How to withdraw from hydrocodone

Practical suggestions for how to withdraw from hydrocodone safely. Plus. a section on How to ease withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone. More here.

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Hydrocodone is semi-synthetic narcotic analgesic and antitussive which is prescribed for severe pain. Hydrocodone is often mixed with ibuprofen or acetaminophen to provide pain relief. However, if you’re using hydrocodone daily for more than a few weeks, your body will get used to needing the drug and will develop physical dependence.

So how do you treat symptoms of withdrawal when you are ready to stop taking hydrocodone? Here we review hydrocodone withdrawal treatment and how to get off hydrocodone safely. Plus, more on how to withdraw from hydrocodone at home. Then, we invite your questions about hydrocodone abuse, withdrawal, or how to treat addiction to hydrocodone at the end.

When do you withdraw from hydrocodone?

Withdrawal occurs as the brain compensates for the opiate effect on the central nervous system. Hydrocodone decreases activity and responses in the body so when you stop taking it, your body reacts in an opposite way. You will go from calm and relaxed to restless and anxious. Withdrawal will occur any time you decide to stop taking hydrocodone or no longer have access to it. Why?

When you become physically dependent on any drug, the nervous system has integrated the medication into the normal functioning of the body. When you no longer need pain medication, or no longer have access to hydrocodone, or are trying to detox from abusing hydrocodone … withdrawal is an expected process of regaining normalcy in the body.

Withdraw from hydrocodone symptoms

There are a variety of symptoms you may experience withdrawing from hydrocodone. Symptoms include:

  • abnormal skin sensations
  • chills
  • confusion
  • excessive yawning or sneezing
  • extreme drowsiness
  • diarrhea
  • mood changes
  • seizures (more serious)
  • sleep disturbance
  • sweating
  • stomach pain
  • strong drug craving
  • sweating

During detox, you will need to treat these symptoms so that your body can reregulate itself without having to undergo needless pain and agony. There are many ways you can treat the varying symptoms of withdrawal. Also, keep an eye out or protracted withdrawal; acute symptoms that manifest after initial peak of symptoms.

How long to withdraw from hydrocodone?

It takes about a week, or so, to withdraw from hydrocodone. You will notice symptoms of withdrawal begin a few hours after your last dose has worn off. Withdrawal usually peaks at about 72 hours after your last dose, when acute symptoms are at their worst. Then, it takes a week before physical symptoms begin to even out and you can begin to feel more comfortable in your body.

However, once you have battled the physical effects of withdrawal, you will have to deal with possible psychological symptoms and the manifestation of drug craving, anxiety, and/or depression. These symptoms can take several weeks or months to resolve. If you have been using hydrocodone other than prescribed (abusing hydrocodone for euphoric effect), certain drug cravings may be present long past the initial period of withdrawal. Stopping hydrocodone use may also exacerbate any underlying mental health issues that haven’t been addressed, that while treatable, can also take a long time to resolve.

Can I withdraw from hydrocodone at home?

Yes, you can withdraw from hydrocodone at home. But not everyone can withdraw at home. Sometimes outside help or impatient programs are necessary. This is why it’s a good idea to have contact with a physician while you withdraw from hydrocodone.

Unlike alcohol dependency (which can be fatal) with opioid withdrawal is considered relatively safe. Tapering doses of hydrocodone and weaning yourself from the medication slowly are recommended processed. Tapering down minimizes the impact of withdrawal symptoms on the body as well.

If needed, you may be a candidate for stopping hydrocodone cold turkey. Cold turkey withdrawal can be painful and you will need the proper support in place to help your withdrawal process. Making sure you are treating all of your symptoms and giving yourself the space and time to do so are a necessity.

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone

To ease withdrawal symptoms from hydrocodone, you can treat each individual symptom. In fact, there are many over-the-counter medications you can get at your local pharmacy to help. Ibuprofen or Advil can help with aches and pain; hot packs or icy hot creams can help with the chills. Medications to take care of diarrhea and temporary sleep aids can get you through the initial phase of withdrawal so that you are not in agony. Passionflower is showing promise in helping anxiety and depression in people after acute withdrawal.

Prescription medications like naltrexone, buprenorphine, and methadone can also be used during hydrocodone withdrawal and detox. Eventually, they themselves will also need to be tapered out of the body and should only be used for severe dependency, if you are abusing hydrocodone, or have become addicted to the medication. Other times, you may need the support of short acting SSRI’s to alleviate anxiety and depression.

How to withdraw from hydrocodone safely

It is important the you have all the information you need to prepare for withdrawal. It is not a good idea to withdraw from hydrocodone without knowing what to expect and how to address possible symptoms. In fact, each individual goes through detox differently and it is important to treat yourself specifically so that you are supported during the process of withdrawal. Have a plan in place before you withdrawal.

The safest way to withdraw from hydrocodone is under medical supervision. If it is something that you are planning on doing, take time off of work. Talk with a doctor and discuss a timeline and know what to expect during different stages. The more information you have at your disposal, the safer you withdrawal is going to be. Be careful with the use of prescription medications and make sure that they are not contraindicative to your body system. For some, withdrawal at home may be possible. But others may need the support of a clinic to watch them through withdrawal to address possible violent reactions in the body.

The best way to withdraw from hydrocodone

One of the best ways to withdrawal from hydrocodone is through a process of tapering. This process works better for people who have a high motivation to quit using hydrocodone or have the necessary support to withdrawal without relapse. Tapering is a slow process of reducing doses over time while compensating for withdrawal symptoms. Tapering helps the central nervous system adapt slowly to the removal of hydrocodone to the point that you may not even feel withdrawal symptoms. While doses are being tapered, doctors can then help treat pain and symptoms that do arise. Otherwise, withdrawal while being monitored would be the next safest way to withdrawal from hydrocodone. That way, the person watching you can support your physical and mental welling being.

How to deal with withdrawal from hydrocodone questions

Any period of detox can be difficult. Do you still have question about hydrocodone withdrawal? Please ask any questions you may have and we will get back to you personally and promptly.

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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been taking anywhere from 1 – 5 10/325 norco or generic for the past 9 years. It really depends on the level of pain in my lower lumbar region. The truth is, getting over the medication can be difficult but this varies depending on the person. The drug is in your system, so getting off of it will require the drug leaving your system. That is the withdrawl part. For me, I seem to be lucky as it only really takes a couple of days to get over the substance. However, like I said I really take limited amounts so it seems like it is no big deal. I do go through depression, weakness, stomach issues, etc… But only for a couple to few days, then it seems like I am back to normal, just with a lot of lower back pain.

  2. This is a odd question on this site but. Why is there not a class action law suit on Elli Lilly for Cymbalta. That is impossible to get off and physicians hand it out. Why is a opioid a scary thing when a anti depressant can be worse?

  3. We help patients come off Hydrocodone based drugs in a private hospital. I don’t understand why this is not offered to all patients. Is just so much safer, comfortable and effective to have physicians manage the withdrawal symptoms. We often see patients that kept taking hydrocodone for years due to the inability or fear to get through the withdrawal. Opioid dependence can be a temporary and reversible condition when appropriately treated.

  4. Hello
    I have been taking hydrocodone 10/325 for 6 years. Ranging from 2-6 per day. I cut down all the time as to not cause more addiction than I know I have. I have severe back pain, two bad hips. My pain lately has been minimal so I decided to tapper. I’m now at 1/2 of a 10/325 2-3 times a day. I’m getting the antsy legs at night. So I get up and take a little nugget. 1/2 of a 1/2. Then I cannot sleep. I’ve never taken H prior to bed due to it makes my mind race. So how many days do you taper. I’m not at risk of running out. I have the time. I want to do this with the least amount of discomfort. So far sleep is completely awful. Can u advise me how to taper. I have lorazepam and took it last night to help sleep. Didn’t work. Is going from 4 a day to 2 one halves a day to large of a taper. I just want to sleep without my legs jumping ship. Thanks

  5. Here is my story…and there is a front, middle, and end…. to the end. 3years back, I started hydro ones…prescription soon need to be by supplement supplies (my scrip would run out before i could have it filled)was afraid to get off of them because I didn’t want to go through the w/D’s. Finally said done! Quit cold turkey. It was a miserable 8 days. I almost gave up on gave 6, thinking…will this ever end. Yes! It does. I woke up that day feeling like a normal person. It was almost like magic. The insomnia you get from the beginning in that you aren’t completely miserable as you are the first 4 days. So don’t give up if u think it will never end….feeling so miserable. I am here to tell you…I felt the same and now know how it is. I was taking 10/325….@6 per day

  6. I am being weaned off hysingla 60 mg which I’ve taken for approx. one year. My doctor has started me with 40 mg of hysingla for one month, then 30 mg, etc. I also taken Norco 10 mg 4-5 times daily which was upped from 7.5 mg to compensate for the lowering of hysingla. I started this 4 days ago and am just plain scared since I live alone. Please help with advice. Thank you.

  7. I am attempting to withdraw but not sure how much to cut dosage each day. I am so afraid of what’s going to happen. My daily dosage has been quite high – 10-12 of 10/325 a day please advise

  8. I get 180 10 mg hydro a month. My gf gets 150 10 mgs a month. I take mine in about 2 weeks then I take hers, that’s 330 a month i take and still usually run out before the month ends. I absolutely know i have a severe addition and I’ve been addicted for 10 years. I take 2 at a time and that is just to feel a little normal. Im tryin my best to not let myself go to 3 at a time. Even tho i admit im an addict and i know i have a severe problem all i do is think of quitting, i so wish i could be normal i don’t know who i am i don’t remember me… Its like I have no willpower at all.. They are the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last thing on my mind when I go to sleep. I don’t even know where to start. I feel like I’m in a black hole that i can’t escape from.. Im sooo tired mentally and physically.

  9. I am on 1/2 hydrocodone 5/325 three times a day. Been tapering. how long should I hold after dropping 1/2 pill?

  10. One difference on my case is I’ve only been on Norco 10-325 for about 3 months it 2 every four hours. It was while I was waiting for a spinal injection for a slipped disc. I don’t like Norco, I simply had it for pain and don’t need it. Withdrawal I’d very frightening feeling I tried that. Not for me. My Dr said easing off 1/2 a week to get to the 5-325’s going 6 hours in between. Is it necessary to do a week of 1/2 10’s before I go to the 5’s? I’m not addicted my brain just expects it! I want off of it tapering slow but hope to do it right and if I don’t need a week of half 10’s that puts me ahead a week to go to 5’s for a week and then 1/2 of 5’s for a week all six hours apart. Just curious if this plan sounds good for minimal withdrawal? There’s no wanting to take it. I hate the way they make me feel. I’m upset I even had to take them at all. Everything I read is involving people addicted and on them for 1-5 years. That’s not my issue. I need just a simple answer. Thank you

  11. I have in the last 2 to three weeks been only taking my 3 to 4 a day percocets, while I was using for my surgery I was taking way more per day. Just woundering if there is any home remedies that will help me so I can stop these things. Right now my body is telling me about every 5 hrs I need. Going threw shakes and not resting at night

  12. Hi there… I was on varying amounts of norco for years for my lupus and fibro. I’ve always taken it as prescribed for pain. At my worst point I was on 6 7.5 mg pills per day. Over the couple years, I’ve slowly gotten down to 2 x 5mg pills, but I’m still having some trouble with those last two. I feel so much better these days, and my Rheumy knows I’m trying to stop taking the medicine. I’ve started a running regimen, and I think it’s time to quit completely since I can exercise normally. I was recently laid off, and I think this is the best time I have to get off it. I have two questions:
    1. How long does it take to stop taking 10mg per day? Should I be able to do it in a week? Two weeks?
    2. Should I stop exercising during this time? I feel great right afterwards, but the muscle aches are worse when I skip a dose afterwards.

  13. I have been addicted to hydrocodone for 6+ years and I have gone cold turkey several times and always end up relapsing because of the withdraws, so my question’s are, what medicines can I get, over the counter, to help with the chills and aching bones, and should I drink any certain juices? What makes this time different from all the other times I tried quitting is I am ready now and health issues.

  14. I’m curious if the hydrocodone makes anyone else feel like it does me, been on for 4 or 5 yrw but I fell hopeless, don’t go anywere, hate way life has become. I want to find a better pain reliever as I can’t see me on these things the rest of my life. I’ve never had a addiction besides yrs ago smoking pot but to try to come off this is aweful. Today I’ve went cold turkey but have clonazepam n it’s helped a lot but when I hurt don’t know what to do then

  15. For Troy, try walmart, I live in SC n went to NC on vacation. It toke hrs but they did it. They have to call your Dr n things but did fill it

  16. Bless all of you who are struggling with this nitemare. I started on Lortab due to verdure in my neck n back mashing on my spinal cord n sometimes my knees hurt real bad. Was not warned of what would happened if you had to come off of them. Some ask what helps to ease the awefulness. You have to go to Dr to get but it’s called Clonazepam. It’s a nerve tablet. I’ve been taking hydrocodone for over 4 yrs n been Taking 10.325 for yrs n I’m searching out information to regain my life back. I hate the med n after being on so long they’re not helping like they should n don’t want to go to stronger meds

  17. I have been on Norco 5/325 for 7 yrs for chronic back pain and a failed knee… I recently ran out and i found myself going cold turkey had some bad pains but continued with Advil and t ylonal and Muscle relaxers but after 8 days I began feeling ok. but then I got a fill from my doctor . he wasn’t aware I was out for that amount of time. but I picked it up and it took me 3 hrs to decide to take 2. then I felt really bad. I had a scheduled appointment for stomach pains the next day.. I don’t know if after that appointment the anxiety of possibly cancer was a precursor to take another 2 pills. I do know. I am currently only taking a couple a day vs 8 a day before. and I’m determined to kick this again . I’ve read a lot about tapering down. is this something I should do and finish in 6 weeks or cold turkey again ? I have 2 proceedures in august to figure out why I’m having stomach pains and I’m losing weight.. needless to say I can’t take ibrophen or Advil anymore.. thanks

  18. I have been taking Norco 5/325 for over 6 weeks because of a back fracture. Today the doctor told me he will no long prescribe it although I am still in pain.
    I want to taper off of it over 3 or 4 weeks but he says NO I have to get off of it.
    I am scared of what to expect, but hopefully won’t be as bad as I expect.
    Thanks for any advice

  19. I am currently taking 10/325 loritab four times a day for nerve damage from neck surgery. I also have 100mg timerelease tramadol. At night I take generic zanaflex for severe leg cramps this I have taken for about 10 yrs. Loritab for at least Four yrs. I have gabupenten three times day 100 mg. I cannot take nasaid due to ruptured stomach ulcers. I would like to end some of this chemical dependency I feel loritab is a good starting point. Any help would be appreciated. I am 68 yrs old. A lot of my time is spent laying down in the day. I feel like it’s interfering with enjoying my life. I tried to stop cold turkey but I was miserable. Rls is my biggest problem thank you Sandy

  20. I have been taking hydrocodone 5/325 four times a day for at least 15 years and I need to stop.. My doctor is working with and I am tapering from 4 down to 3. What is the severity of withdrawal will I have.

  21. Iam in the process of going through the physiological part of The withdraws I didn’t think I was addicted but I guess I was my question is how do I get through this part with working full time and raising a family. The first part of withdraws were nothing but this part I’m having a lot of trouble handling I don’t wanna take anymore pills but I’m feeling like I might relapse if I can’t get the emotional part and the mood swings and the part of feeling worthless to go away please help

  22. I have had 3 back surgeries in 3 months and have been on hydrocodone for the whole time it has bred 6 weeks after by last surgery it was a 360 degree spinal fusion. I am trying to get off the pain medication as soon as possible. I have noticed that if I don’t take them I sleep a lot and have bad hot flashes. Is there any advice for what I am trying to do. I do have bad days with the pain and have to take them but if I can I try not to take them

  23. I am tapering off norco 10/325 after 9 yrs due to pain Bt I keep goin higher in doseage daily to 10-14 instead of 6 daily prescribed. I do not want to b addicted to anymore Bt I have to have pain meds ?? Is it possible for my brain body to just stay at 4 daily ? As I dt want to always worry abt liver ect n then running out of meds. I feel like my life is ruined n I dt know what to do plz any info will help. Thank u brenda

  24. Hello: I’ve been on Hydrocodone 7.5/325 starting Jan. 8th 2017 to March 16, 2017 for a bad back.
    I been taking 4-5 a day for 3 months. I now have no more pain, and wish to strop the drug. How should I get off the drug? Your help is very needed.
    I live by myself.
    Thank you, Bob 🙂

    1. Hi Robert. I suggest that you speak with your doctor to plan a tapering schedule in coordination with your personal needs. Moreover, you may consult with a pharmacist to recommend some vitamins, supplements, over-the-counter aid, teas, and home remedies that can help you ease hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms.

  25. Excellent article! I’ve been using NORCO for about six months (7.5-325 twice a day) to relieve pain prior to knee replacement surgery, and now after surgery. The pain issue is pretty much gone and I have been trying to detox by reducing the dosage by half. The most uncomfortable detox symptom has been insomnia (sleep disturbance). What do you recommend to minimize or eliminate this symptom? Thanks for your consideration.

  26. I had gall bladder surgery on 9/9/16. I also have been in severe pain with H. Pylori Bacteria for 16 months.. I started taking Norco 7.5-325mg. after my gall bladder surgery. When my surgery pain eased up i used the Norco for a short time for my stomach. . All total i used it for 10 weeks. It constipated me so bad i had to get off of it.I tapered it down to 1/2 a pill.. I have been off of it for 5days. I am extremely tired but don’t have sweats, chills etc. How long will it be before i feel human again ? Thanks, Cheryl

  27. I’m on day 4 of withdrawing from hydro’s I’m doing it by myself at home. I’ve been on them for 10 months, imy having a very severe migraine that’s lasted 2 days. nothings taking it away. what do I need to do

  28. I have severe heart problems and I’m taking 60 Klonopins a month I also have severe pain from arthritis and herniated discs too and my neck and 2 and my back they say I have to wean off of Klonopin or Norco I am taking 7 5 twice a day how can I stop taking Norco with my excruciating pain and I have severe anxiety and have been on Klonopin 1 milligram for 3 0 years I feel like my nerves are shot I don’t know which one that I can deal with not taking does anybody have any advice?

  29. Can a person become dependent on hydrocod/acetaminophen 5-325,I was on 7.5/325 for about two weeks then went down to the lower dose and been on that dose for four weeks,I had rotator cuff surgery six weeks ago and been in this med for six weeks,,I ran out of my meds Dr office closed early on Friday so I took my last dose Friday,,I’m having trouble sleeping my mind is ready for sleep but my body can’t calm down I feel jittery and have to keep moving my legs,im a lil nausea not too bad get hot and cold.I didn’t think about after effects of this med til I ran out,,,NOW I don’t want a refill!!!! I’ve been alternating it Tylenol and Advil,,been doing a warm pack on my shoulder.where I live there is a sauna would that help??? Also any other suggestions to help me get thru this???? I just want a decent night sleep!!!!!!

  30. Been on hydros about 3 months am up to 7 10/325 per day to function. Got to quit. Am going to detox at home. Usually I go to a detox center. Talked to my doctor, she gave me a few scripts to help me. I’m terrified again. Can someone please give me suggestions, guidance, and encouragement?? Thank you

  31. I am helping a friend withdrawal from pain medication. He is doing it at home by reducing dosages. My question is; How should he eat through this. Is there any specific replacements, foodwise, that he should replenish? Even in vitamins and minerals?

  32. Hi there, I’m going to try to make this short…. I’m a 48 yr old woman DX w/ MS, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, ADD, chronic arthritis, etc…..

    2-30mg OxyContin
    4 .5 Ativan
    10-14 10/325 Norco
    1200 mg Neurotin
    2-10 mg Ambien
    50 mg Adderral

    So, as you can see, I must be numb after all that daily? Even though all these scripts are written for myself, still is no justification. I do abuse these drugs, ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

    So, I started this last week cause I knew I was going to run out before my next appt. I’ve had a lot of major issues with my grown children. Again, that justifies me only to take more. I wanted to be numb. The hurt was horrible. Anyways, it was Wednesday morning and I popped a oxy and a norco. Then same day but later I took another oxy. Thursday morning BAM!! Here comes the withdrawals. So, I continued to take 3 oxys for the day only and no other drugs. So, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed. Withdraws were worse everyday. It’s been hell. And that’s with taking the oxys. Now it’s Thursday, my husband got his Meds and sits them down on the table in front of me. I know if I cave, and take 4 norco’s I know I won’t be sick anymore. But, also don’t forget the he’ll I’m in trying to taper down. So it being that all my oxys are gone. So, I took 2 norcos, 1 neurotin, 1 Ativan at 5 am. And again around noon 1 norco, 1 nerotin. Around 2ish I can feel the anxiety so, I took 1 Ativan. It’s seems to of helped me. So my plan is to take as little as I can til I can be normal and be in charge of myself again. These drugs rule me!!! This seems to be working for me…. I’m trying ?

  33. Been on hydrocodone two months for a pinched nerve in my low back/hip.
    At first the dr. Gave me muscle relaxers and naproxen.
    It didn’t touch the pain.
    I went back to him and he ordered an MRI of my lumbar.
    Then he said I needed to see a back doctor he could no longer help me.
    So I found another Dr. And he gave me hydrocodone. I was taking 5.-325 mg. About every four to five hours.
    Still in much pain and the meds didn’t seem to help unless I increased the dose.
    He finally decided to do an epidural.
    I did that on July 26. That seem to help but the pain came back.
    I just found an amazing chiropractor who saw me immediately. He helped release the pinch an i walked
    Without a cane for the first time in two months. I am continuing to work with him. How do I taper the hydrocodone?

    1. Hi Kathleen. I suggest that you speak with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  34. I had back surgery 5 weeks ago and want to get off the pain meds so I have been cutting back. But yesterday I had a panic attack that caused my AF to act up and I ended up in the ER. Not sure how to precede at this point.

  35. I want to know how to taper, because I am having some side effects, that cannot be resolved. I have been having stomach pains, and nausea. My gi doctor says ut is drug related. I have been taking the medication for about a year and a half, with no side effects until now. Was taking it for back pain, that is better now. Can you help me resolve this problem?

  36. I was just taking hydro first for pain, now it’s been 6 years @ this clinic. They gave me an UA o told them I took a piece of oxycodone, She give me 2 week supply I’m 51 & I need to get winged off, thanks for saving my organs. I’ve been to a detox center in 2006, had a car accident, here we go addicted again, Help me.If they look into my files I’ve admitted to being a substance abuser.

  37. have been taking Lortab 10-325med since 2 back fusions on March 29th. Was cut more than half after 2 weeks in rehab center. That went well. Surgeon than changed to lower med 5-325 Norco which was okay with me also but did not agree with my system at all. More agitated than ever. He said both meds the same and would not change back to Lortab. Having no back pain so do not need them so he just said don’t take them then and call primary doc as you have anxiety problems which I have been treated for over 20 years. Lorazepam works fine to banish them. Four 1mg each day and sometimes even forget one. Other things were tried also to no avail as they all bothered me physically. Primary gave a muscle relaxer and a script for med that handles cramps and irritable bowel which I already knew I had. Those are ok. She offered to get me more Lortab but I have no back pain so don’t need them. By the time I could see primary had been off Lortab
    48 hours and she said worst was over and could see no sense in starting all that again. I have all symptoms of withdrawal and feel I am going crazy.
    5 days cold turkey from Lortab and going nuts. High sensitivity to many meds. Surgeon gave me script for Norco, said they were the same and probably are, but made me more agitated than ever and he would not change it. Having no back pain (2 back fusions which came out fine but was in surgery over five hours. Said to call primary as it is now an anxiety problem. I take lorazepam for over 20 years for panic attacks which it is fine and all under control there. Primary doc did not care for way surgeon treated me. Offered me more Lortabs but I refused as no pain. All symptoms of withdrawal are with me and I cannot function, sleep, eat, prickly arms & legs some times. Also am going nuts. Surgery was March 29 this year. Hydrocodone should be out of system and only took 2 5-325 pills last time so it has been 5 days now and no relief . Is there anything else to be done. Please help me. I am 75 yrs old and also have cardiomyopathy. The surgery went well but was under anesthetic for over 5 years. Cannot sleep, writing this at 3:00 a.m. Please help me.
    Mrs. Nancy

  38. Successful back fusion surgery on March 29, 2016. I am 75 years old.. Now down to 4 5-325 hydrocodone (for Lortab) a day. Trying to get off completely as no pain so not needed. Having awful time. Dr. prescribed 5-325 (Norco) and said it was same as Lortab. Can’t take, very nervous, edgy and don’t know what to do. I will not take Norco. Am trying not to go crazy. I am also on 4 lorazepam a day (over 20 years now for panic and it helps me a lot) Tried to quit Lortab all at once and cannot do. How do I wean myself. Please help. extremely nervous and can’t sleep or concentrate on anything or do anything like cook meals, housework, etc. Please, please help.
    Thank you, Mrs. Nancy

  39. I just had surgery on my knee about 3 weeks ago it was on my acl and meniscus. I’m 18 never really took pills but my first prescription was 40 oxycodone 5/325 and that was for the first week. On my follow up the week after doc. Gave me another 40 script but of hydrocodone 10-325. Now I’m not an addictive type and I quit cold turkey after taking 80 of those pills within 12 days. Right now Its been 5 days since I took my last pill and I’m getting no sleep at all during the night and throughout the day. It makes me go Crazy at night when I can’t simply sleep… My leg no longer hurts either so I’m confused on why I can’t sleep .Is this withdrawals?

  40. Hi all. I have been taking 2-3 hydrcodone 7.5’s a day for about two months. On and off sometimes with weeks in between for several years. I am in constant pain (had multiple surgeries etc) which is why I have been taking them but I am concerned that I will develop a problem.. I realized this morning that I haven’t gone a day without taking one in quite a while. Can anyone tell me what kind of withdrawal I am looking at? I’m frustrated because i don’t know how to deal with being in pain all the time but I don’t want an addiction. Please help.

  41. I was injured in Afghanistan in 2010 with a fractured spine and compressed discs. Since the injury, I have escalated my opiate intake. Starting with low doses of Tramadol to now prescribed 100mg of hydrocodone a day plus I now need to buy pills illegally to get me through the month since my script doesn’t last more than 11 days. I feel like such a loser everyday since I now am in contact with the street drug dealer world and I am so addicted to these meds. I have suffered withdrawal a few times and swore I would never go through it again…but I need to stop. Recently I have contemplated suicide in fear of going through withdrawal but Im not sure how serious I am. I don’t know what to do. I used to have a really normal, simple life and I miss it. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  42. My husband had to begin drug court to avoid a jail sentence. He is a below the knee amputee and has been for approx 11 years. He was prescribed large amounts of high dosage hydrocodone, tramadol, and valium to ease the pain. He works in construction which is very strenuous on his body. He is not allowed to take any medicine whatsoever even if it is prescribed. He is be is being faced with having to quit cold turkey at home with no help from a physician. It is day two and he is experiencing severe nausea,vomiting, diarrhea, muscle spasms, cold sweats, insomnia, and anxiety. I am very concerned about him and am needing suggestions. I don’t understand how the court can expect him to do this on his on without any help. He has been on these medications for years.

  43. had throat cancer — took chemo & radiation for the cancer–started 9 months ago on hydroco/apap @ 2 tablets of 10/325 3 times daily — approx. 6 hrs apart– am trying to find the best way to quit completely– taper withdrawl–have 26 tablets of 10/325 left– than have 80 tablets of 5/325 on hand & approx. 240 tablets of apap/codeineof 300-30 mg to taper — what is the best way to taper to minimize withdrawl pains while being possible to live with wife of 55 years– please give approx. best method of withdrawl — tablets of what when & when to drop to the next level

  44. I became addicted to hydrocodone after breast reduction surgery in 2011. I take more than prescribed and want to quit. I take it for back pain however my life has been ruined By hydro. I have no motivation, no desire to socialize and literally sit and smoke cigarettes all day for the last 5 years. I’m 51, my Prescription is for 5 per day, I take 8-10 per day by getting it other ways. I have a child, I have to work and have tried to detox at home and taper off but don’t have the willpower to do it. I fail and go back. I’m considering requesting my pain management dr to prescribe Msthadone or bupenorphrine to help me get off hydrocodone forever. But if I tell him how much I take, he will know I have outside sources. Will he help me or just stop giving me pain meds all together? I want a controlled, plan to detox using methadone or something similar. I want a plan in advance of how long I will be on methadone so I have a goal date to be medicine free. Will I be able to switch automatically off hydrocodone to methadone or do the Drs taper hydro while adding methadone? Will I be able to think and feel again while taking methadone or does it do the same thing to your mind that Hydro does? I understand people get addicted to methadone so I am confused. I know going cold turkey or tapering on my own won’t be successful. I need monitored support but do to high level position at company and Child with medical needs, I must be able to function as I get off hydrocodone. I’m so desperate to quit but so addicted I can’t. My ins does not cover addiction help, and I don’t have the option to just go somewhere for a week to go cold turkey. Any help is so appreciated. I am a sincere addict that must change. I am killing myself from no activity,chain smoking, weight gain and depression but I don’t want to die. Thank you.

  45. My sons doctor prescribed pain medicine for low back pain as well as a withdrawal medication. He had put him on Lexapro 8 months prior. I am so angry with him as 2 months later after my son passed away in his sleep i found these medications. I approached this doctor and asked him why he did not send him for bloodwork to determine what he was withdrawing from and to do an EKG. They said he had an enlarged heart. He should have ran nloodwork and tested my precious son before blindly treating him.

  46. Have been on hydrocodon for one month for total knee replacement & severe sciatica neve pain. My doseage was 10/325. Taking about 3 to 31/2 tablets daily. How can I tapped off this medication.

  47. I am 46 years old I have been to treatment before and stayed clean for five years. I started taking lortab about 3 years ago and it has taken over. I’m planning in quiting cold turkey starting tomorrow night. I have taken a week off work and have medications for nausea, diarrhea and percogesic for pain also have Passion flower for anxiety. I have also been percribed Xanax which I’m gonna use but sparingly because I don’t want but probably already am addicted to those. So I guess what I’m asking will these 9 days be enough. I even checked out a few treatment centers and even though I have insurance they still want a lot of money to go. I have a few friends that know I am going to do this and will be checking on me. I just want my peace back. I had it before and my natural sleep habits again. Please help with some support. Am I doing the right thing. I know the Xanax is also very addicting and I’m scared to death to suffer. Oh and I have also been prescribed lexapro. Which I’m still gonna take. Wish me luck on my journey to peace again and I’ll pray for me as well as all of you. Any feed back would be great.

  48. I’m planning to start detox in June by tapering down dosage. My pain management doctor is going to help me. June is good because kids out of school and less responsibility getting out the door. I’m on Norco 10/325, 5/day. I thought decreasing to 7.5, then 5 mg, then half 7.5mg, then half 5mg, then none. Also decreasing times per day as well. What say you?

  49. Sleep is such an important factor for patients to feel well. We specialize on medical inpatient opioid detoxification, and hydrocodone is one of the drugs we treat most patients from. The good news is that it usually gets better in a few days. It is important not to nap and move around during the day. You should ask your prescribing doctor if over the counter meds like Advil PM is right for you. The antihistamine helps you sleep, and it just might help with any other muscle pain as well.
    Good luck guys!

  50. I am trying to get off of this drug and I am down to two pills a day but I cannot sleep now for the last three nights. Should I go cold turnkey and endure the side effects of no sleep?

  51. I have been on narcos for about a year now. I haven’t had on in over 24 hours. Im very aggregated, i want to sleep all day. I have no motivation. Trying to sleep is just killing me. I hate i got addicted. I want this to go away. It makes me want to buy more. Please help. I want to quit and its driving me crazy.

  52. I have been on hydrocodone 10/325 for the past 9 weeks from having 3 big dental surgeries. Started out taking 20-30mg a day for the first 3-4 weeks and for the past 5 weeks been taking 40-50mg daily. I took 50mg on Sunday, on Monday I took 40mg, Tuesday and today(wed) I am taking 30mg. When should I drop the dose again and by how much? How bad would the withdrawls be if I quit cold turkey now. I am already having mild withdrawls/ anxiety/tired/aches, but nothing I can’t handle. I had really had diarrhea/cramping going down to 30mg, but that seems to have subsided. Like I said, I have been on them for 9 weeks and feel like I don’t need them anymore. I guess I’m just worried about how bad withdrawls will be. Thank you so much for your time! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have lots of pills left, but don’t need then anymore.

  53. I have/ been taking 5/325 hydrocodone 3xday for acute back pain for approx. 5 months. decided to wean off it. I tapered down to 1 1/2 tabs once a day . How should I continue to taper down as to reduce the withdrawal effects.

    1. Hi Steve. I suggest you speak with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  54. I have been on 5/325 hydrocodone for eight years. I’m Paralyzed From the chest down. I have Anxiety I take Xanax for my anxiety. I’m trying to Taper Myself off The hydrocodone. I did take 3 a day. For the last two days I have taking 2 pills every 12 hrs. I don’t know how long I should stay on 2 pills a day. I also don’t know how I can taper from 2 pills. Can u please help. I can’t go cold turkey. There is no one to help me to get up and get me food an something to drink. I don’t have any support. I also have depression. I don’t take nothing for it. I have tried all kinds of depression meds. They don’t agree with me. Also I don’t know what I should do about the pain I’m having Neuropathy pain. That’s why I started the Hydrocodone

  55. Hello–
    I am not addicted to hydrocodone but I fear I can become addicted. Since August 2015 I have been prescribed hydrocodone for multiple GI issues and my doctors and I are still working on tests for other issues.
    My concern is that my tolerance has grown and my pain frequency and intensity has increased in the last five months.
    The last time I went an entire week without requiring the drug was after Christmas.
    It has been several months since I have gone more than 3 days without taking the drug. Although my GP, therapist, GI Doctor, Psychiatrist and mother (whom I live with) are all aware of my exact intake and are monitoring me, I would like a long term goal of being opiate free and an immediate goal of drastically reducing frequency and dosage amount. I am currently at 30mg per day.
    I only take them for severe pain and only at night time. I refuse to be on them during the day because I want to be able to drive and feel normal. I am in a lot of pain during the day but by Nigjt time I have had enough.
    The last 6 weeks I have had only 1-2 days every 6-9 where I don’t take the drug.
    I’m concerned because this Friday I decided not to take it not matter how much pain I was in. I could not sleep and akastesia and restless limbs. I had to violently swing my Arms and legs around to relieve it. By 7am the pain combined with RLS drove me to take half of a pill. I was so upset.
    So I think that means my body may be withdrawing from the medication, which means I may be dependent?
    I plan on continuing all my medical treatment but I wish I didn’t have to take so much so often.
    Since I don’t take it round the clock and have had days off in between, will my withdrawal be similar to as if I had taken them everyday all day?
    Another reason I fear addiction (aside from my father being an alcoholic) is that it provides relief for depression and mild relief for anxiety. I end up upset for taking it anyway but I feel better on it.
    Some days I would look forward to not just the pain relief but also the increased mood and ability to relax.
    I have told all the doctors/therapists I see about my concerns but I have received no concrete advice yet. Just to take it as directed.
    Every night now I plan on not taking it and I feel like a failure for taking it.
    And the few nights now that I can bear through the pain, the depressed mood and akastesia/RLS is unbearable.

    I’m also scared that I’m going to have horrible withdrawals if I try to stay off them for 3 days or more.

    I wish someone could tell me exactly what to do besides to take the pills as directed. I’m afraid I will upset my brain chemistry beyond repair.

    I have been researching Vicodin obsessively and cannot find an answer.

    If a taper is recommended how do you taper from 30 mg when it’s not a long term or daily use?

    Thank you
    This has been bothering me for so long.

  56. My question is can I take Methadone 10 mg a day? To help with my withdrawals until I get my next RX in 15 days which I will then ween myself off. I’m 46 and have been taking about 10-20 pills a day of 10/325 Norcos for over 8 years started taking them for back and knee surgeries, I’m well over the pain but need to stop it’s causing family problems just became a grandma and have to stop and can’t see my granddaughter until I have stopped its killing me, I have done this before about 12 years ago I was in bed for a week couldn’t sleep and had the terrible Restless legs but that’s about it however I was taking 750 viodons and for a shorter period of time. I have no more Norcos left and don’t get another RX for 15 days, I have Xanax which I will take and Passion flower. Will the methadone work?

  57. I want to wean myself off 4 Norco a day for 6 years, prescribed for FM pain. Will I have withdrawal symptoms? If so, what can I expect?

    1. Hi Lee. Withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. It all depends of various factors such as duration of usage, intake, the body, etc. There is a variety of symptoms you may experience when withdrawing from Narco. Some symptoms include: confusion, drowsiness, diarrhea, sleep disorders, stomach pain, etc. Before starting to wean off, I suggest you consult a doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule. Also, speak with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counter aid, teas and home remedies to ease withdrawal.

  58. Why do I have abdominal pain cramping trying not to take Norco 10/325? I have withdrawal pain after sleeping past a regular time to take it. Say my last dose was midnight. I wake up at 0439-0500, feeling withdrawal sx. How can I decrease over entire 24hr day? I hate being awaken needing a pill.

  59. I want to be off Norco 10/325mg this summer. I’m 61, taking last 5yrs for chronic pain. After completing procedures for back &other joint pain, have plan to d/c summer when nowhere have to be. My pain phys is going to help me. I will not replace w other addictive drugs. I’m scared but don’t want to live by the pill. I take 5xday. How do you cut back? Same dosage &reduce frequency, or cut dose same frequency? How does one decrease gradually?

    1. Hi Deborah. I suggest you speak with a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

    1. Hi Sandra. Passionflower or apricot vine, is used as a dietary supplement for anxiety, stress, and sleep. It is available dried, or as liquid extract, capsules, or tablets. You may find more facts on passionflower here:

      Also, I think it may be found in a pharmacy.

  60. I am in horrible pain awaiting surgery. In the meantime my Dr. has put me on hydrocodone to help with the pain. The surgery will not be until June. My dosage is 10-325 whatever that means. I’ve been on this for several months only because I have had to have so many tests to determine my problem. Ends up I have to have a spinal fusion and believe me when I say the pain is sometimes unbearable. I’m concerned by being on this pain medication I will be addicted to it. I take about 4 per day. Please let me know if I need to be concerned and if so what do I do? I don’t think I can go without something for this pain because sometimes I can hardly walk it’s so bad. I’m in pain 24/7 unless I take this pain medication. Never faced anything like this before, but scared not to take it, scared to take it. Please help!

  61. I have been taking 10 MG of hydrocodone everyday for 3 years for aches and pains. I don’t snort them, I take it regularly and a 5mg in the morning and 5mg at night. I haven’t missed a day but when I did I had a bad headache, body aches, sweating and it made me feel real anxious. How long will it take for those to go away since I didn’t take a high dose and I never upped my dose, just 10 MG a day

  62. Suboxone worked to eliminate withdrawal symptoms but did nothing for pain. Now back on 80mg Hydro and 120 mg MS Contin…

  63. Please help me. I have 2 kids that need me. My son has OCD and is16. My daughter will be 12 this month. I need to get off hydrocodene. I have been on it for 10 years. I have been on the same dose for 3 years 8 10/325 per day I have dosed down to 6 1/2 over the last few weeks. I have significant pain neck. My doctor prescribes it. I am afraid that’ the laws will change and i will be in big trouble. Please someone advise me. I can’t afford rehab and my husband is not supportive.

  64. I take 1 and one half 10.? Lortab a day and wear a Butran 20 patch that I change once a week. My question When tapering off of Lortab am I supposed to go to one-half tablets twice a day for several weeks ( if so about how many?) and then go to one- half a day for a few weeks. I have been taking Lortab for several years for a chronic back pain condition but would like to get off of it . Thanks for helping me.

  65. I am going to have to detox and go to work at the same time. I do construction so I am outside, the cold sweats are like torture when the ice cold wind hits. Does anybody have any suggestions to help with the pain that occurs from the cold sweats outside
    Ive got Sunday and Monday to get the worst behind me any suggestions.

  66. Hello, I have been taking hydrocodone for about 3 months for a herniated disk. I have surgery next month. I take 3 10-325 a day. ( a lot I know but the pain in my left leg is torture) yesterday while at work I had a horrible panic attack and was taken to the hospital. I explained to them my problem and they did an EKG and drew blood. Nothing out of the norm. I am pretty healthy. I was given a small IV of Ativan and it helped emensely. I haven’t taken any hydrocodone for 32 hours. The anxiety is back… And bad… And now I have the chills…. I am terrified for no reason at all… I was very lucky today and got away with just taking Advil. Please help. I would appreciate any advice. Thank you.:(

  67. I been on norco 10/325 and tramadol 50 for 4 years I would take 6 norcos and 7 tramadols a day what do I need to do to ween myself off?

    1. Hi, Antinique. I suggest you consult a doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule only for you. Good luck!

  68. My mom is 79 and is on 3 Loritabs a day for arthritis pain. She just broke her second hip. It makes her groggy, accident probe, and has killed all desire to care about anything but get that next pill and go to sleep. Do doctors know what they are giving to elderly? She lives at home with my dad who is 83. It is so difficult trying to reason with her.

  69. I also wanted to say I’m scared that I may start taking the oxycodone just to help me when off from the hydrocodone. The only reason I want to do this is because I only have very few pills left of the hydrocodone and I have about 90 of the oxycodone 30 milligrams and I feel I could do a tapering with that and get off this mess!, I wouldn’t know how to taper off oxycodone except I guess I will just start with one fourth of a pill and go from there I really don’t know maybe somebody here to help me thanks to all!

  70. I have been talking hyrocodone for sever months now. Bit I have only been taking 10mg 325..The most i.take in a day is one on a daily basis. Then some day I take none. I had a , perscription for 90 of them since August! I only have a few left and want to stop taking them. I it by tapering often, not sure if I have enough to do that. I have cut them in half and also did a 1/4 .I took a half this morning and I don’t want to take anymore. I’ve been reading this board a lot and it scares me but also gives me hope! I was on oxycodone after my neck surgery.was switched over to a hydrocodone..I still have a whole bottle of them bit I don’t want nothing to do with them! I have generalized anxiety disorder so that part as far as withdrawn I think I will be okay with. I just don’t know about this wedding and I don’t want to get the flu like symptoms and I don’t know if that’s going to be possible in my case any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated thanks for listening and I hope someone can help thank you all so very much!

  71. Im trying to get off of my pain medication at home a was wondering when tapered down should I take my Xanax to help with the pain? And how many should I take a day? Thanks im also trying to take care of a 8 month old child..

    1. Hi, Charlene. Since every drug affects each person differently, I suggest you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule just for you.

  72. I think that if I was able to be in a sedated state, thru the process, it would be more comfortable. I want to stop but the withdrawals have even caused me to have a seizure. Should I seek medical detox, or Suboxone? Thanks!

  73. I have been on hydrocodone for 10 years now. I used to take 3 or 4 a day just to function and not get sick. I have stole and done stupid things just to get more pills. I have slowly gone from 20 a week to 15 a week and now 5 but tomorrow I will be joining a rehab for inpatient treatment. I know I can’t get off on my own and that I need medication for depression and anxiety. For all you people saying you don’t have money or insurance for a doctor or rehab neither do I. All you have to do is Google free rehabs in your area call one and see if you qualify. Plus I see everyone thinking this will be a three or four thing and poof you will be okay. I’m sorry to burst your bubble but it can take months for withdrawal and symptoms to ease up. I wish I never started taking these pills but I know I can get off them. Good luck to everyone trying to get off all I can say is try to stay healthy exercise and stay busy and keep your mind of those PILLS!!!!#

  74. I have lupus. I have had it for going on 14 yrs now and I have been on norcos goin on 4 yrs now. I was at a point in my life were I was takin way to many I would get 120 from pain doctor and they would be gone within a week. Now I’m down to taken anywhere from 4 to 20 or more a day depending on if I can get them or not. My concern is my lupus has already effected my kidneys and I have degenerating disc disease and my L4 and L5 are tilted and the cartilage in between my disc are deteriorating. I’m also border lined osteoporosis. And I’m tryin to get off of these Norcos and whines myself off of them my self but every time my lupus seems to flare what can I do or should I do so it doesn’t affect my lupus and cause me to have a flare. I have a 14 yr old son that I live and adore and it’s seems if I don’t take the pain meds I’m not able to do the things I’d like to with him. I’ve went to friends and family for help but has gotten me no where. Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much sondra

  75. I am tapering with Doctor supervision . We are going relatively slowly. Will I still experience paws at the end of this. Also, what do you do if you need another surgery .

  76. I have been taking vicodin (7.5 now) for years. Currently 4 per day. I am tapering by taking only 2 per day. What can I expect?

    1. Hello Dolores. If your tapering schedule was created with the help of a doctor, then you should be fine. Since Vicodin affects each person differently, its withdrawal symptoms might vary from one person to the next. Some of Vicodin withdrawal symptoms include anxiety and agitation, diarrhea, abdominal cramps, erratic moods, etc. Here’s a text that you could find helpful:

  77. My husband has been on hydrocodone since late 2008 for chronic back pain after 3 back surgeries. He is right now trying to detox at home due to the fact that he is too imbarassed to get help. I am trying to help help every way I can but he is still in extreme agony and starting to get depressed. He is prescribed Prozac but won’t take it. He really wants to get off these pain pills but is being very stubborn right now and not allowing me to help w him with the research I have been doing. I have gotten him a non-habit forming sleep aim and I am trying to get him to take Tylenol for the pain and to drink a lot of water while decreasing his caffeine intake. He is refusing to try any of this because I am not a doctor I just like Google. Is there any information you could give me to try to help him out with this and to make him feel more comfortable with me helping him than just letting him ride it out? Thank you in advance

  78. Hydrocodone and all opiates when taken daily, eventually changes how your metabolism functions, specially endorphins and any organ that requires fluids. Regulating once you stop or even decrease the dosage, can be very hard without medical assistance. There is no set rule on how difficult and lengthy it can be, because how each person experiences withdrawal varies radically. We provide a number of different inpatient treatments, usually from 5 to 10 days. I believe the reason we have such a great success, is because we individualize every treatment to the patient specific needs. In some cases it is possible to titrate at home, but you should definitely consult a physician to maintain your safety and comfort through this difficult process. Wish you all the best!

  79. Hello Mary, I am a 58 year old female. I’ve been taking hydrocodone for 16 years. Three years ago I decided to decrease my dose from 3 #10/500 a day to 2 # 7.5/300 a day to control my chronic pain from Hidradenitis Supertiva, fibromylgia, and RA. After several other methods this was the only one that helped with all three. My doctor, because of new laws and not wanting to be “watch by the feds”, told me he is no longer dispensing the pain medicine. Told me to detox off by decreasing 10%, and gave me 20 pills to do so. 4 days ago I took the last half and my body is screaming in pain. The dosage of 4 aleve along with 2 Tylenol at a time made me sick, this is what my doctor told me to take for my pain. I am not sleeping, going on three days now because of the pain. I don’t know what to do. I’ve also broke out with Hidradenitis because of the stress my body is under.

  80. I am 58 years old female with several diseases and disabled. I have used loratab for 16 years to control the chronic pain. I have tried several other medications, none have been as successful helping all of them except what I am on. My doctor, because of new government laws,” does not want the feds looking over his shoulder”, direct quote from him, has stopped dispensing the pain medicine. Told me to either detox myself, gave me 20 and told me to decrease by 10% , or I could go to a detox center. The main disease I have, when my body is under stress will break me out with something similar to boils that grow as big as grapefruit and then bust open and leak for days, months, or even years. It’s called Hidradenitis Supertiva. The last time I had any pain medication was 4 days ago and the pain I am in is unbearable so much so I’ve broken out in three areas. My doctor offered no help in detoxing off this. My question is; is this even legal for him to do? Also, none of the pain medication over the counter are helping. My doctor did suggest taking 4 aleve and two Tylenol all at once to control the pain. I tried this and became very sick. Do you know of anything that can help? There are no other doctors in my area that dispense pain medication.

  81. I’m scared!!! I first started taking them for my back after i had my son. In January will be two years since I’ve been taking norcos. I tried to not take them one day. I can’t even begin to say how i felt. I honestly thought i was going to die. I had a non stop anxiety attack until finally in the evening i took a pill. Every morning i wake up and take 1. Through out the day i take half of a half of 10 mg a couple times. That’s my slowing down. I’m scared!

  82. My husband has been taking Hydrocodone for over a year and is tapering. He is having a very hard time sleeping and has been using anti diarrea pills and nyquil to help him sleep. I am worried he may go from one addiction to another. Is there something safe that can help him sleep? Another question I have is my husband is a Kidney Stone making machine. If and when he has another Kidney Stone, what will be safe for him to take for the pain?

  83. My husband has been taking Hydrocodone for over a year and is tapering. He is having a very hard time sleeping and has been using anti diarrea pills and nyquil to help him sleep. I am worried he may go from one addiction to another. Is there something safe that can help him sleep?

  84. I am on day five with no hydrocodone. I made the decision myself to stop after I had realized that they weren’t taking my pain away anymore. I had been taking them for the past four years 200 pills a month. Am I over the worst part of the withdrawal yet?

  85. I been taking norcos for about 5 years it started with me getting diagnosed with fibromyalgia then I started using more and more going to er begging the pain was always there I ended up finding out I have lupus my pain medicine doctor gave me 7a day more I got so addictive I want off and will not leave my kids I want to do it at home with the right medicine and get off these drugs that token over my life I want my life back how can I tell my doctor that I want off I can’t do this I’m running out of medicine every month I went through the withdrawal it’s the most horrible and terrible thing I ever experienced is there something that he will give me to get off so I won’t feel it too bad I have kids and a husband I want to get them out pleas help me

  86. I have abused hydro for 4-5 years.. Up to 30-40 10-325.. Withdrawal was always the reason for giving ip on stopping.. My last dose was 6 10-325 pills at 9 am Sat. It is now Wed 2pm and have not even felt a single wd symptom less mild cravings but not all that bad… Must say.. Today im craving more than any day since stopping.. How i have been successful so far.. Sat at 7pm took 3 otc tagamet washed with a glass of white Grapefruit juice.. Waited 30 min and took 24 2mg loperamide pills(immodium) with a glass(large) of grapefruit juice….the ggeneric lopermide work and far cheaper.. Sun 8am repeated.. Sun 7pm repeated.. Best bet is before bed load up on a powder fiber supplement.. You dont want to clog your bowels or intestines. Monday.. Same as sunday.. Tues 8am repeated except lower lopermide to 16 2mg pills. Tues 9pm repeat but lower lopermide to 12 2 mg pills… REMEMBER YOUR FIBER SUPPLEMENT B4 BED… Today repeated TUES but each lopermide dose @ 12 2mg pills… For TTHURS I will go to 8 lopermide anf FRI TO 6.. Sat 4 SUN 2 and IM FINISHED… that will be 7 1/2 days no HYDROCODONE.. Now i fully expect to experience mild WD symptoms for the next week but probably mostly mental.. I have attended any AA or NA meeting I can attend in the evening and will be attending a 3 night a week for a month Outpatient rehab for support… I will quit for good and a total of aprox $45 invested in otc medicines.

  87. I used to be addicted to several different drugs! My first was OxyContin. Then suboxone to come off it! The suboxone was the worst to come off I stoped cold turkey. Then like a fool I got addicted to nerve pills. I preferred zanax! I am now clean I stoped the zanax cold turkey also. I have been clean four years. I find it very sad that the government has not yet outlawed doctors and pharmacys to hand these out! They need to take them off the market. I would rather be in severe pain then suffer from drug addiction and I am sure I am not the only person that feels that way . Get it off the market!!! People you are killing people

  88. I have been taking hydro. for over 17 years everyday. I’m now trying to get off hydro. I have been cutting back for 6 a day to one a day now 1/2 of a 10 mg last night. I have 1 and a 1/2 pills left. Should I take what’s left or just put them in the trash. Will I need to watch for any server withdrawals? I’m scared, I don’t know what to look for.

  89. I just went to get my hydro filled which as you know you refill day before you run out. My insurance refused to fill it because I am also on tramadol. I am 62, have severe nerve entrapment in my vaginal and rectal area. For 20 yrs I’ve been fighting this pain. It is chronic and I am in pain 24\7. I’ve never abused any of my meds. I have 2 pills left and I am scared to death. I know how horrible its going to be from being in hospital when they didn’t or couldn’t give it to me. I know from the past when my pain gets so severe I can’t take it I become sucidal. I have been doing pretty good with my meds the way they are. I take 7.5/325 app hydroCodone , 50 MILLIGRAMS TRAMADOL AND 600 MILL. OF GABAPINTINE EVERY 6 HRS. 2HAT DO WE DO TO HELP 2H3N WE HAVE NO NOTICE AND WE HAVE CHRONIC PAIN!! NOT JUST GETTING OFF OF THE DRUG. I AM ON MEDICARE!! I CANT AFFORD EXPENSI E MEDS.I THOJGHT MY DR. DID MY HEALTH CARE NOT MY INSURANCE.. ANY IDEAS WILL HELP!! DARLENE

  90. I’ve been raking hydro codoine for about 5 yrs. started taking half a pill every night to help sleep, now I’m up to four a day. I recently decided to get off them it’s been about 7 days Ive tapered down to half a pill a night when will withdraws ease. The restless leg,wrist, elbows is the worst I can never fall asleep.

  91. I have been taking 12-15 5/500 hydrocodone for approximately 3 weeks. I have decided to quit cold turkey at home. How severe will the withdrawl be? Had I taken them lo g enough to have much of a withdrawl?

  92. Hello, I have been using hydrocodone for about a year now, with an average dose of about 4-5 10mg pills daily. I have just run out of the medication and am forced to withdraw cold turkey. Luckily I do not have to work until Sunday, so i will have had 3 1/2 days to come down…I am HIGHLY MOTIVATED at this point to stop taking them (it started as a true need for TMJ relief, then became recreational). I had quit cocaine cold turkey in the past because I simply ran out of money…and now have no desire whatsoever to ever do that again! I am starting to resent hydrocodone and can see the financial, social, and other aspects of my life it has taken from me…just like I did the cocaine, so I feel that if I could do that at home, this shouldn`t be any worse…I know from research (and maybe a day here and there without the pills) what I can expect…I do have people to support me during this process, but is there anything else you can suggest to help ease the pain besides regular pain relievers? I guess I`m looking for things like hot showers, etc, that sort of thing. I am aware this won`t be easy, but I dont have the financial means to consult a doctor…another reason why I cannot wait to close this chapter of my life. I am on celexa for anxiety already as well. Any advice is welcomed!

  93. Dear Deborah,
    We see quite a few patients in your same situation and they are very successfully in the detoxification process. If you have a doctor following you through the withdrawal phase, that is wonderful… I wish you all the best and may you have an easy and safe process.

  94. Only recently have I realized the horrors of Hydrocodone addiction. Last yr my niece lost her 28 yr old mother due to accidental OXY OD. My best friend’s daughter left a baby behind. She was 35. My high school friend OD’d. Now I never thought would happen to me. I’m now 60 yrs old. Been taking pain meds over 2 yrs going to pain management. Every day I worry I’m next. Getting guts to change and have my doctor get me off. He said when I’m ready. Well, I think I am. Please wish me luck.

  95. I recently started HysinglaER 30mg w/10mg Norco breakthrough pain. Started Hysingla 60mg, but felt too much. Made me paranoid taking w/20mg day Norco. Now find need to take Norco 10mg 3x instead of 2x day. Feeling withdrawal. Don’t “like” Hysingla ER because no immediate effect like short acting Norco. I’ve had back inj . Just want to stop now but afraid. Tried withdrawal on my own. My pain mgmt phys will taper me when ready. Debating to finish out RX then start withdrawal.

  96. Is it true tramadoll can be used to help get off the narco? I was taking 8-12 10.5 a day. Im now down to only 2, 7-3.75 in the morning and taking tramadoll the rest of the day. Seems to be working with the withdrawal symptoms.

    1. Hi Ellen. It’s best to consult your doctor before starting to taper doses down. Your dose, as well as the time period you’ve been taking the medication should be taken into consideration when constructing a tapering schedule. Your doctor can also help prescribe some meds and suggest over-the-counter medications that will help manage hydrocodone withdrawal symptoms as they occur.

  97. I have been tapering down from 6 Norco a day to 3 now, Having severe involuntary muscle jerking. This issue has made me discontinue the attempt to quit several times. Is there anyway to alleviate this??? I am starting a nursing program in 5 weeks and need to pass drug test. I am prescribed Norco by doctor for damaged knees, but have been told narcotic pain meds are simply not acceptable. Any help on the muscle jerking would be appreciated.

  98. I have heard that Robituccin cough medicine or tablets along with ammodium AD is a way to ease the withdrawl discomfort. Is that true?

  99. I have sciatica and a bulging disc in my back, the kind of pain that makes me get up and walk around to try to escape. Neither is treatable–the patches don’t do anything but numb my skin, and attempts to block the pain of the disc with intravenous blocks have failed. I’m ok with taking hydrocodone for pain, but I’m concerned that there are no alternatives to it if I quit. I’m wondering if it is affecting my IBS, which has been exacerbated by the medication I have to take since my thyroid was removed. I’m currently on my fourth, and all are giving me stomach cramps. (I’m also sick to death of throwing up every morning–a side effect of IBS, apparently.) I’m ok with staying on it (hydrocodone, four 5.325 without ibuprophen, most days, sometimes three), but wonder if eventually it will stop working. I’m 67 years old and also have high blood pressure and am migraine prone (don’t take H for that). I also take one alprazolam for sleep and Lovastatin for cholesterol. If the hydrocodone isn’t worsening my IBS, I’d prefer to keep taking it. What do you think?

  100. I have been taking 10-325’s for about 2 years. I have taken as many as 10-12 a day. I have been weaning myself off but I am still at 4 a day. I have 20 left. Any recommendations on how to wean down with this many left.

    1. Hi Joan. Talk to a doctor or a pharmacist first to get instructions on how to taper doses safely. A slow and gradual taper can really lower the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms, but you may use medical help if needed. If you feel aches and pains you can use Ibuprofen or Advil to soothe them. Try hot packs or icy hot creams for chills. You can ask your pharmacist about temporary sleep medications if you are having troubles sleeping. Also, for GI tract disturbances ask for medications that can treat diarrhea/constipation/upset stomach.

  101. I have been taking hydrocodone 10-500 for over 3 years for chronic pain.My medication went missing so I wasnt able to gradually decrease to detox.I am on day 4 and have been having alot of agitation and restlessnes alo alot of sneezing.Last night I tried taking 2 tylenol pms before bed and woke up agan in 3 hours took 2 more and woke up again feeling agitated.Is there anything else that will help me to relax and not have these symptoms or should i go to a treatment center? and when will i be done with withdrawal symptoms?

    1. Hello Jacki. Withdrawal usually peaks at about 72 hours after your last dose. Then, it takes a week before physical symptoms begin to even out and you can begin to feel more comfortable in your body. Ibuprofen or Advil can help with aches and pain; hot packs or icy hot creams can help with the chills. Medications to take care of diarrhea and temporary sleep aids can get you through the initial phase of withdrawal so that you are not in agony. Ask your doctor or pharmacist about which medications you can use to lessen withdrawal symptoms and make this process as comfortable as possible.

  102. I’ve been on hydrocodone 10 325 for 18 months o take 5 a day for severe foot pain, and sometimes I take up to 8 in a day because they help me relax and sleep pretty good, so….that leaves me short for the next refill, sometimes I’m a week short of pills

  103. I have been taking 2 Norco at night for sleep for the last 4 years, sometimes just one. Will I still experience withdrawals if I stop? I have trouble with restless leg syndrome and the Norco helps with that.

    1. Hello Monica. Yes, you most probably will experience withdrawal symptoms, which will be even more intense if you quit cold turkey. Your organism has gotten dependent to Norco and it will seek it as the medication is cleared from your system, this is what triggers the withdrawal effects. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about how to safely lower doses and relief the intensity of the symptoms.

  104. I was in an accident on the job and as a result , my leg was amputated. I have been taking 10.325 3x a day for 26 months +. I just moved to Florida from Texas and I have a hard copy prescription but Walgreens will not fill because it’s out of state. Withdrawing already and need help.

    1. Hi Troy. You will need some medical help to go through the process. You can call the helpline number you see on the page to ask for hydrocodone detox help.

  105. I have been addicted to 10/325mg hydros for quite some time. Began taking them around 8 years ago, got as high as 7-9 a day recently before I quit. So this was probably a dumb idea to go c/t, but I have to for court reasons. I took my last dose, quite a big one, at 9am Sunday morning. It is now shortly after noon on Wednesday. The remainder of Sunday was skiddish, Monday was pure hell. I believe because I had not taken my xanax or ambien either (had withdrawal sleep sunday night). So as I was going through hell monday, I was taking Immodium, and reached my 34th hour monday night and took a very low (100mg) dose of tramadol. I was prescribed this way back in 2009 and told it was non-narcotic. Now I see conflicting reports about that all over the internet. Anyway, I haven’t taken any since – keep in mind this was monday night, just have stuck to my prescribed xanax, ambien, and then taking vitamins and minerals suggested. My main question is what hour of withdrawal am I in? Did the one low dose of tramadol take me back to zero, because honestly it only provided a very brief reprieve and yesterday I still felt like I am w/d – and right now I can tell I am still w/d. But it has now been a little over 72 hours since my last lortab dose. Can anyone help answer this – am I really in my 72nd hour?

    @Guidog every since I went cold turkey Sunday I have been reading constantly – and aside from some slight Post-acute stuff – you got the bad parts beat. Everything I read is that the horrible part of w/d is 3-7 days. So if you’re up to 19 days – some post acute should be about it. You can research PAWS. But as absolutely awful as my first 72 hours has been – PAWS sounds like a dream to me – kind of like a mind-over-matter deal. If we were strong to get here, I believe we are strong enough to get over it. I really want to know how you made it through the first week. That’s where I am. And if you made to 19 days and she is just now noticing some shakes? How did she not see the first week?

    @RC I think the xanax has helped me in the cold turkey approach. Not sure about tapering, I did not taper (and I have regretted that immensely)

  106. I’m tapering off Hydrocodone. Can I use Xanax to stop the jitters I get for a couple days each time I decrease the dose?

  107. have taken two or three 10/325 hydrocodone pills for over twenty years. I stopped cold turkey 19 days ago. had about 5 tough nights of restless leg, bed sweats, and no sleep. Am doing much better now and hope to never go back. I have no support. have not told anyone. my wife told me today my hands were shaking a little. I told her I was under a lot of stress. I plan on telling her after I reach thirty days off. any suggestions would be appreciated.

  108. Jen, ur withdrawn symptoms sound the closest i’ve read to mine. especially RLS and i feel like i’m gonna throw up, then i just sneeze. My whole body feels really busy, like a computer defragging. have to get off this cuz it’s affecting other parts of my health.

  109. Hello Shanna. Usually, a slow taper off hydrocdone can minimize withdrawal symptoms…but you will need an alternative method to cope with underlying physical pain. Buprenorphine or tramadol might be sometimes used in some cases of extreme hydrocodone dependency, but may not be accessible in an outpatient setting. Check in with a pharmacist for more details about alternatives.

  110. I am a supporter of someone who is coming off YEARS of regulor Hydrocodone use for pain management. He has stopped dosage fairly abruptly. What should I look for? How can I help him? Right now he seems to have frequent “flu like” complaints, very restless sleep and he’s either really cold or really hot.

  111. I am addicted to hydrocodone to the point where I am in pain and miserable every morning when I wake. I take about 100mg throughout each day. I am ready to stop but have not been successful with the cold turkey route. This is mostly because I am a stay at home mother of three and none of my family, including my husband, is aware of my addiction. I have an appointment with a doctor that treats substance abuse on 12/30 and have just enough pills to make it through the day prior to my appointment. I am extremely nervous of how much help I will receive at the appointment. My question is if the doctor will require a detox period prior to prescribing something to help me or if they typically are able to prescribe something that day so that I can avoid withdrawal and continue to care for my kids uninterrupted. I know every doctor is different but I’m asking for a General type answer in how this usually takes place. Thanks for any answers you can give.

  112. Hello everyone I thank you for all your blogs. I was put on lortabs after my miscarriage then again after a csection then teeth surgery then hernia and etc etc so here I am 2 almost 3 yrs later addicted and finding it very hard I am scared that is the honest truth just scared I go to meetings and my husband is sober and does not know what I have been doing I feel like such a rotten person my family does not deserve this. My neighbor gave me some methadone to help with withdrawls but don’t want to get into that either nice to know I am not alone but still I am scared but I will do this I am strong in every area of my life but this has got me any input or just to be able to say hi I am scared is nice:

  113. Hello Keith. A doctor can advise you best and help you create a tapering schedule that will fit your needs. I don’t know your medical history and can’t examine you, can’t even monitor your state as you taper. Hydrocodone withdrawal should be medically supervised and may need to be helped with medications.

  114. I’m addicted to nurofen plus for 5years now and it got worse when my dad died 2years ago,my problem is huge and some days I can take between 70 too a100 of them.i recently started using methadone,this is my second day so I’m not getting carried away yet,if this doesn’t work it will kill me and I have a beautiful wife and 2adorable daughters.i take 20ml of methadone a day and I’m just wondering how long do I stay on this,by the way I already have a colostomy bag which I have a year but it can be reversed I hope.please help me I’m so depressed from this life.jason.thank you.

  115. hello and thank you for your helpful imformation.i have been 0n hydrocodeine for about a year.and my pass tells me I have a addiction problem.i am being treated for depression and panic attacks.i taks from 7 to 9 10 mg pills a day.i am so scared to withdraw and I keep thinging I will not be able to function with out them.what do you suggest the amounts of tapering show be.i don’t have any idea.i just want to feel normal again please.i look forward to hearing back from you.thank you keith

  116. Hi Angelia. It’s a highly individualized thing. It’s best and safest to see a doctor, ask him to create a tapering schedule for you and follow through. Plus, you’ll get all advise on what to expect and what can help you with particular withdrawal symptoms.

  117. I have a question: I have been taking 2 hydrocodones a day for several months, sometimes 3 a day. How many do I need to take to taper off the hydrocodones? What is the dosage?

    Thank you for any help you can give.

  118. Hi Jen. Why don’t you see your doctor and have him create a tapering schedule for you. You’ll be gradually lowering doses to minimize the withdrawal discomfort, and you won’t be going through so much pills. Talk to your doctor about the symptoms you’re experiencing.

  119. Hi, I recently had a bad horseriding accident app.10 weeks ago. I was initially prescribed hydro/acet 5/325 and for the first 6.5 weeks was taking anywhere from 4-6 total thruout day. I had knee surgery/acl repair on oct.15th and was Rx oxycodone 10mg , first 2-3 every 4-6 hours. I was on it for about two weeks, and used up the entire Rx which was#80( I think) I am back on hydro/aceto and trying to take it only before bed 1-2 pills, but occasionally I am taking 1-2 in middle of day for knee pain. I take advil in am also. I am having terrible RLS for past week, which is worsening past week, and I am now nauseous and dry heaving , mostly in am. I don’t have the appetite I used, and I feel a tightening in my chest, like I am nervous and anxious. I have suffered from panic attacks and anxiety after the death of my father and was given Buspar which helped. I feel like I am having minor anxiety attacks. Do you think I am suffering from withdrawals and what should I do at this point…ride it out. I have about 20 pills left at this point and I am certain that my ortho dr. will not give me anymore. Thanks for any advice you can offer. jen

  120. Someone with Dave’s history, should definitely have a medical supervised detoxification. You cannot discard the blood pressure and heart rate effects during withdrawal. If properly assessed and care for, it can be a smooth and safe process.

  121. Hi, I have taken Hydrocodone for about 6 years for a back injury. I am addicted to it now and take more than prescribed. I kind of know what to expect during the first couple of days..( it’s like a really bad cold or flue) I want to stop taking them. I am depleating my bank account to pay for this stuff. I keep relapsing, though. I have all the resolve in the world when I start, but after 2 or 3 days of misery I fold. I want to stop feeling guilty, hiding it from my husband, straining my marriage ( He knows I am addicted, but does not know the extent. I feel like I would do better and last longer in my sobriety if I had a support system, but I have none.
    God, I hope this is a legit website….I need to detox at home. I hope you can provide insight, and support. I really need help.
    Thank you so much for your time

  122. Hello Dave. First, please read this text for more info on what to expect and what can be done about it:
    Ask for your family members to help you and support you, and most definitley have a doctor you can see or contact at any time. If you can pay for detox treatment, that would be the best considering your age.
    During withdrawal you probably won’t have the strength or will to eat and drink. But you have to take nutrients and most importantly, you have to stay hydrated.
    OTC medicines that can help you are: Imodium for diarrhea; Benadryl, Antivert, Dramamine or Bonine for nausea; Tylenol or NSAIDS like ibuprofen for body aches and pains.

  123. 22 years from same dr. At last he was giving me 360 pills per visit. I tild my self to stop…taperedof the best I could through threw. About 125 in the toilet and that was 4 weeks ago. I’m still. Suffering like a beatup hound dog. No sleep at all. Crawling skin runs for weeks. So week that my 102 year old grandma could beat me The weakness really is veey bad.what to do brothers and sisters. Going on 1 month since dead stop.

  124. I have been taking hydrocodone about four months. I just had total hip replacement surgery a week ago at which point my doctor had put me on morphine per 8hrs and oxycodone prn instead. After a few days, I was feeling weird and felt like I was no longer needing the meds so Friday was my last dose of either. Thursday, I started having sweating and chills so Friday I had blood work to rule out infection. The sweats and chills are persistent and I can’t take it much more. How can I get over this detox easier? It is obviously too late to taper.

  125. I am 75 years of age and frightened (not to mention angry). I have been taking hydrocodone for 12 years now to relieve pain from failed back surgery. The hydrocodone helps make my life and pain manageable on a daily basis and allows me to do things other than concentrate on my back pain.

    Now that the DEA has rescheduled hydrocodone to a Schedule ll drug, it is only making it more difficult for us who do not abuse the medication. My VA dispenser has already asked me to get my civilian back doctor to re-evaluate my condition before they will dispense further doses of hydrocodone. They did tell me they will not cut me off abruptly. I know my present civilian back doctor does not think favorably of hydrocodone and has put up with me over the years. I doubt he will re-prescribe it. We have tried everything to relieve the pain from back injections to hanging up side down, but nothing works.

    So, here I am, probably going to have to go through miserable withdrawal because some people abuse drugs as they do so many other things. I take up to 8 tablets a day, (no more than 2 at a time every 4 or more hours) depending on the pain. Of course my body is dependent on the drug but my back doctor confuses dependence with addiction. If I were taking some other type of medication that you should not abruptly stop, I am sure he would not think of me as being addicted to that medication….just dependent.

    Sorry, I know this is not the place to rant, but I am frightened that at this stage in my life I am going to have to radically change and concentrate on pain rather than living. I am wiling to make the changes but it is totally un-necessary. I have read your information and thank you for the encouraging comments. Are there any vitamins or other stuff that can lessen the effects of withdrawal?

    Thanks for you help and patience,


  126. I truly appreciate the accuracy and responsibility on this blog. Most blogs out there on drug addiction have non medical personal giving advise of how to withdrawal from opiates. This blog give opinions of how some do, but always advising to seek doctors approval.
    We see so many patients in our hospital for Hydrocodone detoxification and how we detox them its truly based on medical and dependency history. There is not one answer or one protocol that would be effective or safe for all.

  127. Hi I have been taking 10 to 12 loratab 10s a day for 5 years then they switched me to narcos but the last 5 or 6 month I went from 10 to 12 to 20 to 30 10s a day I’ve tried to detox at home before it got so bad but couldnt do it now I’m trying it again is there anyone who can tell the best way I’m really struggling

  128. I have been taking narco 10mg for about 3 years for back issues and for a recent accident I had and due to the drug stores beingout and not wanting to fill them or it taking days for the pharmacy to get an approval .I have been forced into withdrawl.i have tapered down from 3 a day to one a day now I am trying 1/2 a day..the anexity and panic attacks are the worst I am on day 4of the tapering when will the anexity and panic attacks go away

  129. I was on 7.25 -325 hydrocodone for claudication leg pain for c.2 years. Realised I was habituated and with doctors care reduced it to 5-325 along with ricprinool.5 two before bed for rls.I recently took 3 1/2 tablets a day, trying to get off and for 36hrs. have not slept. My symptoms are involuntary muscle jerks but mostly at rest. As I write this I have become calm. Whats-up?I am thinking of just going back to the larger dose at two a day .I have never exceded doctors advice

  130. With the new legislation on Hydrocodone, I truly hope that doctors that are not willing to prescribe like they use to, will guide and assist their patients through a humane and effective manner through hydrocodone withdrawal. We are seeing a sudden panic from patients that have become addicted due to pain, that should be immediately addressed by the professionals that caused the issue in first place.

  131. Hi, I just went through two surgeries and I was on Narco 5/325 for two weeks every 4 hours, I then started to taper off using Advil for pain. I started taking two Narco per day with few Advil. However, that lead to more bleeding and a another surgery. I am now in some pain and my doctor said the best pain killer is still Narco 5/325. My third week I was taking two a day. My fourth week, after my surgery, I went back to 6 a day for 3 days. Now I am home trying to taper off by taking 1/2 when I have pain. That is about 1.5 per day, but I have random pain and sometime I have to take a whole to feel better. Now I am just taking it when I feel pain and I start with 1/2, if the pain persists, I add another 1/2. However, I noticed that when I am not taking it, I am sweating a lot, no appetite, my head on the back of my neck feels heavy, and I can’t sleep. Am I doing the right thing ? Any suggestions?

  132. I have been taking hydrocodone for about 17 months in addition I drink some alcohol. I need to stop and recently learned that the DEA will only allow for 30 days of hydrocodone with no call ins or faxes my doctor is an hour away and can’t see going there once a month. I have a bad case of nerve facial damage that is the reason for the med but must find another solution. I might just have a problem with this stuff at this point and see my Doc 1 Oct what should I tell him?

  133. I just felt like throwing my 2 cents in. I was taking 6 10/325 Norco’s a day for 5 years (for a cervical fusion that did not work) from my pain management doctor. One day back in march I decided to quit cold turkey. IT WAS TOUGH! But I did it. The chills, no appetite, depression, restlessness, nausea and other symptoms was bad enough, but the anxiety and panic attacks was the worst. THEY DID GO AWAY! It’s not easy but you can do it. I have not had any since march and I can honestly say I don’t even think about it anymore. I do read these blogs because they helped me a lot when I was detoxing. Hopefully this will help some of you.

  134. Hi Leah. If you were a severe chronic, as you say, it might take longer for the body to return to normal again. Addiction never brings anything good anyway. The body and brain work slowly, but will eventually return to homeostasis. You can try alternative ways to treat the remaining withdrawal effects.

  135. Norco withdrawal can take a lot longer than what others are saying. I have beeni n withdrawal for over 2 months! I am severe chronic pain and I can not find a doctor to help. I would rather be addicted than live like this.

  136. Hello Dottie. How long you were taking the hydrocodone? This info is important, because the longer you have been taking it, the harder it is to withdraw from it. Plus, every person reacts differently and is in a different health condition. So, that’s why I can’t say how much dosage reduction is fit for you.

    Keep in mind that tapering only helps lower the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, but doesn’t stop them completely. Once you have tapered down and stop taking it completely, you will still have withdrawals (only less uncomfortable).

    What can you expect? For about a week after your last dosage, you will be very tired during the day, while at night, you will find it hard to sleep and will tend to toss and turn for a few hours before falling off to sleep. In 7 days from quitting you will start feeling good. But, you might need some days off work until the withdrawal symptoms resolve.

  137. Thanks for your input. He finally wants to quit and has agreed to giving me his monthly income so I can give him his money on an as needed basis and he’ll tell me what he is using it for I like the idea of random drug testing. Thank you.

  138. Hello Jim. The only way to know is to have him agree to regular drug testing. Subjective signs of drug use cannot be direct proof of consumption. Have you also considered seeking help with a family counselor? I applaud your interest in helping your son!

  139. Ivana suggested gradually decreasing dose (6-8 norco daily). Could you be more specific? For instance, starting with 6 (for how many days) then reducing to 3-4 (?) for how many days, etc. The more specific you could be would be very helpful. I want to try and do this without missing work. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

  140. My son has a hydrocodone addiction which he is trying to quit. This is day one, he used yesterday. Is it possible that the food he just ate caused the drug to metabolize in his system? He was fine and I have been with him all day, in the middle of eating he seemed to slip into oblivion. Could the food cause this or did he sneak of somewhere and take some pills

  141. Hi Mrava. Please note that quitting Hydrocodone cold turkey is not the recommended nor the safest way to stop taking the medication. Home detox usually involves gradually decreasing the dose, before totally cessating the drug intake. This is best done when in combination with the administration of home detox remedies and a doctors approval.

    Some over-the-counter remedies can help you with the hydrocodone withdrawal, they include Immodium AD (Loperamide), Advil, Tylenol, Ben Gay ( for leg cramps and RLS) and various nutritional supplements.

  142. I have been taking 3 hydrocodone in a day for about 4 months for nerve pain. I am in a lot of pain and would like to attempt to taper them off if I can’t go cold turkey. I’m attempting cold turkey now. I have 4 children so I need the easiest process. I’d rather go thru a lot of pain later then be needing this forever.

  143. Hi April. I’d suggest that you consult with an MD and/or a pharmacist. At this point, you may be able to discontinue use completely. But you’ll need professional advice first.

  144. Question I have been taking hydrocodone for about four years to control pain I take about five or six a day and I’m trying to detox how many a day should I go down to and to try to start weaning myself off properly so I do not go through severe withdrawals? At this point from going from six today I am down to one a day I’ve cut it up into three different pieces and I’m trying to control myself just that one tablet. But I find myself having issues with thoughts. How should I properly when myself down how many a day and for how long? At this point I’m taking one breaking it up into three different pieces taking a piece in the morning a piece in the afternoon and a piece in the evening but I find myself thinking’s silly things not harmful things.

  145. Hello Mary. Pain management medication, dosing, and application is a very personal issue. While chemical dependency is an issue, as long as you are using hydrocodone as prescribed you are not abusing the medication. Eyebrow raisers? Who cares? You are a mature person who has made a decision based on need. For more reading, check out the website below, or do a Google search using the keywords: pain management

  146. I am 75 years old and have taken hydrocodone (as prescribed) for over 20 years,,,I now take 4 to 5 (7.5-325) tablets a day for chronic arthritis…I have recently had spinal surgery for severe stenosis…I live daily with pain…However…while my physician still prescribes for me…I am having difficulties at my pharmacy…I am,unfortunately looked at with raised eyebrows when I bring in my script…I am now thinking of detoxing from this drug…as I believe It is going to get more and more difficult to get…and I don’t want to go thru a difficult detox (cold turkey)…I also need to do this at home…what do you suggest?…thankyou

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