Smoking Ambien

Smoking Ambien can cause extreme drowsiness, memory loss and/or hallucinations. We review how smoking Ambien affects your body and just how safe smoking Ambien really is here.

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Are you thinking about smoking Ambien?

What exactly happens in your body when you attempt to smoke Ambien (zolpidem)? There are a number of risks to smoking Ambien you need to know about before attempting to administer the drug in this way. In this article, we’ll explore both the dangerous of smoking Ambien and the effectiveness of delivery when Ambien is smoked. We welcome any questions about smoking Ambien at the end.

Does smoking Ambien work or get you high?

Because Ambien can have a euphoric effect when abused – and sometimes, even when taken normally – it’s understandable that there would be questions about smoking it. Ambien is a sleeping pill that normally only causes a “high” if you purposely stay awake after taking it (which can cause extreme drowsiness and memory loss). Matters get more complicated when you inhale the smoke formed by burning the pills instead of taking them orally, as intended. You’ll mostly be breathing in fillers and binders, rather than the actual drug, which can cause health problems.  And how fast does Ambien work?  Onset of action occurs 30 minutes after oral ingestion, but is much faster and can be almost immediate when you smoke Ambien.

What does smoking Ambien do to you?

Smoking Ambien causes the chemicals in the pill to be rapidly absorbed through the nasal membranes, almost immediately delivering the drug to the brain. However, zolpidem, Ambien’s active ingredient, is not the only thing being inhaled – all prescription drugs contain fillers and binders which are not absorbed into the body. These substances cause irritation of your lungs, throat, nose and eyes, and possibly make you sick.

Smoking Ambien side effects

Smoking Ambien, or taking it in any way other than prescribed, is always dangerous.Ambien is very addictive, and has a number of unpleasant and potentially dangerous side effects.  But how much Ambien to OD?  At 70 mg of oral Ambien, adverse side effects begin.  Serious adverse effects of taking Ambien, which are more common when Ambien is abused or smoked, include:

  • abnormal thoughts/behavior
  • anxiety
  • hallucinations
  • memory problems
  • sleepwalking, driving, and other activities in sleep

Smoking Ambien on tin foil

By heating Ambien on tin foil, the zolpidem in the pills is liberated in vapor form. You may absorb the drug more quickly this way, but far less of the drug will actually be available than taking it orally.If you have an Ambien prescription, this is not likely to be enough for Ambien’s therapeutic effects, and if you’re abusing Ambien, you are likely to suffer damage from the other substances in the pills if you’re smoking enough to get high.

Smoking Ambien with weed

It’s dangerous to take Ambien with weed, since both drugs are central nervous system depressants. They can intensify the effects of one another, which can result in blackouts, loss of coordination, sleepwalking, and other dangerous symptoms.

Is smoking Ambien bad for you?

Yes, smoking Ambien is terrible for you. Ambien can sometimes be dangerous even when taken normally, but the risk greatly increases when Ambien is taken in any way other than normally directed, especially in large doses.  Plus, Ambien dependence time is relatively short.  You can become physically and psychologically dependent on Ambien after only a few weeks of taking the drug. You’re also at risk for dangerous accidents if you abuse Ambien.

Can you smoke Ambien?

Yes, you can smoke Ambien, but it’s not a good idea. Smoking Ambien is not a safe way to take the drug, and it’s not particularly effective. Ambien is dangerous when taken for recreational purposes, regardless of how it’s taken, but smoking Ambien presents some unique potential health problems, including respiratory irritation and infections.

Smoking Ambien questions

Still have questions about smoking Ambien? Please leave your questions here. We do our best to respond to your questions with a personal and prompt reply ASAP.


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