Oxycodone withdrawal side effects

Oxycodone withdrawal side effects are usually benign but uncomfortable. Flu-like in nature, withdrawal side effects affect the GI-tract and central nervous system as oxycodone leaves the body. More typical side effects of oxycodone withdrawal here.

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When you take oxycodone daily for a number of weeks or months, you can develop physical dependency to the drug.  As the central nervous system normalizes to the presence of oxycodone, you go through withdrawal and its side effects when you decrease or stop dosing on oxycodone.  Getting rid of prescription drugs is not easy.  In fact, these effects are intensified and made more severe when you quit using oxycodone suddenly (which is NOT recommended).

Here, we explore the effects of oxycodone, why you experience withdrawal in the first place and what to expect when you withdraw from oxycodone. Then, we invite your questions about oxycodone at the end.

Withdrawal effects of oxycodone

Oxycodone is part of the opioid family of narcotic drugs used to alter the pain receptors in the brain. However, oxycodone also slows the overall functioning of the body. When you take oxycodone, even as prescribed, you run the risk of physical dependency because oxycodone is known to be habit forming. When your body becomes dependent on oxycodone, you experience withdrawal. Why?

When you decide to stop or significantly lower doses of oxycodone after a period of consistent use, you will quickly feel the side effects of withdrawal. This happens because the body is trying to find a level of homeostasis. The body has been extensively altered by the presence of oxycodone and while uncomfortable, withdrawal is the “rebound” effect of stopping the depressant; it’s way to regains normalcy. You can expect to start withdrawal and notice the appearance of side effects soon after missing an expected dose, after 50% or more decrease in dosaage, or if you choose to stop taking oxycodone cold turkey.

Effects of oxycodone withdrawal

You can expect the effects of oxycodone withdrawal to occur a few hours after the last dose of oxycodone has worn off. Expected side effects of oxycodone withdrawal include the following:

  • abnormal skin sensations
  • chills
  • confusion
  • excessive yawning or sneezing
  • extreme drowsiness
  • diarrhea
  • mood changes
  • seizures (more serious)
  • sleep disturbance
  • sweating
  • stomach pain
  • strong drug craving
  • sweating

You may also experience severe changes in mood such as, anxiety or depression. These side effects make it difficult to maintain the process of withdrawal and complicate other aspects of your life. At this point, a doctor can help prescribe you a short acting anti-anxiety medication. This type of medication can help during withdrawal.

Another complication of withdrawal side effects is relapse into oxycodone use. If a taper is not an option, the next step would be to have a monitored withdrawal in a detox facility. This way, you are in a safe place and monitored during acute withdrawal. This can help keep you from relapsing into drug use and address drugs cravings or desire to a use oxycodone.

But keep in mind that not everyone will withdraw from oxycodone in the same way. Each body is different and may experience certain side effects over others. And if you’ve been taking or abuse oxycodone in high amounts over long periods of time, these symptoms can be more intense. Additionally, if your overall health is poor, withdrawal can affect the body in serious ways. This is why you should ALWAYS WITHDRAW FROM OXYCODONE UNDER MEDICAL SUPERVISION.

Side effects of oxycodone withdrawal

So how can you address side effects of oxycodone withdrawal?

It is generally recommended that you avoid withdrawing from oxycodone cold turkey. Cold turkey oxycodone withdrawal needlessly brings on pain and discomfort. Instead, doctors recommend that you taper doses of oxycodone over time until there are minute doses present within the body. A taper allows your body time to heal and achieve new levels of homeostasis. With each decreasing dose, your body adjusts to it without severe complication side effects of withdrawal can cause. This is much easier on the system and you can treat the minor withdrawal side effects as they arise instead of all at once. If other complications arise, you and your doctor can help treat them in the following ways.

Oxycodone withdrawal side effects

Withdrawal side effects can be precipitated by several different factors. There are also many different ways you can mitigate and treat withdrawal side effects as they appear at any point in the withdrawal process. If you can, try to taper doses. But if this is not an option, seek treatment at a detox facility or a rehab facility for medical help.

If you still have questions regarding the side effects of oxycodone withdrawal ask.  We will get back to your questions as quickly as we can.

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About the author
Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. I have been taking 2 tablets of 7.5. mg of Percocet each morning at 7.30 a.m I have failed back
    surgery syndrome after a 9 hour back surgery 6 years ago. The pain clinic I went to said my next
    step would be to have a pain pump implanted but after much research and consultation with a
    neurosurgeon it was felt that there would be more cons than pros to that procedure . The pain clinic
    would only prescribe 3 Percocet daily. One tablet did nothing for my pain so I had to take two each
    morning for some relief. Could you advise me how to taper off the two tablets. I already feel
    nauseous when I do not take the two tablets at 7.30a.m. I have taken the Percocet for the last 5
    months. Do you think the withdrawals will be severe. Any suggestions you have to taper off I
    would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. I should add that my pain for remaining day confines me
    to bed and I realize I am becoming weaker. I am 74. Thank you again for any help you can give.

    1. Hi Mary. The withdrawal symptoms can be different for anyone. factors like age, length of use and overall health should be taken into consideration. I advise you to consult a doctor about the tapering schedule. They should evaluate your situation and determine the best way to taper off.

  2. I have read every individual post and my honest conclusion is the majority of these questions are all from addicts that have or have been taking quadruple their prescribed dose, or have went through their prescription and are getting it on the street, whatever they can get. Sadly this is exactly why the people with intractable chronic pain can no longer get enough meds for relief of their pain. 90% of you are full blown junkies looking for any way to feel better right now. Here’s an answer for you, quit going and having any Dr prescribe to you, instead go to a methadone or suboxen clinic for your daily fix. However, message after message is about how to get more drugs or what else you can use. No wonder so many people are dying.

  3. i have stopped the longtec completely. I take 5mg captials twice a day. I have dropped to 2.5 in liquid form once a day and the other shortec stays the same.
    i want to get off of these while my pain has nearly gone. Ialso take 200mg lyrica as well. I will drop this to 100mg in the morning next monday and see how my body reacts.

    do you think this is the right way to do this.

    kind regards

  4. I ran out of my prescription of
    oxycodone/325 @ 4x a day
    OxyContin 10 ml @ 4 x a day
    For only one day.
    The withdrawals were very severe. I went back on my normal dose, is it normal to
    still feel withdrawl symptoms 2 days after resuming my normal dose

  5. Been on OxyContin 40mg x3 day for 9 years. When I do NOT take it I experience the normal flu-like feelings. However, my hands, knees and ankles also begin swelling horribly, and I get chest congestion. I cannot find any online info on the. My doctor just says to not miss my dose. Withdrawal is not a major thing. But the swelling sure is.

  6. Geez, people! Oxy is just a nice warm fuzzy type of drug for unbearable pain directly following an operation. Assuming the operation went well and you are on the mend, the worst pain should subside in about a week. If it doesn’t, you may have adhesions or nerve impingement going on. I’ve broken many bones and the ones which were treated by cast simply felt better once set. The surgeries only required about 3 days of oxies. Any more than that and you are descending towards drug addiction.

  7. I have been off of oxycodone and hydrocodone for four months I have 345 and six vertebrae’s in my neck messed up what is there to do with the side effects I keep having on taking gabapentin for nerve pain but I was taking oxycodone for seven years and hydrocodone for tenure I’m 58 years old what do I need to do to try to get back to somewhat normal

  8. I have been taking ocycodone & Morphine. For about 10 years the pharmacy just told me they can Not fill them . what can I do? Or will I be in risk of serious physical reaction?

  9. I’m addicted to oxycodone, and I have no choice to withdrawal cold turkey! I have no medical insurance and I smoke marijuana for my fibromyalgia. I am going through withdrawal and I can’t get anymore! Please help , this sucks!

  10. I spent the last 6 days withdrawing at home from my 9 year prescription of oxycodone. It has been the worst 6 days of my life, I would not wish this on my worst enemy. What really helped was tinkster and CBD weed without those two medications I couldnt have done it. I dont even take any kind of marijauna and when this is finally done I will not touch it again. I like everything about weed but the high

  11. I have been taking 15 mg of oxycodone up to six a day and I have also been wearing a 175 mircogram patches of fentayl daily also for the last 14 years. I have been on these medicines because of seriously death crippling pain. I was told I either have two choices deal with the pain or I would have to have my right arm removed and part of the collar bone and shoulder blade. I chose to deal with the pain. My doctor a new one, my old one no longer works for a clinic.told me he tested my blood and it showed no medicine in my system. I don’t know how that is even possible! I have been taking it as I was supposed to.but now he gave me 30 days to get it different doctor. I can’t find one. I am terrified of the unknown.so many people have told me that I could die going off these medicines cold turkey after taking them daily for fourteen solid years straight.. Can you please let me know what is going to happen to me? I’m so afraid. I know that the test he took is totally wrong. there’s no way I could have showed negative for these medicines.like I said I have taken both of these medicines daily for fourteen years.whats going to happen to me? Am I going to really die? I already am also on seizure medicine too because I have several seizures yearly. Please advise me ASAP I will be out of medication on September 25,2017 thanks, Kathleen

  12. After 2 months of not taking my prescription of oxycodone (1 and half years at about 100 mg a day) I continue to feel bad with shakiness. I had tapered off oxy over a couple of months but am concerned that this insomnia and shaking is not going away. Is this normal to have this so long?
    Will the shakiness stop (usually in thighs or arms? I do also take xanax and have used clonidine.


  14. I know someone that has been titrated off of 20mg of oxycodone 3 times a day over a one month period that was prescribed for pancreatitis. He has been on it for several years. He is also bipolar and an alcoholic. He takes several medications for those problems e.g. Seroquel, Cymbalta, Lamotrigine, Ambien, & Clonazepam. He also takes other medications for additional health problems. Should he still be having withdrawal symptoms? He has most of the ones I have seen listed, plus slurred speech, imbalance, and a drunken look. Are these symptoms of withdrawal, also? Or from not eating, sleeping, and taking his medications incorrectly?

  15. My mother has quit cold turkey after 15 plus years. She has been under doctor care but there are no facilities that will take her. She still has pain but her biggest problem is diahreah. It’s been over a month. Any advice?? Thanks.

  16. My husband recently began drinking whiskey and takes high doses of morphine IR. I tried to get him to stop but he will not listen to me, nor will he go for help. Is there anything I can do besides waiting for him to kill himself?

  17. Hi, I have been taking 10mg of Oxicodene twice a day as part of a bigger drug regime to treat a chronic spinal problem. In recent weeks have been relatively pain free so decided to stop taking the Oxicodene. I tapered withdrawal by stopping taking the tablet in a morning & then a week later stopped taking the bedtime tablet. I have though started to feel very lethargic, & developed flu like symptoms & cannot stop yawning. Should I continue & hope these symptons pass & if so how long do I leave it? Any advice would be welcome. Thanks

  18. I have been thinking 4 times 20 mg day for every over year now and before that was on 15 then10 I’ve been on over 16 years and I had to walk out on my doctor so I had to go without prescription and to quit cold turkey how long will the pain last?

  19. I was paralyzed 22 months ago with broken bones from my neck to my bottom. Was put on oxycodone, (roughly 50mg daily as required), and was abruptly taken off the meds. Went “cold turkey” thirteen days ago and am still having a bit of trouble. With the oxycodone I was able to function and even work a new job…what can I use now to help with my pain?

  20. My doctor refuses to prescribe me any more Oxcy’s, back on April 24 when I saw her for the pain in my right hand I told her I was having lower back pain so she sent to go give an Urine test to rule out infection and from the urine sample I gave she decided to run additional testing without my constant and had my urine tested for drugs. It came back with pot in my system which I don’t smoke, but because of that she will not prescribe me anymore. I have been on them since August and I have been really sick from the withdrawls

  21. I’ve been addicted to 30mg oxycodone since I was 19years old & I am now 24 an trying to quit.
    how long do youu think it will take for my body to fully detox off of them & the withdrawal symptoms to stop???

  22. My husband has ran out of longtec not had any for 2 days and is constantly sleeping and not eating is this dangerous

  23. I have been taking oxycodone 15mg for pain for many years now. I have
    chronic pain Osteo Arthritis, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, degenerative bone desease my pain doctor cut me to a 10mg 4 months ago now 3 weeks ago to a 7.5 mg now I can’t sleep, diarrhea, bad legs jerking. What the crap

  24. This comment is for the older generation, if you have taken oxycodone, morphine, etc… you should not feel embarrassed or indifferent about looking into medical marijuana. Your health has pushed you beyond some perceived public opinion of one substance over the next. If I found out I could rub Kangaroo Poo on my teeth and it made me pain free without side effects I’d be at the zoo everyday!!!

  25. Suzanne or anyone else that doesn’t have insurance, call the healthcare marketplace it’s either free or extremely affordable even if you are unemployed and it’s good insurance, better than Medicare.

  26. Hi I’ve been taking from my gp 8 x 20mg x 8 doses per day. According to the pct the highest usage in the north. In 6 weeks I’ve reduced it to 30mg 4 times a day. I’m feeling worse as everyday goes by. When will this stop. Mentally I can’t take this no more.

  27. I have had 3 surgeries in 9 months compression of the neck rubbing against spinal cord.compression of my lower back pinching Nerves.went back fracture in my spine.after the last surgery bad weakness in legs,been using walker.stopped takeing cosines cold turkey.can withdrawals cause numbness in face and lips.

  28. I am only on 10mg a day of oxycordine
    For my arthritis pains. I stopped it on April 21st (yesterday) and I went thru withdrawal signs. I felt cold moody and lot more
    Can I take .5 MG today? Or sud i continue to take other prescribed
    GABAPERNTINE Alive etc. I don’t want to go back into this withdrawal

  29. I was taking 15mg. of oxycodone for about 3 weeks, then I increased it to 20mg. For about a week then started taking 30mg. for about a week. I’m out of them and have no way to get any. I have no insurance now. I stopped cold turkey and haven’t had any in the last 24 hours. I’m wondering what kind of withdrawals I’m going to have? I don’t have the option of going to the doctor. I again have no insurance coverage. I’ve been declared disabled, but have yet to get Medicare or money. Thank you for your time.

  30. I’ve lowered my doses for 2_3 days now I’m having withdrawal. I’m using adavan to cope with the anxiety and a medicine for cramps of the stomach, how ling should this be going on for

  31. I was on Oxycodone Immediate Release 10mg for a month and a half for sever Sciatic pain in the leg and back. The dosage was 0ne tablet by mouth every 4 hours which I did not require. I noticed that the pain was going away w/o the medication and decided I no longer needed it. I did the slow withdrawal by cutting back daily usage. Still had experienced depression; diarrhea, nausea (no vomiting). Lost about 12 lbs. What I hated the most and still experience after being completely free of the drug for 2 weeks now is the awful congestion in my head and the horrible phlem that comes down the back of my throat which I constantly (usually mornings) have to hack up. sometimes at night I can feel the build up. I have taken Claritin but don’t seem to eliminate this . Has anyone else experienced this? Otherwise I feel back to my normal self and proud of myself for going it alone. I am 84 plus years and the thought of my being addicted to ANY opiate was disheartening and embarrassing to say the least. Had no help from my DR. They only prescribe but are not there when you feel compelled to go off them because they are no longer needed.

  32. I have read every single post here. I have tremendous compassion for all of you. My advice to all of you is to speak to your doctors about each of your meds. If you are having an issue question each of the medications. The reason I say this is because you most likely felt good enough one day and the next either had an accident or became overwhelmed to the point you sought medical help. At that time you and your body needed help. Doctors address the major issues first but then continue to address other issues like ( blood pressure, cholesterol, etc…) You have to take the time to see if these are causing issues as well. As for me I have Ankylosing Spondylitis a type of Rheumatoid Arthritis , my wife of 25 years has Psoriatic Arthritis. We are 44 and 46. We both take Percocet ( oxycodone ) for pain. We started taking half of a 5/325 twice a day even though we were prescribed more and then over the past two years went to (4) 5/325 a day. I believe that the oxycodone made me extremely sensitive to pain. Odd it seems, but I feel like I notice each and every feeling. Example, when I take a shower I have never noticed the water hitting my feet in my entire life, now it causes some albeit slight pain. I am not an addictive person, I don’t care for drugs or alcohol but find myself here dealing with a degenerative spine. I experience almost all of these withdrawal symptoms even when I am not trying to withdraw yet. We are both tapering down our oxycodone to see if we can live with the pain that may or may not be masked by this drug. I want each and every one of you to listen to yourself and believe what you think and compare it to several doctors opinions and help them treat you!!! Yes, help them treat you!!! Because you live with you 24/7/365 they see you 10 minutes every now and then. Some of them need to be grabbed by both ears just to make sure they’re listening. They have kids, soccer practice, cheating spouses, sick cocker spaniels etc. Now with all the real and false (busy ness) that we have causes severe complacency and your doctor is no exception. Anxiety, yes up all night especially if I have an obligation the next day. Depression, yes I cry because I’m sad from losing mobility than I’m happy thinking about fun projects I’d like to do. Itchy skin sensations, yes what’s on the back of my neck or crawling on my leg, is there something on my back? Nope nothing. Constipation, yes sir, oh and then Diarrhea yes please may I spend more time on the toilet. Sweating yes, we swing from being cold to hot back and forth. Always slightly confused and emotional. If your spouse is taking oxycodone and your a wife who expects him to not be clingy or loving and compassionate because he’s a MAN well it’s going to happen. Not good for female Scorpios. I will update this after awhile to tell everyone our results. If you have successfully quit please tell us how much pain returned and how you have dealt with it. We may also try cannabis in the future if we absolutely can’t live without something for pain but only if it’s side effects are very minimal.

  33. ive been on oxycodone for over 10 years , my doctor made me go too pain management, they put me on oxymorphone , which made me cry 70% of the time , I wanted too die , i took a 270 rifle and practiced killing my self thought best too do in the farm pasture field as too not make a mess in the house , but thoughts of going too hell , made me beg and beg Jesus too take me , i only wanted too die , scratched my legs till they would bleed , i would amagine things were happening that weren’t , my brother took me too pain management 4 a shot , which was a needle inserted into my back bone too hit nerves too relieve pain in my legs , i tried telling them , but said i just needed couseling and therapy- — we went too my regular MD refilled my old script 4 oxycodone, went home and throwed remaining oxymorphone in the wood burner , i was in a living hell , dont know what ill do should my MD say he wouldn’t give or continue letting me have the oxycodone- – i dont want anything stronger

    1. Hi Lisa. I suggest that you consult with your doctor to help you create an individualized tapering schedule to quit this medication gradually.

  34. I’ve only been on oxycodone a week, gradually decreased on 8th and 9th day and have severe migrain lasting more than 24 hours so far; so I thought head aches would be a common withdrawl symptom?? Any comments??

    1. Hi Dawn. Yes, headaches can be a common Oxycodone withdrawal symptom. I suggest that you speak with a pharmacist to recommend some over-the-counred aid, teas and remedies to help you ease withdrawal.

  35. I tore my rotator cuff on my right shoulder. I went to see an orthopedic surgeon who said the tear was small and the physical therapy would be my best option at the time. Well,physical therapy hurt like crazy so I decided to see a pain management doctor. I chose one that went to Harvard Medical. All he did was give me shots of what I do not know and prescribed oxycodone 10 mg. 3 times a day. It worked for a bit but then I felt no relief. He then upped my dosage to 20 mg 3 times a day. After taking for about 4 months I noticed swollen gums in my entire month. Nothing bleeds when I brush or floss. I looked it up on the internet if this could be caused by the percocet. I found out that it could. I decided I wanted to get off the percocet so went to my family doctor to help wean me off. I was fortunate that it only took a little less than a month to get off completely. I did have slight withdrawal as I lowered my doses and times that I took it but it was worth it. However, it has been a week now with no percocet but the swelling on my gums have not yet gone done. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, could you tell me if the swelling ever went away? Thanks!

  36. I had double tkr 2 years ago took Percocet also I have neuropathy in both feet. Can’t take lyrica or gabapentine . Percocet helps with feet pain as well as knee. Had a revision of right knee done October 2016. Knee still hurts feet too now I’m also on morphine sulfate 30 mg every 12 hrs. Does not help how can I get of morphine stay on Percocet

  37. My dad had knee replacement exactly 4 weeks ago. He was taking oxycodone 5mg every four hours for about a week. Then his PT recommended that they up it to 2 pills every four hours so that he would have greater success in PT. So fir the past 3 weeks it was 2 5mg pills every 4 hours, so 60mg/day. He is not one who likes putting any drugs into his body and has a high pain tolerance. His knee was feeling pretty good so he decided to stop cold turkey on sunday. Let me mention he is 66 years old. He is experiencing most of the withdrawl symptoms, which he says is far greater than the knee pain. He has the cold and cold flashes, can’t sleep, shortness of breath, anxiety being the greatest ones. I know everyone’s body is different but how long do you anticipate he will go through this withdrawl with the dosage a short duration he was on it. I say short because it seems like what I read about others has. Even significantly longer. It’s so hard to watch him go through this. Do hot baths work?

  38. My pain doctor put me on oxycodone because I had stage 4 breast cancer and was left with nerve damage pain.while I was on this pill I had extreme itching ,nose and head and even lost my hair narrowing of the bowel and acute sinus problems and weight gain. I ask my pain doctor if it could be the pain medicine and he told me no it could not be
    so I trusted him and continued to take it the symptoms just got worse I had extreme leg aches and my body was swollen bad but he kept assuring me that it was not the pain pills. Finally I took a chance because I was in so much pain to slow down the pills and stop them I have been left with horrible leg aches that keep me from sleeping I have been off the pills for 2 weeks and these leg aches are killing me My pain doc acted like it was no big deal won’t even see me will this ever stop and how long will it last since I stop taking the pills The water retention has went away the itching and in 4 day I lost 15 lbs ,Becka

  39. Second day sober after using percocet for a year.. i find it difficult to breathe.. very short of breath w tightness in my chest. Along w several other problems.

  40. I am on oxycodone fives and I took them for 2 days three times a day I have missed two of my doses can I already be having side effects because I am sweating bad ? I can’t tell if it’s my menopausal hot flashes or the side effects from not having the oxycodone? PS I do not like the way it makes me feel all fuzzy-headed and tired all the time.

  41. I’m experiencing severe withdrawal from both icy coding and Xanax. I have no support system in place. I have all side effects listed other than 3, what can I do ?

  42. I was prescribed hydrocodone and percocet for 12 years. Although I was never taking more than 60mg. a day total. I woke up one day and realized just how emotionally numb this medication was making me, and it no longer eased the fibromyalgia pain. I went off cold turkey. I had all the usual symptoms….body aches, pins and needles/burning sensation in arms and legs, unable to keep body still so I could sleep (rls), extreme weakness, diarrhea, sneezing, hot flushes, brain fog, etc. These symptoms were really bad and went on for a month before lessening to a more bearable degree. I am now almost five months off, and the remaining symptoms are a return of all the symptoms (only less intense) for a few days and then days where I feel better than I have in years. I can only hope that in time, I will begin to have more and more symptom free days.

    For those of you who have taken Oxycodone or any painkiller for a lengthy period of time, be prepared for it to take some time to feel better. Do not get on other drugs, as you risk addiction to them, and they might slow down your recovery from the Oxycodone, etc.

    I think BIG PHARMA designed these drugs to make it almost impossible to quit, as you feel so sick physically and feel like you are losing your mind mentally.

    Rest assured you will feel good again. Eat right and exercise as much as possible. You can do this.

    Good luck to all who are suffering right now.

  43. When I was a boy I was embraced by all the wrong people, real dopers . They were older then I. They made there world look inticing. We were like rebels. Well my Pop was in the ground since I was 15, early 15, a month in. Well I was vulnerable to these sorts. We were a pack of thieves. The 1st day I went Harlem with these jokers was like an adventure. They copped their dope, 2 bucks a bag, Lucus shit, the real deal Hollyfield. Well I snorted a half a bag, and thought I was on top of the world. Well word soon got around that I join these renegade, and once it reached my older brothers ears it was curtain time. After a good add beating, well deserved, I quit cold turkey. Man did I hurt. I met this cat Frankie P. And he said to start a exercise routine, so I did. It was hard at 1st, but I just kept on keeping on. Frank stood by side every moment, I was always a believer of God, Jesus, the Lord took me the distance.

  44. Due to severly broken lleg/ankle/foot and back pain, I have been on oxycodone for 45 days. Via 5mg tabs my daily intake has ranged between 25mg & 110mg. An average day is 75mg. Though I still have a ways to go to heal, I’m convinced the pain no longer requires oxycodone relief. Surgeries are over. Generally uneducated in withdrawal symptoms, I became educated the hard way. I went 2 days at 20mg and about 35 hours cold turkey before it was essentially unbearable (some withdrawal symtoms acutely magnified by immobility from the healing injury). The inability to sleep was no joke! I then took 20mg oxy and within an hour, It all went away and I felt/feel sane & functioning again. When I attempt to withdrawal again in a timeframe best suited to my life commitments such as they are, your answers, I imagine, would further my education & withdrawal success (apologies if my question is elementary)…
    I understand individual experience varies, however, do withdrawal symptoms generally correlate directly to the typical daily dosage & length of time on oxy? In other words, for me, should I expect a difference in withdrawal symptom length or severity if I withdrew after 4 months of use as opposed to 2 months (assuming a constant daily dosage)? Similarly, if we assume I have a 10 day window next month to withdraw, do you generally foresee any benefit (withdrawal symptom severity or length) to white-knuckling a bearable daily dosage of 15-25mg as opposed to arriving at that 10 day period ingesting 50-70ish mg daily? I mean, would it be half as hard or are there simply withdrawal symptom truisms regardless of these variables… like ripping off a 2 inch band-aid as opposed to 4 inch… most notably is there’s a band-aid to rip off and the length is mostly inconsequential?

  45. I just had a c-sec 3 weeks ago and was prescribed oxycodone. I’ve recently stoped taking it but now I get severe headaches where light and sound affect me.And I’m supper tired all the time. Is this a effect of coming off the medicine?

  46. I’ve been taking oxycodone acetamin 5-325 m for two years. One before back surgery and 11 mos after. I called today because my scripts ran out. She gave me enough for four mos and I made them last six. But because she isn’t there till next month and ki haven’t seen her for six mos they won’t give me even a partial. I won’t see her until Dec 12. Please advise. Thanks

  47. ive been on oxy for nearley 3 years now since being diagnosed with degenerative discs.i started on 40 mill a day which has now increased to 60 or 80.however im an alcoholic and drink 40units of booze aday.i decided to try gabapentin instead so stopped the oxy without tapering.i felt crap for 2 days then fine.however when i tried to kick to booze this was a different story.if any of you have had alcohol withdrawals ul know they are the worse of the lot.i tapered down got librium for the shakes and was on mass dosages 400mill for a week…the mad thing was even with my lamagrotine tabs aswell i still ended up break dancing and nearley died.back on the oxy now bollocks to gaba thats evil stuff.all drugs are bad

  48. I have been off a low sose of oxcycodone for a month but still have the burning and pins and needles in my upper body. Is this nomal

  49. Hello I have been on Oxycodone/acetaminophen for 8 wks for a knee surgery I had,my dose is 50/325 tab every 4 to 6 hrs, so I would take up to 6 pills a day. I want to get off these pills since I go back to work in ,10 days. So what is best way recommended to get off these pills. I have gone through withdrawals before from taking tramadol for 8 months and I hated the feeling but I will do anything to get off before I go back to work so I will not be dependent on anything. Please help me with the best way, please!!

  50. Is extreme paranoia amd fear of publix places or crowds ofbseveral people normal after years ofbroxy addiction? I often think people in the same house and even room are talking about me and spying on me. When they talk about me I hear them say all the bad thjngs ive done in the past few weeks amd sometimes they even make some of my actions seem or feel wrong even tho.i dont think so. Its scary. Everything is a coincidental.contradiction. Im tired of conteadicting coincidences

  51. this my third day of being off Percocet. I’m having breathing problems, some mild chest discomfort off and on, severe back pain. been taking 10mg Percocet, tramadol and diazepam for fifteen years due to carbon monoxide poisoning. I have been to the er and ekg was fine and so was oxygen level intake. I stopped Percocet almost cold turkey and can’t get off my mind that I have heart disease. I constantly think I need heart surgery.

  52. I have multiple pain issues that I have taken over 20 years. At one point I was taking 130 mg per day. I now take 60 mg per day mostly. Plus an extra 30 pills 5 mg each for pain when needed. I must have taken too many of 30 over the month. I now have 8 pills left for 3 days. I tried to get it corrected. But my doctor is not in the office. How can I use these 8 pills to my advantage? I live in WA state were marijuana is legal. Would marijuana help my symptoms until my doctor gets back on Monday? Symptoms: abnormal skin sensations, sleep disturbance so far. Thank you.

  53. I have been taking 5mg of oxy for the last year for severe arthritis in my kneww. Started at 2 pills a day, recently worked up to 4 a day. The only reason I am quitting is because my doc won’t prescribe anymore, he wants to give me a full knee replacement and I tried a pain clinic and they wouldn’t give them to me so I had no other choice. I used to be full of energy when I took them, was happy, slept well. I am on Day 4 and can’t function and feel like I am going nuts. I have gone this far so no rehab clinics or tapering down. Any advice or comfort? Will I ever feel better again?

  54. For about 6 years I struggled with alcohol. In august 2015 I was hospitalized for detox. I was released within a week. I went 3 months without a drink. Then I started slipping back into it, thinking I could overcome it. I ended up back in the hospital in June 2016 once again for detox. I was transfered to a hospital out of state, due to the fact that after all the alcohol consumption it caused my gallbladder to swell and I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis. When released from the hospital the doctor there recommended I go see my primary care physician when returning home. The next morning I went to see my regular doctor about my pancreatitis. He took some lab work and xrays of my abdomen. He then prescribed me percocet 10mg and referred me to a gastrointestinal doctor. It took about 2months to get in. For the 2 months I waited, I would go to see my regular doctor for refills as needed. I was to the point of getting it refilled every week. Once I finally saw the gastro doctor. She then ran tests and concluded my gallbladder was not functioning and needed to be removed. She then referred me to a surgeon who set up my surgery 2 weeks from then. All the while I am still getting weekly scripts of 30 tablets of percocet 10mg. After my surgery I got 4 more scripts of the percocet… And that leads me to where I’m at now… I had taken all of them that I had. And the doctor refused any more refills. 3 days ago I used the last of them I had…my last dose was 60 mg. Not even 5 hours into my dose, I started to feel them wear off.. I decided to go to sleep.. I woke up 3 hours later, due to a terrible dream I was having. When I woke up I was drenched in sweat from head to toe. My hands were sweaty and clammie and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I stood out of bed and immediately felt dizzy. So I stepped outside to get some air. When I did I felt like there was something wrong. I was anxious, lightheaded, and I felt like I had just woken up from a coma… I felt like I had just returned to my body. I sat there confused about what I was feeling, emotionally and physically. I felt something come over me.. I looked up at the sky and said I can’t do this anymore… I don’t ever want to take anything for pain ever again. I was also taking Tylenol pm right before bed every night for about a month, but my tolerance was so high that I had to take anywhere from 6-8 pills per night just to sleep throughout the entire night. The day I took my last dose of the percocet was also the last night I took the tylenol pms I stopped both of them cold turkey. So with all that being said, I am just curious if the moment of awareness that I had, was due to early withdraw symptoms? I felt awkward, and like I didn’t know what to think or how to act… I felt as if god opened my eyes before I died in my sleep.. I know that sounds crazy but I have never been so serious about something in my life. I mean I had put my body through hell for the last 6 years with the alcohol. And now I have made it to my 5 month mark on sobriety from alcohol. But barely realizing 2 days ago that I had grown into an addict for the percocets and the Tylenol pms. I am 3 days into withdraws from these pills. And so far I have gotten every symptom.. From fever to chills and nightsweats insomnia dizziness lightheadedness feeling confused depression severe anxiety crying spells nausia dry heaving and severe loss of appetite. I have eaten 1 piece of bread and a few grapes in a total of the 3 days… I still feel really weird, and I’ve continued to have almost all the symptoms.. Ive been told that it goes away after like a week or so. But I am having a hard time getting my thoughts together. I seriously feel like everything that I’ve been through the last 6 years has been a big blur.. I remember some things. I am just confused about a lot of things. I feel like I don’t remember what its like to be normal and completely sober… I know this is a lot… But I really appreciate those who will read my story. And if anyone reads this and has any in site on my situation… Please do not hesitate to respond to my post… I feel like I am losing my mind :'( I know I’ll get through it physically.. But emotionally and mentally I feel like everything is just beginning to be like an overload or something… Why do I feel like I’m losing my mind so badly?

  55. I have weined myself down to one 15 mg tablet of oxycodone every 24 hrs. I do slice that into 4 pieces daily also and take a piece every 5 to 6 hours. I have been taking oxycodone since April. When should I stop taking it all together? My dr just says take less daily but gave me no guidance. What would be a safe schedule for tapering down as pain free as possible for the remaining I take daily?

  56. My son was on oxycodone after surgery and stopped taking it without tapering off. He is having nausea, anxiety and nervousness. How long will these issues last? Should he seek medical attention?

    1. Hi Tammi. Oxycodone withdrawal symptoms usually begin 4-6 hours after the last intake, and they should resolve in 7-10 days. If your son still doesn’t feel well, seek for medical attention.

  57. I taper of. It been two weeks and I have nerve ending make me shake through my body. I also being treated for UTI and not sure if that causing the problem. Also nausea and on med for that. Just not sure if the jitters are from that

  58. I am on 30 MG of short acting oxycobine. I have been on it for 4 to 5 years. I have never had it stolen and it was. According to the contract I signed with t ha pain clinic I beached the c on tract when it was stolen so I was dropped. I am assuming they will do it slowly because I have bad heart ry t hmn issues with several oblations. I have Erhlos Dan Los and Lois Dietz sydrome. Both rare. I am very scared as to what it will do to my heart and pain. AND ALSO…….. the randros blook draws show i had Ultram in my system. I took in whole in the hospital 1 week before the draw, bUT it sHowe up again 2 weeks later. I DO NOT TAKE ULTRA,,,, i only took it the oNE tI’m jn the hospital. Can it sTay in your system that long? It was a ufine sample. I SWEAR ON A STACK OF BIBLES I never took aNY othe uLTRAm. I am lost..please belp.

  59. I had try to go cold turkey on my oxycodone and I was going crazy bought all kinds of meds for simtoms lax,anti acids,stomach ache,nausea ,head ache,gum,try peppermint,ginger root,still not working ,went to doctors did nothing ,and did not say anything about cutting it down,I was suffering ,so I read up on it and they say you can’t go straight turkey like that ,so I went back taking from four a day to two a day is that good or what or too much,I still feel uncomfortable yet so what do I do for this problem

  60. Fully addicted to endone take them without pain. Can’t do cold turkey can’t taper can’t do detox in centre as I have comittments. Is there a tablet that can help getting off them at home?

  61. Maybe this is strange to say but my withdrawl was not as bad as I thought it would be. I was taking 180mg of oxycodone per day at the high point. I took it down to 120 for a few weeks and then cold turkey. I was dreading it and availabilty was the only reason I stopped. I couldnt get any. I had not gone a day without in 7 years. The initial anxiety had me trying avenues I would not normaly try until I said f-it, Im going to ride the ride. The first night I drank alcohol for the first time in years. I think that helped keep me mind from obsessing. I was anxious and fidgety and short tempered for the first 3 days. I sweat a lot. Imodium and lots of it was the only way to not spend the day on the toilet. I took benedrl at night to sleep and lots of B6, B12, Magnesium, and Potasium. It was really not that bad. I kept thinking when is this going to be the horror that people talk about. The fear of that and the initial discomfort kept me from quitting many times. I am not taking away the hell that others have experienced, I just wish someone would have told me earlier to try cold turkey and see how far you make it. Nobody on any of the boards has said that it wasnt as bad as they thought. I cant imagine im that much different than everyone else.

  62. IM WITHDRwing cold turkey and my feet will not let me go to sleep. Why? I have been on 15mgs oxy for 1 1/2 yrs, 4 tabs each day. Caron

  63. I’m a veteran, I should probably stop at that. Whenever I run short on oxy I immediately notify my doctor.. But because it being at the VA they could care less.
    My question is how bad do the seizures get and last. I’ve been cold turkey for two day’s, with five total seizures. I’m a disable vet and I can’t just kimp in the car for help. Do I need someone to watch me because as I found out it was not fun.. Sincerely, Stephen

  64. I took oxycodone after a surgery. I was only on it for seven days. Days. I had cut my script in half by day three and weaned off by taking only on an as needed basis. I have suffered like I never imagined possible. It was only seven days. I am still experiencing acute stomach pain, gas, bloating and chronic diarrhea. I have no appetite but try to eat a little something at each meal. This sends my stomach into clenching spasms. I am spending the day in the bathroom. It has been five days of this. Is it ever going to end? How long does a full withdrawal take?

  65. I’m 29 have been on oxycodone for a couple years due to a cat accident…I’m in pain all the time my script doesn’t help much so I go to the streets and get more. When I can’t find any and my script is gone (like right now) I want to crawl under a rock because I can’t take the way I feel my husband is addicted right along with me we have seven children and no family to help so we can go get help. I don’t even want to function right now but I have to because I’m a mother all that runs through my mind is finding something to help me feel better I don’t want to feel like this anymore I hate it and I hate myself for letting things get to this point I knew better I’m so much smarter than letting all this happen and now I’m stuck and it sucks I want something so bad right now I want to scream!!!

  66. I’m 78 years old. Have been on oxycodone 7.5/325 for years (4 x a day). My doctor will not write these scripts anymore, since the new law went into effect. I have just 3 weeks supply (4 x a day) left. I made an appt. with my dr. tomorrow….I have to get off this! I’m afraid of side effects. Please advise.

  67. the High Climb

    I have made it to the pinnacle fifth day
    I am finding it difficult to pray
    all my pain is returning to my head
    I must say I would truly rather be dead.

    My cheek, jaws, orbit of the eye and the eye itself are aflame
    the headache is steady, but all of the above teeming like rain.
    I thought for sure this would all be gone after so long
    And that oxy the whore would be shown she was wrong.

    The only fool being made is me
    The pain is quite real, nothing like I thought it would be
    The pain in the eye comes and goes
    Like shards of glass passing slow.

    My body is now aching, just recently my chest
    It hurts to cough, my lungs unable to rest
    The sneezing I understand is a symptom come
    the painful coughing I hope stops soon or goes numb.

    My hearing and ringing have worsened
    my feet are stinging and require me to attend
    With patches of lidocaine to calm the pain
    And Xanax for the tinnitus as I try to refrain.

    I’m really trying to be good
    I’m hoping each next day to escape the hood
    But if the pain from my eye cancer rejuvenates
    then I may succumb to it’s painful state.

    I am deeply horrified that my pain still remains
    What the fuck was I expecting, I must be insane
    for ten years I’ve been her bitch with controllable pain
    And now when I’m breaking free, she’s bombing my brain.

    my shallow breathing and spongy lungs
    Make it difficult to move, I even speak in tongues
    yes today at work I could barely be heard
    she’s choking my throat, soft as a bird.

    Everyone may say it is good to break away
    I should know I’m a scientist from college days
    But I tell you now that I feel better with her
    Could be my type of cancer, I’m cursed by her lure.

    too much radiation has entered my bones
    It loves to show it’s cunning quietly planting like a drone
    Two hundred hours and too many cuts
    Just too much baggage left, pain waiting in the ruts.

    The radiation plaques left too much behind
    Though it continues to kill cancer , it’s not very kind
    and the scars it leaves besides being blind
    Are echos of colors, broken glass, pain easily to find?

    So we’ll see the will, the perseverance of time
    The stoic traits of a man half blind
    Whether he’s got what it takes for the high climb
    Or be dead soon with this worthless poem to remind.

  68. My advice for anyone anywhere that is lucky enough to have any contact with oxycontin is to cling on to this with dear life, and to discontinue things like FENTANYL which is THE MOST ADDICTIVE DRUG (pure pharmaceutical grade heroine) which is really intended as the way to let someone that is suffering and facing immenent death in the hospital or hospice be at peace and comfortable as they pass…..now ive not been facing death and ive been on fentanyl transmucosal lozenges (600mcg) the patch, oxycontin, and many other heavy duty pain killers for a period of ten years for chronic pain (private) and through it all my experience with oxycontin gave me far more of a better life than did the fentanyl…..for me (now we are all different here but) it seems that the fentanyl period was marked by a complete halting of all the normal functioning of this young mans life…..furthermore it becomes all about the fentanyl and the sleep disturbances associated with fentanyl ARE PROFOUND AND delayed and intermittent. NOW I AM GOING TO SPEAK AS A SHAMEN HERE AND DEVIATE/OR PERHSPSE BRIDGE A GAP BETWEEN MODERN SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEABLE MEDICINE AND SPIRITURALIY HERE because it is what is REAL to me ALSO. As i went through these years starting as an arrogant ignorant skeptical person that tended to only believe that which was scientific or proveable and gradually had spent more and more of my time experiencing that which i had thought of as “reality” or a commonality common to all people the soup basically that we all live in and interact in through the various “lenses”(im calling any drug a filter or a lense between my innerself and the outer reality) I gained different perspectives on that reality and FELT new and different ways of interacting with everyone else. WHAT this boils down to and there’s no time here to explain any of this is simply that drugs or Spirits as they used to call alcohol a long time ago open doorways in the mind to the rest of what is living to the rest of the commonality that you don’t otherwise find outside of yourself for example the drunk hugging his friends and just being in love with everybody well where does this warmth and love come from it’s a doorway a spiritual doorway that is open to the rest of humanity and same thing with other drugs they open doorways and there’s always something given and there’s always something taken so far for something like oxycodone you gain and even greater sense of feeling of General well-being but that’s balanced by a state of fear of unknown that Creeps in at a later time everything in this universe is balanced you may have heard the law of conservation of energy meaning for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction will this is true for the spiritual side as well and any drug that alters your mind or your perception of reality or anything it’s going to be a spiritual thing and that that law of conservation of energy applies to spiritual energy as well no that’s as best as I can explain it so for everything you get you’re going to lose something so for anything opium you’re going to lose your sex drive but in exchange for comfort it’s just there’s this spiritual thing where things are given and taken and that’s what drugs do methamphetamine steals Consciousness from those that are sleeping buy growing neural networks into their brains without their knowing about it we only use 10% of our brains the other 90% is used up by other things and this is one of the ways it’s used up additional Consciousness comes from other people who are asleep on the other side of the world and that’s why you have performance enhancing drugs that that boost your ability to pay attention to things you can’t get more attention paid to things unless you have more brain power the way that works is through mirror neurons and this is through the spiritual connections that I’m not going to get into the details of how this works here but the point is you’re always going to lose something for something you gain and you can never Escape what you really are with drugs you can never get ahead with drugs you can never do anything other than just experience different ways of experiencing reality with drugs and it’s not a bad thing our society looks horribly down on people that use drugs and it’s because our society doesn’t care about spirituality our society cares about making money and and growth and profit and go go go and get more more more instead of spend time becoming spiritual I’m at the point now where I’ve spent enough time in the spiritual world and the only thing I have to say is that the time I had on oxycontin was the most beautiful and most incredible experience of my life and the time I had on Fentanyl it tended to shut me down it tended to make me not want to do anything and just sit still and sleep and it kind of made me into a spiritual Dimension closer to the astral plane where you can connect with other people there and the problem is with that is that any addiction to anything that’s addictive your brain is going to grow additional Gates or synaptic gaps for the dopamine release these additional Gates can be reappropriated by those who know how to do it and this is why tolerant will tolerance goes up because you have more gates trying to take up the same amount of drug will those Gates can be reappropriated and that’s the beginning of the problems that you will have on heroin or fentanyl. it’s going to be like leaving little bits of yourself behind and different dimensions that’s called being strung out and I understand that talking about it the way I’m talking about it is not the way you talk about it with your doctor I’m not looking down on you I am way below you trust me I just am giving you information that I wish I would have had and could have found but isn’t available really readily without experience and my advices ditch the Fentanyl immediately pentanol being 6280 times stronger than morphine and not really something to be used for broken bones and unless you are suffering severe chronic pain that does not ever go away and even in that case I would much much more if it was me I would choose a higher dose of Oxycodone but you can’t ask for it by that name you can just say look I don’t like the way this sitting on makes me so sleepy and still and unable to function and I want to do stuff but but I know that you’re a female I don’t know how close you are to menopause I don’t know if you’re having hot flashes yet and if you do you might be confused and start thinking that has something to do with the drugs also you know that taking both of these drugs you are going to become warm of warm sensation to your skin just like with alcohol. That’s a sign you’re taking too much be honest with your doctor don’t go Doctor shopping and do not use benzodiazepine at the same time as using any of these other drugs because that’s something that is very dangerous. All opioids are going to slow down your digestive tract causing constipation the best and easiest way to avoid having clogged up sore horrible problems like that is to just be a little bit strong and say today I’m not going to take but just a tenth of what I’m supposed to and I’m going to wait until I go to the bathroom before I take more and you won’t start having withdrawals on that day as a matter of fact the next day you won’t even start having withdrawals until very very late in the day and even then it’s barely anything at all now as for your question about going off of Oxycodone and still being on fentanyl will you have withdrawals the answer is no the way that that opium or heroin addicts or anybody who’s addicted to this type of medication gets by when they run out of something is by substituting something else as long as you are taking something that binds to the MU opioid receptor you will be fine this can be anything from Tramadol to Imodium AD it will prevent you from going through full withdrawal symptoms now the best way is to taper off and have your doctor help you do that if you wish to get off the fentanyl or you wish to get off the oxy codone remember this is your choice but I regret getting off the Oxycontin more than anything in the world it was the best thing that has ever happened in my life and I can’t get it back but at any rate taper slowly with your doctor tell them what you’re worried about and don’t assume that the doctor doesn’t know what he is doing doctors know what they’re doing generally doctors are more educated than pretty much anybody in our society and they care more about people than pretty much anybody in our society and their job is to take care of people and they do a pretty good job of that now as far as the opioid pandemic is concerned this isn’t a problem of doctors making mistakes this is a fact of a rich Nation a very very wealthy Nation with a voracious appetite for something more something they can feel something spiritual and they’ve been led to believe that going to church is going to give that to them when in fact true spirituality comes from what I’m talking about If you experience life through one lens and one lens only the one you were born with you have no idea what the other ways of experiencing life and reality are and how your relationship to others and other things can change and be different this is not something that can be taught byman to man this is where the Kingdom of Heaven exists for the fruits of the spirit exist this is where all that is kept secret exists Oxycontin is the top 2% the cream of the cream of all of the Opium produced in the world it is the drug of the rich and it is the drug that is both of us something that speed you up at the same time as providing analgesia it’s the only one that does both and it’s a gift from God however if you were in a relationship or love someone it’s probably not very wise to go seeking into the spiritual world because this will destroy relationships as you become more and more spiritual you will become less and less understandable by those who are in the regular reality that suits it used to be a commonality for all if you have any questions please contact me thank you

  69. I had my last OxyContin a week after discharge from hospital following major surgery. I had no idea or was never told they were opiates so when my supply finished I thought I’d just move to paracetamol. Last night was awful – shaking,couldn’t sleep,pains on surgery site and elsewhere and anxiety/restlessness. When I could stand no more I took a zopiclone and slept for a few hours, not ideal though. When will it stop?

  70. I have been on oxy for a total of 10 years off and on since 1984
    I have had 5 surgeries and am waiting for the 6th next month. This will be a cervical operation working on 6 levels.
    So every time I have to get off of the oxy, it seems to be harder to do.
    My main symptom is sleep depravation. It is literally torture.
    Every time I start to doze off, I get these heeby jebies. It is the major symptom.
    If I could just go to sleep for, I figure, for about 3 to 5 days, I would be over the worst of it. But no one seems to care about what I am going through. I admitted myself in rehab twice and they had no idea what they were doing. The 2nd time, I was released AMA and had some oxy in the car that I took and waited about an hour before I could drive
    I was also on fentynol patches for about 3 years
    can you help me to get off this stuff with as little distress as possible?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Wayne. I advise you to speak with your doctor who can help you plan an individualized tapering schedule. Experts clam that gradually lowering the medication dosage is a safer way to quit the drug.

  71. I had to go two days with no OxyContin 90mg due to a screw up at Drs appointments dates. But even though I am now back on regular dose my neck and shoulders are still so sore and stiff that I can’t turn my head and I’m in agony. Is this part of the process and if so how soon will I feel human again please? I am on chemo as well due to an auto immune disease and a few other meds but thought once I’m on normal dose I would be fine.
    Please help with any ideas. I also have a chest ifection at the moment so would that make a difference?
    I’m so bloody miserable and in pain.
    Thanks heaps jacky

  72. I have severe back pain,,and we’re put on oxycodone by the va,than they stopped me instantly,I have been on them for 3 years,so every month I go thru withdrawal,is there something over the counter that helps fight chills ,muscle ache,and the rest of the symptoms.

  73. Hello there, I have 3 herniated lumbar discs and was prescribed 30mg oxyneo and 10mg oxy IR for breakthrough pain. I’ve already had one unsuccessful surgery. I realized I was addicted and even though I’m in immense pain I decided to stop over the course of about a month. Withdrawals were horrid but now on day 8 the only thing I’m experiencing is insomnia. I’m seriously considering cannabis for pain management as I just can’t control the opiates. I’ve never tried cannabis before but I need to do something for my pain. I just can’t do the opiate spiral out of control cycle again now that I’m free. Any suggestions? Thanks

  74. I was on hydrocodone from October 20 14 – Dec 2015 then oxycodone January to yesterday was my last dose. This was all prescribed from my doctor for certain injuries. I took my last dose of 10mg of oxycodone yesterday at 11am. When should full withdrawals set in? I had a hard time sleeping last night but got some sleep. Pain from my injuries is hard to deal with today. I woke up very cold and I’ve got diarrhea this morning. I’m scared and looking for answers on when I should expect these full blown withdrawals to start and how long they will last. Thank you

  75. Well, after two weeks of not being on the Percocet I still have some feelings of withdrawal and anxiety and over heating. Still waking up at 12am or 3 am can’t get back to sleep, so get up and read a book. That is bad stuff, but after reading the posts on this page, I feel like I’ve got no problems at all!!! I’m sure eventually I’ll get off the withdrawl symptoms but it is enough to make you psycho!! Best of luck folks!

  76. My sister has stopped icy after 6 years of use. She is now having severe breathing problems. Could withdrawal be causing the breathing problem.

  77. I’m wondering if I can change from having oral oxycodone to a patch of oxycodone without withdrawals? I have terrible problems with my bowels all though I take stool softeners daily and medicine from my Doctor for my bowels on a daily basis. I’ve had to go to the hospital before for this problem. When I need to go to the bathroom I am physically unable to “bear down” hard enough to extract the feces. I feel like I am going to have a heart attack. So, I really need help. That’s why I was wondering about a patch. I’ve had four neck surgeries and I have to have the medicine.

  78. I just had a knee replacement, and taking percocet, one pill every 4 hrs. Really helped the pain but 1 or 2 degrees in temp would make me sweating or teeth chattering freezing. Then when I quit taking them cold turkey… the next night I wake up with so much energy in my body it feels like a hundred “Electrical ants” running all over the inside of my chest cavity. Feels like i’m not getting enough O2. It must be the withdrawal symptoms I guess, but I almost went to urgent care. I also FORGOT to take my Metropolo which slows my heart rate and upon taking one, in 1 hr. I was free of this crazy feeling. I’ve had this energized explosive feeling before, but it went away when I got up and walked around, but THIS episode wouldn’t go a way readily. Tonight I have the same feeling a day later in the evening. When I’m sitting still it feels like I”m going to explode if I don’t get up and walk around, or expend energy. Finally after a bowel movement it stopped.
    Anybody ever have this?

  79. My mother was prescribed to take the oxycodone medicine as pain reliever for her lung cancer. She has already consumed 2 1/2 tablet already for 3 days. I was worried because she ate a small amount of food then. She also vomits and feel dizzy. Is it possible to withdraw the medication as early this time. Her doctor says to lower the dosage so I gave her 5 mg today but still she feels dizzy and vomitting and could not eat.

  80. I just ran out of my monthly prescribed oxycodone and I now have to go three full days without it. I honestly do take it for pain. RA and bone pain due to calcium deficiency. However; at the same time, it makese feel normal. NOT high. Just normal and happy. Without it I feel almost suicidal. Why is this?? Why is my pain dr.only prescribing me 5 mg oxycodone pills for up to three times daily? I get 90 pills a month. This has been going on for five years now.?ant suggestions to ask for an increased dosage?

  81. My close friend is attempting to get off roxicodone & benzo’s using methadone. 2 weeks and she has been complaining about being (what she says is depression). I am only her friend, not anything at all close to being anyone in the medical field. I say she’s “transitioning” from the other chemicals to the methadone and a side effect could very well be a depressed state. Ami I anywhere close to being correct in my assumption? I know 2 things about methadone and benzo’s, (which are) “don’t stop taking benzo’s cold turkey & don’t take them together. I guess my question is can you SAFELY TAKE THEM BOTH ??? I WOULD NEVER GIVE ANYONE MEDICAL ADVICE BUT I AM SEEING HER DEPRESSED MOOD WORSENING.

    1. Hi, Darryl. I get your point, and you’re right. Experts don’t recommend to stop cold turkey. So, I suggest you and your friend consult a doctor to help her plan an individualized tapering schedule just for her to quit the drug gradually. Good luck!

  82. I’ve run out of endone and my prescribing doctor is away until the 15th December. My head buzzes and feels weird. I don’t feel good. I took my last one this morning. Prescribed this medication for severe back pain, 5mg when needed. I have run out and feel horrible. What do I do?

    1. Hi, Lorraine. I suggest you call your pharmacist, and tell him/her your situation. Or, maybe your doctor set a replacement for the time s/he is away, so seek help from her/him.

  83. what prescription medications can help with withdrawal symptoms? i read earlier that some people take tramadol to help. can that work?

    1. Hi Wendy. Oxycodone withdrawal peaks 72 hours after cessation of use and resolves in 7-10 days. Doctors can help you set up a tapering plan, when possible, so that you can reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms. The risk of cross-addiction with tramadol is high if therapy is not managed by a doctor. Instead, you can successfully make the process easier by using over-the-counter medicines or aids such as Imodium AD, heating pads, muscle ache creams, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs such as paracetemol, acetaminphen, or ibuprofen to treat specific symptoms. Warms baths or long showers have also been used to treat body ache. Massage and central nervous system calming teas such as chamomile or rosemary may also help. Try to take up to 2 weeks away from work, so your body and brain have time to start healing and you can regain your strength. Then, joining a support group can help you continue to work on your sobriety.

  84. June, it depends on how much you use and how long you have used. I’m on Day 2 of withdrawals from about 50 mgs. a day for the last 16 years. Well it was gradual. Started with Vicodin on a low dose and finally became Oxycodone 5 mgs and I’d take about 10 throughout the day. I’m tired of counting them, worrying about them, going thru withdrawals every month until its time for my script. I’m just tired of it. I want off of them. I would have been on Day 4 had I not relapsed after Thanksgiving by taking 3 on Friday. I would have been turning the corner by now but nooo, I had to be an idiot.

  85. I am on day 3 of withdrawal and have severe chest congestion and soreness/pain. I don’t know if I am having heart problems or not. {Diagnosed with CHP years ago.} ER visit is complex (rural).

  86. I have been taking 10mg Percocet for 2 years now for chronic, constant back pain. My doc is on vacancy and no one else in her practice with refill my script. I have felt so light headed today I can barely stand without feeling like passing out. I have never had this happen to me when I have run out before. Is this a normal side effect? Or should I be worried it’s another medical issue?

  87. Aloha, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2012. I’ve been taking 30 milligrams 3 times a day for the past year and when I don’t take it I have withdraws which I thought was menopause x’s 10 but now I know its not. I would cry non stop and get very depressed. I want to get off of this terrible stuff. Can you give me a tapering off schedule? I just used my last 20 mg butrans patch which I used my last one. Should I use that is it all so addictive? I don’t want any more addictive stuff. I really need help. Thank you. Sara

  88. I have been on long term oxycodone use. I am currently taking 30mg 4 times per day for chronic Rheumatoid Arthritic pain. Will I need to be in a detox facility to stop taking it?

  89. Hi, Ivana. I’ve been taking 10mg oxycodone (1x per day) for 8 months. do you think there will be side effects stopping cold turkey. BTW – I’m not taking them for pain anymore, really just to relax myself. Thanks.

    1. Hi Linda. Yes, you will probably experience withdrawal symptoms from quitting cold turkey. Your better option is to taper doses down gradually, and treat the withdrawal symptoms that still may occur with over-the-counter medications for a short period of time. You can talk to your doctor or pharmacist about the tapering schedule and procedure.

  90. Question: If someone came up short on the last day of their script. They had a new script for the following day, for their usual monthly regular script. No suspected abuse. Obviously during the month possibly a few different days they took an extra pill. That’s what had to have happened to be completely out of medS just the very last day of the month…
    If they went the entire day and night without them.
    My question is, what side effects would they feel from going that long without their pill. The last one they had taken was the night before at 10:00p.m..
    Is it possible to feel flu like symptoms? Body aches. Feels just like the flu. Is this possible? It came out of nowhere in the afternoon..

    1. Hi M Wilder. Yes, all the symptoms you numbered are possible when the usual doses are abruptly stopped. As they take the next subscription and the blood levels balance out, there will be no more withdrawal effects.

  91. I’ve been thinking about trying to stop taking Oxycodone. I started taking it about four years ago for chronic headaches and migraines and see a pain specialist. It doesn’t seem to help as much as it used to – tolerance is built up – but am worried about what to do when/if I stop about the underlying pain? Also, in a few months, I am supposed to have dual knee replacement surgery (both knees a week apart) and if they are going to prescribe the same thing I am worried that a) it won’t help with the surgery and recovery pain and b) I’ll still be dealing with the existing chronic pain. I don’t seem to have an issue with withdrawal symptoms skipping a dose or more some days (because I forget or am busy) but obviously after more than four years I am addicted. How soon do the withdrawal symptoms appear? Should I just wait until after the surgery and recovery? Should I even worry about it at all?

  92. I’ve again ran a week short on my meds oxycodone lowered last visit to 5 mg 4x a day, my last dose 5 days ago. I thought I was doing really well this round vomiting day 1, then really nothing, now day 5 I started with the diarrhea, which I thought from past experience would have come and gone by now. Any Ideas???

  93. I should add that I already had achiness of my left thigh which was unrelated to drug withdrawal in past, but helped by oxycodone. This is not helped by creams or heat.

  94. Dear Ivana, I was taking 40 mg of Percocet for about 4 years daily for spinal stenosis. Now I am trying to only take 5 mg. at bedtime for extreme pain, & another 5 mg. sometime during the night when I awaken with pain again, as my Dr. has cut my dose due to recent newspaper articles about clamping down on prescribers. It’s been about 8 days & still I not only feel a desire to take it during the day, but especially during the evening when my legs ( thighs) begin aching me. Although I take prescribed Valium for anxiety, it does not seem to stop me from feeling like I can’t stop moving my legs and feet restlessly. Is this withdrawal because I am still taking it at night? I don’t know what to do. I am 65 yrs old. I can’t imagine sleeping at night with the pain. Any input appreciated.

  95. Ivana,
    Thank you for your response , i’am off the 0xycondone , it took about 7 to 10 days as you said , i went cold turkey with nothing else It was real bad the first couple days with cramps , but i was not going to use that drug ever again. Yea…….no more drugs for this guy.

  96. I’m weaning off of drugs because I can’t tell what is doing what any longer to my body. Hot/cold. Anxiety/low energy. How long usually for drug effects to be gone so I can evaluate other factors. I realize no two people are the same. Just some general guidelines

  97. Please Help,
    i had complete knee replacement and have been taking Oxycodone for 6 weeks , 1 or 2 , 5mg. every 4 hours or 10 every 24 hours. I stopped cold turkey about 23 hours ago , how long will it take to be free of all side effects? I have stomach cramps and some diarrhea , thank you, Steve.

    1. Hi Steve. The Oxycodone withdrawal period is different for various patients. In general, oxycodone withdrawal peaks 72 hours after cessation of use and resolves in 7-10 days, but it may last a little longer. You can treat most withdrawal symptoms with Over-the-Counter medications you have around the house or that you can easily purchase at the local pharmacy. Try Imodium AD, heating pads, muscle ache creams, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs such as paracetemol, acetaminphen, or ibuprofen to treat specific symptoms. Warms baths or long showers have also been used to treat body ache. Massage and central nervous system calming teas such as chamomile or rosemary may also help.

  98. I had a complete knee replacement 2/9/15. I was prescribed oxy 5-325 every one to two tablets ever four hours for 11 weeks.
    After about 6 weeks I was taking about 3 a day– one in the AM one in afternoon, one at night.
    I experienced terrible constipation, sleeplessness, misery trying to sleep, loss of appetite etc.
    I decided to cut out the nighttime pill, and wow, my sleep problems disappeared!
    I was so pleased I thought I should just stop all together, which is what I did, about 10 days ago.
    I didn’t realize I was in withdrawal for days– I thought I had the flu.
    then I began to check it out online, and realized I had made a mistake going cold turkey, but I was into it for 7 days then, and thought the worst of it must be gone.
    however for the last 5 days I have had EXTREME weakness and a loss of breath– I am gasping for breath after walking from the bedroom to the kitchen.
    I have never ever experienced something like this before, and I am wondering– is this still the oxy withdrawal? cramps have finally diminished somewhat but what is with the weakness, and shortness of breath? any help?

  99. Hi I took oxycodone for major aches and pains and I stopped cold turkey about 8 months ago and I still have anxiety and depression how do I get rid of this ?

  100. I have been on oxy for about the last nine months I started out at 15mg every four hours. They eventually lowered it to 5 to 10 mg daily and its been like that for about two months. Then found out I’m pregnant and told the prescribing surgeon and then he was out of the office for almost two weeks and no other Dr was comfortable prescribing that anymore. I ran out on Sunday was my last dose. Monday night was rough and so is today. Sware I called 50 different places today searching for a detox facility. I’m on my way right now to the emergency room to hopefully find some relief after I could find no other place to go. This will be my second attempt to go to an emergency room. First they did absolutely nothing. I hope this trip goes better and that somehow could get off this stuff for good.

  101. Thanks, Ivana. What you say makes sense. I knew I had dropped too fast but decided to stick it out if I could since I was already in a mess and end up OK with a lower dosage in place. It seems to be working. I am recovering after five days of misery – a bit weak but OK. Then, I got absorbed in my work here and forgot to take the smaller dose of oxi at the regular time. Seven hours, rather than four went by, and I suddenly wondered why I was feeling so ancy, skin crawling, strange reactions to normal sensations etc.. I was going into withdrawal again! So quickly? I guess this stuff is nothing to fool with. I’m trying to get back to having the amount in my system as I had earlier when I felt better. I’ve learned that a lot of stuff I’ve put up with over the years is due to oxi and am eager to get shed of it …. but tempo, tempo …!

    1. Hi again Karen. I’m glad I could help a little to at least put your mind at ease. I have a suggestion about what you can do to prevent skipping medication periods. Setting an alarm clock is an easy solution and you don’t have to think about the time. Best of luck with your recovery process.

  102. I’ve been on oxi for about four years for fibromyalgia. About a 2 years and a half ago, my primary told me that it was now considered bad to prescribe narcotics for chronic pain, unless linked with cancer. He began by lowering his rx by 10% each month ( I was on 30mg and 45mg doses six times a day). I was eager to get moving and probably cut faster than was wise and ended up with incredible total body pain. So I stopped cutting and stayed where I was until things got better. Ironically, I was diagnosed with lymphoma in the duodenum about a year into this process! Another story (I think?) Recently, with the advice of a pain nurse specialist, I began cutting to 15mg every four hours (was usually doing 30mg) and have run into serious withdrawal – mainly severe nausea and headache. Am surprised by severity of this withdrawal at this time. Any comments?

    1. Hi Karen. The severe withdrawal symptoms occur when you lower your doses quickly and abruptly. I believe you can feel better by cutting doses down more slowly and gradually. Also, ask your doctor or pharmacist about over-the-counter medications and herbal remedies that can help you lower the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. See if they will agree that Tylenol or ibuprofen will help you with body aches and pain. Pepto-Bismol may help ease withdrawal nausea. Also, massages, hot baths, and rest can help.

  103. i was prescribed oxycodone and morphine after my hip surgery, took it for like 6 wks and then a sudden stop as ontario works said they cant cover it any more and i didnt have the money to buy myself, anyways i was in severe pain which i am taking along with loose motions itching on body, sneezing, chill and lac of sleep, i called the hospital they said go to ur family doctor or walk in clinic, both refused to re-prescribe.
    i am taking the pain but worried about one thing, my heart rate doubled and i started having lt sided headache and it localized in my left eyes, i booked an appointment with an eye doctor as from right eye i could see the libes on paper straight but with the left eye i see elevation .ike ECG riple, the eye doctor said i have a swelling/bulge at the ampula of retina and could be a hemorrhage…..ref me to retinal specialist in credit valley Mississauga Ontario. can that be due to sudden cessation of narcotics?????????? kindly help and guide me.

    1. Hi Shakil. I am not aware of such damage to the eye that can be done from withdrawal. But, we are all different and in your case it might have caused your eye problems. What did the retinal specialist say? How are you feeling now?

  104. Hello Anne. Yes, the production of tears is an expected symptom/side effect of withdrawal from oxycodone.

  105. I’ve taken 2months to come off 40 ml of oxy. I have not taken any for 3 days. Now I have skin sensations and diarrhea & sometimes chills. Didn’t have these before except at the very beginning with diarrhea. Is this normal & what is the best course to take at this point?

    1. Hi Pat. These effects are withdrawal symptoms and they are occurring as the medication is leaving your body. You see, as you use a medication, your body becomes accustomed to it’s presence and that’s how dependence is formed. Now, when your organism is suddenly not getting the needed substances it used to get from the pills, it reacts.

      The best way to come off your medication is to first see a doctor and construct a tapering schedule. This way, you’ll be gradually lowering doses which will significantly lower the abrupt reactions and withdrawal discomfort. Plus, you can use other prescription medications, over-the-counter medications and herbal remedies to manage and lessen the symptoms as they occur.

  106. YOU CAN SEEK HELP FOR ANY ADDICTION via the following:
    An outpatient rehab
    A psychotherapist
    An MD who specializes in addiction medicine
    A psychiatrist
    Peer support groups (SMART Recovery, 12 steps, etc.)
    A trusted community/spiritual.religious leader

  107. I’ve been taking Oxycodone along with methadone for approximately six years now, for severe joint pain associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis. My doctor should never have put me on a short acting medication to address a chronic condition, because I go into severe and sudden withdrawal if I become busy and miss a dose, fall asleep without first taking a dose, or travel into other time zones whereby my internal clock becomes mixed up. The reaction is severe: starting with stomach cramps and a sense of anxiety, sweating, followed by diarrhea and severe vomiting. The vomiting and diarrhea can be uncontrollable, the sense of anxiety is profound. From the time I first sense any withdrawal symptoms to full blown withdrawal can be a few minutes to a full half hour. So far I’ve been able to take medication and keep it down before the vomiting sets in. Twice I’ve had my daughter phone the on-call doc for assistance, in case the symptoms didn’t stop. Tonight the on-call nurse was extremely rude to both my daughter (and to me once I was stable enough to speak to her). What really frustrated me was the nurse insisting to both of us that missing a dose of Oxycodone could not put me into severe withdrawal. She also told me that my anxiety was self inflicted and that I exacerbated the with drawl symptoms in that regard. I had to explain to her that anxiety is a real symptom of withdrawal, and that indeed, severe withdrawal can happen when a person takes eight doses per day of 60 mg oxycodone-over the course of years. I wish that medical personnel understood more about pain medication, it’s effects and it’s uses. I’ve never run out of my medication, on the contrary, I go into withdrawal when I forget to take it! I’ve been subjected to suspicious and unkind attitudes from pharmacist, nurse practitioners, and from some doctors as well. If my doctor had properly prescribed a long acting pain medication to deal with my chronic pain, rather than a short acting drug such as what I’m on, I would not be experiencing these withdrawals-this is the second one in a month, though I usually do not experience more than one a year or so. The last one happened because I was traveling.

  108. It seam like a long time, two years ago; I was taking 10mg Oxycodone tablets ten times a day. I started to taper the drug, first by reducing the number of times daily . When I got to seven times a day, I asked my doctor to switch me over to 5mg tablets with a starting count of 240. I then did the same thing, spacing out the dosages from 10 a day to 9 a day and so on. As of right now or as of this posting, I am down to two 5mg tablets daily. I was originally prescribed 720, 10mg tablets out the the hospital 12 years ago. I stayed at a dosage of 720 for about 6 years. I guess one could say it started 8 years ago, but it really doesn’t matter. The fact is I did this all on my own because my doctor kept telling me that I wouldn’t like the side effects. The reality of it is, he loses the monthly co-pays and insurance check. He has been of absolute no help, except to prescribe my lower dosages at my requests.
    The biggest side effect for me was a crushing headache during most of the step down phases until I leveled off that dosage.

    You can do it on your own, just try.

  109. It seam like a long time, two years ago; I was taking 10mg Oxycodone tablets ten times a day. I started to taper the drug, first by reducing the number of times daily . When I got to seven times a day, I asked my doctor to switch me over to 5mg tablets with a starting count of 240. I then did the same thing, spacing out the dosages

  110. Hi, I have two oxycodone-related questions that I haven’t seen addressed anywhere, and I’d really appreciate help from you kind, brave people.
    I broke a number of bones in a bad car accident almost six years ago, and have been taking 15mg of oxycodone three times a day and wearing a 75mcg Fentanyl transdermal patch ever since. First question: in January, I discontinued Depakote, which I’d been taking for 30 years for an inner ear disease. Since then I’ve had constant nausea, stomach pain, constipation and insomnia, which I thought was Depakote withdrawal, but my neurologist feels that I’m experiencing side effects of oxycodone which were masked by the Depakote. Does this make sense to anyone? I did have these symptoms when I began taking oxy, but they went away once my body became accustomed to it. I can’t imagine they’d reappear after discontinuing an unrelated med. Second question: I’ve been told that I can go off the oxy without withdrawal symptoms as long as I continue wearing the Fentanyl patch? Can any of you confirm that? I do want to stop taking the oxy anyway because I don’t think it’s helping my back pain anymore, but I’m scared of withdrawal symptoms. I’d be extremely grateful for any input. I just found this blog and am praying for all of you, and if I find any question I can help answer, I absolutely will. Thank you and God bless you all.

  111. I understand that each individual is different but I am wondering if I can get an idea about how harsh my withdrawal will be if my daily dose for nine months has been at its highest about 100mg and at its lowest about 40 mg. I want to start a tapering reginmen and pray I can minimize the withdrawal.

  112. Hello Tammy. I’d suggest that you record these symptoms and address them immediately with your prescribing doctor. Sometimes, the effects of oxycodone do not work for some people.

  113. I had back surgery over 2 years ago spinal fusion since then a spinal cord stimulator has been placed I was taking 80 mg of oxycodone I also have severe anxiety disorder that has cone and gone for years now doctor is giving me 10 mg every 6 hours I haven’t slept but maybe 2 hours in two nights feel anxious stomach very quuesy feel like I’m crawling out of my skin is this normal ? Please help me and the pain is still there I also never have taken any pain medicine before this back injury

  114. Hello Nellie Sue. I’d suggest that you record the symptoms that you’re experiencing, including WHEN they first appeared, how long they last, and at what intensity. Then, take your calendar to your prescribing doctor and seek a medical opinion. It’s possible that there is an alternative for you, including another pain medication, therapy, or alternative pain management techniques. You can read more here:


  115. Three weeks ago I had knee replacement surgery, After coming home I took percocet to control pain. At first I felt pretty good, then I started feeling nausiated, weak, jittery, sweating and have no appetite. Lost 13lbs. Three days ago I stopped taking percocet, Still feel terrible. What should I do now?

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