Prescription Drug

Evidence-based descriptions of the most popular Rx drugs and their effects. The full spectrum of prescription drug use from habit to addiction.

Morphine Withdrawal

If you’re considering quitting morphine, you should do so under medical supervision. Morphine withdrawal can trigger s ...

Buprenorphine Dependence

Learn more about the nature of buprenorphine dependence, its signs and symptoms, and ways to treat it. A comprehensive r ...

Ativan Abuse

Are you misusing your prescription or taking Ativan illegally? More about all forms of Ativan abuse, how to recognize a ...

Suboxone Dependence

Suboxone dependence is not same as Suboxon addiction. What is the deference? How to end Suboxone dependence? We review h ...

Vicodin Dependence

Vicodin dependence is a physical need to take the drug regularly in order to function normally on daily basis. Is depend ...

Morphine Dependence

An all-you-need compilation of knowledge on morphine dependence, why and how it is formed, the signs and symptoms for id ...

Percocet Detox

Medical detox includes interventions to manage Percocet withdrawal symptoms and make the process more humane. Cold turke ...

Ativan Withdrawal

Ativan withdrawal symptoms can be quite dangerous. Increased heart rate, hallucinations, convulsions and seizures can be ...

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