Medications for opioid withdrawal

Medications for opioid withdrawal such as clonidine, promethazine and loperamide can control withdrawal symptoms during detox. Buprenorphine, methadone, LAAM and naltrexone are used in longer term care for opioid addiction. A comprehensive list of pharmaceutical interventions that can help support opioid withdrawal here.

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Not everyone who goes through opioid withdrawal is an addict. But opioid addiction can occur even in people who take opioids as prescribed, including low risk opioids like tramadol which cause tramadol symptoms of withdrawal. Here we’ll review medications you can take during acute detoxification and over the long term to help control opioids cravings. Please leave your questions in the comments section below. We’ll be happy to answer them!

What is withdrawal?

Opioids are powerful medications that can help relieve pain. But you can also become dependent on opioids as your body adapts to the presence of the drugs. When you are dependent on opioids, you feel sick if there are no opioids in the body. This sickness is called withdrawal.

Medications for different stages of treatment

Detoxification is the necessary first step to getting opioids out of your body. But there is no reason that you should suffer during detox. In fact, painful withdrawal decreases likelihood that you stop taking opioids. So what will you experience during withdrawal? And what kind of medications do doctors use to treat the two different stages of detox?

During the first stage of withdrawal (acute detoxification) withdrawal from opiates is painful, but not life threatening. The second stage of treatment addresses possible opioid addiction, and uses a different set of medications to help opioid addicts manage cravings and stay off drugs.

1. Acute detoxification and withdrawal from opioids

Certain medications and vitamins for drug withdrawal can be prescribed during the acute stages of withdrawal, when discomfort is the greatest. Opioid withdrawal can last from 7-10 days, and can be painful and difficult. The medications listed below can help ease the immediate symptoms of withdrawal, resulting in better chances for staying off opioids in the long run. We review the most common medications and their uses here.

Anti-diarrheal drugs – These drugs are used to treat diarrhea and can include Diphenoxylate and Loperamide

Antiemetic drugs – This class of drugs helps prevent or reduce nausea and vomiting associated with opioid withdrawal. Two drugs used to manage symptoms of nausea and vomiting include Hydroxyzine and Promethazine.

Buprenorphine – Buprenorphine has been shown to work better than other medications for treating withdrawal from opiates, and can shorten the length of detox. It may also be used for long term maintenance treatment of opioid addiction like methadone (see below).

Clonidine – Clonidine is the most commonly prescribed medication for opioid withdrawal and it helps to controls autonomic symptoms of withdrawal such as restlessness, sweating, runny nose and watery eyes. Clonidine also helps ease anxiety and can shorten overall withdrawal duration.

Dicyclomine hydrochloride – Dicyclomine hydrochloride is used to treat abdominal cramps and cramping experienced during opioid withdrawal.

Methadone – Methadone blocks withdrawal symptoms by binding to opioid receptors in the brain. This stabilizes your brain long enough to get through the detoxification process, but may also be continued during long term treatment.

Methocarbamol – Methocarbamol is used to treat muscle cramps and joint pain.

Trazodone – Trazodone may be prescribed to treat depression and anxiety in people coming off of opioids. Opioid euphoria can become

Buprenorphine (Suptex) has been shown to work better than other medications for treating withdrawal from opiates, and can shorten the length of detox. It may also be used for long-term maintenance like methadone.

2. Longer term opioid addiction treatment medications

Most people cannot just walk away from opioid addiction after detox. Today’s doctors can prescribe medicines that make you feel similar to being on an addictive drug. These medications address the long-term issues associated with opioid withdrawal such as cravings and relapse. Over time, doctors gradually reduce doses and eliminate drugs when you are ready. But in general, these medications are often prescribed over long term treatment periods (longer than 6 months) and then gradually reduced under medical supervision.

Buprenorphine – Buprenorphine occupies opiate nerve receptors where opioids used to bind, essentially tricking the brain into thinking it is still getting the problem opioid. You feel normal on buprenorphine (not high), withdrawal does not occur, and this drug also helps reduce cravings.

LAAM – LAMM is the abbreviated name for a chemical called levo-alpha-acetyl-methadol. LAAM blocks the euphoric effects of stronger opioids while also controlling opiate craving and can suppresses opioid withdrawal symptoms for 48-72 hours or longer.

Methadone – Chemically, methadone is the simplest of the opioids. Like buprenorphine, methadone occupies opiate nerve receptors where opioids used to bind. And it is also used to mimic and block the effects of stronger opioids. Methadone suppresses opiate withdrawal symptoms for 24 hours or longer. An opioid itself, at proper dosing, methadone usually reduces the appetite for and need to take stronger opioids.

Naltrexone – Naltrexone is used after acute withdrawal to help prevent relapse. Naltrexone blocks the effect of opioid drugs so that you don’t feel high if you take opioids again.

Opioid addiction can be supplemented with medicine to make your chances for staying off opioids better. Although some people may see this as drug substitution, people on opioid maintenance programs in the care of a supervising physician can lead normal, healthy lives. At some point in recovery from addiction, we all need help to change addictive behavior into nonaddictive, healthful patterns. Learning to cope with cravings is difficult. But opioid maintenance can give you the balance you need to look at other life issues.

Questions about opioid withdrawal

If you are looking for help with opioid addiction, you can find answers to your many questions and learn what happens during opioid addiction treatment programs in our comprehensive guide on Opioid Addiction Treatment.

We hope to have answered your questions about opioid withdrawal medication options. Please let us know if you have any other questions by writing to us. We answer all legitimate requests with a personal response!

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hello, I am on day 1 it’s been exactly 15 hours sense I last smoked H and about an hour in half or two ago i took a 4mg sub… But it isnt working A little restless so I decided to take a promethazine 25mg pill that was subscribed to me a year back. My eyes are so puffy now barely able to see writing this, and my nose and eyes are straight leaking.. Im wondering if the sub and promethazine arent suppose to be taken together. I cant find anything on line. Anyway May The Man Above Bless you all with strength and courage to obercome this horrible demon. I ask him everyday to and maybe he is answering me, I just got to make sure im listenin! Thanks

  2. Can I take Naltrexone to help with withdrawal ? It says one fourth for 2 days an then one half for 2 days then 1 for 14 days. But after detox. Just woundering if it will help with detox?

  3. I have been takeing prescription opiates for over ten years I want to stop because of the stigma that’s goes with this drug I’m currently taking 90 mg a day of roxycodone I don’t feel I need a rehab I just want a detox I tried to answer a questionnaire on a detox sight I don’t have any of those issues I just need to know where to detox I will deal with my pain issues as I feel these meds aim taking no longer take my pain away please send me a suggestion as to what to do

    1. Hi Deborah. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan a tapering schedule. Also, call the helpline you see on the website to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  4. I was injured in 2003 and had arthoscopic surgery to repair my knee. For some reason, the pain only increased, my leg became hypersensitive and began looking really strange if I got in a hot bath or a cold pool. Walking became painful. Finally my ortho doc said I had this weird condition called RSD- I’d never heard of it and said, “Oh, Really Shitty Doctorin’?” He wasn’t amused. And a few months later I wasn’t either. I was sent to many doctors who said the same thing, neurologists, orthopedic docs, etc. I had 27 nerve blocks trying to trick my body into forgetting how to ‘misfunction’ but the pain remained with only breaks of relief. Tried 4 different kinds of meds to treat nerve pain including neurontin, zonegran, Lyrica and Cymbalta. Bad reactions or no effect. Last resorts- right lumbar sympathectomy- they cut part of the nerve to my leg out of my spine. It was the single worst experience and recovery of my LIFE. I can’t even recall anything from the rest of that year except agony and depression… as I finally got back to my original doc I’d been referred to for the nerve blocks, I ended up on the last two meds listed above- again, no help and the Lyrica made me want to just die. Soo one more last resort- narcotic pain relief. I was very skeptical about taking it but once I started using it with clonopin- to help settle my nervous system down- I felt a relief I couldn’t deny. Over time I developed both dependence and tolerance to the pain medication- oxycodone/tylenol. My dose was increased to 100-120 mg a day and I felt much better. I was always alert, never drove within 4 hours of taking meds, still required a cane and had bad days- stormy ones or if I was stressed out- but felt functional. Then my doctor retired, the clinic couldn’t get another doctor to stay, and 150+ patients were called in one by one and told to find another doc. I called around and discovered none of them gave any kind of medication for any kind of pain, not even non-narcotics. The day I filled my last prescription, I began tapering my dose. Within 10 days I was done- finished on the 28th of Sept… the withdrawal was startling! I felt that weird longing for the medication but was dealing with it, then the hot/cold flashes started, tingling, but I kept pushing through… I followed a scale used in rehabs and detoxes but I guess I went a little faster perhaps. I stayed on the clonopin but was crashing pretty hard. I didn’t get diarrhea until the last day- I’d only taken 2.5mg of oxycodone.and got scared. I almost went to the hospital because I was orthostatic, my heart rate was pretty high, and I couldn’t keep anything in me for a few days. No vomiting however. No bone or joint pain either. I did this at home alone while my husband was on vacation in another state. I did use lomitil for the diarrhea and it worked. I also used Motrin here and there hoping it would help my headache that developed. I got about 3 days away from the last dose and felt really really bad- restless all night, couldn’t get temperature regulated, hot, then cold, then hot, then cold- about drove me insane. That’s when the pain in my leg really woke back up and wow wow wow…. I got a taste of why I was on those meds. And then it only got worse from there. My leg is freaking killing me now that I’m 9 days from the last dose. I’m once again a couch potato and still have a wicked headache I can’t shake off. My IBS had flared up but responded to Bentyl- I had an old prescription for it. I finally stopped the sneezing too. What I want to say is that I never was ashamed of my use of pain medication- I never abused it or tried to get high. I don’t like ‘high’. But this pain is horrid now and I have applied for legal Medical Marijuana to deal with my pain- still waiting on the final card so I can try it- I had to promise not to experiment and I won’t. Anyone considering coming off long term opioids should know that you need tremendous resolve and yes, it felt good to be a little angry with the way I was shoved out of my functionality and seeming stasis in my life. I never considered myself an addict but definitely dependent. Not now. I have an entire bottle of meds I have locked up I have NO desire to put into my mouth at all… the only thing I really miss is the relief of my pain. I hope this helps someone, somewhere. You CAN get off pain meds, but you need to be strong, have a plan, and don’t allow yourself to ‘plateau’ at some place you can tolerate- keep the reduction going as best you can… I am 60, relatively healthy, and I managed to do it alone. If I could do it after being on so much, anyone can probably. Good luck to any and all who try and succeed… btw that Bentyl really did help with my guts gripping and spasming.. glad I had that around. Drink drink drink!

  5. I have been on 2mg dilaudid 2x a day for 2-1/2 yrs due to chronic pancreatitis. My Dr. Keeps telling me to see a pain specialist BC he is afraid of his license getting revoked. I want to know what I should ask him for to help my withdrawal? Clonodine? I have heard gabapentin(which I already take 2 300 mg 3x a day and xanax .5 2x a day. Please help I am scared to go through this as I have before, years ago, & it is horrible! Please help!

  6. I am writing this to any one trying to get off methodone after yrs an any drug I am giving u a list of med to ask your Dr for take them no withdraws what so ever med list bentyl Robin 750mg two times daily clonidine 0.1mg 3 times a day an you can ask for phenahan 25 mg for nausea it worked a mirical for me I was on 190mg of methodone for 7 yrs been clean a yr now trust me it works you will not be sick at all no this will work good luck. Laura

  7. Hello, I’ve read quit a bit about all the different types of drugs that eases the withdrawal stage and still confused my all the different types. I take about 25 10mg norcos a day and want to stop!! I don’t hardly get the “high” anymore that originally got me hooked on taking these stupid things, I take them now just to get through the day to feel normal. I quit “cold turkey” once before but was only taking about 12 a day at the time and I’m not lying when I say that I’ve never been so sick in my life…not to mention feeling worthless and feeling like a horrible person for letting my family down. I have my second son coming in November and want to stop being dependent on this drug. I know if I can make it over the “hump” of the withdrawal sickness then I’ll be fine and good to go. Can someone please tell me where to start as far as getting on a schedule or what to take to ease the symptoms of withdrawals. I’d like to do this at home and as private as possible because no one knows that I’ve been taking them again for the past year or so. I’d be very great full for any help with my problem. Thank you and god bless!

  8. Hi, I’ve been taking oxycodone for six years and over the last year I’ve been taking 30-40 tablets per day of 20mg immediate release! Yes, it’s crazy! 700 to 800mg per day!! My body is so use to taking them I kept increasing more and more. I’m to the point now where my entire body aches and hurts, especially my joints. I’ve been to see a pain specialist and he admitted me into the hospital for five days and abruptly cut me off the oxycodone tablets and started me on bruprunorphine. It’s been ten days since I’ve been off the oxy’s and my body and muscles ache like mad. How long will this last? I feel horrible! I take 8mg of bruprunorphine with 2mg twice per day when necessary. I take 12mg per day and feel I need more. What should I do? I will await your reply. Cheers and thank you kindly. X

  9. I have been taking 24mg of Hydromorph Contin 3x/day for over 10 years now due to chronic back pain. I want to stop taking them completely as I’m trying alternate methods of treatment ( tai chi, Pilates, walking, swimming, acupuncture & knesio taping) in an attempt to control this horrendous pain. I was also taking 12mg of Dilaudid every four hours for two years & I weaned myself off those. Do you think it’s possible to gradually wean myself off the others as well without too much discomfort? Do I need to go to a Rehab? I really want to do this at home but I am frightened.

    1. Hi Stephen. Opana (oxymorphone) is a morphine-like opioid agonist pain medication used used to treat moderate to severe pain. You may find more info on Opana, here:
      I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you plan an individualized tapering schedule for safely quitting oxycodone. Also, download our free e-book ‘How To Quit Opioid Painkillers’ to learn more about the drug ending process, here:

  10. After a roof top fall in2005 + an accident in 2014. Injuries included titanium rod to lt humrtous bilateral metal bars to wrist Fxs, Fxs collarbone untreated. In 2014 right leg crushed, opened steel bar from knee to ankle. 2nd bar also in lowerlegto ankle. Wound debrieded. Drs state permenant nerve,tissue,bone damage. Lucky if I would walk. I walk & drive thanks to God Almighty. Question Is my Dr retired,along with multiple Drs resigning.Not enough Drs to carry patient load. So I was released on Opano 10mg + Oxycodone 5mg each twice a day. Said an appointment would be set up June 7 with a dr. I looked up all reviews are bad bad bad. So someone please can you HELP. Going to family Dr but think may not want get involved. Have meds til April 28. Serious why almost negligence. My choices ? Suicide or suffer. Even after withdrawal leg pain will return and this winter oh Jesus. Oh forgot I also have ruptured cervical 6-7 just happened this January. Seeing a Cranioscarall therapist, but very expensive.

    1. Hi Susan. You can check online directories to find medical doctors in your area who regularly work with pain, such as:

      The American Board of Pain Medicine
      The American Academy of Pain Medicine
      The American Academy of Pain Management

      But, please note that doctors listed in these directories may or may not be board-certified pain specialists.

  11. I have broken every bone in my body how can i get off opioid and not hurt i hurt all the time please email me back

  12. chronic pain patient using opana 20mg er and 10mg ir. for close to 10 years.
    80mg day.
    dr forced a reduction do to current hysteria.
    my issue is i am going into withdrawals while on the medicine…currently at 40mg ir day.
    dr says he was never trained in withdrawal therapy suggests i see another dr.
    that is insane he is a pain spec.
    told him taper needs to go slower…it has been 5 months…but..dont understand why this is happening.
    any suggestions?

  13. I have been taking Norco for the past 7 yrs due to 4 back fusions and 3 cervical fusions. I am ready to stop taking Norco, and am interested in others’experiences and the replies. Thank you.

  14. Hurt my neck Nov. 2010. Started pain meds un 2011. Now its 2017 I finally did have 2 surgeries to correct the problem. Want to try living without narcotics if I can but I must be weak I cannot get pass the withdrawals. I need a doctor that won’t judge me and would help me go through this difficult time. I am 53. I have failed several times trying to wean my self. Than my prescribing doctor in the pass has not been empathetic lack of a better would and refused to see me and provided medications however would give me injections. I went for the surgery. Injections for me were short lived. Ling story short I need help! Please help me.

    1. Hi Tamara. Call the free helpline you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  15. I came across this blog kind of by accident. I’ve been on 30 mg. of oxycodone for two years because of disc injuries to my spine. The drug doesn’t seem to work much, despite me stopping taking it for a few days to see if I can lower my tolerance, and have it work again. Taking more of the drug just puts me to sleep, and makes me useless.

    I’ve been noticing this weird thing lately. My eyes water like crazy, I can’t stop yawning, and I’m constantly blowing my nose. I also get diarrhea, which has made me thing I have the flu. Later, muscles in my legs and arms start to hurt, and I get this uncontrollable itch. So I took another oxy, went into my usual deep sleep, and the symptoms stopped.

    After a month of this, I figured this can’t be a flu. No flu lasts THIS long! So I started googling these symptoms, part. the weird ones, like the yawning, and lo and behold, seems I going through opiate withdrawal! Who’da thunk it? I had NO idea. I also didn’t realize that every time I took another Oxy I was just resetting the yawning/itching/sneezing/muscle pain button.

    I took some Nuprin for the pain and Benadryl for the itching and runny nose, and that seems to handle it. It’s been a few days, so I figured I’d see if I could just tough it out. All my symptoms are physical. I have NO desire for the drug, I have never gotten ‘high’ from it (and I still can’t even figure out what that means.) All it did was give me some pain relief, and put me into a 10 to 12 hour sleep, which utterly sucks.

    My question: are there other people like me who really have no psychological desire for opioids, despite taking them for several years? The physical part so far is annoying and somewhat painful, but bearable. It’s just like having a flu. I’d also like to know how long it is before these withdrawal symptoms begin to disappear. Thanks for any help.

  16. I cannot get help anywhere for vicodin withdrawal. Every time my doc saygo to the emergency room. Then the emergency room tells me to talk to my doc. Every time it gets to be too hard I buy vicodin and can’t stop from doing this. I cannot make it through that awful sickness and sweating. The hot feeling drives me nuts. What can I do with no medical help????

    1. Hi Allison. You may consider enrolling into a rehab program. Call the number you see on the website to get in touch with a trusted treatment consultant.

  17. Seriously. I’m a 60 year licensed nurse …spent many years taking Percocet for pain due to various injuries ..became user after complicated surgery about 19 yrs ago Basically kept on using them , infrequently .. Then in 1996 had hysterectomy and turned out to need more recovery time …… And then is when I became Addicted from 1996 to present … I’ve also had a hip replacement and severe MONO …. Started subutex 6mg daily on 8 / 08 was taking 60 mg Percocet scattered during the day I have been having strange symptoms and feelings …. Some feel like withdrawal from perc feelings , Others like extreme unconsciously tired ??? Like subutex … Any ideas

  18. i was refered to see a doctor by my obgyn i found out i was pregnant was prescribed vicodin ogyn said its ok its a class C for effecting pregnancy so i within few weeks decided stop before next trimastr after few days sick my obgyn said i need to go pick up more vicodin then call a doctor she named i did while there i didnt ni why or what methadone was was very hesitant asked millions of questions said its alot better for child and better regulated, so advised i was going to be brought up in the metgadone fast as possible cuz baby wil be taking most kf itsaid it dosnt matter how hi dose its same when tapering so at 420mg wheh i was ready they said id go down at a higher percent then if i was on less so as ye

  19. I can’t find any clear information about if taking low doses of norco (40mg a day) will make you go into withdrawals if you start the buep the following day?

  20. Hello my name is jason and i am desperate to quit suboxone. I am down to 3 mgs. a day but i cheat sometimes. I realll cant go into a program or i will lose my apt, job, etc, everything. I have no insurance. I know how to taper ive done it before but i have had a longer time do it than this time. My main goal is to find a dr who would prescribe me clonadine to help me with the symptoms so i can continue to work while tapering.I know the tramodal-clonidine combination works well because it has been successfull for me in the past. I have no insurance but i do have a job and am willing to pay every last dime i make and live off bread and water if i can find a dr who will prescribe this to me to help me out. does this even sound possible? are thier doctors out there that accept patients like me, uninsured with little money with a clonadine tramadol taper method?

    1. Hi Jason. If you have questions about addiction treatment and your options, call our free hotline to speak with a trusted treatment consultant.

  21. Yes, I have been on dilaudid for approximately 10 yrs through pain management doctors. I take 8mg tab ×8 per day. I only took at the recommendations of my Dr. I find no thrill or high from them but am quite miserable when they are not taken. I want to stop taking these altogether. But am at aloss. I’m quite scared of what will happen. Can you help. Dawn

  22. I am 74yr. old, been on Fentynal for a long time, now a 100mcg patch, still have pain. I have had 5 fusions, L345, S1. I want to get off the patch, and use cannabus, I am having a horrable time, wired, can’t sleep. There must be something to help me detox, without loosing my mind..PLEASE HELP.

  23. I am
    pain management and I was on the patch 25 hour and now I went to 12 mcg but my back is so painful but now I don’t need to sleep like I wasand I don’t want to be on the patch I need some 10 different because it was just making me sleep sleep sleep and I didn’t even realize how do I tell my pain management doctor and I don’t want to sleep my life away and I don’t want this pain in my back.Confused!

  24. @Lydia,
    Thank you kindly…. Often times the best people to talk to are the ones who directly went through it, so I wanted to let people know that I am here for them if they want to talk, or I will answer any ?’s about what I went through becoming clean. I never thought I could do it, but it’s amazing what can happen when you take that first step!!
    Blessings to you Lydia, and all those tout there struggling and suffering with this disease. One Love ❤️

  25. Just to give people hope, I published a pretty desperate post in 2013 whilst about to go through cold turkey withdrawals. I took at least six Roxie’s a day for 5 years, usually upwards of 10 though.
    I have been clean since then and I lead a normal productive life and I’m getting married next month. So, you CAN SO IT FOLKS but the ONLY PEESON THAT CAN DO IT IS “you”!!!!! Just wanted everyone to know it IS POSSIBLE!! #cleansince2013

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, FLA Girl. I believe you give hope to other readers! All the best!

  26. Hey guys, As a person who has fought and lost to opiate addiction for 16 years now, I’m here to tell all the people considering the methadone clinic or suboxone (buprenorphine) PLEASE keep in mind that methadone is worse than any roxy EVER thought of being. Methadone treatment is a government taxed and somewhat run facilitiy for hard core HEROIN addicts. I spent 51/2 yrs there and to no avail, I was worse than when I started. The withdrawals from methadone are very intense and last for 3 months or longer. Depending on what milligram your on. Now a suboxone doctor is about the best alternative right now. The problem is, just like the methadone clinic, they want to keep you there as long as possible. So the doctors at these clinics give patients way, way too much medication to take per day, Now for some folks this is a great supplement, but for more naive people, they will actually take the full amount recommended by the doctor, which most……well almost all the time the amount of medication is more than the patient was on to begin with, but they’re aren’t many alternatives. I stopped taking Oxycontin in 2004 when i started the methadone clinic and i have fought ever since. so far suboxone has worked best. but you have to take matters into your own hands. Doctors just want to make money, so when you do go, take what the doc. gives you and only take just enough to ease the pain and discomfort of withdrawal ( usually less than half of ONE). I’ve have been on suboxone since 2010 and have been only taking 1mg of suboxone per day. that’s one strip cut 8 ways. I finally said buy to my last piece 9 days ago and I”m still experiencing withdrawal symptoms but not near as detrimental as methadone withdrawal. Methadone is evil, suboxone, subutex, and just opiates in general are evil. But my best advice is that you can only get clean when YOU are truely ready, and DO NOT take all of the medication for treatment that the doctors give you. they are writing happy. Good Luck and Don’t Give Up.

  27. I have been taking oxycodone for 8 years, around 20 mil daily of oxcodone, and have decided to get off because were I now live they don’t have the same medication they have oxycotin and it is costly. I have it down to about one half of a 10 mg tablet, but I am experiencing major off balance mostly at night when I wake up or it wakes me up, is this normal. I started getting off of these about a 6 weeks ago

  28. I’ve been prescribed tramadol Hydrocodonecet for chronic pain from surgeries over 5 year’s. They all work but I feel my spirit is gone. I played live music over 30 years and I want to get off this medicine so I can concentrate playing my music again. I’ve been reading about suboxones work. Is this a way to go? Please help me

  29. I called my nurse 3 times today to get off tramadol but she is a trouble nurse. I need to know who to go to for help I don’t want in patient or out patient. I just need my doctor and nurse to call me to help me.

    1. Hi, Susan. Have you tried talking with your nurse and doctor? If the talk doesn’t work, maybe you might consider finding another nurse or even a doctor.

  30. I am taking 0.5 Xanax & 50 mg.hydroxyzine, can I take 50mg.tramadol for backache – given to me from pain management Dr. Said I can 2 a day . Answer please .

  31. okay. question is what do you advise for help with methadone wthdrawl? I understand its used as a med. in long term maintaince. And suppose too slowly detox once lifestyle is healthy. BUT INSTANCES OF BEING REFERED to clinic when depended on vicodin but unexpected pregnancy makes a choice of miscarriage or methadone clinic..(which was my situaton) no excuse i should of edu. myself but nievly was releaved there was a referal to doc. to help. unknowing what methadone pharmakenetics ..ect.. am 10yrs later on ave. dose 420mg.thruout. abruptly detoxed to 30mg.and almost if not did have stroke & poss. mild M.A am struggling to learn healthy less dangerous detox most info is methadone being a cure.. but now im facing min. 6mo. of these severe withdrawl symptoms and im not talking flu like without assistance much from clinic nor many doc. hoping you may have some advice in right dirrection

  32. I need to know 2 things. 1 I have been taking 10 mg of oxycodone/325 acetaminophen for about 7 months now. I need to know if my doctor can ween me off of them?? 2. I need to also know if you built a tolerance and when does that happen approximately ??

    1. Hi, Maritza. Yes, your doctor may ween you off; s/he can help you plan an individualized tapering plan just for you. Developing tolerance is such a personal development that at times it may be hard to predict, and oxycodone tolerance develops at different times for different people. Everything depends on the dosage, frequency of use, human body, etc.

  33. I am at two weeks without taking any roxy 30. Normally I took 7 or 8 a day and I went cold turkey on the oxycodone. Definitely wouldn’t recommend because it was very hard.. Got some 10 methodone and have been taking like one every three days. Some may say I’m not doing myself any good but I gotten off methadone b4 and it seems a lot easier than oxycondone especially amt I was taking. Only been taking donne for about a month with oxy so I think I can go ahead and kick it. (HOPE SO)!
    Anyhow, question I have is methadone seems to stay in my system a lot longer than what I read here. I mean last time I quit it I took pee test like 3.5 months after last dose and still showed. Got to take another pee test for job training in about 2.5 months. Any ideas on how to clear it out. Drink a lot of water or what. Why does it stay in system so long. Thanks and good luck to everyone.

  34. Hi,

    I have been taking 120 mls Methadone each day for 4 years. At the moment I am trying to withdraw and stop. I am testing an approach I have developed whereby I dose Monday and Tuesday and then go five days straight without dosing (not consuming my TAs). I am also running 3-5 kms each day I do not take Methadone to get the benefit of the body’s natural endorphins. My plan is to stop the Methadone completely after 4 cycles of the mini-withfrawal. So far its been OK and seems to be working. I have had a few bad nights. I thought you guys might be interested in my approach which I think is quite innovative. I’ll keep you updated with my progress.

    1. Hey Mark. Nice work! Thanks for sharing your approach, I hope some of our readers will be eager to try it. Good luck! And, keep us updated 🙂

  35. I’ve been taking methadone for almost two years now and I’m sick of it…many attempts to get off have been made and I just can’t deal with this withdrawal…i was also hooked on heroin for three years I made a decision to quit cold turkey,got on a greyhound bus and went to Oklahoma..Amazingly it was not that hard…but methadone is so evil…it’s painful and so disruptive to other family members..I need some advice on how I can get through this…i have gotten myself down from 40 to 10 and that seems to be the withdrawal crack the whip legs and hands get to going crazy..i get the worst headache my back hurts…what over the counters will help..And what do I need to ask a doctor for…I can’t go on like this..drugs have been in my life far too long….No More!!!!

  36. I’ve been taking methadone for almost two years now and I’m sick of it…many attempts to get off have been made and I just can’t deal with this withdrawal…i was also hooked on heroin for three years I made a decision to quit cold turkey,got on a greyhound bus and went to Oklahoma..Amazingly it was not that hard…but methadone is so evil…it’s painful and so disruptive to other family members..I need some advice on how I can get through this…i have gotten myself down from 40 to 10 and that seems to be the withdrawal crack the whip legs and hands get to going crazy..i get the worst headache my back hurts…what over the counters will help..And what do I need

  37. I appreciate all your advice. It is truely insightful but i was hoping to hear more about NALTREXONE. from what i’ve read, this seems to be a wonder drug which now is being used on cancer patient, HIV, Aids patients, people with cronic pain and for people like us on this site and if used properly i understand it can DRASTICALLY!!!!! reduce and re-boot the bodies depleted levels and GREATLY SHORTNING (PAWS) The only problem is that the drug scares the shit out of us opiate addicts bc to large of a dose will put you right into imediate withdrawl. Im 5 day clean and past the acute phase and i have in my possesion several 50mg Naltrexone tablets. Does anyone out there know when i can take these, how it shoud be taken, any advice would help. or can some share some advice. ive read alot about it but i would trust you gys more than those other sites. If anyone can help me i sure would appreciate it, i feel horrible for what i put my family through and i just want to get health as fast as possible to make amends. Thank you and God bless you all!

  38. I am a narcotic user and I’m looking for a way to get off of the pain medication but the w/d symptoms are extremely painful and very hard to deal with. In my opinion the worst is the increased pain and restlessness and not being able to sleep. I started using these medications 3 years ago for back and leg pain but I want off now. How can I get off the. Without all the hardcore w/d symptoms.?

  39. I want help my daughter want me to get off the methadone.I told her I’d try!I haven told my Dr for fear that she would
    D cut my medication off I’ve been on it for chronic pain I want to just lower how much I’ve been on cause at times I do get in a nodd and it happens after I eat a big dinner.I hate it so for 3 month ibeen trying alone experiencing some pretty awful sh-t. I mean I been able to get the clonodine for my hpt flash which I do get but I don’t know how to take it for the withdraws I just read that it helps Im afraid I’ve started using the nose spray for the nose and over did it cause I couldn’t breathe, I’ve been to the er 2x I sick and tried! My pain leaver are going back up but to be honest I used to crush them and at times I did get up to7/8 somethimes 9 without even counting to note I feel I’ll I don’t know if you can take the clonodines with methadone if done 4and I’m feeling I’ll yet it’s been an hour almost sence I took the nausea med and a half of methocarbamol I don’t know what to do any more I’ve been on methadone for like7+ yr for chronic pain! Tell me something please!!!!

  40. Hello NY Girl. Detoxing from suboxone can produce many withdrawal symptoms, but you can treat most with over-the-counter medications that you can purchase at your local pharmacy. For muscle or body pain you can use ibuprofen or Tylenol, Imodium for diarrhea, Benadryl for insomnia. Talk to a pharmacist on how to treat other possible symptoms, keep yourself well hydrated, eat wholesome, healthy meals, and a multivitamin can also be helpful.

  41. I’ve been on Suboxone for 6 yrs now and I’m afraid of stopping. Sometimes I wish I never started even though it has saved my life but now I’m addicted. I just want to be normal and feel normal again! I feel numb inside and have no fire inside me anymore…u might as well say I’m dead! I really need to get off of Suboxone but need to know if there are medications that will help me with the withdrawals. My Sub doc doesn’t believe in giving patients meds, he keeps telling me I’ll be fine and I’ll just get headaches. I have a baby at home and have no help from anyone so I can’t be in bed all day recovering. I have some Methocarbamol 500mg and Valiums from a while ago, will those help with withdrawals? Thanks!

  42. Ok I get norco tablets 7.5/325 I take em hard for 8 days then three weeks without, if I was off them three weeks on them one week would I still go threw withdrawl , I’ve been useing pain meds for 7 years this is lowest dose I’ve been tired of being dependent on em i hav an addictive personality

  43. Hi John. It’s terrible what you have to go through. Contact your doctor as soon as possible, and in the meantime go to the local pharmacy and seek over the counter medicines that can help you with the severe withdrawal symptoms.

    Consider loperamide (Imodium) for diarrhea. If you’re experiencing nausea, you might try medications like meclizine (Antivert or Bonine) or dimenhydrinate (Dramamine). You can also try antihistamines like Benadryl. Aches and pains that seem to crop up everywhere can be treated with acetaminophen (Tylenol) or NSAIDS like ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil).

  44. I need help! I have been taking oxycodone for about seven years because of severe pain from arthritis (six 7.5/325s per day, 180 per month) , and now that is has been moved from class III to class II drug, and you must have a new in-person prescription every month, the choice of getting off Vicodin was just now forced on me me. I ran out on Thursday, and since my primary doctor and arthritis specialist are 162 miles away and closed on the weekends, the past few days have been living hell. The pain is unbearable, upset stomach, diarrhea, moodiness, thoughts of death, etc. are just about too much to handle. I can’t sleep, and am afraid that it is damaging my heart ( I have nine stints and a pacemaker) and taking its toll on my nervous system.
    I know I should have tapered off and had a better plan to quit but going cold turkey is not the smart way to go. I can see how people take their own lives when faced with the pain like I’ve had over the last few days.
    What do you recommend?

  45. I suffer from extreme pain from a car accident 8 yrs ago & have been on Opana ER 40mgs 2xs a day along with 10ER & opana 5 mgs 3xs a day for break through pain. I was taking opana 5mg 2- up to 3xs a day. But Dr has reduced the 5s to 1 3xs a day. He also added clonidine, kept me on xanax, and methocarbmarol, lunesta & I take a bunch of supplements. Ever since he reduced my meds I’ve been having crazy anxiety & I can get it to stop. It’s mostly on my left side which is the damaged side. I kknow my body is extremely dependent on the opana which is why I normally don’t take the 10 mgs I save them for when I run out of my 5s. I’d love to be off of every thing but no one has a plan to deal with the severe pain I’m in 24/7. All they say is ill just have to deal with it or be on all these meds for rest of my life. I’m 36 & feel like I’m 80 my body hurts so bad, worst being in my left eye. I just need to know how to calm the anxiety and poss some suggestions of Dr’s please. I’ve been to so many & they all say same thing “I can’t help you”. I’m beyond myself & extremely frustrated. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you may have.

  46. I’m in day 2 of detoxing. I’ve done this before so I know how much it sucks, and I definitely have some anticipatory anxiety knowing the suffering that is ahead of me. Plus, suffering silently makes it a bit worse this time. Last time some people knew and could support me (they tried at least…) So this time I’m taking a different approach. I’m detoxing my body with an 8 day cleanse at the same time, while taking an abundance of supportive vitamins and supplements. Physically, I can honestly say I feel SO much better than I expected to at this point. (Felt like death on day 2 of subutex withdrawal) but mentally, and psychologically…..that’s where I am weak. I know that with one quick phone call or drive by, I could have what I need to feel “better”. Looking for some encouragement and ideas on how to redirect these thoughts. I don’t want to have to start from scratch again. I’m already half way through day 2!!

  47. Thankyou for the information provided for opiate withdrawl, my wife and I are currently detoxing her mother who is 64 yrs old and been on opiates most of her adult life. Her Doc prescribed a half doz Clonadine for her detox but she freaked out on day one ( thought she was already experiecing withdrawal symtoms and started taking her Clonadine ) so we are left with Trazadone, xanax and a few other meds she has prescribed to her on a regular basis. We are checking each one online before considering its use, so thank you again for your posts.


  48. Hello Dee. You’ll need to speak with an opiate substitution or opiate detox professional to get some recommendations that are tailor made for you. Tapering and management of opiate withdrawal can be both an art and a science.

  49. I have a 2 gram a day heroin habit for 10 years. I am ready to kick. I have obtained valium, clonodine, buprenorphine and benadryl. What are the correct dosages of the bupe… it injectable IM ,03…………………..greatly appreciate some help. Thank you.

  50. Hello Kay. First, you don’t need to attempt opiate withdrawal alone. Seek medical help. Second, I’d suggest that you consult via phone or in person with a pharmacist about possible contraindications of taking these two meds simultaneously. You’ll need a professional medical opinion about this.

  51. I’m curious as to whether or not there is a dangerous drug interaction between clonidine and trazadone.

    I have clonidine for blood pressure but stopped taking it several months ago with BP under I have trazadone for sleep and it works great.

    I want to get off the opiates and I believe that clonidine and trazadone might really help to break my physical dependence. I am not addicted, but AM physically dependent. I want to get off the opiates asap and believe the combination clonidine and trazodone may well help me

    Have you read or heard anything that the two are dangerous to combine for opiate withdrawal? I’ve read a lot of the opposite until I checked a drug interaction checker!


  52. Will lorazapam, valium, or xanex help to withdraw from oxycodone and other narcotics? How long do I take these drugs? Thank you for your advice.

  53. Hello Flagirl. First, seek medical advice from a doctor who prescribes Suboxone. And know that death during withdrawal is very unlikely. While withdrawal can be uncomfortable, opiate withdrawal usually provokes death in those whose bodies are really worn down after years and years of drug use and cannot handle the severity of changes brought on by withdrawal. Instead of cold turkey withdrawal, try tapering your dose to avoid severe withdrawal. And speak with your doctor about all your concerns.

  54. I need some help, I am freaking out…I’m going to a suboxone dr on Friday and I’ve been on pills(oxy30mg six a day) for five years…I am terrified of the withdrawls I’m going to have immediately upon waking up…how will I make it until I can take the subs? Can u die in WD? How long do I really have to wait to take the subs? I’m also petrified of precip withdrawl…Please help ASAP….I can’t find anyone to respond online at all…Thanks so much.

  55. I would appreciate any information about coming off the Fentanyl 100 mcg patch. I have been on this patch about 4-5 years. The reason I am taking Fentanyl patch is spinal stenosis fibromylgia and degenerative disk disease. I someday would like to get off this horrible controls my life. Thank you greycat

  56. this site is great, It answered all my questions perfectly, I would like to thank you for taking the time to make this site, and i hope it will help others with questions, as it has helped me. I now know what, and how to speak with my doctor about this issue. Again, thank you for your help.

  57. I have used Tramadol when I have run too low on my Oxycontin. It has saved my life. Two days can seem like an eternity, especially when you have a job and a family to take care of. My Dr. prescribed 50mg. I can take 7-8 in 24 hours and I don’t feel the horrific withdraw symptoms. Thank God for this substitute. I’ve never had to use it for more than 2-21/2 days, so I don’t know how it would work for longer. All I can share is my personal experience.

  58. Hi Carolina. The first step is to taper oxycodone. If you’ve done this, the withdrawal symptoms will be less intense and severe. Are you looking for advice on how to withdraw, how to stay abstinent, or how to find oxycodone pain relief alternatives? It’s not really clear how we can help…

  59. Oh, BTW, I have been taking 15 mgs. My scrip is written for 240 tabs per month, although I rarely ever use them all in a month. I usually take (took) about 6 per day, max. They are pure oxycodone, no tylenol.
    Thanks again for any help.

  60. I have been taking oxycodone for 6+ years now, as prescribed by my doctor. I am ready to quit. I took my last tab on Saturday. I have a scrip for Lomotil cos I have IBS, and it’s a great help. I also have a scrip for an anti nausea drug…zofran that I was prescribed a few months ago for the flu. I haven’t needed it yet, but probably will. It’s oral release, so just dissolves on the tongue. Anyway, I do need some support through this. My doctor isn’t a help at all, he doesn’t approve of what I’m doing as I have ‘real’ pain. But, I’ve read all over the net that opioids will make pain even worse in the long run. I just want to rid my system of this stuff and then re-evaluate 6 months or so down the line. Of course, if after a month my pain levels have INCREASED to the point I can’t do anything, I might re-evaluate sooner. But, it’s been so long since I haven’t used this stuff, I just want to see what ‘normal’ feels like. (I haven’t had any ‘bad’ effects, such as mood disorders, nor have I been abusive towards others, ever. My daughter would be the first to tell me if I were exhibiting any sort of ‘bad behaviour’. I just want to do this for myself. Any advice, it would be appreciated.

  61. Hi Matt. Yes, relapse to prevent withdrawal is common. So don’t give up hope! There are treatment alternatives. I’d suggest that you seek help from a medical doctor for a tapering regimen, and also ask about possible treatment during withdrawal using clonidine or buprenorphine while you detox. There is no need to go cold turkey off opiates. But the process should be medically supervised. Also, you may benefit from asking about mental health treatments to address the underlying reasons which compel your use.

    You can do it! You are not alone!

  62. I have 15 Methocarbamol 750 tablets and I want to stop using the opiates. I have been taking roxy 30 mg for about 3 months straight now and I’m hurting myself and my family. I take around 3 per day of the Roxy 30. I want to quit but I suffer so bad with withdrawl that every time I get to the peak of withdrawl I give into taking more to feel better. I would like to know the best way to most effectively use these 15 tablets and wonder if their are any over the counter helps such as a specific vitamins or pain relievers that will help while taking the Methocarbamol. Please help I’m so tired of living like this. Thank you for you help and support. Today I have taken 3 of the roxy already tomorrow I will begin the journey in quitting.

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