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4 OxyContin Addiction Statistics

OxyContin Addiction Statistics

August 28th, 2011

Top 5 annual .gov reports with statistics on OxyContin use, abuse and addiction facts. Plus, where to find OxyContin addiction statistics on the web.

86 Can you get high on Suboxone?

Can you get high on Suboxone?

August 24th, 2011

Yes, you can get high on Suboxone if you take it other than prescribed. But crushing Suboxone can trigger withdrawal symptoms. More on Suboxone formula and euphoric effect here.

3 What Drugs Help With OxyContin Addiction?

What Drugs Help With OxyContin Addiction?

August 23rd, 2011

Two opioid drugs are approved for the treatment of OxyContin addiction: methadone and buprenorphine. But clonidine and naltrexone can help, too. More on drugs for OxyContin addiction here.

63 Adderall withdrawal 2

Adderall withdrawal 2

August 22nd, 2011

A complete guide on what to expect during Adderall withdrawal. Info on dangers, causes, symptoms and duration of Adderall withdrawal here.

24 Adderall withdrawal treatment

Adderall withdrawal treatment

August 20th, 2011

Help for Adderall withdrawal includes detox, assessment and treatment. No medications exist for Adderall withdrawal yet. Learn more about possible future medicines and recommended therapies for Adderall withdrawal treatment here.

6 Does Ultram make you tired?

Does Ultram make you tired?

August 19th, 2011

Yes, Ultram can make you tired. Up to 25% of people who take Ultram and Ultram ER report extreme sleepiness. What can you do about it? We review here.

48 Adderall withdrawal symptoms

Adderall withdrawal symptoms

August 17th, 2011

Adderall withdrawal is characterized by drug cravings, sleep problems, slower reflexes and mood disorders. Learn to distinguish normal Adderall withdrawal symptoms from those that require immediate medical attention here.

70 Does Tramadol Help with Opiate Withdrawals?

Does Tramadol Help with Opiate Withdrawals?

August 14th, 2011

Yes, Tramadol can help with opiate withdrawals, especially if you used <10 bags of heroin or opium a day before detox. More on Tramadol's efficacy, what symptoms it treats and how opiate withdrawal side effects are lessened here.

Adderall withdrawal: How long does it last?

Adderall withdrawal: How long does it last?

August 11th, 2011

Consult your doctor before you stop taking Adderall Before we begin a discussion about how long it takes to withdraw from Adderall, we first need to mention the need for medical supervision if you want to stop taking Adderall. Firstly, withdrawal from Adderall can occur even for people who take amphetamines as prescribed. Secondly, people […]

4 Does OxyContin cause constipation?

Does OxyContin cause constipation?

August 8th, 2011

Yes, OxyContin commonly causes constipation called opioid-induced constipation (OIC). Learn what you can do to help ease constipation symptoms caused by opioid medications here.

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