Is OxyContin cold turkey withdrawal dangerous?

Cold turkey withdrawal from OxyContin can be done. But doctors think it inhumane and therapeutically unrealistic. Learn what meds can help during OC withdrawal, and how medical detox for Oxy Contin withdrawal can help you.

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Detox – withdrawal – freedom

If abstinence from opiate medications is your goal, you must first address your physical narcotic dependence through detoxification. Your body needs to physically adapt and reach homeostasis without the drug before you can even start to work on the psychological and emotional issues that compel you to use it. Or if you have been using OxyContin as prescribed for more than several weeks in a row and want to stop the physical dependence, you must also go through the same process in order to operate without the drug.

Either way, if you want to stop OxyContin for good, you must first get it out of your body.  Know which symptoms of OxyContin withdrawal to expect during detox here.

Is cold turkey OxyContin withdrawal safe?

In general, opioids like OxyContin should not be abruptly stopped. In fact, doctors can supervise and taper the dose of OxyContin gradually to prevent signs and symptoms of withdrawal. But sometimes abrupt cessation and rapid dose reduction cannot be avoided, especially if opioid antagonists have been ordered.

Narcotic withdrawal syndrome from medications like OxyContin is generally not thought to be life-threatening. But “cold-turkey” withdrawal is unpleasant and doctors consider it inhumane and therapeutically unrealistic. Most people who try quitting oxycodone cold turkey end up relapsing because the severity, duration (up to 10 days) and discomfort compel them to use OxyContin just to avoid the symptoms of withdrawal. If you’re considering quitting Oxy’s, think first about getting medical help to increase your chances of success. Here are four (4) reasons why doctors can help you detox:

How doctors help during OxyContin detox

1. Doctors can manage discomfort

First, OxyContin withdrawal is difficult and painful. So you need doctors to help you manage your discomfort during this time. Why? Because repeated exposure to OxyContin causes the body to adapt to the opioid drug, when you stop using OxyContin, withdrawal symptoms appear. These withdrawal symptoms (called withdrawal syndrome) can be more or less severe, depending on the degree of physical dependence. This is why experts recommended that you have medically supervision when stopping OxyContin: to reduce or prevent the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. For example, doctors supervising a OxyContin detox can offer medications or treatments, such as Clonidine, that help ease or relieve symptoms. More on how to help OxyContin withdrawal here.

2. Doctors can offer medical treatment

When you stop taking OxyContin, certain complications are possible as a by-product of the process. Excessive loss of fluids from vomiting and diarrhea can cause dehydration, which doctors can treat with electrolytes. Or a lung infection can result from heavy vomiting. Furthermore, medical professionals can prescribe anti-depressants during withdrawal.

3. Doctors can provide reassurance

It’s hard to tell what’s normal and what’s not during detox. Medical professionals who specialize in detox can offer you specific support based on their experiences. For example, if this is your first time experiencing withdrawal symptoms, some symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, breathing and sweating can be scary. But a medical staff can reassure you of the normalcy of predictable symptoms. And can let you know if and when things go wrong. This type of reassurance goes a long way towards feeling better.

4. Doctors can offer support

Let’s face it – cold turkey withdrawal is hardcore. You don’t need to do it alone. Doctors and nurses can offer emotional and mental support during the most difficult times of a detox. In other words, they can help you get through the mental process of continuing the detox when you want to quit.

Cold turkey withdrawal is not recommended

In sum, quitting OxyContin cold turkey is possible, but not recommended. Oxy’s withdrawal symptoms can be severe and are generally opposite the intoxication effects of the opiate drug. Plus, withdrawal from OxyContin can take up to a week to dissipate before the body stabilizes. Medical supervision increases your chances for a safe and successful withdrawal period from OxyContin. If you want more information on finding a detox center near you, search this national database for drug treatment centers near you.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. hi my doctor just drop my cold turkey and I do know how to get throw this please help my I was on oxycodone do know how to go throw this please help me

    1. Hi Rebecca. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule.

  2. I’m an 80 year old pensioner.
    Several weeks ago my Doctor ceased prescribing me 100mg of OxyContin, which I had been on for 10 years due to a total knee replacement that went wrong.
    I did cold turkey and have since been left with weekness of both legs.
    Will I ever get the proper use of my legs back?

  3. After taking Oxycodone for 18 months I went of it cold turkey and then about 1 /2 months later my legs start to ach from my knees down 10 years later they still ach … I’ve had been taking Panfan + for 8 years now am back Taki g Targin …. If I don’t take any pain relieve I can’t stop shaking my legs ….. Hope u can help me

  4. As someone who went through a VERY slow medically supervised taper from VERY high doses of OC and IR taken over a period of years due to severe spinal damage and pain, I want people to know that there are still effects that can be felt even with slow taper: these can be disrupted sleep, SEVERE DEPRESSION DESPITE ANTIDEPRESSANTS, suicide attempts among people who never considered it before (I went through all this), rage attacks that are nearly uncontrollable, and after a period of time, off the narcotics, feeling unmotivated and blah, PAW which as others said can last up to two years. In retrospect I can’t believe how insane I went on a long slow taper. Not much in the way of physical symptoms. Also I was more dependent as opposed to addicted but that doesn’t matter. Withdrawal is withdrawal. During a period of withdrawal of similar pain meds many years ago, cold turkey, (fentanyl, methadone, Percocet and lots of all of it over a few years), the psychological was worse and the physical was horrible… the physical was never as unbearable as the psychological… people should keep that in mind…. I spoke with my pain doc this year and told her about what happened during my slow taper and she said they are recording much more in the way of severe depression that does not react to antidepressants, and suicidal behavior, than they thought was usual before. I.E.: the psych withdrawal can be far worse than the physical…

  5. I`ve been on prescription OxyContin for about 12 years if not longer and for some reason over the last couple of weeks they`re not working properly, I put this down to receiving a bad batch from loyds pharmacy battle hill wallsend area.ive never been a great eater as i`ve always had a supressed appetite and I haven’t drank for about 15 years just birthdays and Christmas if I can be bothered anyway ive handed the medication back in at chemist as I rang them as soon as my symptoms were becoming too much to bear and my walkin centre docs at b hill put me on doctor triage for a call back and as a result of this ive been put on a morphine drug called Zomorph a 30 mg and a 10mg to take together to cover the 40mg oxycodone that previously worked for me.But I started these tablets nearly 24 hours ago and ive still got the cold turkey symptoms, i feel these are not working either, this is making me think that my body is rejecting these meds too for some reason. I never abuse medication of any kind ever ,I’m a forty six year old woman who is now lost in crawling skin from tips of my fingers to the tips of my toes , with night sweats no sleep for 3 full nights and dreading going to bed this evening because of this. Also my anxiety levels are beyond belief and I am upset all of the time I am in despair please help!!!!.Julie.

  6. My mom is still saying she is having muscle spasms and rls due to withdrawal of the oxycotin. She took high milligram for years. But it has been months. She takes clonidine. My? Is should she still be having such severe symptoms 2-3 months later? Should she get other tests for other disease

  7. Have been using opiates for over 30 years when oxys came out i switched from heroin to oxys as my drug plan covered it every body and their grandmother’s were getting oxys and this just caused me to increase my dose more than i should have boom oxys taken away after the governments realized Purdue lied and was basically flooding the streets with heroin a blind test conducted in Vancouver heroin addicts could not tell the difference when injected, i don’t know how you all kick because when I have tried six months clean but could not walk a mile without collapsing and had constant suicide on my mind fcuk that I’m back opiates I’ve come to realize if you find a kilo of heroin you will dose up and go out and live because it’s the waiting to score day in day out that causes the dirty house hermit life so many opiate users have, remember a kilo (life time supply) is $6000 dollars in pakistan so for me it was kill myself or get meds because long term users cannot stop and stopping opiates but drinking 60 oz bottles of whiskey is far worse although legal and it will kill you for sure

  8. Stopping Cold Turkey is Manageable. Doctors just want your money. They’ll tell you that you need more medication. How does that make sense? You’re quitting an pill addiction so let’s give you more pills. Uh no the body needs to reach Homeostasis naturally. And whoever says use xanax to stop is probably still a user. Any ex addict will tell you that stopping pills by using other pills will never work. Take a walk, do some push ups, eat some fruit. Those things help the anxiety and withdrawals. It all comes down to cutting off EVERYONE that has anything to do with hard drugs what so ever plain and simple. And time will take care of you as long as you discipline yourself enough to say your a better person without pills. And BTW stopping pills is the best feeling ever. ???

  9. I gave taken aprox 30 mg of oxycodone per day for one month after surgery on feb.16 2016.Can I go cold turkey since I haven’t been on it that long?i would rather go cold turkey than taper off to get through the withdrwals faster.Anyone who has taken this amount aprox for this amount of time and done well going off oxycodone cvold turkey?please relpy

  10. Hi been almost 57hrs since I had anything.Definetly felt better but so far iam hanging on, have been on these damn thing for about 15 yrs i think ,started on precs then oxys all on a real script .I had been in agony my back was brutal. After 14yrs I find it is my hip and now my back is not very sore I bought illegal and kept to the script which was 150 percs mt anjd 180 neos 40 2xday. New Doc switched me to 1-80 x3 and I thought I would lose my mind took them for couplre of days then stopped Iegal and kept to the script which was 150 percs mt anjd 180 neos 40 2xday. New Doc ony took 1 frist day second day i took 1 40 and 2 percs thr next day 1 40 the last was 56-57 hrs a go any advice

  11. I missed my 2nd dose of 60 mg time release oxi. Every time, I get so sick just like all the symptoms say. Cold sweats, mostly depression and nausea. It is the worst feeling I have ever experienced. I couldn’t figure out why this would hit me from time to time. I blamed my MS. But after reading this article, I know know

  12. Subutex works woders for both withdrawl and pain management dont cofuse subutex with saboxin they are 2 diferent drugs alltogether sa oxin is used to get you off opioid alltogether subutex isused for pain management

  13. hi,I have been given oxycodone for the last 5 years. Due to my chronic back pain with six disks. First was with Percocet 10, then oxy 15 then for the last year and half oxy 20. I called Friday like they told me to and they said doc would not be seeing me anymore due to I had fell a test. I seen him last month and he did not test me and didn’t say anything to make me think I had. I am also on antidepressants and I am a diabetic. They will not see me for anything. I don’t know what to do. I have sat here in my bed room since Friday morning crying. I am out of everything. Can someone help?

  14. Bernie, the best I can say is try replacing your addiction with a healthy one. Like weights, running , Even if you are into wiffle ball. You’ll find yourself more happy staying off the sh**.
    I’ve been off Oxy for over 3 years now and have got into body building now at 5’6″ I weigh 186lbs. And even if I find an old oxy I laugh and no longer want that game. Hope this helps. I have an addictive personality as well.
    Now my addiction is the gym. I’m much happier.

  15. Hello i believe i have been addicted to opiates or any form of pleasure drug for many yrs. I went on Suboxone for 2 mths and all was good for time being then took a few percs and back on the spinwheel of plleasure. My real problem is i dont know WHY i have everything a person could want and love my life but when stop taking drugs dont care if live or die

  16. I been on hydromorphines for a whole…started getting dope sick and my boyfriend found a script for oxyneos to help ease my withdrawals. I’m running out fast

  17. I have had 4 surgeries in 17 month period my doctor prescribed Percocet and dylauden every four hours I went to specialist who in turn sent me to pain management team I am 4 weeks into withdrawl I have never been this sick in my life Pryor to surgery I never took Tylenol or Advil . Now I am fighting forl my life thru this. . I have done every thing I’ve been told from Payne management and continue to fight . My symptoms are severe shakes extremely cold then very hot shakes anxiety sweating rocking at times and migrain that has been with me for last two days I’ve taken nothing too afraid to have to start over. This is my story, I trusted my doctor who with each visit encouraged me to continue taking the drugs that she would give me 90at a time and she told me it be easy to stop . Hardly easy .im fighting so hard. Sincerely . debra

  18. hi TLD,i used to take 80mg of oxycotin a day also for about 5 years and whether you are addicted to it or not your doctor should never cut you of like that,what the hell is he playing at, your body will be used to having it and when its not there all of a sudden it will start withdrawing from it and let me tell you it is bloody awful. I don’t want to scare you but I had a terriable time coming of it and in the end I had to get help from a drug rehabilitation unit and was prescribed subutex,i had to go to this unit as my normal doctor could not prescribe it as they need a special licence. could you see another doctor,please try to other wise your going to run into problems, I never considered myself to be addicted to this drug but my body sure was. x

  19. Hi, I’ve b en taking oxycotin 80 mg twice a day and lortabs 10mg for 13 years,I have never abused my medication Ive always used it as directed,One day I go to my appointment to pick up my monthly prescriptions, and I’m cut off cold turkey…… Can my doctor do that? I wasn’t giving anything for pain nor referred to any pain management. After reading a lot of these comments Im terrified..What can I do?

  20. I have just gone cold turkey off 160mg a day to nothing BUT there is a way to make it not so vulgar .
    What I did to help is breaking the 24/7 dose that the slow release tabs do. What I did two weeks prier was each tablet I would have I would crush up in my mouth then swallow.
    What this does is break the 24/7 cycle and by doing this I was able to drop down to 40mg twice a day . It really makes it much easier when it comes to D Day.
    So now it’s day 7 since my last tablet and I won’t lie it was fucken terrible up to yesterday, day 3 and 4 are the worst. If you want to do it you will succeed but if you’re doing it for other reasons don’t bother going through the pain . I’m clean but cannot do much due to the pain I’m in, the docs are trying new stuff on me. Hope it works.

  21. Length of withdrawl is related to term of use and amount used i was on oxycontin for 15years and towards my end of ussage i was injesting over 800mg daily perscribed… its a real boogerbear. I went through withdrawl for over 7month time.. coldturkey. Know you can do it. Oxycontin , pros do not outweigh the cons and repercussions anyone having a range of aritant issues in their life while on this medication i would so requimend getting off them and supliment your pain mannagement with excersize pain to be eased into the muscular pains will override your injury pain to give you breaf periods of pain exchange from the injury pain you live with which can be controled by your brains inability to focus on two pain criterias at the same Time.. you will find relef in something else hurting other than the alment.. this drug is horrible and im so Lovin my life without oxycontin. I can hold a oxy in my hand and laugh at it knowin i dont want you! + now weighing 185lbs at 5’7″
    Girls love this body as i do.. im much happier and healthier and thankful to be better off living sober with my lifetime inoperable pain. Good luck to all know you can do it.!

  22. Hi John. Restless legs is a common symptom when coming off of opiates. Experts believe that restless legs syndrome is caused by an imbalance of dopamine, a chemical that transmits signals between nerve cells in the brain. To help your legs, determine a regular sleeping schedule and stick to it (fatigue makes it worse), try exercising in moderation, stretch and move from time to time. When sleeping, put a pillow between your legs to keep pressure off your nerves, or wear compression socks (pressure helps restless legs). You also might want to avoid caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes.

  23. Hi guys i am aprox 35 hours since my.last dose which was only a oxy neo 30mg and for weeks prior to that i tried to keep my dose low as possible to taper myself so to speak. My only problem as of now is my legs. Any ideas on how to manage my sore irritating legs and also how long i can expect to be that way

  24. Hi my bf is addicted to oxys I’m at my boiling point I’m not sure if I should stick it out with him I’m tired of the lies that come with the addict the acting like a child he’s a different person I’ve told him I don’t care how you do it just get sober he ask if I will go through this with him be by his side but there are more lies still high fighting me on going to bed at night I’m stressed do I give on him I’m so lost

  25. I don’t know if this will help anyone, but I’ve posted here before praising cold turkey detox. Ive been on and off treatment for 4 years now. I’m taking 3 80mg Oxycontin and 18 30mg Oxycodone for severe nerve damage and three spinal compressionfractures. Surgery is an alternative,but the three specialists I saw all recommended waitingon that due to risk of paralysis. I’m only 40 they said wait until at least 60. Anyway I take myself off meds every 3 months to clear my head and my colon. I go off for 10 days each time. Every time I do it the withdrawalsymptoms get easier. This last time I only had sweats for 6 hours and diarrhea for aday.Maybe II’m not typical, but if yyou’re trying to quit permanently this method may help you.

  26. You folks are truly going off the rails on a crazy train. Keep toying around with narcotic analgesics, and you’re on the road to nowhere. Trust me on this. Personally, I’ve been on that one way ride to hell. Many times you won’t come back. Well, as you fools are laughing at what I say while you snort, poke or smoke your oxys, the hell is waiting for you. I know you don’t think so, because I thought the exact same before my life took a dive. Just because a doctor prescribed it, sure doesn’t mean it can’t kill you faster than what ails you. Laugh now, but you’ll be saying “He’s right, holy cow.”

  27. Oxycocodone withdrawal is probably the worst thing a person can go through. Not much else is worse. I can’t se it. I’ve been prescribed some form of oxycodone since 1985. Numerous leg surgeries including two total knee replacements hve given me the “green light” to get Percs, Oxys, Fentanyl, etc. If anyone knows withdrawal firsthand, its me. I started out on two Percodan per day. That was great until I “needed” that little extra. Then I’d run out, a few days early. The withdrawl from two percs a day ain’t too bad, but it ain’t good. Once I got 5 percocet per day, then taking 10 per day because I “had to”, the withdrawals became nasty. After awhile I got OxyContin. At the end of my merry-go-round ride in hell, I was prescribed 3 80mg Oxys & 3 20mg Oxys per day. The withdrawal from that is unhuman. Why a person would knowingly subject themselves to such torture is stupid to say the least. Thing is, during that time I abused the oxys, I’d make it okay in my head. “DON’T FRET, YOU’LL BE OKAY. YOU’LL BE ABLE TO FIND SOME…ITS ONLY FOR A WEEK OR TWO.” Ya right. The 14 days or whatever waiting for the next refill would be virtual hell. Lie in bed, with the lights out covered up in blankets. Food or liquid is out of the question. Anything I ingested came back up in minutes. I’d be praying someone would come in and just blow my head clean off. It’d be over then. For many days I’d be lying in a fetal position moaning and groaning. It was friggin’ brutal. A person would have to experience that to believe how brutal it really is. No showers during that nonsense. There’d be stuff oozing out of every orifice on my body. It wasn’t nice at all. It felt like I was going to die, and I wished I would. Funny thing, I’d go through that, but still abuse my prescription. Make up excuses while I did it. Stuff like, “You’ll be able to get some from “Him”/”Her”.” or, “Dr. Dolittle will give me them early.” I’d always NOT get any pills, and when I did, I’d have to pay HUGE for them. Sure, i’d save the brutal sickies, but it’d cost me $300 to up to $700 for just one month. It was hell, trust me. Will withdrawal kill a person? It never killed me, but if a person was not very healthy, I could easily see how the high blood pressure and temperature could cause a fatal incident. The doctors say it won’t kill you, but I’ve heard it has killed. Bottom line, just don’t take narcotic analgesics unless you absolutely have to. If you do, and you start to abuse your script, you’ll find out first hand what hell is all about. Good luck.

  28. Hi,

    I am very happy that I got nice information about how to Cure addiction from your blog and I hope you will write more about it.


  29. 3rd day of cold turkey off following meds: OxyContin 30mg x4 a day, hydrocodone 10/325 (norco) x4 a day, adderall ER 40 mg x3 a day. And at present I’m taking care of a 4 month old baby – mine. I don’t know how I’m handling this but I’m so sick of being sick I just have to let it all go. Good luck to all of you – you’re not alone

  30. I went cold turkey
    First three weeks i got up to go to the bathroom or shower and go right back. You want to die. I also may be bipolar. I hate this world. Misery is my middle name.

  31. hi everyone i am a current and most likely a life time user of oxycontin. i take on regular bases about 120mg of it a day. im only 23 and have suffered chronic kidney stones since the age of 10 which i pass about 30 a year. i also have had 3 decompressions each on different ocasions and 1 recent spinal lumbar fusion. i was seeing a regular dr who prescribed it for me until about a month ago when i was discharched medically from the navy. i was told to bad from them when i tried getting my dr to refill my script just until i could find some one else. i started to withdraw which sky high my bp caught the infection in my lungs from throwing up so much so yes you wont die from stopping but u could from the underlying problems that could be potentiually be fatal from the withdraws them self. this all occured within 48hrs so then i found a local va clinic which i saw a female pa and presisted to tell me if i made it this long without them then i obviously dont need them(yea right its bs) so she said no, and wrote me a script for zoloft, lorazapam, and flexeral which those 2 alone are 10 times worse to come off of and much more easier to get addicted too. so i had to hit up all these ers just so i could live a normal life which thats all they do for me now no sedation and no high just pain free and normal. people if a dr tells you no after you have been taking them for so long with no subsitute such as suboxone or tappering off it is what drs call inhumane and you have the right to report and look again untill you find a non hellish way to get the treatment you deserve. they make these meds for a reason and its so we may live a pain free life.

  32. Withdrawal from oxycodone, methadone, heroin or any other narcotic analgesics lasts MUCH MUCH MUCH longer than 10 days. It lasts years. Trust me, I was hooked since 1985 and went to jail for 5 years, where they will never prescribe ANYONE anything but T3’s or methadone. Withdrawal lasted for at least six months EVERY TIME, before I felt like NOT dying. I know because I’ve been there and done that. Go ahead, get wired, then go through withdrawal. ENJOY being in Hell cuz Hell is where you’ll think you are.

  33. I had a car accident in Oct. 1976. Ten years later, I started to develop osteoarthritis in all the bones that were broken e.g. both legs, back, pelvis. I started out in 1985 taking just 2 Percocet (Oxycocet) per day. When OxyContin was replaced with the new OxyNeos (useless, unless you don’t mind waiting hours for small bits of pain relief. The Neos just take much too long to take effect for pain. They suck. I asked my doctor to change me to the Fentanyl patch with OxyNeo for “breakthrough pain” which is senseless. A “breakthrough pain” narcotic analgesic should work within 20 minutes to half an hour at most. OxyNeo is lousy for breakthrough pain. It tales me over an hour to feel it , if I even feel it at all. In order for the Neos to work, you’ll have to take 6 or 8 at once. Doing that many with Fentanyl patches on is just flirtin’ with death via O.D. I wish Diamorphine (HEROIN) was available for pain control. It makes you feel good. THEY don’t want us to “feel good”…go figure.

  34. Hi Ed T. Thanks for writing in. Please keep in mind that physical dependence on OxyContin is not the same as addiction to OxyContin. If oxycodone helps you manage intolerable pain, it seems a humane option for long term care. Don’t be too hard on yourself – when you are ready to stop using OxyContin, you will know when it’s time.

  35. Hey guys; but we take it for pain and it works for pain what to do about that? I tried a lot of so called natural ways to combat pain before Oxy and they just did not work, kept me broke though whilst making lots of charlatans like physiotherapists wealthy. I wanna give up after reading the horror stories but it used to be real hard to face a day in pain! and I’m not sure about wanting to go back there . Dilemma!
    Hari Om

  36. I don’t know if this will help anyone or not, but I’ve been taking 15 30mg oxycodone tablets a day for 2 years to treat pain due to nerve damage. I wasn’t taking it for any kind of pleasure or depression. In fact all it did for me was make life enjoyable again and enabled me to actually go to work again. About 11 days ago I almost rear ended the person in front of me because I was stupid from the drugs. I saw the person stop in plenty of time but just didn’t react like I know I would have in the past. I went home an dumped the rest of my meds down the toilet. I know it sounds stupid and extreme, but cold turkey was the best for me. I only had 2 days of cold sweats, one day of feeling like my skin was on fire, then 7 days of diarrhea. Ofcourse I still have tremendous pain, but it feels really good to be clearheaded again. Those first three days were horrible and maybe I’m just lucky or because I was really only taking it for the pain. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Even if it takes you longer. From what I’ve read here it sounds like some folks are taking oxy for something other than pain. Maybe it just started with pain and turned to something else. I don’t feel like the drug itself is evil though. Addiction can be emotional as well as physical. There is certainly risk for abuse, but each person must ask themselves why they really feel they need the drug. I may go back on it if the pain becomes crippling again. My only advice is to ask yourself why are you taking it, and if you’re a person that seems to have an addictive personality maybe that needs to be treated. I feel like the drug helped me, but sounds like I’m in the minority.

  37. Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it. I know that Oxycontin is becoming quite a danger. Oxycontin rapid detox is very helpful in the process of getting out of addiction. I really enjoy helping people overcome addictions and problems in their lives.

  38. Belle:
    Sorry for the delayed response. I totally lost myself when I was using. I did great harm not only myself, but to others around me. It took me a while to start feeling normal again when I got clean because using was my way of escaping from the real world, so when I left drugs I told myself that I had to fill that void, otherwise I would relapse. I starting working out and meditating. I also go to a couple NA meetings a week and listen. I will share sometimes when I really need to get something off of my chest, but for the most part I just listen and take suggestions. My euphoria levels in my head were so messed up that for the longest time my best day was like most people’s worst day .My euphoria levels were used to being higher than any natural thing could ever do, so I knew it would take some time for them to return back to normal. Thats called “Post-Acute withdrawls.” It will take anywhere from 6 months-2 years to start actually feeling good again. So thats why I started doing the most natural positive thing I could think of and that was exercising. Rehab is no joke and I don’t ever want to do it again, but I assure you the hard work pays off. Its all about Self-will, believing in yourself, and most of all letting go of all the bad things you have done in the past. I’m now almost 3 years clean without a relapse. I just do it one day at a time. Hope this helps. Feel free to write back.

  39. Excercize is key too lift weights as little as possible at first the lifting weight you may find goes up faster than you thought.
    But dont rush it, the only other thing i can say is get a weight lifting belt for core stability. Back injury people.
    Outte Hay Shady,

  40. Hi Joan. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with OxyContin with us and our readers. I absolutely agree with you the OxyContin cold turkey withdrawal is NOT safe for people who are not in excellent health. Any health complication can make drug withdrawal more dangerous, so age and overall general health are certainly a factor. Thanks again for pointing this out to us!

  41. One more thing. I don’t believe it is true that withdrawing cold turkey cannot kill a person. Maybe it won’t kill young, healthy persons who didn’t take it too long to change the body’s chemistry and biology, including metabolism. But I don’t think the woman whose 65 year old husband was so sick should believe it can’t kill him. I think older people and people who have other health problems can die from cold turkey withdrawal from oxycontin. I also think a lot more people than we will ever know died from active ingestion of oxycontin when their hearts just stopped and no one was nearby with a defibrillating kit to revive them. Rest in Peace, all those whom this nasty drug has killed.

  42. I was on 60-80 mg oxycontin for 7 years and went cold turkey around the beginning of May. I am still in withdrawal although not as bad. The symptoms I am still experiencing are bowel irregularities, insomnia, and pain. I have changed my diet because certain food increases my pain so I eat mostly plant-based, low-fat, no processed food. I limit caffeine as much as I can, I should cut it out entirely, but as a weak person I will probably use up the latte syrup I bought to add to the skim milk I drink. Sugar is an irritant, I find, and the syrup is full of it. I still go to the bathroom to urinate every couple of hours and the other still about 5 times a day but the severe dehydrating sickness — diarrhea and vomiting — lasted a good 6-8 weeks. So I think the withdrawal is different for everyone, like some others said. I sleep 4 hours most nights before pain wakes me and I have to get up to eliminate stool. Then I get up and listen to music, dance around. The lifestyle change requires some getting used to because although I took the oxys as prescribed, they sedated me so much that I slept a lot and now I don’t. It’s hard to know what to do sometimes around 2 a.m. when I wake wide up. Can’t safely go out and walk the streets. And my body wants to be active, so I dance. The other change I’ve noticed is with blood pressure. I had hard-to-control high BP after I was hit by a car driven in excess of 80 km/hour (after that, doctors prescribed the oxys) and I took Rampiril, hydrochlorothiazide and amlodipine to control it and sometimes they didn’t even work. Now, I monitor my BP because — for e.g., last night it was 90/60 which is low — and only take the medication when it measures over 120/80. Big change, that. While I was in acute withdrawal, my BP jumped all over the place and my heart rate was constantly over 150. Most days now, I take my GSH pointer to a conservation area and walk for at least half an hour. Feel better when I can walk for at least an hour but I am also still out of shape. I think the oxycontin suppressed my metabolism severely and I suspect it is why I had to get a pacemaker when my heart rate dropped to 10-15 beats per minute. Despite what Purdue claims — and clearly, it wants to avoid paying litigants in the many class-action suits against it — I think this bad drug killed lots of people. If I’d been found dead, no one would have mentioned oxycontin, they would just have said my heart stopped. Also, I now have a persistent cough and I am still sneezing although not as much as I did in extreme withdrawals. The cough is in the bronchial tubes and is slowly loosening up. The other thing that has improved is this. I had scaly dry skin, some on my legs in patches that peeled off — that has all disappeared. And finally, I now have a damaged liver. Oh, I know the oxy lovers say it doesn’t harm the liver because it has no tylenol in it. Sure. But I think the drug so suppressed my metabolism — I slept at least 12-14 hours every day and literally could not stop falling asleep so much I wondered if I had narcolepsy — that my liver could not adequately process the small amount of fat I ate. So I have what is called a fatty liver. I don’t drink at all and never have because my family is full of alcoholics and I just didn’t go there, and I also don’t eat meat, so I should not be a candidate for fatty liver (unless I have Hepatitis C which I still need to be tested for but which I doubt). But the ultrasound says I have “at least moderately diffuse” fatty liver disease. The Liver Foundation website says people with kidney, lung and heart disease can live well into their 90s but that liver disease is a reliable predictor of early death. Gee, thanks, Purdue. I measured my waist toward the end of my dependence on oxycontin at 38 inches (I am 5 foot 4) and yesterday measured it at 34 inches, so I am losing not only weight, slowly, but girth and I suspect inflammation is slowly receding too. I believe the doctors are ignorant of the extent of damage prolonged and severe oxycontin use can do to the human body. It’s poison, plain and simple, and best never used at all. Finally, I have lost all confidence in my family doctor who told me, even when media began alerting us of the dangers of oxycontin, that it was — her words — “a safe, clean drug you can take indefinitely that won’t harm your liver”. She avoids me now and won’t spend any time with me at all and when I got the ultrasound result of fatty liver, she tried to blame it on me, accused me of drinking and eating red meat. She said the only way to control it is to eat what she called “a no-fat diet”. I contacted the Liver Foundation about that and they said they “have concerns” about her prescription and their own studies show people with fatty liver must eat fats, especially omega 3 fats, and that reducing carbs is the best way to reduce the harmful effects of fatty liver. So, I am searching around for a new family doctor but even so, I don’t think I will ever again trust any doctor because they are too busy to know everything, to know all the new data that comes available, and because they are lied to by pharmaceutical companies like Purdue. I think because they are in the field, they should know that but sometimes when people are busy, like doctors are, they don’t think for themselves.

  43. Hey… I’m a caregiver to my boyfriend who is addicted to Oxycontin and Oxycodone He was un 80 mg. x 2 with up to 3 20 mg. Oxycodone daily for breakthrough. He’s been on Oxycontin treatment on and off for over 10 years. He also has COPD and the Oxy treatments caused his COPD to worsen. Now he’s on 20 mg. x 2 daily and he’s going through tons of withdrawal like sweating and feeling hot, running nose, hallucinations, cognizance issues where he doesn’t remember where he is and he’s falling all the time. What can I do to help him? How long will this last?

  44. Things Natural helped me, Lemons, water, suger. Tea’s honey, lemon
    Sassafrass leaf < tea, natural pain killer. Ice cream, pepto bismal, Tumms 1000 as many as you need!
    Salids, natural Fruits & popcycles!
    hope this helps!

  45. These doctors are jerks, prescribing such quantities to anyone for any reason. Ive been done for a month and a half, back training up to 205, on my way to 230. Now thats quite and addiction. Cant miss a day at the gym. Good luck to everyone.

  46. I have just been reading on, I have been on Oxycontin 80’s 120qty& )xycontin 40’s 120 qty since 2000 by the year 2010 I was takin 180Qty 80Mg tablets every 20 days and 40Mg Tablets 120 for 30 days…..
    Well that comes out to 800Mg of oxycontin daily…..
    I loved to not feel at all in I mean emotionally, physical musscle strain,
    4 seperate back conditions, #1 1999 giant/Large arachnoid sacral cystic formation tail bone and L Verts, #2. 1999 Narrowing of disks spinal canal, #3. 1999 Teathering of cystic form to spinal cord with L vert lamanectomy done 2000. + surgical failure…. #4. 2008 shattering of 2 mid T spinal vertabreas in 2008 the hospital would not do the fussion of the 6 T Vertabres titaninumn rods and 8 titanimumn screws 2 per vert.. due to the L~Vert cyst near fussion, finally 3 days after injury a cali surgen did my surgery in Las Vegas , Sun rise Hos~…
    Believe me when I tell you you all can do this, oxycontin will kill you….
    I personally see my timley death as my blessing but, you need to look at things as they are DIFFrent now without OXY` ( I am back to a more direct intense person, enjoy the change do not see it negitivley…
    As some one said you will feel better after 10 straight days without No, OXY 0~pills. Your better to go cold turkey if I had from my dose you can to, and you will love the change in you for it!
    Now I came down with Colitis which will be my 5th Cronic Injury, Listen you need intestine to live this is where your foods Nut’s get absorbed, they are only broke down in your stomach!
    Life without Oxy & even Pain feels good + learn to love your change in attitude! I am 180 from oxy in only 32 days and hate that shit!
    Legalize Pot , Cush is not additive, what’s wrong with our Government! I just hope someone gets some help from my insite, LoVE YoU Change and after the 15~20 day mark if your a 12 yearer like me love the chill feelings, welcome them it makes it easer!
    I swear on my damed soul!
    Peace 8!
    SpinalT 4X

  47. Hey Andrew, hang in there, its normal. Lots of water, walks, use some killer tunes in the mp3, Go for late nite drives, windows down when you cant sleep. Your on the 3rd day, your almost there. Its great when your normal again. Thats what its all about. You can do it.

  48. Hi Andrew. Withdrawal symptoms from OxyContin tend to peak at the 72 hour mark in terms of intensity and discomfort, but can linger for a week or two. I’d suggest that you seek medical help for the worst of it by seeing a doctor or detox clinic. There are medications which can help ease discomfort, as well as talk you through more longer term strategies for staying off Oxy.

  49. I’m on my third day of oxycodone about 5-10 everyday for the past year. I’m going ct and could use some advise on how long the withdraws should last because I feel horrible.

  50. Im ok, been done since the 19th, hard sleeping, running lots using 5 hour drinks, training again light after recovering as much as I can, got a few jugs of juice, changed my mindset, time to grow, get in shape, shouldnt take long, Im done with that crap, what a joke.
    Never again. Keeping a stronge mind, shouldnt take much longer.
    Thanks for everyones help and concerns.

  51. Melatonin may help you fall asleep under normal circumstances, but I’m not sure if melatonin is appropriate or helpful during opiate withdrawal. I’d suggest that you look for help at a detox center, so that you can get possible medication or intervention, if needed. Good luck!

  52. Hi Kramer. Best of luck to you! What natural pills are you talking about? Melatonin? Also, I’ve read some other people recommend taking lots of warm baths, drinking and light exercise. What does your prescribing doctor recommend?

  53. Hey guys, Im about up o an 80 a day, sniff or oral. Its almost 11pm and I just finished my last one, Im done. I have had some surgery so it was a great excuse to do em. I quit, or at least I hope so. Im going to continue to work. Any pointers. What are those natural pills called to set your clock back. Should I drink alot of fluid. Im going to do this, any help would help. Im going to joint a few sites for support. Im going to do this.
    IM DONE!

  54. Morgan:

    Did you “lose” yourself when you were addicted? I miss the girl I once was – with the carefree attitude and demeanor… the one who liked having friends and a clean house. It seems like nothing makes me feel TRULY happy anymore and I hate that. I know that it’s common, just curious if you felt/experienced that and if so – are you better? I fear that I’ll never be that person again and sadly that alone keeps me taking oxy. I mean, I might hate my life, but at least I have oxy… know what I mean? If I were to hate my life and not have it – what’s the point… So stupid. I hate myself for getting involved with this drug. I have wasted so many good years – and not just MY years, but some of the most precious years of my kids lives… I hate myself for that, too… they deserve a mumma who is happy and celebrates ladybugs… and I used to be that girl. She just seems so far gone.

  55. Joan: It will take you some time to go through the withdrawl phase and most of all(not to scare you) you will probably suffer from post-acute withdrawls. Because when you use opiates your euphoria levels go so high and your body gets used to that feeling, so when you get clean it will take some time(up to 2 years with some) for you to start feeling good naturally. Thats why a lot of people go back to using because it is very tough to go through, but things do get better. Wish you the best! Any questions, feel free to ask.

  56. Lots of pain today and tremendous weakness. I guess I am doing cold turkey. I didn’t realize it could take as many as 10 days…or should I say daze?

  57. Hi Zack. Thanks for your question.

    People experience withdrawal differently. And although you may be over the worst of the symptoms (and it sounds like you are), protracted withdrawal can occur with any long term use of opioids like OxyContin. This means that some symptoms can linger for weeks to months after your last dose.

    In general, you sound upbeat, positive and good to move forward. Still, you might want to schedule an appointment with a general physician for an overall physical. And you might also want to look into psychological addiction treatments if you find that you start craving or obsessing about OxyContin.

    Does this help?

  58. Hey guys i been taking oxycontin for about 7 months straight everyday and no more than 80mgs a day usually a 40mg will do… im on day 4 right now and it feels like im getting back to normal…. ive read on every post that the 3rd and 4th are suppose to be the worst? but to be honest i think the worst was my 1st and 2nd… i am never going to touch those things ever again,,, that euphoric bliss is not worth the side effects after long term use.

  59. Hi Sal. Opiate withdrawal syndrome, although not life threatening, is a major hoop to jump through on the way to getting clean. Good for you for starting to go through detox! However, you should call your doctor(s) and let them know that you have stopped taking OxyContin, and ask for medical support.

    Supportive medications for diarrhea include loperamide (Imodium, Kaopectate, etc.). But you may also qualify for other medications during detox…so check in with medical professionals and get some advice!

  60. My 66 year old mom was diagnosed with arthritis in her back about 6 months ago. After trying several medications with no relief her Dr. prescribed Oxycontin & Oxycodone, to be taken together. After about 2 1/2 months on the drugs she began having extreme anxiety, paranoia & depression. She was admitted to a psychiatric hospital and they took her off both the Oxy meds cold turkey. This was 2 weeks ago. She is still having bouts of vomiting. (in fact had to be admitted to a medical hospital because of dehydration a week into detox). She is also still having bouts of anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations. Is this all normal? The MD seems to think that she is still going through withdrawal. My siblings and I are a bit skeptical simply because she’s been off both meds for 2 weeks today. Can anyone give me any insight?

  61. Uptown girl:

    First off, congratulations on staying clean. I’m coming up on 2 years being clean from oxy’s. NA meetings really helped me in the beginning. A lot of the withdrawls you are having are the same ones I have experienced as well. I was lucky enough to have insurance and go to rehab for 6 months. Just remember this: take it a day at a time. If you or anybody has any questions, feel free to contact me here.

  62. day 5 of cold turkey Oyxcotin 20×3 per day. If I cry it seems to help ease the pain. So sore from lots of diarrhea. I have managed to drink water and some diet pepsi and keep broth based soup down The shaking is the worst the pain and feeling like I want to jump out of my skin are starting to become less and less. Taking a shower helps and so does having my back rubbed. I long to sleep a normal night sleep on the upside if there can be an up side to hell the end is in sight.

  63. Good luck to you all. You’re all very brave and I wish you the very best of support and success on your journey to being clean and FREE! I have been on a myriad of opiate drugs for the past 11 years for a permanent shoulder injury. I have successfully detoxed myself from so many drugs over the years I’ve lost count. But this OXY CONTIN is the WORST!! I’ve just started day 2. The detox started within 10 hrs of last dose. It’s pretty bad but after reading about ppl in various stages of withdrawal, I’m so encouraged to go on!!!
    Kurtis, keep going. You’re doing the demons!!
    Chad, I agree..f#@* the OXY!! Good on ya..great effort. Hope to put a post as successful as yours in another week.
    I have found over the last few withdrawal sessions,lol (at least can atm) that large doses of Vitamin B help. Also antidepressants (as Chad mentioned, and there are more alternatives than Xanax by the way). When the withdrawal symptoms get really bad, you can go to the hospital and ask for Clonidine (it was originally used for high blood pressure but has been found to be great for d.t.’s…and it is). Hot baths help with the sweats. Vitamin C helps to flush the system much faster. Hope some of this info is helpful to someone. Once again, all the very best of luck to all :'( >>>> 🙂

  64. Getting near the time when i will have to face up to things myself, Kurtis you sound like even though it isn’t pleasant you are doing awesome, i hope to see a happy post at the end of it, will give others the strength as well as improve your own life, keep up the great effort!!

  65. 2day is my 8th day straight off oxy i been used 2 takin 2-3 sumtimes lots more then 80mg pills a day for a year will i ever get better it ? the time of day seems 2 have stopped and i havent slept much this past week ne 1 with sum info help me out please???


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