Mixing Percocet with alcohol

Mixing Percocet and alcohol can trigger a pleasant, relaxing state. But you can also die from Percocet overdose or cause alcohol poisoning? More here on the harms of mixing Percocet with alcohol and how to avoid them.

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Thinking about mixing Percocet, an addictive drug, with alcohol?

Know what can happen. In this article, we’ll examine the risks and dangers of mixing Percocet with alcohol. What happens inside your body when these two drugs are combined? What are the side effects, and what can go wrong when these two powerful substances interact? Then, we invite you to ask questions about mixing Percocet and alcohol in the comments section at the end.

Percocet and alcohol effects

Percocet is a prescription pain medication containing oxycodone, a narcotic. Oxycodone can cause feelings of euphoria, especially when taken in large amounts. Alcohol can intensify this effect. Alcohol has a chemical reaction with Percocet in the body and has an additive effect in the body when they are combined. That means that the effects of the alcohol and Percocet are both stronger when mixed. People have reported some of the following side effects when mixing Percocet with alcohol:

  • drowsiness
  • euphoria
  • dream-like state
  • relaxation
  • numbness
  • wandering mind

Dangers of mixing Percocet and alcohol

Taking alcohol and Percocet together can result in serious adverse reactions including accidental overdose. The additive effects of alcohol and Percocet are the primary cause of this. Percocet isn’t the only half of this equation. The effects of the alcohol are intensified as well. The sedative effects of alcohol will be heightened when mixed with any opiate medication. Other potentially dangerous effects of mixing Percocet with alcohol include:

  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • loss of consciousness
  • shallow breathing
  • impaired coordination
  • overdose
  • slowed heart rate

If you mix Percocet with alcohol, your alcohol tolerance will be lower than normal because the oxycodone in Percocet is another kind of central nervous system depressant. This can easily lead to alcohol poisoning if you aren’t careful. Drinking and using Percocet can also cause trouble concentrating and difficulty with coordination. In fact, you’re more likely to be involved in an accident or injure yourself when you mix alcohol with Percocet.

Percocet and alcohol overdose

Can you OD on Percocet?  Yes.  In fact, it’s easier to overdose on Percocet when you mix it with alcohol. Both drugs make one another stronger, and also more dangerous. Doctors do not recommend mixing the two drugs. Sometimes it can be dangerous to take Percocet and drink on the same day, even hours apart, depending on how much you’ve had.

Percocet and alcohol deaths

You can find out how many people die each year when mixing alcohol and Percocet by searching the CDC – National Center for Health Statistics website. And despite the number of annual deaths, Percocet commonly ends up being mixed with alcohol. Even normal doses of Percocet combined with alcohol can cause your breathing to slow or stop completely. The only way to avoid the risk of death while on Percocet is to decide not to drink at all while taking drugs with oxycodone in them.

Is it safe to drink on Percocet?

No. It’s not safe to mix Percocet and alcohol. The combination brings out the worst in both drugs. It’s best to wait until Percocet is out of your system fully before drinking.  And while Percocet system time is more than its half life of 3.2 hours, waiting for at least 6-8 hours before drinking can ensure that you are not mixing Percocet with booze.  You should ask your doctor for more information on how to cut back or stop drinking completely if you find the idea of giving up drinking too difficult. But you should know that the FDA warns against mixing Percocet with booze at all.

Mixing Percocet alcohol questions

Do you still have questions about mixing Percocet with alcohol or other substances? Please leave your Percocet questions here. We try our best to answer all questions personally, and promptly. And if we don’t know the answer, we will refer you to someone who can help. Your experiences with mixing Percocet and alcohol are also welcome.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. If a person drinks liqueur and snorts 30mg of perk 10 how long will it stay intheir system they need to pass a drug test tomorrow morning they took it yesterday evening

  2. Hello , I’m 19 years old and I was recently prescribed medical oxycodone for wisdom tooth removal surgery. Today is Tuesday , and I just admitted one pill. I plan on drinking Friday when I go out with my friends , should I stop taking them today ? Or can I proceed another day ? Don’t want to mix the two , just don’t know the waiting time that it will be completely out my system .

    1. Hi Sasha. Use your medication only as prescribed by a doctor. If you need your medication for longer period of time, then cancel you drinking.

  3. I have been on oxycodone for three years now for arthritis pain .i can take pills a day of oxcy 10-325. Is that too much ? Should I try to get off of them?

  4. I am on acetamethen free Oxycodone and 12 hour OxyContin for ten years. I would get energy and stamina seemably from forty mg a day plus 80 mg long acting in a 24 hour dose. Recently I drank twelve ounce beer around nine in evening. I was taking sleep medicine for insomnia for ten years recently discontinued. I arose next morning at six to urinate and fell backwards landing on the floor. I wet my pj’s and couldn’t get up or awake. Ambulance to hospital right away. Could not awake until early afternoon. Diagnosed with pneumonia and admitted. I was progress ably feeling rundown and not breathing deeply for two weeks prior to this. I am a smoker currently on a nicotine patch since. Icy discontinued. Discharged three days later treated with antibiotics and a ten day supply of oral antibiotic. Two weeks later ended up back in hospital with second new pneumonia, in different lung. Diagnosed with aspirating while in hospital after swallow test. Also in hospital I ran a fever of 102 degrees. Released after four days on antibiotics which were stronger and numerous names IVed. Fever gone after treatment. After hospital stay, my Oxy was cut back to twenty mg a day compared to eighty. Immediate released cut back to twenty mg from forty. Am I headed for another hospital stay? I am sixty three years old. Forty year smoker, aspirating, small dose of Oxy, no drinking, no sleep meds for past week. What do you advise? Please give second opinion

  5. My husband is taking his prescription Percocet 15mg drinking heavily everyday and taking an antidepressant anxiety drug along with high blood pressure pills and insulin and metformin.. He had memory loss and makes up stories and confusion..he thought the door was locked and it wasn’t..and that is just one of his hallucinations…I think is going to get worse.!I don’t know what to do.

  6. I am currently taking 2.5 mg of Percocet every eight hours. With this tiny dose, am I still at risk if I drink an occasional glass of wine or drive? I really would like a straight answer.

  7. I take 5mg of oxycodone with 325 mg of acetaminophen commonly known as Percocet. Is it okay for me to drink a couple glasses of wine?

  8. I had a few beers a couple of hours ago, I have severe back pain from working in construction & lifting heavy objects today. Is it safe to take a Percocet now?

  9. I take 1 oxycodone a day now for a broken shoulder when the pain becomes too intense. I have always enjoyed one glass of wine with dinner for many years. I do not abuse it. I would like to start having my glass of wine again with dinner . If I wait 6 to eight hours between each will it be safe I only take the oxy when necessary and will probably be off it all together as the pain continues to subside and try taking tylenole when pain becomes too bad.

  10. Mixing those two are dangerous and shouldn’t be taken together.had a friend that had to go to the emergency room recently.She complained her heart started beating fast, and that her brain felt as if it was about to pop! She said she felt she couldn’t breathe basically she said it felt like she was close to death or something! She explained it like this was occurring in spells..like it would happen then stop,after about an hr or so she said she felt as though she was calming down.Not to mention she was shaking so badly! What happened???

  11. Y’all will be fine…don’t take 10 percs with 10 xanax with 24 beers. Most of the time it’s anxiety more than anything else. Do everything in moderation..hell too much water can kill you.

  12. I have been taking Percocet for a very painful nerve condition for about four weeks now. At first I was prescribed 5/325 mg every six hours, which did absolutely nothing for my pain. I was also taking ibuprofen. My doctor recently increased my dosage to 10/325 mg every six hours, and this dosage only slightly dulls the pain sometimes. I am a woman in my 40s. I have never taken prescription pain meds before, and I have never had problems with any addictions. I am really just in a lot of pain constantly and tired of dealing with this. I am not a drinker, but I have thought of having a glass of wine when the pain is particularly severe just to get some relief. Is this something I should worry about doing?

  13. If someone was taking percocet and muscle relaxes, and was given whiskey to help with pain and sleep, could it have lasting effects? I know some one who was in extreme back and leg pain. They were given shots. Put on percocet and muscle relaxes, they still were in agony. So a friend starting given them jack Daniels to help them get some sleep…… This went on for 6 months. The person had never had a drinking problem. But now cannot stop drinking. They also was given tramadol for 2 months before the percosets, and 2 months after surgery. . also he has changed in habits and actions. Could the mixture of these drugs and alcohol cause this??

  14. Does Endocet also have the same reaction if taken with a glass of wine as Percoset? And does wearing a Fentanyl Patch at the same time make a difference? What to do for someone who feels too warm, out of sorts, slight blurry vision, but not dizzy or disoriented.

  15. My husband had his prostrate removed last January. He recently had surgery to remove scar tissue to improve urine flow. He has a catheter and is on Percocet for pain and augmenton for infection. He is drinking beer which starts Usually in the The morning and then has margaritas or wine throughout the day. He’s says he needs the drinks to “take the edge” off but I am getting more than concerned about what this is doing to his body. Advice or comments please.

  16. Thank you so much for this post. I have been taking Percocet after a minor surgery four days ago. I am hoping in another day or so that I will not need the strong pain relief anymore. How long after taking a final dose of Percocet should I wait to have a drink? A full day after the last dose, or more?

  17. I take a 5/325 Percocet for cancer pain as needed. In the evening, I usually have a glass of champagne. I try to make sure I have not had a Percocet for several hours. How dangerous is that. I am not driving at all right now.

    1. Hi Lynn. Please consider that it is illegal to consume medications other than prescribed, and you put yourself at risk.

  18. My bf just started taking percocet for pain and recently re-introduced alcohol to the mix. When he does he gets angry and paranoid, accusing me of things that I didn’t do. Are such mood swings/disorders common or is this something else all together?

  19. My doctor prescribes me approximately 15 mg of Percocet every day I haven’t had a drink since I’ve been on it but people wonder why I can’t even have a beer I feel very weird telling people that I don’t drink is it possible for me to have a beer or two beers socially and be on this medication and not die? I don’t want to overdo it I just want to be social and the social scene with one or two on my hand of beer that’s it

  20. I follow my dosage of 3 5mg of Percocet a day plus I drink a six pack of beer and three fingers of vodka. Sure I am Stoned, but I function the same. Overdose idiots are such as that idiots, follow your dosage and drink a glass of wine you will be ok. Don’t drive if the latter is in and do not make any major deconstruct. However I have used my percocets and booze (alcohol) responsibly and am still alive. Thanks and be safe and responsible.

  21. What happens if you drink on percocet? My friends and I are going to in a few days and I was told it feels amazing to do both together. Suggestions?

  22. This article is totally backwards, how did do you not even mention the deadliest and most dangerous part of mixing these drugs , the acetaminophen aka tylenol.

  23. I took half of a regular white per cover and am.going drinking in 4 hours will that be okay if I get drunk of I inky.took half a perk?

  24. I just had 2 glasses of beer at a pub… had not taken any percocet all day.. but now im in pain… is this not a good idea? im on 5/235 dosage.

  25. I drink alcohol daily while I am on percocet. I take between 3 & 4 10 – 325 percocets daily. and I drink about one ounce of alcohol every 3 hours. I do already have asthma because of an immune disorder that causes inflammation. this is the reason I take the percocet. the immune disorder has made me allergic to over the counter anti inflammatories /NSAIDs. I only drink the alcohol to cover the pain that the percocet does not address, which is quite a bit. I do not get any euphoric feelings from percocet or the alcohol . my pain doctor says because this is because of my pain level. isn’t it true that percocet on its own causes the shallow breathing and how does alcohol intensifies that side effect. my family is worried because I am mixing the two even though I use them both in extreme moderation.

  26. Hi, I am wondering what the effects on the brain are when you mix alcohol/marijuana/and percocet’s ? My boyfriend is doing this and he seems to be getting angrier when things don’t go his way and has become very verbally abusive and threatening. He drinks everyday at least 12 beers, smokes a couple of joints throughout the day and takes pecocet’s..never really sure how many I just know he takes more than he should. He goes through his prescription of 120 in about a week.
    Any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.

  27. I’ve been taking percocet 10/325 3-4 times a day for 8 months for back pain. Can you tell me how long I would need to wait to be able drink alcohol safely? Going on vacation in a couple days. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    1. Hi Sharon. After taking your regular percocet doses for 8 months every day, suddenly stopping and missing a dose will lead to withdrawal symptoms. If you have normal metabolism, I’d say that 6-8 hours would be enough time for the medication to get eliminated from your system, so you can start drinking.

  28. I’m just curious, I have knee pain and last night I took a half pill of Percocet and drank 3 drinks I got pretty high. Should I be worried?

  29. I’m taking 10/325 Percocet,only one in the morning. Is it ok to have a glass(one) of wine with supper a few days a week? Thanks I have back problems , arthritis, and nerapathy. I’m 76 years old

  30. so i have been on 10-325 mg hydrocodone for about 4 or 5 years for a bum shoulder.. have had 3 rotator cuff surgeries and it has been torn for the 4th time for 3 years with no more possible surgeries.. the meds had basically stopped working so my pain management dr switched me to oxycodone, same dosage last week. i went to a st. patty’s party and did some drinking and was completely out of character people told me, i got sloppy and slurring my speech and i do not even remember this, i even spilt a secret which i would never have done normally. i didn’t think too much about it until last night. being st patty’s day i went with friends and had 3 beers.. i inadvertently stopped at my neighbor’s on my way home which i barely remembered. i texted him today to see if i seemed ok last night, he said i appeared very drunk, slurred speech and just upset in general, again which is not my nature. i have a call in to the dr. to see if he can switch me back to the hydrocodone since i did not have these effects on those. i am only a social drinker but do not want to quit due to percocet. i am prescribed one every 6 hours which would be 4 a day (120 a month) but i have just been taking them as i was the hydrocone, 2 when i wake up and 2 mid afternoon. i read where you need to not take them 6-8 hours before u plan on drinking, is this feasable if the dr. does not to switch me back to the hydrocodone?

  31. Hello David. Percocet comes in several dosages, 2.5 mg/325 mg, 5 mg/325 mg, 7.5 mg/325 mg, and 10 mg/325 mg. The first values are for oxycodone, while the ones after the slash are amounts of acetaminophen in Percocet. So, the amount of acetaminophen in each Percocet pill varies between 325 – 650mg. Read the following article for exact information on Percocet (acetaminophen/oxycodone) risk of overdose: http://prescription-drug.addictionblog.org/percocet-overdose-how-much-amount-of-percocet-to-od/

  32. Hi Zak. As suggested in the comment above yours, you too can call the Poison Control on 1-800-222-1222. It’s a free helpline where you can talk to a poison expert and get a professional’s advise on what to do. Hope she’s doing better!

  33. My my wife took one Vicodin in the morning and one the afternoon bout three p.m. And accidentally drank my Long Island iced tea bout 3/4 of it. What should I do or any advice to help and will see be fine

  34. Hello Eric. Call the Poison Control Center for advice on how to proceed. 1-800-222-1222. You’ll need an assessment of the potential for overdose from medical professionals.

  35. Hello, I’m currently recovering from foot surgery. I take 5/25 percocets about twice a day for four days not. It doesn’t get me any sort of high, nor does it help with the pain. I took one tablet at five, and then went to a bar with some friends at seven thirty. I had about four drinks and it is now 23:30. I don’t feel any different than I usually do when I drink. Will I be safe to go to sleep or should I try and stay up an hour or two? I had about two drinks the last two nights as well after taking my dose.

  36. I don’t know why anyone would mix these two things. I’m on Percocet right now and I’m Ralph Wiggum high. I’m just flying I don’t plan on mixing anything with theses little miracles. (Pertaining to massive bodily trauma)

  37. I have severe nerve damage from the neck down. I have run out of options for the pain. The next procedure is lumbar radiofrequency adulation which may or may not work. My family go to word is self medication seriously both sides should never have produced children forget about together.. I really don’t want to go there. I take hydrocodone, pot, and alcohol mostly pot and alcohol. I have already quit both successfully for years 25 of them. I would not have started again but the pain is a constant it wakes me two, three times a night. I wake in pain and go to bed in pain and I’m always tried. I do not want to be hospitalized for any of them. Hydrocodone is the worst offender I have see the damage first hand and have talked to people in the medical field. My husband keeps pushing this drug I’m terrified. I just want a life again. I’d settled for a constant 5 now it’s a constant 8-10. When it was 5 I took hydrocodone once a day. My hydrocodone level is 7.5-325 it’s not working and I don’t want to increase it. The alcohol and pot help with me relaxing and dulling the whole mess but sometimes it doesn’t help. Please if you can help or relieve my mind about the drugs please do. I’m in pain and just f-ing tried and am only 53yrs. old I have a long time to live and am not at all looking forward toward it and it’s just plain wrong to feel this way.

  38. My doctor prescribed me percocet after my knee surgery and I wanted to know how dangerous it is If I took 1 then a had a couple of beers in the safety of my home while entertaining guests.

  39. Hello Jordyn. Usually the ABV (alcohol by volume) of apple ale beer is 5% alcohol. Percocet contains acetaminphen, which should not be taken by anyone who consumes more than 3 drinks a day. 1 drink = 12 oz beer, 5 oz wine, or a shot. So, I believe your dad is going to be fine, but it’s not recommended to drink alcohol while taking Percs.

  40. Hello Jean. That’s a big amount of alcohol that your friend consumes on daily basis, and it is potentially harmful for the whole system. Does he realize the risks and dangers he’s facing from acting in such way? People usually act out of fear or love. So, he should find something he loves and is willing to stop for that teason, or he will stop when he get’s scared from the potential harm he’s causing.

  41. My friend is a stage four alcoholic and he takes percosets for pain he’s has front and back broken ribs and two fake hips so he gets lots of pain but he never stops drinking every day he drinks like 19 hours a day every day could he die from this? He won’t stop drinking I’ve tried everything but when he takes the percosets he s really mean .

  42. I also want to mention that I have been going to AlAnon. Its been very helpful for me to distance myself from the mood swings that substance users have. My boyfriend even stopped drinking because I got him to go to the doctor and he wants to have a better life. I see that worrying about the alcoholic and trying to get them to change is useless. Distance and detachment but still completely loving the person is the best thing for them. I will try this with my father too. I still get very angry – and am able to talk about that in AlAnon as well as hear other people’s stories.

  43. My father takes percocet for back pain as directed by his doctor. He is in a lot of pain from spurs in his back. He also drinks daily to numb his pain. More of a maintenance drinker and sipper… And he smokes a LOT of weed and cigarettes. He yells at the TV and talks at me. I have stayed here with him for a while, but think its time to move on. He is a grouchy old man – who is nice sometimes. Is only 67 but is disabled and retired. He lives on a pension and just seems to be rotting away. He has a girlfriend now – so I feel I can leave and have my life back.

    I worry about him though. If he is only taking what his doctor is giving him – and I think he drinks moderately (never stumbling) is he ok? I just don’t know anymore. I feel bad he has to be in so much pain – that is why I just don’t talk to him about it.

  44. My boyfriend of many years has been mixing adderall, percocet, valium, vicodin,alcohol and marijuana on a regular basis for the last 3 years or so. he also has high blood pressure which he takes medication for. he tell’s his Dr that he does not drink alcohol so the Dr will continue to give him the medications. I have tried telling his Dr however the Dr will not listen to me and I’m so scared that my boyfriend is going to die. My boyfriend does not think he has a problem but i can see he’s in trouble. he has been acting very paranoid and having bad mood swings that make him sometimes aggressive. please help me help him, i don’t want him to die………I cannot live without this man and i never want to have to try. I know helping him won’t be easy but anything worth having in life is always worth fighting for. what do i do now?????? .

  45. I took two oxycodone-acetaminophen 5-325 tablets at 2:30 today and was planning on drinking pretty heavily starting around 8:30. Will I be safe?

  46. I was injured in an accident & had foot surgery two days ago and was prescribed percocet for the pain. It doesn’t seem to be strong enough and i’ve been experiencing pain and trouble sleeping. I’ve been waiting the required 4 hours between each pill. I am wondering if i could have just one glass of wine before bed to help me sleep and keep the pain at bay long enough. I am healthy in every other way. Do I really have something to worry about over one drink?

  47. can you tell me that if one is legally drunk at 4 beers in 1.5 hours and takes a tablet of percocet in the process how much does this amplify the drunkenness? Are there any charts that show this type of relationship. For example is each 1 extra tablet taken equal to an extra beer or 5 beers in its effect?

  48. I took half of a 7.5 this morning and am drinking a few beers now..I feel fine..I was lifting weights earlier too.and drank a lot of fluids..I think it was about 5-6 hours since I took the half pill..Feel a little more intoxicated than I would if I didn’t take anything this morning but I feel fine otherwise

  49. Hello Jordan. Please don’t offer anecdotal evidence based on the practices of people that mix Percocet an alcohol as proof that there is nothing to worry about. Drug overdose death rates in the United States have more than tripled since 1990 and have never been higher. Do you know how many people die from drug overdose? About 100 people a day. More info on the FACTS about mixing Percocet and alcohol from the CDC here: http://www.cdc.gov/homeandrecreationalsafety/rxbrief/

  50. The people freaking out about this obviously hasn’t been to any parties. I’ve seen people drink massive amount of alcohol, combine with several prescription drugs and marijuana, and still be able to go to the gym the next day. I don’t believe any of this.

  51. Hi Kathy. I understand your concern and yes, there is reason for it. In addition to the deadly combination of drink with opioid pain killers (which can slow or stop breathing, or the heartbeat)…there’s the daily drinking in excess. I’d suggest that you start seeking help from a family addictions counselor who can help you start to make sense of these signs and to figure out what you’d like to do next.

  52. My husband had bilateral knee replacement 10 days ago. He is home from the hospital now and is on Percocet for pain. He has begun his usual habit of drinking approximately a bottle of red wine a day as he did before surgery. He just got his stitches out yesterday and can’t walk without a walker. I am scared that something bad might happen. Am I just being overly concerned?

  53. My boyfriend took 2 percocet yesterday about 3 hours apart, during that time he had 3 long island ice teas and then 2 hours after the second pill he drank 2 beers. He was fine except for seeming drunk and smiley but he was still quite animated. We eat dinner then get in the car and I drive him home and he suddenly felt very nautious/sweaty and then when we got home he was very out of it and the feeling poorly didn’t go away until an hour later and then he went to bed. I want to know what was the reason for his sudden feeling bad and if its a sign of overdose. Going to caution him strongly next time to at the very least just take 1 if he is insistant on doing it.

  54. Hi Sally. Mixing alcohol and Percocet to sleep can be effective, but is an example of misuse. I’d suggest that you do some more research into sleep aids (lifestyle changes, OTC remedies) and present them to your daughter. If she shows unwillingness to change her pill routine, there may be cause for concern. Physical and psychological dependence to either alcohol or Percocet can then be determined with a doctor-administered assessment. You’re in my thoughts!

  55. I am worried about my 45 year old daughter. She takes one 2.5 dose of Percocet each night and then drinks 3 or 4 shots of vodka. She says she cannot sleep without this combination. Is it possible she has an addiction?

  56. Hello Bishley. Mood disorders and anger can be present during drug withdrawal, but medical help is possible. Have you considered a medical detox?

  57. If one has been drinking and using percocet and then they try to come off percocet, does that make them viscious, hateful, mean, etc.?

  58. Hi Robert. Call the National Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 and ask for medical advice on how to proceed. But it’s my feeling that if you don’t feel normal, you should follow your instinct and seek medical help immediately. ER staff may administer an opioid blocker like naloxone or naltrexone to reverse the effects of oxycodone in your system.

  59. Hi Kevin. It’s best to wait until the alcohol is totally out of your system. You can Google the term “alcohol calculator” to find an easy tool which estimates the amount of time it takes for your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to return to zero. A BAC calculator considers the type of drinks, how many, and how many hours it took to consume.

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