Mixing methadone with alcohol

Methadone and alcohol are two substances that should not be used together. Dangerous complications including respiratory problems, low blood pressure, a weak heart rate, and coma are possible. More on risks of mixing the two here.

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Methadone provides relief for patients who do not respond to non-narcotic pain medicines and has also been used for decades to treat individuals who suffer from addiction and dependence on heroin and narcotic pain medicines. However, methadone may become hazardous when used with alcohol, other opioids (opium-like substances) or illicit drugs that depress the central nervous system.

So what exactly happens when you mix alcohol with methadone? What are the consequences of mixing the two?  We review here and invite your questions about methadone or getting help for addiction problems with methadone at the end.

Methadone and alcohol effects

Taking methadone and alcohol TOGETHER is dangerous because of the way these substances affect a person’s body. Methadone and alcohol are both classified as depressants, which can hinder reflexes, slow heart rate, lower blood pressure, and restrict breathing. When the two substances are taken together, the effects are amplified.  How does each of these substances work individually?

Methadone is in a class of medications called opiate (narcotic) analgesics. Methadone works via the central nervous system by changing the way the brain and nervous system respond to specific symptoms, including pain and cravings for harder drugs.  While methadone is mainly used in the treatment of harder opiate addiction by helping to address cravings, it still has a central nervous system depressant effect on the entire body.  Methadone’s duration of action should be taken into account anytime you are using this Rx medication and reaching for a drink.

Similarly, alcohol affects the brain and central nervous systme as well. During period of intoxication, alcohol can cause walking difficulties, blurred vision, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, impaired memory. So clearly, alcohol affects the brain. A person who drinks heavily over a long period of time may have brain deficits that persist well after he or she achieves sobriety.

Dangers of mixing methadone and alcohol

Methadone and alcohol are two substances that should not be used together. The effects of mixing methadone and alcohol can be profound. Methadone increases the effects of alcohol in some people, so taking the two together might make you become drunk more quickly and may inhibit your motor skills. Further, because alcohol is a nervous system depressant, taking it with methadone can lead to dangerous complications, including respiratory problems, low blood pressure, a weak heart rate, and coma. Taking both methadone and alcohol at the same time can also increase the risk of an overdose.

Methadone and alcohol overdose

Like any other drug, especially any narcotic, methadone can be purposefully or unintentionally abused and present serious health risks when taken with other drugs. Overdose can happen when more than the prescribed dose is taken, when methadone is injected or when methadone is taken with other drugs, such as alcohol or minor tranquillizers. When an individual takes methadone and alcohol together, he or she can experience a wide range of physical and emotional problems.

Overdose of methadone and alcohol can cause the following side effects:

  • anxiety
  • body aches
  • dizziness or faintness
  • fainting
  • hallucinations
  • nausea
  • palpitations
  • respiratory and heart problems
  • shortness of breath
  • unconsciousness
  • vomiting

Alcohol can also speed up the methadone withdrawal process, which can cause an individual severe physical pain and mental stress that may lead them back to using more dangerous opiates. At worst, mixing methadone and alcohol can lead to death.

Methadone and alcohol deaths

Most cases of overdose and death related to methadone intake involved mixing methadone with another depressant drug, especially alcohol, against doctor’s orders. Alcohol and methadone are central nervous system (CNS) depressants and taking them simultaneously increases the cumulative depressive effects on the brain’s respiratory centers. This could lead to respiratory depression and coma followed by death.

Is it safe to drink on methadone?

Alcohol and methadone simply do not mix. In fact, alcohol taken with any substance of abuse is a leading cause of drug-related deaths. Even a modest amount of alcohol combined with methadone can slow methadone metabolism and make the drinker dangerously intoxicated. The person may pass out and choke to death on his/her own vomit.

Mixing methadone and alcohol questions

Still have questions about mixing methadone with alcohol? Please leave your questions in the comments section below. We do our best to respond to you personally and promptly.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I know someone who has methadone regular each day but gets the weekend ammout on Friday and takes the lot he’s also drinking nearly every day, plus takes a antidepressant called metazipam I think, it’s been going on for about 3/4, mths, how long can he go on without serious problems,coma, /death

  2. Does drinking alcohol cause methadone withdrawals. Does it cause methadone to wear off? I would like to say thanks for spaces like this. I hope that the information leads to positive results

  3. I am on a 120mg of methadone daily. I have 3 take homes and getting my 4th. I have been drinking very heavily on it. I took a urinalysis and they said I came back with nothing in my system including methadone. Could the alcohol have caused the methadone to not be in my system?

  4. I am currently detoxing from methadone I was at 60mg and over the last 6 months I have came down 2mg a week. This week on Monday I came down to 2mg but I haven’t taken it since (today is Thursday) I feel ok besides some restlessness and sore muscles. I do like to drink every now and then just a few beers. Will drinking during the detox make it worse or will I be ok

  5. I took Oxycontin 40mg 3x daily for 15+ years. Ins stopped coverage. Now I take Methadone 15mg 2 x day max is 3x day. 3x is my RX. Anyway, I was able to have ONE drink on rare occasions 2 – 3 x yearly with no ill effects. If I take the lower dosage of methadone is One hard cider or one cocktail safe enough. I miss having a margarita at a Mexican restaurant w friends etc. Please answer honestly not just clinically. Also I am 220 lbs so not a skinny ninny any more. Thank you, H

    1. Hi Ms Harrower. Please use medications only as prescribed by a doctor. Don’t put your health at risk by mixing opioids with alcohol.

  6. My 23 year old son I had been going to Methadone clinic for several years now but he has also become an alcoholic. Every morning he throws up profusely before and after going to clinic. But then he goes to work and secretly drinks on job comes home and drinks more and gets totally drunk and passes out only to repeat the same behavior every day. Has been hospitalized twice due to pancreatitis. I want to help him. I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried every thing I can think of. I have already list my husband ( his dad) to suicide. I’m afraid of losing my son.

  7. If you say drink 1or mabe 2or 3 beers in realty what could happen i drink red wine aprox 16 oz on sundays and maybe a beer or 2 3 days a week havent had no side effects wy are they treating it like im so bad i was abuesing pain pill i went to meadone because it seems to help better and i dont have the side effects that paine med gave me thank you .

  8. How long after I stop methadone is it okay to drink? Can I wait twenty four hours or do I need to wait the three days till the half life is gone?

  9. My boyfriend just died March 2 2018 and he was taking methadone 29 milligrams and than he would drink a half pint of travelers vodka when he was found he had vomit or foam around his mouth could he had died from both of these mix together 8mos I seen him do this

  10. I am on 150 mg methadone daily. I just had a very painful pelvis/hip joint surgery and was not given anything else for pain after leaving the hospital. I am in agony. The surgeons say I have ample pain relief. They can’t know how I feel. I do not want to get high; I just want to be free of pain. The methadone clinic won’t change my dosage. What can I do? I forgot to mention that I have quit drinking beer. I used to drink 6-8 Heinekens each night. While in the hospital for 3.5 weeks I was forced to quit drinking. That made me realize how dangerous it was. So, I have been out of the hospital for a month and only once did I get a 6 pack. I did not even finish it. My goal is to quit drinking, but the pain is making my will weak. I see the surgeon tomorrow.

  11. I’m on about 13 mgs of liquid methadone a day administered orally in liquid form, I’m ready to switch to Suboxone but don’t know how long I must wait before I can take the Suboxone after my last methadone dose. My last dose was yesterday morning at 930 and it’s 10:00am now so just over 24 hrs but wds are very minimal I really don’t feel em yet besides a lil anxiety, am I ok to take the Suboxone at about 32 hours.

  12. I have a friend who was assaulted he has a fibulator for his heart his heart is enlarged his blood pressure is high high colesteral he has restricted ateries and some problem with his lungs I am not sure what as well hep c recently he was assaulted and he suffered multiply rib fractures a compression back fracture and lower lobe lung collapsed his doctor said he could not have pain killers cause he is a iv speed addict. Ive been buying him pain meds but am tapped out he also drinks what should I do he really has not been talked to about his condition properly I found meds he wasn’t using when moving and asked him why he wasn’t taking them he was truly unaware of his condition he is taking meds now and he wants to live as long as possible he is willing to cut way back on speed habit I have been holding his money does any of this really add up to longevity and given his pain is it not worse to deny pain meds or what

    serious heart problems serious pain an addict addicted to speed doctors refusing to treat acute pain involving multiply rib fractures partical collapse of lungs and fracture to the back based on the fact that he is addicted to methanmeptimine. He is on his heart meds now I found them googled it and talked to him about it none of his doctors did this and he didn’t take them because he was overwhelmed and uninformed. They have not told him his true injuries due to police bruetality but we got them from cat scan in hospital. Should I get him on methadone Ive been buying pain meds.

    Heart patient enlarged heart high blood pressure lung problems hep c. Police brutality caused injury multi rib fractures partical lung collapse mild fracture to the back we got this from cat scan at hospital doctors have more concern for cops than patient biasis treatment he is a methampetime addict iv and I have been buying pain meds wondering if I should get him on methadone but he also drinks his cholestrolone and blood pressure are at high risk as is he is now taking heart meds he wasn’t for the last two years lack of understanding what should I do

    Sorry I didn’t know how to send the info tried to shorten it up what pisses me off the most is maybe if people wanted to end addiction they could look into the side show circus of horror that cases people to become addicts in the first place stop supporting sex offenders and addicts will not be available to produce jobs like police social workers judges lawyers phycologist and those totally tazable clinical pychologist if you don’t know how to know stop interfering with mothers that do and I do.

  13. On July 29, 2010, my ex-husband took methodone for the first time and had a couple beers. I saw him on a Friday, and on Saturday morning a police officer knocked on my door. Telling our then nine year old daughter was the hardest thing I’ve ever done, even harder than having to raise her alone for the past seven years. I want to scream at everyone on this site for even considering drinking on methodone. If you are fortunate enough to be typing on this blog then you are very lucky and I hope your luck doesn’t run out.

  14. I’d like to thank Lucy for her story. I commend you for your strength and courage dealing with the loss of your son. My name is Robby, I’m a 49 yr male. A 30 year heroin abuser. Not limited to operates either, my drug of choice was whatever you had. I’ve forever hated myself and have never felt of any value. Which has left me with little regards to a healthy diet, or my entire existence. I have always been suicidal, and so very little fear in the quantity or order, or mixture of any drug or drink bestowed in me. Till this day in fact I push it to the very limit. I’ve been at a daily dose of 130 mg of methadone. And any where between a fifth of rot gut vodka to litter everyday. You son has such a familiar story. No doubt I will follow his foot steps. However I wanted to say with all the respect towards Lucy as a loving mother( had I had one of those, my life would have had purpose) that so many years of addiction , an addict will ALWAYS get his or hers high, or escape if you will? Regardless of friends, law enforcement, institutions, Doctors, clinics. And sadly family, even a loving and supportive mom can not stop a drug addict alcoholic while in active addiction. I can not imagine how you feel Lucy I can’t pretend I do. The desire for someone else’s blame, for someone to be held accountable for your fallen son, I’m sorry but all that only lies with him. I stand in line 3,4,5 times a week waiting to dose with a blood alcohol limit of at least 2pts or above. And nobody ever knows. I’m not looking for sympathy trust me, hopefully only educating none addicts a little of our paths.. respectfully yours.

  15. Is anyone available to talk to I have no family and really no friends, no support at all and I have acquired a drinking problem with my methadone, I’m so ashamed, not like taking prescription drugs for 9 months and getting clean wasn’t shameful enough now I’ve developed an addiction to beer to add insult to injury…. I’ve not used drugs but I can tell the effects of the methadone are decreasing I feel sick all the time, i just tried to stop drinking all together after what I believe was a mild overdose occurred, I was extremely sick for 3 days puking the whole nine yards, couldn’t get out of bed nothing. I experienced extreme anxiety, night sweats that were unbelievable, and horrible horrible nightmares.. I’m just at a loss I don’t know what to do..

    1. Hi Becks. Yes, of course. You may ask your questions here. And, you may also call the helpline you see on the website.

  16. What some people don’t realise or state is the depression part of withdrawal that can actually make you want to kill yourself if your going through withdrawal I think that part can be worse than the body reaction in its self so please let people be aware of that, I have been on and off methadone the past 2-3years on and off I am now detoxing off it but I wish for people to understand expecally people that all ready suffer from depression like myself it can make it unbearable and you can feel like your going crazy and losing it, but it will pass just remember that.. Best of luck anyone going through depression and/or addiction..

  17. Hi I’ve been on methadone (80 mg) for 5 months now. I go dose first thing in the morning at a medical clinic down the street from my house. I’m coming off an extremely bad facial fracture injury from an exploding E Cigarette or vape mod açcident. I was 100% sober prior to this accident on June 17th, 2016. As opposed to getting stuck on opiates again post recovery, I decided to try methadone. It has really helped me a lot with the pain and addiction issues I’ve had in the past. Unfortunately I’ve started drinking a lot lately too. About a 1/5 of vodka every day. I’ve always had substance abuse issues. Right now I don’t feel very good at all. Im waking up and having to drink mmediately to get “things” done. Drop my daughter off at school, get to methadone dose, etc, etc. I am an electrician in the television/film industry, normally. I love my job, my wife, and daughter. But feel like I’m in a really bad place right now. I want to contact my doctor and try an at-home detox. Preferably, without medical help? Do you have any recommendations for me to get normal again? I’m starting to feel that my health is in jeapordy. Thank you!

  18. I have a chronic illness called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome I’m a Type 3. I have been on methadone for 8 months now, 20mg/day. It is now mid- January. My cousin is having his wedding April 30th( He asked me to be his best man so I want to celebrate) and it’s an open bar(i haven’t drank or been drunk in a year and a half now). BUT would really really love to drink and have a great time. So I was wondering at what point do I stop taking my methadone to help my liver and body to detox from the methadone so I will be able to drink without being scared of an opioid overdose???
    The only thing I want to do is taste the regret of a bad hangover and the memory of a great wedding 🙂

  19. How does grapefruit juice potentiate methadone. I relasped on alcohol one night.woke up in withdrawal.so thought if I drink grapefruit juice,it would help my dose for the next day. Any information welcome. And I’m back on track again. No more one nighters

  20. Someone I know and love is tapering off methadone but also wants to quit drinking and is convinced that the symptoms he’s having hours after dosing around seventy milligrams that it’s alcohol withdrawal and doesn’t believe me that alcohol pushes the methadone out quicker especially when coming down and he’s too young to b an alcoholic in my eyes unfortunately I’ve lived with real alcoholic s all my life if he could stop for a few days I don’t wann hear I can’t stop but can u please advise me if I’m completely wrong here or that he needs to stop drinking so that the methadone withdrawal isn’t as bad???

  21. I drink two little juice glasses of wine each night also I take 60mgs of methadone do I have anything to worry about. Will wait for your answer. Thank you.

  22. i was on 45ml iv gone down to 40ml and i swear i feel like complete shit i have nothing that can help me but alcohol 4% beers i cant take the legs thats the one thing that i just cant deal with and i have massive issues with anxiety im on something for that but i just cant stop thinking about the fact im down on my meth and that as the day goes on im going to be feeling it more and more its like i bring it on from my thoughts but i cant stop it becase im so scared of what is to come is it going to make me feel worse or will it take the edge off my drug worker as told me she cant put me up untill 13th of this month im on my 6th day of coming down but yesterday had to take about 2 ml maybe a little more coz i just couldn’t take it but i dont have anymore at home and i cant get anymore on the streets is there anything that can help i always have a really bad cold and a chest infection my doctor started me on anti bio tics yesterday for it also uped my anti deppresents yesterday as well anything ill try to help not feel what i am how long will this go on for??? am i back at stage 1 because i took a little bit of meth yesterday?? im so scared right now for the night and days to come… iv just turned 21 iv been on 45ml for just over a year now but have been on methadone for about 2and a half years but have never been on herion its a very long story im not just on methadone and my antidepressants and smoke weed thats it

  23. I am tapering off methadone.started on 30 milligrams 6 months ago. I am presently on 20 milligrams. I have come down 10 milligrams in the last two months. I want off this drug. I’m planning on coming down 2 milligrams every two weeks. My question is what is the best way to do this? I don’t want to be in withdrawal to where I can’t deal with it.

  24. Although this post is years old, I came across the piece searching for issues regarding methadone and alcohol…..
    Unfortunately I have known more than a dozen people who have died whilst on methadone maintenance and drinking alcohol.
    A brief history:
    I am a 47 year old male. I was gravely wounded during Operation Desert Saber (first Gulf War) where I was hit from indirect fire, almost severing my leg, rupturing both ear drums and a collapsed lung. After multiple surgeries, I no longer even limp. However I have multiple rods screws pins in my leg that cause a great deal of pain, especially in the morning and when cold and wet.
    I was on Percocet. After a few years, I required more and more medication. At some point I began to abuse them. The VA stepped in to help me and I ended up on Methadone maintenance.
    I started at 30MG daily. Within a year I was taking 170MG a day and thus a slave to my addiction. I traded one addiction for another
    After 3 years, I made the unwise choice to try and kick methadone cold turkey. I lasted 34 days. It was hell to say the least. In short, the VA decided to put me back on methadone but not methadone maintenance. I was given a reintroduction dose of 15 MG. I remember being furious that they would start me at such a miniscule dose given my history of 170MG daily. In the end, that low dose saved my life. I became extremely ill even with the 15 MG. Had they appeased me with a higher dose (I thought 85mg would be good) I would have surely died.
    In any case, I made a deal with my primary VA physician to never allow me to ever request above 30MG. I now take 12 1/2MG daily (5mg in the morning / 2 1/2MG in the afternoon / 5mg in the evening)
    My doses are miniscule and I am comfortable. Because I have such chronic leg pain, the methadone is administered as pain management rather than methadone maintenance.
    I was never a big drinker at anytime. I certainly haven’t drank whilst on methadone.

    From time to time I have considered a glass of wine or a beer, but being on methadone, I never did so.
    My question is this, being I am on a miniscule dose of methadone, would a glass of wine or a beer prove fatal?

    1. Hi Furious Styles. Please consider that mixing methadone with alcohol is dangerous and you put yourself at risk.

  25. My dad who was a doctor recently died choking on his vomit in his sleep from methadone which he had been taking for a while and an increase intake of alcohol near the end of his life. He also had mild COPD and untreated sleep apena. Did all those combine to kill him or was it just the methadone and alcohol.

    1. Hi Bob. I’m really sorry for your loss. I’d suggest that you speak with a coroner another professional about your concern.

  26. I drink a bottle of vodka a day pls I take140mgs of methadone a day I used to not wake up daily and feel withdraw but now I wake up every morning and feel like I’m gonna die my stomach is turning and sick feeling I even throw up most mornings before I can get more methadone is the alcohol effecting my Methadone affectivness

  27. Hello,
    I had a very scary experience yesterday I drunk a bottle and half of wine and then decided to smoke a joint, I felt like I was dying I could barely breathe and I had to lay down for a while and had to be driven home I was ok before the marijuana. I really want to kick methadone does anyone have any healthy suggestions?

  28. So I go to a clinic for methadone I’m in 25mg been in the methadone program for 3 years not once have I drank past 3 years but sad to say I’ve missed drinking I just want to feel the buzz not trying to get extremely drunk any suggestions I know 25MG small dose but still

  29. Ive been taking 60mg of methadone and drinking 1/5 of hard liquor everyday for the past 8 months and im still alive.

  30. Hi my name is Scott. I’ve read all the questions and can see that drinking is very dangerous while on Methadone. I started Methadone Management two days ago, 30mg per day. I had been hooked on oxycodone for the past 3 years. As well as drinking every single night. My methadone doses at 6:15 am. I work until 4:30 pm. I feel that the effects of Methadone wear off halfway through my work day. And I feel like I’m going crazy not being able to drink as it was always part of my daily routine. I’m wondering if I can drink non-alcoholic beer…? They told me not to consume alcohol at the clinic and that it would show up in a urine test. Non-alcoholic beer still contains alcohol, less than 0.5%. Is it possible I can drink N/A beer? I feel it would greatly help me as I feel it’s less of an alcohol problem and more just a mental problem because it’s just something that I am so used to doing that I am forced to stop.

  31. Can I go to a treatment facility and detox off of school and still take my methodone

  32. Ive read all the blogs and have been through most of it with drinking and taken opioids and now on Methadone due to my liver condition. I do not drink a lick anymore after a month long coma and ruptured appendix due to drinking and the opioid certainly didn’t help. I almost died in the hospital twice due to respitory problems and the bloating of all my organs would have killed me in a matter of hours if I hadn’t gotten an ambulance called for me. I am great now but still dream I’m drunk in my sleep but I am happy now sober and taking methadone. I drank hard liquer and did even more to achieve withdraw comfort. Methadone is the harest thing I ever detoxed off of. liquid methadone that is. I wont do it cold turkey again. I was young and never knew it could kill me. I am full of Info if anyone needs some pointers but the early am drinking, liquid methadone and passing out and not remembering. Your headed for disaster so do something before something happens that you cant get back or cant fix. like death or your liver and kidneys…. Be smart guys!!!

  33. I am at the end of a 5 + years of methadone misery and I’m also a alcoholic . And it SUCKS. Getting my life back is the goal

  34. Someone very close to me died this January from what we thought was an alcohol overdose. Autopsy results showed she actually died from a combination of liquid methadone and alcohol. She had 7 times the legal limit of alcohol in her blood. She was 27. It was her first time using the methadone, guess she thought it would help her sleep or something. She supposedly went in someone’s dresser drawer and took it thinking it would help her sleep.

    1. Hi Realitystruck. I’m really sorry for your loss. Thanks for sharing your story, hope others will get the message and understand what mixing methadone with alcohol may do.

  35. I take methadone daily on top of heavily drinking, mertszapine, seraquil, gabapentin, and benedryl Dailey. I already suffer low blood pressure…. Is this causing me to bruise easy?

  36. I understand taking that mixing these two drugs is very dangerous. Im curious if you take your methadone dose at 7 am each day would having a few drinks 10 hrs later be just as dangerous? I am currently on methadone and recently had a drink several hrs after my dose. After reading this I think the best way for me to go about this is to completely cut alcohol out if i’m going to continue going to the clinic each morning. However I am curious to know the risks after 10+ hrs? Are they the same as if you would take methadone and alcohol together? Thank you for your time.

  37. Hello my husband has been on methadone for six years and is at 120 and he has been drinking to night how do I know if he’s ok

  38. I’m very concerned about my husband. He’s been on methadone for 4 yrs now, to treat opiate addiction. He takes 100 MG every morning. He drinks a lot of beer, sometimes drinking his 1st beer as early as 9 or 10 a.m. Once he starts, he continues drinking until he basically passes out in early evening, 10-12 beers daily. He then wakes up at night and takes 3 Tylenol PMs to go back to sleep. He can’t keep a meal down, he throws up immediately. But he keeps several sweet snacks in bed, and wakes up all night eating them and going right back to sleep. I’m afraid he’s killing himself

  39. Hi been in treatment for 9 months on 75ml MTD not used any other illicit drug for that time, I started drinking = 18 cans 7.5% cider, now down to 3 cans a day, I’ve been on 2x week pick up, since August because I’ve not stopped totally they are threatening daily supervised,move managed the MTD and reduced alcohol by can a week and had no problems, what are risks, I know you don’t know my full clinical history,my drinking nay started as a bit of substitution when I stopped illicit heroin, I feel they’re being risk adverse given my history, I’ve not overdosed,may drinking has been steadily decreasing and no illicit use, I seek your thoughts

  40. My son was going daily to a methadone clinic in Evanston Illinois, he was given 160 mg of methadone daily, every morning. He was also drinking every night hard alcohol. My son died on January 8th at 6:54 pm. My question is, wouldn’t they be required to do a urine test or blood test before these people with addictions as my son was an alcoholic, before giving the methadone. When they are given this drug, shouldn’t a doctor be monitoring these people. My son was very jondus, and he had pancreatitis, was very sick that morning and was still given the methadone. I can not believe that a doctor looked at him and just gave him such a large dose of methadone and did not call an ambulance to take him to a hospital instead he was given the methadone and let leave. before he even got out of the parking lot he passed out, when he came to, he drove part way home and passed out on the side of the road and then he wakes up and made it home and died that night. It took him 4 hours to drive home a 45 minute drive. I would think they would have had some type of protocol for this medicine or policies in place for better care of these patients that have addictions.

    1. Hi, Sally. I’m really sorry for your loss…It’s terrible to hear about your loss, and I express my sincere sympathy to you and your family. You are in my prayers…Also, I agree with you that urine/blood tests should be required before, but also patients can tell the doctor about their addictions before s/he prescribes anything.

  41. My roommate drinks and takes methadone, it’s clear he is impaired and becomes argumentative and does not seem right, like he is in a daze. Then does not remember our conversations, is it possible to report this? Or is he doomed to never get over his addiction?

  42. my son was drinking alcohol and someone gave him methedone 12 hours later he was dead the lad said he only had a 100mls was this an overdose or was it because he had been drinking as well he didnt use methedone at all.thankyou

    1. Hi, Dianne. I’m really sorry for your loss. I’d suggest that you speak with a toxicologist or a coroner or another medical professional about your concerns. We’re not able to provide you with a qualified response. I’m really sorry…

  43. I just drink light beer, and I just sip it I usually drink I bud light in 2 hours, which is 4 to 5 beers in about 8 hours, I never get drunk, EVER, because I don’t like the feeling. My question is:if I take a small doses of methadone in the morning, can I still drink 4 to5 beers at night. Please reply with the best of your knowledge, please incliude (if possible) the minimum dosage of methadone for chronic pain and the amount of light beer I can have without being in harm’s way, I don’t want to die, thank you so much, Andrew!

  44. Hi Ive had 2 back surgeries the last was a failed spinal fusion L1-S2. I do have an addictive personality always have. Ive been on everything oxycontin which worked but now my insurance (since I am on Medicare because ive been awarded disability ) wont cover it they put me on morphine which does nothing for me. Also been on Phentanyl which im allergic to. Tizandine, Gabapentin and Xanax, Cymbalta current. Now they wanna take the morphine away and put me on Methadone which scares me to death because of all the negative things ive read. I dont drink hardly ever but about ever 6 months i like to go out and have a good time. I scared of gaining weight which ive read is a big side affect. And idk if its worth it, although I have no life now! Please help with any input!

  45. I drink a quarter bottle of of vodka a day and I take 50 ml of methadone per day,does the amount of alcohol I drink make my me withdrawal quicker from my methadone?????

    1. Hi, Nathan. Alcohol is not used to ease withdrawal. As said in the article, mixing methadone with alcohol may cause serious damage to your health.

  46. I am on methodone maintenance. I would like to know if my drinking of a malt beer alchol, delays the onset of my methodone dose.

    1. Hello Glenn. I think that probably drinking delays the onset of methadone. Anyway, you shouldn’t mix methadone with alcohol, you put yourself at great risk.

  47. Yea we know it says it’s not safe to drink but if we take our dose a 6 am can somebody tell that I am ok to have 2 beers by 6 pm without having symptoms or problems cause I need to drink bad all I won’t it two beers am I safe or no

    1. Hi Michael. You should be aware that the drug dose stays in your system longer than its effects. So, it is not recommended to drink alcohol when you are on any kind of drug treatment. You may cause severe problems to your health.

  48. Is the combination of alcohol and methadone dangerous when NOT taken at the same time? Like, if a person is receiving methadone in the early morning and then has beer at lunch time or wine in the evening is that dangerous?

    1. Hi Jacqueline. It is not recommended to use alcohol or any products that contain alcohol at all while you are receiving treatment with methadone.

  49. I have recently become friends with an older woman who quuckly became i goid friend… We both seemed to have the same problem dispite the age and lifestyle differences…. She is about 20yrs my senior… We lost touch for a bit… And when i seen her again she looked sick with the flu… A long flu… Then i seen her again… And found out she was kickin methidone at home and using liquer to dull her pain from it… I had someone very close to me die recently from mixing the two… But not during withdrawl from methodne… It s hard fir me to walk away from my friend during this time…i wasnt able to help once… So the need to help is very strong… I just need to know what im up against and the best course of action to take…can u give me any advice to help her?

  50. My girl has been going to meth clinic for over a year when she gets off work everthing is fine than she starts pounding vodka. She than goes from peter pan to jack the ripper verbally abusive than passess out i than doesn’t remember nothing the day i been with her 20 yrs can’ take it

  51. I can take 5mg of methadone and drink a bottle of wine and not feel a thing, I have drank wine and did occupying and not feel nothing. Why

  52. Hi my name is Michael and I have been on methadone for about 4 months in at 75 mg and I don’t drink because ever my body scares the shit out of me is it ok if I drink one beer because I really need one right now

  53. Hey, I take methadone to kick pain killers. I take 105mg in the morning, every morning. I have started drinking 4 16oz cans of Bud light clamatoe’s. I notice when I get done I’m sleepy as heck and have to go to bed and can sleep from 7pm to 6am in the morning without waking up for nothing. Very sleepy the next day and irritated. What is going on? Please help. Plus on some depression meds too. Didn’t ask the clinic because of course they are going to say don’t do nothing else. I have a very addicting personality. So I have to see for myself. But I know I don’t feel good at all! HELP?

  54. Hi Ashley. Methadone’s long half life is what’s problematic. I’d suggest that you speak with you prescribing doctor about drinking while on methadone. Did you get a medical OK before drinking?

  55. what if I take my methadone dose (50ml) in the morning and then in the evening have a couple of drinks (whether is be beer, wine or liquor and liqueurs and milk and/ice cream) in the evening? (I live in the eastern time zone) so it’s around 7:23 right now.

    I took my methadone when I woke up today at around 6am/7
    And now I’m having a couple of drinks. I had one beer and a mix of coffee,liqueurs and milk (I’m out of ice cream right now)

    So……can you please help me understand further?

  56. I been taking methadone for. 2 years i was at 110mg now at 59mg i drink a pint a day with lil wine how bad is that i don’t feel any if the symptoms above i know i need to stop but working 12hr a day outside that’s my lil relief too fall asleep

    1. Hi Lynette. Do you drink a pint of water a day? If so, you are probably tolerant to the methadone by now, which is why you experience any of the effects explained in the article. It is not, however, a habit you are recommended to continue doing.

  57. What’s worse, people who are addicted or dependent rarely seek help right away, and their loved ones are also often slow to intervene, too. We see this over and over again, not only with celebrities but in people who come into treatment programs.

  58. My boyfriend has been going to a methadone clinic for almost seven years and is currently prescribed 200mg/day. He has been drinking about a liter/day of vodka, for around two months straight. His last dose of methadone was 6 days ago and he has been trying to continue drinking vodka but everything he ingests he vomits back up. He hasn’t held any food or water down for two days and can’t walk by himself. He keeps asking me to help him get into the bath tub and I can hardly hold him up. As I type this, I know how extremely stupid it sounds that I have not brought him to the hospital or called 911. The only thing keeping me from doing that is he said he will go to the methadone clinic tomorrow… And he can talk and knows which day of the week it is. I just need some input on what could happen if I wait till tomorrow. I know he needs help and I want to make sure I am doing the right thing.

    1. Hi Kristie. He is going through severe withdrawal from stopping methadone cold turkey. Abrupt cessation causes stress and adverse effects that are risky. I’m worried that he faces great risk of dehydration since he cannot hold any liquids down and on top of that is vomiting. Please take him to the hospital as soon as possible, he needs medical care.

    1. Hello Jim. Mixing methadone and alcohol can increase the nervous system’s side effects such as drowsiness, dizziness, lightheadedness, difficulty concentrating, and impairment in thinking and judgment. In severe cases, low blood pressure, respiratory distress, fainting, coma, or even death may occur. Mixing these substances is definitely not safe and can be risky and dangerous in long or short terms of use.

  59. What does the mixture of alcohol and methadone do to the brain over a period of a year or more. Do these people’s brains function normally? Confusion , right from wrong, truths and untruths?????

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