Percocet overdose: How much amount of Percocet to OD?

Percocet can be lethal if taken in larger doses than directed, even if the dose is only slightly higher than prescribed. More on how much amount of Percocet is safe for you and Percocet overdose here.

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When you take too much of any drug, you can experience drug overdose as the drug becomes toxic in your body. Overdose can be fatal, but it can also cause permanent damage to your body even if you survive. So even if Percocet addictive, can you prevent Percocet overdose? How much is too much Percocet and can a Percocet OD be treated?

In this article, we’ll explore these questions in more depth, along with the risk factors for Percocet overdose. Your questions about safe Percocet use and thresholds for overdose are welcomed at the end.

How does Percocet overdose happen?

The vast majority of drug poisoning deaths are unintentional. There are a lot of different reasons why someone might accidentally overdose on Percocet. First, the oxycodone in Percocet creates a physical tolerance over time. After taking Percocet for an extended period, you may no longer be getting adequate pain relief from your prescribed dose and need more to achieve analgesic effect. But it only takes one or two extra pills to overdose on the acetaminophen in Percocet, even thought the amount of oxycodone is likely to still be safe. So, increasing the frequency or amount of medication each day is an easy way to unintentionally overdose on Percocet.

Secondly, using Percocet to get high can also easily result in an acetaminophen overdose. Large doses of Percocet are never safe and you risk serious and permanent liver damage if Percocet doses are above daily recommendations. Finally, some people intentionally overdose on Percocet as a form of self-harm or as part of a suicide attempt. If these Percocet users get medical help within 8 hours of intentional overdose, they can recover from a self-harm attempt and treat underlying mental health issues.

Percocet overdose – How much is too much?

The reason people abuse Percocet is for the narcotic oxycodone that helps manage pain. But Percocet only contains 2.5-10 mg of oxycodone and between 325 – 650 mg of acetaminophen, the active ingredient of Tylenol. Both can cause serious toxicity in the body. Percocet abuse will always pose the risk of death and overdose. This is why Percocet should only be taken in the doses recommended by your doctor. Snorting, injecting, chewing, or crushing Percocet increases your risk of overdose.

Acetaminophen overdose – More than 1000 mg of acetaminophen at one time won’t kill you, but will cause chronic liver damage if taken habitually. But at doses higher than 4000 mg per day, the acetaminophen in Percocet poisons you, causing severe effects such as vomiting and abdominal pain. More than 7000 mg of acetaminophen can kill you.

Oxycodone overdose – It’s also possible to overdose on the oxycodone found in Percocet, but this requires taking enough Percocet that you’d be having issues with the acetaminophen already. It takes about 40 mg of oxycodone to overdose if you haven’t taken the medication before. At the lowest strength of Percocet, you’d need over 16 pills for the oxycodone to be dangerous, but you’d be well over the daily limit for acetaminophen poisoning and would need immediate medical attention.

Percocet overdose complications

The most dangerous complication of Percocet overdose is liver damage. It may take up to 12 hours for symptoms of Percocet overdose to occur, which is one reason Percocet abuse is so dangerous. You can experience Percocet OD symptoms as minor as stomach pain or as serious as a coma. But Percocet overdose needs to be treated immediately, to avoid potential liver failure and subsequent death. And by the time you notice symptoms, permanent damage may have already been done to your liver.

Percocet overdose prognosis

If you can receive medical help for Percocet overdose within 8 hours, that’s is usually enough to ensure recovery from a Percocet overdose. Since symptoms of overdose may not appear for 12 hours after taking the medication, it’s important to get medical attention if you’ve taken large amounts of the drug, even if you don’t feel sick. The overdose prognosis and likelihood of permanent liver damage – sometimes even death – goes up after 8 hours without treatment.

Percocet overdose death rate

You can search the National Vital Statistics System for mortality rates due to Percocet drug overdose. In general, however, unintentional Percocet deaths due to overdose have been on the rise, as has the use of opiate and opioid painkillers across the U.S. The misuse and abuse of Percocet by recreational drug users accounts for a large portion of the increase in drug poisoning deaths. Although people of both genders are more likely to experience opioid overdose in the working years of their lives, men are more likely than women to die from a Percocet OD.

Percocet overdose amount questions

If you have any questions about safe amounts of Percocet in your system, please leave them here. We are happy to try to help answer your questions about Percocet, and will try to respond with a personal and prompt reply for all legitimate queries. But if we can’t answer your question, we will refer you to someone who can.

Reference Sources: FDA Safety Communication: Prescription Acetaminophen Products to be Limited to 325 mg Per Dosage Unit; Boxed Warning Will Highlight Potential for Severe Liver Failure
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Lee Weber is a published author, medical writer, and woman in long-term recovery from addiction. Her latest book, The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions is set to reach university bookstores in early 2019.


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  1. Hi I’m currently taking Percocet 10 mg/325 for 2, five millimeter kidney stones I’ve been having some pressure in my upper chest and I believe ive taken 5 since 7 am I mistakenly took a second dose when I got off work I have a pretty high tolerance to them I have spaced out the doses every 4 hours but I’m concerned because my face feels hot I’m not very dizzy and I seem to be functioning ok I’m just a little worried maybe anxiety is getting the better of me but some feedback would be nice

  2. So I’ve been using Percocet for about 2 years now pretty heavy. I have done a lot at once and never overdosed. But lately if I take even one I have these symptoms that feel like an overdose or a heart attack. I went to er and they check everything, heart rate, blood, lungs, and diagnosed me with bronchitis and sent me home, so at the time these symptoms first happened, medically I guess nothing was wrong. So it happened again without me being on anything so I went to my doctor and she thought it was panic attacks. So the next time I took 2 7.5 mg Percocet, and it happened again. Any idea what could be causing theses symptoms? It is a pain in my chest to we’re I almost can’t breath, I get very light headed and dizzy, I have no fainted but I felt close, and I get very very anxious like I need to do something different than whatever it is I am doing. I’m just trying to figure out if this is something being caused by Percocet use. I went to the er twice and doctor once for symptoms of a heart attack and nothing was wrong both times.

    1. Hi Jonathan. I suggest you talk to your parents and your doctor. You should always take this medication exactly as prescribed by your doctor. Doses should never be above daily recommendations.

  3. I took 5 10 mg percocets within the past 11 hours first took 3 at 330 pm another one around 530 and the last one around 8. Feel real drowsy…i weigh 230lbs. And I am 27 years old… Should I seek medical attention

  4. I have been taking 6 percocet 10/325 for 5 years due to spinal stenosis and pain after an accident in 2009
    Am I at risk of an overdose or liver damage?
    I also take Soma 350 4 times a day and xanax. .75 at night
    I have never taken more than the prescribed dose and dont drink alcohol but I am still afraid. I am in moderate to severe pain. Every day and the medicine works but minimally
    I don’t take it to get high just for pain relief and under the care of a pain management doctor however the Soma I get from another doctor

  5. Hi, I had a friend OD on percocet but had used it before. Is there possibly another reason/cause just because she had used before and never showed any signs of depression or suicidal thoughts or actions. Sorry for the random question I’m just trying to put pieces together

  6. I took 120 perocets 7.25s as a suicide mission I was found 11hrs.later .Thank God I was spared my life!! How long do I have to worry about my liver at this point my liver tests are normal. I Wil I be ok and can I develop any complications because of my foolish attempt. My weight was 125 height 5 4

  7. My daughter is taking daily 8 to 15 Percocet and 8 Xanax at the same time. She does have terrible knee pain and anxiety I think this is way too much and I worried sick about her. She keeps telling me her body is used to it I don’t know what to do.

  8. I have 31 tablets of oxycodone/acetaminophen 5-325MG that expired 4/27/17. Are these still effective? If taken, will they cause death?

  9. Hello I’ve been taking Percocet now for about seven months. I’ve been taking the recommended four pills a day and then now three a day. Taking Percocet for seven months every day is that bad. I’m taking the 5 mg ones

  10. I take 10/325 percocet daily. I may start with a half then an hr later take another half. Usually within 3-4 hrs I take another half and so on but never take more than 3 a day. My question is why do i feel paranoid about overdosing when I know I haven’t taken that much?

  11. I am 5’11
    220 pounds
    The dose is 10/325
    I took two percocet at once and now I am sweating and light and dizzy
    What do I do?

    1. Hi Brandon. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  12. My 19yr old 196 lbs, Has had two major surgeries (brain and sinus) in a month to remove tumors. he is taking 2 pills of 5-325 every 2hours. He started at 2 pills every 4hours now he’s taking 2 pills every 2 hours. Is this too many?

  13. I took two perc 30s the blue ones. drinked about 6 beers then i started to have a intense feeling of shivers/ coldness but when I looked at my hands they seemed to be not shaking. Am I dying?

  14. I had a five lumbar laminectomy in 2005. I was left with many side-effects and chronic pain. The surgeon put me on dilaudid post surgery, then the pain management doctor put me on Oxycodone/Acetaminophen 7.50-325 MG every six hours. These were not strong enough, so I was put on the 10-325 MG. I am highly allergic to ALL narcotics and the O/A was the only drug that did not make me deathly ill. But after several years on the drug, I developed a scalp itch that drives me crazy. Now that itch is spreading to my back and arms. I think I’ve had doctors prescribed every anti-itch drug on the market, but nothing works beyond a few minutes. I also have to take all kinds of things and medication to keep my bowels moving daily.

    I’m now 82 years old and not in good health. The worst health issue is neuropathy in my feet, ankles and lower legs and, now, blocked arteries in these same areas. I weigh 150 lbs. and am 5″ 4″ — down from 5′ 7″ pre-surgery. After 11 years on percocet, I’m sure I must be addicted, but I have never felt the need to exceed the prescribed dosage. Actually, if I’m not feeling pain in my back or legs, or the onset of pain, I forget to take the narcotic.

    Beside the annoyance of itching, I worry about my liver after being on the drug for so long — a total of 12 years on narcotics. I do NOT have any of the symptoms of a liver problem — at least not yet, but . . . at my age, medical issues can develop seemingly overnight!

    To get off Percocet I tried smoking grass and eating it in a brownie. Both made me puke. So much for a narcotic replacement — or different type of pain killer. IS THERE ANYTHING ON THE MARKET THAT KILLS PAIN PLUS HAS NO ITCHING AND BOWEL SIDE-EFFECTS? SOMETHING NATURAL THAT IS SAFE AND HAS NO HORRIBLE SIDE-EFFECTS? Medical doctors are clueless in the area of natural healing. Am I doomed to live out my few remaining years fighting these problems?

    Thank you for any input or suggestions. From anyone!

  15. My friend yesterday told me he took 8 percs 10-325 the night b4 in one shot then took 5 more later that night. Then the following morning he took another 5 of them and 5 again, I believe the total amount of 20 percs to 22 percs 10-325 within under 24 hours, he left nauseous and I told him to go to the hospital but didn’t listen to me. Do you think he damages his liver and if so when would he know and what symptoms will he have?

  16. My best friend has been really depressed since her husband left her and I am worried that she has planned to kill herself. When I looked at her medicine bottles today, she had 47 10/345mg oxycodone tablets and 32 9mg Xtampza capsules (extended release oxycodone). She caught me trying to put the bottles in my purse (to keep away from her right now) and forcibly took them back and made me leave her house. What will happen if she takes it all at once? I really think that is her plan. I don’t need other people to comment telling me she will just die – I’m aware that the number of pills is dangerous. What physical symptoms would happen so I can know what to look for in case she does take them all? I tried to talk to a crisis center but they told me if she does not admit she is going to commit suicide then I can’t do anything because it would be my word against hers. Please let me know as soon as possible.

  17. Hi I’m taking the 10-325 of oxycodone/acetaminophen for about 1 year and I’m not sure if I took 2 or 3 in this day Is that consider an overdose

  18. My friend took 10 Percocet (3250mg) last night around 2 am but threw them up immediately. She’s experiencing vomiting now 4pm and very weak. Should we be concerned?

  19. Im not sure if I took my medication which is 1 Percocet a day for pain recent. SURGERY labral tear of the right hip I was taking up to 6 q day now only 1. So back to my question I ended up taking my single pill but am not sure if I had taken one about 15 earlier what should I do?

  20. I no longer take oxycodone but I need to know more about what happened to me. The hospital done a drug test which showed a level of oxycodone 225 NG/ML – oxymorphone 229. How many mg would have to be taken over a period of time for this level in my blood?

  21. Help don’t no if I accidentally went to far. I’ve taken abt 15 7.5z today and yesterday. I’m not taking anymore I read that I may die in my sleep so now I’m scared to sleep. Did i over do it? Am I going to die? I don’t feel sick the only indicator of me being on it is my eyes that r dialated all small in the middle but that happens wen I take OxyContin 80 mgs. I’m used to taking the 80 mg OxyContin extended release sometimes two a day. Percoserts r different they have Tylenol n now I’m scared

  22. I’ve been on 10 MG perceset 2 daily for 3 years. However I now need 4 pills per day. I’m 58 and never been addicted to anything more than nicotine or caffeine. I feel horrible without it. I’m also having issues by my pelvis, and I can hardly sleep. I’m very concerned and don’t know what to do. I’m single and living in Israel where language is an issue at times.

  23. I take 10/325 Percoset and have been for 4 years for cronic back pain. I write down every time I take it because it is 4 to 6 hours, I usually do 6 hours. At 1 am I wrote down I took it but got sidetracked and don’t know for sure if I did, so at 1:15 I took another. Am I going to be overdosed? I just feel a little light headedness, nothing more. Should I stay awake or can I go to sleep.

  24. i know someone that took a combination of percocets and benzos, attempt to OD. only 15yrs old, vomitted all night, i think he should see a dr immediately????

  25. My brothers other half has a problem she is getting a 30 day supply from 2 different Dr. and she is running out about midway of the month then she accuses my brother of taking her drugs. she has also stolen a month of Butrans patches from me. She is now complaining about her stomic hurting all the time , she is temperamental and in denial and has a tendency to get violent. My brother lover’s her dearly by she could cause him to lose his VA benefits and social security , not to mention she is doing Medicaid fraud by playing the system in two states. How should we deal with her?

  26. my friend takes Oxycodone 10 milligrams for back pain without Tylenol but she adds told on herself and snort them she was just in a fight with her husband earlier this evening and text me about 2 hours ago saying that after she left her husband she took n 6 Oxycodone with Tylenol about 2 hours ago can she be in any danger by the way she doesn’t take my mouth he snorted and adds Tylenol in with it he has been taking it this way for about 3 years but because she was so upset she took six of them in a two-hour period time

  27. I took two Percocet 10 about two hours apart; I have ovarian cysts, and I think one of them is rupturing, so I took another one before I was supposed to because the pain was unmanageable, but now I’m worried. Could two of these within that time frame lead to overdose?

  28. I just took two 7.5’s of percocet due to the pain im having is that a percocet overdose potential? Not trying to overdose just want the pain to stop or do i need to go back to doctor and see if i can get something a tad bit stronger to help ease the pain……

  29. Hi, my boyfriend has been taking 325 Percocets 10 mg 4 times a day for almost 2 years now. The pain in his back eases a little. My question is he has hepatitis c n complains of dizziness n blurred vision ( short spells) n now acid reflect problems. Could all this be side effects from being on it so long.

  30. I’m on peritoneal dialysis I’m also on Percocet for long-term chronic pain have been for approximately 9 years on dialysis for one. My current dose is 10 325 three times a day will this build up in my system because of the dialysis?? Your response will be greatly appreciated thank you.

  31. i had gotten 325mg of percocet from the er for neve pain in my neck from a car crash..i found out my bone is hitting my disks in my its painful.i have another medical issues,im on pills for.but the mg in them is not as high as my percocet.. the mg in my 3 other pills are only 10mg 25mg & 5mg.i had tooken percocet before from a friend but i didnt know if it was spice or not i just took it cause i trusted it them..i got hooked..i don’t know if anything was mixed it in..but all ii remeber is the pill was circle & big..the ones i got from the ER arent like that..they are over & tiny..the ones i had been taking from a friend..i started out using one..& by the next 3 days of taking one i was taking 4 aday & i didn’t know the mg in that..but when i was doing that i wasnt on my other meds cause it was before i found out i had other medicial issues that i was doing this..but i just need someone to numb the pain..i would never do any hard core molly or Herion or anything like that cause i know better..i just wanna know cause when i was taking the pills from my friend it was to numb my chest from pain cause i gotten in a car crash then too & it helped,,it made me feel like i was in a different unvierse..i don’t know i was really out of it,,but it helped & i loved question is..with the percocet i got from the ER if i took 2 of the percocet to numb it is it safe now ? please respond when you can.thank you

  32. I’ve been taking 5 10/325 percocet daily for two years today starting my doses at 6am I took 2 then at 1230 pm I took another 1.5 but yesterday I took 6 and my last dos140am am I in danger of an overdose

  33. Don’t over do medication especially Percocet. You can die. If it says take 1 every 4 hours it’s for a reason. Too many people die from this medication. Please think before doing damage to your health. We all have problems and pills are not the answer. Help talking to someone it’s good therapy. That’s what this site it’s for.

  34. Hi I been taking percocet for 15yrs for my back and my neck and most days I have pain but very few I don’t so I don’t take any that day and the next day I get very sick. It it possible for my body to be addicted to them but I’m not. I don’t feel the need for one everyday only when I’m in pain.

    1. Hi Nha. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for an assessment of overdose risk or with help on what to do next.

  35. I have been prescribed percocet for about 9 months for a disease I have i have been on 10 mg 325 for a while im suppose to take 1 every six hours but my pain was really bad today so I’ve had about 5 1/2 will I be okay I know my body has built a tolerance but I could handle the pain anymore .

  36. When i get my script filled (40) percocet every 10 days, 10 mg 325 mg. I usually eat about 10-15 a day. Im only 21 but ive been using percocet since i was 16. All i gotta say, dont take them. They are the hardest thing to kick. And you live with that want of getting high everyday. No matter how long you go without. But all i wanted to say was.. if your body is used to taking that much pain reliever, chances are youre not gonna die. Ive eaten 20 in less then 12 hours, and all i did was puke for a little bit.

  37. I’ve been taking percocet for about 10 months usually 3 at a time 3 times a day but I’ve now tapered myself down to 1 or 2 every 4 hours I feel funny I don’t know what’s going on if iv overdosed or what I have no symptoms just a little nausea what should I do

  38. My daughter took five each 5mg Percocet tablets in an attempt at self harm. Is this amount enough to harm her. She has been on and off Percocet for years do it is not a new drug.

  39. Hi. I took 2 10mg/325 of Percocet about 2 hours ago being in terrible pain. About 2 hours later, i took another 2 pills. I’ve never taken 4 like this before, If I take 4 in a day it’s scattered out, not 2 hours apart. The only symptom I have is being very sleepy. I’m pretty sure I’m fine, since there was a small window of time and I have been take them a while now.

  40. Would taking two 5mg oxys (325apa each) be okay for someone 18years 5’3″ & 120-130 lbs? I’m just worried about the acetaminophen

  41. I drank very much of my fireball bottle. Half a 750 mg. And just needed to slow down I snorted a green percoset 15mg I don’t feel very ill and have a high alcohol tolerance. Will I be OK. Plz I have anxiety I don’t have my meds I just need a voice

  42. Can I cut back to 1 percocet s day and not have withdrawals I need to do this or I will run out of my script before refill date then I will have serious withdrawals been through it before I am 62

  43. I had an L5-S1 fusion and am on (2) 10-325 Percocet every 6 hours. I woke up this morning and instantly took all my meds but then had this thought that I may have already taken them an hour before. This would put me at (4) 10-325 within an hour. Should I be worried?

  44. For those of you playing with this drug, our family friend, 19 year old male, who has been a recreational drug abuser for a year, just died today. He took 25 5-325 percocets because he was building a tolerance to the opiods. He went to bed and when he was found he was comatose. He was rushed to the hospital 3 days ago and has been hanging on in a come since. His organs started shutting down last night and he was diagnosed as brain dead this morning. His mother flew out to be by his side and had the horrific task of approving her son be unplugged from life support. Please people, don’t take this drug! The acetaminophen is highly toxic in large doses and WILL KILL YOU!

  45. How long do I wait before taking 15 Mg er OxyContin after I have taken 3 10 mg Percocet in 16 hrs last at 9pm it’s prescribed to me usually I take two Percy’s a day but the pai. Was awful today

  46. Hi my name is Amanda and I have a question. I usually get around 40 Percocet a month but I will have them gone in 2 to 3 days and I have a problem snorting them. They are 7.5 mg and I can or will do like 6 or 7 a day at least. I don’t ever feel sick off them I just get really high off them. But I’m scared that I will over dose. Can I over dose doing that much a day and doing 40 pills in 2 to 3 days?

  47. I have 30 5-325 pills….I have no loved ones, I have no kids, I have a couple of friends that are happy with their lives….I’m tired of being in pain…..if the oxy doesnt kill me in my sleep, then I have a bullet for my brain….either way I’m ending this bs life.

    1. Hi, Dan. We’re here to help you, not to give lethal dosages. Please, reconsider what you are going to do… There’s always hope, but you must stay strong… Remember you are not alone!

  48. I had surgery on Friday and I took two 5mg of oxycodone and fell asleep for a quick nap. I woke up in pain again and didn’t really remember the hours I had been asleep. I didn’t want to take another dose so I took the other meds they gave me with out really looking. It was two 500mg of acetaminophen. I took it BC they said it was like Tylenol, but now that I’m more awake I’m questioning if taking it was smart.

  49. My brothers girlfriend takes 10 perks threw out the day, she chews them. She’s been doing this for at least a year. They think it is ok and normal, my mom and I are wondering how long can you live doing this?

    1. Hi, Djibouti. We are here to help you, not to give fatal dosage (which is different for each person) Please, reconsider what you are going to do. Remember that you are not alone, and think about your loved ones.

  50. Hi I usually don’t ever take medication bc of side effects and all but I’ve been having terrible tooth ache went to hospital today and they gave me a tooth block to take away pain. All pharmacy a were closed so my aunt told me to take half of a m10/325 pill but I’ll took half of a half. I’m a very light weight when it comes to medication. Do you think that amount could affect me in any way?
    I may also add that At about 1pm yesterday I stopped taking Advil and ancetimopohen pills. I took about 2 500mg acetimanophen pills and about 6 200mg Advil/ibuprofen in a regular 2 to 4 hr span in between for about a day. At ab 4pm I took a 400mg of acido pisobutil-fenilpropionico. I never ever take medicine at all bc I’ve been around ppl who become dependent of it but I have been in too much tooth pain to not.. I just wanna make sure I will be okay with all that in my system.

  51. I have been suffering from lower back pain for 9 mo. now. i have been to many kiaser doctors that treat me like i just want drugs. i recently (finaly) was given an mri and i have a 7mm gap in my L4&L5 that is hitting my spinal cord which i heard is called spinal stinosis. i have been perscribed 10/325 percs. i take 2 every 4 to 6 hours. along with baclofen 10 mgs 2-10 pills a day, and 6 5 mg of ambein a day in attempt to sleep. this is no longer helping and i am tired of being in this kind of pain. i cant do this any more. how many more would help me just take the pain away for ever?

  52. I took 7 percoset in a 2 hour time span not sure of the mg. But after about 3 hours got up and puked twice very sleepy today still don’t feel very well. I’m 23 and 185 ppoubds. Should I go to the hospital?

    1. Hello Siearra. You took a lot of pills in a very short time. Please, if you feel your symptoms are worsening, don’t hesitate to Call the Poison Control Center on 1-800-222-1222 FREE to speak to a poison expert who will advise you on what you should do next if you are in a risk of overdosing.

  53. I had a bilateral ingiinal hernia repair on Aug 10th of 2015. I was on 5/325 percs for about 2 weeks. I went back to work on Sept 7th and had a lot of groin pain. I went and saw my urologist and I have a cyst on my right testicle. On Sept 14th he prescribed me more 5/325 percocet (80 total). Last week I was on vacation and in order to not have pain I was taking about 5-6 a day and was drinking alcohol. I usually do not drink alcohol while on pain meds. This week I have had a dull ache in my lower back and middle back. I tapered down my percocet usage 3 days ago to 2-3 a day. Could I be experience aches from withdrawal or could I have caused some kind of damage to my liver or kidneys by drinking while on pain meds?

    1. Hi Daniel. Yes, there are pain medications that don’t contain acetaminophen and they are opiates such as Oxycodone and OxyContin, Morphine, Phentanyl, and others. But, if you do get prescribed one of those you need to be very careful as they have a high addiction and dependence potential.

  54. I am prescribed 3 10mg of oxycodone a day for a shoulder tear n neck pain. If I take 4 or 5 a day can I over dose on that amount. Sometimes my pain levels are higher on certain days then others, and then there’s days I only need 2 or 2 and a half. I’m so scared to die from this stuff cause everyone around is dying from this stuff. I also heard that your medication carry’s over from the day before. Is that true?

  55. Hey please help I hhave a.broken hand so I took two white percs that say TEC on them if never Taken them before I’m 24 I weigh about 160 can I I.d like this cause I feel strong buzz but I still feel pain what should I do

  56. I really don’t intend to overdose on Percocet but I don’t know how much would be too much I’m 5’1 and about 100 lbs.

  57. Ive been taking 3 (5-325Mg) percocets daily for pain for the past week is this ok to do without the possibility of it affecting my liver or od?

  58. How did I survive 40 percs over 2 days? I’m glad I did and have quit them but I’m curious why I was ok

  59. I ate 75 percocets over 3 days. I’ve had a few here and there before but never that many. High tolerance for most things and I guess I survived it as it was 2 days ago. Any point in worrying about it now?

  60. My friend wants to use 5mg percs to catch a buzz on her birthday, (I don’t condone this but she’s going to do it regardless of what I say, so I’m doing my reasearch and will be keeping an eye on her. best thing I can do is make sure we are in the safe zone) she’s done percs a few times and thinks she knows what she’s doing. It’s only 5mg so she wants to take a total of 5 pills for 25mg she’s really small 19 yrs old maybe 115lbs 5’1.I don’t know if that’s to much? What is the best thing I can suggest so she doesn’t go over board? Will 25-50mg kill her if ingested all at once via orally or snorting? Shes looking for s good buzz but I don’t want her getting hurt, please tell me a safe amount she can do. Thank you.

  61. Hi I need some advice my grandfather who is 85 years old has taken about 13 percocets in 2 days his neighbor found him sleeping in his weal chair twice our in his yard she called 911 he’s now at the hospital he wakes up knowing who he is and where he’s at then falls back asleep the Dr tells us the first 24 hrs is critical.. he’s had bypass surgery on his heart before..he lives in a different state them we do.. What should we do

  62. If someone takes 10 percocets 10/325 daily for 3-4 days straight and on the fifth day feels extremely weak, sick, vomits, coughs (but they’re a smoker ). And now it’s been over a week since the last use and still feels this way should they go to hospital

    1. Hi Harry. Yes, doctors can help by treating symptoms and re-hydrating with an IV. A week of flue-like symptoms can dehydrate and exhaust a detoxing patient.

  63. Hi. I’m female, 5’7″ and have been taking 10/325 percocet as required every 4 hours (sometimes none for several weeks, then 5-6/ day for an average of one week at a time) for the past 6 years for chronic pain. I just had reconstructive surgery for several prolapses and have managed the pain with Toradol for the first few days and percocet every 4-6 hours as required. It has been only 3 hours since my last dose and I am in excruciating pain, is it okay to take the next one early? It’s evening and I’ve only had 2 today, more than six hours apart. (I’m also having ibuprofen a few times a day).

  64. the label of my pills( oxycod/ apap tab 5-325 mg), Percocet, I had surgery on May 14, taking for pain. Prescribed 1 every 6 hours, not working at all. So increase 2 pills every 6 hours. It’s too much?

  65. I just had surgery yesterday and throughout the night have taken Percocet 7.5mgs sometimes 2 and sometimes 1 1/2. Without realizing till after taking it, i took 2 at 530am then 1 1/2 at 630am equaling 3 1/2 total. Will I OD? Will i be ok?!

    1. Hi Krystal. Most probably you will be ok. However, you can Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for a free and over-the-phone assessment of the overdose risk.

  66. Hey, I’d really be thankful for a timely response here. I took 5 10mg perc. 2 days ago, since then I have kept a severe headache, low heart rate – norm is High 80s it’s stayed in the very low 60s even mid 50s. Cold clamy skin, aching pain in mid stomach, flashing lights when I close my eyes, eye lids are twitchy. This is the 2nd day, at least 50 hrs post last dose. Am I experiencing a slight overdose on top of withdrawal or is my liver failing, not nauseas, but no real appetite either. Been taking naicin and cranberry juice and water and still hardly peeing. .. I’m nervous. I don’t want to go to doc and them take me off pain med.

  67. Hello Mares. Depends on many factors, including if you have just initiated use, or you have built up tolerance already. Are you feeling any overdose symptoms? You can Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 to talk to a poison expert and for info on what you should do next.

  68. Can I over dose if I took 2 a/349 at. 7 o’clock in the morning and then took 2 more at 1:00 and then I took a oxycoden 15 at 5:00 for server pain.

  69. I take at least 4-6 10mg/325Percoset for 8-9 years!!!
    NOTHING wrong with my liver! I check it twice a year and All looks great. I do not know where this website get info about OD or liver damage!
    Take care

  70. So if my doctor prescribe 4-6:percosets 10mg/325 daily its very high dose?
    CAN NOT BE!!!
    checked my liver every 6’9 months and ALT & AST within normal range!!!!!

  71. Hi Paul E. I believe it will be best to address this question to a doctor or a pharmacist, so you can discuss dosages and frequency, as well as why would you need to take it.

    Hello to you, Mike. It depends on how many hours you continue to stack up doses. But, it’s not a smart idea even if you don’t overdose…

  72. hat if I took 50 10mg endocet? I have been taking them for about a year and now I take 2 in the morning and one in late afternoon and what would happen if I added some serequel?

  73. Hi Brian D. Better ask a doctor or at least a pharmacist. If you have a mild case of cirrhosis, then you’ll be probably advised to take to only half of the dosage but in also half the amount of time between doses. But, my advise would be ask your doctor to switch you to Oxycotin; it will provide the pain relief, but doesn’t contain acetaminophen.

  74. I have early stages of cirrhosis and my osteo is worse than before. I have tried Percocet 5-325 one time a day and it gives me 75% of my movement back and still some pain. I know that any higher dose would not be good for my liver, but I hope that it does not have any negative side effects or be contraindicated. Alcohol is history! Just looking for pain relief! Maybe more of a time release version?

  75. Hi Unhappy Wife. That’s a lot of acetaminophen. If you suspect someone is OD-ing Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222. It’s a free help line and you can speak to a poison expert for advise on what you should do to help.

  76. Hello,
    I had back surgery 2 weeks ago and now have horrible nerve pain. My doctor put me on percoet 5/325 1 to 2 tablets every 4- 6 hours. I was taking 2 of them every 4 hours. Now the doctor changed my does to 7.5/325 1 to 2 every 4 to 6 hours. I felt fine taking 2 of the 5/325 and it worked the edge off for the pain and I was able to tolerate the rest. I’m kind of scared taking 2 of the 7.5 mg and feel that will make me really stoned and that is not what I’m looking for. I’m just looking for pain relief in my back and leg. Could I just cut one of them in half and it would be almost the same dose I was taking? I tried just taking 1 of the 7.5/325mg and it didn’t even touch the pain. I’m very scared taking medication and don’t really like change to medications. Can you please tell me if taking 1 and a half of the Percocet 7.5/325mg would have the same effect as the 2 5/325mg Percocet?

    Thank You

  77. I took 8 5/325 percs within a 5-6 hour time fram. I am 6’2″ 180 lbs and have a semi high tolerance to pain meds and opiads am I safe or should I worry?

  78. Hi Kate. Noone can tell for sure. You may overdose and you may not. But, it’s most important to act if you do start feeling any of the symptoms of overdose. Then, get soomeone to take you to the ER or Call 911.

  79. I have been taking 180mg of pervocet daily for many years. I snort a minimum of 6 30mg pills a day. I have a great life and I worry about overdosing daily. I do not feel sick or as if I’m overdosing ever but I do worry about it. I, like millions others want to stop but easier said than done. With my high tolerance does this help or hinder me in the possibility of a overdose?? Please be honest. Thanks.

  80. Hi Anjy. Your boyfriend needs medical help ASAP. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for help or get him to the E.R.

  81. Hi last night I took 22 5/325 oxycodone Percocet pills over the course of about 5-6 hours well it’s been about 15 hours how do I know if I’ve permanently hurt my liver or not? Total acetaminophen taken:7125 total oxycodone taken :110 I’ve taken opiates many times before but I did not realize until this morning the pills contained acetaminophen and I do not want to get in trouble with my parents or the police so is there any home remedies to flush out my system or anything that could help an overdose?

  82. Jesse, you too can Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for help. A poison expert will assess your situation and tell you what to do next. Call the phone number emedatley, so you’d be sure wheter you should ask for further help and alarm your dad.

  83. i took 2 5-325 percocet. i think i might be od ing but i don’t want to tell my dad unless completely necessary. I don’t have slowing heart rate or breathing. actually the opposite. I’m jittery and shaky and my heart is beating really fast. i should probably also mention that I’m bi polar and take 5 mg latuda. ive been drinking water and eating crackers to try to get it through my system quicker. should i try to throw it up i took it an hour ago????

  84. Jessie. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for help. They provide a free over-the-phone assessment of the risk of overdose and will give you guidance on what to do next.

  85. Hey I just took 30 mg of oxycodone with out Tylenol about 2 hours ago. It’s my 5th dose today over a 15 hour period first dose was at 930 am I’ve been taking 30 to 40 mg at a time every 3 to 4 hours..I usually only take 90 to 100 mg a day though..will I be safe?

  86. I took 4 percocets and i don’t have a high tolerance for it at all. I also took an anti depressant this morning, and I have puked two times. Is it serious?

  87. My 10mg Percocet became missing and they were found however over 10 were missing my son has been really tired today is 15 yrs old and is in ADHD medication and depression medication how can you tell if he is the one who took them

  88. Hi Joe. If you suspect he’s in trouble, please seek medical help. He has a specific medical condition and doctors will be able to examine him and take further action if necessary.

  89. Hi iv been taking percocets for over a year iv never taken more then I’m supposed to but I want to know if it’s dangerous – I take 2x 5/325 at 8am and 2 at 8 pm everyday- is this going to make me overdose ?

  90. Hi, I have been prescribed one 7.5/325mg percocet every 4 to 6 hours for kidney stone pain. If I dont take one every 3 hours, I am in extreme pain to where I feel the need to go to the ER. I am scheduled for surgery to remive the 8mm stone in 5 days. Is taking it every 3 hours toi much?

  91. Hello, I accidentally have been taking double the dose (two tablets instead of one) of ratio-oxycocet for two and a half days. I just read the label on the medicine jar and realized this. Should I do something? or is it that I am ok and should continue with the dose that was prescribed. I am very worried. Thank you

  92. I was prescribed percocet 5/325 several months ago following shoulder surgery, and again last month for abcessed teeth. Haven’t taken it regularly since January. Last night I took 4 percocet before bed. Should I be concerned about liver damage and/or OD? What symptoms should I look for?

  93. I have a 38yr old daughter who has been on Percocet 10 for over a year now for Gastropreasos and takes 10 to 12 a day how is that possible

  94. Hello Aaron. Sorry in the delay on response. You can call for an over the phone, anonymous assessment by calling the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for medical advice.

  95. I have been on narcotics Orphan the past 10 years or so. I cannot have aspirin or any products containing it or NSAIDs. For the last few years I’ve had many surgeries; major surgery in 2003, which lead to serious complications. Spent a month in a hospital. Then from 2005 to 2010 I’ve had 5 female surgeries. Doctors monitored medications by changing doses and changing medications from Vicodin to Norco to Perks. I was also put on Opana and fentanyl patch. I also have autoimmune diseases. I had to retire at 36 yrs old, move from NY to NJ with my family, had a great job but you don’t get paid when you’re out of Family Medical Leave for months. So, I collect my pension I don’t get any money from the state or anything. I moved April 2013 – it’s hard to get new Dr right away, so 4-5 months went to NY to get meds. From September 2013-present I’m just on fentanyl patch. However, a month ago I had my 6th female surgery, and now i’m put on 15mg Oxycodone 1 x 4 hrs. then just got new RX I asked for 10mg. Says take 1-2 every 4 hrs…as needed. Never been on that before! Someday I only need 3/4 others 5/6. I have that 50 mcg fentanyl patch. What would be a reasonable amount of pills to take with out possibly overdosing. I know my liver is 100% perfect

  96. I took about 12 325 10mg percocets over a period of about 24 hours. I have been experiencing cold sweats, abdominal pain, frequent diarrhea and urination. That was about a day ago and the abdominal pain is going away but i still feel sick. Should i go to the doctor? They have to keep it confidential right?

  97. Hello Jenna. Call the Poison Control Center at 1-800-222-1222 for a full over the phone assessment and for help on what to do next.

  98. Hi, I am not a regular user and stupidly took percocet for recreational use and am a bit worried at the moment. I took 2 (325 tec’s) at around 10 pm and stayed up all night and took another 2 around 1 pm the next day, after taking them I began feeling really tired and I was having trouble keeping my eyes open. I also feel very confused and my breathing feels shallow. I’m unsure of whether I should be worried or not because I didn’t sleep and maybe that’s why I’m feeling tired, I really don’t want to have to say anything unless I know I should be worried so please please let me know if that was too much in too short of a time.

  99. If i take 9 5mg percocets what will it do? Will it just make me sick or could it kill me? Im 5 foot 5 inches and weigh 135 pounds

  100. I took 14 narco 7.5 on accident and I wanna make sure I’m ok I do not wanna go to the er cus they will think I did it to harm myself !!! And I do not wanna go to the mental hospital !! Wat can I drink eat or whatever

  101. If a woman who does not take Percocet and has no history of drug or alcohol use or abuse take 45 5/325 Percocets, will this be fatal? She is 5’4″ and around 130lbs. If this happens, how long does she have to make it to the ER or to get help before it can potentially cause severe damage? Would vomiting it up 2 hours later be helpful at all?

  102. I normally take 2 or 3 a day. 4 being the maximum limit. I took 5 today. Perc 10s am I okay? I’m kinda scared to go to sleep

  103. I have been taking percoset/oxycod/acetamino 7.5-325 mg tabs for approximately 6 months for severe back pain. I am also taking 800 mg of Ibuprophen. I don’t know if I am becoming immune because I have to take two of each at a time to get any relief. About 30 minutes ago I took 3 percosets and now, after reading this article, I am very worried. Am I in danger of overdosing? I am not trying to kill myself, I just can’t take this pain. I have an appointment on April 29th with a neuro surgeon and I don’t know how I’m going to make it until then. I have already had two cortisone shots but on my right side( the pain is now all on the left side). Please let me know if I should be ok.

  104. I have been on 5-10 mg of percocet every 6 hours for about a year. I have never taken more than prescribed and have taken days off from the medicine. The last month or so, when I take a percocet (5mg). I get nauseus, really sleepy and have massive panic attacks and feel like I’m going to die or pass out. What is going on? Am I having a bad reaction or am I just being paranoid.

  105. I am taking percosets for my abscessed tooth, while taking 1 my tooth pain is relieved. after about 5 hours my tooth pain is back, I want to take 1 every 5-6 hours instead of the prescribed amount 1-2 every 6 hours but I am afraid of overdose. will taking 1 every 5 hours do that?

    I am only on them for 3 days until my tooth can be pulled by a dentist.


  107. Hello SnifflesD. You’ll need to check with your prescribing doctor or pharmacist about dosing Percocet while experiencing a temperature.

  108. If I had a temp of 95.5 and had only had 6 5/325 Percs over 10 hours would I be ok to start taking them again that was 24 hrs ago

  109. She had a toxicology test with autopsy. Still waiting on results in another 2 or 3 weeks. Nothing makes sense from what I read. Never even took anything before. Healthy and athletic. I think her friend might have done something to her. So scared. If he did how do I prove it?

  110. I just woke up from my sleep shaking pretty bad and my body felt very stiff when I moved. I had taken a 15mg perc around 1 o clock yesterday then aanother 15 around 430-5 and then two 30mg percs around 10-1030. I layed down around 345 is and woke up at like 412 shaking and feeling stiff and I feel a bit dizzy and my stomach hurts. I don’t think I can get to the ER and don’t want to call 911 but I’m also scared to go back to sleep. Is it possible I’m overdosing?

  111. Hello Cindy. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. My deepest sympathies do out to you.

    Have you consulted with the coroner on the issue yet? If your daughter was opioid naive, and took a heavy dose of oxycodone combined with alcohol, it does seem possible that this can cause overdose.

  112. My daughter is dead at 21. She had four wisdom teeth out and was prescribed Amoxicillin and 600mg of IBprofen every eight hours. The day after her teeth were pulled she went to a friends apt and had a beer and I am told 3 percoset. Fell asleep on a futon and never got up. Layed down around 11 pm and died approx 4 am.
    Would this be enough to kill her.
    Desperate for answers! Happened 11/8. She rarely drank and never took any meds. She was into herbal teas and not meds.

  113. Hello Borg. I’d definitely suggest a visit to the doctor and to a counselor. There’s a reason behind the binge…and psycho-emotional issues are best when they’re out, rather than held inside. Is your friend open to receiving help?

  114. I have a friend that took 25 7.5 Percocet Friday to satday from 11:45pm to 6:30am sat n she was pueking for 5 hours on n off and blame it on to many beers I didn’t know she took so many till the next day I found her bottle which she pick up that Friday at 8:00pm the bottle was for 30 7.5 Percocet n when I found the bottle it only has 5 in it n I seen the bottle when she got it n it was full I was calling her all day sat n today sun because I was worried n she got back to me today sun at 7:30pm and told me she was ok just was sleeping all this time n got up at 5pm n took a shower n was eating should she still go see a dr or is going to be ok

  115. Hi Helen. I’m sorry to hear of your injuries. I’d suggest that you take this question to your local pharmacist. Are you concerned that the doses are too high?

  116. Im 60something female about 180 lb. I’ve had 3 surgeries in the past year. I’m in pain nearly all of the time. My last surgery was one week ago, now I’m getting a lot of pressure to move away from my Moms home. I’m on disability from a head enjury in 2005 but my disability income isn’t enough to pay the bills. My surgeon just changed my script from Norco to Percocet. I want to know what dosage would stop my breathing & cause death?

  117. Hello Slice. It’s difficult to comment – especially since you don’t have a current Rx for oxycodone. You’ll need to get doctor clearance before taking any opioids.

  118. Hello,
    I suffer from migraines and a friend gave me 80mg Oxycodone. I haven’t taken it yet because I had a prescription before but it was for 10mg. I’m thinking of only taking 1/4 (20mg) because even though I only take opiates occasionally and have a strong tolerance for it, I’m only 5’3 and 110 pounds. The last thing I want is to engage in anything that would harm me.
    Please tell me if you think I’d be ok with 1/4, thank you!!

  119. My mother took 3 7.5 mg and she is 5’9″ and is about 90lbs. She is now in the hospital and they can’t wake her up. Is this a percocet coma? The doctors aren’t telling us anything.

  120. I know a man he will be 50 years of age he is 6.1 feet tall and weighs approx. 175lbs he has been taking Percocet for the last 6 years and seems to me everytime I turn around he is taking 1 or 2 at a time I have notice on certain occasion that his face seems greyish should Ibe worried he refuses to get him self checked. He started to take these due to back problems syatic nerves and deteriorating disk been waiting for a specialist for 6 years still nothing. This man is also a chronic smoker in cigarettes and weed.Now that it’s been 6 years he is still complaining of pain.

  121. Hello Tiana. I feel for you. Percocet can be very effective in covering emotional and mental pain. I’d suggest that you disclose your use to your family doctor, seek medical help, and counseling. A licensed psychologist can help advice you on next steps, especially regarding your unhappy relationship.

  122. I go through 20 percocet in 24 hr period. 5/325 I would say I average 100 pills a month if not those tramadol. I really want to stop taking pills. All they do is give me headache and make me sick.. I have been having real bad pains in back and they did blood test and urine and all come back fine. I know I can stop and I need to because I have 2 daughters that need me but I am in a unhappy relationship and when I take the pills it takes me from this pain in life. I dont want to do this anymore I just want to stop. I got 20 yesterday at 7 pm and I have 4 left. I havent slept at all, my mind is racing and I feel real sick. Last time I did this I had a siezure. I am also on topamaz. Please any advice

  123. I had surgery a week ago and was given Percocet 5-325..1-2 tablets every 3 hrs. I was in a lot of pain this morning and took 2 then hopped in the shower. When I got out, I took the rest of my meds (antibiotics, ect) and accidently took 2 more Percocets. I normally have low blood pressure, should I see a doctor?

  124. I have a horrible toothache I took one Percocet 10 at 6pm its now 830pm and I still hurt very bad Is it safe to take another one? Or maybe half of one? iam taking goodies powders too.

  125. I have a very close friend that is an ex-heroin addict, she has been clean for around 5-6 yrs. She has back issues, so she was going to a family physician, he was prescribing her small amounts of vicodin and tremadol, but she would run out sooner then she should and wasnt furthering her her tests that were necessary to get her back better. The doc refurred her to a local pain clinic (which i hate btw) they originally had her on 190 vicodin, 90 ultram, and 60 lyrica a month (dont know exact dosages) within the past 3-4 yrs they have switched her to 190 percocet along with the ultram and the lyrica every month. She runs out before the month is up and ends up buying pills off the street till she can fill her new script. She literally sounds like she is drunk by 9 am, her eyes r constantly rolling aroung, slurring her words, and constant confusion..(seems dumber? if that makes sense) She has 2 young children that arent being properly taken care of, mostly because she has lost complete focus..She drives with her kids while intoxicated, but says since the doc gives them too her she doesn’t have a problem..i almost lost her to heroin 6 yrs ago, i dont want to lose her to these stupid scripts. i told her that i could not be around if she was going to continue down this path…i used to be a heavy pot smoker and occasionally took prescription pills, but i realized that me and my family deserve better and i have been completely clean for over 3 mths now. Any advice on how i should handle this? i am scared for her and the kids….

  126. hi, my friend took 4 percocet at once and the following day he had stomach pains does he need to see a the doctor right away because he does not take them regularly or can he just wait it out and not take them anymore

  127. Here is the thing, if you are opiate niave, or intollerant, DO NOT TAKE a elevated dose. I have severe back and neck pain from arthritis and DSD. My personal tolerance to Oxy would kill 2 ppl. If you question the dose at all, take what you normally take, wait 45 minutes, then take half of another dose. Simple as that.

  128. Hello Sue. If you think that he’s addicted, he probably is. I’d suggest that you speak with an addictions counselor and learn how you can plan an intervention to get him into treatment. Also, be ready to leave if he doesn’t quit. You can check in with Al-Anon or Narc-Anon for support.

  129. My boyfriend is in chronic neck pain and takes percocet for it. When he gets his prescription, he uses it in 1-2 weeks instead of a month and takes 8 to 10 pills at once. The label on his script says 7.5-325 so I’m not sure what dosage it is. I don’t have any of the pills so I cannot tell the shape and color of it. I think he needs to go into rehab or something. He won’t listen to me! Thank you!

  130. Hi Jill. I guess it would depend how long AFTER consumption a person vomitted. If oxycodone has hit the GI-tract, been digested and passed across the blood-brain barrier, vomiting would really not help. In any case of overdose, we suggest you call 911 or a poison control center for professional medical advice.

  131. Reading this, it seems like a 5/325 Ratio-oxycocet pill would make you throw up before you overdosed. You used 16 as an example, and that would be 80mg of oxycodone and 5,200mg of acetaminophen. While either aspect would be enough for an overdose, wouldn’t vomiting lower the amount in your system so the individual wouldn’t die?

  132. Hi Concerned. Slurred speech and lack of coordination are both effects of taking oxycodone. Is he taking the Percocets as prescribed? I’d suggest that you call your local poison control center or a local pharmacy for professional medical advice. And at any rate, 5 or 6 Percocets may be a higher dose than is helpful, even for someone who is tolerant to Percocet.

  133. I apologize I forgot to mention he is a white male, 5 ft 9 inches tall and around 165 pounds in weight.
    Thank you

  134. Hello. My friend is very depressed and has been taking percocets by prescription for well over a couple ears now. He recently had back surgery and the depression is worse. Two days ago he ingested qty: 5 or 5/325 percocets at one time and slept for approx 6 hours. Today he ingested qty: 6 or 5/325 percocets without food and is wanting to sleep. He has slurred speech and is non-coordinated. Is he in danger of overdosing, or has he overdosed. Any advise is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  135. Increasing toxicity in body may lead to many serious problem as it may lead to be more effective on kidney and causes the kidney failure .Therefore before taking any of the drugs it is really important to know about the amount of drugs to be taken.

  136. Hi, I’ was started out on Lortab 10s, and built a tolerance to it, so my doctor prescribed me percocent 10 325s. I’ve been taking it for 4 months and started noticing today that it’s not helping the pain anymore. I only take a maximum of three in one day, and only between 4 and 6 hours. Yesterday I only took two(all day) and today I took one when I got up, but it’s been 3 1/2 hours and It feels like it wore off. Is it safe to increase my dosage by half of a pill, so that I would have only 15 oxy and 487.5 mg of the acetaminophen? I’m afraid to talk to my doctor about my pain management because there have been an increase in abuse around here, and I don’t want him thinking I’m abusing my pain medicine, but I’m also afraid that my body is getting tolerant to what I am taking.

  137. Hi Derek. Long term use is defined as more than 6 continuous opioid use. Your brother can help prevent liver damage by being checked often by his doctor for liver disease. He should also seek help if the following side effects appear, because they may indicate serious liver problems:

    • Dark or tea-colored urine
    • Bad stomachache
    • Light-colored bowel movements
    • Yellowing in the whites of the eyes
    • Yellow skin

    For more reading on this, search for the following keywords: liver damage opiate drug use

  138. Hi Derek. Thanks for your question. If your brother is taking Percocet as prescribed, he may become physically dependent on oxycodone, but will not experience too many effects other than withdrawal when he quits. Keep in mind that he is well under the amount for possible oxycodone overdose, and while long term use of opioids can damage the liver…short term use can really help ease acute pain.

    Does that help?

    1. Thanks for the info how long is too long tho at such a low doseage? Like how long would he need to continue doing it before liver damage would be a possibility ? Thanks again for your time I think he’s prescribed like 80 a month

  139. my brother takes two 5mg Percocet everyday is that gonna harm his health he takes one at a time not together its like 2pm and 8 pm but he’s been doing it for 3months thank you for your help

  140. Hi Dave. It does seem to hard to tell what has been causing the vomiting; but if you suspect a potential overdose on Percocet, be sure to call your local Poison Control Hotline, or seek help and advice from the national Poison Control Center listed above.

  141. I am 5’9″ 165 lbs. I have been taking Percocet for 10 months now. I was having a lot of back pain today. I took 4 10mg Percocets around noon today. It’s midnight and I just started puking. I’m not sure if its an OD or not or if its the flu or food poisoning. I also don’t remember the last time I was able to pass a stool. It’s been days.

  142. Hi Aaron,

    It takes about 40 mg of oxycodone to overdose if you are “opioid naive” and haven’t taken the medication before. However, if you start to notice slowed breathing or heart rate, seek medical help immediately.

  143. Hi Omid. These sound like signs that Percocet isn’t working for you. I’d suggest that you schedule an appointment with your prescribing doctor and seek an alternative pain medication or treatment to help.

  144. I have been taking three (10-325) daily for the past month or so some times i have problem breading, mostly in the middle of the night i wake up gasping for air and now my stool is dark green, i sopped taking them 3 days ago, should i be concerned?

  145. My friend just told me she took yesterday 20 of the 10 mg percocets and today she took 16 of the 10 mg percocets. She is not having any overdose systoms, should i take her to the er to be checked out or should she wait for systoms?

  146. Hi Randi. From what you describe, it seems that these are normal side effects for taking a therapeutic dose of hydrocodone or oxycodone. It’s possible that you got just the right amount that you needed. On the other hand, if you notice that your breathing is slowing or your heart rate has slowed, seek immediate help. These are signs of an oxycodone overdose.

  147. i had a wisdom tooth pulled last week and now have a dry socket. my dentist prescribed Vicodin, i was taking 2 Vicodin and two hours later 2or3 Motrin. The pain was horrendous. went to er they gave me percocet 5/325. i took one at 430pm and still had a little pain. i just took two at 1030.(bottle days take one to two every 4-6 hours). mostley because its been a week of pain and no sleep. well i have no pain and i am so relaxed. is this normal. i never take prescription drugs especially pain killers. they make me nervous. i and 5’2 and 110lbs. i followed the bottle just a little nervous because i have not had this much relief and relaxation in what feels like forever. did i take to much

  148. Hi Jason. Follow your gut instinct. If you think you may be overdosing, seek emergency medical help. That said, Percocet just doesn’t work for some people and the symptoms that you are experiencing could be adverse side effects from taking the opioid oxycodone.

  149. First took 10 mg of Percocet for the first time. Didn’t feel anything until after an hour at which point I had taken another 10 mg. This is my first time and now I feel very dizzy and a little nauseated. Is this an overdose? I am also on two types of penicillin.
    The meds were prescribed by my doc for my wisdom tooth pain.

    I weigh 140 lb. Should I call 911?

  150. Hi Megan. First, ask your doctor about your Percocet dosage and dosage schedule. Write down the oxycodone to acetaminophen ratio and have it on your record. Once you know the amounts, you’ll better be able to estimate yourself whether or not it’s too much.

    In general, you can take 2 Percocet pills with 2.5 mg of oxycodone every 6 hours. Higher doses of Percocet should only be taken 1 at a time. And never take more than 4 grams (4000 mg) of acetaminophen in one day or more than 1 gram (1000 mg) of acetaminophen at once.

    In terms of overdose symptoms, do you feel or experience anything that makes you think you are ODing? Also, are you dosing because you feel the pain? Or can you increase the time to 4-6 hours between doses?

  151. i have serve pain in my back. my family doctor has me on percocet . she tells me to take 2 every 4 hours. so since 10am this morning till 6pm at night ive taken 6 so far for pain. not all together. took 2 . then another 2 a few hours later and then another 2 at 5pm. am i at risk of ovedose ?i dont no what dose my pills are. they only say tec on the pill. hope you can help me. thanks

  152. Hello John. Yes, depending on the dosage of oxycodone and acetaminophen your friend took, your friend is most likely within the range of an overdose. I’d suggest that you call 911 for emergency help as soon as possible.

  153. Hi Larry. Check with your docotr to be sure. A 40 mg dose of Percocet would be too much for someone just starting to take the pain medication. But it’s not the oxycodone that could be a problem – it’s the acetaminophen. I’d suggest that you speak with your prescribing doctor about an alternative to Percocet for moments of strong pain in order to avoid complications resulting from acetaminophen overdose.

  154. I took 8 5mg of percocet at once I hurt a lot so I took them I been on percocet for a month and built a tolerance is 40mg to much for me I’m 25years old 5ft9 250pounds and male.

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