How to withdraw from Percocet

The best way to withdraw from Percocet is using an individualized tapering calendar provided by your precribing doctor. Tips and strategies for Percocet withdrawal here.

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When you stop taking Percocet after a period of dependency, absence of the drug in the body will precipitate the onset of withdrawal symptoms. Why is this? Percocet is Schedule II drug containing oxycodone mixed with acetaminophen. Its strength gives it a high potential for physical dependency and if abused, addicted.  And when you stop taking Percocet, going through Percocet detox is an expected outcome for anyone who develops physical dependency on Percocet.

Withdrawal from Percocet can be an uncomfortable experience. But how do you treat Percocet withdrawal symptoms? Are there ways you can ease withdrawal symptoms? And which withdrawal symptoms will you experience when you stop taking Percocet? In this article, we review the answers to these questions and how to help Percocet addiction, if needed. And if you still have questions about how to withdraw from Percocet, we invite you to ask them at the end of this article.

When do you withdraw from Percocet?

When dependency develops, your body goes into a state of shock when you stop taking Percocet. Withdrawal is a way of rewriting body chemistry. Withdrawal can occur a few hours to several hours after the last dose of Percocet has worn off. When does this occur?

You can withdraw from Percocet anytime your body is dependent on it and you miss a dose or stop taking Percocet. Sometimes withdrawal is a necessity as the first step in treating Percocet addiction or because you no longer need to be taking Percocet or because it’s no longer being prescribed by a doctor.

How long to withdraw from Percocet?

Withdrawal from most opiates or opioids can take from 7-10 days, longer if you’ve been using Percocet in high doses or for long period of time. As with other opioids, the first couple of days are the hardest. You will go through acute withdrawal at this time. You will feel like you’ve come down with the flu and symptoms will keep you down for at least a few days. After this period, you may still experience aches and pains and disturbances in your sleep for a couple weeks after acute withdrawal.

But even after the period of initial withdrawal, you may no longer have Percocet in the body but you might still go through symptoms of withdrawal such as; insomnia, anxiety, and depression. These symptoms may persist longer than the typical time frame of withdrawal. Also, a resurfacing of pain may also occur if you’ve been using Percocet therapeutically for pain relief.

Withdraw from Percocet symptoms

Once you have decided to stop taking Percocet, you will begin to feel withdrawal symptoms a few hours after the effects of Percocet have worn off in the body. When the withdrawal process starts it will at first feel as if you’ve come down with a horrible flu. You may also feel a lot of gastrointestinal (GI) distress and discomfort. Other symptoms you can experience as you withdraw from Percocet can include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • flushed skin
  • heart palpitations
  • increased heart rate
  • insomnia
  • irritation
  • nausea/vomiting
  • restlessness
  • tingling and numbness of the limbs

How to ease withdrawal symptoms from Percocet

There are several ways you can ease withdrawal symptoms of Percocet. If you need to detox or help support the recovery of addiction you may need pharmaceutical help. Buprenorphine, methadone, and LAAM are medications approved by the FDA to help treat opioid addiction. You may also need the help of SSRI’s to help with potential anxiety and depression developed as you are withdrawing from Percocet.

What can you do on your own to ease Percocet withdrawal symptoms? Some tools are probably already lying around the house. Heating pads and Ibuprofen can help with muscle pain. Imodium can help with diarrhea. Increasing liquids is also important to promoting body regeneration. You can also seek out support or someone to help you while you are going through the withdrawal process. Sticking to a schedule and regiment may also benefit your withdrawal from Percocet.

How to withdraw from Percocet safely

To withdraw from Percocet safely, always seek a medical consultation with your prescribing doctor first. You’ll need medical supervision and guidance during the process. If you no longer need Percocet, it’s recommended to gradually decrease your doses of Percocet over period of time. For Percocet this is about 20%-25% every week, and no more than 50% decrease at a time.

If you’ve been abusing Percocet to get high, you may want to seek out a detox or treatment facility. You may need more then pharmacological help to safely withdrawal from Percocet and address any underlying mental conditions. It isn’t recommended to suddenly stop cold turkey unless you are being monitored. If you want to withdraw from Percocet at home make sure you have everything you need and that you are in contact with a doctor if anything should go wrong.

Can I withdraw from Percocet at home?

If you are withdrawing from Percocet with the guidance of a doctor then, yes, you can withdraw from Percocet at home. And if you have developed a dependency to Percocet it’s better to taper your doses over time. Still, Percocet withdrawal can be painful and dangerous as there are potential for seizures and respiratory depression that can occur in the first few hours of withdrawal. This is why doctors always recommend medical supervision during Percocet withdrawal.

You can take care of most other withdrawal symptoms at home using over-the-counter NSAID’s, hot pads, massage creams, or nausea/vomiting treatments. Make sure you know what you want to do and how to do it. Have a plan in place while you are withdrawing depending on the severity of dependency or addiction. Don’t just stop taking Percocet without taking into consideration your recovery time.

The best way to withdraw from Percocet

Since Percocet is highly habit-forming and has a high potential for abuse, the best way to withdrawal from Percocet is to have your doctor titrate your does of Percocet. Your prescribing doctor can help decrease the potency of your doses so that over time, less and less will be in you system. This way, if you need to treat any underlying continual pain or mental conditions, yuo can do so simultaneously. Still, consider that all bodies are different and respond differently to withdrawal.

How to deal with withdrawal from Percocet questions

Withdrawal can be frustrating and complicated. Do you still have question about Percocet withdrawal? Please ask any questions you may have and we will get back to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I’ve been off Percocet and OxyContin both been off the OxyContin
    For almost 3 weeks and the Percocet 7 days now and am being treated with suboxin by my doctor I will see him on Wednesday
    But the problem I’m having is the first 2 days on the suboxin
    I was doing great, but then all the sudden I’ve been having real real
    Bad burning from my waste up, it’s a weired feeling but just enough to say big time burning? Is that all normal?
    Making it as clear as I can, I’ve been on the meds for almost 12 years
    Not by CHOICE!!!!!! Before getting on the suboxin my doctor couldn’t beleive I wasn’t having with drawl problems,
    So I’m just not sure if this is because the suboxin or all about not taking meds no more!!!
    Thank you

  2. I have stop taking percocets for 2 months now I used suboxne pills to get off with a little ease now its been three weeks from the subs and I’m just lying around with no energy. I tried energy drinks even though they are not good for you having a boost to take care of my kids feels good but aftrr 30 minutes I’m depressed and have less energy can you help?

  3. My pain management Dr told me last month that my perocet 10mg will change to either morphine fentyal patches suboxene or methadone what should I do my pain is a,10 everyday I’m worried

  4. I have been abusing percocets for the “high” feeling for the past 7 months. On an average day i can take anywhere from 5 to 12 a day. I want to quit as i spent to much money and time on these pills. Where can I get more information on how to quit

  5. I was on a pain management program by a “pain clinic” for 5 years. I was taking 2 morphine sulfate and 4 oxycontin a day. Caught up into this national drug abuse scare, the clinic has let many people go in the last few months. They claim I had illegal substances in my urine and let me go, period. I tried calling my PCP doctor, but he wouldn’t call back, after I explained what had happened. Oh. btw I am 70yo and live alone with my pets in the back country. So, I decided to go thru a drastically reduced program of taking 1/2 a pill ( oxy 10mg don’t have many left. no morphine) Have suffered minor symtoms of detox, but know the Sh– hasn’t hit the wall yet. I have been 5 days without morphine but am still taking 1/2 oxy a day. Seems like I am getting worse the last two days, need to quit totally and pay the price! Hope I can do it!

  6. Many don’t have the option of telling family and getting help .. I’ve been addicted for a year or so now. I’ve taken up to 30-40 perc 30s IN A DAY .. I’m scared of withdrawals and functioning. All I want to say here is if I can do it.. you can too. I’m only a day into the process and it’s beyond words horrible. I’m scared I won’t make it but I’m out of money and have no options left to buy some illegally and taper. I’m just so worried and alone in this process ..

  7. I been taking perks for 8 years I dont want to go to treatment I want to fo it at home I got lots of family support I just dont want the anxiety what can I take to make it easier I am ready to stop asap and how much time should I take off of work

  8. I am 48 hours into cold turkey withdrawl from 1 year of 15 to 20 percocet per day taken nasally…the last 2 days were hell today isn’t too bad i actually was able to get dressed and go for a ride. take my dog to the vet. last nite I went for a swim in my brothers pool. family tells me I am doing great. it is very very hard but I feel the worst is behind me and I’m not looking back….

  9. I’ve been on Percocet for about 1214 years I don’t even remember. Anyway I’ve been allowed to take one every 4 hours I never take more than five and one day usually I take three to four. My doctor wants to switch me to Tramadol because my pain is out of control and my body is too use to the Percocet. Associated 4 for one week I was easy then I went down to three for one week that was also pretty easy. By the way let me say I never abused my meds to get high or anything like that. Sometimes if my pain was out of control like major migraine I might take a pill half hour to an hour early but I never even took two at a time. So yesterday was my third day going down to 2 a day. Yesterday evening I thought I was dying every single inch of my body hurt every joint every bone even my skin. So this is what I was wondering I don’t want to go back up, but I was wondering if I took a half of 1 every 6 hours if that would help lessen withdrawal symptoms. I’ve already had a migraine for 26th straight days and I have fibromyalgia and a pinched nerve and I know most of this is my body saying no no no give me more and I’m trying really hard to fight that but my pain level with my meds is usually 6 without my meds and withdrawals on top of it I’m hurting really bad. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do and I’m also really into homeopathic stuff right now I have almost every tea that I could possibly think of I grow my own herbs I eat organic vegetables mostly what I grow myself cayenne pepper and oil and all kinds of whatever I could think of something as anything in that area that will help me through this detox please let me know. Also I hope this makes sense since I’m talking not typing. My eyesight is not great and my head hurts really bad so it’s hard for me to read it back to myself. I’m also detoxing off Cymbalta and caffeine I don’t know if this is making things worse or not. I know the Cymbalta is like pure poison. somebody please get back to me I could use some help and now it’s Saturday and I can’t contact my doctor. Thank you so much for all your time

  10. thank you formost..ive been on an opiod for 10years, currently percocet 5-325 TID, ive gotten my medical marijuna card here in Az the marj. meds greatly help me withsleep, anxiety, nasuea, appitate, depression, increased concentration,mood swings…Today my labs came back from last month and i was poitive for THC Dr. refused to perscribe medication, would not concider a tapering off plan with possibe nasuea meds and overall follow up. I greatly want to get off this pain meds even tho i good chance pain will reocure in wrist /hand secondary to sever nerve damage.. i take gabapition for nerve TID, i have been tapering off my self for past mth. i thought this might happen with the Dr, he Drs D/C plan for me today was to go to the ER if i am detoxing. i am down to a half in am, half afternoon and 1st time, half for tonight, i have 14 days of pills left plz help with final tappering process with mdications, i really appricate t .

  11. I’ve been taking 30mg Percocet 2-3 times a day for about 2 years after a very bad car accident at 32 weeks pregnant and then from tearing extremely bad upon delivery of my son. I would like to get off them asap and was doing well until my mom and only support and help with my son passed away last month. My problem isn’t withdraw from dependence as much as it is the pain from my injuries from my car accident that were made worse by an accident a couple of weeks ago. I find it very difficult to not take the meds when it means being sick and in pain from withdraw, in pain from injuries, and unable to even lift my child when he needs me. I was taking 3 a day, yesterday I had two, today I had one, and I have one for tomorrow as well. Will this lessen the sweats and RLS at all?

  12. I have been using percocets to get high for about 2 yrs now. It started of slow then got worse. Now i take 4 1/2 10-325 a nightfor about 1 1/2 yrs. It was originally for my tooth pain and then i liked it and couldn’t stop. I feel weak if i try to lower it slowly also scared i wont be able to do so. Iv never been the additive person but this got me. Please help. I kept saying i can stop when ever now that im ready and willing to stop it so hard and im try cold Turkey its been 2 days and i feel like i am dying im having all symptoms and then some. How dangerous is this method? What could go wrong in this process?

  13. I was prescribed Percocet 10mg for severe back pain. I am 47 years old in the construction field. Wouldn’t even take aspirin but the pain got so bad I wasn’t sleeping at night Needlessly to say I toolk the meds 4x a day as prescribed for 4 months then it seemed to not help any more so I doubled up. Long story short I had enough of what they were doing to me! So I just stopped taking them. It’s now day 5 and I finally feel a little better. The depression is what is getting the best of me. But I changed my eating habits immediately and drug my ass to the gym on day 4 and did a light workout. Today I did a pretty intense workout. I never went to a gym a day in my life but I must say it does make you feel better. To all of those going through this stay strong give it a week. I thought it would never get better and was ready to go pick up my prescription! Also I told my wife what was going because if I didn’t I think I would have kept on doing it. I never want to experience those 1st 3 days of hell again!

  14. I have been taking perks for 11 years. I have always taken what i was supposed to. My dose has been the same for 11 years also they help with my endometriosis a lot. However im just tried of living on pills and want to stop taking them. I really need help because i dont want to be really sick. I have to be able to work and take care of my family. What can i do?

  15. I have been taking percocet for over 3 years… Im trying to quit or I did quit 2 weeks with out. I struggled at first but than it got easier. The last 2 days have been awful with flu like symptoms again. I havnt seen a doctor. I’ve been doing on my own. Part of me wants to call my doctor but I don’t want to because I do not want to go to a treatment center, counselor or any thing like that. No one knows I’ve had this problem and I want to keep it that way. But I’m struggling now not sure what to do.

  16. Umm so I have been abusing prescription pain killers for a while could always stop but this last year and a half or so has been REALLY bad like 8 to 10 opiates a day idc what they are 10mg wise as long as 8 can feel normal. I kno I need help but in the meantime of trying to find a program to help me what can I do at home to help go from high doses to some days nothing..i would rather be dead.
    I see what this addiction is doing to my family and I want it to stop.

    1. Hi Jen. First, I suggest that you download our free e-book ‘How To Quit Opioid Painkillers’ to learn more about the whole process of ending opioids:
      Then, call the number you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant who can help you find the best rehab program for you. The helpline is free, confidential, and available any time of the day and the night.

  17. I have been on perc 10s for about a month… RX says 1 pill twice a day..ive ended up having to take 2 twice a day…sometimes together or sometimes apart depending on the severity of the pain. I have run out of my RX and my next appt isn’t until the 18th. I’ve had to purchase more from friends. When I couldn’t find any soon enough, I began feeling like I had the flu. Then, I would smoke a bowl of weed at night which helped get me to sleep, but then I would wake up with TERRIBLE leg pain and involuntary leg thrashing which I’m assuming is RLS. I then found more percs from a friend, and ran out of those. I ended up waking up with the WORST stomach pains at the top of my stomach, along with loose stool. All that I can think of is getting off of these pills in the most painless way possible. I’m a single mom who works full time and can’t afford to take time off to withdraw at home in my bed. Is there a way that I can detox while still being functional and not having to be put on subs or methadone?

  18. I’ve been taking percocet 3x’s a day for a few years but I want to stop. And don’t want to go rehab. What can I do?

    1. Quitting Percocet can be very difficult without a proper tapering and gradual dose reduction. If you wish to stop, consult your doctor or physician first to avoid dangerous consequences and severe withdrawal. However, you should know that one of the most recommended ways of coming down from Percocet is by enrolling in a medically supervised detox program. There you’ll be closely monitored and provided with all the necessary support and care.

  19. I am RXed percocet but began abusing them the last few months; now I am out and have no way to get more. My RX isn’t available for 7 days, I am older and need advice.

  20. PLEASE READ. I KNOW ITS a long read. Ok. Here’s the deal. Unless really strung out dr help is not needed unless you just can’t deal with and curb the side effects. Best ways to avoid and or lessen the side effects are simply dress in layers when chills hit. A Sherpa hoodie is your best friend. Second make sure to have hot tea. Ya it actually does help with those flu like symptoms. Third eat and go through the daily routines and NO MATTER WHAT stay busy. And the other one is smoke a good smoke. Yep THC is a good avoidance to slap the side effects right in the arse. Just don’t get carried away with it. Generally a tiny tooth pick amount will curb those side effects when they slam ya to point u can’t handle them. We all have our own break points so LISTEN to your body. It will tell you a lot. OTC stuff is all fine. But even at four a day for years. WHEN I FIND body starts craving and not stopping the pain I start curbing. First from 4 to 3 for 2 days then 3-2 for 2 days and 2-1 for 2 days then the 7th day 1 a day for a week. Then I drop to 1/2 a day then quit the 8th. And make sure ya prepared. After the last half dose u got a few hrs before the foment starts. But caffeine does help. And tea “at least for me” and mind u “Lipton Original single bag 8oz water steep till Luke warm chug and repeat every four hrs.” That will help with the flu like crap as well as energy levels and such. Down side. Caffeine can bounce u high. So try to make sure more water is used gradually through day so u don’t get those nasty caffeine jitters. Ok. About all I have time to write. I hope this helps some of y’all who have def sound like having bad ordeals with this nasty little pain pill crude. I hate pain meds but they def can be your best friend if u careful with em. Last thought. Ya all of u can taper and quit. I was at 3 OxyContin 20mg and 12 perk 10-325 a day and ya dr prescribed back when some lady T-Boned my car. I now take 4 a day. And yes. I do refuse time release those buggers are hell to get off of and ya I did taper with all the above then through the time release at dr and said no more of this crap. Been at 4 a day for years now. Good luck everyone.

  21. I quit cold turkey after taking Percocet for 7 years after 3 weeks of cold turkey I took one and my body felt like the detox process started over why is that

  22. For saving my family , let me tell you try suboxone talk to your doctor I was close to 20 years and it is the only thing that has done the trick man. It is that simple if you insurance won’t cover, well friend you know what to do. If your smart you will catch fast.good luck

  23. I have been taking Percocet for about a year , I slowly built up to everyday and the past few months usually more then one a day. I just found out I’m pregnant and want to stop. I work full time and have children and nobody knows about this. Going to rehab would be difficult. I want to stop but I’m so nervous that I’m gonna harm the baby during withdrawal. Advice please.



  26. have been on Percocet for 20 years, with spinal surgery in ’06. Always prescribed, but I am scared and in the same boat as many of you. At one point, it was switched to Fentanyl and I swear I was close to death. Now, I am trying to save my marriage with a beautiful 5 year old intelligent daughter who needs me back.
    I’m under a physician’s care, and have asked to titrate (currently on 3- 7.5/325mg percocet per day)
    My worry is I’m not successfully taking less, despite my life falling apart. Mood swings, countless loss jobs/opportunities. I am considering Subutex *Buprenorphrine”, but worried I’m locking myself in ti a long term Mu receptor plug with an extended half life that sounds like a longer nightmare to withdraw from.(deeper, prolonged and more pronounced depression) I need to hold a job though, and just want to move on and manage my pain in a healthy and holistic way.
    I’m looking for my best way out if starting a new job in a week. I could end up homeless if I don’t pull this off, and would be heartbroken to never have give my Wife and Daughter my best.
    Is Subutex (Insurance wont pay for Suboxone b/c no generic) a trap door? Ive been told with therapy, I can be titrated down after a few weeks. I’m very unsure, and severely distrustful of doctors who have shuffled me around like a hot potato as the opioid landscape has changed.
    I am willing to put in the work and therapy, just really need the advice of percocet titration vs Buprenorphrine therapy. Your help is appreciated in advance–I feel the pain of so many other souls who are sharing here.

  27. I have been using 10mg Percocet for 3 months at first i was taking 3-4 a day now I’m down to 2 1/2 for the last two days I have had lack of energy and very bad mood
    I have 4 left and I’m really stressed out that I run out and experience major withdrawals I cannot afford it do to the facts I take my kids to school go to work then pick my kids back up
    Please give me your advise on what I can do. My kids depend on me and I have to make to work what can I do I’m so stressed

  28. I recommend methadone. Its legal and get in a recovery program and get a sponsor for support. You can get off methadone or suboxone pretty easy, I did.

  29. Wassup I’m A 17 Years Old , And I’m Currently Dealing With Percocet Withdrawals I’ve Been Clean For About Two Months Now And I Still Get Symptoms Of Withdrawl More Mentally Then Physically But Still Its Hard To Deal With . Ive Been To The ER ,Counslers And A Physo Therapist And The In These Last Two Months And It Still Feels Like No Help .I Constantly Get A Feeling That Death Is Around The Corner I Get Really Bad Aniexty Attacks Now And Sometimes It Will Wake Me Up Out My Sleep And I Cant Go Back To Sleep I Was Wondering Could It Possibly Be PAWS ? Ic

  30. Obviously not my real name! I have been taking 7.5 Perc a day, for about 2 1/2 years for extreme headaches I have had for 30 years now (diagnosed as cluster/migraine). Anyway I get 42 a month and about 2 weeks ago started taking more than the typical 2 or less per day. Ran out on Thursday after taking 4 tabs. Since then have had the chills and fatigue something awful (headaches are even worse). How is it possible to get addicted/dependent on this small a dose? I am not sick, but feel horrible, no concentration or energy at all. I just want to sleep. Started 24-36 hours after I took the last 4 tabs. Anyway just thought I’d ask for help and some answers. Thanks.

  31. I have been taking percorcet for 3 weeks now one too two pills a day due to a broken wrist, I just had surgery on my wrist 4days ago,I feel I don’t need the percorcet, could I become addicted to in 3 weeks?

  32. So I have been taking 6-5mg/325 percocet a day for 3 yrs. I am 35 hrs since last 10 mg dose. I have mild aching of legs and obviously my neck pain (why I was prescribed percocet) is evident. However my question is since it truly is not that extreme the wd can i expect that I have miracally escaped the horrid of WD or will it eventually hit me full force????

  33. I’ve been taking 5 50mg percocet a day for months. I’m currently detoxing myself at home. At that dose will the 1st stages of withdrawl last more than 5 days

  34. Hi, I have been taking percocet for a little while now for migraines, neck, and back pain. I want to get off of them on my own but don’t know where to begin. I am taking one 30mg a day. half in the morning and half in the evening. Ive tried going without it and get very bad hot/cold sweats. What do you recommend that is over the counter to help me get through the hot/cold sweats? I have tried medical marijuana which works fine at night to get me through it and help me sleep, but unfortunately i cannot do that during the day because i need to work and focus. Any recommendations on how to get me through the day without depending on percocet?

  35. I have been taking one 7.5 Percocet early afternoon and one around 10pm for 2 1/2 years for really bad arthritis pain. The main problem I am having is gastrointestinal problems galore – upper abdominal pain and distention, fluctuating between constipation and cramping loose stools and terrible nausea in AM which continues most of day and weakness. I want to stop and knw is best to taper off. Do not believe my primary physician knows that much any psychotropic drugs. My plan is to go one & half of a 7.5 a day for a week, then half of a 7.5 for a week, then even go half of a half for a week. I have given an endoscopy, upper GI x-rays, barium swallow, small bowel x-rays – gastrointestinal dr says nothing wrong. I am beginning to wonder if the Percocet 7.5/325 twice a day is causing my problems. If so, is my plan presented above a safe way to come off the Percocet?

  36. I have been on first Vicodin then a yr to 2 yrs later percocets 10mg since 2006 for chronic migraines caused by a car accident and knee pain; I noticed a few weeks ago that when i didn’t have the migraine at a disabling level I still needed the meds because of the withdrawals oh yeah I was also on a Fentanyl patch 50 mg/3 days I weened from the patches the withdrawal was much worse than what I am experiencing now, I am suffering blinding migraines now in addition to the withdrawal and it all seems hopeless. I found something called the migraine pacemaker or the omega procedure and I am looking into this but I am not sure i will be able because i am on blood thinners for the rest of my life. I am achy, nauseous, and I cannot get comfortable no mater what i do i have been using over the counter flu meds but it isn’t helping as much as i would like since I have to work this way. I am about at the end of my rope. I feel extremely depressed and I am not sure if it is worth living like this.

  37. I take 3 sometimes 4 5mg percocets a day recreationally. It’s been about 1yr now. I usually don’t have any cravings until about the same time every night which is around 8pm. I usually only get restless legs when I don’t have any in my system, and then the following day is usually a slow day. What do you think my options are here? Cold turkey? And do you think it would take a while to stop the cravings ?

  38. Im scared to death!!! Ive been prescribed 8 7.5-325 Percocet a day but I’ve been taking 12-14 because my tolerance has gotten so high! Ive only been on them for 9 months but i know the withdrawal is going to be unbearable! I cut down to 10 today and im already feeling sick and panicked and in the most awful restless pain!!! I already suffer from panic attacks. Im going to run out tomorrow and cant get a refill for 14 days. If i go into the hospital will they make me go to treatment?? I don’t take them to get high, i only take them because i have bulging discs and fibromyalgia and the pain is awful!!! Im praying to God for any kind of help please!!! Ive heard that kratom is a miracle herb for opiate withdrawals. Anyone tried it??

  39. Hi– I’ve been on 2 to 3 5/325 Percocet’s daily for shoulder slap tear and re-attachment of biceps tendon three months now. I knew I was growing a rapid dependency though it helped me manage the intense pain from this type of surgery I have 20 left and they are staying in the bottle. This is the Devil’s drug. It creeps up on you and before you know it its got you in it’s grip. As of this message I’m starting day 3 of no pills. It’s hell, I have strong desire for the ” euphoric , short term feeling this drug provides. My advice is to tough it out cold turkey, I know that every minute passes without caving in the desire will weaken and fade away. We are not meant to feel this ” good ” all the time. Do whatever you have to do- positive self talk -this blog- ask questions- ask me questions-You control your destiny . Pull up your boot straps and know if you stop using this Devilish drug, over a short time it loses it power of you and you will be stronger in the end. Think about if you stop today on March 25, Good Friday, how beautiful things will be for you by the middle of April or even sooner. Remember this day a few thousand years ago, Jesus Christ’s pain was so overwhelming he took all of our pain because he loved us. I love all of you , I’ve been touched by the ” beast” and I will not let it defeat me. We all possess the desire to get out of the same problem with the same mind that got us into this fix. Good Luck, I love you all. Curt

  40. Hey everyone!

    Not sure where to start this… But here it goes… I’ve been taking percocets 5mg/325 for over a year now…
    It was just a few here and there just to get high(regrets) but then it just got out of control.. At first I was able to control it by taking them here and there but next thing I know I’ve become addicted to them and just kept taking them(6 a week) then (12 a week) and for the last 3 months I started buying off the street about 50-100 a week… I have a stressful job and they helped me get thru the day… Last month I had bought 300 of them and took them all in about 3 and a half a week… I have finally came to terms with myself and went to see a doctor whom referred me to a opiates addiction doctor and have told me wife about my addiction.
    It was really hard on her and on me as I was finally ready to let this go…
    Sorry for the rant but I am curious to know what the future side affects of my actions might have done to me… I keep reading all these blogs and ask my self how and what have I done to myself??

    God bless and I will get thru this!

    1. Hi, Sis. You may talk to her about her drug problem, or you may stage an intervention. There is an NGO called Allies in Recovery that might help. They work with families and friends to intervene with problem addicts using the CRAFT intervention model. You’ll have to do some reading and get yourself familiar with the style. Moreover, here’s a list of more suggested reading:

  41. Hi, I’ve been abusing percocet 30mg for a little over a month now and I have never had a script or anything I just tryed it for the first time about 2 years ago and of course loved the feeling so got myself addicted for about 6 months right after that. And because I couldn’t afford to be an addict anymore I quit cold turkey and it was pure HELL for about a week and a half. Not to mention I couldn’t take time off of my job at the time so I was forcing myself to go to work with the cold sweats and restless leg syndrome and extreme fatigue but I got through it and stayed clean since. But I had pulled my back about a month ago and stupidly decided to go and buy one. Then one led to another so now once again I’m in the hole. Now I NEED to get off this once again because I’m moving into my new apartment within the next couple weeks and I can’t afford it not to mention I’m so done being an addict it’s not even funny. It’s making me so depressed that I’m addicted to this garbage and it’s so hard to get off this because I don’t want to be sick and once again I can’t miss work. My doctor doesn’t know about any of this and I’m still on my father’s insurance so I’m afraid to tell them. I need help doing this at home again. At least to deal with the cold sweats because that’s the worse part! Please some one give me advice I want to be my normal self again.. I know I can stay clean i just need to get through to that point.

  42. I was on percocet for about 2 1/2 months for back surgery and now that I am not taking it anymore I can’t sleep because my legs are restless. What can I do to help this and how long will this go on?

  43. I’ve been misusing Percocet 30s for about 2 years now with at the very least 2 a day most of the time 3 a day. I absolutley have to quit but it’s very hard to withdraw from these while working on 3rd shift all I want to do is lay down and rest but my legs cramp up when I’m not moving. Any sugestions I can use to help me through the night at work would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  44. Taking perc 5 for rotator cuff surgery rehab. Dr. And PT say i should take at least one a day. Script is for One every 4-6-hrs. I won’t take any except when therapist is coming for rehab usually one every other day. I feel anxious like i have withdrawal symptoms even though I’ve only taken 10 of them since surgery on jan 8. Have a lot of pain during rehab but i m very afraid…… i FEAR ADDICTION. am i being too cautious and do you think i can take one daily without getting hooked?

  45. I have been using pervocets for the first time in my 49yrs of life about 6months off and on. Some days I would do up to 60mg a day some days 15mg. For the past week its been about 45mg a day. I want to start weening myself off can you give me any suggestions? I’m perscriped ativan for anxiety, vyvanse for adhd and elavil for depression. I have no other medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabeties, high cholesterol or heart problems. Do you think i can withdraw at home with supervision? Or is that to long to be abusing percocets to attemp doing at home?

  46. I’m on my 5th day on subz. I was an addict who got high 4-5 days out of the week. On 2-3 or sometimes 4 30mgs. I’ve been abusing about that hard or a little less for almost a year. I’m done but not not sure what to expect. I planned to be on very small doses of subz for 7 days. Is that long enough? What happens a week or two weeks from now? I guess I just plan a healthy lifestyle. Any tips or advice would be helpful.

  47. I started cold turkey about to days ago, the symptoms throughout the day is not as bad but I can not sleep at all during the night. What can I use for the night time so I could actually fall asleep while doing cold tukey?

  48. I forgot this when I posted earlier that my original post was in mid-November of 2015. I’m just looking for some insight on this seemingly increasing difficulties with my multiple meds. Thanks.

  49. Could someone address my issues? I think I’m having some issues with withdrawal even though my Percocet dosage hasn’t changed. I’m have much aching in my legs and they just want to move all the time, voluntarily or involuntarily inspite of an increase in the Requip dosage, I don’t want to be taking the Percocet but I have so many pain issues, I don’t know what I’d do. Life really sucks right now.

  50. Hello I been having these pains that my mom told me it might be arthritis and I was in a bad pain so I asked a friend for a Percocet and she gave me too, I don’t know what these are but she told me they are for the pain better than ibuprofen, now I took 2 of these pills and I feel really nauseous and im vomiting, hoe can I make this feeling go away, I mean the pain is gone but I feel really sick

  51. Hi, I have been taking percocets for over 3 years, for the past year and a half i have been taking 80 – 100 pills of 5/325 in a two day period. I really wanna stop but don’t know how. The emergency room here in DC and MD don’t give anything to help with the withdrawal. Please give me some insight. Percocet and my choice to abuse the drug has ruined my life. I am spending $500.00 a day buying the drug off the street and i am afraid of getting in serious trouble because of my addiction. I don’t have the money it takes for the treatment inpatient. This generally takes a substantially large amount of money up front. I’m talking about thousands. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks In advance, and please keep me in your prayers.

  52. I stopped taking percocet on saturday. I went to the ER and was prescribed Clonodine which helped with the withdrawal syptoms. I took clonodine every 6 hours for 5 days and the symptom were relieved. I only continued having trouble sleeping. On the following friday i saw my family dr who gave me zoplocone to sleep. Today is saturday one week later and i feel great! I dont recommend becoming a slave to methadone or suboxone. See your dr and get on clonodine! Im clean of opiates for 7 days and i feel 90% normal. A couple more nights of good sleep and im sure ill be 100% again!

  53. I will talk to a physician tomorrow my pain MD referred me to a psychiatrist for help with with drawl. I am a nurse and do case management. Is it reasonable to believe I will need time off of work for this? I am trying to figure out what to expect and would this be considered appropriate it is a prescribed medication.

  54. I need help, i am a nurse and have been taking about 4 vicoden a day. They gave me energy and made socialization much easier. I recently had surgery, and was prescribed 90 perks, then 60. (5/325) I never mentioned my addiction to my doctor, however I am completely out of medication and tonight I’ve showered 4 times, took benadryl to ease withdrawal, I am embarrassed to talk to my family doctor but so scared to go back to work and have access to all the medication again. How can I ease these symptoms. I am having suicidal thoughts from the guilt of this, lossing my job, kids and family. No one knows what is going on. I’m lost to what my next steps will or should be.

    1. Hi Lynn. You are a nurse, so you already know that you should have tapered doses down instead of quitting cold turkey. At home you can use heating pads and Ibuprofen to help with muscle pain. Imodium can help with diarrhea. Ginger and peppermint teas can address symptoms of nausea and gastro intestinal upset. Increasing liquids is also important to promoting body regeneration. There are also several medications out there to help shorten withdrawal, ease symptoms, and help take care of drug craving and dependence. Popular medications include: Nalotxone, Clondine, and Methadone.

  55. I have kids I have to take to school everyday and no one to help me. I have chronic pain, and let myself get hooked on percocets. I want to stop, but inpatient detox isn’t an option. Are there any doctors in Tn that take tenncare that could help me??? Or if I try to stop by myself, how can I without getting sick? I’ve been taking them for about 5 months now, but I tried stopping twice and I got REALLY sick. Please help!!

    1. Hello Jess. Help is available right away! Call the helpline number displayed on our site to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers who can help you access adequate treatment program. Good luck!

  56. I just moved cross country my former doctor was prescribing me 120 pills of 10 milligram percocet the doctor here only agreed to give me 45 I have 10 pills left for the next 14 days what do I do?

    1. Hello Charles. You can always address to another doctor, and explain your situation, or talk with a pharmacist. I hope everything will come into its place.

  57. Presently I’m taking Percocet 5/350-2-4 tabs per day. I’ve been on Perc or Vicodan for the past 10 plus years for FMS, chronic low back pain, upper back and neck pain, severe restless leg syndrome (I;m also on Requip for this). Besides this, I’ve have a 30 year history of treatment resistant depression and generalized anxiety disorder-more meds for these. I have the narcotic contract with my health care provider and follow it exactly and am reciprocated with Percocet 120 per month. I’m forturnate that I still get some relief from the narcotic even after all this time, but I feel some tolerance is being noticed. I’m on 2 other meds for the GAD and depression-Ativan and Adderall XR. So, 3 addictive medications in different drug classes. I’m 63 and wonder what my future is? What happens when the Percocet doesn’t work anymore? What if I did withdraw from it? Where would it leave me as far as my multiple pain issues are concerned? I’m on Cymbalta for the depression and also for the FMS. I have tried many other approaches for the back pain, PT, epidurals, chiropractic, accupunture and massage. I manage barely with my daily activities and am able to enjoy time with my young grandchildren. I feel so married to all off these medications just to make my life work. I’m willing to receive opinions from other readers. Thank you.

  58. I currently take to 325 5mg a day I tried to stop but I was irritable restless and couldn’t sleep or breath so i started taking them again at this point I’m basically just getting high I know it’s a small dose but I want to stop on my own.. How can i do it without these symptoms??? Twice a day that’s 10mg

    1. Hello Diane. I’m sorry, but withdrawal symptoms happen. They vary from person to person. I suggest you consult your doctor to make you tapering schedule to lower the drug. Also, you could use over-the-counter medications and home remedies to ease withdrawal symptoms.

  59. I’ve been on percocet for well over three years now due to an injury to my spine and although I’ve been keeping up with the regiment I would like to know how can I quit cold turkey and not have allot of the withdrawal symptoms.

  60. Hi I’m been takin percocet for 7 years after a bad car accident I take about 10 a day I really need to stop what can I do

    1. Hi concerned. I suggest it’s best to taper doses down slowly and gradually, whether you do it at home according to your doctor’s tapering guidelines or in a facility. Ask your doctor to help you create a tapering schedule and prescribe or suggest medications or over-the-counter medicines that can help you address some of the withdrawal symptoms as they occur. The suggested tapering rate is 20-25% off your current dose every week or every other week. Of course, if it’s too abrupt for you, you can go slower or decrease 10-15% at a time. But, remember that if you’d like to taper and detox from Percocet at home you should first get a clearance from your doctor.

  61. I’ve been on Percocet for about 3 years. I was taking 7.5 325 4 to 5 times a day. I’m down to 3 times a day now, have chronic migraines.
    Question: I feel like I’m having withdrawals while I’m taking them, is this possible. I’ve detoxed twice before and the symptoms are the same just not has strong. My doctor doesn’t feel it’s withdrawals.

  62. hi i have been on percocets since march 2015 and i am still on them as of today but i have been abusing them taking them for the high taking them even when im not in pain my doctor perscribed them due to 2 major surgeries back to back and now im trying to wean my self off but im have bad withdraws muscle spams vomiting diharra cant sleep id say over the 7 months ive been on them and i still am on them ive had over 2000 pills but the problem is i cant quit them my body is going threw hell and on top of that i have bi polor depression anxiety and i have schiophernia my finace is tapering me down but we have been breaking them in half and was told not to do that even thought im getting maybe 1 -2 percocets a day its not what ive been taking on a average day id take 10 or more id get 60 pills for a 10 day supply then 60 for 20 day thats what my perscription is for now 60 for a 20 day supply i have 1 perscription left of 60 and then my doctor wont give me anymore what do you suggest i do i need help

  63. Hello there. I am not a drug user, have never abused substances or taken a narcotic until recenty. The last 3-4 days Ive been prescribed percocet (i requested lowest dose as ai am bf mom) and was given 5/325. I took about 20 or less in that time period as my pain for swimmers ear infections was extremely intense! I am thankful to be pain free today bc a new antibiotic was prescribed which is beating the infection leading to less pain and I didnt take any pain meds because i didnt need them. I believe i am having some withdrawl symptoms from this usage. I have anxiety, cant sleep but exhausted, keep falling asleep but jolting awake, rapid heart beat…sweaty palms. How long should i expect this to last? ! Will i be ok?! I hate medication but was so exhausted from.suffering. thank you.

  64. I have been snorting about 30mg percocet for 2-3 weeks but was taking then orally before on and off for about 2months. I just realized about a week or 2 ago that I was addicted. Once I started snorting them…. I started a new job but ran out of pills Thursday night, causing me to go into withdraws and call out Friday. It is day 3 for me and is now Sunday. Still really sick to my stomach and body aches with low energy, went to the dr and got some Zofran to help. Also been smoking pot a little so that I can eat although I really don’t like pot it the way it makes me feel. Just needed something to give me an appetite since I haven’t ate for 3 days.
    Anyway, my question is, if I take a half of a half (so a quarter) of a 30mg to help with the muscle aches and nausea, will it send me back into the withdraw symptoms?
    Cause I never wanna go through that shit again. It was absolutely the worst withdraw ever 🙁

  65. I would like to be not so dependent on taking Percocet I want to detox on my own. I want to be able to only take one or two a day. My question is do I just stop and go through the withdrawal I want to be in control of the medication

    1. Hi Cynthia. It is generally recommended to gradually decrease your doses of Percocet over period of time, or about 20%-25% from your current dose every week. You can do this to get your organism slowly accustomed to the new dose, and then stay on the wanted dose once you taper, without causing any additional stress.

  66. I had taken percocet for one year for chronic pain. I took 5-10mg a day. I finally had surgery to stop the pain. I’m down to 2-10mg a day but the pain is almost unbearable. I got to taken 2 a day from 5 by taking said 5 a day for 2 weeks and lowering the dosage by half a pill every 2 weeks. Am I lowering the dosage too fast?

    1. Hi Carlyn. If the current tapering schedule is not effective in reducing the withdrawal discomfort, you might want to consider cutting off more slowly and gradually. Also, ask a pharmacist to suggest some general over-the-counter meds to help you manage symptoms as you are detoxing.

  67. im worried about my husband who was hit by a car in 2007 and has been on percs since 2008 to deal with the hip and knee pain. He is a forklift driver and must work every day as I am on disability. We found out recently that if u get the same script from 2 Drs u have committed something illegal. 🙁 I had no idea. He got his knees shot with cortizone for the first time in6 mos. and to make a long story short he was denied his 28 day script.. How do we handle his withdraw after such a long period of time? His script is for 6 @ 3/325 / day. He need at least 10/ day to make it thru his 10 hr work day. I look forward to some kind of response – Ty

  68. I’m addicted to percocet I’m looking for a detoxification program in denver. I need help please, Annette

  69. Hi, I was prescribed percocet for a surgery about a week ago and was told to take 1-2 every 4 hours as needed so I was taking 2 every 4 hours averaging about 8 per day. I had a bottle of 40 that were gone in 5 days. I took my last one at about 5 pm 2 days ago so it’s been about 36 hours. I feel absolutely horrible. Is there anything I can do to get this awful feeling out of my body?

    1. Hello Shannie. The withdrawal discomfort will be gone soon. You can treat your withdrawal with flu and cold medications you can easily get at the pharmacy. Ginger and peppermint teas can address symptoms of nausea and GI tract disturbances. Many people also recommend hot baths, hot pads, and hot/cold creams during Percocet withdrawal to address muscle aches.

  70. Thanks so much Invana. I am also weaning off of oxyneo so dr says one at a time. I started the weaning yesterday from 20mg 3 times a day to 10 mg 3 times a day. the night started bad so i gave in to a 20 but no other time. i was able to manage 10. what do i do for the night> my boyfriend doesnt want me around during the restlessness and all and i dont want to be alone.Ill make it i know.

  71. I suffer from RA and have been on pain meds for 6 + years…The last 2 years on 10 mg Percocet 5 times daily. I’m making a conscience effort to taper on my own to stop taking pain meds altogether. I may have tapered at too much of a rate the last week and I feel awful (insomnia is probably the worst, followed by restlessness and anxiety). I have gone 4 days @ half of my normal dosage. Should I continue this path or increase back a dose to eliminate these feelings? Also, I’ve read that tramadol helps with withdrawal? Do you take it instead of the tapered dose of Percocet or in addition?

    1. Hi Joe. Yes, your tapering schedule may have been a rather fast and abrupt. You can stay on your tapered dose until your body stabilizes and continue from there with a slower and more gradual taper. I’d advise you to consult a doctor or a pharmacist before attempting to take tramadol to soothe the withdrawal symptoms. Instead, you can successfully treat each withdrawal symptom with over-the-counter medications you can purchase at the local pharmacy.

  72. I have been taking maybe 6-7 a day for over a year. So not a heavy HEAVY user but a consistent user none the less. How sever do you think the withdrawal will be and how should I taper? This is not under the supervision of a doctor.

    1. Hi Rachel. I’d always recommend a slower taper, it may take longer to finally quit, but it’s much more comfortable and less stressful for the organism. The general dose decrease is 10% off your current dose for one week, then another decrease of 10% the next week and so on. You should talk to a pharmacist about the general tapering schedule, as well as about over-the-counter medications that you can use to treat possible withdrawal symptoms as they occur.

  73. Hi Scared addict. I believe the tapering doses-option is almost always the best way to go off a drug. But, it is advised to be done under medical supervision since the withdrawal symptoms can be truly severe. Please seek medical help before you start reducing doses and during the tapering period too, if needed. Suboxone or methadone can help a lot, but you can only get them through a doctor.

  74. I’ve been using Percocet to get high for approximately a year now. The first 6 months it was a few times a week. The last since months it has been everyday. I take at least 1 30mg Percocet a day. I honestly didn’t realize that I was gradually becoming an addict as time accumulated, until now. I am so scared and I don’t know what to do, all I do know is that I need to put a stop to this sooner rather than later.

    I have come to notice that if I don’t take one for 24 hrs, or sometimes less, I feel weak and have several other symptoms of withdrawal. I am a full time student in college and I can’t tell my family about it. I need to detox myself on my own somehow. My boyfriend is in the same exact boat with me and he is willing to stop with me.

    Should we slowly taper ourselves off ? Should we take a sub instead of a percocet when we feel the urge to get high ? Should we just quit cold turkey.

    The though of withdrawal honestly scares the both of us so much… He has a full time job & I am a full time student. We can’t afford to go through a painful withdrawal but we can’t afford to slowly watch ourselves become more and more addicted.

    Please help.

  75. Hello Phil. It seems like you’re describing the phenomenon of tolerance..which is an expected outcome of long term (more than 3-6 months) use of opioids like Percocet. I’d suggest that you contact your prescribing doctor ASAP and seek a medical opinion. I agree, a cold turkey withdrawal will be uncomfortable and potentially unnecessary. However, scaling back on dosage may help lower your tolerance and make the pain medication more effective again.

  76. I have been taking 5mg perc’s for approx. 2.5 years. I had a serious knee injury. I still have quite a bit of pain. I see what pills are doing to society so I try to be responsible. My prescription is for 120 perc’s a month, that was fine for a while. I am now running out before I am supposed to. For example, this month I am 13 days short. I am kinda worried about just stopping cold turkey for the next 2 weeks. I need to work and maintain a normal life. What can I do?

  77. I have been taking two percoset 10-325 when I wake up and 2 more at mid day as my rx and rheumatology dr tells me. Unfortunately I missed an appointment and can’t see him until February. Ive been rx for it fir 1.5 years now. Is this amout of time and mg going to make withdrawls last a ling time ? I have a pain rx contract with him to not get it from other Dr’s. So I’m stuck. I ran out yesterday morn and am very sick not just with pain from my illness but also I think withdrawals. All over pain is bad and stiff tummy with nausea. I’m also rx muscle relaxer, valium, sleep med, & rx anti inflammatory. I still have some of those and don’t take more than rx says on any meds. I am mid move to a new home and stuck sick in bed not packing. I’m so worried. I want to cancel my rheumatology dr and pain contract so I can get an appointment with a Dr who can treat me sooner.

    P.s. i am om my meds for chronic pain from injuries & fibromyalgia so bad before i was on meds i often couldn’t walk across my home & rarely upstairs. I want to share with anyone here needing help that if you are sick from pain whether because of illness or going off meds or quitting addiction <– (glad for you, proud 🙂 if you can get warm with a hot blanket or bath, try to stretch often. Even a little bit of stretch all over hurts a luttle, but then relaxes the muscles some. Every tiny bit helps. Good hopes for us all.

  78. Hi Denise. You can check this out, write the state and city and it gives you all kinds of treatment available: If you need support, I’d suggest going to counseling or therapy sessions. Basically, you share the same experiences with other people and it helps to be around someone who understands.

  79. it is very nice to finally see a site that actually responds to people in need of help. I’m am very scared and worried. i have been abusing percocet for about 3 years now, just in the past few months i have gone from 1 or 2 a day to over 8 (10mg) pills a day. i had taken 3 percocets yesterday and i still couldn’t sleep, my stomach cramps were very painful and i was feeling very depressed. i do not know what i would do if it weren’t for my kind loving fiancee who helps me as much as he can, although he does not understand, he pushes me to not give up and reassures me that life will be normal without the pills. I want to stop now more than ever because now i can see now that i am fully depending on the pills. i do not want to live this way and i feel helpless, i have been on google doing much research, i call hotlines and i have yet to speak with someone who actually cares or helps, the only response i have been getting from all of these hotlines and facilities are questions about my ability to afford their help. 100 percent of the time i can not and that makes me feel extremeley helpless & very scared to withdraw at home. i live in the orlando florida area, if anybody knows how i can get help a quick response would be appreciated beyond words.

  80. Ive been on my own tapering program for the last six weeks now,rather two monthsim down from six a day to four,and a half, doing pretty well,deal with slight nausea at times,wake up at night with the burning skin tingling etc,but dealing with it,my goal is to get to three a day then maintain that for a couple three months,,what do you think ,any suggestions,comments,,

  81. HI WORRIED, I know how your feeling very worried, ive been there,talk to your pharmacist, split your tablet,into quarter and try to wean down the next couple days with the,three you do have then when your out try gravol ,nausea and immodium for cramps etc, if you have any scripts, for anxiety take that,god luck ok


  82. Hello Worried. Well, you’ll probably experience withdrawal smptoms. You can talk to your pharmacist about some over the counter meds that can help you manage the withdrawals, and help you treat your back pain in alternative ways.

  83. I’m suppose to be taking 3-4 percocet (5/325) a day for back pain. I’ve been taking 5-6. I want and need to cut back but in the meantime I can’t fill my next percription for 10 days and I only have 3 pills left. What should I do to get through

  84. Hello Kim. Check in with your doctor about setting up a personalized tapering program. You want to be moderate in your approach, to moderate pain and to avoid triggering withdrawal. But you need medical supervision and a 4-6 week conservative plan to get there. Best of luck!

  85. Ive been on percocet for 15 years chronic pain, id like to cut down to eventually get off, can i safely do this at home by cutting down very very gradually?

  86. Hello Ace. Good for you. I’d suggest that you check out tapering guides by using these keywords in a Google search: “ opioid tapering” There are quite a few documents to help you during withdrawal….and let me know if this helps!

  87. I’ve been abusing Percocet for the past 3 yrs and an tryingto stop. I’ve been averaging 3-5/week. Any suggestions on how to go about the withdrawal period?

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