Prescription Drug

Evidence-based descriptions of the most popular Rx drugs and their effects. The full spectrum of prescription drug use from habit to addiction.

Oxycodone Rehab Cost

Rehab can cost around $20K for a one month residential program. However, outpatient programs can be 2-3 times less expen ...

Ritalin Abuse

As a stimulant, Ritalin can trigger euphoric feelings, which is why it's popularly abused. Ritalin abuse has numerous si ...

Adderall Withdrawal

Thinking about stopping Adderall, but concerned about withdrawal symptoms? Find out how to mentally prepare for the expe ...

Rehab for Xanax

An addiction to Xanax can leave you feeling helpless. But recovery is possible. Read on to find out more about what to e ...

Valium Abuse

Taking Valium in a way that is not recommended by a doctor is illegal and abusive. But, what are the side effects of Val ...

Oxycodone Dependence

Oxycodone dependence is a physical need to use the medication in order to function normally. The body can easily develop ...

Suboxone Withdrawal

Withdrawal is a sign that the body is seeking homeostasis. Luckily, Suboxone withdrawal is not as severe as other opioid ...

Ativan Use

Read more about the effects of Ativan when you take it regularly and the consequences of long term use or abuse here. ...

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