddenly can be risky. If left untreated, benzodiazepine withdrawal can trigger a delirium with hallucinations, changes in consciousness, profound agitation, autonomic instability, seizures, and even death. Doctors always recommend Xanax dosage be gradually tapered or substituting a long-acting medication for a short-acting one – this helps you avoid uncomfortable and potentially dangerous withdrawal effects. Stopping alprazolam suddenly can also cause a Xanax relapse if you feel the need to take Xanax to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

If you haven’t taken Xanax for a long time and have only recently started Xanax dosing, it may be possible to quit cold turkey. However, if you have a strong physical dependence on Xanax or have developed tolerance to Xanax you should never try to quit suddenly, as benzodiazepine withdrawals can be fatal in extreme cases. Always speak to a doctor before changing your Xanax dosage or quitting Xanax entirely.

Where to Go for Help

Struggling with substance abuse is a serious problem that may wrack your life. The sooner you address your problem, the better. There is no shame of asking for help. In fact, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health reported that an estimated number of 618,000 people aged 12 or older were diagnosed with a tranquilizer use disorder, including Xanax in the past year. Moreover, the same report claimed that about 2 million people were current misusers of tranquilizers. The numbers break down by age category:

  • 121,000 adolescents aged 12 to 17.
  • 536,000 young adults aged 18 to 25.
  • 1.3 million adults aged 26+.

But, this is not the end…

The CDC report on Emergency Department Visits Involving Non-medical Use of Selected Prescription Drugs 2004-2008 found out that the benzodiazepine with the highest number of ER visits was alprazolam, and it was the most prescribed benzo in the US in 2008. To be more exact, 44 million Xanax prescription were made that year.

Are you still going quiet about your substance use problems? It a high time to start acting, and solve your problems. The main places where you can find addiction services include:

  • Addiction rehabs
  • Licensed psychologists
  • Licensed psychiatrists
  • Medical detox clinics
  • Medical doctors
  • Pharmacists

If you are dealing with an addiction, a rehab program can help you find all underlying causes to your issues. You will need to choose between two types of programs: inpatient or outpatient.

Inpatient programs provide 24/7 medical supervision because patients live in the facility. The most common services are:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Educational classes about addiction and recovery
  • Medication management
  • Regular routine establishment

Outpatient programs offer similar services, but there is no constant medical care because patients come and go for a few hours, several days weekly. Patients continue with their everyday-life responsibilities.


You deserve a second chance in life! So, don’t be afraid to start living a substance-free life. Take your life in your hands.

Before quitting Xanax, make sure to have these three supports:

1. Motivation to change. If you like to start over, you need to want the change for yourself, and only for yourself. Find the motivation that will help you turn your life around.
2. Educational resources. Learn all information on how can you beat addiction safely. Gather medical resources by contacting your prescribing doctor, a pharmacist, or rehab staff. The resourses will help you anytime.
3. Surrounding support. Your family and friends need to be all-in for your willingness to change, and they must be supportive. Otherwise, you recovery will be hard to walk on.

Ask Questions

Still have questions about stopping Xanax? Please leave us your questions, comments, or experiences below. We respond to all questions personally, and will try to have you an answer or reply ASAP.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been taking Xanax for a week 05 mg twice a day. I have read how addictive this and would like to quit now cold turkey. Is this safe

  2. I’ve been using 1mg. for about a year no more no less I don’t abuse them but I’d like to stop taking it what’s the safest why I’ve heard 25% a week but take would take cutting up pills is that the only way?

  3. My dr prescribed .o5 mg Xanax when my husband died of cancer in 2013
    Itake one .05 extended relief every 24 hrs. I would now like to quit. Will I have problem?

  4. I was prescribed 2 mg of alprazolam for anxiety and sleep
    4 years ago. I also take 10mg of Norco 3 times a day every
    6 hours for severe arthritis pain. What is the correct time/dose
    table to taper off alprazolam to zero?

  5. Hello, I started taking xanax 0.5mg twice daily per MD order since May 22,2018 unfortunately I’m having withdrawal symptoms while taking the meds so my primary MD has start tapering me off ( one time a day for three days and every other for three days and discontinued). I’m nervous about severe withdrawal like seizures and death. Should I taper longer or stick with my MD order regarding tapering off meds?

  6. I’ve been on 0.5mg of xanax for about a week now taking 2-3 of them daily as needed for anxiety. Usually use 2 a day and have through about 12 or 13 of them. Today is day 8 on them. Do I have to be concerned about withdrawal

  7. Farooq you need to taper it very slowly. Scratch 1mm from pill with razor. Do it after every 30 days. Itll be hard to come off. In my case i was taking 150mg Lyrica (pregabalin) to reduse wd symptoms, even thou it was a nightmare to taper xanax, talk to ypur doctor and if he consideres to taper everyafter every 4 days dont believe him 🙂 after you get of off xanax you have to taper Lyrica but its much easier, any way no need to hury. Take your time and do it slow. Wish you all the best 🙂

  8. Hi i m from pakistan i am taking xanaxfrom last15 years initially the dose was .25 mg than .5 and now 1 mg at night now the problem began if i dont take i feel no strength like paralysis situation .i want to quit but cannot .now some time in day time i feel that i will fall down then i take zanax it become ok how can i solve this .

  9. My pharmacists said if I take every other day as needs. I would not develop a dependency’s it is the lowest dose. Is this true?

  10. My husband has been on a very high dose of Xanax for over 20 years. For the past several months he and his Dr having been weaning him down and he is now on a very low dose. Since this has started I have noticed a big difference in him snapping over little things and wanting to argue about every little thing. A few days ago he just up and left me while I was at work and now has the attitude of having not too many feelings for me or much of anything anymore. He just wants to live life by himself. Could this possibly be an effect of coming off of the medicine?

  11. I have been taking, anxiety medicine sine I was discharged from the Army(honorably). I am in a dire situation. I need help, I have looked for help, next step emergency room. I have about sixty .5 mg of Xanax. that is my dosage. I am trying to cut it down but my anxiety picks up when I realize, that after 60 pills, it could be over, as I am not young. I see, a VA, doctor, and have asked for help. They refuse, and at my age, I cannot handle a 30 day whatever,intreatment program…I need my wife and a doctor to supervise, my weaning off. 125 miles away. Please help…Will getting or coming off of .5 mg a day of Xanax, prove fatal?…I am seriously trying. The laws, are now changing, and doctors, just cut you off, as if they never did research before they prescribed these meds, to unknowing patients. Yes they got me through my career, but now retired, and supposedly happy, the exact opposite is happening. My Life is now at risk, and have no support…The a crock.most doctors, use it as a springboard, and have not an inch of sympathy for a veteran, after, 6 months, a new sheriff comes to town, and the process, begins all over, and you are, labeled, as a lunatic, if you take any medicine, to calm anxiety.

  12. I am extremely concerned with quitting xanax completely. I have been buying it off of the street on and off for the last 4 years. I have an amazing opportunity to take on an internship that requires a drug test in the next month or so. I was unaware of this opportunity and never began tapering. If i go to my drug test with it in my system I will miss out on this opportunity due to the fact that I am not prescribed it. Would a doctor understand the dangers that come with this and help prescribe me with a tapering regimine so I am not forced to cut it cold turkey but will still be able to get this internship or will a doctor refuse to prescribe an addict more. Although, this opportunity is a dream come true it is not worth the medical reprocutions that may come from trying to cut cold turkey. What should I do?

  13. hi,TOM HERE soon to be 65. n very stuck.after 50 , I dot. lung disease,esofogeal cancer ,a new hip ,2 carpel tunnel surgeries n other nerve related pain issues. I kicked in home cold turkey. oxycodone a few yrs back n even kicked KLONOPIN OR WENT TO A VERY LOW DOSAGE BUT AFTER AUG 2017 HIP REPLACEMENT I GOT HOOKED ON. OXY S AGAIN IN A MONTH BUT WENT ON 4 MG OF SUBOXONE AM DAILY N THEN .25 PM MOST NIGHTS OF ZANAX OR ..37 OR . 5O. BUT MOSTLY .25. .POINT is,im hooked on a low dose n suffer from depression but I want off. both meds but just cant get to first step. SUGGESTIONS. PLEASE

  14. I have been taking Xanax for several yrs. I do get panic attacks. But I also take them to sleep. 2/3 mg. At a time. I have a heart condition, and type2 diabetics. And I want to stop taking the Xanax. I don’t want to talk to my doc. about it. So what do I do ???

  15. My husband has been self tapering for 8 months from alprazolam. Any suggestions on how to make the final cut? He is down to .25 once a day from 4 mg per day. He was first prescribed Klonopin about 8 years ago and after some side effects was given alprazolam which he has been on for about 7 years. The doctor that prescribed it said he would no longer prescribe it 8 months ago and switched him to Wellbutrin. So he has just been tapering his final alprazolam refill and not taking the Wellbutrin because he’s trying to not be dependent on anything anymore. He worried he will have a seizure if he stops the .25 without somehow cutting that dose because he has lots of trouble breathing.

  16. For 6monthd I’ve taken xanax my son passed away I need to get off I signed up to late 4medical please tell me how to taper off I think I have enough should I do 3 4aweek then 2aweek etc please help me I have to be right please help got no$4program

  17. Hi I have been taking 1 mg of Xanax for seven days in a row I have quit drinking and they have help me with the DT they have allowed me to sleep but I am remove the rock park is it OK for me to just stop taking the Xanax I have an only been on them for one week thank you for your time

  18. I have been on Xanax for 20 years. I️ originally got on it for swallowing issues,but since I’ve been on it I’ve developed panic attacks ,generalized anxiety disorder ,ear problems,always struggling to get a full breath,panic when I can’t catch full breath. I moved from FL to NC and they do not want to keep prescribing here nor does any of the Phychiatrists want to listen about the Ashton Method. I am in fear for my life becusee of this. I originally started out on 0.25mg three times daily. Then eventually it got up to 0.5mg 4 times daily. Total 2mg. It never helped me completely. I have had to taper on my own since the Phychiatrists here wanted me on a fast 2 month taper ,but I would die if I did that after being on them for 20 years. I have had 0.5mg remaining from prescriptions and I have 0.25mg, 45 tabs from my last prescription that I have remaining as well . I Have been tapering since May of last year ,i am now down to a tiny shaving of 0.5mg in am and 0.25mg in pm. I have been experiencing intense fear and some withdraws at this dose, I also have been reading nothing but horror stories on here,and am terrified. I have been on a plant based diet the past month or so,juicing some,taking vegan b12 liquid ,and starting some other supplements for an ear problem I have . I am wondering if this is doable without Ashton Method since they will not help me with it here at all. I am so afraid and am trying to taper as Slow as I can to make this transition tolerable. Please help me. ?

  19. I have been taking a large amount of Xanax for 2 months now. Some days I take up to 20mg. I want to get off it, but I live overseas and have no doctor or detox clinic to assist me. If I am regularly taking 16 mg per day, how much would you recommend me cutting each week so I can work my way off? Thank you.

  20. Hello, my gf has been abusing xanax for about two months now, 2mg 10-15 a day… she ran out and went cold turkey for a week.. she started to have seizures on day 7.. we where able to get her a new script… of course she took a total of 20 in the last 2 days.. there 1 mg per pill.. this is her last script and I now have control of it.. she’s taken 8 today… I gotta taper her and fast… if I give her 5 tomorrow, then 4 days of 4 1/2 3 days of 4, 4 days of 3 1/2 etc.. then 4 days of one.. will her body still go into shock or will she be ok?

  21. My husband has been taking xanax bars twice a day for a month if he stops will he have withdrawal symptoms.? He doesn’t have a doctor.

    1. Hi Karey. It is likely that he will experience withdrawal symptoms. To minimize the discomfort of symptoms, it is best for him to taper doses down before completely coming off of Xanax. The general recommendation is to cut 10% off of his current dose every three to five days, but he can go even slower than that if he needs to.

      You can help him treat physical withdrawal symptoms at home. As withdrawal occurs, make sure that he is drinking plenty of liquids and replenishing the electrolytes in his body. You can get him some over-the-counter-medications from your local pharmacy to treat flu-like symptoms and address body discomfort. In addition, drinking teas such as chamomile or rosemary can have a calming effect on the nervous system.

  22. My name is matt lily I live in Canada

    I had seizure disorder that started when I was 21, I’m now 36. I took medicines for over 15 years, I had grand mal seizures I’ve tried many anticonvulsants and had never been able to stop the seizures. Surgery was not an option. My seizures worsened as I aged. Yet, my life has been dramatically impacted by seizure For years, I went from Doctor to many Neurologists to an Epileptologist trying to find a cause and cure for my seizures. I tried every medication and dosage imaginable but nothing seemed to work. I read a testimony about someone on the website, on who her daughter was cured from seizure through herbal medicine. I contacted the doctor, and used his herbal medicine, my seizure became a story. Today, I am totally free from seizures after years of struggle.

  23. I have been on Xanax fo 10yr plus . Alprazolam 0.5 mg tale one -half to 1 as needed . My question is can I do 1/2 tab witch would be 1/4 for the first week then the following week do 1/8 tab then stop? My Doctor also put me on Wellbutrin which I’m not taking. Should I talk to a therapist about this . I would like to stop all anxiety medications. My doctor is ok with this but I need to do the the correct way . The only side effects I’m have id dizziness and lightheaded been taking 1/4 for three days . Thank you Kathi

  24. I’ve been taking one daily ,25 mg Xanax for spiking BP for 3 weeks and want to stop, it is causing to many side effects. How can I stop Not that worried about BP. I’m on a small dose of BP meds.

  25. I been on Xanax 1 mg for almost 11 years ,I take a whole one when I go to bed at night to help me sleep. I am in bed at 10.00 pm and a lot of time I try to sleep without taking one around 1;30 to 2;00 in the morning I break down and take one. I know I can do this by my self I just like to know how long it would take to get my brain where I can just lay down and sleep I talk to my Dr about how I would like to go to bed and lay down and sleep all night so he wants to try me on trazodone 100mg which he said was not addict, but reading up on it I don’t like what I read about the side affict and I have talk to some of my friends about this and they have taken it and said it makes them see thing at night. really want to do this on my own and if there is some kind of vitamin I can take to help. sandy

  26. I have been taking .5mg of xanax for anxiety and sleep problems for a little over month. First two weeks, 2-3 times. Last 3 weeks 1 a day. Last two days didn’t take any. Will I have withdrawal symptoms. This was prescribed and works but I don’t want to get addicted like all the stories I read. Also on paxil 20mg 1x a day for a month, and trazodone 1x a day to sleep.

  27. I have been taking 1. 0.25 at night. I started taking just half of one on Monday night and this is Friday. How long do i need to do this and then what do i do ?

  28. I have been taking 0.25 xannax for ablut 7 weeks one at night only. I started taking a half at night last Monfsy night and this is Friday. How lo g do i neef to take half ay night. Then what fo i do to get co.pletely off of them?

  29. I have been taking 1 milligram or xannax three times a day or as needed. I take one pill in morning and half in afternoon. My doctor currently put me on zoloft and says i should taper xannax to half in morning and half in evening and then eventually just half a pill. Does this sound about right ?? She said i in the future can take as needed but feels the zoloft will help with anxiety issuues. Does the decrease in xanax sound safe? Thank you

  30. I taking xanax 0.25 to 0.5mg for 2 years how can i stop or tapering of.
    I take one pill a day for sleep only
    please advise me
    many tanks

  31. I have been on Xanax for over 20 years and I went through a divorce and I have no insurance and I have only a couple of them left I take them for panic attacks and anxiety and SEZIOURS so scared I need help

  32. Hi, I’ve been on zanax for about 5yrs now and my physcaratrist is trappering me off zanax and he gave me a prescription for Valium but I also still take my zanax with the valuim today was my first day so he wrote down on a paper day 1-5 each day what to take so today was one 0.25mg in the morning than at 2pm take one 0.5mg valuim than at bedtime which was at 10pm one 10mg Valium now it’s 12:39am and I can’t sleep I feel sick I can’t sleep I feel anxious I’m having bad anxiety. Why is this happening when it’s my first day doing this?

  33. I have been taking 0.5mg xanax sustained release for the last 9-10 days. I was prescribed 30 tablets for a month but received no instructions about tapering off or coming back in before fnishing the last pills. I decided to quit cold turkey. I have been off for 3 days now. Is this dangerous? I did not realize that I may have had to taper off…

  34. I have bee taking 1/2 mg of alprazolam for probably about a year to help me sleep. I want to get off of it and start taking Melatonin instead. I tried taking Melatonin for a couple of nights and I slept about the same as when I take alprazolam but, I really felt bad the next mornings. What is my best option to make this transformation?
    Thanks for your assistance.
    Have a great day.

  35. Im otaking xanax for abkut 4 years now. 0.125 in the morning and 0.25 before i go to sleep. It was given to me against panic attacks. Now i decided to taper morning .125mg for 10% and i feel really bad is it normal and i must feel little wd like tremors and i dontknow how to describe my body is like spring very tense. If i fight it it goes away after 1 hour or so. 7 days now and nothing changes doctors say it is a dose on which i must feel nothing at all of i stop taking it but it really hurts. Any help will be appreciated 🙂

  36. i take 1/2 of one 0.25 xanex every night. i want to stop but im scared to death i wont sleep. Im 67 years old. Tired of listening to doctors.

  37. For a year I’ve increased my use of xanax bars from 2mg – 15 MG
    I’m on a taper of 6 2mg Klonipin for the first week the following week I’ll be taken down a mg.
    Is that a usual protocol?

  38. Could those of us who are weaning off xanax take sam-e while weaning and afterward?
    What do you think of Sam-e?

  39. Hi been taking .5mg of alprazolam one daily at night to help sleep for many years. I wanted just quit cold turkey unril I googled it and read some of the withdrawal effects. What do you suggest didn’t take one last night and did not sleep very well at all. Don’t have anxity or panic issues use just to help sleep.

  40. I’ve was on 2mg of Xanax for year and half taking 3 aDay i started last week 2and a half a day for two weeks then 2 A day for 2 weeks then one and a half next two weeks any helpfull comments please e mail me. thanks you all of you

  41. I’ve been taking 2 0.5 Xanax for the past 7 months or so. I went to a new doctor the other day and she prescribed Prozac and Gabapentin. Do I still need to taper off the Xanax or can I just stop taking it and start taking the new meds?

  42. I have been having xanax 0.25 mg… regularly for 6 weeks.. then 2 weeks ago i quit it cold turkey… but the insomnia is back in a big way… i dont have any stress or other matters causing the insomnia. Should i just fight it out? or are there any options? i trued melatonin.. worked for 4 days

  43. I have been taking 25 mg per day of xanax for 2 months. I want to stop,so yesterday I cut in half and half todsy. I am experiencing a jittery feeling and hard time sleeping. Can you give me a schedule to cut down from here?
    Thanks in advance,Sandy

  44. I have been taking Xanax for almost 11 years now. 2mg 4xs a day for PTSD, Anxiety, Severe Panic Attacts, Anger & Social Disorder. I’ve taken more than prescribed to get through tough days especially during certain times of the yr. I want to stop taking them but refuse to go see a Dr. Can you tell me the rate that I show start to ween of them? I was thinking 1st wk: 1-2xs a day 2nd wk- 1/2 -2xs a day. 3rd wk – 1/4 – 2xs a day then by the 4 wk I should be ok. Please help with the doses you would see best for my situation. I have also set up other things to do to get me back on track. When I get angry, I work out, stressed, I go hiking or shot my bow, write a journle w/ feelings @ times that cause an attack or issue that arises. Etc.

  45. My dr has been prescribing Xanax and hydrocodone for at least five or six years 2 mg of Xanax per day and four 10–325 hydrocodone four times a day. He said the law will not permit him to prescribe these drugs anymore. My records only go back that far that I can see it maybe longer I know when they lowered the amount of acetaminophen is when I started On the 10-325, I have been using the highest level before that for many years I have pain extreme chronic pain in my back lower back mainly as well as all over my body. Now I’m a say this is hell. I was functioning perfectly well in my job and my life now it’s over. Thank U -DEA what business is it of theirs?

  46. I have been on xanax since 2009 2 mg four times a day and I have been on 1 mg four times a day for the last 5 years. Along with 10 mg ambien 30mg adderall and effexor this is from my mental health Dr. I have been on hydrocodone 10 mg four times a day somas 350mg four times a day lyrica 200 mg 3 times a day the same time as from my family Dr. I was just taken off cold turkey from the xanax and ambien I don’t have a reason why he said that it was cuz of my pAin meds well I have been on them all the same time and he knows that. I don’t know what to do now

  47. My 16 year old daughter is on Depnil 300mil for depression, she was put on Xanor .05 mil every night for anxiety 25 days ago. After 5 days her depression returned terribly. We have just put 2 and 2 together and realized it was when she started it her depression returned.. Its sunday and I cannot speak to my doctor and am desperate to know how I ween her off this dose starting today. Please help.

  48. I take 0.5 mg. of alprazolam every night for sleep. I do not take it during the day. Could that cause addiction or any other disturbance to stomach, liver, lungs, etc?

  49. Been taking 2 mg one hour before bed time for 25 years. Cutting back 25% tonight. Going 1 week and try another 25%. Can’t get the VA to help me so I’m on my own. How long will I test positive once I’m off of it? Or how long does it show up in a drug screen once I’m off?

  50. Hello!
    I’m Petra from Hungary. My mother suffers from alprazolam addiction. She used to take 0,25 mg alprazom for years, for 3 months she has been taking 0,75 mg daily and she doesn’t feel well. Is this a huge dose? How schould we start the tapering? And how schould we fight against the withdrawal symptoms?

  51. I have been on alprazolam 0.25 for over 5 years. I wanted to get off so my doctor advised every two weeks to skip a day. I am up to every three days now but have headaches and neck discomfort and I exercise my neck but still have stiffness/light pain the day before another dose of 1 tablet is due. Is there anything I can take rather than more medicine to help like something natural? Vitamins or juices or food? I need help so I can get off this medicine.

  52. I have been on 3 nightly .5 mg alprazolam for 9 years. I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and have trouble sleeping due to pain. I am 64 years old and try to stay active but can no longer walk or stand for more than 10 minutes. I decided to gradually wean myself off alprazolam so that I can have more energy.Over 2 and 1/2 weeks, I have gradually reduced my dosage to 1 and 1/3rd .5 mg tablets. I am stuck at this dosage because I wake up every night at 3 am and cant sleep because of the pain.I have actually tried an even lower dose but withdrawal kicks in and I have trouble seeing, sweating uncoordination and heart palpitations. Because of my RA is it okay for me to work my way down to one dose of .5 mg or should I try to wean off entirely? I can clearly see that the medication helps me and I have a lot more energy at this lower dose.But can you tell me why I need to stop taking this medication entirely at my age? I have no memory problems and am very sharp for my age.

  53. I have been on Xanax for over 15 years.. ! mg… when I found I needed more for sleep.. that is when I decided to stop it.. I mean wean off it. I started cutting small amounts from it.. now I am down to .25 mig. and started cutting that.. its been a month and a half now. I am taking it slow. My doctor gave me amitriptaline .25 mg for sleep.. and I am concerned I will get used to that also now. any suggestions. .. Thank you

  54. I’ve been on .25 of Aprazolam 1xday for 6yrs for anxiety but I don’t want to be dependent on this anymore.How do I withdraw from it should I take half only.


  56. I started alprazolam 0.25 mg. in 1991 and gradually increased the dosage to 2 mg. As it was not enough to give good sleep, I was asked to reduce alprazolam to 1 mg. and add 5 mg. of zolpidem.I am taking zolpidem since last 5 years. With this combination I get 5 to 6 hours of sleep. Once I stopped both the drugs abruptly. For 2 days I did not get any sleep and on the third night I started getting stinging sensations, followed by breathlessness.This might be for about 2 hours. I tried to do less inhalation and prolonged exhalation as taught in yoga. I slept for 2 hours and in the morning I was comfortable. Then I had hallucination.and got a stream of good and bad dreams. Then I started taking both the drugs as usual.Now I am starting to reduce the dose of 0.25 mg.This is the third day.I have started GBAPENtine 599mg. twice a day for parasthesia since 3 months.I hope it does not interfere with my withdrawal program. I am 86. I do yoga and few exercises experimenting with other techniques. I would be obliged if you can guide me during this withdrawal. I am non medicos.We do not have detox center in our town or our country. I did not try to find one out one..

  57. I stated taking Zanaz about 3 months because of a trauma and could not sleep. the dosage is 0.5mg. I started taking 1and one half tablets. I now have it down to three-fourths of a tablet. I want to sleep on my own again. I took one-half around seven oclock at night and the other at bed time. I now have decreased it to three fourth of a tablet. What it is doing is keeping my insomnia. I am in a delemna I can’t take it any more. I am sleeping every other night.

  58. I’ve been taking 2 mgs of Xanax daily with anywhere from 10-15 he in between dosages. I have been taking them recently because I have developed throat tighting and use it as a muscle relaxant. I need to get off this poison because I really hate taking it. Please help.

  59. Hi I wanted to know if it was bad to just stop taking xanx . I went to the er the day before yesterday because of a panic attack and they gave me a 0.5 xanx pill there then prescribed me a 15 qty and I took one yesterday at 1:00 pm and this morning I wake up to not being able to sleep feels like my heart is going to stop. So I want to know can I stop taking this medicine and be ok ??

  60. A bit before my fiance shot and killed himself we were both addicted to xzanex. I loved him and still do but he was physically and mentally abusive to me, so I was in the process of leaving him. I left Feb 3rd and the incident happened Feb 4th of this year, I was taking at least 5 2mg a day. After he passed I got myself down to 3 2mg a day and now I have gotten myself to 2 and a half 1 mg. I also go to the methadone clinic, so I wouldn’t loose my take homes I went to the ER on two seperate occasions. They call this a COC “Cordnation of care”, it ran out and thanks to my mother she had a family friend write me 21 1 mg xzanex to save my clinic. He knew the whole situation I also have my mother and a good friend of mine that doesn’t take anything and truly cares about my well being hold on to some that I bought about two weeks ago. I have about 30 left of thoes. The Dr. also wrote me Paxil I read that it would help me with the panic attacks and depression. Ok let me get to the point how should I taper myself down? I was going to let the Paxil get into my system give it a week and then start taking myself down but if I don’t have xzanex I go through withdrawal. I’m already addicted to methadone I don’t need another monkey on my back please any information would be greatly appreciated. I start school in Aug the 22nd to be exact is it possible to be off the xzanex or very close by then?

  61. i am taking xanax 1mg a day i wont to get off these tablets but now i have found out my mum has demistra and she needs me now more than ever so i ant go to a detox at the moment but how can i cut down on my medication please help me

  62. Hi, I was prescribed .75mgs Xanax 8 years ago by an endocrinologist after several other drugs failed to help relieve my chronic insomnia. I dropped to .50 maybe 5years ago and have alternated between that and .25 until recently. I am absolutely committed to NOT taking this stuff for the rest of my life and have taken 1/2 a .25 for the past 6 nights. I’m fatigued and haven’t slept an ideal amount but I’m determined to shed this drug. My question is, how long is enough on the minute dose I’m currently taking? I’m trying to be patient but I don’t want to draw out the weaning process longer than is necessary. Would love some input. Thanks!

  63. Hi, I’ve been using xanax over 20 years. It was always “as needed” and never a problem. I used 2mg per day when I had throat cancer years ago and had to go in radiation machine with my head secured to the table in a mask for 30 days. I came off xanax slowly. This time in April I must have taken it to often and experienced terrible withdrawal symptoms.
    My problem is now its June and I’m all over the place with my dosage because I took it as needed and wasn’t keeping track. From what I’ve read I’m going to fast on reduction and I’m being torchered. Should I take a little more until I find a comfortable “stabilized” starting point? I’ve had some positives in life recently and ready to fight it off but I’m lost.

  64. I’ve been waiting xanax for o we a month some day it world be 5 bars2mg a bar or I would eat 15 bars a day I need off a so how do I taper off this right. I can’t feel likebshit I babe kids they need me

    1. Hi Kori. I suggest you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  65. I take 0.25 mg of alazopram at bed time just for sleep. I don’t have any anxiety disorders or anything it was just prescribed for sleep. I am a 70 year old woman and I sleep great with it but I have become concerned about using it every night and would like to get off it I have tried to just quit but not sleeping forces me to keep taking it. How should I try to stop it?

  66. am on 5-6 mg daily ,xanax, for almost 3 years….really i cant go to a Dr, what the best scheme for GRADUAL QUITTING….??is it o.5 mg every 3 days or 4 days for instance??? thanks alot

  67. I stopped taking Xanax 7days ago , I can’t sleep , and have jurkin problems at night when I’m sleeping, also hot and I don’t know if my blood pressure is high or not , I do have a new percrepsion, but do you think I should take any more? or stay off them after 7 days, is the bad part over with , I was taking 1 mg a day for years ,

  68. Hi I am wondering if u could advise me. I was taking 6ml of xanex since finding out I am pregnant I have switched to 100ml of valium, after getting down to 3mg of xanex but I don’t know what one is more harmful I am going to get off these I just need to know the safest way. I am from UK so no doctors will help even the drug clinic.. I would be great full for any advice.. Many thanks. Miss cl bishop

  69. I have been taking .5 xr xanax at night for 2 weeks. No longer feel the need for it. Exercising works so much better. Cannot cut the Xr . Okay to just stop? My doc. Is away for 2 weeks

    1. Hi Barbara. I suggest that you consult with a doctor or a pharmacist to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  70. Hello I had a reaction to steroid medication and inhaler steroids for bronchitis my doctor knew I was allergic to medication in the prednisone so he tell me the 4 mg of M a THYLPED which is in the prednisone family for milligrams I’d be fine turns out I won’t be up in hospital with high blood pressure and panic attack I am on an ex 0.5 mg if I want to go to a lower gradually because I only take this when I have an attack coming on I do not take this all the time Candice you stop suddenly or do I have to go down lower dose to see if my panic attacks stop i’m not sure if me having menopause as it is may have affected my menopause homo and reacted to this medication in attacks can you explain anything to me about this I am new at this and you not like taking medications I am also on high blood pressure medication The spelling is an ETOP0LOL space E are 25 mg in the morning can anybody give me any information on what I’ve just explain to you I also just have gotten off Amoxcillin 875/K cav 125. For a sinus infection that they weren’t even aware I had also can anybody help me in this matter

  71. Been talking benzos,Xanax for past 20 yrs.I get a RX from my psych, also buy other people’s scripts. Taking approx 8 1mg per day. I have panic issues, but I know I m in over my head. Is it even possible for me to get off these pills?

  72. I have been on it for 3 months to sleep I went cold turkey on it 0.25 feel like shit it’s been 6 days how long will this ladt

  73. Hi everyone! So I’ve been having difficulty breathing and arrythmia these last days (also had a panic attack once) so the doctor said i should take xanax for 10 days in the morning and at night ( 0,25 mg). I’m 22 and this is my first time taking xanax. Should 10 days be okay and will i be able to stop without side effects?

  74. I have been taking alprazoam 1mg for over 5 years now & I was taking them for my nerves but I have never been bad on them until 2 years ago when my mother passed away then that’s when it all started. I don’t want to live my life on this or any kind of drugs but it seemed like when I think of my mother I just pop a pill & it would be ok BUT I know my mother or even myself want to live like this. I have 4 beautiful kids and 2 grand babies that need me and I know if I keep going the way I am going I Am GOING TO DIE!! It’s has got so bad that I take my 60 that my doctor gives me plus more. I have tired to stop I would take a hole pill in the morning & a half 4 hours later than again 4 hours later than a hole one before I went to bed then I started getting so sick after the 2nd day. Please tell me what should I do?? I have really bad panic attacks and bad nerves. I want to get off of this drug so bad. Thanks any information will help.

  75. I having been taking 0.5 mg once a day for several years. I would like to get off of it safely. What would my dosage be ?

  76. I have been taking Xanax for several years now.
    I have headaches, can’t sleep . I do have Panic attacks. I want to stop taking it. But get no sleep at all if I don’t take it
    I take 2.5 mg.. which is really 3mg.
    I have had 2 open heart surgeries I also have a Pace-Maker in 9 stints 4 By-pass with the 2 Open Hearts Surgeries. How do I tapper this done and then to stop.?

    1. Hi Linda. I suggest you speak with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

    1. Hi Manjunath. I’d advise you to speak with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  77. I went to detox off 6 mg daily of Xanax after 10+years for anxiety. It’s been almost a month of complete body weakness, rash, taking several more meds. I want to go back to Xanax as I’m feeling horrible. Brain fog and intense ringing in the ear are awful. Suggestion?

  78. I have been taking xanax 2mg for serveral years and want to know a way to taper down i really want to stop taking them. I tried cold turkey but i couldnt sleep and have went through hallucanations. I really need help i have a job and a family and dont want to ruin it.

    1. Hi Murad. I suggest you speak with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  79. I just stopped taking alprazolam 9 days ago after being on and off of it for the last 10 years. The first two days I had a mild seizure and the scariest nightmare I have ever had. Now I am anxious, panicky , and have problems with sight. It seems like I m in a tunnel. How soon before I feel “normal”?I m so scared that this is a permanent situation, in which, I wish I would never have gone off of this drug. Please help!

  80. How do you go off them when you don’t even know how muck you have been taking. I’ve taking them sporadically.I know I have taken the adequate four 20+yrs… of now I’m trying to tapper off them! I don’t know where too start.I’m on a 2mg and I know I was taking at least one at night have now been taking 1mg, but wake up with my chest on fire so I’ll take a another half! Just try too tapper slowly but I don’t think it’s working to good for me#

  81. I’ve been taking one milligram a night to settle my stomach so I can eat and sleep . I have problems with having anxiety around groups of people. I clam up and can’t talk but when I take my pill I’m able to be what I think is normal . I’m 50 yrs old and been taking one pill a night for ten yrs maybe 13 yrs. I want to get off them .

  82. I am going to a new doctor who is anti-Xanax as he feels it causes dementia. I am 63 yrs. and been taking 4-5 mg each day for 10 yrs. He wants me to take 1 mg, 1 Zoloft 100mg, 3 (1mg) daily, 1 (15 mg) paroxetime daily, need reply

  83. If you have taken Xanax for about 20 years and stop taking it well and cause you to hallucinate and thank people are out to kill you be agitated pretty much drive you crazy my brother was in the hospital and they stop giving him Xanax and went then a bout seven days he got violent and pretty much can’t even carry on a conversation and thanks people is killing him they put him in a psychiatric ward please give me some kind of answer and help me out

  84. I’ve been taking zanax for 8 years been cutting back use to take.025 3 times a day, then .025 two times a day now got it down .025 cut in half twice a day when is it safe to stop, don’t sleep as well but it’s only been a week since the last dose. When can I safely stop?

  85. I am suffering depression and anxiety for last 20 years.I am taking alprax .5 I want leave the medicine.please help me

    1. Hi, Moinuddin. I suggest you speak with a doctor or a pharmacist to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Also, you may check out the Ashton Manual:
      It is a manual that can help you with dealing benzodiazepine dependence and withdrawal.

  86. I took .05 Xanax a day for inner ear infection for 5 weeks
    To stop vertigo then tapered to less than
    .025 at night. I didn’t take it last night and woke up jittery and sick to my stomach and so much dred is it possible I am dependent ?

    1. Hi Lori. It seems to me that you’re experiencing mild withdrawal symptoms due to the missed dose. If you have any issues I suggest you consult with a pharmacist to give you some over-the-counter medications to easy withdrawal.

  87. I don’t have insurance right now so just need a solid recommendation for tapering off Xanax. I’ve been taking at the very most 1.5mg nightly (but usually 0.5-1 mg) for about 6 months now. I really want to learn about different withdraw schedules for my situation. I don’t take it throughout the day unless I have an emergency, but do take it nightly. Can you please suggest possible tapering schedules for my case? I understand the best thing is to seek the advice of a physician, but just need some help right now while I’m in between jobs. Thanks.

    1. Hi, Jane. Why don’t you ask a pharmacist to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule? Moreover, s/he may suggest some over-the-counter medications, home remedies and teas to ease withdrawal.

  88. I have been taking Cana’s for around 20 years. My doctor left and put me with another doctor. I saw her and she did not say anything to me about going off them. When I call for refill she had cut me down without talking to me about it. I called to ask about it and was told if I give her any flax about it she would put me in the phyc wars. I have had a heart attack and have a heart defect. I also have panic attacks now I’m afraid I’ll start having them again and have another heart attach. I feel that she should have talked to me. She didn’t and she don’t have any idea what my problems are. If I can’t trust her I can’t go back to her. I need help


  90. I have been taking Xanax1mg per night as a sleep aid for 5 years bwhat would be a slow but accutate way to stop? I am 71 and and am sleepy all day and very low energey level.
    Thank you

  91. Benzo jaws still always going stiff the fluid unbearable mostly around the cheek bones bit loose on the muscles is this near the end. Also my weight gain hasn’t come off yet

  92. My son passed away suddenly in October my dr gave me Xanax .05 mg. I have been tapering down for a month now and am on 1/2 pill each nite I have not had any withdrawal symptoms yet I will start 1/2 every other night starting Monday just afraid I won’t sleep my job is very demanding

    1. Hi, Dottie. I’m really sorry for your loss… You’re a brave woman! It seams to me that you are doing great with your tapering schedule. Keep it like that, and everything will be fine.

  93. How do stop taking xanax im a long time user and i want to do it at home whats safe dosage is safe for me ive been taking four a day for four years

    1. Hi, Ben. Gradually lowering the dosage is a safer way to quit it. So, I suggest you speak with a doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  94. My mother in law asked me to find some info on discontinuing use of xanax. She is 74years old and has been on 1mg 2x per day for roughly 40years. Would it even be beneficial for her to stop this medication? Her daughter is trying to make her discontinue using it and she is extremely stressed over this situation. Would really love to hear some advice. She’s scared to stop taking her medication in fear her,blood pressure will increase for this. She is also on a blood pressure medication and Paxil. Didn’t know if this info would further help in answering my question.

    1. Hi, Daniela. I suggest you speak with a doctor or a pharmacist to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  95. I started taking Xanax 23 years ago when my agoraphobia and panic escalated to total isolation within my own home. I couldn’t even speak on the telephone. I was extremely resistant to the drug but more resistant to being a prisoner in my house.With the help of Xanax and CBT, which I practiced for 10 years, I broke completely free and flew 150,000 miles around the globe. Life. Has. Been. Good. Until I moved to an hysterical state dominated by corporate medicine four years ago. I’ve been treated like a criminal and debased at every turn. I’ve been on 6 mg. a day for the past 15 years. My physician here has been fine with that dosage until October of 2015 when he suddenly told me to taper down to 3 mg. per day and then it would be safe to quite cold turkey. I think that’s nuts, but I’ve tried without any clue as to how much to taper per day/week/month. I do have an appt. with a psychiatrist, but the first available is April. I know I should seek out another doctor, but this entire state is under corporate medicine with the same guidelines, which amount to nothing, just do it. I can’t afford seeking out-of-program help. How am I going to make it to April? I’ve started using OTC (I won’t name them here) and find they do help quite a bit, but they also carry warnings about liver damage and interaction with prescription drugs. I feel as if I’m playing a game of Russian roulette with my insurance company’s finger on the trigger. Can you direct me to any solid studies/research I can take to the physician and insurance company. I’m done, but I don’t want to die waiting for April. I need help getting through to what little bit of help I do have available to me. Thank you.

  96. I was prescribed xanax, .5mg 3 times a day as needed back in July 2015.
    I am currently taking .5mg at bedtime, wake up 4 hours later for severe insomnia.
    How do I taper of and not have withdrawals?
    Also, when I wake up hours later I take another 5mg. Will I have withdrawals from stopping this dosage?
    Please help me.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi, Susan. I suggest you speak with your doctor or a pharmacist to help you create an individualized tapering schedule.

  97. My son is on 1mg of xanax 2x a day…just saw a dr. who prescribed his taper down to be done in 9 days…threw him into panic as he was on a lesser drug for physical ailment during college and tried to taper down himself . Trying to taper down quickly caused him to become suicidal. Another dr. (I took him to while home from college) said to taper down 1/8 pill day for x number of days and continue that way until down to 0. I’m seriously scared that 9 days for the xanax is not medically responsible – she said she is following the drug guidelines. How is that possible reading everything I’ve found says to taper down over weeks or months. Is she right? Please help!

  98. I have taken alprasalom since 1982. Off and on low dose. Am now 59 years old. Taking 3 .5 daily. I am afraid of withdrawal. Will I be able to take them until I die?

  99. I am on .05 mg every day and I dropped down to one every other day. How can I continue to wean myself off of it. I suffer from anxiety every single day. I did not know this drug was addictive.

    1. Hi, Lisa. We had technical problems, and now, you can leave your comment. Also, keep in mind that first we moderate the comments, then we publish them. Thanks for your consideration!

  100. Hi, I have been on 2mg of xanax per day for almost two years and just recently I was ordered by a judge to stop taking my prescription medication although I have severe anxiety and depression due to PTSD. I have to be clean of the drug completely within a month but I am 5 months pregnant which makes going cold turkey even more risky. I’m completely terrified, but I absolutely HAVE to come off of them or else, so to speak. Any advice?

  101. I have been taking 0.25 mg-1 dose daily for the past 1.5 months.I suddenly want to leave the medicine.Should I leave it in one go or should I reduce the dosage.Please recommend!
    As it has been 48hours since I have eaten the last dose and I am feeling low and tired.Please recommend.

    1. Hi, Radhu. I’d suggest you speak with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Good luck!

  102. I have been on Xanax for approx 8 years for anxiety disorder. I am also on 50mg of Zoloft a day. My issue is that I only need to take 1mg Xanax per day, and take it just before I go to bed because I don’t feel the need for it and take it because of the fact my body is obviously addicted to it. I really want to get off it completely but don’t know how to reduce safely without severe side effects. I live on my own so don’t have anyone to keep an eye on me if I have a seizure, which I am very worried about having. How would you suggest I reduce my dosage.

    1. Hi, Kerry. I hear you! If you don’t feel the need to use Xanax, then maybe it’s time to get off. I’d suggest you talk with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule only for you. Good luck!

  103. I have been using up to 10mg a day for about 8 days Emma I already addicted or how long do I have before it becomes a problem or an addiction ?

  104. I am 44 and have been on xanx since I was 21 for severe anxiety disorder. I am now on the highest dose possible which is 2 MG 4 times a day and I still have withdrawal and panic and take more than I should. I always run out and then I go crazy and literally fear for my life. My heart rate goes up to 170…I can’t get it down until I take xanax…my doctor says I will have to take it for the rest of my life. Do I really have to depend on a little pill to keep me alive? It’s so scary.

  105. My wife has been taking xanax for a long period of time and has been without them for a while now, when she lays down and go to sleep her body twictes real bad and she doesn’t feel it. Is this normal,or should I take her to the emergency room?

    1. Hi Reeshaan. Yes, I’d suggest you take her to the doctor’s to get examined. To me it sounds like she’s having seizures, which are common occurrences after a person stops taking Xanax or other benzodiazepine medication, AND they can be controlled and treated.

  106. I have been on Xanax well over 20 years. I am a cancer surivior. I was on 3 4mg a day now on 3 1 mg a day and my new doctor is wanting to wean me off of them. She has uped my prozac. I do not function well without my xanax. I have a 20 year old son and a 14 year old son and work 40 hours a week plus have my own business I feel really stressed that she is doing this it took forever for me to find a doctor once my doctor retired and the doctor I was seeing they closed that office down so now I go in a room and talk to a doctor via the computer I do not care for that at all. They have no clue what is going on in my life and all the stress I am under If I could have stayed off of them I would have.

  107. Hi,,,I have been taking Zanax daily since the death of my daughter in 1994,,for 21 years,,,and would like to end my reliance on this medication,,,please advise,,,thank you,,N.K.

  108. I have been using Xanax at the rate of only five a week and now want to get off. what would be an appropriate schedule? I have had Xanax for a couple years at this rate.

    1. Hello Marian. Since your doctor knows your medical history, s/he is the best person to make you a tapering schedule. So, my suggestion is to consult you doctor.

  109. I would like to try to give some encouragement. I took .25 mg Xanax for one month for sleep, however after a mont,h I bagan feeling a pressure around my forehead and so I sropped taking them. My main symptom was insomnia, and I could only sleep every other night. At about the sixth month I found I was getting a few nights of some sleep in between the sleepless nights. I am finally sleeping quite well every night with just a half of benedryl and a little magnesium before bed.
    During my ordeal, I used alka seltzer-cold for central nervous systems problems, helped me a lot!! The dr said not to use valerium as it works on the same receptors. He said benedryl is fine. It seems that ” time” heals the sleep receptors and yes, finally I am sleeping.

  110. Finally, nne months after taking my last dose of Xanax .25 low dose, l am feeling much better and sleeping almost every night. My concern now is whether it is alright to get my annual flue shot. I have heard that getting the flu can cause problems, causing the central nervous system problems to reactivate, etc. Setting the healing back. But l worry that the flu shot could cause problems. Is there an agreed upon answer to this question of getting ( or not getting) the flu shot?

  111. I have been on xanax 1mg for over 20 years… I know i should not take more than is prescribed but I take anywhere from 3 to 7 pills a day..I want to get off these but have always had insomnia…I have been off for 24 hours now and have been told i should taper off by a friend….I hate to take one since i decided to quit cold turkey but I have heart issues and my pulse is racing and even though I have not slept but a few minutes in 24 hours and then I had horrific dreams,,,I am hyper and not sleepy…I am aching but I have other issues of arthritis too….so HELP should I start the tapering process or just stay cold turkey..I also work and I am 61 years old and it is hard to go without sleep and still deal with the public

  112. Hi I have been taking xanax for 5 months now for anxiety my first dose was 2 per night for 2 weeks and then 1 per night for the next two weeks but I recently found out that it is an addictive drug so I cut my dose to half each night how do I stop altogether or is it too late to stop I get headache’s, dizziness, weakness, nervous, chills and no sleep since I cut my dose to half each night please tell me what to do

  113. I’ve been taking a 1mg xanex every night for the last 3/4 weeks. I tried to substitute it with melatonin, which only let me sleep for 3 hours, I’ve been told to try taking a benadryl instead and that might let me sleep through the night. Articles aren’t being specific about the actual amount of time they consider a long time or short time of taking the medication. I know better than to take both at the same time, benadryl and xanex.. but if I take only half a pill for the next 5 days, do you think I’ll go through withdraws? I just want a decent nights without a seizure. .

  114. I’ve been sober from Xanax for over a year now… Can long term effects cause intense anxiety? I’ve been experiencing intense anxiety everyday since November 2014 and I think it has to do with the abuse and suppressing those emotions that it made my anxiety worse, now being sober.

  115. I’m under Doctors care and I’m trying to take a half of pill 0.05 once a day. I can do it for about 4 or 5 days and than I get nausea and take the other half. I’ve been taking xanax for almost 2 years.

  116. I have been on 0/5mg of zanax for over 20 years I want to know how to stop safely with out too much discomfort. My doctor has started me on paroxetine snz bl 20mg. I take half at night.

  117. I habw neen taking about 7. 2ng xanax wvery day for the past 5months. But i started with 1 a day even though i was prwscribed 2 a day now im soing rhus much n it doesnt wven help me sleep i have ro take it with simw sobuxone n abeer to sleep hiw can i lower down without comsulting my doc necause i dnt want ro tell my doc but wanna lower down by myself

  118. Been on xanax for 10 years 1/2 .1mg at night. Gaining a lot of weight but if I don’t take med I don’t eat thru the night sugar
    Getting off all scripts. Already stoped Lipitor, Tricor. How do I stop xanax safely?

  119. I took 3 mgs over approx 5 weeks (couple days 3.5 and 2 days 4 mgs ). Took as needed prior to that…30 tabs of ,5 lasted 3 months and 60 lasted 6 mos. Short term high dosage was for high BP due to Lyme, etc.and paradoxical reactions. In the last week I dropped the dosage in half and less due 2 successful treatment for lyme and BP lowering. Should I go back up to the 3 mgs a day dosage and wean down from there slowly? Don’t want bad withdrawal symtons…Thx so much!! .

  120. I’ve been takin 4mg of xanax for about 4 months and I’m wanting to stop. Its been making me depressed and I just want off it but I’m scared of the withdrawal. What’s the best way to wein down.. I’m trying to be off completely with an 2 weeks but with my job I can’t afford the withdrawal systems. Is 4 months that long of a time. Will the withdrawal be really bad? I don’t know what to do or how to do it..?

  121. Hi, I’ve been suffering protracted withdrawal for over a year due to fast tapering from xanax and I need some relief. Reaching out for help.

  122. I am prone to having seizures when I abruptly stop taking Xanax. Back in October I had a two week period off me where I was having serious anxiety issues and had to take it to manage. Ever since then I’ve been too scared to stop taking it. I’ve been taking .5 mg every 3rd day sinc October. I find that I always had seizures the 3rd night after not taking one before so that’s why I take them like that. Am I being over paranoid?? I’m pretty sure the reason I was having the seizures before was because I was taking high doses and then would just stop. Do you think I’m taking a low enough amount to just be able to stop or is there still a risk of having a seizure?

  123. I’ve been taking xanax for 5 years 6 milligrams a day and have been seeing a new doctor he told me since it was short acting that it should only take me 3 days to get over a cold turkey I heard it takes longer and you to go through withdrawals that you should taper down what do you think

  124. Hello. I have been taking xanax since is now September. Dose is 0.5. MG. My dr is no longer here and I live overseas. How can I stop?

  125. Respected Helpers
    My name is Farhan and I want to ask a Question I have been taking Alprozolam since two months can I stop taking Suddenly?

    1. Hello Ferhan. Xanax is a short-acting benzodiazepine medication, which means you cannot slowly reduce doses and keep stable levels of the medication in your blood, which causes adverse withdrawal symptoms. Check out the Ashton’s manual online and follow the guidelines. Also, switching to a long-acting medication first and then tapering down will cause much less discomfort and withdrawal effects. If you experience any adverse symptoms you should inform your doctor immediately.

  126. Hello. I am tapering myself off currently. I have been on 1 mg to 1.5mg per day for the past year. Went to multiple doctors to learn how to stop taking these crap pills, and the docs just want to prescribe me antidepressants! I have never been depressed till I started Xanax. Anyways, over 1 month, I have tapered off .25mg. It hasn’t been easy! However, I am doing it, and this is how I cope!! I drink lots of Caffeine Free Green Tea Every day! This gets rid of the depression as you are tapering! It is a natural mood booster, and I find it so Helpful! I drink about 8 cups per day. Exercise! Even if its for 30 minutes. It will help relieve the anxiety. Take hot baths at night. I allow myself one glass of red wine at night- No hard Alcohol anymore! Listen to your body. Try to not take a pill for as long as possible. I wait till nighttime and take it as close to bedtime as possible, to help with sleep, or chop a pill up and take small pieces leading up to bedtime. I also take a Zolpidem- 5 mg at night with my small dose of alprazolam. This pill is also addicting, but if you are desperate for sleep, only get the smallest dosage 5 mg. I think we all need to band together and Demand the Federal Government to ban this drug, or at least make it extremely difficult to get- the Docs are handing these out like candy where I live and AZ, and its ruining lives, my life!!! But stay strong people! And I hope I can Help!

  127. what side effects if you are a15 years old boy buying it off the street taking 6 to 10 pills a day? is there a doctor who can help him even though it was not perscriped? Please help thank you so much!

  128. Hi there.I’m using alprazolam0.5 now for six months maby longer.I used to be on 0.25.I was suppose on both dosages to use that pills 3 times a day but I’m only using it once a day sametimes 2 times depent on how bad my day gets.but I neva from the begining took 3 a day.I was wondering I weend myself down from 1 0.5 a day to a qauter in the morning and a qauter at nite now for a week and stil feeling ok I get this weard moments my eyes blur sometimes I can get extremly mad at times like it feels I will do something bad I get depresed I feel sleepy no energy all the time .how long must I use it like this before I can start on straight to a half of 0.25 a day?I’m using all together this pills now for I think a year or life feels worse on this pills then it was before using it ok smetimes I fell in on top of the world but to be honest I’m more down then thouthgts is begining to get my worst I said I use this 0.5 qauter at nite and day for a week long can I use it lilke this before I’m ready to cut down from them back onto 0.25 a day plz help it feels like I’m loosing my mind my body my soul I can’t go on like this for the rest of my life I need help urgently.oh yes and I’m very very very emosional at times is this all normal from this pills?

  129. I took .25 pills for 3x day for a month. Starred tapering with in a week and after two months still having tingling, lack of sleep. How should I proceed to get better? I’m taking 500 broken into 250 milligrams of magnisim every day. I have also had very good days here and there lately. Could I be getting closer to recovery?

  130. I have Emphysema and COPD and after quitting smoking I was having panic attacks about not being able to breathe. My doctor prescribed the lowest dose of Xanax and that helped a lot then as I got used to my disease the panic attacks slowed down so I only took as needed. Now I feel I am dependent because I cannot tolerate the withdrawal. My point is I want to thank this blog for helping me to know how to quit. My first step will be to admit to my doctor that I am addicted and stop prescribing this dangerous drug and together we can get passed this. BTW I smoked for over 50 years and quit that so I know I can do this.

  131. Taking xanax for over 18 years..taken off in the hospital they diagnosis me with wks.
    I am 55 years old and in a nursing home need help

  132. I’ve been taking xanax for 5 years anywhere from 3 to 10 4 times a week 1mg tablets what is a safe dosage to wing myself off and how long

  133. I have been taking xanax and klonopin for the last 11 days for social anxiety, i have not been prescribed it but it’s the only thing that helps. I don’t drink alcohol anymore because I have horrible cognitive reactions to even the smallest amounts (my theory is that is it a kindling affect/PAWS) as nothing found in MRI’s or any neurologist has been able to help. I started taking the Xanax/Klonopin because I was just prescribed Effexor to for anxiety/depression and read that it was ok to use while waiting for the Effexor to take affect. I have been taking approximately .5mg – 1mg per day. I am scared of becoming addicted so I would like to quit cold turkey but don’t want to deal with withdrawal. If I have a bad reaction to Alcohol, will the benzo’s have a similar withdrawal effect? Do I need to taper off if only been taking for such short time? Will the Effexor help once it builds up to therapeutic levels in my bloodstream? Thanks in advance si much!

  134. I began taking alprazolam about 4 years ago for stress and worry over business/financial issues. In the last 2 weeks, I decided that I wanted to try and quit. My daily dosage over the last 4 years was moderate–between .75mg to1.0 mg, taken mostly at bedtime. Having read all the warnings, I was determined not to increase my dosage even though over time the effectiveness of the drug definitely waned.
    What I have experienced is that the first taper to .5 mg /per day was fairly easy, but when I tried to stop completely, my stress level jumped and insomnia set in. So now I’ve decided to move more slowly. Maybe 2 weeks at .5mg is just not enough time after nearly daily use for 4 years. The problems I face have not really changed so I have tried to develop better coping skills.
    I am surprised that it is so difficult to quit completely. I am to see my GP next week and I will discuss the situation with him.
    Part of the reason I decided to taper now was my doctor would not renew my script since he had not seen me in 3 years. .He just kept renewing the orders. I was scared of running out. So we will see. I am 65 years old and have not taken a tranquilizer daily in my entire life. I am a worrier and nervous, but I always managed to cope without it. I would like to do that again. Moderate drinking seems better and less dangerous.

  135. Hi.I’ve been taking 1,5 mg. Of alprazolam daily, since 2 yrs ago. I really want to quit it because i wanna have a baby. I know i have to reduce dosage through a slow tapering plan. Can you help me?my doctor told me there isnt big deal taking benzos during pregnancy but im worried about it That’s why i want to stop taking this drug…thanx u so much !!! 🙂

  136. can you substitute citalopram for Xanax, Will a doctor stop Xanax and give you citalopram.. My girlfriend was taking more then 3 milligrams a day for over 12 years I believe she is lying
    Thanks Anthony

  137. I am 27 year old female I am about 140lbs have been taking xanax 2mg 3 times a day for the worst panic attacks, every phobia possible, night terrors, anxious 24/7. So embarrassed for everything and anything. My face turns bring red when I’m nervous I sweat hot flashes big crowds terrify me. I wasn’t always on 2mg. I tried EVERYTHING and when I mean everything I mean EVERYTHING s8nce I was 14 years old. I Have an amazing once in a lifetime job for my age and I am having to go to tent city jail and they want me taper off And detox from the medication. I am not to have any mind altering drugs in my system to qualify for the work release program. How long is the process of tapering, detoxing & have NO BENZOS in my system??

  138. i did such a stupid thing and got a how hole buch of green and yellow bars. For the last two weeks i have been taking around 10-12 mg of xanax a day im going through a divorce and i just didnt want to feel the pain. But i want to get my life back in order. i have no health insurance but have about 30 2mg pills left and want to end this xanax run. Do i have enough to come off totally?

    1. Hi Dave. Yes, just take them in divided doses and try to gradually lower the dose day-by-day. You will probably experience some withdrawal symptoms, but you can treat them, or at least lower their intensity using over-the-counter medications and resting.

  139. Can I wean myself off xanax, been taking 3 daily, 0.05mg, for 6 years. I am taking 2 daily at the moment, I have 180 pills left. Is that enough 2 wean off without getting sick

    1. Hi Michele. That’s enough to help you taper, but will it be without getting sick at all, no one can promise. If you do experience some withdrawal symptoms, ask your doctor or pharmacist for over-the-counter medications or other remedies that will lessen your symptoms.

  140. To the lady who just posted, I would say that if your medication has been working for you, I would certainly get another doctor’s opinion before discontinuing a medicine regime that has been working well for you. But I do not know enough about benzos to be of great help. I think several opinions would be good. I wish you success and the best, in this.

  141. I have been taking Xanax, .25mg. per night for insomnia for a year or so. I want to stop taking it. At that small a dose, how do you taper? Should I take it every other night?

  142. I have been treated for chronic pain and anxiety for the past 20 years. I have been seen by many specialists and have tried many medications. Finally 15+ years ago they finally found a combination that helped my pain, anxiety disorder and insomnia. It is Lortab 7.5/325 and Alprazalam 2mgs per day. I have taken them responsibly and have never abused them or used alcohol with them. I have never asked for them to be increased.
    Now due to the amount of people abusing them leading to serious consequences and even death my physician wants to take me off of the Benzodiazpine. I am terrified, as I am a 62 year old woman who has been on them for 15+ years and reading how horrific the withdrawals can be for people who have been taking them for 1-2 years. I seriously wonder which is more dangerous for me, continuing on them or going the severe withdrawals? I have read that severe withdrawals can go on for up to 2 years before your brain readjusts.
    I would greatly appreciate your feedback concerning this issue.

  143. I tried a gabba capsules supplement, but I believe they do not pass into the brain. I didn’t care for the effects “it” had. I also wonder, “are there other helpful supplements?” Many of the standard meds. they use to try to promote sleep include drugs like gabapentin, Trazadon, Remeron, Doxepin, amitriptyline and these help some people by causing sleepiness. I do rely on Benadryl for any sleep I might get. I understand it can take a long time to recover one’s brain receptors from the damage done to them by Xanax. If anyone has found the magic bullet to make the sleep return faster I would love to know.

  144. When xanax is so addictive and so dangerous when quitting, why is it widely prescribed? My feeling is that is should not be so easily prescibed at the whim of a dr.. I lightly complained of my inability to fall back asleep in the early mornings and right away was prescribed xanax. I was not warned nor consulted at all and now am dealing with withdrawal symptoms of insomnia. After many weeks, sleep is finally beginning to improve. But this shouldn’t have happened at all!

  145. Dear Sir,
    I had been taking Alprozolam 0.25 mg per day at night time for anxiety/sleeping issues.
    Initially about 15 yrs back I had some anxiety issues due to which the drug was started to give me sleep in the night. I could have taken it for a couple of months. then stopped.
    After few months I again had sleeping problems. so I took the drug for couple of weeks then stopped. This continued and I used to carry the medicine to be used whenever I had sleep issues. There could have been periods of several months when I did not use the drug at all. And on the other side I may have used the drug of higher dosage i.e 0.5mg per day(night time) for a couple of days very very occasionally.
    Subsequently, upon some increase in stress levels, I started using 0.25 mg almost daily for sleeping purpose for maybe last three years or so. I was actually not aware of the addictive potential of the drug. Now I have started reducing the dosage gradually . Following is my experience.
    Phase I -3/4th tab 0.25mg per night for 14 days(2 weeks)……. good sleep, occasional lethargy, feeling of malaise, sometimes insomonia, little bit anxiety, fast heart beats, overall tolerable. Started Yoga/meditation/shavasana as supportive.
    Phase II- 1/2 tab 0.25 mg per night for 14 days……. very good effects for first 10 days with regular yoga & meditation….body aches, fatigue greately reduced, good sleep, also cut down on caffeine in form of tea cups per day (is it advisable?) However after 10 days some feeling of anxiety, confusion, insomania started again. Symptoms decrease or disappear after sessions of meditation.
    Phase III-continued 1/2 tab 0.25 mg per night for 14 more days……. symptoms of anxiety, stress, confusion, boredom continue( although not worsen). Unfortunately certain events in my work place are also contributing to increased stress level. Generally get good sleep one day and disturbed other day. I have cut down on caffeine in form of tea cups per day taking only 1 0r two cups per day in first half of the day and using decaffeinated tea 1 cup in second half (is it Ok since I read somewhere that side effects of alprazolam worsen with cafeeine?) Some days are extremely fine and some days I feel down with slight dizziness 7 other symptoms.. Symptoms decrease or disappear after sessions of meditation. Sometimes I have to mediate in the night also to sleep. SOmetimes I feel very sleepy and yawning like anything and ready to fall off to sleep at around 10:30 PM. But after taking the tapered dosage of alprazolam actually the sleep is disturbed. The 14 days of this phase is ending today.
    C S Chopra

  146. Want to become drug free. I am in a pretty bad situation. I am presently being prescribed 3 very addictive drugs .I am on 12-16 MG subutex daily for Opiate addiction ,and take 1-1&1/2 MG Xanax and 10MG ambien before bed. I want to absolutely be free of all of them, I have been on the subutex for about 7 years,and also the Xanax. The ambien ,about 2 years. I feel horrible all the time and am very depressed.I am 50 years old,Married w/ 3 Children. I have gained weight ,and my ankles become swollen most of the time. it is very painful. Also ,my testosterone levels were checked ,and were almost zero. I have to get off these meds or I feel I don’t have long to live.

  147. Hi Brad. Check in with your prescribing doctor for a referral or even call/visit your local pharmacist. They can help refer you to clinics that handle tapering/detox.

  148. I have been on 1mg is Xanax for about 4 yrs. in the beginning it help me through a tough time , then I started felling like I needed it everyday. Now I want off but after reading the scary things people go through and the info on this site about how bad it is to stay on, I’m afraid to take it and affraid not to. Would you suggest me finding an out patient facility to help with this and if so how do I find something close to me. I live in a big southern city. Thank you.

  149. I have been on alprazolam – .5 mg – 1 at night for about 2 years and I want to start getting off of them. Can I just stop taking them, or should I take 1/2 a pill for week or so, and then can I stop them all together? I have had anxiety/panic attacks in the past. I have heard stories that you should not just stop taking them. Can you tell me if that is true? Thanks!

  150. I’ve been on xanax for sometime. I would like to try cold turkey. I’m taking 0.5 twice a day. I haven’t had a pill since yesterday at 8am. Should I be ok? It’s now 1:30pm

    1. Hi Mary. Although going cold turkey off any dose of Xanax is not recommended, you already started the process. When you start getting withdrawals it won’t be very comfortable, but you can get over-the-counter medicines that will treat separate symptoms and make the process more bearable. Seek doctor’s help if you feel symptoms are getting too harsh. Good luck!

  151. I’ve been on 40 milligram citrolopram for approximately two years I’ve been taking 1 or 2 0.5 milligram xanax for about 2 months I cut myself to one tablet per day taken in the morning just to relieve some of the days anxiety would like to get off at completely is it safe to stop cold turkey?

    1. Hi Bob Jr. No, you should not cease treatment with any medication in an abrupt manner. See your doctor first and get informed slowly reducing doses, possible withdrawal symptoms and how you can treat them. Going off a medication cold turkey can really cause unwanted and harsh withdrawal effects. While tapering can take more time, it’s fat less stressful.

  152. a lot off stuff happened in my life over 2 years ago , lost my mom, hurricane sandy….other..i developed anixety , my doc gave 1 mg take two a day . i was feelin ok, then he started talking about taking me off, the minute he said ….i couldnt sleep the next twp night ,,i had that panic in my chest…i know its not a lot but what is the best way to stop…….is there any herbs . other medicins….to make it easy…

  153. i am suffering from panic attacks from 7 years i am 45 years now i started to take xanax the dose was o.5mg at the biginning but now i am taking 0.125 mg for 3 years per day with indral 10 mg 3time per day i want to stop xanax completely can i do this i dont want to take antidepressant drugs what can i do when i have a panic attack how to stop it without drugs .
    thank you

  154. Hello Elizabeth. One month is enough time to get your body accustomed to the presence of Xanax, that’s how dependence is formed even at low doses. Once your organism is dependent on a substance, the absence of that substance leads to withdrawal symptoms. It will take time for everything to return to balance. In the meantime, you can talk to a doctor about alternative ways to treat the symptoms you’ve been experiencing.

  155. I was given the generic Zanax because of my too early waking and then worrying. I took one .25 mg zanax pill each morning for 30 days. I did not know what I had been prescribed was a rather dangerous drug: no idea and thought they were some sort of gentle sleeping aid or tranquilizer.
    Then after taking one .25 mg zanax pill each morning for a month, I felt my head was feeling some kind of a pressure feeling (difficult to explin) but I decided to stop taking them. I was fine at first and thought it stange it felt lke some muscles in my upper arm were gently moving. Then, five days after quiting the pills I experienced a night of ‘NO’ sleep. After that, I slep fine for five days but then experienced another night with “no” sleep. Ten days later another night with no sleep. Then the sleepless nights began to come clower together and the last episode was four nights with no sleep, It has been forty six days since i quit the zanax and I would lke to know if the withdrawal symptoms of insomnia will get worse before getting better? Any suggestions? I really hate to think of resuming taknig the drug that caused this. If it gets worse before getting better and if I took such a low dose, and maybe if i were to take a supplement like aminos for sleep, multivitamins or a sleep aid called Calm Forte, can I expect things to be getting back to normal soo? Than you so much. I have never taken precrition drugs, except for my thyroid medication, and I want to recover from this experience without having to rely on yet more drugs.

  156. Hi AK. My advise to you is to make a doctors appointment and say you want to gradually taper doses down in order to finally quit when it will be safe. Tapering is important since it helps decrease the stress your organism experiences form suddenly stopping the medications, plus it helps minimize the withdrawal symptoms and discomfort. Your doctor can prescribe other medications to manage withdrawals if needed and offer some alternative solutions for the treatment of your condition (that you are taking the current medications for). Good luck to you!

  157. I’m taking alprazolam with melatonin combination from last 10years.presently I take around 10-12 pills in a day.means 5 mg of alprazolam+30 mg of melatonin. Now I feel that I’m addicted.
    Please advice me how to stop it.

  158. my Dr. is having stop taking Xanax, replacing it with trazadone, I do not know how this will help as he gives me trazadone once before bedtime. It does not work in lighting conditions. Taking one helps me to sleep but like I said, it only works at night. How will this drug help me ?

  159. Hi, I am concerned about my girlfriend. She’s been on Xanax and Prozac for over 15 years each and I’m interested in being able to understand the side effects, or the science in how it effects the body. She also regularly uses cocaine and MDA/MDMA and I’m concerned that the illicits pairedwith the prescribed compound each other and do greater physical damage when taken together. She obviously can’t consult her physician for these questions for fear of the Xanax being taken away. I just want to understand the basics of what’s physiologically going on so I can explain to her why it’s not a good idea to mix all that if it’s incredibly dangerous because if she knew, I know she would keep off the illicits.

  160. Hi Bob. See a doctor and have him/her create a tapering schedule that fits your needs best. Also, ask what withdrawal symptoms you can expect and what to do when they occur. Xanax withdrawal can be uncomfprtable, but slowly tapering doses down can help you minimize the discomfort and can increase your chances for success.

  161. I take 1mg zanax 4 times daily (sometimes only three). How can I safely taper off of this drug. It shows up in every pre-employment drug screen I take and has cost me two jobs. Should I just talk to my doctor about this?

  162. Why is it “doctors” do not care these days. Mine is a drug dealer. Wants to give me drugs I no longer take. Tells me there is no less than 1mg Xanax XR. Do all drs think we are stupid and only for their monetary gain?

  163. Hi Bette. Quitting Xanax after 10 months of regular use woun’t be easy. And, it’s not recommended nor is it safe to quit cold turkey, and your doctor should know that. Ask him to make a tapering schedule for you before completely stopping.

  164. I am 64 yrs old. I was put on 1 MG xanax 10 mo ago by a doctor who I had been with for over 30 yrs to replace valium.
    Now the new Dr.who replaced my Dr that retired and moved out of state wants me to stop cold turkey, and will replace with sleeping pills if needed. Should this be wise? I don’t know what to do. I’m stressed. I have as pain Dr that I go to but have never addressed this issue with him. I only use the xanax to sleep with, should I be expecting all this dangerous withdrawal? Please help. Thank you.

  165. Hello Sandy. I’d say that suddenly getting off 2.5mg of Xanax, would be very difficult without any tapering down or substitution. Medical proffesionals say it could be dangerous due to a risk of seizures. It’s best to make an appointment and talk to your doctor. He can help create a tapering schedle that you’ll be comfortable with, and give you other over-the-counter meds or alternative medications for the withdrawal symptoms.

  166. I have been taking a 2.5 dose of Xanax for sleep for a few years… I recently heard that it might contribute to Alzheimers and I want to get off of it… Can I go cold turkey with this low dose or should i decrease gradually? Please advise, do you think halfing the dose is enough of a decrease for a week or so? Thanks

  167. Hi Michael. For your own safety and well-being you should never, never, never go off Xanax on your own without your physician’s counsel and guidance. Sudden or rapid stopping Xanax at daily doses of 4 mg or more can cause moderate to severe withdrawal and this is not a trivial thing.
    I’d suggest you make a doctor’s appointment. Your doctor can give your guidance and help you create a tapering schedule that fits your needs. Doctors can also refer you to someone who specializes in treating Xanax dependence and withdrawal.

  168. I wish the FDA would take this drug off the market. It has caused more harm than help. There are doctors who will just “up” the mg and then their are the great one who refuse to prescribe the drug because they say it does more harm to a patient than help the patient.

  169. Tappering xanxa.was on xanxa for 20 yrs.was taking 1 mg aday.tappered to .5 for 46 days now I’ve been on .25 for two weeks.when do I stop taking it.yes I’m having some withdrals but not to bad.after I stop will I have more withdral and will the be worse?

  170. Hello Nadia. You’ll need to consult with your prescribing physician for an individualized treatment and tapering plan. You might also want to consult with a pharmacist.

  171. I have been taking xanax 2mg daily for 2 years. I have tapered down to .5mg daily for the past 2 wks. Is it risky to stop all together at this time since the dosage is small?

  172. I been on xanax for 5years Im trying to quit I lost my job my man…I need to get better I still have a child to look up to

  173. Is it possible to reverse the tolerance of Xanax without the use of other drugs? I know tapering down is a suggestion but I want to be able to be completely drug free and not experience anxiety. Ive been using Xanax as described for about a month. I don’t get the drowsy feeling that some people get but I just feel back to normal and some days I dont have any anxiety at all although I still take the 1mg twice a day. For the past two days though the intense anxiety has returned and taking one just hasnt cut it so I have upped my dosage to 4 mg throughout the day

  174. Here is my story. I am a 33 year old male. About 2 months ago I experienced a panic attack on a Monday after smoking marijuana. I am also a cigarette smoker and I was able to calm myself down after smoking a few. I first had a marijuana induced panic attack back when I was about 19 or 20 but never experienced one again until this time and never experienced one when not smoking marijuana although at times I have felt anxiety. Anyway, I felt fine for the rest of the week but the following Monday I experienced another one, again after smoking marijuana and again was able to calm myself down. However, throughout the rest week I was having intense feelings of panic and anxiety. I attributed it to the marijuana so I stopped. I haven’t smoked marijuana for 2 months now. In the days that followed, I didn’t sleep for a total of 8 days due to the intense feelings panic and anxiety. I normally had trouble sleeping after going off marijuana for periods of time but was able to correct myself eventually and get sleep. Not sleeping for such a long period of time was very scary for me as it was something I have never experienced and I felt I was losing control.

  175. Hello Gwendolyn. Your prescribing doctor or even a pharmacist can help you better. Each individual reacts differently to Xanax tapering, and needs a personalized calendar.

  176. Being on .5 xanax 2 times a day morning and close to bedtime and sometimes A1\2 of that 5 mg in afternoon
    I have been on it for 37 days I want to wean off
    Cutting the 1\2 pill in afternoon a correct start?

  177. Hello Carol. You’ll need the expertise of your prescribing doctor in order to set up a long term tapering program catered to your individual needs. Have you schedule a consult to speak about your concerns?

  178. I am a 66 yr old woman taking .25mg. 4&1/2pills a day I am insulin dependent and have heart arrythmias alprolazam helps a lot I have been on this dose for 15 yrs am very concerned after reading a lot of these stories could I get off this after this long??? Please advise thanks 🙂


  180. Hello Mary. I feel for you. I’d suggest that you consult with a sleep specialist who can teach you techniques for falling asleep without medications. You can do it! It will just take time and a re-training of the brain.

  181. I’m not sleeping can’t take a bath But I Do,,,I feel like Xanax has took controll of Me,,Is there any that I can buy to help Me?

  182. I’m getting off Xanax and Its so very hard,My Dr that was giving to moved So I had to see another Dr, I really was done wrong So I haven’t had any in a few weeks How long will it take for Me to fill better and able to go to sleep,

  183. Thx for replying. All doctors al hospital don’t care about patient they just give pills for monthes just to get rid with patient . They wouldn’t care. I was giving something worse than xanax. Stilnox 10 mg. which I have experienced recently vomiting. Numbness. Imbalance. Loss memory. I took stilnox for 4 days and has destroyed me , I will try my best to overcome withdrawl symptoms of xanax. I was told it takes week or two week. Since I I had reduced the dosage for 0.25 for 5 months it won’t be big deal on handling . I stooped stilnox. Now I take Panadol night. , I live in Arab country they don’t deal with patients as good as you do , they don’t even care , just give pills ……..take … Be addicted. … Never care. . I’m feeling better now since my last comment thx god. . Just I would give a tip. Wht ever u experiencing in life. Do not ever take sedative or pills , it will destroy u body. U brain. I regretted. Taking pills for panic attack. I should have overcomes by my self by other means. . My friends in this group. Human body is too weak. Like an ant , don’t destroy it by pills . Be strong. Which I’m now. Have well. Defeat u fears by u selves not by medicine. And thx again for replying and u concern

  184. Hello Mohammed. Have you reported these symptoms to your prescribing doctor? Have you asked about going down even more in dosing? If these symptoms impair your ability to function, you’ll need additional medical help. In the meantime, I’d suggest that you also learn some techniques for dealing with depression or anxiety with the help of a psychologist. That is something that you CAN learn how to control.

  185. I need help plz. I started taking xana for 2 years. Began with – mg. then after year I started to roduce it by doctors order of course. To 0.5. The after 4 mothes I reduced to 025. For 4 mothes. The I was told to stop it. I started to have withdrawl Bad thing occurred. Hot flash. Depression. Numbness. Feel like vomit. Race heart beat. Doctor gave me something stilnox. But I become worse. The duct. Is really stupid. I don’t know wht to do.

  186. Hello Tina. I do think that you’re right to consider what’s best for you and to avoid a cold turkey Xanax withdrawal. Check in with your local pharmacist for a longer consultation. They’re generally available for a 10 minute chat, or so…and you can even try to schedule it in advance. I think that doctors are spread thin in the U.S. and that we need to seek out health advice more actively than ever. Give it a try with your pharmacist for more information and then seek a second opinion, if necessary!

  187. “Continued” My primary physician has now decided that he does not want to prescribe the xanax any longer due to the “abusive” use of this drug by some. At my recent visit he told me he was changing me from the Xanax (1 mg) to Klonopin (1 mg) and that I could just switch. After some research I have found that evidently it is not quite that easy. From what I’ve read there should be a “tapering” and should be done under medical supervision. I have not had an anxiety attack in over 8 years, but am currently caring for both my parents (one with congestive heart failure and the other with dementia) along with preparing for a grandson’s surgery within the month. I just don’t think this is quite the time to be trying something new when the “old isn’t broke”. Am I wrong to be concerned?

  188. I have been taking Prozac (20mg) and xanax (1mg) for over 25 years due to anxiety/depression (dosage was higher for both initially, but this is the dosage I have taken for approximately the last 18 years). My psychiatrist released me from his care about 7 years ago since he said my primary physician could prescribe these meds since we were only meeting for update and renewal on meds and no longer any therapy sessions. He has since retired.

  189. Hello Rita. That is very difficult. Your English is very good. I would suggest that you join a support group online. Check out the online groups from A.A. . The real time chat meetings might be a great place for you.

    Best of luck.

  190. i was prescribed xanax for my pannic dissorder and agoraphobia when i was 17 during 1987 i began with 0.25 mgms 3 times a day .. now im 43 years old ( 2013) and im taking prescribed xanax 4 mgs plus 3mgs of lorazepam, plus triptizol, (Amitriptilina) in the nights plus escitalopram 20mgms antidepresice during day and clonazempam drops under my tongue in case of emergency, (drops that that I ended taking everyday because i feel bad every day.. ) Im Spanish and live in Spain, here they dont have support groups so strong as in USA and i feel lost and close to loose my mind, please give me some advice.

  191. Can not i stay on xanax for many years if i am talking 1.50 mg daily . i am taking .50 mg 3 times a day It is working well for me

  192. Hi Kaitlin. Thanks for your message. It is possible that you may be in the clear, but I’d suggest that you contact a local detox clinic and ask for direct recommendations from professionals who deal with withdrawal every day. Or, you can call 1-800-662-HELP to get references for where else you can seek help. This is a national drug abuse hotline, and while you are not a drug abuser…you can benefit from their network of resources during withdrawal. Good luck!

  193. So I have been taking Xanax on an off for about 8 months. Only when needed for panic attacks at the lowest dose. My doctor told me i could take it every day if my anxiety is really bad. So for the past 3 weeks i have been taking .50mg once a day everyday. I really want to stop taking it because I think my CBT is really starting to take effect. My doctor said is ok to just stop, but I am terrified after hearing horror stories. What do you recommend? It’s been 3 days since my last dose and honestly I feel fine except giving myself some anxiety over whether or not i should take one incase of w/d. Normally I would think that since its been 3 days and feeling ok that I am fine. I’ve heard stories of people who felt fine for weeks after stopping and then would have seizures. I don’t know what to do. Any advice would be wonderful. Sorry for the book!

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