Mixing OxyContin With Alcohol

Effects of mixing OxyContin and alcohol include euphoria and relaxation. But you can overdose and die when mixing OxyContin with alcohol, too. More on the potential harms and warnings for mixing OxyContin with alcohol here.

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Reviewed by: Dr. Manish Mishra, MBBS

ARTICLE SUMMARY: The most life-threatening side effect of mixing alcohol with OxyContin involves depressed breathing. More on the potential harms and warnings for mixing OxyContin with alcohol here.


A Scare Tactic?

Some people may think that doctors, law enforcement, or school officials exaggerate the negative effects of drinking while taking OxyContin. The fact is that OxyContin is truly dangerous. It has a high potential for abuse, and can lead to severe psychological or physical dependence. Even when taken alone, OxyContin has the potential to seriously ruin your life.

OxyContin is a powerful prescription painkiller. Its main ingredient is oxycodone, a strong prescription painkiller called an “opioid”, or synthetic, man-made opiate. OxyContin can cause feelings of euphoria, especially when taken in amounts larger than prescribed. This is one of the reasons why DEA placed this painkiller in the group of schedule II drugs. Plus, the original formula for OxyContin was revised in 2013 by the order of the FDA to prevent people from chewing, crushing, or injecting it. But how much warning is a scare tactic and how much is for real?

Again, we repeat: OxyContin is dangerous. Some people mix Oxys with alcohol to intensify its pleasurable effects. However, alcohol has a chemical reaction with OxyContin in the body and the two chemicals have an additive effect when combined. That means that the effects of the alcohol and OxyContin are both stronger when they’re mixed together, or even taken on the same day. This can cause accidental overdose and death.

Every day, over 1,000 people are treated in ER departments for using painkillers the wrong way.

Brain Effects

When taken together, alcohol and OxyContin create serious imbalance in brain chemistry.The FDA-approved OxyContin label reads:

Oxycodone may be expected to have additive effects when used in conjunction with alcohol, other opioids, or illicit drugs that cause central nervous system depression.

How exactly does the combo affect the brain? Well, the answer is not that simple. When alcohol is in the body, it increases the effects of sedation and relaxation by elevating levels of GABA, one of your body’s primary neurotransmitters that acts to calm your central nervous system. This is how alcohol actually works as a natural occurring sedative and is effective at suppressing anxiety and lowering stress levels.

Both alcohol and OxyContin also affect dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is responsible for regulating moods, sleep quality, and movement functions. High levels of dopamine create pleasure while low levels can cause depression. Alcohol and OxyContin increase levels of dopamine, which is why people feel happy while under the influence of one or both substances. When the effects of this combination wear off, dopamine levels drop and people start experiencing depression and low mood swings.

In sum, fluctuations of dopamine levels changes the way the brain naturally produces dopamine. The brain will start relying on alcohol and OxyContin in order to remain  chemically balanced. If you continue to mix these two substances you risk developing physical dependence.


In self-reports, like this one from Erowid, people who have mixed OxyContin with alcohol report some of these effects:

  • dream-like state
  • drowsiness
  • euphoria
  • numbness
  • relaxation
  • wandering mind

The most life-threatening side effect of mixing alcohol with OxyContin involves depressed breathing.

Side Effects

If you drink and take OxyContin, your breathing rate will slow down. Without enough oxygen, the brain can begin to shut down organ systems, and you can eventually suffer brain damage or death due to lack of oxygen.

If you’re mixing booze and OxyContin, you can also fall into a coma. Alcohol enhances the sedative effects of OxyContin, leading to increased drowsiness. This can eventually cause you to fall asleep and be unable to wake up.

Mixing alcohol also increase the risk losing your balance and suffering severe falls, particularly in older adults. Loss of coordination occurs, and risk for injury skyrockets for people who drive or operate machinery while under the influence. Finally, taking these drugs (individually or together) lead to serious memory loss or increase the effects of dementia.


Drinking alcohol while taking medicines can intensify central nervous system effects, exposing you to life threatening dangers.

This is because of the additive effect they have on one another. Some potentially dangerous effects of mixing OxyContin with alcohol include:

  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • impaired coordination
  • loss of consciousness
  • overdose
  • shallow breathing
  • slowed heart rate

OxyContin is more dangerous when mixed with alcohol, but the reverse is also true. Alcohol’s sedative effects will be heightened when mixed with any narcotic; you’ll experience more intoxication from the alcohol. Not only that, but your alcohol tolerance will be lower than normal. This can lead to alcohol poisoning, so it’s important to be aware of the subjective signs of alcohol intoxication rather than count drinks.

Drinking and using OxyContin can cause your breathing rate to slow. The brain’s oxygen supply decreases, and it begins to shut down organ systems. Brain damage or death due to lack of oxygen are possible. Or, you can fall into a coma. Alcohol enhances the sedative effects of OxyContin, leading to increased drowsiness. This can eventually cause you to fall asleep and be unable to wake up.

When drinking and taking this opioid, expect trouble concentrating and difficulty with coordination. You’re more likely to be involved in an accident or injure yourself.


The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that from 199-2016, 200,000 people have died from an opioid overdose. In 2016 alone, every day, over 1,000 people are treated in emergency departments for misusing prescription opioids. While this data is not “OxyContin-only”, it gives you a good idea that there is a high risk when using OxyContin.

It’s much easier to overdose on OxyContin when it’s taken with alcohol. OxyContin becomes stronger and more dangerous when combined with other depressants. In fact, doctors do not recommend mixing the two drugs at all. Sometimes it can be dangerous to take them on the same day, even hours apart, especially if you’re been prescribed an extended release version of OxyContin, or chase snorting OxyContin effects.

To prevent OxyContin overdose:

  • Never take it more than prescribed.
  • Report any side effects or concerns to your doctor
  • Avoid taking opioids with alcohol and other substances or medications.
  • Do not share or sell your prescription opioids.
  • Safely store OxyContin, perhaps under lock and key.

The higher the dosage, the higher your risk of overdose. Many people take high doses of OxyContin, especially if they become tolerant to the oxycodone and need more medication for pain relief. However, occasional reduction or tapering can help reduce risk of overdose. To calculate your daily dose and to evaluate if it’s a risk for you, see the daily dosage opioid calculator from the CDC here.


Abusing OxyContin by taking more than a normal dose or by chewing, injecting or snorting OxyContin can cause overdose or even death. This risk increases when you add alcohol. The numbers back this up. The CDC reports that drugs like OxyContin were involved in 42,249 deaths in 2016, and that opioid overdose deaths were five times higher in 2016 than 1999.

Despite the dangers, OxyContin is often mixed with alcohol. But even normal doses of OxyContin combined with alcohol can cause your breathing to slow or stop completely. The only way to avoid these risks is to decide not to drink at all while on OxyContin.

Is It Safe To Drink On OxyContin?

No. It’s not safe to ever mix OxyContin and alcohol.

The combination brings out the worst in both drugs. In fact, the FDA warns against mixing the two at all. You should ask your doctor for more information on how to stop drinking, if you find the idea of giving up drinking too difficult.

Check out table 3 in the study written by Ron Weathermon, Pharm.D., and David W. Crabb, M.D. about Alcohol and Medication Interactions, to learn more about the effects of mixing alcohol and various classes of medications.

When You Need Professional Help

It can be hard to admit that you have a problem with a prescription medicine. Here’s one rule of thumb that we generally recommend that people follow:

If you think you have a problem, you probably do.

Still, drug problems can be difficult to recognize. If you ever need to assess yourself, check out this NIDA drug screening tool resource kit. You can look into brief online versions, or schedule a visit with your prescribing doctor for a full assessment. Looking for some more immediate information?

Here are some general signs that your OxyContin use requires professional help:

  1. You’ve tried, but cannot quit OxyContin for good.
  2. You take OxyContin, even in the face of health, financial, social, or work problems.
  3. You’re using OxyContin to get high and to avoid feeling negative emotions.
  4. You drink when you take OxyContin to intensify the effect.

Any of these behaviors signal the need for professional help from an addiction counselor, psychotherapist, rehab center, detox clinic, or even your family doctor. Whether you call us on the phone number listed above, or pick up the phone to call a friend….KNOW THIS: Drug problems are treated medically.

There is hope. You can life drug-free!

Got a Questions?

Do you still have questions about OxyContin safety?

Please leave your OxyContin questions here. We try our best to answer all questions personally, and promptly. And if we don’t know the answer, we will refer you to someone who can help. Your experiences with mixing OxyContin and alcohol are also welcomed here.

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    1. Hi Sid. OxyContin is more dangerous when mixed with alcohol, but the reverse is also true. Therefore, it’s NOT SAFE to ever mix OxyContin and alcohol.

  1. Hello, I’m currently taking 5mg of targin when needed for my pelvic/rectal prolapeses,intessuaeption,spinal bodies octuler and other back pain, I take the 5mg slow release ones, I’ve only just started taking it this week, I’ve taken one on Monday one on Tuesday one on wendsday and one Friday at 11am it’s now Saturday and it’s my niece’s party and I’d love to have a drink I’m just wondering would it be safe to have a drink if I wait 12 hours after the Friday dose wore off?

  2. I have been taking oxy since 2003 and am now taking 40mg of the slow 12 hour release and 20mg of the quick release and 10mg of diazepam every night for the pain I suffer from Systemic Lupus and Fibromyalgia. I don’t go out drinking often, but when I do I have a real all day drinking session then go home take my tablets and go to bed. After reading this I’m really worried. I don’t drink in the house but I cannot not take the tablets after a drink because I start to crawl the walls for really my fix! I’m desperately depressed and now feel that my so called social life has to stop just in case I overdose. What do you recommend I should do?

    1. Hi Col. Mixing OxyContin with alcohol can lead you to OD. Please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk.

  3. I had surgery 1 week ago, have been taking 5mg diazepam every 12 hours also oxycodone 5mg every 4 hours. I’m going to dinner and wouild like to have a glass of wine. is that okay. I don’t see me taking it much longer, my pain level is improving daily. I assume I’ll ofwhen pain is gone.

  4. I did something stupid! I had massive shoulder reconstruction surgery on 4/28/17. The surgeon prescribed Percocet 5-325 MG …..one tablet every 6 hours. During the period 4/28/17-4/30/17 I took seven (7) pills. During the period 5/1/17 – 5/18/17 I took fifty-five (55) pills. I voluntarily stopped taking the Percocet on 5/18/17. Since then – my sleeping habits are totally erratic, occasional chills, fever, and most disturbing to be is dizziness especially when I lie down to sleep or arise from a period of sleep. The stupid thing I did was during the period approximately 5/5/17-512/17 I would have a 12 oz beer at dinner. I now learn (regrettably) that this was not advised. Will the dizziness ever subside or go away? Should I seek immediate medical attention? I am very concerned that these Percocet withdrawal symptoms will not go away. Please help me!

  5. Hi, I’m addict to alcohol since ever and I’m 50 years old. I drink every day. But I have a serious problem with my spine and I have to wait for the surgery at least weeks. My family doctor prescribed me Oxycod syrup, but he doesn’t know about my alcoholism. What if I keep drinking like a bottle of vodka every day, but drinking the Oxycod syrup also? DON’t tell me, don’t drink, I’m addict for 30 years, I can’t stop. How many Oxycod can I take daily to ease my pain?
    Thank you very much

  6. For the past 4 nights I’ve been taking oxys while drinking heavily. At first it was one oxy, then 2, but last night I took 4 and drank at least 8 drinks. I experienced very slow breathing and a slow heart rate. I am okay but I’m worried about long term effects. Is my liver okay? Why am I fine? How much alcohol is too much when taking oxys?

  7. If you drink Percocet with alcohol, how much percentage does it affect your blood alcohol count?(bac) is there a number for example .02 or is there no affect?

  8. I drink and take off. I have never had any of effects, except feeling tired. It doesn’t seem to increase the strength of the pills. I take 40mg and additional 10 mg of oxycocet for breakthrough pain. I also never seem to become addicted. I have just quit taking meds for 4-6 weeks with no ill effects. Neither my Doctor or pharmacist understand why. The only thing it does is makes me a bit more tired.

  9. I have a close friend who is planning on taking alcohol with one of his OxyContin tablets. He’s already old me I can’t convince him out of trying it, however e said if I knew how much alcohol would be safe that would be great. PLEASE HELP I DONT!!! Would washing the pill down with a beer be fatal?

  10. I’m writing a short script about the dangers of combining OxyContin with alcohol, as well as the dangers of peer pressure on people who are easily influenced. Thank you for your insight.

  11. Anastasia, I encourage you to read quit the drink fast by Jason Vale. I know that based on the title it seems like a book you would read if you were an alcoholic. But actually the book is about the myth that Society has created around alcohol and why we feel the need to drink it. It really gives insight and a new way of thinking about alcohol in our lifestyle. Based on what you said in your comment I really think that it would help you.

  12. I’m a 68 year old heartbroken dad from Burton Michigan. My beloved first son Todd mixed vodka
    with oxcontin he’d gotten from a “friend” some 3 years ago. He was a medical professional, warm funny loving son, dad and brother. At 3 am in the morning of Nov. 19 2012 the alcohol and oxy stopped his breathing. my only consolation is that he felt no pain and didn’t/doesn’t “know” he’s gone. He thought he knew a lot about drugs and alcohol but was a weekend addict and in denial. Myself and everyone that loved him paid the price in pain and heartache for his mistake…he didn’t cause he’s at peace. When addicts realize they don’t have the RIGHT to hurt OTHERS that love them maybe more of them will realize addiction is a disease, not a personality fault or character defect, and get into treatment. thanks for hearing me out.

    1. Hi, Dan. I’m really sorry for your loss….And, thanks for sharing your story. Hope our readers will get the message.

  13. Anastasia hi,firstly i am sorry to hear of your situation. Having read your post and seen that so far there are no replies i hope you dont mind if i offer a possible solution? Have you thought of maybe an alcohol free wine or beverage for those special occasions? There are loads around now and they are very nice tasting,not all but thats the same as with alcoholic drinks. Atleast that way you get to enjoy a glass of wine on special occasions without any risk?

  14. Hi all,i wonder if anyone still uses this site anymore?anyway,i have been reading all your posts having put oxycontin can you overdose? in askjeeves.com and this site being right at the top of the search. Like another commentor on this thread i suffer with both asthma and with spinal stenosis, the latter causing severe back pain. I have been prescribed a plethora of drugs,gabapentin,,oxycontin,tramadol,and several others,i forget the names there are so many,my husband sorts my repeats and dossett box for me. Anyway,i am on 40mg twice daily at twelve hour intervals as they are slow release and have been for roughly ten months or so now,the dosage has increased over the months from ten to my current levels. The pain has gotten so bad despite lumbar injections that i have been prescribed oramorph to take for instant release when i cant stand the pain. When prescribing we had to return for a routine check,at which point my husband told the doctor on duty that he was unsure how much i was able to take at any one time as no one had told us,we were told just take some of the liquid if the slow release and other meds arent working,at this time i was taking 20mg of the liquid when it got bad and ended up throwing up. He prescribed anti sickness tablets and told me that before i could overdose i would fall asleep so to simply take as much as i needed and not to worry! After reading your comments here aswell as symptoms of an overdose i think i poisoned my system the last time i took it and never took it again thinking it didnt agree with me and i didnt like the effects that followed,all as described here on this site,and although i felt very unwell and just wanted to sleep i went through the day with my husband as we were on a day out and i didnt want to ruin it,i am thankful i did after reading all i have tonight.

  15. I cannot find adequate information anywhere else, so I apologize for asking here on an addiction website. I suffer from 5 autoimmune disorders, a benign brain tumor, secede spinal stenosis as well as an old spinal cord injury. I am now 34, but I was 17 when I first saw my pain management physician. The medications enabled me to live with my pain being at an acceptable level to be clear headed, get out of my wheelchair and begin living again. To be clear, I was extremely anti-drug management for over a year while they tried everything else. I was even able to get my 4 year university degree with hopes of earning my Doctorate in Pharmacology, with a minor in lactation studies. Now that my introduction is out of the way…here is my situation that I truly hope to receive a reply about!
    Currently I’m prescribed 20 mg OxyContin bid, 15 mg OxyContin qid as needed, 350 mg Soma, and 10 mg valium bid as needed (one of the side effects from the tumor has been claustrophobia, even in my own home). I was on MUCH higher doses (I was actually maxed out due to low pain threshold and high medication tolerance, bad combo, I know!) until I took matters into my own hands and found a chiropractic office that does everything; chiropractic care, physical therapy, massage therapy, acupuncture, acupressure, etc. My chiropractor preformed an MUA (manipulation under anesthesia, 2 hours each day for 3 days in a row) a few years ago and immediately knew I needed to cut my meds down as the medication doses were exceeding the pain levels I dropped down to following my MUA. I’m now taking a fraction of my previous doses, and have been stay at these lower doses since early 2012.
    Here is my issue regarding alcohol specifically…for obvious reasons I do NOT drink. That being said, I would like to know if I could safely have 3-4 ounces of wine on special occasions. My wedding anniversary. Wedding receptions for my friends. Situations where it would be nice to enjoy a sip or 2 of wine, instead of discreetly spitting the wine back into the cup.
    I am not looking to get drunk, or get a buzz. I would just like to enjoy a small amount of wine on rare occasions. Obviously, I would skip my muscle relaxant and anti-anxiety medication (Soma & Valium) as they are depressants and I’d prefer the ability to breathe! Having a very small amount of wine would, I think, would be nice. Keep in mind, all of my adult life, I have been unable to do more than swish and spit.
    I’m simple curious. If you have another website that I should ask, I’d be happy to post my question there.
    For the record, my insurance says they’ll pay for another MUA in 6½ months. It is possible that I could just get by taking treatment for my autoimmune disorders without needing any pain meds! That is my ultimate goal!
    Thank you for taking the time to read my very long question, and hopefully give me a response!

  16. In the past 3months i started taking ocycotin 80 mg cut in half and was only doing half a day now I’m sometimes doing 1and a half a day. I’m a heavy drinker. I’m having serious night sweats now and getting a little frightened. I now have to addictions to battle. I no about addiction and the oxy allows me drink and function during the day i think you how crazy this is.

  17. My 84 year old grandfather has been taking prescribed oxycontin to manage his back pain. He also consumes a mixed drink and several glasses of wine at dinner daily. Lately, his symptoms of COPD have worsened and he struggles with walking 20 feet or climbing a few steps. I am wondering if his symptoms are exacerbated by his drinking and use of oxycontin.

  18. My husband has been battling lymphoma for over a year and is currently in a clinical trail of KPT-330 chemo pill because of a new tumor. He is taking 20mg twice a day of OxyContin for pain and has decided to continue to drink alcohol. How much at risk is he putting himself into? He drinks anywhere from 3-8 beers at a time w/occasional shots of tequila. Thanks.

  19. Hi, My husband of 40 years takes 250 mg. of prescribed oxycontin a day. He started n 2001 and by 2005 his intake quadrupled. In 2009 he started drinking a beer or two a day. He now drinks a bottle of wine a day. He feel sick all of the time. His blood pressure spikes from low to high and he is on 2 blood pressure medications. He has a sporadic rapid pulse. He is basically a mess and I do not know what to do? He is disagreeable, depressed and seems at the point of no return. Do leave him. He has tried to cut back on everything but when he does his BP spikes. I have looked at treatment centres and although he says he wants to quit drinking he will not commit. He thinks he is going to die, that’s how bad he feels and I also think this. I am living with someone who is basically committing suicide with his drinking and drug habits.

    1. Hello Jasmine. This is a serious situation which cannot possibly be handled by you or family members. Your husband needs structured addiction treatment that will take him away from the home environment and help him work through the issues that compel him to drink and abuse drugs. Such behavior is usually displayed when people have a hard time dealing with some aspects of life due to a lack of adequate coping mechanisms. I suggest you call the helpline number displayed on our page to get in touch with our trusted treatment providers to get advice on what can be done about his condition and provide him with the kind of help that fits his needs best.

  20. I’m going to buy the moderators here a couple of beers, they are so patient. I guess my point is that even though the information is there in black and white some will not see it. So really if you are concerned you would always get a conservative professional opinion.

  21. I have a benzodipine for Alcohol Withdrawals – I also have OxyCodone. So it’s recommended not to take the two (alcohol and Oxy) I need to deal with these alcohol withdrawals. They’re horrible.I have more Oxy’s than benzo’s – My concern is my doctor won’t prescribe me more if I over do it. And I need it for sleep.

  22. I was in 2700mg of gabapentin, then 60mg lyrica, another 150mg cymbalta, and 4mg tizanidine…. nothing helped with my pain. I first started hydrocodone after developin shingles after an injection in my back. The hydrocodone worked great, and one thing lead to another now I take 30mg rocicodone/oxycodone every 4 hours. I’m about to switch to a new pain management doctor and he already said he will never give me more than 10mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain, but we are going to try opana. I am hopeful the extended release will control the pain better. I just have to say that when I run out early, and go 3 or 4 days with oxt, I don’t have any crazy problems or withdraw, I just have sever pain. I had surgery on my neck in December and it doesn’t seem to have made any diffrrence. I started seeing a psychologist for depression, he said some people have a different physical response to oxy than others. Of course I’m dependent, I’d be dependent on advil if that would work for me,but it doesn’t. So I’m stuck with this stigma and everyone thinking I’m some crazed high addict, but all I ever feel is relief from the pain, I don’t feel or get high even when I take 120mg a day. Anyone have other suggestions than opana? I feel like I’ve tried everything, injections don’t work either.

  23. A good friend of mine died suddenly last week. He has a history of addiction with pain meds and he was an alcoholic. He had had a lot to drink the night before…and I mean a lot! We aren’t sure what happened after. He went to work that morning…went into the bathroom and got sick. Came out and said he was fine and then collapsed. He died. The autopsy was inconclusive. They are doing a toxicology test. If he had taken his usual 5 pain pills and chewed them like he did, could this cause a death like his and not show up in autopsy?

  24. I take both 60mg er oxycontin and 15mg oxicodone everyday one every 12 hours the other every 4-6 hours for extreme pain along with Lyrica 300mg twice a day along with many other medications everyday and have for many years I used to drink on rare occasions but due to the dangers of my medication I have stopped to those of you out there who think just because you only drink one or two drinks and take a lower dose than I do here is a small fact that is not out there and should be if you take an extended release pain medication it does not matter if it’s oxycontin opana or even my Lyrica mixing alcohol and any extended release type of pain pill is deadly the alcohol causes the er Med to release all at once introduction your bloodstream and can cause your heart to stop but can even cause it to actually explode if the dosage is over 20mg I’ve had long conversations with my pain management doctors for all who have pain and must take high doses talk to your pain management doctor about what is known as a pain pump I have tried this route and will again in the future my first did not take and emergency surgery was a result but it helped me for the short time I had it it actually caused my brain to reset and my doses are lower just one word of advice if you don’t know if you could be diabetic have your doctor check as not knowing and being can cause complications so please everyone be safe and responsible with your medication if you want to drink I recommend you wait till your last dose is out of your system and then skip the next dose until all your alcohol is out of your system and only drink no more than 3 drinks in a night then sleep it off before taking that next pain pill be safe and research any medicine your doctor prescribes to you so you know what can happen and only take your own medicine not someone elses please and tell your friends what can happen to help save their lives too

  25. Hunter was a nice young man, loved by family and his many friends. Not the type to be thought of as a druggie or heavy drinker. A kind and intelligent young man, he had a bright future in front of him, and was in love with a beautiful girlfriend. He broke his ankle, and was on oxy. Like so many young people he enjoyed a drink on the weekends and didn’t see that much harm in a few pills to increase the feeling. That picture at the top, of a pill bottle full of bullets, like Russian roulette, is very appropriate. Hunter was found dead by his parents. He had stopped breathing. Just because people get away with something a few times, they start thinking they have it under control and the warnings don’t really apply. There is a reason they say not to mix these things. Don’t risk it. Even if you care nothing for your life, for your friends and family’s sake, don’t.

    1. Hi Bill. Thank you for sharing the story of Hunter and for your kind words and concerns. I hope it helps many other people currently taking Oxy to be careful and seek the needed appropriate help.

  26. I thought it was in ethical to cut someone off in this manner…now I am trying to find a new pain mgmt dr…I demanded that he give me a blood test..but he refused..then gave me a script for 7 days at 1/2 the dosage of extended release & no fast acting…no referrel…the urine test was done at an outside lab & my Ritalin &zoloft didn’t show up either.

  27. Is it possible to get a negative urine test for oxycodone and percocet if you drink a 12 pack a day? Under the care of pain mgmt doctor taking 80 MG extended release every 8 hrs..and fast acting 20 MG every 4-6 hrs for the last year & my Dr is trying to tell me that they don’t show up on my urine test! How can that be…I have been seeing this dr. For 7 yrs…and never tried to get a script early…my last MG increase was about a yr ago…and he cut me off trying to say it was not in my urine…but I take the meds!! How can this be??

  28. I have insomnia/RLS- using zopitan and oxynorm. Can I use a small drink of whiskey to enhance the soporific effect of the zopitan? I am not in an abusive situation.

  29. Hello Matthew. I’m very sorry for the terrible misfortune and for loosing a friend. Thank you for sharing your story. I hope it serves as a warning for others and prevents someone else from going down the same road. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

  30. My friend and I took two 80mg OxyContin and had a few drinks Tuesday night. I woke up to the ambulance trying to bring him back to life through CPR but he’s now dead and I’m lucky to be alife. I wish I had read up on it before and not now after its too late. His dad died of bowel cancer only 3 months ago so that’s how he got the tablets. We are always so cautious what we take but all it took was one moment of stupidness and now he’s gone. Please don’t anybody risk mixing these two things

  31. after taking your last dose of oxycontin 10 mgs ER ,when will it be safe to drink alcohol again.how long should i wait fto drink again ?

  32. Hi there is 3 or 4 beers and 1 or 2 5 mg of oxycodone really dangerous, have been mixing with this combo for a few years now and just wondering if Im putting myself in real danger. Thank u

  33. Hello George. Thanks for your question. I’d suggest that you put this question to her prescribing doctor and/or pharmacist. Go with the expert medical opinion, as general health, age, weight, etc. all play a part in the advice that you’ll receive.

  34. My dearest friend is taking 80 mg of Opana (oxymorphone) twice a day for pain. We used to drink a half of a glass of red wine before dinner every night. She wants to do that again. Is that a bad idea?


  35. Interesting comment about Resiniferaroxin, my Doctor last week mentioned it. First I had heard of it will have to research. I’ve finally, after 6 years of surgeries, and trying various combinations of meds, found the best so far, with the least side effects, I’m now on 20 Mgs Oxycontin every 8 hours, and 4 Clonidine per day.
    Occasionally when I have leg and hip spasms I take a Cyclobenzapren . I think the key thing for me has been adding the Clonidine. It really helped with the bad stuff that comes with it all.
    I have a medical marijuana card and occasionally use a tiny amount to sleep, but not often. A couple of glasses of wine and I can start “trying” to rest and sleep. I do find that I don’t drink nearly as much as before all this stuff. But my Doc does not feel I’m in any danger whatsoever, being so Opiod tolerant. But I fully understand the dangers, especially someone doing all this as recreation, which I surely don’t understand.

  36. With low back pain, I am taking up to 75 mg of Oxycontin ER per day, though some days as little as 45 mg. I have not had any problem mixing that with 1.5 liters of red wine per day. I think the wine is preferable to increasing my Oxycontin intake. (I am trying to buy time, until Resiniferatoxin makes Oxycontin obsolete)

    So, can anyone tell me how long it will take for my body to reach the maximum useful Oxycontin? And what happens then? Alternatives?

    The real cure is Resiniferatoxin, but I fear Big Pharma/FDA will stall it forever, due to $.

  37. Horace, I don’t usually comment on these blogs because I never really thought other real people saw them on a current basis. But I want to tell you, I understand your crisis, it is a horrible feeling that we get when that WD starts, horrible. Nobody that has not been there will ever understand it. And I am very lucky that I have been able to control my intake over the past six years. I am at 60 mg per day and holding. I never feel any euphoria from it and thus don’t
    “Miss or crave” that feeling. If you are not ready to go the professional route yet, try this…I found that when I am asleep, I can go longer periods between dosage, so start off trying to stretch your times with sleep. Even a little will show you how YOU can control it slowly. A little confidence will help. I don’t know what your taking per day. But it does sound like you have let it creep over where the limit should have been, and if you think you are beyond it, which obviously you do, you may have to tell the Doc. He won’t cut you off…remember, their oath is ” to do no harm” he will work with you to gradually control it. Look into something called Clonidine, I take that daily for sweats and to smooth out the W/D between doses and it works. Ask him about it. Sorry for the long message but I know when I’ve been in a bad slump over this whole thing I always wished I had someone who understood it and did not just look at me like some junkie on the street.

  38. Hi Horace. IF you really want to stop, you’ll have to let go of the habit and be honest with your prescribing doctor. You’ll also need addiction treatment to address the psychological impulse for using. Once you can learn to control cravings, you don’t need to use anymore. Does this make sense?

  39. I am utterly desperately hooked on oxycontin and take HUGE amounts.I want to stop but the pain i am in wont let me. I just cant stop myself from taking them even though i want to stop .I am compelled to have them.id love to be able to stop or reduce to normal therapeutic levels and be able to have a glass of wine whilst on holiday which i dare not do at the moment.Crazy isnt it. Im afraid to have a glass of wine but dont mind risking my life taking overdoses doses of oxy , I cant tell my doctor or he will cut me off.

  40. Robert I agree.it is obviously the job of the moderator to make sure we all know the professional opinion here. But then there is the
    Street opinion, so we must mix the two with caution, just as the topic of this discussion. I recently went they a trial of MSContin to replace the Oxy, but it was a real problem. It did not help the pain nearly as well, but it did cause depression, profuse sweating and nodding off at the wheel ! So we switched back. I’m now on 30 mg Oxycontin every 8-10 hours and it is working well. The pain levels are more evened out, less up and down. I feel absolutely NOTHING from the Oxy as far as any feelings of euphoria or anything else, have not years. Good luck.

    1. Oops. As I read thru the threads I see I said I take 30mg per8 hours, typo…I only take 20mgs.
      Which is roughly equal to the daily dose of Roxicodone previously. But the extended hours provided by Contin are a very welcome change.
      The peaks and valleys of the Roxi were terrible.

  41. I routinely have a couple beers towards the end of the day, or a couple of mixed drinks at the house. I also take 20mg of oxycontin once every 12 hours for pain. I have broken bones that are healing from an accident. I have not had any issues drinking a couple drinks with the meds, but I do notice the feeling being slightly more than normal. I do not exceed the prescribed dosage, and do not drive or operate machinery. I am fully aware of the risks associated with mixing alcohol with oxycontin but I choose to anyway. If you do as well its at your own risk. Any doctor or medical professional will advise you not to mix the two and for a damn good reason.

  42. Hi Sue. Oxycodone is a central nervous system depressant. While many experience oxycodone as an energy-zapper, others, especially those prone to euphoric effect, can experience oxycodone as a mood and energy lift. But technically, oxycodone does not provide you with more energy. In fact, it slows down the central nervous system and body actions.

  43. Hi Sue. Perhaps the most effective help you can offer is to stop enabling the behavior and take actions to get yourself out of the relationship if he cannot stop. Otherwise, the effect of drinking and euphoria is just to compelling and he may already be hooked. You can also look into treatment for him, and/or consult with an addiction specialist for more information.

  44. My boyfriend is a functional alcoholic and he is now taking Oxycodine…5/325mg…for severe back pain. He has taken about 30 pills in the last 8 days not to mention all the alcohol he drinks. Not sure what to do!!. He is dependent on the Oxycodine to help ease the pain but at the same time he is addicted to the alcohol and cant stop drinking while on the drug. Is the 5/325mg considered to be a large dosage? especially since he drinking at the same time.

  45. Thanks Drew, sorry about ur friend. My guess is he was not Opiod tolerant ( taking them on a regular schedule for five years like me)
    Always sucks to lose a friend, for any reason. In my case, I am awake much of the night, I am never puke level intoxicated on anything. Those days are long gone thank God.

  46. I recently had a very close friend die as a result of what the toxicology reports and coroner decided was an accidental overdose of oxycodone in combination with alcohol. My friend was drinking and was dropped off at home and at some point took a pain pill and my friend for him the next morning dead on his couch. His levels were within prescription range and blood alcohol levels were over the legal limit, but nothing crazy. Just aBAD combo. Please, do NOT mix these two…it is often deadly. People don’t realize the risk involved…you get drunk, pop a pill and you pass out and lose ability to breathe or move in the case that you puke. Just so sad.

  47. Hello William. Great question, and one that you can put to your prescribing doctor. To avoid having the interaction, you might try the beer first, make sure that you metabolize it (1-2 hours) and then take the Oxycontin. But for the second beer, you’d have to wait for at least 12 hours for the oxycodone to wear off (time controlled release). But check with your prescribing doctor. Slowed breathing and heart rate are nothing to mess around with, at any age!

  48. I have spinal stenosis.No pain while laying down.When I awake in the morning I take one Aleve tablet.At noon time would it be prohibative to have one can of lite beer before lunch and one oxicontin (50mg) after lunch?same routine at dinner time.I would not have anymore beer or oxicontin during a 24 hour period.I am 85 years old.

  49. Thanks, will ask her. So far my liver has always checked fine for years that’s why Roxi, no acetomenophen . I would prefer using medical marijuana as a supplement as it greatly reduces my pain, AND I am able to reduce and/ or, at least slow down the progressive increase in dosage caused by tolerance. Unfortunately our government has double crossed us on this , and now many doctors will not prescribe Opiods with MMJ because our DEA still wants to class it as an illegal street drug, and given the often present issue of urine tests, we are effectively blocked from this method that is approved by most agencies including the V.A. Now…..most unfortunate.

  50. Hello Joe. Well, I’d suggest that you take this question to a pharmacist who can better evaluate opioid tolerance and effects of alcohol. From what I’ve read, >2 drinks per day for men is an indication of problem drinking. And combined with an opioid, I wonder what affect this combination can have on your central nervous system and liver. Perhaps there is more going on there than you know at this time.

  51. I have been on Roxicodone for four years due to back pain after a failed fusion , I take about 65 mg in 24 hours. I am also a wine drinker, have been for many years. I am not a drug abuser and never take them more than prescribed. I routinely have about four glasses of wine in the evenings. Never had a problem. I have read what seems to say, that this amount of Roxicodone is not a large number if Opiod tolerant, which I certainly am since they are really not very effective anymore in pain control. In two months, Oxycontin goes generic, and I would much prefer that, but is it any more or less an issue with this level of alcohol than Roxicodone?
    It seems not since it is time release??

  52. Hi Ron. Thanks for sharing about your experience with OxyContin and alcohol. I do hope that others considering mixing the two will consider your real-life near-overdose and consider avoiding the combination.

  53. I took 2 oxycontins (the 3rd time I have ever taken them) yesterday, after a night of binge drinking and then yesterday drinking about 3/4 bottle of wine. I almost died. I was so close to death, I wrote an “I’m sorry” note to my family, I didn’t think I was going to pull through.

    So today, not knowing anything about oxycontin (they weren’t mine) I looked up mixing the two. The first website I saw said death can occur. Don’t I know it.

    I still feel like @&*T.

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