Is Bunavail like Suboxone?

Read about the similarities and differences between Suboxone and Bunavail for the treatment of opioid dependence and addiction here.

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Yes and no.

Suboxone and Bunavail are Schedule III narcotics that contain a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone as active ingredients. Both these meds are prescribed in the treatment of opioid addiction. The buprenorphine in these medications is an opioid, while the naloxone is substance that reverses the effects of opioid drugs. The combination is made to lower the chances for abuse and addiction to buprenorphine.

They may seem to be the same drug under a different brand name, but Suboxone and Bunavail have their significant differences. Continue reading as we get into the details about these medicines and compare their effects. If you have any questions and comments, you can post them in the section at the end of the page.

Bunavail and Suboxone similarities

Suboxone and Bunavail are different from current medications (like methadone) used in the maintenance phase of opioid addiction treatment. They are more convenient, are prescribed in doctor’s office, and are available in most commercial pharmacies. As patients progress in therapy, they may even be allowed to take a supply of the medication and use it at home.

Note here that both Bunavail and Suboxone are not intended to be used as stand alone treatments. Instead, medication should be combined as a part of a complete treatment program that includes counseling, individual, group or family therapy sessions, cognitive-behavioral and educational classes, psychological support, and adopting new, positive life-style practices.

Bunavail and Suboxone: How supplied and dosing

Suboxone is supplied in the form of sublingual tablets, taken by placing the tablet under the tongue and waiting for it to dissolve. Suboxone is available in two strengths:

  • 2 mg buprenorphine/ 0.5 mg naloxone
  • 8 mg buprenorphine / 2 mg naloxone

Bunavail, on the other hand, is made of a buccal film that stick to the mucosa on the inside of the cheek and are then quickly dissolved. Bunavail is available in three different strengths:

  • 2.1 mg buprenorphine/0.3mg naloxone
  • 4.2 mg buprenorphine/0.7mg naloxone
  • 6.3 mg buprenorphine/1mg naloxone

Bunavail and Suboxone differences

1. Mode of administration/delivery mechanism

One of the main differences between these two medicines is that Bunavail buccal film delivers buprenorphine through the buccal mucosa, while Suboxone is taken sublingually (put under the tongue). Bunavail offers delivers a dose of buprenorphine to the bloodstream via a polymer film that attaches to the buccal mucosa at the inside of the cheek. The film will disappear within 15-30 minutes, it has a pleasant taste and doesn’t disrupt swallowing or speaking while dissolving. However, speaking is not as easy with Suboxone sublingual.

2. Bioavailability

You have probably noticed that Bunavail comes in lower dose strengths than Suboxone. Taking one Bunavail 4.2 mg/0.7mg buccal film will provide equivalent level of buprenorphine in the system as taking 8mg/2mg Suboxone sublingual tablet. The level of naloxone supplied with Bunavail buccal film is about 33% lower than naloxone levels supplied by Suboxone sublingual.

It doesn’t make Bunavail less effective in the maintenance treatment for opioid dependence. Instead, Bunavail buccal film is designed with the new BEMA delivery technology or BioErodible MucoAdhesive drug delivery mechanism. This allows Bunavail to be absorbed more quickly than Suboxone, so patients need a lower dose to achieve the same effects.

However, this difference in bioavailability between Bunavail and Suboxone requires a different dosage strength to be administered by patients who are switching from one to the other (generally from Suboxone to Bunavail). It’s important for doctors to prescribe dosage strengths that will correspond to the amount and strength in which the other medication was taken.

3. Less risk

Taking your maintenance medication in lower doses, while achieving the same medical effects is great because you have less chances of developing cross-addiction and getting unwanted side-effects.

Bunavail v.s. Suboxone questions

We hope we answered all you wanted to know about the similarities and differences between Suboxone sublingual tablets and Bunavail buccal film. Keep in mind that a doctor’s clearance and approval are crucial for prescribing either one of these medications, and for switching from one to the other.

If you have any further questions you’d like to ask us, please post them in the section below and we’ll do our best to provide a personal and prompt response.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I just switched from Soboxone film to bunnevail film and Its not dissolving, today I waited for hours and I again had a blog of medicine fall into my mouth so I am writing you any answers to why it won’t dissolve, I put it with text side facing inside my cheek as stated and tryed drinking water right before and nothing works, feel like I’m in withdrawal tonight. Have you heard of this happening with others? Any feedback is appreciated, Thank you

  2. Thank you for your comprehensive writing on this matter I have had my life changed in a very positive way taking suboxone has saved my life so many say it is exchanging one drug for another bit you never feel high talking this medication correctly I have therapeutic requirements per month and have gotten my life back I hear so much negative but after years of in and out of the hospital and near death situations loosing almost everything the fact I’m able to have and build a normal life means so much this drug really can be utilized in a great way under the right care and situation I def say last resort medication Both of my parents are recovering addicts and I have been using since the age of 12 to age of 29 Trying everything this is the only thing that’s ever worked for me long-term 3 Yrs suboxone sober No one can ever tell me that it does not work- I am alive – and finally living 😉

    1. I agree. I had an addiction to Vicodin and was taking 12-15, 10mg a day. I decided to do the subuxone therapy, because the withdrawals were unbearable for me when I tried cold turkey. I started in March of 2018 with Suboxone. I was taking less suboxone than I was prescribed, because less worked for me. However, the constipation was bad for me, so just three weeks ago, my Dr. switched me to Bunavail and within a week, my constipation got better. Bunavail does have a better taste, but it does roll up and sometimes doesn’t stick to my cheek so good, but I prefer the Bunavail, because as mentioned above, the constipation is lessening. Taking that step to start Suboxone was the best decision I ever made and will be the best decision of my life. I left work for my lunch break one day and drove down to the city to buy 1 Vicodin. (I was so worried it would be sold by the time I got off work that I just had to get there. I was obsessed, I could think of nothing else; I was panicking and withdrawal was starting). It took 2 hours by the time I left & got back to work. We’re only allowed a 1/2 hr lunch and my boss was angry (not the first time I took too long of a lunch). I got to thinking about it and I asked myself if I was going to be doing the same thing in another 10 yrs, 5 yrs, 1 yr., etc., and I thought, no, I can’t, I’ve had my job for almost 20 years, I’m college educated and on the verge of losing everything. The addiction got me into debt and I’ve done things I would never have dreamed of doing just to get those pills. If I hadn’t of started the Suboxone treatment, I know I would’ve eventually been fired and lost everything, because that’s where it was So, as I said, I agree with you, because I have my life back, paying off my debts, doing better at work, etc., I do not get high off of the medication, either. As I said, I take less than prescribed. At one of my appointments, my Dr. asked me at what times do I take my dose and I was worried, cause I don’t have set times, but I was honest and told him that sometimes I take it in the morning, sometimes in the afternoon. He said that was ok, because it shows that “I’m in control of the medicine; it is not in control of me”. That statement had a huge impact on me, because Vicodin controlled me for so long and now I’m back in control. Currently, I am cutting my dose lower when my doctor says, because I told him I want to wean off and be completely drug free and he is working with me on that. Yes, this medication has saved my life and it can do the same for thousands more; they have to want it, though. They have to want to get their life back, they have to be ready; sobriety cannot be forced on anyone. In my opinion these medications are a lifesaver for anyone struggling with an addiction and I hope that anyone who wants/needs the help will have access to this type of therapy, regardless of income, etc., I’m fortunate that I live in close proximity to a major city that has many doctors who can administer this treatment. Unfortunately, many do not and I honestly don’t have the first clue on how to change that. Thank you for listening.

  3. I was on Soboxone. I tried Bunavail and it was horrible it did not desolve for over an hour most times. I also started waking up depressed it did not work the way it is described at all. So I switched back to Soboxon and feel much better again.

  4. I just switch from Methadone 2 zubsolv to bunavail I didn’t like the taste of the zubsolv have no symptoms of headaches depression nothing I just started it yesterday but I like it way better than the zubsolv. I didn’t like how the zubsolv tasted. Bunavail tastes way better than suboxone or zubsolv! It’s true one 4. 2 / 0. 7 is the same as a 8 mg of Suboxone that’s the difference I see is the taste of the medications cuz I used to take Suboxone too. they all work the same just the dosage is different that’s all but mentally people want to see that 8mg so that’s why they think that the bunavail or zubsolv wont work. I gave one to a friend of mine who is skeptical and she said it works better than anything, that was the zubsolv though. I might give her one of these Buena bills to try see what she thinks of these. I think they work excellent, better than Suboxone and better than zubsolv

  5. Hello. I would like to know if i have been taking suboxone 8mg tablets for over a year 2 1/2 tablets a day, will I have significant detox symptoms if i switch over to Bunavail? I am wanting to stop the medicine all together. It’s sooo expensive! And I’m worried if i try to stop, that I might mess up my 2 year sobriety.

  6. So I have been on Oxys for about 7 years and never tried Suboxone or anything to get off them. Went to the Doc about 2 weeks ago and got Bunavail 6.3. I have been taking 2 a day and haven’t had any withdrawals just a little sweating a couple nights but for the most part they worked for me! They do give me headaches but nothing ibuprofen won’t take away. They definitely don’t dissolve very well but seems like after 30 mins u have got most the medicine already. I will just swallow it or spit it out. They got me off Roxie tho so I’m happy!? they do work!

  7. I have been on suboxone therapy for 30 days. I have never been a heroine addict or addicted to “Opiates” until a year ago. I wanted to go off my psych medication seraquil. I did it without medical supervision. I found myself extremely depressed and with not one ounce of energy. A “friend” of mine gave me a little white pill and told me it was potassium and would help me with energy. Well I took it and within an hour I felt energy and was happy and amazed at the same time. He gave me a pill everyday for a about a month and when I didn’t have one I started to feel really crappy. So he gave me 2 pills a day for a month. Then I just needed more and more. I got to up to taking 4 pills a day in October then he suddenly died of a heart attack Oct. 27th 2017. I did figure out what the magic pill was in Aug. 2017 because I looked it up on pill finder. It was METHADONE!!! I had no clue what the reprocussions would intail. I continued to take 40mg a day because I felt I needed it. Well when he passed my supply was cut off!!! I had a 2 weeks supply on hand and read everything I could on the internet on how to DETOX at home. I was so scared and tried to do it myself. I didn’t want to upset my family and let them know that I was a “DRUG ADDICT” I tried the taper down method, I drank all of the fancy teas and whatever else I learned to detox. I have never been so sick in my life!! I vomited everyday all day for 2 weeks along with severe diarrhea. The pain I felt in my stomach and body were at a level 10. I was able to get myself to the ER because I didn’t want to involve my family. I was honest with the nurses and Dr’s of what had happened. I don’t think they could believe my story. They didn’t believe that I took a pill and didn’t know what I was taking for so long. Needles to say they treated me for my pain with morphine. My blood work was so off I ended up in the ICU for 4 days. Something about my lactic acid levels were so high and my potassium levels were so low my life was in extreme danger. After I was released from the hospital I was sent home with 30 Percocets. I was still in withdrawals from the methadone and morphine that I took all 30 in 5 days just to help with my symptoms. Well guess what… I checked myself into a detox center. A government funded facility and was the most frightening experience I have ever had. I had to wait for 48 hours in a “prison” with about 50 people vomiting, shitting, urniating everywhere… not to mention the screaming, moaning and groaning. It had men and women all in a room with concrete floors that I couldn’t walk through to even go to the bathroom. They did finally help me and get me to detox that was a hospital environment. I was there for 3 days. I was givin suboxone for 3 days and saw a counselor and a physician assistant. Both of them recommended a Suboxone maintenance program for me. The day before I left the facility I tried to schedule an appointment with a Dr. and they couldn’t get me in for 2 weeks. Immediately I knew what I was going to be in for. This was all happening at Christmas time. I have a 9 year old son and my Mother was coming to town for Christmas. What in the hell was I going to do??? I went to my primary care physician and had to tell my whole story again and asked for help. Well he wanted to give me Percocet and try a taper down method. I felt relief as the Percocet that I received from the hospital helped me for a week. I just had to get through Christmas!! Well the 2 pills I was perscribed a day didn’t cut it so I had to take more so I didn’t have signs of withdrawal. I did make it until my Mother left but I was by no means OK. I finally got on my Insurance company’s ass and asked for help. By the way I only have Medicade. Well an amazing man named Tony that works for my ins company helped me! It took 2 days to set everything up and I was in full withdrawals, but I did It. I got the Suboxone maintance program and now am feeling great and I start a new job next Wednesday. I don’t want to be on it forever, but in just 30 days I’m getting my life back thanks to Suboxone.

  8. It seems to me like some bureaucrat had relations with a lobbyist, and then they gave birth to a pharmaceutical rep, why in the world do they have THIS much money, to play with, instead of just leaving well enough alone. Prolly due to so many quitting methadone, or plain dying,u know THAT has 2 hit em where it it really hurts

  9. I read that the Bunavail dissolves faster than suboxone but I’m on bunavail and it takes mine sometimes annhojr or more before it dissolves. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. Will bunavil still work if I don’t wait for it to fully dissolve but I let it sit for 15 or 20 minutes but I spit out the rest of it I cannot stand the jelly feeling on my check please let me kno I just feel like it doesn’t fully disolve

  11. I have read the comparisons, I have been using Suboxone for a little over a month. I have disability problems that got me hooked on opiates when I moved here from florida I could not find a good pain management Doctor. Which put me in a very hard position. So I decided to get off the prescription drugs that had kept me in the quality of life i needed to function, ( 20 years) To take control of my pain in a different way so that is a little history. Now my problem as of the first of the year my insurance will not cover the suboxone. So I am looking for something they cover andI can get the same relief .

  12. Bunavail is suppose to be the same as Suboxone but it’s not. First off bunavail goes in the side of your inner cheek and after it dissolves your left with a ball of what feels like mucus you have to scrape off your inner cheek. If didn’t think it worked personally.

  13. I have been on Suboxen 8mg 1 & 1/2 a day for 5 years. I take it for chronic pain. In the beginning, it was helping for the pain. The last year I have been in more pain. I’m thinking of switching to something else. I picked up a brochure on Belbuca. After reading it, It sounds the same? The brochure Says it is given to help with providing less pain? Has anyone ever tried this medication? And I asked out and worried about withdrawal symptoms. Has anyone experienced stopping this medication? I asked out and worried about withdrawal symptoms. Has anyone experienced stopping this medication ?

  14. I feel some people don’t understand suboxone. You don’t get 8 mg of medicine with suboxone. You get about half. The rest is swallowed, with the naloxone. The naloxone is what’s in your saliva that you swallow. Which is why the bunivail is only 4.2 mg equivalent to a 8 mg suboxone. Naloxone can’t be absorbed, it has to be swallowed. I’m not quite sure yet, but I think that last bit of goo from the bunivail, is also naloxone. The Buprenorphine has already been absorbed.. I hope this helps understand suboxone and bunivail. You don’t actually get 8 mg, the people that made these knew this, it’s impossible to get all 8 mg without losing it in your saliva…

  15. Hello, since the new laws, I can no longer​ get Suboxone films from my insurance company and my subscriber, “WILL NOT” prescribe tablets as they are too easily traded or sold. I solely take them for pain. Are the Bunavail films as effective for pain as Suboxone films?

  16. @Drug Free Since Birth
    I know this ks over a year later but I hope people who are trying recieve a bad rep for voicing an opinion once they are helped (Re:your genius vicodin experiment). However there are an unbelievable number of people out there who have no choice. I worked since I was 13 and by the age of 19 after 2 car accidents (not of my own fault nor was I driving) I was diagnosed with spinal arthritis, degenerative disc disease, siatica, osteoarthritis, herniated discs at L5-S1, L-5, L-2, L-3. Cervical C1-2, C2-3, C5-6, C6-7. Along with some serious nerve damage found while I was poked at and shocked. The only thing I have had since birth was severe migraines which now have turned into severe carcinogenic migraines. I refused to go on disability until the age of 20 when I could no longer work even as a cashier. And SURPRISE before all this happened I abused drugs. Because of people like you I believed that I deserved what happened to me. I know better now. But let’s see…I have 5.5 years of working on my record and I’m on disability. Lucky me was able to keep my mother’s insurance free until age 25 when my mother reached retirement age. Alas I could not be kept on her insurance because she is also on disability. So last year i went on Medicaid. I even have 1 full year of college credits. I made a concious choice to take pain meds after i abused them. At age 23 I decided I didn’t want to go that route and started taking suboxone. But when I got on Medicaid (which apparently you don’t pay enough tax for) last year I had to find another doctor. Thankfully my previous doctor was good to me and made a payment plan with me that I’m still paying off. Now I didn’t type all this for you-I typed it so others know they are not alone. I am considered a disabled adult child. And I’m sorry that you clearly believe that people are born with golden spoons in their mouths, or don’t come into contact with severely diblitating illnessses and conditions in their life that prevent and stop them from going to school. They say don’t judge a book by its cover. Well don’t judge unless you have been in the situations that pertain to the front and back covers in one lifetime. I have many words for you. I even have pity, but I have no ill will or poorly choosen words against you because I wouldn’t wish my own situation on my worst enemy let alone someone who has to better himself by putting others down. Every situation is different and if you don’t want to be judged then don’t judge, I guess you were not taught to respect others in the technical school you went to. I see you clearly did not learn the basics of assessing a situation before reacting as well. If you don’t want to see anyone complain about health insurance by Medicaid I suggest you sign up for a very large donation on your next tax return. May you never suffer a second of what myself or anyone else has gone through.
    God Grant me the serenity to except the things i can not change, tho courage to change the things i can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

  17. Mack, you were probably forced into “precipitated withdrawal”. When you start Suboxone or Bunavail, you must be in withdrawal before taking it. Everyone is different, but I was in withdrawal for about 17 hours before I started Bunavail. If you are not in moderate to severe withdrawal before taking Suboxone or Bunavail, these meds will force you into horrible withdrawal for approximately 5 to 7 days and there is nothing you can really do about it, besides going to hospital so they can monitor you and keep you hydrated. Hope you are doing ok now.

  18. Maria,
    I am currently taking 4.2 Bunavail (2x a day). 1 strip @ 5:30am and 1 strip around 3pm. I have had NO problems; however, I cannot take 2 strips at the same time. It is way too much for my system, plus I cannot tolerate a strip on both cheecks (takes about an hour to dissolve for me anyway). If you are on 12mg of Suboxone a day, switching to 6.3 Bunavail might be too much. But everyone is different

  19. I am currently taking 4.2 Bunavail (two strips a day). It is not covered as a “preferred medication” thru my insurance. I pay $123.00 for one week of medication (14 day supply). I callas my insurance for a Formula Exemption Request, but was denied because Suboxone is covered and they want me to try that first. So my doctor is switching me next Wednesday.

    I am doing really well on Bunavail, so I am worried about the transition from Bunavail to Suboxone . Any suggestions, ideas or advice?

  20. If I would’ve known years ago what I know now about Suboxone then I would have much rather just went cold turkey. I can’t get off this shit. I went 17 days without it before and still had the joint pain and just general exhaustion on a completely different level than my drug of choice before I quit.

  21. I took two bunavIl strips today if put me totally windral i have to work tommorow can i take heroin to come oout. Withdraws so i work peacefully

  22. I am switching from 12mg Suboxone per day to two, 6.3mg Bunavail films. The dosage instructions state that I’m to use one film every 12 hours so, twice a day. However, the manufacturer’s literature specifically warns against taking two doses (at different times) in a single day. Can anyone clarify based on personal experience? Thanks in advance.

  23. Hi, could you please tell me what happens if Bunavail is put u see tongue instead of cheek? I can’t find an answer to this anywhere even tho article states in headline that they answer this question. I’m so frustrated! Lol. Thank you.

  24. I have been reading all these comments and I am more confused than ever. To Laurel in TN, I hate it that you had to change to bunavail but at least you have ins that will pay for it. I have been prescribed narcotics for pain for almost 30 years and now my dr isn’t going to prescribe enough to even help me. I know nothing in my body is going to function right when I am taken completely right. The AMA and DEA may have put a stop to some of he abuse and selling of these drugs but they have created another problem called heroin. The AMA won’t beable to control that problem. Alot of people I know has went to heroin and it is cheaper but dangerous. A family member works at a hospital in Anderson IN and told me they have had more heroin overdoses in the year 2016 than the 4 prior years put together. I am having a hard time finding some place they writes subs or bunavail that will take my insurance. I don’t know what I am gonna do but I don’t think my body after 30 years is going to take the horrible withdrawl I am facing. I really don’t want to become a criminal but some of the people I know that has went to heroin just to feel better didn’t want to become a criminal either. I hope the American Medical Assoc and these Doctors that are cutting people off for no reason just because they don’t want to deal with the drug test that are now state mandated realize what a much bigger problem they have on their hands. I am 60 years old. Who cares if I am addicted to opiates. I guess elderly people will all suffer because you know they won’t beable to go to a pain clinic every month. And from what I hear the pain centers are making you jump thru hoops just to get narcos which don’t help me at all. I hope I can find an answer to my problem and find someone close that will accept my insurance. Its thru the federal government because that is where I retired from but every place I have called has told me they only take HIP and Medicaid which is basically welfare. I really don’t understand that. Im happy for those people but Im in a really bad situation. Im open to any suggestions.

  25. Attention, MR. DRUG FREE SINCE BIRTH:
    I know I am responding to your post almost a whole year after you wrote it, but it bothered me so much that I felt the need to say something back to your ignorant, condescending, arrogant ass. First of all, your subject is titled; Drug free since birth, and then you go on to explain how you used to take suboxone, stopped that and then switched to vicodin. (Good idea by the way, that’s some great willpower there and a great plan, NOT!) I thought you said you were an engineer, right? Don’t you have to be somewhat intelligent to be in that profession? I’m pretty certain that you taking suboxone and vicodin makes you not so drug free since birth???!!! Secondly and lastly, why are you even on this website? Are you trying to make us addicts feel lower than you because you pay for your superior health care plan and we get medical assistance? Well I’m pretty sure you’re not making any of us feel belittled to you any way. The only way you’re making people feel is highly irritated and annoyed! No one gives a shit about how much you pay for your health care plan and how u made your 2 weeks of suboxone stretch to last for 8 weeks. You’re such a dumbass and people like you make me sick. Go troll on some other website. I guess that’s how you make yourself feel better, right?
    OK, my rant to him is over. I apologize everyone. Anyways, I’ve never heard of bunavail until today and that is crazy to me because I’ve been on suboxone since July 2016, and I thought I knew about every kind of maintenance program they had out there. It doesn’t sound too great to me though. All I’m reading is a bunch of negative side effects. Has anything changed since these comments were written? And sorry to those of you in Tennessee that they just changed your medication over like that! That’s not right at all. I hope something has been done in the past year to change it. I’m from PA and like I said, I’ve never heard of this bunavail stuff. Best of luck to everyone in recovery!! And one more shout out to Drug free since birth, F*** off!! ??

  26. I’ve been on opiates for over 10 years. And 4 weeks ago went to see Dr to see what was out there I tried subs before but it took to long to start feeling better so,they told me a the mints witch is what we call them. They work so great everyone that I know who takes the mints is still clean a sober love these things fuck subs hate the taste orange

  27. Been on Bunavail for a while now- I stopped Suboxone and changed over- once i found that the stomach issues disapeared once on Bunavail I was sold- There are no highs n lows with Bunavail- Suboxone can be a night mare- To anyone who says they have had issues the first few days on Bunavail- hold strong as if you are truely trying to help yourself and not continue down the path – Bunavail is the Way To Go~! Thank you

  28. Hi, I have been researching treatment options for substance abuse disorders. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder about 3 months ago but have been abusing opioids for years so I am very opioid tolerant. I’m on pain medication that I go through in about 5 days when it needs to last a month. It is a nightmare when you are in chronic pain but have a substance abuse disorder. I’ve been on suboxone before, treated myself with induction and maintance and tapered off but holy withdrawal! It is 20x worse than any opioid withdrawal. I without a doubt need to do this with doctor supervision. But I was so astonished by this blog and how quickly the company responds to our questions and commments. I’ve been in pharmacy for 15 years and I’ve never seen such commitment to patients before. Kudos to the makers of bunavail! Wish me luck 🙂

  29. How come I can take Suboxone with no problem but Bunavail makes me sick as hell and heart is racing over a 1000 mile per hour and gasping for air and puking, headache breaking out in a rash feeling like I’m truly dying ?????????

  30. i take 2 6.3mg bunavail a day it works so much better than suboxone strips i took a 12mg suboxone just to try it and 1 6.3 mg is better than a 12 u can actually talk why taking bunavail u cant when taking suboxone strips

  31. I’ve been through treatment plans 3 times suboxene has always worked perfect for me. Gave mW energy I wasn’t sick and my mind felt great and so positive. I relapsed about 4 months ago and have been seeing a counselor and seen the doc this past week. Well I was expecting suboxene but he gave me bunavail. I’ve been taking it and I can’t really get it to stick to my cheek and its not working like I know suboxene does for me. What should I do?? I really need back on suboxene to help me get my life back in order then I want to start winging off it. Thank you

    1. Hi Randy. I’d suggest that you speak with your doctor about your concerns. If Bunavail doesn’t work for you, then s/he may switch back to Suboxone.

  32. Thank the Creator for finding this sight. I am 65 yrs old and have been on opiates for 20+yrs for pain. I also have COPD and have just found out I have some heart issues. My doctor is getting old and marking time to retire. Getting answers from him is TOUGH.I am only stating this stuff so you will know how scared I am right now. I live in a very rural area and finding a new doctor is an issue and will take some time. Please be patient with me. You are not responsible for my health care but I need advice. I had been on 100mg time release morophene sulfate one every 8 hrs and six norcol #10 every 24hrs as needed for breakthrough pain. I have reduced that over the last 14 months, since a major surgery, to one 30mg ms every 12 hrs and 3 norcol #10 every 24hrs as needed. My goal is to reduce useage to 3 norcol #10 every 24hrs. My doctor is now proposing to put me on Bunavail or suboxone . I feel like that is just trading one problem for another. This new drug seems like a big risk in view of my COPD and left ventricular ejection fraction of 35 to 40% among other cardiac issues. I also do not need to change one addiction for another, I want to reduce my addiction to maybe 0 with luck and blessings. Am I wrong or am I a poor candidate for this new medication? Am I just trading one addiction for another? Am I taking a chance with my health by taking either one of these, or other buprenorphine naloxone mixs? Please help me with your knowledge I am lost at this point. THANK YOU for reading this long winded email. I look forward to hearing from you.

  33. been taking Bunavail for 1-1/2 years. was on Suboxone for 1 year before.
    Bunavail, in my case, worked and still works for me. faster delivery is probably the greatest advantage.

  34. To Everyone in Tennessee complaining about Tenncare not paying for suboxone strips, and being put on Bunavail. You do know that you can ask your Dr. to prescribe the sub strips still, you just have to pay at the pharmacy. So before you do something stupid and go buy some dope off the street, (which cost way more) just buy your script from the pharmacy, which is less than a weeks worth of H or Roxies. You were buying dope or pills before you got the subs right??? tenncare didnt pay for that did they?? So stop the excuses and stop making the rest of us from Tennessee look like whining addicts looking for a handout. I was on pills for 8 years, buying them off street everyday, got on suboxone strips and they saved my life, when insurance wouldnt pay anymore, i decided my life and sobriety was more important and decided to continue strips just having to pay for the script. Like i said, if it doesnt work and you sobriety is important to you, then YOU find a way, and stop blaming your FREE state insurance.

  35. I got switched 3 days ago from 2 of the 8mg suboxone strips to 2 of the Bunavail strips and I’m not happy. the suboxone lasted all day and really id feel okay for a couple hours the next day before id be sick. the bunavail does NOt keep me well near as long. they last about 5 hours each and thjat leaves me not feeling so well for a few hours aday. and when I don’t feel well I start thinking about and craving other drugs and that’s not good for me.

  36. I am switching today from 12 mg per day of Suboxone to Bunavail. Not really sure what to expect. Seems to be mixed reviews.

  37. I’m a little worried after reading the posts on here. Today I was approved for the Bunavail Patient Assistance program so on Monday I will be switching from suboxone (1 1/2 8mg strips per day) to bunavail. I tried the placebo the doctor gave me so I understand that you end up withe gook in your gums and I’m fine with that. I’m just really worried about the effectiveness of the Bunavail and the reports of headaches. Ugh. If anyone who has been on both bunavail and suboxone let me know what you think my proper dose should be.

  38. I like many others was pushed to try this. I was on 2, 8mg sublingals a day. I also take 2 types of medications for severe depression. I was switched to the 4.2 bunavail a day. I have been taking them for almost 2 months. I have been begging for my doc to switch me back. I have been so depressed that i attempted my 3rd suicide. I think these are garbage. I had withdrawls so bad on these that i do not recommend these to any one. I think the fda needs to do a little more research for people with depression before putting it on the market. What happened to ” If its not broke don’t try to fix it”. Good luck to any one else you may need it. Hope fully you will have better success! I would rather stay addicted to opiates then go through this type of hell again.

  39. I take Suboxone 12 milligrams daily… I have noticed in the package and it says you can place it underneath your tongue or on the cheek for the Roa… I was wondering is there greater bioavailability taking Suboxone films the buccal route… The reason I ask this is because you are saying that Bunavail which is taken by the buccal Roa has more bioavailability than Suboxone taken sublingually…

  40. I am a heroin addict and have been using for 3years now I want to stop using heroin and need help I was on suboxone 8mg for a year but then I moved to another state and got a new family doctor and was not able to get my prescription so I would like to know if bunavail would be a good choice for me

  41. i have many of the same symptoms i am reading here. switched from sub 8mg to bun 4.2, then withdrawls, headache, diarrhea, runny nose, extremely irritable, we all know the symptoms. and the stuff stays in my mouth for 1-2 HOURS, cant talk ( or it just gums up into a ball) cant eat or drink. i hate this stuff, have an appt tomorrow to switch back. i pay cash, and will be tossing away 20 or so bunivails, but im miserable.

  42. I have been takining subo xin for 8months 8Mg i ran out and ttried a belbuca strip. I dont get anywhere near the results i would expect. Its seems like a placebo. I will get the the exact mlg …i also read the the strength is 1tenth lower then mine… any info would be appreciated.

  43. I was taking suboxone for 3 mos, free. The only reason why I switched to bunavail because in 2016 insurance change and suboxone was no longer free. I guess I’m blessed, because I have no side effects or anything like that. But when I was on the suboxone, I felt like I was high and with bunavail I don’t. I don’t smoke as many cigarettes as I did. Just want to say, I like taking bunavail. We all are different, some people can take bunavail and som can’t. Thank you

  44. Bunavail is over $950 for 60 at Walgreens. I might as well fly to Afghanistan and start an opium farm for that price. And the repa push the Dr. To write these scripts for kick backs while someone who has destroyed their life with addiction is trying to get help and THATS THE PRICE YOU THOUGHT WOULD BE A GOOD PLACE TO START. Maybe look up the words character integrity compassion instead of your pic next to the word greedy money whore. So thanks and have a great day. Remember it’s only lying if they find out!!! P. O. S.

  45. Bun can be abused – will dissolve in water – can be injected. Makes me feel like crap. Felt better on Subs and didn’t want to inject

  46. I started Bunavail on my own thinking why not, as I’ve been on Suboxone for years and figured maybe this would help. I was taking 8mg of Suboxone a day and moved to 4.2mg Bunavail. I began to get depressed immediately.

    This drug affects your brain differently for sure. One thing we should all think about though is if this is becuase of the Bunavail or lack of Suboxone. Suboxone is a great drug and gives me that pep in my step and still allows me to be a normal human being. It really works awesome for me. I thought maybe give Bunavail a month to try it out.

    After reading this I am going to quit tomorrow. Thank you for your comments.

  47. Bun has a texture like bubble gum (but paper thin, about the size of a stamp); and a pleasant lemon taste. It can’t be injected so even without Naloxone can’t be abused. It is possible to get hooked on Suboxone, Sub can feel like a withdrawal onto what seems like lower dose Bun (but isn’t); depending on how Sub is taken (time under tongue even) can have an effect on the switch to Bun. Best to see a Doc if you have any qualms. If you really want to improve your life, and get to back to normality, Bun is the way to go, it leaves you with a clearer head and is far better for your over all health.

  48. I have been doing suboxone for a while and want off these things. Would switching to bunivile be easier to come off of

  49. I do not like doing the subxzone Cuz you have to wait two days after you last dose of herion n by then your in alot of withdraws. So why take it , .

  50. How long do you have to be on this medication and is it addicting I heard Suboxone is very hard to get off of I was wondering if this medication is the same and how would you get off of this medication will you have withdrawals with this medication

  51. I had been on suboxone for a while & my dr gave me the option of switching to bunavail which I have. I really feel no difference other than the suboxone films were causing blisters in my mouth as opposed to bunavail which doesnt. It’s much more pleasant taste & no blisters. My dr also treats me for pain management since I have SLE Lupus & COPD. I live in Tenn tho & it’s a constant battle to know I am going to have a dr each time I go back because of certain ppl who do not like these Dr’s & clinics & want them shut down. There are many right now who are being watched & having to meet with lawyers just to stay open. There were several police officers one day who told us that all these Dr’s were going to be shut down. So each appt I have I never know if it’s gonna be closed down when I go for fear it will happen sooner or later. There are congressmen here who are totally against this treatment. It’s a shame so many ppl benefit from the program for this to happen.

  52. They give you different ways like under tongue if you have dentired .I guess it sticks if you put on your cheek.So try go ogling bunavail with dentures.It was in my packet from the doc but there are other placing it can be put also because sometimes it makes one certain spot raw they say.I haven’t experienced this but some people I k ow have and they put in there tongue but say becareful it don’t get wrinkled. I’M NOT SURE it stays firmly in place anywhere..Thanks

  53. Can you put Bunavail either under the tongue or in bottom lip? When i put it in my cheek it just slides around or folds up and is really annoying? I like the fact that its lower doses than suboxone but i hate the way it has to be taken. Just trying to find out of it would still work if put under tongue?

    1. Hi Jason. I did some research, and I couldn’t find the answer to your question. I suggest you ask a pharmacist or a doctor. However, saliva has a huge role in Bunavail activation. And salivary glands that are located beneath the floor of the mouth and under the tongue produce more saliva than those located in the cheeks.

  54. To ashley not sure where that is in Tennessee but I have a sub doc who takes tenncare.I have to pay $50 for like 5 mins of therapy every 2 weeks but that nothing compared to paying pull price.I am currently on Bunavail.It’s Alright not great but better than the full price of suboxone.I’m filing for disability and can’t work so I have no choice.I left the pain management clinic because there meds where making me sicker.I have had back surgeries and severe pain and it does help a little bit.I don’t agree with only being able to get one med My Dr thinks I should be on subutex but I can’t afford it.But I drive all the way to Franklin-tn to Dr pashcell she is a pretty good doc.I’m looking for someone closer to pulaski who take tenncare if anyone knows please write. But she is accepts new tenncare patients.So that’s just the only one I could find so I drive. BUT I do prefer to be tried on different meds if my doc this I need it but that’s just not allowed by tenncare. Any suggest of closer docs are appreciated. Just posted to let people kbow of this doc don’t need therapy or opinions on my medication choices or tenncare paying I have worked all my life and got hurt.So I use my tenncare I have payed in so no judgements till you know what all these people seeking treatment because you don’t know why.I got addicted because of an injury so don’t call these people junkies no one knows.Good luck on treatment to everyone struggling.Thanks Brittney

  55. I was on suboxone for year and half and I also love in Tennessee and because I have tenncare I was cut off from treatment. Need help finding a prescribing doc who takes my tenncare insurance . it’s like I have started back from bottom again and back to same old habbits although I do resist temptations much better.. If I were to begin treatment again ,with the mindset I have towArds opiates now, I know that within a year I could be nearly home free and moving forward in my life. I live in McMinnville tn. Any suggestions on prescribing doc that take my insurance?

  56. It’s worth pointing out that using Bun means most medication goes straight into the blood stream, with much less trickling back into the stomach; that means 68% less likely hood of opioid constipation, less likely hood of headaches and nausea, as well as the mentioned above, an easier experience to eventually taper off altogether. Otherwise its as equally effective as higher dose Suboxone
    So Subutex has no Nalaxone in it, and being used illegally for diversion. Why Tenncare changed the law last year so tex is no longer generally available. Bunavail has been through stringent patient testing, it absolutely does work, if you think its less strong than Subutex that’s your mind looking at the packet, and your addictive inclination to using Suboxone talking. Bun is paper thin (how gummy can it be?), and a pleasant lemon flavor. When it comes to tapering off altogether it’ll be much easier on lower dose Bun. Opiates actually make depression worse, a lighter dose has to be better, try to stick with it.
    Blistering is more likely to come from Suboxone because it’s acidic in nature and has to be taken underneath the tongue. The backing on Bunavail though makes it ph neutral

  57. Mr Drug Free at Birth…you sound like a clown sir…not everyone is as fortunate as you…and your minor problem with some Vicodin is nothing compared to a heroin addiction ect..first of all this page is about bunavail compared to suboxne..not your opinion about the healthcare system in America!! I am also fortunate to have a great Health insurance plan but not everyone is as lucky..I just think you need to find a different page to vent your frustration on cause this one has absolutely nothing to do with what you know anything about bunavail..and how it’s different from suboxne? Anything?

  58. I do not understand why so many of you are upset with your Medicaid insurance company. Guys, it’s Medicaid, paid for by myself and all other contributing members of society. If they choose to transfer from Suboxone to Bunavail, then that is entirely up to them. We should not be forced to pay for a costly drug, because you are the reason you’re in this predicament, not the general public. If you want amazing healthcare, your choice of medications, and prompt service when you feel as if the adverse effects of the drug are becoming debilitating, then buy your own health insurance. I personally pay $780.00 a month for my Platinum PPO, dental, and vision insurance package. Because I pay so much for my health insurance, the price of which is a result of everybody on Medicaid also being drug addicts, respectively and apparently. It’s not fair to me, so I do not agree with your complaints. TennCare is offering a service to you at no cost. Be happy that you have the option to seek out and receive medical care when needed.

    Anyways, I have used Suboxone in the past. I feared becoming addicted to the treatment, so I placed myself in a position in which I would lessen the risks associated with the consumption of Suboxone. Instead of the two year plan my specialists (yes, I payed for two different opinions) suggested to me, I took the first two weeks worth and stretched it out over the course of eight weeks, slowly titrating the dose as needed. I was experiencing mild psychological symptoms of withdrawal following the end of my Suboxone treatment, so I asked a friend, whom has a medical license, to write me a prescription of Vicoprofen 7.5 / 200, 30 total dispensed. I then titrate do with the Vicoprofen. When this was all said and done, I felt entirely normal.

    I do not recommend my plan to those of you addicted to intravenous administration of opiates. I became dependent during treatment for a terminal illness. I had the will power to overcome all of this, Andy just needed help in the form of Suboxone.

    Anyways, if you are unable to afford a decent, or amazing insurance plan such as my very own, then I recommend you assess your situation, and upon doing so, make life changing choices that will ensure your financial stability in the years to come. I am a software engineer, but a few years ago, I was working fast food, so anything is possible with determination and a willing demand for success.

    Good luck to you all,


  59. Hey Oscar don’t know how you do it..I switched from subutex to that bunavail..and I gave it everything I had..well 2 weeks was enough..I felt like garbage and I had to get back cause like you..I was making strides and had lowered my dose tremendously.. Once I switched back to the subutex I was finally sounds like you have done so well on the suboxne..why switch doctor was the same way about it..had an answer to everything.. But when he seen me after 2 weeks he knew by the way I looked..that it was ineffective…. I wish you the best man..goodluck

  60. Hi,
    I have been taking suboxone film since August 1st of 2013. I started on 1 8mg film a day, and up until this week had weaned myself down to 1/4 of an 8mg film a day. I don’t think we are supposed to do it that way, as I only see my dr when I need a new script, so the last couple times I saw him were in 4 month intervals. This last visit, my Dr. expressed the “red flag” situation of 1 script every 4 months and decided that he wanted to switch me to Bunavail 4.2 (cut into 4 doses), and to come back in 2 months. I will still have half of my script left when I go back to see him in April, because I’m in no way interested in going backward. I want off all this crap as I’ve had side effects since day one on both meds. I had alot of reservations when my doctor told me he wanted to switch meds, but he had a miracle answer for every question I asked. He stated that Bunavail stays in the system for 2 days (which I can say emphatically is completely false). He also repeatedly told me that while Bunavail has the same medications in it, that it was exponentially easier to come off it, and that withdrawal symptoms from it are less than suboxone. My experience so far, is that this was greatly exaggerated, if not totally false as well. It took me almost 3 hours to find a pharmacy that carried bunavail when I went to fill the script, whereas suboxone is available at most of my local pharmacies. Also, the reason I sought treatment was because I had developed an addiction to Fentanyl matrix patches, that I consumed in the same way one consumes Bunavail. The Bunavail packaging, size of the film, way I have to cut it, oral route, etc. are all eerily similar to the fentanyl patches I was hooked on and are a huge trigger every time I take my meds now.

    My point is that from my limited experience, the only logical conclusion I have for my doctor putting me on Bunavail was because he’s getting some form of kickback from its manufacturer. My treatment was going very well on suboxone, I never relapsed on any form of opiate or opioid, I had worked down to 1/4 of my original dose, and the side effects were the normal ones (constipation, headaches, slight withdrawal symptoms) and I wasn’t complaining of them, as it was managable with a little fiber and some advil. Like many other posts I’ve read below, It’s not the treatment I would recommend to someone else seeking help, and while it may help some people, seems like there needs to be more education given to the patient before such a switch.

  61. I got switched from suboxone tabs to Bunavail 2 days ago. First of all, it’s sticking to my top plate and my bottom dental work. Also, it leaves a gob of slime sitting in my mouth. Is that just the naloxone or does it contain buprenorphine? I know buprenorphine isn’t digested in the stomach well and that’s where the gob ends up! I swallow it. Do you know what’s in that gob of leftover slime?

    1. Hi Robyn. The gob that’s left in your mouth is naloxone and you can feel free to spit it out. It does no damage if you swallow it, but you don’t have to. It’s only put in the Bunavail, so people cannot abuse the buprenorphine.

  62. I was on sub 8x2mg and was switched to bunavail and it seems to work not as strong as subs but good enough. I would like to be back on subs but I think that’s my addictive side saying it b/c bunavail works

  63. I was on suboxone for almost 2 years and was switched to bunavail 3 months ago. The problem I’ve had is that I don’t have that “get up and go” type of energy, but other than that its been ok. I do believe that they do not have the dosing equivalency to suboxone right! I’m gonna ask for a higher mg of bunavail next appt. I will add that bunavail is more expensive than the sub’s!!!!

  64. I finally had to stop those sub scrips they bout near killed me & went to bunavail & really hate those things everyday I have horrible headaches that won’t go away & that taste of bunavail is horrible also really hate those things plus takes forever to dissolve bullcrap med is what it is rather be addicted to opiates that this crap anyday.

  65. OMG I’ve just read the comments below. I’m taking this to my Dr next month. He needs to know the dosage of the one bunavail strip is not equal to 1.5 suboxone. Head aches and depression due to low dosage. I hope he understands and writes a higher dose.

  66. Do I wait until the slimy part of the bunavail to dissolve. It seems to come apart after it dissolves and stays in my mouth. Do I remove it or swallow it.

  67. Tenncare why are you discriminating against one if the most deadly mental health diseases? Substance abuse disorder is real millions of people struggle with it every day. Now you are illegally restricting treatment. That’s like telling a diabetic that you will Only pay for twenty-four month’s of insulin. It is not fair! Everyone please look up the mental health parity act or the 504 plan. You are not suppose to treat them any different but you do. My husband was an addict for ten years!! We have three kids together And take care of our nephew. I was afraid that he could never change. That we would forever live in That cycle. I prayed for his sobriety every night. We finally he got a doctor That put him on suboxone. It was a miracle medicine. He started a hiset class and graduated With the adult learner of the year award. He has accomplished so many things on suboxone. Now the have switched his medicine to bonavil. He is in full withdrawals, hives, and can hard get out of the bed. Why do you mess with peoples Lives??? He was fixing to go o collage now in scared he is going to be back on the streets looking for drugs. We have a family he ishas been sober for almost four month’s year’s. Now you are messing up everything we have worked for. It is discrimination against them all. It’s time for us all to stand up and let them know it is not right!! Call Tenncare Senators governors who ever will listen. Before it’s to late!! We have had two dear friend kill them selves because of opiate addiction it’s real!! Bonavil don’t work were are the studies on it?? Stop playing with these people! The have kids that depend on them and love them!

  68. Just wanted to comment on some posts regarding why some inc. companies have stopped paying for suboxone and started paying for Bunavail. Especially in Tennessee, Tenncare had a contract with suboxone, and that contract has come to an end. Now Tenncare has a contract with Bunavail. It’s really just about money and profit. Its nothing to do with a great medication that works, so why change it. It’s all about making money!

  69. I have been on Suboxone for nearly 3 years and my insurance has no stopped paying for it, but they will pay for Bunavail. I take 1 & 1/2 (8/2) films daily, so I cut one film in half. Can Bunavail be cut in half also?

  70. If I was getting suxboxion an know bunavial since my insurance only pays for it an only 30 but I get 60 can my doctor write me a prescrion 30 for bunavail an 30 suxboxion?also I was getting suxboxion 8mg film is bunavail 4.2/07 HF the strength

  71. Shannon is it an insurance issue? Cause if so you can’t do much money wise..? You just might have to switch back..if your Dr. Can switch you to Subutex atleast it would be cheaper

    1. Hey, Shannon. I’d suggest you consult your doctor to replace Bunavail, and gave you something more suitable for you.

  72. Wow the more and more that I read about this and the data I keep hearing about is consistent… BUNAVAIL is completely different and they have the dosages completely out of whack..thank God I got back on my Subutex…I’m down to 1- 8mg tablet a day and I’ve worked hard to get to this point but its a never ending battle to want to be of luck to everyone!!!

  73. I keep reading that Taking one Bunavail 4.2 mg/0.7mg buccal film will provide equivalent level of buprenorphine in the system as taking 8mg/2mg Suboxone sublingual tablet. But, I notice it always states “Suboxone sublingual tablet” so is it the same if your on the Suboxone Film? Is the 4.2mg equivalent to the 8mg. Film??

  74. I went off suboxone after 6yrs I was off them for 2months I was sick as crap I stayed in bed all the time but I could not sleep none I didn’t feel right at all I could not live my life no more. I would rather have never been on this stuff cause with pills u go off them feel like crap for about a week and then your good. I just don’t understand why they have made stuff like this and so now I’m back on suboxone and maybe the rest of my life. It sucks. I never thought it would be so hard to go off of this stuff.

  75. Tennessee made a huge mistake with this product. Awful side effects I had to get out o f program. I had to go back to pain medication. I was doing so well and everyone I have talk to also got back on pain medication. I hope that I don’t become an addict again . Sorry guys but Tennessee should not have done this before future testing research…

  76. Ok I’m confused. These new medications coming out with lesser bupe in them (bunavail, subsolv) claim to be more potent because they have 1/3rd of the naloxone in them? That’s just not true at all.

    I’m surprised these companies haven’t been sued for false advertising yet..

  77. I have been taking bunavail for about 3 months,after taking suboxone for about 5 years.The bunavail is simply not as effective,allthough it is better than nothing.4 mg of suboxone is more effective than the 4.2 mg bunavail.Something is definitely wrong with the dosing equivalent that the makers of bunavail advertise.I suspect the drug company that makes bunavail just wanted to get in the market,but had to make it different than suboxone.Perhaps the dosing equivalent to suboxone should be re-examined.

  78. I also live in Tennessee and was switched from suboxone strips to bunavail because as of October first Tenn care will now only pay for bunavail probably because some drug rep hyped this stuff up as some wonderful new miracle drug. I know its not because its cheaper because I’ve checked that out to and if the problem was money they never would have switched everyone from the tablets to the strips cause the strips are not expensive and bunavail is not costly than the strips. My problem is that immediately after taking the bunavail for the first time I was extremely sick. Vomiting severe diarrhea and a strep like rash on my face to name a few! Then came the blisters in my mouth ! I also suffer from epilepsy and am not positive but pretty sure that the bunavail was throwing me into seizures! Before you ask YES I discussed this with my Dr immediately and its pretty obvious to both of us that I am allergic to something in bunavial that is not in suboxone strips tabs or subsolv because I’ve taken all of those with no problems. Now my Dr is willing to prescribe anything I want at this point but now the only thing insurance will pay for is bunavail. THANKS DRUG REPS !!! I am a single mom with three kids and have been in recovery for two years four months and six days and I’m now in full withdrawal and scared to death of relapse! Someone has to fix this I can’t be the only person having this problem. So Ivana can you tell me exactly what is in this bunavail that is not in any other type of suboxone that would cause blisters in my mouth ! Seems to me that this great idea to switch over so suddenly was done in haste with not nearly enough research into its more severe side effects!

    1. Hi Laurel. I can’t tell you what is in Bunavail that is not contained in Suboxone and that might be causing your mouth blisters. I do not have access to the full list of chemicals used in either one. I believe you may be experiencing some type of reaction to the fillers in the bunavail, which are causing the blistering. I suggest you look for another health insurance company that covers suboxone, so you can continue receiving your medication in the future without any problems.

  79. I was just switched to the bunavail and its horrible I’ve been doing good on suboxion I was starting to taper off the suboxion and then I got switched to this new crap that doesn’t work they need to leave people alone suboxion works great never relapsed on it but now I’m affraid I’m going to relapse cause this bunavail crap doesn’t work HELP

  80. I have bn on suboxone for bout 14 Dr has been trying to get me to switch ,but I’m scared. What if it doesn’t work? WILL it be more expensive than suboxone?will my insurance pay for all the bupravail? Can you send me the number to.there hotline that helps in getting a pharmacy in my area that cartys it?

  81. I am having an extreme difficulty in my suboxone fully absorbing into my system hence I feel partial withdraw symptoms 75% of the time. I’ve been on it for quite a long time now and my doctor has suggested that I switch to Bunavail.I’m nervous about that, can anyone reply and tell me their experience between taking Suboxone and then switching to new medication and if they’re happy with the absorption rate or something along the lines ASAP as my appointment is this week. Thank you

  82. I had to switch back to Subutex..I was withdrawing for 2 weeks and said fuck it..I must switch back…..BUNAVAIL=NO GOOD

  83. The lower volume of medicine entering the gut with Bun also means 70% of users experience much less constipation.
    I noticed some feedback about getting headaches and depression taking Bun, it sounds as though symptoms like that are because of an addition to Sub developing, the recommendation is to go back to the Doctor so he can change the prescription to make the switch easier.

  84. I was just switched from suboxone films to the bunavail and I have taken 1 4.2/.1 I was prescribed 2!! It was OK at first now I can’t get rid of my headache, which is nothing new since they passed the law on subutex and I was put on suboxone film and tablets.

    1. Hello Susu. What doses of oxycodone were you prescribed? Please call your prescribing doctor and ask when you are supposed to take the Bunavail to be sure you don’t wait too long or rush things.

  85. i’ve been on suboxone strips (8.2mg) for 4 yrs. was recently switched to 4.2 mg bunavail. i am now having severe headaches and feel like crap. this is no joke. suboxone has kept me clean for all these yrs. now they change it. i don’t understand. i feel like getting off this mess and going back to opiates so i can feel “normal” again. ready to go to ER and get something for this headache. why did they change something that worked so well. gonna find me a suboxone dr. i hope.
    I am scared. this is not good. i am a serious addict clean for 4 yrs, now i’m worried

    1. Hi Anthony. Have you reported these effects to your doctor? Bunavail is very new and they still don’t know how all different individuals will react to it. You can use the SAMHSA’s treatment locator to help you find a suboxone doctor since the Bunavail is clearly not delivering the wanted effects:

  86. I take 2 8mg sub scrips a day & they have made me start to swell pretty bad in my feet, legs, & hands & my heart has been acting funny.I heard that some women have pain in their lower part of the jaw before a heart attack & I have had that pain but I’m so hard headed as my dad always said so I won’t go to the er.I’m thinking it’s the subs that is causing my swelling has this happened to anybody else.

    1. Hello Pamela. Any side effects need to be immediately reported to your prescribing doctor or treatment provider. Please don’t wait any longer to seek help for swellings and unusual heart-rate.

  87. One Dose works just fine for me after the initial switch from street drugs to Medication. The major problem for me was getting it no pharmacy carried it so they always have to order it for me. Since it really is a new type of medication but once i was on it for steady amounts of time it works great.

  88. I switched only because I’m getting the bunavail free because I’m involved in a study. I hate the stuff. It doesn’t work near as well as suboxone. Plus after I use it I feel like I have slime and buggers in my mouth . The texture is nasty. I have a pep in my step and am happy when taking suboxone. I am so depressed right now I think I’m gonna stop the study. I’m not rich either so that means I’ll have to pay bit it’s worth being happy again and not having to worry. Hope this helps yall

  89. I was switched from Suboxine to Bunavail a couple of days ago. My question is regarding the dissolving, I have them in for an hour and they still don’t dissolve all the way!!! I end up with chunks of slimy film left and don’t feel like I am getting the full effect of the medicine. If I have had them in for that long and still have the leftover film what do I do? It won’t stay attached to the inside of my cheek anymore at that point, should I just swallow it or spit it out?

    1. Hi Cara. The buprenorphine from the buccal film is quickly absorbed through your cheek’s mucosa, so the only thing that’s left is the naloxone, which is only there to prevent dissolving and abuse of the medication. You can feel free to spit it out.

  90. I have been on suboxone for the past 3 months and because of some new suboxone law in the state of Tennessee my doctor switched me to bunavail… I was taking 2 8mg strips a day of the suboxone and now I’m on 2 4.2 of bunavail a day. I’ve been on the bunavail for about 2 weeks now and I’ve become severely depressed I want to cry for no reason can’t seem to get rid of these headaches I’m nauses and sometimes feel like I’m withdrawing there’s been a couple days when I’ve had to take more of my meds then o should. Is anyone else having this problem???

    1. Hi Jennifer. Since Bunavail is a relatively new medication, it is very useful to report all unusual side-effects to your doctor. Than, you may need to wait a little to get used to the medication, or your doctor will change your doses or find another solution to stop you from feeling all these effects.

  91. I was switched from my Suboxone today actually and put on the Bunavail..the truth is I know this is a new drug and after taking it today feel pretty good…just a little headache!! My question is …is it just as effective as the Suboxone cause I’m worried?? My doctor switched me from 1 1/2 Suboxone (8mg) a day to 1 Bunavail (6.3/1mg) a day which from reading up on the drug seems correct but I just want to know if anyone else is going through similar situation.. Thank-you J.T.W.

    1. Hi Justin. Because Bunavail is absorbed at a higher rate, you don’t need as high dose as Suboxone. This means that lower doses of Bunavail will provide the same effects as the higher Suboxone dosage. I hope other readers follow up with their feedback so you can get to share personal experiences.

  92. When you say ” while the naloxone is substance that reverses the effects of opioid drugs. The combination is made to lower the chances for abuse and addiction to buprenorphine,” this is simply untrue.

    Again, refer people to your page of comments under your “How long does buprenorphine withdrawal last?” so they can get a full picture of the agony involved in getting off what you are claiming is a drug that has little chance for addiction!!

    1. Hi Jocelyn. Yes, naloxone is put in some medications that contain buprenorphine to prevent abuse. If someone thinks of dissolving Bunavail and injecting it to produce a high, they won’t be able to – because of the naloxone. Plus, naloxone intravenous will trigger a harsh and adverse withdrawal symptoms-reaction that works as a deterrent for those who’d like to abuse Bunavail.

      The sentence you quoted refers to the fact that abusing Bunavail by altering the way or rout of administration is made impossible thanks to the naloxone. Addiction is formed faster when an opioid medication is abused. Since it can’t be, chances of abuse and addiction are lower.

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