Mixing Valium with alcohol

What are the effects of mixing Valium and alcohol? Is Valium overdose possible? Mixing Valium with alcohol effects and risks here.

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Are you thinking about mixing Valium with alcohol?

You need to know the risks and dangers before you decide to mix Valium with alcohol. What happens in your body when you mix Valium with alcohol? What exactly can go wrong?  Can you die from Valium? We review mixing these two depressants here and invite you to ask questions about mixing Valium and alcohol in the comments, at the end.

Valium and alcohol effects

Valium is a benzodiazipine that contains the active ingredient diazepam. How long Valium stays in the body is relative to the long half life of 20-80 hours that it takes for diazepam to metabolize.  As a central nervous system depressant, Valium can cause feelings of relaxation and sometimes euphoria in people. Because of Valium get high and euphoric effect, some people try to enhance the feeling of getting high on Valium by mixing it with alcohol. In self-reported examples, Valium can cause the following effects when mixed with alcohol:

  • dizziness or drowsiness
  • feeling of well-being or euphoria
  • lack of coordination
  • memory problems
  • unusual behavior

Despite some of the pleasant and euphoric feelings from this combination, it’s dangerous to mix Valium with alcohol. The alcohol chemically reacts with the Valium in your system and has an additive effect in the body and brain. That means that the effects of the alcohol and Valium both are intensified. This is dangerous and cause overdose or death.

Mixing diazepam (Valium) and alcohol can take its toll on your health, relationships, and financial stability. But, addiction on both substances can be managed safely and successfully in controlled medical conditions at a rehab center. Find out more about the treatment process and available options in our comprehensive outline of Valium addiction treatment programs and learn how to get help.

Dangers of mixing Valium and alcohol

Dangerous side effects can result when you mix Valium and alcohol. This is mainly because mixing alcohol and Valium can intensify the effects of both drugs. First, Valium heightens the intoxication you experience from alcohol. This is potentially deadly, since you may not be able to safely drink the same amount you would normally be able to drink. Alcohol poisoning is a real possibility. Some other potentially dangerous effects of mixing Valium with alcohol include:

  • alcohol poisoning
  • dizziness
  • drowsiness
  • loss of consciousness
  • shallow breathing
  • impaired coordination
  • memory problems
  • overdose

But it’s not just the Valium you need to worry about. Valium can enhance the effects of alcohol as well. Alcohol is a sedative which causes sleepiness, drowsiness, and lightheadedness. Drinking and using Valium can cause even more trouble concentrating and difficulty with coordination than just drinking alcohol alone. This can put you at risk of accidents, especially if you drive or operate machinery.

Valium and alcohol overdose

Your risk of overdose on Valium directly increases when Valium (diazepam) is taken with alcohol. Doctors never recommend mixing the two. Not even if you’re only having one or two drinks, or if you’re taking a normal therapeutic dose of Valium.

Valium and alcohol deaths

Alcohol is an incredibly common drug that is mixed with Valium. But to be clear, this sort of combination can cause death. Even normal doses of Valium are dangerous to take with alcohol. If you abuse Valium (snort, inject or take Valium other than prescribed) or take more than a normal prescription dose, you might overdose. You might even die, either from an overdose or from an accident caused by your impaired judgment and coordination. The only way to avoid these risks is to decide NOT TO DRINK while on Valium.

Is it safe to drink on Valium?

It’s never safe to drink while on Valium. The combination of alcohol and diazepam in the body enhances the most dangerous effects of both drugs. You can ask your prescribing doctor for more information on drinking safely if you’re taking Valium regularly. But the FDA warns against mixing the two at all.

Mixing Valium alcohol questions

Do you still have questions about mixing Valium with alcohol or other substances? Please leave your Valium questions here. We try our best to answer all questions personally, and promptly. And if we don’t know the answer, we will refer you to someone who can help. Your experiences with mixing Valium and alcohol are also welcome.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I took a prescribed 5MG valium for back spasms this morning. I will not be taking any more. I have a party to attend tomorrow evening. Is it safe to have a few drinks then?

  2. I have just finished a bottle of wine – over about 4 hrs. I have also had 30mg valium – just now – will that be ok? This was not done deliberately – wasn’t thinking.

  3. Hi I feel fine though I have taken 120mg valium and am drinking, I want to know if I will be ok. I feel fine though I’m planing on drinking more tonight.

    1. HI Mitch. Mixing Valium and alcohol is dangerous. Don’t put yourself at risk. Why don’t you call 1-800-222-1222 to contact the Poison Control Center. It’s a free call, and you can talk to a poison expert to assess your risk of overdose and instructions on what you should do next.

  4. I understand some of what you are going thru. I have had both my hips replaced. Which did relieve some pain but no where near all of it. I have bursitis and tendinitis on both sides that comes and goes. Its lying on the couch with ice packs for weeks. It all documented but I am in daily pain and use both tramadol and valium. Now I am working more and it is not getting my pain to a level where I cant focus. Both of the pills have big tolerances especially Valiuml your body gains a tolerance for them so I take more and more. All so I can work as many hours to support my family. I am an engineer and it feels like a vice around my it bands all day long if I take nothing or even just the tramadol. I cant get up and I start wishing I brought my cane (I am 40 years old) Both taken together to make it so I have the ability focus on my job the best I can. I work in a low risk environment but I wish i knew how to end the pill taking cycle.

  5. Hi, I just got my refill for diazepam, Yay…I was on hydrocodone for a few years on and off due to stress, anxiety, depression, muscle spasms, and pain…Did not like the side effects and I blacked out a few times and loss conciousness due to mixing with alcohol…very scary! I’ve been off it for a week…deciding it’s not worth all side effects. I have become more depressed and withdrawn. I also suffer from depression and anxiety so I’m hoping to swith to valiun for my anxiety and muscle spams etc stress…I just got my refill yesterday and took 1 in morning…felt ok…just a little out of it. Then wanted a few beers last njght…I ended taking 10 5mg valium so far~feeling so depressed and going through mid 3p’s crises…Woke up and All I want to do is medicate myself again…drinking a beer 1st thing this morning with 2 5mg valium~Just wanting some relief from tge bitter sweet existence of my situation right now…feeling worried and confused about my relationship which my partner has a serious alcohol problem. I do to, but I know when to stop. Feeling bummed because I’ve been sick with a bad virus all week, so self medicating is my go to when life seems so demanding and intense, and living on Maui, HI Feeling isolated and not my usual self. Been depressed for a long time and looking for a relief! This world is driving me insane and I wish everything was better!!! Food for thought~I’m sick of feeling like,I have no other option and choosing to be self destructive…I think I need something else but I don’t know what that is and I don’t trust many people, feeling down in the dumps…Just want to feel myself again!

  6. I have taken very much drugd trough the years with many abscense periods, but i feel hardned with drugs. Mye body has endured much rxperomentig with many absence periods. I like to exprtomence and open my horizon. Im an person with an open mind with an open mind. I have long periods i dont do annything. My freind said to! Go to the Wine with youre joy. Bad feelings ecxhancr all the bad feelings. Norwgeian saying: Go to the wine the with youre YOY✌️✌️✌️ Whe are humans an not robots. Seeking the high in an fucked up world. Different backgrounds. Its not an weeknes to ask for Help.

  7. Hello, I have a freind who overdosed on valium and died. I just want to know if he suffered and how much could he have taken to die? thankyou

    1. HI Bart. I’m really sorry for your loss… I suggest that you consul with a coroner or another specialist about your concern.

  8. Firstly thanks to the medical professionals who took the time to answer people’s questions and also the non medical professionals who also answered, the later obviously having knowledge similar to mine whom gave more accurate answers.
    Yes you should not really mix diazepam or any benzodiazepines with alcohol and I would not recommend it however I read a couple of questions along the lines of ( I took 20 mg diazepam last night and drank two beers, I slept well but now 24 hours later I feel a little groggy and although I’m breathing it is more shallow than normal, am I overdosing. The simple answer is no, just get a good night’s sleep. Only for a so called medical professional to tell the person to ring an ambulance asap. Utter rubbish and scaremongering. 15 mg and a couple of beers the night before is highly unlikely to cause an overdose. I have taken 600 10 mg diazepam tablets in one night and it just caused me to have a long sleep. That’s 6000 mg. I’m not bragging but it takes extremely large amounts of diazepam to overdose. I wouldn’t advise mixing it with alcohol but I would say 99.8% of people will not overdose on 10-15 mg and two beers. Thanks

  9. I took 1 10mg Valium and about 2 hour later drank 1 bottle of wine over 3 hours or so. I felt really dizzy and sick so drank plenty of water and went to bed. Woke up with a really bad headache. Never going to mix these 2 drugs again as I still feel hung over 24 hours later. Hope I have not damaged my liver. I have done it a few times before but this time I did not eat. Never again.

  10. Can mixing alcohol and Valium cause violence and aggressive behaviour,or does it just put at rick of over does and increases the effect of drowsiness etc.

  11. If you had 14 units of alcohol in you should a doctor five you valour to sedate you? Secondly the next morning if you got breathalyser would the valour have slowed down your metabolism to give you a higher breath alcohol level?

  12. Taken 140mg of valium and gonna drink too beers and sort a lime of coke I have a high tollerence too all think I should be fine. Hopefully

  13. I know alcohol effects the metabolism of diazepam, as they both use the same enzymes in the liver. My question is could the diazepam slow down the metabolism of the alcohol, leading to a higher blood alcohol level the next morning, higher than it would have been if no diazepam was taken?

    1. Hi David. Please use your medications only as prescribed by a doctor. If you mix Valium with alcohol, you put yourself at risk.

  14. I was recently prescribed Diazepam. I’m also an alcoholic. I’ve had about 1,5lts of wine within the last 24 hours. I took 2 pills (5mg each) about 50 minutes ago, and I just took two more, just to see how it felt. Am I in danger?

    Thank you for your time.



  15. I am getting ready to go on a trip. My doctor prescribed me 5mg tabs of diazepam for the flight. I am well aware to not drink while on them. My question is how long should I wait to have my first drink?

  16. I have just taken 2mg diazepam at 17.00 and am going out. Would it be ok to have A single measure of whisky at 21.00 please. Thank you

  17. Judgement comes from a higher place than Wanting. It’s best to find the type of friends, a doctor, or mate you require for your own good. The kind that you will resent but still love to keep yourself away from self destructive behaviours. Life can be fun the smarter and more intelligent you are, and dangerous.

  18. I had 2 glasses of wine over 48 hours ago, by the time I got to bed I could not sleep. Took 20mg Diazepam. (I know it’s not safe to mix). Question is, given the time since, for the past 2 days I’ve been unsteady/lightheaded and somewhat giddy. Would this more than likely still be the effects of the combination taken?

  19. My friend had a rough day and took 5mg of Val around 5pm. Then had three beers over the course of the evening over 5 hrs. I didn’t even think about it at first. She was tired but showed no other effects before heading off to bed. Is this a high risk ammount, should i be checking her breathing?

  20. I drank a bottle & a half of vodka lastnight along with plenty of shots then took 7 valums(first time ever taking them) & was the worst night of my life i made the biggest mistake of cheating on my partner who ive been with for nearly 10 years. One night turned me into a freak & honestly cant cope with how much valums & drink can change you. Litearlly 0 care factor. Very scary.
    I want to bury myself into a hole…
    So would not recommend to anyone!!

  21. Oh an I also take 2 25mg seroquel sometimes 4 or 4 pending on my mood. I’m bi polar (so I’m told) none of these affect me? Am I just drug tolerant???

  22. I take 10mg of propranolol, (which I’ve had bout least 10 today, an 5mg of diazepam (which I’ve taken least 10 also) no affect no sickness not even drowsy. These meds are useless an don’t know why they’re classified dangerous. Oh an I drink bourbon every night also so yeh quite useless I think.

  23. I have drunk a bottle of wine and just taken only 2 5mg tablets of diazepam, I have never found this a problem and it helps me when I am very sad and depressed, it has never harmed me in the past, should I worry about it?

  24. A “friend of mine” – female age 74 – has been taking Valium for the past 40 years. She is a social drinker but this has increased to consuming a bottle of chardonay each night – some times more. Her husband is no longer drinking on a regular basis – only wine at social occasions. She had cancer 10 years ago. She had a stroke 16 years ago which resulted in her having a “Dropfoot” syndrome and this significantly affects her ability to walk more than a block or two and this is accompanied with lack of balance issues occasioned by frequent falling accompanied by inability get back up what with having only minimal core muscle strength. A few months ago she had an “eye stroke” which resulted in the permanent loss of sight in the “top half” of her right eye. During recent years she haas had increasing lower back pain issues which despite numerous visits with orthopedic MD’s and injections she has been unable to take advantage of prescribed physical therapy to maintain or increase her core strengths and or Balance exercises to comfortably walk without pain and balance issues.
    Based on these few symptoms, what information would you suggest that she should more about the fact that her continued consumption of alcohol should be stopped immediately BUT that this might need to be done very carefully due to reactions to such major changes in her medications and dependencies might require professional hands on guidance per the guidance of the info on the web sight below?

  25. I have used various amounts of diazepam (and other benzos) combined with various amounts of alcohol (and more often than not other drugs) on many different occasions and not a single time have I had any lasting health problems as a consequence thereof. My standard “party” dosage is about 10mg diazepam or 20mg oxazepam, followed by anything between 7 and 15 drinks and sometimes an upper, mostly amphetamine or cocaine (in that case I drink more than usual, up to 25-30 drinks). I do have to note that taking the pills before drinks is crucial to preventing a blackout, as taking them while drunk increases the odds of compulsive redosing and thus ending up in a coma/blackout greatly. I have once taken 24mg of clonazepam (equivalent to about 240mg of diazepam) after getting drunk and zoned out, that dosage sent me to sleep for 30 hours and made me feel extremely tired for the next few days. As a last note, I’d like to add that the combination of “weak” opiates with benzos is mostly safe, especially with reasonable dosage. I have dosed 100-300mg of codeine combined with anything between 30 and 80mg of oxazepam (or 20-40mg of diazepam), mostly combined with a few beers, and I had absolutely no negative health effects apart from a very long sleep and hiccups the next morning. Even my highest combodose ever, 500mg of tramadol, 100mg of oxazepam and 200mg of codeine (plus 4 shots of vodka) only sent me to sleep for a full 24hrs and gave me hiccups the next day. This is by no means professional medical advice and I personally strongly discourage misuse of benzodiazepines, especially due to their addictive potential and

  26. I drank a large bottle of wine with 5mg of Valium. Am I at any risks? I am ready for bed and feel no effects. Am I safe to go to sleep?

  27. I suffer with “severe” Depression…Due to many horrible problems I’ve been through in my life, and horrible problems I’m still going through in my life, and the future doesn’t look good for me either, I can already see many terrible problems that are to come eventually in my life and the future doesn’t look very bight for me either ???.??? ??? … I’m not crazy yet?… close but not yet I don’t think…Just a lot of diseases and ailments, and problems to ???… ???… … …
    I also suffer with Restless Leg Syndrom, and other sleep disorders Like Insomnia and things…
    I haven’t had much luck with the long term anti-depressants, and don’t like the idea of being on an anti depressant every day of your life somehow either… So I take valumes for my depression, which I like because I can take it when I want to (or need to…)… And not take it if I don’t feel I need it, if I’m not in that bad of a mood at the time… ??? I like having control over that… Whether I need to on something for a bad mood, or not on something??? ?… … …
    I take” Trazidone” for my Insomnia, and “Ropinerole” Fo the Restless leg Syndrom…

    But I have always been a little confused about proper valume dosages, and using alcohol with my medicines to… Mainly with the alcohol question… Is it o.k. for me to use alcohol or not?…

    #1.As far as the “Valume”…dose. I take 1-10mg tablet if I feel I need to, if not I don’t take anything… But if I’m in a really bad mood… I take two 10mg tablets… I also use the valumes to help me with sleep to… either one to help get to sleep, sometimes, or one if I can’t sleep… Like the doctor says “This will help you sleep”… and they give the patient a valume… So I use them for that reason to… when needed… ???… I basically for one reason or the other, take two tabs a day… but try to not take more than two a day…( 20mgs a day… )…. Mainly because I want to avoid building even more of a tolerance to them… cause then eventually two may not work well, on a bad mood???… So I try to take as little as possible… And definitely not more than two…
    ( I’ve been taking them for many years now… I’m 55 years old…)

    But I’ve gotten different opinions on this… My first doctor many years ago said “Only when needed… And two is o.k. for really bad moods…but not more than two” And said ” Three 30mgs wouldn’t kill you…. Youl’d just feel pretty drunk…” But told me ” I shouldn’t take more than two”
    And in this article… It says not more than 10mgs per dose, and a maximum of 40mgs per day?
    I don’t know what do you think about the way I use them???… At one to two a day, I’m still within the mid ranges, compared to the maximum dosages?… And I’m pretty careful with them to?… and take them only when needed?… And sometimes I don’t need to???…When I need them I really need them though… and they help… so in a way I guess I am addicted ???…???…???… And my life ain’t gonna’ change soon either… … … unfortunatly….

    #2. I’ve checked with a few pharmacists and almost all of them told me that with the meds I’m taking, one or two beers would be o.k.?… Only one felt there could be some problems with mixing alcohol with the valume?… And now I’ve read this article and see that it can really be dangerous?..
    So my next question is… Which is it… A couple beers is o.k. with my valume and meds, or not???
    It seems from this article it really isn’t o.k.?… … … and dangerous…

    #2b What about one beer… with dinner?… now and then…

    #3. What if I don’t take any valume that day… Is it o.k. to drink a couple beers then?…
    #3b. how many hours since my last valume is it o.k. to drink a couple beers?…

    #4. What about “non-alcoholic” beer… is that o.k.?… One or two… And still take my valume as usual…. (It does have .05% alcohol …)

    Anyway thanks for your opinions to these questions?… And any feedback?…


  29. I just wanted to share my own experience. First, I am what’s known as a light weight – I don’t metabolize any drugs well, but do enjoy an occasional beer. One is enough, with food. I’m on 5 mg of valium to treat pelvic floor dysfunction, so it’s inserted vaginally before bedtime. It’s not supposed to make me tired but it does. I haven’t touched any beer since I started on it, but had forgotten one dose, and thought I’d be ok to drink one beer slowly the next night. My heart felt strange, my pulse wouldn’t register on my phone monitor, and I felt like I was forgetting to breathe. I passed out. My husband said I was grey, he could barely feel a pulse, and I wasn’t breathing. He kept shaking me, and after I vomited, it must have reset my heart. I could have died. I almost did.

    Some people apparently don’t react so strongly, but I did. I felt it my duty to warn others. This has scared me badly.

  30. Took 40mg of Diazepam and probably had 20 beers. This was last night, I woke up fine but have been groggy all day. Should I take some caffiene (like an energy drink) to make sure I will be alert? thanks.

  31. This thread is helpful, thanks for all the great info.. I’m taking 5mg of diazepam while weening myself off alcohol (over two or three days). I take maybe 3 pills a day and only have a drink when the withdrawals get ugly (shakes, nausea). I’ve also been taking Naltrexone, it’s an anti-craving drug (it’s also wildly expensive). I’ve cleaned up a few times this year this way. I looked in to checking in at CAMH (Canadian addiction and mental health) and they give you 20mg every 2 hours for a few days, that seems like a crazy amount cause 5mg hit’s me pretty hard. Though there’d be no access to booze in rehab I guess… It looks like the general consensus is Valium+Booze=bad idea but my doctor actually recommended I ween myself off with the valium as well. Is that crazy?

  32. I took 5mg of diazepam 4 hours ago (2:30pm) for my back. I forgot I have a late birthday dinner to attend tonight (8-9pm). When I drink, I usually drink to get drunk. Will getting drunk 6 hours after taking 5mg of diazepam have any serious side affects (shallow breathing, overdose, etc)?

  33. To chime in. I have bipolar disorder. I’ve been taking valium for the better part of 3 years now. Currently on 20mg each day. After some trial and error, I can drink just fine during the weekends because I stopped taking valiums when I drink alcohol. I urge everyone else to do the same. The combo WILL mess you up.

  34. Hi, I have depression and anxiety due to childhood drama. have been taking diazapam and fluoxetine daily for the last 17 months. I’m also a heavy drinker and drink most days. Lately I find myself having to take more and more diazapam just to deal with life. I also take it a lot while i’m drinking. Very rarely do I remember my nights and the stories I hear about what I’ve done are so completely out of character and shocking to me. Is this because of the mixing of the two?? Slash all three perhaps?? I knew it wasn’t wise to drink on antidepressants but didn’t know the reasoning. However I didn’t know drinking on diazapam would cause problems. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated.

  35. Recently started on Valium (only prescribed for a month). Took one late last night as directed… fancied a glass of wine at about 3pm today, enjoyed it, but then completely knocked me out, woke up on the sofa 5 hours later! I think I’d better stay off the booze for the time being.

  36. I was on Diazepam for 2 1/2 days. 4mg Tuesday, 4mg Wednesday and 2 mg Thurday at 3pm. It is now Saturday at 8pm, is it safe to have a couple of beers?

  37. Hi, I accidentally drank two glasses of wine an hour after taking 10mg of Valium, for the first time. This was at 8pm, it’s now midnight. Do I need to be concerned or would anything bad have already happened? I immediately drank 2 liters of water once I realized how bad the alcohol and Valium combo is. Thanks for any advice.

  38. I’ve been taking gallium for two weeks for musle spasm I was on 20mga day.5mg breakfast.dinner .super and bedtime.I’m now off them 1week is it safe to drink alachol again now

  39. I drank yesterday I was going through alcohol withdraws went to the hospital to get help he prescribed me Valium 10mg I ve taken 5 pills through out the day but I still can’t fall asleep my head keeps racing is it ok to take 1 more 10mg Valium pill or will that put me at risk of overdose ??

  40. Hello I have been taking 5 mg of valium for 3 years for vertigo attacks and used to be able to have just 2 glasses of champagne , now once I start I cant stop and can drink the whole bottle or 2 and it also causes me to blackout . I definitely noticed the valium does something to tolerance with alcohol , I will NOT be drinking anymore .

  41. Hi I’ve been on diazepam for a while now im currently taking 3mg and night i had a bit off a binge last night and i wanted to know if it was save to take my tablet tonight? Thanks

  42. Hi there I’ve been on 1mg of diazepan for couple of yrs I don’t normally drink but I’m going out on my first date in 3 yrs I take 1mg at the same time everynite at 9pm UK time.as I said I don’t normally drink but as it a date would it be OK to have 2 bottles of beer we whilst taking diazepan. Also if I’m out can I take my 1mg of diazepan at 9pm and drink on top of it OK.or should I take it earlier that day if so wht time plse help thks do much.miss Rachel

  43. Yes 40mg of Valium and a 12 pack is not the smartest thing to consume on a sat night. But get real, you are not going to freaking keel over and die unless you are a midget or weigh 80lbs. . However you WILL be totally wasted and perhaps call your ex gf and bang your head on a wall the next morning. That said just dont make this a habit and ignore all the anti drug hysteria that is counter productive to our nations drug problems.. Along with the stupid criminalization of what should be considered a public health issue

  44. I only drink on a weekend can I stop valium on a Saturday and Sunday and go back on it on the Monday I never drink in the week

  45. I see this is a very old post, but I wanted to share my knowledge to help others avoid a horrible mistake. I write this to you from my house, on house arrest for a horrible DUI… How stupid, right? I have been taking diazepam for anxiety for years, I never drank or did other non prescribed drugs until about a year ago when I was introduced to fine beer. Over the course of less than a year, the mix of alcohol and benzos have pretty much ruined my life. I woke up in jail 3 months ago not knowing where I was. I have read about the mixture killing people, I shrugged it off. Now I wish it would have to some extent. This mixture, if you live through it will turn you into a horrible zombie with no regard to yourself or others. I have heard stories of me coming home on my hands and knees, talking jabberish, never remembering it. Apparently, the night that landed me in jail, and looking at more time I proceeded to drink an entire 750ml of whiskey, drive my car 14 miles north of my house, hit two cars, and piss all over myself to boot. Obviously, I was spotted and arrested. I do not remember one second of that night, and I am wondering how it was even possible for me to put my shoes on and get into my car. I would never even have 2 beers and get behind the wheel within an hour. Some people have called me an alcoholic, but they did not know the deadly, and scary mixture I was doing. My advice, pick one or the other. Either in moderation is just fine. I am off diazepam now, wanting a beer but I cannot due to the fact that I am on probation. I know it will not stop the willing, but please take my advice. Don’t do it! You will eventually regret it immensely.

  46. I suspect I was spiked with Valium in my alcoholic drink last weekend. I would like to know how long it would take to affect me after the drug was put into my drink. I need to know the time frame so as to try to work out who I was with and where I was at around the time of the spike. I have two suspects in two different locations on that night. One of the people I suspect has been known to spike before and has access to Valium.

  47. I had my first dose of 10mg vallium tonight and a glass of red wine without giving it any real thought. Am I over reacting to be worried?

  48. I took a 5mg diazepam before an MRI (claustrophobia), 4 hours later when I got home I had a snack and a Coney Island Hard Root Beer…am I in any danger?

  49. How should be the sequence to mix it with alcohol to have fun? I know its risky but gonna try it with some friends and was thinking of starting with two or three glasses of wine and then go with the 5mg Valium. Would this be ok?

  50. ‘i suffer terrible panic and anxiety hence the valium diazepan whatever and drink red wine. cant get help and i really need it. any help. gp no good

  51. Hey there, so I’m 20 years old. I took 5 – 10mg of Valium took 2 big drinks of ciroq and did 2 molly. I hope I wake up in the morning to read the reply but, if not, have a good life everyone and don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannon put in your body.

    Start slow, and take it easy. I’m at the point of i dont really give a shit so I’m trying to get fucked up as much as i can, why? Cause I have no family and no one to support me and I feel like a fucking loser drop-out who can’t accomplish anything with my life (I HAVE TRIED TO BE SUCESSFUL) but nothing works. I always take 10 steps forward and 20 back. My dad died in 2009 and my mom abandoned me after that so I dropped out of school at 16 to support myself ever since.

    Not looking for a sympathy story, just want to let you guys know. You will get kicked down again and again and again and sometimes you reach your breaking point which is where I’m at. Maybe I’ll take more tomorrow to try to “numb” the pain. Also I took 7x800MG of nuerotin (fun). So good luck, fuck the haters, do what makes you happy, you aren’t supposed to pay bills and die, fuck that. Have a good night!

  52. Hi folks, i just recently tried this Valium with alcohol so i drink and i took 20gm of Valium at the same time i felt good and i don’t felt drunk even after 6 cocktails it effected to calm me a lots more than usual as normal based on alcohol after many drinks i always got too emotional or has such a naughty behavior but i honestly scared of overdose if i keep mixing it with alcohol to calm my feeling down.

  53. My fiancé recently cheated on me with his ex .. That day, he had taken a Valium & had a few beers that night, he cheated around 4-5 the next morning (he never went to sleep). Is it possible that this is why he did it? Being that he told me it had him ‘messed up’ I’d like to have some other opinions that might actually be true & help me out in this situation. Thank you

  54. i take 5mg diazepan only if I feel under a lot of stress and anxiety . My question is I took one 5mg tablet at 2:30 pm how long after can I safely drink any alcohol and I’m not going to take anymore of the diazepan today?

  55. I’m glad I read this. I take 10mg of Valium before I get on an airplane due to my intense fear of flying. I asked my GP whether I could drink at the same time and he said it was fine, that it would just make me sleepy. So I’ve been having a glass of wine to wash down the Valium at the airport. I’ll not be doing that anymore!

  56. all you say is mixing alcohol with diazepan is bad ? why ? because of impaired judgement and coordination ? i get that from drinking to much alcohol ….. so whats the big deal or is this another site with a lack of knowledge on mixing stuff and the dangers from it ? drugforums with junkies provide way more information then your theoretical information with lack of examples… but i guess you don’t need that much to convince the average adult something is bad ..

  57. Currently doing both, in a bad spot. I’ve prob taken 6 .5 mg with three shots of vodka, just curious if I should be worried

  58. I have severe cervical pain and spasms. Last night I decided to drink vodka and took 20mg of Valium . The next thing I new I was in the hospital over dosing and not breathing. I am grateful to be alive and ashamed of myself for doing this to myself , my three kids and most of all my husband. I am lucky to be alive. All I wanted was my neck pain to go away, but instead I self medicated myself and I almost died….please think twice about doing drugs and alcohol. Tonight I throw out all of my so called prescribed narcotics…i rather go through my neck pain, then ever put my kids and husband through this. I WAS LUCKY TONIGHT!!!

  59. Hi

    I’ve been taking 2mg tablets one or two a day only at night and morning. Want to go for a drink tomorrow and plan to not take any in the morning. Just want to know if it would be safe to drink during the day timidriw

  60. I had a nice night out with family parents and my adult children.. I had two sparkling whites and two red wines and food. Had a bit of a bit of a discussion with my elderly parents as I have no where to live and they said its not a good idea to move in with them …. That hurt….. I am on Zoloft for anxiety and depression and when I got back to where I was staying I took 7 5mg Valium not caring if I woke up….wish I didn’t ….wouldn’t have known any better if I didn’t ! Feel awful today can’t function have headache and now have to face my parents sooner or later ….now will be very hard on myself and feel guilty….there are so many others that have worse lives that deserve to live over me…why didn’t it work?

  61. TIM..9th October. I do hope you came through it ok…That is exactly what happened to my daughter Helen…She said she went very dizzy and then later started talking jibberish on the phone, to me. After that I don’t know as she would not answer her phone the rest of the day and I did not have a house key to get to her. By the time I got someone to break in next morning..she was dead in her bed. The coroner said that she probably just slipped into a coma after speaking with me….and that was it for Helen…She just drifted away.

  62. Hi,
    I read all the stories and just wanted to thank the addiction blog people, those who answer and answer and answer again and take the time for everyone who uses. You could have a nice day out in the sun. Valium, alcohol, other drugs and more drugs to self treat mental pain – I am so sick of it. 🙂 My husband has PTSD, work stress, this, that and the other and a teenage drug history. He is on antipsychotics and valium at the moment…. to overcome his anxiety and really… dealing with his alcohol consumption. He has started to have days without alcohol, but drinks 2 to about 6 drinks other days – with medication. I want to believe and trust him, little steps towards a healthy future. But sometimes I think he is kidding himself and I am somehow stuck in his chemical world. If things don’t get better there will be the day when I won’t care how he feels and I won’t care how much he has taken and won’t even care if he would wake up. I will walk through the door and enjoy the world out there, because it is beautiful. I will give his stupid poppy-garden a last smile and have a cup of tea somewhere else. Live your short lives to the fullest, lots of love!

  63. Hi I took about 5-6 5mg of Valium to cope with the recent death of my brother and drank about a bottle of wine over an hour period. I got into bed but and the next thing I recall is sitting near my car about 80kms away involved in a single vehicle accident. I cannot recall any of this and am wondering how this could of happened? Please help

  64. When I was 16 (1987) I took 2 Valium’s and drank liquor as well. I hadn’t taken pills before and did not know the danger that awaited. I don’t remember any thing other than waking up in the hospital. I overdosed. I was told that I wasnt breathing and had CPR performed on me by the EMTs.Please people DO NOT mix downers with downers. It could be lethal, for it does not discriminate.

  65. I have been hurtb from work. for 5 moths have two get b4 discs fused and I don’t klike it. I took alchohol a six pack takk boys and diazepam and five vicodins earlier still in pain but dizzy and feel stupid what do I do im tired of this. Im losing my family because im such a dick but I still work 50 nhrs a week lite duty help. I feel really weird right now. I can barely stand 7up and the pain is still there fucc. The bad part I used to be addicted to meth and I want it every day. I have been clean for years. any advice im falling quick

  66. Can I drink a few beer if I’ve only taken 2 Valium in my life? I took half this morning and half a few hours ago. Will it be safe?

  67. I took 2.5mg of Valium at 3:45pm this afternoon. I have had 2 beers since 7pm. Is this dangerous? I didn’t realise it could be.

  68. All I can add is….if you like to drink or are an alcoholic…please ask your doctor for something other than valium…I didn’t realise the hazards until it was too late, and Helen had taken the tablets…I think about it every time I visit Helen at the crematorium and look at her lovely face on the plaque we had made with her young daughters heartfelt message….’Mommy I will always love you to the moon and back….I wish you were still here now’ …My daughter was 35 years old and beautiful..

    Don’t do it !!!!

  69. I have severe pain from coccyx my g p prescribed short dose of 5mgs Valium not killing pain but adding 2/3 vodkas complete relief can I do it for a few days

  70. Doctor prescribed valium to me 4x a day. Said OK to drink 4-5 beers a day. Is this safe or dangerous? I need alcohol as I am an alcoholic. Is the doctor right or wrong?

  71. After reading through some of your messages, I would like to add that , YES, Helen had probably drunk a lot of vodka, she was on approx 1/2 litres per day, but the Diazepam was only a 2 mg dosage….So even taken over just 2 days was still only a relatively low dose…but enough to send her into confusion and then into a coma and then kill her.

    It isn’t worth taking it with alcohol at all….Stop while you are still alive….

  72. My daughter died in Dec 2010 after being prescribed Diazepam by her GP when she had a panic attack. Helen was a severe alcoholic and although it was not her regular GP who attended, the visiting doctor wrote in her records that she was drinking heavily!! So why give Diazepam?? Helen died 3 days later after, I believe, taking 7 days supply in 2 days in her confusion and going into a coma…

  73. Dear Sirs,
    I have strong panic attacks at the moment and I am using 12 tablets (10 mg) of Valium per day (3 tablets 4 times per day). If I will not take the third and the fourth dose of the day but drink 1-2 bottles of wine in the evening, will it cause any dangerous effects? I am not planning to do it daily just with the exceptions of couple of days during the healing.Unfortunately I cannot consult my doctor at the moment. Many thanks in advance for your prompt reply.

  74. Dear Sirs,
    I have very strong panic attacks at the moment and taking 12 tablets (10 mg) of Valium per day (3 tablets 4 times per day). If I will not take the third and the fourth dose of the day but drink 1-2 bottles of wine in the evening, will it cause dangerous effects? I am not planning to do it daily just with the exceptions of couple of days during the healing. Unfortunately, I cannot consult my doctor at the moment. Many thanks in advance.

  75. Hi, I’ve been taking 3 5g dizampams daily and a antidepressant before I go to bed, what would happen if I had a couple drinks of gin?

  76. Gm. I understand your pain. Finally got oxyset for my pancreatitis. Don’t overuse or overdose! It is very addictive. It’s oxytocin and Tylenol! Follow Dr instructions and you be OK.

  77. hello.
    I am going on my first flight tomorrow. And am very nervous. I have been prescribed 5mg and 2mg tablets of diazepam for anxiety. I am wondering if it would be to harmful to have up to 5mg of diazepam and up to 4 alcohol drinks whilst in plane and prior. ?

  78. I have taken two 5mg diazepam tablets at 12pm today. I am going for a meal at 7.30 pm this evening with family members and would like to have a couple of glasses of wine is it safe to do so ?

  79. Took 20 mg of Diazepam @3:40 this afternoon to have a calming effect when I had my MRI @4:30 pm which worked.
    I normally consume a beer and maybe two glasses of wine before/during dinner at night, that being my only alcohol consumption daily.
    Is it safe after taking my normal alcohol intake wit h the Diazepam in my body. This is a one time deal only. Probably will be another hour or so before having a alcoholic beverage.
    Thanks for your time

  80. My boyfriends son is 25 yrs old, he’s drinking lager, vodka, sherry, wine, and his mother is given him valum, and he’s smoking cannibis his dad is absoloutely worried sick, we need help, please tell us what to do to help him.

    1. Hi Audrey. If he won’t accept your support to get professional help and quit his addictive behavior, you can set up an intervention and send him to a clinic with structured addiction treatment program. There, medical staff will help him safely clear his organism from all substances and start working on his recovery. Then, counseling and family therapy may need to follow through his long-term recovery.

  81. I’ve taken over 50 x 5mg Valiums and drank over a bottle of vodka with no I’ll side effects – put it up to tolerance if you want to but I’m assuring most of you that no permanent harm was done to your body just from that.

  82. Flying terrorizes me. I’ thinking of taking 10ms or 20 mg of Valium and may be a glass of wine with the dinner (it’s a 16 hs flight). Is it really dangerous?

  83. I ate 40 5mg Valiums and drank 10 king cans of beer within a 12 hr period. Everyone had told me that I had a blank emotionless stare I was not acting normal and was not making sense. I got arrested and have no recollection of anything from the time I was eating the pills and drinking until two days later. The cops were told what I had in my system and were asked to take me to the hospital or detox. They did neither. They had to carry me out of the house to the cruiser. I don’t know if I was brought to the station or the jail. I did not realize my charges or where I was . I have started a case with the ombudsman cause I should have been medically treated and am lucky I didn’t die. But with what I had in my system would those symptoms be common. And so everybody understands it was a mistake. DONT MIX BOOZE AND MEDS. I have now got on a list for an in patient program to deal with my issues

  84. I’ve been out with friends and been very drunk a few times. Someone has given me a couple of 10mg valium which I’ve knocked back and I literally do not remember the next two days. Stupid.

  85. Hi, I’ve had s really bad day, taken 8 diazepam not sure what mg my friend gave them me. I’m also smoking weed. And on the 3rd carling now, will I be OK seem to feel a lot better after 2 hours, just a but paranoid I might die

    1. Hello Oliver. Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 and talk to a poison expert to assess the risk of overdose and provide advise on what you should do next.

  86. I have had 2 tablets 10mg of diazepam my friend and I went for lunch and without thinking I had 2 large vodka and cola I am at my wits end incase I have done harm to myself

    1. Hi Mary. I believe you will be all right. Just to be sure you can Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 to see if you are facing any greater dangers and whether you should seek medical help.

  87. I have taken 20 mg of Valium & currently on my last glass of wine ( I’ve almost consumed a whole bottle at 13.5%) I feel completely relaxed, calm and euphoric. I feel slight depression but it really is nothing compared to how relaxed my mind and body is right now.
    I suffer from BPD and the doctor perscribed me 10 2mgs until tomorrow I have chewed them all. My thought process has definitely altered and I’m having trouble writing this to make sense.

  88. I once took 100 5mil demazepams and drank two litters off rum ended up in hospital for two weeks in a coma I didn’t remember a thing. But I still haven’t learned from you mistakes as I smoke cannabis an last night drank four cans off stella an a bottle off wine an over 40 joins an took 14 5mils last night an woke up at mid day feeling fine apart from not remembering what happened last night lol. I know I was a nodding dog last night but I’m still fine I’m also on quitaripin 200mils an mitasapin 45mils. I don’t thing drink with demazepam is dangous at all it could be for some people if they never taken it before but if you body is used to it you will be fine maybe sleep for a bit an not remember last night that all
    Kind regards

  89. It was my birthday night before last and I got really drunk I was in a party and I took a few Valium tablets I woke up today and I didn’t feel too bad but as the day has gone on I feel more dizzy and drowsy I’ve never taken Valium before and just want to know how long this feeling will last ?? Thanks

  90. Hi,
    I have a flight to catch at 6am tomorrow morning before I go work a season abroad.
    I am leaving my home town at 2.30am and was going to take one 5mg diazepam just before I leave to calm me down as I am a very anxious person when meeting new people, who I am to fly with, and also have a fear of flying in itself. However l, we plan on having a few drinks on the plane at 6am. Will I be ok to do this?

  91. I usually have 4 units of wine during dinner and at bed time take 10mg valium. I find difficulty to fall asleep if I do not have valium. Please advise your suggestion

  92. What if the mix is temporary in order to calm down from a big traumatic event? I took 3 (10 mg) pills and 2 small beers. I”m not trying to overdose but I need to dull the pain right now.

  93. My 11month old baby died.after she was given diazepam.am not sure of the other medicines she was taking. But she had a temperatureof about 38.I still have questions her sugar also shot up after.all that was in a day

    1. Hi Simangele. I’m very sorry for the loss of your baby. How come she was given diazepam? Was it given by doctors?

  94. You mentioned the effect of mixing Valium and alcohol was drowsiness. Each on their own causes drowsiness too, but I am wondering if the drowsiness takes effect any sooner when they are mixed? Otherwise alternatively, it would take the same amount of time to feel any drowsiness effect.

    1. Hi Danielle. Although drowsiness may not have a faster onset when Valium and alcohol are mixed, the two substances enhance the effects of the other. This means that you will get much more drowsy when mixing them. Drowsiness may lead to unintentional harm and danger, plus there are other dangerous side effects like slowed respiration, loss of coordination, memory problems, etc.

  95. A friend of mine from partying 10+ years ago, died last week, almost definitely from this alcohol valium cocktail. RIP Lee. You were lovely but wasted. I stopped the crazy nights out calmed down, got a job, quit smoking, had kids, got cancer now eat healthily and stay away from alcohol etc. Unfortunately Lee and many others carried on ‘having a good time’ and this has cost him his life. Dying in your early thirties from being blaazay about what you ingest is a travesty. All I hope is that his partyhead friends wise up and realise the risks.

  96. I complelty agree with this. I mean j have a high drug tolerance but last Friday decided to take 4 10mg drink a bottle of absoutle vodka and half a bottle of run between 2, blacked out at around 12am a d become the world biggest ass hole and said things I defiantly shud. not of said, it complelty overtook me and. I can’t r ember a. thing. Not somthing I’d advise.

  97. Well, i’de say exaggerate in one of them does not makes you overdose, well if you have consciousness, off course. I’ve taken over 10 of 10mg,100mg of diazepam/valium per night to get some sleep, and yeah it works. But mixing with alcohol you should have caution and never take when you’re totally drunk, because you can end in a hospital or die. All people are different, so don’t risk it! But if you take a couple of 10mg and drink after, is totally different, you control your buzz and stop drinking when you feel dizzy!! Believe me, i portuguese and i usually drink “calheta aguardente”, it’s a very strong rum from Madeira Island, (over 50% of alcohol, but smooth and so good to drink, you have to try before you die) and i’ve done that experience more than once, it’s a great buzz mixing both but only in a controlled state of mind. By the way don’t get used to it because it vanishes your brain, more than Heroin! So making a brief, you can mix both but do not exaggerate in one of them, it kills you a little by little… or in one way!

  98. I’ve mixed alcohol and Valium twice now in the space of 3 days. Not sure exactly how strong the pills were but I had 3 each time. I was only slightly drunk the second time but the first time I was completely smashed. Just wandered if there was any long term affects I might end up having?
    So far I feel fine, just a bit sluggish and unmotivated but pretty content.

  99. dear Alias .15mg is a small dose the effects you have are mostly from the drink.you should see a doctor about the self harming could be depression.i’ve been taking valium in varying doses for about 16 years.
    dear Mary.i think you’ve had 40 mg enough to make you tired it won’t harm you in any way.with or without alcohol.

  100. Hi Mary. For any concerns for overdose, you can Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 and talk to a poison expert. It’s a free call and they’ll provide guidance on what to do next if you are facing a risk of overdosing.

    Hi Alias. Do you have anyone near you who can drive you to the ER? You need medical assistance ASAP. If no one can drive you, then Call 911.

  101. Just taken 15mgs of diazepam and a 6 pack of beer. Not feeling so well. Shallow breathing, exhaustion and depression are taking control.. Emotionally dos functional and can only type with one eye open due to bliriness..one plus I have stopped crying at least /- soo tired So depressed. I also self harmed for first time since a teen .. Need help

  102. Help I took 10mg Diazepam at 9 in the morning went for lunch had another a 2 but had 2 small bottles of wine came home felt really jumpy so I took another at 8.30 now I am worried sick

  103. I’m prescribed diazepam because of my severe panic attacks and tomorrow I’m going to a party (my first one in years) which I am extremely anxious about and I know that I can’t both take a diazepam and drink alcohol at the same time but to stop my anxiety rising throughout the day I was considering taking a tablet at perhaps 1pm as I wouldn’t start drinking until about 6pm and I was told the effects of diazepam only last about four hours. would this still be unsafe? I am only on a 2mg doseage to take when I need it, but I’m a 17 year old 39kg female so I don’t know if the effects are heightened because of my low weight. I’m just looking for some advice on how I should handle this situation. thank you.

  104. Hell Dana. Yes, mixing codeine (an opiate) with Valium (a benzodiazepine) is dangerous. The mix will enhance the central nervous depressant effects of each drug. Check in with a pharmacist for more information about the contraindications, risks, and adverse side effects.

  105. I have been on a maximum of 4 mg per day of Diazepam for 10 years. I now drink (for the last 3 years) 2 glasses of red wine per evening – but no other alcohol during the day – just 90+% water. Any suggestions? Regards, Geoff

  106. Hi,
    I have no experience with Valium… I have done alot of other things before, and went to a doctor the other day and he gave me 25 5mg pills, I never said I had “anxiety” so I do not know why he gave it to me.
    I tried first two, an I felt better than I have in months…
    Today is saturday, and instead of feeling “down” I took 3 tabs and a bottle of wine.
    And I feel great and want to finally go out and meet people again for the first time in weeks.
    Should I be worried, or is it ok to go out on a saturday binge after 15mg, when I this is my first experience with it?

  107. in my opinion this vals and alcohol will kill you talk is rubbish. iv been doing it for ten years. had 50 mg tonight and 4 beers feel fine.you need to take hundreds of vals to die.

  108. Hi Fiona. You may experience sedative effects if you drink alcohol while taking Diazepam.
    Doctors strongly prohibit drinking alcohol if you are treated with this medicine.

  109. I have recently been given 2mg of Diazapan 1.-3 tablets to be taken 3 times a day. I am being treated for anxiety due to a bad experience. Not sure how long I will be on them. I took 6mg yesterday but was told I can take up to 9 tablets per day. What I want to know is , I usually have a few glasses of wine at the weekend would this be dangerous, or should I just stop the medication if I am going to have a few drinks, please advise me , Many thanks.

  110. Hello Charity. Well, it’s Not recommended. And you are familiar with the side effects and risks, listed in the article above.

  111. Hi Martin. I’d say you were lucky. You put yourself in a very risky situation, and thank god, there were no fatal concequences. I’d suggest you don’t try to do the same again.

  112. I was going through a tough time and drank a bottle of 18 year old single malt whisky, a gram of coke and 6 10mg valium. Not sure whether i wanted to wake up. This was at 10pm and at 12pm the following day i went outside, naked, and was screaming for snipers to kill me. (i dont remember any of this) im not sure if i was ‘awake’ or whether i was sleep walking etc, hallucinating or what. I’ve done lots of drugs over the years so maybe my immunity built up not to overdose. Is this normal? would a normal person die from this?

  113. I dont understand how this is dangerous, the other week i took 80mg of valium, half a gram of mdma, near half a gram of mephodrone, a couple bumps of ketamine and drank 3 pints of beer and some vodka. Is this actually dangerous or am i just really lucky to be alive? I did all this at festival and i was hallucinating more than i ever have. To be honest i want to do it again but would like to know if i seriously might die if i try it again

  114. Is it dangerus to mix one or two glass of vine every day with one valium of 5 mg every night for more than a year? Can it cause problems with short term memory? That is the only change I notice.
    Thank you!

  115. Hi Colleen, I’ve never heard of a Valium patch? Are u sure it’s not a morphine patch? Any way besides that it’s absolutely normal for your fiancé to act like that mixing it with alcohol but it’s not good !! (Obviously) long term use of these 2 can lead to brain damage – I self medicated with alcohol and Valium for about 5 years and my memory is shot to sh!t not to mention the situations I found my self in due to my aggression or black outs!! Best thing you can do for your fiancé and your self is tell his doctor

  116. My fiancé is on Valium patches due to a bad back injury. He doesn’t drink very often but when he does it effects him dramatically, his personality changes, he is like a Jekyll & Hyde, and is quite scary. Is this normal? He doesn’t realise how bad he is and does not think its because he is on Valium, even though it clearly says on the pack do not drink alcohol ! What other harm is he doing to himself.
    A very worried fiancée
    Thank you

  117. My question is exactly this, which of the following drug mixture has the most potential for overdose, alcohol and;
    Please respond

  118. Mixing Valium and alcohol is never a great combo .. Believe me I’ve had plenty of nights I havnt remembered off this cocktail !! But seriously – if your out drinking and get home feeling panicky and anxious throw a few Val’s back 2-3 only ‘you will NOT die’ !! Also With Katie I think it was the alcohol that gave her, her panic attack followed by a touch of alcohol poisoning the next day !! Karen needs to realise her son was on narcotics that night and that her 31 year old son should be old enough not to listen to his ‘friends’ unless the guy downed a 50 pack of Val’s and a bottle of vodka I highly doubt it was those to things alone that put him in hospital!

  119. I went to a big event in the Philippines wherein the highlight was RHCP playing for the crowd. Before that day (that was the 2nd) i took a couple of valiums, (10 mg), around 5, snorted 2, and took 3 during the event proper. Took a couple of drinks like 2 or 3 cans of beer. The next day, i was feeling kinda drowsy and all but I was normal its just that my speech was gibberish and all. I drank like 10 shots of tequilla before RHCP played and then there I was so hyped up that it felt like i didnt take even a tablet of V. Now, im still feeling kinda down low, and I wanna know the side effects now of whats gonna happen next. How long will this feeling last and will still be normal again like how i was before the international music festival. Please email the answer to me and keep this private. Thank you so much for all the help you can give. Looking forward to it. Peace!

  120. Hi Paul. Drinking one bottle of wine daily is a sign of an alcohol problem – for men, one indicator is more than 10 drinks per week, or more than 2 drinks at one sitting. It’s possible that you have a very high tolerance for alcohol … but we don’t recommend ever drinking while taking Valium.

  121. I drink a bottle of red wine and take 10mgs of valium/diazepam and I feel wonderful.I have it with a big meal and I sleep well.I did this because all the doctors I’ve been to are so stubborn and would never increase the dose.I am not going to beg them anymore for a good nights sleep.People only overdose when they mix huge amounts of alcohol with huge amounts of meds.

  122. Hi, I drank a lot last night, 3/4 bottle of wine, glass sherry & a couple of glasses of whisky. I took 5mg diazepam before I went to sleep, 11pm, woke up at 5am having a huge panic attack so took another 5mg. I have now woken up at 8am, and am shaky, wobbly when I walk, frightened and really scared I’m going to die from all I have taken. Could I still die, or would I have done so earlier if I’d overdosed? Thanks, I’m really scared.

  123. Valium and alcohol (beer) parties were very common in my circles in the late ’70s and ’80s. somebody got ‘m from their parents – usually a few 10 mgs.

    I befriended someone at one of these parties and we decided to drive to another party. The last thing I remember as the car veered toward parked cars, was looking over and seeing the driver slumped over the steering wheel.

    Then I woke up to the firemen all around me. I got in no trouble, but the driver got in plenty. I had my day in court for DUIs though.

  124. Hello Karen. My prayers are with you. We hope that others can avoid this risk just by informing them of the dangers. Bless you and your son. Lee

  125. My 31 yr old adult male son was admitted to the CCU – he was found to have a blood alcohol level of 598 and valium and another narcotic in his blood stream. One of his so called “friends” said that every knows you take a valium to bring you down the high of alcohol – can people really believe this? this lethal combination nearly caused my son his life. PLEASE continue to post the effects of mixing any drug with alcohol.
    Thank you.

    His Mother

  126. How much time is recommended after ingesting either Valium or alcohol before taking the other is considered safe? I.e., if I have 2 drinks at 8PM, when would it be safe to take a prescribed dose of Valium, or vice versa?

    Thanks for your reply.

  127. Hello Carrie. It’s best to avoid drinking while taking diazepam at all. What does your grandmother’s doctor recommend?

  128. My Grandmother is 92. She has a presciption for 5 mg diazepam, which she takes occassionally at night for leg cramps or just if she can’t sleep. She has a glass- or two- of red wine every evening, but this is usually a couple of hours before she goes to bed (when she would take the diazepam). Is this dangerous, or is it ok because the dose is so low?

  129. Hi Bobby. I’d suggest that you consult with your prescribing doctor first. Planning for a binge and knowing the possible side effects before combining meds is a wise thing to do.

  130. I’m taking Diazepam and Sertraline on a daily bases before I go to bed. I’m planning to have a good night with some friends and will be drinking some alcohol will it be unsafe to get home after sobering up a little and taking much pills before I sleep? My prescribed dosage is 2mg of Diazepam and 25mg of Sertraline. Thanks in advance!

  131. Hi Barry. It’s never safe to drink while on Valium. Check with your doctor to confirm this medical opinion.

  132. im on an amount that i dont know is large or not 6, 5mm=g of val and 2 cans of beer and bottle of wine with the want for VALIUM i have high tolerence to drugs often taking 15 or more e,s on nights out WHAT U THINK IM OK I THINK ?

  133. Hi.
    I have recently come out of hospital for a large valium, paracetamol and alcohol overdose.
    Is it normal to feel so terribly lethargic?
    I find it hard to hold down a conversation or even hold a coffee cup properly.
    Your response would be greatly appreciated.
    Kind regards,

  134. I’ve had four different orthopedic surgeons review my xrays and MRI and all concur that the only thing to be done are total replacements of both hips and left knee (my right knee was replaced in ’09). I’ve gained a considerable amount of weight because I cannot do anything as far as exercise goes. I also have Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Myofascial Pain beside the arthritis and the lower lumbar stenosis (the four bulging discs). So I either take pain meds to help take the edge off (and believe me, NOTHING gets rid of the pain completely, not even Duragesic patches), or I get them replaced. The four surgeons I’ve seen will not do surgery because they want me to lose weight first, which is fine, but tell me HOW I’m going to do THAT without being able to move??

    I’m frustrated and pissed. And I hate being dependent on meds just to get up off the couch. I can’t even sleep in bed anymore because the pain is so severe when I lay down, that I can only sleep for 20 minutes at a time, then I have to sit up. So I just sleep sitting up on the couch now, and I get a reasonable amount of sleep, but it’s NOT something I want long term. I just don’t want to be in pain anymore. I really don’t think that is a lot to ask.

    I hate taking all these pills, I hate being panic stricken when something gets messed up (like yesterday) because I KNOW how horrible I’m going to feel. I had to miss school today because of how bad I felt. They did get my Rx fixed, and the extra strength they gave me is helping. If it can keep helping, I have hopes I may be able to lose weight, if I lose weight I can have the surgeries. I just want to be able to walk again, and NOT be in pain, then I can get rid of the pain meds….. which is my ultimate goal. But right now, I can’t do anything at all without them.

  135. Hi GM. Combining sedatives for self-medication can sometimes work. But it will catch up to you in the long term. Perhaps there are some lifestyle changes that can help manage the arthritis? Or a second opinion from a doctor? Resorting to drinking and taking Valium for pain relief must be very frustrating, indeed!

  136. I rarely drink anymore, but I do take diazepam for muscle spasms in my back, I also normally take hydrocodone for my severe osteoarthritis (bone on bone in both hips and left knee). My doctor messed up my scripts and the pharmacy would not refill my hydrocodone. Now I have been on vicodin (hydrocodone) for over 20years due to my arthritis pain, and on the diazepam for almost that long, off and on. I honestly cannot stand the pain in my hips and knee without pain meds. I’m also in school, So I have to walk around a college campus with no cartilage in my hips and left knee (right knee was replaced 8 years ago).

    I am VERY angry with the entire medical system, as I should have had my hips and knee replaced long ago, but they always find an excuse NOT to do it. So tonight, I hurt beyond words, will hurt tomorrow more than I can imagine, and have NO PAIN MEDS. So all I have is my diazepam, gabapentin and some Irish Cream which I’ve almost drank the entire bottle. I’m tired of being in pain, and tired of health care “professionals” and I use that term VERY loosely, who could care less if I hurt this bad or not. So, I took 20mg of diazepam (twice my normal dose) 1200mg of gabapentin (twice my normal dose) 18 benydryl and nearly an entire bottle of Irish Cream. HOPING I can sleep tonight without being in horrific pain. I’m so tired of being in pain……

  137. Combining alcohol with other drugs, prescription painkillers or any type of drug, is never a good thing to do. Let alone, drinking alcohol or having an alcoholism addiction is one of the worst addictions to have.

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