Prescription Drug

Evidence-based descriptions of the most popular Rx drugs and their effects. The full spectrum of prescription drug use from habit to addiction.

Percocet Addiction Treatment

Continued use of Percocet despite knowledge of all negative consequences is defined as Percocet addiction. How can addic ...

Ambien Dependence

A comprehensive review of the nature of Ambien dependence, signs and symptoms for identification, and ways to address de ...

Valium Use

Valium is used for treating anxiety, muscle spasms, insomnia, and many more medical conditions. However, it can be dange ...

Adderall Use

The best way to use Adderall is under medical supervision. But can people use Adderall outside the medical purpose? Read ...

Ritalin Withdrawal

What are the symptoms of Ritalin withdrawal? Agitation and sleep disorders are possible. Read more to find out what you ...

Suboxone Addiction Treatment

The inexplicable desire to use Suboxone, even though it is destroying your life is defined as Suboxone addiction. What a ...

Percocet Abuse

Taking Percocet other than prescribed = drug "abuse". We review possible dangers and side effects of Percocet abuse here ...

Oxycodone Addiction Treatment

Oxycodone addiction is treated medically. More on the evidence-based treatment of drug addiction here, with a section at ...

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