Signs and symptoms of Percocet addiction

Symptoms of Percocet addiction include doctor shopping, non-prescription use, and continued use of Percocet despite negative life consequences. More signs here.

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Percocet has become one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in the U.S.  But addiction is more than being physically dependent on Percocet. More here on addiction signs and what can you do in order to treat addiction. Save your questions for how and when to treat Percocet addiction the end of the article; we try to respond to all legitimate questions personally and promptly.

Percocet addiction signs

Percocet tablets contains oxycodone and acetaminophen. Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic pure opioid agonist; acetaminophen is a non-opiate, non-salicylate analgesic and antipyretic. The main effects of Percocet are analgesia (pain relief), euphoria, and feelings of relaxation. By acting in the central nervous system areas where the n and k receptors are active, Percocet actually changes the way the brain functions. And when taken into excessive amounts, Percocet can cause extreme euphoria and can trigger addictive use.

It is often hard point out the moment when Percocet use turns into addiction. However, any pain medication should not be abused: anyone who crushes, chews, snorts, injects, or take Percocet in higher doses or more often than prescribed, is abusing Percocet. If you spot a dose increase without doctor’s consultancy, pay attention because it may be an indicator for addiction. Next, if you notice any suspicious behaviors such as lying, hiding, escaping from daily duties, these are also signs of addiction.

Symptoms of Percocet addiction

Statistics show that most people who use Percocet are not actually addicted. While doctors expect users to develop physical tolerance, psychological dependence can develop over time. Make sure not to confuse dependence with addiction, however. Addiction is characterized by serious drug cravings and loss of control over drug use. Other common signs and symptoms of Percocet addiction include.

  • continuing to take Percocet despite negative consequences at home, school or work
  • craving and compulsion to use Percocet
  • faking Percocet prescriptions
  • loss of control over dug use
  • secretive behavior
  • taking Percocet in higher doses, more often than prescribed
  • using other drugs combined with Percocet

Percocet addiction symptoms: Can they be treated?

Yes, Percocet addiction signs can be treated. But it is up to you to get help for Percocet addiction. Treatment helps addicts get to the root cause for prescription drug abuse and gain new coping mechanisms and positive attitudes.The earlier the intervention, the better the chances for success. Percocet addiction generally consists of:

  • Supervision during Percocet withdrawal
  • Individual, family or group therapy
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Psycho-social support

One of the first steps of Percocet addiction treatment is to get oxycodone out of your body. In order to do that, you may need to go through a period called detox, where you will experience strong and uncomfortable Percocet withdrawal symptoms. But you don’t need to be alone. Detox is done through medical supervision and medications assisted methods, where patients slowly but surely get Percocet out of their system; in some cases, tapering can last for weeks. If interrupted abruptly, Percocet withdrawal symptoms are unavoidable and can be severe. Experts recommend you detox in a certified clinic when possible, which is a medical facility with 24-7 supervision. Clinics help lower chances for relapse and can prescribe supporting medications when necessary.

After detox, a Percocet addict who requires around-the-clock medical care and assistance, is more likely to enter a residential addiction treatment center. In these rehab centers, rehabilitation programs take the addict out of potentially harmful environments and offer psycho-emotional supportive care. Inpatient treatment can last from 3 month up to a year, according to the progress of treatment process and addict’s performance, devotion and discipline.

Another option for Percocet addiction treatment is an outpatient program, where addicts are allowed to remain at home and continue with their everyday activities while addressing addiction problems. These types of programs use the same principles for addiction treatment as inpatient programs, but are usually much less expensive. Furthermore here is also aftercare addiction counseling as a program that allows

Signs of Percocet addiction questions

Is there is something more you want to know about signs and symptoms of Percocet addiction? Please post your question or share your personal experiences about Percocet addiction in the comments section below.

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